Complete GH Episodes, 1995

Episode Breakdown

December 29, 1994 - July 5, 1995

July 6 -12, 1995:  7/6 Ned plays the tape for Brenda & Lois exposing Sonny's ties to organized crime, 7/7 Brenda agrees to wear a wire, 7/10, 7/11, 7/12 Lily tells Sonny about set up [Episode Descriptions]

July 13 - 19, 1995:  7/13, 7/14, 7/17, 7/18, 7/19 [Episode Descriptions]

July 20 - 26, 1995:  7/20, 7/21, 7/24 Sonny & Brenda break up, 7/25 Brenda & Miguel make love, Sonny & Lily in PR to see her father, 7/26 [Episode Descriptions]

July 27 - August 2, 1995:  7/27, 7/28, 7/31, 8/1 Mary Mae recording session, 8/2 Monica wants breast reconstruction [Episode Descriptions]

August 3 - 9, 1995:  8/3, 8/4 AIDS Walk in park, Brenda & Miguel in shower, Sonny & Lily return and find them in towels, 8/7, 8/8, 8/9 [Episode Descriptions]

August 10 - 16, 1995:  8/19 Stone & Lucky work on cart, 8/11, 8/14, 8/15 (missed 5 mins news report) Stone learns he is going blind, 8/16 [Episode Descriptions]

August 17- 23, 1995:  8/17, 8/18 Kevin & Lucy see a ghost, 8/21 Mac sweeps KL's house for electronic devices, 8/22, 8/23 [Episode Descriptions]

August 24 - 30, 1995:  8/24, 8/25 Katherine waits for Mac in a bubble bath, 8/28, 8/29 Mac & Kevin plan to infiltrate Maia's seminar and try on dresses together, 8/30 Brenda's photo shoot, Alan tells Mac & Robin she is negative for HIV [Episode Descriptions]

August 31 - September 6, 1995:  8/31 Kevin & Mac go shopping, 9/1 Kevin & Mac practice walking in high heels, Luke & Sonny camp, 9/4 Alan finds out about Monica's surgery, 9/5, 9/6 [Episode Descriptions]

September 7 - 13, 1995:  9/7 Mac & Kevin get dressed for the cocktail party, 9/8 Party for Stone, 9/11, 9/12 Kevin is "Norma" and Mac is "Eve", 9/13 Sonny makes love to Lily [Episode Descriptions]

September 14 - 20, 1995:  9/14 Jason's birthday, 9/15, 9/18 Lucy catches onto Norma & Eve, 9/19, 9/20 [Episode Descriptions]

September 21 - 27, 1995:  9/21, 9/22, 9/25, 9/26, 9/27 [Episode Descriptions]

September 28 - October 4, 1995:  9/28 concert in the park, Mac & Katherine make love, 9/29 Brenda & Miguel do video, Karen & Jagger return, 10/2 Stone tells Jagger & Karen he has AIDS, Tony & Monica catch Alan & Bobbie in NY, 10/3 Karen & Jagger visit Stone, 10/4 [Episode Descriptions]

October 5 - 11, 1995:  10/5 Tony & Alan get drunk, 10/6 Robin tells Gina off, 10/9 Kevin & Mac find electronic devices, 10/10, 10/11 [Episode Descriptions]

October 12 - 18, 1995:  10/12, 10/13 Stone & Robin's party, 10/16, 10/17, 10/18 Stone suffers a seizure [Episode Descriptions]

October 19 - 25, 1995: 10/19 Miguel's concert, 10/20, 10/23 Miguel leaves on his South American tour, 10/24 Kevin exposes Maia, 10/25 [Episode Descriptions]

October 26 - November 1, 1995:  10/26 Tony to do brain biopsy on Stone, 10/27 Lois has fantasies about Eddis's new image, 10/30, 10/31 Maxie's birthday & Halloween, 11/1 Lucky & Emily take off for Boston [Episode Descriptions]

November 2 - 8, 1995:  11/2 Em & Lucky check into a hotel, 11/3, 11/6 Luke & Laura on Lucky's trail, 11/7, 11/8 [Episode Descriptions]

November 9 - 15, 1995:  11/9, 11/10 Mary Mae’s show in Philly, Lucky & Emily camp in the desert as L&L hunt for them, Alan tells Robin she is HIV+, 11/13 Anna's ghost appears to Robin, 11/14, 11/15 Robert's ghost appears to Robin, Lucky & Emily home [Episode Descriptions]

November 16 - 22, 1995:  11/16 Robert's ghost appears to Mac, L&L's anniversary, 11/17 Robin tells Stone she is HIV+, L&L reconcile, 11/20 Sonny tells Brenda, N&L, L&L & Lucky about Robin's diagnosis, 11/21, 11/22 cm Stone’s early Christmas, Robert’s ghost visits Luke [Episode Descriptions]

November 23 - 28, 1995:  Three episode dvd: 11/23 cm Lucy interrupts everyone's Thanksgiving looking for Sigmund, (no show 11/24), 11/27 cm Emily agrees to the adoption, 11/28 cm [Episode Descriptions]

November 29 - December 4, 1995:  11/29 Stone dies, 11/30 Edward gets AJ off on DUI charge, 12/1 Stone's funeral, 12/4 [Episode Descriptions]

December 5-8, 1995:  12/5, 12/6, 12/7, 12/8 [Episode Descriptions]

December 11-14, 1995:  12/11, 12/12, 12/13, 12/14 [Episode Descriptions]

December 15-21, 1995:  12/15, 12/18, 12/19, 12/20, 12/21 [Episode Descriptions]

December 22-28, 1995:  12/22 (copy so-so), (no show aired on 12/25), 12/26, 12/27, 12/28 [Episode Descriptions]

December 29, 1995 - January 4, 1996 - 12/29, (1/1 no show aired), 1/2, 1/3, 1/4 [Episode Descriptions]

Expanded Descriptions

July 6 -12, 1995:  7/6 Ned plays the tape for Brenda & Lois exposing Sonny's ties to organized crime, 7/7 Brenda agrees to wear a wire, 7/10, 7/11, 7/12 Lily tells Sonny about set up

July 6, 1995 - No Commercials - An enthused Stone meets with Kevin for another dyslexia session. Katherine tells Damian she has put the plan to get the Qs through the foundation using Tom into action. Tom receives a letter from “a source” claiming Justus is involved in a tax fraud. Tom calls Simone with the news. Ned tells Brenda that Mac has been investigating Sonny. Lois breaks up their fight and he tells them both that Sonny’s word is meaningless and he plays the tape for them. Lois wants Sonny out of L/B. Ned thinks they need more for their case. They need a legal wire taping. Brenda needs time to think. Alan informs Stone that his T-Cell count has gone back down. Alan wants to change him to a new AIDS drug 3TC. Katherine thinks Mac anger toward Stone is really just fear. Brenda gives Sonny another chance to come clean with her. Katherine tries to get Robin to see Mac’s point of view. Tom has questions for AJ about the grant. Robin and Mac make peace.

July 7, 1995 - No Commercials - Mac thanks Katherine for talking to Robin. Justus calls Edward and he wants him down to the foundation pronto. Brenda tells Mike that Sonny lied. Lucy tells Kevin she made a killing in the stock market. They decide to celebrate at The Outback. Kevin does not like her giving all the credit to Maya. Edward, Ned, Jason, and AJ learn that matching grant funds are illegal. Justus wants to know what Edward is going to do about it. Brenda tells Lois that Sonny did not come clean with her. She would have stood by him if he just told her the truth. Lois questions how she could live like that. Edward wants AJ’s resignation from the foundation. Brenda is torn about whether to wear the wire. She wants to try one more time with Sonny. Late, she asks Sonny to go away with her. He refuses saying Stone needs him. She brings up Rivera and he lies again to her. The Qs argue about the foundation mess. Emily is freaked out at all the arguing. Monica tries to explain. Brenda agrees to wear the wire.

