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December 28 - January 7, 2007:  12/28, 12/31, (no show 1/1), 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/7 [Episode Descriptions]

January 8-15, 2008:  1/8, 1/9, 1/10, 1/11, 1/14, 1/15
[Episode Descriptions]

January 16-23, 2008:  1/16, 1/17, 1/18, 1/21, 1/22, 1/23
[Episode Descriptions]

January 24-31, 2008:  1/24, 1/25, 1/28, 1/29, 1/30, 1/31 [Episode Descriptions]

February 1-8, 2008:  2/1, 2/4, 2/5, 2/6, 2/7, 2/8 [Episode Descriptions]

February 11-18, 2008:  2/11, 2/12, 2/13, 2/14, 2/15, 2/18 [Episode Descriptions]

February 19-26, 2008:  2/19, 2/20, 2/21, 2/22, 2/25, 2/26 [Episode Descriptions]

February 27 - March 5, 2008:  2/27, 2/28, 2/29, 3/3, 3/4, 3/5 [Episode Descriptions]

March 6-13, 2008:  3/6, 3/7, 3/10, 3/11, 3/12, 3/13 [Episode Descriptions]

March 14-21, 2008:  3/14, 3/17, 3/18, 3/19, 3/20, 3/21 [Episode Descriptions]

March 24-31, 2008: 3/24, 3/25, 3/26, 3/27, 3/28, 3/31 [Episode Descriptions]

April 1-8, 2008:  4/1, 4/2, 4/3, 4/4, 4/7, 4/8 [Episode Descriptions]

April 9-16, 2008:  4/9, 4/10, 4/11, 4/14, 4/15, 4/16 [Episode Descriptions]

April 17-24, 2008:  4/17, 4/18, 4/21, 4/22, 4/23, 4/24 [Episode Descriptions]

April 25 - May 2, 2008:  4/25, 4/28, 4/29, 4/30, 5/1, 5/2 [Episode Descriptions]

May 5-12, 2008:  5/5, 5/6, 5/7 (emergency test at end), 5/8, 5/9, 5/12 [Episode Descriptions]

May 13-20, 2008:  5/13, 5/14, 5/15, 5/16, 5/19, 5/20 [Episode Descriptions]

May 21-29, 2008:  5/21, 5/22, 5/23, (5/26 repeat aired on Memorial Day), 5/27, 5/28, 5/29 [Episode Descriptions]

May 30 - June 6, 2008:  5/30, 6/2, 6/3, 6/4, 6/5, 6/6 [Episode Descriptions]

June 9-16, 2008:  6/9, 6/10, 6/11, 6/12, 6/13, 6/16 [Episode Descriptions]

June 17-24, 2008:  6/17, 6/18, 6/19, 6/20, 6/23, 6/24 [Episode Descriptions]

June 25 - July 2, 2008:  6/25, 6/26, 6/27, 6/30, 7/1, 7/2 [Episode Descriptions]

July 3 - December 31, 2008

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December 28 - January 7, 2007:  12/28, 12/31, (no show 1/1), 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/7

12/28- Johnny bristles when Trevor preps him for his meeting with Moreau, a powerful drug trafficker. Jason knows the implications of Johnny's meeting and realizes it doesn't bode well for Sonny. Johnny makes it clear he means business as he asserts his newfound power.  Jax is disappointed when Jerry doesn't take him up on his offer to go into business together. Alexis tells Jax that Jerry is different from the man he was before. We see that Jerry's keeping a big secret from Alexis and Jax: He's actually Moreau, the drug trafficker.  Sonny gets a taste of Kate's high fashion world, including a co-worker of Kate's that hits on him!  Nikolas reveals to his family his medica condition, a brain tumor, which he indicates could be genetic. He's happy to once again be visited by Emily, who didn't appear to him while he was in Switzerland.

12/31- Sonny is out of his element as he suffers through an art gallery opening in Manhattan with Kate. Try as he might, Sonny can't escape his reputation and is arrested after assaulting a man he overheard badmouthing Kate.  Jax and Carly are miserable when a flu bug prevents Jax from attending the New Year's Eve party they're hosting at the Metro Court. At the party, Carly suspects Jerry is up to his old tricks when she overhears part of his phone conversation. Not wanting to spend the holiday without the man she loves, Carly leaves the party early to be with Jax.  Elizabeth's plans to spend a romantic evening with Jason are dashed when he calls her to say he needs to take care of business. Nikolas fears he's lost Emily for good.  Robin and Patrick remain at odds. Epiphany is hurt when she fails to hear from her son Stan, but is cheered by a call from Toussaint. Nikolas spends times with Emily.

1/2- A potential disaster is surely in the making when Alexis and Diane are both nominated for the Litigator of the Year award by the Women Attorney's Association.  Jerry goes to drastic lengths to cover his role as the crime lord Moreau--he has Epiphany's son Stan, who was working for him, killed. Epiphany is on the phone with Stan when her son gets into a fatal accident.  Sam confides in Lucky that Nikolas' brain tumor is genetic and remains uncertain about getting herself tested for the potentially deadly condition. Ric tries to charm Skye into selling Alcazar's property to Johnny Zacchara (and thus hurting Sonny), but Skye holds her own and remains non-committal.  Jason is frustrated in his attempt to find out where Sonny is being held after being arrested on assault charges. Spinelli and Max find themselves on the receiving end of the Health Inspector's ire after Spinelli is caught hacking into their system.
Once alone, Luke lights up one of his contraband cigars and promptly collapses.

1/3- After collapsing, Luke finds himself in purgatory court where he acts as judge, prosecutor and defender. Luke is sure he's done for when the string of witnesses, including his own family, don't pull any punches. Surprisingly enough, Tracy is the one who comes to Luke's rescue but he still isn't off the hook. Epiphany gets the news every parent fears: Her son Stan is dead. Jerry is privately pleased that things are working out the way he intended regardless of who gets hurt in the process. Although seemingly sincere in his desire to pursue a relationship, Ric may still be planning on taking advantage of Skye. Sonny is impressed when Kate goes to bat for him.

1/4- Carly desperately wants to have Jax's baby but her plans for romance are interrupted when she and Jax must deal with Michael, who got in a fight at school while defending Sonny. Jax is able to help get Michael to see fighting is wrong.  Elizabeth clashes with Sam and makes it clear she doesn't want Sam anywhere near her kids. Jason and Elizabeth are able to have their romantic rendezvous at the safe house after all. Looking to cause trouble, Sam tells Carly that Jake is Jason's son. Sonny and Kate are miserable being away from one another. Lulu is being held against her will--and the culprit is Jerry.  Alexis and Diane make unlikely seatmates when they're forced to endure each other as they wait for their plane to take off (they are heading to the Female Litigator of the Year awards, for which they are both nominated). As her patience wears thin, Diane takes her frustration out of the flight crew but Alexis surprisingly comes to her rescue. Unfortunately, the flight crew isn't happy with them and kicks them off the plane. Skye comes to Ric's rescue when he has his hands full babysitting Molly and Kristina. They grow closer and kiss, but Ric ruins the moment when he suggests the two use Skye's piers to become power players. Felicia and Mac find footprints in the police station that seem to match those of the Text Message Killer.

1/7- Clashing with Sam, Elizabeth warns her to stay away from her kids. Later, Jason and Elizabeth are able to have their romantic rendezvous at the safe house after all. Meanwhile, Sonny and Kate are miserable being away from one another.  Carly desperately wants to have Jax's baby. Unfortunately, Carly's plans for romance are interrupted when she and Jax have to deal with Michael, who got into a fight at school. Then, Sam drops a bombshell on Carly. At the same time, Lulu is held against her will.  Unlikely seatmates Alexis and Diane are forced to endure each other as they wait for their plane to take off. As her patience wears thin, Diane takes her frustration out on the flight crew. Surprisingly, Alexis comes to Diane's rescue. Soon, Diane and Alexis' situation gets a whole lot worse.  Skye comes to Ric's aid when he has his hands full babysitting Molly and Kristina. The two of them grow closer... until Ric ruins the moment.

January 8-15, 2008:  1/8, 1/9, 1/10, 1/11, 1/14, 1/15

1/8- Carly refuses to believe Sam's claim that Jason is Jake's father. Meanwhile, Jason and Elizabeth make the most of their time together at the safe house and are reluctant to return to their separate lives but know they must. Carly confronts Elizabeth and realizes that Sam was telling the truth after all. After dealing with Carly, Elizabeth lets Lucky know that Sam told Carly the truth about Jake. Carly confronts Jason about Jake being his son.  Skye sees the similarities between her and Ric and tells him she's scared by them. Although tempted to see what could develop between them, Skye decides to protect herself and walks away from Ric.  After getting kicked off the plane, a bickering Alexis and Diane set off for the award ceremony in Chicago in a rental car. The car breaks down and soon the two find themselves stranded in a biker bar in the middle of nowhere.  Trevor warns a defiant Johnny that they need to form an alliance with Mr. Moreau. Johnny has an unsettling visit with his father, who we see is slowly recovering from his paralysis.

1/9- Carly is deeply hurt that Jason kept her in the dark about being Jake's father, while so many other people knew the truth. Despite Jason's protests, Carly rants against Elizabeth. Elizabeth confronts Sam over all the trouble she's caused and leaves her with a warning. Sam is at Lucky's mercy as she tries to explain why she told Carly about Jake's true paternity. Skye shocks Ric by giving him control over Alcazar's piers. Skye announces she's leaving Port Charles. Diane and Alexis run into trouble at the biker bar but Diane takes control of the situation. Alexis is impressed. Alexis is stunned to learn Diane once killed someone.  Epiphany, still in mourning for her son, lashes out at her co-workers. Spinelli assures Epiphany that he and Jason will find Stan's killer. Tracy catches Luke trying to escape from the hospital, but stops him.

1/10- Patrick is forced to sedate Nikolas when he suffers another rage episode. However, Nikolas is calmed by Emily's presence. Carly throws down with Elizabeth, and the two go at it. Before storming off, Carly vows that she'll make sure Jason claims Jake as his own. Logan shocks Johnny with the news that Lulu is missing. Pretending to be Moreau, Jerry lets Johnny know that he holds Lulu's fate in his hands. With no other choice, Johnny has to team up with Logan to find Lulu. Meanwhile, Lulu makes a desperate call to Spinelli. After breaking into the now empty biker bar, Diane and Alexis discover that they have more in common than they realized.

1/11- Sonny wants Carly to mind her own business where Jason and Jake are concerned. Jason confronts Sam over telling Carly the truth about Jake. Sam defends her actions, recalling how much Jason has hurt her in the past. Jason warns Carly not to get involved in his situation with Jake. Jax tries to make time with Carly, but she's too focused on Jason. Elizabeth can't help but be touched when Lucky tells her he wants to make sure that Jake is always loved and safe, regardless of any problems between them. Cameron plays with some matches, starts a fire in the trash can, then runs out of the house. Elizabeth chases after him, then gets locked out--just as the living room catches on fire. Elizabeth freaks, because Jake is upstairs. Sonny can't stay away from Kate. Tracy tells Luke she's going to monitor his every moment to keep him alive. Skye says goodbye to the Quartermaines, Jax, and Luke. Skye helps Luke escape from the hospital, and the two share a poignant goodbye. Skye leaves Port Charles. A man and his pregnant wife are turned away from GH because they lack proper insurance. The man returns with his wife, demanding care--or he'll set off the bomb strapped to his chest.

