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 Photo List #23 

An Evening with Daytime Stars, NYC, Waldorf Astoria

Actors in attendance
Crystal Hunt, GL; Dan Gauthier, OLTL; David Andrew McDonald, GL; Farah Fath, DOOL; Heather Lindell, DOOL; Janice Lynde; John Driscoll, GL; Judith Chapman, Y&R; Linda Dano, Day and Primetime; Marj Dusay, GL; Martha Madison, DOOL; Paul Satterfield, OLTL; Rachael Kimsey, Y&R; Ricky Paull Goldin, GL; Scott Bailey, GL; Shanelle Workman, B&B; Stephanie Gatschet, GL; Stephanie Gatschet, GL; and Tom Pelphrey, GL.

-Crystal Hunt (12 shots)
-Dan Gauthier (3 shots)

-David Andrew McDonald (4 shots)
-Farah Fath (5 shots)
-Heather Lindell (4 shots)

-Janice Lynde (4 shots)
-Judith Chapman (6 shots)
-Linda Dano (3 shots)

-Marj Dusay (3 shots)
-Martha Madison (9 shots)
-Paul Satterfield (1 shot)

-Rachel Kimsey (3 shots)
-Ricky Paull Goldin (1 shot)
-Scott Bailey (3 shots)

-Shanelle Workman (5 shots)
-Stephanie Gatschet (1 shot)
-Tom Pelphrey (4 shots)
-Crystal Hunt & Stephanie G. (4 shots)
-Crystal Hunt & Linda Dano (2 shots)

-Dan Gauthier & wife Lisa (2 shots)
-Farah Fath & Heather Lindell (3 shots)
-Farah Fath & Martha Madison (6 shots)

-John Driscoll & date (4 shots)
-Linda Dano & Ricky Paull Goldin (3 shots)
-Linda Dano, Ricky Paull Goldin & Jeff (2 shots)

-Ricky Paull Goldin, John Driscoll, Tom Pelphrey (3) (2 shots)
-Ricky Paull Goldin & date (3 shots)

3rd Annual Celebrities 4 Charity Weekend, Las Vegas, Bally's Hotel, February 2005

Actors in attendance
Aiden Turner, AMC; Ashley Bashioum, GL; Bobbie Eakes, AMC; Christian LeBlanc, Y&R; Crystal Hunt, GL; David Fumero, OLTL; Greg Rikaart, Y&R; Greg Vaughan, GH; Jeanne Cooper, Y&R; Jeff Branson, AMC; John Driscoll, GL; Kamar de los Reyes, OLTL; Kassie DePavia, OLTL; Mandy Bruno, GL; Mark Collier, ATWT; Melissa Gallo, OLTL; Nadia Bjorlin, DOOL; Patrika Darbo, DOOL; Ricky Paull Goldin, GL; Scott Bailey, GL; Shaun Benson, GH; Stephanie Gatschet, GL; Stephen Martines, GL; Thad Luckinbill, Y&R; Tom Pelphrey, GL; and Vincent Irizarry, AMC

Poses Available:  Where you see their name listed more than once, this indicates a different Clothing/event/day.

-Aiden Turner (1 shot)
-Aiden Turner (2 shots)

-Ashely Bashioum (2 shots)
-Ashely Bashioum (2 shots)
-Ashely Bashioum (2 shots)

-Bobbie Eakes (2 shots)
-Bobbie Eakes holding CD (1 shot)
-Christian LeBlanc (1 shot)

-Crystal Hunt & Stephanie G. (1 shot)
-Crystal Hunt & Stephanie G. (2 shots)
-Crystal Hunt (1 shot)

-Crystal Hunt (1 shot)
-Crystal Hunt (3 shots)
-David Fumero (1 shot)

-David Fumero (3 shots)
-Greg Rikaart (2 shots)
-Greg Vaughan (3 shots)

-Jeanne Cooper (3 shots)
-Jeff Branson (5 shots)
-John Driscoll (1 shot)

-John Driscoll (3 shots)
-Kamar de le Reyes (2 shots)
-Kassie DePavia (5 shots)

-Kassie DePavia (7 shots)
-Mandy Bruno (2 shots)
-Mandy Bruno (2 shots)

-Mark Collier (1 shot)
-Mark Collier (1 shot)

-Melissa Gallo (1 shot)
-Nadia Bjorlin (2 shots)
-Nadia Bjorlin (4 shots)

-Patrika Darbo (2 shots)
-Ricky Paull Goldin (3 shots)
-Scott Bailey (3 shots)
-Shaun Benson (3 shots)
-Stephen Martines (5 shots)
-Thad Luckinbill (2 shots)

-Tom Pelphrey (3 shots)
-Tom Pelphrey (6 shots)
-Vincent Irizarry (1 shot)

-Vincent Irizarry (4 shots)
-Bobbie & Patrika (1 shot)
-Christian & Jeanne (1 shot)

-Crystal & Stephanie (1 shot)
-Crystal & Stephanie (2 shots)
-Crystal & John (2 shots)

-Crystal, Ricky Paull & Stephanie (1 shot)
-David & Melissa (2 shots)
-Greg V., Kamar & Christian (2 shots)

-Mark & Greg R. (2 shots)
-Kassie,  Melissa & David (1 shot)
-Kassie, David, Aiden, Melissa, Kamar & Shaun (1 shot)

-Kassie, Melissa, David & Aiden (1 shot)
-Kassie & David (1 shot)
-Kassie, Melissa & Nadia (2 shots)

-Mandy & Stephen (1 shot)
-Nadia & Patrika (2 shots)
-Nadia & Ricky Paull (1 shot)

-Scott & Stephen (1 shot)
-Tom & John (2 shots)
-Vincent & wife (1 shot)

GH Studio, May 2005

Actors in attendance
Alicia Leigh Willis; Corbin Bersen; Dylan Cash; Ignacio Serrichio; Ingo Rademacher; Kari Wuhrer; Kirsten Storms; Kristina Wagner; Lindze Letherman; Maurice Benard; and Scott Clifton

-Alicia Leigh & Ingo (9 shots)
-Ignacio Serrichio (2 shots)

-Ingo & Dylan (2 shots)
-Kari Wuhrer (2 shots)
-Kari/ & Corbin (3 shots)

-Kristine & Linze (4 shots)
-Lindze & Kirsten (3 shots)
-Lindze & Scott (6 shots)

-Maurice & Kari (7 shots)

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