July 10, 1995 - No Commercials - Lucy tells Kevin that she is meeting Maya today. Damian gives Maya another stock tip (coffee) for her to pass onto Lucy. Brenda is very conflicted about the wire. Ned and Brenda meet with Mac. Mac wants to bring in Garcia in. Simone is grateful that Tom went to Justus with the letter first. Ned suggests to Edward that they neutralize Tom then the whole grant problem could go away. Ned thinks they should return the questionable grant funds as well. Katherine is teed nothing is in the newspaper about a new Q scandal. Damian thinks she should now give the letter to the media herself. Maya gives Lucy the new stock tip and also predicts friction with the one she loves. Brenda tells Garcia that the only way she does wear the wire is that the tape will stay under her control. Ned meets with Tom to discuss the steps the foundation is taking. Kevin does not approve of Lucy latest stock venture. Katherine calls the PC Herald about an ELQ tax dodge and foundation’s grant.

July 11, 1995 - No Commercials - Harry tells Sonny about the guys who hit Rivera. Justus tells Ned that he will continue on the foundation board but his eyes are wide open now. Simone defends Tom even though Justus is sure he is up to no good. Simone reminds him that Tom could have gone to the media and not them. Tom asks Bobbie if he can rent Scott’s old apartment. Mariah leaves to return to Texas. Tony is not too thrilled to see Tom visiting Felicia. Lily overhears Mac talking with Lois and Ned at the gatehouse about the wire. Tony tells Bobbie that he does not want Tom renting an apartment at the Brownstone. Bobbie wants Tony to consider them sharing a space again. Simone shows Justus the paper with the headline about corruption at the Foundation. Tom tells Simone he was not involved.

July 12, 1995 - No Commercials - As Kevin packs to leave on a seminar, Lucy comes in bouncing off the walls after all her research on her coffee stock. Kevin is of course skeptical. Lily warns Sonny about Brenda agreeing to wear a wire. Sonny does not think that Brenda would turn on him. Bobbie asks Simone if she would be okay with Tom living in the brownstone. Robin visits on one of Stones bad days, when he is feeling very sorry for himself. Robin vents her anger, for him always thinking of himself and not of her. Robin apologies saying she doesn’t want to waste any of their time together with anger. Later, Stone wants to make sure Robin still plans on going to Yale next month. Sonny asks Laura if she has told anyone about his business. She admits that Mac has asked about him but Brenda has not. Robin tells Lucy about Stone having AIDS.

July 13 - 19, 1995:  7/13, 7/14, 7/17, 7/18, 7/19

July 13, 1995 - No Commercials - The Wards and the Qs meet for damage control over the newspaper headline. Edward is peeved as Ned is out of town on Idle Rich promotion. AJ comes clean with Katherine’s initial point in the right direction on the grant but the Qs do not know how she could be involved. Lucky and Luke return from their camping trip. Laura tells Luke about Sonny’s little visit. Luke pleads his case again about being forced out of his own home. Lucky reminds them that there is nothing they can’t handle if they work together. Mac questions if Brenda can go through with the wire, as they will not get another chance. Mac questions what if he finds the wire on her. Sonny looking for the wire goes through Brenda’s purse. Brenda hides the wire. She can’t do it. They make love. Edward wants to call a press conference tomorrow. The foundation board decides not to use AJ as their scapegoat.

July 14, 1995 - No Commercials - Lucy tells Luke about her psychic. Maya tells Damian that Lucy is taking her to dinner at Luke’s so Damian plans to be there too. Brenda tells Mac and Felicia that she tried to tape Sonny but could not do it. Felicia tells her that if she can’t do it without any reservations than she can’t do it. Damian joins Lucy and Maya’s table at Luke’s Club. Maya feels a powerful electric current between Lucy and Damian. Lucy begs to differ. Miguel finds Brenda crying before their dance rehearsal. Katherine and Mac get flirty at The Outback bar. They get into a seltzer fight much to Felicia dismay. Mac gives the soaking wet Katherine a ride home. She invites him in for a drink, which he declines. She leaves him speechless with a kiss. Brenda tells Sonny she can’t handle the evasions and half-truths. She asks him about Frank, Rivera, and what he does when he is not at L/B. Sonny finds the wire on Brenda.

July 17, 1995 - No Commercials - Mac returns to The Outback and finds Felicia cleaning up after his seltzer fight. Sonny tears up the bedroom looking for other bugs. Brenda learns that he knew about the wire. Luke and Stone have a talk about how hard it is for him to remain positive. As Brenda tries to explain, Sonny goes ballistic and storms out. A sobbing Brenda packs her things. Damian tells Lucy this bogus story about seeing an aberration when he was in the stranded in the catacombs. He wants to return to their friendship. Brenda tells Mike and Luke that Sonny has been lying the entire time. They do not seem surprised and she wonders who warned Sonny about the wire. Lily finds Sonny on the docks. Felicia reminds Mac that Katherine is a major manipulator. Miguel confronts an upset Brenda at the guesthouse.

July 18, 1995 - No Commercials - Sonny tells Stone that he kick Brenda out and that she was working for the cops. Emily, Alan and Monica are back from Arizona after spreading Paige’s ashes in the desert. Emily is freaked again when the Q start arguing about AJ. Lila reins them in. Lois and Ned are back from their promotion trip for L/B. They find Brenda and Miguel sleeping on the couch together. Brenda tells them everything that happened. Lois wants Sonny out of L/B but he will not go quietly. Luke has some harsh words for Mac regarding his vendetta against Sonny. Alan gives Stone the good news about him being accepted into 3TC trials. Stone tells Robin about Brenda and Sonny. Ned gets through to Emily in explaining the Q dynamic. Robin goes to see Brenda. Lois tells Brenda that Sonny is playing hardball. Brenda learns that Lily could have warned Sonny about the wire. Lily returns to Kelly’s to find Brenda waiting for her.

July 19, 1995 - No Commercials - Monica tells Bobbie about her trip to Arizona. Monica feels inadequate at mothering and that maybe she made a mistake in her promise to Paige. Ned demands Sonny let him buy him out of L/B. Sonny tells him no dice. Brenda confronts Lily about causing trouble between her and Sonny. Miguel walks in on their fight and Lily tells him about how she tipped off Sonny. Miguel can’t believe that she bought Sonny’s act. He tells her about the tape of Sonny and Harry. Alan explains the Qs to Emily and compares their bickering to a snowball fight. Alan comforts Monica after she feels like she is making no progress with Emily. Brenda tells Laura that Sonny is in serious trouble. Ned tells Mac that they have a very angry man on their hands in Sonny. They decide to buy their time and hope Sonny will take Ned up on his offer and go quietly. Sonny and Harry prepare for heat.

July 20 - 26, 1995:  7/20, 7/21, 7/24 Sonny & Brenda break up, 7/25 Brenda & Miguel make love, Sonny & Lily in PR to see her father, 7/26

July 20, 1995 - No Commercials - Tom moves into his office at GH. Simone tells Tom that she does not object to him living at the brownstone, as long as he stops stalling and signs the divorce papers. Katherine is growing very tired of Damian obsession with Lucy. Katherine decides to have lunch at The Outback. The press is all over the Charles Street Foundation office. Keisha is having a hard time with all the negative publicity. Lucy has another session with Madame Maya. Maya suggests she cleanse her aura by forgiving people who have wronged her. Simone tells Justus about Tom moving in. Justus thinks Simone is letting Tom push all her buttons. Simone sets out to prove to him that he is the only one for her. Lucy starts going around town forgiving people. She starts with Katherine and Mac. Then goes to GH to forgive Amy and Bobbie.

