Luis Alcazar  July 22, 2002 – February 10, 2003 - 6 hrs 4 mins

Luis arrives in town. He is on the phone as a mysterious woman is shown from behind. He ends the call as she drops her robe in front of him. We see him talking to this mystery woman several times on his yacht (she later turns out to be Brenda). He tells her he will always protect her. He meets with Roy, Roy wants to know who he is? Luis introduces himself. Luis has left him a million dollars and Roy asks what he expects in return. Luis orders him to blow up Sonny's warehouse. Roy says no and Alcazar responds that Roy needs to be taught a lesson and Luis will do it himself. He calls Felicia with an implied threat. Luis meets with Roy again and tells him he has an hour to agree to work for him. Luis makes a call and says, "Do it". A figure enters a warehouse and places an explosive device.

Felicia receives a mysterious phone call asking her to meet Sonny at his warehouse at 11:00pm. Kristina is seen outside the coffee warehouse. Alexis receives a call from Joe, who tells her that Kristina's car was seen outside of the coffee warehouse. Alexis thanks him and heads off to intercept her (she is off to tell Sonny that he is the baby's father). Roy gets a call from Luis who tells him that Felicia is on her way to the warehouse but it is a bad place to be at the moment, Roy rushes out to stop Felicia. Roy arrives and asks a security guard if a woman entered the building, the guard says yes.

Just then the building explodes. Roy meets with Luis, who points out that Felicia arrived right on time (the meaning that should Luis have wanted her dead, he would have had her arrive just a little earlier, this was just a warning). Roy rushes to the door and reaches it just as an explosion rocks the building. Roy is sent flying backwards from the force of the blast. A dazzled Roy does find Felicia to be all right. Yet, he has seen a woman pinned beneath some debris. This lady is Kristina who is lying in a pool of blood. Alexis comes and gets almost hysterical when she sees her sister lying in a bloody, unconscious state. Jason, Zander, and Liz run to the warehouse to help. They all work together to get Kristina extricated from all of the debris and she is taken away in an ambulance. She later dies as Alexis sobs hysterically.

Alcazar admits to Roy he set the bomb and lured Felicia to the warehouse in an effort to show Roy that he can get to her anytime he wants. Roy still balks at following his orders and Alcazar tells Roy that he will arrange for the detonator to be found in Roy's possession, and Roy could be charged with murder unless he cooperates fully from here on out thereby blackmails and threatens Roy into working for him.

Alcazar tells Roy that now he is going after Jasper Jax. Roy questions why now Jax? Roy wonders what Jax and Sonny could possibly have in common that would make Alcazar go after both of them. Luis asks if it really matters, and Roy shrugs it off as idle curiosity. Luis instructs Roy that he will break into Jax's safe and get the map to their oil reserves, which is where the bulk of the Jax fortune is invested. Later, Luis holds a woman (whose back is to us) and tells her that the obstacles will soon be out if their way. He brushes aside the strap of her nightgown and kisses her bare shoulder. The woman shows no reaction of any kind to either his words or actions.

Alcazar meets with Roy, Roy hands over half of the map. He asks Roy if he has the other half of the map. Roy tells Luis that the map stays in his possession until he has the cash. Later, Luis is on the phone, he says he has hit a minor delay and as soon as he gets what he needs be prepared to move right away. We see the mystery woman tenderly touching some papers with Jax's name on them. Later, Alcazar and Roy agree to meet tonight for the exchange of the second part of the map and money transaction. After hanging up, Alcazar looks through his desk. Not finding what he's looking for (the other half of the map), he calls out, "Have you been at my desk again? You might have misplaced something very important". Alcazar asks the nurse if "Brenda" is taking her medication. The nurse says yes. He says she's becoming more erratic. He tells her to increase her medication, later the nurse gives Brenda the medication but she doesn't take the pills but hides them.

Luis meets with Roy again and gives him a suitcase of unmarked bills and asks for the other half of the map. Alcazar hands over the money and Roy gives him the map. Roy tells him that he needs to find his sense of gratitude after all, he put the warehouse of business long before Alcazar blew it up and now he stole the map. Alcazar interrupts him and says angrily that he wants Sonny and Jax to pay. He wants them to claw out each other until they are both destroyed. He wants to see the look in “her” eyes when he tells her that they are finished (meaning Sonny and Jax). They are obstacles to be removed. Roy is just a means to an end, you got it? Yea I get there’s a woman involved, Roy replies. Alcazar declares to Roy he wants Jax and Sonny at each other’s throats and he looks forward to seeing the look in her eyes when he tells her they are finished.

Alcazar walks in and approaches a sleeping “Brenda” (we still don’t see her face). He lies down beside her and tells her that he has to leave again, but not to worry they will soon be able to do what they had planned without any obstacles. He leaves the room and we see Zander sneak around the hallway. He hears someone approach and hides around the corner. Brenda walks into the room. Zander is about to follow when someone hits him over the head and knocks him unconscious.

Roy meets with Alcazar outside a closed Kelly's. Elizabeth who is locking up is able to listen undetected to their conversation. She overhears Alcazar telling Roy that Sonny won’t touch him because he has something Sonny wants more than anything in the world. Promo for Brenda's return. Sonny and Jason cornered Alcazar and one of his men as they stepped off the elevator at the Port Charles Hotel. Sonny asked what Alcazar had that he thinks Sonny wants that Alcazar supposedly has (not seen as Liz has told Sonny about what she overheard). Sonny warned Alcazar to get out of town but Alcazar refused to back down. Sonny and Jason are on the docks spying on Alcazar’s yacht. Jason sees the ‘woman’ enter the room and speak to Alcazar (but as usual it is only from the back). He passes the binoculars to Sonny but by the time Sonny takes a look the woman is nowhere to be seen. Sonny orders Jason to find out everything he can about Mr. Alcazar and his female friend. Alcazar brags to his henchmen that he will obliterate Corinthos, even the memory of him!

