Kristina's Death July 31- August 8, 2002

The following 7 episodes, with no commercials, cover from Kristina discovering that Sonny is the father of Alexis' baby, through her efforts to find and tell Sonny, which leads her to the coffee warehouse and is caught in the explosion. This tape also contains the episodes of the aftermath of the explosion, rescuing Kristina from the wreckage, rushing her to GH, emergency surgery and her death. It contains the aftermath of her death as Alexis grieves and makes funeral arrangements and concludes with Kristina's funeral when Alexis reams pretty much everyone there.  

31-Jul-2002 Roy and Zander's lives are in jeopardy as Sonny gives Jason the order to kill Zander who has betrayed them again. In the beginning of today's show, Jason and Sonny are being eavesdropped on by one scared Liz. She has crouched in the closet of his penthouse to hide. When Jason opens his closet door, he finds Elizabeth who has returned his jacket. Jason and Sonny quiz her as to whether or not Zander asked her to return it ,etc. They finally let her go. A rather questionable and hurt look is seen on the very private Jason's face. Sonny has approached Roy so he knows that Zander has acted alone on this stolen money and bank deal . He wanted to frame Jason. In the meantime, Roy is discussing his situation with Felicia when the mysterious Alcazar calls . He tells Roy that he must destroy Sonny's warehouse. Roy says rather adamantly" no, I cannot do that. I quit!" Felicia is scared for Roy whom she has grown fond of. Roy is in deep trouble with this ruthless Alcazar. 

A gleeful Skye and Jax announce their engagement to the Quartermaine family. Edward reminds the blissful, glowing Skye of their " contract". She wishes that she had not jumped to conclusions and deceived the man whom she truly loves. How will she rid herself of this dilemma? It's anyone's guess. The flaming, redheaded, kind-hearted Kristina reigns today as she tells Alexis for the first time how hurt she is. She still loves Ned, but she infers that every time she will see their child, it will break her heart. Alexis apologizes and says:" I need you in my life and my baby needs you." They hug ,and promise to try hard to put this tragic news for Kristina in perspective. One feels empathy for Alexis because she, indeed, is in a mess. Carly is threatening to tell Sonny the truth. She gloats on the fact that Sonny said he would choose to remain with her even if the baby is his. Of course, the conniving Carly wants to prove again and again how much Sonny adores her. Alexis begs her to keep her mouth shut. Zander apologizes to Elizabeth for taking his anger out on her yesterday. He gives her a lovely Floridian shell to make peace. He says "You are worth more to me than anyone or anything”. She tells Zander that she wants to be with the Zander who protected her in the crypt.

As this very well written segment of GH ends, one sees that Alexis is pondering writing Sonny a letter. She tries to pen a letter from the heart, and then, the legalistic letter, and neither makes much sense to her. Later, when Kristina examines their apartment so she can redo it, she sees the remnant of an ashy note in the fireplace. The note written by Alexis that she threw away said ,in essence, "I lied. Ned is not the father of my baby, you are, Sonny." 

Thursday, 1-Aug-2002 Despite Elton’s best efforts to discuss wedding business, Laura remains preoccupied with the attic mystery. Luke suggests they postpone the wedding until after the mystery is solved, but Laura thinks they have waited too long already. Bobbie arrives and gives L&L the last known address for Theresa Carter from the hospital files. Realizing that it is not far from PC, the duo decides to confront Theresa face to face. Rick arrives before they can leave and tries to convince Laura again that she is blowing the events of that night out of proportion. Laura lies and tells him that she has decided to put that night out of her mind and concentrate on the wedding. She does not mention that she and Luke are going to see Theresa. Later, Luke and Laura arrive at the address Bobbie supplied, and are greeted by a red haired woman who immediately recognizes Laura.

Scott nervously informs Rick that the skull was brought into the PCPD and sent to the GH forensics lab. They discuss the need to keep anyone from identifying it as Theresa’s. Scott comments that they can’t afford to have Rick’s name linked to a murder investigation. Later, Scott enters the forensics lab and pulls a skull out of his briefcase (presumably to replace Theresa’s). Unnoticed by him, Bobbie enters the room and asks what he is doing. 

Kristina leaves a message for Ned to call her ASAP. Alexis overhears and comments that she is happy Kristina is trying to work things out with Ned. Kristina does not tell Alexis about the note she found, instead she tries to get Alexis to tell her the truth by going on and on about how hurt she is. She asks Alexis to be completely honest with her about how she ended up pregnant, but Alexis sticks to the story about her one night with Ned. Hours later, after a shopping spree, Kristina again asks for the truth, but Alexis hedges and only admits that she was very hurt when Sonny went back with Carly. Kristina is obviously hurt that Alexis will not tell her the truth about the baby’s father and asks Alexis how she can trust her again (still without revealing that she already knows). Alexis invents an appointment, to get out of the uncomfortable discussion, and rushes off leaving Kristina in tears. 

A dizzy spell has Carly reaching for a home pregnancy test. She and Sonny read the results together and are a bit disappointed (but not surprised) to find she is not pregnant. Carly comments that she feels Sonny is also a bit relieved and prods him to tell her what is going on. Sonny admits that a dangerous situation is developing and it might not be the best time to be expanding their family.

