Jason & Courtney #1  June 18 - December 4, 2002

They first meet at Kelly's. Courtney arrives to take Jason's order, "Sorry about the wait. Breakfast is still being served if you want that. Special is eggs benedict. If you want lunch, the blue plate is caesar salad with grilled chicken. Don't tell me. Let me guess. You want a hamburger burned with french fries. You guys always do." Jason surprised asks, "You guys?" Courtney observes, "Yeah, Investment bankers dressing down for your morning off. I can spot you every time." A woman complains about her eggs not being over easy. Jason smoothly slides up and sets his untouched easy over egg breakfast in front of her and silences the complaint. Courtney shoots him a grateful look. Later, Courtney thanks him for helping her as she is new and doesn't need any complaints. Jason says, "All I did was hand the lady a plate of eggs." Courtney gratefully, "Yeah, well, you came to my rescue, so I owe you." Jason says, " thought someone should cut you a break." Courtney responds, "You know, most people don't even notice the waitress unless their order is wrong. And then some people just look and you don't want them to, but that's another story. I have no idea how i will ever repay you." Jason says, "I do." Courtney gets the wrong idea, "Look, I am happily married to a wonderful man who I am madly in love with, so..." Jason breaks in, "That's great. Could I get another order of eggs?" (the look on her face is priceless!) AJ comes in and is upset that Jason is talking to Courtney.

Jason comes into Kelly's again to eat and while Courtney is tellling him the specials, AJ comes in and has another fit and storms off. Jason follows Courtney to the docks and asks if she wants to be alone or if she wants to talk. Courtney doesn't understand why AJ lied to her about getting a job. She figures Jason hates AJ because of the car accident. He says know but he doesn't like AJ because he has hurt the people that Jason cares about. Courtney defends AJ and goes off to find him. Courtney comes upon Jason at a pay phone on the docks. Jason is frantic to find Elizabeth (her and Zander have been kidnapped and are being held in a crypt). Jason politely asks Courtney if she can use another phone, he is waiting for a call. She is curious, but he tells her that its not her problem. She says that she wants to help if she can. Jason thinks that maybe she can, and as he is pulling out some money from his pocket and asking her to get a message to AJ, she spots his gun and asks if he really is a hit-man. He tells her that he has a permit to carry the gun and when asked why, he explains that sometimes Sonny needs a bodyguard. AJ shows up and orders Jason to stay the hell away from his wife. AJ is livid when he thinks Jason is trying to give them some money but Jason quickly explains that he needs information that AJ might have and he will pay for it. It’s not Sonny’s money, its his own. AJ says that the same damn thing and he doesn’t care what Jason needs. Why should he when he took his only son away from him? He tells Jason to stay away from Courtney and pulls her away. She tells him that he is being unfair, but he pulls her away.

A few days later, AJ is drunk. Courtney is trying to get through to AJ who is once again behind the wheel. She is trying to convince him that she cares about him. He isn’t interested. He tells her to get out, but she won’t. AJ takes off driving anyway. She begs him to pull over and let her drive, but he isn’t listening. Seconds later, HONK, errr., brakes….C-R-A-S-H!! AJ makes his way out of the car to find Courtney sitting on the curb. They learn that they hit the side of a business. Courtney is very upset over the accident. The owner of the business, Coleman, is upset over the accident. AJ gives him a business card and begs Courtney to just take off with him and go home. Coleman recognizes AJ and realizes he is Quartermaine. Later, Courtney sneaks out to try to convince Coleman not to call the police. Coleman wants a great deal of money to keep quiet. Courtney explains that they are broke but she is working as a waitress. He insists that AJ has money and he can go to his parents. Courtney explains that they are cut off and his family is not an option. He tells her that there's another option, she can work off their debt for him as a stripper. Courtney turns him down and tries to talk him into accepting a payment plan. The man threatens to call the authorities and reminds her AJ go to jail. He then tells her that she can make more by stripping in one night than she can waiting tables in a week. He assures her that club policy prevents the patrons from touching the dancers. Courtney still refuses. He gives her his card and tells her he will give her 24 hours to change her mind before he calls the police. Later that night after AJ is asleep, Courtney goes to the other room and calls Coleman and tells him that she has decided to accept his offer and he tells her to come soon and work out the details.

At the Oasis, Courtney is announced as the newest dancer - Daisy. She heads toward the stage (her initial stripping is not shown). Roy has deliberately arranged to have Sonny meet him at the Oasis. Sonny arrives but doesn’t notice the huge poster of ‘DAISY’. ‘Daisy’ takes the stage just as Sonny asks Roy why Alcazar wants to make the business at hand personal. Sonny, whose back is turned to the stage, remains oblivious as ‘Daisy’ bumps and grinds around the pole. Roy tells Sonny that any information he gives will come with a price. Sonny retorts that he's giving Roy a chance to survive. Roy gives a final look at the stage then tells Sonny to enjoy the show before he leaves. Sonny finally turns around and realizes that the dancer is Courtney. He takes her off the stage and wants to know why she is doing this. She told him how she ended up there and she wanted him to stay away and not help. She is adamantly opposed to Sonny helping her out of this as she figures it will mean AJ will wind up in jail as she feels Sonny will use anything to get AJ away from her. He told her that when she's paid the money back and her boss still wouldn't let her go, to tell him that Sonny was her brother.

Sonny walks in exhausted. Jason and Carly ask Sonny what's wrong, and Sonny sadly tells the about Courtney stripping at the Oasis. Jason and Carly are clearly shocked. Sonny asks Jason to watch over Courtney while she strips at Oasis. Jason immediately agrees. Sonny is asks Jason to remain out of Courtney’s sight, but to be ready if something happens to her, AJ bursts through the door. Angrily AJ tells Sonny that he found his jacket stuffed in their closet. He tells his brother-in-law that he doesn’t care if Courtney is his sister he is not welcome in his house. AJ continues to tell Sonny that he gave him a chance to proved he cared about Courtney by going to him when she was missing but he didn’t care if she was dead or alive he only want to rip into AJ. AJ tells Sonny that Courtney is the best thing that ever happened to him and that they both chose each other over their families, so Sonny should just learn to deal with it. AJ tells Sonny that he doesn’t want Courtney to become a target so order Sonny and his brother to stay away from his wife. Sonny is ready to spill the beans to AJ about his wife’s nighttime gig, but Jason’s steps in and prevents that from happening.

Jason arrives for his first shift as Courtney’s invisible bodyguard. He is obviously uncomfortable and moves his way over the bar. Coleman approaches and introduces himself. He begins asking Jason what kind of woman he is interested in. When Jason remains mute, Coleman leaves, but not before telling him that if any of the girls interest him to come and see him, everyone except the next act that is, she’s spoken for. Jason watches in disgust as Coleman leaves and turns his attention, briefly, to stage when Courtney appears and begins to dance. He is watching from afar, when a big, biker dude decides he wants some real action from “Daisy” and steps up on the stage. Jason is at the ready, but waits until something happens. The big man, starts moving in on Courtney at which point Jason jumps on stage and in a cool martial arts kinda move, knocks the guy out and sends him flying off the stage. Courtney looks at her savior baffled.

Jason asks Courtney is she's ok (after almost being grabbed by a client). He tries to get her to go home. She demands to know if her Sonny asked Jason to keep an eye on her since he doesn't look like a strip club kinda guy. Coleman asks Courtney if she's ok. He thanks Jason. Jason wants to keep talking to Courtney. Coleman tells him that if he wants to talk to her, he has to pay $100 for a table dance. Jason gives Coleman the money and Courtney agrees to do so. She starts to dance and Jason tells her to stop, he just wants to talk. He tells her he's there to guard her on Sonny's orders. She tells him she doesn't need his help. She tells him its under control. He asks what about the guy that grabbed her, did that happen all the time? She admits that sometimes the crowd gets rowdy and thats what the bouncers are for. He tells her now she has another bouncer. He tells her he is just doing his job and if she doesn't like it then she should talk to Sonny. Jason tells her that if she doesn't agree to this, Sonny will close down the club. Courtney is afraid if Sonny makes trouble for Coleman that he will have AJ sent to jail. Jason suggests then she just let him do his job. He tells her he will also escort her home. He says he can either follow her to the bus stop, and follow her on the bus or just give her a ride which would save them both a lot of time. Courtney agrees to let Jason tag along but she doesn't want to see him or speak to him. She tells him, "When i walk through these doors, you don't exist because I don't. I leave myself outside because it is the only way that I can get through this. It's horrible, ok, and it is even harder with you here. Just leave me alone."

Down on the docks, Sonny warns AJ to back off or pay the price (not shown, AJ has found Michael on the docks and told him that his Sonny is a bad man and kills people and is not his father, and Jason stole him from AJ). AJ asks Jason what that means but Jason tells AJ he'll find out in due time. Jason accuses AJ of being lower than usual by using Michael to hurt Sonny and Carly. AJ says that he didn't set out to hurt Michael but felt that Michael deserved to know thetruth. Jason tells AJ that he just proved he wasn't father material by telling Michael things to complicatied for a child his age. AJ screams at Jason that he is Michael's father, not Sonny and not Jason. Sonny asks Jason exactly what AJ said to Michael. Sonny tells Jason about the video tape Michael saw. Jason points out that AJ's plan to make Michael fear Sonny didn't work. Sonny reminds Jason that Courtney is working at the Oasis and sends him off to guard her. Jason finds Courtney walking around at the club, tells her that AJ has really messed up and urges her to tell Coleman she can’t work tonight, then go home and be with AJ. Coleman finds Jason and Courtney talking and reminds Courtney that it is almost time for her set. Sonny finds his way back to the docks where he finds AJ and tells him that they are ‘going for a ride’. Sonny brings AJ to the Oasis and tells that he needs to see what he has done to Courtney. AJ listens without understanding as “Daisy” is announced. He is completely shocked as he watches the stripper and realizes it is Courtney. Sonny tells Jason to make sure Courtney gets home okay after whatever disaster is going to happen. A very confident Courtney struts her stuff on stage and taunts the clientele (at this point she hasn’t seen AJ starring at her). AJ is stunned to see Courtney stripping at the club. AJ goes berserk and tells her to get off the stage and come home with him. Coleman gets in AJ’s face and Courtney begs AJ to go. AJ (in a heart wrenching way) pleads/tells her he won’t go without her. Courtney still tells him to leave and Jason drags him out. The crowd cheers. Jason makes it clear to Coleman that Courtney's stripping days are over. He tells him that Courtney is Sonny's sister and Jason has been sent to take care of this problem and Sonny does not appreciate Coleman blackmailing his sister. Coleman easily agrees not wanting to get on Sonny's bad side. I included a great AJ/Courtney/Jason promo that aired on soapnet in August.