Zander demands to speak with Mr. Alcazar. The nurse warns him that if he is seen or overheard he will be killed. But, it’s too late because Alcazar is eavesdropping at the door. As soon as the nurse leaves Alcazar enters the room and questioned Zander. Zander starts to give out all the inside info he has on Sonny’s business, but once again he is disappointed when Alcazar only wants to know what he told the nurse. Zander confessed that the nurse was asking on her mistress’ behalf and that it was mostly information about the personal lives of Sonny and Jax. Zander asked if Alcazar was going after the two men because of a woman. Alcazar confided that he was going to destroy Sonny and Jax because they where a link to his woman’s past that he need to severe to earn her respect. Zander offered his services, but Alcazar coldly refused them then told Zander that he was now a link between his woman and her past and he had to be eliminated. Alcazar questioned the nurse about what the mystery woman wanted to know from Zander about Sonny and Jax. Later, Alcazar ordered his men to throw Zander overboard and make it look like he drowned.

 Brenda placed a phone call to Sonny’s penthouse. When a frantic Carly answered, the woman didn’t say anything (Michael has wandered off and Carly is frantic that he has been kidnapped). Alcazar entered the room and saw her (the mystery woman) on the phone. “Brenda” is listening to a frantic Carly try and find out who is on the phone. When “Brenda” doesn’t respond, Carly thinks that it is someone who has Michael and begs with them to give him back saying she will do anything. Alcazar approaches and hangs up the phone. He asks “Brenda” who she’s calling. He tells her that he is not policing her but stopping her from doing something she will regret which is apparently what she asked him to do. He tells “Brenda” that there is no one in Port Charles that she wants to speak to. Alcazar slips out and receives a phone call from his henchman telling him that Zander is still alive and is with Liz at Kelly’s. Alcazar tells him that Zander knows too much. He says that if Zander tells Liz anything and if Liz tells Jason, everything will be over. He orders the man to eliminate them both. Great Brenda Return Promo featuring Jax and Sonny how they both loved her.

Alcazar is surprised when one of his men inform him that a helicopter is trying to land on the roof of the yacht. Alcazar instructs him to lock "the mystery woman" downstairs in her room and have the nurse watch her while deals with his unexpected visitor. The visitor happens to be Jax. Jax asks Alcazar what he wants with him and his family. Alcazar offers him a deal regarding his family's business with the oil map and their possible financial problems. Alcazar offers him back what he lost for his family business if Jax agrees to leave town with his family and fiancée. Jax informs him he is no longer engaged and that he will have to turn down his offer since he has no intention in leaving town. The "mystery woman" manages to get away from her room and overhear the conversation. One of his men interrupts him for a private chat and informs him that "she" has gotten out of her room and they don't know where she is. Alcazar instructs him to find her and lock her up in her room. She listens in on the conversation but is grabbed by one of the men and hauled away against her will. Her ankle bracelet falls off onto the deck floor. Later, as Jax is leaving the boat, he sees the anklet on the deck and asks him who it belongs to. Alcazar is dismayed to see evidence of "her" presence on the yacht.

Alcazar finds out that Zander and Liz are under Sonny’s guard. As “Brenda” listens, he vows to end this once and for all and to move against Sonny. After they leave, “Brenda” sneaks in and tries to make a phone call but finds the phone lines are disconnected. She searches through the drawers and finds her passport and sneaks away. Alcazar is on the phone to someone telling them to forget about Jax that Sonny is more of a threat. The nurse comes in and tells him that “Brenda” has disappeared. Jason, dressed in all black, sneaks aboard the yacht and locates Alcazar’s office. He begins searching through drawers, but hears someone coming in. He hides and listens as Alcazar makes a phone call and explains that “Brenda” is missing, she has ID but no money and has not contacted anyone. He orders another search of the yacht in case she is still aboard. Alcazar comes back and is informed that “Brenda” was hiding below deck, but that she is now locked in his cabin. They rush off to hide the passports in his safe.

Jason sneaks on board the yacht. He makes his way below, looking for the mysterious woman that is the clue to Luis' vendetta against Sonny. Brenda appears worried as she realizes that her ‘rescuer’ is Jason, this is the first time we see Brenda's face. It takes Jason a few moments to pick the lock and when he finally gets into the room though it appears to be empty. Believing that the woman is hiding out of fear, Jason tries to coax her into revealing herself by soothingly saying that he can he can help her escape if she wants to escape. From her hiding place, Brenda smiles fondly as Jason reveals to the empty room that he works for Sonny Corinthos. Jason hears a faint noise coming from behind a door and quickly opens it. But instead of coming face to face with Brenda he finds her nurse. As he questions her, the door flies open and Luis and his men enter. Alcazar greets Jason and tells him that he has been looking forward to killing him. Alcazar then orders his men to kill Jason (and not to make any mistakes this time).

From her hiding place Brenda appears to be upset by the turn of events. The nurse tries to explain to Alcazar how she had just found Jason moments before he arrived. Alcazar assures her that there is no problem as no damage was done. They leave the room and Brenda exits her hiding place (the ceiling to floor wardrobe). She heads straight for the door. Out on the deck, Jason struggles with two of Alcazar’s henchmen. He gets the best of them of a brief moment and jumps overboard. The henchmen fire several shots into the spot where Jason entered the water.

But on the other side, Alcazar is waiting for her with a warning that any attempt to rescue Morgan would be ill advised. She asks if he has killed Jason? Alcazar says it was in self-defense. He asks if she has changed her mind and tells her that she can leave the ship whenever she likes. He then reminds her that she used to trust him. He reminds her that he saved her life when her mother tried to kill her, took her to a clinic in Switzerland and was by her side when she was diagnosed with the same disease a her mother, agreed to stay and take care of her for the rest of her life. Alcazar then asks if she no longer trust him and gives her time to think about it.

Brenda assures ‘Luis’ that she does trust him but wants to know why Jason had to die when he didn’t even see her. Alcazar reminds her that she didn't want Sonny and Jax to know she was still alive and Zander had already seen her. Brenda tells him that she doesn't want Sonny or Jax hurt. Alcazar assures her he isn’t going to ‘hurt’ them, he is just going to make sure they can’t track her down. One of then men knocks and informs Alcazar that Roy has arrived. Brenda listens from behind the office doorway as Alcazar tells Roy that he has to leave sooner that expected. Roy replies that he will be sure Alcazar gets his share of the profits. Much to both Brenda and Roy’s disbelief, Alcazar orders Roy to kill Sonny. As Brenda listens on, Alcazar tells Roy that he has to kill Sonny. Roy refuses. Roy tells him that if he wants Sonny dead, he should do it himself. As Roy walks out, Alcazar tells his thugs "You know what you have to do".

