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Triple H (Hunter Hearst Helmsley)

Real name: Paul Michael Levesque
Former aliases: Terra Ryzing, Jean-Paul Levesque
Nicknames: The Greenwich Snob, The Game
Date of birth: 27 July, 1969
Place of birth: Nashua, New Hampshire
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 275lbs
Signature move: Pedigree
Favourite Quote: "I am the game, because I am that damn good!"
Greatest ever foe: The Rock/Stone Cold Steve Austin
Current main enemy: Kurt Angle
Tag Team Partner/Ally: The Rock, Steve Austin
WWF career highlights: Intercontinental Champion (4), European Champion (2), World Champion (4), Tag Team Champion, King of the Ring 1997, Royal Rumble 2002 Winner

Hunter Hearst Helmsley began his WWF career, picking up from his WCW role as Jean-Paul Levesque, as the Greenwich Snob.  He was one of the most hated figures in the WWF. He, and his bodyguard Chyna became involved with the Kliq - a group of friends led by Shawn Michaels (HBK), including, the 1-2-3 Kid (now X-Pac), Diesel (now Kevin Nash in WCW) and Razor Ramon (now Scott Hall in WCW).  Together, they caused havoc, building up for Triple H, a bad-boy reputation.

When the other three left for WCW, Helmsley, along with HBK and Chyna founded D-Generation X, where they continued their fun.  Triple H was known more as HBK's sidekick, a role which didn't seem to bother Triple H at the time.  Helmsley and HBKs' stunts went to great lengths and they continued to annoy many of their fellow colleagues at the Federation with their cocky attitude.  

Helmsley's first title came in October '97, when he defeated Marc Mero to become the Intercontinental Champion.  He held the title for 4 months before he lost it to Rocky Maivia (The Rock).

It was then that an injury-frenzied HBK, was forced to scale down his game and leave DX for medical reasons.  This left Triple H at helm of the faction and he called upon the services of the New Age Outlaws and his old friend X-Pac for DX.  Although it may sound dreadful, Shawn Michael's injury, was probably the greatest thing that ever happened to Triple H's career.

Triple H then went on to win his first of two consecutive European titles, first when Shawn Michaels was forced to defend against him in December 1997 before losing it one and a half matches later to Owen Hart.  He then won the title back from Owen Hart in March 1998 until losing the title to D'Lo Brown in June.  In August, he beat Rocky Maivia to win the Intercontinental championship once more before losing it in Novemeber to Ken Shamrock.

DX went on a very long, successful runs as the most popular group in the WWF.  The New Age Outlaws were being dubbed as the greatest tag-team of all time and X-Pac was successful in both singles and doubles competition with Triple H.  DX had a massive feud with Shane McMahon's Corporation.  Shawn Michaels returned to the WWF, only for Hunter Helmsley to find that Shawn had joined the opposition and was now the Commissioner.  DX were in trouble.  The New Age Outlaws lost their titles, X-Pac was starting a feud with Shane McMahon.  Helmsley found himself in his first major feud against The Rock, culminating in an "I Quit!" match at Royal Rumble.  Helmsley looked to have had the match won with what would have been a third pedigree onto a table but was interrupted as the Corporation marched in.  Kane had Chyna in the death-grip and Triple H was forced to say "I Quit!" by the Big Boss Man or Kane would choke slam Chyna.  Hunter agreed only for Chyna to deliver Helmsley a low blow as she left DX for the Corporation.  On RAW it was expected the Chyna and Triple H would get down to the mat, but a Kane fireball accidentally hit Chyna.  At Wrestlemania, Triple H fought Kane and Chyna came out nailing Kane with a chair shot handing Triple H the victory.  After the match, DX celebrated, saying they were now stronger than ever.  Then, during X-Pac's match later that evening, Helmsley and Chyna came down to ringside and to everyone's surprise, Triple H Pedigreed who was supposedly his best friend.  Triple H had aligned himself with the Corporation.  Hunter claimed that the DX attitude was all his: the logo, the music, the 2 words, the chop, everything was Triple H.  The fans hated him and he had turned from the most popular wrestler in the WWF to the most hated with one Pedigree.  However, the transfer to the Corporate Ministry was in time for his benifit.  

At Summerslam in July '99, Triple H went up against Stone Cold Steve Austin and Mankind for the World Championship, with Jesse "the Body" Venture playing special guest referee.  Triple H made the mistake of hitting Mankind with a steel chair, but when he went for the cover, Ventura refused to count three because Helmsley had cheated.  Eventually, it was Mankind who would take the title for the third time in his career, while Triple H hadn't yet reached the pinnacle.