July 21, 1995 - No Commercials - Brenda tries to keep herself busy with L/B work. She later admits to Lois, Ned and Miguel that she does not know how she is suppose to live without Sonny. Lois insists she can stay with her as long as she wants. Brenda wants to find her own place. Harry tells Sonny that he has covered all of his tracks. Lucy forgives all the Qs to improve her aura. Lucy pops into the gatehouse to forgive Ned. AJ tells Monica that he is really excited about the foundation and wants it to work. With Tony moving into the brownstone guest-room, Lucky helps Luke move to Kellys. Mary Mae wants assurances from Edward that Ward House will not be compromised due to the foundation scandal. After Lucky learns that Stone has AIDS, he and Luke has a talk about safe sex. Lucy forgives Ruby, Brenda, and Miguel. Ruby agrees to let Brenda move into Kellys. Lois asks Edward’s advice about how to get Sonny out of L/B. Lily tells Sonny that her father has developed an infection and she now wants to go to Puerto Rico. Sonny agrees to go with her.

July 24, 1995 - No Commercials - Despite all of her “forgiving”, Madame Maya tells Lucy she still detects a cloud over her aura. She has forgotten someone. Brenda packs the rest of her things. She and Sonny get into another fight and he storms out. Tom moves back into the brownstone. Tom and Tommy spend some time together. Later, Tom buys him a snake. Simone explains to Tommy that Tom is not living with them; he is just living in the same building. Lucy bits the bullet and forgives Damian. Kevin walks in on them and is ticked and ready to storm out. Lucy tackles him to the ground. After an agreement that she will not see Damian again, they make love. Brenda learns Lily and Sonny are going to Puerto together. Tom gets himself invited on a picnic with Tommy, Simone and Justus. Lily and Sonny leave for Puerto Rico.

July 25, 1995 - No Commercials - Rehearsal with Miguel ends with Brenda in tears after thinking of Sonny. Miguel gives her a pep talk and the rehearsal continues. Robin and Stone do not see eye-to-eye on who is to blame in the whole Sonny and Brenda breakup. Lily and Sonny arrive in Puerto Rico to see her father. Robin asks Luke about what he thinks of Sonny’s lying about his business. Luke defends Sonny. Robin has a problem with the violence that surrounds Sonny. Rivera takes a meeting with Sonny. Sonny and Lily share a kiss. Things get hot and heavy at rehearsal between Miguel and Brenda and they make love. Robin apologies to Stone as she does not want to fight about Sonny.

July 26, 1995 - No Commercials - Sigmund wakes up Lucy and Kevin. Just as Lucy get Sigmund tucked back into his bed; a call from Damian sets Kevin off. Despite Lucy’s pleas, Kevin gets dressed and is off to confront Damian. Miguel and Brenda agree to be careful with their new relationship, as they do not want to hurt each other. They sneak up to Miguel’s room at Kellys. He wants to make sure they are just not using each other to get through pain. With that they say goodnight. After the picnic, Tom agrees to take Tommy for a sleepover at his apartment. Simone can’t relax with Justus. Simone realizes that having Tom in the apt above hers may not have been such a good idea. She does not want to share Tommy. They decide to go to Justus’s place. Brenda returns to Miguel’s room not waiting to be alone; they make love again. Kevin pays Damian a visit and tells him to back off of Lucy.

July 27 - August 2, 1995:  7/27, 7/28, 7/31, 8/1 Mary Mae recording session, 8/2 Monica wants breast reconstruction

July 27, 1995 - No Commercials - An angry Simone finds Tom making Tommy breakfast in her apt. Lily tells Sonny that while she is in Puerto Rico she wants to see Juan. Ned sees in the paper that the Charles St. Foundation scandal is not dying down in the media. Ned tells the Qs that they need more damage control and AJ will have to be scarified. Ned and AJ argue. Alan helps Emily see the fight as more of a spectator sport. AJ argues that once they get the businesses up and running, the press will back off. Miguel is worried that sex has complicated his and Brenda relationship. She insists everything is fine. Tom invites Felicia to the reptile house. Lois is suspicious of Brenda and Miguel great moods when they get to L/B. Mac tells Felicia that with Sonny out of town it is the perfect time to snoop around. Felicia plans visit Sonny apartment.

July 28, 1995 - No Commercials - Ned drags AJ off to tape an appearance on the evening news. After promising Kevin again that she would never see Damian again, Lucy shows up at Damian’s suite wearing a blindfold. She tells him off for his phone call to her apt. Laura refuses to budge on her stance that Lucky should not be visiting Luke at his club. Things get heated between them and Luke follows Laura to the bedroom. They end up making love. Later, she admits he just caught her off guard and she agrees Lucky can see him at the club during the day only. Veronica Bowles of WPLC interviews Ned and AJ. Mac and Katherine flirt with each other again. Felicia visits Stone. Luke finds Felicia snooping around Sonny’s apt.

July 31, 1995 - No Commercials - Lucy tells Mac to not even think about getting cozy with Katherine. Luke is not buying Felicia cover story. Damian tells Maya to hurry things up with Lucy or else. Felicia goes to Brenda to help her with the cover story with Luke. Lucy has a session with Madame Maya.  Luke tells Lucky that he is making progress with Laura. Felicia tells Mac that she was almost caught by Luke and he is now very suspicious. Lucky asks Stone to help out on a project he is working on. Lucy explains to Kevin that Maya explained that Damian is intrinsic to her personal growth. He thinks that is foolish but if it is important for her to renew her relationship Damian for her own growth, have at it. 

August 1, 1995 - No Commercials - AJ is eager to get the foundation back on track. He and Keisha pick four new candidates for loans. Luke agrees with Kevin in that Lucy should stay away from Damian. Lily tells Sonny that she wants to stay longer in San Juan. Sonny agrees to stay longer as well. She wants Sonny to meet Juan. Mary Mae works on her cd at L/B. Lily and Sonny meet with Juan. Brenda and Miguel do an impromptu dance rehearsal on the docks. Brenda and Miguel are happy to just have some fun and not have everything be complicated. Episode ends with Luke and Laura flashbacks.

August 2, 1995 - With Commercials - Keisha helps AJ from feeling the pressure to drink due to stress. She suggests an AA meeting. Jason sees them together and is mad that AJ is dragging Keisha into his self-pity routine. Keisha and Jason argue. Later, Jason explains AJ’s drinking to Keisha. Lucy runs into Damian at The Outback. Lucy wants to find a stress free way to have him in her life for the sake of her karma. They have a conversation about the supernatural. Alan and Bobbie have drinks at Luke’s. Bobbie tells Alan that nothing has changed between her and Tony; same goes between him and Monica. Bobbie and Tony make love but it is less than fantastic for Bobbie. Alan kisses Monica but she is not receptive. She is not ready for that step. She tells him that she is thinking about reconstructive surgery. An emergency at GH interrupts them. As they scrub for surgery, Monica tells Bobbie that she thinks she is ready for reconstructive surgery. Maybe that way she could stand to be touched again. Bobbie tells her that she had to fake things with Tony earlier. Tony tells Alan that he and Bobbie make love.