1/14- Jason pays Anthony Zacchara a visit to try and determine if he's getting his sanity back. Zacchara, who clearly is not sane, claims he'll be mobile again and will come after Jason. Anthony also states he did not kill Emily. Trevor has no intention of letting Johnny call the shots. Spinelli finally shakes off the effects of the cold medicine and hears the message Lulu left for him. Having no other choice, Spinelli tells Logan and Johnny about Lulu's message as the three unlikely allies join forces to find her. A determined Lulu refuses to give up until she finds a way to free herself. Tracy covers her worry with anger when Luke goes missing from the hospital. She drowns her sorrows in alcohol, and Jax has to help her after she passes out. Jerry makes mysterious plans. As the flames spread, a frantic Elizabeth races to Jake after crashing through the window and saves her baby from the fire. In the process of the rescue, Elizabeth cuts herself. An arriving Jason takes off like a shot when he learns Elizabeth took Jake to the hospital. At GH, Sam tries to calm Joe, who's threatening to detonate the bomb strapped to his chest unless his wife Angie gets the treatment she needs.

1/15- As Joe remains a literal ticking time bomb at the hospital, Mayor Floyd manages to call Scott and orders him to take care of the situation discreetly. Scott brings Lucky in on the case and tells him to take Joe out. Lucky enters through a stairwell and prepares to shoot Joe. Meanwhile, Joe, suspicious of Jason, grabs Monica and puts his finger on the detonator. Jason and Sam realize that Joe's bomb will go off if he removes his finger from the button—just as Lucky prepares to shoot him. Leo tends to Elizabeth after she collapses from blood loss due to the cut on her leg. Leyla, and later Robin, don't pull any punches when they let Patrick know they think he's disrespectful of women. Even Emily's presence isn't enough to calm Nikolas during another one of his episodes in which he ends up pushing Robin, who falls and bangs her head. Patrick tells Robin he believes he can help Nikolas' condition if he gets a blood sample during a rage episode. When Robin questions how he'll do that, Patrick states his plan to provoke Nikolas. Nadine seems very intuitive where Nikolas is concerned. Sonny, who's breaking the restraining order by being in Manhattan, barely avoids detection when an overzealous cop arrives at Kate's door. In the aftermath of their road trip, Diane and Alexis have formed a newfound kinship of sorts. Ric informs Alexis that he's leaving town for a while to think things through and admits he doesn't know what he'll decide to do with the waterfront properties Skye gave him.

January 16-23, 2008:  1/16, 1/17, 1/18, 1/21, 1/22, 1/23

1/16- Sonny is pleased to see his old friend, Moose. Kate gives nothing away about her past in Bensonhurst when Moose comments on how familiar she looks. Once alone again, Sonny questions Kate's choice to keep quiet about her Bensonhurst past. Kate defends her choices, claiming they were necessary for her career. Sonny and Kate grow somewhat melancholic as they remember their youth together. The mood is lightened when Sonny challenges Kate to take her fortune from the mechanical fortune teller. Jax loses his patience with Carly over her obsession with trying to run Jason's life. Jax bares his soul when he tells Carly how much he wants to have a baby with her and she emotionally admits she wants the same. Jax and Carly make love. Trying to escape, Lulu makes her way into the catacombs at the monastery. A clever Spinelli ends up in the catacombs as well. Johnny finds an entrance to the tunnel from the outside and ends up coming face to face with Lulu after venturing inside. Lulu and Johnny -- suffering from a stab wound to the leg after falling on a bayonet -- find themselves trapped in a hidden room inside the catacombs. The hostage situation at the hospital is dissolved. We learn Monica has been secretly drinking. Nadine is able to calm Nikolas, who decides to admit himself to the hospital. Epiphany has a meltdown, finally breaking down over the loss of her son.

1/17- Sonny is pleased to see his old friend, Moose. Kate gives nothing away about her past in Bensonhurst when Moose comments on how familiar she looks. Once alone again, Sonny questions Kate's choice to keep quiet about her Bensonhurst past. Kate defends her choices, claiming they were necessary for her career. Sonny and Kate grow somewhat melancholic as they remember their youth together. The mood is lightened when Sonny challenges Kate to take her fortune from the mechanical fortune teller. Jax loses his patience with Carly over her obsession with trying to run Jason's life. Jax bares his soul when he tells Carly how much he wants to have a baby with her and she emotionally admits she wants the same. Jax and Carly make love. Trying to escape, Lulu makes her way into the catacombs at the monastery. A clever Spinelli ends up in the catacombs as well. Johnny finds an entrance to the tunnel from the outside and ends up coming face to face with Lulu after venturing inside. Lulu and Johnny -- suffering from a stab wound to the leg after falling on a bayonet -- find themselves trapped in a hidden room inside the catacombs. The hostage situation at the hospital is dissolved. We learn Monica has been secretly drinking. Nadine is able to calm Nikolas, who decides to admit himself to the hospital. Epiphany has a meltdown, finally breaking down over the loss of her son

1/18- Sonny surprises Kate when he takes her to the movie theater they used to go to when they were younger. Sonny and Kate each get caught up in their own memories of the past. Sonny proposes to Kate. Kelly tells Robin she's pregnant. In her quest to get her life back on track, Leyla decides to give into her physical urges and has sex with Patrick. Nikolas never wants Emily to leave him, even if he's the only one who can see her. Patrick tells Nikolas they've analyzed his bloodwork, and questions whether he has seen any visions no one else can see, as it's a symptom of his condition. Nikolas realizes he's speaking of Emily. Johnny momentarily lets his guard down in front of Lulu. Johnny and Lulu would give in to their feelings for one another but Johnny quickly realizes it wouldn't be the right thing to do. Spinelli, Logan and Lulu find themselves in hot water. Jerry feels the pressure from his business associate to get Alcazar's piers. Monica continues to secretly drink.

1/21- Lulu and Logan are held hostage on the Zacchara supply ship. Spinelli brings Jason up to speed on the situation, and Jason heads off to help. Meanwhile, Johnny sets the stage for a massive explosion on the ship, unaware that Lulu is onboard. Jason comes to Lulu and Logan's rescue in the nick of time. Johnny stays behind on the ship as Jason, Lulu and Logan take off. Lulu is horrified as she watches the ship explode in flames--with Johnny apparently still on board. Jerry's mysterious associate continues to put pressure on Jerry, wanting to make sure his shipment and Alcazar's piers are secured without incident. Robin realizes she's four weeks along, meaning Patrick is the father of her baby. Robin overhears Leo telling Patrick his HIV results--taken after his one night stand with Robin--are negative. Patrick speaks of never wanting children, making Robin not want to tell him the truth about the baby. Elizabeth has to stay in the hospital for a few days while recuperating from her leg wound. Lucky brings Cameron and Jake for a visit, while Jason watches and longs for his son from afar. Patrick tells Nikolas that his tumor can cause severe and very real hallucinations. Nikolas realizes this explains Emily's presence. Patrick and Robin explain Nikolas can be cured through surgery. Nikolas grapples with his terrible choice: Do nothing and die or seek treatment and lose Emily forever. Kate freaks out at Sonny's proposal and runs away. Upset, Sonny buys Fortunato's restaurant and then destroys it.

1/22- Lulu is worried about a still missing Johnny and fears he might have been killed in the explosion. Johnny resurfaces, but refuses to allow Lulu to contact either Jason or Trevor so she turns to Elizabeth for help. Lulu's fears resurface when she returns to find Johnny missing again. Trevor and Jason square off with neither man giving anything away. Sam and Lucky start to bridge the gap between them as she helps him with the boys. Carly clashes with Elizabeth over the situation with Jason and Jake. Jax wants Carly to stop meddling in affairs that don't concern her and leaves for Hawaii to attend to business over the new hotel they're opening. Jason insists that Carly stop attacking Elizabeth and claims he's made peace with the decision he's made. Elizabeth has Lulu deliver Jason's birthday present, which is a sketch she made of Jake. Elizabeth privately notes the growing bond between Lucky and Jake. While staring at his family's former home on Martha's Vineyard, Ric encounters Marianna and learns she looks after the vacant vacation home from time to time. Marianna senses Ric's sadness. Alexis puts Mayor Floyd in his place. Mac unleashes his pain and anger on Felicia and later discovers that the results of the DNA test from Georgie's murder investigation are missing. Alexis is attacked by an unseen assailant on the docks. Jerry is on shaky ground with the mystery man.

1/23- Nikolas doesn't want to be cured if it means he'll stop having visions of Emily. Nadine is very intuitive as to what Nikolas is experiencing as she reflects on the loss of someone she still loves. Sam attacks Alexis' assailant, who runs off before he or she can be recognized. Alexis realizes she had received a text message threatening both her and Sam. Logan's temper flares when Scott suspects he might have stolen the DNA test results from Georgie's murder investigation. Mac questions Coop about the missing file. Maxie is disappointed when Coop can't promise that he'll be free to see her later. Coop has the missing DNA test results in his hands. Alexis and Sam receive another chilling text message from the killer. Lulu tracks Johnny down at the now deserted Haunted Star and insists on helping him. Johnny admits he'd never be able to forgive himself if something happened to Lulu because of him. Trevor has ominous plans for Johnny. Lulu tends to Johnny as his fever grows worse and can't help but be affected by their close proximity. Jason and Elizabeth share an emotional reunion in her hospital room. The decision not to be a part of his son's life begins to weigh on Jason more and more. Ric remembers painful incidents from his past with Sonny as he stares at the house and becomes intrigued by Marianna. Trevor tracks Ric to Martha's Vineyard but doesn't make his presence known.

January 24-31, 2008:  1/24, 1/25, 1/28, 1/29, 1/30, 1/31

1/24- Although he knows Lulu is hiding Johnny on the Haunted Star, Logan refuses to expose her actions to Scott. Lulu is surprised to find Johnny is a skilled piano player. Lulu races into Johnny's arms when she gets the wrong idea about Logan. Coop seems anxious to get away from Port Charles and suggests he and Maxie leave on an impromptu road trip. Logan makes a surprising discovery in Coop's room. Elizabeth continues to be plagued by nightmares of the fire. Elizabeth advises a conflicted Robin. Robin fights tears when she overhears Patrick voicing his negative opinions about fatherhood. Sam and Lucky both want to see where things might lead between them. Jerry, as Mr. Moreau, puts the screws to Trevor. Ric is pleasantly surprised to find Marianna working as a waitress in the local diner but not so happy when Trevor arrives. Trevor tries to strong arm Ric into signing the piers over to him and sees red when Ric refuses. Ric continues to be charmed by Marianna. Jason catches Michael trying to get his hands on Sonny's gun and makes it clear that kind of behavior won't be tolerated. A hidden Jason watches as Michael returns to make another attempt for the gun and is deeply concerned.

1/25- Johnny disabuses Lulu of her notion that Logan sold them out to Scott, claiming Logan is too in love with her to rat her out. Although clearly smitten by her, Johnny won't act on his certainty that Lulu would be better off with him than Logan. Coop maintains his innocence when Logan confronts him with the incriminating DNA test results. Coop has a brief exchange with an enigmatic Daniel at Kelly's and later stands up to Jerry. Maxie makes a horrifying discovery. Michael purchases a gun. Jason has his hands full when Kate and then Carly arrive looking for a missing Sonny. Kate evades when Carly wonders why Sonny would take her to Bensonhurst but ends up revealing that Sonny proposed to her. Carly angrily rips into Kate, who beats a hasty retreat. Jason throws Carly's own behavior back in her face. Kate comes face to face with Sonny. Ian Devlin, a newly arrived doctor at the hospital, quickly gets the attention of the nurses. Lucky leaves Sam to look after Jake when he's called away on a police matter. Elizabeth's blood boils when she returns home to find Jake in Sam's arms.

