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How it works?
Simply sign up at one of these companies and download a small program which displays a advertisement banner somewhere in your browser or on your desktop You get paid for each hour you let the program run and a portion of what your referrals earn. Referrals are people who signed up using your ID. There are several levels of referrals, so if your referrals refer someone you get paid too

For example:
AllAdvantage pays you $0.50 per hour online for a maximum of 40 hours each month - that's $20.00 per month. If you refer hundred people direct who each only refer 10 people and all of them surf 25 hour per month you would get $1512.50 - each month. This would be nice right? Some people may not refer anybody at all, some may not surf 25 hours a month. Even so, you'll still make a LOT of money!

You get the money via a cheque, mostly mailed at the end of every month

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