Miracles Happen, December 3-31, 2001
These are original good quality episodes, no commericals.

Miracles Happen #1 and Miracles Happen #2

Episode Descriptions:

Miracles Happen DVD #1  December 3 -17, 2001 
12/3, 12/4, 12/5, 12/6, 12/7, 12/10 12/11, 12/12, 12/13, 12/14, 12/17

Monday, December 3, 2001 - Rafe senses Caleb's demise, and he shares the good news with shocked Alison. Inside the club, Livvie does her best to explain her actions to her friends and loved ones. Kevin reminds Livvie that Lucy died as a result, but Lucy surprises all when she appears and explains her role in the deception against Caleb. Livvie still feels guilty for creating havoc, and she remains estranged from Jack. Ian and Eve also remain apart, as do Kevin and Lucy. Ill Karen also rejects Frank and leaves with Chris, hopeful that Chris will find a cure to her ailment. Later, Ed informs Rafe that he only has until Christmas to reunite the estranged couples of Port Charles, and Rafe ultimately agrees to take on the challenge. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2001 - Kevin reacts without surprise when Lucy confesses that she slept with Ian, infuriating Lucy. Kevin explains that he already knew, and Lucy fears that his blasť attitude signifies the state of their relationship. Lucy and Kevin ultimately decide to call off their Christmas wedding, but magic appears ready to interfere when Rafe informs Alison that has until Christmas to repair all the broken relationships and that he intends to send everyone invitations to Lucy and Kevin's Christmas party.  Eve also receives Rafe's magical touch, and she visits Ian with Daniel, despite Kevin's warnings. The counselor interrupts Eve and Ian pondering the future of their relationship, and fear turns to joy when the counselor announces that Eve and Ian have regained custody of their child. Meanwhile, Alison supports Jamal when he returns from his mission with Valerie. Alison reiterates her trust in Jamal, and Jamal tells Alison he has no intention of claiming paternity rights over Hope. However, Jamal potentially rocks the boat when he invites Valerie to move in on a temporary basis.

Wednesday, December 5, 2001 - Kevin offers to take Livvie away for the holidays, and Livvie frets when she realizes that she made Kevin and Lucy call off their surprise wedding. Livvie surprises Kevin when she declares that she can no longer run away from her problems, and Livvie further shocks Kevin when she presents him with an invitation to the party she thought Kevin and Lucy had canceled. Serena and Gail also receive invitations, stunning Lucy.  Livvie convinces Kevin that Lucy must have changed her mind, while Rafe suggests to Lucy that divine intervention must have come into play. Lucy finally gets a hold of Kevin, and Rafe privately cheers when both Lucy and Kevin assume the other changed their mind about the party. Meanwhile, Jamal suggests that Rafe has a crush on Alison, and Alison fumes when she learns Jamal invited Valerie to stay with them. When Valerie arrives, Alison secretly annoys Valerie and confuses Jamal with her exaggerated hospitality. Jack struggles with his emotions, and Livvie discovers that he has packed his bags and split. 

Thursday, December 6, 2001 - Rafe plays middleman between Livvie and Jack. Rafe urges Jack to return to Port Charles and give his love for Livvie another shot, and he presses brokenhearted Livvie to bravely move forward with her life, with or without Jack. Rafe's coaching works, and hopeful Livvie and Jack end up coming face to face in the place they hope to call home. Meanwhile, Eve and Ian attempt to reclaim romantic feelings for each other in the wake of Daniel's return. However, both Eve and Ian realize that trust issues remain between them, and the couple struggles with the implications. At the same time, Frank barges in on Chris hoping to see Karen, and Chris claims that Karen has chosen him over Frank. Frank leaves but remains suspicious. He kicks the door in after Karen comes out from her hiding place, and Karen shocks him with her sickly appearance. Karen tries to explain that Chris is not supplying her with illegal drugs, but upset Frank knocks Chris out and carries Karen away. 

Friday, December 7, 2001 - Lucy and Kevin hope to clarify intentions regarding the Christmas party, and Kevin crushes Lucy when he implies the party will only go on to benefit the inhabitants of Port Charles. Kevin further upsets Lucy when he gets a mysterious phone call, agrees to a meeting and gives the impression that his current discussion with Lucy is insignificant. Consequently, Rafe works his magic and inspires hope when Lucy uncovers a box containing wedding rings and thinks that Kevin intends to surprise her. However, a new cloud forms when Kevin appears intimately connected to the lady who called earlier and interrupted his discussion with Lucy.  At the same time, Livvie and Jack share a heart to heart and work on restoring their relationship by making love in their enchanted house. Meanwhile, Karen tells Frank that she is dying and that Chris has been trying to help her. Frank apologizes to Chris who has found a cure to Karen's condition, but Chris remains noncommittal about whether or not he will help Karen. 

