1984 Mexico Adventure  October 26 - December 11, 1984 - about 8 hrs

This edit begins with the first scene on October 26th and I included all of Robert and Holly's scenes as Robert is police commissioner back in Port Charles. Robert and Holly eat breakfast and Robert gets a call to come to the Mayor's office. Robert's meeting with Lee gets pushed back and Lee arrives to see Robert. They discuss the Porchenko situation and Robert tells Lee he's taking a vacation. Robert and Holly leave to go to travel agent and miss Luke's call from Mexico. Luke sees the police he is hiding from but gets away without being seen though he backs into a cactus before escaping.
Felicia writes a letter to her grandmother, Frisco is very sarcastic about what a bad that idea is as the bad guys could intercept it and learn her location. Felicia says that she will send it to her grandmother's best friend, Dot, who can hand deliver it. Frisco is still worried that the bad guys will get to Dot and learn where she is hiding. Frisco reads up on Aztec history and begins questioning Felicia on Aztec history. When she can't answer his questions, he accuses her of being a fraud. Felicia then reels off her own history lesson of the Aztec culture to point out that just because she doesn't know one obscure Aztec god doesn't mean she isn't descended from Aztec royalty. Back at the ranch, Dot urges Mariah to contact the police about the men who have bugged her phone and are watching her house. Mariah is concerned about Felicia's safety and doesn't want to bring the police into it, as at least she knows that while the goons are watching her that they aren't after Felicia.

Luke arrives in the next Mexican town on a donkey and tries to call Robert again but his phone is busy. Grant arrives and Robert gives him the instructions for an underground railroad type arrangement for the Porchenkos to get to safety. Robert tells Grant to read the instructions, memorize them and then burn them and to only give the Porchenkos verbal instructions so as to protect those involved. After Grant leaves, Holly is ecstatic that they are now free to go off on their vacation.
Robert seduces Holly and they decide to begin their holiday in their own bed. Luke interrupts them and tells him he is in Mexico and is running from a murder charge. Luke tells him that he and Laura were in Texas and there was a family heirloom stolen and he was framed for murder. Robert tells Luke to go see Sean Doneally, a former WSB agent, who is in Mexico City and he will meet him there tomorrow.  Frisco goes to see Robert, who has left already left for Mexico, He tells Holly about Felicia and her ring and they think it is connected to Luke's situation.     

Frisco tells Felicia that he wants to consult with Robert and get his input. Felicia absolutely forbids it as she doesn't know or trust Robert. Robert tells Holly the little he knows about Luke's trouble. He tells her about Sean and that he has sent Luke to him and he has to join Luke there to help him. Holly doesn't mind changing her plans to go with him, but he tells her she can't go with him and she is to go on to Paris and he will join her there as he doesn't think it will take more than a couple of days to wrap up Luke's situation. He promises her that when he gets to Paris her every wish will be his command.

After Robert has left, Frisco comes to talk to Robert and after finding out that he has gone he tells Holly about Felicia's situation. He tells her that there was a robbery in Texas at her family's home. Holly asks if it involved a family heirloom and a surprised Frisco says yes it does. Holly tells him that Luke called from Mexico about a robbery involving a family heirloom. She urges Frisco to tell her everything and then she can fill Robert in when he calls her. Holly instructs him to keep Felicia in his apartment and keep her safe. Armed with this new information, Holly realizes this is a much more involved situation than Robert thought and she makes plans to join him in Mexico.     

A very tired and very dirty Luke makes it to Sean's beautiful hacienda. Sean is expecting him as he has talked to Robert. Sean introduces Luke to his beautiful assistant, Cruz. When Luke moves very gingerly, Luke admits his butt is filled with cactus needles. Cruz picks the needles out of his behind and then rubs ointment on the wounds on his behind. Robert arrives in Mexico and has a happy reunion with Sean, then finds Luke walking around the pool with a margarita. Luke fills them in on how he won a Texas cattle ranch in a card game. He stayed at Mariah's inn and tells them about the scepter, a family heirloom was stolen from Mariah (Felicia's grandmother).

A flashback is shown as Luke tells them about Peter, Felicia's boyfriend, and two bandits riding up on horseback to steal the scepter from an outdoor table they are sitting at. Luke feels awful for leaving the scepter out and tells Peter he has to go after the scepter and retrieve it. Luke, Robert, and Sean enjoy a luxurious candlelit dinner complete with china and crystal. Luke continues with his story and tells them that the two bandits split up, so he and Peter split up as well to follow the separate trails. Luke tells them he followed his guy for several weeks. The flashback continues as Luke continues with his story, he finally caught up with him in Tres Ojos, the guy did have the specter, and he and Luke fought for it. Luke was knocked out and when he woke up he found the guy was stabbed to death, and the police arrive to arrest him. He tells them he was thrown in jail but was able to escape with the Federales hot on his trail. They agree that they have to find out who the murderer is to clear Luke and then retrieve the scepter and return it to the family.     

