The Players


Barnabas Collins: A dangerous wretch of a man who seemed to get his fancies off bondage and locking girls away in his basement. He later reverted to the good side.

Willie Loomis: After he unintentionally released Barnabas from his 200 year slumber (while seeking unimaginable wealth) he was doomed to enslavement by the one he discovered. I adore Willie! You won't catch me talking bad about this one!

Maggie Evans: Born and raised in Collinsport, she was a waitress for a great while at the local café. This one seemed to love dallying with Cupid's arrows. Many men were struck by her.

Elizabeth Stoddard: Matriarch of the great Collinwood mansion. Did she play a major role in the series? Not that I noticed...

Roger Collins: Elizabeth's brother. Is it just me or am I right in assuming he had a tight hold on the key to the liquor cabinet? Him and his sherry seemed inseperable.

Caroline Stoddard: Elizabeth's daughter. Love to party. Don't like her. Why, you ask? 'Cause she was so obviously a goody-goody in disguise. That part of her shines through later in the series.

David Collins: Roger's nosey little brat. I love how he talked about the old house like he owned it.

Nicholas Blair: Warlock extraordinaire. Deals in the black arts. I think he had a good side. Yeah... As good as Callisto's from Xena!

Victoria Winters: The one who started it all. She arrived in Collinsport to accept the position as David's governess. Looks a bit like the chubby version of my mom. (who's pic I'll be posting soon for you all to see!)

Jeff Clark: ........I have so many stories parodying his character I should be locked up. I think they may have a cozy room at Wyndcliffe already made up for me. Anyway, Jeff is actually Peter Bradford. That's all I know.

Adam: Frankenstein-like incarnate brought to life to rid Barnabas of his vampiric curse. A lot of fun to watch! The one who portrayed him was a pretty good actor.

Eve: Created to serve as Adam's willing mate and love. But she would be far from that.

Jason McGuire: Came into town seeking riches from Elizabeth through blackmail. Was Willie's bestfriend. Keyword: "WAS"

Mrs. Johnson: ...I hate that name. Mrs...Johnson served as maid at Collinwood. Waste of space.

Harry Johnson: How can you hate a character with a name like Hairy...whoops!- Harry Johnson? I'm assuming that wasn't a major joke back then. Was Mrs. Johnson's son... I think.

Sam Evans: Maggie's father and local painter. I saw nothing entertaining about him.

Joe Haskell: Carolyn's boyfriend and then Maggie's... He's got nice eyes but he's SOOO boring!

Julia Hoffman: Helped to cure Barnabas. Was originally brought on to kill him but when the idea of Barnabas was popularized, a cure was invented instead. Julia's character would have been a man had a typist not slipped up and gave her a sex change. The name went from "Julius" or "Julian" to "Julia".