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Voiced by: Tress MacNeille

The smarter historical figures of the world have learned to keep an eye on Cho-Cho. For hiding behind that smile and schoolgirl charm lurks an eager capitalist and obsessive swindler. She's won bets against the likes of film genius Sergei Eisenstein and can even pressure famous brutes like Genghis Khan into buying snack foods from her.

She's usually seen dragging Lucky Bob (a giant when compared to the diminutive Cho-Cho) around by the arm, acting as some kind of psychic interpreter to the blank-faced boy, telling people what it is Lucky Bob is thinking without ever having been told. And actually, these "interpretations" tend to be more what Cho-Cho wants him to think, just part of her plan to bilk somebody into buying a magazine subscription. Which is not to say Lucky Bob is just some prop to her; the two are seldom apart and have such charming chemistry that most presume the two to be more than just "best friends". And such presumptions probably wouldn't bother Cho-Cho any, just as long as it helps her dupe you out of a buck or two.