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Robin Returns October 12 - December 6, 2005: 3 1/2 hours
This edit covers Robin's return, it begins with her scenes while still in Paris and then when Sam finds her at the AIDS conference in NY. They take the train back to PC, the train crashes and they are trapped. Jason hears of the accident and makes his way to them and winds up trapped underneath with them. Alexis goes into labor and Robin delivers Molly. Robin tends to Alexis who she fears will die without medical attention. Robin is shot in the arm during a confrontation with Manny while still in the tunnels. They are rescued and return to GH. Robin begins treating Jason with the experimental medical she has created. He has vivid dreams and flashbacks while on the drugs and at one point pulls Robin into his arms and kisses her. The side effects become life threathening and treatment is discontinued, his only option is brain surgery and he refuses not wanting to risk becoming a vegetable. Sonny talks him into having the surgery and Robin finds Noah Drake and convinces him to come to Port Charles with her. His drinking problem interferes with his ability to be a doctor.
     I included every Robin scene on this edit from the time of her return but this is highly edited to just Robin's scenes. I did not include Jason's separate storyline but I do have that edited on the Jason & Sam series. I also did not include all of the train wreck storyline but for anyone wanting to see more of that I do have an edit of that storyline. I decided to do this edit to cover her scenes from her return leading up to the point where Patrick begins on Dec 7th. So the next edit will begin with the Patrick & Robin storyline. Normally I wouldn't do something this edited to just Robin's scenes but I wanted to be able to keep it to one dvd and focus more on her initial scenes so this is not a Robin & Jason edit. Jason's illness begins on the Jason & Sam #7 and continues on the #8 with Robin's return. So for Jason's storyline, I recommend the Jason & Sam edits as they are much more complete for his illness. The Robin's Return does include all of her scenes with Jason but only includes Robin's scenes.
     The Robin Return edit is 3 1/2 hours and I then added her 12/05 Soaptalk interview, and her and Finola and Tristan's appearences at the Daytime Emmy's 2006 including Fin & Kimberly's arrival interview. Total this edit is 3 hrs 57 minutes. Click here to read the full edit description.

Robin & Patrick #1 December 6, 2005 - May 27, 2006: 8 hour original edit
This edit contains every Robin and every Patrick scene during this time frame. It begins with Noahís drinking and Sam refuses to allow him to operate on Jason. Noah suggests another talented young doctor perform the surgery, his son Dr. Patrick Drake. Patrick at first refuses but is finally convinced to operate on Jason. Also covered is the virus storyline and Robertís return from the dead, Robin becomes ill, and both Robert and Jason desperately search for the antidote. Patrick is determined to become a living donor for his fatherís liver transplant. When Jesse is shot and critical, Patrick performs surgery but loses him and Lucky accuses him of killing Jesse as the liver is a match for Noah. Jesseís liver is not viable and as Noah is dying,
Patrick arranges for the transplant of 60% of his own liver against his fatherís wishes and Robin helps forge documents for the surgery. Noah is furious when he wakes up and is going to sue the hospital, which results in Robin being suspended for her role in the matter. Patrick is equally furious that his father would endanger her medical career and gets Noah to drop the lawsuit. This edit contains their first kiss, date, and when Robert suggests she relax and go enjoy life, she is so annoyed at him that she goes to Patrickís and begins to seduce him though soon pulls away with second thoughts. Click here to read the full edit description.

Robin & Patrick #2 April 27 Ė July 26, 2006: 8 hours
This edit contains Robinís adventure in the Markham Islands with Luke, Lulu, Dillon, Holly, Robert and Patrick. Anna makes a grand entrance via helicopter. Patrick operates on Sam against Alexisí court order and he and several of the hospital staff are arrested, though the charges are later dropped. Robin learns that Nik is actually Johnís father. Robin and Patrick get away to a secluded cabin and make love. Fun times such as girlís night out where they all fantasize about Carly, then a guyís night out. Patrick breaks up with Robin though he later admits he misses her. The edit ends as they work together to help a young AIDS patient who needs immediate surgery.  Click here to read the full edit description.

Robin & Patrick #3 July 27, 2006 - Jan 23, 2007: 8 hours
This edit contains Patrick and Robin operating on an AIDs patient, Patrick nicks his finger and is at risk for becoming HIV+. This leads to flashbacks of Robin & Stone, and Robin visits Sonny on Stone's birthday. Robin tries to prepare Patrick for what lays ahead as he waits for the results which could take up to six months before he is cleared. Robin and Patrick bond with April, the young AIDS patient. Sonny steps forward to cover her medical bills and her rent. Sadly, April dies on Stone's birthday. Lorenzo threatens Robin in order to get Robert to tell him where Skye is, Robin later finds her father laying on the docks after Alcazar had him beaten up. Robin tells Luke about an experimental treatment that she believes could possibly help Laura though Patrick disagrees with her assessment. 
     Luke agrees to the treatment and it has miraculous results as Laura comes out of her catatonice state. Patrick tells Robin, "I Love You!" and she gets indignant and insists he stop saying it! He shows up in her courtyard, music playing to serenade her with, a huge boquet of flowers and he speaks from the heart telling her exactly why he loves her. She is touched, melts, and tells him that she loves him too! They attend Luke & Laura's wedding, though Robin looks worried as she watches while everyone else is rejoicing. A few days later, Robin is saddened when Laura slips back into her catatonic state. They celebrate Christmas and New Year's together, and Patrick finally gets his own place. He freaks a bit when Robin buys him a couch, he sends it back, and then wants to move back into the hotel. Robin realizes he is feeling a bit pressured and gives him freedom to do what he needs to do, he then surprises her with keys and asks her to move in. Noah is thrilled when he hears the news, Pete (Patrick's friend from college) is not at all happy and immediately insists that he join him for a trip to Vegas!
Click here to read the full edit description.

Robin & Patrick #4 January 23 - June 11, 2007: 8 hour original edit
I continued to include every Patrick and every Robin scene during this time frame. During the Metro Court storyline, I included all of the initial scenes as Craig and his men take over the hotel through shooting Robin. All of the scenes around the surgery and all of the drama around that, some scenes of Mac worrying outside with the police barracade and the attempts via phone to reach Craig. I also included Alan's heart attack and that whole sequence, as well as Luke trying to bluff his way through a negotiation for the security code to the briefcase. This doesn't last long as Craig comes out with a gun to Lulu's throat. So I also included these main action sequences in order to tell the story and set up how Craig terrorized the hostages. I also included moments as Robin's friends worry about her, and Nik plans how he will carry her out if the hotel explodes.
This edit contains Mr. Craig shooting Robin, her friends have to perform emergency surgery, the hotel explodes and the hostages are free, Robin recooperates with a tender Patrick by her side, Patrick finds out his AIDS test is negative, Patrick surprises Robin with a romantic snowfilled picnic in the park. Mr. Craig drugs Nik and forces Robin and him to fake a relationship, Robin breaks up with Patrick but despite her insistence she is in love with Nik and that she has moved in with him, he refuses to believe it, instinctively he knows she is lying. He attacks Craig, and Robin is forced to reveal the truth and warns him they have to cooperate for Nikolas wil die. Emily soon also finds out and is forced to cooperate. They are able to find the counteragent and cure Nik. After Nik is cured, Robin & Patrick drop out of that storyline and resume their lighter romantic comedy moments. For anyone who wants all of the Metro Court storyline, I do have the entire storyline edited, no commercials.  Click here to read the full edit description.

