Kristian (Hope) Chats

Kristian Alfonso Chat with Talk City on November 17, 1998

NBC_Live: Tonight from the NBC Live Studio at Talk City, wešre proud to present Kristian Alfonso, "Hope" on "Days of Our Lives."

AskNBC: boonnie says: Congrats on your Soap Opera Digest Nomination! Who are you going to the awards with?

NBC_Star: Hi everybody! Thanks for joining us! Thank you! And I am going to the awards with my Mom, Dad, and sister!

AskNBC: justme says: What did you do to celebrate your nomination?

NBC_Star: I went out and ate a huge meal!

NBC_Star: ...which spanned two days! Just kidding! It is very exciting and I am very flattered. It is a wonderful magazine to be nominated from.

AskNBC: karne654 says: Do you know what you are going to wear at the awards?

NBC_Star: I have not the faintest idea. I don't usually know until a few days before.

AskNBC: monty says: Kristian, is the Soap Opera Digest issue with the ballots on sale yet?

NBC_Star: NBC SAYS... Yes, it is on sale now. It's the Nov 24th issue! It is on sale through next Tuesday.

AskNBC: guest-shelly says: Ms. Alfonso - how far in advance do the writers let you in on the intended storyline of your character ? Do your storyline opinions count ?

NBC_Star: I leave the writing in the hands to writers. We tape three weeks to a month ahead. Sometimes we hear bits and pieces ahead of time, but things can change, and often do.

NBC_Star: A question for you guys from do you guys like the new story line hope/gina/...gina/hope (laughing)

AskNBC: guest-hopebofan1 says: Are you happy with the direction of the show? What did you think of James Reilly's writing? He made many Bo and Hope fans very upset!

NBC_Star: I enjoyed Jim Reilly's writing, but I am also very happy to see Bo and Hope coming back together and soon to be on an adventure again.

AskNBC: guest-jennm_doolfan says: Hi Kristian! How do you and Peter manage to create such chemistry together?

NBC_Star: I think we really enjoy working together and there is a lot of trust, which creates chemistry. We do have a lot of fun out there!

AskNBC: guest-msliberty says: What's your favorite DAYS moment from the last 15 years, give or take?

NBC_Star: There are so many. I love the New Orleans story line. I also really enjoyed the jungle story line with John, and I am enjoying the present story line. I had a lot of fun this summer.

NBC_Star: I got to explore a lot of new areas with the character.

AskNBC: hoperules says: what were some of your goals growing up, did u always want to be an actress?

NBC_Star: No. It was not even a thought in my mind. It was an accident. but once I had taste of it it made me curious. Not that it hasn't been hard work!!!

AskNBC: guest-msliberty says: Besides Peter, who do you (or have you) most enjoy working with?

NBC_Star: I love working with Frances Reed- Millicent Martin, Drake, Krista Allen. I love working with everybody on the show. When you work with different people, it makes it more work, but more interesting as an actor.

NBC_Star: I have been blessed, the cast is great. You can always have a good time and a good laugh with anyone on the show.

NBC_Star: Tanya Boyd, Joe could go on and on!!

AskNBC: renee200 says: Who's your best friend on the set?

NBC_Star: It is like a family, because we spend so much time together.

AskNBC: guest-steph2345 says: What advice would you give to aspiring actress trying to follow her dreams?

NBC_Star: Always follow your dreams and believe in yourself, but know that it won't happen unless you make it happen. Also, nothing is out of your reach.

AskNBC: marvelone says: Hi Kristian. I was wondering if you ever go online and if you do, do you ever come to the Days Of Our Lives Chat room?

NBC_Star: I don't... I am embarrassed to say I am completely computer illiterate!

AskNBC: guest-santea says: Kristian, which character do you prefer playing Hope or Gina?

NBC_Star: Hope is one character that I have held close to my heart. Gina is one new to me, I am just discovering who she is... which makes it confusing for me. As for the other gina with red hair, I don't know who SHE is!!

AskNBC: guest-mindy says: Are you glad you signed back with DOOL after being gone so long, Like being with friends you haven't seen in forever?

NBC_Star: Yes, it is always like coming home. It is a very safe environment. It is one of the best characters I have ever played. Hope is a very versatile character.

AskNBC: guest-caman says: Kristian do you think that Bo and Hope's love is understood by the people who write for your character?

