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Batman: Vengeance
Batman: Vengeance

A Hero Torn By Conspiracy.

A City's Fate On The Edge Of Insanity.

Batman: Vengeance.

As the citizens of Gotham City slumber under the soft darkness of the night, Batman stands over the city. From the rooftops and ornamental statuary that hangs high over the night draped streets, the Dark Knight is ever vigilant, alert for the slightest breach of peace or threat against the citizenry of Gotham City. This night, Batman will find the peace not only breached... But shattered by explosive fury set in place by the very personification of evil. It begins with a woman the Caped Crusader discovers bound and gagged, the reminder of her life measured by the clock counting down the seconds to the detonation of the bomb beside her.

Her name is Mary Flynn. The villain who left her for dead is the Joker, the twisted Clown Prince of Crime with an explosive sense of humor. The Joker had taken her young son Toby hostage, holding him for a ransom the frightened mother could never hope to raise. At least that's the story Mary Flynn tells.

But the truth is far more insidious than even Batman can imagine, and before this night is done, the Dark Knight will find himself entangled in a plot that threatens far more than a single child. The Joker's scheme would light up the night with fiery death and destruction, leaving Gotham City a smoldering ruin that none would survive.

Marshalling all his wits, strengths and technology, Batman must save Gotham City from impending disaster by making sense of the massive crime wave that's swept through the city.

In the course of his investigations, Batman will encounter a host of thieves, thugs, and deadly costumed villains who must be stopped, mind-twisting puzzles and deadly traps are thrown in his path to sabatage his efforts, but with his assemblage of high-tech weapons and devices, Batman must crack the most deadly and bizarre case of his crime-fighting career.


Harley's shadow Harley Quinn Harley Quinn Harley and the Joker


"You guys fight like grown men in tights!"
"Whatsamatter, Bats? Get tangled in yer own cape?"