Bobbie, Scotty, Luke & Laura 1978,
Bobbie, Scotty, Luke & Laura 1979,

Luke & Laura #1 1978-1980 Luke arrives, Laura gets a job at the disco
Luke & Laura #2 1980 Frank Smith, Luke Proposes to Jennifer
Luke & Laura #3 1980 Engagement Party, Sailboat

Luke & Laura #4 1980 Luke's failed wedding to Jennifer, Wyndham's, Hutch
Luke & Laura #5 1980 Beecher's Corners to Fair Oaks, Left Handed Boy concludes
Luke & Laura #6 1980 Drugstore vows, police station betrayal, Ice Princess & Cassidines

Luke & Laura #7 1980-1981 Robert, The Date, "I Love You's"
Luke & Laura #8 1981 Emma Lutz, Luke Proposes to Laura, O'Reilly, Art Auction
Luke & Laura #9 1981

Luke & Laura #10 1981
Luke & Laura #11 1981 Ice Princess conclusion, Luke saves the world! Return to PC, Celebrations! Wedding Plans
Luke & Laura #12 1981 Bachelor party, The Wedding, Reception, Honeymoon, Elizabeth Taylor!

Luke & Laura #13 1981-1982 Miss Star Eyes & Laura Modeling in NY, Haunted Star, Milton Berle, Laura's Birthday, Christmas, David Grey arrives, Rick & Leslie remarry

Luke & Robert Edits 1982

Luke & Robert #14 Aftermath of Laura's Disapperance, Jackie & Laura Templeton arrive, David Grey
Luke & Robert #15 David Grey storyline concludes, Museum Caper, Sword of Malcouth

Luke & Robert & Holly Edits 1982 - 1983

Luke, Holly & Robert #16 Holly Arrives, Oil Scam begins
Luke, Holly & Robert #17 Amusement Park, on the run
Luke, Holly & Robert #18 Victoria, Canada location scenes

Luke, Holly & Robert #19 Victoria location continued, Luke rescues Holly
Luke, Holly & Robert #20 Luke presumed dead, Luke's funeral, Holly is pregnant
Luke, Holly & Robert #21 Susan Moore's murder, Holly suffers a miscarriage.

Luke, Holly & Robert #22 R&H make love as Luke prepares to return to PC
Luke, Holly & Robert #23 Luke returns to PC!
Luke, Holly & Robert #24 GH Hostage Crisis, Prometheus Disk begins
Luke, Holly & Robert #25
Luke, Holly & Robert #26
Luke, Holly & Robert #27 Expo scenes, Luke kidnapped
Luke, Holly & Robert #28 Luke elected mayor

Robert & Holly #30

Laura Returns 1983 #29: Luke & Laura #29,
Luke & Laura Return 1984 Mexico Adventure 1984 Mexico Adventure,

Luke & Laura Return 1993 - 1996:
Luke & Laura's Return #1
Luke & Laura's Return #2
Luke & Laura's Return #3
Luke & Laura's Return #4
Luke & Laura's Return #5
Luke & Laura's Return #6
Luke & Laura's Return #7
Luke & Laura's Return #8
Luke & Laura's Return #9
Luke & Laura's Return #10
Luke & Laura's Return #11
Luke & Laura's Return #12

Cassidine vs. Spencers 1996 - 2001: Spencer vs Cassadine #1, Spencer vs Cassadine #2-15,

Luke & Laura's Reunion 2001-2006: Luke & Laura's Reunion,
Luke & Laura's Reunion #2,
Luke & Laura's Reunion #3,
Luke and Laura's 25th Anniversary,

Luke Fantasy Episodes 2001-2009,
Luke's 2002 Return "Chain Gang",
Karaoke Dvd 2007-2009,

Laura & Lucky's 2015 Return, Luke's Departure


Bobbie, Scotty, Luke & Laura 1978: 6 hours Poor Quality
Very early Bobbie scheming, brings her brother to town to try to help her break up Laura & Scotty. Click here to read the full edit description.

Bobbie, Scotty, Luke & Laura 1979: Reduced Quality
Click here to read the full edit description.

Luke & Laura #1 December, 1978 - February, 1980: 12 hours on 3 dvds
I have added several new great quality recently uncovered early L&L scenes to this edit! The Luke & Laura #1 edit now begins with very early Luke as Bobbie has asked him to come to town to sabotage Laura & Scotty as Bobbie wants him for herself! This is followed by L&L’s first scene together in March, 1979! Then covers brief scenes of Laura's wedding to Scotty, Laura asking Luke for a job at the disco. I also included scenes from a newly uncovered episode when L&L are invited to the Q mansion after a funeral service, Luke’s first time at the Q mansion! Also uncovered the episode the day before the rape, then all of the scenes from the two episodes covering election night, Laura throwing Luke’s car keys’, through Roy attempting the hit on Mitch, Roy’s death, early Frank Smith and Luke in the mob, Laura working at the disco, Laura thinks she is pregnant then later finds out she isn't (Luke seems disappointed), Laura tells Bobbie that she is responsible for Luke not showing up the night Roy died, Bobbie is furious to learn that Luke raped Laura after Roy was initially blamed. This is now a 12 hour edit on 3 dvds and have added an additional 4 hours of scenes! Click here to read the full edit description.

Luke & Laura #2 February-April, 1980: 12 hours on 3 dvds
Frank Smith realizes Laura was hiding in Luke’s office and overheard and incriminating conversation he had with Luke. It is her last night working at the club, Frank insists she continue working at the club so he can keep an eye on her! He has her followed and she sees a thug watching her as Luke warns her that her life is in danger! Frank has Laura's phone tapped, as Laura calls the FBI! Luke sneaks into Frank’s and steals the tape. Laura is determined to tell Lee Baldwin and go to the authorities. Luke is desperate to convince her that not only is her life in danger but her family and Scotty, and his family as well. Finally convinced, she apologizes very prettily to Frank. Scotty becomes suspicious about the man hanging around their apartment and thinks it is Laura’s rapist and goes to the police. The police detain the guy following her, turns out he has a criminal record. They bring her in for a line-up. Frank is furious and puts out a hit on the man and says Laura is next! The guy is hit and killed outside of Kelly’s, location scenes (first and only time in classic GH outside of Kelly’s shown)! Luke talks Laura into IDing the dead guy (Colby) as her rapist. Scotty goes with her to the morgue and she shakily does ID him. Soon his girlfriend, Cynthia, gives him an alibi and she is soon killed.

Thrilled to have found good quality scenes of AJ’s christening and after party at Q mansion, Alan drops the roof on Leslie, Rick and himself! The party guests work feverishly to free them. At the end of the edit, Luke proposes to Jennifer. This edit is now also 12 hours on three dvds! I’ve added another 4 hours of some great storyline I had never seen before. AJ’s Christening & Party were a great treat that were covered over several episodes. The storyline about Frank’s thugs following Laura is greatly expanded as there were previously some gaps in this storyline from all existing footage. So very exciting to uncover not only some new episodes, but some improved quality! Not all of it is new quality but always happy to improve quality! Click here to read the full edit description.

