Desire, April 2 - July 4, 2003

Desire #1, Desire #2, Desire #3, and Desire #4-6

Desire DVD #1 April 2 - 17, 2003: 4/2, 4/3, 4/4, 4/7, 4/8, (no show 4/9), 4/10, 4/11, 4/14, 4/15, 4/16, 4/17

Desire DVD #2 April 18 - May 2, 2003: 4/18, 4/21, 4/22, 4/23, 4/24, 4/25, 4/28, 4/29, 4/30, 5/1, 5/2

Desire DVD #3 May 5 - 19, 2003: 5/5, 5/6, 5/7, 5/8, 5/9, 5/12, 5/13, 5/14, 5/15, 5/16, 5/19

Desire Dvd #4 May 20 - June 3, 2003: 5/20, 5/21, 5/22, 5/23, 5/26, 5/27, 5/28, 5/29, 5/30, 6/2, 6/3

Desire DVD #5 June 4 - 18, 2003: 6/4, 6/5, 6/6, 6/9, 6/10, 6/11, 6/12, 6/13, 6/16, 6/17, 6/18

Desire DVD #6 June 20 - July 4, 2003: 6/19 6/20, 6/23, 6/24, 6/25, 6/26, 6/27 (reduced quality), 6/30, 7/1, 7/2, 7/3, 7/4

Episode Descriptions:

Desire DVD #1  April 2-17, 2003
4/2, 4/3, 4/4 4/7, 4/8, (no show 4/9), 4/10, 4/11, 4/14, 4/15, 4/16, 4/17