Holly shows up at Sean's though Robert is not pleased with her arrival. She fills them in that Frisco has been playing the grand protector to Felicia, Luke knows her from Texas. Luke then brings Holly up to date on his situation. Later out by the pool, Cruz flirts with Robert in front of Holly. Holly becomes jealous at Robert's attention though Luke tells her she has absolutely nothing to worry about. He interrupts Cruz to ask her for another treatment on his behind. Sean regales Holly with WSB tales of his adventures with Robert. Sean tells the guys that he has an important business meeting and can't leave for a few days. The next morning as Luke and Robert prepare to leave, Holly wants to join them but even Luke warns her that given he is wanted for murder this could get hairy and they leave her at Sean's. Sean asks what she would like to do while the boys are off on their adventure and Holly suggests shopping!     

Luke and Robert stop in a little town and try to ask a couple of guys some questions. They respond by jumping them and starting a fight. Luke calls Mariah's to talk to Laura but she isn't home as she has gone into Dallas to pick up supplies. Mariah is concerned about Luke still looking for the scepter and Luke promises her that he will not return until he finds it. Mariah thinks that Luke and Peter are still looking for the scepter together as Peter has called her and told her they are still together searching for it. Mariah's phone is tapped and the guy listening in calls and reports that Mariah told Luke about Peter's calls, which will clue Luke in that Peter is in on this. Luke tells Robert about Peter's involvement and that something is really fishy as he suspects a con.

Robert goes off to ask some locals about Peter. Robert finds a woman who tells him that a gringo that was looking for Tres Ojos, a group of  boulders. She gives him directions and Luke and Robert find the boulders and notice the markings are similar to those on the scepter. A jubilant Holly returns from her shopping spree with Sean. He flirts with her and suggests she give him a private fashion show of all of her new purchases. He suggestively says that if she was waiting at home for him that he would be persuaded to believe in the Aztec love gods. Later that night, Sean and Robert enjoy a private candlelit dinner. He is intrigued that she would give up a glamorous trip to Paris for a possibly dangerous situation in Mexico. She admits to enjoy danger and adventure and he is further intrigued. She accuses him of flirting with her shamelessly to keep her mind off of the danger that Luke and Robert are in.     

Luke and Robert stop are in a local cantina arguing. Luke tells him it's almost worth being in this trouble to be working with Robert again. Sean and Holly talk about his artifact collection, he tells her about Aztec writing and shares some of the history with her. Robert and Luke try to figure out what the symbols on boulders mean. Robert points out that the Aztecs were known to have a vast collection of riches and very little of it was ever found. Robert thinks symbols on the scepter are clues, a sort of map to an Aztec treasure as they bad guys are taking huge risks so there must be something of great value at stake. Robert admits he stills has a craving for his former life of adventure. Robert promises that he is in this caper with Luke till the end. Peter drives up to meet with Cruz. She warns him that Scorpio is on his trail. He wants to know if she has left Doneally for good and she tells him she is done with Sean. Peter says that he thought that when he framed Luke for murder that would take care of him.     

Luke finds a wanted poster of him hanging on a post and takes it down. He tells Robert that there are posters of him hanging all over town and they should get out of there. Robert suggest that they return to Sean's as he is a bit of an expert in Aztec culture and may be able to help them decipher the symbols. A promo is shown for Tony Geary's "The Imposter". Robert returns to find Holly and admires her new look, with her Mexican clothes and her hair slicked back. They fill Sean and Holly in on Peter being involved in both the theft and the murder and believe he is the key to the whole mystery. They believe that the scepter is a clue to the location of a treasure. After studying the symbols, Sean tells them that symbols on the boulder indicate direction and distance while the symbols on the scepter indicate a specific place. Sean tells them they need a range finder to more precisely follow the clues. The first clue on the scepter lead them to the boulders, the second symbol is a water symbol and if they follow the direction clues on the boulders that will lead them to the next clue. Luke is worried as everyone becomes excited about the treasure and he reminds them he just wants to clear his name and get back to Laura and his cattle ranch. Luke still can't reach Laura on the phone.     

