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1968 Picture Gallery


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Welcome to the Dark Shadows 1968 Picture Gallery. In this DS story line we have the creation of Adam a Frankenstien like creature who some how took the vampire disease away from Barnabas Collins returning him back to a human. Angelique (the witch) comes back as Cassandra and her handler Nicholas Blair a warlock who is pushing everyone to make a female mate for Adam so that they can spawn a new race of humans for the Dark lord. These three characters turn on the Collins family and wreck havoc. Did I forget anything? Yes, I did but you need to tune into DS on the scifi channel for the rest of the story. I would like to thank the scifi channel for running DS again and again. Please book mark this web page and keep checking my DS links page for new pictures and updates.


 Adam Chokes Carol (1,574 KB)  Nicholas Blair Burns (3,063 KB)  Nicholas Blair is Gone. (3,191 KB)


   I Have added three mpegs in zip files to this web page for download. You will need "Winzip" to decompress them. I suggest you use "GO!ZZILA ," for downloads of mpegs. It keeps your downloads organized and you can quit downloading and resume it later with out lose of already downloaded information. If anyone knows where I can store my mpegs at and how to link them to this webpage please email me the information.

The photos from the image gallery have not been update. Instead I will be linking a picture gallery in the future from the 1897 storyline of Dark Shadows.

      Comming soon!
 Dark Shadows Mpeg Library

To Find out more about Dark Shadows check out the "SciFi," channel.

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