AJ barges in to Sonny’s place demands to know how long he knew Courtney was stripping. AJ blames Sonny for letting Courtney degrade herself. Carly argues that it’s AJ’s fault and its a result of another mess he got into because of his drinking. AJ retorts to Carly who "its you who should be up on that stage stripping, the slut that you are.” Back at Courtney's, Jason stays at Courtney and A.J.'s apartment in case A.J. shows up and possibly hurts Courtney. Jason assures Carly she doesn't have to return to stripping, that its over and Coleman won't bother her again. Courtney is distraught because she only had a few weeks left to strip and she blames Jason for destroying all her efforts to keep her secret from AJ and hurting him. She wants to know why he did it. She’s sure that AJ hates her. She feels dirty and is sure AJ will never see her the same again. Courtney asks if the phone rang while she was in the shower. Jason says no. She begs him to go find AJ before he does something stupid, as he is surely drunk by now. He tells her that he was told to guard her. She keeps begging for him to go find AJ. We see a drunk AJ coming in the closed bar. He throws some bottles around and then sets the stage on fire. He slumps down in the middle of the flames.

A.J. wakes up in the apartment and waits for Courtney with Jason watching him. A.J. tells Jason to leave them alone and go back and tell Sonny that his plan of revenge worked. Jason refuses to leave him alone with Courtney right now and that he'll make sure Courtney is off the hook with Coleman from now on and won't have to strip anymore. Courtney returns home. Jason leaves when he sees she isn't in any real danger from A.J. Courtney tries to explain why she worked as a stripper. A.J. takes her words the wrong way and thinks she is really just like the rest of his family. He accuses her of trying to clean up his messes like his family has done his whole life because they perceive him as weaker than them. A.J. tells her that he thought she was different and really loved and respected him. Courtney tells him she loves him and didn't want him to go to jail. A.J. tells her that she should have let him go to prison because then he would have probably straightened his life up better than what she tried to do for him. A.J. storms off. Carly goes to see Courtney, who reluctantly confides in Carly about her fears for A.J after he left. She is afraid he'll go out and get drunk and get hurt because of her. Carly ties to convince Courtney that Sonny really cares about her. Courtney unburdens some of her problems on Carly, but does not agree that she made a mistake in marrying AJ. Carly asks her if she really wants to spend the rest of her life with AJ. Courtney tells Carly to leave.

Jason finds Coleman outside his club. He hands him a paper bag filled with money to start over again in exchange for not pressing charges or causing trouble for A.J. or Courtney again. Coleman questions Jason's motives but excepts the money. A.J. shows up to accept responsibility for the fire but Coleman acts like he doesn't know him and leaves. A.J. realizes Jason paid him off because of Courtney. He tells him he came to take the blame but Jason ruined it again by doing Sonny's work and not allowing him to fix things for his own wife. AJ gets all over Jason’s case for making the arson charge disappear. Jason tells AJ that he personally couldn't care less if AJ spent the next 20 years in jail, but Courtney is Sonny’s sister, and SHE asked him to help, so he did. AJ continues to be less than grateful. Jason finally gets sick and tired of his brother's whining and lays into A.J. Jason says AJ didn't want to know Courtney was stripping. Jason could see the look of sadness in her eyes and asked AJ if he ever looked at his wife. Jason accuses AJ of destroying everything he touches, which now includes Courtney. Jason finishes by telling AJ that the best thing he can do for Courtney is to go admit to setting the arson, go to jail and do his time and set Courtney free. AJ packs a bag and starts to leave. Courtney returns home and AJ tells her he's leaving her. Courtney cries and begs AJ to give their marriage another chance. AJ gives in but makes her promise to always come to him first whenever there is a problem.

Carly returns and tells Sonny’ that she visited Courtney and they had a chat. Sonny asked if Courtney had realized that AJ was no good for her. Carly, unwilling to tell Sonny that Courtney asked Jason to help AJ, hedges and says that though Courtney didn’t actually say that, she took the first step by admitting that AJ isn’t all that. Sonny says it doesn’t matter because AJ will soon be behind bars. Jason returns and begins to report to Sonny about the night’s events. A phone call distracts him and Carly take the opportunity to tell Jason not to tell Sonny what he did just yet. Jason refuses to lie to Sonny. Carly makes herself scarce and Jason tells Sonny that AJ is not going to jail because he made the arson charge go away by bribing Coleman. Jason tries to explain to Sonny that Courtney asked him to help AJ, but Sonny is enraged by Jason’s actions. Sonny demands that Jason explain to him why he would do this? Sonny asks if Jason was on crack, drunk, in a trance, what? Sonny accuses Jason of helping his enemy and (reminding Jason of the unauthorized offer he made to Zander) questions not only Jason’s loyalty, but his ability to do his job too.

At Club 101, an admirer approaches Courtney and asks if she will dance at a bachelor party. AJ tells the guy to take a hike. He ignores AJ and continues to bother Carly. Sonny intervenes and gets the guy to go away. AJ takes offense that Courtney accepted Sonny’s help and insists on leaving immediately. Both AJ and Courtney jump on Sonny’s case when he offers to pay for their dinner. About a week later at Kelly's, Courtney is upset to see Coleman at the diner and asks one of the other girls to wait on him. She refuses and mentions that Coleman specifically asked for Courtney’s section. Courtney approaches the table and asks why he is there. Coleman tells her that he has started a new business and wants to offer her a job. Courtney tells him to go to hell. Coleman tells her that he is sorry for the way he treated her before. He then tells her that her sacrifices and depth of commitment to her marriage made him re-evaluate his life. Coleman says he wants to try and make it up to her and offers her a large denomination bill-no strings attached. AJ walks in and very calmly, but firmly, warns Coleman to stay from Courtney. AJ tells Coleman to keep his money and leave. Coleman watches from the window as Courtney oohs, aahs and compliments AJ on the way he handled the situation.

The Amazing Grace montage of Sonny's faked death: Carly lights candles at the dinner table in the penthouse. Sonny slowly walks towards St. Timothy's Church in the rain. Brenda kneels in a pew in the church, praying. Roy hides behind the bushes outside the church. Brenda gets up and heads towards the church doors. Sonny arrives at the courtyard in front of the church. Roy waits. Jason gets out of the limo. Brenda opens the first set of doors and takes a breath. Sonny walks closer. Roy waits. Carly pours wine for dinner. Sonny is outside the church doors. Carly starts to drink a glass of wine, but is startled and drops it. Brenda opens the outside doors. Sonny sees Brenda; his eyes are wide, in shock. Brenda smiles at him and laughs. Carly's glass drops to the floor, leaving a pool of red. Gunshot. Gunshot. Gunshot. Brenda screams. Gunshot. Sonny drops to the ground, motionless.

Coleman shows up at Courtney's to tell her he is sincerely sorry. Courtney tells him to beat it or she will tell her brother. He realizes she doesn't know and announces that her brother is dead. She asks for details. He gently fills her in. She expresses her regret for being so hard on Sonny, not taking his help and telling him that she hated him so many times. Another knock at the door is heard and Mike cheerfully invites Courtney for breakfast. She realizes he does not know and answers the door. She and Mike sit down and Courtney reveals the news. Mike expresses his guilt over the path Sonny’s life took. AJ arrives and almost believably comforts his family. Courtney heads over to the penthouse, running into Jason outside the elevator. She accuses him, "You were supposed to protect my brother. Why didn't you? How could you let this happen? Sonny depended on you to protect him. Why weren't you with him and why was he alone? God, what is the point of all this security -- the guards and the limos -- if some man can just walk up to my brother in front of a church and shoot him? Why couldn't you save him? Why couldn't you -- god, why did you let him die?" Jason unable to tell her the truth just says he is sorry. She is sad at the way her relationship ended with Sonny, that she yelled at him for sending Jason to guard her and never thanked him for caring about her, for trying to protect her. Her rage turns to tears as she thanks Jason for everything he has done. He comforts her with an embrace as Elizabeth opens the penthouse door and observes with surprise.

Bobbie, Lucas, Courtney, Mike, Monica and Carly show up for Sonny's funeral. Courtney blames herself for not seeing until it was too late that Sonny was only trying to protect her and that he loved her. Carly tells her that she can't blame herself and that Sonny wouldn't want her to feel bitter about it and that he loved her. Alexis shows up to pay her respects but Carly refuses to allow her to stay for the service after the way she treated Sonny at Kristina's funeral. Alexis leaves quietly. At the end of the service, Taggert shows up and insists on seeing Sonny's body in the casket. Carly gets upset with him and tells him to leave her and Sonny alone now. Taggert refuses to leave without seeing the body. He opens the casket to find Sonny lying there peacefully. Jason tells him to leave right now. He leaves. Jason thanks everyone for coming while he comforts Carly. Everyone leaves them alone. Carly comments to Jason that Taggert will not stop hounding them. Jason leaves her alone in the room. She opens the casket and talks to Sonny about how much she loves him and will never stop loving him ever. Sonny wakes up from a drugged state, he's alive!