Luke and Robert are going out again to follow the next clue though Robert still won't let Holly come with him as he will not risk her life by her being victim #2. Holly tells Robert about Sean's flirting  with him and that he is a lady killer. She tells him that Sean made a pass at her and she believes he will try again. Holly is annoyed that Robert isn't more concerned about this, and warns him that perhaps next time she will let Sean succeed! Robert knows Sean and says that he is an incorrigible womanizer and will quickly move onto the next woman. Robert's trust in Holly is obvious, he knows she can take care of herself. He also seems to trust that Sean won't cross that line with his wife and amuses that she is just a bit of practice for Sean. He also realizes she is trying to con him into taking her with him and he refuses. Robert and Luke leave again and continue to argue over who will drive.     

Sean continues flirting with Holly. She asks him to arrange transportation for her to Tres Ojos to catch up to them. Sean says he wouldn't dare go against Robert on this and he agrees with Robert about keeping her out of danger. Holly tries to entice Sean with promises of stories of her lurid past in return for a ride to catch up to her husband. Robert and Luke trying to figure out which symbol on boulder they should follow. Robert says maybe they should just pick one and if it doesn't work, then they will have to come back and pick another symbol. Holly shows up and while Robert is annoyed, Luke points out that they are doing too good and Luke asks her to pick a symbol. Luke, Robert, and Holly stop in at a cafe. Luke goes to call Laura but is still unable to get a call through to Texas. Robert asks the waitress for a map of the area and asks her questions about water or a spring. She flirts with him and laughs at his attempt at Spanish. A jealous Holly spills dumps a glass of water on her. The waitress retaliates by pointing Holly out to the local police. Robert grabs Holly and Luke and they run out of cafe.

November 9th - 16th - Peter and Cruz are following their own range finder and wind up in local town but are frustrated in their efforts as the batteries are out. Luke has a flashback to him and Laura in bed, as she laughs about his desire to raise bulls on a Texas ranch. Luke finally gets a hold of Laura and apologizes for not being able to get through to her before that he has been trying to call her. He assures her that he is fine. She tells him she is fine but misses him terribly. Laura asks if he is keeping something from her? He says he is dying of boredom though she doesn't believe him. After he gets off the phone, he tells Robert he doesn't want her worried about the murder charges and one wife south of the border is enough. Mariah asks if Laura told Luke her wonderful news but Laura wants to wait and tell Luke in person. Laura is worried about Luke as she heard something in Luke's tone that has her worried. Laura tells Mariah about Felicia and the people of Port Charles. Mariah observes that Laura sounds homesick and perhaps she is due for a visit home. Laura says she doesn't think she will ever be able to go back and tells her about her mother's death earlier that year while her and Luke were traveling.     

Robert and Luke follow the clues to the spring and wind up in the same plaza that Peter was in earlier. They can't figure out where the spring might be then figure out it might be underground. After they check into a hotel, a local officer finds Holly taking down Luke's wanted poster. She says she had seen the man about 30 miles away in Los Alamos. Robert tells Luke he wants Holly to return to Mexico City and feels she will slow them down. Luke points out that they are already in a nicer hotel that Holly booked them into and he isn't as eager to see her leave.

Holly later runs into Cruz and subtly questions her about her mother. Holly is wise enough to play off that she is there shopping and doesn't mention Luke or Robert. Peter walks up and Cruz quickly introduces Peter as her brother, . Holly observes that he doesn't look anything like Cruz. Holly hurriedly returns to the boys and finds them digging to find the spring. She doesn't get a chance to tell them as they are distracted when Luke bends the shovel after hitting rock hard dirt. She continues trying to tell him what she saw in the market place though Robert continues to argue with Luke over his digging efforts. Robert keeps cutting her off, Holly finally interrupts to tell them she saw Cruz with her brother, Carlos. She says they said they were shopping, though the guys snark about Cruz supposedly going home to her sick mother.

The boys get frustrated as after all of their digging they don't find any spring water. They do however hit a gas line and then are unable to get out of the door, which is locked. They pound on the door but loud music outside drowns out their pounding. They are able to climb up and escape through the roof. Choking on the fumes, they stumble to a small pond to drink some water and notice the Aztec symbol right out in plain sight! The scepter is broken and they have realized they will have to return to Sean to get him to fix the scepter so they can determine what the next clue is.     

Luke is worried that Peter will now be a step ahead of them but Robert points out this was a difficult clue and they only found it by accident. Peter though is already figuring out the next clue and  determines it is for a church that is 36 miles east and he and Cruz head out. Frisco is bored as he follows Felicia around a museum looking at Aztec artifacts. Felicia is determined to prove her link to her Aztec heritage. She grows weary after searching through the exhibits and when she seems ready to give up, Frisco gets a second wind and offers to continue looking with her. His sarcasm is gone and he is suddenly supportive eager to see her find what she is looking for. He keeps looking and as they turn another corner they come across a portrait of an Aztec royal family and the woman looks identical to Felicia and she is wearing Felicia's ring proving her claim. Frisco is amazed and for the first time believes her claim as an Aztec princess.     

