Spinelli & Lulu #1  November 13, 2006 - 2007 - 8 hour original edit

DVD #1A   Sonny, Stan, Jason, and Sam meet up and Stan works to try to find out who Alcazar's computer hacker is. Stan gets a hit on the guy who did the computer hacking to plant the evidence on the flash drive. He tells Sonny that they guy is an English professor at PCU who is currently running a Tab at Jake's. As he is leaving Jake's, Jason grabs him and takes him to where Stan and Sonny are. They demand to know why he is working for Alcazar and Pete insists that he has no idea what they are talking about. Pete tells them that he hardly uses his computer at work and when he isn't there the door is locked. He tells them that one of his students who is a computer science major and English minor set up his computer at work for him.

Alcazar threatens the computer hacker, a student named Spinelli. He warns Spinelli that Sonny better not be able to find any information on the computer that will show that Alcazar is involved. Spinelli is confident in his abilities as he reminds Alcazar that he is the "jackal" and that they won't be able to trace anything back to him. While Spinelli and Alcazar are talking, Ric barges into Alcazar's house and seems surprised to see the student there.

Jason and Sam tried to convince Pete to let them know who his student was that put together the evidence to frame Sam. Pete refused to devulge that information, so Jason and Sam let him go. He immediately called Spinnelli, and asked Spinnelli to meet him at Kelly's. He tried to convince the Spinneli that working for Alcazar was dangerous, but the kid said the money was too good to give up. Once outside of Kelly's, Sam and Jason captured him and brought him to the safe house. They were trying to convince him to turn on Alcazar and help them.

Jason told a frightened Spinelli that Alcazar will assume Spinelli talked, so he might as well talk. Spinelli offered Sam the proof she needs. Spinelli wanted run away with Sam to Costa Rica, but she balked. 

Spinelli complains to Sam that there is nothing good to eat in the half-way house. Sam tells him to eat the crackers Jason bought. Spinelli waits until Sam goes into the bathroom to take a shower before slipping out of the apartment.  Later, Spinelli sneaks back into the apartment with a bag of chips he must have got at a nearby store. He hides the chips when Sam steps out of the bathroom. Jason shows up minutes later with groceries. He gets Spinelli all excited when he hands him a videogame system and a new video game to play. He pulls him into the bathroom and puts a chair against the door to keep him there. Sam asks Jason if he should keep locking him in the bathroom. Jason tells her he did it so he can spend some time alone with her. He cooks her dinner and they kiss. 

Jason and Sam talk and kiss. Spinelli starts calling out to them to let him out of the bathroom. Jason lets go of Sam reluctantly and lets Spinelli out. He tells them that it is time for them to turn themselves in. They head out of the apartment and get in the car. Jason is about to turn on the ignition and stops suddenly. He orders Sam and Spinelli to get out of the car right now. They get out of the car moments before it blows up. 

Jason, Sam and Spinelli got in a car in the ally and as Jason turns the key he is suspicious and yells for everyone to get out of the car. They all escaped and the car exploded. They hid behind a dumpster. Alcazar's men started shooting at them. They made a run for it and stopped when Spinelli couldn't breathe. Jason and Sam were trying to figure out how they found them. Spinelli told them it was probably him, he went out for a bag of chips. Jason pushed him against the wall, but Sam stopped him just as Alcazar's men found them again and start shooting. Jason was trying to figure out a way to get out. Diego showed up and told the men that they need to finish this now, his dad is out for blood. Jason covered as Sam and Spinelli ran. 

They ran in to a warehouse. As they are going upstairs Diego walks in and saw them. He shot at Sam, but it hit the railing. Sam shot back and hit him. Kristina sees him on the ground and screams. Sam ran down to her and asked what she was doing there. The police yell for them to come out with their hands up and it spooked Spinelli and he ran up the stairs. Sam told Jason to go after him, but Jason didn't want to leave her. She told him that Spinelli was their only way out of this, she would stay there with Kristina. The police barged in the warehouse as Sam held Kristina to protect her. Cruz walked in and told the officers to put their guns down. 

Cruz walked them out of the warehouse and two officers saw Jason and Spinelli above them, just as Jason said that was it, they were going to turn themselves in, Spinelli said no way, and ran just as an officer is behind them and told Jason to put his gun down. Jason threw his gun down and Ric ran up and yelled that he has another gun and to shoot! The officer shot and Jason jumped over the side into the water. Sam screamed for Jason and Kristina saw it all.

While they were talking, Stan came by and let them know that he had found one of Spinelli's user names in cyberspace. Using that information he was able to get an address, and Jason was adamant that he was going to go get him to clear Sam's name. 

Pete got a text message from Spinelli asking for help. He was leaving Kelly's when two of Lorenzo's thugs came by, letting him know that their boss wanted to ask him some questions. In an attempt to make sure not to know where Spinelli was, he snuck his phone to Lulu. She proceeded to go meet with Spinelli, who explained the predicament that he was in. She let him know that Sonny was a family friend, and that if they went to him, he would be willing to help. As they were leaving the hide out place, Lorenzo's thugs caught them, and ended up taking Lulu with them because she was a witness.

Alcazar checked on his captives and was surprised to find Lulu with Spinelli. Spinelli boasted that he rigged Alcazar's computers with trap doors and wormholes that would destroy his data. This prompted Lorenzo to keep the kids around until he gets certain safeguards installed. Lulu gave her condolences to Alcazar, who vowed to try to get her out of this. Skye summoned Alcazar to GH to ask him to stop the violence. He vowed not to make the first move against Sonny.  Lulu assured Spinelli that Skye would protect them, because Alcazar wouldn't risk her wrath. Alcazar told the kids they will be freed tomorrow. But Spinelli somehow rigged an intercom to pick up Alcazar's instructions to his men: "Kill them both  and make it look like an accident."

Lulu listens on the intercom as Alcazar's men talk on the phone with Alcazar and plan to kill Lulu and Spinelli on Alcazar's orders. Spinelli is freaking out about it but Lulu remains calmer and tries to think of a way to escape. She tells Spinelli about her plan. They almost get away from Alcazar's men but Lulu doesn't get away fast enough but manages to get outside and scream for help before Alcazar's men grab them before they get away. They point guns at them and tell them to stop or they will kill them. 