1/28- Jason and Mike react to Maxie's screams coming from Coop's room. They find Coop hanging from the rafters, apparently having killed himself. The police find the missing forensics report in Coop's pocket and jump to the logical conclusion that Coop was the Text Message Killer. Jason, however, remains skeptical that Coop committed suicide or is actually the killer. A distraught Maxie is certain that Coop is innocent. Elizabeth faces off with Sam when she finds her alone with Jake. Elizabeth threatens to expose all of Sam's lies to Lucky but suddenly grows weaker as her wound begins to bleed again. Lucky takes Elizabeth back to the hospital but it's clear she isn't through with Sam yet. Monica continues to secretly drink and is stunned when Tracy serves her with papers suing her for malpractice for Luke's botched surgery. Tracy and Monica's confrontation gets physical as the rest of the hospital staff looks on in shock. Kate demands to have her say and her and Sonny's argument turns heated as each hurls painful truths at the other. Sonny fights the urge to go after Kate when she closes the door and walks away. Trevor is confident he'll be able to keep Johnny under his control. A mystery woman appears to be headed to Port Charles. Ric shares his dilemma about what to do with Alcazar's piers—specifically, should he give them to his father Trevor--with a sympathetic Marianna.

1/29- Jason continues to have doubts that Coop was the Text Message Killer as the authorities close the books on the case. Maxie demands that Spinelli help her prove Coop's innocence and find out who really killed Georgie. Spinelli starts to form a theory about the killer after Maxie confides in him how she met Coop during the hostage crisis. Alexis tries not to let Jerry get to her but finds herself flustered nonetheless. Elizabeth refuses to accept Sam's offer to call a truce between them. Sam insists she has genuinely fallen in love with Lucky but Elizabeth remains adamant in her stance that Sam will never spend time alone with Jake or Cameron. Lucky overhears Elizabeth and Sam's argument and later asks Elizabeth to tell him what else Sam has been keeping from him. Knowing the affect it will have on Patrick, Leyla accepts Ian's invitation to join him for a drink. Nadine, Regina, Kelly and Lainey can't stop themselves from gossiping about Leyla and Ian when everyone ends up at Jake's. Patrick accuses Robin of being obsessed with having a baby. In a moment of anger, Robin stuns Patrick with the news that she's already pregnant. The Quatermaine mansion becomes a battleground when Monica evicts Tracy from the house with Edward's blessing. Tracy is appalled to learn all her assets have been frozen when she tries to get a room at the Metro Court. Monica turns to alcohol to try and numb the pain she feels over her losses.

1/30- Kate seeks the advice of Alexis and Diane, who both agree that she shouldn't be with Sonny. Try as she might, Kate can't stay away from Sonny. A bitter Sonny dismisses Kate when she tries to make amends with him. Carly and Jax have baby making on their minds but Carly is a bit too anxious for her own good. Jason and Sonny don't see eye to eye where Johnny is concerned. Jason warns Sonny that Michael could be headed for trouble. Sam confides in Alexis that she's falling in love with Lucky. Meanwhile, Elizabeth reluctantly tells Lucky of Sam's deception. Sam anticipates a romantic evening with Lucky as she remains blissfully unaware that he now knows the truth about her misdeeds. Lucky resists the temptation to fall back into old habits. Patrick is stunned to learn that Robin is pregnant. As news of her pregnancy spreads, Robin maintains the lie that Patrick isn't the father.

1/31- Jason wants Carly to keep her guard up as he believes the killer may still be out there. Michael is determined to protect Carly as he looks at the gun he bought. After getting examined by Kelly, an emotional Carly is distracted while driving back home. Needing to be with each other, Jason and Elizabeth make plans to meet up at the safe house but Elizabeth can barely keep her eyes open while driving there in the rain. Monica and Tracy's war escalates as Tracy reveals Monica has been suspended from the hospital. Monica gets behind the wheel of her car as she continues to drink. Lucky throws Sam's lies in her face and sends her packing. A disbelieving Lucky dismisses Sam when she later calls to tell him that the killer sent her a threatening text message. The killer attacks Sam, who manages to flee but ends up in the way of an oncoming car. After having sex, Claudia reads Sonny like a book before slipping off into the night. Kate opens up to Jax as she confesses the truth about her past as Connie Falconari. We learn Claudia is a Zacchara--Anthony's daughter and Johnny's sister.

February 1-8, 2008:  2/1, 2/4, 2/5, 2/6, 2/7, 2/8

2/1- Jason wants Carly to keep her guard up as he believes the killer may still be out there. Michael is determined to protect Carly as he looks at the gun he bought. After getting examined by Kelly, an emotional Carly is distracted while driving back home. Needing to be with each other, Jason and Elizabeth make plans to meet up at the safe house but Elizabeth can barely keep her eyes open while driving there in the rain. Monica and Tracy's war escalates as Tracy reveals Monica has been suspended from the hospital. Monica gets behind the wheel of her car as she continues to drink. Lucky throws Sam's lies in her face and sends her packing. A disbelieving Lucky dismisses Sam when she later calls to tell him that the killer sent her a threatening text message. The killer attacks Sam, who manages to flee but ends up in the way of an oncoming car. Robin, feeling guilty about lying to Patrick, tells Liz she thinks he's stalking her. After having sex, Claudia reads Sonny like a book before slipping off into the night. Kate opens up to Jax as she confesses the truth about her past as Connie Falconari. We learn Claudia is a Zacchara - Anthony's daughter and Johnny's sister.

2/4- Lucky admits to Lulu he doesn't think he can forgive Sam's deception and admits he's not quite over Liz. As the rain falls, Sam darts into the road in her desperate attempt to escape her attacker. She is hit by an oncoming car. Monica is a nervous wreck after an incident on the road and tries to cover the fact she's been drinking while driving after returning to the hospital. Monica later makes a call claiming that her car has been stolen. Did she hit Sam? Jason is relieved when Elizabeth finally makes it to the safe house, but something is clearly troubling her.
     Patrick, Ian and Robin are concerned to learn Nikolas left the hospital and went for a drive in the condition he's in. A tortured Nikolas seeks comfort from Emily. Nikolas remembers encountering something on the road. Did he hit Sam? Robin is not thrilled that Ian is on Nikolas's case.
     Claudia is reunited with her father, Anthony, and quickly sets out to prove she's now a force to be reckoned with. Claudia tells Trevor and Anthony she's back to take control of everything, and will kill them if necessary. Sonny is thrown for a loop when Kate reveals she told Jax the entire truth about her past as Connie Falconari. Sonny's angry that she's just deciding to be open now, but couldn't days earlier when they were in Brooklyn. He wants nothing to do with Kate, but she won't take no for an answer, revealing that she's making Port Charles her permanent residence. When Carly returns home, she's angry to find Kate and Jax together. Carly later confesses to Jax that she believes she hit something while driving. Was it Sam? Lulu happens upon Sonny seemingly poised to shoot Johnny.

2/5- Sam's attacker leaves her seemingly lifeless body on the roadside. Alexis is disappointed when Lucky tells her that he's ended things with Sam. Lucky and Alexis get word that Jerry found a badly injured Sam on the roadside and has taken her to the hospital. An emotional Carly confesses to Jax that she might have scraped up the car a little bit while driving home in the rain. Jax is overjoyed when Carly tells him that she's pregnant. Ian rubs Robin the wrong way when he takes it upon himself to join her and Patrick on Nikolas' case. Patrick defends Robin to Ian. Elizabeth relishes the time she and Jason are able to spend together but later has a disturbing dream. Tracy tries to stir up trouble for Monica, who tells the police that her car has been stolen. Jerry spies on Maxie and Spinelli as they search Coop's room. Spinelli and Maxie wonder how Logan's dog tags ended up in Coop's room. Lulu watches in horror as a brazen Johnny dares Sonny to shoot him. Sonny leaves Johnny with a warning and later pays a visit to Anthony. Lulu tends to Logan, who claims he hurt his side in a bar fight. Ric tries to get closer to Marianna and they end up in a kiss. 

2/6- Alexis sits vigil by an unconscious Sam's side at the hospital and wonders what kind of person could have run her daughter over and then just drive away. Jason finds evidence that Elizabeth must have hit something with her car when she fell asleep at the wheel, while Elizabeth privately freaks that she may have hit Sam. She visits the unconscious Sam and questions aloud if she could have hit Sam just as Sam opens her eyes. A guilt-ridden Lucky puts himself in charge of the investigation into Sam's hit and run. Luke walks in on a romantic moment between Lulu and Logan and gets into it with Logan. Logan gives a paean to how wonderful Lulu is. Lulu believes Logan is being sincere when he voices his feelings for her. Monica gets the news that the police found her stolen car. Tracy remains suspicious of Monica and the possibility she's drinking. Trevor steams when Claudia asserts her authority and makes it clear that she's calling the shots. Claudia reaches out to Johnny. She warns him not to fall in love, because it can destroy a person. Ric and Marianna wake up together after a night of lovemaking. Marianna is clearly troubled after getting a disturbing phone call from a mysterious party she's working for.

2/7- Sonny has memories of his night with Claudia. Claudia orders Trevor to arrange a meeting with the five families and privately regrets not having been able to be there for Johnny when they were younger. Sonny lays down the law to a growingly defiant Michael. Elizabeth is shaken after her encounter with Sam. Sam calls out for Lucky, who doesn't readily accept her story about being attacked by the killer. However, he remains determined to find the person who was driving the car that mowed her down. Fearing the worst, Elizabeth seeks comfort in Jason's arms. Logan becomes frustrated and angry as he accuses Lulu of sending him mixed signals. Lulu walks out after her heated exchange with Logan and ends up at the Haunted Star, where she encounters Johnny. Tracy refuses to live in the memories of Laura's shadow and calls it quits with Luke. Nadine encourages Nikolas to embrace the time he has left with his visions of Emily.

2/8- Trevor cautions Claudia that she's getting in over her head by calling for a meeting of the five families. Claudia remains confident that she knows what she's doing. Carly and Claudia cross paths at the Metro Court and hit it off. At the five families meeting, Claudia arrives and instantly recognizes Sonny from their one night stand. The two are stunned to realize they're from warring mob families. Marianna grows closer to Ric, but we learn she's secretly working for Ric's father, Trevor.
    Sam is pained by Lucky's disappointment in her and later confides to Maxie that the Text Message Killer is still on the loose. Elizabeth confesses to Jason that she fears she might have been the person who ran Sam down with her car. Jason turns to Spinelli to figure out exactly what happened on the night of Sam's accident. Logan is filled with rage as he secretly watches Lulu and Johnny sharing a kiss. Mike catches Michael buying bullets on the docks.

2/11- Sonny and Claudia are equally blindsided to see each other again. Claudia quickly asserts herself as the head of the Zacchara organization at the meeting of the Five Families. Claudia makes it clear that she won't be taken lightly as she deftly holds her own during the meeting. Sonny and Claudia prove to be worthy adversaries as they both set their sights on getting their hands on Alcazar's piers. Meanwhile, Trevor puts the screws to a tortured Marianna when he demands that she steal the deed to the piers from Ric.
    Sam awakens to find the Text Message Killer looming over her but he/she merely leaves her with a frightening taunt. Sam becomes angry when Lucky doesn't readily believe her claim that the killer paid her another visit. Not willing to accept that he still poses a possible threat, Alexis defends Jerry to Diane. Spinelli finds himself discombobulated by his close proximity to Maxie while they hold a stakeout in their continued quest to unmask the Text Message Killer. Elizabeth returns home with Jake and Cameron for the first time since the fire and privately fears she might have caused Sam's accident. Nikolas confesses to Elizabeth that he thinks its possible that he ran Sam over with his car.