Back at the ranch, Slater arrives posing as a movie producer and Mariah introduces him to Laura. The gang is back at Sean's dining with gusto. They are going to regroup and try to figure out the next clue. Sean tells them the next symbol is of a church. He explains how the church incorporated some of the Aztec symbols into the new churches to bridge the gap between the religions. Sean identifies which church he believes it is. Luke calls Laura and tells her that he has had some time to go shopping and bought her a pair of boots with LS stamped into the leather, the bookmaker's initials. Slater comes up and Laura notices that he is wearing a pair of boots very similar to what Luke is describing. Later, Slater approaches Laura and not so subtly questions her about where she is from and what her husband does. Laura turns the tables and asks him about scouting locations in exotic locales such as Mexico. Slater draws Laura's suspicion when he claims never to have been to Mexico though the boots he is wearing indicate otherwise.     

Robert tells Holly that they are leaving and she can't come with them this time. Holly is irate that she can take care of herself as well as they can take care of themselves. When she appeals to Luke for his support, he agrees with Robert. She accuses them both of being sexist. Sean comes in and tells them the Federales are approaching and sends Luke and Robert out of the back door. Sean restrains Holly and tells her this is not the time to argue. The police officer is the same who questioned her in the bazaar and tells her he found no evidence of Luke in the town she indicated. Holly is relieved after the officer leaves and Sean assures he she did great. He assures her that Paco would never be suspicious of a police commissioner's wife. 

Holly is really annoyed especially since Luke and Robert seemed relieved to leave without her. Sean observes it is just her pride that is wounded and promises to entertain her while the boys are away and it will be his pleasure. She retorts that is exactly what she is afraid of! Felicia heads back to the Aztec exhibit on her own and is taken hostage by a knife wielding guy who recognizes her, or her similarity to the Aztec picture. He wants to know where the ring is. As Frisco approaches, she distracts the guy so Frisco can jump him. He warns her that this proves his point that she isn't safe and she has to do as he tells her for her own safety and not sneak off again. She has gotten the message now though she is disturbed as she always thought she could take care of herself and realizes just how much danger she is in.     

Luke complains about the rattrap they are staying in as the jeep broke down. Luke is worried about the officer that has been tailing him as he has tailed him to every town and seems to have a nose like a bloodhound where Luke is concerned. Peter and Cruz arrive at the church but are unable to get to the engravings as they are closed off in preparation for a festival. Luke and Robert arrive next and have no choice but to head to a local cantina to wait till after the festival. Luke calls Laura again and she tells him she has a surprise for him but she will wait to see him before she tells him. She shares that the work at the Inn is going badly as there is one problem after another. She warns him to call her more often if he wants a wife to come home to. Later, Mariah tells Laura how Felicia sends the letters to her through Dot. Mariah says that Felicia is more like her daughter than her granddaughter and she misses her so much though having Laura there makes it more bearable. Laura tells Mariah that there has been a whole in heart since her mother's death and her and Luke feel like they have found a second family here.     

As Slater continues to throw around his movie making plans, Laura questions him as to what kind of movie he is making and he dodges the question.  As Luke and Robert are hanging out with a bevy of lovely ladies in the cantina, Laura is back home knitting baby booties. A bemused Laura talks about how many wonderful adventures they have had but now it is time to move into a new phase of her life. Mariah gushes that this baby is so lucky to have such wonderful parents. Meanwhile, Laura catches Slater going through the mail. He asks her if she has picked up a letter for him? Peter buys binoculars to be able to see the clues, he sees Robert and Luke coming and hides around the corner.
Robert sees a guy with a huge zoom camera and asks if he can check out the zoom. Robert is describing the symbol to Luke as Peter watches. He hits the lever to send the statue crashing to the plaza floor below. Luke sees Peter running off into the distance and they take off in pursuit. The run through what looks like the River walk in San Antonio. Peter jumps on a riverboat, and Luke and Robert are forced to jump on the next boat. Peter jumps off and heads through a small outdoor amphitheatre filled with tourists watching a folklorico. A police officer standing watch on a bridge recognizes Luke and he and some other officers take off in pursuit. Luke and Robert duck into the audience and then take off in a different direction. Robert is concerned about the local authorities alerting the Federales.     

