Duke, Anna & Robert & Katherine & Robin #34 December 5, 1988 - January 24, 1989: 8 hour original edit

DVD #34A Duke punches Scotty out at the police station. Anna returns home to Robin. The Lavery family is together at home once again.

December 6 Sean suggests Tiff not mention Cheryl in front of Robert. She promises, but when Robert comes down for breakfast, she starts in about her sister. Robert gets up from the table and walks out. Cheryl calls Anna and asks to see her. Anna's reluctant but she agrees. When Robert comes back, he informs Sean that he's moving out. He finally lets out all his pent up frustrations about Cheryl.

Anna meets with Cheryl. She's furious with Cheryl for not coming forward sooner. Anna tells Cheryl to stay away from her and her family, Robert included. Shortly after, Robert shows up at Anna's to see how she is. Anna tells him about her encounter with Cheryl. Anna feels bad about the way she laid into Cheryl, and thinks Robert should forgive her. Robert thinks she's being awfully generous after what she's been through. Robert refuses to forgive Cheryl for what she did to his family. As Julian steps off the elevator from Cheryl’s place, he runs into Robert. Robert tells Julian to get out of town and take his girlfriend with him.

December 7 Anna sits in the nursery and cries. She and Duke try to work through their grief. Duke and Anna are being harassed by reporters, so Duke unplugs the phone.

December 9 Robert visits the Lavery's. Robin's going to be staying with him while Duke and Anna are out of town. Robert asks where Duke is. Anna's not sure. Meanwhile, Duke arrives at Victor's place and confronts Julian. Robert heads to the hospital to oversee the transfer of Olivia to the sanitarium. When Duke arrives home, he tells Anna that he went to see Julian. Robert runs into Cheryl at the hospital. He refuses to forgive her for what she did to Anna. Cheryl tries to talk to Robert, but he doesn't care to listen. Suddenly, Julian walks in.

December 12 Robin takes the baby blanket away from Anna and puts it away. The WSB blackmails Sean into helping them. Anna's concerned about Robert. Robin and Robert arrive at Sean's. Sean tells Robert about Tiff moving out. Robert decides to go for a walk. Sean agrees to read Robin a bedtime story. Anna calls Sean's. Robin answers. When Anna asks about Robert, Robin tells her that Robert went for a walk. Anna's worried and decides to go out looking for him.

Victor and Julian visit Olivia at the sanitarium. Robert runs into Cheryl on the docks. Cheryl pleads with Robert to forgive her. She points out that Holly and Anna weren't perfect but he forgave them. Robert resents her comparing herself to Anna or Holly. Anna overhears him tell Cheryl she's not in their league. Cheryl walks away. Anna tells Robert that she's worried about him. She tries to make him realize that Cheryl was the first person to get through to him after he lost Holly, and that maybe he should give her a break. Robert takes Anna home. Olivia wakes from her coma.

December 13 The WSB contacts Sean for an update on Colton and Larry. Sean's interrupted when Robert comes downstairs. Tiff walks in ranting about the morning paper. She becomes hysterical when she learns they have to change the location of the wedding. Amidst all the chaos, Robert informs Sean that he needs a place of his own. Sean tries to talk him out of it. But Robert is insistent. Sean and Tiff leave Robert in charge and head out to get their marriage license. Shortly after their departure, Cheryl arrives for her dress fitting. Sean and Tiff return. Robert tells Sean that he can't be his best man. Sean is furious. He informs Robert that he's not going to get his own way, and if he wants to retain this friendship he better be at the wedding. Robert decides that Cheryl isn't worth ruining a friendship. He agrees to stand up for Sean.

December 14 Duke and Anna relax and enjoy the cabin. Duke convinces Anna to go ice fishing. She eventually gets bored and heads back to the cabin, leaving Duke to fish on his own. Duke arrives back at the cabin soaking wet. When Anna asks what happened, he declines to answer. He finally admits that the ice cracked and he fell in. Robert agrees to attend the party that Cheryl is throwing for Sean and Tiff.

Robin and Robert go house hunting. Robert isn't having much luck with the realtor until she discovers a quaint little cabin for rent. It's in the woods and quite secluded. Robin thinks it's cute and asks if they can go see it. Robert thinks seclusion is just what he needs, so he agrees to take a look. Robert and Robin love the little cabin, and he rents it.

December 15 Robert tells Olin about the cabin. She offers to stay with Robin at Sean's, while he gets everything settled at the new house. Sean drives Ariel home after the party. Sean returns to find Robert moving out. Robert settles into his new home. He calls Sean and offers to host his bachelor party.

December 16 Robert throws Sean a bachelor party at his new cottage. He rolls a large cake into his living room. Suddenly, Tiffany jumps out of the cake. Robert is disgusted. He tells her that she just ruined years of tradition. Back at Robert's, the party is in full swing. Everyone's standing around the piano singing Irish songs. Robert thinks the Irish songs are to depressing and starts to sing an Australian song. Just as he starts, he passes out. Some of the guys carry him up to bed, while the others finish the song in his honor.