  • April 1, Surrender last 8 minutes - As Kevin gloats that he will soon be rid of Ian for all time, Ian suddenly stands up, and, with fangs bared and red eyes flashing, Ian knocks down Kevin's brick wall and attacks Kevin! Kevin is shocked when Ian attacks him. But, as Kevin fears the worst, Ian suddenly shoves Kevin aside and rushes past Kevin and out the door. Lucy again expresses her worry about Ian to Rafe and Rafe urges Lucy to go look for Ian. However, as Lucy prepares to leave the cavern, Caleb suddenly appears! Caleb blasts Lucy and Rafe for holding a private pool party in HIS cavern. But Lucy and Rafe argue that it is selfish of Caleb to keep the discovery of the healing pool to himself! Rafe instructs Lucy to remember to turn the music on when Rafe gets Caleb where he wants him. But, when Rafe attacks Caleb, Caleb easily begins to knock Rafe around instead. When Lucy rushes forward to help Rafe, Caleb grabs Lucy. As Lucy struggles to escape Caleb's death grip, Rafe instructs Lucy to turn the music on. Then Rafe suddenly rushes Caleb, and both Caleb and Lucy fall into the pool! When Jamal and Casey return with Caz to the alley behind the studio, Casey urges Caz and Jamal to join hands with her and say a prayer for the combatants below. At the same time, Reese, Jack and Alison also arrive in the alley and Reese blames Jack for her loss of powers ~ because hanging out with Jack made her 'too nice!' When Alison blasts Reese for NOT being grateful that the Bat-Girl has escaped unscathed from a deadly eternal curse, Reese argues that she LIKED what she was! Reassuring Reese that he likes her with or without fangs, Jack finally convinces Reese to go home with him! Alison warns Jack that he is just setting himself up for a repeat of the Livvie situation, but Jack refuses to listen to Alison and leaves with Reese. From the safety of the Music Studio, Joshua listens in on the events in the cavern, biding his time until he hears Caleb baiting Rafe and Lucy. Meanwhile, at the Villa, Livvie begs Caleb to come back to her. At the same time, the cavern turns red and Rafe pulls Lucy from the pool. Caleb soon emerges from the pool, cursing Rafe for his interference. Lucy gleefully welcomes Caleb to the world of mortality and Rafe warns Caleb that there can be NO more killing! At the same time, at the Villa, Livvie breaks down in hysterical sobs as she senses that something has happened to Caleb. And, from his listening post in the Music Studio, Joshua gloats that, IF Caleb is now mortal, Caleb CAN be terminated and Joshua will become the new King of the Undead! Joshua gleefully detonates the bomb hidden in the cavern! 
  • Wednesday, April 2- In the alley outside the Music Studio, Caz, Casey, Reese, Alison, Jack and Jamal are knocked to the ground by the impact of the explosion in the cavern. Alison tries to run back into the cavern, but Jack and Jamal prevent her from going. Ian arrives and, learning that Lucy was in the cavern when the bomb went off, Ian rushes into the debris. Ian breaks through the scattered debris and discovers the fallen forms of Rafe, Lucy and Caleb. Back in the alley, Jamal promises Alison that he will go find Rafe, but Alison needs to stay with Casey and Jack. Casey tries to persuade Jamal to stay out of the cavern, but Jack offers to go inside with Jamal. Reese gloats that Caleb is still alive suggesting that Caleb blew up the spring to rid himself forever of Rafe and Lucy! After Jack and Jamal leave, Reese and Alison argue again. While Caz tries to keep the two women separated, Casey slips away, and enters the cavern, unnoticed. Inside the cavern, Rafe begins to regain consciousness and Ian reports that Lucy is breathing. When Rafe checks Caleb, he announces that Caleb is still alive but has been rendered mortal by his dip in the healing spring. When Rafe asks for help to remove a beam pinning Caleb, Ian refuses. When Jack and Jamal arrive, followed by Casey, Ian gets Jamal and Casey's help to rig a rescue litter to use to carry Lucy to safety. Rafe tries to get Jack's help to move the beam that is pinning Caleb, but Jack refuses. As Casey tends to Lucy, the angel suddenly has a vision of Lucy in a coffin. Jack implores Rafe to just let Caleb die, but Rafe informs Jack that they might need Caleb and will need to save his life. Rafe urges Jack to do the right thing and Jack finally agrees to help Rafe move the beam away from Caleb. After Caleb is free, Jamal asks Rafe to help them move Lucy to safety. As Casey, Rafe, Ian and Jamal move Lucy out of the cavern, Jack waves them ahead and volunteers to stay behind with Caleb. Back in the alleyway, as Caz tries to keep Reese and Alison from fighting with each other, the police arrive. While the police question Reese and Caz, Alison slips away and heads toward the cavern. Inside the cavern, as the others carry Lucy to safety, Jack takes advantage of being alone with Caleb. Jack pulls out his knife and prepares to slit Caleb's throat. But, as Jack holds the knife to Caleb's throat, Caleb's eyes suddenly open and Caleb sarcastically dares Jack to do his worst! But Alison suddenly arrives, looking for Rafe, and, when Alison realizes that Jack is about to do away with Caleb, Alison urges Jack to let Caleb go. But Jack argues that they ALL need to rid themselves forever of their evil enemy, so that Caleb can NOT continue resuming his powers to torment them and continue destroying their lives! As Alison argues with Jack, Rafe suddenly returns and pulls Jack away from Caleb. In the struggle, Jack knocks Alison down. When Jack tries to apologize, Rafe orders Jack to leave and Jack heads back to the surface. Rafe orders Alison to leave as well and Rafe assures Alison that he WILL be able to get Caleb out of the cavern alone. After Alison leaves, Caleb tells Rafe that Caleb needs to get to Olivia. Rafe guesses that Caleb's slip of the tongue means that Tess is gone and that Caleb has turned Livvie into his Queen of the Undead! In the alleyway above the cavern, Ian reassures Lucy that she will be fine and Lucy opens her eyes. When Casey is obviously surprised that Lucy is going to make it, Jamal notices the angel's surprise and asks if Casey knows something, but Casey puts Jamal off with an excuse. When Jack arrives in the alley, Reese demands to know what is going on with Caleb and Jack reports that, unfortunately, Caleb is still alive. When Jack again invites Reese to go home with him, Reese angrily refuses. When Alison arrives in the alley, Jack again tries to apologize, but Alison tells Jack that she no longer recognizes him. Alison urges Jack to start getting his life back together ~ and points out that Jack's first step in the right direction OUGHT to be getting Reese out of his life! When Lucy regains consciousness, Ian reports that Joshua was behind the explosion. Inside the Music Studio, Joshua gloats with satisfaction and contemplates what he believes is going to be a glorious future as the one and only vampire left in the world. Meanwhile, at the Villa, Livvie senses that something has happened to Caleb and, standing on the balcony railing, Livvie spreads her arms and takes flight. Later, as Joshua argues with a banker about taking over Caleb's assets, Livvie bursts into the Music Studio and demands to know where Caleb is. Joshua guesses that she is now Livvie and that Caleb has turned her into the Queen of the Undead! Joshua tells Livvie that Rafe and Lucy stripped Caleb of his powers and then killed Caleb, Caz and Reese and that Joshua was the only member of Caleb's band who escaped alive. Joshua tries to persuade Livvie that they need to avenge Caleb and Joshua promises to protect Livvie. But Livvie shows Joshua that she has Caleb's ring, declaring that the ring is the only protection she needs. However, when Joshua reaches for the ring, the ring repels Joshua's outstretched hand! Joshua informs Livvie that the ring will only protect her from other vampires ~ that Rafe and Lucy would have ways to get around the ring's protection. Livvie insists that she MUST go to the site of the explosion to search for Caleb, but Joshua begs Livvie to realize that Rafe and Lucy would be planning to kill Joshua and Livvie next. Joshua claims that, since he and Livvie are the only two of their kind left alive on earth, Livvie needs to go into hiding with Joshua. Joshua explains that he was just making plans to go into hiding when Livvie arrived. Joshua begs Livvie to let him serve Livvie as he served Caleb. Joshua reports to Livvie that he knows a place where they will be safe and will be free to plot their revenge for Caleb's death. Joshua begs Livvie to let him take care of her. Assuring Livvie that she can trust him, Joshua finally prevails upon Livvie to go into hiding with him, and they leave the Music Studio together. Meanwhile, in the cavern, Rafe guesses that Caleb turned Livvie and may be hoping that Livvie will now return the favor for Caleb and restore all of his powers. Rafe promises Caleb that Rafe plans to see to it that Caleb gets nowhere near Livvie! When Rafe holds out his hand to help Caleb get up, Caleb refuses Rafe's help. But, when Caleb tries to stand, he falls. When Rafe extends his hand again, Caleb finally takes it and Rafe helps Caleb leave the cavern.