Robin & Patrick #5 June 11 - November 28, 2007: 8 hour original edit
This edit covers last summer's fun of the Eli Love storyline. Noah is a dead ringer for the rock star and impersonates him for a rock concert. Anna returns as Eli's groupie and coaches Noah on how to pull off the impersonation. A pregnancy scare makes Robin realize that she wants a baby but Patrick isn't ready for one. They break up and Robin begins asking the guys in Port Charles to father her baby. Nikolas holds a Black & White Ball (as Emily's favorite ball was the Bacchanalia back in 1998) to celebrate their engagement.  The power goes out and they are stranded as a murderer roams free. Rick is stabbed and Patrick and Robin work feverishly trying to save him. Luke has a heart attack and becomes another patient, then Leyla is shot protecting Patrick from the crazed Zaccara. Sadly Emily is murdered and the staff at GH reel as they attend her funeral.  Click here to read the full edit description.

Robin & Patrick #6 November 30, 2007 - June 2, 2008: 8 hour original edit
This edit contains Georgie's death and funeral. Patrick tries to reconcile with Robin but she tells him she wants to be a mother. She turns down his attempt to reconcile but does turn to him after Georgie's funeral and they spend the night together. Robin becomes pregnant but denies that Patrick is the father and leads him to believe she used a sperm bank. He leaves her flowers on Valentine's Day. Robin finally admits to Patrick that he is the father of her baby. They begin growing closer as he becomes protective over her and watches her mood swings and cravings. Anna comes to visit and reels to learn she is going to become a grandmother. Robin begins her video blog about being pregnant, and Patrick responds with his own video blog. Click here to read the full edit description.

Robin & Patrick #7 June 3 - October 29, 2008: 8 hour original edit
Patrick realizes how much he does want the baby after he finds Robin collapsed on the flloor. He becomes very protective of her when she is confined to bed rest for a few days. Anna returns to town and learns she is going to be a grandma. Robin continues to keep Patrick at arms length and he sues for visitation rights of his unborn baby and Anna shocks Robin by taking his side!  Patrick finally gets through to Robin that his commitment and love for her and the baby is genuine. Noah/Eli Love also return to the show, and Eli has another concert. Robin and Patrick get a sonogram done and find out their baby is a girl. Patrick asks Robin to marry him over the PA system but she turns him down. Robin changes her mind seeing Sonny's agony after Kate is shot, and Robin then proposes to Patrick who turns her down! They finally both agree and Maxie takes over wedding planning. Their friends through a baby shower at Jake's. Everyone gathers at the church, the bride is ready and waiting but the groom is nowhere to be found. Everyone wonders where Patrick is, thinking perhaps he has gotten cold feet, he is in emergency surgery. I included all of Robin and all of Patrick's scenes. Click here to read the full edit description.

Robin & Patrick #8 October 30, 2008 - February 9, 2009: 8 hour original edit
This edit contains Robin & Patrick's first failed wedding in October which is interrupted as Robin goes into labor. There are tense moments as Robin gives birth to baby Emma and then crashes. Robin's dream episode is included, Robert & Anna return for Robin & Patrick's wedding in December, and includes the Scorpios spending Christmas together. Patrick desperately tries to stop an operation when he learns the patient is containminated by poison. He is too late as Matt and Leyla are exposed. Leyla dies as Patrick tries to revive her. When Emma has a high fever, Robin takes her out in the blizzard to try get her to the hospital and gets stranded and attempts to trudge through the snow to get help. Maxie and Johnny find her and bring Robin and Emma to GH. The OR explodes and General Hopsital is on fire. Robin stays behind to help with the hospital evacuation and asks Maxie and Johnny to take Emma to Mercy for treatment. I included all of Robin's and all of Patrick's scenes, as well as all of Anna and all of Robert's return.  Click here to read the full edit description.

Robin & Patrick #9 February 9 - May 14, 2009: 8 hour original edit
This edit covers the end of the Biotoxin storyline, and Robinís post partum depression storyline. I included scenes from Maxieís dream about how Robin and Patrick would be different if Maxie had died and not been saved by the heart transplant. The staff celebrates the opening of the new GH. Robinís friends and family become increasingly worried about her as her behavior gets more erractic. Robin takes off Rochester on a whim. She returns home and goes back to work though continues to be in denial about the depression. Robin goes into therapy but doesnít show up for appointments and tosses her anti-depressants. When Emmaís stroller goes carreening down a flight of stairs, Robinís friends and family hold an intervention and get her to agree to in-patient treatment. While she is getting help, Patrick insists that Michaelís recent tests indicate they have to immediately operate. Afterwards, Carly waits anxiously for word of any sign of improvement as Patrick monitors his condition. Robin begins a group session for moms with postpartum depression. I included every Robin scene and every Patrick scene during this time frame. Click here to read the full edit description.

Robin & Patrick #10 May 14 - October 30, 2009: 8 hour original edit
This edit contains the conclusion of the post partum storyline as Robin returns to town and enjoys being with her family. Some cute family bonding time, especially loved the picnic, and the Karokee scenes were great! Next, they begin investigating Mayor Floyd and his wife for murder. This concludes during the Carnival as Andrea poisions Edward and he winds up crashing his car and kills her! Robin determines he was drugged and clears him of being responsible for the terrible accident. Cute Scorpio family scenes during Maxie & Spinelliís non-wedding. More Karokee scenes during their reception, including Mac & Patrick singing ďMacho ManĒ. Robin surprises Patrick dressed as a sexy space alien. The edit ends as Sonny confronts Claudia about being responsible for Michaelís shooting during a party for her birthday. She responds by taking Carly hostage at gunpoint. Click here to read the full edit description.

Robin & Patrick #11 November 11, 2009 - July 9, 2010: 8 hour original edit
This edit contains Christmas, Scrubs one year anniversary, Josselynís christening, Scrubs treat Dante after Sonny shoots him. Robin leaves for a three week trip to Africa, during which time Patrick sleeps with his ex-girlfriend, Lisa. Robin returns and Lisa makes Patrick squirm with her suggestive comments. Click here to read the full edit description.

