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To download properly, you must right click the link and select "save target as...", "save link as", or something close to the same thing or else it will go to a temorary folder.

This is the first picture you see when you start the Dukes game for Atari 2600.

Besides the Dukes of Hazzard:Racing for Home game, there is also an old Dukes game for Atari 2600. If you own the cartridge, you can download an emulator and the dukes game. An emulator is a program that allows you to play ROMs on your computer. A ROM is a program stored on a game cartridge that the console reads. I recomend Stella for an emulator because it is compatible with many different platforms. You can download the ROM here. You must download all the "D" titled ROMs to get the Dukes ROM.

This is the second shot you get.

This is how the game starts. You are the purple thing with the x on it. The white thing about a pointers length from the top of the picture I think is a patrol car.

The purple squares in the top bar are your lives. Your time is shown In teh top bar by how close Boss Hogg is to Daisy. The purple and white thing with a black circle in it is you. It gets blury when you move.

You move with the arrow keys, but without pressing anything you move down, and to the right, so all you need is the up and left keys.

The object of the game is to go from where you start to the top where the jail is and go to the low spot. Then you go to the next level.

Note: It is illegal to download an emulator or ROM unless you own that cartridge. This doesn't make much sense because the company is out of business, but I didn't make these rules up. You also can't sell or publish these ROMS anywhere.

Dukes Vehicles

Midtown Maddness

Front-wheel Driven General(Handles Better)

Rear-wheel Driven General


The General

Rosco's Patrol Car

Daisy's Dixie

xtonyx is the author of the above cars.
Above cars from The 3 Little Fonzies

Nascar 3
You will need to put the files in "Papyrus/Nascar3/cars folder"



Cop Car


I found this really cool cursor. The General Lee stops, Bo gets in, they speed off, and Rosco comes by. Get it here. To install it, go to start, settings, control panel, click on mouse, then pointers at the top. High-light the pointer that you want to change, click browse, and go to your desktop and select it. If you put it on your desktop, you must leave it there or else it won't work. I suggest you make for an hour-glass because it is really hard too figure out where your pointing.
I also made this really cool cursor. It's orange and says 01. Get it here. You can use this one as a regular pointer. Just follow the directions above.
This one is the Rebel flag from Comet Cursors.

Hoby Headline Font

You can download the Hody Headline Font here. It's the font that the opening credits of the Dukes are in. To install this font so you can use it, go to my computer, c, windows, fonts, and drag the file to this folder.

Dukes of Hazzard Icons

Get some Dukes icons here. You will need winzip or some other zip\unzip program to unzip them. Get it at You can make one of the icons be the icon for your recycle bin(full and empty), my computer, my documents, and neighborhood network. right click on the desktop, go to properties, and click the effects tab. Highlight the icon you want to change, and click change icon. Click browse to to find the folder where you put the icons. You can also change the icon of a shorcut by right clicking on it and clicking the shortcut tab. Then click "change icon" and click browse and find the folder where you put the icon.

Winamp Skin

Skin By:

William Buckholz

Author's Comments:

Just two good old boys. I spent quite a while on this skin. My eyes hurt. I hope people like it.

Reviewer's Comments:

"Lost sheep to shepard!" The year is 1983, you're sitting crosslegged on the livingroom floor of your parents house... The TV screen before your eyes is flashing the names, John Schneider, Tom Wopat, Catherine Bach, over images of dust strewn police chases, dynamite tipped arrows, and a saddlebag-cheeked Municpal fatcat in a white polyester suit. Scroll ahead to the present day. The P.C. hammer of the early 90's has fallen and all but extinguished any programming based on cultural stereotypes The only perpetuity enjoyed by long-cancelled bastions of questionable taste is in homages such as this particular skin. Ladies and Gentlemen I give you pure genius - the stars, the character faces, the gear initials, the color scheme. Some of the more inspired points include: the phonetic bridge between 'General Lee' and 'equalizer', the Mother Goose-like appelation 'Cooter's Computer', and of course the racing designation 01. Regardless of your actual feelings on the show itself, if you were born before 1980, this skin MUST wrap your player for at least a week. If not, we're going to have to send Roscoe P. Coltraine out to round you up. -jdf

Date Published:


Click here to download this skin.

Dukes Punch-Out

You can print these out and punch them out.