Over breakfast, Felicia tells Roy that she is going to Texas to get her girls. Roy shows Felicia the paperwork for his next purchase. Felicia wonders if it is a good idea to get in deeper with Alcazar, but Roy assures he has a plan and is going to outsmart his ‘benefactor’. Felicia is worried about the safety of her family now that they know who their silent partner is. Roy offers to buy her out, but Felicia declines – for the time being. After Roy leaves, Felicia gets a call from Alcazar who urges her to use her influence to get Roy to do as he is told. Felicia tells Alcazar that she does not control Roy – no one does. Later, Roy returns to his PH and is about to call Felicia when she knocks on the door. She tells him about Alcazar’s call and worries that they have bitten of more than they can handle. Roy assures Felicia that Alcazar is far away and therefore unable to really do anything. Felicia comments that she doesn’t think the distance or the fact that he is a wanted man in the states will stop Alcazar from doing anything he wants. After Felicia leaves, Roy starts to place another call, but suddenly Alcazar enters from another room. He makes it obvious to Roy that he has overheard the conversation when he comments that Felicia is not only beautiful, but smart too, since she is correct in her assumptions about him. 

Jason tells Zander that he must leave town by midnight or risk being killed for his latest misdeeds. Zander accuses Jason of using Sonny as an excuse to run him off just so Jason can have Liz to himself. Jason surprises Zander when he tells him to take Liz with him. Liz arrives and Jason leaves reminding Zander that the next move is up to him. Later, Zander describes to Liz how great Florida is and suggests they go together. Liz thinks Zander is suggesting a vacation and is stunned when Zander tells her is leaving PC permanently and wants her to go with him. Liz wants to think it over. Zander tells Liz that he is leaving that night at 8:00 and will be waiting for her at the harbor if she wants to go with him. Later still, Jason arrives at the studio at, Liz’s request. He comments that she is packing and Liz tells him she is going to Florida with Zander. Jason informs Liz that he told Zander to get out of town and is hurt when he reveals that Jason himself suggested Zander take Liz. Liz asks what if she wants to stay in PC with him and asks Jason if he really wants her to leave. Jason will only say that it is the best way to be sure she is safe…

Kristina arrives at the PH demanding to speak with Sonny and refusing to leave until she says her piece. Carly tells her to get out. Kristina says the whole mess is Carly’s fault. If Carly hadn’t had a near death experience, then Sonny would have stayed with Alexis, whom she believes he was already falling in love with. Kristina surprises Carly when she reveals that she knows Sonny is the baby’s father…Alexis is upset and sitting on the docks (with her head in her hands) when Sonny comes upon her. Alexis stands up too quickly and has a dizzy spell. A concerned Sonny asks what is wrong, but Alexis will only admit that she is rushed. Sonny cautions her to stop pushing herself and take the time to take better care of herself. He reveals to her that he still thinks of the baby he and Carly lost. He also tells her he believes he could have changed the outcome if only he had done something different that day to stop Carly from going to the Quartermaine house. 

Friday, 2-Aug-2002 Scott lies to Bobbie when he tells her he stopped by the forensics lab to pick up a report. When he found it empty, he decided to wait and then just picked up the skull out of idle curiosity. Bobbie seems to buy it and invites him to stop by her place later. When she comments to Luke and Laura will probably still be checking out the lead she gave them on Theresa Carter, Scott is obviously uneasy. Bobbie leaves, after getting beeped and Scott open up a case (so he can switch the skulls?) only to find it is empty. Liz tells Jason that she doesn’t want to go away from him. Jason tells her it’s best if she just goes and instructs her to take care of herself. 

Felicia is checking on immunization records at the hospital when she receives a phone from someone who tells her that Sonny wants her to meet him at the warehouse office that evening to discuss business. Felicia asks if Roy is invited and the person tells her that Sonny thinks the meeting would go smoother without Roy present. Felicia is obviously nervous but agrees to the meeting anyways. 

Roy realizes that Alcazar is after Sonny and tells him that he will not do the dirty work for him. Roy tells Alcazar that he doesn’t think they will be able to work together and suggests they end the partnership – no hard feelings. Alcazar tells Roy that he is a great partner but an even better enemy and reminds Roy that he can take his new status away just as quickly as he made it happen in the first place. Alcazar tells Roy to forget his newest purchase and go after a casino in New Jersey. Roy refuses because he knows Sonny has interests there. Alcazar gives Roy a phone and informs him that he has an hour to change his mind. After Alcazar leaves, Roy throws the phone against the wall. Out in the hall, Alcazar places a call and instructs the person to “Do it”. 

An unidentified person enters the coffee warehouse (man the security sucks at this place!) and places an explosive device amongst the coffee sacks. The man turns the (what we assume to be a) timing device on and ONE red light starts flashing. 

Laura asks Theresa to fill in the missing blanks of the night in the attic. Theresa is reluctant; claiming she also has no wish to recall the night in question, and tells her to asks Rick. Luke assures her they don’t want to cause her trouble; they only want to know what Laura is suppressing so that she can move on with her life. Theresa relents and tells Laura about how she harassed Rick and Leslie after Rick tried to end their affair. She tells L&L that on the night in question, she showed up at the Webber house uninvited. Rick agreed to talk to her, but took her up to the garage attic to keep from being seen by Leslie or Laura. She explains that once there she tried to seduce Rick. When he refused she tried to hit him with a heavy object but Laura intervened.  

What happened next was unclear but Laura was so upset that Rick had to sedate her. Luke asks if that was the last time Theresa saw Laura and Theresa says yes, except that she noticed Laura standing at the attic window a bit later that night when Rick escorted her off the property. Theresa tells them she left town the next day. She asks them to leave before her husband gets home. Laura thanks her for her help and she and Luke leave. Once outside, Laura tells Luke that she is glad it is finally over. Luke asks if she is sure and Laura says that what Theresa told them matched what she remembered, including a new memory of Theresa welding an antique camera as a weapon. Luke hugs her and tells her he is glad everything is over, but it is clear (at least to me) that he does not really believe it. 