August 3 - 9, 1995:  8/3, 8/4 AIDS Walk in park, Brenda & Miguel in shower, Sonny & Lily return and find them in towels, 8/7, 8/8, 8/9

August 3, 1995 - No Commercials - Kevin questions Lucy if she has seen Damian. Lucy suggests Kevin book a session with Madame Maya. He agrees reluctantly but tells Lucy he will not make things easy on Maya. Stone feels Robin is smothering him with constantly monitoring how he is eating. Luke breaks up their fight and gives them some advice. Mac visits Katherine at her apt to ask what she knows about Sonny and how to connect him to Frank Smith. Jason gets Luke to sponsor a team for the PC AIDS work. Robin tells Stone that she has asked Yale to delay her admission. In their session, Madame Maya brings up Grace’s accident but Kevin thinks that she could easily have found out in a newspaper. Things hit too close to home for Kevin and he gets angry. He doesn’t want Lucy to ever mention Maya again to him. Lucky is still having a hard time with Luke not being around. He and Laura come to blows. Robin tells Mac about the delayed admission.

August 4, 1995 - No Commercials - Sonny and Lily on the plane back from Puerto Rico. She is dreading coming face to face with what they left behind. The AIDS walk in the park gets underway. After seeing Brenda and Miguel together, he is sure they are together now. Later, Robin questions Brenda. Felicia wants Mac to make an effort to be friendly with Stone, but Mac blames Robin delaying Yale on him. Felicia thinks Jason could maybe get through to Robin about the value of a great education. Bobbie gets a leg cramp during the walk and Alan has to take care of her. Monica sees them together. Alan learns that Bobbie and Tony are not back on track despite making love. Alan has to drive Bobbie home. Felicia asks Jason to talk with Robin. Kevin asks Mac to investigate Madame Maya. Jason and Robin talk Yale. Justus and Simone plan a camping trip with Tommy. Lily and Sonny return to Kelly’s and find Brenda and Miguel in only towels coming out of the shower together.

August 7, 1995 - No Commercials - Brenda slaps Sonny after he calls her a whore. Brenda tells him that he has some nerve when he went off with Lily to Puerto Rico. Lily tells her that nothing happened. AJ writes a letter of apology to Stone. Robin misses being close with Stone. Stone gives Lucky some parts for his Go-Kart. As he makes a list of supplies, Stone tells Robin his vision is blurry. He promises to see an eye doctor. Bobbie tells Luke that she is starting to have feelings for Alan. Alan compares Bobbie and Tony relationship to his and Monica’s. Monica does not think that is fair and tells him she made an appointment for a consult about reconstructive surgery. Alan reminds her again if she has surgery that she is doing it for her and not him. She is so worried about him rejecting her, did she ever stop and think that it is him that is being rejected. Lila interrupts them and Monica is all too happy to end their conversation. Brenda and Lily get into it again over Sonny. Miguel stops Brenda from tearing Lily’s head off. Robin reads AJ’s letter to Stone. Sonny tells Luke that Brenda is sleeping with Miguel. Alan and Bobbie make dinner plans.

August 8, 1995 - No Commercials - Ned has his lawyer go over the contract Lois has with Sonny to see if there are any loopholes. Lucy carefully broaches the subject of Madame Maya with Kevin. Kevin has really had it and storms out yet again. Mac questions Katherine about the level of commitment between her and Damian. Mac presses her to dump Damian if he no longer gives her what she wants. Lucy talks things out with Madame Maya. Kevin can tell something is going on with Mac and Katherine. Mac tells him nothing is going on…yet. Tony joins their pity party over women. Sonny insinuates to Lois and Ned about Brenda and Miguel. Brenda has to come clean with them about sleeping with Miguel. Lois goes to Sonny to diffuse the situation. He still refuses to resign from L/B. Ned wants to construct a situation where Sonny would cross the line with Miguel and infringe on Lois’s creative control thus breaking their contract. Kevin apologies to Lucy, but she can see that he is trying to manipulate her.

August 9, 1995 - No Commercials - Justus and Simone take Tommy on a disastrous camping. Ned and Mac take a meeting with Garcia. They play him the tape of Harry and Sonny with the hopes that it can get Garcia to start an investigation into Sonny. Lois questions Brenda if she really knows what she is doing with Miguel. Over dinner at The Outback, Alan and Bobbie admit that they have been having feelings for one another, but acting on them would be unthinkable. Ned and Monica have a heart to heart about how her sexuality has taken a nosedive. He tells her if surgery gives her the permission to reveal in her sexuality again than she should do it. Monica calls Bobbie interrupting her and Alan. Ned tells Lois and Brenda about setting the wheels in motion with Garcia regarding Sonny.

August 10 - 16, 1995:  8/19 Stone & Lucky work on cart, 8/11, 8/14, 8/15 (missed 5 mins news report) Stone learns he is going blind, 8/16

August 10, 1995 - No Commercials - Laura has a problem with the Go-Kart that Lucky is building. Laura calls Luke and he convinces her. Stone helps Lucky build his Go-Kart. Stone cuts himself; Laura patches him up and suggests he see a doctor. Mary Mae takes some photos for the cover of her cd. Ned wants to treat Mary Mae to a designer gown for her Philadelphia concert. Lois agrees but only if L/B picks up the tab. Lily pays Sonny a visit. Garcia executes his search warrant on Sonny’s apartment. Lily covers for Sonny by hiding his “accounting” book in her pocket. Sonny agrees to a thank you dinner as a sign of his gratitude. An opinionated Lois takes Mary Mae dress shopping. Tony questions Tom if he still wants Simone back. Sonny tells Luke that he believes it was Ned who helped bring about the search warrant on his place. Sonny tells Luke that he thinks it is time to move. Garcia tells Ned that the search at Sonny’s revealed nothing they can use.

August 11, 1995 - No Commercials - Damian bails on a date with Katherine to meet with Madame Maya. Katherine makes alternate plans at The Outback. After some flirting, Katherine pretends to have drunk too much as a ploy to get Mac to drive her home. He finds out her game and tells her to call him when she is through playing games. Sonny treats Lily to dinner. Stone sees Alan about the cut he sustained. Alan tells him that his T-Cell count is back up. Alan worries when Stone mentions that his vision has been blurry. Monica meets with Dr. Copeland and they discuss her options regarding reconstructive surgery. Amy drags Laura out of the house to see Mary Mae sing. Alan takes Monica to Luke’s as well. Maya joins Lucy and Kevin at their table. Kevin is irritated when Maya brings up Ryan and leaves. Mary Mae sings. Sonny pulls Brenda outside to talk after seeing her all cozy with Miguel.

August 14, 1995 - No Commercials - Sonny warns Brenda to never hang all over Miguel in his club again. She tells him to go to hell. Lois stops Miguel and Ned from charging to Brenda’s rescue. Damian works over Lucy. (Note: Glitchy picture during the scene) Luke questions Laura if they will ever be together again. She agrees to let him come home with her to talk. Ned breaks up the fight between Brenda and Sonny. Ned and Sonny come to blows. Luke breaks up their fight. Laura learns there is a tape of Sonny talking about Rivera. Later, Luke explains to Laura about the tape. Luke and Laura make love and later she wishes that would resolve all their problems but it doesn’t. Tony and Bobbie make love. Back at home, Alan tries again with Monica but once again she turns him down telling that she is not ready to make love. Lucy shows up in Kevin’s bedroom eager to make things right. Kevin tells her that she must tell Maya his personal history with Grace and Ryan is off limits. They make love. The L/B gang cools their jets on the docks. Kevin is haunted by Ryan’s voice.