February 11-18, 2008:  2/11, 2/12, 2/13, 2/14, 2/15, 2/18

2/12- Lucky admits to Alexis, Mac and Scott that Sam claimed the killer was after her the night of her accident. Scott has his own private concerns as he tries to dismiss the possibility that the killer is still on the loose. Jason tries to question Carly about the night of Sam's accident. Michael eavesdrops as Carly voices her fears about the killer to Jason. Michael's actions could place Morgan in jeopardy.
    Elizabeth is wracked with guilt over the thought that she's the one who ran over Sam. Jason asks Monica point blank if she hit Sam with her car. Luke fails miserably in his attempt to broker peace between Monica and Tracy. Epiphany allows herself to grieve for Stan after receiving the urn containing his ashes. Robin breaks down in Mac's arms as she forces herself to accept the fact Patrick will never be the man she wants him to be. Logan pours his heart out to Lulu when he apologizes for coming on too strong and admits he's bothered by her closeness to Johnny. 

2/13- Wanting to get back in the game, Luke goes to Sonny looking for a job but gets turned down for his own good. Claudia puts Trevor in his place and plans on dealing with Sonny. After a chance encounter at Jake's, Luke leaves Claudia frustrated when he fails to tell her what she wants to know about Sonny. Luke warns Claudia that anyone who goes after Sonny's family surely has a death wish of their own. Claudia approaches Jason at Jake's. Jax tries to draw out Kate, who comes to a decision and ends up at Sonny's office. A guilty Elizabeth stops herself from telling Lucky she believes she's the person who ran Sam down. Lucky and Elizabeth clash when he becomes certain that Jason knows more about Sam's accident than he's letting on. Sam can't hide her bitterness when Jason tries to question her about her accident.
    Diane reaches out to Alexis as a friend when she drops by the lake house. The Text Message Killer plans on making Alexis his next victim. Diane takes action when Alexis sees someone lurking outside and ends up conking Mayor Floyd over the head by mistake. Kristina screams out in terror when she sees the killer through the window. Sonny confronts Michael after Mike tips him off that he caught Michael buying bullets. Epiphany suffers a heart attack.

2/14- A traumatized Kristina completely shuts down after having spotted the Text Message Killer through the window at the lake house. Lucky and his team find no trace of the killer but Alexis and Diane remain convinced he had been outside. Claudia gets no where with Jason after she challenges him to a game of pool at Jake's. Kate believes she and Sonny are far from through. Claudia arrives to witness Kate pulling Sonny into a kiss. Claudia wants to make a deal with Sonny, who warns her to stay away from Kate. Jax and Carly look forward to having a baby of their own. Carly and Robin learn of each others pregnancy. Jax arranges a special Valentine's Day surprise for Carly.
    Sam antagonizes Elizabeth at the hospital. After speaking with Jason, Elizabeth is more certain than ever that she's the person who ran Sam down. A down and out Tracy wants nothing to do with Luke when she finds him working and living at Kelly's. Tracy shoots Luke down when he proposes they team up to prove whether or not Monica hit Sam with her car. 

2/15- Jason leaves Claudia fuming when he rejects her once again. Claudia learns Sonny is brother to Ric, the DA, and that Ric is Trevor's son. Jason realizes who Claudia is (the new head of the Zacchara mob) after seeing a newspaper photo of her. Claudia arrives at Sonny's office with seduction on her mind. Sonny and Kate wonder what the future might hold for them, or even if they have a future together at all. Jax and Carly are concerned over Michael's increasingly troubled behavior when he overreacts after finding them in his room. Michael leaves the house with his gun and would dispose of it on the docks but the gun goes off with Kate and Carly in close proximity. Sonny and Alexis worry for Kristina, who remains unresponsive after seeing the Text Message Killer.
    Sam starts to grow suspicious of Elizabeth's role in her accident. Nikolas begins to remember more about the night Emily was killed. He tells Elizabeth that someone else was there the night she was killed. Nikolas collapses. Ian has some information for Maxie that seems to implicate Logan as the killer. Spinelli reluctantly admits to an angry Lulu that he and Maxie believe Logan could be the Text Message Killer. Lulu snoops in Logan's room and finds a black mask and gloves just as Logan walks in.

2/18- Logan appears to be guilty of murder but he maintains his innocence as he tries to convince Lulu that he gathered the incriminating evidence she found in order to frame Johnny for the killings to get him out of the picture and away from her. While attempting to dispose of his gun, Michael accidentally drops it and ends up shooting Kate. With Sonny's previous warning ringing in his ears, a scared Michael hides out on a cargo ship. Sonny turns to ice when a seductive Claudia makes a veiled threat against Kate. After being rejected and humiliated by Sonny, Claudia comes across a seemingly lifeless Kate and does nothing to help her. Sonny fears the worst when he finds Kate unconscious and bleeding.
     Nikolas goes into convulsions as he begins to remember more about the night Emily was murdered. Ian takes a keen interest in Nikolas' case and clashes with Patrick and Robin in the process. A sympathetic Nadine tries to coax Nikolas into remembering more and urges him to ask the vision of Emily that he sees into telling him what really happened.

February 19-26, 2008:  2/19, 2/20, 2/21, 2/22, 2/25, 2/26

2/19- Sonny insists to Jason that the Zaccharas are responsible for Kate's shooting. Sonny refuses to leave an unconscious Kate's side as she's taken to the hospital. Leo warns Sonny that Kate's condition is critical as he prepares to operate on her. Sonny's words about the danger they bring to others resonates deeply with Jason. Logan is desperate to convince Lulu of his innocence. Johnny kicks down Logan's door when Lulu cries out after whacking Logan in the head with a wrench. Everyone, including Scott, assumes that Logan is the Text Message Killer. Ric's kindness towards Marianna only intensifies the guilt she feels for working against him. Jerry schemes to get his hands on Ric's piers and calls Ric with the news about Kristina's breakdown. Marianna gets her hands on the deed to the piers but ends up giving them back to Ric. Marianna is in jeopardy from a menacing Randy. Nadine urges Nikolas to let Emily help him remember what happened on the night Emily was murdered. Nikolas fears he'll lose Emily all over again if he remembers what really happened to her. Emily is horrified when she begins to relive her own murder. Ian presents Nikolas with an intriguing proposition when he offers to secretly treat him with an experimental drug.

2/20- A returning Ric rescues Marianna from an abusive Randy. Marianna relates her tale of abuse to a sympathetic Ric and fears she could be deported. Ric promises to do everything in his power to help Marianna, who makes the brave decision to leave with him. Lulu defends Johnny when a lethal Sonny accuses him of shooting Kate. Sonny races off after learning that Kate has taken a turn for the worse in the operating room. Jax and Sonny clash over Kate. Sonny confronts Trevor with murder in his eyes, curious if he's responsible for Kate's condition. Claudia is left baffled over her father's delusional outburst. Lulu fears she might have killed Logan while Patrick does his best to try and save his life. Maxie takes her anger out on Lulu and makes it clear she wants Logan dead. Maxie later enters Logan's room and hovers over him. Johnny is incredulous when Lulu begins to have doubts about Logan's guilt. Tracy knows Luke is up to his old tricks but ends up being pleasantly surprised when he presents her with the clothes Monica was wearing the night of Sam's accident. 

2/21- Maxie is ready to pull the plug on Logan but memories of Coop make her stop herself. Mac and Spinelli are concerned for Maxie. Lulu gets closer with Johnny but still has conflicted feelings for Logan, who remains unconscious in the hospital. Things heat up between Johnny and Lulu. Nikolas contemplates taking Ian up on his treatment offer as he waits and hopes that Emily will return to him. Carly tells Jason she's pregnant but her happy mood changes when he brings up Sam's accident. Sonny sits vigil with Kate, who remains in serious condition after the surgery for her gunshot wound. Claudia and Anthony form an uneasy alliance. Carly panics when Max tells her and Jason that Michael appears to be missing. A frightened Michael wakes up on the cargo ship. Sonny vows to make whoever shot Kate pay with their life. The Text Message Killer is still on the loose.

2/22- Lucky and Sam can't get past their differences. Sam returns home from the hospital to find the Text Message Killer. After a struggle, the killer unmasks themselves. It's Diego Alcazar! Meanwhile, Jerry alerts Jason to some strange activities with Alcazar's funds. Jax does his best to calm Carly, who is frantic with worry over a missing Michael. Sonny grows convinced that there's a connection between Kate's shooting and Michael's disappearance. A lethal Sonny tracks down Johnny, convinced he played a role in the unfortunate events. Claudia trades threats with Trevor, who tells her he's the head of the Zacchara family and tells her to back off. Lulu and Johnny wake up in each others arms on the Haunted Star. Johnny helps Lulu deal with her self-doubt as she criticizes herself for trusting Logan, a potential killer. Johnny wants to take Lulu on a real date. Ric asks Elizabeth to come over to tend to the wounds Marianna suffered at the hands of Randy. Ric wishes Elizabeth could see that he's trying to change for the better. Trevor confronts Marianna just as Ric walks in. 

2/25- Sonny and Claudia are in a deadly standoff as he demands answers about Michael. Claudia, however, has other things on her mind as she makes another attempt at seduction. After toying with her, Sonny leaves Claudia in a rage when Jason arrives. Michael contacts Carly but their call is cut short. Carly is hit with abdominal pains while talking with Jason. Johnny is grabbed by two thugs and knocked unconscious. Lulu begins to have doubts about Logan's guilt and fears she might have attacked him for no reason. Alexis' curiosity is piqued when Kate accidentally calls her Olivia. Kate can barley cover her unease when Alexis questions her about Olivia. Trevor realizes Marianna has feelings for Ric as he continues to threaten her into getting him the deeds to the piers. Diego, the Text Message Killer, menaces Sam as he explains how he survived his gunshot wound and is now taking revenge by killing all the women who are important to Sonny and Jason. After tying her up, Diego drags Sam towards the door just as Maxie arrives outside. 

2/26- Luck is on Maxie's side when she ends up walking away from Sam's without encountering Diego (The Text Message Killer). Diego takes Sam hostage in his warehouse lair. Carly's abdominal pains turn out to be nothing more than cramps brought on by the stress of Michael's disappearance. Claudia pays a cryptic visit to Kate, who suddenly takes a turn for the worse. Sonny enters and warns Claudia away. He leaves her with an ominous warning about Johnny. Scott attacks Spinelli for falsely accusing Logan and presents him with proof of Logan's innocence. Spinelli shares this with Maxie. Robin can barely contain her emotions when she's around Patrick, as he still doesn't know he's the father of her unborn child. Patrick stuns Robin with his compassion when he arranges for Angie to be treated at General Hospital and reveals he posted bail for her husband, Joe. Elizabeth continues to fear she's responsible for Sam's hit and run. Epiphany, still recovering from her heart attack, mourns the loss of her son. 

February 27 - March 5, 2008:  2/27, 2/28, 2/29, 3/3, 3/4, 3/5

2/27- Sonny is holding Johnny captive in a padded room at an abandoned psychiatric clinic. Claudia wants to make a deal with Jason and warns him there'll be hell to pay if Sonny does anything to Johnny. Maxie and Spinelli realize that Coop left a clue about the Text Message Killer before he died. Sam is chilled when Diego reveals his murderous plans. Diego later plants explosives in the warehouse. Sam makes a desperate attempt to escape the warehouse room Diego has her locked in but he's one step ahead of her. Elizabeth arrives at Sam's just as Diego is leaving. Scott accosts Lulu for what she did to Logan. Nadine is alarmed when she comes across Nikolas passed out in the park. Nikolas asks Nadine to help him get to Wyndemere and is ready relive the night of the murder with Emily. Nikolas remembers seeing Diego strangle Emily to death as he suffers through watching Emily die once again. Epiphany balks when Leo and Cassius take her to a "Go Red for Women" meeting of female heart attack survivors at Kelly's and abruptly walks out. Monica, Cassius and Leo won't let Epiphany off the hook and she returns to the group ready to take on a new challenge. 