Luke & Laura #3 April - July 10, 1980: 12 hours on 3 dvds
This edit contains Luke & Jennifer's engagement party, wedding plans, Frank Smith gives Luke and Jennifer a sailboat and then a house as a wedding present. Luke invites everyone to go sailing and then has Bobbie sabotage Jennifer’s car so that Scotty, Jennifer and the rest of the gang are delayed arriving. The infamous sailboat seduction when Luke is alone with Laura on the boat. They kiss and she admits her feelings for Luke for the first time. After Bill Watson is killed, Luke learns of and begins looking for the black book. He finds the black book and plans on blackmailing Smith the morning of his wedding to Jennifer. Fourth of July picnic, Luke breaks into Frank Smith's office and takes pictures of his black book. Ends the morning of the day of Luke’s failed wedding to Jennifer (continued on the L&L #4)! Click here to read the full edit description.

Luke & Laura #4 July 10 - Aug ?, 1980: 12 hour edit This edit contains the Luke's wedding day to Jennifer, Luke attempts to blackmail Frank with the contents of his little black book. Laura has written a goodbye letter to Luke, Scotty finds it, and confronts Luke on the yacht. They fight and Scotty knocks him over board, Luke takes the opportunity to disappear out of sight and they all presumed that Scotty knocked him unconscious and he drowned. Luke and Laura leave town together, he on the run from Frank and she doesn't want to face everyone with the knowledge that Luke was the person who had raped her and she had lied to everyone for months. Luke and Laura hide out in a couple of seedy motels. Frank has Ruby beaten and Luke sneaks into GH to see her. Laura tries to help by pawning the medallion Jennifer gave Luke as a wedding present, and its traced back to Luke. Frank learns Luke is alive and with Laura and takes a contract out on them and hires Hutch as the hitman. Luke and Laura hide out in Wyndham's, then make their way to Beecher's Corners. Click here to read the full edit description.

Luke & Laura #5 August - October 23, 1980: 12 hour original edit
Conclusion to Left Handed Boy! This edit begins with the Beecher's Corners scenes, Laura tells Luke that she loves him; Laura strings a blanket across their bedroom for privacy and tells her that he wants to marry her. They get jobs at a diner in town, meet Hutch, their pictures are in the paper and Burt Ramsey shows up looking for them. Just as they are getting ready to leave town another hit man shows up and tries to kill them. Hutch helps out and they all leave for Fair Oaks together, once there they get jobs with Sally at the restaurant. Sally turns out to be a man and a mob hitman. Luke follows the clues and figures out the golden statue is the Left Handed Boy and finds the gold. He and Laura make love as the “walls of Jericho” (the blanket dividing their room at the Whitakers finally comes down and Laura has taken off her wedding ring from Scott. Showdown in the barn as Hutch collapses from his gunshot wound. Click here to read the full edit description.

Luke & Laura #6 October 23 - December 24, 1980: 12 hours on 3 dvds
L&L Return to PC. The drugstore wedding vows, the police station betrayal, Luke is taken into protective custody, Laura gets her own apartment and Luke just happens to live upstairs, Laura gets a receptionist job at ELQ, Thanksgiving scenes and the very beginning of the Ice Princess storyline as Edward and Alex hire Luke to find the Ice Princess. Robert’s first appearance as he ransacks Luke’s apartment and hits him over the head! Cassidine henchmen arrives, searches Q basement during their Christmas party.
I’ve uncovered several new good quality December episodes that I edited and added to this edit. I also began the project of merging the previous E series dvds. So when duplicate scenes, I use the best quality possible. By merging I’m able to include additional Ice Princess storyline, such as Robert & Luke’s first meeting which was missing before. The E series had a lot more of Robert’s early scenes with Luke, dating Laura and those are now part of the L&L series. Click here to read the full edit description.

Luke & Laura #7 December 24, 1980 - March 11, 1981: 12 hour edit
GH Christmas party, L&L and the sticky door, Alex receives a rattlesnake delivered to her at ELQ, New Years Eve, Luke knocks Robert out, Laura meets Robert and asks Rick to come to her place to check out Robert’s injury. Robert sends Laura 2 dozen roses as they being to date, which makes Luke nuts! They double date with Luke & Alex. Luke finally takes Laura out for a date and they talk about their past. He tells her that he loves her. Luke uses Bobbie & Ruby’s mink coats to track stolen goods to Benny’s pawn shop in his search for the missing Ice Princess. Luke arranges for Bobbie to be Robert’s partner in the disco’s dance contest. He sneaks out to search a warehouse, though Robert soon shows up. They team up when two Cassidine henchmen show up. PC Bicentennial parade. Luke learns a cabbie stole the Ice Princess. This is now a 12 hour edit and fits on three 3 hr dvds. I continued to merge the E series with my existing L&L series, along with new scenes recently uncovered! Click here to read the full edit description.

Luke & Laura #8 March 11 - May 7, 1981: 12 hour edit

Luke meets Emma Lutz as he suspects her hubby has the Ice Princess, Emma donates the Ice Princess to Q’s charity auction, Diana Taylor’s funeral, O’Reilly arrives and her first appearance now included! Luke meets with Ed Bagley and pretends he is hiring a painter to paint his apartment magenta. Laura thinks Ed is charging way too much and she surprises Luke and paints his place herself. Laura has placed newspaper ads looking for Scotty to get a divorce from him. Luke takes Laura out for the night of nights, a big celebratory dinner at the swanky Versaille Room, has her serenaded with Wyndam’s music by a violinist. He then takes her to the docks where a candlelit table awaits them and they toast with champagne, and dance to a tape recording of Wyndham’s music, he formally asks her to marry him!

The art auction included (all new brilliant quality scenes), also continued to include additional E series scenes as needed, a LOT more Robert added, Robert with Laura, Robert with O’Reilly, and Luke. Note, there is a lot more on this edit than included in the description. All of the art auction stuff is great quality and not all described, the set up, the event takes place over several episodes. Note: I continued to merge the E series and found a gap in the new better quality episodes for April, 1981 so much of the L&L #8B comes from the E series. Usually when dates are noted that indicates improved and/or new quality, but a lot of new stuff has been added that wasn’t dated. The new episodes begin again towards later April. Click here to read the full edit description.

Luke & Laura #9 May 7 - July 27, 1981 : 16 hour edit
When I re-did this edit I added so many additional scenes that it went from 8 hours to 16 hours on 4 dvds! Now much more complete thanks to all the new Beta episodes that were uncovered for spring 1981 and really improved the overall quality. I also used all the edits I had to merge the additional footage from edits when an episode wasn’t available. This edit takes place in the after the art auction as half the town is looking for Luke thinking he has stolen the Ice Princess. We have Laura desperately worried about him, Robert who runs around checking with all of his sources including O'Reilly and her various disguises, Alex & Edward who have decided to frame Laura for stealing in order to coerce Luke into giving them the Ice Princess, Robert is working undercover as a partner with Tony Cassidine and his goons. Luke hides out at Beecher's Corners until Robert comes looking for him there, after he leaves then Laura shows up and she hides out there worrying everyone when she goes missing. Luke surfaces at a homeless mission to hide out. Laura talks Slick into taking her to Luke. Alex finally retrieves the Ice Princess, and murders Duvall. She sets up Laura to have stolen from ELQ, and then sets her up for Duvall's murder.

