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Klikněte na AdvertBar.exe a stáhněte ho na disk.
Pak stačí jen spustit, vyplnit login a heslo a začít vydělávat.

 How To Download and Install the GetPaid4 Bar:

ATTENTION: The GetPaid4Bar is currently in PUBLIC BETA release, Please do not DOWNLOAD and install if your computer is mission critical. Additionally, while there have been no reports of computer useability issues we highly recommend not using the GetPaid4 Bar while working on important projects/tasks on your computer into which a crash of your computer will cause difficulty.  By Downloading and using the Public Beta Release Version you agree to hold GetPaid4 and it s holding company and any subsidiaries free of any liability from any problems that may arise out of use of the Beta Product.  We are providing the Beta Release software As is  and without any representations and warranties and as such you agree not to hold liable GetPaid4 or it s holding company or any subsidiary from any problems that may arise our of use of the Beta Product.

Internet Explorer, NetScape, & AOL Users:

Click on the Hyperlink Below and a new window will appear.


Click Save this program to Disk 

Save the Program in a location on your Hard Drive in which you will be able to find later  (Please do not change the name of the file)

Click Start Button (usually on bottom left of screen), Then Programs, Then Window Explorer

Using Windows Explorer Find the file in the location where you downloaded it, it should be called AdvertBar.exe

Double click on the File Called AdvertBar.exe

Enter your Username and Password, and then Click OK

 You are good to go! You will notice now that there is also a spinning globe in your computer s system tray (where your clock displays), simply click on it to launch the view Bar ANYTIME you want to make money while using your computer!

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