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Ad Points/Cash Balance for: hodekp
Billing Period Points Point Value [hour] Period $USD Value Payment Status
January-2000 0 $0.007900 [$0.47] $0.00 payable 
February-2000 3395 $0.007900 [$0.47] $26.82 payable 
March-2000 5652 $0.008000 [$0.48] $45.21 payable 

Total PAYABLE Points 9047   $72.03 payable

Total PAID Points 0   $0 paid

Current Period 337.75   $unavailable current

Total Ad Points for hodekp since registration
Total Points [principal] 6882.00      
Total Points [associates] 2502.75      
Total Points [premier] 0.00      
Total Points [total] 9384.75      
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The maximum you can get using the Spedia Bar is 1 ad point per minute. However, there is no limit on the number of ad points, or the amount of dollars you can earn per month.
Total Payable Points is the amount of ad points which have been assigned a dollar value. The Current Period designates all ad points that you've earned for the current period, which are not yet assigned a dollar value. If you have requested a payment, the points from Total PAYABLE Points will be transferred to Total PAID Points as soon as we send you the check. If you have collected at least $30 in points, you can request a payment from Spedia. In order to request a payment, you will need to click on the Request Payment button that will appear on your balance.

There is a service/posting fee of US$1.00 per payment ($4.50 for all international addresses). The dollar value of the Ad Point is calculated once a month upon receiving the revenues for the preceding month. In some cases the processing delay may extend for almost two months. This is due to the delay in payments coming from advertisers and other corporate sponsors. Once we receive all advertising revenues for the month we will pass you on a percentage of the revenues by assigning value per ad point. Based on the number of your ad points and the net revenues Spedia has generated for the month you will get paid.
Disclaimer: The payout rate varies from month to month. There is no guarantee that past performance is indicative of future returns.

Members are paid monthly by check. We pay members when their accounts exceed US$30.00 (unpaid amounts are automatically carried forward to the next month). Ad Point Dollar value may vary from one billing period to another and may not be available for the previous and/or current billing period. If your PAYABLE balance exceeds US$30.00 you can request a check to be mailed to your address. Payments are mailed only to addresses and names as per your registration. All payments are sent using first class U.S. mail service. Spedia is not responsible for lost and/or stolen mail. Once submitted for processing, Spedia cannot stop the payment process. Spedia cannot make stop payments and/or trace checks.