  • Thursday, APRIL 3- At the Hospital, Alison tells Rafe how grateful she is that Caleb, Caz and Reese appear to have been cured after being dunked in the healing pool. Rafe reminds Alison that the campaign against Caleb's followers is NOT over yet, since Joshua is still on the loose and free to infect even more victims. Later, Rafe stops off at Caleb's room and welcomes Caleb to the mortal world, stripped of his powers. Meanwhile, at the Nurses' Station, Casey spots Lucy and has another vision of Lucy's funeral. But, when Casey talks to Lucy, Lucy assures the angel that Lucy's injuries appear to have been minor. Later, MARY brings Lucy a change of clothes for Lucy's Hospital stay. As Lucy looks through her suitcase, she finds the good-bye letter Ian wrote to her, explaining that Ian had asked Rafe to do away with Ian once Caleb's curse had been eradicated. When Ian returns with reports on Lucy's progress, Lucy angrily confronts Ian with the contents of the letter. Although Ian tries to explain, Lucy refuses to listen. When Rafe arrives, Lucy angrily lashes out at Rafe for agreeing to go along with Ian's plan. While Rafe agrees that he WANTS to find another solution for Ian, Rafe gently reminds his cousin that they may find that they have no other choice! Rafe also announces to Lucy and Ian that, apparently, Caleb brought Livvie back from inside Tess and Livvie is now one of the Undead. Rafe explains that they will need to keep Caleb and Livvie apart to prevent Livvie from biting Caleb and restoring Caleb's powers powers for evil to Caleb once again. Lucy vows that she will protect Joshua and Livvie if it means that Ian would survive as well! But Rafe reminds Lucy that her Slayer's Oath would prevent her from carrying out her threat! Later, when Casey meets Alison at the Hospital Coffee Shop, Casey asks about Lucy's health, but Alison assures the angel that Lucy appears to be just fine. However, Alison wonders if Casey has some reason for being concerned about Lucy's health. In Joshua's Hide-Out, Joshua keeps insisting that Caleb is gone and that Caleb would WANT Joshua to take care of Livvie ~ but Livvie refuses to believe that Caleb could be dead. Joshua assures Livvie that he has hired someone to look for Caleb's remains. As Livvie continues to insist that Caleb is still alive, Joshua receives a mysterious call from someone who reports: "He's alive!" But Joshua tells Livvie it was a call from one of Joshua's underlings, confirming Caleb's death. Livvie asks Joshua for a spell to bring Caleb back, but Joshua regretfully reports that Joshua does NOT have that kind of power! Joshua mixes a drink for Livvie but adds something to the drink, and Livvie soon goes to sleep. Joshua covers Livvie with a silken coverlet and tries again to take Caleb's ring, but the ring again repels Joshua's touch. Joshua vows that, one day, Caleb's ring will belong to Joshua ~ and that Livvie will ALSO belong to Joshua eventually! Then Joshua leaves. At the Hospital, as CHRIS and COLLEEN check Caleb's vitals, Caleb regains consciousness and goes berserk when he discovers that he is receiving a blood transfusion. When Caleb begins ripping his tubes out, Chris calls for Security and injects Caleb with a powerful sedative. As Ian and Lucy continue to argue about Ian's pact with Rafe, Chris arrives and reports to Rafe that Caleb is NOT handling being a mere mortal at all well. When Chris suggests they post additional guards, Rafe declares that he will take care of standing guard over Caleb and leaves with Chris to check on Caleb. After Chris and Rafe leave, Lucy continues to try to talk Ian out of his pact with Rafe, but Lucy suddenly admits that she is dizzy and Ian takes Lucy back to her room. As Livvie sleeps, she dreams of being reunited with Caleb. At the same time, in the Hospital, Caleb hears Livvie's voice calling for him and dreams that Livvie is beside him in his Hospital room. However, when Caleb begs Livvie to bite him and so restore his powers, Livvie disappears. When Livvie awakens in Joshua's Hide-Out, she remains convinced that Caleb is still alive and leaves Joshua's hide-out to search for Caleb. At the same time, Caleb awakens in the Hospital and searches for Olivia. As Caleb tries to get out of bed, everything around him becomes blurry. But Caleb sees Joshua suddenly enter the room. Caleb declares: "You again!"