Brenda catches on, and is shortly imploring Alcazar to take her away from PC that she wants to set sail so that they can be alone together (in order to protect Sonny and Jax). Alcazar falls for it and they wind up in bed. Brenda slips out of bed with Alcazar, takes his cell phone out of his jacket and slips to another room. She dials Sonny's number at the penthouse. Sonny picks up the phone, but Alcazar has already awakened from his slumber and takes the phone away from Brenda before she could warn Sonny. Alcazar then has Brenda locked up.

Alcazar has Maxie and Georgie kidnapped for leverage against Roy. Roy showed up and had Alcazar in a stranglehold. He wanted to see for himself that Maxie and Georgie were safe. He talked to Maxie and she said they were okay but scared. Alcazar told Roy that he has to eliminate Sonny and he should be aware of what the consequences are should he fail. Brenda pleads with Alcazar to let her out of the cabin. He apologies for bringing her back to PC, but won’t let her out. Brenda tells him she wants to leave PC as soon as possible. Felicia meets with Luis and gets him to hold her as hostage and let her girls go. Luis meets with Roy and uses Felicia as leverage in order to convince him to kill Sonny.

Brenda is succeeding at seducing her guard when Alcazar returns. After the guard leaves, Alcazar compliments Brenda on her craftiness but warns her not to do anything she would later regret. After he leaves, Brenda takes the flare gun and hides it under her pillow. Alcazar shows up in Brenda’s “room” and brings her some things to keep her busy. Brenda wonders why he is all smiley. He tells her that his work in Port Charles is at its end and they will be leaving town tomorrow. Brenda reminds him that she has stayed with him because she didn’t want her “disease” to affect Sonny and Jax. She wanted to protect them from what she could “become”. She doesn’t regret a single moment that she has spent with him, but he is different and she doesn’t enjoy being his prisoner. Alcazar tells her that it won’t be for much longer. He assures her that although he can’t guarantee to her that nothing will happen to Sonny or Jax he can guarantee that it won’t be on his hands if something does happen. This was for her own good and would be over soon. As Brenda and Alcazar reminisce about their life, we learn that Alcazar had rescued Brenda from the water and saved her. Alcazar tells her that she was not supposed to die that night, she was supposed to live. They will soon be leaving Port Charles and she will have no reason to want to come back.

After Alcazar leaves Brenda handles the flare gun and tries to figure out how to best use the gun. On the yacht, Brenda has arranged the table, bed and chairs as a barricade in front of the door. She kneels behind it and with a trembling hand grips the gun. She prays that this will work and fires the gun. There is an explosion. Brenda’s plan has seemingly backfired as she is now stuck waist deep in water and screaming for help, trapped in the sinking ship.

Alcazar, Felicia and Felicia’s captor watch in horror from the docks as his yacht explodes. Alcazar makes a

phone call and tells someone to look for “her” because she still might be on the yacht. A frantic Alcazar orders his men to keep searching for ‘her’. Felicia tries to take advantage of his distraction to slip away but gets caught before she can take more than a few steps. Alcazar orders his goons to take her back and tells them to shoot Felicia if she tries to escape again. Shortly after, Jason arrives on the docks and Alcazar accuses Sonny of setting the explosion. He baffles Jason when he tells him to tell Sonny that the stunt may have cost them both something important. Jason suggests that since things are no longer going as planned, Alcazar should cut his loses and leave. Alcazar tells Jason that he doesn’t take orders from Sonny or his flunky (referring to Jason). After Jason leaves, Alcazar orders his men to keep searching until they find Brenda.

Alcazar learns from the Coast Guard that although Brenda was not found on board her chances of having escaped the explosion and sinking of the ship were slim to none. Alcazar is sure that she managed to survive and orders his men to keep search both the water and the surrounding shores. Alcazar then calls Roy and orders him to kill Sonny now! Roy assures Alcazar that the hit will go down that night. Brenda has managed to reach the shore but has to hide (under a over turned row boat) when she hears someone coming. It is Alcazar, she keeps still, holds her breath and eventually Alcazar and his men move on.

Later Brenda is seen walking down a street. She runs in to a young man with a cell phone and she asks him to make a call for her. The man is reluctant until she offers to give him her $3000 diamond watch. Brenda dials the number then instructs the man to push send and ask for Sonny. Once Sonny is on the phone, Brenda has the man tell Sonny that a friend needs to meet him at St. Timothy’s church that night with information about Alcazar. Sonny refuses the meeting unless he can speak to the ‘friend’ directly. The young man gives Brenda the message and passes her the phone. Brenda slowly puts the phone up to her ear and takes a deep breath. Sonny is still on the phone listening to Brenda breathing. When she won’t speak, she hands the phone to her new friend. He tells Brenda that Sonny won’t go unless he can speak with her. Brenda tells her friend to tell Sonny that this is about Louis Alcazar and it is in his best interests to meet her at the church. Sonny agrees and hangs up the phone.

Roy is on the phone with Alcazar telling him that everything has been arranged and it will happen tonight. Alcazar tells Roy that he doesn’t want assurances, he wants results. If he doesn’t kill Sonny, Felicia will die. n the limo, Jason explains to Sonny that with the rain it will be almost impossible to spot any possible snipers. He asks Sonny if he is sure he wants to do this. He reminds his boss that he now has a family who think he is the world. He needs to be sure this is what he needs to do. Jason and Sonny begin a heated argument about Sonny’s order that Jason remain behind for 10 minutes. Jason thinks it is an unnecessary risk and that he is starting to take it personally. Damn right I am, Sonny replies and explains that he has to make Alcazar pay for trying to ruin his life. Jason reluctantly agrees and Sonny mentions that the last time he was here was when he was to marry Brenda.

