Goku's Clothing Guide

This Uniform is worn by Goku after his training with Roshi, the main piece is thick clothed, baggy and orange. He wears a black belt with this outfit and black and white boots. The Kanji in the front shows that he is a trainee of Master Roshis.

Goku wears this around when he marries Chi-Chi, as you can see the symbol stating Roshi trained him is no longer a part of his uniform. The inner part is a loose fit, thin fabric. It is colored blue and goes just past the shoulders falling over the beginning of the arms. This inner part ends at Goku's waist. The outer parts are baggy and red/orange. The front has a large v on it where much of the inner blue clothe is shown. It gets baggier as it gets lower on the leg. He wears a blue belt with this, the same color as the other clothe. He also has blue boots with a red vertical stripe on them. There is a piece of thin rope that gos around these boots to secure then to his feet. No picture.
This is exactly the same as the last suit Goku wears except for 2 things, the belt now has a part that freely dangles, and he now has a symbol on the back. This larger Kanji proves that he was trained by King Kai.
This is also worn by Vegeta, Trunks and Gohan. Please see Vegeta for more info.
Goku is seen wearing this throughout pretty much all of DragonballGT, the shirt, part of it, is very loose fit and is blue. The shoulders end at the shoulders and the front shows a lot of the skin, and the end of the shirt is at the mid-thigh. A purplish white belt is tied to the waist. Goldish yellow colored pants are also worn. Black and white shoes are worn to cover the feet. When Goku wears this in SSJ 4 he doesn't wear a shirt and the belt is blue and is more like a band.
With this Uniform a baggy forest green shirt is worn which extends to the mid thigh. Much of the chest is shown and the shoulder ends at the shoulder. A long white belt is tied to the waist to prevent the shirt from getting in the way. A slightly brighter color green pair of pants is worn with the shirt.