Robin & Patrick #12 July 12 - November 4, 2010: 8 hour original edit
This edit contains Lisa steals Robinís meds, takes Emma for ice cream without telling them, Patrick accuses her of kidnapping the baby, Patrick then tells Robin that he slept with Lisa while Robin was in Africa. Robin confronts her and Lisa files a complaint with the PCPD that Robin threathened to kill her, then Lisa throws herself in front of Robinís oncoming car, she leaves Emmaís favorite toy boiling in a lab bunsen burner for Robin to find. Best part of the edit is Robin punching Lisa in the face and calling her a psycho bitch and threathens to kill her, unfortunately in front of witnesses and Robin is suspended. Robin moves in with her uncle Mac. Robin and Patrick work together to make Lisa think her plan is working, but Lisa overhears the plan. Her next move is to order strong tranquilzers, drug and kidnap Robin, and leave her in a well. A hallucinating Robin has a conversation with Stone, Patrick rescues her. Lisa is sent to Shadybrook for about two seconds, the GH staff is shocked when she returns so soon. Meanwhile, Robin ends her marriage with Patrick and reunites with Brenda. The Scorpio residence goes up in flames with Robin and Emma trapped inside and suddenly Lisa appears on the scene. Click here to read the full edit description.

Robin & Patrick #13 November 5, 2010 - March 17, 2011: 8 hour original edit
This edit contains the aftermath of the fire at the Scorpio home as Robin is taken to GH after Lisa pulls her out, Robin is insistent that Lisa set the blaze. It is determined the fire was accidental, but Robin is not assured when she wakes to find Lisa looming over her holding a syringe. She screams and has dreams of being locked up in a looney bin. Then Maxie comes in to find Lisa about to inject something into a sleeping Robinís IV and she screams. Lisa passes off the syringe to Johnny, he later blackmails her into treating a gunshot wound. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Bus Crash, Robin meets Theo (a cranky patient), and Valentineís Day. Robin is Brendaís Maid of Honor at her wedding to Sonny. Robin and Patrick reminisce about their own wedding, Robin tells him that she still loves him and has no regrets. After S&Bís reception, Brenda goes to the waiting limo and Sonny watches in horror as it explodes. Robin blames herself for supporting the wedding, Patrick assures her that they loved each other and it was their choice. They are shocked when its Samís body that is pulled from the limo, not Brendaís. Patrick and Robin rush to GH to help treat Sam, who is temporarily deaf. Brenda is rushed to GH next after she is rescued. Theo is revealed to be the Balkan. Maxie learns about Johnny blackmailing Lisa over the syringe, she tells Robin and Patrick who are then caught by Johnny breaking into his place to search. He then sets up a treasure hunt for Lisa and Robin to try to locate the hidden syringe. Robin follows clues and finds the syringe on the Haunted Star. She leaves with Lisa closely tailing her. The edit ends as Liz realizes the front door is open and Jake is missing, and goes outside and screams her childís name. Click here to read the full edit description.

Robin & Patrick #14 March 18 - September 1, 2011: 8 hour original edit
On this edit, Jake is hit by a car, and Robin & Patrick perform surgery but he doesnít survive. Patrick goes home with Robin that night, bearing Chinese food. They get back together and he moves home, cute scenes with the Drake family reunited. Lisa drugs Kristina and while she is sleeping, Lisa plants bugs in the Drake home, then steals Patrickís credit card number and sets up charges to make it look like he is having an affair with her. Lisa tries to kill Robin and set Patrick up for her murder. But this time they are a step ahead of her and Mac is there to arrest Lisa. Lisa escapes and takes hostages at GH and shoots Spinelli. The staff are rescued and in the aftermath, Robin becomes interim Chief of Staff. After Jax has kidnaped Josselyn, he brings her to Robinís and allows Shawn to return her to Carly. Sonny finds him there and confronts him, shooting Robin in the process. Jason is in a car accident, he wakes up at GH but then suddenly collapses. Robin diagnosis his condition, then argues with Patrick over how to best treat him. Patrick performs brain surgery on Jason to remove a piece of the dashboard of AJ's car. Click here to read the full edit description.

Robin & Patrick #15 September 6, 2011 - February 13, 2012: 8 hour original edit
The gang gather on a yacht to celebrate Mattís success, Anthony Z. gives Lisa some experimental med that brings her out of the coma. She stalks the cruise party and attacks Robin, planning on injecting Patrick with Robinís blood. Robin is knocked out and when she comes to Lisa is dead, murdered. For Christmas. Patrick gives Robin a deed to a plot of land to build their dream house. They stay home and snuggle on New Yearís, Robin gets bad news about her viral load and suspects that Lisa had switched her HIV meds for placebos. Mac & Robin talk on the bridge (which Jason paid to have rebuilt) on the anniversary of Stoneís death. Robin decides to leave town to spare Patrick & Emma. Robin asks Jason to help her disappear and she asks Liz to help Patrick with Emma. She says she is heading to a conference in Africa for help with a patient but doesnít tell Patrick the truth. Finally while she is gone, Liz fills him in. Robin soon returns from her real trip to Seattle for her third drug protocol, the initial results of the study is promising and she now has hope for the future. Patrick took Robin & Emma to see the site of their future dream home. Click here to read the full edit description.

Robin & Patrick #16 February 13 - July 11 , 2012: 8 hour original edit
Anna returns to Port Charles! Robin is working on a cure for Jason in the lab and there is an explosion, and she is ďkilledĒ. A heart broken Patrick blames Jason and doesnít want to do the surgery but does agree to it. Sweet scenes as a ghostly Robin visits Patrick in the shower, is with him during Jasonís surgery, she visits Jason as well. Sam tries to keep the word of Robinís death from Jason and he is desperate to talk to her. Carly sneaks in and tells him about her death. Robert returns to town, Robinís funeral, Maxie confesses that she believes she caused Robinís death by accidentally turning on the gas nozzle in the lab. Noah returns to see his son, a poignant moment as Patrick takes Robinís ashes to the site of their new home, then when Jason shares his memories of Robin while standing on the bridge with Liz. Robin is shown alive laying in a hospital bed! Comes to light that Maxie was covering for Matt, who killed Lisa in a drunken stupor and she is released. This edit includes every Patrick scene, all of Robinís final scenes before her departure, all of Emmaís scenes, all of Noahís brief return. I included all of Anna and Mac and Sonny finding out about Robinís death, and Jason finally finding out as well as well as some of their scenes of grieving in the aftermath. Click here to read the
full edit description.