August 15, 1995 - No Commercials - AJ tells Katherine that he is sure she had something to do with the matching grant money blowing up in the foundation’s face. They spar. Katherine thinks her friendship could be valuable to AJ. He is not interested. Damian learns that Madame Maya wants to leave PC soon. Damian convinces her to stay. (Note: Newsbrief interrupts the Damian scene- about 5 minutes lost) Later, Damian wants to celebrate but Katherine takes a raincheck. Stone sees an eye doctor and he learns he is going blind due to the virus CMV. He may have 3 months of sight left. He demands to see Alan. Alan explains the options. Lucy and Katherine wind up in the same sauna at Deception. Lucy tries to steer her away from Mac and taunts her about Damian. Sonny asks Damian if he has any objections about him going after Ned. They decide that if they want to hurt Ned they should sabotage his marriage. Damian gets a contact from Sonny for Katherine’s vendetta against the Qs. Stone is admitted into GH to begin treatment for his vision. Robin arrives at GH to be with him.

August 16, 1995 - No Commercials - Katherine has a fantasy about Mac. Sonny visits Stone at GH. He feels bad about Sonny covering all his hospital bills. Robin tells Jason, Keisha, and AJ that Stone is going blind. Robin thanks AJ for the letter he wrote to Stone. Robin wants to put together a memory book for Stone made by all of the friends. On their anniversary, Alan makes Monica breakfast and gives her a gift of 100 acres rainforest that have been beneficial in aiding cancer drugs. Katherine plans her next setup of AJ. Kevin asks Mac if he has made any progress on getting the goods on Maya yet. AJ meets Carla, an MBA student at PCU, who wants to start her own temp agency with the help of the foundation. Kevin tells Mac about Stone losing his sight. Jason visits Stone at GH. Bobbie and Tony join the Dr. Q for their anniversary toast at the mansion. Alan and Bobbie exchange guilty glances.

August 17- 23, 1995:  8/17, 8/18 Kevin & Lucy see a ghost, 8/21 Mac sweeps KL's house for electronic devices, 8/22, 8/23

August 17, 1995 - With Commercials - Felicia asks Bobbie about the progress her and Tony are making. Bobbie is evasive. Emily gives Monica the cold shoulder. Emily gets another visit from Alan’s “Sydney the Bear” and he reminds her that this transition is hard on Monica too. He suggests she take a break and have some fun with Lucky. Sonny apologies to Lois for the scene he made at Luke’s. Sonny gives Lois his expenses he has racked up for Miguel’s upcoming NYC concert. Felicia visits Stone at GH. They discuss telling Jagger about his condition. Emily checks out Lucky’s Go–Kart. Lucky takes the kart for a test drive and crashes. Alan does not want to stop hanging out with Bobbie despite the growing feelings between them. Despite agreeing not to have a drink after work, they end up at Luke’s together. Bobbie convinces him to go home. On a business trip in Boston, Ned meets a groupie named Greta, thanks to Sonny. She drugs him in the hotel bar and offers to help him back to his room.

August 18, 1995 - No Commercials - Ned passes out and Greta takes some compromising sexy photos. When Lois calls Greta answers the phone. Lois wants to get to Boston stat. Kevin cooks Lucy dinner at the lighthouse. They discuss his para-normal experience of hearing Ryan’s voice. Luke lectures Bobbie about her feelings for Alan. Emily gets help for Lucky. Laura calls an ambulance and Luke. Tom, Simone and Justus talk about her divorce. Tom is contesting it. Tony treats Lucky at GH. Luke and Laura agree not to blame each other. Lois arrives at Ned’s hotel suite to find the sexual setup. Kevin gets another visit from “para-normal Ryan”. A spooked Lucy takes off. Kevin is ready to call some professionals “ghostbusters” to sweep his place for an elaborate hoax. Ned wakes up and Lois promptly punches him out and storms out. Tony tells Luke and Laura that Lucky has a hematoma that will require surgery.

August 21, 1995 - No Commercials - Lucy tells Maya to not bring up the Ryan issue with Kevin again. Maya convinces Lucy she has “the gift” and invites her to her upcoming seminar. Kevin tells Mac about seeing Ryan’s “ghost”. He wants Mac to do a sweep of his house. An unconscious Lucky is out of surgery. Lois tells Brenda about finding Ned in Boston. A confused Ned arrives back at the gatehouse and explains that he does not know what happened. He is convinced he was setup. Lucky is awake and apologies to his parents for not wearing a helmet. Madame Maya tells Damian about Ryan’s ghost paying Lucy and Kevin a visit. He has really outdone himself. Mac’s search of Kevin’s place turns up clean. Luke pushes Laura for reconciliation. Sonny shows Ned the pictures he “received”.

August 22, 1995 - No Commercials - To lift his spirits, Jason, AJ and Keisha bring the beach to Stone at the hospital. Sonny wants to make a deal with Ned; stop trying to squeeze him out of L/B and Lois never has to see the photos. Ned tells him no deal. Lucy tries to convince Kevin that they must have experience a true paranormal phenomenon. (Note: Video dropout for a few seconds during the Lucy scene) Kevin is not so sure and thinks Mac missed something. Kevin does not want Lucy to attend Maya’s seminar. Kevin wants Lucy to see the damage Maya has done to their relationship. Lucy insists on going. Ned shows Lois the photos himself and wants her to understand that he was setup by Sonny. Kevin pays Maya a visit telling her to back off.  Laura goes to Ned and wants to hear the Sonny/Harry tape discussing Rivera. Lois confronts Sonny about the photos.

August 23, 1995 - No Commercials. Note: Episode starts abruptly1-2 minutes missing. Slight audio hiss throughout this episode -  Lois and Ned talk about her meeting with Sonny. Brenda and Miguel visit Stone. They start talking about him returning to work at L/B when he is released from GH. Stone tells them he has a problem working with them considering everything that has happened with Sonny. They convince him that they do not want to lose him as a friend. Things get tense when Sonny arrives to visit as well. Later, Sonny tells Luke that his plan for Ned crashed and burned. Justus tells Simone she will have to play hardball if she wants to move forward with her divorce. He recommends she file on the grounds of abandonment and request full custody of Tommy. Laura tells Luke that she has heard the Sonny/Harry tape. She learns that Luke has known all along that Sonny is a full-blown mobster. Luke accuses her of giving up on them all together and walks out on her. Justus serves Tom with the divorce papers. Lois decides it is best not to mention Sonny’s setup of Ned to Brenda.

August 24 - 30, 1995:  8/24, 8/25 Katherine waits for Mac in a bubble bath, 8/28, 8/29 Mac & Kevin plan to infiltrate Maia's seminar and try on dresses together, 8/30 Brenda's photo shoot, Alan tells Mac & Robin she is negative for HIV

August 24, 1995 - No Commercials. Note: Slight audio hiss for the first 18 minutes of this episode. Glitchy picture for first couple of minutes - Hoping to sway her not to attend Maya’s seminar, Kevin has Lucy read articles on brain washing. Bobbie and Tony plan Lucas’s birthday party. Tom and Felicia share a few vodka collins on the stoop of the brownstone. Tony and Simone join them. Alan and Bobbie share drinks at Luke’s. Lucy who is having dinner with John Handley at a nearby table is suspicious of them. Lucy sees Alan and Bobbie share a kiss outside of Luke’s club. Lucy confronts Bobbie. Simone invites Tom to dinner with her and Tommy.