The next day, Luke hides out in an area that looks very much like the Alamo. As Peter comes along, Luke chases after him. They fight amongst the old mission buildings, Peter climbing onto a roof. Robert strolls up and then rushes up when he sees Luke and Peter fighting. Luke is knocked down and Peter takes off. Robert reaches Luke to find his face bloodied and Peter having made his escape. Slater spies on Mariah and discovers she has received a letter from Felicia. He calls to report in that Felicia went to NY to see an exhibit and he promises he will find her! Laura comes in to overhear this last part, her suspicions about Slater growing by the minute.

Robert surprises Luke with a reproduction of the hieroglyphics or glyphs as the call the clues in the ancient Aztec language. Luke points out that it is hard to make out and they decide to return to Sean's villa to get his expertise. Mariah tells Laura that Slater has taken off for some meeting and Laura grabs his briefcase and finds out it is locked. Mariah is curious why Laura doesn't like Slater? She isn't sure, perhaps he is a phony, but there is something about him that her instincts tell her is not right. Slater returns and catches her trying to break into his case. She claims that she was trying to find out who it belongs to as she just found it in the lobby. She observes it is quite heavy, almost like it carries bars of gold. Slater reports in that Laura is suspicious of him and that if she gets in the way he will just have to get her out of the way.     

Robert returns back to Sean's and finds Holly lying out by the pool. He begins kissing her up and down her arm and when she doesn't wake up, he jumps in the pool and then soaking wet lays on top of her. They both wind up in the pool, kissing (great series of scenes set to music). Luke fills Sean in on their most recent adventure. As Sean works on the glyphs, Luke calls Laura. She asks him to be careful as she figures it is a lot more dangerous than he is letting on. He hears something in her voice and asks if she is okay? She doesn't tell him about Slater and tells him it just a feeling she has. Luke determines that he will go get Robert. Sean suggests that Luke give Robert and Holly some time along together as they have been separated. Luke doesn't care as he has been separated from his wife for weeks.

Luke knocks on the Scorpios door and tells Robert to get moving as Sean has worked out the glyphs. Holly jumps up to get dressed as well and starts asking to go with him and of course he continues to refuse. They try to get Sean to go with them and he begs off again as he has pressing business to attend to. When Mariah's mail arrives, Slater tries to snoop and Laura distracts him by pretty much forcing him to go out to the ranch with her to see to some work. Just after Luke and Robert leave, Sean tells Holly that he has been called away on business and he is terribly sorry to leave her on her own. He offers her the use of one of his cars and she says she might take him up on that. Holly is triumphant as she has sabotaged the car Robert and Luke are driving, they break down as the radiator is out of water. The boys sit by the car on the side of the road wondering what they will do now?     

Peter comes along as Cruz is reporting in with where they are and says they are headed into the jungle. She says she has to go as she doesn't want Peter to get suspicious. Poor Peter looks devastated at her betrayal. Peter meets up with Sean and he tells him he doesn't like being double-crossed. Sean wants to know where Cruz is and Peter has killed her. Sean raises his fist as if to attack Peter but pulls himself back as he needs Peter. Sean orders Peter to call Felicia and get her to Mexico City. Peter tells Felicia that he has found the scepter and he wants her to join him in Mexico so that they can go to Texas together to return the treasure and asks her to bring her ring with her. Holly lounges by the pool, enjoys her lunch, smiling smugly.

Meanwhile, the boys sleep in the jeep, are hot and tired and dusty and have no food or water and are miles from anywhere. Holly coolly pulls up in the very cool convertible "fun car" and asks the boys if they would like some lunch. They quickly realize that she has sabotaged their car. She points out she only did that so they would realize how much they needed her (not sure about her logical as their need for her help resulted due to her sabotage! <grin>).  They follow the glyph directions and stop at another cantina where the locals laugh at them when they ask about a waterfall, as they are traveling through a desert area. They follow the coordinates to another location shot but come up empty and decide to go back to Sean's and get him to come out with them as they haven't been able to find the next glyph.     