2/28- Sonny is surprised to find Mike in Kate's hospital room. Mike gives Sonny sage advice about forgiveness. Michael takes refuge in a cabin where he encounters a craggy old woman named Peg. Jax tries to comfort a distraught Carly, who's grateful he put his private investigators on the search for Michael. Nikolas tells Jason he remembered seeing Diego strangle Emily. Diego has an unconscious Elizabeth handcuffed in his car with Sam bound and gagged in the trunk when Max approaches. After trading gunfire, a masked Diego hits Max with his car as he makes his escape. Elizabeth attacks Diego, causing him to crash the car and they end up in a very precarious situation. Ian alerts Patrick and Robin to the fact that one of their patients has been taking counterfeit prescription drugs as they race to try and head off a tragedy. Maxie and Spinelli's search for the killer leads then into the sewer tunnels beneath the city. A worried Lulu goes looking for Johnny but finds Claudia instead. 


3/3- Jason comes upon Diego (The Text Message Killer) and the two struggle, but Diego escapes. Jason manages to rescue Liz from the car, but it goes over the edge with Sam apparently trapped inside. Trevor doesn't disabuse Sonny of the notion that he and Claudia are responsible for Michael's disappearance. Claudia vows to destroy Sonny if he does anything to hurt Johnny. Although she tries to hide it, Kate is left rattled when Claudia informs her that she and Sonny slept together. Patrick tries to grasp the fact that he's the father of Robin's unborn baby. Patrick wants to be part of the baby's life, but Robin doesn't want him involved. Maxie grows increasingly agitated when she and Spinelli become trapped underground in the sewer system Spinelli gets information on his computer that indicates account activity for Alcazar but only Diego or Alcazar, who are both "dead," have access.

3/4- Lucky grabs Sam and manages to pull her to safety in the nick of time before she falls to a certain death. Patrick has a grim prognosis for Jason after he's taken to the hospital: If he doesn't get risky surgery, he may not be able to grip anything again. Carly surprises Sonny with the news of her pregnancy. Peg urges Michael to call his family. Nadine and Nikolas don't see eye to eye as they canvas the warehouse in their quest to catch Diego. Nikolas unknowing puts Nadine in peril when he angrily walks away from her. Nikolas suffers severe head pains as Nadine calls out for help while trying to fight off the killer. Diego sets the next phase of his deadly scheme in motion as Nikolas grabs him from behind. Spinelli and Maxie are surprisingly real and honest with each other as they try to free themselves from the sewer system. Maxie ends up getting stuck when she tries to crawl through an opening in one of the grates. Patrick and Robin part on bad terms. Epiphany arrives back to work. Patrick teases Ian about losing his mojo, so Ian counters by making out with Leyla.

3/5- Nikolas fights with Diego (the Text Message Killer), who has planted several bombs throughout the warehouse. Spinelli and Maxie manage to escape from the sewer and search the warehouse for Nadine when they realize she could be in danger. Diego begins to choke Maxie. Nikolas imagines seeing Emily instead of Maxie as Maxie does her best to fight off Diego. Diego knocks Nikolas unconscious, but Emily urges her prince to wake up and fight back. Nikolas arises and when Diego tries to run, he falls off the catwalk and accidentally hangs himself. Patrick cautions Jason that there is no guarantee that he'll regain full use of his hands but promises to call in the best surgeons for his operation. Sonny continues to hold Johnny captive as Johnny denies any knowledge of Michael's disappearance or Kate's shooting. Scott riles Luke when he clashes with Lulu. Sam is puzzled by Ian's behavior - he flirts with her, but backs off when she flirts back. Ian later finds a prostitute that looks like Sam and hires her. Randy makes his way to Port Charles as Ric and Marianna grow closer. 

March 6-13, 2008:  3/6, 3/7, 3/10, 3/11, 3/12, 3/13

3/6- A seductive Claudia wants to make a deal with Sonny: Sex for Johnny's safety. Sonny rejects her, so Claudia warns him she'll declare war on him if Johnny is hurt. Carly faces off with Elizabeth over Jason and his injury. Patrick asks Elizabeth point blank if Jason is Jake's father. Nikolas is desperate to find Nadine and conjures up Emily to help him. Emily asks Nikolas to have the surgery he needs for her sake, even though it may mean he'll never see visions of her again. Marianna can't shake her sense that something bad is going to happen when Ric takes her to look at the cannery he holds the deed to. Ric inadvertently sets one of the hidden bombs on the course for detonation in the abandoned cannery. Cassius presses Spinelli to start investigating Stanford's murder. Spinelli begins and believes he's found a clue: A copy of "The Island of Dr. Moreau." Could this lead Spinelli to Jerry? Meanwhile, Jerry meets with his mysterious partner. Spinelli comforts Maxie when she's overcome with emotion at Georgie's grave. Kate unburdens herself to Jax about Sonny sleeping with Claudia.

3/7- Alexis refuses to sit back and accept Nikolas' decision not to have the surgery that will save his life. Emily appears to Nikolas and insists he face the truth and stop living a fantasy. Alexis calls for help when she returns to find Nikolas collapsed on the floor. Patrick shares his vulnerability with Elizabeth as he ponders his impending fatherhood. Robin lays down the law to Patrick where her baby is concerned. Lulu is filled with guilt over Logan's condition but is still anxious to contact Johnny. A captive Johnny passes the time in his padded cell by composing music with Lulu in mind. Claudia turns to her father to try and get what she wants. Jax is wary over Jerry's sudden about face concerning going into business together. Marianna is a savior at Kelly's when Mike is overwhelmed by customers. Randy secretly keeps a close eye on Ric and Marianna. Sam doesn't think her and Lucky can ever regain what they once had. Kate points out Sonny's pattern of repeating the same mistakes over and over again, then is hit with severe chest pains.

3/10- Lucky overhears Elizabeth and Jason discussing the fact that she believes she's the person who ran Sam down with her car. Jason isn't convinced Elizabeth is guilty and begs her not to go to the police with her confession. Nikolas is rushed to the hospital after collapsing and is desperate to see Emily before being taken into surgery. Nikolas would rather die than lose his visions of Emily. Sonny grows more and more irrational as he remains convinced that Trevor has Michael. Sonny warns Johnny that he'll kill him if Michael isn't home within the next 24 hours. Trevor discovers where Sonny is holding Johnny. Lulu holds her ground with Scott as she sits by a comatose Logan's side. Scott sees red when he finds Lulu talking to Johnny on the phone after he managed to call her. Ric sends Randy packing when the latter threatens Marianna. Peg comforts Michael when he breaks down over what he did (accidentally shooting Kate). Robin reiterates to Patrick she doesn't want him to have anything to do with the baby. We learn Ian is the mysterious partner that Jerry has been meeting with

3/11- Trevor makes no effort to come to Johnny's aid as Sonny menaces him. Sonny takes his frustration out on Jason. Sonny walks into the lion's den when he goes to confront Trevor at the Zacchara mansion. Elizabeth and Marianna strike up an easy friendship when they encounter each other at Kelly's. Ric credits Marianna for making him believe he can be a better man. Scott accuses Lulu of deliberately hurting Logan in order to get revenge. As Patrick and the others work to save him, Nikolas longs to stay by Emily's side. Emily forces Nikolas to accept the fact that he must get the surgery because Spencer needs him. Still, Nikolas fears he'll lose his visions of Emily forever if he gets his tumor removed. Getting violent, the medical team tries to sedate him and Nikolas ends up kicking Robin. Lucky doesn't tell Sam about overhearing Elizabeth's confession to Jason.

3/12- A scalpel yielding Nikolas holds everyone in the operating room at bay as he flies into one of his rages. Nadine understands what Nikolas is feeling and only pretends to inject him with a sedative in front of the others. Nikolas agrees to let Ian secretly treat him with an experimental drug. Sam doesn't know what to make of Ian. Patrick displays some paternal qualities when he insists Robin get examined by Kelly after being kicked in the stomach by Nikolas. Although she loves him, Robin pushes Patrick away when claims he wants to be in his child's life. Johnny composes music with Lulu in mind but it's later taken from him as he remains Sonny's hostage. Claudia faces off with Sonny and demands to know where her brother is. Maxie impresses Spinelli when she deduces that Michael had been on a certain supply ship. Sonny goes into denial when Jason states his theory that Michael might have been the person who shot Kate. Sonny is forced to consider the possibility that Michael ran away after Bugs and J.T. admit they sold Michael a gun.

3/13- Claudia throws down with Trevor, then visits Ric. Alexis is surprised by the positive changes she sees in Ric as he talks about Marianna. Marianna stands up to Trevor, who threatens Ricif Marianna doesn't deliver the property deed he wants. Marianna comes face to face with her abusive ex, Randy. Sonny assures Carly that he'll bring Michael home. Carly surprises Sonny when she tells him that Kate knows he was unfaithful. Peg urges Michael to do the right thing and go home. Lucky confronts Jason about the confession he overheard Elizabeth make (that she's convinced she was the person responsible for Sam's hit and run). Jason asks Lucky to give him a little more time to investigate other suspects. Patrick tells Jason that his best chance for a complete recovery lay with a specialist in Seattle and wants Jason to go there as soon as possible. Elizabeth is saddened over the thought of Jason leaving. Tracy confronts Monica with the clothes she was wearing on the night of Sam's accident and the two women duke it out at the hospital. Fortunately, it's only Spinelli's pride that takes a beating after he's stripped of his clothes while snooping on the supply ship in his quest to locate Michael. He calls Maxie for help, and she sees him in a new light. Spinelli discovers that Diego had planted several hidden bombs but can't crack the code to locate them.

March 14-21, 2008:  3/14, 3/17, 3/18, 3/19, 3/20, 3/21

3/14- Kate understands why Sonny had a one night stand with Claudia and forgives him. Michael contacts Carly and insists she come alone to meet him at the abandoned cannery. Carly is flooded with emotion when Michael runs into her arms. Michael confesses to Carly to having accidentally shot Kate and explains why he felt he had to run away. Claudia believes that together, she and Ric could be a force to be reckoned with but he doesn't take the bait. Claudia tells Sonny that she's taking out Trever and will trade the Zacchara shipping lanes for Johnny. Trevor has a sniper fire at Claudia, but he ends up hitting one of Diego's explosive devices instead. Michael, Carly, Sonny, Claudia, Ric and Marianna are all in the cannery when it explodes. Sam feels like she's lost everything when she learns she's been fired from Everyday Heroes. Lucky questions Elizabeth about her belief that she ran Sam down with her car. Sam is in disbelief when she hears Lucky telling Elizabeth that he'll try to convince Sam not to press charges against her. Lulu pours out her heart as she tells Scott exactly what Logan means to her. Luke turns murderous when he overhears Scott confess to Lulu that he killed Rick Webber and let Laura take the blame.

