Animal of Payson, AZ

"Animal" - Biker Poet

Why God Made Bikers by Animal

God made the world with long streets and bright lights.
Beautiful women and bars with Bud Light
Then he paused and said 'It needs just one more thing!'
Someone to drink and fight, and get his ass in a sling.
A man to ride his Harley down the streets at a 100mph
Just to hit one more bar before the closing hour.
He has long hair and he wears a long beard
He's loved by most women, but by most men he's feared.
He wears oil stained Levis and black Tees,
A cut off Levi jacket and a bandana tied to his leg just above his knee.
The cops don't like him, to them he's just a pest,
Just because he's different from all the rest.
They pull his ass over every chance they get,
And ya know 90% of the time he ain't done shit.
So ya see us bikers aren't all mean and tough,
We even do lots of good stuff.
Like Toys for Tots, we do this run every year,
For this alone ya should buy him a beer.
We give of our time,
and money to children's hospitals is another.
Some of these kids never get a visit,
Not even from their mothers.
So ya see God didn't make bikers
Any different than most others.
He just blessed us with a world
Full of Damn Rigtheous Brothers.

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