NBC_Star: I think so. A script I just read is very sweet, touching and a moment that everybody has been waiting for, for a long time, including me and Peter.

AskNBC: guest-jennm_doolfan says: Kristian, if you could bring back a character from Days' past, who would you bring?

NBC_Star: Tony Dimera

AskNBC: guest-carmina says: are you in any other projects?

NBC_Star: Not at the present time.

AskNBC: marvelone says: Hi Kristain. Do you still Ice Skate?

NBC_Star: I love it. I was just watching it on TV, which brought back a lot of memories. But I don't ice skate any longer. Only with my son.

AskNBC: guest-steph2345 says: What is a typical day on the set like?

NBC_Star: There is no typical day. There are no two alike. First makeup, wardrobe, hair, dry block and then taping. If you aren't first, then you are rehearsing with other actors.

AskNBC: guest-jill says: Did you watch "Days" before you started acting on the show?

NBC_Star: I didn't, I am sorry to admit.

AskNBC: guest-jill says: Who was your favorite actress or actor when you were growing up?

NBC_Star: Al Pacino, Robert Deniro still is... Jessica Lange, Susan Sarandon

AskNBC: guest-tully4547 says: what are some of your most funniest times working with Deidre and Drake?

NBC_Star: Remembering our lines!

AskNBC: guest-lori63 says: Do you pick the clothes you wear on the set , or does someone tell you what to wear?

NBC_Star: Richard Bloore is the designer, he is responsible for what everybody wears. He goes out and does the shopping and gets stuff that you feel comfortable in and is right for the scene.

AskNBC: guest-tammy says: What did you do during the time you took off from Days a few years ago?

NBC_Star: I was doing Melrose Place, Falcon Crest... I did a couple movies, and I gave birth to my son. I was pretty busy!

AskNBC: guest-steph2345 says: Who's the practical joker on the set? Who is the best kisser?

NBC_Star: I have only kissed one man on the set, that's Bo, so I would have to say Peter. I think we all add to the joking a little, there isn't a day where we don't all share a good laugh. Sometimes they have to move on because we can't pull ourselves together.

NBC_Star: We work hard but we also enjoy a laugh.

AskNBC: guest-jaci22 says: Kristian, Have you ever done any work in the theatre? What type of training have you received? What are your future acting goals?

NBC_Star: No, I haven't done theater. I have studied with a coach, who I still study with at times. My goals... as long as it is a good project, it doesn't matter to me if it is TV or film. I would have to enjoy and get something out of it.

NBC_Star: If I didn't I would be cheating myself and the audience.

AskNBC: guest-pammi says: Did you have fun with the Princess Gina wardrobe-- that crown had to be heavy--

NBC_Star: That crown was very heavy. I was also wearing hairpieces! I got great enjoyment with the wardrobe, the hair... what girl doesn't have the dream to be a princess? Rod Ortega, the hairstylist did a great job as did Richard Bloore.

NBC_Star: There were a two crowns that were very heavy, it I bent down to pick up my script, I felt like it would fall off! I am not too dainty, I was tripping over cables and wires and the crew would say "Look out! Here comes the princess!"

AskNBC: guest-jlynch says: Do you think that you will be involved with the new soap "passions"....just like the rumor about Missy Reeves?

NBC_Star: No, I am very happy where I am... another rumor laid to rest!

AskNBC: guest-amanda says: Ms. Alfonso- What's the next big secret on Days?

NBC_Star: The next big secret on days? I wish I knew. The actors want to know as much as you. We want to know what we have to look forward to.

NBC_Star: It also keeps it interesting for ourselves. If we could only look into a crystal ball

. AskNBC: guest-melissa says: Kristian - do the writers know the conclusion of a story line, or do they work on it as they go?

NBC_Star: I think they know what they conclusion will be, but it could always change, or they will take it another direction. It is how they wrap it up, how it will be resolved. Stories don't always go the way you have been told for many reasons.

NBC_Star: There are always many twists and turns that do occur.

AskNBC: guest-amanda says: Ms. Alfonso- how many hours a day do you work?

NBC_Star: It is different all the time. I could work 4-5 hours a day or 15-16 hours a day. Just because my work at the studio is done. I am sitting in front of five scripts right now. My son has homework, I have my homework.

AskNBC: guest-stualm says: Hi Kristin, what do you think when they show old clips of you?