3/17- Everyone deals with the aftermath of the explosion. Johnny heroically saves Michael from the wreckage. Sonny is floored to learn that Carly and Michael were in the building when the bomb went off. Sonny goes on a mission to try and find Carly but discovers Claudia instead. Jax and Jerry team up to locate Carly. Carly goes in and out of consciousness after haven fallen through the warehouse floor and ending up in the water below. Ric tells Marianna he's going to move Randy's body to make it look as though he was killed in the explosion (when Marianna actually killed him). Despite Marianna's protests, Ric goes ahead with his plan. Alexis works with the authorities to try to get the chaos on the waterfront under control. Alexis is concerned for Jax, who is frantic with worry for Carly. Robin remembers revealing the truth about Michael's paternity. She realizes she was a hypocrite when it comes to Patrick's role in her child's life and apologizes to her ex.

3/18- Claudia's offended when Sonny rejects her once again while he focuses his attention on searching for Carly. Johnny attacks Sonny for holding him hostage and stands up for Claudia. Carly is found by Ric and rushed to the hospital. Sonny and Jax fear a near-death Carly won't make it. While unconscious, Carly envisions Jason, who encourages her to fight to stay alive. Carly comes back to life in the emergency room. Johnny and Claudia share a bond as brother and sister. Johnny and Lulu kiss, but when she sees him go off on Sonny, she doesn't like it. Lulu takes refuge in Logan's hospital room and begins to cry-when Logan wakes up. Sonny's animosity towards Ric isn't abated by the fact that Ric saved Carly's life. Ric tells Marianna that he no longer cares how Sonny treats him. Robin and Patrick are appalled by Claudia's prejudice when she doesn't want Robin treating her because of her HIV status. Patrick reaches out to Robin as they discuss the very small chance that their baby could be born with HIV as well.

3/19- Jax is infuriated when Carly excuses Michael for his mistake of accidentally shooting Kate. He thinks the boy should be punished for what he did. Jax and Carly fight about the decisions Carly's made in raising Michael and Morgan. Jax makes it clear that he won't have his child exposed to Sonny's world. Carly receives an unpleasant visit from Claudia, who reveals her identity as the head Zacchara. After Claudia leaves, Carly is hit with severe abdominal pains. Trevor and Anthony form an unholy alliance. Claudia is worried about Johnny's determination to get revenge on Sonny. Lucky finds Sam examining Elizabeth's car. A calculating Sam lies to Lucky as she claims she remembers seeing Elizabeth behind the wheel of the car that hit her. Sam confronts Elizabeth, who counters Sam's threat with one of her own: If Sam says anything, Elizabeth will reveal that Sam allowed Jake to be kidnapped. Logan tells Lulu he forgives her for not trusting him. Liz tells Lulu that Johnny won't change--if Lulu has a problem with his lifestyle, she needs to be the one to separate from him. Johnny kisses Lulu. Scott cautions Logan not to make the same mistakes he did when it comes to love.

3/20- Jax and Sonny clash over what to do about Michael. Their fight is interrupted when Jax gets news that Carly is in distress and races to the hospital. Kelly tells Carly and Jax that their unborn baby has died. Sonny and Johnny both want each other dead but Jason and Claudia don't think revenge is the answer. Johnny tells Lulu he won't compromise on his stance with Sonny--which leads Lulu to end things with him. Lulu tells Logan she's ready to try again with him. Sonny tells Kate that Michael is the person who shot her. Sonny convinces Kate to allow him to put guards on her. Alexis wants to question Sonny and Jason about the warehouse explosion, but Diane doesn't allow it, saying they both have alibis. Elizabeth's threat to make Sam pay for allowing Jake to be kidnapped works: Sam tells Lucky she won't make Elizabeth pay for the hit and run. Elizabeth sees through Sam's ploy to get back in Lucky's good graces.

3/21- Carly and Jax try to come to grips with Carly's miscarriage. Jax blames Sonny's violent lifestyle, and Carly agrees with him. The two vow to do better by their children and keep them safe. They arrive home to see Sonny- who they blame for bringing danger into their lives- with Michael. Jason talks Sonny down from killing Johnny. Sonny proposes a truce with the Zaccharas, but Johnny still seems intent on getting revenge for being imprisoned. Claudia meets with Ian and agrees to transport his drugs into Port Charles. Wanting to put an end to Sam's manipulation of Lucky, Elizabeth tells Jason she's going to confess to Sam's hit and run. Jason convinces Elizabeth to wait and later confronts Monica, who is drunk at work, about being the real culprit. Lucky and Sam decide to make another go of their relationship. Patrick is greatly affected by the news of Carly's miscarriage, thinking of his own unborn child with Robin. Nikolas is pleased that Ian's drugs seem to work for him: His health is okay and he still can see Emily. He agrees to pay Ian $10 million for a year's supply of the drugs. Meanwhile, Emily tells Nikolas she is worried for him.

March 24-31, 2008:  3/24, 3/25, 3/26, 3/27, 3/28, 3/31

3/24- Jax and Carly argue with Sonny over what happened with Michael. Carly is angry with Sonny for not telling her he knew Michael had tried to get a gun. Sonny confides his guilt over Michael to Kate. Kate agrees to let Sonny put more guards on her. Claudia and Johnny team up to form an alliance against Trevor. Ric and Marianna fear the worst when Randy's body is discovered. Trevor blackmails Ric, claiming he has the murder weapon used against Randy with Marianna's fingerprints on it. He'll turn it in to the authorities unless Ric signs over the piers. Jason has it out with Monica, who continues to drink. Monica ends up passed out in her car after an accident. Sam tells Jason she won't press charges against Monica. Sam doesn't want Lucky to feel obliged to stay with her now that Elizabeth has been cleared in the hit and run. Nikolas tells Ian he won't give him any money until he knows Ian can give him an unlimited supply of the drug that allows him to keep seeing Emily. After meeting with Kate looking for a job, Maxie asks Spinelli to help make her smart.

3/25- Ric gives into Trevor's blackmail in order to protect Marianna. He signs over the deed to the waterfront property. Ric warns Sonny about what he did but Sonny just thinks Ric was acting out of revenge. Trevor lets Johnny know that he now has the leverage he needs against Claudia - the waterfront property - and cautions Johnny that Claudia has her own agenda. Claudia makes it clear to Jason that she wants Trevor removed from the picture permanently and suggests it would be the fastest way to keep peace between the two families. Robin yet again faces Claudia's narrow minded views about HIV. Robin is amused and touched when she watches an awkward Patrick trying to take care of a baby. Lucky surprises Sam when he says he doesn't want to end things with her. Elizabeth accuses Sam of not being good enough for Lucky. Jason wants to tell Monica that Jake is her grandson, but Elizabeth is hesitant. She reminds Jason many people already know the truth, which puts Jake's life at risk from Jason's enemies. A regretful Monica realizes how far she's slipped while talking to Jason. Monica tells Jason she loves him and that he will always be her son. Carly and Jax tell Michael and Morgan about Carly's miscarriage.

3/26- Nikolas admits to Monica about his tumor and the resulting visions of Emily. He explains if he has surgery, his visions of Emily will disappear. Monica admits she'd he hesitant to have the surgery if it was her. Jason tells Diana Monica is responsible for Sam's hit and run, even though he may be under suspicion. Alexis interrupts their conversation and informs them Trevor is the new owner of the piers. Carly tells Jax she wants to try for another baby. Carly breaks down to jason about her miscarriage, while Jax tells Kate he blames Sonny for the miscarriage. Claudia tries to pump Luke for information about Sonny but he doesn't give anything away. Claudia offers to invest in Kate's new magazine, but Kate refuses and the two trade barbs. Maxie witnesses all. Robin learns about Carly's miscarriage and fears bad karma will surround her own pregnancy. Patrick later finds her doing yoga to prevent miscarriage. Monica allows Tracy, Lulu and Luke to move back into the mansion. Tracy mistakes Claudia for a hooker when she finds her with Luke and refuses to let him move back home. Monica admits she's an alcoholic and plans to seek treatment.

3/27- Jason explains to Carly he didn't say anything about Michael's gun obsession because he didn't want to cause her undo stress during her pregnancy. Jax becomes upset with Carly for forgiving Jason so easily. Carly wants to Lulu to spy on Jax and Kate for her. Sonny walks in on Kate and Claudia's insult fest. Claudia reveals she knew exactly who Sonny was when she slept with him. Sonny admits to Kate that he slept with Claudia off the sting of Kate turning down his marriage proposal. Sonny tells Kate he'll make sure Claudia stays away from her and warns her that Claudia is dangerous, which Maxie overhears. Kate vents her frustration to Jax. Claudia wants Jason to take care of Trevor once and for all. Ric confronts Marianna about being in cahoots with Trevor. Marianna admits her wrongdoings but claims her feelings for Ric are genuine. Ric wants to team up with Sonny to destroy Trevor. Patrick thinks Robin's fears are unfounded. Johnny apologizes to Robin for Claudia's HIV prejudice. Nadine gives as good as she gets when she and Nikolas argue about his decision not to undergo surgery. With Maxie on his mind, Spinelli turns to Jason for advice about how to seduce a woman. Lulu fights her attraction to Johnny. Alice has the Quartermaines over a barrel when she threatens to walk out with the rest of the staff if Luke isn't allowed back in the mansion. Tracy allows Luke to move back home but not back into her bedroom.

3/28- Trevor finds Ric with Sonny, who defends Ric (in his own way). Wanting to get revenge on Trevor, Ric tells Anthony he might be able to get him released from the asylum – for a price. Johnny isn't pleased to learn that Anthony's insanity might be able to be cured with the proper medication. Jason rejects Claudia's proposal that he kill Trevor. Thinking it's time to eliminate Sonny, Claudia meets with Ian, who in turn summons Jerry. Jerry tells Ian that if he wants Sonny dead, then he'll have to do the deed himself. Jason learns he needs immediate hand surgery. Kate balks at Jax taking an active role in their new publishing venture but they're soon working as a team. Maxie throws her new job as Kate's assistant in Lulu's face. Lulu agrees to act as Carly's spy and work for Kate. Carly tells Kate she has no choice but to hire Lulu.

3/31- Sonny warns Claudia that part of their newfound truce requires she steer clear of Kate. Claudia tells Ian and Jerry that they'll have to carry out the hit on Sonny at the coffee warehouse at the end of the week. Ric tells Anthony he might be able to make him a free man but Trevor later flatly refutes Ric's claim. Johnny has his men grab Ric and makes it clear he wants his father to stay right where he is. Alexis fights her attraction to Jerry after he pulls her into a kiss. Sonny catches a terrified Spinelli tailing him, per Jason's orders. Jax isn't pleased to find Sonny in his home visiting Michael and makes his feelings known to Carly. Carly's not happy with the time Jax is spending with Kate. Lulu and Maxie are immediately at odds as they both begin working for Kate. Patrick brings Robin some ribs from Eli's when she starts having pregnancy cravings. Patrick holds his tongue when Robin asserts her confidence that she'll be able to handle parenthood on her own.

April 1-8, 2008:  4/1, 4/2, 4/3, 4/4, 4/7, 4/8

4/1- Jax makes it perfectly clear he wants Sonny to distance himself from Michael and Morgan but Sonny has no intention of doing so. Kate later consoles Sonny as she assures him he's a good father. Luke alerts Sonny to the fact that Claudia was fishing for information about him. Johnny and Claudia readily agree that Anthony needs to be kept locked up. Johnny has a business proposition for Luke and offers to put up the money to reopen the Haunted Star. Luke correctly assumes Johnny wants to do business with him in order to get close to Lulu. Carly is annoyed by all the time Jax is spending with Kate, who takes over office space at the Metro Court. Claudia throws the fact she slept with Sonny in Carly's face. Robin realizes single motherhood might not be so easy when Elizabeth asks her to look after Jake and Cameron. Robin tells Elizabeth she thinks Jason would make a great father despite his career choice. Patrick asks Robin out to dinner and she accepts. Nikolas makes an impassioned plea in Monica's defense when she faces the judge in her hit and run trial. Maxie jeopardizes the launch of Kate's new magazine when she makes a major mistake at work and ends up crying on Spinelli's shoulder.

