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December 27, 2006 - May 2, 2007 and May 3-December 27, 2007

Episode Breakdown

December 27, 2006 - January 4, 2007:  12/27, 12/28, 12/29, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4 [Episode Descriptions]

January 5 - 12, 2007:  1/5, 1/8 Sonny shoots Alcazar, 1/9, 1/10, 1/11 Mr. Craig Appears, 1/12 Liz's suspicions of Maxie are confirmed [Episode Descriptions]

January 15 - 22, 2007:  1/15, 1/16 Carly Marries Sonny/Maxie confesses to Lucky, 1/17, 1/18, 1/19, 1/22 [Episode Descriptions]

January 23-30, 2007:  1/23, 1/24, 1/25 Nikolas and Emily find Spencer, 1/26, 1/29 Patrick bails Robin out of jail, 1/30 [Episode Descriptions]

January 31 - Feb 7, 2007:  1/31, 2/1 Metro Court Hostage situation/Robin shot, 2/2, 2/5, 2/6, 2/7 [Episode Descriptions]

February 8 - 15, 2007:  2/8, 2/9, 2/12, 2/13, 2/14, 2/15 [Episode Descriptions]

February 16-23, 2007:  2/16 Nikolas carries Robin out, 2/19, 2/20, 2/21 Jason learns the baby is his, 2/22, 2/23 [Episode Descriptions]

February 26-March 5, 2007:  2/26 Alan dies, 2/27, 2/28, 3/1, 3/2, 3/5 Patrick gets his test results [Episode Descriptions]

March 6-13, 2007:  3/6 Alan's memorial, 3/7, 3/8, 3/9, 3/12, 3/13 [Episode Descriptions]

March 14 - 21, 2007:  3/14, 3/15, 3/16, 3/19, 3/20, 3/21 [Episode Descriptions]

March 22-29, 2007:  3/22, 3/23 Liz and Lucky remarry, 3/26, 3/27, 3/28, 3/29 [Episode Descriptions]

March 30- April 6, 2007:  3/30, 4/2, 4/3, 4/4, 4/5, 4/6 [Episode Descriptions]

April 9-16, 2007:  4/9, 4/10, 4/11, 4/12, 4/13, 4/16 [Episode Descriptions]

April 17-24, 2007:  4/17, 4/18, 4/19, 4/20, 4/23, 4/24 [Episode Descriptions]

April 25 - May 2, 2007:  4/25, 4/26, 4/27 Carly & Jax marry, 4/30, 5/1, 5/2 [Episode Descriptions]

May 3 - Present [Episode Descriptions]

Expanded Episode Descriptions

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December 27, 2006 - January 4, 2007:  12/27, 12/28, 12/29, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4

12/27- Nikolas, Emily and Lucky watch footage from a security camera at the airport and find proof that a disguised Colleen stole Spencer but have no idea where she took him. Colleen begins to settle into her new life with Spencer in Denver. Alan goes over Ms. Sneed's head and hires Sam at the hospital. Stan gives Jason evidence that Mateo really is who he says he is but also uncovers the fact that Mateo was more evil than Manny before he found religion in prison. Jason fears that Mateo could be out for revenge. Sam comes face to face with Mateo on the docks. Spinelli tells Lulu that he believes Alan killed Rick Webber. Monica asks Dillon to steer Lulu away from Spinelli after overhearing them discussing Rick's murder. Dillon gets pulled into trying to solve the mystery of Rick's murder with Lulu and Spinelli. Maxie continues to manipulate Lucky. Elizabeth becomes emotional as she watches Jason's easy way with Cameron. Elizabeth grows suspicious when Epiphany states that it is hard to believe that Maxie was ever pregnant.

12/28- Sam is frightened by her run-in with Mateo, who tries to assure her that he means no harm. After returning home, Sam finds her gun but is hit by the memory of Kristina seeing her shoot Diego. Sam tells Jason she now has a better understanding about his feelings towards having children. Jason learns from Kelly that it is okay for Sam to try and have a baby. Alexis smokes more marijuana after Lainey encourages her to do anything that will make her seem stronger in front of Kristina. Sonny catches Alexis smoking but doesn't have a problem with it as long as it makes her feel better. Ric tells Alexis he is suing her for custody of Molly. Nikolas loses his temper and blames himself for Spencer's kidnapping. Lucky informs Nikolas that Colleen flew to Denver but believes she might have already moved on from there. Colleen gets a job at a daycare center

12/29- A situation at the hospital with a pregnant woman makes Elizabeth realize that she could be facing a potential tragedy if she continues to hide her unborn baby's true paternity. Elizabeth suffers a terrible accident. Jason and Sonny debate whether or not Jason should have a child with Sam. Spinelli assures Sam that she would make a great mother. Jason makes it home to be with Sam at midnight. Alcazar, Skye and Lila Rae seek shelter at Carly's when their car breaks down. Alcazar believes Carly will always be drawn to Sonny. Skye points out the similarities between Alcazar and Sonny to Carly. Alcazar kisses Skye. Sonny arrives at Carly's after getting a call from Michael. Maxie ends up alone at Kelly's with Lucky and manipulates him into dancing with her. Lucky kisses Maxie. Robin decorates Patrick's apartment and they make love.

1/2- While lying unconscious in the snow, Elizabeth dreams that Lucky is the father of her baby. Elizabeth's dream then turns dark as she envisions Lucky back on pills and back together with Maxie. As her dream continues, Elizabeth sees her and Jason happy with Cameron anticipating the arrival of their baby. Lucky avers to Maxie that they might have had a chance to be a couple at one point. A calculating Maxie takes the high road and appears to make progress with Lucky. Maxie and Lucky find a stray puppy in the snow. Jason takes Elizabeth to the hospital after finding her in the snow. Lucky learns that Elizabeth is in the hospital. Elizabeth awakes to find Lucky and Jason on either side of her hospital bed. Sam is overwhelmed with joy when Jason tells her he wants them to have a baby. Sam explains her desire to have Jason's baby to Spinelli. Maxie is confident she'll have a future with Lucky. Carly needles Sonny by calling Jax in front of him. Sonny learns Carly is planning on eloping when Jax returns. Carly insists she will never go back to Sonny. Sonny challenges Carly to get married in Port Charles and promises he won't interfere. Sonny pulls Carly into a kiss and then walks out. Nikolas takes his frustration out on Emily as they set out for Denver. Emily and Nikolas devise a plan in which Nikolas will pass himself off as an average middle-class guy once they get to Denver. Emily gives Nikolas pointers on how to act middle-class. Nikolas and Emily get a possible lead on Colleen's whereabouts. Patrick is uncomfortable when Robin plans on decorating his apartment and turning it into a real home. Patrick believes that Robin is planning on moving in with him.

1/3- Kelly assures Elizabeth and Lucky that Elizabeth and the baby are okay. Maxie uses the baby she "lost" and the stray puppy she and Lucky found to play on Lucky's sympathies. Maxie tells Georgie she is going to get everything she wants. Elizabeth grows suspicious of Maxie and asks Kelly if it's possible that Maxie faked being pregnant. Carly confronts Sonny about him kissing her and plants a kiss if her own on him as payback. Carly and Sonny are interrupted by Rodriguez, who wants to question Sonny about Alcazar. Diane, Sonny's new attorney, arrives as Rodriguez warns Sonny that Alcazar will retaliate against him eventually. Alcazar confides in Skye that something big is about to happen. Alcazar gives Skye some more insight into his business. Skye covers for Alcazar in front of Rodriguez. Carly is further detained from continuing her talk with Sonny when Mike arrives. Carly loses her patience when Bernie pushes past her to see Sonny and ends up barging into Sonny's office. Colleen starts work at the daycare center where she claims to be a single mother whose husband has abandoned her. Emily sets out to transform Nikolas into a middle-class guy as part of their plan to get the jump on Colleen. Nikolas blames himself for having trusted Colleen in the first place. Nikolas and Emily realize their plan could backfire and make some adjustments. Colleen is confident Nikolas will never find her and Spencer. A smitten Milo is awkward in front of Lulu. Dillon and Lulu try to distract Epiphany while Spinelli hacks into the hospital computer to get information on Alan. Epiphany busts Dillon, Lulu and Spinelli but not before Spinelli gets the information he needs. Pete focuses his attention on Georgie.

1/4- Carly threatens to move away with Michael and Morgan if Sonny doesn't stop trying to undermine her relationship with Jax. Sonny confidently states that he and Carly will always be pulled to each other. Carly realizes that Jason is thinking about starting a family with Sam. Alcazar admonishes Skye to never use a certain cell phone of his as he admits that he is expecting a sensitive shipment and wants her to keep her distance from his operations for her own safety. Jason and Sonny hijack Alcazar's shipment as Sonny plans Alcazar's downfall. Alcazar feels the heat from the people calling the shots. Sonny agrees to get Alexis more marijuana as he knows she is only using the drug to get relief from her chemo treatments. Sonny gives Spinelli money to keep Alexis supplied with marijuana, which Ric witnesses but mistakenly believes Sonny is hiring Spinelli to get information on Alcazar. Maxie continues to use her "miscarriage" to manipulate Lucky. Elizabeth shares her feeling that Maxie could have been faking her pregnancy with Epiphany. Sam loses her temper with Ms. Sneed and announces that she and Jason are trying to have a baby, which Elizabeth hears. Georgie accepts Pete's invitation to have dinner with him at his apartment so that she can read the first pages of his novel. Thanks to Spinelli's expert hacking skills, Dillon and Lulu learn Alan left the hospital early on the night Rick Webber was killed. Monica fears Lulu and Dillon are uncovering too much information. Dillon is hurt by Georgie's indifference when she encounters him with Lulu. Lulu and Dillon find Rick's datebook in the attic. Monica meets with Lucky and suggests he and Nikolas try to convince Lulu to go away to school.

January 5 - 12, 2007:  1/5, 1/8, 1/9, 1/10, 1/11, 1/12

1/5- After speaking with Sam, Carly makes it her mission to see to it that Sam and Jason get busy trying to start a family right away. Carly barges in on a meeting between Jason and Sonny to urges Jason to go home to Sam. Ric unintentionally triggers Elizabeth's guilt about keeping the truth about her baby from Jason. Elizabeth goes to see Jason and seems poised to tell him the truth. Sonny and Jason anticipate Alcazar's retaliation. Skye sees Alcazar meeting with a female associate. Skye fears for Alcazar's safety as he explains he is expecting a sensitive shipment and tells her he's made financial arrangements for her and Lila Rae in the event of his death. Alcazar's associate hides a gun at Sonny's coffee house. Carly becomes alarmed when Jane tells her that Jerry's troubles involve organized crime and that Jax could be risking his life trying to save him. Carly charges out after jumping to the conclusion that Sonny set Jax up to take a fall for Jerry. Alcazar holds Sonny at gunpoint after retrieving the gun his associate had hidden at the coffee house. Carly interrupts Sonny and Alcazar, giving Sonny the chance to grab his gun and fire a shot. Skye intercepts a call on Alcazar's private line. Alexis rebuffs Ric when he offers to help her home after her latest round of chemotherapy. Alexis sends Spinelli packing when she returns home to find him at the computer with Kristina and refuses to accept the marijuana he brought her. Sam takes the marijuana from Spinelli and brings it to Alexis, who succumbs to her symptoms and begins to smoke. Ric arrives at Alexis' and is on the verge of discovering that she is using marijuana. Nikolas and Emily realize that Colleen will need a job to support her and Spencer and begin checking out daycare centers. Nikolas and Emily end up at the daycare center where Colleen is working.

1/8- Alcazar is distracted when Carly barges into Sonny's office which allows Sonny to fire off a shot. Alcazar falls to the floor with a bullet wound to the head. Carly is trapped at the scene of the crime. Sonny realizes Ric will try to charge him with murder if Alcazar dies. Carly insists to Ric that Sonny shot Alcazar in self-defense. Ric anticipates Sonny's downfall and plans on making Carly the star witness for the prosecution. Jason forces Carly to see that she might have caused more harm than good. Sonny and Jason realize what Carly will have to do in order to avoid testifying. Skye races into the hospital and learns that Sonny shot Alcazar. Robin, Patrick and Noah inform Skye just how dire Alcazar's condition is. Skye has a difficult decision to make when Patrick and Noah disagree on the best course of action for Alcazar. Sam prevents Ric from discovering Alexis' marijuana. Elizabeth is on the verge of telling Jason the truth about the baby but loses her nerve when Lucky unexpectedly arrives to question Jason. Elizabeth is terrified when she encounters Father Ruiz and ends up taking her anger out on him for what Manny did to her and Lucky. Colleen stages a distraction in order to make her getaway with Spencer before Emily and Nikolas spot her.