Tony tells Frisco his plane has been delayed a couple of hours and then demands answers as to where he is going and what he is up to? Frisco fills him in on Robert's friends, Sean and Luke, and tells him that he is going to Sean's villa. Laura tries to warn Mariah about Slater that she thinks he is part of the gang but Mariah trusts him and doesn't want to listen. Later when the mail is delivered, Laura sees Slater steal a letter from Felicia. She confronts him on it and he comes onto her and suggests she is trying to get close to him to kiss him. Laura comes back into the main room and hears Slater on the phone telling someone that he has found Felicia. She rips the phone cord out of the wall before he can divulge her location. He grabs her and Laura screams for Mariah, she comes in and hits him over the head with a vase and knocks him out. They stuff him in a closet and close the door and try to brace it with a chair. They are deciding about how to proceed and Felicia urges her to call Frisco immediately. Slater breaks out of the closet, ties Mariah up, and is tying Laura up when Dot and Clem (the mailman) enter. When he turns towards them, Laura knocks him down and he runs out. Mariah calls Frisco and warns him that the bad guys know where Felicia is and she is no longer safe hiding out with him. He tells her that Peter called and Felicia left him a note that she is headed to Mexico City. Mariah is horrified as she never gave Peter Frisco's phone number and she realizes it is a setup and they all become very worried for Felicia's safety.     

Felicia arrives in Mexico and her and Peter is reunited. She wants to see the scepter but he bluffs that he wanted to spend some time alone with her before they go to Mexico. She ignores his desire for a personal interlude. She bluffs her self and asks him to return the scepter and as soon as she can return it to her grandmother that then they can discuss spending time alone together. He tells her he has hidden the scepter and doesn't mind waiting to be able to spend some time with her and leans down to kiss her. Back at Sean's, Robert wants to wait for Sean to return but Luke feels he has to proceed without Sean as it's his neck on the line and he can't afford to wait for Sean. Robert argues that they need Sean's help to decipher the glyphs while Luke worries that Peter is way ahead of them. Robert points out that they got stuck and it's very possible that Peter also has been delayed trying to decipher the glyphs.

Luke is stopped by leaving due to illness and has no choice but to wait for Sean to return. Frisco arrives and immediately asks where Felicia is? Frisco is worried when he realizes she isn't there and that Peter set her up to get her to Mexico. He asks them for help in finding Felicia. Luke warns Frisco that Peter is dangerous, that he isn't a good idea and if Felicia is with him then she is in serious danger. Luke tells him that Peter stabbed his own partner in order to set Luke up. Frisco starts to put the pieces together and realizes that Peter will have Felicia, the scepter and the ring and then realizes that once Peter gets the ring from her that he won't need her any longer and he will kill her!     

Peter is giving Felicia guilt, he is her fiance and he feels he deserves a warmer reception from her. He feels that her family treasure is more important to her than he is and he wishes he never went after the scepter. She wants to know where Luke Spencer is, didn't he help Peter retrieve the scepter? He fudges about Luke's involvement and stalls her some more and orders champagne and tells her he wants to spend some time alone with her, that love takes priority over everything else and holds her close while Felicia is obviously not enjoying his embrace. Peter tries to get her ring off of her finger. Her instincts begin telling her that all is not right with her former boyfriend. She asks him how he got her phone number in Port Charles? He claims from her grandmother.

He tells her she is exhausted and if she lays down and relaxes she will feel better. She just wants the scepter back and becomes more insistent. He tries to calm her agitation by assuring her that as soon as she rest they will retrieve the scepter. As she closes her eyes, he tries to pick up her hand that she is wearing the ring on. She pulls away to rest that hand under her head, protecting the ring. Peter calls Sean and tells him that he has Felicia and once he gets the ring that they won't need her anymore. Evidently Sean points out that she may still have information they can use and gets Peter to agree to bring her to the waterfall. Felicia wakes up and Peter promises her that they will go get the scepter in the morning.

Sean has arranged for sometime to tip off the police that the fugitive is staying at Sean's house while Sean isn't even in town! Luke and the gang are spotted along the road by one of Paco's officers who runs up and tries to stop them. They make their getaway while Paco questions Sean's maid. While he is there, he gets a call that Luke was spotted headed toward the Viejo jungle. Paco and his troops are in hot pursuit. The officers are stopped as a wedding party blocks the street. Luke stops and pays the wedding limo driver to drive off with their car while the gang piles into the limo. Peter has taken Felicia to the jungle and has dropped all pretense of being her loving boyfriend as he drags her through the jungle.

She demands to know if this is where the scepter is? He assures her it is so she doesn't fight as she goes with him, that is until he demands to see the ring and she throws it and takes off running. Peter stops to pick up the ring and then takes off after her. The limo runs out of gas and the guys are all anxious to get going, Luke to end this so he can get back to Laura, Robert to get Holly back to safety as he is worried that something might happen to her, and Frisco is desperate to get to Felicia who is in immediate danger as she runs through the jungle trying to evade Peter. Sean steps front of Peter and demands the ring from him. He tells him not to worry about Felicia as she isn't going anywhere, just then another guy steps out from behind a tree to capture Felicia.