In the middle of the night, Robert awakens abruptly to the sound of music. He thinks it's the alarm clock so he tries to shut it off. When that doesn't work, he throws it on the floor. He tries to get out of bed and falls on the floor. Robert manages to stumble to the top of the stairs. He finds a woman playing the piano in his living room. In his drunken state, he yells at her to stop. The woman stops playing long enough to see that there is a half naked man yelling at her from the top of the staircase. Robert's confused when she threatens to call the police if he doesn't get out of her house. He kindly informs her that it's his house and he is the police.

December 19 (reduced quality scenes this epi). Robert’s guest doesn't believe that he's a policeman. When he finds his pants, he shows her his badge. Unfortunately, she still doesn't believe him and threatens him with a candlestick. She wants to know why he's in her house. He puts his pants on and tells her he signed a two year lease with the realtor. Robert is extremely hung over and doesn't want to fight. He heads to the kitchen for some ice and coffee.

Robert wanders around his house looking for a copy of the lease he signed. He finally produces it. It turns out that this is his landlady Katherine Delafield. She can't believe that the realtor rented out her house. Robert tells her she's welcome to spend the night in a nice hotel but he's going to bed. She is outraged by his arrogance and storms out. Katherine is forced to return when her car won't start. Robert tells her she's welcome to spend the night in front of his fire. He drags a mattress downstairs for her. Robert discovers the mystery of the piano when he learns that Katherine is a concert pianist.

December 20 Robin and Anna arrive at Sean's for their fittings. Anna and Cheryl decide to bury the hatchet for Sean and Tiffany's sake. Back at the cabin, Robert decides to wake his guest by playing the piano. She jumps up and starts yelling at him. Cheryl wants to speak to Robert before the wedding, so she goes to his new house. Robert cooks breakfast for him and Kate. They discuss the living arrangements. She wants her house back but Robert's not willing to leave. While their arguing, Cheryl shows up. The three argue and Kate throws Cheryl out. Robert attends the wedding rehearsal at the Quartermaines. Kate arrives to apologize to Robert and Cheryl and to propose a compromise. She needs to practice at the cottage during the day while Robert's working. Then he can still live there. Robert tells her that he will think about it.

December 21 Robert calls in sick. Katherine shows up to practice and finds Robert on the couch. Robert receives a call from Robin. She concerned that Robert won't show up tomorrow to see her perform. He promises he will be there no matter what. Kate makes up a bed for Robert in front of the fire and makes him some soup. Robert falls asleep while Kate practices.

December 22 Robin and Anna arrive at the Jones Center for her show. They try calling Robert but can't get a hold of him. Robin's upset. She thinks her daddy's not coming to the show. Tiff and Sean wake up in bed together. Tiff tells him the wedding is off when he makes fun of her because she gave in and slept with him before the wedding. Sean thinks Tiff is just joking until she grabs her stuff and runs downstairs. He runs after her wrapped in the comforter. He tries to apologize but she won't listen. Robert shows up with his tux, only to learn that the wedding is off. Sean begs Robert to fix this. Robert runs after Tiff, but she wants nothing to do with either of them.

Back at the Jones Center, Duke and Robert both arrive for the show. Robert tells Anna and Duke that Tiffany called off the wedding. Meanwhile, Cheryl is yelling at Tiffany for being so selfish. When Sean arrives, the pair argues. Finally, Tiffany realizes how foolish she's being. She apologizes to Sean and the wedding is back on. He calls Robert to tell him.

Robert and Sean arrive at the Q's. Alan gives them the latest on hurricane Tiffany. The guests begin arriving. Sean decides he must speak to Tiffany before the wedding. He agrees to talk through the door, so he won't see her. Everything is going well until Tiffany asks about the honeymoon. When Sean doesn't respond, she knows something is wrong. He agrees that they will have a honeymoon, just not right now. Tiffany tells him the wedding is off again. Sean is at the end of his rope. He tells everyone to back away from the door, and then proceeds to kick it in. He grabs Tiffany and sends everyone downstairs. He tells Tiffany that he will drag her kicking and screaming down the aisle if he has too.

December 23 Tiffany kicks Sean in the leg as he drags her down the aisle. The wedding finally takes place and Tiffany becomes Mrs. Sean Donnelly. (The laughter as Tiffany’s birth name of Elsie Mae Krumholdtz is announced sends Tristan, John, and Ian into near hysterics as they hadn’t read the script of her dialogue ahead of time). Sean apologizes to Tiffany. Cheryl gives Robin a Christmas present and explains that she's leaving town. Robert hears them talking and walks in. Cheryl informs him of her decision to leave town.

December 26 Robin tells Duke that they should have another baby. She thinks it would help Anna out of her sadness. Anna makes an appointment with Dr. Collins. Anna meets with Dr. Collins. She is devastated when she learns that she and Duke can't have anymore children.

December 27 Robert arrives at Anna's with the morning paper. The picture of Bobbie and Gregory is plastered all over it. They head over to the brownstone to lend Bobbie their support. Bobbie is being hassled by reporters. Anna and Robert arrive at the brownstone. They help Bobbie escape the press to go visit Tony.