Luke and Laura return to her office and are surprised to find Rick waiting there. He says he brought a wedding gift. Laura tells him they just spoke to Theresa Carter. Rick asks what she told them, but Luke insists that Rick give Laura his version of that night’s events first. Though we don’t get to hear it, Rick’s memories of the night are the same as Theresa’s. Luke wonders why, if it was something so innocent, Rick didn’t just tell Laura the truth whence first asked. Rick claims that his fatherly instinct drove him to protect Laura from something SHE didn’t want to know or she never would have blocked it out. Luke asks why Scott has also been covering up the events of that night, but Rick tells Luke he’ll have to ask Scott. Laura is happy that everything meshes with her memories, but Luke continues to appear suspicious. Rick is happy the subject will be dropped and leaves, but out in the hall he places a call to “Theresa” and congratulates her on a convincing performance. “Theresa” asks when she will be paid and Rick promises to wire the money immediately. 

Sonny tells Alexis that he knows she will be an excellent mother and comments that the baby is lucky to have her. Alexis thanks him for his confidence and Sonny starts to leave. Alexis calls him back and tells him that she has something to say to him. Alexis tells Sonny that although she may not want to be a part of his world anymore she does not consider their friendship wasted time. She tells him that he gave her something she will always cherish – a new understanding, and then quickly starts to walk away. Sonny tries to get her to come back and explain what she meant but Alexis just keeps on going. Sonny tells his driver that he needs to stop at the warehouse on his way home. 

The second light on the timing device in the warehouse now lights up and starts to flash… Sonny arrives at the warehouse closely followed by Liz who tells him she does not want to leave PC. Sonny questions why she is leaving and Liz tells him that Jason ordered Zander to get out of town and she is going with him. Sonny does not reveal to Liz what his real orders where. Liz asks Sonny to give Zander one last chance and promises to keep Zander out of Sonny’s business. Sonny relents and tells Liz he will give Zander one last chance, but if he messes up again Zander will have to deal with the consequences. Sonny tells Liz that the offer is only good if Zander stops working for Roy. Liz thanks Sonny and rushes off to give Zander the news… In another part of the warehouse, the third light on the timing device starts to flash. 

Carly tells Kristina that she has known for a long time that Sonny is the father of Alexis’ baby, but is keeping quiet because Alexis wants it that way. Kristina accuses Carly of keeping quiet because Carly knows that if Sonny knew then he would leave her and be with Alexis and the baby. Carly insists that Alexis doesn’t want Sonny to know but Kristina shows her the burnt letter as proof that Alexis does want Sonny to know. Carly tells Kristina to speak to Alexis before doing something that will impact so many lives. Kristina storms out claiming she will find Sonny and tell him about the baby even if it takes her all night. Carly immediately phones Alexis and tells her of Kristina’s plans to seek Sonny out and tell him the truth. Jason enters and overhears that last part of Carly’s conversation and realizes that Carly is keeping something from Sonny.  

Meanwhile Alexis calls someone named Joe and asks him to help her track Kristina down ASAP. Jason chastises Carly for keeping something from Sonny and warns her she is headed for trouble again. Carly getting defensive and tells Jason that although he may not lie outright, he has on occasion kept quiet and lied by omission. Jason tells Carly that he will no longer help her keep things from Sonny. Carly asks what is wrong and Jason admits that he didn’t do something that Sonny told him to do and now dreads having to tell Sonny that he let him down. Jason wonders how Carly can tell lie after lie, especially to Sonny, when they only lead to trouble. Before she can say anything Sonny enters and asks to speak with Jason alone. Jason hesitantly tells Sonny that he ordered Zander to leave town. Sonny confesses that he already knows and explains about his encounter with Liz. He asks why Jason got “creative” with an order but realizes it was for Liz’s sake. Sonny tells Jason that he agreed to let Zander stay and Jason thanks him for his generosity. Sonny comments that he didn’t do it for Liz but for Jason. Sonny asks Jason to never betray him again and comments that if Zander messes up again he will be dealt with. Later, Sonny tells Carly not to go anywhere without a guard. He instructs her that if anything out of the ordinary happens she should call him immediately. Carly asks what is wrong But Sonny can only tell her that he has a feeling something bad is coming and it will get worse before it gets better.

Zander arrives on the docks but doesn’t see Liz. He calls the studio but gets no answer. The captain of the boat tells Zander that they are about to depart and refuses to wait any longer for Liz to appear. He sternly informs Zander that the ship is sailing with or without him…

Kristina is seen outside the coffee warehouse. Meanwhile inside, the fourth and final light on the timing device starts to flash… Alexis receives a call from Joe, who tells her that Kristina’s car was seen outside of the coffee warehouse. Alexis thanks him and heads off to intercept her before she does any damage. Roy gets a call from someone (Alcazar?) who tells him that Felicia is on her way to the warehouse but it is a BAD place to be at the moment. 

Liz arrives on the docks and finds no sign of Zander. She stands looking out at the water forlornly when Zander suddenly appears behind her. Liz is happy when Zander tells her he couldn’t leave without her. He is a bit annoyed when Liz informs him that she spoke to Sonny and got him a pardon. But he agrees to do what ever she wants so that they can stay together. Jason walks by and is an unhappy observer of Liz and Zander’s happy embrace. 