Frisco, Robert, Luke, and Holly all arrive at the jungle location and are surprised to find Sean's car already there. Robert surmises that Sean is there to help analyze the glyphs.  The guys go to unload the supplies from the car while Frisco walks out to the bridge. He hears Felicia screaming in the jungle and takes off running, Luke and Robert right behind him. Felicia has broken free of her captor and runs through the jungle. Felicia is caught and resumes screaming as Frisco follows the sound of her voice. He tackles her captor and momentarily stuns him and the goon falls to the ground. He embraces Felicia relieved she is okay. Her captor takes off running just before Luke and Robert come upon them.
Luke is relieved to see that she is okay as he knows her from the ranch in Texas. They tell Frisco to take Felicia back to the car. They join Holly just as Paco comes along to question her. She tells the officer that Peter has stolen from Felicia, and framed Luke for murder and he is in the jungle. Paco orders them guarded as he takes off into the jungle. Felicia is desperate to get to her ring and the scepter. Holly distracts the guard and Felicia and Frisco run back into the jungle. Sean and Peter arrive at the entrance to the crypt and are able to open the entrance. Sean deciphers the codes using the ring and open the next entrance to the crypt revealing the Aztec treasure. Peter drools over it and can't wait to get his hands on it. When he questions Sean further, Sean pulls a gun on him and tells him he doesn't tolerate being double crossed and after Peter killed Cruz that he is lucky Sean let him live this long. They fight and Peter knocks Sean out. When Robert and Luke enter the tunnel, Peter fires hitting Sean, knocks Robert down, then punches Luke and he falls back and Peter escapes out into the jungle. Luke follows and catches him at the waterfall and they fight.     

The officer shoots Peter and he falls over the waterfall. He holds his gun on Luke as he climbs back up to the entrance of the crypt. The officer holds them all at gunpoint. Luke asks Sean how he wound up there and Sean admits he realized his calculations were off and came down to try to stop Peter himself. They find the ring and return it to Felicia while Sean claims it is just an empty chamber. The officer determines he will bring them all in for questioning. Robert flashes his police badge and tells him of his and Sean's WSB background. This earns a certain respect for the officer but doesn't help Luke's situation. The officer decides to bring them all in so he can sort out fact from fiction.     

They all gather at the police station, Felicia tells of the theft of her family heirlooms and how Peter enticed her to come down to Mexico, then took her hostage and stole her ring. Luke continues that he was trying to retrieve the scepter from the thief and while he was knocked out that Peter killed his partner to set Luke up. Sean and Robert's credentials lend credibility to their story. Finally the officer accepts Luke's version and decides to release him of the murder charges. Paco is very impressed with Holly's ability to neutralize his guard during Frisco and Felicia's escape and offers her a job on his police force should she ever be interested. Robert growls as she pretends to consider it.     

Felicia and Frisco talk back at Sean's, she is so disappointed about letting go of the dream of the Aztec treasure and she feels so betrayed by Peter.  Frisco encourages her to look for a new dream and reminds her she has her family's heirlooms back. Luke is desperate to get in touch with Laura but once again can't get a phone call through to her. Luke is worried now about telling Laura about the murder charges, he knows she is going to be very upset with him that he didn't tell her about what he was up to. He decides with Holly's advice that maybe he should downplay the murder charge. When he does reach Laura, she hangs up on him. Sean reports that the treasure is found and safe for the moment. They all gather for dinner, Felicia is homesick and invites Frisco to go to Texas with her.     

Next, I used the original scenes from the Soapnet airing of the 12/7/84, this is edited to Luke, Laura, Robert, Holly, Sean, Frisco and Felicia's scenes. The gang all arrive at Mariah's in Texas, and Mariah rejoices in having Felicia home with her. Luke introduces Mariah to Robert, Holly, Sean, and Frisco. She thanks them profusely for all of their help as Felicia returns the scepter to her.     

Luke goes up to their bedroom to see Laura. She is furious at him and wants to know why he didn't send for her? He says he didn't want her involved in all that danger we were in and begins kissing her. She wants to know who the “we” is? He says that Robert and Holly just sort of showed up while he was down there. She is even angrier that Holly went along on the adventure but it was too dangerous for Laura! She begins pummeling him with a pillow.     

They snuggle in bed as he tries to tell her that Holly sat cooling her heals back at Sean's. She tells him that despite his efforts to protect her that she had to fight for her life against Jack Slater. His foot hits the toy train she has hidden in the bed. He is curious why its in his bed? She tells him that if Lucas Jr is anything like his father that he will also love trains. Luke is soley interested in begin with Laura and doesn't want to talk about trains. Then it dawns on him what Laura meant and he looks at her tenderly with the dawning realization that he will be a father. He tells her that if he ever did anything right in his whole life, it was marrying her. He is so happy with his life, he has a beautiful wife and a son on the way. She cautions him that she can't promise him it will be a boy.     