A few days later, a man tries to mug Courtney on the docks. Jason comes along, pulls the guy off of her and throws him up against a wall. Jason takes his wallet, pulls out his ID. He tells him he knows where to find him and if the guy ever bothers Courtney again or any other girl and Jason hears about it, he will hunt him down and "finish" him. Jason gets an agreement of understanding, lets him go, and the scared guy takes off. Courtney gratefully hugs Jason. Courtney and Jason back off from the hug. He reassures her that the guy won't be back. She thinks that it happened because she is a stripper and that she is dirty. Courtney realizes that Jason actually cares about people and that AJ is wrong about him. AJ walks up and sees them together and tells Jason to get the hell away from his wife. Courtney tries to tell AJ that Jason was just trying to help. AJ tells Jason that he's done enough by watching Courtney strip night after night. He tells Jason to show some respect. He then says that he just stood up to his entire family for Courtney and then he comes to find her with Jason. She says she will explain and AJ says there is no need and that it is all clear. Courtney tries to explain to AJ that she was attacked and Jason saved her. AJ says that it is ripping him apart that Jason saves her and he can't. He says every time he turns around it's Jason. He says he can't compete with him and can't come close.

Courtney is still obviously shaken up over the events of the night before. Liz asks if she’s all right and explains that she ran into Jason after who explained what happened. At first Courtney is annoyed that Jason told her, but Liz reveals to her that she was raped a few years ago and has some idea of what she’s going through. She offers Sonny’s sister a shoulder to cry on or vent to if she needs one. Courtney thanks her but is grateful that nothing quite that tragic happened to her. Lucky for you your brother-in-law was there to save you, Liz replies. Courtney tells her that she never really thought of Jason as her brother-in-law before. As Liz asks her how she thinks of Jason, AJ and his co-workers show up for lunch. After introductions, his boss, Oscar, recognizes Courtney from the Oasis and starts teasing AJ about having a stripper for a wife. AJ is obviously none to thrilled. AJ and his coworkers are seated and while Courtney is serving them, Oscar continues to harass AJ (jokingly) about having a stripper for a wife and how great it must be to get free dances. AJ tries to change the subject to shop talk, but Oscar continues to rile him about how great Courtney looks in her get-up. Coleman approaches from behind and tells the men that he will tell them what AJ won’t about Courtney. Coleman comes to her rescue by telling the men that he stint as a stripper was just that. She is trying to forget it and they should leave it alone. Oscar quickly apologizes and Courtney and Coleman head over to the counter. He orders a coffee to go and Courtney thanks him for helping. AJ comes up and can’t believe that Courtney is thanking the man that put her in that position. Wrong man, you did it. You drove into my club and Courtney was cleaning up your mess, is Coleman’s response. After he leaves, Courtney tells AJ not to even think about yelling at her. AJ wants to know if Courtney realizes what he just went through. No, I kinda missed that part, is her response. AJ explains that Oscar is his boss and there was nothing he could do to stop him. He just gave AJ time off to go to Washington to fight the RICO charges and Courtney of all people should understand what doing something you don’t like for money is like and walks away, leaving her stunned. It is just after this that Courtney gets her first creepy phone call at Kelly's. Courtney can’t hear anyone on the other end and asks angrily who it is before hanging up. She finds a poster of Daisy on the table and gets another creepy phone call.

Courtney arrives at the church for Jax & Skye's wedding and runs into Brenda outside the church. She asks Brenda if she is here for the wedding (not recognizing her). Brenda tells her she came to pray and that she was told there was a private ceremony and so she was just leaving. Courtney tells her that she is sort of related to the bride since her husband A.J. is the bride's brother and is walking her down the aisle. Brenda doesn't reveal who she is and lets Courtney go by. Brenda sneaks into the church and hides in one of the reception areas. Courtney enters the church wearing a scarf to cover her hair in the rain. Jason thinks it is Brenda at first and grabs her. Courtney fights with him and he realizes who it is and lets her go. She asks him why he is at the church and realizes it must have something to do with Sonny's "death." He asks her to not ask him anything else and as a favor to him he asks her not to tell anyone she saw him at the church since he helped her and A.J. before. She agrees to not say anything and tells him to be careful. As she leaves the church, Courtney hears something in the bushes but doesn't see what it was, but later it's shown to be Coleman. She then goes home and is greeted by Rosie and no power in her small apartment. Shortly after lighting a candle for light, the phone rings and the person on the other line tells her that they have been watching her and that they are watching her as they speak.

At Courtney’s apartment she gets another creepy phone call from a man who tells her he’s been watching her. Weirded out, she runs around the apartment closing all the blinds. She calls A.J.’s hotel, but he’s out trying to beat the RICO charges in the middle of the night. With no lights, no t.v., no radio, she uneasily dials Jason’s cell phone. She tells him that she’s all alone and that she thinks someone is stalking her. Jason offers to come right over. While Court and Rosie are waiting for him, someone begins pounding on her door and rattling the doorknob. Courtney dials 911 and as the operator is asking the nature of her emergency, Mike’s voice cuts through the pounding on the door. Shaken, she hangs up and opens the door to her drunk daddy. Mike is telling Courtney that he was honoring Sonny’s memory by getting smashed and losing a bundle gambling. Sonny always thought that’s the only thing I was good at, so why not live it up? As Courtney is telling dear old Dad that Sonny wouldn’t want him to beat himself up like that, Jason arrives. Mike lashes out at his son’s right hand man and demands to know why he’s socializing instead of out tracking down his son’s murderer. He leaves Courtney’s and Jason begins questioning Courtney about the stalker. She admits that the power outage probably made her more afraid than she would have been otherwise. Jason offers to spend the night (on the couch!!) and a relieved Courtney gets him a blanket.

Jason has walked Courtney to work to make sure that she got there safe. As Courtney thanks him for staying the night, Liz approaches and overhears. Liz listens intently as Jason tells Courtney to call him again if she needs anything. Courtney goes into the restaurant. After Jason leaves, Liz begins talking to Courtney about her relationship with him. Liz tells her that she can handle the danger but she can’t handle the secrets. Courtney suggests that maybe Jason is just trying to protect her but Liz tells her that that is not the way to do it. Although she is frustrated and ready scream, she tells Courtney that she is not sorry for getting involved with Jason. Courtney tells Liz that she can tells how much Jason means to her and vice versa.

Skye gives Courtney a job at Club 101. As Courtney leaves her new job at Club 101, she hears someone in the alley behind the Club. Courtney angrily challenges the lurker in the shadows to show himself. Courtney is disgusted when Coleman strolls out of the shadows. Coleman pleads innocent to Courtney's charge that Coleman has been stalking her. Coleman claims that he just likes Courtney and that he wanted to say hello, but decided it might make her feel uncomfortable. Courtney refuses to believe that Coleman would care whether or not Courtney was uncomfortable about something and she demands that Coleman leave her alone starting at that very minute! Coleman reluctantly assures Courtney that he will stay away if that is what she wants.

Courtney arrives at the PCPD to file a complaint about her stalker. Courtney is numb with disbelief when she sees Sonny, alive and well, and in custody! Courtney jumps all over Jason because Jason knew all along that Sonny was alive and let Courtney and Mike go ahead and break their hearts with grief! When Courtney sees Sonny, she tells Sonny that Mike has returned to drinking and gambling, because Mike believed that Sonny was dead. Scott agrees with Courtney that it was low of Sonny to let his family grieve Sonny's staged death. However, Scott orders Taggert to release Sonny and Jason. Taggert protests to Mac, but Mac agrees that there is no evidence to prosecute and releases his prisoners. Sonny tries to apologize to Courtney and Courtney assures Sonny that she will try to get over it. Jason offers to walk Courtney home, and she accepts. When Courtney arrives at her apartment, Jason asks if Courtney was at the PCPD because she is still getting strange calls, but Courtney assures Jason that she called A.J. and A.J. is making plans to come home early and handle the problem himself. Courtney turns down Jason's offer to check out her apartment. Before Jason leaves, Courtney thanks Jason for keeping Sonny alive. While Courtney is at the Police Station, an intruder breaks in to her apartment. Rosie barks, but the intruder makes sure that Rosie is locked in the bedroom. Then the intruder installs a surveillance camera and leaves. When Courtney goes inside her apartment, she apologizes to Rosie for accidentally locking her in the bedroom. Meanwhile, the hidden camera catches all of Courtney's movements.

Jason arrives at Kelly's and asks Courtney if she has had any more problems with her stalker. Courtney reports that all has been quiet. But, when Jason tries to talk to Elizabeth, Liz admits that she feels like she does NOT know Jason and will be treating him like any other customer from now on. Courtney notices that Liz is pretty frosty toward Jason and Jason admits that Liz should not have to continue to put up with the kind of violence that comes with Jason's way of life. Courtney assures Jason that Liz will soon realize how important Jason is to her, and points out that the only reason Liz would take the time to give Jason the cold shoulder would be because Liz genuinely cares about him. Jason insists that Courtney let him walk her home and Courtney agrees. Liz overhears and watches them leave together. Courtney arrives home and calls her neighbor to tell her that she will pick up Rosie. Courtney's stalker watches her through the hidden camera. Then Courtney receives a call and it is someone who is just breathing. When Courtney does a Star 69, Coleman picks up a phone at Jake's. Courtney marches into Jake's and accuses Coleman of calling her. Coleman admits that he did call Courtney! Courtney warns Coleman to stay away from her and to stop stalking her or she would call the police.