Later, while en route to Venezuela, Alcazar calls his men and orders them to kill Spinelli and Lulu and make it look like an accident by getting them drunk and putting them in Lulu's car and driving it off a cliff. Alcazar's men come back into the warehouse and order Lulu to drink the bottle of Tequila. Lulu refuses to drink the bottle of Tequila. They point a gun to Spinelli's head and warn her that if she doesn't drink the Tequila they will shoot Spinelli right in front of her. She tells them she doesn't even know Spinelli. They call her bluff by cocking a gun and get ready to shoot Spinelli. Lulu can't let them do that and agrees to drink the Tequila. Spinelli and Lulu start to get drunk on the bottle of Tequila and wonder about what Alcazar's men are going to do to them. Lulu tells Spinelli about her mother's condition and about her father's lifestyle and how he would love this kind of action in his life. 

Lulu and Spinelli hear someone near the door trying to unlock it. They assume it is Alcazar's men coming in to kill them. Lulu grabs the empty bottle of Tequila to use as a weapon and waits behind the door. She tells Spinelli to watch the door and let her know when they are inside so she can surprise them. Someone comes inside and Lulu hits the person over the head with the bottle just as Spinelli realizes that it is Jason not Alcazar's men. Lulu realizes she just knocked Jason out cold. Jason starts to come to and asks what happened. Lulu apologizes to him for hitting him because she thought it was one of Alcazar's men. Jason ignores her apology and asks what is going on. Spinelli grabs Jason's gun from his pocket and takes off without them. Lulu helps him up and they are about to leave when they are stopped by Alcazar's men who hold them at gunpoint.

Alcazar's men find Jason with Lulu. They searched Jason and didn't find a gun. They wanted to know where Spinelli went. With slurred speech from the Tequila they made her drink, she told them that he went to the police. Jason said he was running scared. They said that they weren't going to take any chances and told them they were both going to disappear tonight. Jason was setting on the ground with his hands tied behind him and Lulu is trying to free him, but said it was harder that it seemed. Jason told her that it didn't make it easy with her being drunk. She told him that she had to drink or they would shoot Spinelli. Jason asked if that is what they told her. She said at first they gave them a bottle and they decided to drink it so they wouldn't be so scared and maybe it wouldn't hurt so much, but then they were rude and she couldn't let them shoot Spinelli's brains out. She said that if she ever gets out of here she will never ever drink Tequila again. Her speech was slurring the whole time. She decided she needed something sharp and starts to look around. Jason told her she didn't need anything sharp. 

She goes rambling on and she didn't know Spinelli other than he was some kid that wondered around the English department. She started talking about her mom and Jason was loosing patients and told her to focus. He told her that she was only going to have one shot and when they come back that he was going to create a distraction and she needs to be faster this time and run out of the warehouse and straight to the cops. 

Alcazar's men came in and ordered Jason to stand up. Lulu told him he was hurt. They told him to stand up or they will shoot the girl. Jason told them that Alcazar doesn't want forensic evidence on his property to connect him to Lulu. They told him they would wipe the place down, get on his feet. Lulu tells him to do what they say because she doesn't want to be forensic evidence and she helps him up as one of the men start to grab him also and a fight breaks out. Lulu started to leave, but then turned back to save Jason by fighting the men also. Jason fought two of them and the third guy grabbed Lulu. Jason got a gun from one of the other men and told him to drop it. He turned and shot at Jason, but he ducked and Jason shot him. 

Lulu grabbed his gun and started whirling around just as Sonny, Max, and Milo walked in and Jason had to grab Lulu as he kept telling her not to shoot. Lulu told Sonny that Jason almost got her killed. Jason asked her what she was thinking. She told him that he could at least say thank you. Milo asked Lulu for the gun and she was swinging it around. Jason took it from her and gave it to Milo. Milo stares at Lulu (he likes her). Sonny asked Lulu if she had any idea where Spinelli would go. She said she did. They are driving in the car and Lulu is so drunk and not remembering where Spinelli said he was going to go. Jason drills her for the name of the town and she went on that it was oak, elm, field; he was going to his grandma's. They passed her road and she wanted to know why she wasn't going home. Sonny told her not yet. She finally remembered the name of Oakfield Tennessee. Jason told them to take them to pick up a car because he and Lulu were going to Oakfield Tennessee. She told him that she wasn't going anywhere with him.

Sonny takes a still drunken Lulu to his house so she can stay there for a while and lay low since she knows too much information about Alcazar. Sonny instructs Max and Milo to take care of Lulu. Milo is infatuated with Lulu and she uses this to try to distract Milo. As soon as she is alone, she runs off. Alcazar soon finds her and he tries to deny that he was going to have her killed. Sonny shows up and there is a standoff between Sonny and Alcazar who is holding Lulu at gunpoint.

Sonny confronted Alcazar who had Lulu at gunpoint with Max and Milo. He convinced Alcazar that there would be no way to kill the four of them, and clean up before the police came. Alcazar took the opportunity to leave the area with his men, and Sonny took Lulu back to his place for protection.

At Sonny's, he let Lulu know that she would not be able to leave until the danger with Alcazar had subsided. Lulu objected, letting him know that she would go stir crazy and could not be stuck in one place. When Carly came by, he let her know what had happened at that Lulu would need to stay with him. Carly tried to get Sonny to understand that people would wonder where she was, and that her brothers would be concerned.

Lulu called and informed Dillon that she was skiing with some friends. When Dillon questioned her about Peter's comment about her being involved in something that she shouldn't, Lulu covered for Spinelli. Dillon believed Lulu's story, and let her know to have a good time.

Sonny let Lulu know that his men were having difficulty looking for Spinelli's grandmother's home in Tennessee. He told her that she needed to go with Jason to look for the house. Lulu was upset with this idea, because she felt that Jason was cold and not understanding. She was afraid that she would end up getting frustrated and doing something stupid.

Sonny told Lulu that he had plans for her. Sonny ordered Lulu to accompany Jason to Tennessee to find Spinelli, stating it would keep her safe from Alcazar. Max and Milo prepared Lulu for the trip to Tennessee. She was touched that Milo packed her a lunch but Max accused Lulu of working over an impressionable Milo. When Max denied her request to have Milo drive, she locked herself in the car and insisted that since Jason's injured, she will drive.