A woman (going by the shoes-which is all we get to see) enters the warehouse. Meanwhile the lights on the timing device start to flash furiously. Roy arrives outside the warehouse and questions the guard who admits that a woman claiming to have an appointment just entered. Roy rushes to the door and reaches it just as an explosion rocks the building. Roy is sent flying backwards from the force of the blast…

Monday, 5-Aug-2002 As GH opens today, the people of Port Charles see a fiery scene. The little box with the red lights was a bomb. Unfortunately, Roy and Kristina were in Sonny's Warehouse at the time the bomb exploded. A dazzled Roy does find Felicia to be all right. Yet, he has seen a woman pinned beneath some debris. This lady is Kristina who is lying in a pool of blood. Alexis comes and gets almost hysterical when she sees her sis lying in a bloody, unconscious state. (This is not wise for a pregnant Alexis to witness.) Help eventually comes so the lovely Kristina is rushed to GH for an emergency operation. Ned has been at the hospital looking for Kristina so they can make up.  

Jason, Zander, and Liz run to the warehouse to help. Then Roy and Jason get into a real shuffle. Jason tells Roy that he is going to pay for putting the bomb here. He tells Zander this too. Roy tells him that he did not do this. A hot- headed Zander grabs a gun and points it at Jason. Then he and Jason tangle, and the gun goes off accidentally and wounds Liz. It's a flesh wound which Jason took care of. When questioned by a hunk of a cop or detective about who shot her, Liz will not say. Policemen handcuff Jason, Zander, and Roy to take them into the station. A boiling DA, Scott Baldwin, has already questioned sonny. Scott still blames Sonny for getting his daughter, Karen, into drugs. Alexis is very distraught. Carly shows up and tries to help Alexis but Alexis loses it and slaps Carly. She remembers the last word Kristina said was "CARLY" when she asked why Kristina was in that warehouse. Then, Alexis has a pain and Carly and Sonny catch her. While Mack tries to interrogate the guys, a suave, lawyer type in a nice suit comes to bail Roy out. When Roy gets into a car, he sees the vindictive, dangerous Alcazar.  

Tuesday, 6-Aug-2002 PCPD: Scott tries to use Zander and Jason’s mutual dislike to get each to incriminate the other, but not surprisingly they both clam up and refuse to talk to him without their lawyers present. As soon as they are released, both hightail it out of the station. 

Mac tries to get Felicia to reconsider her partnership with Roy by pointing out the dangerous company he is keeping, but Felicia refuses to give in…

LIMO: Alcazar admits to Roy he set the bomb and lured Felicia to the warehouse in an effort to show Roy that he can get to her anytime he wants. Roy still balks at following his orders and Alcazar tells Roy that he will arrange for the detonator to be found in Roy’s possession, and Roy could be charged with murder if Kristina dies, unless he cooperates fully from here on out. 

GH: After Tony dresses Liz’s wound, Capelli demands that Liz tell him who shot her. Liz refuses to incriminate either Jason or Zander and claims that the gun went off accidentally when it was dropped. Shortly after, Jason shows up and apologies for the mishap. Liz is hurt when Jason encourages her to leave town, as he cannot guaranty her safety, especially with Zander around. Liz asks Jason if he really wants her to leave, but Zander shows up before Jason can tell Liz what he really wants. Zander escorts Liz home, but before leaving she casts Jason a longing look. 

Alan tends to Alexis and later tells her that although the baby is fine for now, the cramps where a sign that she must take better care in the future. 

Sonny is not satisfied with Carly’s spin on the reason Kristina was looking for him and sets out to find Kris' room and ask her himself. Jason comes across Carly, who confesses that she feels responsible for Kristina’s accident. Jason asks why and Carly confesses that Kristina was at the PH looking for Sonny and she sent Kris away… 

Monica performs emergency surgery on Kristina as Ned anxiously looks on and waits. When a nurse gives him Kristina’s purse to hold, Ned finds the torn letter and realizes why Kris was at the warehouse. Once Kristina is in ICU, Ned visits, apologies and explains how his lie about being the baby’s father came about. Later, Alexis visits and gives her sister a heartfelt, tearful apology. Kristina tells Alexis she is forgiven. Sonny arrives, apologies for intruding and asks Kristina why she was at the warehouse. Alexis tries to usher Sonny out, but Sonny insists that whatever Kris had to say to him must have be important or she would not have been at the warehouse. Kristina tells Sonny that she no longer wishes to say anything to him. She dies moments later. Sonny holds a weeping, almost hysterical Alexis as the doctor and nurses try to revive Kristina, but cannot. 

While Ned is in with Kris, Sonny tells Alexis he will be sure she gets in. A grieving Alexis bitterly lashes out and tells him it is his fault that Kristina is dead and that she wishes he had died in one of the previous attempts on his life. Ned finally pulls her away while Sonny shows no reaction to her words. Later though, he confesses to Carly that he feels everything Alexis said is true. Carly does her best to convince him that he is worthy of love and a family. 

Felicia is relieved to finally catch up with Roy. Her relief is short lived however when Roy tells her that Alcazar has him between a rock and a hard place. Felicia suggests they go to Mac for help, but Roy shoots down the suggestion citing the fact that Alcazar operates far beyond the reach of law enforcement. Felicia then suggests they go to Sonny for help. Roy doesn’t believe Sonny would help him for any reason. Felicia offers to approach Sonny herself, but Roy doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Felicia wonders what is left for them to do and Roy says he must go along with Alcazar until he figures a way out. Later, Jason arrives to meet with Roy, who tries to convince him that things have gotten out of hand. Jason accuses him of setting the bomb. When Roy denies it, Jason says if Roy didn’t set it, then he knows who did. 