NBC_Star: Sometimes die a thousand deaths, also many great memories. Also I was heavier, the clothes and the hair. The styles were so much different!

NBC_Star: last two questions AskNBC: guest-fluke says: How did you get the role of Hope in DAYS?

NBC_Star: I was out in LA during pilot season, while NBC had me under contract. I was scared to death. I was under age. I flew back to New York after trying out. I got a call to screen test for the part...I thought I would never get the part because the actors were so good.

NBC_Star: The amount of work in daytime is so much, I don't think a lot of people are aware how much work goes into it. We are doing in one day what a primetime show does in 6-7 days. Tomorrow we are doing two shows. It tends to make us a little nutty at he end of the year.

NBC_Star: NBC SAYS-last question

AskNBC: guest-sperbs says: who first told you that you were nominated for the soap opera award?

NBC_Star: Michael Feeney, our press God on Days!

NBC_Star: Thanks everybody!!!!!! Have a great night!

NBC_Star: NBC SAYS- Don't forget to vote for the Soap Opera Digest Awards. The ballot is on stands now.

NBC_Star: ...and happy holidays!!!! (from Kristian)

Transcript of Yahoo! Chat with Days' Kristian Alfonso (Hope/Gina)- August 18, 1999

Kristian: I want to welcome everyone and thank you for joining us tonight. I will answer everything as much as I can.

prinsipesa asks: Are Greta and Princess Gina ever going to see each other?

Kristian: Absolutely! Without a doubt.

Kristian: I might add, in the near future.

Dancer4946 asks: Do you enjoy being able to play three characters on the show? And how is each one of the characters you play in one way like you ??? Thanx !

Kristian: We spend the same amount of studio time together.

Kristian: I'm sure whatever the character may be, whether on TV, or features, there is something of us in every character, no matter how minute or extreme.

depends_undergarment asks: How long do you have to spend in make up for the real Princess Gina?

Kristian: It averages about 3 - 4 hours.

Kristian: I can't study during that time because I have to be still. It takes two people to apply the eight piece prosthetics. They use stretch and stipple where they pull your face as tight as possible. They put wet plastic on it and blow dry it. Then they powder it and do another layer.

darrin_murrell asks: Kristian, what can you tell us about working with Joseph Mascolo? I read that your favorite actor is Robert DeNiro, and Stefano occasionally has shades of DeNiro. Do you agree?

Kristian: Absolutely. I love a lot of actors. I like Pacino, Harrison Ford. There are so many actors. I love working with Joe, Drake and Peter. They are all different personalities. I love working with them.

Kristian: I'm very luck to be working with them.

R_Shuster asks: Have you talked with Lorraine Broderick yet about the direction she'll be taking Bo and Hope?

Kristian: No, I haven't had the pleasure of meeting her yet.

Kristian: I think the fans will be pretty excited in the next few weeks.

Marty2634 asks: Hello Kristian, describe what it was like filming the elaborate "Wedding" that Bo and Hope had on "Days Of Our Lives"?

Kristian: It was amazing. It was suppose to take place in England. We did go to England to shoot, but not the wedding. The interiors were shot here. It was completely nerve wracking. A lot of dialogue.

Kristian: The people you saw in the pews were fans.

Marty2634 asks: Hello Kristian, what makes Bo and Hope's relationship so special on "Days Of Our Lives"?

Kristian: I think one of the things is that they can laugh at themselves as individuals and with one another, and really enjoy what is taking place. There could be 10,000 people around, but they are connected to each other. No words have to be spoken.

Kristian: There is vulnerability and a stubbornness. It becomes a game for them. Hope is a diamond in the rough just waiting to be cut. As an actress I continually discover more things.

silverdolphin84 asks: Can you give us a hint as to how Princess Gina will be transformed back into Hope?

Kristian: I don't know. If I did, I couldn't tell you or I wouldn't have a job tomorrow.

mlissjt asks: Is it true that the real Princess Gina is out for blood when she finds out that John is married to Marlena and that there has been a fake Gina going around?

Kristian: I don't know.

kissssette asks: Your so beautiful on the show, do you have any hair and make up tips for the rest of us?

Kristian: I have a team of people who put me together everyday. Including a lighting director and a talented wardrobe designer, make-up and hair.