1/9- Skye puts her faith in Patrick, who is confident she's making the right decision. A mystery person lurks outside the operating room. The mystery person injects something into Alcazar's IV line. Carly adamantly refuses to marry Sonny. Jason tells Carly she is going to marry Sonny whether she wants to or not as it is the only way to prevent her from having to testify against him. Carly believes she has a different solution. Sam warns Elizabeth to stay away from Jason. Elizabeth refuses to end her friendship with Jason just because Sam has a problem with it. Sam quits her job at the hospital. Jason assures Elizabeth that he doesn't want to end their friendship. Sam looks forward to becoming pregnant with Jason's baby. Nikolas and Emily race to Colleen's address only to learn that it doesn't exist. Nikolas and Emily manage to find Colleen's real apartment but it is deserted. Lulu and Dillon have Spinelli trace the phone numbers from Rick Webber's date book that they found in the attic. Tracy catches a worried Monica eavesdropping on Lulu, Dillon and Spinelli. Monica goads Tracy into breaking up Lulu, Dillon and Spinelli's meeting. Lulu questions Tracy about Rick, Monica and Alan. Alan finds Monica stealing the date book from Lulu's backpack.

1/10- Sonny demands that Carly open the door and talk to him. Carly refuses to even consider marrying Sonny. Carly accuses Sonny of taking advantage of the situation to keep her from marrying Jax. Jason becomes worried when Sonny admits he is not interested in just a marriage of convenience with Carly. Carly is livid when Sonny tells her that Michael and Morgan think they're getting remarried. Skye sits by Alcazar's bedside and anxiously waits for him to regain consciousness. Elizabeth notices that Alcazar's IV bag has been tampered with and alerts Patrick and Robin. Patrick believes someone may have tried to kill Alcazar. Lucky investigates Alcazar's attempted murder. Fr. Ruiz admits to Lucky that he had been at the hospital during the time Alcazar was poisoned. Robin finds Fr. Ruiz near Alcazar's room. The mystery man lurks at the hospital. Elizabeth grows increasingly suspicious of Maxie when she watches her stage a fall and play on Lucky's sympathies as she claims to suffer from cramps due to the miscarriage. After speaking with Kelly, Elizabeth learns Maxie was lying about her symptoms and wonders if she staged the fall that caused her miscarriage. Jason is wary of Sam's plan to work for the Quartermaines. Tracy dismisses Sam but Edward intercedes. Dillon creates a diversion with the family to give Lulu a chance to search for Rick's missing date book. Dillon and Lulu grow closer as they theorize about Rick's murder. Georgie enjoys Pete's attention.

1/11- Jason tells Sonny he has no right trying to keep Carly away from Jax. Sonny tries to justify his actions to Jason. Carly vents her frustration to Spinelli, who tells her about making the incriminating flash drive for Alcazar and its connection to Ric. Carly bumps into the mystery man at the hospital but he doesn't give her a second thought. Carly learns from Skye that Alcazar has ammunition to use against Ric. Skye confirms Carly's suspicion that Ric might want Alcazar dead. Carly attempts to blackmail Ric into dropping the attempted murder charges against Sonny. Sonny and Jason arrive as Ric arrests Carly for extortion. The mystery man, Mr. Craig, introduces himself to Skye as one of Alcazar's business associates. Emily fails to convince Nikolas to go public with his search for Spencer. Nikolas is optimistic he will find Colleen and Spencer. Colleen's friend is revealed to be in cahoots with Helena. Sam begins her job as Edward's personal assistant. Tracy hires an investigator to dig up dirt on Sam.

1/12- Sonny challenges Ric to use the tape as evidence against Carly. Ric remains confident that he will send Sonny to prison for attempted murder. Carly still refuses to marry Sonny but later begins to reconsider. Sonny and Diane get news that will affect Ric's attempted murder case. Carly tells Sonny that she will marry him. Nikolas and Emily believe they've just missed Colleen. With the help of the sheriff, Nikolas and Emily listen via the radio as a helicopter pilot reports that Colleen's car crashed through the guard rail. Nikolas gets news. Skye continues to bluff Mr. Craig when he wants to know when to expect the shipment. Mr. Craig secretly watches as Skye begs Alcazar to wake up and tell her what she should do. Elizabeth pours her heart out to Lucky. Lucky seems to accept the fact that he and Elizabeth are truly over. Epiphany convinces Elizabeth to find out if Maxie was ever really pregnant with Lucky's baby. Elizabeth gets proof that Maxie lied about being pregnant. Dillon wants nothing to do with Tracy's scheme against Sam. Tracy seethes as Edward praises Sam for catching a mistake that Tracy made at ELQ. Tracy gets ammunition to use against Sam.

January 15 - 22, 2007:  1/15, 1/16, 1/17, 1/18, 1/19, 1/22

1/15- Carly is a bundle of nerves on her and Sonny's wedding day. Sonny keeps the fact that he no longer faces attempted murder charges and doesn't need to rely on spousal privilege from Carly and Jason and plans on going through with the wedding. Jason fears that Carly will end up getting hurt and worries that Sonny will want a real marriage with her. Carly reminds Sonny that their marriage is strictly a legal maneuver and will not be consummated. Carly can't go through with the wedding. Skye wants to have Alcazar transferred to a hospital in Switzerland but Patrick advises against it. Skye is out of her depths as she continues to stall Mr. Craig. Elizabeth decides to tell Lucky that Maxie faked her pregnancy and miscarriage but he is called away on police business. Elizabeth confronts Maxie, who remains unrepentant. Emily opens her motel room door to a gun toting Colleen. Nikolas is convinced that Helena staged the car crash to make him believe that Spencer is dead. Nikolas has a hunch that Helena might have taken Spencer to Greece. Helena changes Spencer's name.

1/16- Carly bolts from the courtroom when it comes time for her to say "I do." Carly tells Jason she fears Sonny will end up wanting a real marriage and that she doesn't want to give up Jax. Carly marries Sonny but is unsettled by Sonny's seemingly genuine sincerity. Maxie confesses her entire pregnancy charade to Lucky, including purposely falling at Kelly's to cause a "miscarriage." Lucky lashes out at Maxie and wants nothing more to do with her. Elizabeth offers Lucky her support and reminds him that he's not the only one who fell for Maxie's lies. Maxie tells Lucky that Elizabeth is only being nice to him because she feels sorry for him. Sam feigns ignorance when Tracy mentions the name "Angela Monroe" and Sam quickly resigns from ELQ. Skye kisses Alcazar, thankful that he finally regained consciousness. Alcazar plays his cards close to the vest and refuses to give Mr. Craig any information. Skye demands that Alcazar tell her everything that's going on. Emily and Nikolas are on their way to Greece in their search for Helena and Spencer. Nikolas apologizes to Emily for forgetting her birthday and later gets good news.

1/17- Elizabeth shares her dilemma with Jason, saying that she's afraid Lucky will end up back on pills if they don't reunite but that she isn't sure she wants a future with him. Lucky clashes with Maxie at Kelly's. Lucky feels confident that he has another chance with Elizabeth. Lucky is tempted when he notices several bottles of hydrocodone on the table. Jason has a feeling there is something going on with Sam that she isn't telling him. Sam asks Spinelli if there is a way to permanently erase a person's images/information from the internet. Although surprised, Patrick appreciates that Robin went out and bought him a couch. Robin confides to Lainey that she fears she might have overstepped her bounds with Patrick. Pete warns Patrick that he needs to set boundaries with Robin. Robin returns to Patrick's and discovers that he returned the couch. Dillon goes a little overboard when he creates a distraction to allow Lulu to search for Rick's date book again and ends up announcing to the family that he's giving up studying business to become a film director.

1/18- Alexis gets the sobering news that she will need more chemo treatments once she gets stronger. Ric gives Sonny a subpoena for him to testify at Molly's upcoming custody hearing. Sonny urges Alexis to reach a compromise with Ric but she remains determined to fight him. Ric sees Alexis smoking marijuana. Epiphany gives Elizabeth advice about Lucky. Sam learns she isn't pregnant after taking a home pregnancy test. Jason wishes Sam luck as she heads off to a job interview at the Metro Court but inadvertently raises new fears for her in the process. Elizabeth stops herself from telling Jason she's carrying his baby when she sees Sam's home pregnancy test. Sonny wants Jason to bring Carly home but he refuses. Jason warns Sonny he can't make his marriage to Carly into more than what it is. Dillon and Lulu lure Monica to attic where Rick was killed. Monica warns Dillon and Lulu to stop digging into Rick's murder. After covering what they're really thinking, Patrick and Robin agree that they are happy to be together.

1/19- Alcazar tells Mr. Craig that Sonny must be eliminated as he controls the waterfront. Alcazar warns Sonny that something bigger than the both of them is about to go down and states they will both be killed if Sonny doesn't allow Alcazar's shipment to pass without incident. Sam is determined to get a job on her own and turns down Jason's offer to work at the coffee house. Sam is surprised to be offered a job at the Metro Court and questions her good fortune. Elizabeth fears Lucky is reading too much into their dinner date. Jason reminds Elizabeth not to forego her own happiness for the sake of Lucky. Lucky is tempted to pop some of the pills he stole during the drug bust. Sam learns the Metro Court has an impressive vault. Ric has Alexis put under surveillance. Ric is confident he will win custody of Molly. Alexis is arrested for drug possession. Robin is caught off guard when Patrick has the couch she bought redelivered, along with enough furniture to fill his apartment. Robin and Patrick clash when she jumps to the wrong conclusion about his reasons for buying the furniture. Patrick asks Robin to move in with him.

1/22- Kristina is further traumatized as she watches Alexis being arrested for drug possession. Alexis realizes Ric will probably win in court and tells Sonny she's decided on the future of Molly. Ric shocks Alexis with other plans. Jason finds evidence that Sonny had been targeted by a sniper. Jason demands to know who Alcazar is working with. Alcazar claims he doesn't really know who he's working for and warns Jason not to interfere with the arrival of the mysterious shipment. Sonny decides to lay low for a while and distance himself and Jason from anything to do with Alcazar. Sam reacts badly when Fr. Ruiz wants to keep some items for his upcoming charity auction in the vault at the Metro Court. Fr. Ruiz defends Sam to the hotel manager. Alcazar contacts the manager at the Metro Court to have his shipment placed in the hotel vault. Robin declines Patrick's offer to move in with him but later has second thoughts.

January 23-30, 2007:  1/23, 1/24, 1/25, 1/26, 1/29, 1/30

1/23- Jason warns Sam that trouble is brewing. Jason orders Spinelli to dig up information on Alcazar's anticipated shipment. Using his computer wizardry, Spinelli determines that whatever Alcazar is expecting is small enough to be carried by one person. Sam admits to Jason that she is worried about Alexis. Diane tells Alexis that her legal problems will be over if she pleads guilty to a misdemeanor charge and pays a fine but warns she could face serious trouble if she loses to Ric in court. Sam is concerned about Alexis' decision to go up against Ric. Dillon and Lulu grow more suspicious of Alan and Monica. Spinelli uncovers interesting information about Rick Webber. A mysterious person calls Shadybrook to check on Laura's condition. Maxie flirts with Rodriguez to make Lucky jealous. Lucky warns Rodriguez about getting involved with Maxie. Lucky fights the temptation to take pills. Patrick and Robin receive an unexpected visit from Patrick's college friend Pete who is shocked to find them living together. Pete insists that he and Patrick go on a road trip to Las Vegas to bring Patrick to his senses. Patrick refuses until Noah inadvertently causes him to have a change of heart. Robin recruits Kelly and Lainey to go on a road trip of their own.