LIMO: Alcazar informs someone (on the phone) that now that they have Roy in place firmly against Sonny, it’s time to use him against their next target… Jasper Jacks!!  

Wednesday, 7-Aug-2002 AJ arrives home from work and they talk a little about their day. AJ asks Courtney to quit her second job, but she tells him that she can't right now, but she is taking tomorrow night off. She wants the two of them to spend the night together remembering how great it is that they are married. Courtney leaves for the club and while there she asks Winona where Coleman is because she wants to ask him a favor. Winona tells her to not ask for a favor, but to be assertive and tell him what she needs. She has a little bargaining power so he should listen. Coleman walks up and Courtney tells him that she needs tomorrow night off. He tells her no way. She replies by saying either I take tomorrow night off or I walk. Winona steps in and says that if he doesn't give her the time off, all the girls will call in sick and then he can dance. Courtney agrees to compromise and come in from 4-8.  

Mike has shown up at the apartment with a gift for Courtney. He tells AJ to not make any plans for the next night because he is taking them out for supper. AJ tells him that Courtney already has something planned, but he doesn't know what. Mike informs his son-in-law that its Courtney's birthday. AJ begins making plans of his own. When Courtney arrives back home, AJ has just finished making arrangements for flowers and a cake to be delivered. They talk some more about how great and wonderful it is to be together.  

Lucky's Studio Nik and Gia arrive back from their night in Manhattan, apparently he hasn't checked his messages and I can assume that Lucky tells him about Kristina (we don't actually see that happening). Nik and Gia leave, but minutes later Gia comes back to talk to Lucky. She tells him that she doesn't want to talk about work, but wants to talk about him and Nikolas. To make a long story short, Gia tells him that because of Kristina's untimely death, they should realize what little time they have left together and put aside all trivial matters and make peace before its too late. After all, you never know when a piano could fall on you when your walking down the street (Gia's prediction not mine :) ) Lucky seems to be seriously considering this.  

Alexis's Apartment- She is first seen on the phone with someone from the funeral parlor making arrangements for Kristina's funeral. She explains that someone will be there at 2pm. There is a knock at the door and surprisingly Luke is on the other side. He tells Natasha that he is sorry for her loss and Alexis blames herself and Sonny for Kristina's death. Luke asks if its at all possible that Kris was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Alexis assures him that she made decisions that had consequences and Kris paid for them in full. Luke tries vainly to convince her that the person responsible is whoever set the bomb. Jokingly he asks if she wants to go get blindingly drunk. She declines, naturally. She thanks him for his surprising show of support, he makes her promise that she won't tell anyone. He leaves as Nikolas arrives. 

Alexis tells her nephew that Ned is making all the necessary arrangements, but Nik wants to know what he can do for HER. She says there is nothing, but he explains that he has been too busy thinking about himself lately, and that he hadn't seen Kris for a few weeks and he doesn't want that to happen to them. Lucky shows up and offers his condolences to Alexis. When asked what he can do for her, Alexis responds by telling them to forgive each other, they're brothers for god sakes. She gives the time alone. Lucky explains that Gia insisted he come to Nikolas, Nikolas thanks his brother. They apologize to each other saying that they have both been jerks and although they don't always have to approve of everything the other does, they are always brothers and will therefore always be connected. Lucky tells Nik that he is sorry for his loss, but he will never lose him no matter what happens. 

After Lucky and Nik leave, Jax arrives. Alexis tells him that Kris would still be alive if she hadn't found Alexis. Jax tells her that Kris wanted to find her, nothing could have stopped her. Alexis says she should have taken better care of her. Jax assures Alexis that Kristina thought she was beautiful, talented, and brilliant and deserved to be happy. Alexis breaks down crying and tells Jax that she wants her sister back. Later, they are joking about some herbal tea concoction that Jax found in her kitchen. Alexis admits that she doesn't think she will get through her pregnancy without Kristina. He assures that she will, she has Ned. Ned shows up and Jax tells them both to take care of the baby.  

Jax's Lake house- Jax gets a phone call from Edward who tells him about Kristina's death. Before he leaves, he is looking for his day planner, Skye suggests that it may be in the safe. While Jax is opening the combination, Skye is quickly writing down the numbers. He doesn't find the day planner but decides to find it later. He tells Skye that he is so thankful to have her in his life. After he leaves, Skye approaches the safe and opens it. She looks at the map and quickly closes it. The phone ringing interrupts her. Edward is on the other line asking her if she got into the safe. She tells him that she didn't. She can't believe that he would use a woman's death to get what he wants. He explains that that is not what he's doing, he has just learned to take advantage of any situation that presents itself and so has Skye he reminds her.  

Later, she is seen in front of the safe again. She opens it but changes her mind yet again. This time Edward shows up. He asks if she got into the safe. She says no. He suggests that she simply ask Jax. He might get suspicious, Skye responds. Ed reminds her of the contract and that although she might loose Jax she will gain all of ELQ and Edwards fortune when he dies. He leaves and she tries again, but can't do it. Later, Jax arrives back. Skye asks how Alexis is. Jax makes fun of Skye's outfit. She explains that she went for a walk to clear her head. Is there anything you want to talk about? He asks. She declines and says she was just thinking about how short life was and how she wished she could change some of things she has done. She promises Jax that no matter how long they are together, she will cherish every minute and that he is her miracle.  