  • Friday, APRIL 4- In the Hospital Coffee Shop, as Casey asks Alison about Lucy's health again, Alison suddenly asks if Casey is worried about Lucy because Casey has some inside information. But Casey denies knowing anything ~ but ends up remarking that, in every war, there ARE casualties. When Lucy and Ian return to Lucy's Place, Ian tries to get Lucy to rest but Lucy insists on talking about Ian's good-bye letter. Ian is at first reluctant, but finally gives in. Lucy continues to insist that there IS another way to rescue Ian from Caleb's curse and that Lucy WILL find a way! Ian finally agrees to fight for his life and Lucy and Ian hit the sheets. Joshua suddenly appears in the doorway of Caleb's Hospital Room and Caleb guesses that Joshua has arrived to finish Caleb off. However, as Joshua threatens Caleb, Rafe suddenly appears in the doorway. But, as Rafe challenges Joshua, a group of 'Stephen's' gushing fans show up, eager to get the autograph of the legendary Stephen Clay. Joshua uses the distraction to grab one of the teeney-boppers and, using the startled girl as a hostage, Joshua rushes into the hallway with Rafe in hot pursuit. Caleb uses Rafe's absence to ask one of the teeney-boppers to do a favor for him. Rafe finally convinces Joshua to turn the teeney-bopper loose, but Joshua suddenly turns a corner and disappears! When Rafe returns to Caleb's room, Caleb accuses Rafe of using Caleb as bait to set a trap for Joshua. Then Caleb appeals to Rafe to release Caleb from his restraints so that Caleb COULD at least defend himself the next time Joshua shows up! But Rafe refuses to buy into Caleb's latest ploy. Rafe tells Caleb that Rafe suspects Caleb intends to find Livvie to con Livvie into returning Caleb to his former, powerful, but cursed state. However, when Rafe goes to arrange for more security, Caleb easily slips out of his restraints and leaves his room. As Kevin works furiously on a painting in the Light House Artist's Studio, Kevin is surprised when Livvie suddenly appears. Kevin is thrilled to see his daughter, but Livvie puts off explaining HOW Livvie escaped from Tess and shocks Kevin by asking if Kevin has heard any news about Rafe and Lucy's battle with Caleb and Caleb's followers. Kevin guesses that Caleb turned Livvie into one of the Undead and reports to his daughter that he HAD heard that Rafe and Lucy vanquished the vampires. Clinging to her father, Livvie tearfully admits that she is terrified of the prospect of a future in her current state and without Caleb! When Livvie confides her fear that Lucy will be plotting now to kill Livvie, Kevin assures Livvie that he will protect her and then tells Livvie about the healing capabilities of the pool in the cavern beneath Caleb's apartment. But Livvie reports that she heard that Lucy blew up the spring to destroy Caleb. As Kevin continues to reassure Livvie, the doorbell rings. After Alison orders a sandwich from Frank at the Recovery Room, Frank receives a call from someone demanding money. When Karen arrives, she quietly blasts Frank for becoming involved again with gambling. Frank at first insists that he only owes a couple of hundred, but finally admits that IF he does NOT get money soon, Mary will lose the Recovery Room! At the same time, Elizabeth storms into the Recovery Room and reminds Alison that Alison DID lock Elizabeth in the bathroom of Rafe's Loft, then forgot to come back for her! Alison explains to Elizabeth that Caleb, Caz and Reese were cured in the pool but Joshua blew the pool up and is still on the loose. Alison warns her mother that Elizabeth needs to return to Rafe's Loft, because Elizabeth might be in danger from Joshua. But Elizabeth scoffs at the idea that Joshua would have any further interest in Elizabeth since Joshua got what he wanted ~ Caleb has lost his powers and Joshua is in charge of the Undead! Elizabeth suddenly seems very interested when she learns that Caleb is at the Hospital, recovering from the injuries he received in the blast. Then Elizabeth suddenly agrees to return to Rafe's Loft as long as Joshua is still on the loose! Meanwhile, in another corner of the Recovery Room, Karen assures Frank that SHE would have been willing to help him raise the money to keep the Recovery Room open if Frank had only come to her ~ but Frank complains that Karen was busy working ninety hours per week at the Hospital. Then Frank admits that he would refuse to even consider taking any money from Karen! When Alison joins Rafe at the Hospital, Rafe confides that he almost nabbed Joshua but Joshua took a hostage and escaped. Alison fills Rafe in about her encounter with Elizabeth and confides that Alison believes Elizabeth is STILL obsessed with Caleb. At the same time, Caleb lurks around a corner and listens in as Rafe and Alison talk. Alison prevails upon Rafe to return home with her and get some rest. As Caleb watches Rafe and Alison leave, Elizabeth slips up behind her unsuspecting husband and announces her presence to a startled Caleb. As the doorbell rings at the Light House, Kevin instructs Livvie to hide in the next room. When Kevin answers the door, he finds Joshua there. Joshua demands to see Livvie but Kevin protests that he only knows about Tess. However, Joshua harshly warns Kevin NOT to be a fool!

  • Monday, April 7- Alison tries to bolster Rafe's spirits when he blames himself for allowing Joshua to escape. Rafe later breaks in to Joshua's lair. Elizabeth unleashes her anger at Caleb for treating her badly during their marriage but ends up helping him escape from the hospital. Elizabeth realizes Caleb tricked her when he takes off without her. Joshua insists to Livvie that Caleb is dead. Joshua is intrigued by a painting he sees at the lighthouse.