1/24- Carly returns and is livid to find that Sonny has demoted Max to working behind the counter at the coffee house because he helped her. Carly insists she's going to divorce Sonny once his legal troubles are over. Jason loses his patience with Sonny and Carly and tells them to work something out before they end up hurting Michael and Morgan. Carly refuses to move in with Sonny as she continues to insist that they don't have a real marriage. Sam intercedes on Max's behalf with the hotel manager after Carly sends him to the Metro Court to become the new Head of Security there. Elizabeth agrees to have dinner with Lucky at the Metro Court. Lucky is confident that he and Elizabeth will get back together but Rodriguez has his doubts. Lucky enlists Sam's help to plan a special evening for Elizabeth. Elizabeth and Jason have a heart to heart talk. Skye stops Ric from badgering Alcazar. Alcazar warns Ric to mind his own business. Nikolas meets with his Russian contact Arkady, who confirms that Helena and Spencer are in St. Petersburg. Nikolas has an intuition where Helena might be taking Spencer.

1/25- Carly accuses Sonny of trying to control her. Sonny is hurt when Carly says Jax has more respect for her than he does. Carly agrees to move into Sonny's house with the boys for everyone's safety and becomes exasperated when Sonny doesn't promise that he won't try to pull anything romantic on her. Sonny is certain that the love he and Carly share is stronger than what she could ever feel for Jax. Sam anticipates having a family with Jason as she watches him with Michael and Morgan. Helena threatens Spencer if Nikolas doesn't allow her to go forward with her plan . Emily offers to trade herself for Spencer. Nikolas is unaware of the new menace that lurks in his future. Sam hopes Lucky and Elizabeth can work things out. Lucky tells Lulu he has plans for Elizabeth. Elizabeth agonizes over whether or not to tell Lucky and Jason the truth about her baby. Lucky pops Elizabeth an important question. Skye and Alcazar get confirmation that the shipment is on its way to Port Charles and that Alcazar has to receive it in person. Skye distracts Max while Alcazar receives the briefcase containing the microchip from his contact in the lobby of the Metro Court. Alcazar has the briefcase placed in the Metro Court's vault.

1/26- An explosion rocks the Metro Court Hotel… and time in Port Charles is turned back 16 hours. Alcazar anticipates handing off the briefcase to Mr. Craig but balks when Mr. Craig wants to make the exchange earlier than scheduled. Carly threatens to move out and get a divorce if Sonny even tries to kiss her again. Sonny makes a heartfelt appeal for Carly to try and make their marriage work. While eavesdropping on Sonny and Diane, Carly learns that Sonny is no longer facing attempted murder charges. Sam wonders why she hasn't gotten pregnant yet and schedules an appointment with a gynecologist. Nikolas, Emily and Spencer are reunited with Lucky, Elizabeth, Lulu, Bobbie and Mike. Lucky gives Elizabeth all the time she needs to give him an answer to his question. Elizabeth confides with Emily her issues with Lucky. Nikolas and Emily look forward to their future together. Pete urges Patrick to loosen up but he can't get his mind off Robin. Lainey, Kelly and a drunken Robin end up in handcuffs at the Port Charles police department while Patrick confides to Pete that Robin has changed him for the better.

1/29- Robin tells Patrick they no longer live together. Patrick tries to convince Robin that he loves her and wants to live with her as their argument at the police station escalates. Robin storms off and gets herself a room at the Metro Court. Robin is with Patrick when he gets word that there is a problem with his HIV test. Carly realizes that Sonny also lied to Jason about his need to marry her to keep from going to prison. Carly sets Sonny up by pretending to be falling for his charms but then reveals she knows he lied to her. Carly unleashes her anger at Sonny. Carly wants Jason to take her to the Dominican Republic to get a divorce immediately. Sonny orders Diane to do whatever it takes to stop Carly from divorcing him. Sam struggles to absorb the devastating news that she will never be able to have a baby. Bobbie invites Lucky, Elizabeth, Nikolas, Emily, Lulu and Mike to a charity gala at the Metro Court. Lulu plays matchmaker with Lucky and Elizabeth as she gets them to attend the gala together. Emily insists that Elizabeth use her store credit at the Metro Court Boutique to buy a new dress. Elizabeth goes to the boutique and finds that Maxie will be her salesgirl. Elizabeth takes the high road and doesn't have Maxie fired. Mr. Craig tells his contact that they will steal the merchandise from the hotel vault but warns there will be casualties.

1/30- Carly tells Jason that Sonny tricked her into marrying him. Carly wants Jason to take her to the Dominican Republic so she can get a divorce from Sonny. Jason thinks Carly should file for divorce in New York State and believes that if she loves Jax as much as she claims to, then Sonny won't be able to stand in her way. Carly checks into the Presidential Suite at the Metro Court and bans Sonny from the hotel. Sam assures Mr. Craig that the Metro Court's vault is very secure but refuses to give him a tour. Sam is determined to have Jason's baby. Lucky turns to Nikolas for advice about how to proceed with Elizabeth. Lucky is optimistic that Elizabeth will accept his marriage proposal. Elizabeth is confused over what to do regarding Lucky and Jason. Jason encounters a teary Elizabeth and offers to help her get what she wants. Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner's first airdate) checks into the Metro Court. Patrick learns there is a problem with the results of his HIV test. Robin makes it clear that she will stand by Patrick no matter what. Georgie declines Dillon's invitation to go to the movies in favor of honoring her commitment to help Pete. Lulu and Spinelli continue their investigation into Rick Webber's murder.

January 31 - February 7, 2007:  1/31, 2/1, 2/2, 2/5, 2/6, 2/7

1/31- Alexis fears she will lose custody of Molly to Ric in their upcoming court battle. Sonny refuses to play into Ric's hands when Ric tries to provoke him by arriving at the warehouse with a search warrant. Ric won't compromise with Alexis and plans on having Molly live with him. Carly admits a secret to Bobbie about Sonny. Jason tries to make inroads with Sonny about manipulating Carly into marrying him. Sonny goes to the Metro Court to find Carly. Jason gives Elizabeth his take on her situation with Lucky. Sam clashes with Elizabeth. Mr. Craig tells Alcazar that he's calling the shots. Alcazar is hit with a sudden headache. Luke gets a cool reception from Tracy. Lulu and Luke are reunited. Scott secretly watches as Nikolas and Emily visit Laura. After Nikolas and Emily leave, Scott visits Laura and is clearly feeling guilty about something. Luke narrowly misses seeing Scott at Shadybrook. Lulu accuses Alan of killing Rick Webber. Robin tells Patrick they're through unless he does something for her. Alan reaches out to Robin. Likewise, Noah reaches out to Patrick. Patrick has a heart-to-heart with his dad. Alan, Carly, Elizabeth, Emily, Lulu, Fr. Ruiz, Maxie, Nikolas, Sonny and others are all at the Metro Court when Mr. Craig and his mercenaries storm the hotel and announce that this is a robbery.

2/1- Everyone in the lobby at the Metro Court becomes Mr. Craig's hostage as he and his mercenaries storm the hotel. Mr. Craig and his cohorts force everyone to hand over their valuables. Sonny wonders if Alcazar is involved. Mr. Craig orders his mercenaries "Three" and "Five" to search the vault and Maxie ends up being their hostage. Sam makes a daring move and pushes the panic button which results in Maxie being locked inside the vault with Three. Jason learns about the situation at the hotel and is soon joined by Lucky, Rodriguez and Mac. Sonny urges Mr. Craig to cut his losses and flee after Carly informs him that the vault is now irreversibly locked. Jason orders Spinelli to hack into the hotel's computer and learns about Alcazar's briefcase in the vault. Mr. Craig forces everyone to play a "name game" and involves Robin to prove he means business. Luke and Lucky share a bittersweet reunion when they run into each other outside Laura's room at Shadybrook. Scott contacts Bobbie, who tells him about Laura's all too brief return and that she remembered how Rick Webber died. Luke realizes that Scott visited Laura. Patrick warns Alcazar that something could be seriously wrong with him. Skye insists on handling Alcazar's transaction for him. Alcazar tells Skye that the briefcase in the vault has a timed detonator that requires that a six-digit code be punched in at regular intervals or the briefcase will explode. Alcazar suffers a seizure before he can give Skye the code.

2/2- Lucky and Rodriguez begin evacuating the guests attending the charity gala at the Metro Restaurant high atop the hotel. Maxie and Three realize the briefcase could explode at any time. Three plans on using Maxie as a human shield to protect himself from the blast. After threatening to shoot more people, Mr. Craig allows Alan, Emily and Elizabeth to tend to Robin as her condition deteriorates. Luke, Lucky, Dillon, Monica, Tracy, Mike, Mac, Georgie and Edward are shocked to learn that their loved ones are in the middle of the hostage crisis. Sonny offers to arrange for Mr. Craig's safe escape in exchange for releasing Robin. Sonny stops Sam and Carly from making a foolish and dangerous move. Jason knows they have to get the hostages evacuated before the vault reopens. Mr. Craig wires the lobby with explosives. Patrick experiences complications while operating on Alcazar. Skye is stunned when Jason tells her about the hostage crisis unfolding at the hotel. Patrick and Noah disagree about how to proceed with Alcazar's surgery. Patrick heads to the hotel to help Robin. Jason convinces Patrick to continue operating on Alcazar as he needs to wake up and give them the access code to the briefcase.

2/5- Sonny realizes that Mr. Craig has sinister plans as soon as he gets what he wants out of the vault. Mr. Craig continues to torment the hostages. Carly is forced to tend to a failing Robin. Luke tries to convince Lucky to infiltrate the hotel with him but Lucky decides to follow Mac's orders. Ric takes over the negotiations with Mr. Craig but fails to make any progress. Jason forms a plan of his own to try and rescue the hostages and enlists Spinelli's help. Elizabeth is locked in a room with Alan. Sonny stops Nikolas from attacking Mr. Craig as he threatens Emily. After mixing up the pairings of the hostages once again, Mr. Craig leads Emily to Alan and Elizabeth. Patrick rushes to complete Alcazar's surgery. Monica confronts Skye about Alcazar's involvement in the hostage crisis. Skye defends Alcazar to Mac. Alcazar regains consciousness but there seems to be another problem. Lucky is forced to arrest a defiant Luke. Patrick starts to sneak into the hotel in an effort to save Robin. Sam makes a bold move and pulls off Mr. Craig's mask.

2/6- Mr. Craig refuses to allow Patrick to enter the hotel but does allow him to give Carly instructions on how to operate on Robin using items found in the hotel. Carly selects Emily to help her with Robin's surgery. Mr. Craig challenges Nikolas to retrieve every item on the list Patrick dictated to Emily in ten minutes or be killed. A quick thinking Sam provides the final item on the list as Mr. Craig is about to shoot Nikolas. Carly and Emily begin operating on Robin but are soon in over their heads as Robin takes a turn for the worse. Mr. Craig forces Sam to put on clothes identical to the mercenaries to make her a target. Alexis learns that Sam, Sonny and Nikolas are among the hostages. Skye is horrified to realize that Alcazar truly doesn't remember anything about the briefcase. Skye allows Alexis to hammer away at Alcazar in the hope it will help jog his memory. Jason plans on infiltrating the hotel in the morning. Lulu is locked in the room with Alan. Alan admits to Lulu that he and Monica had mistakenly believed that the other had killed Rick Webber but swears that neither of them did it. Alan tells Lulu to follow the money trail to find the killer.

2/7- Elizabeth risks her life by trying to help Carly and Emily stop Robin from bleeding to death. Mr. Craig allows Elizabeth to assist with Robin but will want something from Carly in return. Patrick coaches Emily, Carly and Elizabeth through the procedure. Mr. Craig demands that Carly finish closing on Robin alone. Mr. Craig rewards Carly by taking her to Sonny, who has been badly beaten and is handcuffed to a chair. Carly finally breaks down. Elizabeth secretly slips Sam the paring knife that was used in Robin's surgery. Spinelli insists on going with Jason when he infiltrates the hotel as he wants to make sure Lulu gets out safely. Skye accuses Patrick of rushing Alcazar's surgery in order to get to Robin. Russell insists that Alexis be admitted to the hospital after she nearly faints. Alexis doesn't believe that Ric's concern for her is genuine. Skye wants to make sure that Alcazar isn't blamed for the hostage crisis.