Robin & Patrick & Sabrina #17 July 12 - December 18, 2012: 8 hour original edit
Reopening of Haunted Star, Patrick is taking amphetimines and thinks he sees Robin. Robinís return as Patrick hallucinates seeing her. Robin is shown being held captive. Anna flashes back to Heather telling her Robin is alive. Anna heads to search Ferncliffe, then heads to Switzerland looking for Robin. Luke goes to Switzerland meets Dr. Obrecht, and rescues Anna. Water poisioning storyline, Sabrina and Britt both arrive in PC. Sabrina babysits and Emma tells her all about the Nurseís Ball. Sabrina begins talking to other hospital staff and asking about the NB. Duke returns from the dead, Robert returns and quickly clues into Duke is actually Faison which leads up to a big showdown. Real Duke is seen being held captive. A captive Robin makes appearances on both dvds.
I included all of Robin, all of Patrick, all of Sabrina, and just about all of early Britt (left out a couple of Lulu/Dante/Britt scenes). I included a bit of Robert & Anna together as he tries to convince her that Duke is really Faison, and then the Switzerland scenes as Robert & John go to the clinic and follow the trail that leads them to Faison & Anna. Not all of Robertís return, nor all of Anna during this time frame is included, not all of Anna & Duke or Anna & Faison. Again, I included a bit to follow that Faison is holding Robin captive and he is holding real Duke captive and what his motivations are (to get Anna back). Robert finally finds his daughter alive but is soon injected with a toxin that puts him in a coma. Once Faisonís true identity is revealed, a new captor takes over care of Robin. Click here to read the
full edit description.

Patrick & Sabrina #18 December 21, 2012 -† April 15, 2013: 8 hour original edit
Note: No Robin on this edit. Lucy arrives at GH and announces that the Qís will provide funding for the ball, Britt sets up Sabrina to have incorrectly administered medication that killed a patient. Britt blackmails Maxie into setting her up, she tells Frisco and he puts a stop to Brittís ruining Sabrinaís career. She is cleared of these charges, then she is set up to have cheated on the nursing school exam. She is then cleared of those charges and is able to graduate! She finally tells Patrick her feelings for him. This edit contains rehearsals begin for the Nurseís Ball, Milo has a crush on Sabrina and asks her to the ball. Noah Drake returns to town for the ball. I included all of the NB musical performances as well. I included all of Patrickís scenes, all of Sabrina, Emmaís. All of Noahís brief return is also on the #18B dvd. I included quite a bit of Britt as her storyline at this time revolves primarily around Patrick & Sabrina, including her scenes with her mother leading up to her announcement at the Nurseís Ball that she is pregnant with Patrickís child. I did not include all of the Britt with Maxie, Dante, Lulu just enough to establish the surrogacy storyline. Click here to read the
full edit description.

Patrick & Sabrina #19 April 16 - September 30 2013: 8 hour original edit
Note: No Robin on this edit. Patrick & Sabrina deal with the fallout from Brittís pregnancy. She has faked her test results to show she is sick which requires bed rest. She manipulates her way into staying at Sabrina & Felixís apartment. When Brittís mama arrives in town, eventually they put the pieces together that Dr. Obrecht is her mother and works for Faison. Britt meets Prince Nik and she goes to live at Wyndemere. A furious Patrick threatens to sue her for full custody and she tells him he is not the babyís father. Sabrina arrives to confront Britt, she goes into labor and Sabrina helps deliver the baby. Her ex-boyfriend, Carlos, arrives in town. The edit ends as Jerry returns and is shown to be holding Robin captive to work on a cure for his radioactive isotope poisioning. Sabrina attends Mac & Feliciaís wedding which is a lot of fun, including Maxie, Mac, and Felicia singing ďGoing to the ChapelĒ. Click here to read the
full edit description.

Robin & Patrick #20 NB 2013, October 1 - November 25, 2013: 8 hour original edit
This edit kicks off the Nurseís Ball 2013, a few of Patrick & Emmaís scenes from May. Next is Robinís return as she is seen being held captive by Jerry Jax. He mentions giving her a dvd of the NB 2013 so felt it was important to include those scenes. Robert has woken up and tells Anna that he saw Robin and she is alive! Robin comes up with a cure but it is all used on Luke after he is injected with the virus. Robin escapes from the lab but is caught by Faison & Liesl. Robert & Anna find themselves trapped in Robinís lab, but Anna now knows she is alive. Robin returns to Port Charles with Faison & Liesl, Nik & Britta. On Halloween, she visits GH in her disguise and talks to Emma. Patrick proposes to Sabrina, Duke is taken captive in the catacombs of Wyndemere, Luke shows up at Wyndemere and is shocked to see Robin is alive. At the end of the edit, Robert & Anna are soon reunited with their only child and Duke is freed. Patrick has not yet seen that Robin is alive, as he is about to marry Sabrina. Story continues on the Patrick & Robin 2013 #21 with their reunion! I included all of Patrick, all of Robin, all of Emma, all of Robert & Anna. There is a lot of Jerry, Faison, Liesl, Duke as they interact with the others but I didn't not include all of the Faison & Liesl scenes together, and I did not include Sabrina's separate scenes unless she is with Patrick or Emma. Click here to read the
full edit description.

Robin & Patrick #21 November 26, 2013 - May 13, 2014: 8 hour original edit
Dvd #21A Robert & Anna thrilled to reunite with their daughter. Anna determines that Faison will not be allowed to torture her family and kills him. Robin arrives at the church just as Patrick is marrying Sabrina. Emma finally sees her and she runs into her motherís arms. They finally reunited and wake up together on Christmas morning as a family. Patrick tells Robin that he has never been happier. On New Years Eve, Emma remarries them. So awesome to see them happy together. Towards the end of this dvd, Sabrina finds out she is pregnant with Patrickís baby but tells him the baby is Carlosí. One of the best moments is the reunion between Robin & Maxie at the cemetery as Maxie is contemplating suicide. Robin & Sonny finally see each other too. Love how they reconnected her with those she was close to on the show. On this dvd, I included all of Robin, all of Patrick and all of Emmaís scenes. So this dvd is more focused on Scrubs together. (Anna only included when with them, and no Robert on this dvd)
Dvd #21B Everyone is shocked when Liesl is named Chief of Staff at GH, the WSB has struck a deal with her. Some cute scenes with Robert & Mac and Emma as she tells them about her love life and then Robert tries to play the didgeridoo he gave her for Christmas. Sabrina finally tells Patrick that he is the father of her baby. Victor Cassidine arrives in town and tells Robin that Jason is alive and in cryogenic sleep like Stavros had been. He guilts her into coming with him to save Jasonís life. Later she tells Patrick that she has to leave town to help Jason. They tell everyone she is going to work for AMFAR in Africa. All too soon, after saying her goodbyes, Robin leaves town in early March. I added a few scenes of Emma & Patrick afterwards as they deal with Robinís departure. I also included Emmaís recital though she isnít seen dancing. Patrick calls Robin in early May and Robin is seen.
#21C 1 hr dvd Robin says her goodbyes to Anna. All too soon, after saying her goodbyes, Robin leaves town in early March. I added a few scenes of Emma & Patrick afterwards as they deal with Robinís departure. I also included Emmaís recital though she isnít seen dancing. Patrick calls Robin in early May and Robin is seen. Final scenes on this edit are the 2014 NB with Cameron & Emmaís dance and Emmaís song, ďIts a Beautiful DayĒ. Click here to read the
full edit description.