Amazing Grace montage as plays as Carly lights a candle, Sonny slowly walks towards St. Timothy's Church in the rain, Brenda kneels in a pew in the church, praying, while Roy hides behind the bushes outside the church. Brenda gets up and heads towards the church doors just as Sonny arrives at the courtyard in front of the church. Roy waits, Jason gets out of the limo, Brenda opens the first set of doors and takes a breath. Sonny walks closer. Roy still waits, Carly pours wine for dinner, and Sonny is outside the church doors. Carly starts to drink a glass of wine, but is startled and drops it. Brenda opens the outside doors. Sonny sees Brenda; his eyes are wide, in shock. Brenda smiles at him and laughs. Brenda and Sonny are face to face for the first time in five years. A stunned Sonny stares at Brenda and is unaware that Roy is behind him and raises his gun. Brenda smiles and begins to approach Sonny as Roy fires. Carly's glass drops to the floor, leaving a pool of red. Gunshot. Gunshot. Gunshot. Brenda screams. Gunshot. Sonny drops to the ground.

Brenda runs over and picks him up. She holds his head in her lap, gets blood on her hands. Jason arrives. Sonny gasps and tells Jason to get her out of there. Jason picks Brenda up and carries her, kicking and screaming, into the car. He literally throws her in the car and it takes off. "Brenda," Sonny utters, lying in a pool of his own blood. Sonny is lying on the ground, bleeding and dying. The priest comes out of the church and finds Sonny and tries to help him, covers his chest with his jacket, puts his sweater under Sonny's head. Then he prays. The paramedics show up and try to save him, to no avail. Sonny's dead.

Sonny has made sure a big splashy picture of Jax and Skye announcing their wedding appears in the local paper. He smugly tells Jason that Alcazar won't be able to resist and will show up and will fall into Sonny's trap. Meanwhile, Luis also believes that Brenda won't be able to stay away. He is right, while Sonny believes Brenda is safely tucked away in the safe house, once she sees that photo she can't stay away. Alcazar places a call to Roy and tells him that tailing Jax isn’t cutting it anymore. Alcazar orders Roy to kill Jax who can’t understand why Jax is still such a big deal since Brenda isn’t trying to contact him. Alcazars repeats the order and after hanging up tells and unseen person that he may have to kill Jax himself as Roy may not follow through. Alcazar slips a silencer on his piece.

Alcazar is waiting in one of the reception rooms off of the chapel. He waits for a good clear view of Jax so he can shoot him but Jax's parents are in the way of his view. Jason orders Roy to stay clear of Alcazar and try and find Brenda so that they can get her back to the safe house before Alcazar sees her. Skye goes in one of the rooms to find a handkerchief that Lila gave her. She sees Alcazar in the room and asks him what he is doing in there. He makes up some story about how he is the Reverend's assistant and was asked to check out the fuse boxes to make sure everything was okay for the wedding. Skye buys his explanation and allows him to kiss her cheek for good luck. As the bride and groom are exchanging vows, Brenda watches from the loft. Alcazar opens the door to the room to get ready to shoot Jax and Roy and Felicia see the door open

and realize it must be Alcazar. They go down and search for him but the power goes out from the storm outside and the rooms plunge into darkness. Jason witnesses Brenda across from him watching the ceremony but the power failure keeps him from getting to her. Alcazar goes to make his move to shoot Jax but Brenda grabs his arm and the gun goes off toward the floor between them. He turns around and finds himself pointing the gun at Brenda, who stares him down. Brenda tried to convince him to shoot her instead. Jason then came in and was able to distract Alcazar so that both he and Brenda could get away. When Roy finds him, they struggle and Alcazar is shot in the stomach.

One of Alcazar’s men helps him into what looks like a cabin. He tells his guard to get him a doctor and to make finding Brenda the top priority. One of Alcazar's men goes to GH, kidnaps Monica and returns with her. Monica treats Luis, she overhears him mumbling to "kill Morgan". Luis demands that she tell his goon what she needs to treat him, and warns her to be careful because if he dies that she will die too. He tells his goon to leave him a gun just in case Monica gets any ideas. He tells her she has to get the bullet out of him, that he has a killer coming after him and he needs to defend himself. He realizes as she drugs him that she is Jason's mother. After she saves his life, he orders Monica killed.

Alcazar recalls a conversation where Brenda mentioned the cottage and realizes that it is most likely where she is hiding. After managing to dress he calls someone and tells him or her to get him the address of Brenda’s cottage. Shortly after, his henchman returns with the antibiotics. When Alcazar asks, the man claims to have “taken care of Monica”. Alcazar tells the man he knows where Brenda is and wants to go there ASAP so he can finish his business and get out of town. At the cottage, Alcazar bursts through the door, gun in hand. Jax tries to shield Brenda. Jax tells Brenda to run and accuses Alcazar of playing mind games with her. He tells Alcazar that even if Alcazar manages to kill him, Jason and Jerry will come after him and won’t rest until he is dead. Alcazar shoots Jax in the abdomen. Brenda listens in shock as Alcazar tells her to come with him or he will kill Jax with the next shot. Brenda runs to Jax and throwing herself across his body dares Alcazar to shoot her. Alcazar tells Brenda that she can stay and watch Jax bleed to death or save his life, by going with him and calling 911 from the car. As Brenda kisses Jax goodbye, Sonny appears in the doorway. He shoots Alcazar twice. Alcazar falls to the floor. There is a montage of scenes as Jax is and Luis are both treated by EMTs and taken out on stretchers. Brenda looks at Sonny in shock, realizing he is alive!

Everyone comes to see Luis at the hospital and threaten him, first Jason, then Brenda goes to see Alcazar in his hospital room and tells him she will never care for him after what he has done. Alexis enters room and puts it all together that Brenda is a cause of all the lousy things that have happened. Brenda apologizes and leaves. Alexis approaches Alcazar's bed and tells him "her name was Kristina", the woman you killed in Sonny's warehouse (Alexis' sister). She tells him Kristina was beautiful, loyal and strong with crystal-clear eyes. Alcazar took that away from Alexis. Alexis calls Alcazar vermin and tells him she won't tax the citizens of PC by dragging him through the system. She goes to his medicine IV and toys with Alcazar about turning off his medications to bring on a slow, painful death but Ned interrupts and says he wants to do it. Ned tells Alcazar he loved Kristina too, and he was going to marry her. Ned tells Alcazar that someday, someone's going to make him pay. Next is Roy, then Felicia.

