GH Hostage Crisis June 13 - 20, 1983
Five Complete Episodes and 1 partial episode, no commercials

Monday, June 13, 1983, the HOSTAGE CRISES Begins (copy, no commercials) - Alan tells Monica he is going to get Jason back. Monica argues with Alan that she will not allow that bastard child in her house. At their Chilean honeymoon hotel, Grant and Celia are lounging around in bed, he has visions of his early training in the mother country. In the hearing room, Alice becomes upset when a social worker cites Alice's past and her age as proof of her unfitness as Jason's caretaker. Listening to Jake plead Alice's case, Alan surprisingly suggests that for now things can remain the same. Grant and Celia receive champagne. It's a gift from a journalist Ralph Fletcher. Later Fletcher tells Grant secretly he was sent by Yuri. Grant assures him he will transmit the photos as soon as possible. Rick tells Monica about a nurotic husband who won't allow surgery to his ill wife. He wants Monica to help persuade him that she needs surgery. On duty late at night, Monica tries to persuade a distraght Mr Larick to allow surgery for his critically ill wife. Connie persuades Jerrold to let her install a new security system for his lab. During the surgery, things go badly for Monica and she loses Mrs Larick. As Monica breaks the news to the man, Larick shouts she killed his wife and pulls a gun on her in the cafeteria. Brian and Bobbie try to get the gun, but Larick announces they will all hold up here for 24 hours before they die. ABC EMMY promo with Ryan's Hope.

Tuesday, June 14, 1983 (Original episode, no commercials) - Scorpio is awakened at 5 am by the shocking news that GH is under siege by a madman. Steve and Audrey get the news a few moments later. Telling Larick Monica that Brian isn't a DR, she begs him to let him go. Rick briefs Alan and Ruby to what is going on with Larick. Robert arrives and tries to talk the pycotic young man to put the gun down, but he calmly tells Robert that he only needs 24 hours. It took 24 hours for his wife to die and that's how long it will take Monica and all who assisted in her surgery to die too. Brock meets with Jimmy Lee at Kelly's. Later Heather and Alice arrive with Jason. News of the Hostage crises leaks through the radio at Kelly's. Everyone is horrified by the news. Hearing that Bobbie is a hostage, Brock races to the scene. Brian is shot by Larick when he again tries to grab the gun. Connie receives word from the WSB that she needs to step up her plans for Jerrold's protection at all costs. Larick allows Brian to be taken out for surgery. Still holding Bobbie and Monica, Larick assures them they will both die. ABC EMMY promo.

Wednesday, June 15, 1983 (Original episode, no commericals) - Luke arrives at GH confronting Robert about what he is going to do to get his sister out of danger. Luke starts putting together his own schemes. Blackie and Lou at the Webber's trying to cook dinner. Mike joins in and they both make a mess of the place. Fed up with Robert's lagging, Brock grabs a bullhorn and offers Larick a million dollars to free the hostages. In response, Larick throws Monica and Bobbie to the doorway and says no price is worth his wife's life. As time drags on, Larick starts to nod off. Bobbie and Monica tip toe to the doorway but a shot rings out and Larick shouts he will shoot the other one! Ramsey and Robert have to restrain an hysterical LUke and Alan. Jerrold lets slip to Natalie that they are installing a new security system at his lab. Natalie reports to Yuri. Mark operates on Brian and he tells Claudia that he will be just fine. Desperate to find out who's been hurt, Robert goes in to take Larick his coffee.

Thursday, June 16, 1983 (Original episode, no commercials) - When Holly hears of the Hostage crises and the danger Robert is in, she races to GH. Celia performs a 'striptease' for Grant.  Holly and Alan commiserating with each other during the crises. Robert tries in vein to get Larick to surrender but now he is a hostage himself. Claudia tends a wounded Brian. Fletcher tells Grant to step up his plans with Jerrold and the disc. Luke taking matters in his own hands, smashes the cafeteria window, hoping to cause a diversion for Robert. But Larick is too quick and Robert is shot in the process. Larick shouts he just shot the Police Commissioner, and a furious Holly lashes out at Luke by slapping him across the face! Emma Samms seen in a promo for ABC's new comedy show. LOVING promo. 

Friday, June 17, 1983 (Original episode no commercials) - While Celia sleeps, Grant makes a secret phone call to Fletcher. Later in bed with Celia, he has more visions of his training as a spy during his youth. Robert has been shot and Holly screams to Luke that he may have killed him. Edward, Lila and Jimmy Lee listening to news of the Hostage crises. Ramsey clears the hallway of Alan, Holly and Luke. Luke feeling bad about what he did hatches another plan with Brock and Natalie. Grant is informed by Fletcher that the disc that Jerrold has created is a super powerful new form of energy called the Promethius disc. Natalie positions a gurney outside the cafeteria, and then creates her diversion for the guards. Luke dives on the gurney as Brock pushes him inside. Larick is taken by surprise and Robert and Luke (like old times) are able to subdue the man. For a few seconds Luke and Robert are a team, but when Holly rushes to her husband's arms, it's back to status quo for them. Yuri reports to Natalie that because of their lagging in retrieving the disc, the DVX has decided he is being replaced by a superior, Gregory Malko. In fact, Gregory will be arriving in PC soon to take over the operation.
     The Q's welcome home Monica, who is relieved the incident is over. They all thank Jimmy Lee for his support. Edward and Lila go up to bed leaving Alan and Monica alone together. Alan comforts his wife and tells her how much she means to him and that he could never bare to lose her, not for anything, not even for Jason. He promises to get someone to care for Jason and he doesn't want her to worry about it. He tells her he has never lived with Jason but he knows that he could never bear to live without her. He hugs her tightly. Holly weeps tears of joy that Robert wasn't seriously hurt. Overwhelmed with love, Holly rejoins her husband in bed. First time hearing Stevie Wonder's "How do We keep The Music Playing". Alone Luke wanders the docks.

Monday, June 20, 1983 (This episode isn't complete but edited as there wasn't room to add all of this one to the dvd. This episode was a copy and a bit glitchy in spots. I added about :26 mins from this one, all of the Luke & the gang, Robert & Holly, Dr. Jerolld, Natalie - Ceila & Grant's honeymoon was not included) - Tiffany returns from NY and shows Luke the article about him once again being a hero splashed across the front page. Luke fills her in on the action at GH. He tells her that Robert was laying on the floor, probably faking it a bit, and Luke came bursting through the door on the flying gurney and Robert leapt up and took his chance to overpower the gunman. Tiffany observes it is just like old times, him and Robert helping each other out of a scrape. Luke gets defensive and says he just went in to get his sister and Robert just happened to be there. A relieved Holly is happy to have her husband home safe and sound. As her and Robert are kissing, Dr. Gerald calls and tells him that he has very important news, that he had a creative breakthrough and has finished the Promethus Disk. Robert tells him security now is more important than ever. The doc tells him that he does have to still test the disk. Robert immediately heads over to his lab, though Holly objects and suggests that he should take the day off to recooperate from his gunshot wound.  Brock and Bobbie show up and invite Luke and Tiffany to go out to breakfast at Kelly's to celebrate. Townfolk arrive at Kelly's and congratulate Luke on his latest heroics. After Luke leaves, Bobbie suggests they have a welcome home party for Luke and her and Tiffany begin planning it. Natalie makes her excuses that she would love to help but she has to get back to the hospital. They decide to make it a surprise party.

The End

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