The Pier-Scott and Rick are talking about Scotts new appointment as DA. Rick explains that it may work to their advantage that the cops are busy with the waterfront war, they won't have time for this. Scott tells Rick that the skull is missing. Rick tells him not to worry, everything is under control. Informs Scott, that Luke and Laura's quest for Theresa Carter has ended. They found her. As he tries to calm down Scott by explaining that he paid someone, Laura arrives and asks what's going on. She guesses that they are talking about what has been happening with her but she assures them not to worry. Everything is fine. She understands. She explains to them about her meeting with Theresa and gives them a rundown. She agrees with them to leave it alone. Rick's beeper goes off and he leaves. Laura tells Scott that she is relieved, everything "Theresa" told her matches her memories along with camera. Puzzled, Scott asks what she's talking about and she explains what she saw. She says she doesn't know what she would have done without Scott. 

The infamous attic- Luke arrives and begins retracing Laura's steps that night trying to locate the camera. He succeeds and lo and behold, there is still film in it after 25 years. Later, Scott arrives and begins looking for the camera. Laura arrives and wonders what he's doing. He covers by saying that he needed to let go of somethings too since Laura has. She wonders aloud why this is bothering him so much. He says its because he has been lying to her about what happened. He states that he should never have listened to Rick. Laura explains that she wishes they had told her the truth, but understands that they were trying to protect her. She knows Scott's intentions were always good. They hug. 

Back at Lucky's Studio- Luke has arrived and asks his son if he can still develop this film. Lucky says he'll try as long as his dad tells him what's going on. Luke gives him the basics. After the explanation Lucky understands why he wants the film, to try and piece some more of it together. Luke confesses that he thinks there was a murder and someone is covering their tracks. Later, Luke and Lucky are examining the photos and guess what? After 25 years exposure there is still a picture that is clear. A young Scott covered with blood. 

Thursday, 8-Aug-2002 Lucky arrives at the attic (presumably to return the camera?) and finds Rick already there. When Lucky questions him, Rick claims to be searching for the tie to wore to L&L first wedding. A flimsy excuse at best and Lucky doesn’t really buy it though he doesn’t press the issue. Rick insists that it is best for Laura if she just lets go of that night. When Rick says Lucky is just like Luke, Lucky thanks him for the compliment. After Rick leaves Lucky takes the camera out of his backpack. 

KRISTINA’S MEMORIAL- A scene is caused when Sonny w/Carly, Jason and Roy w/Felicia show up at the service. Ned, Jax and Nik all insist/ask them to leave but Sonny refuses to go claiming that Alexis called and personally invited him. The other two echo him. Alexis finally shows up (dressed in red) and thanks everyone for helping her commemorate her sister’s MURDER. 

Alexis begins the service by drawing telling everyone that the garden location was chosen because of the abundance of flowers, which Kristina loved. She then invites others to share their memories of Kris. Jax talks about bringing Alexis and Kris together and says every one should be grateful to have known her. Nik points out the irony of how Kristina hoped to change the Cassadine family tradition of revenge, deceit and violence only to be killed by the things she hated. Ned recalls his first meeting with Kris, her passion for rearranging furniture and how she changed him from day one. Alexis takes the podium again and draws everyone’s attention to fact that she is now wearing both pieces of the necklace she and Kristina got from their mother. She tells everyone that she is wearing red to express the rage she feels at Kris untimely death. She then tells everyone one that Sonny, Jason and Roy all have Kristina’s blood on their hands.  

After the service is over Alexis approaches Monica and thanks her for her efforts in trying to save Kristina’s life. She also tells Edward that Kristina was very fond of him. Alexis then turns her attention to Roy whom she calls a mobster wannabe that managed to get her sister killed in a matter of weeks. Next is Jason, Alexis calls him a black sheep and makes him sound as though he where no more than Sonny’s robot. Alexis then asks Sonny if he is proud of Jason, Carly tries to interrupt, but Ned tells her to keep quiet. Alexis then turns her full wrath on Sonny. She comments that she could fall back on family tradition and call for all out revenge, or many be even put a curse on him. Then she notes that it’s not needed because Sonny already brings to everyone he touches. She asks if Carly isn’t worried she won’t wake up one day and reminds everyone that she herself almost died twice because of Sonny.

The really harsh blow comes when Alexis names all who have died because of him-his mother, Lily & her baby, Brenda, & Carly’s baby. Alexis says that she thinks Sonny deserves a trophy of outliving everyone and tries to hand him Kristina’s urn. Sonny refuses to take it and the urn falls to the ground, spilling its contents. Alexis is appalled at what she has done and sinks into a sobbing heap at Sonny’s feet. Sonny chastises Ned for not stopping Alexis sooner and says Ned needs to take better care of the unborn baby. Everyone leaves when Nik asks them to this time. Ned asks Alexis is she will be okay. Alexis apologizes for the scene though Ned thinks she got her point across. Alexis notes that the baby is safer than ever now because Sonny will hate her now that she has publicly disrespected him. Later, as the storm starts, Alexis sits in the garden and asks Kristina to watch over her and the baby. 

SPENCER HOME- The rehearsal dinner is about to start. Luke studies the picture of Scott in the bloody shirt and appears to be debating weather or not to tell/show Laura. When asked, Bobbie tells Luke that she doesn’t think Scott is hiding anything and has not mentioned the attic to her. Lucky arrives and tells Luke about finding Rick in the attic. Rick arrives and the dinner commences. After dinner Luke makes a toast, everyone drinks. Nik comments that he will not make another mistake with his family like he did in not getting to know Kristina when he had the chance. Rick and Scott slip away from the group and both admit looking for and not finding the camera in the attic. Leslie shoos Luke out by reminding him that he can’t see the bride on her wedding day. Luke agrees to go but takes Lucky with him. Lulu spills some punch on her dress and this causes Laura to flashback to the past with a new memory-bloodstained clothing. Only Rick seems to notice Laura’s preoccupation. Deeply disturbed by the flash Laura excuses herself and goes upstairs. Moments later, Laura emerges from the side of the house, walks across the yard and leaves. Rick sees her from the front window… 

DOCKS- Sonny and Jason approach Roy and Felicia. Felicia insists on being present when Sonny tells Roy he wants to discuss business. Sonny offers to help stop Roy’s backer in exchange for the person’s name. Roy flat out refuses the offer and he and Felicia take off. Sonny tells Felicia to be extra careful. 

