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About the Show
About the Show

In the tradition of Lethal Weapon comes L.A. Heat, a high-octane action-packed crime drama about two cops who will do whatever it takes to keep L.A. safe... even if it means blowing half of it up. Detectives Chester "Chase" McDonald and August Brooks are our heroes, as different as night and day, but great at what they do. Even if their methods are little unorthodox. Chase also makes extra money on the side by selling metal sculptures, while August spends his free time running a youth center for underprivileged teens.

Created by Richard Pepin and Joseph Merhi and produced by PM Entertainment Group, Inc., L.A. Heat utilizes the glamorous backdrops of the city, such as the beautiful beaches and exclusive resorts, as well as the rougher parts of town. The show went before the cameras in 1996, filming in areas that included Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, San Diego, Long Beach and Hollywood. But due to the show not having the backing of a major network, it was not picked up for domestic distribution in the U.S. It was instead sold overseas where, in Germany, it accomplished the impossible: it took the #1 spot away from Baywatch during its second season.

Production ended in 1998 after two seasons due to financial troubles within PM Entertainment. A year later, L.A. Heat finally premiered in the U.S. when it began airing on the cable network TNT on March 15, 1999. All 48 episodes were shown Monday through Friday at 4PM for almost two years straight until TNT's contract expired. The show has not been aired on American television since.

In 2000, plans to resurrect the show for a third season were underway but ultimately fell through when financing could not be secured. In September 2005, the complete first season was released on DVD by Plantinum Disc, LLC. Echo Bridge Home Entertainment now owns the home video rights and is continuing to offer Season 1, but does not have the rights to Season 2.

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