Mike gets drunk at Jake's and Jason finds him there. Jason calls Courtney to come to the bar and help him get Mike home. Courtney talks to Mike about coming home with her. Mike warns her to stay away from him since he is responsible for how cruel Sonny is to those he loves. Courtney tells him she loves him. Jason gets him to leave the bar with him and Courtney. (Scenes from this October 11th episode were glitchy as its a copy from someone else). Jason and Courtney walk Mike into Courtney’s apartment. Mike is drunk and claims that he does not have a son, and that he only has Courtney. He lays down for a nap. Courtney and Jason have a heart to heart. Mike wakes up and sees them talking. He walks in the room and accuses Jason of hitting on Courtney. Courtney tells Mike that he is wrong about Jason. Mike apologizes. Sonny shows up and yells at Jason for calling Courtney to get Mike from the bar. Courtney sticks up for Jason and tells Sonny that it is his fault that Mike is in his current condition. Mike accuses Jason of having designs on Courtney and warns Jason to stay away from his daughter. Courtney defends Jason and Mike finally goes back to lie down again. When Sonny arrives, Sonny jumps all over Jason for dragging Courtney down to a place like Jake's to talk Mike into giving up on his drinking binge for the night. But Jason explains that Mike listens to Courtney, whereas, seeing Sonny would have just made Mike angry. Courtney defends Jason again and angrily reminds Sonny that the reason why Mike returned to drinking and gambling was because Sonny pretended to be dead and let his loved ones break their hearts with grief, while Sonny hid out at a safe distance!

Mike hears Sonny's voice and joins the fray, as Mike blasts Sonny for his uncaring attitude toward his loved ones when Sonny faked his own death. Sonny asks to speak to Mike out in the hall, and Sonny blasts Mike for dragging Courtney into Mike's problems. Mike returns and apologizes to Courtney. When Sonny orders Jason to take Mike home, Courtney suggests that she go along to help Jason. When Jason, Courtney and Rosie return to Courtney's apartment, Jason asks if Courtney has had more strange calls. Courtney tells Jason that all is currently quiet and that A.J. will be calling soon. Jason offers to stay, but Courtney turns him down . However, when Courtney enters her apartment, she sees that she has an e-mail. When Courtney opens it she sees herself, at that very moment, on the screen, sitting at her PC! Courtney quickly locates the hidden camera planted by her stalker, but discovers that there are four more cameras as another email comes in with shots of her and the room from different angles.

Jason arrives at Courtney's apartment and looks at her Inter Net expose'. Jason locates the other hidden cameras and removes them. When Courtney suggests that it is time to go to the police, Jason advises against involving the PCPD because they have a grudge against Sonny and would probably not take a threat toward Sonny's sister very seriously. Jason urges Courtney to move into Jason's Penthouse to be safe. Courtney explains to Jason that, following the trouble at The Oasis Club, Courtney promised A.J. that Courtney would go to A.J. for help whenever she needed it instead of to other people. And Courtney does not want to beg A.J. to cut his court case short and return to Port Charles without the victory A.J. anticipated because Courtney feels responsible for A.J.'s financial reversals. Jason tells Courtney to vary her schedule in order to keep her stalker guessing. But Jason tells Courtney that she is only in danger if she is alone and Jason does not plan to allow Courtney to be alone! Jason tells Courtney that he will be there to stop anyone from hurting her. Courtney confides in Jason that she should let A.J. know what is going on, but she is afraid that A.J. will drop his court case and rush home. Courtney voices the hope that maybe she and Jason could catch the perpetrator before A.J. returns to Port Charles. Jason assures Courtney that they can try.

Jason speculates that the stalker is wondering what happened to his equipment. Courtney has fixed up the sofa for Jason to crash, but Rosie jumps up and claims it. Courtney espouses Rosie's attributes. We see a shadow outside the apartment window but neither Courtney nor Jason notice. Courtney tries to give Jason doggie treats so he can coax Rosie off the sofa. In a very funny moment, Courtney defends a misbehaving Rosie, "She is loyal and faithful. Aren't you, girl? And she's patient and caring and, no matter how off wall I get, she always listens to me. You know, come to think of it, she's actually a lot like you." The look on Jason's face at being compared to a dog is quite comical. Rosie snuggles up to Jason putting her head in his lap. In another cute moment, Jason gives Rosie advice on how to protect someone. Courtney receives another crank call and puts Jason on the phone. They do a star 69 to trace the call, but no one answers the phone. The phone rings again and its AJ. She tells him the stalking is getting worse and he says he'll be on the next flight home, but Courtney tells him no. She says she has Rosie to protect her, and wants to know how much longer AJ will be gone. AJ says another week or so, and that the judge is in no hurry. Courtney comes out of the bedroom for a drink of water and asks Jason if it's okay to keep her bedroom door open so she'll feel more secure. Rosie is still on the sofa.

Elizabeth stops by Courtney's apartment with Courtney's paycheck from Kelly's - and the new work schedule. But, as Liz invites Courtney to accompany her on a shopping spree, Jason suddenly emerges from the shower! Courtney quickly explains to Liz that her stalker set up video cameras in her apartment and Jason is trying to help catch the stalker. Liz cooly turns down Courtney's offer to stay for coffee and rushes off. After Liz leaves, Courtney urges Jason to go after Liz and tell her how he really feels but Jason refuses. Courtney and Jason investigate the stalker's apartment across from Courtney, where they discover a telescope set up to peep into Courtney's apartment, a shrine to Daisy, made up of all the publicity photos Coleman distributed as posters, a pink garter from one of Courtney's acts, and lit up like a Christmas tree with a dozen candles flickering. Jason suddenly suspects that the stalker wanted to lure Courtney and Jason out of Courtney's apartment. Through the telescope, Jason sees a shadow in Courtney's apartment. When Courtney and Jason arrive back at Courtney's apartment, Jason sees an open window and goes out into the alley, hoping to be able to pursue the stalker before he disappears again. Courtney finds daisies strewn all over her bed and begins to pick them up just as someone watches her from the closet!

Courtney cleans up the flowers on her bed that her stalker left for her. She takes the bedspread off to wash as well, unaware that her stalker is hiding in her bedroom closet. Jason comes back after leaving to go take a look outside her apartment for signs of the stalker. He tells her he didn't find him and suggests that she leave the apartment immediately. Courtney is reluctant to leave her place and hide out so Jason suggests she change her locks right away and gets a locksmith he trusts to come over and do it for her. Jason gives Courtney a loaded gun and tells her how to use it, in case Courtney's stalker ever breaks through all the new locks that he installed for Courtney. As Courtney puts the gun away, Jason and Courtney suddenly hear someone rattling at the door. Courtney and Jason are surprised when the rattling at the door turns out to be A.J. who, of course, does not have a key to fit the new locks Jason had installed. A.J. is happy to see Courtney, but shocked when he sees Jason standing in the living room. Courtney explains about the video cameras and A.J. reminds Courtney that she made it sound like nothing whenever A.J. asked out the situation in his phone calls. A.J. asks Jason if the stalker is a real threat and Jason offers the opinion that whoever the stalker is has some money because that person rented an apartment across the street from Courtney, and had state of the art surveillance equipment. Jason explains how he changed the locks and added some security features to the apartment. A.J. thanks Jason and promises to pay Jason back one day. A.J. cautions, it will be a while, because A.J. lost his court battle and the Judge refused to release any of A.J.'s money.

After Jason leaves, Courtney thanks A.J. for not going into a meltdown when he discovered that Jason had been helping her with thestalker. Then Courtney goes on to describe how she and Jason had found a shrine to 'Daisy' in the stalker's apartment. A.J. tells Courtney that, while he does not want to feel obligated to Jason for anything, A.J. would have felt worse if Courtney had been in danger and had just let herself be a target without trying to do something about it. A.J. points out Courtney would have been better off calling the police because the police could have developed the kind of forensic evidence that would have held up in court for example, fiber and hair samples taken from the stalker's apartment. That way when the police caught the stalker, they would have had some chance of keeping the perpetrator in jail! A.J. voices the fear that because Courtney did not go to the police for help {because Jason was afraid the police would be too prejudiced against Sonny to help}, they have made it possible for the perpetrator to wriggle off the hook once he is caught. Later as they talk in bed, Courtney gets another call from her stalker. When A.J. realizes that the call is from Courtney's stalker, A.J. grabs the phone away from Courtney and tells the stalker that A.J. intends to track him down personally.

As Courtney and A.J. return home after running with Rosie in the Park, they get a phone call from Jason, checking to see if Courtney has had more 'stalker' calls. A.J. tells Jason not to worry because A.J. is handling things now then A.J. gets a signal for a call waiting. The caller is Courtney's stalker. As A.J. records the conversation, a distorted voice threatens that Courtney will learn what it is like to make love to a 'real' man! A.J. keeps playing the tape he made of the stalker's threats over and over again trying to recognizethe voice. When Courtney asks A.J. to quit playing the tape over because the stalkers voice and every word has been calculated to terrify Courtney, A.J. suddenly begins gathering up everything and announces that A.J. plans to take everything to the police. As A.J. picks up the evidence Jason found in the apartment across the street, including the mementoes being kept at 'Daisy's Shrine,' Courtney protests that it is embarrassing to contemplate the possibility that the Police would be pawing through the Daisy Shrine stuff and getting a laugh out of it. A.J. persuades Courtney that the only way they will be able to finally put the stalker behind bars is by cooperating fully with the police. As A.J. and Courtney head for the PCPD, the phone is ringing again, but A.J. leaves without answering. At the same time, Jason arrives at Coleman's office at Jake's and finds Coleman on the phone. Jason warns Coleman to stay away fromCourtney, but Coleman observes that Jason has 'a thing' for his sister-in-law himself and suggests that Jason needs to take his own advice.