LUCKY’S DARKROOM- Lucky and Luke develop more pictures from the old camera. Luke is disappointed when they all turn out to be duds, but Lucky thinks he sees something in the corner of one print… A hand?

LIMO- Alcazar tells Roy that his next move will be against… Jasper Jacks. 

DOCKS- Liz runs into Jason, who appears depressed and tells Liz that Alexis is right. The people who get close to him and Sonny end up getting hurt. Jason urges her to stay be with Zander so she can be safe. Liz tells Jason that she knows the risks and is willing to take them. She takes his hand and tells him that for this one night she doesn’t want to be safe.

LAKEHOUSE- Jax tells Skye that someone with REAL power is after trying to take Sonny down and is happy that Sonny is finally going to pay. 

ATTIC- Laura arrives as the storm continues to rage. She looks around the room and is startled by an image of a young girl/woman who tells her that she knew Laura would return.

Friday, 9-Aug-2002 A restless Sonny prowls the PH as a storm rages outside. When Carly comes downstairs, Sonny asks if she also had trouble sleeping. Carly says no, she was sleeping just fine until she tried to snuggle up against him and realized he wasn’t there. Sonny tells Carly it’s time for her to go home. Carly agrees that she should go back to the cottage and pack up Michael and their things so that they can return to the PH. Sonny tells Carly that he can’t allow her and Michael to move back into the penthouse just yet. Sonny tells Carly that the violence is escalating and he can’t guaranty their safety. Carly comments that Alexis really did a number on him with her harsh words, but points out that Alexis was grieving and didn’t really mean what she said. Sonny insists that Carly and Michael would be safer at the cottage. Carly brings up the point that everybody knows who she is and the fact that they live separately won’t stop anyone who really wants to come after them.

Apparently Carly wins this argument because the next time we see them; Sonny, Carly, Michael and Leticia are walking through the penthouse door loaded down with luggage. Sonny welcomes them home and Michael (in the tactless, innocent way that children have) asks, “How long are we staying this time?” Sonny explains that the plan is for Carly and Michael to live there permanently and be a family with him. Michael says that if they are a family why can’t he call Uncle Sonny daddy? Sonny thinks about what to say for a moment, then tells the boy that Michael can call him anything he wants-except Pumpkin head, Bozo or Bigfoot. Sonny is very touched when Michael announces that he's going to call him "Daddy" from now on. 

Later, after they have put Michael to bed, Carly and Sonny snuggle on the couch and Carly smugly informs Sonny that he may now thank her. When Sonny gives her a questioning look, Carly says that he can thank her for being right about moving home and for being his soul mate…we see a woman’s form lying on a chaise lounge. The camera starts at her bare feet and slowly moves up her nightgown-clad body. Just as it is about to reach her face, she turns over, away from the camera. All we see is the mid length dark hair… (Although we don’t actually get to see her face, we all know whom she is or is supposed to be – DON’T WE???) 

LIMO: Roy wonders what Jax and Sonny could possibly have in common that would make Alcazar go after both of them. Alcazar asks if it really matters, and Roy shrugs it off as idle curiosity. He does how ever ask what Alcazar wants done, since Jax has no product to taint or warehouse to blow up. Alcazar explains that most of the Jacks’ family fortune is invested in their upcoming Canadian oil venture and he wants Roy to steal the map for him. Roy feels that safe cracking is beneath him but can’t refuse the job when Alcazar again (though vaguely) threatens Felicia…  

THE OASIS: Courtney prepares for her 2nd set of the night, but takes the time to thank Wynnona for her earlier support. She grits her teeth and takes the stage, all the while concentrating on spending her birthday with her AJ. After the set is over and she is preparing for the next one, Wynnona approaches her and says they have a BIG problem. Courtney is touched when the “problem” turns out to be that her coworkers have cake and a gift for her in honor of her birthday. The gift is a silk/satin robe (like all the other girls are wearing). Coleman even does an impression of a decent human being by telling Courtney she can leave after her 3rd set (she was originally scheduled to do 4). However, Wynona’s teasing comment comes back to haunt them when moments after Courtney’s 3rd set she and her fellow strippers are swept up in a police raid-led by Taggart. Coleman complains, but apparently all the other girls know the routine and comply with Taggart’s order to accompany them to the station. Courtney, knowing that Taggart will recognize her, ducks her head and sidles past him.

LUCKY’S DARKROOM: Lucky definitely sees a hand in the last picture he developed. Luke isn’t as sure and badgers his son to try and make it clearer. Lucky agrees to enlarge the photo, to see if that will help, but makes Luke tell him what he hopes to find. Luke speculates that Scott killed Theresa and Rick helped him cover it up. Luke explains that the only reason he can think of to explain why Laura saw TWO people out in the backyard, late at night, in the rain, would be if they were burying someone. Lucky wonders why Scott would have killed Theresa and Luke speculate that things just got of hand that night and it was probably accidental. Lucky does manage to enlarge the picture and they determine the hand to be a woman’s. But the picture is still too hazy to be of any more help. Luke asks if there is anything else that can be done. Lucky speculates that if he used a high definition scanner, he could get the picture much clearer and luckily (for Luke) he knows just where he can borrow one. With Lucky gone, Luke paces as he tries to zero in on what clues he is missing about the attic mystery. He picks up the picture and looks it over again. Suddenly something jumps out at him and prods his memory (or his intuition) and he take off out of the darkroom at a dead run. Lucky returns with the scanner, but can find no trace of Luke or the picture of the woman’s hand. 