August 25, 1995 - No Commercials - Katherine suggests she and Damian go away together, but he is not receptive. He is not leaving until he finishes his business with Lucy. Alan learns that Lucy saw him kissing Bobbie.  A very conflicted Lucy tells Kevin that she has a secret about one of his patients. Kevin does not want to know whom she is taking about. He tries to help her without too many of the details. Katherine invites Mac to lunch at her apt. Mac arrives at Katherine’s apt to find her in a bubble bath waiting for him. Mac declines her tempting offer, as he knows she is still involved with Damian. Damian walks in on them. Jason notices a very run down Robin. He takes her to GH as she has a fever and swollen glands. Alan explains to Lucy that his kiss with Bobbie was a one-time thing and she agrees to not say anything. Alan examines Robin and he decides to run another HIV test. Robin and Jason have a heart to heart about how much his friendship means to both her and Stone.

August 28, 1995 - No Commercials - Stone is worried when Robin tells him that she is sick. Mac and Damian exchange words.  Katherine admits to Damian that she is very attracted to Mac. Damian knows that they have hurt each other, but he knows that they are soul mates. She will give up Mac if he gives up Lucy. They make love. After a conversion with Luke, Lucy is even more convinced she has “the gift”. Despite Robin’s attempt to hide it, Mac finds out Robin is sick. Mac sees Alan at the hospital. Lucy wants to help Madame Maya open a Center for the Study of Women Spiritual Powers. Stone tells Mac that he beats himself up every day about the fact that he may have infected Robin. They share a hug.

August 29, 1995 - With Commercials - Alan and Monica make excuses to avoid a dinner date that Tony suggests with him and Bobbie. Alan warns Lucy again to keep her big mouth shut about him and Bobbie. Monica is curious what is going on between them. (Note: video jump during the scene) Mac tells Robin about his conversation with Stone. Stone is worried again about what his treatment is costing Sonny. Mac tells Kevin that he now realizes that Stone is just a scared sick kid that does not deserve the raw deal he got. Kevin tells Mac about Madame Maya’s upcoming convention in PC. He wants someone to infiltrate the seminar. Mac has the perfect “woman” for the job. Kevin and Mac try on dresses. Lucy visits Stone. Alan and Bobbie agree not to see each other anymore. Monica blows her top over Alan talking about their relationship with Bobbie. He tells her to get over it, as he needs someone to lean on. Harry tells Sonny that Rivera is on the mend. Sonny tells Harry to free up some money for Stone’s medical bills. Alan calls Robin with her test results.

August 30, 1995 - No Commercials - Brenda does a photo shoot for Deception. Lucy is not happy with the concept for the shoot or Brenda’s energy. Brenda falls apart. Lucy gives her some advice, but Brenda does not care about how much better she is without Sonny, she still loves him. Alan tells Robin that she is still HIV negative. She and Mac are relived. Bobbie tells Kevin about her feelings for another man and hurting Tony. Later, Tony arrives for their session; Bobbie tells him she would like to have some therapy sessions alone with Kevin. Tony wants the truth from her. Bobbie admits she has been playing at being happy with him. Katherine apologies to Mac for trying to seduce him, it would have been a mistake as she and Damian have a tangled history and they have reconciled. Damian visits Lucy at the photo shoot with an offer of a joint venture.

August 31 - September 6, 1995:  8/31 Kevin & Mac go shopping, 9/1 Kevin & Mac practice walking in high heels, Luke & Sonny camp, 9/4 Alan finds out about Monica's surgery, 9/5, 9/6

August 31, 1995 - No Commercials - Lucky has breakfast with Luke at Kellys. Lucky wants to plan an overnight camping trip before school starts. Luke wants to invite Sonny. Lois and Ned meet with Miguel regarding their new plan to get Sonny out of L/B. They want to goad Sonny into crossing the line into creative control that is Lois’s domain. Felicia is very suspicious when she learns that Kevin wants to hire Mac to investigate something. Kevin and Mac come up with their persona to infiltrate the seminar (Norma / Eve) They go dress shopping. Laura sees Sonny about the tape. She now wants him to honor his word to end his partnership with Luke. Sonny will talk to Luke. Sonny agrees to go camping with Luke. Laura wants Justus to find out who bought a property on her street. Luke is angry when he learns Laura went to Sonny.

September 1, 1995 - No Commercials - Alan is worried when he can’t find Monica anywhere. Tom wants to talk to Simone about the divorce papers. Luke and Laura argue about her visit to Sonny. Lucy and Maya meet for lunch and discuss the upcoming seminar. Kevin and Mac practice walking in high heals and speaking with British accents. Simone tells Tom she wants their marriage over and done with. Tom is not going to make it easy on her. Bobbie explains again to Tony why she felt in necessary to have individual sessions with Kevin. Lucky unloads on Laura about Luke’s absence. Alan learns that Bobbie told Tony that she is not happy with their reconciliation. Mac and Kevin do a practice run. Sonny heads off camping with Luke and Lucky. Tony tells Alan that he found Monica.

September 4, 1995 - No Commercials - Alan learns Monica had reconstructive surgery. Alan finds her in recovery. Camping trip with Sonny, Luke, and Lucky. Luke pierces Lucky’s ear for him. Mac and Kevin have to hide all their garb when Lucy stops by the Kevin’s place. Felicia pesters Mac about the case he is working on for Kevin. Justus and Tom meet to discuss Simone’s divorce. Justus is tired of his petty maneuvers. They two come to blows. Tom and Felicia talk things out. Lucy plans a dinner party for Robin and Stone at Kevin’s place. Kevin realizes that Lucy wants to have the party right after the kick-off cocktail party for Maya’s seminar. Robin is surprised when Mac brings Stone some food from The Outback.

September 5, 1995 - No Commercials - AJ and Jason visit Monica at GH. She tells them that she did not want them worry so she did not tell the family about her surgery. Alan is angry. He accuses her of having the surgery without telling him as a way to pick a fight with him. Lois and Ned tell Brenda about their new plan to get Sonny out of L/B. Brenda thinks Sonny will smell a setup but agrees to the plan. Tom admits to Felicia that he thinks Justus is orchestrating all the divorce demands. Jason and AJ worry that something is off with their parents. The L/B gang work out the details of their plan with Sonny. AJ tells Carla her loan was approved by the foundation. Jason and Keisha see AJ flirting with Carla and razz him. Bobbie tries to explain to Monica why Alan has a right to be upset. Carla report back to Katherine. Tom agrees to the divorce and all of Simone’s terms.

September 6, 1995 - No Commercials - Kevin tells Mac he had doubts about whether they can pull off their seminar plan. Mac convinces him. Alan tells Stone that he can be released from GH. Felicia gives some advice to Simone. Laura and Mary Mae talk about her marriage and Lucky’s anger. Mary Mae would like to speak with Lucky. Justus and Simone decide to let Tom stay in the brownstone for a while at least. Sonny gets a new place. Kevin invites Sonny to the dinner party for Sonny at the lighthouse. Emily visits Lois and Ned at the gatehouse. Sonny arrives at L/B as part of Ned and Lois’s setup. They can tell Sonny is uncomfortable with the photos of Miguel and Brenda splashed all over. A giggly Brenda and Miguel arrive arm and arm to twist the knife a little more. Felicia spies on Mac and Kevin. Stone arrives home. Sonny tells Stone they are moving to Sean Donnely’s old penthouse.

September 7 - 13, 1995:  9/7 Mac & Kevin get dressed for the cocktail party, 9/8 Party for Stone, 9/11, 9/12 Kevin is "Norma" and Mac is "Eve", 9/13 Sonny makes love to Lily

September 7, 1995 - No Commercials - Justus tells Laura that a company called DayCo has purchased the property on her street. Justus is worried that DayCo would drive out all the small businesses the Charles Street foundation is building. Madame Maya changes the venue of her seminar to The Outback. Mac flips out and calls Kevin. Damian tells Katherine he has a line of 10 discount outlet called “DayCo”. One will open soon in the Charles Street area. Luke and Lucky arrive back from camping. Lucky questions if he still wants to work thinks out with Luke. Mac and Kevin shave their legs and get ready for the seminar. Laura is peeved about Lucky’s earring. Emily hangs out with Lucky. Justus tells AJ, Jason, and Keisha about Dayco and they strategize. “Norma” and “Eve” make their big arrival at The Ouback. Maya fawns over Norma. Lucy meets “the laddies”.