Jason gets ready to drive Lulu and himself to Tennessee to find Spinelli. He asks Max to hand him the car keys. Max tells him he can't give him the keys. Jason thinks he doesn't want to give him the keys because of his leg injury. Max tells him that he can't give him the car keys because Lulu has them. Jason approaches the car and tells Lulu to hand over the car keys. She refuses to but Jason insists. She ends up hitting him with the car door and it hits his bad leg. Jason gets behind the wheel of the car. Lulu asks him why she couldn't have driven the car for awhile. Jason tells her no and she then notices his leg is bleeding. They end up stopping at some motel for the night. 

The motel manager happens to be a young woman who is holding her baby on one hip. Jason gives the woman a big tip after she shows them their room. The woman tells them that she loves the job because she can bring her baby to work at night and not have to pay for a babysitter. Lulu is offended by this and tells the woman off for keeping her baby up all night so she can work some job. Jason wonders what Lulu's problem is and apologizes to the woman for Lulu's behavior. After the woman leaves, Jason tells Lulu off for being too harsh to the woman just because she is making sacrifices for her baby. Lulu thinks there is something wrong with a woman who would keep her baby up all night while she works. Jason tells her that some women would do anything to have a baby and make sacrifices for their babies. Lulu goes off on Jason and tells him he doesn't know what he is talking about because he is man and has never had a baby growing inside him and had to choose whether to have a that baby or not and not being ready to be a parent. Lulu starts crying and Jason feels clueless about how to help her.

After Lulu's outburst over her abortion, Jason needed to take some aspirin. Lulu calmed down. She wondered aloud if her revelation to Laura affected her limited recovery. Jason advised Lulu not to drive herself crazy with "What If's." Jason said he has his share of regrets, too. He opened up about his regret over breaking up with Sam for her own safety and all the grief that decision entailed. Later, the duo decided to hit the road. They bumped into the hotel clerk with her baby and Lulu apologized for her earlier snippy behavior. Jason smiled and offered Lulu the car keys to drive. On the road, Lulu got pulled over for 

Lulu is frantic when she and Jason get pulled over for speeding on the way to Spinelli's grandmother's house. Jason urges her to calm down and she is relieved when she realizes Jason has a fake id. The police officer lets them go with a strict warning for Lulu. Later as Lulu and Jason are talking, Lulu reveals more important information that eventually leads them to Spinelli's grandmother. When they get there Jason tells Lulu to stay in the car and goes off to check everything out. Of course, Lulu doesn't listen and she ends up talking to Spinelli's grandmother. Spinelli's grandmother gets the idea that Lulu is pregnant and that is why she is looking for Spinelli. Lulu and Jason (who is pretending to be Lulu's brother) play along to get into the house. Spinelli's grandmother goes on and on about how Lulu is such a good person because most girls in her situation would just have an abortion. Lulu reassures Jason she can handle Spinelli's grandmother and she tries to play along.

Spinelli's grandmother told Lulu how happy she was that Lulu was taking responsibility for her pregnancy and that she felt that she was ready to take responsibility. Jason advised Lulu that she did not have to go along with the charade, but Lulu was willing to continue the ruse. While they were talking, Spinelli saw them inside, and was bout to try to get away when Jason spotted him. Spinelli was unwilling to leave with Jason and Lulu until Alcazar's men caught up to them. They managed to escape and headed back to Port Charles.

Jason asks Carly to the Metro Court, where he is hiding with Lulu and Spinelli. He asked Carly to watch over Lulu as he and Spinelli plant to turn themselves in. Carly questions Jason's plans about going to the police, but agrees to help. Once alone, Carly warns Lulu of the pitfalls of being involved with mob. Lulu interjects that in return for her help, Sonny has agreed to help Lulu on a "personal" matter. Carly goes on to say that the high of being in the mob will not last, and that it will break her heart. Lulu sees that Carly is talking about her own situation, and questions whether Carly can marry Jax and still have Sonny in her life.

On the docks, Spinelli expresses concern to Jason about his Grandmother's safety. Jason reassures him that she will be safe, as Lucky and Rodriguez arrive. They arrest Jason and Spinelli, and bring them to the station. Lulu visits Spinelli at the station, and asks him to break into the PCPD computer system to look up information on an old murder case.

Ric has to drop the charges against Jason and Sam when the flash drive goes missing. Lulu sneaks into the interrogation room to see Spinelli who is being detained there. She asks him to help her find evidence to prove her mother didn't kill Rick Webber by using his computer hacking skills to get into the police department's computer files. Spinelli agrees to do that for her and creates a diversion so Lulu can sneak off without being seen by Lucky or anyone. Spinelli is greatly pleased when there are no charges brought against him either. 

He meets with Lulu at Kelly's with his laptop. Dillon comes into Kelly's and recognizes Spinelli. He finds out what really happened when Lulu disappeared and isn't pleased. He finds out that Spinelli is hacking into police records for Lulu. He tries to discourage her from doing something else illegally but she is determined to let Spinelli help her. 

Spinelli hacked into the PCPD computer system and found Rick Webber's autopsy report. Spinelli then went to the Scorpio attic with Lulu and Dillon to role-play and recreate the murder. Dillon took great joy in directing the scenes, and Georgie walked in just as Dillon was grabbing Lulu while in character as Rick.

Georgie walks in on Lulu and Dillon in a close moment as they are trying to re-enact Ric Weber's murder. Georgie is furious that Dillon is willing to do so much to help Lulu. It doesn't help matters when even Spinelli can see the strong connection between Lulu and Dillon. Georgie is ready to let Dillon go but he reassures her that she is the only one for him. 

Lulu brings Spinelli home with her to the Quartermaines' so he can crash there. Despite everyone's reservations, Monica agrees to let Spinelli stay there. She quickly changes her mind after overhearing Lulu and Spinelli talk about trying to prove that Laura did not murder Rick Weber.