February 8 - 15, 2007:  2/8, 2/9, 2/12, 2/13, 2/14, 2/15

2/8- Sonny lets his real feelings show with Carly. Although tempted to give in to her love for Sonny, Carly sticks to her guns about having a future with Jax. Jason anxiously awaits his assault on the Metro Court. Sonny and Carly make a great team as they get the upper hand on one of the mercenaries. Jason and Spinelli gain entry into the hotel. Skye remains protective of Alcazar as she fears his enemies will have him eliminated should they discover he's incapacitated. Russell leaves Skye with a serious warning. Tracy ends up bailing Luke out of jail but realizes his true motivation for wanting to rescue Lulu. Luke brings Lucky up to speed about what's really down at the Metro Court. A brazen Lulu secures a bottle of liquor to help ease Robin's pain. Robin talks to Elizabeth and Emily about who should replace her as Patrick's girlfriend if she should die. Patrick is desperate to get to Robin and realizes he would be lost without her. Elizabeth is hit by stomach pains. Alan's condition takes a turn for the worse. Sam tries to goad Mateo into reverting back to his ruthless self. Sam makes a bold move against Mr. Craig.

2/9- Mr. Craig torments Sam with his mind games. Sonny and Carly both spot some of Mr. Craig's weaknesses and hope to use them against him. Jason and Spinelli infiltrate the hotel. Mr. Craig decides it is time for Sonny to die and has him taken to the office where Spinelli is hiding to be shot. Luke and Lucky squash Dillon's effort to join in their rescue mission. Luke and Lucky make their way into the hotel. Ric secretly waits for Jason to make his move as he deals with an impatient Mayor Floyd, who wants to launch an attack on the gunmen. Emily holds Elizabeth and Alan's lives in her hands when Mr. Craig orders her to decide which one of them should be released. Tracy encounters Scott, who makes it clear he still loves Laura. Three begins to see Maxie in a new light as she bares her past.

2/12- Jason, hidden in the air duct, and Spinelli, hidden in the room, listen as Two shoots Sonny. Mr. Craig taunts Sonny, who is taken back to the others. Jason joins Spinelli and overpowers Five and dresses in his gear and mask. A now disguised Jason makes his way to the lobby. Emily is faced with an impossible decision but ends up having Alan released over Elizabeth. Patrick punches out Mayor Floyd when he deems Robin an acceptable loss. Patrick refuses Russell's demand that he return to the hospital to perform emergency surgery. Dillon blames himself for Alan and Lulu being held hostage as he admits to Monica, Edward and Tracy that he stole Alan's PDA as part of his and Lulu's plan to expose Rick Webber's killer. Monica defends Alan and realizes the cruel irony of the situation is that Alan, not Rick, has always been her one true love. Monica heads to the hotel. Luke warns Lucky they will have to do things his way as they make their move inside the hotel. Alan doesn't know that a disguised Jason is one of the mercenaries helping him out of the hotel. Alan collapses outside the hotel as gunfire erupts around him.

2/13- Luke and Lucky have no choice but to abandon their rescue effort in order to help Alan escape the gunfire and carry him across the barricade. Monica races to Alan and begins treating him. At the hospital, Monica defies Russell's orders and begins operating on Alan, whose condition deteriorates. Emily is guilt ridden over the choice she made. A quick thinking Carly stops Emily from exposing Jason. Jason hears Sam trying to ease Elizabeth's pain by talking about the baby when he's ordered to stand guard over them. Lulu is recaptured by Six as Spinelli remains hidden. Skye forms a risky plan and decides to bluff Mr. Craig. Luke convinces Skye that he is better suited for the job and makes his way to Mr. Craig. Mr. Craig threatens to shoot Lulu if Luke doesn't turn over the code. Edward vows revenge against Skye and Alcazar should anything happen to Alan or Emily.

2/14- Knowing Mr. Craig will make good on this threat to shoot Lulu, Luke gives him a phony code to disarm the briefcase. Sonny gives Mr. Craig a persuasive argument as to why he should cut his loses and escape while he still can. Lulu defies Jason's demand that she leave with Spinelli as she knows it will jeopardize the remaining hostages. Mr. Craig discovers Lulu and Spinelli. Spinelli claims he can use his computer skills to open the vault ahead of schedule. Nikolas and Emily refuse to leave Robin behind if they get the chance to run. Tracy thanks Luke for saving Alan's life. Sonny speaks from the heart as he tells Carly he wants to marry her for real if they get out alive. Spinelli feels the pressure when Mr. Craig gives him one hour to open the vault or else Lulu dies. Sam and Elizabeth bond as Sam helps her through her stomach pains. Russell temporarily takes over when Monica freezes up during Alan's surgery. Monica tells Edward, Dillon and Tracy that Alan's prognosis is bleak. Edward regrets the mistakes he made with Alan. Edward disowns Skye. Ric has advice for Skye. Maxie opens up to Three about the bad choices she's made.

2/15- Mr. Craig threatens to kill more hostages while instituting a sick system of "demerits." Sonny realizes that all hell will break lose if Mr. Craig doesn't get the briefcase. Mr. Craig handcuffs Sonny and Carly together in the office. Jason instructs Sam to make a break for it the first chance she gets so that she can tell the cops what's going on inside. Ric plans on storming the building the minute the vault opens. Unbeknownst to Ric, Jason orders Spinelli to implement his computer program which will open the vault ahead of schedule. Ric warns Skye that the threat is real and advises her to flee with Lila while she has the chance. Seven taunts Mateo with unsettling results. Edward tells an unconscious Alan that he is proud of him. Tracy's words belie the love she feels for Alan. Monica holds herself responsible for Alan's dire condition. Maxie continues to bond with Three and doesn't believe he would hurt her.

February 16-23, 2007:  2/16, 2/19, 2/20, 2/21, 2/22, 2/23

2/16- Mateo has a serious run-in with one of the mercenaries. Ric stops Luke in his tracks by having him restrained. Alexis fears for her loved ones. Skye comes to grips with the fact that the Quartermaines have turned their backs on her and will now do anything she has to in order to protect the family she has with Alcazar and their daughter. Maxie rattles Three when she makes him see the hostages as innocent people who don't deserve to die. Jason gives Sam the signal to make her escape. Three hands Mr. Craig the briefcase after Spinelli successfully gets the vault open. Sonny tries to bargain with Mr. Craig. Carly refuses to leave Sonny's side. Sam warns the cops that the lobby is wired to explode. Jason tackles Mr. Craig as he's about to detonate the explosives. The SWAT team begins their assault as chaos erupts when Six pushes the button on the detonator. Nikolas is able to carry Robin out. Three shields Maxie and pulls her away. Lulu and a terrified Spinelli try to escape together. Jason heads to Elizabeth. Sonny grabs Carly and pulls her away. Nikolas realizes that Emily isn't with him as the lobby explodes.

2/19- The rescue effort is in full force in the aftermath of the explosion. Nikolas is frantic to realize Emily is still inside the Metro Court. Elizabeth comes to and is relieved to find herself with Jason, even though they're trapped in the elevator. Elizabeth and Jason share a warm moment but she soon becomes afraid that she might be going into labor. Sonny and Carly pull each other close once she comes around. Lulu and Spinelli remain unseen by Lucky and the rescue team. Sam tells Nikolas and Alexis that Jason had infiltrated the hotel and credits him with saving her life. Nikolas races to Emily's side when she makes it out of the hotel. After checking its contents, Mr. Craig rearms the briefcase and is able to free himself from the debris. The briefcase goes flying when Sonny shoots Mr. Craig in the chest with a gun he recovered. Carly gets the briefcase but Mr. Craig reveals he's wearing body armor. Dillon comes through for Luke. Mac turns a blind eye when Luke insists on going inside to search for Lulu. A semi-conscious Spinelli is dragged through the lobby but his warning comes a little too late as more debris begins to rain down on the remaining survivors. Lulu has yet to be discovered. Robin will be okay as Patrick stays by her side. Maxie lies and claims that Three is one of the hostages. Alan regains consciousness and feels as though he hasn't given enough love to Jason.

2/20- Mr. Craig escapes after the cave-in as Sonny and Carly make it out with the briefcase. Skye subtly threatens Ric that she'll take him down if he goes after Alcazar. Skye deliberately gives Ric the wrong code to open the briefcase. Sonny accuses Ric of intentionally destroying the contents of the briefcase to cover his own misdeeds. Skye and Ric come to a mutual understanding. Elizabeth and Jason are relieved when Elizabeth realizes she isn't in labor. Never one to avoid the truth, Jason admits to Elizabeth they might not make it out. Nikolas and Emily are reunited with Patrick and Robin at the hospital. Robin extracts a promise from Patrick before she's taken in for surgery. Monica and Alan's love for one another is apparent. Emily has an emotional visit with Alan, who wonders where Jason is. Spinelli updates Max and Dillon about what happened to him and Lulu. Three takes off running when Max outs him as one of the robbers, not a hostage. Luke finds an unconscious Lulu and carries her out of the hotel.

2/21- Carly heads upstairs to soak in the bathtub after returning home with Sonny. Sonny gets word that Jason and Elizabeth have been found alive. Sonny washes Carly's hair, which leads to a kiss. Carly pulls back before things heat up with Sonny and later goes into Sonny's arms. Jason understands that Elizabeth thought she was acting in everyone's best interests. Elizabeth is upset at herself. Jason plans on telling Sam the truth. Elizabeth decides she has to be truthful with Lucky. Thinking Elizabeth is dead, Lucky recklessly advances on Mr. Craig and doesn't care whether he lives or dies. Elizabeth witnesses the strong connection between Jason and Sam. Luke is affected by Lulu's faith in him. Luke knows it is time for him to step up and be a real parent. Tracy will hold Luke to his promise to be the father Lulu needs. Luke faces his first challenge in the form of would be suitors Spinelli, Dillon and Milo. Emily shares a warm moment with Alan at his bedside. Monica and Tracy form a rare alliance when they join forces against Skye. Emily and Nikolas overhear Skye's heartfelt confession to Alan. Nikolas unloads on Skye. Monica professes her love to Alan. Maxie is surprised to find Three hiding in her bedroom. Sam finds herself in the role of the reluctant hero.

2/22- After Sam admits she will never be able to carry a child to term, Jason changes his mind about talking with Sam. Monica wants Jason to get cleaned up before he visits Alan. Rodriguez puts a stop to Lucky's suicide mission as Mr. Craig escapes. Lucky gets word that Elizabeth and the baby survived the explosion. Rodriguez tells Elizabeth that Lucky was courting death when he thought she and the baby were dead. Elizabeth can't bring herself to shatter Lucky's world when he tells her that she and their baby are everything to him. Sam wonders why Elizabeth is upset. Jason orders Spinelli to dig up information on Mr. Craig. Mr. Craig realizes he will have to search the bombed out Metro Court to find what he's looking for. Jason vows to make Mr. Craig pay for what he did. Robin and Patrick never want to be apart. With Robin at his side, Patrick gives blood for his HIV test. Spinelli, Dillon and Milo all vie for Lulu's attention. Tracy is aghast when Luke refuses to interfere in Lulu's love life. Scott arrives to see Lulu. Maxie agrees to help Three hide out until the coast is clear for him to escape. Georgie and Dillon sadly admit that they're through.

2/23- Jason goes after Mr. Craig and gets involved in a dangerous game of cat and mouse inside the unstable hotel. Elizabeth almost blurts the truth about her baby to Sam when Sam admits she can't have children of her own. Emily tells Elizabeth she believes a grandchild could help bring Alan and Jason together. A guilty Elizabeth wonders if she and Jason should tell everyone the truth. Sam is all over the news for her heroic actions. A mystery person seems very interested in Sam. Sonny fully believes he and Carly can make things work this time around. Sonny and Carly are reunited with the boys. Carly bursts Sonny's bubble when she remains intent on getting a divorce and staying with Jax. Tracy shows her hidden side when she lets Alan know she loves him. Edward tells Alan how he really feels about him. Skye seeks Alan's forgiveness. Monica tells Alan she's still crazy about him. Scott questions Lulu about Laura's brief recovery. Tracy warns Lulu that Scott is toxic. Lulu has a hunch that Scott knows more about Rick Webber's murder than he's saying.