December 28 Robert calls Anna to request Olin's services. A painting is delivered to the cottage. Robert opens it and discovers it's a portrait of Katherine. He calls her ask about it. Bobbie receives a summons to appear in court for a custody hearing on BJ. She calls Robert for help as she needs character witnesses. Robert assures her that he and Anna will be there for her. Anna, Duke, and Robin arrive at Robert's. Robin takes Duke for a walk down to the lake. While they are out, Robert tells Anna about the hearing for BJ. She agrees to go with him.

Dvd #34B Anna tells Robert that she can't have any more children. Kate shows up at the cottage to see the painting. She meets Robin and agrees to give her piano lessons. Robert and Anna go to the custody hearing. Robert testifies on Bobbie's behalf and then leaves. He arrives home to find Robin and Kate playing the piano. Meanwhile, the court has ruled to take BJ away from Bobbie and Lucy and make her a ward of the state. Anna can't let that happen. She and Duke offer to take BJ in until Tony is well enough to take her.

December 29 Robert arrives home to find Kate playing the piano. Robert and Kate argue over the painting. She wants it over the fireplace, but he doesn't want it at all. Anna and Duke are awarded temporary custody of BJ. Robin is excited to learn that BJ will be staying with them. Charlene stops by with some of BJ's favorite toys. Anna tells Charlene that she is welcome to visit BJ anytime.

January 3 Snowstorm hits PC. BJ is staying with Anna and Duke. Duke and Robin go sledding. Anna meets Duke's new female assistant for the club, Hilary Bates.

January 4 A helicopter carrying Katherine lands in Robert's cottage front yard. They argue but she is there to practice piano for six hours per their deal. She gets the cottage during the day and he at night. Power goes out and he makes her dinner as she is forced to stay over. Katherine has to stay on Robert's couch. Both she and Robert can't sleep and they share a few drinks. She tells him about her archeologist boyfriend Paul, who she has a long distance relationship with.

January 5 PC digging out of massive snowstorm. Robin is excited about snow day. Robert thinks Katherine should take a break from practicing the piano. Helicopter arrives at the cottage carrying Katherine's boyfriend Paul. He is jealous of Robert. Sean fills Anna in on Tony's surgery; he is expected to make a full recovery. Anna is getting attached to BJ. Katherine and Paul arrive back at her house to a relived Mary. Paul is perplexed about Katherine and Robert's arrangement regarding the cottage. Paul gives Katherine an engagement ring and wants to plan a party. A mysterious figure (Darius) breaks into Robert's cottage eyeing Katherine's portrait picture. Robert interrupts him. Darius clocks Robert and gets away.

January 6 Robin and Katherine practicing for her piano piece at the engagement party. Robert tells Katherine about the cottage break-in. Robert installs a security system and a forensic team goes over the cottage. Sean arrives. Robert and he find a rare coin in the bushes outside. Katherine and Paul's engagement party. (slight news interruption) One of the servers at the party puts rat poison into one the champagne glasses.

January 9 Robin's piano piece at the party continues. Robin and then Katherine almost pick up the poisoned champagne glass. Robert, Tiffany and Sean go back to the cottage after the party for a night-cap.

January 10 No fingerprints were found on the coin Robert found. Robin is upset Katherine won't commit to giving her more piano lessons. Robert is called over to Anna's to smooth things over. Robert shows up at Katherine’s with flowers and a gift from Robin. He questions her about the coin but she doesn’t knows anything about it. She invites him to lunch. Katherine agrees to give Robin piano lessons.

January 12 Katherine brings a casserole from Mary to the cottage for Robert. The chief suggests Robert take a vacation. Darius shows up again at the cottage eyeing the Katherine portrait painting. Robert informs Katherine he is leaving on his vacation.

January 13 Robins wants to throw Robert a surprise birthday party at Duke’s. She recruits Katherine to stop Robert from leaving that morning on his vacation so he can make the party. Darius planning to swipe painting while Robert is out of town. Robert packing. Katherine trips Robert up by messing with his watch so he misses his flight. Katherine now wants to take Robert to dinner at Duke’s.

Sam and Anna talk men and love. Anna suggests she have some fun tonight at the party. Robert's birthday party at Duke’s. Robin gives Robert a dog named Friday. Darius finally gets his hands on the painting from the cottage. His boss wants it X-rayed immediately as it contains  the “map of the dragon” behind the canvas. Darius returns the painting to the cottage and sends the x-rays to his boss.

January 18 Robin has another piano lesson with Katherine. Anna and Katherine talk about Paul and her upcoming marriage. Katherine's manager interrupts Robin's lesson. He is not happy she is playing a free benefit for GH. Hillary drops a gift off at Anna's for BJ. Katherine's manager Donny thinks she is falling for Robert. Hillary, Anna and Robin return from shopping for BJ. Hillary was taken a real liking to BJ as she lost her own little girl a while back.

January 23-24 Hillary agrees to babysit Robin and BJ at her place so Anna and Duke can have a romantic dinner.

**The End**

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