Kristian: If you saw me right now, you wouldn't be saying that. But thank you for your kindness.

JennM_DOOLfan asks: Hi Kristian, how do you feel about the unpopularity of the pairing of Gina and John?

Kristian: I really haven't given it a lot of thought. It's not Hope, so it's not as if the audience is experience the chemistry or betrayal of John and Hope. It is out of their control.

Kristian: I haven't heard 100% opposing to it. One of the producers had told me the numbers were growing and it was pretty excepted. 50 - 50.

KAlfonsofan asks: Will Hope suffer some kind of breakdown when she finds out that she slept with John and Stefano?

Kristian: She would have a break down thinking she slept with Stefano. It would be rather disturbing. There aren't words to explain what her emotions will be when she is informed that this may have taken place.

lynlizbeth asks: Do you like the blonde streaks in your hair that is for Gina?

Kristian: It was my idea.

Kristian: We started it last year. I wanted her to grow into Gina. She started dressing like her and looking like her. Maybe she could put herself in the place of Gina and what she might have felt and help her to elude to the life she did lead.

Kristian: I thought, we'll die my hair and it will be so much fun. Then I thought, am I out of my mind? It is hard for me to sit still. To find the time to keep it up would be enormous. We had them made and clip them in.

coolgirl122_99 asks: So, do you sometimes get your life and your characters life confused ?

Kristian: No... I know exactly who I am.

blondjojo asks: How old were you when you first joined the Days cast?

Kristian: I don't know - I was younger...

depends_undergarment asks: Would you ever like to do a possession type storyline like Marlena?

Kristian: I'm really happy with the stroyline I'm in right now. What an incredible opportunity. It is nearly killing. It has been great fun. The writing has been so wonderful. There is a scene coming up that is so incredibly sweet. It made me cry when I read it.

Kristian: It was so heartfelt and real. I called my dad and read it to him, and started to cry again. To think about doing another storyline, is not even within sight or thought.

depends_undergarment asks: This is from Mandy. "What's it like working with Matt Mahaney?"

Kristian: He is great. He is a sweetheart. A welcomed member of the cast.

silverdolphin84 asks: How many hours of rehearsing do you have to do?

Kristian: I wish there was more time. There is no time. You get out there, block it, and a lot of time as Hope as Princess Gina, someone will take my blocking for me. I need a few moments. Sometimes things move so quickly. I get confused. The wires cross and nothing computes.

SoapCity_Guest1: Krisitian: I talk so much as Princess Gina whether she is by herself or with Kurt. I need those few moments to settle myself. I need to get my rhythm down and timing. Where the lines will be said.

R_Shuster asks: Hi Kristian, would you mind telling us how you and Charles Cioffi taped the cage explosion? Those special effects were amazing to this day!

Kristian: I just stepped in and I was pregnant then.

Kristian: The writing was really good. I really didn't plan what the performance was going to be.

ram7650 asks: Kristian will you be staying on Days after the story line of Hope/ Gina has ended? Heard rumors you were leaving?

Kristian: I don't know what I'm doing next week. My contract expires next April. I don't know what will happen. They have approached me about extending my contract. Because of the circumstances and all the characters, we haven't had the time to sit down and discuss anything.

Kristian: Days is home. This is my third return. The second time I only agreed to stay for 13 weeks. I'm happy where I am. It is wonderful to go to work and enjoy where you are.

number1_soapFAN asks: Do you still keep in touch with Melissa Reeves, Lisa Rinnai and/or Eileen Davidson?

Kristian: Lisa I run into, but I haven't really seen anybody lately. I don't have a life right now. Since it all started, I've been incredibly busy with all of these different characters.

Kristian: I haven't seen Melissa. She has a new baby.

indy5_2000 asks: Kristian, the picture of you as a child in a recently published "Soap Opera Digest" was adorable. What a cutie -- and almost blonde! Thanks for sharing with the public a private moment from your life.

Are there any pictures from your skating days that have been published?

Kristian: I think there has, but I'm not really sure.

JennM_DOOLfan asks: What would you like to see Hope do with her life after she escapes Stefano's control?

Kristian: I'm going to leave that to the writers.

dy_namo_95 asks: What is your favorite part of show business & what is the worst part?

Kristian: My favorite part is truly being passionate about my work and being lucky enough to make a living at it.