Skye encounters Alcazar walking down the hospital hall and she confronts him. She says the fact that he's walking at all is a travesty, and that he should be dead. She slaps him across the face. A security guard intervenes and Skye tells Alcazar that he's going to pay. Alcazar sends for Brenda. When she arrives, she wants to know what he wants. He says his story hasn't changed, he wants her. Alcazar tries to convince her to leave PC with her. He tells her she doesn't belong in PC and that she's an outsider looking in. He makes reference to the little time she has left, to which Brenda responds "go to hell". Brenda later peeks in on Alcazar then enters his room. He awakes and smiles at her telling her he's going to make a full recovery. She asks why he did this, and he says to keep his promise to her. Brenda tells Alcazar she could never care for him after what he's done. Alcazar says he doesn't care if she loves him or not, she's his. Brenda is in the waiting area when Alcazar sees her. He tells her that he has been released from the hospital and is under police guard but that he will find a way for them to go away together. Brenda tells him that she has no intention of leaving Port Charles with him and that she hates him. He doesn't believe she has no feelings for him and insists they will be together again soon. She informs him he will be arrested soon enough.

Taggert shows up and agrees with her and tells that because of Brenda's testimony and the other evidence they have against him he is now under arrest. Alcazar doesn't seem too upset by the arrest. At the PCPC, Skye has Alcazar brought into the questioning room. He is in shackles and an orange jumpsuit. Skye questions where Brenda was diagnosed and Alcazar tells her. Skye wants to know exactly how much longer Brenda has to live.

Luis's trial, he finds out Brenda is married to Jason. He has pulled strings and gets out of the charges against him. Luis warns Skye to keep quiet about Brenda not really being ill. Skye asks why Luis brought Brenda back to Port Charles. He tells her that she always wanted to come back to PC, and that he believed if he eliminated her reasons for wanting to return (namely Sonny and Jax) that she could accept her life with him and be happy.

Luis shows up at the courthouse, and Scotty smugly tells him that Jason married Brenda. When Brenda enters the courtroom, Alcazar laments that this is one bride he won't get to kiss? She informs him he is going to prison. Then Sonny enters, then Jax is wheeled in and Luis tells him that Jax should have stuck to rehab that morning as he will find the court proceedings unfulfilling. The trial begins, Monica testifies about her kidnapping and his threats. Then Felicia testifies about her kidnapping, that Luis was using her to force Roy to commit Sonny's murder. Taggert testifies about the bomb set in Sonny's warehouse that resulted in Kristina's death, that the explosive was triggered by remote detonator probably by someone standing on the street who would have seen Kristina enter. Alexis testifies about Kristina's death, then Zander testifies, then Brenda testifies. Scott later interrupts the proceedings and moves to drop all charges against Luis Alcazar. The judge is outraged over this reversal. Scott approaches the bench and hands some papers to the judge, who agrees to drop all charges and declares Luis is a free man! The courtroom spectators reel in shock over this unsuspecting turn of events. A montage of reaction scenes are shown, as the Jax gets back into his wheelchair and Skye stars daggers at Luis, Brenda looks at Jax in pain, Carly and Sonny shake their heads at Luis, Brenda tries to attack Luis as Jason pulls her back, Alexis just stares determined at Luis, Scott exits and refuses to answers the press' questions, he simply says his hands are tied. Alexis demands to know where the justice is for Kristina's death. Sonny tells Luis to give his friends at the State Department his regards. Luis hands Scott a threatening note that declares, "You are dead" and demands his protection. All of the spectators are shown, all of those with a motive to kill Luis: Monica, Jason, Brenda, Jax, Skye, Ned, Sonny, Carly, and Zander (interesting the only person with a motive not show is Alexis, who winds up being the killer).

Luis shows up at a Halloween party at Carly's club, dressed as the Phantom of the Opera. A masked guest approaches Skye. He takes off his phantom of the opera mask and it is Luis. He makes her listen to him while he asks her how her trip to Switzerland went and tells her she knows the same thing he does now, Brenda is going to die from her mother's disease. Skye listens to him and tells him she plans to tell Brenda about what she found out. Alcazar tells her that he came back to kill Sonny and Jax to keep them away from Brenda. He calls Skye's bluff about telling Brenda and Jax about her not dying. He tells her to think about that since if Brenda finds out she isn't dying, she will run straight back to Jax, who may want her. He suggests that she let him take Brenda back to Europe, where a letter will be sent to Jax, reporting her death a few months from now, and that she can be there to comfort him in his grief. He tells her she should be grateful for the fact that he tricked Brenda into believing that she is ill and would lose her mind. Skye threatens to tell Brenda that truth, he retorts that the day Brenda finds out the truth is the day that Skye will lose Jax forever. He warns her if she wants to hold onto Jax, that she needs to help him get Brenda out of town. He tells her that she will get Jax, and he will get Brenda and everyone will win. He then dances with Maxie while disguised, at the end of the dance, he lifts his mask. Felicia storms over and demands that he stay away from her daughters. Alcazar takes his mask off and smirks at Sonny. Sonny approaches him and threatens him.

Next, Luis shows up at Brenda's door. She opens the door and screams as she realizes it is Luis. He tells her that he doesn't want to hurt her, he just wants to talk to her. She says he wants to kidnap her, and he scoffs that wouldn't be possible from Sonny's building. He gets her to talk to him, and enters the penthouse. He declares that she doesn't love Jason that the longer she stays in town the more tempted she will be to return to Sonny and Jax and will destroy their marriages. She says she knows they are in the past and the past is over. He reminds her that the reason she was with him was to spare them the pain of watching her lose her mind and asks her to let him take her away. She refuses, saying she has Jason now to help her. Luis reminds her that he made a promise to her to keep her away from the people she loves so she wouldn't hurt them. She laughs sarcastically, that he tried to kill the people she loves most in the world. He tells her he held off as long as he could but when she started to show symptoms that he had no choice but to act. He tells her of her erratic behavior, which of course she doesn't remember as it never happened. He tells her he intends on keeping her promise. She begs him to stop hurting people. He says he doesn't want to hurt anyone and has a plane waiting to take her to Paris. If she refuses, he will walk away and leave her alone, leaving her enough money to be taken care of. Sonny bursts in with two guards and tells them to take Luis out. Sonny tells Brenda that Luis will not get another chance to hurt Luis. Brenda demands that she is tired of the violence and doesn't want Luis hurt.