Luke learns that Robert is a secret agent for the WSB and is introduced to the secret communications room. The gang are able to retrieve the stolen money and the mink coat before the police become involved. Lot of O'Reilly scenes on this edit, leading up to her murder. Alex and Tony reunite, Victor Cassidine arrives in town, Alex has her final scenes as she says goodbye to Edward and leaves to travel with Tony to the island. Robert and Luke shimmy over a rope to get on board ship before it takes off. Luke is shocked to find that Laura just walked on board in her Lucy wig disguised as a servant. There is lots of action on the yacht out to see as the gang hides out in the cargo hold, going up on deck to find food, and for L&L to have romantic moments alone enjoying the moonlit deck, and enjoying feeling the sun and breeze during the day. Alex & Tony are ordered to leave for Cassidine Island. Click here to read the full edit description.

Luke & Laura #10 July 28 - September 18, 1981: 12 hour edit Email me at for new revised updated description. Previous description here before redo: .

Luke & Laura #11: 8 hour edit Ice Princess Conclusion, Luke Saves the World, Return to PC, Celebrations! Wedding Plans. Click here to read the full edit description.

Luke & Laura #12: 8 hours Bachelor party, The Wedding, Reception, Honeymoon, Elizabeth Taylor!

Lee tells Luke and Joe that he burned Laura's divorce decree. Finally L&L celebrate Laura's divorce, the wedding can proceed. Luke's bachelor party, Laura's bachelorette party. L&L sneak away and share a quiet moment on the docks, talking about their future together. They talk about some day having a son and think about what a son of Luke's might be like, Luke says prophetically, "I can already bat him upside the head for his independence!" Promo for L&L's wedding. L&L wedding day, Laura waking up, Luke greeting the town from his balcony. At the mayor's grounds the ladies set up for the grand event. Luke receives a model of the Cassidine yacht by delivery. Click here to read the full edit description.

Luke & Laura #13: 12 hours on 3 dvds Miss Star Eyes & Laura Modeling in NY, Haunted Star, Milton Berle, Laura's Birthday, Christmas, David Grey arrives, Rick & Leslie remarry
Luke is opposed to Laura becoming Miss Star Eyes, David Grey arrives and begins following Laura, Laura has her 20th birthday, the magician teaches the gang a psychic act and determines that Luke has a real psychic gift. Luke and Laura celebrate their first married Christmas together. The mouse and the liquor heist. Milton Berle is Laura's agent, and she goes to NY for her first photo shoot. Robert and Luke are gassed aboard the yacht and barely escape. David hypnotizes Laura with his magnetic eyes and his ring, a worried Laura tells Luke she thinks she is being followed. Delphina designs great costumes for Robert's New Year's Eve costume party.

Maxwell arrives; pretending to be a friend of O'Reilly's but Luke learns that he is really a Cassidine plant. Jackie Templeton arrives to interview Laura. Laura returns from NY and goes back to the empty yacht and drops off her stuff. Its a creepy foggy night, the phones are out and she goes to a payphone to call her parents. David Grey follows her and hypnotizes her and she isn't seen again for almost two years. Luke and his friends are desperate to find her and search Port Charles. He learns of a young woman who is hit by a car and goes to GH to await news of whether it is Laura. Jackie Templeton is in town also looking for her missing sister (a blonde named Laura Templeton). Luke is relieved to learn that the victim is not his Laura. Luke continues to look for Laura; he meets Blackie for the first time. Blackie has Laura's purse and wallet. Click here to read the
full edit description.

Luke & Robert #14 January - May, 1982

Luke continues to look for Laura; he meets Blackie for the first time. Blackie has Laura's purse and wallet. Robert urges Jackie and Luke to work together to find her sister and his wife. Luke, Jackie, Robert head to an outdoor mall searching for Laura T. Luke rescues Jackie when an out of control roller skater knocks her over the bridge and she is dangling by her fingertips. A tiger with sapphire eyes is stolen and Robert chases the thief down, just as Jackie spots her sister and Luke helps her give chase. Luke winds up hanging on the roof of their car till he is thrown off. Next, Luke is lured aboard a private charter as David has purposely left false clues that she will be aboard to get Luke out of his hair. Luke suspected a set up and took a parachute with him and jumps out of the airplane. Laura T. contacts Luke to tell him that he and Jackie are in danger from David Grey. Luke insists she take a lie detector test, which she passes. Luke tracks down Laura's necklace, which is pawned, they find the boat captain. The captain tells Luke that his boat hit a cabin cruiser five days after Laura disappeared, and he found this necklace floating in the water. Everyone thinks Laura drowned in the accident. The museum caper begins, as Robert is involved in setting up security for the exhibit from Malcouth. David is planning on stealing the artifacts and having Mel project a hologram so the theft isn't immediately discovered. Luke winds up in possession of David's medallion and begins researching its significance. Click here to read the full edit description.

Luke & Robert #15 May - June, 1982

This edit is action packed with the conclusion of the David Grey storyline. Robert is in charge of museum security for the Malcouthian exhibit. He and Luke stake out the museum expecting the heist. David Grey and his goons show up, hypnotize the guards and steal the sword and helmet. When Luke and Robert realize what is going on and try to stop them, they are taken captive. Jackie realizes the statue that Laura is carrying around is ticking. She grabs it and throws it off of the boat just as it explodes! The girls head over the museum to warn Luke and Robert and are unable to get in. Jackie breaks a windown, triggers the alarm which breaks the spell over the guards. A fight breaks out, David is trying to escape, Luke enters his getaway van and is able to wrestle the sword away from David. David is despearate to get retrieve the sword and sets up plants all over town to search for the sword. Finally he takes over the yacht and takes everyone captive. He threathens Jackies' life and forces Luke into retrieving the sword. Luke and David have a big show down at the museum and Luke holds the sword and the strenght of his psychic powers sends David flying out a window to his death below. Click here to read the full edit description.

Luke, Holly & Robert #16: Luke Meets Holly, Oil Scam Begins 8 hours
This edit begins with the aftermath of the David Grey storyline as the Prince of Malcouth arrives in PC to thank Luke and acknowledge him and Robert in an award ceremony. Luke decides to get away and goes camping up at a lake and meets Holly Sutton. Luke and Holly sleep together at the lake while camping out. The next morning, Luke wakes up and finds Holly gone. Holly arrives in Port Charles and her and Luke find oil on her land. They hire Van Gelder, a geologist, who confirms the presence of oil(that is after he is sent on a wild goose chase so an imposter can take his place). They have a Roaring 20's party to introduce the renaming of the yacht to simply, "The Star". A second geologist is bribed to also state he believes there is oil on the land, and the lead oil rigger supposedly hits salt water on the first oil well and then on the second. When an article about the oil find is printed in the newspaper, another geologist contacts Luke and insists that there could not possibly be oil there. He takes a soil sample which confirms his findings but is killed before he can give Luke the news. Holly is devastated as she is sure Basil is behind the murder.
This is an 8 hour edit. The quality on this is overall pretty good. I included every Luke, Robert, Holly scene that I had. I believe there may still be scenes from an episode or two not included but this is by far the best quality edit and most complete edit from this time frame that I've seen as I've looked for this for the past 20 years. Click here to read the full edit description.