Lulu comes to Jason and Sam and asks if Spinelli can live with them temporarily. Jason doesn't want to allow him to stay, but Sam convinces him that they owe him for helping her out. Spinelli immediately starts interfering and tells Jason that Sam can't have a baby because she's too hot. He can't ruin her body with motherhood. Later, he goes upstairs to his room and jams out to some loud music. Jason is annoyed, but Sam tells him to make the best of it.

Lulu tried to plead Lucky’s case to a reluctant Elizabeth. Jason was frustrated with Spinelli, and caught him smoking pot at the penthouse. He told him that this is not allowed in his house. Sam asked Jason for the drugs, in order to help "someone".

Sam takes Spinelli to go see her mom. Alexis is in terrible pain and can't keep anything down. She tells Spinelli that she isn't up for company. He tells the "goddess mother" that he has come to bring her some medicinal comfort and brings out a bag of pot. Alexis is horrified. She is an officer of the court and even for medical reasons, pot is illegal in NY. When the pain and nausea get too bad, though, she decides to go ahead and try it. She claims that it isn't working, but strangely has a craving for potato chips. Then she tells Spinelli that she likes his beanie hat, and he offers it to her. He starts to call her Mrs. Lansing, but she tells him that she prefers "goddess mother".

At the hospital, Georgie, dressed as Mrs. Claus, was furious to find Dillon, dressed as Santa, with his pants down as elf Lulu adjusted his costume. It was innocent, but Georgie stormed off anyway. As the children gathered 'round, Alan read the traditional Christmas story. Lulu teared up when Bobbie gave her the present Luke left behind for her, the engagement ring that he'd given Laura last month.

Dillon arrived at the hospital to observe Spinelli showing Lulu what he'd learned about the Qs. Monica didn't think Lulu should be running around with Spinelli. Monica encouraged her nephew to talk to Lulu. Lulu and Dillon entered Kelly's. Lulu wondered why Spinelli was a problem for Dillon, or anyone for that matter. Spinelli entered the diner and joined them. Dillon pointed out that their project was keeping Lulu in the past, which wasn't a good thing. Lulu said that Spinelli had evidence that Alan killed Rick Webber. Dillon thought that if Alan wanted to kill Rick he would have succeeded. Spinelli kept interrupting and insisted that Dillon was making a movie about them. Dillon thought it was interesting that Monica is the one who had called him. Dillon then became intrigued in the research himself and began asking pointed questions.

Spinelli surprised Sam, who was planning a romantic night for Jason. Spinelli said the roads are closed. There was a crash upstairs, the noise turned out to be a window Sam left open. She admitted that he's "odd" and "amusing," but she's in love with Jason. Spinelli admitted he's never been in love. Sam said she "can't wait" to start a family with Jason, and Spinelli assured her that she will make a great mother. Jason arrived home at the stroke of midnight and embraced Sam.

Jason came home to Sam and Spinelli (who was trapped by the storm). He told "Stone Cold" Jason that he should talk Sam out of wanting a baby. Sam was mortified, and chased Spinelli upstairs. Alone, Jason told a thrilled Sam that he was ready to start a family with her. After Jason left, Spinelli later approached Sam with a picture of a baby that she could adopt. She explained to him that when she didn't think she could have any more children, she and Jason talked of adoption. Things are different now, and they are going to give the "old college try".

Dillon, Lulu and Spinelli ended up at GH to hack into the computer system to find out Alan's schedule the night of Rick Webber's murder. Epiphany caught the kids in the act and threw them out, but not before Spinelli got an interesting piece of info from the computer.

Lulu, Dillon, and Spinelli show up at Kelly's to eat. Spinelli tells them he found evidence on the hospital computer that shows that Alan Quartermaine left his shift early the night Rick Webber was killed. Monica is at Kelly's and overhears them mention that Alan doesn't have a clear-cut alibi for that night. She approaches their table and warns Lulu to stay away from Spinelli and asks Dillon to watch out for Lulu and to keep her away from Spinelli. Spinelli tells her he has been invited to stay with Jason and Sam and they trust him. Monica tells him that her son may trust him but she doesn't. After Monica leaves Kelly's Spinelli wonders what is wrong with her. Dillon wonders if Monica overheard their conversation about Alan and is trying to hide something. 

Lulu is surprised when she finds Max and Milo at Kelly's. Milo is too shy to ask her out and Max is embarrassed to see his brother act like a idiot in front of her. Lulu thinks he is so sweet and tells Dillon that she would go out with him if he asked her. Dillon tries to hide his jealousy but it is obvious he doesn't like the idea of Lulu dating Milo. Milo and Max grab Spinelli and tell him that Sonny wants to see him in his office. Lulu and Dillon head to the old attic and find Georgie there rummaging around for a box. Dillon apologizes for intruding and tells Georgie that Mac gave them permission to come up there. Georgie tells him she is already done up there and found what she was looking for. She tells them to go ahead with what they planned to do and will get out of their hair. Dillon invites Georgie to stay up in the attic with them and help them. Georgie tells them she has a lot of research to do and can't right now. Dillon is disturbed by her reaction and hasty departure. Lulu wonders what is going on with Georgie. Dillon expected Georgie to be upset about seeing them together up in the attic but she acted like it didn't bother her. 

Dillon and Lulu reenact what may have happened that night with Rick and Laura in the attic. They assume that if Alan was the killer he would be taller than Dillon so if he hit Rick Webber from behind he would hit him about at some height. Dillon falls over one of the mannequins in the attic. Lulu goes to help him up and Dillon stops her and tells her he sees something on the floor under the table. They reach under the table and find an old appointment book belonging to Rick. They look through it and find names and numbers. They start to think they may have more evidence to help them determine who really killed Rick Webber. 

Max and Milo bring Spinelli to Sonny’s office and sit him in a chair bodily. Spinelli keeps referring to Sonny as either the "Godfather" or "Pacino-esce" which annoys Sonny enough to demand that Spinelli never call him those names again or he will have him taken out. Sonny asks Spinelli to help him with something concerning Alcazar. He tells Spinelli that he is going to give Alcazar a taste of his own medicine by getting into his computers and messing something up. Spinelli is all for it but Ric comes in and interrupts their conversation. Ric starts interrogating Spinelli about what Sonny wants him to do for him. Spinelli is a little scared of Ric's aggressive behavior. 