  • Tuesday, April 8- As a hidden Livvie listens, Kevin accuses Alison of wanting to kill Livvie. Kevin sees proof that Caleb is alive but doesn't tell Livvie what he's learned.Rafe and Ian search Joshua's lair and find photos of Port Charles along with a very un-Joshua like painting. After looking at the back of the painting, Ian and Rafe discover a collage of Alison and Livvie. Alison receives a box of black roses. Caleb is disturbed when he returns to the villa and doesn't find Livvie there. Caleb hears Livvie's voice and follows it, but becomes entangled in the maze of silks as Joshua makes his presence known.

  • No episode aired on Wednesday 4/9/03

  • Thursday, April 10- Joshua taunts Caleb by saying that he will make Livvie his. Joshua tells Caleb that Livvie believes Caleb is dead. Ian informs Lucy about the portrait of Port Charles and the photos of Livvie and Alison he found at Joshua's. Lucy suffers a dizzy spell. Alison tells Rafe about the pink roses she received that then turned black. Rafe thinks it is a warning from Joshua and takes Alison to live with Lucy for her own protection. Ian cracks the password on Joshua's computer and becomes intrigued when he discovers a coded list. Livvie secretly whittles a stake. After knocking Kevin out cold, Livvie goes to Rafe and asks him to kill her.

  • Friday, April 11- Livvie pleads with Rafe to kill her but he can't go through with it. Instead, Rafe tells Livvie that Joshua killed Caleb so that he could rule the vampire kingdom himself. Livvie wants to get revenge against Joshua. Ricky returns to town and tells Jamal about a great opportunity Joshua landed for the band. Jamal and Casey bring Ricky up to speed about recent events. Jamal thinks Ricky wants to become a vampire, but Ricky denies wanting any such thing. Joshua is angry that Kevin allowed Livvie to get away from him. Frank restrains Joshua, who thinks Frank may be of use to him.

  • Monday, April 14- Frank is horrified when Joshua informs him that he turned him into a vampire. Joshua explains to Frank that he chose him to act as his "enforcer." Frank realizes Joshua wants him to work for him in exchange for money and power. Joshua sends Frank to take care of a problem, namely Lucy and Alison. Lucy tries to cover her illness in front of Alison. Livvie learns that Ian is a vampire and feeds on the blood she finds. Lucy and Alison are stunned to learn that Caleb is no longer at the hospital. Livvie takes Rafe to the villa in an effort to lure Joshua out. Caleb becomes crazed when he hears Livvie calling out for Joshua. Ian discovers Frank's name on a list on Joshua's computer.

  • Tuesday, April 15- Lucy realizes that something is different about Frank, who shocks her by revealing that he is a vampire. Frank knocks Lucy unconscious and kidnaps Alison. At the villa, Rafe threatens to kill Joshua unless Joshua reveals the meaning behind the collage of Alison. Rafe is stopped from killing Joshua when Frank arrives with a terrified Alison. Meanwhile, Kevin tells Karen that Ian is a vampire. Ian punches Kevin when he becomes angry with Karen for feeling sympathy for Ian. Ian goes to Lucy's and finds her unconscious and Alison missing. Livvie is stunned when she finds Caleb in his cell at the villa.

  • Wednesday, April 16- Rafe is forced to drop his weapon when Frank threatens to bite Alison. Joshua drugs Rafe and has him placed in the cell with Livvie, which is right next to Caleb's cell. Livvie and Caleb are overwhelmed to see each other. Livvie realizes that Rafe and Joshua wanted her to think that Caleb was dead. Caleb makes Livvie promise to never take off the ring he gave her as it is her protection against the other vampires. Livvie and Caleb vow to find a way to be together so that she can turn him back into a vampire. Ian rushes Lucy to the hospital to find out why she's been having dizzy spells. Casey tells Jamal about her vision of seeing Lucy dead. Casey is relieved when she learns Lucy is merely anemic, but Lucy remains unconvinced there isn't more to her problem.

  • Thursday, April 17- Joshua forces Alison to don a sexy dress and dine with him as if they were on a date. Alison tries to remain strong and demands to know where Rafe is. Tired of hearing Alison talk about her and Rafe's undying love, Joshua has her taken away. Rafe is desperate to get to Alison but is unable to use his powers to escape from the cell. Caleb realizes that Livvie needs to feed after she faints. Lucy confronts when she sees him at the hospital acting as if nothing had happened. Lucy is surprised when Ian defends Frank. Lucy quickly realizes that Ian is using Frank to try and find out where Alison is.

  • Desire DVD #2  April 18 - May 2, 2003
    4/18, 4/21, 4/22, 4/23, 4/24, 4/25, 4/28, 4/29, 4/30, 5/1, 5/2

      Friday, April 18 Livvie suffers and weakens as she needs to feed. Joshua has Alison placed in a cell with Caleb.
  • Friday, April 18- Ian pretends to take Frank into his confidence by revealing he is a vampire. Frank, however, sees through Ian's ploy. Ian demands that Frank tell him where Alison is. Caleb asks Joshua to help Livvie, who is suffering from hunger pangs. Joshua tells Caleb that Livvie can ease her suffering by sleeping with Rafe. Alison helps Caleb cut a hole in the mesh covering their cell so that he can give Livvie his arm to feed on. Lucy and Elizabeth search Joshua's lair for clues. Joshua catches Elizabeth in his lair as Lucy hides. Rafe and Caleb realize that Joshua is going after the women they love.
  • Monday, April 21- Joshua is about to bite Elizabeth when Lucy makes her presence known. Lucy is ready to kill Joshua but is stopped when Frank and Ian arrive. Joshua is furious when he realizes that he may have walked into a trap. Jack sees Reese performing alone, and failing at it. Jack arranges for Ricky and Caz to join Reese onstage and the performance turns into something wonderful. Reese is grateful to Jack for helping her. Karen finds Kevin painting a very dark portrait. Karen wonders what happened to the old Kevin she used to know. Kevin warns Karen that things are going to get darker before they get better.