Kristian: The worst part about it - I don't think there is a worst part, other than being completely exhausted and I still having hours of work in front of me.

renee12578 asks: If you had to choose Gina or Hope... which would you chose?

Kristian: Hope will always be close to my heart. I'm having a great time portraying Gina as well.

arzi1111 asks: I really enjoyed the story in Soap Opera Digest about you and your dad. Thanks for sharing with us.

Kristian: My dad is the sweetest. He truly is.

depends_undergarment asks: Are you looking forward to working with Doug and Julie again?

Kristian: Absolutely. They are involved in the scene that I was just talking about. It is so wonderful having them back. They are so wonderful.

R_Shuster asks: Kristian, you are such a great actress! Would you ever consider doing another primetime show, maybe while alternating on DAYS?

Kristian: Yeah, I would, actually.

Kristian: I really enjoyed all of the projects that I've been a part of. I've never had a bad experience that I would never do it again. I've had really good experiences.

Rthtodd asks: What have you learned from working with Frances Reid?

Kristian: Everything. She is an amazing lady. I love, love, love working with her.

JennM_DOOLfan asks: Kristian, do you think the era of the Super Couple is past?

Kristian: I don't know. Has it? Was it ever there? What is a Super Couple?

StarryEyes22 asks: Sometimes I pick up on an accent. What country is Gina from or is that just the aristocrat in Gina coming out?

Kristian: That is the aristocrat and it can be what ever your little heart desires.

Kristian: One thing that's against us on the show is time. I needed to work something out really quickly. I didn't want the real Princess Gina to end up being a cartoon character. I tried to find my way as carefully as I could. I was scared to death when I first did Hope as Gina.

Kristian: Then flipping back and forth between the characters, and have them both be in the same room at the same time. Their pitches, tone and body language is different. One is older and one is younger.

Stockholm86 asks: Kristian, are you glad to finally be paired with Drake Hogestyn?

SoapCity_Guest1: Kiristian: I love working with Drake, he is a sweetie.

b_ball_007 asks: How do you manage to spend time with your son and work?

Kristian: I make the time. My son is my priority. My family is my priority.

blenrock asks: If your son ever wanted to go into acting, would you support him and help him make all sorts of connections in the business, or would you have him wait until he was older?

Kristian: If he wanted to go in I would support him, in whatever he chose. The most important thing is that he is healthy and happy. If it were something he truly wanted to seek, then I would help him.

Kristian: I'd also let him know that it's not easy. It is a tough business. Any business is. There is a lot of personal rejection in this business. I know he realizes how much work goes into it now. He sees me continuously working.

Kristian: I don't know that he is interested in it. People think it is all glamour and that is not the case by any means.

Yael_Israeli_fan asks: Do you like the fact that Shawn-D has been aged?

Kristian: Not particularly. I don't know why they decided to age him. I'll miss working with Colin O'Donnell.

sportymich asks: Who have you enjoyed most working with?

Kristian: I can't chose just one. I have to say, a good percentage. Sometimes my character doesn't relate to the other characters. We all kind of giggle about it when we show up at the same party.

hotflame_ny asks: Will you be hanging your ornament on the Horton family tree this year?

Kristian: I don't know. I'm sure one of them will be there. Unless, you are telling me something, and I won't be there.

blackpapichulo asks: HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE A SEX SYMBOL ON T.V.?

Kristian: Gosh, really? I think I'm blushing. I've never thought of that.

Kristian: I'm blushing.

onetrillion13 asks: Will Bo get out from under Stefano's spell?

Kristian: Hmmm

Kristian: I'm sure, eventually, with some help. HINT, HINT.

spotty21 asks: Did you ever want to do anything else besides act?

Kristian: Yes, I was an ice skater. I loved it.

mickey_h.geo asks: your son's name is Gino. Is that how they got the name Gina for your current storyline?

Kristian: I don't think so. It is a nice thought though. My parents almost named me Gina.

Rthtodd asks: What is your favorite storyline of all-time on Days? Where does the Cruise of Deception storyline rank on your list?

Kristian: That was not one of my favorite storylines. I really couldn't tell you what it was about. I have not idea. I came in during the middle. I was only there for 13 weeks at that time. I was pregnant.

Kristian: I love the story that I'm doing right now. And the New Orleans storyline. I also loved the prison storyline and the police academy storyline.