Monday, December 10, 2001 - Rafe decides to help Ian and Eve move closer. Rafe enlists magic to shake Ian's gruff mood, and Alison watches with amazement as Ian swiftly shifts gears and embraces the holiday spirit. Eve likewise notes Ian's changed mood with surprise, and Ian touches Eve with his efforts to create a memorable Christmas for Daniel. Rafe further impresses Alison with the light show he performs for Daniel, and Rafe momentarily shares his magical powers with Alison before parting abruptly. Lucy anticipates marrying Kevin until Eve arrives and blasts her for sleeping with Ian. Lucy points out Eve's bad behavior in return, and Eve warns Lucy that she will pay the price for sleeping with Eve's man. Meanwhile, Kevin reconnects with the mystery woman, and they decide that Lucy and Kevin's Christmas party will provide the perfect setting for an introduction. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2001 - Rafe and Alison separately evaluate their feelings for one another. Guilty Alison struggles to reconnect with Jamal, and Rafe asks Victor for advice. Victor inadvertently reminds Rafe that he will leave Port Charles soon and that he must focus on his mission, and Alison feels the new distance when she approaches Rafe about troubles with Valerie and Jamal. Jamal admits that he does not intend to fight for Hope's custody, and furious Valerie blames Jamal's decision on Alison.  Meanwhile, the rightful owner of Livvie and Jack's enchanted home arrives and interrupts their magical moment. Livvie and Jack plead with Mr. Murphy to let them purchase the abandoned home, but Mr. Murphy informs them that the house has already been sold to a fast food chain. Mrs. Murphy arrives upon the scene after a heartwarming conversation with Rafe, and she convinces Mr. Murphy to give the house to Livvie and Jack instead. Finally, Chris assures Frank that he will save Karen if Frank agrees to disappear. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2001 - Ian advises Eve that they should move slowly toward reconciling in order to fully heal from past deceptions and trust issues. Ian encourages Eve to go away on business in order to give each other space, and Ian shares with Daniel his plans to remind Eve of his love for her when she comes back from her trip. However, Eve's return appears uncertain when someone knocks her out. Meanwhile, Lucy interferes with Kevin's secret relationship. Lucy catches Kevin purchasing a scarf at Wyndhams for the mystery woman, and Lucy assumes that the scarf is for her. Later, Kevin covers when Lucy finds him purchasing an identical scarf, and Lucy stirs up more potential trouble by inviting herself back to the lighthouse. At the same time, Rafe enlists magic to make Chris tell the truth. Chris subsequently admits to Karen that he intended to keep her on a string by administering only small doses of antidote at a time. Furthermore, Chris gives Karen the opportunity to resume a normal relationship with Frank by injecting her with the proper amount of serum needed to permanently kill her mutated cells. 

Thursday, December 13, 2001 - Livvie celebrates when she believes Lucy and Kevin are reconciled and will marry each other. However, Kevin disappoints both Livvie and Lucy when he tells Livvie that marriage remains a possibility only in the distant future, if at all. Lucy shares with Livvie her suspicions that Kevin intends to have a surprise wedding on Christmas, but Lucy freaks when she eavesdrops on Kevin's phone call and realizes that Kevin has another woman waiting in the wings. Rafe continues to table his feelings for Alison, but temptation reaches new heights when he walks in on her naked. Jamal teases Alison about Rafe's romantic intentions, and Alison overreacts. Jamal promises Alison that he will soon make Valerie disappear, but Valerie sticks to Jamal like glue and surprises him by boarding the same plane to visit Hope. Rafe also takes pleasure in watching Chris spew numerous truths to Jack. Ultimately, emotional Chris admits that he gave Jack away because he loved him, leaving Livvie and Jack bewildered. Meanwhile, Ian grows fearful of Eve's safety. 