4/2- Carly easily stands up to Claudia's threats. Johnny tells Claudia he's investing in the Haunted Star and admits part of the reason is to make sure Lulu is taken care of financially. Lulu protests too much as she insists to a knowing Luke that she's through with Johnny. Later she admits to Carly that she's still attracted to him. Tracy goes ballistic when Luke tells her he's reopening the Haunted Star. Sam appeals to the judge in Monica's defense when it looks like he's going to throw the book at her. The judge accepts Monica's plea deal. Sam tells Monica she forgives her for the hit and run. Spinelli comes to Maxie's rescue when he hacks into the delivery company's computer to re-route the package she mistakenly sent to the wrong destination. Spinelli's world is rocked when a grateful Maxie pulls him into a spontaneous kiss. After an awkward start, Patrick and Robin end up enjoying their dinner date. Robin falls asleep on Patrick's shoulder as he voices his desire to be a part of their baby's life.

4/3- Carly and Jax have it out over the increasing amount of time he's spending with Kate: They're work together on the magazine launch and the fact that he's giving Kate office space in the Metro Court. Sonny takes further steps to go legit and leaves his world of violence behind. Kate suggests that she take Michael to the warehouse that night to witness Sonny's legit business side firsthand. Ian prepares to carry out the hit on Sonny. Trevor grows suspicious of Claudia and Johnny. Claudia and Luke are worthy adversaries as they trade threats. Jason and Elizabeth's reunion is cut short when she's called to the hospital on an emergency.

4/4- Carly is furious to learn Jax is leaving town to attend a business meeting in Kate's place and that Kate is picking up Michael to take him to Sonny's warehouse. Claudia has ulterior motives (read: she wants an alibi for the upcoming Sonny hit) when she picks a fight with Carly at the Metro Court. Sonny tells Alexis about the changes he's making in his life to keep his family safe and that Michael shot Kate. When Jerry learns Michael is at the location for Sonny's shooting, he tries to stop the hit. Claudia and Johnny's plan against Sonny goes terribly awry when Ian aims at Sonny, who covers Kate and the bullet ricochets and hits Michael instead. After speaking with Robin, Elizabeth seeks out Jason and they both agree they want to be together. Johnny encounters Lulu when he goes to the Haunted Star to give himself an alibi. The two kiss.

4/7- News of Michael's shooting quickly spreads as he's rushed to the hospital. At the hospital, Jason urges Carly to pull herself together and stay strong for Michael. Jax struggle to get to see Carly. Patrick informs Carly and Sonny that Michael is in critical condition with a bullet lodged in his head and will need surgery. Sonny takes his misplaced anger out on Jason. Carly accuses Sonny of being the one who didn't protect their son. Patrick refuses to allow Robin to assist him in the operating room as she's too emotionally tied to Michael. Lulu and Johnny kiss, but are interrupted by Spinelli, who shares news of Michael. Lucky tells Alexis that it appears as though Michael was hit by a ricochet bullet that was probably meant for Sonny. Jerry confronts Ian about hitting Michael and threatens to kill him. Johnny and Claudia are horrified that their hit on Sonny could cost Michael his life.

4/8- Johnny wants to go to Sonny and take responsibility for what he's done (setting up the hit that inadvertently resulted in Michael's shooting) but Claudia talks him out of it. In front of Alexis, Johnny tries to implicate Trevor for the shooting but Trevor has an ironclad alibi. Claudia is wrecked with sobs as she breaks down in Johnny's arms over what she did to Michael. Ian can't help but not to be affected by the shooting. Carly and Jason take their anger and frustration out on Sonny and Kate, and vice versa. Michael survives the surgery thanks to Patrick's expertise but still remains unconscious. Jax finally connects with Carly but remains stranded out of town. Elizabeth is very shaken by Michael's shooting and realizes she can't put her own children in jeopardy--thus a future with mob enforcer Jason seems unlikely. Nadine innocently overhears Nikolas with Patrick and learns of the illegal drug Nikolas has been taking. Nadine accuses Nikolas of being selfish by letting himself die and leaving Spencer without a father.

April 9-16, 2008:  4/9, 4/10, 4/11, 4/14, 4/15, 4/16

4/9- Patrick and Robin give Carly and Jason a medical update on Michael: He's likely never to regain consciousness. Claudia denies to Luke that she had any involvement in Michael's shooting. Ric tells Alexis he fully supports anything she decides to do to protect her daughters from Sonny's violent world, even if it means taking them away from Port Charles. Jerry gives Alexis a reality check when he tells her that Sonny's enemies could find her wherever she goes if they wanted to. Sam gives Jason her heartfelt sympathy about Michael. Lucky tells Elizabeth he now understands why she lied about Jake's paternity - if Michael can be hurt by violence, so can Jake. Nikolas apologizes to Nadine and thanks her for reminding him he has a son who needs him. Nikolas and Nadine's friendship grows over their mutual love of horses when he invites her to Wyndemere. Kate pulls no punches when she puts Lulu in her place. Tracy offers to buy Claudia's shares of the Haunted Star to keep her away from Luke.

4/10- Carly remains in denial and is certain Michael will wake up. Later, she goes ballistic when she believes Sonny protected Kate over Michael. A tipsy Alexis and Diane commiserate over their attraction to bad boys. Jason breaks down when he visits Monica and blames himself for Michael's plight. Patrick wonders what kind of role he'll have in his child's life. Claudia tells Patrick she thinks Robin set out to deliberately get pregnant. Nikolas and Nadine's pleasant afternoon with Spencer comes to an abrupt end when Nikolas sees Emily. Emily believes Nikolas knows he's doing the wrong thing by not having the surgery to rid himself of the tumor that causes visions of her. Lulu tells Luke and Tracy she won't stay away from Johnny out of fear she'll be hurt.

4/11- Carly continues to rant against Sonny, saying he doesn't deserve to be a father. Carly blames herself putting Michael in the hospital bed because of the choices she made. Carly finds Claudia in Michael's hospital room and orders her out. Kate tries to ease Sonny's guilt but he pushes her away. Monica hopes that Jason will be able to forgive himself one day. Jason talks to Elizabeth about their future, concerned that Micahel's accident is evidence of why they can never be together - she and Jake could be targets. Alexis gets quite an eyeful when she walks in on Max and Diane in bed together. Patrick admits to Robin that he's upset over the way Sonny has been pushed away after what happened to Michael. Nadine angrily confronts Nikolas over his obsession with Emily. As an angry Nadine storms off, she falls and twists her ankle. Nikolas insists that Nadine spend the night at Wyndemere.

4/14- Carly goes ballistic when she finds Claudia with Michael. Guilt ridden Claudia says she's there to pay her respects. Robin reaches out to Sonny, telling him Carly's wrong to blame him for Michael's tragedy. Sonny decides he needs to be by Michael's side but Carly doesn't want him anywhere near their son. Jax finally returns to Port Charles and is reunited with Carly. Jax feels like an outsider as he witnesses the comfort Carly gets from Jason. Jax later turns to Elizabeth for answers about Michael and what needs to be done for him. Claudia and Johnny form a pact that no one will ever find out they are indirectly responsible for Michael's injuries. Diane accuses Alexis of being a hypocrite when Alexis chides her for sleeping with Max. After telling Sonny a father should be with his child, Robin realizes she needs to practice what she preaches–and makes an effort to extend herself to Patrick with regards to her pregnancy. Jason and Elizabeth reach an incredibly difficult decision: They can't be together. Jason cites Michael's injuries as a perfect example of why he can't be with Liz and Jake, because Jason's enemies might come after them. Johnny pushes Lulu away. Logan surprises Lulu with a romantic dinner.

4/15- Carly continues to blame Sonny for what happened to Michael and also blames herself for allowing him to be a father to the boy in the first place. Carly would send Sonny away but Jason is the voice of reason as he convinces her that Michael needs his father. Sonny pours out his heart as he sits by Michael's side and later finds comfort with Kate. After speaking with Elizabeth, Jax realizes that Carly is in denial about Michael's condition. Claudia shares her own dark views on love with Johnny after he admits how much Lulu means to him. Claudia encounters Jason and believes they have a lot in common when it comes to love and family. Lulu tries to explain to Logan that she doesn't feel the same way about him as she does about Johnny. Lulu accuses Johnny of insinuating himself into her life and challenges him to tell her what he really wants. Lulu confesses she can't accept Johnny's ruthless lifestyle. Patrick admits to Robin that he's accepted the fact he's going to be a father and voices his insecurities. Robin and Patrick grow closer.

4/16- Jax grows increasingly worried about Carly, who refuses to accept Michael's condition may not improve. Jax urges Carly to go home and explain to Morgan what's happened to his big brother. Claudia seeks guarantees from Jason that her family won't be targeted. Jason tells Spinelli he'll never allow himself to have a family - after what happened to Michael, he knows how vulnerable his loved ones are. Jerry warns Claudia that Ian will turn on both of them if he's ever tied to the shooting. Jason and Spinelli might have uncovered a clue that could lead them to Ian as Michael's shooter. As the re-opening of the Haunted Star gets underway, Luke worries about Lulu's involvement with Johnny while Tracy worries about Luke's health. Lulu encounters Johnny just as Logan approaches. Ric and Leyla chat it up at the Haunted Star reopening. Nadine lets Nikolas know she's going to be at the casino, hoping he'll show up--as a sign of interest in her. Jerry flirts with Alexis at the gaming tables. Lucky asks Elizabeth to go to the Haunted Star with him in case Luke needs medical attention. Lucky assures Sam he wants to be with her after she sees him with Elizabeth.

April 17-24, 2008:  4/17, 4/18, 4/21, 4/22, 4/23, 4/24

4/17- Carly breaks the news about Michael to Morgan. Jax heart breaks for Carly as she promises Morgan that Michael will wake up and everything will be back to normal. Jax confronts Carly over being in denial on Michael's condition improving, but Carly refuses to believe her son won't recover. Sonny shows up at the Haunted Star as though nothing is wrong. Despite Kate's attempts to get him to open up, he doesn't, and later visits Michael in the hospital. At the Haunted Star, Alexis tries to steer Diane away from Max but Diane gets the last laugh when Jerry makes out with Alexis. Ric comforts Leyla when she's affected over seeing Patrick and Robin together. Robin and Patrick cut their evening short, but are clearly happy to be together as they talk about her pregnancy over a burger and fries. Nikolas and Nadine enjoy spending time gambling together but she ends up the big winner while he's on a losing streak. Elizabeth clashes with Sam, who finally realizes why Elizabeth ended things with Jason (to prevent what happened to Michael happening to her own children). Jason tells Spinelli he feels guilty for not having kept Michael safe. Spinelli and Jason identify the car on the warehouse surveillance tape - a likely clue to Michael's shooter - as belonging to Ian. Jason wants to learn more about Ian. Lulu steams when she sees Maxie flirting with Johnny. Lulu pulls Johnny into a kiss. Luke enjoys being a power-player again but lays down some ground rules with partner Johnny.