Taggert gives A.J. and Courtney a hard time as he looks through the evidence and gets their statements about Courtney's stalker. As A.J. and Taggert discuss the basic details about Courtney's involvement at the Oasis Club, Courtney suddenly mentions that Coleman had called her at home once. A.J. is surprised that Courtney would have omitted a detail as important as that when she was telling A.J. about all of it. As Taggert reminds Courtney that the police will probably not put a high priority on a case involving Sonny Corinthos's sister, a stripper. A.J. suddenly insists that Courtney is a QUARTERMAINE and threatens serious repercussions if Taggert fails to give Courtney the same fair treatment that Taggert would give to any other victim of a stalker. Taggert reluctantly logs in the evidence and opens a case.

Courtney arrives at Kelly's for work, accompanied by a policewoman. Jason meets Courtney there to warn her that Coleman has 'a thing' for her. Someone lurks in the bushes and watches Jason and Courtney meet. When Courtney gets a call at Kelly's, she recognizes the stalker's distorted voice and can hear Rosie barking. Courtney tells Jason that the stalker is in her apartment! Jason tells Courtney to call A.J. and the cops, while Jason races to Courtney's apartment to catch the stalker. As Jason arrives at the Quartermaine Apartment, he hears Rosie barking in the bedroom and goes to investigate. A black-clad figure with a skeleton mask on suddenly rushes Jason from behind and knocks Jason out. Courtney arrives shortly afterward and, when she sees Jason unconscious on the floor, she goes to help Jason - then looks up and sees the black-clad figure in the skeleton mask. Courtney rushes to the bedroom, opens the window, then hides in the closet. A.J. arrives and sees Jason on the floor and hears Rosie barking. As A.J. heads toward the bedroom, the intruder attacks A.J. Courtney has heard A.J.'s voice and can hear the struggle, and remains quiet in the closet. Then Courtney hears the struggle end and someone comes toward the closet, but Courtney still says nothing as the door slowly opens. Its AJ. The stalker got away though. Courtney goes to Jason when she saw him lying unconscious on the floor. He woke up okay and told the police later that he was fine and didn't need medical attention. He and Courtney told A.J. to go with the police and give a description of the stalker to the sketch artist.

Courtney tries to convince Jason to go the hospital and get his head checked in case he has a concussion. He refuses to go and leaves her there. He heads to Jake's bar to confront Coleman. Coleman fights with him and Jason warns him to stay away from Courtney from now on or else. Courtney stopped the fight and got angry with Jason for fighting with Coleman and almost killing him when they don't have enough proof that Coleman is her stalker. She fights with Jason outside in the rain. She yells at him what if he would have killed Coleman and gone to prison, how would she feel then? He responds, "Look, I gave my word to protect you and i've lost my patience. I want to finish that guy!" Courtney shows her concern for him and tells him she is afraid for him, "I couldn't stand it if anything happened to you. When i saw you laying on that floor, I thought ...." She tenderly puts her hands up to his face, near where he is bleeding. They are drawn towards each other, and kiss passionately then abruptly pull back. She tells Jason she can't see him again, she loves AJ, and gets him to promise to go see a doctor about his head wound. He promises to and is confused about their kiss as well (its just after this he marries Brenda).

A.J. returns from the PCPD. Courtney returns wet from the rain. She tells him that Jason went to Jake's to confront Coleman since he suspects he could be the stalker and that she went there to try and stop him. A.J. goes to call the police and tell them about Coleman but Courtney stops him and asks him not to call the cops so or they will go and arrest Jason and she can't let that happen. A.J. looks at her suspiciously. The next morning, Courtney is rattled to awaken from a sensual dream about Jason to find A.J.'s arms around her instead.

Carly runs into Jason at GH. She tells him about seeing Sonny with Brenda outside earlier and they looked cozy. She tells him that Sonny will probably leave her for Brenda now that he knows she lied about Alexis' baby and kept it from him and that it turns out it is Ned's baby after all. Jason tells her to stop jumping to conclusions and go tell Sonny she loves him and fight for him. He tells her not to worry about Brenda. He sees Brenda walking toward Jax's room. She had checked on Jax earlier and ran into Ned. Brenda agreed to go home soon and rest. Jason grabs her before she can go see Jax and hauls her into Sonny's limo. He tells her he is personally escorting her back to Europe to keep her from causing any more problems for Sonny or Jax. She tells him she wanted to go back to Europe but that Skye asked her to stay around and help Jax recover. Jason tells her that he doesn't care what she wants to do, and accuses her of causing problems in Sonny's marriage to Carly. Brenda realizes what this is about and comes up with some idea in her head and is about to share it with Jason, who just shakes his head in disgust.

Courtney visits Carly. She thanks Sonny for sending Jason to guard her. She doesn't know what she would have done without him. As Courtney talks, Carly realizes that Courtney has feelings for Jason as she gets very defensive. Carly encourages Courtney's obvious attraction to Jason but her embarrassed sister-in-law bristles at the suggestion that she could ever be unfaithful to AJ. After Courtney leaves, Carly is thrilled at Courtney's obviious attraction to Jason. Sonny doesn't believe her and tells her anytime a woman gets anywhere near Jason she starts nosing around and asking questions. Carly figures Courtney has married a weasel and will drop kick AJ for Jason! Sonny refuses to believe there is anything going between them, not now, not ever! Courtney returns home and a masked figure comes out and scares her to death. Its AJ being a jerk (like he wouldn't know how much that would terrorize her). He tells Courtney about the Q's inviting them to a Halloween charity fundraiser at Club 101. She wants to go and declares she isn't going to hide in fear.

Jason and Brenda arrive at the penthouse and announce their marriage! Carly and Sonny are shocked! But Carly seems happy to have Brenda spoken for. Later in a funny montage of flashbacks, Jason & Brenda separately explain their Las Vegas wedding. Over at the Q's, Brenda lies and says that Jason proposed to her, not the other way around. Brenda claims that she and Jason have always loved each other. In reality, when Brenda proposed, Jason asked why in the hell he would want to marry her. Brenda relayed to Jason that she intended to break up Sonny and Carly, and that's why Jason married her. Brenda goes on to fabricate the appearance of her and Jason having a relationship, and tells Lila that she's happy. Monica says she wished they could have given her a big wedding. Brenda says they got married in Vegas in a wedding chapel. Brenda starts remembering that she hated the chapel, as it is gaudy and cheap. The chapel staff offers them various specials, but Jason and Brenda just want to get it over with. The whole scene is cheesy but very funny! Brenda lies and says the wedding in Vegas was romantic. Alan asks "In Vegas?" Brenda remembers the scene with the staff trying to put a wedding veil on her head. Jason balks at a blue tuxedo and top hat. Brenda looks ridiculous in her Salvation Army garb. The wedding was complete with accordion music. Brenda lies and says she never saw Jason so happy. Edward remarks he hasn't seen Jason happy since the accident. In the flashback, Brenda quips to promise to love Jason "for richer". They didn't even have wedding rings. At the conclusion of the wedding, the official asks if there's any chance the groom would be kissing the bride, to which Jason responded "no way". Edward questions where Jason is now, and Brenda claws for an excuse, saying their wedding night was so wonderful that she doesn't need a honeymoon. In reality, we see a scene where Jason pushed Brenda off an elevator after she tried to flirt with 2 unknown men. We then see them in a tacky honeymoon suite complete with disco ball and disco music. Jason tosses a box at her and tells her to pick out whatever ring she wants. Courtney admires Jason's plain gold band. Jason says Brenda picked it out, and Courtney says it must have taken her a long time to do it. It's a plain, gold band. Jason then sadly reveals that Brenda is dying.

Meanwhile, Jason talks to Courtney and tries to explain his marriage to Brenda. Jason tells Courtney that it was Brenda's idea to get married, she asked and Jason accepted. Courtney wants to know if Brenda and Jason are in love - no, they aren't. Jason remembers that Brenda was blackmailing him into marriage to keep Sonny's marriage intact. Jason tells Courtney that they eloped to Vegas, and Courtney says she can't imagine him in a tacky chapel. She asks about wedding pictures and Jason tells her a video is coming. Jason keeps sidestepping the question "Do you love her?" Courtney remembers that when she married AJ, she felt it was wrong to make promises to a man she barely knew. Courtney continues to overromantacize Jason and Brenda's wedding. Courtney is still paying Jason compliments about how lucky Brenda is to have him. Flashback to the rings, when Jason and Brenda argue about what rings to wear. Brenda starts an argument about who is going to sleep on the heart-shaped bed, but Jason tells Brenda to shut up and go to bed. Jason sleeps on the sofa in the living room. Brenda continues to lie to the Quartermaines saying her wedding night was wonderful.

As Courtney does the laundry in the Quartermaine apartment, she comes across the gun that Jason left her for protection against her stalker - and Courtney suddenly remembers kissing Jason. When A.J. suddenly tells Courtney it was HIS turn to do the laundry, Courtney acts guilty and A.J. urges his wife to share whatever is worrying her with him. But Courtney shrugs it off. While folding laundry, Courtney thinks back to her kiss with Jason. She is startled when AJ walks in and tells her not to do that. She looks guilty as though AJ could know her thoughts. He says, "housework that is". He reminds her of their agreement to share chores. Noticing she is on edge, AJ tells her she can talk to him about whatever is bothering her, and reminds Courtney how grateful he has been for her support. Courtney tells AJ she was just thinking about the stalker and that is why she is jumpy. She then informs AJ that Jason and Brenda got married. AJ is stunned and after talking it out, thinks it is bizarre because Brenda hates Jason, but loves Jax and when she doesn’t love Jax, she loves Sonny.

