Dave Foley

Dave Foley

Bio Tidbits

  • David Scott Foley
  • Born January 4th, 1963
  • He's 5'9"
  • Formerly married to Tabitha Southey
  • 2 Children, Ned and Basil (6 and 3)
  • Apparently drinks approx. 40 cups of coffee a day


     Dave Foley, considered the "comedic encyclopedia" harbored a tv addiction from a young age.  His favorite televsion show?  Green Acres.  I suppose it's all part of the mixing bowl that is Dave. He is also considered the best looking woman. The slightly chubby, boyish visage works to his advantage, though. He got away with saying some things that the other guys wouldn't because of his innocent looks. "Awwww, look at the cute little axe murderer."
     Dave dropped out of an alternative high school at the age of 18 and ended up taking some comedy classes and doing standup.  This is where he met Kevin McDonald, another founding member of the original comedy club act "The Kids in the Hall".
     During the club scene, Kevin and Dave met up with Bruce McCulloch, Mark McKinney, and eventually, Scott Thompson.  Also during this time, Dave made his first, and very bad, movie: High Stakes.  But it was ok, because after that, Kids in the Hall went national.
     After the (mutual decision) to end the show, Dave went on to do great (and unappreciated) things at NewsRadio (also starring Stephen Root, who RULES!).
     Dave is currently on tour with the rest of the troupe.

The Hair: Ok, I'm going to address the non-issue of Dave's hair. The man's an actor for god's sake! He dyed his hair and grew the goatee for a part. The part of a Hollywood agent in Monkeybone. Hence the look. Give the man a break. It looks good both ways. Geez....

Fave Dave Quote:"I did most of A Bug's Life naked. I was told that's how Disney does things."

Dave Characters:

Filmography (and TV)

  • High Stakes, 1986 -Bo Baker
  • It's Pat, 1994 -Chris
  • Brain Candy, 1996 -Marv, Psychiatrist, Some Guy, Raymond Hurdicure
  • The Wrong Guy, 1997 -Nelson Hibbert (also co-wrote the script)
  • Hacks (Sink or Swim), 1997 -Neal
  • A Bug's Life, 1998 -The voice of Flik
  • Blast from the Past, 1999 -Troy
  • Dick, 1999 -Bob Halderman
  • Monkeybone, currently in production -The Agent

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