Luke, Holly & Robert #17: Oil Scam continues, Luke & Holly hide out at GH, Amusement Park Location scenes 8 hrs
The #17 continues with the Oil Scam storyline. Luke continues to be hesitant to release the funds as he continues to doubt whether the oil field is genuine and is very cautious with his investors funds. He wants to wait until Van Gelder gets back and have him confirm the findings. Basil has oil actually spout up to fake an oil find so that Luke will release the money. He has had Dan investigating the Corsos to be sure they are really who they say they are. Dan heads over to The Star to give Luke information but Luke is hostile as he thinks Dan is there to cast doubt as to Holly's motives and they are celebrating the oil find and he doesn't want the celebration ruined. Dan insists that Luke listen to him and yells that he has proof of a swindle and Dan is stabbed in the back. Basil yells that Luke stabbed Dan and Dan had said Luke was swindling him. Luke grabs Holly and they go on the run. They hide out at GH, then stoweaway in laundry carts and are taken to an amusement park. When Burt and Robert both follow their trail to the park, Robert finds them and helps them evade the police. This is also an 8 hour edit. Click here to read the full edit description.

Luke, Holly and Robert #18: 8 hrs
This edit continues as Luke and Holly are still on the run after Dan Rooney's stabbing. They head back to Van Gelder's home and learn he has died very suddenly! Oliver follows them back to the amusement park, great chase scene through the park as they jump on a roller coast to get away. They hide out in a storage room and Holly finally tells Luke the truth. He is angry and hurt but begins to understand and they make up. He tells her he has called Robert and will meet him at the amphitheatre in the morning and he will turn himself in. Basil and Oliver find him there and big fight scene as Luke and Robert try to fight them off. Luke shimmies down a rope and its cut and he falls unconscious to the bleachers below. Robert is also knocked out and they take Holly away. Robert and Luke both wind up in the hospital, Luke is unconscious for several days. When he wakes, he is desperate to find Holly. Dan regains consciousness as well and clears Luke by telling everyone that Luke did not stab him. Luke remembers Holly talking about her uncle’s place in Vancouver and tells Robert he knows where Holly is! They leave immediately for Vancouver and there are some gorgeous location shots as they arrive and stay in the historic Empress Hotel. They confront Percy and follow him to his club. Luke sees Holly as she is walking on the street and is confirmed that she is there. Percy orders Basil to get rid of Luke! Click here to read the full edit description.

Luke, Holly & Robert #19 November 1 – December 24th, 1982: 8 hours
This edit continues with the Vancouver storyline. Luke continues to search for the money. He gets an idea and is able to find Nanny McTavish by locating the shop that makes her special blend of tea. She tells him where the Durban’s country house is. Luke strolls through the garden whistling, “Come to Me”. Holly recognizes their song and responds by playing the tune on the piano to signal to Luke she hears him. Basil’s presence prevents them from seeing each other. Nanny arranges a reunion at the cemetery and it is also cut short when Basil once again comes looking for her. When Nanny learns Basil and Percy will be out for the afternoon, she drugs the guard and sneaks Holly over to see Luke at his hotel. They arrange another rescue attempt at the beach of the property but Basil once again prevents Luke trying to free Holly and Charles from the Durban captivity. Luke and Robert find the embezzled money, steal it back, and rescue Holly and Charles by simulating a medical emergency and taking Charles out on a stretcher. They are followed to the ferry and barely get away. Luke makes a deal with the Port Charles DA to gain Holly her freedom in return for the return of the money. However, once she is back in PC the DA caves to political pressure and brings her up on charges. Their friends rally to raise money to get her out on bail. Holly’s father dies and she is desperate to get home for his funeral. The judge denies her request. New evidence comes forward and all charges are dropped just in time for her to be free on Christmas Eve! The gang all head to GH for the annual Christmas party and Steve Hardy’s reading of the Christmas story. Click here to read the full edit description.

Luke, Holly & Robert #20  December 24, 1982 - February, 1983
This edit contains Robert accepting the job as the police commissioner, Luke and Holly have a big fight when she doesn’t tell him about signing the document absolving Percy of any participation in the oil scam in return for burying her father next to her mother in the family plot. Luke goes snow camping and is presumed dead in an avalanche, and his friends and family grieve and hold a memorial service and share their memories of him via flashbacks. Holly learns she is pregnant and then faces deportation. Robert insists on marrying her to keep her in the country. Robert & Holly move into their new home and Robert begins his new job as police commissioner by investigating Susan Moore’s murder. I included all of Luke, all of Robert, all of Holly's scenes that I had for this time frame. Over all the quality is pretty good as I used original episodes to make this edit. Luke is only seen very rarely during the last three hours of the edit as Tony must have been off the show during this time frame. Click here to read the full edit description.

Luke, Holly &Robert #21 February 17 - March 28, 1983; 8 hrs
Holly runs around with frantic energy and begins having pain as she lifts heavy items. Bobbie is concerned and has her taken to GH where she is sedated to try to prevent a miscarriage but sadly she loses the baby. Robert investigates Susan Moore’s murder, Crane and Susan’s blackmailing the Q’s, and Heather’s involvement in trying to set up Monica as the murderer. When Holly recovers, she begins helping Robert in his investigation and he enjoys running the evidence by her and it often helps him put the pieces into place. Luke is not seen much until towards the end of the edit when he returns, just a few scenes as he is doing rehab, then he is released from the hospital and goes to live with Jeb in the mountain cabin. Connie Townley, WSB, arrives in town. Click here to read the full edit description.

Luke, Holly & Robert #22 March 30 - May 6, 1983: 8 hours
This edit includes some early Connie and Robert scenes, Luke meets Natalie and makes great progress in his recovery as Robert and Holly begin to develop feelings for each other. Holly and Robert share their first kiss after watching "Rebecca" together and she says she would love if they could have an old house like "Mandala" some day. Natalie goes to Port Charles to find out how Luke's friends and family are doing, she learns that Robert and Holly are married but withholds this information from Luke, fearing that it will impede his recovery. Luke continues to progress in his recovery, first walking without a walker, then without a cane. Robert wants to talk to Holly about his growing feelings for her but she continues to avoid him, confused by her new feelings for him. She takes off for the mountains just as Luke heads up there as well. Holly grieves, has flashbacks, and says her goodbyes to Luke. Back home, Holly is extremely jealous over lipstick on a towel that Connie left to tweak her. Robert is thrilled when he realizes she is jealous! He plans a special evening for her, and tells her how much he loves her, then make love just as Luke sits with the phone in his hand about to call her! Click here to read the full edit description.

Luke, Holly & Robert #23 May 9 - June 10, 1983: 8 hours
This edit begins with Luke trying to call Holly. He is unable to reach her and heads to town. He makes a stop at Kelly's and then heads over to Robert's house and finds Holly coming down the stairs. Luke realizes that Holly is living with Robert. Holly is thrilled that Luke is alive but heartbroken over having to choose between the two men. Luke coldly ignores her repeatedly, and when they finally talk Holly realizes Luke will never trust her. She knows that Robert loves and trusts her and she chooses to make her marriage work. Luke is reunited with his family and friends. Luke meets and begins to date Connie. He also meets Bobbie's new boyfriend, DL Brock, and they go into business together opening a casino/restaurant. Luke hires Connie to do the security. Connie and Robert also work tirelessly to try to keep security tight in Dr. Gerald's lab while he works on his top-secret project. It is revealed that Grant is the DVX mole and Natalie is his DVX contact! They are after the disk that Dr. Gerald is working on. I included every Luke, every Robert, and every Holly scene on this edit. I did not include all of the Celia and Grant scenes, but I did include the Natalie and Grant plotting, Natalie's calls to her contact, Yuri, and any scenes to do with Dr. Gerald's work and the DVX plot to steal the disk. So I included some of Grant's scenes as pertaining to the disk storyline to show his involvement with the DVX and Natalie, and Dr. Gerald. Celia & Grant's wedding is also on this edit. Click here to read the full edit description.