Sonny tells Ric that he is going to hire Spinelli to help him set up a new program for his coffee warehouse computer software for the books. Spinelli goes along with what Sonny says. Sonny asks Ric what he came by for. Ric informs him that he has set up a custody hearing and expects Sonny to testify. Sonny agrees to testify but reminds him he is going to tell them everything Ric has done that will put him in a bad light. Ric tells him to go ahead but that he has his own evidence to use against Sonny to make Alexis look like a poor parent as well. After Ric leaves, Spinelli tells Sonny that Ric gives him the creeps and that he thinks he is a creep. Sonny tells Spinelli that he is smarter than he thought he was.

Spinelli burst into the penthouse to complain that Alexis chewed him out while he was playing with Kristina. Sam said she'd take care of this. Jason returned to the penthouse, gave Spinelli money to stay at a hotel for the night and planned a special evening with Sam. Then, Liz arrived to thank him for saving her. She confessed that she was on the way to see him on the night of her accident and was on the verge of telling him that he's the father of her baby. Maxie caught Lulu using a hospital computer. The ladies had words but Georgie intervened. 

Tracy confronts Lulu about her concerns regarding the "project" she is working on with Spinelli and Dylan. Lulu tries to reassure Tracy that she has nothing to worry about and the two actually seem to come to an understanding.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Lulu, Spinelli and Dillon looked through Rick's date book and attempted to trace some phone numbers. Tracy caught Monica eavesdropping, and called her on it. Monica used the excuse that she is worried about Lulu's future, because she has no guidance from any adults. Tracy broke up the meeting, and demanded to know what the threesome was up to. Lulu questioned Tracy about Monica's history with Rick. Tracy admitted she was not around at the time of Rick's death, but defended her brother. She went on to say that maybe Monica is right and Lulu should go away to school.

Lulu and Dillon plotted together to enable Lulu to search for info regarding Rick Webber's death. Dillon called a family meeting for the Qs (while Lulu snuck upstairs) and explained to his family that his "conscience finally set in" and every victim of the condom fiasco should be compensated. Tracy, Edward, etc., weren't pleased. Sam arrived to break up the little family meeting looking for a job at ELQ. Tracy was not amused and even crumpled Sam's resume, but Edward assured her that since she was involved with Jason, there would always be a place at ELQ for Sam. Tracy listened in as Edward told Sam if she and Jason were to have a child, that kid would be the Quartermaine heir. At Kelly's, Lulu was moved that Dillon put his career in jeopardy in order to help her. Unfortunately, Lulu didn't find Rick's datebook in the mansion.

Carly shows up at Jason's to get his help. Spinelli answers the door and thinks Carly is great looking. He invites her in and tells her Sam and Jason went somewhere together. Carly isn't pleased that Jason isn't there. She ends up telling Spinelli about what happened at Sonny's office and how Sonny is being charged with attempted murder and she is the only witness and that the only way she won't have to testify is if she marries Sonny. Spinelli compares her predicament with some female video game character and tells her about it. Carly isn't interested in hearing about that and needs Jason's help. Spinelli offers to help her if he can. She tries to ignore him but he mentions how he was paid by Alcazar to make up a flashdrive and that Ric was partners with Alcazar. Carly asks for more details. She takes off. 

Sonny and Jason return to Jason's penthouse. They discuss Carly and how they can convince her the only choice they have is for her to marry Sonny. Spinelli comes downstairs and gives his opinion about Carly marrying Sonny. Sonny doesn't know what he is talking about when Spinelli draws comparisons of his predicament to a video game. Spinelli tells Jason that Carly was over earlier and that he told her about Ric's past partnership with Alcazar to set up Sam and that she just took off after he told her to get dirt on him to use against him.

DVD #1B  1/12-1/16 - Dillon is preoccupied with Lulu and finding out the truth about Rick Webber. Lulu babysits for Cary. Lulu and Maxie at Kelly’s.

Sam comes home and talks to Spinelli about the possibility of permanently erasing information and pictures on the internet. Spinelli seems to know how to do it, and tells her it would be easy for him. She thanks him for his information, but doesn't allude to her particular situation with Tracy. At the Quartermaine mansion, Dillon sets about trying to distract the family so that Lulu can search for Rick's date book. 

Dillon and Lulu hang out at the hospital waiting for Monica to arrive. Dillon tells Lulu that he left the message at the nurses' station for Monica to see as soon as she got in. They watch as Monica picks up an envelope and reads it. She looks very worried as she looks around to see who sent it. She walks off in a hurry. Lulu and Dillon head to the attic to wait and see if Monica will show up. She shows up and isn't surprised to see that they are there waiting for her. She asks them what this is about. Dillon asks her point blank what really happened four years ago in the attic. Monica tells them she doesn't know what they are talking about. 

Lulu accuses her of killing Rick Webber and making everyone think her mother did it. Monica tells them she didn't kill Rick Webber and that Laura did it and Lulu needs to accept it no matter how difficult it is. Lulu and Dillon ask her why she has been so adamant about Lulu leaving town to go to school if she isn't trying to hide something. They also accuse her of stealing the date book from Lulu. Monica doesn't admit to anything. Lulu tells her that her name is all over Rick's date book and thinks they were having an affair at the time and Rick rejected Monica so she killed him. Monica tells them she never had an affair with Rick and that she is concerned about Lulu because she has become obsessed with investigating Rick's death and she thought she should leave town. She also worries that they will investigate Rick so much that they will get into something they can't fix. Monica tells them that Rick was a very secretive person and hid things a lot and that they shouldn't get too involved in trying to reveal those secrets.

Dillon and Lulu continue on in their search for Rick Webber's killer. Lulu thinks that maybe Alan killed Rick. If Monica didn't do it, then she must be covering for someone and who else would she cover for besides Alan. Dillon isn't so sure. Lulu decides to go and talk to Spinelli to see what dirt he can find. She goes to Jason's apartment where Spinelli has just arrived home. Jason tells her that Spinelli has work to do for him, but Lulu tells him her work is more important. She goes on to explain that she thinks Alan killed Rick Webber. Jason asks her how much she knows about his injury, and she tells him all she knows is that his alcoholic brother crashed their car into a tree. Jason explains his head injury and how he had to get away from the Quartermaine's because they kept trying to make him into something he wasn't.