At the Halloween party, Edward sees Courtney standing by herself as A.J. gets her a drink at the bar. He ridicules her for her Cinderella costume being too promiscuous looking and that she tarnishes the Quartermaine name by flaunting her body in that dress. Courtney tells Edward off and accuses him of having it in for her and Sonny because they are the only two people who aren't afraid of him. Edward still upsets her with accusing her of being trampy. Edward leaves her alone, but Courtney is haunted again when she hears someone nearby whisper her stage name Daisy and that he is watching her. She accuses the masked man next to her of doing but realizes he is with a date. She takes off and goes home. When she gets home, the stalker wearing a mask, is inside her place. He attacks her from behind. Courtney fights him off and he chases her. She gets to one of the shelves and finds the gun Jason gave her and shoots the masked man when he comes toward her threateningly. The masked man falls to the floor and appears dead. Courtney freaks and calls for help. Jason gets a frantic call from Courtney who asks him to come over right away. He heads to Courtney's and asks her where A.J. went. She tells him he is still at the party and that she left a note for him that she came home early. Jason sees Coleman's body on the floor. He tells her that this death needs to be reported to the police and that it was clearly self-defense even if she used a gun he gave her. She tells him what happened. The phone rings, it is the stalker calling her Daisy and telling her he is watching her. She drops the phone and tells Jason that she killed the wrong man and that was the stalker on the floor. Courtney starts to panic since she killed Coleman, who wasn't her stalker. Jason tells her that she had every right to protect herself against Coleman, who had attacked her.

A.J. arrives home and is shocked to find Courtney and Jason standing over a bleeding Coleman. Courtney explains that she shot Coleman after Coleman attacked her. A.J. guesses that Courtney got the gun from Jason and blasts his brother for giving such a dangerous weapon to his wife. But Jason points out that Courtney was able to protect herself from Coleman's attack with the gun. After A.J. calls the ambulance, Jason assures Courtney that Coleman appears to be in stable condition and probably will NOT die from his wounds. As Jason and A.J. argue about Jason giving Courtney a gun, Taggert arrives. Both Jason and A.J. tell Taggert that the mask beside Coleman is the same as the mask worn by the stalker that A.J., Jason and Courtney had encountered before in the Quartermaine apartment. But Courtney shocks A.J. and Taggert when she informs Taggert that she received a call from her stalker after she shot Coleman so Courtney is convinced that Coleman was not her stalker. Taggert takes Courtney down to the PCPD for a statement about Coleman's attack on her and the subsequent shooting. After Taggert and Courtney leave, A.J. accuses Jason of playing on Courtney's fears so that Courtney would become even more dependent upon Jason for protection. A.J. accuses Jason of setting Courtney up to shoot anyone even A.J. because she was jumping at shadows. But Jason points out that Courtney's stalker is still out there and that the more time Courtney spends alone with Taggert, the more likely it Coleman's shooting. Jason and A.J. leave separately for the PCPD.

Jason and Courtney hope Coleman will pull through because theybelieve that Coleman might be able to give them some answers about Courtney's stalker. Courtney apologizes to Jason for always dragging him into her problems and worries because she never told A.J. she had a gun. As Courtney signs her statement for Officer Andy, Courtney tells Jason and Andy that she wants to see Coleman in the Hospital. At GH, Coleman comes out of surgery at the Hospital. When the nurses leave Coleman alone in the Recovery Room to answer an emergency, Coleman draws a bloody letter A on the Recovery Room window, just as A.J. shows up. A.J. moves Coleman's gurney out of the way, and wipes away the initial. Taggert suddenly arrives and demands to know what A.J. is doing in the same room as Coleman. Coleman tells Taggert, Courtney, Jason and A.J. that A.J. paid Coleman $250,000 to stalk Courtney so that A.J. could play the hero for Courtney. But A.J. protests that he has no money and drives a forklift for a living! A.J. is nervous when it appears that Courtney might believe Coleman and A.J. tells Taggert to go ahead and arrest A.J. if Taggert believes Coleman's story. A.J. protests that it would take him 20 years to come up with $250,000 on a fork lift operator's salary. Courtney chooses to believe A.J. when A.J. swears to Courtney that he would never do anything to hurt her. As A.J. and Courtney hug, Jason returns to see Coleman and Coleman guesses that Jason believes Coleman. A.J. glances up, and, seeing Jason with Coleman, A.J. also guesses that Jason believes Coleman. A.J. and Courtney leave for home together.

Outside Kelly'sm Courtney sees Jason and finds out that Coleman will be charged with stalking her. Courtney questions Jason as to Coleman's allegations that AJ put him up to it. Courtney speculates that Coleman was trying to set up AJ, and that AJ is innocent. All three discuss testifying against Coleman. Later, AJ announces that he wants to take Courtney somewhere where no one can find them. Courtney looks a bit spooked but goes along with him obviously Coleman's accusations staying with her. AJ takes Courtney to the cabin and says he has Lila's permission. AJ offers to start a fire, one of his specialties. AJ apologizes that he wasn't around for Courtney during the stalker fiasco. He promises to make it up to her. Courtney claims it's ridiculous that he'd ever stalk her, right? AJ turns it around by asking what he would have go gain by stalking Courtney. AJ is upset that Courtney would believe that he did all of this to play hero. He questions if he has reason to be threatened by her relationship with Jason. He implies that something happened between Courtney and Jason while AJ was gone. AJ declares their marriage over and stomps out. AJ returns looking sheepish. Courtney claims liability for the whole stalker episode. She says she never should have doubted AJ and asks for his forgiveness. He hugs her and says he forgives her.

Jason visits and tells Coleman he's being indicted as the stalker. Coleman says that AJ is such a sick puppy to stalk his own wife. Coleman wants Jason to flush AJ out due to their mutual interest in Courtney's welfare. Coleman tells Jason that Coleman believes that both of them are in love with Courtney. Coleman tells Jason that Coleman planned to expose A.J. as Courtney's stalker, but A.J. paid him in cash, so Coleman really has no proof. Except for Coleman's fat bank account and the admission that the way Coleman kept being able to get into the Quartermaine apartment, even after Jason changed the locks, was because A.J. kept giving Coleman the new key.

Courtney assures A.J. that being with him is all the she has ever wanted. A.J. surprises Courtney with the news that Dale,a Prep School buddy of A.J.'s, has helped A.J. get a job with his friend's company in Manhattan, but, that, in order to take the job, A.J. and Courtney need to move to Manhattan right away. A.J. tells Courtney that the job would pay enough for Courtney to quit her job, go to school, do whatever strikes her fancy. A.J. informs Courtney that his friend even owns a spare apartment where they could live until they found a place of their own. As Courtney ponders a decision to leave her new-found father to move to Manhattan, A.J. paints a romantic picture of Christmas in Manhattan, reminding Courtney that she would be close enough to visit Port Charles and would also be close enough to visit her mother in Atlantic City. Most of all, A.J. visualizesthe possibilities of being on their own in Manhattan, away from their meddling families. Courtney agrees to go to New York with A.J.

Jason arrives at the office of the lawyers who handled A.J.'s case to recover the assets that Edward had frozen and learns from a secretary that the case was settled on the second day but that the records of the settlement were sealed. When the secretary refuses to tell Jason what the sealed verdict was, Jason waits until she leaves, then breaks into the office and gets a look at the records. Jason learns that all of A.J.'s assets were ordered returned to him and that A.J. was given an immediate $500,000 the day the case was settled. At the same time, A.J. smiles down at Courtney, sleeping peacefully beside the fireplace at the cabin.

A.J. meets Courtney inside at Kelly's, all eager to begin planning their move to Manhattan. But Courtney admits to having second thoughts about a sudden move. He aks her to name one thing they can't have in NY. (Journey fans everywhere yell, "Jason"!) Courtney is especially concerned about leaving Mike behind in Port Charles as they have just found each other again. But A.J. convinces Courtney that Mike can visit them any time for as long as she wants and that they might eventually be able to start their own restaurant together, if Courtney is genuinely interested in the restaurant business. A.J. is so enthused about all the advantages that the job in New York will offer them that Courtney finally agrees with A.J. to leave for a new life in Manhattan right away!

Courtney tells Liz that Courtney believes that Jason was just trying to help Brenda when he married her, but Liz reminds Courtney that promises mean something to Jason and that would include Jason's marriage vows to Brenda. Courtney is surprised when Monica, Alan and Mike all arrive at Kelly's, ready for a party. A.J. arrives and announces that they are celebrating A.J.'s new job and his impending move to Manhattan with Courtney. While Alan mutters to Monica that he is suspicious about A.J.'s motives for the sudden move because it looks like A.J. is trying to run away from a problem, Monica expresses the opinion that moving far, far away from his family is the best thing that A.J. could do for himself. Mike realizesthat Courtney seems less excited than A.J. about the prospective move, but Mike urges his daughter to go ahead, move to Manhattan and be happy with her husband. Mike promises to visit often. Monica tells A.J. that she believes it is wise for A.J. to be leaving Port Charles for a new life in Manhattan and A.J. thanks his mother for her renewed confidence in him.

Courtney calls Jason and, finding that Jason is not at home (he is off in Venezuela with Carly saving Sonny & Brenda), Courtney leaves a message about their planned move and then she thanks Jason for all the help that he has given her. A.J. overhears Courtney's message to Jason and demands to know how Courtney could possibly be grateful to Jason for giving Courtney the gun that led to Coleman's shooting and Courtney's fears that followed the shooting. As A.J. expresses his surprise that Courtney would have any reason to feel grateful to Jason, A.J. makes a comment suggesting that maybe Courtney would prefer to stay in Port Charles, curl up on the couch and help Jason train Rosie. Courtney suddenly begins to suspect something. Courtney questions A.J on how he could have possibly of known about her and Jason training Rosey if he was in D.C. A.J is once again able to convince, or so he thinks, her that it was only a fair assumption being that Rosey is like a part of the family and it would only be natural if they were spending time together. A.J tells Courtney that he's never going to like her spending time with Jason. Courtney insists that the phone call was completely innocent and that he's been overreacting to the entire situation. A.J feins frustration over the stalker issue. Courtney tells him that she believes that he had nothing to do with it and that she is looking forward to the move to NYC. Although we see that look of doubt in her eyes.