  • Tuesday, April 22- Frank and Joshua face off against Lucy, Ian and Elizabeth. Elizabeth falls through a hidden panel in the wall as Joshua takes off. Lucy follows Joshua and is stunned to realize she has lost her powers as a slayer. Joshua suddenly flees when he senses something is amiss at the villa. Ian threatens to kill Frank unless he reveals Alison's whereabouts. Ian is distracted by Lucy's scream and Frank manages to escape. Alison hears Rafe telling Caleb about the surveillance photos Joshua took of her. Rafe convinces Caleb that they have to work together to stop Joshua. To that end, Caleb has Livvie use her ring to restore Rafe's magical powers. After disposing of one of the guards, Rafe unlocks Alison and Caleb's cell. Caleb then knocks Rafe unconscious and prepares to open Livvie's cell so that she can turn him back into a vampire. Ricky tells Jack, Jamal, Casey, Caz and Reese that he managed to get the band a permanent spot performing at Jake's. The band decides they have to pretend to be vampires in order to keep their image intact.

  • Wednesday, April 23- Caleb realizes Rafe tricked him when his key won't open Livvie's cell. Caleb goes off to search for the key and encounters Joshua. Caleb challenges Joshua to a fight in the hope Joshua will end up biting him. After refusing to free Livvie from her cell, Alison and Rafe find Joshua just as he slits Caleb's throat. Alison insists to Rafe that they can't just leave Caleb to die because they are the ones who made him mortal. Rafe is adamant about leaving both Caleb and Livvie behind in order to get Alison to safety. Joshua threatens to starve Livvie to death. Lucy and Ian make love, but it does nothing to curb Ian's vampire longings. Ian tries to convince Lucy that there is nothing wrong with her but becomes concerned when a clump of her hair falls out in his hand.

  • Thursday, April 24- Rafe and Alison take Caleb to their apartment to tend to his wound. Lucy arrives with Ian, who tends to Caleb. Lucy tells Rafe that she lost her powers as a slayer. Rafe thinks Lucy lost her powers because of the water in the hot spring. Joshua lies to Livvie and tells her that Caleb saved himself and left her behind. Livvie doesn't believe Joshua and refuses to give him her ring. Caleb has a vision of Livvie. Lucy doesn't realize that making love with Ian no longer suppresses his vampire hunger. Frank and Karen make amends. Kevin is suspicious when Victor announces he's been asked to be the building commissioner. Frank tells Victor he has a buyer for the Recovery Room.

  • Friday, April 25- Kevin suspects that Joshua is the potential buyer for the Recovery Room. Joshua drugs Kevin and orders him to paint a very important picture. Ian takes a sample of blood to Chris for testing. Ian is devastated when he learns that Lucy is being poisoned by her own blood. Casey is rocked when she sees a newspaper headline announcing Lucy's death. Casey goes to see Lucy and they quickly bond. Casey touches Lucy's hands and gives her a burst of energy. Lucy discovers that Ian has been drinking blood and realizes that their lovemaking no longer helps ease his vampire cravings. Jack takes over when the VJ from VH-1 wants to back out of the deal with the band. Joshua later warns Jack not to overstep his bounds.

  • Monday, April 28- Frank drives Victor to his building commissioner's meeting and bares his fangs. Frank later tells Joshua that he did what he requested. Victor is seen lying unconscious with two puncture wounds on his neck. Rafe goes to search Joshua's lair to find out the meaning of Joshua's list of names. Rafe realizes he walked into a trap as the room is engulfed in an explosion. Joshua tells Mary and Karen that he is the new owner of the Recovery Room. Caleb begs Alison to release him so that he can go to Livvie.

  • Tuesday, April 29- Livvie refuses to give Joshua her ring. Livvie is horrified to realize that Kevin is under Joshua's spell. Kevin takes Livvie's ring and gives it to Joshua. Elizabeth tells Caleb that Joshua is planning to marry Alison. Alison ends up freeing Caleb. Joshua offers Livvie blood to drink but she fears it may be poisoned. Ian confirms Lucy's fears when he admits that their lovemaking no longer lessens his vampire urges. Ian also tells Lucy that there is a toxin in her blood and that she is very ill.