Friday, December 14, 2001 - Rafe apologizes profusely for barging in on embarrassed Alison. Alison praises Rafe for moving the couples of Port Charles toward recovery, but Alison's mood suddenly turns somber when she realizes that Rafe will leave soon. Rafe can no longer resist his attraction to Alison, and he ends up kissing her as Jamal and Valerie enter to witness. Beforehand, Jamal argues with Valerie about her intentions, and Valerie confesses her desire for them to provide Hope with a loving family. Jamal reiterates his love for Alison, and Jamal insists upon Valerie finding a new place to live. Meanwhile, Lucy slyly questions Kevin about his telephone call. Unsatisfied, Lucy ends up spying on Kevin, and Lucy discovers Kevin in the park with a woman wearing the scarf Lucy picked out for Kevin to give to Livvie. At the same time, Ian learns that Eve has disappeared, and he fears that she died in a car crash. However, Eve reappears, and the two cling to each other with relief and strengthened love. 

Monday, December 17, 2001 - Rafe privately panics when he kisses Alison, and Jamal walks in on Alison and Rafe with locked lips. Valerie milks the incident, hoping to cause a rift between Jamal and Alison, but Alison and Jamal end up closer instead. However, Doctor Hartman puts a damper on the reunion when he arrives and announces that sick Hope needs Valerie and Jamal's help. Rafe intends to share his emotional dilemma with Lucy, but Lucy overrides Rafe's with her own, revealing that she saw Kevin in the park sharing a tender moment with another woman. Rafe encourages Lucy to ask Kevin about the woman, and Rafe disappears after contemplating his own situation. Eve and Ian celebrate Eve's safe return, and they reconfirm their deep feelings for one another by making love. 

Miracles Happen DVD #2  December 18 -31, 2001 
12/18, 12/19, 12/20, 12/21, 12/24, 12/26, 12/27, 12/28, 12/31 

Tuesday, December 18, 2001 - Lucy tries to get Kevin to talk about his mystery woman, and Kevin appears ready to confess, but Kevin surprises Lucy when he apologizes for not helping with their party instead. Lucy secretly follows Kevin, and Lucy's suspicions seem justified when she discovers that Kevin has given flowers to a beautiful young lady. Livvie and Jack discuss Rafe's influence in their reconciliation. Livvie approaches Rafe about his involvement, and she inadvertently learns that Rafe has a crush on Alison. Livvie urges Rafe to clear the air with Alison, and Alison surprises Rafe when she responds to his apology by reaffirming her love for Jamal. Alison supports Jamal's decision to accompany Valerie to Chicago to help Hope, but Alison secretly feels left out. Alan suspends blatantly honest Chris from hospital duty, and sympathetic Jack gives Chris a bit of Christmas cheer by inviting Chris to Livvie and Jack's home to help decorate for the holidays. 

Wednesday, December 19, 2001 - Lucy insists that Kevin has a girlfriend, despite Rafe's continued pleas to allow Kevin the chance to explain the situation to Lucy. Lucy overhears Kevin tell the mystery woman that he intends to share the truth with Lucy before the party, and Lucy decides to split for Hawaii. Livvie confronts Alison about her relationship with Rafe. Alison reveals her confusion when recounting magical moments with Rafe, and Alison suggests that Rafe's emotional tie to Alison stems from the fact that he misses life. Consequently, sympathetic Livvie presses Alison to decide whether or not she wants to spend time with Rafe on his last day in Port Charles. Chris surprises Eve, Karen, Ian and Frank when he wears his heart on his sleeve, and Chris further jolts Eve and Ian when he points out that their gifts to each other seem extravagant. 

Thursday, December 20, 2001 - Alison says goodbye to Rafe, and she thanks Rafe for the richness he has brought to her life. Rafe wishes the best for Alison in return, and Rafe shares his magical intentions for the imminent party. Alison also informs Rafe that she will join Jamal in Chicago, but plans change when Alison learns that her plane has been cancelled. Lucy tries convincing herself that she will enjoy spending Christmas alone in Hawaii, and Lucy fantasizes about everyone in Port Charles begging her to stay. However, when Lucy returns to reality, she learns that her plane will land in Port Charles. Meanwhile, Kevin prepares the mystery woman for his unveiling of the truth at the holiday party. Gabriela thanks Jamal for believing in her and accepting her as his sister. Gabriela also keeps an eye on Valerie and Jamal's evolving relationship brought about by Hope's illness, and Doctor Hartman surprises Gabriela with the news that she can provide a kidney for Hope. 