The Metro Court is under siege. Police use tear gas. Nikolas comes out carrying Robin. The building explodes. Fifteen hours to Sixteen hours earlier, Lulu spends time with Nik and baby Spencer at Wyndemere.

14 Hours Earlier. Lulu runs into Kelly's to Dillon about the progress she and Spinelli have made on the case. Lulu and Spinelli ask Dillon to tap into Alan's bank account records. They plan to snag his PDA at the upcoming fundraiser. Lulu is delighted at the prospect of clearing her mother's name. As Dillon and Spinelli question whether anyone else can be involved, and man walks into a lobby and signs in under the name London. The man is revealed to be Scotty Baldwin!

Lulu is happy to see her dad has returned home and the two share a happy reunion. Lulu rushes off to meet with Spinelli to go over the evidence in the Rick Webber murder mystery. 

12 Hours before in Port Charles. Inside the hotel, Mr. Craig, disguised in a ski mask and black clothing tells everyone to stay where they are and don't move. He tells them that his men are going to go around the room and wants them to put all of their valuables inside the bags. Sam tries to push the silent alarm behind the service desk but Mr. Craig notices it and tells her to put her hands up where he can see them. She does manage to activate the alarm somehow because the police respond on the scene outside the front entrance of the hotel. 

Mr. Craig orders everyone to take out their cell-phones, beepers, or pagers and put them in the bag. Mr. Craig makes Carly take off her engagement ring and put it in the bag also. Mr. Craig has two of his men go into the vault and take a hostage with them. They grab Maxie, who protests as they drag her into the vault room. Sam hits the button behind the desk to close the vault down and Sonny motions to her not to do it just as Mr. Craig turns around. However, it is too late and the steeled door to the vault starts to close. The two men and Maxie try to get out of the vault before it closes but only one of the men escapes and Maxie ends up locked in the vault with the other guy and Alcazar's briefcase still inside with them. 

The other guy returns to report to Mr. Craig that the vault door shut completely and he couldn't get the briefcase out with him and the other two are sealed inside. Carly informs Mr. Craig that the vault will remained sealed for the next 12 hours before they can activate it to open again. Mr. Craig tries to not let it bother them. Sonny tells him he should leave while he can because a lot can happen in 12 hours like the police may come in and shoot them before he can get into the vault. Suddenly Mac's voice can be heard from outside announcing the police's arrival and how the place is surrounded. Mr. Craig tells them that he won't be able to escape now and takes everyone as hostages. He tells everyone that he wants them to play a game. He has some sort of black box in his hand and tells them he is going to toss it to someone and he wants them to say their name and give themselves a nickname that tells him something about them and they get points if they rhyme. 

The hostages toss the box around and do what Mr. Craig asks. One of the hotel clerks freezes and can't think of a nickname and Mr. Craig points a gun at him as if he is going to kill him. Mr. Craig also takes Sonny's gun away as well. Mr. Craig shocks everyone when he takes his gun and shoots Robin all of a sudden for no real reason. He tells them he did it to show that he is in charge and they must do what he says or they will be next. 

11 Hours Earlier at 6 p.m.  Outside Metro Court Hotel, Spinelli told Jason about Alcazar's briefcase. Jason and Spinelli tried to figure out why the hostages were being kept alive. Nikolas offered the criminals one million dollars if they let Robin go; Sonny countered that he had a better offer because he had lots of power in the P.C. He bartered that he'd find a way for the robbers to escape if they let Robin go; they weren't digging the proposition. Then Carly tried to create a diversion, but Sonny stopped her, demanding she not do anything he doesn't tell her to do. Spinelli called Jason and told him the kidnappers had shot Robin. Mes (one of the bad guys) explains to the hostages that the entire hotel is laced with explosives so they better just sit down and relax unless they all want to die. 

Ten hours earlier. Spinelli tells Jason that the vault will reopen again at 5:27 a.m. Spinelli breaks into the Metro Court surveillance system and he and Jason review the footage from when the mercenaries took over the hotel. He tries to figure out which one of them is Mr. Craig and tells Spinelli to find out all the information he can about him. He says Spinelli that he will go into Metro Court and try to take out the mercenaries himself.

Mr. Craig torments the hostages and takes a shot in Sonny's direction but hits the wall. He continues to threaten everyone with the detonator. Mr. Craig says they'll play a new game and he will pair everyone up and the one without a partner loses. Lulu inquires about what will happen if there are even people. Mr. Craig says that he will have to get rid of someone and points his gun at Elizabeth. He then has one of the mercenaries take Elizabeth to another room. Lulu is caught trying to maneuver away from the crowd, and Mr. Craig goes to her but Carly diverts the attention back to her when she yells that she needs Emily's help. 

Lulu is locked in the room with Alan. He asks her why she thinks he killed Rick Webber and she tells him about all the investigative work she's done. He commends her on a job well done, but tells her that neither he nor Monica killed Rick Webber. Lulu is furious that he thought Monica had killed Rick but never spoke up. After all, Laura could have been saved from her coma. Alan tells Lulu to follow the money in order to find the killer.

Jason has Spinelli hack into the hotel's computer system where he learns that the locks will reset themselves at 11:00 pm. Jason plans on entering the hotel at that time.

8 Hours Earlier. Lulu is thrown into a room with a beaten Sonny. He tells Lulu he was beaten because he told the robbers they were losing control of the situation. He tells not to antagonize them and to keep calm. He tells her that like her father, she is able to keep calm in the face of adversity. Lulu tells Sonny that Carly is performing the surgery on Robin. He tells Lulu that Carly won't give up. Lulu is brought back to the lobby.

Spinelli and Jason work to access the hospital cameras. Spinelli tells Jason that he wants to help. Spinelli tells Jason he will go with him so that he can rescue Lulu. He believes she would do the same for him.

Inside the hotel, Robin wakes up in extreme pain because of the surgery done on her. She makes a lot of noise which bothers the hostage-takers. They order Emily and Elizabeth to get Robin to shut up or they will shoot her and kill her now.  Lulu stands up and suggests that they giveRobin some alcohol which is set up right there in the lobby to help numb Robin. Mr. Craig comes in the room and objects to Lulu bringing anything over to Robin since she is always causing trouble with her mouth. 