  • Wednesday, April 30- Alison insists on going with Caleb when he sets out to rescue Livvie. At the villa, Alison and Caleb encounter Rafe, who is also looking for Livvie. Livvie drinks the blood Joshua gave her and is horrified when Joshua tells her what is going to happen. Lucy and Ian are shocked to learn that Joshua is the new owner of the Recovery Room. Rafe, Alison, Livvie and Caleb see the painting that Joshua ordered Kevin to paint and realize that Joshua is creating a vampire nation in Port Charles. At the Recovery Room, Joshua twists his ring and glowing tattoos appear on the hands of Frank, Victor and several other guests.

  • Thursday, May 1- Alison and Rafe are horrified by Joshua's plans. Caleb wants to be turned back into a vampire. Caleb ignores Rafe when he tries to convince him he is better off remaining mortal. Caleb learns that Joshua has Livvie's ring. Livvie is unable to turn Caleb back into a vampire. Lucy is shocked to realize that Victor is a vampire. Karen is stunned to make the same realization about Frank and tells him she no longer wants to see him. Joshua announces his new club will be named Elixir.

  • Friday, May 2- Livvie explains to Caleb that she can't bite him because Joshua poisoned her fangs. Livvie and Caleb are both anguished by their situation. Alison is sickened by the realization that Joshua wants to make her his bride. Rafe and Alison form a plan to ensure her safety. Jack convinces Joshua to hire him to work at Elixir. Joshua sends Frank after Rafe and Alison with dangerous implications.

  • Desire DVD #3  May 5-19, 2003
    5/5, 5/6, 5/7, 5/8, 5/9, 5/12, 5/13, 5/14, 5/15, 5/16, 5/19 mins 

      Monday, May 5- Rafe and Alison make plans for Alison to leave Port Charles before Joshua finds her. Frank follows Alison and Rafe to the airport but instead of finding them, Frank discovers Lucy and Ian disguised as Alison and Rafe. Meanwhile, Rafe and Alison make their way to the catacombs, where they plan to hide from Joshua. Elizabeth is sickened by Joshua's plan to make Alison his wife and turn her into a vampire. Joshua convinces Elizabeth that it would be in her best interests to help Alison adjust to life as his wife. Joshua gives Kevin more of his "medication." Caleb teaches Livvie how to make love without reverting to vampire lust. Caleb vows to find a cure for the poison Joshua used on Livvie's fangs. Kevin draws a flattering sketch of Elizabeth.

  • Tuesday, May 6- Caleb offers Joshua a deal and tells him that he will deliver Alison to Joshua in exchange for the antidote for the poison on Livvie's fangs. Joshua accepts Caleb's offer. Lucy insists to Ian that she much better after having helped Alison and Rafe give Frank and Joshua the slip. Ian tells Lucy how her hair had fallen out in his hands earlier but she refuses to go to the hospital for tests. As Ian sleeps, Lucy breaks down and privately fears something could be seriously wrong with her. Karen momentarily thinks Frank has come to regret his life as a vampire. Karen is shocked when Frank insists he loves his new like. Karen wants Frank out of her life for good. Jamal is shocked that Jack is working for Joshua at Elixir. Jack and Reese look forward to skimming the profits from the club. Elizabeth flirts with Kevin and is flattered by the sketch he made of her. Elizabeth leaves Elixir with Kevin. 
  • Wednesday, May 7- As Alison and Rafe hide out in the catacombs, Joshua prepares the villa in anticipation of Alison's arrival. Joshua is thrilled when he receives Kevin's painting of Alison as a bride. Alison fears for the safety of her family and friends but Rafe insists she remain in hiding. Alison is cheered when Rafe uses his magic to make the catacombs less gloomy. Livvie and Caleb set out with w mysterious plan in mind and encounter Alison and Rafe in the catacombs. Later, Livvie shows Joshua a photo of a seemingly dead Alison and claims to have killed her. Alison, however, is alive and well and she and Rafe are revealed to be in league with Caleb and Livvie. Ian follows Lucy as she goes to a church to pray. Ian comforts Lucy and vows that he won't let her die. Lucy and Ian are incensed when Victor tells them about his and Joshua's plans to turn the church into a haven for vampires.

  • Thursday, May 8- Rafe, Alison, Livvie and Caleb put the next phase of their plan against Joshua in motion. Rafe explains that he is going to go inside Joshua's mind to drive him crazy and get the antidote for Livvie's poisoned fangs. Elizabeth is thrilled by Kevin's attention as he paints her portrait. Elizabeth thinks she finally found the right man in Kevin. Joshua arrives and stuns Kevin and Elizabeth with the news that Livvie killed Alison. Kevin agrees with Joshua that Livvie needs to be punished for her actions. Lucy refuses to allow Victor to turn the church into a haven for vampires. When the police arrive, Lucy handcuffs herself to an object in the church and makes am impassioned speech against Victor's plans. Lucy then collapses and Ian rushes her out of the church.

  • Friday, May 9- Caleb warns Rafe that he will need to hate Joshua with every fiber of his being in order for their plan to succeed. Caleb paints a dire picture of what will happen to Alison if Rafe doesn't pull off his part of the plan with Joshua. Jamal is devastated when Elizabeth tells him that Livvie killed Alison. Casey's heart breaks for Jamal but she is powerless to tell him the truth that Alison is alive. Jamal accuses Jack of selling his soul to the vampires. Livvie and Alison remember the closeness they once shared as friends and realize they will never have normal lives as they are in love with a vampire and an angel, respectively. Ian rushes Lucy to the hospital, where Chris helps him start a blood transfusion on her.