February 26-March 5, 2007:  2/26, 2/27, 2/28, 3/1, 3/2, 3/5

2/26- Jason and Mr. Craig's standoff continues to play out. Jason outmaneuvers Mr. Craig and shoots him. Russell forces Monica to accept the truth about Alan's condition. A guilt-ridden Monica tells Edward and Tracy that Alan won't survive and blames herself for his demise. Tracy and Edward try to rally Monica, who knows the situation is hopeless. Emily hopes Alan can hold out until Jason arrives but her prayers are unanswered. Jason arrives too late to say goodbye to his father. Carly fights her heart as she tells Sonny that even though they might love each other, they can't be together. Sonny angers Carly when he follows her home and pitches that they can be happy together. Thinking she's opening her door to Sonny again, Carly blurts that one night of sex won't change anything between them and is shocked to find Jax standing before her. Lucky walks out of Elizabeth's hospital room resigned to the fact that she'll never take him back. Elizabeth gets a surprise visit from Luke, who explains how Laura's forgiveness changed his life and feels she could do the same for Lucky. Elizabeth gives Lucky an answer to his marriage proposal. Luke credits Laura with inspiring him to act on Lucky's behalf with Elizabeth.

2/27- Jason apologizes to Alan for not being able to give him what he wanted. Jason becomes uncharacteristically emotional as he tells his father that he loves him. Tracy feels the loss of her brother very deeply. Skye honors Alan's memory by checking in on Edward. A stoic Monica holds her emotions in check. Jason takes Monica in his arms when she finally allows her feelings to come out. Luke loses his cool and punches Scott when he finds him visiting Laura. Luke is certain Scott is up to something and orders him to stay away from his family. Luke wonders why Scott chose this particular time to resurface in town and warns Lulu not to trust him. Lulu and Luke are happy over the news that Lucky and Elizabeth are going to get remarried. Jax gets an earful when Carly brings him up to speed about what he's missed. Jax is very upset with the fact that Carly slept with Sonny. Jax is equally blindsided when Carly tells him she married Sonny. Jax would walk away from Carly but stops when Michael and Morgan race in.

2/28- Elizabeth tells Jason that she's fallen back in love with Lucky and is going to marry him. In an emotional appeal, Elizabeth asks Jason to keep her baby's paternity a secret and let Lucky raise the child as his own. Elizabeth feels Lucky would self-destruct if he learned the truth. Jason agrees to do whatever Elizabeth thinks is best for the baby. Jason is privately at war with his decision not to raise his own child. Old habits die hard as Tracy and Monica spar over Alan's funeral arrangements. Carly goes to the Quartermaines offering to allow Michael to attend Alan's memorial. Jax helps Michael deal with his confusion over how he feels about Alan's death. Emily asks Jason to try and visit Monica and Edward more often. Jax is having a difficult time forgiving Carly's transgression. Ned returns home and is reunited with his family. Jax bolsters Alexis after she admits she will most likely lose custody of Molly to Ric. Jax takes matters into his own hands and threatens to destroy Ric and Mayor Floyd's careers. Alexis is confident Ric will choose his job over his daughter. Luke and Scott go toe to toe when Luke finds him questioning Lesley about Laura. Luke warns Lulu not to trust Scott. Lulu shares her theory that Scott knows something about Rick Webber's murder with Dillon. Lulu thinks it would be best if she didn't tell Luke about her detective work. Tracy asks Monica not to mention Lulu's mission to prove Laura's innocence to Luke.

3/1- A guilt-ridden Jason regrets that he pushed Alan away and didn't allow him to be a part of his life after the accident. Sam tries to console Jason, who ends up more torn about the secret he's keeping and the decision he made. Edward accuses Sonny of stealing Jason away from the Quartermaines. Jason struggles with his unresolved emotions about Alan. Sonny inadvertently makes Jason feel worse than he already does. Edward makes a sincere appeal to Sam. Lucky and Elizabeth decide to move into the Spencer family home. Elizabeth is optimistic about her future with Lucky. Neither Jax nor Carly want to be hurt again as they navigate through their relationship issues. Tempers flare as Ric and Alexis fight over their daughter. Realizing that life is short, Sam apologizes to Alexis and they begin to reconnect. Tracy enlists Carly's help to try and convince Lulu to stop searching for Rick Webber's killer, explaining Luke would be destroyed if it turned out he drove Laura over the edge for nothing. Carly warns Lulu to keep her search a secret from Luke.

3/2- Jax goes to see Sonny under the guise of discussing Alexis but it is clear the two rivals are really arguing about Carly. Jax and Carly are painfully honest about where they stand as they are both afraid of getting hurt again. Carly erupts when she returns home to find Sonny questioning Michael about Jax. Carly tries to ease Jason's guilt about Alan as she reminds him that Alan treated him horribly after the accident. The burden of keeping the secret that he's the father of Elizabeth's baby takes a toll on Jason. Jason admits to Elizabeth that it is killing him not being able to claim her baby as his own. With Jason's help, Sam decides to forego Alan's funeral to go to New York City for an interview. Sam tries to make amends with Mateo and her own mysterious past. Someone is obsessed with Sam. Patrick takes Robin to Mac's to convalesce after she's released from the hospital. Patrick gets the results of his latest HIV test. Maxie talks Cooper out of fleeing and tries to get him a job at the Metro Court. Lulu and Dillon question Scott about the night Laura killed Theresa in the attic. Scott blames Luke for Laura's demise. Lulu intercepts a letter Alan sent to Luke before his death in which he claims to know who really killed Rick Webber.

3/5- Elizabeth is wracked with guilt as she seeks Jason's assurance that he'll let Lucky raise her baby as his own. Lucky lets Jason know that there won't be an investigation to Mr. Craig's murder and thanks him for saving Elizabeth and the baby. Jason makes the ultimate sacrifice when he tells Elizabeth that he'll let her and Lucky raise his child. Carly reaches her boiling point when Sonny repeatedly tries to questions the kids about Jax during a family lunch. Sonny needles Carly when he learns that Jax knows Sonny and Carly are married and that they slept together. Carly's plans to go to the Dominican Republic to get a divorce hit a snag. Jax and Sonny draw a line in the sand as they prepare to fight for Carly. Robin goes into Patrick's arms when he gets the news that his HIV test came back negative. After hearing Patrick flirting with a colleague on the phone, Robin's fears that Patrick will turn back into the hound dog he once was come flooding to the surface. Robin voices her fears to Lainey. Jax agrees to hire Three at the Metro Court when it reopens. Max can't shake the feeling that there's something familiar about Three. Maxie kisses Three. Dillon gets out with the letter before either Scott or Luke can see its contents. Dillon discovers who Alan claims killed Rick Webber. Luke's parenting skills are a little rusty but he and Lulu share a warm moment.

March 6-13, 2007:  3/6, 3/7, 3/8, 3/9, 3/12, 3/13

3/6- Emotions run high on the day of Alan's memorial service. Elizabeth reaches out to Jason as a friend and sees he's still struggling with the decision he made about the baby. Carly agrees with Sonny when he believes Michael should have both his parents with him when he attends Alan's service. Edward stops Tracy from lashing out at Sonny and Carly. An emotional Monica finds comfort with Jason. The arrival of Skye and Alcazar causes friction. Tracy warns Dillon and Lulu to stop playing detective, especially with Luke around. Dillon passes off Alan's letter to Lulu, who is shocked by what she reads. Robin, Patrick and Noah offer their condolences to the Quartermaines. Luke attends the memorial with the rest of his family. Bobbie puts a stop to Luke and Scott's arguing. Emily leans on Nikolas during this difficult day. Ned gives a loving and moving eulogy. Jason is troubled by a memory of Alan in which he can't hear what his father is saying. After the service, Jason remembers Alan telling him that he loves him. The Quartermaines mourn their loss as they remember Alan.

3/7- Tracy is thrown for a loop when Edward voices his confidence that Alan bequeathed everything to Emily. Dillon, and later Alice, fuel Tracy's fears with their certainty that Emily will named Alan's sole heir. Always up for a con, Luke agrees to purloin a copy of Alan's will so he and Tracy can do some self-serving editing. Edward arrives as Luke and Tracy are plotting how to change Alan's will to their benefit. After arriving to escort Carly to the Dominican Republic to get her divorce from Sonny, Jason sees that Carly is acting funny. Jason's jaw drops when Carly mentions that she and Sonny slept together. Carly admits to Jason that Sonny won't be able to stand another man, in this case Jax, helping to raise his children. Three's past catches up to him in the form of Logan, an old Army buddy. Monica is flooded with reminders of Alan as she returns to work at the hospital. Russell warns Monica he's going to challenge her for the Chief of Staff position. Lulu meets with Dillon to come up with ways to prove that Scott murdered Rick Webber. Dillon confesses to Lulu that he and Spinelli don't get along because they're both competing for her. Dillon admits he'd like to try again with Lulu. Spinelli makes his feelings for Lulu clear and is up to the challenge of digging up dirt on Scott.

3/8- Sonny faces off with Jax, warning him that he will win Carly back. An agonized Carly struggles with her decision to divorce Sonny. Max tells Jax what Carly is up to and doesn't believe either he or Sonny deserve to with her. Sonny learns Carly is seeking a divorce. Carly's plans hit a roadblock. Luke and Tracy conspire to swindle Alan's estate. Outrage breaks out when Alan's will is read and what it reveals. The family accuses Tracy of wrongdoing but she admits nothing. Strangely enough, it is the typical Quartermaine dysfunction that helps Emily cope with the loss of her father. Tracy's guilt manifests itself in the form of a disapproving Alan. Lulu ignores Logan's flirtations. Lulu shows Sonny Alan's letter to Luke and asks his advice. Sonny warns Lulu that exposing Rick's killer could have serious repercussions. Spinelli meets his match in Stan. Sam is interviewed by Amelia and has a strange reaction upon noticing the wristwatch she's wearing.

3/9- Ric deftly discredits all of Alexis' character witnesses as Molly's custody hearing unfolds. Carly takes the stand and completely dissembles as she rants about her own dilemma. Alexis is shocked by the judge's decision. Carly insists that Sonny file the paperwork to make their divorce official. A defiant Sonny tells Carly that there's no way in the world that he'll ever let her go. Jason warns Jax to stay away from Carly. Lulu unleashes her anger. Logan gets in the middle of Scott and Lulu's altercation. A miserable Lulu confesses to Dillon that she can't clear her mother's name without destroying her father in the process. Spinelli shows Lulu and Dillon more evidence pointing to Rick's killer. Lulu wants to drop the entire investigation and forget the whole thing. Bobbie intervenes when Luke and Scott almost come to blows. Patrick has the cure for Robin's doldrums as she's going stir crazy due to her lack of mobility while she recuperates. A guilty Tracy is haunted by Alan's ghost. Sam is rattled by the sight of Amelia's watch and later has a disturbing, violent memory.

3/12- Alexis is devastated when the judge sticks to her decision and awards Ric full custody of Molly. Although tempted, Alexis fights the urge to accept Nikolas' offer to flee to Switzerland with her daughters. Ric tells Elizabeth he wishes things could have worked out differently as he subtly broaches the subject of enlisting her help with Molly. Elizabeth declines as she explains that she and Lucky are getting remarried soon. Alexis is in shreds as she breaks the news about Molly moving away to Kristina and later hands the baby over to Ric. Jax clashes with Jason over Carly. Meanwhile, Sonny makes it clear to Carly that he's not going to give up on her. Jax and Carly argue when he questions why she just doesn't walk away from Sonny. Carly appeals to Jason to support whatever decision she makes. Sonny and Jax won't give Carly up without a fight. Dillon and Lulu stop Spinelli from spilling the beans about Rick Webber's murder to Luke. Lulu is moved when Luke explains that what he and Laura had together was pure magic. Logan eavesdrops as Lulu tells Dillon she never wants the truth about Scott killing Rick to come out. Luke attacks Scott after finding him petitioning the judge to take emergency guardianship of Laura and is arrested for assault. Sam is wary when Amelia shows up wanting to do a follow-up story on her.