Robin & Patrick #22 Aug 1-12, 2014 & November 12, 2015 - January 7, 2016: 4 hour original DVD
I began this dvd with Robinís Aug, 2014 return when Patrick finds her at Crichton Labs while searching with Sam for info on Nina (Silasí wife). Victor threatens to kill Jason, but he is seen coming back to life as he hand extends up above the cryo chamber where he had been frozen. I then included the Nurseís Ball 2015 with Patrick & Emmaís performance. I then added the Oct 7th scenes when Emma & Anna make a special necklace for Robin for her birthday, LOTS of foreshadowing. Robin then returns in Nov, 2015 and this dvd covers through their wedding, and departure for Berkeley in Jan, 2016. This final dvd covers all of Robin's 2015 return and completes their storyline.
Patrick calls to tell her that Jason is alive. Meanwhile, Robin is shown being held captive by Jerry and he threatens her that she has a 48 hours to come up with a drug for immortality. Helena has died and Robinís usefulness to Jerry has come to an end. He orders her killed. Patrick & Emma head to Paris to surprise Robin but she is nowhere to be found. Patrick calls Anna who arrives in Paris to help in the search for Robin. Robert shows up at the hotel and tells Anna the classic line, ďLets go get our daughterĒ. He confirmed she was being held on a Cassidine Island. They arrive on the island, Patrick entered a mausoleum and stopped short when he saw Robin lying on top of a crypt from what appeared to be a fatal gunshot wound. Patrick gently kissed Robin, but his grief turned to disbelief when Robin took a deep breath and opened her eyes. She is soon reunited with parents, taken back to the hotel and reunited with her baby girl, then back to PC and reunited with her friends! They decide to move to Berkeley, California. They all gather for their wedding. Scrubs head off together as a family, finally happily ever after! I was able to use ALL of the scenes from the extended episode that was posted with the additional scenes from the episode abc posted. Click here to read the
full edit description.

GH Karaoke Music 2007-2010 Dvd
12/24/07 Lukeís operation, sings ďMy WayĒ, and ďIíll Be Home For ChristmasĒ
7/10, 7/13, 7/14/09 Karokee - Robin & Patrick, Spinelli, Maxie/Lulu/Rebecca sing
9/28/09 Complete Episode  Maxie & Spinelliís non-wedding Karokee reception at Jakeís
9/29/09  Maxie & Spinelliís non wedding reception with Karokee at Jakeís
10/9/09 Johnny sings - edited
12/2/09 Luke & Ethan, Mac & Alexis sing - edited
7/14/10 Kalup Ishmael sings ďRoute 66Ē, Brook Lynn sings ďBefore He CheatsĒ- edited

This dvd is comprised of episodes featuring Karokee scenes. Iíve edited the episodes down to the Karokee portions where needed to fit additional musical performances. If you have any suggestions for additional musical moments for 2007-current time to add, please let me know. Iím mostly interested in musical performances, but Iím also willing to add musical montages as well. Click here to read the full edit description.

SOAPNET 4 HOUR Valentineís Scrubs Marathon: Celebrate the Love with Milestones of beloved couple Patrick and Robin, Patrick and Robin declare their love, Emma's birth, Scrubs wedding, and their first anniversary celebration. Click here to read the full edit description.


Kimberly McCullough and Jason Thompson TV Appearances:

Kimberly Interview DVD #1 - 3:55

  • 2/28/97 Soap Opera Digest Awards - Steve wins Best Younger Actor

  • 5-26-93 Emmy's - GH 30th Anniversary - sm clip with Robin as a little girl

  • 5-19-95 Emmy's - Kimberly is nominated, doesn't win

  • 1-10-92 SOD Awards - Kimberly nominated Best Younger Actress, doesn't win

  • 2-26-93 SOD Awards - Kimberly wins Best Child Actor

  • Nov, 1986 - Morning Show - Regis behind the scenes at GH, interviews little Kimberly (so-so quality)

  • 1988 - GH 25th Annversary Promo

  • 1986 ET - Visit to the set, Kimberly

  • 4-13-88 - Tonight Show with Jay Leno -Kimberly sings "Castles in the Sky" from Les Meserable

  • Feb 1995 - Soapline - clips of Kimberly as little girl

  • April 1993 - Home Show - Steve Burton, Vanessa, Kimberly, Cari Shayne, Antonio (poor quality)

  • 11-28-94 - Pure Soap - Kimberly & Michael on first acting jobs, clip

  • 10-5-94 - Pure Soap - Kimberly & her wish to see Eygpt, clip (poor)

  • 9-26-94 Pure Soap - Purity Falls, Michael & Kimberly clip

  • 3-14-94 Pure Soap -On the set of GH during  fight scene between Stone & Jagger

  • 3-15-94 - Pure Soap - Michael talks about love

  • 4-4-94 -Pure Soap-Michael & Steve talk about what their characters are looking for

  • 3-28-94 Pure Soap - Steve tells of a real life romantic moment

  • 7-29-94 Pure Soap - Kimberly & Michael interview

  • 8-10-94 Pure Soap - Michael shares his fav GH memory

  • 8-11-94 - Pure Soap - Kimberly tells an embarassing GH moment

  • Soapline - Kimberly & Michael on the set during taping of a love scene

  • 11-13-95 - CNN's Showbiz - on Stone's death, interview with Lee Mathis

  • 12-1-95 Mike & Maty - World Aids Day - Kimberly interview\

  • 1995 E! Pre-Emmy Show - Kimberly interviewed on arrival (she's with her two guys, Michael & Steve - classic!)