  • Monday, May 12- Alison and Caleb are left alone in the catacombs when Livvie goes in search of more blood. Alison and Caleb get on each other's nerves as they wait for Rafe. Alison is impressed when she realizes that Caleb really does possess true talent as a musician. At the villa, Rafe waits for the right time to try and infiltrate Joshua's mind. Rafe finally manages to plant a nightmare in Joshua's mind and he learns where Joshua hid the antidote for Livvie's poisoned fangs. Jamal tells Kevin he is going to make Livvie pay for killing Alison. Still following Joshua's programming, Kevin agrees that Livvie needs to be punished. Kevin knocks Jamal unconscious when he finds him threatening Livvie. Livvie leaves with Kevin, thinking he wants to help her.

  • Tuesday, May 13- Alison begins to worry when Rafe doesn't contact her. Caleb refuses to let Alison leave the catacombs to search for Rafe. Alison manages to get past Caleb and heads out of the catacombs alone. Rafe finds himself trapped inside Joshua's mind but finally finds a way to escape the darkness but the ordeal takes its toll on him. Ian insists that Lucy has to stay in the hospital but she is adamant about leaving to try and help Rafe and Alison. Ian takes Lucy to the roof, where Casey uses her magic to create a romantic Moroccan setting for them. Frank stops Jamal as he is about to set fire to Elixir. Casey prevents Frank from attacking Jamal.

  • Wednesday, May 14- Rafe recovers from his ordeal of entering Joshua's mind and steals the antidote for Livvie's poison. Caleb catches up to Alison as she searches for Rafe. Caleb takes Alison to the villa but Rafe is already gone. Caleb and Alison are forced to hide is close physical proximity as Joshua welcomes his next victim, which turns out to be Amanda Barrington. Rafe returns to the catacombs and thinks Caleb double-crossed him when he finds the cave empty. Kevin injects himself with more of Joshua's drugs as Livvie feeds from a blood bag. Kevin tells Livvie she has to pay for killing Alison. After having a brief moment of clarity, Kevin allows Livvie to escape from him. Livvie runs right into Rafe, who doesn't tell her that he found the antidote to her poison.

  • Thursday, May 15- Rafe lies to Livvie and says he wasn't able to get his hands on the antidote for her poison. Livvie is devastated by Rafe's news. Rafe feels guilty but tries to convince Livvie she can still be with Caleb. Caleb comforts a devastated Alison. Rafe and Alison are reunited at the catacombs, as are Livvie and Caleb. Caleb doesn't believe Rafe's claim that he didn't find an antidote for the poison. A drunken Elizabeth wants revenge against Livvie and goes to Kevin looking for her. Elizabeth is enraged when she learns Kevin allowed Livvie to escape and stabs Kevin with a letter opener.

  • Friday, May 16- Caleb doesn't buy Rafe's claim that Joshua never had an antidote for Livvie's poison. Livvie is hurt by Caleb's angry remark that he and she can't have a future together this way. Caleb tries to reassure Livvie he didn't mean what he said. Livvie and Alison believe Rafe is telling the truth about the antidote. Livvie becomes alarmed when she sees the new, although still reserved, closeness between Caleb and Alison. Livvie makes it clear to Alison that Caleb is hers. Elizabeth calls Ian for help after stabbing Kevin in the chest. Ian arrives at the lighthouse and helps Kevin before taking him to the hospital. Karen treats Kevin's wound at the hospital and discovers the syringe full of drugs in his pocket. Lucy prepares to leave the hospital and return home. Lucy confronts Elizabeth, who stuns Lucy and Ian with the news of Alison's death. Jamal unleashes his pain and anger over Alison's death to Casey. Casey tries to comfort Jamal and ends up telling him the truth that Alison isn't dead. Jamal surprises Casey with a kiss. Rafe admits to Ian and Lucy that Alison isn't really dead.

  • Monday, May 19- Livvie wants to throw her relationship with Caleb in Alison's face by making love to him within earshot of Alison. Livvie becomes angry when Caleb exposes her manipulative game. Caleb storms off after accusing both Livvie and Alison of acting like children. A jealous Livvie threatens to bite Alison. Joshua is angry over the fact that Frank can't locate Caleb. Casey urges Jack and Jamal to reach out to each other in their grief over Alison's "death." After learning that Joshua is planning a memorial for Alison, Jack and Jamal decide to hold their own service for their late friend. Casey warns Joshua that he won't succeed in his plans. Joshua wants Ricky to make Casey fall from grace. Caleb later appears and begins to choke Joshua. Lucy, Ian and Rafe discuss the danger of teaming up with Caleb. Rafe gives Lucy and Ian the antidote to Livvie's poison for safekeeping. While on his way back to the catacombs with blood for Livvie, Rafe is stopped by Jack and Jamal. Jack and Jamal tell Rafe about their plans to hold a memorial service for Alison.

  • **The End**

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