My, my, my. This certainly did need an update. BADLY! Well, folks,
I haven't updated this site in a century because DJ's Dark Shadows officially
moved last year. I just lost frontpage express and haven't been able
to create with anything other than Fortune City's own web designer "Trellix"
since then... loooong story.
If you haven't seen the new site, hop on over. The link's at the bottom of the page.
Updates to my stories and more can be found there.



*Somewhat of a disclaimer was added to my story entitled "What If...".
*Chapters 1-10 of my newest story are now included in the fanfic section: Blood Lust.
*Chapters 12-14 of Frasier's Haunted Prize were added.



* So many new pics have been added to the picture gallery and now include commentary from yours truly.
* I put up another fanfiction, only this has nothing to do with Dark Shadows. This is a haunted house story involving the cast of another of my favorite shows. It's dedicated to the nbc hit "Frasier". Not a cross-over. Although a DS/Fras cross-over might not be a bad idea... Frasier's Haunted Prize.

* A request page was added to the gallery. This weeks feature: Barnabas & Julia.


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