3/13- Skye throws down with Sonny, who knows she's in over her head and warns her Alcazar is finished in Port Charles. Alcazar doesn't reveal to Skye that he has fully recovered and plots against Sonny behind her back. Jax sees through Carly's attempt to make him jealous by flirting with Coop but is still affected nonetheless. With Stan's help, Sonny maneuvers Carly into doing business with him as he announces he's the new distributor for the rare marble she wants for the Metro Court. Even though she hates the fact that Scott is getting away with murder, Lulu tells Dillon, Spinelli and Milo that she's putting an end to her investigation because protecting her father is the most important thing. Scott drops the charges against Luke but their animosity remains as strong as ever. Maxie's wheels begin to turn when Logan tells her and Coop about overhearing Lulu's conversation regarding Scott's guilt. Alexis and Kristina struggle to accept that Molly doesn't live with them as Ric struggles with being a full time father. Alexis brings Kristina to visit Molly. Luke thinks Tracy might be going off the deep end when she talks to Alan's ghost that only she can see.

March 14 - 21, 2007:  3/14, 3/15, 3/16, 3/19, 3/20, 3/21

3/14- Sonny lays down his terms for Carly getting the marble she wants for the Metro Court. After arguing with Jax, who accuses her of being flattered by Sonny's attention, Carly storms out. Carly decides to beat Sonny at his own game by agreeing to go to dinner with him but warns she won't change her mind about divorcing him. Jason doesn't think Sonny is being fair to Carly and accuses him of jerking her around. Sonny remains confident that he and Carly will end up together. Sam is rattled by Amelia and declines her offer to possibly host a TV series on everyday heroes. Sam's past continues to trouble her. A suspicious Max asks Stan to do some digging into Coop's past. In his quest to prove himself worthy, Spinelli accidentally uncovers the fact that Jason is the father of Elizabeth's baby. Lulu forces Spinelli to share his shocking secret with her. Lucky and Elizabeth prepare to move into the Spencer home and become a family again. Coop listens as Maxie tells Logan how she's going to blackmail Scott and make him think Lulu is the culprit. Coop warns Maxie that Logan has a dark side. Luke wants to get to the bottom of whatever it is that's upsetting Lulu.

3/15- Lulu and Spinelli don't let on that they know Jason is the father of Elizabeth's baby when he catches them at the computer. Lulu has a hard time covering her anger towards Elizabeth. Without knowing what's really going on, Carly adds to Lulu's fears that Elizabeth would leave Lucky for Jason. Elizabeth and Jason both wish their situation could be different. Emily sees Elizabeth with Jason and later confronts her friend. Elizabeth assures Emily that her heart belongs to Lucky. Jason returns home to find Lulu waiting for him. Carly realizes she's hit a nerve when she grills Jason about Elizabeth. Sparks fly when Carly informs Jax she's having dinner with Sonny to get the marble she wants. Jax later cuts through Carly's mini rant by pulling her into a passionate kiss. Logan is no match for Luke. Luke's antennae go up when he sees a connection between Maxie and Logan and leaves them with a warning. Maxie is poised to discover Elizabeth's secret when she gets her hands on Spinelli's laptop. Nikolas falls prey to his mysterious stalker. Robin reluctantly gives into Russell when he objects to her returning to work before she's fully recovered. Patrick and Robin have romance on their minds.

3/16- Carly tries to push Sonny's buttons by pulling Jax into a kiss. Sonny keeps his cool as he makes plans for his and Carly's dinner date. Jax warns Carly not to use him to play games with Sonny. Sonny takes Carly to Jake's, where he collects on his bet of a dance after beating her at pool. After getting Max to reveal Sonny took Carly to Jake's, Jax arrives there with Amelia to see the estranged couple about to kiss. Jason tries to explain to Lulu why he and Elizabeth reached the decision they did about the baby and believes he's convinced her to hold her tongue. Lulu heads to see Lucky, who is caught off guard by her questions. Jason has a job for Spinelli. Mr. Craig injects Nikolas with a poison for which an antidote must be administered every twenty-four hours. Mr. Craig demands that Nikolas set him up with a new identity or die. Insisting he's thinking of Lulu's wellbeing, Scott tells Lucky and Elizabeth they need to tell Lulu what really happened between Luke and Laura when they were young. Alcazar continues to hide his recovery from Skye as he makes cryptic plans. Maxie, Coop and Logan put their blackmailing of Scott in motion. Sam's past seems to be catching up to her.

3/19- Try as she might, Carly can't ignore the sight of Jax with Amelia. Fearing she'll break down and kiss Sonny, Carly calls Jason for support. Jason has words for Jax and Sonny and then accuses Carly of wanting both men to fight over her. Carly sees Jason's point and comes to a decision. Meanwhile, Jax invites Amelia in for a drink and finds a scantily-clad Carly waiting for him. Sonny wants to plant a snitch inside the police department after Stan tells him that the cops were on to the shipment they were expecting. Sam spins a story for Jason's benefit as she accepts a delivery for Angela Monroe. Sam breaks down as she burns a newspaper photo of her with an unknown man. Ric wants to find someone to infiltrate Sonny's organization. Lulu stops herself from telling Lucky he isn't the father of Elizabeth's baby. Mr. Craig lets Nikolas suffer before administering the antidote to the poison. Mr. Craig appears to hold all the cards as he tells Nikolas how things are going to play out. Thinking he's confronting his blackmailer, Scott laces into Lulu as he warns her she might uncover secrets better left buried. Logan comes to Lulu's defense when Scott threatens her. Maxie is annoyed by Logan's concern for Lulu. Jason returns home to find Lulu with Sam.

3/20- Emily, Elizabeth and Lucky are unaware of Nikolas' predicament with Mr. Craig. Wanting to protect his loved ones, Nikolas feigns anger with Lucky, Emily and Elizabeth. Nikolas makes the noble sacrifice of pushing Emily away for her own safety, claiming he needs his space. Nikolas makes his first call on Mr. Craig's behalf. Amelia makes a gracious exit, leaving Carly and Jax alone together. Using her own brand of logic, Carly seduces Jax and then tells him that he's now even with Sonny and that they're through. Jax believes that Carly is giving up on them and makes it clear that is her choice, not his. A heartbroken Carly sticks to her resolve and leaves. Sonny reaches out to Alexis, who is suffering from the effects of the chemo. Sonny is confident he'll win Carly back. Lulu wonders how Jason can agree not to be a part of his child's life. Jason confesses that he thinks about the baby all the time but feels he's made the decision that works out best for everyone. Not wanting to see her brother hurt, Lulu resolves to keep the truth to herself. Sam confronts Tracy, who denies sending her the newspaper clipping of Angela. Jason and Sam make a decision about the future. Alan's ghost warns Tracy that he will haunt her until she does the right thing. Edward and Monica inform an irate Tracy that they are going to contest Alan's will as they are certain she and Luke forged it. Tracy and Luke know that Alan had intended to leave everything to any child Jason might have.

3/21- Lulu unburdens herself to an unresponsive Laura as she wishes for an answer to all her problems. Lucky and Elizabeth look forward to their upcoming wedding. Lulu may turn out to be the wildcard at the wedding when she admits to Spinelli that maybe it is time for the truth to come out. Scott warns Bobbie that Lulu might find out something she shouldn't. Bobbie strongly advises Luke to back off of Scott or risk Lulu learning of a past best left buried. Scott breaks down as he confesses to Laura how he killed Rick Webber, apologizes and vows that he'll always love her. Ric puts Sonny and Jason on notice. Carly struggles not to give in to her feelings for Jax. Jason loses his patience with Carly and her never-ending man troubles. A ragged Jason erupts as he tells Carly to be thankful for what she has. Alcazar continues to con Skye as he plots Sonny's demise. Although chilled by Sonny's warning, Skye has no intention of backing down. Sam confides in Spinelli, who's mortified by the cover story she invented but does agree to keep her secret. Sam sees proof that her "Everyday Heroes" segment had a positive impact on people but still refuses Amelia's offer.

March 22-29, 2007:  3/22, 3/23, 3/26, 3/27, 3/28, 3/29

3/22- Lucky and Elizabeth prepare for their wedding. Lulu fears she might not be able to hold her tongue during the ceremony. Jason refuses to attend the wedding with Carly but changes his mind after Spinelli warns him about Lulu being a loose cannon. Carly senses that Jason is upset about something. Maxie figures out that Lulu has a problem with Elizabeth and later arrives to spy on the nuptials. Mr. Craig forces Nikolas to attend the wedding. Lucky is pleased his brother decided to attend the wedding after all but doesn't know what's really going on. Alexis comes across Mr. Craig at Wyndemere. Lulu has a bad reaction when Elizabeth asks her be her Maid of Honor after Emily is called to the hospital. Tracy finds Luke drinking his sorrows away at the Haunted Star and convinces him to attend his son's wedding as that is what Laura would have wanted. Jason and Spinelli brace for the worst when Lulu steps forward during the ceremony. Patrick tries to trick Robin into moving back in with him but his ruse is quickly exposed.

3/23- Spinelli jumps into action as Lulu is about to spill the paternity secret at the wedding. Spinelli is over the moon when Lulu refers to him as her boyfriend to try and salvage the awkward situation. Elizabeth and Lucky exchange heartfelt vows and are pronounced husband and wife. Maxie nearly overhears the truth about the baby. Lulu tells Jason that she kept her mouth shut because she didn't want to ruin Lucky's happiness. Lulu fears the secret will come out eventually and wonders why Jason doesn't fight for his child. Luke toasts the happy couple in his own unique way. Max realizes Coop was one of the mercenaries and informs Sonny. Sonny has plans for Coop. Ric clashes with his brother and leaves him with a warning. After her encounter with Mr. Craig, Alexis arrives on Jax's doorstep drenched from the downpour. Jax bolsters his friend's spirits and their fondness for one another is clear. Carly finds Jax and Alexis in a seemingly intimate moment. Patrick is exasperated by Robin's insistence that the only way for their relationship to survive is if they don't live together. Nikolas returns to Wyndemere to discover Robin treating Mr. Craig's gunshot wound.

3/26- Jax pushes Carly's buttons when he allows her believe that he and Alexis just slept together. Alexis warns Jax that his game playing could push Carly back into Sonny's arms. Meanwhile, Carly seeks assurances from Sonny that he's being truthful about his feelings and they quickly combust in a passionate kiss. Jason is anguished over his decision not to be a part of his child's life. Jason wonders if he has the strength to stop wanting the family he gave away as he sees the similarities between his situation and what he did to his late brother. Elizabeth senses that Lulu has some unresolved issues with her. Lulu just hopes that Elizabeth got back together with Lucky for all the right reasons and won't end up hurting him down the road. Nikolas is horrified to see Robin tending to Mr. Craig. Mr. Craig forces Robin to go along with his plan. Robin believes she's gotten her hands on the counter agent to the poison but Mr. Craig remains in control of the situation. Robin covers her nerves as she tells Patrick she's moving into Wyndemere. Nikolas makes a move against Mr. Craig. Sonny gives Coop an ultimatum. Maxie bristles when she sees Lulu with Coop.

3/27- Patrick thinks Robin is hiding something when she tells him she's decided to move into Wyndemere with Nikolas. With her nerves frazzled, Robin blows up at Patrick as she defends her decision. Meanwhile, Mr. Craig outmaneuvers Nikolas when he tries to get his hands on the counter agent. Mr. Craig makes threats against Patrick to keep Robin in line. Jason's arrival puts the brakes on Sonny and Carly's passion. Carly leaves a very frustrated Sonny in her wake as she makes a hasty exit. Sonny isn't pleased to learn that Carly slept with Jax. Jason is fed up with Sonny's attitude towards Carly. Carly takes her anger out on Jax, who won't rise to the bait. Carly is an emotional mess when Sonny tells her to trust her heart and come back to him. Sam's newfound notoriety follows her as she returns to work at the Metro Court. Amelia wears Sam down until she agrees to host Everyday Heroes. Amelia digs into Sam's past. Jason tries to make Spinelli understand why he's stepping out of his unborn baby's life. Coop and Logan break up Maxie and Lulu's fight. Carly finds it ironic that Lulu would turn to her for relationship advice. Lulu tells Dillon, Milo and Spinelli that she will date all three of them, or none of them at all.