September 8, 1995 - No Commercials - Alan and Monica argue again about her not telling him about her surgery. Alan questions if she wants a partner in her life anymore. Sonny shows Stone, Robin, and Luke his new penthouse pad. Luke takes his old apt above the club. Lucy yacks it up with Norma and Eve. Maya wants Norma to give a lecture at the seminar. Felicia is suspicious and Norma and Eve have to make tracks and leave. Laura visits Monica at GH. She asks Monica if she knows anything about Dayco. Monica tells Laura that the Qs are not behind DayCo. Gail pays Monica a visit. Monica and Gail talk about her fear that along with the cancer, her whole sexuality has been destroyed. Kevin and Mac have just enough time to get out their costumes before Stone’s dinner party. The dinner party for Stone gets underway. Mac and Sonny agree to avoid each other for the night. Felicia is totally onto Kevin and Mac. They swear her to secrecy.

September 11, 1995 - No Commercials - Damian wants Lucy’s Deception to create a fragrance to be sold exclusively at his DayCo outlets. Simone proposes to Tom that he can stay in the brownstone as long as he stays out of her relationships. Kevin assures Mac he can handle the lecture Maya asked “Norma” to give. Mac and Kevin fill Felicia in as to why they are infiltrating the seminar as ladies. Felicia coaches them. They all have to cover when Lucy arrives. Lucy tells Kevin about Damian’s visit. Tom thanks Felicia for her advice to Simone. She invites him in for an iced coffee. Later, Felica gets locked out of her apt in the pouring rain. Tom comes to her rescue. Norma and Eve are back at Maya’s seminar. Norma gives her lecture.

September 12, 1995 - No Commercials - Emily visits Monica. She tells Monica about her having a hard time fitting in at school. Monica pushes a little too hard with help. Emily feels crowded. Justus tells the Foundation gang and Laura that Damian is behind DayCo. Justus arranges a meeting with Damian. Lucy is taking quite a liking to “Norma” while Kevin tries to avoid her. Alan and Emily talk and he smoothes things over. Justus and Laura take a meeting with Damian and Katherine. Laura promises a fight if they continue their plan. Bobbie has a session with Kevin. Kevin thinks that Bobbie likes spending time with Alan as he is a distraction from her process of fixing things with Tony. Alan tells Monica about his talk with Emily and he suggests a little less pressure. They argue and he walks out. Monica admits to AJ that things are not okay with her and Alan.

September 13, 1995 - No Commercials - Brenda and Miguel shoot a scene for Miguel’s video, which Lois invites Sonny to. Sonny packs up his apartment. AJ and Jason help Stone move his boxes. Sonny thinks of Brenda. AJ and Jason get a first hand look at what Stone has to do to keep his AIDS in check. Sonny invites Lily to dinner. When Sonny arrives, Lois makes sure he gets an eye full. Lily interrupts Lois’s plan. Tony and Bobbie have dinner at Luke’s, but Bobbie can’t stop thinking about Alan. Mary Mae suggests to Justus that they bring Luke into the whole DayCo situation. Luke gives Justus some advice on Damian. Miguel tells Brenda that he does not believe Sonny and Lily are sleeping together. Lily and Sonny make love.

September 14 - 20, 1995:  9/14 Jason's birthday, 9/15, 9/18 Lucy catches onto Norma & Eve, 9/19, 9/20

September 14, 1995 - No Commercials - Sonny and Lily in the afterglow. Miguel surprises Brenda in the shower. The Qs celebrate Jason’s birthday. Monica surprises everyone by checking herself out of GH and attending the party. Alan is ticked that she would check herself out without her doctor’s consent. Luke tells Lucy that her pal Damian is causing trouble again. Lucy tells him about Damian’s proposed venture with her Deception. She agrees that she does not want any trouble from the foundation again and will turn Damian’s offer down. Over dinner with Lily, Sonny explains that what happened between him, he does not take lightly. Bobbie brings a gift to Jason as an excuse to see Alan. They two kiss and are almost caught be Monica. Monica accuses Alan again of sharing their personal business with Bobbie. Jason’s friends throw him a bash at Kellys.  Miguel and Brenda learn that Sonny and Lily are now lovers.

September 15, 1995 - No Commercials. Note: News brief interruption, GH joined in progress - Lucy talks about DayCo with Luke. Katherine tells Felicia that she thinks Mac is seeing a new woman. Felicia toys with her saying it is a woman named “Norma”. Stone tells Brenda that she needs to get the rest of her boxes out of Sonny’s old apt as they have moved. Mac has a good time with her as Katherine is jealous. Felicia questions what Katherine wants with Mac. Luke gets upset when Lucky clearly is using him against Laura where decisions about school are concerned. Felicia accepts Tom’s invite to dinner. (Note: Another newsbrief interruption, about 5 minutes lost from both interruptions) Sonny shows up while Brenda is packing up her boxes. They argue about Lily. Mary Mae and Lucky have a chat about his parents. She gives him some advice about not taking sides. Lucy talks about her aberration she witnessed with “Norma and Eve” Lucy notices Kevin is “Norma” Lucky and Laura come to a compromise about his classes.

September 18, 1995 - No Commercials - Felicia gets Tony to baby-sit while she goes to dinner with Tom. Maya tells Lucy that she knew right from the beginning that Kevin and Mac were “Norma and Eve”. Maya convinces Lucy to keep playing the game. Lucy wants to take Norma and Eve out on the town to Luke’s Club. Stone tells Sonny that Brenda was very upset when she left his old apt. Stone can see Sonny is hurting and wants to help him. Sonny tells him that relationship is broken way beyond repair and not to bother. Luke takes Stone bungee jumping. Tom and Felicia have dinner. Lucy takes “the ladies” to Luke’s and introduces them to everyone. Mike catches Norma and Eve in men’s room.

September 19, 1995 - No Commercials - Stone makes a list of the things he still wants to accomplish. Sonny worries about Stone expending his energy worrying about him. Lucy asks Kevin if he has another “woman”. Tony interrupts them wanting to talk to Kevin about his jealousy about Felicia going on a date with Tom. He recounts his weird fantasy of Felicia. Katherine wants to know how Mac’s evening was with the fascinating “Norma”. Lucy tells Luke about Kevin and Mac’s charade as women. She wants to teach Kevin a lesson in trust. Bobbie has a session with Kevin. Bobbie tells him she is having trouble with her feelings for Alan and that Monica almost caught them in a clinch. Kevin does the same fantasy experiment he did with Tony with Bobbie. Stone gets Ruby to let him build the biggest ice cream sundae at Kelly’s.

September 20, 1995 - No Commercials - Stone tells Sonny that he wants to buy Robin a ring. Katherine shares her plan for Damian’s rebuttal on WLPC of Justus’s statement that DayCo is bad business. Maya’s seminar sessions continue. Lucy has big plans for “Norma and Eve” Maya makes her announcement about opening a permanent center. Mac freaks out when Lucy wants to take “the ladies” to The Outback. Sonny takes Stone ring shopping. Lucy drags Norma and Eve to The Outback. A sleazy guy hits on Mac’s “Eve”. Mary Mae and Justus see Damian on the news being interview about how his DayCo will be a boom for Charles Street. He personally goes after Justus. Justus goes to Luke, as he is ready to play dirty. Stone gives Robin her ring. Katherine meets “Norma and Eve”.