Friday, December 21, 2001 - Rafe's plans for a surprise wedding between Lucy and Kevin fall into place. Lucy's cabbie, otherwise known as Ed, delivers Lucy to the party instead of home, and Don provides Lucy with a white dress. The electricity goes out, candlelight fills the room and Kevin finds the rings that he had intended to purchase for his marriage to Lucy. Lucy does her best to avoid Kevin, but Kevin finally corners her. Lucy brings up the mystery woman, and Kevin urges Lucy to have faith, asking her to marry him directly. Also at the party, Eve and Ian question their relationship and agree that something remains missing, but they vow to recover the lost pieces. Jamal encourages Alison to go to the party, and Alison ends up sharing a magical dance with Rafe. Meanwhile, Chris keeps the party lively by indiscriminately spouting truths to unsuspecting guests. Jack and Livvie do their best to keep Chris' damage at a minimum, but their efforts cannot prevent Chris from feeling uneasy, and mysterious phone calls further fuel Chris' paranoia. 

Monday, December 24, 2001 - Kevin urges Lucy to trust him, and Lucy ultimately agrees to marry Kevin at the party. Lucy's leap of faith touches the hearts of all attending, and the magical event brings all of the couples closer together. Even Alison swallows her sadness over Rafe's imminent departure from Port Charles and takes pleasure in knowing that Rafe successfully completed his mission, and Alison and Rafe anxiously await the grand finale. Serena and Livvie help Lucy prepare for the marriage ceremony, but Kevin surprises Lucy when he stalls the exchange of vows and reunites Lucy with Christina. At the same time, Chris works to uncover the identity of his mystery caller. Chris learns that the call originated from inside the building, and when he investigates further, he comes face to face with Julie. 

Wednesday, December 26, 2001 - Kevin explains to overjoyed Lucy that Julie came back to Port Charles to return Christina to Lucy, and the happy couple finally ties the knot. Christina further elates Lucy when she shares the contents of her locket, revealing pictures of Lucy and Julie side by side. At the same time, Ian assures Eve that she can trust him to always catch her when she falls. Alison and Rafe dance victoriously, surrounded by Port Charles' reunited couples, and Rafe shares a private moment with Alison outside on the terrace before disappearing as the clock strikes twelve. Meanwhile, Chris pleads with Julie to give their relationship another chance, and he promises to provide Julie and Christina with a rich future. Julie resists and informs Chris that she is dying, and she urges Chris to move on with his life. 

Thursday, December 27, 2001 - Kevin convinces Lucy to trust Julie and to bring Christina back to her. Lucy and Julie form a bond over their common interest, Christina, while Chris argues with Kevin. Kevin urges bitter Chris to think about Christina's future, and Chris secretly plans to spirit Julie and Christina away from Port Charles. Meanwhile, Ricky surprises Gabriela with a visit in the hospital, and he informs Gabriela that he has no intention of letting her go through with donating her kidney. Jamal arrives to save the day and interrupts the resulting scuffle. However, Gabriela jolts Jamal afterward with the news that Ricky is in fact her brother too. Valerie stews when she overhears Jamal telling Alison that he loves her. Valerie sincerely thanks Jamal for helping Hope, but Valerie continues trying to manipulate Jamal's relationship with Alison, and Alison arranges to journey to Chicago. 

Friday, December 28, 2001 - Julie touches Lucy by sharing the package of mementos she has compiled for Christina, and Lucy helps Julie say goodbye to her daughter. Chris realizes that he can't take Julie and Christina away, and Julie apologizes to Chris for all the pain she has caused him and reconfirms her never-ending love for him. Lucy and Kevin take Christina home to the lighthouse where they run into Scott who demands to know why he has not been informed of his daughter's return. Meanwhile, Alison suffers from a fall on her way to the airport and misses her flight to Chicago. Stressed Jamal lashes out at Alison over the phone, and Rafe asks for Ed's permission to venture back to Port Charles to mend Alison and Jamal's apparently star crossed love. Ed refuses Rafe's request, but Rafe remains determined. Gabriela asks feuding Jamal and Ricky to support her decision to help Hope, and the men form a truce for Gabriela's sake. 

Monday, December 31, 2001 - Frank joins Kevin and Scott, and the three would-be-fathers decide to put their own claims on Christina aside and focus on allowing Lucy the time to bond with the girl. Chris coaches Eve about Ian, and Chris urges Eve to work things out with Ian if she truly loves him. Livvie and Jack try to cheer Alison, and they quickly realize that trouble threatens Alison and Jamal's relationship. Alison sends Livvie and Jack away, and Alison lets the answering machine pick up when Jamal phones to apologize and express his deep feelings for Alison. Meanwhile, Rafe bargains with Ed to let him return to Port Charles, and Rafe surprises Alison when he appears at her side as a brilliant light brightens the night sky. Lucy, Kevin, Eve, Ian, Karen, Frank and Chris all see the light as well, and Rafe informs Alison that something big is coming to Port Charles.

**The End**

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