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The Spring of Drowned Fansong Writers

This is my page for parody songs on Ranma 1/2. I came up with this idea thanks to a page I visited call Otakuniichuan, Spring of Drowned Fanfic Writers. I want to give the creators of that page credit and to thank them. There really isn't going to be much here except fansongs written by moi and y'all; sorry, I don't have time or hard disk space to put in a gallery. Please, send me your fansongs at, and I'll post them as soon as I can. If you don't have any, feel free to read other fansongs. Hope ya have a good time!

Alright, nobody's sent anything, so I am forced to change the theme. THIS PAGE IS NOW OPEN TO ANY AND ALL FANFICS FOR RANMA 1/2. Well, almost any. No lemon, lime, or non-con, and I'll be happy. Please send in stuff!.

On To The Songs!

And Here's the New Fic Section!

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