Jason and Spinelli plan how they are going to get into the hotel without being seen by the police or Mr. Craig. Mike shows up at Sonny's office with a blueprint of the hotel that he had and claims he used one of the back rooms of the hotel to play poker and gamble and knows a way for Jason and Spinelli to get inside without being seen. Jason thanks Mike. Mike asks Jason he can thank him by getting his son out of the hotel alive. 

Spinelli shows Jason some hi-tech headphone pieces that can be used as a mini radio device so they can communicate with each other quietly. He tests the things. Jason asks Spinelli to find out what he can on Mr. Craig to see if there is anything they can use to get to him. Ric shows up with a warrant to detain Jason for 48 hours to keep him from going into the hotel to try to stop the hostage-takers on his own. Jason gets a call on his cell-phone from Sonny, who has a phone held to his ear by Craig himself. Sonny asks Jason if it is safe to talk. Jason signals him that it really isn't. Sonny tells him what he wants Jason to do and Jason says ok. Ric waits until he hangs up with Sonny. He thinks that Jason was okaying the plan to get inside the hotel. Ric surprises Jason when he rips up the arrest warrant and tells him he can go inside the hotel and do what he can to save the hostages. He tells Jason that he hopes Jason gets himself killed but saves the hostages because then it would be a win-win situation for him. Jason doesn't respond to Ric so Ric leaves. Jason and Spinelli head out to the hotel to put their plan in motion. 

Elizabeth starts cramping up which concerns Lulu, who asks if she can get some water for Elizabeth because she is dehydrated. Mr. Craig objects to it since he doesn't think water will help Elizabeth. He ends up sending Lulu into another room. Jason and Spinelli get to one of the back entrances of the hotel. Spinelli uses one of his gizmos and disengages the alarm to unlock one of the doors to get inside the hotel.

Jason and Spinelli get into the hotel and end up in the room where Sonny was beaten. Jason finds blood on the floor and wonders what happened. He decides that he needs to get up into the air ducts in order to see what's going on in the lobby.

Five hours earlier, Spinelli watches as Sonny tries to talk one of the guys out of shooting him. Mr. Craig comes in and tells him to tie up Sonny instead. Jason listens on while in the air-duct. Spinelli drifts off and starts daydreaming about saving Sonny and then Lulu coming in and giving him a reward kiss. There is some commotion in the lobby, so other men come to take Sonny back to the lobby. Jason comes out of the air-duct and startles Spinelli. Jason begins looking around the room and Five comes in, Jason knocks him out and takes his clothing and mask. Before he heads out of the room, Spinelli asks Jason to watch out for Lulu. Alone in the room, Five comes to and Spinelli knocks him out with his laptop.

Jason enters the lobby as Emily makes her decision. She chooses Alan. Mr. Craig says that he needs to walk out on his own but after Emily becomes unruly, he allows Four and Five/Jason to walk Alan out. 

4 Hours Earlier, Shots are fired between the gunman and police as Alan exits the building. He falls to the ground, holding his chest. Observing from the inside, Luke and Lucky break out of the building to help Alan. Luke fires at the sniper, while Lucky and other officers shield Alan and bring him to safety. 

Emily loses it on Craig for shooting her father, and in her rage, is about to pull off Jason's mask. Carly, who realizes that Jason is there, stops her in time. Emily asks Craig what his purpose is. Craig tries to remind the hostages that he is in charge, and tells Emily to stop her hysterics. He also forces Lulu to stop helping the injured Max, and has her taken away.

Spinelli tells the unconscious hostage that each hostage is important to someone, and Lulu is important to him. The door opens and Lulu is thrown and locked in with Spinelli. She is happy to see him, but tells him she won't leave without the hostages. Lulu tells Spinelli that things in the lobby are getting worse. She takes the gun and goes out to the hall. She is stopped by the female guard, who tells her to drop the gun. Lulu gives in, and is taken to the lobby. Spinelli looks on, and remains unseen.

Luke tries to bargain with Craig. He tells him about the code that is needed to open the brief case, and that he will exchange himself and the code in return for the release of the hostages. Craig asks Lulu who the voice is, and she tells them it is her Dad. Craig opens the door with a gun held at Lulu's head. He asks for the code, or Lulu will die. He questions Luke's timing, and Luke tries to explain that Lorenzo is incapacitated. Craig insists on the code for Lulu's life. 

Although Luke has spent his whole life bluffing people, as soon as he sees Mr. Craig put the gun to Lulu's head he gets scared and blurts out a phony code number. 

Sonny tries to convince Mr. Craig to leave now. Although he will leave without what he came for, he will still leave with his life. Mr. Craig listens, but doesn't appear to take his advice. He takes Lulu and tells the masked Jason to put her back in the office. When they get behind closed doors, Jason reveals himself to Lulu. She is mad at him at first, but then realizes he is there to save her. Spinelli comes out of hiding. Jason wants Spinelli and Lulu to escape, but Lulu defies him when she realizes that once Mr. Craig realizes she is gone the lives of everyone else involved will be at stake. When Mr. Craig finds Spinelli, he puts him to work trying to crack open the vault ahead of schedule. He tells him he has one hour before he kills Lulu.

Spinelli works on the hotel computer to find a way to open up the vault. He whispers to Lulu about his progress. Mr. Craig sends Jason to guard Spinelli and Lulu. Spinelli is getting very close to getting the vault to open earlier and asks Lulu if he should do it now or stall them. Lulu thinks he should stall it because she is afraid that if the vault opens now and Mr. Craig gets what he wants he will kill them all that much sooner. Jason whispers that they need to do it sooner rather than later and that he has a plan in motion. Lulu reluctantly agrees to go with Jason's plan. 

Mr. Craig takes Lulu and Spinelli to the vault, where Spinelli enters a code and it opens. In the vault, Maxie and Three scramble to their feet. Maxie had been talking to Three about how the hostages are just innocent bystanders caught in the middle. When Mr. Craig sees the briefcase he realizes that Sonny and Luke weren't lying. Three is hesitant, but hands over the briefcase. Sonny tries to convince Mr. Craig to let all the hostages go, but he will only go with the original plan. Mr. Craig opens the briefcase with the password Sonny provides and he tells Carly she can go. 