  • 5/96 Regis & Kathy Lee - Kimberly, Maurice & Stuart day of Emmy's

  • 5-22-96 E! Pre-Emmy Show - Kimberly arrival

  • 5-22-96 - Emmy's - Kimberly wins Best Supporting, GH montage for Best Show

  • 5-23-96 - GH Promo for Kimberly winning Emmy

  • 5-20-96 - BET's Screen - on Rosalind Cash's last scenes w/ Michael & Kimberly

  • 6-21-96 - Extra: "Day of Compassion" - interview with Kimberly

  • 1995 - Regis & Kathy Lee - interview Michael Sutton in Maui

  • Summer, 1995 GMA -  Michael & Kimberly

  • Summer 1995 - Hot Summer Soaps - Michael & Kimberly

  • 1995 - Great  GH Promo for Robin & Stone

  • 1996 SOU Awards - Kimberly & Steve present Best Actor to Ian Buchanan

  • 12-6-86 - SOD Awards - Kimberly wins Best Young Actress

  • 6-29-89 Daytime Emmy's - Kimberly wins Outstanding Female Juvenile

  • 6-28-90 Daytime Emmy's - Kimberly, Finola, & Brad Lockerman present Outstanding Children's Series

  • 1997 Emmy's - GH montage for Best Show, Steve Burton nominated Best Younger Actor (doesn't win), and Tyler & Ingo present Best Younger Actress -Kimberly nominated - doesn't win. GH wins Best Show

  • June, 1996 Rolanda - Kimberly, Aids Awareness Day

  • 1996 - Leeza - Kimberly, Michael, and Tonya

  • 2-14-98 Rosie - GH Cast sings

  • 5-3-95 Oprah - Kimberly on Jr prom, short clip

  • 3-97 GH Promo

  • 2/28/98 SOD Awards - GH Montage for Best Show

  • 3-31-98 Promo 35th Anniversary Show

  • 4-2-98 Promo for Anniversary with short clip of Finola & Kimberly on working together and the anniversary

  • 4-2-98 Good Morning America - Montage on GH over the years (no interview)

  • 10/23/97 E! - short clip on Kimberly & Freddie Prince Jr.

  • 5-15-98 E! Emmy Pre-show - Kimberly arriving with Ingo & Becky

  • 6/24/96 Personal FX: The Collectables show -Kimberly tells about her collections - Bells, Dolls, shells, angels, teddy bears (jumpy)

  • 7/21/94 Mike and Maty - Behind the scenes GH -Kimberly and John J. York getting ready to do scenes @ the OutBack Interviews Kimberly, John J. York, Jon Lindstrom, Leigh McCloskey, and Lynn Herring  (jumpy)

  • 4-2-98 GH 35th Anniversary Special - edited to Kimberly - 4 mins

  • 2005 Fall Preview - on Robin's Return - :4 mins

  • 11/6/05 GH promo train wreck - Jason, Sam, Robin

  • Soapcenter - NB feature - Kimberly, Wally, Stuart - 3 mins

  • 12/5/05 Soaptalk - Kimberly

  • 5/18/06 Soaptalk - Tristan, Finola, and Kimberly

  • 5/06 Daytime Emmy's & Arrivals - Kimberly & Finola pre-show interview, Tristan & Emma present, Finola & Rachel Ray present, Kimberly & Natalia & Becky present GH Best Show montage, GH wins Best Show! Great Patrick & Robin Promo

  • 12/4/06 Soaptalk - Kimberly

  • 1995? Mike & Maty - Michael Sutton about Robin & Stone sleeping together

Jason Thompson Interview/Appearance Edit - in progress:

  • Scrubs Event 2006  - Kimberly & Jason - 1 hr 15 mins - This was a fun event as they talked about their character's relationship, a lot of good natured teasing back and forth. They are really cute together. The Q&A is about 40 minutes, then they did a raffle and auctioned off a set tour. Fans presented a charity donation made on their behalf.

  • 5/06 Dr. Hottie promo

  • 6/06 Fun in the Sun Promos - Jason, Kimberly, Becky in San Diego

  • 7/06 Fun in the Sun Promos - Jason & Greg at the Indianapolis 500

  • 10/16/06 Soaptalk in Hawaii - Jason Thompson

  • 10/20/06 Soaptalk in Hawaii - Jason Thompson - demonstrates how to surf (shirtless!)

Kimberly & Jason Thompson Interview/Appearence Edit #2 - in progress 3 hrs 19 mins so far

  • Scrubs Event 2006  - Kimberly & Jason - 1 hr 15 mins - This was a fun event as they talked about their character's relationship, a lot of good natured teasing back and forth. They are really cute together. The Q&A is about 40 minutes, then they did a raffle and auctioned off a set tour. Fans presented a charity donation made on their behalf.

  • 12/06 Soapnet Christmas Special - Jason Thompson, Scott Clifton, Kassie DiPaiva, ect.

  • 10/16/06 Soaptalk in Hawaii - Jason Thompson  demonstrates how to surf (shirtless!) - :10

  • 12/13/06 Soapnet clips of Kimberly & JT on the set of GH, aired during GH

  • 6/06 Fun in the Sun - Jason, Kimberly, Becky in San Diego

  • 7/06 Fun in the Sun - Jason & Greg at the Indianapolis 500

  • 5/06 Dr. Hottie promo -  Great Patrick & Robin Promo

  • 11/06 Promos

  • 9/6-9/8/06 Fun in the Sun - Kimberly

  • Soapography - Kimberly, Rick Springfield

  • 2/27/07 The View - Kimberly co-hosts

  • 2/12-2/16/07 Fantastic Feb - Jason Thompson at elementary school, on the set of GH

  • 7/11/07 The View - Jason Thompson & Billy Dee Williams on premiere of Night Shift

  • 2007 Daytime Emmy Pre-show - JT & Kim arrive with Brian Frons

  • 7/07 Summer Secrets - preview of Night Shift

Night Shift Promos - about 8 minutes of promos

  • "Dangerous, sexier, scandalous, cooler...."

  • Epiphany Promo

  • "Calm, Breath, Still....."

