Episode Guide: Season 1 and Season 2, Interviews and Promos, and Show and Cast Information

Season 1 Episode Breakdown
The episode synposises below are from tv.com.  ABC has announced that General Hospital: Night Shift - Complete First Season will released on February 12, 2008, and can be pre-ordered now from Amazon.

Episode 1 - "Frayed Anatomies" (7/12/2007)
Robin and Patrick are assigned the night shift at General Hospital because they went against the hospital's policy and treated an underprivileged patient. There, they must deal with Jason and Spinelli who have been involved in an accidental shooting. Patrick is later admitted as a patient due to an explosion. Robin meets a pregnant patient. Coop and Maxie find themselves in a compromising situation. A mystery woman with the last name Barrett finds herself in critical condition.

SoapNet has a more detailed recap is available here.

Some episode highlights: Robin talks to Jason about her desire to have a baby; Nurse Leyla takes a liking to Patrick; Jason lies that he accidently shot Spinelli to protect him from police charges; Nurse Jolene takes a liking to Jason while Spinelli takes a shine to her; Mac's not amused to find Maxie and Coop having sex in a supply closet; Cody blows off shrink Lainey and steals drugs; and Nurse Regina is spooked when supposedly dead burn victim "Barrett" raises her arm while lying in the morgue.

Episode 2 -"Skin Deep" (7/19/2007)
Jason, now a janitor at the hospital, learns some valuable lessons from Toussaint. Leo almost commits a career-threatening error. Epiphany is upset when she learns Stan is involved with a strike. Maxi learns she has a staph infection.

SoapNet has a more detailed recap is available here.

Some episode highlights: Ephiphany and Robin are amused by Jason's community service assignment at GH; Toussaint mentors Jason on how to mop a floor; while brining flowers to Ms. Sneed, Maxie's startled when Sneed asks about her foray into handcuffed sex; Robin is inspired by Stacy's pregnancy; Spinelli tries desperately to get Jolene's attention; Dr. Ford wonders if the hospital is cursed after Leo almost operates on the wrong patient; Toussaint comforts Regina after Ford blames her for an error she didn't commit; Leyla annoys Robin by giving Patrick a message, then later stares oddly at a sleeping patient; Stan and Ephiphany exchange words after she discovers he's behind the possible nurse's strike; Cody attacks Lainey, then convinces her to treat him; and Patrick's feelings are hurt after he overhears Robin confiding in Jason.

Episode 3 - "Paternity Ward" (7/26/2007)
Jason gets to spend time with Jake when Elizabeth is needed in surgery. Patrick confronts his past while he treats a troubled teen. Cody goes to extremes to get his medication. Andy's methods wind up with dangerous results in the operating room. Stan changes his opinion of Toussaint.

SoapNet has a more detailed recap is available here.

Some episode highlights: Leo treats a relapsed Ms. Storch and takes up for Regina when Ms. Sneed fusses at her; Elizabeth is forced to leave Jake, who has an ear infection, with Jason after getting called into surgery; Toussaint notices Jason's reaction to Jake and guesses he's the baby's father; Kelly sexcapades cause her to break down in tears in the showers; Andy talks another doctor into doing drugs and is later blown off by Leyla; Patrick is deeply affected by his patient's rocky relationship with his father; Robin remarks how well Jason is with children, but is later sadden by Patrick's angry remark that some people shouldn't be parents; Regina observes Leyla sneaking into the room of Ms. Storch, who later dies after someone tampers with her IV; Elizabeth is reminded of the danger of Jason's lifestyle; and Patrick reaches out to his dad by leaving a voice mail about his graduation gift.

Episode 4 - "Keep the Change"  (8/2/2007)
Robin and Patrick are upset by Stacey's difficult pregnancy because it hits so close to home. A patient's death attracts unwanted attention from the police. Epiphany has an outburst when she learns of Toussaint's past. Stan takes lead in a strike of hospital workers. SoapNet has a more detailed recap is available here.

Episode 5 - "Bed, Bath and Be Gone"  (8/9/2007)
Maxie's health is in serious jeopardy. Kelly gets on a patient's badside. Andy questions a patient's claimed sickness. SoapNet has a more detailed recap is available here.

Episode 6 - "Love's Labors"  (8/16/2007)
Leyla makes a split-second decision that saves one patientís life but endangers another. Stacey needs an emergency c-section, but never makes it to the operating room when she gets trapped on an elevator with Spinelli and Jason. Stan and Toussaint try to fix the elevator in time to save Stacey and her baby, while inside the elevator, Spinelli and Jason prepare to do some operating of their own. SoapNet has a more detailed recap is available here.

 Episode 7 - "Mother's Day"  (8/23/2007)
The power to the elevators is restored and Stacy is quickly taken to the O.R. Jason must deal with the consequences of performing emergency surgery on Stacy and her baby after Robin lashes out at him for not waiting. The staff reacts to the fate of Stacey and her baby. Toussaint makes a shocking discovery about the cause of the elevator jam. Patrick helps Leo with a trauma case. SoapNet has a more detailed recap is available here.

Episode 8 - "Employee of the Month"  (8/30/2007)
The looming takeover of the hospital has the staff desperate to find out who is pulling the strings at Med-Cam and whether their jobs will be safe should the sale go through. The staff is preoccupied with the recent string of nefarious deeds. Patrick struggles to support Robin in her hour of need. Meanwhile, work is the last thing on Maxie's mind after she learns that heart surgery may be the only way to cure her mystery illness. Maxie's condition brings up bad memories for Leo. Russell tries to keep the hospital running amid rumors of a possible takeover. Epiphany holds on to a mysterious package. SoapNet has a more detailed recap is available here.