However, the next month, Hunter Hearst Helmsley won the belt which had eluded him for so long on 23 August 1999 in Iowa on RAW.  Triple H was labeled the "WWF's Most Wanted Man".  A month later, Triple H was defeated by Vince McMahon and was pitt in a six-pack match against Mankind, Kane, The Rock, Big Show and The British Bulldog with Steve Austin as the Special Enforcer at Unforgiven.  In order to reach the main event Triple H had to win 3 out of 5 challenges laid before him: An Inferno Match against Kane, a Choke slam challenge against the Big Show, a Casket match against the Undertaker, a Brahma Bull Match against the Rock, and a Boiler Room Brawl against Mankind.  After enduring my pain and aggravation, Triple H attained the standard.  At Unforgiven, Stone Cold counted as Triple H covered the Rock on his way to his second WWF World title.  

At the end of October, when the New Age Outlaws were wrestling Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock, WWF fans saw what they had waited 7 long months for, the DX reunion sans Chyna, only this time, they were out with a mean streak and as heels and out to make Vince McMahon's life a living hell.  At Survivor Series, Triple H was due to play Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock in a Triple Threat Match for the WWF Championship.  However, Austin was involved in a car crash, rumoured to be by Billy Gunn, and would not be able to compete at Survivor Series.  However, to the discontent of Helmsley, a suitable replacement was found, The Big Show Paul White, who won the title from Triple H to secure his first feat as the WWF Champion.   

The friction between Vince McMahon and Triple H was grinding more vigourously and McMahon finally erupted when Triple H went back to footage of the night-before at Stephanie McMahon's so-called "wedding" to Test.  It showed Triple H paying a waiter to drug Stephanie's drink and he eventually took her away and they were married.  Vince had one intention: to kill the Game.

At Armageddon, Vince McMahon placed himself into an unfamiliar environment as he challenged Triple H to a "No Holds Barred" match.  The stipulation read that if Triple H lost to Vince, he would have to give up his wife and divorce, but if Helmsley won, he would have a shot at the Big Show or the Big Boss Man (depending on whether Big Boss Man successfully defended or not).  Stephanie came to ring side, but couldn't hit Triple H with a chair, but Helmsley managed to hit Vince with it.  Stephanie then got out a sledgehammer and hit her father and Triple H got the fall.  It was all a set-up and Stephanie had been secretly engaged to Triple H the whole time.  She explained that she had fooled Test into falling in love with her to get back at her father who wasn't even the one who saved her from sacrifice by the Undertaker and had it not been for Ken Shamrock, she would have been trapped in the Ministry forever.

Vince, Linda and Shane McMahon couldn't bare the site of Triple H with their daughter/sister and weren't prepared to return to the WWF any time soon.  This left Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley and he husband in charge of the company to the discontent of the rest of the Federation.  X-Pac humiliated and unhappy WWF champion Big Show in a non-title match - a man less than half his weight and at the turn of the year, Triple H won back the WWF title for the third time.  

It was Mankind of all people who stuck up to the Federation's cause and for all his efforts was sacked by the McMahon-Helmsley Regime.  Then, the Federation confronted Triple H, Mankind's tag-team partner, The Rock threatening the McMahon-Helmsley regime that if Mick Foley was not reinstated, the rest of the Federation would walk out of their "candy-asses".  Foley was reinstated and challenged Triple H for the WWF championship in a Street-Fight at the Royal Rumble in Madison Square Garder, Foley's Home.  But, in a match that evening on RAW, Mankind wasn't able to even compete with the WWF champion and was left bruised and battered as Triple H showed he was the Game.  Mankind returned the next show claiming, to the smiles of Triple that he was not in Triple H's league and would not be able to face him at a street-fight.  But the substitute was none other than Foley's other personality, Cactus Jack.  The tables were now turned as Triple H couldn't even get a punch in and this time, it was him left bruised and battered in the middle of the ring.  The Street-Fight was brutal with barbed wire, handcuffs and thumbtacks playing their part.  Triple H battled hard, but he was bleeding excessively due to the barbed wire.  Triple H countered Cactus's advantages and Pedigreed Foley onto the thumbtacks to the admiration of even the many fans who hate him.

At No Way Out, Cactus wanted one more chance to attain his dream of playing a part in the Wrestlemania Main Event but Triple H said that the stipulation would be a clear route to the main-event if Foley won, but retirement if he lost.  Foley agreed but said the match would be a Hell in the Cell.  The conditions were in Cactus's advantage, and Helmsley was new to the environment, but know Cactus off the ring through the Canvas from sky high, Triple H put a tearful Foley into early-retirement.  The Main-Event at Wrestlemania was set to be Triple H vs. Big Show.

However, somehow, the Main Event turned into a Fatal Fourway Match for the WWF Championship with a McMahon in every corner - Stephanie with Triple H, Shane with Big Show, Vince with The Rock and Linda with Mick Foley for one night only.  The final two left in the ring were Triple H and the Rock, and as Vince looked as though he was going to hit Triple H with the chair, he hit The Rock as Triple H moved in for the cover.