Alcazar approaches Carly outside Club101 and suggests that Alcazar could solve all of Carly's problems with Carly's husbands returned ex if Carly would just help the arms dealer out a little bit. Next, Alcazar arrives at Jax's hospital room and attempts to convince Jax that the only right thing for Jax to do for Brenda is to let her go away with Alcazar to live out the remainder of her life and spare Jax's new bride from any more pain. Instead, Jax threatens to kill Alcazar as soon as Jax gets out of the Hospital, and then Jax grabs Alcazar in a chokehold. A nurse breaks them up and Alcazar leaves.

Luis uses the same threats with Skye that she will lose Jax to Brenda if she stays in town. Skye calls Alcazar and tells him they need to meet as soon as possible. Skye tells Alcazar that he isn't moving fast enough to get rid of Brenda. Skye tells Alcazar that if he doesn't get her out of town now, Skye will force her out of town. Alcazar wants Skye to set up a private meeting with Brenda so he has access to her. He gets a call from Skye who has set her up to arrive at her club. He arrives with his guard and kidnaps Brenda and takes her to his plane. He tells Brenda that he lost her once but will not lose her again. She sarcastically asks, "What is wrong Luis? Can't get a girlfriend unless you drug her and force her to be with you?"

On board Alcazar's private jet, Brenda pretends to come on to Alcazar to distract him. Sonny arrives at the airport, pushes past the guard and boards Alcazar's plane, just as Alcazar slaps handcuffs onto Brenda. Alcazar's plane takes off with Alcazar in the cockpit and Sonny slips out of hiding to let Brenda know that he is aboard, but did not bring his gun with him. As Sonny gets Brenda's handcuffs loose, Alcazar re-emerges from the cockpit and announces that the plane is on autopilot and Brenda and Sonny will need Alcazar to land. Alcazar threatens to kill Sonny and Sonny challenges Alcazar to land the plane and go at each other, one-on-one. But the plane suddenly hits unexpected turbulence and Alcazar rushes back to the cockpit. When Alcazar is gone, Sonny informs Brenda that he believes Alcazar took off before the plane had finished refueling. At that moment, the plane begins to rock and Alcazar orders Brenda to put on her seat belt.

Jason tells Carly that Luis is headed to Venezuela, Carly demands to go with Jason to find them. She begs to go as this whole situation is going to drive Sonny closer to Brenda. Carly and Jason arrive in Venezuela and, when Jason makes contact with an associate. Jason is surprised to learn that Alcazar's plane went off the radar somewhere in the Caribbean and never arrived. When Jason and Carly arrive at jail after being arrested, they are shocked to learn that the reason why they have been arrested is because they are regarded as enemies of Alcazar who has a lot of influence in that area.

Brenda comes to after the crash and wants to know where Luis is? Meanwhile, Alcazar watches them from a distance and communicates with an associate that Alcazar's plan is for Sonny to die on the island! Alcazar communicates with some of his men to pick him and Brenda up and get rid of Sonny, Sonny slugs Alcazar from behind before he can finish his call. After Sonny slugs Alcazar and ties him up, Sonny uses Alcazar's phone to try to call for help, but the battery goes dead before Sonny can complete his message. Sonny tries to get Brenda to leave Sonny alone with Alcazar and Alcazar informs Brenda that that is because Sonny plans to execute Alcazar in the crazy hope that Alcazar's men will not carry out Alcazar's orders once they learn that their boss is dead. As Alcazar reminds Brenda of his love for her, Brenda surprises Sonny when she suddenly grabs the gun. Brenda threatens to kill Alcazar herself, but can't bring herself to pull the trigger. When Alcazar sees Brenda wavering, Alcazar urges Brenda to toss the gun into the jungle, implying that she is not acting like herself and that it is probably just her disease that is talking. Brenda fires into the air, then runs away, still clutching the gun. When they return, Luis is nowhere to be seen.

Luis fires the flare gun at the plane, the explosion sends Sonny and Brenda flying through the air. Alcazar comes up from behind Brenda and grabs her, holding the flare gun to her, demanding that Sonny drop his gun or she's dead. Alcazar continues threatening Brenda, obviously not thinking too much of the love that the two had once shared. Sonny is forced into dropping the gun, and Brenda manages to break away from him. While Sonny and Alcazar wrestle over the gun, Brenda hears the sound of the boat coming toward them and she runs toward the shore, only to encounter...quicksand.

Sonny and Alcazar confront each other in front of the burning plane, Sonny challenges Alcazar to go ahead and kill Sonny. However, Jason appears and informs Alcazar that the arms dealer now has two adversaries to contend with. Sonny and Jason quickly subdue Alcazar.

As Sonny, Brenda, Carly and Jason fly Alcazar back to the mainland, Brenda thanks Carly for saving her life. As Alcazar begins to needle Carly about her husband running off to rescue another woman, Jason gets up and puts some duct tape over Alcazar's mouth. A maid at the Port Charles Hotel finds Alcazar tied up in a chair in his hotel room. She screams and calls the police when she sees him there all bruised up with tape on his mouth. She calls the police who rush over to investigate. Alcazar refuses to press charges against anyone and they let it go and leave.

