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Payment History
You will receive an email asking you to verify your address prior to payment. You do not need to respond to this email in order to be paid. Please carefully check your address so that your check will arrive as fast as possible. We also need your first and last name in order to send out your check. Please email if you have questions regarding payment.
Month Amount Due Check Printed
01-2000 $0.56 No
02-2000 $28.57 No

The payout for March has been set for April 24th for both US and International checks. We do not yet know the payrate as we are in the process of auditing accounts. Once this is completed we will have a final number of points which we will match to the revenue. That will determine the payrate. Please do not email us asking what it is as this only slows down the process. For comparison February was .25 per hour based on 1200 points per hour.
  Audited Un-Audited
Month March March
Points   272065
Points1   47063
Points2   1140
Points3   0
Points4   0
Total Points   320268
Dollars Per Point  
Total Dollars $
The payout for February has been set for March 17th for both US and International checks.
  Audited Un-Audited
Month February February
Points  133625 133625
Points1  2398 2527
Points2  0 0
Points3  0 0
Points4  0 0
Total Points  136023 136152
Dollars Per Point 0.000210071410005721
Total Dollars $ 28.57
The payout for January has been scheduled for February 24th. The payrate ended up being about 56.9 points per penny. The minimum for a check in the US is $20 and International is $40.
  Audited Un-Audited
Month January January
Points 3210 3210
Points1 0 0
Points2 0 0
Points3 0 0
Points4 0 0
Total Points 3210 3210
Dollars Per Point 0.00017567943764682306
Total Dollars $ 0.56
The payout for December ended up being about 34 points to a penny. This was much lower then we expected. Some of our large ad revenue programs did not get started until late in the month. We will be posting estimates for January as soon as we have them before the end of the month. We have not yet entered the check numbers and mailing dates but US checks were mailed on the 10th and International ones on the 11th.