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Welcome to Kevin's Korner! The E!FromTheHeart community is proud to announce it is the new owner of Nicci's beautiful Kevin Tighe site. We hope we can do as wonderful a job as she did!

In 1971, Kevin Tighe rose to stardom as Paramedic/Firefighter Roy DeSoto in the classic TV series, Emergency!. When the show ended its run in 1978, Kevin headed to New York and spent the next few years doing theater. He returned to Hollywood in the mid 80's and has appeared on everything from Murder She Wrote to Star Trek: Voyager. In addition, he had a recurring role in the first season of the critically acclaimed drama Murder One. Kevin has also had roles in many major motion pictures, including an award winning performance in Matewan.In addition to acting, Kevin, who holds a Masters Degree in Fine Arts from UCLA, has taught theater, writes and gives poetry readings. The father of a grown daughter, Jennifer, he resides in Washington State with his wife Rebecca, where they live "the country life." His most recent project was a pilot for the FX network titled Shadows. Kevin's amazing talent and range, and his quiet, down to earth image  has endeared him to fans across the world. He'll celebrate his 56th birthday on August 13.

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