Skye shows up to see him. He accuses her of telling Sonny where he went with Brenda and ruining the plans they made. Skye tells him that she also told Jax that Brenda isn't really dying after all and that Jax will probably tell her and rush into her arms as well. Alcazar disagrees with her and tells her that Brenda seemed more interested in Sonny when they crashed in the plane and that she really doesn't have anything to worry about with Jax. Alcazar tells her she needs to come up with a way to bring Brenda back to Sonny if she plans to get Jax back. Alcazar goes to GH and runs into Alexis who tries to avoid him. He picks up her glove, she dropped on the floor and hands it to her. She snaps it away from him and tells him it is her sister's glove. Alcazar stops her from getting on the elevator and tells her that he was not convicted of killing Kristina and she better have real evidence if she ever thinks she can convict him of it. Alexis informs him that she will do everything in her power to make him pay for killing her sister even if it means killing him herself. He tells her that her sister's death is of no consequence to him now or even then. Jason comes off the elevator and throws Alcazar against the wall, demanding to know where he took Brenda now.

Jason finds Alcazar and demands to know where Brenda is but Alcazar pleads ignorance. Alexis pulls Jason away from Alcazar. Alexis is disgusted to learn the reason that Luis was out to kill Sonny, to hold onto his girlfriend. Later, Luis comes upon Alexis. He goads her that Kristina's death is her fault, that she put her sister at the warehouse. Alexis grabs her stomach in pain, and cries that there is something wrong with her baby and begs for his help. He walks away refusing to help, saying she is right it is all about Brenda.

Luis is told by pretty much everyone to leave town or die. First Ned threatens him. Then Sonny and Alcazar some face to face. Sonny tells him that he's gonna take him out. Maybe not him personally, but he's going to have it done sooner or later. The longer he stays in town, the more his days are numbered. Taggert barges in on Sonny and Alcazar's meeting. Jax shows up and tells Taggert that he wants Alcazar to be arrested for kidnapping Brenda. Taggert explains to Jax that those charges would most likely not stick, since it wasn't really kidnapping. Taggert then escorts Alcazar away. Later, Sonny tells Jason that Taggert threatened Sonny with being the first person they would arrest if Alcazar turns up dead. Jason and Sonny begin to contemplate other ways to get rid of Alcazar.

Taggert and Jax arrive at Alcazar's Penthouse Suite with a restraining order, directing Alcazar to keep 500 feet away from Brenda. Jax warns Alcazar that Alcazar's contacts in high places will soon grow tired of covering up for Alcazar's crimes, so Alcazar's days are numbered. When Alcazar tells Jax and Taggert that their piece of paper means nothing to him, Taggert warns Alcazar against goading Sonny or Jax into going after him and Taggert strongly suggests that Alcazar leave town. When Alcazar leaves his Penthouse, Jason lets himself in and begins photographing the Penthouse from every angle. While Jason is photographing Alcazar's Penthouse, Jason notices the way the open French doors lead out onto the balcony.

At GH, Alexis becomes desperate when she thinks her baby is missing. She sees Lorenzo standing in the hallway and grabs a pair of scissors and Ned holds her back. Next, Alcazar hints to Jax that Skye lured Brenda into a position to be kidnapped by him. Skye blurts out that she didn't know that he intended on kidnapping Brenda! Next, Ned grabs Luis and throws him up again the wall. He is furious that Luis left Alexis laying in the snow in labor. Jax pulls Ned off as Ned declares that Luis is a dead man! Alcazar warns Jax that, if Alcazar can no have Brenda no one will!

Alcazar enters the Quartermaine House. He tells Brenda that he still plans to leave Port Charles with her. She gets in his face and tells him that despite the fact that he still thinks he can get away with doing what he wants without being sent away, she won't hesitate to come after him herself. She will kill him and feel nothing about it. Alcazar is visibly upset and tears fall down his face. He refuses to leave right away. Monica orders him out of her house immediately. Mac tells him to leave quietly now or he will arrest him on trespassing charges. Alcazar leaves.

Jason shows up and throws something at Alcazar's limo to get the driver's attention. The driver comes out of the limo to investigate one of the front tires. Jason comes up from behind him and uses chloroform to knock him out. He drags his unconscious body to the bushes and steals his hat to wear. He gets inside the limo to disguise himself as the driver and wait for Alcazar. Alcazar shows up outside and gets into the limo. He orders Jason to take him back to his hotel immediately. Skye gets into the back of the limo and tells Alcazar she is coming with him to the hotel. Alcazar doesn't stop her and tells Jason to take them both to the hotel. Jason realizes who is in the limo and curses but does what he says, with his gun next to him. As they drive off, A.J. watches the limo take off with a curious look on his face.

Skye and Alcazar return to his Penthouse suite on the fourteenth floor of the Port Charles Hotel for a nightcap. As Skye and Alcazar talk on the Terrace, Alcazar assures Skye that Brenda will not be with Jax for very long. As Alcazar suddenly kisses Skye, she lets go of her liquor glass and the glass falls fourteen floors and shatters on the pavement below. Skye and Alcazar go to bed together while Jason silently slips unnoticed in to the command center for the surveillance cameras of the Hotel. He chloroforms the night watchman and shuts off the video camera trained on Alcazar's floor.

As Jason prepares to leave the Port Charles Hotel, he glances up and notices that, on one of the monitors, Jason can see Brenda headed toward Alcazar's suite. Jason starts up the stairway to intercept Brenda. While Jason races up the stairs to try to prevent Brenda from entering Alcazar's Penthouse, Jax enters the building through the Lobby when a celebrating couple leaves for a party. Brenda's loud knocking on Alcazar's door wakes Alcazar but not Skye. Luis opens the door of his hotel room to find Brenda there. He thinks she has come to her senses. She seems visibly distraught and tells him the only thing he’s ever done for her is to save her life and because of that, she owes him. She tries to return the favor and informs Luis that Sonny is going to kill him so he should leave town. Luis says he isn’t worried about Sonny and claims she is there because they belong together. He says she will never be happy without him, that he won’t let her be happy with anyone else. Skye, who is still in Luis’ bed, is awoken by their voices.