Luke determines that their child will be the most remarkable child ever born. He jumps up to call Ruby with the good news. She is thrilled and hopes they will come home for Christmas. Laura tells her that she doesn't think she could come back to Port Charles without Leslie being there. Luke invites Ruby and Bobbie to come to the ranch for Christmas. After they get off the phone, Luke shouts down that they are going to have a baby!     

Mariah discourages Felcia from continuing to look for the treasure. Felicia is sure it exists and wants to find it to help save the family ranch. Sean is also discouraging (gee I wonder why?). Sean invites them all to come back to his villa for a Mexican vacation. Luke begs off as he has to get back to his cattle ranch and doesn't want Laura traveling.     

Robert agrees only if Sean will come to Port Charles and begins the sales pitch of his city. Robert, Sean, and Luke toast and have some guy time together as Frisco kisses Felicia on the stairs. She takes him outside and shows him around the grounds (more location shots, end Soapnet episode scenes).     

The next morning, everyone gathers for breakfast except for Luke and Laura. They have returned home and Laura shows him her new bed. He brings in a picnic basket full of food and sparkling cider so they can toast to their new life. Luke worries whether he will be smart enough to be a father as the responsibility for this new life frightens him a bit. They snuggle and enjoy being together.     

(The next 15 minutes or so has a little bit of tracking at the bottom of the picture, it exists on my episode). Mariah asks for Frisco's help in discouraging Felicia from pursuing the treasure, she is concerned that Felicia is obsessed with it and Mariah would like her to stay with her on the ranch. Frisco warns her that he wants Felicia to return to Port Charles with him. Later, Sean suggest that Felicia continue her education. She says that she couldn't afford to pursue her master's. Sean offers to pay for graduate school and tells her that Port Charles University has a wonderful graduate program in ancient Aztec studies. Frisco loves the idea and throws his support behind it. Felicia says she would never be able to repay him for that expense. He clarifies that it would be his gift and his thanks would be knowing he was helping her get her education.     

Sean tells Mariah his offer but she is less than thrilled with the idea of losing Felicia. She tells Frisco privately that she wishes he was on her side to support Felicia staying in Texas. The next morning, Sean brings it up again and asks if she has given his proposal any thought? Sean continues to sell the idea to Mariah. He says that since he doesn't have any children of his own it would give him great joy to assist in her education. Given his interest in Aztec culture, he likes the idea of her continuing her education and he would like to help make that possible especially given that she is a true Aztec princess. He makes a good case for Felicia being able to continue her education without the financial concerns (basically he guilts her into agreeing, how could she say no?).

Sean suggests that they have her ring photographed and put it in an archaelogical journal perhaps it will generate interest and lead to additional clues. One of Sean's cohorts poses as a professor who photographs the ring. Sean creates a distraction and his partner takes an imprint of the ring, the imprint will be used to open the crypt. Mariah tells Felicia that she will not stand in her way and Felicia immediately makes plans to return to Port Charles.

Sean breaks out his a tequila from his private reserve and Holly and Robert get a bit toasted. Next, Sean brings out the Mexican wine and he toasts Felicia returning to Port Charles. When Mariah quietly excuses herself, Felicia follows her out. They are all getting a bit toasted, when Sean then breaks out the Mexican brandy, Holly excuses herself next. Robert laments his life of boredom back in Port Charles with life as a police commissioner. He is already missing being out on the big adventure. The toast the return to Port Charles.

8/19/85 - Ruby answers the phone and it's Luke telling her about Lucky's birth. Robert then answers the phone and hears the good news. After he gets off the phone, Burt questions why he didn't tell Luke about Holly's kidnapping? (Sean has taken her hostage in the end of the Aztec storyline). Robert observes because he knows Luke would be on the next plane out and he needs to be home enjoying this time with Laura and the baby. A sad Robert worries if he would know if Holly was dead? Then Bobbie becomes ecstatic when she gets a call at GH telling her the happy news, and she soon makes it over to Ruby's to share the joy. Note: Luke is not seen during these phone calls but its really nice that that the writer's cared enough about the L&L fans to give them this moment of happy news and pay tribute to this couple.

I also added a 1984 Regis interview with Tristan & Emma that took place at a mall. A great interview, they talk about taping the Mexico Adventure, the location shots, Luke and Robert together again.

**The End**

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