Marty2634 asks: Hello Kristian, how did you feel along with the rest of the Soap "Community" when Susan Lucci won a Daytime Emmy Award for Best Actress on "All My Children"?

Kristian: Good for her!

smoking_redmoon asks: What's your favorite fast food restaurant?

Kristian: All of them!

Kristian: The other night we got food from Panda Express.

sunshine3658 asks: Do you think soaps are part of the controversy about TV being to sexual.

Kristian: I think prime time is far more sexual.

blenrock asks: Do you have any interesting experiences to share with us from when you were on Circus of the Stars?

Kristian: Yes. I have many. I actually started training one year for the trapeze. Than it was like what was I thinking?

Kristian: I have a great admiration for the trapeze artist. It is a tremendous amount of work. You have to be in a positive mind set and be willing to get hurt. I ended up doing, a few years later, a magic act with an illusionist.

Kristian: When I was doing the trapeze I would see my life flashing before me.

redjen1959 asks: If you could leave one message behind for prosperity,what would it be?

Kristian: Do everything with love.

b_ball_007 asks: Do you have any tips on how to cry on the set?

Kristian: No.

GirlFriday982 asks: Is it possible for Gina to fall in love with Bo, forget about John, and get away from Stefano (knowing that he probably will never die)?

Kristian: I think Gina has and is teetering in her emotions for Bo. Is it the love that Hope holds for Bo? Couldn't come close.

Stockholm86 asks: What kind of feedback have you gotten from fans for the submarine stuff where your character ruined a lot of fans expectations for John and Marlena's long awaited honeymoon?

Kristian: So sorry!

Kristian: It was really positive. People didn't expect it. The way it was described to me was that it was a different type of love that Gina and John have. A more dangerous, hungry love. Different from John and Marlena.

u_dun_know asks: I just have a comment... I like the way you always raise one eyebrow when you are thinking devious:)

Kristian: It isn't intentional. It just sort of happens. When I'm question something or thinking notty thoughts, it goes up.

Flirts2much32 asks: Do you watch any other Soap Operas but your own?

Kristian: Not really. That is why it is so hard to vote for the Emmys because we are all working. We are on five days a week. It is difficult to get to watch other people's work. I'll watch the live feed of Sunset Beach from my dressing room.

Yael_Israeli_fan asks: You look amazing! How do you stay in shape?

Kristian: Thank you very much. I have to watch what I eat and I try to exercise. Don't get the wrong impression, I'm not a health buff. I love chocolate!

Kristian: I love to eat and I much watch it. The winter is the toughest and I'm always fighting 10m pounds. It has always been a problem for me.

big_daddycool5 asks: Kristian, who is your hero and why ???

Kristian: My dad is truly my hero.

redjen1959 asks: How can you keep a straight face & kiss all those men?

Kristian: Peter is - I've know him for so many years - it really isn't a thought. It is wonderful. don't get me wrong. I'm not the most poised person on the show, I do a lot of tripping. With Drake we don't laugh. I was scared to death during the submarine scenes.

Kristian: I tried to act calm and cool. It was new and people are judging you and looking at you. Joe is so incredibly tall. I'm always trying to find my light. He is so much taller than me. If I took my high heels off...

Kristian: We laugh a lot and I call him cupcake. He is a big cream puff.

TennTBird asks: What subjects would you like to see explored on soaps?

Kristian: I'm sure there is a lot of subjects I'd love for them explore. Illnesses, loss, but also elation. As long as they keep it interesting and heartfelt and honest, then why not?

Clair9 asks: Do you think you will be nominated for an Emmy next year? How would you feel if you were? I know Ken Corday thinks you deserve one!

Kristian: Really? Gosh, um, I really haven't thought about a nomination, but thank you very much. I'm just really, and I mean this, I'm just really so flattered that I have the opportunity to do what I'm passionate about and make a living.

Kristian: It is an amazing and incredible storyline. An opportunity for myself. If I don't get nominated, that is okay. It would be wonderful, but it isn't the most important thing and that isn't why I'm working this hard.

Kristian: I just love what I'm doing and I hope you all are enjoying the different characters and the twists and turns.

Kitsy531 asks: Kristian, do you really smoke, because it looks like you inhale?

Kristian: You want to make everything look as real as possible.

soccergirl4_7 asks: are the cigarettes that you smoke on the show real or herbal?