Luke, Holly & Robert #24  June 14-July 12, 1983: 8 hours
This edit contains the hostage crisis at GH, when a patient dies her husband takes Bobbie and Monica hostage. Brian is also held but is released after he is shot. Robert takes coffee into the madman and then is also taken hostage as Alan, Holly, Brock, Ruby and Luke wait impatiently for word on their loved ones. Fletcher interrupts Ceila and Grant's honeymoon to get his report on Gerald's lab and then to tell him that Dr. Gerald has finished the disk and Grant has to get back to Port Charles and steal the disk. Grant is successful in stealing the disk and is supposed to meet the DVX contact during Luke's casino opening. The entire town turns out for the opening but the WSB has tipped Robert off about the DVX's agents arrival in PC and they have followed him to the casino and they arrest him. Robert shuts down the casino on the pretext of conducting a drug search.  Click here to read the full edit description.

Luke, Holly & Robert #25 July 12-August 12, 1983: 8 hours
I continued to include all of Robert, all of Holly and all of Luke's scenes. Robert & Holly's relationship is strained due to the time he is spending on the disk caper and he won't tell her anything for her own protection. She begins spending a lot of time at Luke's casino and is confused by her feelings for Luke. Luke has possession of the disk and he knows something is up but doesn't know what. He begins questioning about Dr. Gerald's research and figures out that Luke actually has the Promethus Disk. He asks background questions about Grant suspicious about how Grant came by the disk and draws Natalie's suspicions as well as Robert's. Luke is furious when his apartment is ransacked and he accuses Robert of it. There is more of Celia & Grant on this edit as he becomes increasingly edgy, especially when Grant's old college friend - Bunny Willis shows up in town. Bunny mysteriously disappears and Grant is ordered to kill her! He opts to drug her instead, but soon stops doing that. There are several attempts on her life, the blow dryer electrocution, the scorpion which stings Grant instead. I have also completed the #26A dvd, and working on the #26B and hope to complete the next one in the next week which is into September, 1983. For those waiting for the Laura Return edits, she arrives back in town on November 11th, so almost there!Click here to read the full edit description.

Luke, Holly & Robert #26 August 12 – September 19, 1983: 8 hrs
Luke & Robert battle publicly over the gambling issue. Luke receives various offers from foreign spies attempting to buy the disk from him. A suspicious Celia has Holly run Grant’s fingerprints. Natalie and Gregory have a scorpion delivered to Celia’s bedroom in yet another attempt to apply pressure on Grant. He comes home just in time to swat it away and he is stung in the process. Due to a lack of available anti-venom, Grant nearly dies. When a ship in the harbor explodes, everyone in the know immediately worries the disk caused the explosion. While Celia and Grant are touring the Expo location, Gregory sends two goons on motorcycles to attempt to run Celia down; Grant pulls her to safety at the last second. Lord Rama arrives and meets first the Scorpios and then Luke. Gregory orders Grant to kill Dr. Jerrold, Grant gains entrance to the lab and pulls a gun on the professor and steals the microfilm. Gregory comes in behind Grant and kills the professor sending Grant into a tailspin. After Gregory has the duplicate microfilm in the WSB vault destroyed by the mole, he realizes he only has half of the microfilm! Gregory figures that Robert has the other half and orders Natalie to break into the Scorpio house to retrieve the microfilm. He determines they will use Robert’s wife to pressure him into releasing it if they can’t steal it!  Click here to read the full edit description.

Luke, Holly & Robert #27 September 19 - October 17, 1983 - 8 hours
Edit #27 in this series contains Natalie is caught breaking into the Scorpio's, Gregory kills her, they all learn that Natalie was a DVX spy. Bunny Willis' body is found and Robert suspects Grant is involved in the murders. Holly and Celia are kidnapped and held hostage at the international pavillon during the Expo. Grant knocks Luke out and steals the disk. Luke snoops around the Expo and is also taken hostage. I have done a Luke & Laura 1983 #29 which continues with Laura's Return and all of Luke and all of Laura's scenes from her 1983 return through L&L's departure. I wanted to keep that storyline complete on a separate edit for the L&L fans. However, I had almost an hour open at the end of the R&H&L #28B so I went ahead and edited the remaining Robert & Holly scenes into early Dec, 1983 so does include their scenes during the late November time frame. I did this as some fans collecting this series are R&H fans and don't plan on following the L&L return storyline and primarily wanted the R&H scenes. They didn't have a lot of storyline as they took a vacation and were backburnered for a bit so made sense to just finish off the edit with their scenes, then moving to a separate edit to continue with Luke's storyline for Laura's return. So there is a bit of an overlap for R&H between the end of the #28B and the #29 series, and the same for Luke storyline which is more complete from Nov 14-Dec 27 on the #29 edit. Click here to read the full edit description.

Luke, Holly & Robert #28  October 17 - November 15, 1983 - 8 hours
The #28 completes the Promethus Disk storyline, the hostages are released and Luke is elected mayor. The descriptions below are not yet complete, I will be adding additional information to expand these writeups but this will give you an idea of what is contained on each edit.  Click here to read the full edit description.

Luke & Laura #29 November 14 - December 27, 1983 -Laura's Return: 12 hrs
I included all of Luke's scenes and all of Laura's scenes. I also showed Leslie, Rick, and Amy's grief for Laura around L&L's anniversary and after going to the mayor's mansion, and the reactions as the town learns she is alive. This series also contains all of Stavros' scenes as he comes to Port Charles, the flashback scenes of his relationship to Laura, he breaks into the mayor's mansion, he is killed during a fight with Luke. Afterwards, L&L grow weary of the demands of office and Luke passes his newly elected position onto Lee Baldwin and L&L leave town. There is also a great episode of Luke flashbacks just before they depart. These are good quality edits from original episodes. I also added some GH 20th Anniversary Promos that aired during 1983, many that highlighted Luke and Luke & Laura's adventures. I also included some interviews on her return. Click here to read the full edit description.

Robert & Holly #30 December 2, 1983 - March 5, 1984: 8 hour original edit
This edit continues with Robet's final scenes with Luke and Laura before they leave town, Holly also has the opportunity to get know Laura a bit as the gang all gather to celebrate Laura's freedom from the Cassidines. Luke decides to leave town with Laura and I included his goodbyes to both Holly and Robert. R&H spa scene, Holly investigates Hanibal's dance scam, they all learn that the real Grant Putnam has returned to town, Valentine's Day, R&H go to NY. This edit continues with Robert & Holly's storyine from where the Robert & Holly & Luke 1983 #28 ended. I did a Luke & Laura #29 which continued with all of Laura's return and all of L&L's scenes but not the separate R&H storyline. To avoid confusion by having two edits from this time frame titled #29, I decided to skip ahead and title the next edit with the R&H scenes the #30, so the L&L #29 is not edited to R&H.  Click here to read the full edit description.