Back in the living room, Brenda tries to get past Luis to get out of there but he won’t let her. He grabs her and forcibly kisses her. She pulls away in tears and wrenches away from his grasp. Her bracelet unknowingly falls to the floor in her struggle to get out. She turns around and runs out of the room. As she races down the hall, she hits a room service table and knocks a knife to the ground. She picks up the knife and stares at it. Skye is wakened by the sound of Luis and Brenda arguing in the next room, and woozily tries to get out of bed and struggles toward the door. Back in Luis’ bedroom, Skye wakes up and holds her head and looks at the closed bedroom door. Meanwhile, Jax is in the elevator. As it hits the14th floor, he gets out and stares down the hall. Jason, at the same time, is running up the stairwell. He arrives on the 14th floor, opens the door and looks down the hall. Luis has gone outside to the balcony, agonizing over Brenda. He is near tears. Someone is in his room and walks to the balcony. Luis turns around and faces the person and asks, “Now what?” Suddenly, Luis comes flailing down 14 floors, seemingly thrown off the balcony. He lands SMACK on a car’s windshield. The car alarm blares.

We see Luis’ hotel room door wide open, the bedroom door closed. Brenda is leaning against a wall breathing deeply. Jason comes up from behind and grabs her with a gloved hand. She starts screaming but he stifles her screaming. She whirls around and tells Jason that Luis grabbed her and she hurt him. Jason asks if he is dead. She just repeats that she hurt him. They hear a noise and go running back into the stairwell. A maid pushes a housekeeping cart down the hall. Jax is standing on the balcony of Luis’ room, staring down at the body. He carefully goes to leave the room and steps on Brenda’s bracelet. He notices it, bends down, picks it up, inspects it and runs to the hallway to look out. He doesn’t see anyone and takes off running. Outside, Ric (the new guy in town) is right next to Alcazar’s body and the car. He checks out the scene. Back upstairs in Luis’ room, Skye comes out of the bedroom and gathers her clothes. She seems freaked out, looks around the room one final time and races out the open door down the hall.

Back outside, Alexis rounds a corner by a garbage dumpster and sees Luis’ body mangled on the car windshield. She lets out a piercing scream. Taggert is giving Alexis a hard time, wondering how she found herself in an alley when she has a troubled newborn at the hospital. She discusses with Taggert the situation surrounding her going into labor and how Alcazar left her there in the snow. Scott walks up and hears her story and suggests she was probably mad enough to kill Alcazar. She claims she was only going to talk to him, to try to frighten him enough to leave town.

In December, after Skye admits to Coleman that she does not really remember whether or not she did kill Alcazar, she recounts to Coleman her recollection of that night (complete with flashbacks). When Ida arrives (the lady Coleman paid to testify against Brenda) she recognizes Skye from Alcazar’s terrace. When Skye asks more questions about what Ida really did see that night, Ida soon realizes that Skye doesn’t even remember what happened. Ida reveals that she saw Skye and Alcazar kiss and she dropped her drink.

In January, Brenda (who has been accused of his murder) has a nightmare that Alcazar has her tied up and is going to inject her with a lethal drug so they can be together forever. Brenda wakes up screaming at the top of her lungs. Sonny comes rushing in to see if she is okay. She tells him it was just a nightmare and feels embarrassed that she screamed so loudly. Sonny tells her that he is right there if she needs him. She is touched by his concern. At the hospital, as Brenda is hypnotized, Brenda suddenly remembers seeing a dark haired man in a trench coat near the stairs as she rushed to leave Alcazar's suite after stabbing him the night of his death.

Sonny arrives in South America and finds the hotel that Alcazar took Brenda to stay in on vacation while he conducted business. Luis' housekeeper tells Sonny how Alcazar treated Brenda like a queen but never let her see his business associates and conducted business when she was out shopping. The woman allows Sonny to look around the hotel suite. Sonny finds a secret safe behind a picture frame. He gets in the safe by using Alcazar's birthday as a code, which works. Sonny digs out a bunch of passports and files to look at. Before he can really look at them, the prison warden and his guards show up to accuse Sonny of trespassing and to threaten to shoot him or put him in one of their jail cells. Sonny remains calm and informs the warden about how his associate Jason and his wife Carly were detained by him and put in a jail cell and promises to mention the warden's inhospitable and corrupt behavior to two of his business associates in South America. The warden believes Sonny's subtle threats and instantly has a change of heart toward him and agrees to bring him files of prisoners that were in his prison right before Alcazar's murder that had been released at that time. He brings him the files later. Sonny finds a picture of Jax stuck behind a framed picture of Brenda with Alcazar. He realizes that Brenda was thinking of Jax while she was with Alcazar. The warden gives him the files. One of the prisoners was released a week or so before Alcazar's murder. He tells Sonny that there is no picture in his file to help him identify

the man. After the warden leaves, the hostess hands Sonny a picture she stole from the file to give to Sonny. Sonny realizes the prisoner is none other than Ric Lansing, Jason's lawyer. Sonny starts to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

The housekeeper confides to Sonny that she and Ric were once lovers. Ric was wealthy, charming, and he worked for Alcazar. One day, Alcazar ordered Ric arrested and, when she secretly visited Ric in prison, Ric was consumed with his desire to pay Alcazar back for all that Ric had lost. Then, just as suddenly, Alcazar ordered Ric released. The housekeeper confides to Sonny that she believed that Ric killed Alcazar when she heard about Alcazar's death.

 Brenda tells Jax about a prisoner Alcazar kept tied up and beat because Alcazar believes the man had been stealing from Alcazar, using computer tricks. At the end of the beating, Alcazar pulled the hood of the prisoner's head and Brenda now realizes that the man being beaten was Ric, Jason's attorney. At the same time, Sonny meets Ric on the Elm Street Pier and Sonny immediately asks Ric why Ric kept his connection to Alcazar a secret and whether or not RIC killed Alcazar!

Later that month (Jason and Brenda have been cleared and Skye is now the prime suspect), Skye hangs around Alcazar's hotel room and tries to remember that night but only gets some memory flashes but nothing to help her know for sure if she killed Alcazar and then blacked out. Skye went back to the hotel suite where the murder took place, trying to remember more details. She remembered seeing another dark haired woman leaving the suite. She realizes this person is the killer but can't recall a face. A couple of weeks later, Alexis met Skye at the hospital to discuss her case, but they were interrupted. Watching Alexis talk to a doctor, Skye has another flashback and this time she clearly sees that the dark haired woman that she saw that night at Luis' was Alexis and that Alexis was the woman who killed Luis!

2002 Soaptalk- Ted talks about being back on daytime and on playing Luis

**The End**

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