4/18- Ric drops a bombshell on Johnny and Claudia: Thanks to his actions, their father will be a free man within a week. Sonny confronts Anthony, who is much healthier than he's been letting on and doesn't deny hiring the sniper. Sonny tells Jason he is going to forego using bodyguards to draw Michael's shooter out, a move which Jason disagrees with. Ian subtly threatens Claudia. Johnny puts two and two together and realizes Ian is the shooter. Claudia orders Jerry to make sure Ian doesn't implicate them in Michael's shooting. Jerry confronts Ian with a gun. Jason questions Nikolas about his connection to Ian. Carly doesn't want Jax around Michael unless he has faith Michael will make a full recovery. Jax promises to give Carly what she needs. Carly thinks her prayers have been answered when Michael opens his eyes. Sonny is stunned to learn Max and Diane slept together. Diane and Alexis spar over free clothing samples from Kate. Nikolas wants more of the illegal drug from Ian (which prolongs his tumor and thus his visions of Emily). Nadine seeks Nikolas meeting with Ian. Lulu and Maxie fight like cats and dogs as they work together at Kate's new magazine, Crimson.

4/21- Despite opening his eyes, Michael doesn't respond to Carly. Carly remains in denial as Patrick explains there hasn't been any change in Michael's condition - opening his eyes was a reflexive action. Robin and Patrick are faced with the difficult task of telling Carly Michael will not likely recover, and she needs to think about long term care. Jax appeals to Jason to try and get through to Carly and make her face the reality of Michael's condition. Claudia and Johnny are infuriated over Ric's efforts to bring Anthony home, but theorize he did it to get back at his father, Trevor. Anthony threatens to kill Claudia if Johnny doesn't do what he wants in regards to the organization. Claudia is undaunted by Kate's threats to trash her in the press if she doesn't stay away from Sonny. Sonny (trying to get close to get information on Michael's shooting) surprises Claudia when he asks her out on a date. Ric persuades Logan to sign on as Anthony's bodyguard once he's released from Shadybrook. Logan, thinking this will help prove to Lulu that Johnny is a creep, agrees. Diane's blood boils when Sonny forbids her and Max from continuing their affair. Nikolas tells Jason about his tumor and visions of Emily, and explains he paid Ian for drugs to make his visions continue. Jason suspects Ian is a drug runner. Spinelli and Maxie break into Ian's hotel room to try and find clues tying him to Michael's shooting. Spinelli hides as Ian catches Maxie and mistakes her for the call girl he arranged for

4/22- Claudia knows the real reason Sonny wants to go out with her (to get information/draw her out because he suspects she's responsible for Michael's shooting) and refuses to play along. However, she does accuse him of wanting her over Kate. After meeting with Anthony, Johnny suggests to Claudia that she should leave town for her own safety but she refuses. Jason comes to Maxie's rescue as Spinelli manages to sneak out of Ian's room undetected. Jason grows more suspicious of Ian and orders Spinelli to dig into his bank accounts. Johnny and Claudia offer Ian money to leave town but he thinks that would prove to Jason that he's guilty of shooting Michael. Ian warns Claudia that he'll take her down with him if Jason figures out what he did. Sam tries to cozy up to Ian to get information on him. Diane beseeches Alexis to intercede on her behalf with Sonny and let Diane see Max. Ric interrupts Alexis and Diane's argument with the news that he's now acting as Anthony's attorney. Sonny warns Alexis and Diane that Anthony can never go free. Carly refuses to accept the fact that Michael might never come out of his coma. Robin fears she's underestimated what she's in for being a mother.

4/23- Claudia attempts to turn Anthony against Ric by planting seeds of doubt in his mind. However, her attempts to make Anthony think that she and Johnny hired Ric to get him out the hospital fail. As Claudia drives to meet with Jason, the brakes on her car give out but Jason manages to rescue her. Meanwhile, Anthony orders his men to kill both Jason and Claudia. Claudia and Jason's lives are in danger as gunfire rings out around them. Jason tries to prepare Carly for bad news about Michael. The two medical specialists Jax arranged for Michael inform Carly that her son will definitely suffer some permanent brain damage if he even wakes up at all. Carly plans on taking Michael home and caring for him herself. Robin is frustrated that her pregnancy is making her absent minded. Elizabeth turns to Robin for advice about how to get over loving Jason and encourages her to try and make a go of it with Patrick. Sam flirts with Ian, who accuses her of spying on him for Jason and kicks her out. Nikolas and Nadine enjoy riding horses together until he gets a visit from Emily. Ian offers Nikolas a new drug that could keep him alive AND let him continue to see Emily.

4/24- Jason does his best to defend himself and Claudia from the gunman. Claudia and Jason seek safety in a cabin but realize they're dangerously low on ammunition and know the assassin won't give up the mission easily. Sonny asks Ric to walk away from Anthony. Robin worries about Anna's reaction to finding out she's going to be a grandmother. She explains her fears to Patrick. Johnny tries to push Lulu away for her own safety but Lulu has other ideas. Diane gives Spinelli advice about going after the woman he desires. A mesmerized Spinelli can't keep his hands off of Maxie. Nikolas sends Ian packing and later tells Nadine he's ready to let go of Emily and move on with his life.

April 25 - May 2, 2008:  4/25, 4/28, 4/29, 4/30, 5/1, 5/2

4/25- Claudia begins to open up to Jason while they wait for the gunman to make his next move. Jason and Claudia are sitting ducks as shots ring out in the cabin. Sonny tries to convince Ric not to defend Anthony but Ric refuses to back down. Kate is frustrated by Sonny's attitude and insistence on no guards. Johnny and Lulu reach an impasse over his mafia lifestyle. Lulu watches as a lethal Johnny confronts Sonny over Claudia's disappearance. An angry Johnny shoots Sonny. Alexis warns Ric that he's putting everyone he loves in danger by helping Anthony. Anna is freaked to be a grandmother. Robin overhears Patrick saying he thinks her mother is hot. Spinelli and Maxie team up to try and prevent Ian from leaving town.

4/28- Sonny is saved from Johnny's bullet when it bounces off his shoulder hoster. Sonny cautions a conflicted Lulu to steer clear of Johnny. Kate arrives to see Sonny almost shot but her anger soon gives way to passion. Johnny makes no excuses for his actions when Lulu confronts him about trying to murder Sonny. She's furious, especially when he says he would have shot Sonny again if Lulu wasn't there. Jax's heart breaks for Morgan when the little boy misses his brother Michael. Jerry gives Jax his support. Jax tells Alexis he wants Sonny to give up custody of Michael and Morgan so that he can adopt them, thus totally protecting them from Sonny's world. Claudia gets under Jason's skin at the cabin as they try to fend off Anthony's hit men. Fed up, Jason leaves Claudia to her own devices and she soon ends up in the gunman's clutches. Jason returns (he always planned to) and faces off with the gunman with Claudia's life hanging in the balance. Patrick finds himself in hot water when Robin overhears him telling Coleman that he finds Anna extremely hot and sexy. Maxie and Spinelli manage to stop Ian (who they suspect was responsible for shooting Michael) from leaving town by having Spinelli fake an appendicitis attack. At the hospital, a quick thinking Maxie stabs Ian with a syringe full of sedatives. The two don scrubs to hide his body in the morgue, where they later find an autopsy about to be performed on him! Diane tells Max that if he wants to be with her, he should ignore Sonny and just do it.

4/29- Sonny tries to explain to Kate that he has no choice but to live his life the way he does (i.e. as a mobster). He gives her the chance to walk away from him, but Kate can't. Sonny tells Kate he will kill Johnny, who he believes is responsible for shooting Michael. Ian arrives at Kate's and lets her know he shot Michael. He tells Kate unless she pays him $1 million to leave town, he'll either kill Sonny himself or implicate Sonny in his own death (knowing Sonny will eventually kill him) and thus Sonny will be sent to prison forever. Wanting to protect Sonny, Kate agrees. Jason takes care of the hit man sent to kill Claudia by her father. Claudia convinces Jason to help her get rid of the body and after doing so, the two head back to Port Charles together on his motorcycle. Alexis uses her power as District Attorney to have the Haunted Star shut down, claiming it is ripe to be the site of a mob war and money laundering. Luke breathes a silent sigh of relief that he hasn't actually laundered any of the Zacchara money yet, which he plans to. After hearing he didn't shoot Sonny a second time because she was present, Lulu washes her hands of Johnny. Johnny warns Logan (now working as Anthony's bodyguard) that he'll kill Ric if anything happens to Claudia. Sonny tells Luke of Johnny's attempted murder of him – with Lulu in the room. Nadine and Nikolas enjoy each other's company but she leaves him alone on the docks in the hopes he'll see Emily again. Maxie and Spinelli work on tracking down a missing Ian. Spinelli grows more and more smitten with Maxie, who admits she's never had a friend like Spinelli. Lulu feels shut out when she sees the growing friendship between Maxie and Spinelli. Maxie and Luli clash over Spinelli. Sam tells Lucky that her painkillers don't seem to be working any longer.

4/30- After sharing a happy reunion, Claudia tells Johnny she plans on burying Anthony when she testifies at his trial later that day. Ric bristles when Anthony announces that Trevor will be trying the case with him. Alexis adamantly declines Diane's offer to serve as her co-counsel but has a sudden change of heart as Anthony's trial gets underway. Spinelli has an outburst in court, begging the judge to lock Anthony up. This only helps Anthony's case. Claudia takes the stand at Anthony's trial. Nikolas and Nadine go riding together but he turns down her invitation to make dinner for him. Later, A beautifully dressed Emily appears before a tuxedo clad Nikolas in the ballroom at Wyndemere. Maxie's attempt to sabotage Lulu at work backfires when Kate threatens to fire both of them unless they work as a team. Lulu accuses Maxie of using Spinelli when she calls on him to help her out of her jam. Maxie pulls Spinelli into a kiss to disprove Lulu's allegations. Tracy isn't pleased when Luke hires Sam at the casino. Elizabeth feels the pressure of being a single mother as she tries to balance raising her sons with her career. Russell reprimands Elizabeth as he accuses her of giving a patient the wrong medication – which Sam, at the hospital to get more painkillers, overhears. Tracy fears for Luke's health and worries about him getting involved with the Zaccharas as she witnesses him trying to launder money. Lucky warns Luke that if Anthony gets off, Luke should probably lead town to avoid his wrath. Luke stops Tracy in her tracks when he impulsively tells her that he loves her.

5/1- Claudia has a plan up her sleeve when she lies on the witness stand and claims Anthony never threatened her life. Claudia later explains her actions to Johnny as they form a secret alliance against their father. Sonny blames Diane for Anthony being granted his freedom and is thrown to hear what Jason has been up to (searching for Michael's killer). Anthony pays Luke a visit. Kate is rattled after receiving a call from Ian to discuss the money she owes him. Sonny warns Luke that he's in over his head by choosing to do business with the Zaccharas. Ric leaves Trevor unsettled. Nikolas promises Emily he'll live life to the fullest as they share a dance. Spinelli comes to Maxie and Lulu's rescue but the two women remain at odds. Maxie discovers that a large amount of money is missing from Crimson's operating account. Lucky reaches out to Elizabeth.

5/2- Jason fills Sonny in on what really happened between him and Claudia. Sonny and Carly are faced with more disturbing news about Michael. Anthony and Claudia both try to play each other. Anthony shuts Claudia out as he asserts his power. Spinelli traces the money missing from the Crimson accounts, which leads him to Ian. Maxie stows away in Jason's car as he and Spinelli head out to track down Ian. Patrick puts his foot in his mouth when he denies his attraction to Anna right in front of her and Robin. Patrick is greatly affected by the news about Michael as he contemplates his impending fatherhood. Lulu assures Anthony that she wants nothing to do with Johnny. Tracy's pleas for Luke to sever his ties to the mob fall on deaf ears. Anna struggles to accept the fact she's going to be a grandmother and goes to Luke looking for an adventure.

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