Courtney calls the hospital to speak to Coleman only to learn that he has escaped. She leaves Kelly's only to be taken away by Coleman himself. AJ is packing for NY when there is a knock on the door. He opens it to find Coleman there telling him that he has Courtney. He's demanding that in addition to the first $250,000, he wants another, because he took the fall for A.J and because he got shot. A.J flat out says that he only agreed to pay $250,000, no more to stalk Courtney. Just then Courtney walks in, having heard it all. Coleman set A.J up to admit the stalking where Courtney could overhear. Courtney tells A.J. that she has caught him in an open admission that it really was A.J. who was behind the stalking! As A.J. pleads that he merely paid Coleman to leave town to get him away from Courtney, Courtney slaps A.J. Courtney rages at A.J. And he finally admits to Courtney that he did come up with the plan to stalk her a little bit, so she would turn to A.J. for help. But A.J. did not realize that the situation would escalate until Courtney actually shot Coleman! When A.J. realized that Courtney went immediately to Jason for protection and did not even once think about going to the police, A.J. let the stalking continue a little longer! A.J. explains that it became obvious to A.J. that Courtney wanted Jason to be with her! A.J. wonders if Courtney would have shot A.J. with the gun that Courtney never told A.J. that she had accepted from Jason.

Taggert suddenly arrives and to arrest Coleman but Courtney says that it was all a misunderstanding and that Courtney plans to drop the charges against Coleman. When Taggert asks Courtney if A.J. was behind the stalking as Coleman had claimed, Courtney says that she was no victim and that Coleman merely had a crush on her and she shot Coleman by mistake. After Taggert and Coleman leave, A.J. thanks Courtney for keeping mum about A.J.'s part in the stalking, but she informs A.J. that Courtney's actions were for Coleman and not for A.J.! A.J. tries to apologize to Courtney and begs her to give him another chance. Courtney tells A.J. that she isfinished making excuses for him. Courtney tells A.J. to finish packing and get out of her apartment for good! Courtney informed A.J that she was leaving him because she couldn't forgive him for stalking her.After begging her not to leave him she informed him that she wasn't leaving he was!

Courtney talks to Bobbie about keeping her waitress job at Kelly's and informs Bobbiethat she is separated from A.J. She tells her that A.J. isn't the man she thought he was. Jason shows up at Kelly's while Courtney is working to tell her what he found out about Coleman's story. Courtney interrupts him and tells him that she already knows that A.J. was behind the stalking. She tells him that she and Coleman got him to admit inadvertently that he was behind the stalking incidences. Jason suggests that she contact Sonny and give him a second chance at being a real brother to her now that she realizes that he wasn't lying about A.J. She agrees to think about it. She is disappointed when Jason tells her that he has to go to Europe to bring Brenda back there now that her illness seems to be getting worse. Courtney uses the pay phone at Kelly's to call Sonny. She gets his voice mail and leaves a message about how she may be filing for divorce from A.J. and asks him to call her back if he wants. A.J. comes into Kelly's and overhears her mention divorce on the phone. He asks her hold off on filing for divorce and asks her for another chance to prove to her that he can be the man she fell in love with. Courtney has no interest in forgiving him so soon and tells him that she wants to give Sonny a chance now. A.J. vows that he can change and that he doesn't want to lose her.

A.J. pleads with Courtney to give him a little time to prove that he truly loves her before she files for divorce. However, when A.J. tries to tell Courtney that A.J. believes that the stalking incident escalated only because A.J. could see Courtney turning to Jason for help immediately without a single thought of looking for help elsewhere. Courtney slams A.J. for trying to make it sound like the whole stalking incident was Courtney's fault. A.J. then tries to suggests that he and Courtney could try to reclaim the feelings they had for each other during the early days of their courtship, when Courtney was hiding out from Sonny in A.J.'s Hotel Suite. A.J. asks Courtney if she would go out on a date with him, but Courtney replies: 'You do not even realize how bad you hurt me - how scared I was! I shot a man because of you, A.J.!' AJ argues, "Jason gave you that gun! Courtney can't you see? He has hurt you as much as me if not more!' A.J. suggests that they both take some time to think things over and Courtney hesitantly agrees. Later, Courtney runs into Jason but they are soon joined by A.J., who says that he is not surprised to find the two of them together.

AJ tells Courtney he was planning on finding Jason to make peace, just like Courtney had asked. He says perhaps his marriage would have been fine had he sat back and watched his brother seduce his wife. Courtney exclaim he is all wrong about that, but AJ insists she can’t see Jason’s ulterior motives because she is kind and decent. Jason points out she saw through AJ. AJ throws the first punch and the two start to scuffle until Courtney yells for Jason to stop. AJ tries to egg Jason on while Courtney yells at him to walk away. He listens to Courtney and pulls back. AJ continues taunting Jason and Jason suggests he and Courtney get out of there. She doesn’t want to leave until she speaks with AJ alone, however. Jason is hesitant to leave her alone but she assures him she knows what she is doing. With Jason gone, AJ starts trying to explain to Courtney how she can see how Jason is now, cold and calculated, with no conscience. Courtney tells AJ she is finally catching on. Jason is the cause of all their problems. She is sarcastic and trying to show AJ how single-minded he is. Courtney points out that if it weren’t for Jason protecting AJ after he burned down the Oasis, AJ wouldn’t even be free to have stalked her. AJ admits he made mistakes, but asks her if she hasn’t made mistakes of her own. Courtney says her mistake was marrying him. AJ wonders how Courtney thinks she is blameless when she lied to him, about stripping, about spending time with Jason. Courtney reminds her that her lying was to protect him and to protect her safety. She goes on, defending Jason, saying he doesn’t have to try to pretend to be brave, he just is. She also says is too honest to use hidden cameras. AJ tells her to climb into Jason’s bed if she thinks he is so wonderful. Courtney storms off saying it is a great idea.

Jason arrives at the penthouse and has delivered the latest news on AJ and Courtney (although we don’t see it) and Sonny is livid after hearing what AJ did this time and cannot believe Jason left them alone and didn’t pummel AJ. Sonny finds out where AJ and Courtney were and goes to find them. With Sonny gone, Carly starts in about Courtney and Jason liking each other. He tells her to drop it, but she won’t. Jason insists he was only trying to help Sonny’s little sister. He finally confesses to her: “I like Courtney. She’s a nice person.” Carly insists his eyes light up when he says that. Jason leaves to go pack up Brenda’s things and Carly follows him into the hall, trying to get him to admit that he likes Courtney. He suggests she is justtrying to annoy him and points out that it is working. Carly says the old Jason, her friend Jason, would just admit the truth, that he likes Courtney. “Why can’t you just admit that you’re liking Courtney?” Carly asks as Courtney gets off the elevator and stands behind Carly, hearing all of this. Carly leaves the two "lovebirds" alone and Courtney blurts out that she's there to throw herself at Jason. Courtney tells Jason about her fight with A.J and that she was there to only prove A.J right. that she was in love with his brother and not him. Jason explains to Courtney that he helped her because she was Sonny's sister and that yes, because he liked her, but it ended there. He then says that he's going to end his marriage to Brenda since Brenda isn't sick and she doesn't need him anymore.

Jason explains to Courtney the real reasons why he married Brenda and that he truly doesn't like her at all. Courtney attempts to act calm, and not 'he's on the market!!' but you can see it in her eyes. Courtney admits that she's afraid to get a divorce from A.J. She contemplates giving him another chance. Jason, although he most likely strongly disagrees with the second chance, tells her to follow what she thinks is best for her. They part with huge smiles on their faces and eyes shimmering. Jason then walks toward Carly's door, knowing fully well that she was listening and asks her how much of it she heard. She only complains that Jason speaks to damn low so she couldn't really hear anything. He asks for her help in packing Brenda's things. He doesn't want to touch them.

Courtney meets Carly and Michael in the Park and Carly offers to let Courtney baby-sit Michael so Courtney can get acquainted with her nephew. Carly and Courtney have a heart-to-heart about Jason and Carly admits that, while Carly believes that Courtney would be a better match for Jason than Elizabeth Webber would, Carly also confesses to Courtney that Carly knows that Sonny would not be happy if Sonny's sister became romantically involved with someone as tied to a dangerous lifestyle as Jason is. While Courtney is baby-sitting Michael in the Park, A.J. suddenly arrives and tries to talk to Courtney. A.J. again tries to apologize to Courtney, but Courtney angrily decides she does not want to listen to anything A.J. has to say and gets ready to leave with Michael. However, as Courtney is preparing to leave with Michael, Jason suddenly arrives. Courtney tries to explain that it is not what it looks like, Carly left Michael with Courtney and A.J. just happened to walk through the park but Jason warns Courtney that it can not happen again ever! A.J. bristles at Jason's tone with Courtney and warns his brother not to take Jason's hatred of A.J. out on Courtney. But Jason accuses A.J. of trying to use Courtney to get at Michael and A.J. storms away in disgust. After A.J. leaves, Courtney asks Jason if Jason believes that A.J. married Courtney just to get Michael back and Jason confirms Courtney's suspicions. Courtney breaks down in tears and cries on Jason's shoulder.