In the days in between Wrestlemania and Backlash, Chris Jericho managed to beat Triple H and walked away with the WWF belt, but the out-of-favour referee Earl Hebner counted a quick three and Triple H said that if Hebner void the match he would be fired.  Hebner returned the belt, but Triple H fired him anyway!  At Backlash, the Main-Event at Backlash, it was set to be Triple H accompanied by Vince McMahon and Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley against The Rock who claimed that Stone Cold Steve Austin would turn up in the Rock's corner in that match at some point.  Shane McMahon was the Special Guest Referee.  All of Triple H and the McMahon father and son beat up The Rock until Stone Cold Steve Austin turned up and cleaned house.  Linda McMahon and Earl Hebner then came to ringside and Linda told Hebner to count as The Rock pinned Triple H to become the WWF Champion as he and Stone Cold toasted beer over the body of Triple H.  The plan had backfired.

In the special UK Pay-per-view, Insurrextion, The Rock defended his title once again in a Triple Threat Match against Triple H and Shane McMahon, the pendulum again in Triple H's half, but the plan once again failed as Rock beat the two brother-in-laws.

Triple H then challenged The Rock to an Iron Man match at Judgement Day, with the most falls in 60 seconds winning - Triple H himself saying that a draw would go The Rock's favour.  However Shawn Michaels, Triple H's friend, would be Special Guest Referee.  Triple H offered an strong finger at HBK's chest saying that if he didn't call it down the middle, he would be fired.  Before the match, Triple H told his family to return to the backstage area so he could do the match by himself.  HBK stuck to his promise, even kicking Triple H's feet off the ropes as he cheated leverage.   The Rock took the first fall but Triple H then went up 3-1.  In a superb tactic Triple H gave The Rock a chair-shot, losing a fall but gaining what was effectively 2 bringing the match to 5-3 in Helmsley's favour with 10 minutes to go.  But, having been counted out by going through a table, the match swung in Rock's favour 5-5.  The McMahon-Helmsley Faction and DX then came out and Vince distracted the HBK, who punched him, and then received a chairshot while DX and Shane, Vince and Triple beat up the Rock.  Suddenly, the Judgement Day video played on the TitanTron and a figure appeared on a motorbike up the aisle - it was the return of the Undertaker!  He cleaned the ring and HBK recovered only to see Taker tombstone piledrive Triple H.  The fall went to the Game, the new four-time WWF Champion.

In a saga about the #1 contendership for the WWF title, Triple H called the match at King of the Ring a Six-Pack Match between The Rock, Undertaker and Kane against, the McMahon-Helmsley Faction with the person (if any) to win the match for the opposition the champion or Triple H would face the King of the Ring at Fully Loaded.  Controversy surrounded the final result as Kane and Undertaker were brawling with Shane and Triple H, The Rock, an illegal man pinned Vince another illegal man, and to the surprise of the other four wrestlers, The Rock was now in the exclusive 5 time WWF champions club.

Having lost the championship, Triple H's mind was now turned onto Chris Jericho after several attacks including a match losing Triple H the #1 contendership.  At Fully Loaded, the pair would compete in a Last Man Standing Match as part of a Triple Main Event.  The match was without doubt the best of the evening.  Triple H took early control, but Y2J got up toward the end to Triple H's disbelief.  Two bloodied men were left down for 9 through a table after a German suplex by Triple H, but Triple H just got up on the 9 to win the match.  On RAW the next, Y2J thanked Helmsley for giving him the greatest fight of his life.

In a match Commissioned by Mick Foley, Triple H and Trish would have to wrestle The Rock and Lita.  While Triple H was teaching Trish some moves, Stephanie caught the pair in a suspicious position.  She stormed out only to find that on the next show, a nervous Helmsley would accidentally call her Trish.  With Kurt Angle offering Stephanie a shoulder to cry on, Triple H was becoming wary of the Olympic Hero and his intentions and immediately made clear that he wasn't happy about the Stephanie/Angle relationship.  Stephanie constantly claimed they were just good friends and Angle tried to convince Triple H to calm down about affairs but Helmsley refused.  And in a Triple Threat #1 Contender Match for Summerslam, Triple H against Kurt Angle and Chris Jericho, Helmsley could not help but watch Angle suffer the Walls of Jericho until he realised Y2J would take the match and quickly lunged at him.  Angle and Helmsley then both double suplexed Y2J and both pinned him as the referee offered both wrestlers the #1 contendership!

Triple H and Angle then formed an alliance with Angle and both ambushed The Rock, only for it to be demolished at Summerslam.  Triple H and Angle dominated the match both against each other and The Rock.  However, The Rock was finding it difficult to compete against either.  Both wrestlers expressed the amount of hatred for each other to their own disadvantage as the Rock seized the opportunity to retain his title.  