3/28- Elizabeth becomes emotional when she watches Jason play with Cameron as she knows what it must be costing Jason not to be a part of his child's life. Jason can't hide the edge in his voice as he tells Elizabeth she has to come to terms with the decision she's made. Sam insists that Jason be kept out of the public eye when Amelia and a TV crew arrive at the penthouse with Sam's new wardrobe for the show. Sam is hit with past memories as she tries on several outfits. Aware of what she's doing, Amelia says just enough to inwardly rile Sam about her past. Robin and Nikolas balk when Mr. Craig wants them to pretend to have fallen in love. Patrick voices his concerns about Robin to Alexis, who later pays a visit to Nikolas to see what's going on. Mr. Craig and Nikolas get rid of Alexis by claiming they have important business but she remains slightly suspicious. Robin cleverly gets a sample of Nikolas' blood to the hospital to be analyzed as she continues to brush off Patrick. Mr. Craig hides with his gun when Patrick arrives at Wyndemere to confront Nikolas. Lulu vents her troubles to a sympathetic Spinelli. Lulu announces she will go on separate trial dates with each of her three suitors. Logan seems to go along with Maxie's demand that they make it look as though Lulu is the one blackmailing Scott. Logan sends Scott the blackmail demands. Maxie has a surefire way for Coop to pass the entrance exam for the police academy.

3/29- Sonny anticipates that Coop will prove very useful once he joins the police force. Alcazar continues his act as he and Skye are confronted by Carly and later Sonny. Sonny warns Carly that Skye is out of her league. Skye acts tough as she tries to fend off Ric. Sonny plots to neutralize Ric. Alcazar confronts Sonny, who isn't buying his act. Skye makes a sisterly appeal to Jason. Carly races after Jax when she realizes he witnessed a close moment between her and Sonny. Carly is livid when she learns the truth about Jax and Alexis. Jax admits he did what he did to make Carly jealous and prove that she still loves him. Fearing Mr. Craig's threats, Robin is forced to let a heartbroken Patrick believe that she left him for Nikolas. Mr. Craig insists Nikolas and Robin pretend to be in love. Alexis makes a surprising discovery when she arrives at Wyndemere. Amelia subtly tweaks Sam about secrets from her past. Maxie stages a fight with Logan to allow him to score points with Lulu. Logan learns more about Lulu than he expected. Spinelli turns to Jason for advice about how to woo Lulu.

March 30- April 6, 2007:  3/30, 4/2, 4/3, 4/4, 4/5, 4/6

3/30- Alcazar struggles to keep his temper in check and his ruse alive when Sonny taunts him about being a coward who's hiding behind Skye. Jason throws Skye's words back in her face. Jason warns Skye that if she continues to act in Alcazar's behalf then she will be dealt with according. Alcazar meets with an associate as he plans Sonny and Jason's demise. Sonny has reservations about Jason's idea to run the business out of the Cellar. Nikolas and Robin try to sell Alexis on the idea that they've fallen for each other. Mr. Craig is one step ahead of Nikolas and Robin. Robin convinces Mr. Craig not to let Nikolas die. Robin tells Nikolas they have to work together to outsmart Mr. Craig. Alexis collapses while picking wildflowers with Kristina on the grounds at Wyndemere. A frightened Kristina encounters Mr. Craig. Scott confronts Lulu when he thinks she's behind the blackmail. Maxie is confident that Scott would never hurt Lulu. Carly insists it's over between her and Jax. Jax tricks Carly into attending a black tie event at the Metro Court. Kelly doesn't want to be Patrick's "rebound" girl.

4/2- Sonny has reservations about using The Cellar as the new base of operations because of Carly's connection to the property. Jason and Sonny foresee trouble when they're mobbed by reporters clamoring for a story about Sam's newfound notoriety and set out to nip the problem in the bud. Amelia stands up to Sonny and Diane as she states this is Sam's time to shine and they had better get used to it. Jax gets to Carly when he is open and honest with her. Carly responds when Jax pulls her into a kiss. Mr. Craig carries a protesting Alexis up to the house, where Nikolas is alarmed to see them together. Mr. Craig enjoys watching Nikolas squirm as he refuses to allow Alexis and Kristina to spend the night. Alexis accepts Mr. Craig's offer to see her and Kristina home and seems charmed by him. Nikolas convinces Robin not to tell Patrick what's really going on. Patrick admits to Lainey that he's starting to believe that he and Robin will never be able to get past their differences. Logan comes to Lulu's defense when a furious Scott threatens her. Lulu confronts Maxie after figuring out that she's been trying to blackmail Scott.

4/3- Sam is plagued by nightmares of her violent past as "Angela Monroe." Amelia bolsters Sam during her photo shoot and gets more information about Sam's past aliases. Maxie acts out on the anniversary of Jesse's death and accuses Elizabeth of lying about being in love with Lucky. Elizabeth feels like a hypocrite for keeping Jason away from his child when she realizes Lucky's job is nearly as dangerous as Jason's. Lucky comes upon Jason and Elizabeth as she allows him to feel the baby kick. Coop won't listen to Maxie berating herself and pulls her into a serious kiss. Jason refuses to do Carly's dirty work. Sonny can't get Carly out of his system and is thrown for a loop when she tells him about her relationship with Jax. Alan intensifies his haunting of Tracy. The Quartermaines decide not to go up against Tracy and contest Alan's will if for no other reason than to make sure Skye doesn't get anything. Dillon realizes Tracy thinks she sees Alan's ghost and blackmails her into allowing him to pursue Lulu without any interference from her

4/4- Lucky isn't fazed when he finds Jason feeling Elizabeth's baby kick. Jason argues with Lulu when she doesn't think he'll be able to live with the lie he's keeping. Jason is affected when he receives the ultrasound photo Elizabeth sent. Sam has to abandon spending the evening with Jason in order to attend a business function. Jax warns Skye not to try and handle things for Alcazar. Skye and Carly have a vicious catfight. Carly storms off when Jax defends his friend Skye. Nikolas bristles when Mr. Craig demands that he and Robin will have to keep their ruse alive for quite awhile. Emily suspects something is up when Patrick spills the beans that Nikolas and Robin are together. Emily heads to Wyndemere to investigate and is devastated to find Nikolas and Robin locked in a kiss, thanks to Mr. Craig. Maxie pulls back from Coop's kiss but later returns. Coop and Maxie end up making love. Coop punches Logan when he insults Maxie, who enjoys being the center of attention. Spinelli, Milo and Dillon scheme to try and keep Logan away from Lulu. Lulu bursts Dillon's bubble when she tells him that she can't date him and pretend as though nothing happened between them

4/5- Sonny and Carly unwittingly add to Jason's stress about the secret he's trying so hard to keep. Michael wants Sonny to take action to get back together with Carly. Diane informs Sonny that Carly is moving ahead with the divorce and warns he could risk losing custody of the boys if he doesn't cooperate. Jax and Carly kiss and make up. Sam sneaks away from her high-powered media event to spend quiet time alone with Jason. Amelia plans on building Sam up and then destroying her. Emily senses that there is more than meets the eye when Nikolas tries to convince her that he's in love with Robin. Robin is certain that she and Patrick will never get back together. Lulu and Dillon try to break up Logan and Coop's brawl. Maxie snipes at Lulu, who can't help but be shaken by the attack. Dillon is crushed when Lulu tells him she doesn't think she'll ever be able to date him

4/6- Sonny tells Carly that he called off the strike at the Metro Court. Carly is moved by Sonny's sincerity when he asks her out to dinner but she sticks with her decision to go out with Jax as planned. Michael takes action to get his parents back together. Jason doesn't open up to Sam, who senses something is eating away at him. Spinelli tries to convince Jason that it's best for the truth to come out. After seeing her brother's joy, Lulu decides he can never learn the truth about Elizabeth's baby. Sam is on the brink of discovering Amelia's treachery. Jax refuses to help Skye contest Alan's will. Alcazar continues his act but fears for Skye's safety. Alexis spars with Mr. Craig when she goes to Wyndemere to thank him. After learning what happened, Ric implores Alexis to let someone help her. Mr. Craig arrives on Alexis' doorstep to return the pills she accidentally left behind

April 9-16, 2007:  4/9, 4/10, 4/11, 4/12, 4/13, 4/16

4/9- Michael refuses to unlock the door and will gladly suffer any punishment given if his parents end up back together. Sonny almost manages to pull Carly back. Michael lies to Jax, telling him Carly went to see Sonny. Michael opens the door as Sonny and Carly are poised to kiss. Meanwhile, Jax laments his troubles with Carly to Amelia. Carly races to call Jax and is caught off-guard when Amelia answers his phone. Lulu makes a compelling argument for Jason to allow Elizabeth to raise the baby with Lucky. Although anguished, Jason promises Lulu he will stick with the decision he's made. Lulu hurts Spinelli's feelings and later apologizes. Dillon and Milo see red when they find Lulu in Spinelli's arms. Sam and Lucky get stuck in the elevator together when they go to the Metro Court to meet Jason and Elizabeth, respectively. Jason is on edge when he runs into Elizabeth at the hotel. Mr. Craig eavesdrops as Ric and Alexis reopen old wounds. Mr. Craig gives Alexis the pills she accidentally dropped at Wyndemere and insists on taking her to the hospital. Alan enjoys driving Tracy crazy with his haunting of her. Luke thinks he has a way of exorcising Alan's spirit but Alan makes it clear he's not going anywhere.

4/10- Elizabeth regrets the toll the situation is taking on Jason as he promises that he'll keep their secret. Carly's jealous instincts kick in when Amelia leads her to believe there might be something going on between her and Jax. Sonny and Carly present a united front as they discipline their sons. Jax can't fight his attraction to Carly when they run into each other at the Metro Court. Jason tells Sonny he's convinced Alcazar is faking his condition and is using Skye as a decoy. Alcazar plans on ambushing Sonny and Jason at the Cellar. Sam is upbeat about her future and accepts things the way they are. Mr. Craig sits with Kristina while Alexis is tended to and uses a French accent when speaking to Patrick. Robin is alarmed to see Mr. Craig with Patrick. Edward and Alice secretly record Tracy admitting she and Luke forged Alan's will. Edward, however, doesn't reveal Tracy's duplicity to Monica after Tracy agrees to give him a substantial portion of Alan's ELQ stock. Dillon, Milo and Spinelli make amends with Lulu, who agrees to go back to the original plan of going on a date with each of them.

4/11- Sam is upset when her show's set resembles a bedroom from her past. Amelia continues working her agenda against Sam. Reporters descend on everyone in Sam's life looking to get a story on the media's newest star. Jax comes to Carly's rescue when she and the boys are hounded by reporters wanting to know how she feels about Sonny buying his former mistress a TV career. Sam is torn between protecting Jason's privacy and gaining publicity for her show. Jason is a reluctant sounding board as Lulu, and later Spinelli, vent about the problems in their love lives. Georgie is hurt to see the lengths Dillon went to in his effort to impress Lulu. Lulu doesn't really appreciate Dillon's attempt to create a romantic Paris café. Spinelli interrupts Lulu's date when he crashes Jason's motorcycle. Dillon is miffed when Lulu leaves to take Spinelli home. Spinelli feels he's making points with Lulu. Maxie makes a risky move when she steals the Police Academy entrance exam for Coop. Georgie flirts with Pete, who asks her out.

4/12- Sonny is furious when he's confronted by reporters and demands that Jason do something to fix the problem. Although Sam regrets the trouble she's causing Jason, she still wants to stick with her newfound career. Alcazar schemes to get rid of Sonny and Jason once and for all and orders Lopez to have his men take them out when they arrive at the Cellar. Ric makes another appeal for Skye to join forces with him against Alcazar but she refuses. Skye overhears Alcazar ordering the hits on Sonny and Jason and realizes he's been lying to her. Sonny and Jason are pinned down in a hail of bullets when armed gunmen move in on them at the Cellar. Jax proposes to Carly. Elizabeth puts up with Lucky hovering around her as she knows he's acting out of love for her and the baby. Elizabeth is suddenly hit with a contraction. Maxie wants Logan out of Coop's life. Jason rejects Maxie when she tries to get Logan a job with Sonny's organization.

