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Josh's Short Stores

look, i wrote all of this, i never sleeped for three day, and it was 11 at night, and i had no med.

woof woof

hi, this Is josh, after I found out my dad was Satan I ran to my mom and said, "can I eat your lip stick"

expressions of a moo fish

in 1918 the first fish was made, he said moo. I never seen that fucker for the rest of the day.

if this made sense, would you be a fish?

It's that time of year again. Time for Josh's yearly lobotomy. I can't wait, and after the lobotomy is done, the doctors are going to undo the castigation. After the last lobotomy I have been feeling a little lite head, maybe they took something out, and you know what, they... wait... what was I talking about, oh yeah, so after they walked in the room, they found out that the guy just killed his whole family! I have to say that was the best faces of death every! but back to the point I had the shit coming out of my eyes! and that's why I hate fish.

When Josh woke up one morning from unsettling drearms, he found himself coverd in blood. His hands where cut wide open. "how could this have happened?" he asked him self. Josh's eyes then turned to the window, he could hear raindrops hitting against the metal window ledge. It completely depressed him. " how about trying to sleep agian." he thought. his hands were fine, not a cut on them anymore. "what the hell? maybe i was dreaming that too?" 12:22:2000
((this is a movie i want to make.))