CLUB 101 Felicia sits and waits for Roy, who is obviously late. She orders champagne and an expensive entrée and resigns her herself to waiting… Bobbie and Scott are seated at another table. Bobbie tells Scott that tonight will be her treat-as an early thank you to Scott for being on his best behavior at the wedding-tomorrow. Scott comments that things should go smoothly now that L&L have solved the mystery. Bobbie’s comment that she isn’t sure Luke has really let it go makes Scott nervous. He tells her they should drop the subject and just concentrate on having fun. Bobbie agrees and looks over the menu. Moments later, Scott reaches for his cell phone and has a conversation indicating that he needs to attend to some urgent DA business. Bobbie is suspicious since she didn’t hear his phone ring. Scott explains that he always puts it on vibrate when in a restaurant. He is in a big hurry to leave, promising to make it up to her, he drops cash on the table and practically runs out the door.

AJ arrives and asks Skye to help him throw a surprise party at the Club for Courtney. Skye notes that AJ is looking well and comments that driving a forklift must suit him. AJ confesses that it is all because of Courtney and informs Skye that the best thing he ever did was walk away from the family as he is happier than he ever thought he could be. Skye tries to get advice from AJ, without really telling him about the pickle she is in, by asking when he knew he really loved Courtney. AJ confirms that it was on the day he had to choose between Edward, whose approval he has sought all his life and Courtney. Skye asks if Courtney knows that AJ was just using her at the beginning. AJ says no and HE will never tell her. Skye asks if it wouldn’t be better for AJ to tell her himself instead of risking someone else telling her first. AJ doesn’t agree with her theory that Courtney loves him enough to forgive something like that and won’t take the risk of losing her. AJ offers his congratulations on her engagement to Jax and commends her for not caving in to Edward’s manipulations. Skye is left unsure of what to do next.

Felicia and Bobbie have a “lonely hearts” type dinner all the while stuffing their faces with fattening food and complaining about the less than perfect men in their lives. Roy finally arrives which Bobbie takes as her cue to split. Felicia, upset that Roy kept her waiting for 2 hours, tries to leave in a huff, but Roy won’t let her go. Felicia (who by the way is wearing one of the ugliest dresses I’ve ever seen her in) reminds Roy that she is leaving for Texas the following day. Roy thinks that it is a good idea and asks how long she can stay there. Felicia guesses that Roy was with Alcazar and asks what he wants Roy to do next. Roy promises to tell her-when she gets back from Texas. By this time they are outside the club. Roy drops the umbrella and they share a passionate kiss in the rain. 

Back inside, Mike has arrived for Courtney’s birthday party. AJ urges him to relax and have fun while he goes home to pick up the birthday girl, who should be home from work soon. 

Roy returns and asks Skye some questions about Jax’s involvement with the club. When Roy comments inquiringly that he thinks Jax spends most of his time raiding and concentrating on the family business, Skye asks why he is suddenly so interested in Jax. Roy informs her that in case she hadn’t noticed, he and Jax now have a common enemy. 

Alcazar holds a woman (whose back is to us-all we see is the dark hair) and tells her that the obstacles will soon be out if their way. He brushes aside the strap of her nightgown and kisses her bare shoulder. The woman shows no reaction of any kind to either his words or actions. 

THE ATTIC: Laura is face-to-face with a vision of her younger self, which appears to be a manifestation of her subconscious. Meanwhile, outside we see a pair of male legs and feet enter the yard and look up at the attic window. The apparition prompts Laura to try and remember the events of that night long ago. Laura insists she already knows what happen, but the specter draws her attention to the blood on her clothes. Laura shudders but does finally has total recall of the night. She walked in on Rick and Theresa struggling. Theresa had her hands around Rick’s throat and was trying to choke him. Theresa noticed her and started to walk towards her in a very hostile way. Laura recalls being scared but being unable to scream, or run away. She then recalls Rick appearing behind Theresa and striking her on the head. She is unsure weather Rick sedated her before or after he and Scott buried the body in the backyard (but that hardly matters). 

Rick suddenly enters the room and asks Laura what she is doing there. Laura explains that she couldn’t stay away and has finally remembered what really happened that night. Rick killed Theresa. Rick says that Laura didn’t remember anything, and Laura is upset to see him pull a hypodermic needle from his pocket. Laura tells Rick that he can’t make her forget what happened that night by drugging her again. Rick insists that he didn’t kill anyone that night as he creeps ever closer to her. Laura yells at Rick to keep away from her all the while backing up, until she is out of room. As Rick continues to move closer, still wielding the needle. Laura franticly feels for something to defend herself with. Her hand finally closes on something and she lifts it in the air to fend off Rick. The item is a large, heavy candlestick. Meanwhile, Luke races up the garage attic stairs as a scream echoes in his ears. He reaches the top of the stairs, pushes the door open, sees what is going on (we aren’t treated to his perspective though) and shouts “No – Don’t”…The scene focuses on a shot of the attic window, while another scream/shout is heard. Then the image goes dark.

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