Luke & Laura Return 1984 Mexico Adventure, October 26-December 11, 1984: 8 hrs
Luke returned in 1984 to have a great Indiana Jones-esque romp with Robert in their Mexico Adventure. Laura doesn't have many scenes with Luke as she is in Texas with Felicia's grandmother but later does reunite with Luke and tells him that she is pregnant with Lucky. This is the Aztec storyline. Holly and Sean are also in Mexico, and I included all of Luke's return, all of Robert, Holly, and Sean's scenes during this time frame. Frisco and Felicia are in Port Charles for most of this in a separate angle of the Aztec storyline and I did not include all of their scenes. Once Frisco and Felicia each arrive separately in Mexico towards the end of the edit, I began including all of Frisco and all of Felicia's scenes however there isn't a great deal of them on this edit.  Click here to read the full edit description.

Luke & Laura's Return 1993 #1-2
The L&L Return 1993 #1 edit contains all of Luke, Laura, and Lucky's scenes begining with their return to the show in October, 1993. The Luke & Laura 1993 #1 contains all of the beautiful location shots as L&L are living in Canada, their truck blows up which warns them Frank Smith has found them again, they leave Lucky a message to head to Port Charles and they leave separately. Lucky arrives in PC, finds Kelly's, and meets Bobbie and Ruby, and his cousin Sly Eckert. When goons come after him, Jagger saves the day and he is able to escape. He asks Sly if he knows of any good places to hide and Sly takes him to the catacombs. L&L parachute out of an airplane, almost go over the falls, are rescued by helicopter and dropped into a pool during a wedding reception, they finally hit town cruising in their pink cadillac, they find the house in the woods and make love there. Luke is reunited with Bobbie, Smith's goons shoot and kill Bill Eckert (thinking he is Luke), and L&L celebrate their 12th anniversary. L&L 1993 #2 Laura tells Luke she bought the house, they move in and begin repairs. They celebrate Christmas in Port Charles. Luke works with Marco Dane. Laura worries the job he is doing is too dangerous. Lucky follows him to a meeting and Frank Smith's assasin shoots Luke but Lucky is shot. A desperate Luke carries his bleeding son into GH. Tony reports the bullet is lodged near Lucky's spine and he maybe paralyzed. Click here to read the full edit description.

Luke & Laura's Return 1993 #3
Lucky meets Foster and they begin to bond though Laura won’t let Lucky bring him home. They run into Foster again and he is hit by a car when he comes running to see Lucky. Lucky walks for the first time to get to Foster’s side. When Foster survives, Lucky tells Laura he promised Foster that he would take care of him and Laura agrees that he can come home with them pending Luke’s approval. Foster takes an immediate dislike to Luke and growls at him and pees in his boot. Laura attends Mac & Felicia’s failed wedding when Mac is injured fighting crazy Ryan. Jenny & Paul get married in their place and everyone enjoy the reception. Cute scenes as Luke presents a game show to give Laura her Valentine’s Day gifts. Laura realizes she is pregnant and tells Luke and then Lucky. Frank orders Sonny to kill Luke after they break him out of jail. The jail break goes bad, Sonny is shot, Jagger follows Stone and stops him from driving the getaway van, the police search for Frank as Luke hides in an abandoned mill. Laura shows up just as Luke is about to kill Frank and stops him, then Frank takes her hostage to insure he can escape and realizes her as he takes off in the van. Bobbie suggests to Luke that he get information on Frank’s darling daughter, Jennifer Smith (Luke’s former fiancé). Laura is unusually jealous at the thought of him seeing Jennifer again. Bobbie finds out where she is from Damian and Luke and Laura head to Atlantic City. Jennifer and her husband, Billy Bags Boggs, are played by Roseanne Barr and Tom Arnold! (classic GH!) Luke breaks into her safe and gets incriminating evidence about her illegal activities and he plans to use it for leverage of Frank so that they can remain in Port Charles and live in peace. I also added the brief appearance they made on Roseanne, that was fun and was only a couple of minutes.  Click here to read the full edit description.

Luke & Laura's Return #4& April 1 - June 24, 1994: 8 hour original edit
This edit contains Laura being kidnapped by Frank Smith's men, when Luke learns the area she is being held, Foster helps him locate and rescue her. Luke & Laura track Frank Smith to an island in the Carribean. They are joined by Sean & Tiffany, who L&L wind up rescuing from a gator. L&L finally get their freedom from Frank, by blackmailing him with the information they obtained on Jennifer. Laura has a sonogram and learns she is  going to have a girl. L&L throw a party to celebrate their freedom. This is followed by the bus accident that critically injures BJ. L&L show up at GH when they hear and they learn of BJ's fate. They attend her funeral. Luke discovers a body buried in the backyard, turns out to be Bradley Ward, they they attend a funeral for him. Luke meets Lucy Coe, and L&L attend the first annual Nurse's Ball. The NB scenes will continue into the next edit.  Click here to read the full edit description.

Luke & Laura's Return 1994 #5  June 24 - September 28, 1994 - 8 hours
This edit contains all of Luke, Laura, Lucky and Foster's scenes. It covers the start of Lucky's worm farm business, Foster meets and falls for Annabelle, Laura opposes Edward's incinerator project, through Lulu's birth and Laura and baby being threathened in the hospital and Laura leaving town with her baby (as Genie goes on maternity leave about :35 mins into the #6B dvd). I also included Lucky rescuing Damian in the catacombs, Foster & Annabell's romance, Sean helping Luke to fake Foster's death when he is wanted as a vicious dog for biting, Luke investigates Bradley Ward's suicide and figures out it was murder.  Click here to read the full edit description

Luke & Laura's Return #6  September 28, 1994 - January 5, 1995 - 8 hours
This edit covers Laura's return (about 3 hours into the edit), Luke & Laura's anniversary, Luke going to Puerto Rico, falling off the boat, and being thought dead. Luke's return from the dead and L&L's reunion, Christmas celebration at GH, and then the Spencer family Christmas, through Justus winning the election.  Click here to read the full edit description

Luke & Laura's Return #7  January 6 - April 5, 1995 - 8 hour original edit
This edit includes the attack on Luke’s club, Laura leaves town with Lulu early into the #7A dvd. BB King plays at the opening of Luke’s club. Scully sets Luke up, has him meet with him at the No Name, has a goon shoot at him and when Luke returns fire he shoots Sean. Everyone is shocked at the news of Luke shooting Sean. Luke is arrested and arraigned but Sean comes to and is able to verify Luke’s version of events and the charges are dropped. Sean lives but has to leave town for surgery in another hospital. Luke is furious at Scully. Luke goes to visit Laura in Beecher’s Corners on the #7B dvd and tells her about Sean’s shooting. Mary Mae performs at Luke’s for the first time, Felicia goes into labor and has Georgie under a table that same night.  Click here to read the full edit description

Luke & Laura's Return #8  April 6 -June 22, 1995 - 8 hour original edit
Luke and Sonny set Joe Scully up to help Lucy. They hijack his drug shipment and then plant the drugs on him and he is caught holding them and is arrested. He is released on bail and kidnaps Lucy. Luke and Sonny rescue her. Mike follows them and just as Scully is about to shoot Sonny, Mike steps in front of him and takes the bullet. Sonny shoots and kills Scully. His allies retaliate by shooting up Sonny’s apartment, Luke’s home and club. A frightened Laura (who returns to town and the show towards the end of the #8A) is caught up in the shootout and kills a man who is about to kill Luke. Tired of the violence, she kicks Luke out. This edit continues with the begining of the Nurse’s Ball, the Wizard of Oz performance and Luke, Lucky, and Justice are the “Pips”. Click here to read the full edit description