Episode 9 - "Gutter Ball"  (9/6/2007)
Patrick's secret surgery on Lainey's uninsured dad may be a rare good deed on his part, but it could also be bad news for the hospital once nosy Jolene gets wind of Dr. Drake's illegal action. Meanwhile, Epiphany has something to say about Toussaint's past...and she plans on saying it to a lot of people. Robin and Patrick argue about Stacey's daughter, Patrick doesn't want to be a father. Later, Robin tells Jason he should be a dad. Epiphany kicks Stan out of the hospital for not showing respect. Jordan tells a willing Jolene to kill another patient. SoapNet has a more detailed recap is available here.

Episode 10 - "Falling Star"  (9/13/2007)
The father of Stacy's baby is revealed. Robin faces a new obstacle in her plans to adopt Stacey's baby when the biological father comes to claim her. Lovell suggests that Jolene's next victim be a doctor, but Jolene's latest plan of attack is foiled by Spinelli. Kelly has an outburst. Regina's low self-esteem begins to interfere with her work. SoapNet has a more detailed recap is available here.

Episode 11 - "Fools in Love"  (9/20/2007)
Robin says goodbye to Stacy's baby and learns of Patrick's affair with Leyla. Cody performs a mercy killing on Lainey's father. Kelly and Andy deal with their addictions. Jolene rejects Spinelli and tries to kill Andy. Toussaint becomes seriously ill. SoapNet has a more detailed recap is available here.

Episode 12 - "What Becomes of the Broken Hearted"  (9/27/2007)
Lainey makes the ultimate sacrifice after the police step in to investigate her fathers death. Meanwhile,Toussaint prepares himself for a surgery that could cure him...or kill him. Jason & Spinelli investigate Jolene as the cause of the hospital's many "accidents". Jason prevents Jolene from attempting to kill the show's sweetheart custodian Toussaint. Cody takes the heat for pulling the plug on Lainey's dad. SoapNet has a more detailed recap is available here.

Episode 13 - "Time Served"  (10/4/2007)
The Night Shift season finale ends with a cliff hanger a la Dynasty's Moldavian Massacre. In the series' first season finale, two rival street gangs bring their turf war into the hospital resulting in a deadly shoot-out that leaves several lives in peril. Jason catches Jolene with a syringe in her hands. Patrick tells Robin that because of what happened doesn't mean that he doesn't still care about her. Jason tells everyone to get behind the desk as someone stands up and starts shooting. Several key characters are left shot and possibly dying. One of them is Jolene. SoapNet has a more detailed recap is available here.

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Interviews and Promos

The following are the Night Shift Promos and interviews I've caught so far

  • "Dangerous, sexier, scandalous, cooler...."

  • Epiphany Promo

  • "Calm, Breath, Still....."

  • Kent Promo

  • Dr. Robin Scorpio Promo

  • "Doctors who break the rules now pay the price" (great 1 minute promo)

  • "Two doctors fighting to save the lives of others"

  • Action promo as ambulance explodes

  • Jason & Kim talk about Nightshift

  • Soapnet celebrates Premiere of GH Nightshift, clips of Lindze Leatherman, Sonya Eddy, Jason Thompson, Angel Wainwright, Adrian Alvarado, Billy Dee Williams, Kent Masters

  • Robin & Patrick Promo (Kim & Jason talk about Nightshift)

  • Dr. Patrick Drake promo

  • "There is so much drama inside this hospital, it is hard to keep it covered up"

  • "Bring On The Night" (short)

  • Kiko & Kent Behind the Scenes for photo shoot

  • 7/19 "Faceless Temptation"

  • 2007 Daytime Emmy Pre-show - cast of Night Shift, Amanda Baker "Jolene", Nazanin "Layla", Dominic Raines "Dr. Julian", Ron Melendes Dr. Archer, Angel Wainright "Regina"

  • 7/07 Summer Secrets - preview of Night Shift

  • 7/11/07 The View - 5 mins, Jason Thompson & Billy Dee Williams

Show and Cast Information

From SoapNet:  General Hospital: Night Shift is set during the night shift at General Hospital and will delve deeper into the relationships, friendships and medical cases seen at the hospital. Robert Guza Jr., head writer for General Hospital and Jill Farren Phelps, executive producer, General Hospital will write and executive produce General Hospital: Night Shift. The stellar cast is headed up by the iconic Billy Dee Williams, Steve Burton, Kimberly McCullough and Jason Thompson.

General Hospital: Night Shift cast list

Billy Dee Williams as Toussaint Dubois
Steve Burton as Jason Morgan
Kimberly McCullough as Robin Scorpio
Jason Thompson as Patrick Drake
Kirsten Storms as Maxie Jones
Julie Marie Berman as Lulu Spencer
Rebecca Herbst as Elizabeth Spencer
Kent King as Lainey Winters
Jason Gerhardt as Coop Barrett
Josh Duhon as Logan Hayes
Lindze Letherman as Georgie Jones
Kiko Ellsworth as Stan Johnson
Sonya Eddy as Epiphany Johnson
Bradford Anderson as Damian Spinelli
Adrian Alvarado as Cruz Rodriquez
Derk Cheetwood as Max Giambetti
Richard Gant as Russell Ford
Wendy Braun as Ms. Sneed
Amanda Baker as Jolene Crowell
Angel Wainwright as Regina Thompson

Nazanin Boniadi as Leyla Mir
Ron Melendez as Dr. Andy Archer
Graham Shiels as Cody Paul
Alla Korot as Stacy Sloan

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