Jason comes up from behind Alcazar's limo driver and uses chloroform to knock him out. He drags his unconscious body to the bushes and steals his hat to wear. He gets inside the limo to disguise himself as the driver and wait for Alcazar. Alcazar shows up outside and gets into the limo. He orders Jason to take him back to his hotel immediately. Skye gets into the back of the limo and tells Alcazar she is coming with him to the hotel. Alcazar doesn't stop her and tells Jason to take them both to the hotel. Jason realizes who is in the limo and curses but does what he says, with his gun next to him. As they drive off, A.J. watches the limo take off with a curious look on his face.

As Sonny and Carly talk to Courtney at Kelly's, A.J. arrives and startles Sonny by guessing that Sonny is trying to be seen in public because something is going down tonight and Sonny wants to make sure he has an alibi. Sonny accuses A.J. of making false accusations, but, after A.J. goes into the kitchen to try to speak with Courtney,Sonny calls Jason and tells Jason that, since A.J. is suspicious about something going down, they need to postpone the hit on Alcazar. In the kitchen, A.J. tries again to apologize to Courtney, but Courtney just accuses A.J. of using her to get to Michael.

Music montage of Alcazar's murder: Brenda tries to get past Luis to get out of there but he won’t let her. He grabs her and forcibly kisses her. She pulls away in tears and wrenches away from his grasp. Her bracelet unknowingly falls to the floor in her struggle to get out. She turns around and runs out ofthe room. As she races down the hall, she hits a room service table and knocks a knife to the ground. She picks up the knife and stares at it. Skye wakes up and holds her head and looks at the closed bedroom door. Meanwhile, Jax is in the elevator. As it hits the14th floor, he gets out and stares down the hall. Jason, at the same time, is running up the stairwell. He arrives on the 14th floor, opens the door and looks down the hall. Luis has gone outside to the balcony, agonizing over Brenda. He is near tears. Someone is in his room and walks to the balcony. Luis turns around and faces the person and asks, “Now what?” Suddenly, Luis comes flailing down 14 floors, seemingly thrown off the balcony. He land SMACK on a car’s windshield. The car alarm blares.

Brenda is leaning against a wall breathing deeply. Jason comes up from behind and grabs her with a gloved hand. She starts screaming but he stifles her screaming. She whirls around and tells Jason that Luis grabbed her and she hurt him. Jason asks if he is dead. She just repeats that she hurt him. They hear a noise and go running back into the stairwell. A maid pushes a housekeeping cart down the hall.

AJ wonders why Courtney suddenly thinks that he wanted to get Michael back, how could she suddenly think that was the only reason he married her. He says this is ridiculous and accuses Jason of filling her head with these “lies.” Courtney demands to know how he would have explained it to her had his plan to exchange her for Michael worked with Sonny. He tells her that their marriage was real, that he still loves her. She calls him a liar and says she never really knew him at all. AJ says the one person she truly does not know is Jason, pointing out that he is a killer and is ready to kill someone else that very night. When Courtney doesn’t want to hear it, AJ insists it is true. She changes the topic back for the Michael-for-Courtney trade. AJ continues to deny it and even claims he has given up all hope of ever getting Michael back. He asks Courtney why doesn’t she ask Jason, the paragon of honesty, why he carries a gun. He reminds her that although he has done some bad deeds, he has never killed anyone. Courtney repeats that she doesn’t believe a word that he speaks anymore. AJ relents and says fine, if she doesn’t believe him, she better believe someone soon because Jason is a killer. AJ finally leaves and Courtney can get back to actually waiting on customers. A news report blares that Luis Alcazar was found dead. The news reports that it is suspected that Alcazar ran afoul of the local organized crime boss. Courtney listens to the story. AJ returns again and asks if Courtney heard the news about Alcazar. She suggests he probably killed Alcazar himself just so he could pin it on Jason. Jason shows up. AJ wants Courtney to ask Jason where he was. He starts to mouth off to Jason. Courtney interjects to shut AJ up and asks Jason point blank if he killed Alcazar. Before he can answer, Scott and Taggert show up and say they had the very same question. Taggert and Scott arrest Jason, with Courtney questioning "why?". Jason will not say he didn't kill Alcazar. Jason says he isn't going to say anything without a lawyer. Taggert claims to have the evidence to put Jason away.

Later, AJ pesters Courtney again. Courtney says Jason is innocent. Mac shows up and tells AJ he needs a formal statement about AJ seeing Jason in Alcazar's limo. When Mac leaves, Courtney tells AJ he's a creep for turning in his own brother. She is furious with AJ and tells him he's a hypocrite. AJ says Jason is a common thug like Sonny, and Courtney slaps him hard and tells him she knows AJ's track record, so he's fooling no one. She's done with AJ. Courtney doesn't want to see his face or hear his voice again.

Scott tells Jason he's about to star in his own lineup. Alcazar's chauffeur (who was chloroformed) is asked to identify Jason out of a lineup. The hotel guard is asked the same question, but he says he was hit from behind and saw nothing. Scott brings in a maid from the hotel who was on the 14th floor and questions her. She tells him she can't remember who she saw on the 14th floor, there are so many people in the hotel. She then points to #3 (Jason) and says she's certain she saw him go out through the stairs. Scott claims victory while Taggert says they don't have a witness that says Jason did anything. Carly arrives and sneaks into see Jason, worried that Jason is going to take the rap for Brenda. Mac comes in and makes Carly leave. Scott and Taggert tell Jason that Jason's sister, Skye, was at Alcazar's Penthouse the evening of the murder and she heard Brenda and Alcazar arguing in the next room. Scott and Taggert theorize that Sonny ordered a hit on Alcazar and Jason went to carry out Sonny's orders. Jason chloroformed Alcazar's chauffeur and planned to drive Alcazar to a lonely place, kill him and dump the body. Then Skye jumped into the limousine with Alcazar, so Jason shifted to Plan B. After driving Skye and Alcazar to the Port Charles Hotel, Jason gave them a few minutes to get upstairs, then Jason chloroformed the PC Hotel's Night Watchman and disabled the surveillance cameras. But, when Jason got to Alcazar's Penthouse, Brenda had already killed Alcazar and Jason hustled Brenda out of the Penthouse. But, when Jason went back to cover his tracks, he was spotted by the maid and Alcazar's body had already been discovered, so Jason split. Jason refuses to answer any of Scott's speculations. Scott suggests that Jason cop a plea and save his wife from a prisonsentence. Scott informs Jason that Scott would be willing to consider it a crime of passion and let Jason and/or Brenda plead self defense. But Jason remains mum. Later, Taggert and Scott announce to Jason that he is being released.

As Courtney arrives for work at Kelly's with a copy of the morning news trumpeting Jason's arrest for Alcazar's murder, Courtney confides in Elizabeth that Courtney believes that A.J. is trying to frame Jason by falsely claiming that A.J. saw Jason driving Alcazar's limousine away from the Quartermaine Mansion. Courtney is surprised when Elizabeth reminds Courtney that Jason does carry out Sonny's orders. Elizabeth further points out that A.J. has had no dealings of any kind with Alcazar as far as anyone knows. Courtney continues to try to convince Elizabeth that A.J. is lying about Jason's involvement with Alcazar's murder and asserts that Courtney is positive that Jason would have no motive for killing Alcazar, Elizabeth cautions Courtney to not be so positive about all of that as the only motive Jason would need would be if Sonny wanted Alcazar dead.

Courtney arrives at Sonny's Penthouse to ask Carly if Carly knows yet that Jason is being held for Alcazar's murder. When Courtney shares with Carly her theory that A.J. has falsely stated to the police that A.J. saw Jason driving away from the Quartermaine Mansion in Alcazar's limousine because A.J. is jealous of Jason and is trying to frame his brother, Carly replies: "OK. A.J. is a screw-up. He couldn't frame a picture - let alone his own brother!' Carly suggests that Courtney could help get Jason out of jail. When Courtney wonders why Sonny would not be the one arranging to get Jason out of jail, Carly shocks Courtney by suggesting that Sonny might ask Jason to take the fall for Brenda! When Courtney is shocked to hear that Carly believes her brother might be willing to sacrifice Jason to a prison sentence for a crime Jason did not commit, Carly implores Courtney to appeal to Sonny to get Jason off the hook. Carly warns Courtney that if Sonny asks Jason to take the fall for Brenda, Jason will do just that!

On a special Thanksgiving dream episode - Courtney experiences a series of strange dreams, which are all vaguely similar in the sense that she keeps reliving the same day over and over again with a few different twists. In each dream, Courtney anticipates kissing Jason but always ends up sharing a kiss with someone else. After growing weary of the repetition, Courtney goes on a preemptive strike to end the outcome of her day. Courtney finally gets to kiss Jason in her final dream. But as it turns out all the dreams were actually part of another dream Jason's dream.

Courtney returns to Kelly's and is happy to see that Jason has been released. Courtney tells Jason that she believes that A.J. blew the whistle on Jason because A.J. was jealous of Jason's relationship with Courtney, Jason assures Courtney that the police would have got around to arresting Jason sooner or later and that Courtney had nothing to do with it. When Courtney asks why Jason would be willing to go to prison for a crime he did not commit, just to protect Brenda because Sonny wanted Brenda protected, Jason replies by telling Courtney some of the details of his life after his accident, when he did not remember any one who had been close to him. Jason tells Courtney that Sonny offered Jason friendship without judging him following the accident and Jason would do whatever Sonny asked Jason to do in gratitude for that one action. As Jason and Courtney talk, Jason receives a call from Sonny, who informs Jason that Brenda has been arrested.

Sonny and Jason meet on the docks. Courtney arrives and overhears Sonny and Jason talking but, when Jason later asks what she overheard, Courtney claims that she actually heard nothing just noticed that they were talking and how relaxed Jason is with Sonny. Jason walks Courtney home and Courtney invites Jason to have dinner with her the following evening.

**The End**

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