Luke & Laura’s Return #9  June 22 - October 4, 1995 - 8 hour original edit
The edit begins with the remaining Nurse’s Ball 1995 (continued from previous edit). Stone tells Luke he has Aids, Luke then tells Laura and Lucky. Luke and Laura are living apart, arguing over they danger he brings into her children’s lives. He wears her down and they sleep together and say “I love you”. Lucky crashes his go-kart and winds up in GH with a head injury. Laura finds out about the incriminating Sonny tape and wants him to sell his shares of the club. Luke, Lucky, and Sonny go camping. Luke takes Stone bunging jumping. This edit contains a lot of great scenes between Luke and Laura as they try to work out their differences. This edit includes all of Luke’s scenes, all of Laura’s scenes, and all of Lucky’s scenes. Click here to read the full edit description

Luke & Laura’s Return #10  October 4, 1995 - January 3, 1996: 8 hour original edit
This was a fun edit to do. Lucky and Emily go on the run, looking for her aunt. Lucky leaves clues so that Luke & Laura will work together to follow him. He figures them working and traveling together would bring them back to each other. He is right, it works, and Luke moves back home! Stone has six weeks to live, the Spencers attend his early Christmas party. Luke learns that Robin is HIV+, Luke talks to Robert’s “ghost”, Stone’s death and memorial. Sonny is brought up on RICO charges, he has sold his share of Luke’s club to Lucy. Click here to read the full edit description

Luke & Laura’s Return #11  January 9-March 18, 1996: 8 hour original edit
This edit contains Mary Mae’s funeral, Lucky’s gambling, Sonny marries Lily, Luke, Lucy, Kevin, and Mac head to San Antonio after Damian (he has set Katherine up for his murder). Kevin and Mac bring back Norma & Eve, and Luke dresses up as Samuel LL Cash and they con Damian. Back in PC, Damian continues to get under everyone’s skin and targets the Ward House. As Laura is singing to a baby in the next room, Damian sets fire to Ward House. Click here to read the full edit description

Luke & Laura’s Return #12  March 19 - June 11, 1996: 10 hours original edit
This edit contains the aftermath of the Ward House fire. Damian’s death is determined to be murder. Laura is arrested, indicted, and denied bail! Justus admits committing the murder, and Edward convinces him that Laura will never be convicted and to just let it ride. Laura’s trial, Justus is her defense attorney, Luke grows increasingly suspicious of Justus, Laura is finally acquitted and celebrates her victory with her family! Click here to read the full edit description

Spencer vs Cassadine #1  June 14 - August 14, 1996 - 8 hours
This series covers the conflict and drama between the Spencers and Cassidines and contains the return of the Cassidines to Port Charles. The #1 in this series starts just after Laura has been acquitted of Damian's murder but they don't get any time to celebrate as Leslie Lu comes down with a very high fever. They rush her to the hospital and after extensive testing, Simone tells them that Lu has aplastic anemia and she needs a bone marrow transplant. The best option is a sibling which has a 25% chance of being a match. Unfortunately, Lucky is not a match and one by one as all of their friends and family are tested no one is a match. Luke and Laura are desperate for a bone donor donor. Bobbie tells them about the daughter she gave up for adoption and Luke begins searching for this new neice. Laura finally approaches Stefan to ask him to have her son, Nik, tested as a potential bone marrow donor. Laura is very relieved when he is a match and Lulu receives the transplant which is successful. Nik visits his new little sister in the hospital. Lucky is very upset to find a strange guy in his sister's room, he is even more shocked when Nik haughtily informs him that he his Lulu's brother and he saved her! Stefan and Nik move to Wyndemere, Luke heads to Greece to confront Helena, Laura loses it when Lulu is missing after Lucky had taken her from the hospital to protect her from the Cassidines. This is a brand new edit and much improved in quality with additional scenes added.  Click here to read the full edit description.

Spencer vs Cassadine #2-25, 1996-2001 Through End Game storyline
Click here to read the full edit descriptions.

Luke & Laura's Reunion November 12, 2001 - February 28, 2002 - 8 hours
I began this edit just after Stavros has died and Helena arrested as the End Game storyline has concluded. Luke and Laura reconnect during the celebration party. Scott takes some time to alone with Laura to propose, she asks for time to think about it. During Luke and Laura's 20th anniversary, they both are lost in thoughts of the past. They share Thanksgiving together and Lulu disrupts the festivities with the announcement of Scott's proposal. Laura winds up during Scotty down and Luke sees his opportunity to reconnect with Laura.
He sets up a fake mission aboard a boat, complete with fake spies, to spend some romantic alone time with her. He throws a surprise birthday party for Laura aboard ship. Laura quickly figures out that the "mission" is a ruse and she is furious. Luke admits to wanting to spend time alone with her and he proposes! They return home to learn that Liz and Lucky plan on marrying on New Year's Eve. During the ceremony, Liz calls it off finally realizing that Lucky is not in love with her (long story involving Helena brainwashing him to fall out of love with her). Luke whisks Laura off to Beecher's Corners where he has rented out the movie theatre and plays old home movies of their wedding. The rent a motel room and string a blanket across the room. Laura finally tells Luke that she accepts his proposal but he has quietly left town to give her time to think (and Tony his vacation) and he didn't hear her answer! This edit also includes a couple of Valentine's episode fantasies, Luke returns to the show when Laura learns that he is being held on the Triple 6 Ranch by Jennifer Smith (this time played by Sally Struthers). Laura heads to Texas, helps Luke escape and they take refuge in a cave and are trapped during a cave-in!  Click here to read the full edit description.

Luke & Laura's Reunion #2 March 1 - July 2, 2002 - 8 hour original edit
This goes through their rescue from the cave, returning home to have some time alone together to find the Lulu's brownie troop in the living room. The next morning Lulu asks if they are marrried again since daddy slept in mommie's bed (in front of the entire brownie troop of course). Eventually, Laura goes to the attic of the old Webber house to retrieve her wedding dress. An old picture in a photo album of the attic stairs bothers Laura, she gets a creepy feeling as she looks for her wedding dress. Rick returns to town and is reunited with Leslie, then Laura, though Scott is not happy to see him. A dark figure sets the accelerant to start the attic fire. It hasn't blazed into a fire yet when Lulu and Maxie enter to explore its treasures.  Lulu is trapped inside as flaky Maxie abandons her babysitting duties to gap on the phone and the fire begins to rage. A panicked Maxie calls Luke at the club and this edit ends on another cliff hanger. Click here to read the full edit description.