Mr. Craig is distracted so Jason gives Sam the signal to make her escape. Sam rushes outside just as the cops turn the lights out. She warns them that the lobby is rigged with explosives. As the police start to throw tear gas into the hotel, Jason tackles Mr. Craig to keep him from detonating the explosives. The SWAT team enters the hotel and chaos erupts. There's a mad dash for the door, but the tear gas keeps people from being able to see the exits. Nikolas carries Robin out. Three helps Maxie out. Lulu and Spinelli run out together. Sonny and Carly hide behind a couch. Jason finds Elizabeth and tries to rescue her. Outside, Nikolas starts to go back inside for Emily when the hotel explodes.

The Metro Court is a pile of rubble and bodies are everywhere. Rescuers go inside to look for victims. The rescuers drag Spinelli out of the rubble against his will. He doesn't want to leave without Lulu. Outside, he is hysterical as he tries to explain the final moments in the hotel to Milo and Dillon.

Inside the remains of the hotel, Luke calls out to Lulu. Seeing an arm protruding from the rubble, he works furiously to dig out who he thinks is Lulu. It is revealed to be someone else, and Luke becomes more frantic. Overcome by smoke, he asks Laura to help him find Lulu. He sees another body amongst the rubble, and is overjoyed to find an unconscious Lulu. He brings her to safety.

Luke is surprised that after his neglectful parenting, Lulu still has such faith in him. He realizes that he must become a better parent to Lulu. Tracy and Luke wait in the hospital lobby while Lulu is taken to surgery. Spinelli, Dillon and Milo all show up to wait. Spinelli tries to tell the other two men that they can go and he will call them when Lulu wakes up. He tells them that he and Lulu really connected during their life and death situation. Dillon and Milo are unnerved and decide to wait also. 

Tracy gets upset with Luke when he doesn't seem too concerned about the three young men who are arguing over who should get to see Lulu first after she gets out of surgery. Dillon, Milo, and Spinelli try to each state their case to Luke about why they should go first. Luke tells Dillon that he does have a little problem with Dillon because he already trampled over Lulu's heart once already. Dillon tells him that he wouldn't purposely try to hurt Lulu. Luke tells them that he is going to be the first person to see Lulu and talks to the surgeon before going in to see her. Lulu is very happy to see him and tells him he is her hero for going inside the hotel and finding her. Lulu tells him that she isn't upset with him for not being able to get her out of the hotel when he was talking to Craig and trying to negotiate for her release. Lulu tells him that she isn't mad and that she knows that sometimes you do what you can do and have accept what you can't do. 

Luke lets the other guys take turns seeing her and tells Tracy that he is going to let Lulu decide for herself what guy she wants to date. Spinelli comes in to see her and tells her he is sorry that he couldn't rescue her and get her out of the hotel before the explosion. Lulu tells him that it isn't his fault what happened and that she was too stubborn and didn't listen to Jason when he told her to get out when she could. Jason comes into her room to find Spinelli and tells her that he is glad she made it out of the hotel alive and her surgery went well. He tells Spinelli that he needs him to find Craig for him using his computer skills. Later, Milo brings her a drink and Dillon also brings her a drink and tries to get Milo to go away. The two argue over who is better for Lulu. Georgie finds them in there arguing and realizes what is going on. She makes a remark to them and leaves. Later, Lulu gets a visit from Scott Baldwin. Scott tells her he wants to talk to her.

Jason talks to Spinelli about some PDA that Craig will be looking for and Jason believes was being carried by the female, mercenary, #5. Craig finds her dead and in a body bag. He looks for her PDA inside her outfit. Jason walks by Alan's room and stops for a minute. 

Jason goes after Mr. Craig in the unstable and falling down hotel. Mr. Craig finds his PDA and makes a run for it. Jason runs after him and the two start shooting at each other in the stairwell. 

Scott goes to talk to Lulu about Laura's brief recovery. As they talk, Tracy comes in and tells Scott to leave her stepdaughter alone. Scott relents, but not before telling Tracy that it's not over yet. Later, Scott overhears Lulu and Spinelli talking. Lulu is telling Spinelli that Rick Webber and Scott helped cover up the murder of Theresa when Laura was a child. Theresa was the woman with whom Rick was having an affair when he was married to Laura's mother. Laura walked in on the two having sex in the attic. Lulu tells Spinelli that she thinks Scott might know who really killed Rick.

Emily sees Spinelli in the hospital and tells him to find Jason, and tell him that his father needs him. Jason and Mr. Craig are involved in a shoot out. Jason shoots him in the arm. After more gunfire, Spinelli arrives and tells Jason he needs to get to the hospital. Mr. Craig allows him to leave, giving him a clear getaway.

Luke warns Lulu not to trust Scott. Lulu goes to talk to Dillon and tells him that she's sure Scott knows something about Rick Webber's murder. She doesn't want her dad to find out about her sleuthing, though. 

Lulu returns home and Nikolas stops by. Nikolas is surprised to learn that they are getting remarried. Lulu thinks they should get married right there in Laura's house instead of at the courthouse with a justice of the peace. They say no to that suggestion but then Lulu convinces them that Laura would have liked them to get married in her house. 

Carly shows up at Laura's house to see Lulu. Lulu tells her that Lucky and Elizabeth are getting remarried and moving into the house. Carly seems very happy for them which confuses Lulu a little bit. Nikolas, Lucky, and Elizabeth have to leave and they leave Lulu alone with Carly. Lulu asks her why she is happy for Elizabeth when she thought Carly hated her. Carly tells her she does hate Elizabeth but is happy that Elizabeth is back with Lucky so that she will now stay away from Jason again. Carly talks to Lulu about her investigation into Rick Webber's murder and asks her to be very careful since whoever did kill Rick will not like her to be poking around and it could get very dangerous. She also brings up the point that Tracy brought up with her, Luke would be devastated if he found out that he convinced Laura she did it when she actually didn't and will blame himself for her breakdown. 

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