  • Kent Promo

  • Dr. Robin Scorpio Promo

  • "Doctors who break the rules now pay the price" (great 1 minute promo)

  • "Two doctors fighting to save the lives of others"

  • Action promo as ambulance explodes

  • Jason & Kim talk about Nightshift

  • Soapnet celebrates Premiere of GH Nightshift, clips of Lindze Leatherman, Sonya Eddy, Jason Thompson, Angel Wainwright, Adrian Alvarado, Billy Dee Williams, Kent Masters

  • Robin & Patrick Promo (Kim & Jason talk about Nightshift)

  • Dr. Patrick Drake promo

  • "There is so much drama inside this hospital, it is hard to keep it covered up"

  • "Bring On The Night" (short)

  • Kiko & Kent Behind the Scenes for photo shoot

  • 7/19 "Faceless Temptation"

GH Events [Kimberly only]

1995 GH Luncheon  - 1:42 - Copy - Maurice Bernard, Felicia Bell, John Ingle, Mary Beth Evans, Jon Lindstrom, Rena Sofer, Senait, Shell Kepler, Ron Hale, Stuart Damon, Wendy Riche, Susan Brown, George Alvarez, Matthew Ashford, Norma Connolly, Leslie Charleson, Kimberly McCullough, Sean Kanaan, Lynn Herring, Wally Kurth, Brad Maule (also "Audrey hardy", Madame Maia", Carmine Cerillo")

GH Luncheon #1 2001 - 2 hrs 17 mins - SP - Press Room Coverage - Interviews with Loren Freeman, Leslie Charleson, Real Andrews, Angel Boris, Landon Wine, Jacob Young, Amber & Chad were asked about when Zander fell in love with Emily (they debated this for a moment), shots of Chad interviewing on behalf of soapcenter, interview with soapcenter interviewer, John Ingle getting everyone's attention and getting them all to line up to get ready to go into the ballroom, all the actor's entrances into the ballroom, the Q&A.  Constance & Landon present Debbie Morris and Debby O'Connor with a "Heart Award" as a thank you for all their efforts for the GH and PC Fan Clubs (55 minutes to this point). Each of the following actors received one question during Q&A -Denise Alexander, Real Andrews, Maurice Benard, Angel Boris, Chad Brannon, Tamara Braun, Jensen Buchanan, Breck Burns (Georgie), Leslie Charleson, Stuart Damon, Scott Egan, (Kimberly McCullough arrives), Loren Freeman, Nancy Lee Grahn, Ron Hale, Vanita Harbor, John Ingle, Anna Lee, Shell Kepler, Kimberly McCullough, Robert Kelker Kelly, Wally Kurth, Brad Maule, A. Martinez, Logan (Lucas), Marisa Ramirez, Coltin Scott, Tava Smiley,  Amber Tamblyn, Constance Towers, Landon Wine, Billy Warlock, John J. York, Jacob Young. (1 hr 50 mins to the end of the Q&A). Actors not in attendance - Ingo, Jackie Zeman, Tony Geary, Genie Francis, Kristina, Stephen Nichols, Stephen Kay. I went around interviewing the actors, videotaping the actors meeting with the fans, and added some fan interviews. Actors interviewed are:  Kimberly McCullough, Rebecca Herbst, (camerawoman from soapnet - Kary), John J. York, Robert Kelker Kelly, Scott Egan, Billy Warlock, Jensen Buchanan, Brad Maule, Coltin Scott, Logan, Denise Alexander, A. Martinez. At the end of this I added the 3 minute Soap Center clip of Chad interviewing filming the event as their correspondent. Note: I interviewed Tamara, Lisa V.,  Marisa, Tava, and Erin Hershey at the Ladies of PC event. At the Q event, I interviewed Stuart Damon, Amber Tamblyn, and John Ingle.

GH Events [Includes both Kimberly and Jason]

Scrubs & Pillow Talk  2006 DVD  - 2 hrs 45 minutes
Scrubs Event - Kimberly & Jason - 1 hr 15 mins
This was a fun event as they talked about their character's relationship, a lot of good natured teasing back and forth. They are really cute together. The Q&A is about 40 minutes, then they did a raffle and auctioned off a set tour. Fans presented a charity donation made on their behalf.
Pillow Talk - Kirsten, Lindze, Julie - 1 1/2 hours
Lindze starts off the Q&A and brings in her dog. He was a rescue dog and she is raising money for the animal shelter. She is soon joined by  Kirsten & Julie. They are cute together as they talk clothes, storyline, and friendship. The Q&A lasts about 52 minutes. Then they do a charity auction. Natalia stops by briefly during the auction. Scott arrives about an hour into this event during the auction. He is so funny as he declares they are the worst auctioneers ever and offers his expertise. This is very funny as Kirsten objects to his approach and warns fans not to bid on his auction! <grin> Lindze teases him about his side burns.

Kickoff Party & GH Luncheon 2006 DVD - 2 hrs 58 minutes
Kick Off  Event - 1 hr 10 mins
Adrian (Cruz), Ignacio, John J. York, Rick Hearst, Dirk Cheetwood. This was a very casual cocktail party so there was no Q&A and only one brief interview. I interviewed Adrian (though was rather loud in there so his interview is audible but its hard to hear my questions), and shots of Adrian, John, Iganacio, and Dirk with fans and a bit of Rick with fans. Greg stops by, Lindze stop by but there isn't much footage on them. Ignacios' band, "3 1/2 Feet Under" play. Cynthia Preston stops by, and there are shots of her and Rick slow dancing, cute moment. Jason & Kimberly stop by, Kimberly says a few words as does Jason, inviting fans to their event on Saturday night.
GH Luncheon -1 hr 47 mins
In the press room I interviewed (about 22 minutes): John Ingle, Stuart Damon, Lindze Leatherman, Julie Berman, Scott Clifton, John J. York, Constance Towers, Jason Thompson, Ted King,  Laura Wright, Ignaciao, Steve Burton, Kimberly, and Rebecca Herbst. Back in the main ballroom the actors are introduced: John Ingle does the introductions, Adrian Alvarez, Denise Alexander, Julie Berman, Maurice, Steve, Dylan Cash, Dirk & Drew Cheetwood, Tyler Christopher, Scott, Stuart, Sonya, Rick Hearst, Kent Masters King, Becky, Ted, Lindze, Natalia, Kimberly, Ignacio, Jason, Connie, Greg Vaughn, Bergen, Laura, and John J.
John York goes out with a roving mic to the fans for the Q&A portion of the event with questions fielded to the following actors:  Steve, Kimb, Maurice, Stuart, Jason, Julie, Connie, Scott, Jackie, Laura, Jill Farren Phelps.

This is followed by the fan club awards:
Oustanding Official Web Site - Tyler Christopher's
Oustanding Offline Fan Club - Rick Hearst's
Outstanding Younger Actress - Julie Berman
Outstanding Younger Actor - Scott Clifton
Outstanding Supporting Actress - Rebecca Herbst
Oustanding Supporting Actor - Rick Hearst
(Note: Tristan arrives during this to huge applause)
Favorite Couple - Jason & Sam
Fan Favorite Award - Maurice Benard
Favorite Actress - Kelly Monaco
Favorite Actor - Steve Burton

Fans give the actors a standing ovation, which is returned as the actors also give the fans a standing ovation in return. The autograph session begins, Finola Hughes arrives during this portion. She stands up on a table and waves to fans (not on the video). I have several minutes of the actors meeting with fans, autographing items and taking pictures with fans. During the autograph session I have shots of Tristan, Jason, Ted, Jason, Greg, Adrian, Kim, Maurice, Steve, Natalia, John Ingle, John J., Bergen, Tyler, Jackie, Connie, Kent, Laura (very classy lady she brought a huge stack of 8x10 pictures that she gave away to fans!), Dirk & Drew, Becky, Sonya, Finola, Scott, and Julie. Short clip of Rick with his fan club award and he acknowledges his fan club president, Debby O'Connor. Short interview welcoming Sonya and asking her how the role of epiphany took off. Cute shot of Tristan and Finola together (no interviews as they arrived after the press room and their lines were HUGE!).