Hunter then went on to feud with Kurt Angle over the affections of Stephanie McMahon, culminating in a match at Unforgiven, refereed by Mick Foley. During the match, Triple H forced Stephanie to make her choice, and she chose her husband, delivering a sledgehammer blow to Angle, and allowing Hunter to pick up the win.

Triple H began to undergo what appeared to be a face turn following his feud with Angle. He was forced to team with The Rock, and the two appeared to be an unbeatable team. All this was going on while Stone Cold Steve Austin was involved in a feud with Rikishi, the man who ran him over last year at Survivor Series. It was during this feud that Triple H unleashed the biggest bombshell of his career. He admitted that it was actually him who thought up the plan to run down Austin, and hired Rikishi to do the dirty work. Hunter had tricked the fans once again.

Hunter then went on to have one of the biggest feuds of his career with Austin, culminating in an intense 2-out of-3 falls match at No Way Out. Triple H and Austin were tied at 1 fall a piece going into the third fall - a steel cage match. The match ended rather controversially, with both men striking each other with weapons, only for Hunter to land on top of Austin and gain the win.

A week later on Raw, Triple H came out to address the world. He claimed that he had beaten every superstar in the WWF, and that he was unstoppable, a claim that brought out the American Bad-Ass. The Undertaker told Triple H that The Game had never beaten the Dead Man, and challenged him to a match at Wrestemania. Their match at Wrestlemania was incredible, outshining even the main event, and both showed why they were WWF legends, while still being at the top. The match was very close, with Taker winning after a chokeslam from the balcony.

Wrestlemania 17 had come and gone, and it would probably be remembered most for the heel turn of Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin had joined forces with Vince McMahon, and on Raw, gave The Rock a title shot, inside of a steel cage. Throughout the show, Triple H appeared understandably annoyed at Vince. During the main event, McMahon and Austin were beating on The Rock, when Hunter came sprinting down the ramp, to a chorus of cheers. The white knight in his shining armour had come to rescue Rocky. Wrong! Triple H approached Steve Austin with a sledgehammer, but turned, and hit The Rock. This was the beginning of one of the most dominant teams in WWF History.

With The Rock on leave, Triple H and Austin began a program with the Brothers of Destruction - Undertaker and Kane. At Backlash, the four were scheduled to have a tag match. Triple H beat WWF Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho for the title on Raw, and Kane and Taker won the Tag belts from Edge and Christian, setting up a Triple Header match, where a title must change hands. The match ended with Triple H and Austin winning the Tag Titles, after an interference from Vinnie Mac.

Austin and Triple H then split into their individual fueds, Austin with Taker and Triple H with Kane. Kane beat Triple H in a brutal chain match at Judgement Day, because of an interference from Stone Cold. Austin cost The Game the Intercontinental Title by inadvertadly hitting him with a sledgehammer. Ironically, Austin was on the verge of losing his title, when he was saved by Triple H.

The final nail in the Two Man Power Trip coffin was losing the Tag belts to Y2J and Benoit on Raw, the next night. That was also the night that Triple H sustained his devastating quadricep injury, which kept him out for eight months. Triple H made his long awaited return on the January 7th edition of Raw Is War, in front of thousands of fans at Madison Square Garden, and millions at home. The WWF built up his return for three weeks, via a heart-warming highlights package, set to the vibes (not a good word!) of U2. This video established Triple H as a babyface. Everytime his name was mentioned on television in the build up to Jan 7th, the crowd popped. His return was short and sweet. He announced his entry into the Royal Rumble and then proceeding to kick Kurt Angle's ass. He made his long-awaited return to wrestling on the Smackdown people the Rumble, and tore the house town. However, the best was yet to come. Triple H won the Royal Rumble, in typical fashion. The WWF resurrected the Michaels-Bulldog finish, with The Game holding onto the ropes, and Angle thinking he had one, only for HHH to climb back up and win the Rumble in emphatic, if not somewhat tainted fashion. The next night on Raw, he teamed up with The Rock, and successfully defeated the team of Y2J and Kurt Angle. His marriage is falling apart, and with the widely-speculated return of the nWo finally confirmed on the January 25th edition of Smackdown, storylines are about to get big, and, with his place at the main-event of Wrestlemania cemented, Triple H looks to be a big part of them!

Triple H is one of the most talented wrestlers of all time.  His technical strength plus his tremendous physique are nothing but trouble for any oppostion.  He has proven himself in all circuits and continues to entertain in the most exciting matches in the WWF.  Vince McMahon has said in public that Triple H is one of the greatest heel's in WWF history and though he is playing the role of a face at the moment, is still shining in his performances. Let the game begin...