4/13- Sonny and Jason struggle to fend off Alcazar's gunmen. Logan and Coop spring into action when they hear the gunshots. Coop makes a risky move to save Maxie's life. Sonny is rushed to the hospital with a serious head injury. At Jason's request, Spinelli does his best to protect Sonny and gets assurances from Robin. Jason races to the hospital after learning that Elizabeth went into premature labor. Patrick tells Jason that Sonny has suffered a major concussion. Sam abandons the photo shoot after learning about the shootout and fears for Jason. Elizabeth has a tough decision to make. Jax and Carly bask in the afterglow of their re-engagement and have never been more in love with each other as they head back home from Montreal. Carly learns Sonny has been injured. Skye hides her rage in front of Alcazar and later has a secret meeting with Ric

4/16- Jax understands Carly's need to check on Sonny at the hospital. Carly is relieved to see that Sonny will be okay and breaks the news of her engagement to him. Sonny irritates Carly by refusing to sign off on the divorce and plans on winning her back. With his own hidden meaning, Jason tells Sonny that sometimes loving somebody means letting them go. Lulu saves the day when Spinelli arrives with a video camera to record Elizabeth giving birth. Jason learns that Elizabeth will carry the baby to term. Lulu knows how hard the situation is for Jason but appreciates what he's doing. Sam is irritated over Amelia telling her what to do but ends up taking her advice and uses the publicity from the shootout to play up Everyday Heroes. Spinelli is a good friend to Lulu. Monica wants Tracy to prove Alan's haunting her by revealing something very personal that he and Monica enjoyed in bed. Tracy passes the test but Monica still doesn't buy that she's being haunted. Alan realizes that Tracy really loves Luke and agrees to leave her alone for the night. Luke and Tracy's hanky-panky is interrupted by Scott, who announces he's been named as a Special Prosecutor and is filing papers to be named Laura's legal guardian

April 17-24, 2007:  4/17, 4/18, 4/19, 4/20, 4/23, 4/24

4/17- Jax challenges Sonny to do the right thing and give Carly the divorce she wants. Jason believes it is time for Sonny to let Carly go as she's made the decision to be with Jax. Although he likes Jax very much, Michael wants his parents to stay married. After being released from the hospital, Sonny goes to see Carly and appears ready to sign the divorce papers even though he believes it's a mistake. Sonny warns Amelia to stop the media frenzy surrounding Sam that's affecting his family. Amelia gets more dirt on Sam from her private investigator. Luke is floored to learn Laura named Nikolas as her guardian. Tracy shares her take on Laura's decision with Luke. Nikolas and Alexis will fight Scott tooth and nail in his effort to be appointed Laura's guardian. Spinelli is relieved when Jason doesn't lose his cool about him denting his motorcycle. Spinelli argues for Jason to claim his child and tell Sam the truth, pointing out Jason would make an excellent father. Patrick wants to know what's really going on at Wyndemere after Robin makes a slip of the tongue. Luke is on the verge of spotting Mr. Craig when he arrives to confront Nikolas.

4/18- Sonny finally gives Carly what she's been asking for. Carly is a jumble of emotions and ends up venting to Lulu. Jax arrives as a sobbing Carly still can't bring herself to end her marriage. Patrick knows Robin is hiding something and, with Maxie's help, manages to get his hands on the file Robin's been so secretive about. Patrick sneaks into Wyndemere and spies on Robin with Nikolas and Mr. Craig. A hidden Mr. Craig listens as Luke tangles with Nikolas over Laura. Mr. Craig wants Nikolas to sign away guardianship of Laura but he refuses. Tracy makes a deal with the devil when she joins forces with Scott. Luke is left by Tracy's suggestion of what he should do about Laura. Ric anticipates Sonny and Jason's demise when they retaliate against Alcazar. Coop is given the go ahead to join the police force. Logan brazenly asks Sonny for a job in his organization as payback for helping save his life.

4/19- Amelia ruins Jason's visit to Sam's set when she points a reporter in his direction. Sam is unaware of the danger she's in. Amelia knows a lot more about Sam's past than she's been letting on. Jason encounters Elizabeth with Cameron and plays with the boy. Elizabeth feels guilty for depriving Jason of the family life he deserves to have. After a loving talk with Jax, Carly makes a decision about her future. Jax wants to get married sooner rather than later. Nikolas lunges for Mr. Craig's throat when he makes disparaging remarks about Laura. But quickly, Mr. Craig shows a rare glimpse of compassion. Patrick makes a bold move but soon finds himself in jeopardy. Luke is dubious of Tracy's claim that she's scamming Scott and is really on his side. Luke leaves Tracy with an ultimatum. Tracy wants Luke to wake up and smell the coffee where Laura is concerned

4/20- Sonny is blindsided to learn that Carly is marrying Jax in one week and fights his temptation to drink when he returns home. Sonny wants Jason to plan their retaliation against Alcazar. Carly races to Sonny's after remembering that today is his birthday. Elizabeth is wracked with guilt about depriving Jason his child and admits she loves him. Elizabeth convinces herself she's making the right decision because of the violence in Jason's life. Jason offers to stay out of Elizabeth's life if it will make things better for her. Spinelli urges Jason to tell Sam about the baby. Sam has a near miss with death at the studio. Alcazar feels the pressure from his associates Cortez and Ochoa, who plan on dealing with Sonny and Jason themselves. Cortez and Ochoa pay a visit to Sam at the studio as Jason arrives. Nikolas and Robin save Patrick from being killed by Mr. Craig. Mr. Craig announces that there is going to be a change in plans. Luke and Tracy get drunk together at the Metro Court and come to appreciate their unique relationship

4/23- Carly is in turmoil as she gives Sonny his birthday presents from the boys and does her best to resist him. Carly asks Sonny to love her enough to let her go. Sonny gives Carly one last kiss and wishes her happiness. Jax and Carly look forward to their future together. Sonny remembers his past with Carly. Jax is pleasantly surprised to find Jane at the Metro Court. Mr. Craig agrees to let Patrick live in exchange for Robin's continued cooperation. Nikolas questions why Mr. Craig is so intent on staying in Port Charles where so many people could identify him. Robin and Patrick pretend to still be at odds as they work together at the hospital. Emily is speechless when she secretly witnesses a kiss between Patrick and Robin. Jason and Sam spring into action to fight off Cortez and Ochoa. A horrified Amelia looks on as Sam shoots and kills Ochoa in order to save her own life. Amelia does damage control and convinces Mayor Floyd it would be in everyone's best interest to keep the incident under wraps. Amelia tells Jason it would be best for Sam's career if he distanced himself from her. Jason takes off on his motorcycle. Lucky reconsiders his impulse to make Jason the baby's godfather after getting another reminder of how violent Jason's life can be

4/24- Nikolas and Robin become curious when they see Craig ignoring his phone calls. Nikolas overhears Craig on the phone and suspects he might have a weakness after all. Robin and Patrick shut Emily down when she tries to question them about the kiss she saw. Emily goes to Nikolas looking for answers. Jax refuses to postpone his wedding for any reason. Spinelli convinces Lulu to tell Carly that Elizabeth is carrying Jason's baby. Lulu gets sidetracked from revealing the truth about the baby when Carly wonders which man Lulu wants to bring to the wedding as her date. Spinelli almost spills the beans to Carly. Carly panics at the thought of Jason not being in town for her wedding. Lulu ends up with three dates for Carly's wedding. Sam bristles when Amelia suggests she should break up with Jason and live her own life. Amelia is pleased when she sees Sam enjoying being in the spotlight. Logan starts his job at the Metro Court but is really itching to work for Sonny.

April 25 - May 2, 2007:  4/25, 4/26, 4/27, 4/30, 5/1, 5/2

4/25- Carly fears her wedding will be jinxed if Jason isn't there. Spinelli tries to help Carly through the wedding rehearsal by impersonating Jason and standing in for him. Alexis can't hold her tongue during the rehearsal but Carly ends up getting in the last word. Sonny gives Coop his instructions as he prepares to start training at the Police Academy. Sonny and Amelia disagree about Jason's role in Sam's life. Nikolas and Robin are forced to play hardball with Emily, hurling hurtful insults to get her to leave Wyndemere and keep her safe from Craig. Emily impresses Craig when she gives as good as she gets. A pained Nikolas wanders the grounds and is approached Emily, who asks him to tell her what's really going on. After learning the truth, Emily vows to stay by Nikolas' side and they end up in a passionate kiss. Logan thinks Sonny is the key to getting what he wants - money and power. Ric warns Alcazar he's putting Skye in the middle of a mob war.

4/26- Everyone gathers at Rice Manor for Jax and Carly's wedding. Carly fights a serious case of the jitters as she gets ready for her wedding and breaks down in Jason's arms when he finally shows up. Jason makes Carly see that she really does want to marry Jax. The wedding guests begin to get restless when Carly appears to be a no-show. Alexis and Ned share a friendly moment. Lulu has her hands full with Spinelli, Dillon and Milo all vying for her attention. Nikolas and Robin keep their ruse alive despite Lucky and Elizabeth's blatant disapproval. Emily reveals to Patrick that she knows what's really going on. Sonny struggles to try and accept Carly's marriage. Luke gives Sonny some advice about matters of the heart. Luke asks Sonny not to drag Skye into his war with Alcazar. Carly and Jason finally arrive at the manor, as does Sonny.

4/27- The wedding guests are on pins and needles when the minister gets to the "speak now or forever hold your peace" portion of the ceremony. Sonny shows great restraint as Jax and Carly's wedding begins. Carly and Sonny share a bittersweet moment. Robin and Patrick manage to steal some precious moments together, as do Nikolas and Emily. Carly thanks Jason for being her best friend. Sonny invites "Vanessa" to his room at the Metro Court and is surprised when Amelia arrives at his door. Lulu reaches her breaking point with Dillon, Milo and Spinelli. Lulu finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time.

4/30- Jax and Carly enjoy the rest of their reception and later take off on their honeymoon. Carly is head over heels in love with her husband as they look forward to spending the rest of their lives together. Amelia accepts Sonny's offer to join him for a drink when she shows up at his door by accident. Sonny and Amelia act on their impulses. Amelia tells Sonny no one can ever know about them. A tipsy Sam covers when she makes a slip of the tongue in front of Jason about a past wedding. Lulu rescues Logan when he's engaged in a standoff with two of Alcazar's thugs. Logan isn't instantly grateful for Lulu's interference as he wants to prove himself to Sonny. Logan's rude remarks drive Lulu away but he later apologizes. Logan seems to be making progress with Lulu when they're interrupted by her three suitors. Elizabeth overhears Monica and Edward talk about how much they would like for Jason to have a child one day. Nikolas manages to spend more time alone with Emily.

5/1- Sonny and Amelia can't get enough of each other but finally tear themselves apart. Sonny isn't pleased by the publicity Sam is generating for him. Per Sonny's instructions, Diane serves Amelia with an injunction shutting down production of Everyday Heroes. Amelia plays hardball with Sonny. Jason is in a tight spot when Sam asks him to intercede with Sonny and get the injunction lifted. Tracy returns from her business trip to find Alan's ghost still hasn't left the mansion. Luke tells Tracy that the guardianship hearing for Laura is drawing near. Luke is intrigued when he realizes that Dillon knows a secret about Scott. Tracy warns her son that Luke can never learn the truth about Rick Webber's death. Jax and Carly enjoy an idyllic honeymoon on the beach in Fiji. Jax tends to Carly when she suffers a minor mishap and they end up making love. Lulu panics when she sees Logan being hauled off by two men. Lulu races to ask Sonny for help and is surprised to find him interrogating Logan. Sonny leaves Logan with a serious warning. Lulu bristles when Logan asks her to intervene with Sonny on his behalf.

5/2- Spinelli hacks into the hospital computer and lets Jason know that Elizabeth's due date is only days away. Elizabeth insists to Jason that if anything should happen to her during childbirth, then he's to do whatever is necessary to save the baby. Craig loses it when he finds that Nikolas has answered his cell phone. Craig decides to punish Nikolas by letting him die and plans on leaving town for parts unknown. Emily, Patrick and Robin put their heads together to try and come up with a counter-agent for the poison in Nikolas' system. Nikolas tells a horrified Emily that he only has hours left to live. Brandon is impressed when Amelia explains how she plans on using an unsuspecting Sam's unsavory past to their advantage. Amelia has Wes call Sam and pretend to be Todd Sullivan, one of the men she scammed. Tracy gets advice from Alan's ghost as she agrees to continue to help Luke fight off Scott. Lulu threatens Scott but he won't back down in his bid to gain guardianship of Laura. Scott warns Lucky that many ugly truths will come to light if he doesn't get what he wants.

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