Scrubs 2007 Event & Infanity DVD
     Scrubs Event 2007 DVD - Kimberly McCullough & Jason Thompson - 1:02 - Many fans want and ask for more Scrubs love scenes. Jason admits that Patrick does get a little jealous of Robin's other male interests and she teases him about it. She teases him about having a crush on Finola, him dancing on GH, he talks about Kim & Fin's relationship, Kim would love to work more with Kirsten as she thinks she is "crazy talented". They talk about how they prepare for scenes together and their different work styles. Funny moment when a fan asks about the Nurse's Ball, and he has a vision of something like OLTL's Prom Night. She teases him that if they did an NB again that they would make him dance! Of course they talk about Night Shift. They discuss their charity, all of the money collected throughout the weekend for Kim's charity will be donated to the Aids Walk, they are doing a team again this fall. They report that their team last year was the 5th largest team, this is in the huge LA area with major cooporations with tons of people participating so very admirable. They auctioned off a set tour that went for $6,000 for five lucky fans, and then due to competing bids they wound up doing three of them and raised another $18,000 just in the studio tour auction, bringing the total raised for the LA Aids Walk to $30,000 in just two days! To order this event video, please send a Money Order ONLY made out to "AIDS Walk Los Angeles", 100% of the proceeds of this event video is donated directly to Kim & JT's charity. I donate the dvds and First Class shipping. If your going to be in LA on Sunday, October 21st, join Kimberly & Jason's "Team Scrubs" for the Aids Walks Los Angeles 2007. Registration and event info at:
     "Infanity" - :36 mins no commericals - On set interviews with Ingo, Tony Geary, Kelly Monaco, Kimberly, Jason Thompson, Genie Francis, Becky Herbst, Laura Wright. They mix interviews and clips with on set action shots and storyline clips. Donna Messina, Head Makeup Artist, is interviewed about doing 40 actors a day as she does Nancy Lee's makeup. Joanne Onario, Hair Sylist, talks about the doing not just daily hairstyles but inserting ashe after explosions, or for a cancer patient, or someone in the hosptial. Next is Monique Adamas, Head of Wardrobe Department, about dressing the characters, doing all of the shopping, dressing Luke in particular. Kimberly talks about the Aids storyline and playing a character living with HIV. Mark Teschner, Casting Director, on what goes into casting an actor in a role. Cindy Sawyer, Medical Consultant, on medical dialogue and working with the medical props.  Clips of the GH Luncheon, interviews with actors interspersed throughout the show, and interviews with fans at the luncheon is showcased as well as fans meeting actors during the autograph session.

GH Luncheon 2008 - Press room interviews with John Ingle (Edward), Bruce Weitz (Anthony Zaccara), Claire Coffee (Nadine), Rayne Morton (Cassius), Sonya Eddy (Epiphany), Jason Thompson (Patrick), Brandon Barash (Johnny). The luncheon begins with the arrival of John Ingle and he introduces the attending cast:  Bradford Anderson (Spinelli), Brandon, Julie Berman (Julie), Nazanin Boniandi (Leyla), Derk Cheetwood (Max Giambetti), Drew Cheetwood (Milo Giambetti), Tyler Christoper (Nikolas), Claire, Shamas Deaver (Ian), Sonya, Blake Gibbons, Ron Hale (Mike), Rick Hearst (Rick), Carolyn Hennesy (Diane), Kent King (Lainey), Stephen Macht (Trevor Lansing), Kimberly McCullough (Robin Scorpio), Minae Noji (Kelly Lee), Jay Pickett  (David Harper), Graham Shields, Kin Shriner (Scott Baldwin), Kirsten Storms (Maxie Jones), Jason Thompson (Patrick Drake), Greg Vaughan (Lucky Spencer), Megan Ward (Kate Howard), Bruce, Laura Wright  (Carly Corinthos Jacks)

Fan Club Awards Presented:
Outstanding Younger Actress - Julie Berman
Outstanding Younger Actor - Dylan Cash
Outstanding Supporting Actress - Rebecca Herbst
Outstanding Supporting Actor - Greg Vaughn
Favorite Character - Spinelli
Favorite Couple - Robin & Patrick
Outstanding Actor - Tyler Christopher
Outstanding Actress - Laura Wright
Oustanding Official Fan Club & Web Site - Tyler Christopher & Sheri Evans

Q&A with Actors - :17 mins -  Carolyn takes the mic out to the audience, questions for Laura, Megan, Kirsten, Sonya, Bruce, Blake, Bradford, Julie. Afterwards, interview with Seamus, Nazanin, and in a suprise I recognized Carly Schroeder (PC's Serena) standing next to Kin and interviewed her. Various shots of the actors interacting with fans, signing autographs, taing pictures.

Highlights of this event was how touched Dylan was to win Younger Actor, I think it meant a lot to him and it was obvious he misses being on the show. The actors are so kind and gracious, and are so funny when they are together during the Q&A, always one of my favorite parts of the weekend.

Scrubs Event 2008 Dvd  1 hr 49 mins
Q&A with Jason - :20 minutes
Q&A wth Jason & Kimberly - :27 minutes
Q&A with Jason & Kimberly & Finola - :40 mins
Q&A with Jason & Kimberly continues for another :10-15 mins after Fin leaves

This is one of the best Q&As of any event I've been to. They were awesome, sat and talked, just like hanging out with a couple of friends. Jason has gotten very comfortable (check out the first Scrubs Event in 2006 when he was so nervous!). Total this is about 1 hr 40 mins of pure Q&A!

Scrubs 2009 Event Dvd - 1 hr 53 minutes

This event had a nice long Q&A, about an hour. They also did a live auction, probably another :30 minutes. I also included clips of them signing autographs, and taking pictures with the fans. They are so relaxed with each other, cute moment as a fan asked them each what they liked about each other. Kimberly groaned as she watched video clips of Karokee night. They talked about filming that sequence, about working together, their different working styles. Seemed like he is very protective of her. Nice to hear them chatting about the show, each other, their characters, like sitting down for a visit with a couple of good friends.

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