Kristian: Real or herbal, it is still going into your lungs. We live in smog city, we breath it every day.

All_4_Bo_and_Hope asks: What advice would you give an aspiring actress & did you consider it an advantage or disadvantage getting into acting at such a young age? - Melissa/14/Ga

Kristian: To follow your dreams but know it will not be an easy road and it appears to be here today gone tomorrow. You must always believe in yourself.

Kristian: I really never thought about it. You can be given an opportunity. My dad said that climbing the mountain is difficult, but staying there is more difficult. If may appear to be easy, but you have to work really hard to sustain it.

Kristian: Just because you get the opportunity, it is your choice to run with the ball or drop it. You must balance yourself. Nobodies work should be their life and enveloped by it. You truly need a balance.

Kristian: I'm also extremely lucky with my family. They are my rock. My dad is my hero, so is my mom and my sister. Just as much.

JennM_DOOLfan asks: In many fans' minds, the 'specialness' of Hope has been ruined by her encounter in the sub with John. The subsequent encounter with Stefano just made it worse. Do you think that Hope's character can ever be repaired?

Kristian: But that wasn't Hope!

number1_soapFAN asks: What do you think about NBC's decision to cancel Another World, for Passions (James Reily's new show)?

Kristian: It is always sad to see a show go. A lot of people are out of work. But I understand the business point of view. It was probably a very expense show to do and the ratings weren't that strong. Were they making back what they put into it?

Kristian: I'm sure the salary and production were really high. A new show has a much lower overhead.

Kristian: I don't know this for a fact.


Kristian: I don't think he looks as me as someone who is one TV. I hope he doesn't. I'm just his mom. I'm just his silly, happy go lucky mother who is like the sergeant.

sunshine3658 asks: If you had the chance to work with any actor past or present who would it be?

Kristian: I'd love to work with Harrison Ford. He has such a vulnerability and a boy like quality an he also has incredible strength. Those are qualities that are hard to come by. You see it in all of his work.

Kristian: I love that he allows himself to be vulnerable on camera and reveal himself in such a manner. Also, he is a character you would feel safe with as well because of his strength.

Kristian: I'd love to work with Pacino. And I love Cher's work. I could go and on and on...

katmwilliams78 asks: How does your face feel after playing the part as the real Princess Gina with all that make up on

Kristian: On fire! My face is raw!

dee_alea7 asks: Can we become penpals and write ???

Kristian: Write to NBC/ Days of our Lives C/o Kristian Alfonso.

ms_girl24 asks: Do you have a really big dressing room and do a lot of people look at you and say hey that's Kristian Alfonso and want you autograph or do not that many people realize who you are??

Kristian: I get pretty recognized even when I would least expect it.

Kristian: I do not have a big dressing room.

number1_soapFAN asks: If Days were to be cancelled (God forbid), who would you want your last scene to be with?

Kristian: I'd want it to be an assortment of characters that Hope has been involved with and tells something of the history and what they have experienced together. There is nothing like looking back.

CamanDays asks: Kristian, we adore Hope and we feel she was raped in that sub, it was HER body Gina used. Will Days let Hope deal with this as rape? She deserves that much.

Kristian: Aw! But Gina is so programmed that she doesn't know what a conventional life is. She has all the memories of the real Princess Gina and that was one of high society. It was jetsetting, not family values. It is something that she doesn't understand and that is why she is so bored with the people in Salem.

Kristian: She didn't give it much thought. She wanted John back and the past that they lived and endured and they always thought they would have. They had one brief moment. If you took Hope and Bo did not remember her, she would do everything in her power to remember. It is the same thing, just a different character.

Kristian: Gina doesn't have any connection to Bo or anyone. All she knows is that John Black has forgotten about her because of what Stefano has done to him. She isn't evil. She just wants the love of her life back, and Greta back.

Kristian: If that was Hope in the same circumstances going after Bo and all the promises they made to each other and their future, with Shawn D the audience would look at this differently. Hope as Gina can not be blamed for her actions. She acting by her chip.

Yael_Israeli_fan asks: I heard your birthday is next month, Happy Birthday Kristian!!!

Kristian: Thank you!!!!!

Kristian: Thank you all for joining us . I hope I answered most of your questions. Thank you for your continued support and love. I'll see ya tomorrow!