Luke & Laura's Reunion #3 July 1, 2002 - November 27, 2006: 3 dvds - 12 hours
I have completed the L&L Reunion storyline, through the attic mystery, Laura's breakdown, her heartbreaking departure and her joyous 2006 return, Laura's reunion with her family, L&L's remarriage, Laura's eventual relapse and departure again from GH. I continued to include every Luke and every Laura scene during 2002 through her departure. After Rick is killed, L&L disappear and are no-shows at their wedding.
I included the scenes of their friends and family waiting for them, worrying about what happened to them. Nik & Lucky head over to the attic and find Rick's dead body. I included scenes of them moving his body, hiding it in the freezer at Wyndemere, then sending the car off the cliff with his body in it. The police find Lucky's fingerprints in the car and arrest him for the murder of Rick Webber (the section of Nik & Lucky covering up Rick's murder is about :55 mins). Luke & Laura return to the screen and Laura has lost touch with reality, T&G do amazing work during her final breakdown scenes. Laura is taken away to a psychiatric facility, Luke is arrested for murder, he escapes and Tony Geary takes his several week vacation (so I ended the 2002 scenes at this point).  After the 2002 footage, I included Luke scenes from a Feb, 2003 episode when he finds a picture of Laura and tells Summer about her. I also included a Soaptalk feature on the set for Tony Geary's 25th anniversary on GH in 2004. This is folllowed by his 2006 Emmy win.
I then began including the August, 2006 scenes of Lulu and then Luke visiting Laura (seen only from behind). From October 25-November 27, 2006, I included all of Laura's scenes for her 2006 return, and all of Luke's scenes during this time frame. I also added Tony & Genie's appearence on the View in Nov, 2006 about her return and L&L's remarriage. Soapnet did some great promos around Laura's Return, and L&L's 25th anniversary. They ran a series of "Luke & Laura's Top 25 Moments", each was about a 30 second clip of classic L&L scenes. I had a few of those on my GH epsiode dvds so included a few of those as they were fun. I included a great ABC promo for Laura's Return, and another for L&L's 2006 wedding. So some fun additional clips were added. I concluded this series with Genie's 2007 Emmy win! The completion of the 2002 footage was almost 6 hours andLaura's entire 2006 return was also almost 6 hours, worked out that it all fit on three dvds. Click here to read the full edit description.

Luke and Laura's 25th Anniversary
In honor of Luke & Laura's 25th Anniversary Celebration, I created a very special 12 hour (three dvd) compliation of 14 original GH episodes, includes all four of the Luke & Laura 25th Anniversary Celebration Marathon episodes, Soapnet's Top 25 L&L Clips that have been aired during the month of November (I actually got 23 of them), L&L Promos, T&G's appearence on the View, Soapnet's L&L Special "Luke & Laura Love Story Revealed" and edited portions of features on L&L from Soapnet's Unforgettable Wedding Special, and an abc primetime special "Unforgettable Love Stories" also edited to L&L. I have an expanded list below. All of this is edited with no commercials.  Click here to read the full edit description.  Some of the Luke & Laura 25th anniversary promos from SoapNet can be viewed here.

Luke's 2002 Return "Chain Gang" October 17 - December 13, 2002: 4 hour original edit
This edit picks up with Liz & Lucky finding Luke working on a chain gang, he is brought back to PCPD, he proceeds to burn down the police station. He is in such a bad state that even Scotty Baldwin is concerned about him and gets him help. Alexis introduces him to Cameron who gets him into an anger management group, lead by Mickey Dolenz (in a two episode guest appearence). Luke sees Summer, and tries to recreate moments of his past with Laura with her. He then goes off the deep end, dresses up like Santa, and starts giving everything away. Cameron takes Luke up to a mountain cabin for some indepth therapy to decide if Summer is real or a hallucination. Click here to read the full edit description.

Laura & Lucky's 2015 Return, Luke's Departure
This edit contains all of Laura’s 2015 during the time frame noted, all of Jonathan’s return as Lucky. Laura arrives and interrupts Luke’s engagement party to Tracy. She later privately tells him that Lucky has been kidnapped. They journey to Canada, they learn Frank & Jennifer Smith are behind it, they meet up with Holly & Ethan, Lucky comes in and saves the day. In an astonishing twist, Jake is learned to be alive and is returned to his mother. Luke says his goodbyes and leaves town. Soon followed by Laura, as she is having trouble with Nik and Elizabeth keeping the news from Jake that he is really Jason. I began this edit with the 52nd Anniversary black & white flashback episode of Luke & Bobbie's earlier life, flashbacks to his parent's deaths. Click here to read the full edit description.

Luke Fantasy Episodes 2001-2009
7/3/01 Dream/fantasy episode - Luke & Felicia James Bondesque, Luke/Laura/Scott
2/14/02 Valentine’s Day Fantasies Luke & Laura kiss!
2/26/03 Fan Fantasy epi, Sonny is shot, goes to heaven, Luke is St. Peter
12/23-12/24/03 Christmas Epi,Luke/Scrooge episode 
12/24/07 Luke’s operation, sings “My Way”, and “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”
1/3/08 Luke’s trial - fantasy scenes during illness
12/2/09 Luke & Ethan, Mac, Alexis sing Karokee at Jake’s

Click here to read the full edit description.

GH Karaoke Music 2007-2010 Dvd
12/24/07 Luke’s operation, sings “My Way”, and “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”
7/10, 7/13, 7/14/09 Karokee - Robin & Patrick, Spinelli, Maxie/Lulu/Rebecca sing
9/28/09 Complete Episode  Maxie & Spinelli’s non-wedding Karokee reception at Jake’s
9/29/09  Maxie & Spinelli’s non wedding reception with Karokee at Jake’s
10/9/09 Johnny sings - edited
12/2/09 Luke & Ethan, Mac & Alexis sing - edited
7/14/10 Kalup Ishmael sings “Route 66”, Brook Lynn sings “Before He Cheats”- edited

This dvd is comprised of episodes featuring Karokee scenes. I’ve edited the episodes down to the Karokee portions where needed to fit additional musical performances. If you have any suggestions for additional musical moments for 2007-current time to add, please let me know. I’m mostly interested in musical performances, but I’m also willing to add musical montages as well. Click here to read the full edit description.

Genie Francis on The Young & The Restless Episodes. Click here to read the list of episodes.

  • Tony & Genie Interviews
  • John Reilly Roast 1994- 1 1/2 hrs SP - includes Tristan Rogers, Tony Geary, Sharon Wyatt (Copy)
  • Imposter- Tony Geary - 2 hr tv movie from early 80's (copy)
  • Shaft Of Love- cable movie (copy)

  • Bare Essence- 4 hr miniseries - Genie Francis, (original good quality)

Luke  & Laura Tribute Edit - 3 hrs 45 mins [click on the link to read a full description of the edit]

  • Luke & Laura Lovers on the Run - :50

  • Luke & Laura Greatest Love of All - :50

  • 11/24/06  Luke & Laura Love Story Revealed Soapnet Special - :42, no  commercials

  • Soapnet  Unforgettable Weddings Special - hosted by Kin Shriner & Jackie  Zeman  edited to Luke & Laura

  • 1998  Unforgettable Love Stories - Primetime Special edited to L&L  coverage - :10 mins

  • 11/17/06  GMA - Tristan on L&L's anniversary and SSW appearance - :2 mins

  • 11/21/06  The View - Tony & Genie - :10 mins

  • 10/26/06  ABC GH Promo - Great Promo for L&L's anniversary and Laura's return

  • GH's Greatest Weddings - Edited to L&L

  • November  5-26, 2006 - Soapnets Top 25 L&L moments, Promos, below you will  find a list of the clips that aired (I have 23 of the top 25 clips)