September 21 - 27, 1995:  9/21, 9/22, 9/25, 9/26, 9/27

September 21, 1995 - No Commercials - Stone asks Alan if he can speak to young teens through the AIDS educational program at GH. Monica fumbles again when it comes to Emily. Laura has ammunition to use against Damian’s DayCo plan.  Brenda and Miguel draw the ire of Ruby when they tear up their apt at Kelly making love. Justus and Laura meet with Edward and AJ about fighting dirty with Damian. Edward suggests speaking with the city-planning commissioner to block Damian’s building permits. They treat the commissioner to a night of poker in Luke’s Club backroom. Jason and Keisha join Stone, Robin, Miguel, and Brenda for a picnic in the park. Stone learns to walk on stilts. Emily overhears Alan tell Bobbie that he is just about ready to chuck this whole mess with Monica. Emily sees Alan and Bobbie share a kiss. Katherine is peeved when Damian leaves for Milan to set up a production deal with a design house for DayCo.

September 22, 1995 - No Commercials - Lois warns Ned not to go after Sonny behind her back. She wants to manage things. At Ward House, Stone and John Handley talk about living with AIDS. Lucy babbles on about how Kevin needs to meet “Norma” so they can get better acquainted. She tells him that Maya is going to give her the financial plan for the center. Brenda tells Lois if she had it to do all over again, she would not wear the wire. Sonny and Lily make love. Stone and Alan talk to some young kids at the Charles Street School about AIDS. Stone sets some of them straight about the virus and how it can strike anyone. Ned wants to make sure Mac is staying on top of the Sonny investigation. Ned gives Lois an “I love you forever” present.

September 25, 1995 - No Commercials - Mac and Kevin get ready for another night on the town as “Norma and Eve”. Tom and Simone sign their divorce papers. Alan tells Stone his T-Cell count has gone back down again. Alan wants to change his drug treatment again. Stone is leery, as that would now require daily trips to GH. Bobbie tells Alan she is leaving town for a trade convention in Rochester. They wrestle with idea of going away together. They decide to use the next few days apart to think about things. They are interrupted by Emily, who brings up her doubts about the adoption. Norma and Eve press Lucy to see the financial plans for Maya’s center. Lucy invites Norma back to her place. Stone tells Robin the bad news about his T-Cell count. Stone feels it is time to tell Jagger about him having AIDS. Katherine finds Mac in his makeup and dress.  Lucy puts the moves on “Norma”.

September 26, 1995 - No Commercials - Ned and Edward offer the city-planning commissioner a payoff for him to focus his attention on DayCo. Edward wants Ned to get rid of Damian. Ned tells Lois about his past friendship with Damian. Ned thinks Laura would be all too game to throw in with them to stop Damian. Katherine dies of laughter seeing Mac in his dress. He begs her to keep quiet. Katherine tells Mac she is tired of Damian and she wants him to come home with her. The jig is up on Kevin’s “Norma” routine when Lucy pulls his wig off. Lucy resents him for not trusted her to handle her own financial matters. Kevin tells her he was just trying to protect her. Kevin persuades her to kiss and makeup. Stone asks Jagger to come to PC. Ned and Lois visit the Spencer home asking Laura about Damian involvement in Frank Smith’s business. A call from Damian puts a damper on Mac and Katherine evening and he leaves.

September 27, 1995 - No Commercials - Mac learns that Kevin was busted when Lucy tried to seduce “Norma”. Emily questions Monica about how long she has been a friend with Bobbie. Monica tells Alan that Emily is upset about his friendship with Bobbie. Sonny makes some cracks about an upcoming interview Miguel is doing. Lois breaks up their fight and warns Sonny about his contact with Miguel. Brenda convinces Lois that she will do damage control where Miguel is concerned. Mac tries to convince Kevin that Katherine has a good heart under all her scheming. Monica and Ned have a talk about how she has become a raging mass of insecurity. Emily and Laura have a talk about life at the Qs and Bobbie. Mac lays a kiss on Katherine telling her he has changed his mind about them. They make plans. Tony tells Alan he is invested in a reconciliation with Bobbie. Later, Bobbie calls from Rochester asking Alan to meet her.

September 28 - October 4, 1995:  9/28 concert in the park, Mac & Katherine make love, 9/29 Brenda & Miguel do video, Karen & Jagger return, 10/2 Stone tells Jagger & Karen he has AIDS, Tony & Monica catch Alan & Bobbie in NY, 10/3 Karen & Jagger visit Stone, 10/4

September 28, 1995 - No Commercials - Mac comes clean with the fact that he and Kevin where “Norma and Eve”. Robin questions Mac if he is taking Katherine to the concert. Monica tries to get Emily to go to the concert in the park with her. Lila advises Monica not to be so hard on herself. Alan gets Steve to send him to NYC to convince a Dr. Feldman to come to work at GH. At the park, Lucy is all too happy to embarrass Kevin by telling Tom about him dressing up as a woman. As one last-ditch effort, Alan asks Monica to go to NYC for the weekend to help him wine and dine Dr. Feldman but she declines. Lucy, Robin, and Felicia are all not too happy to see Mac with Katherine. Stone is thrown when he sees a frail man with AIDS. Katherine promises Mac to resolve things with Damian when he returns from Milan. Mac and Katherine make love. Alan calls Bobbie and they arrange to meet in NYC.

September 29, 1995 - No Commercials - Mac and Katherine in bed together. Felicia is busy taking care of The Outback by herself while Mac frolics. As Alan plans to leave for NYC, Emily asks him if she can come with him. Brenda and Miguel film another scene for the video. Sonny stops by to see the shoot. Miguel asks him to leave as he is distracting the talent. Lois has to stop them from coming to blows. Tony asks Monica to dinner at the brownstone. Stone tells Brenda and Lois that Jagger and Karen are coming to PC. Monica has dinner with Tony and Lucas. Miguel and Brenda have dinner at The Outback. Miguel asks Felicia about the investigation into Sonny. Monica and Tony deduce that Bobbie and Alan have gone to NYC together. Karen and Jagger arrive in PC.

October 2, 1995 - No Commercials. Note: Episode is a tad glitchy in spots - Karen and Jagger catch up with Robin and Stone at Kellys. Tony and Monica decide to go to NYC and confront Alan and Bobbie. Felicia is peeved when Mac finally arrives at The Outback after playing hooky all day. Miguel offers help to Mac in getting the goods on Sonny. Stone breaks down when he tells Jagger that he has AIDS. They tell Karen together. Jagger thinks he should tell Gina. Stone does not want them to uproot their lives to stay in PC and he does not want to go to Chicago. Felicia is grossed out by Mac and Katherine’s displays of affection. On the heels of Alan and Bobbie’s decision not to sleep together, Monica and Tony show up at their hotel suit.

October 3, 1995 - No Commercials - Tony and Monica confront Alan and Bobbie. Miguel and Brenda check into the PC hotel for a night alone and then she won’t have to face Karen and Jagger yet. Miguel is coming unglued when it comes to Sonny. Sonny tells Lily about his past with Karen. Alan and Monica argue. Alan tells her that what almost happened between him and Bobbie is as much her fault as anyone’s. Tony has no big reaction with Bobbie. He is drained of emotional reactions. Bobbie wants to work things out with him. Felicia returns home to find Tom filling in for her babysitter. Tom still thinks in the end he and Simone will be together. Justus proposes to Simone. He wants an Xmas wedding. The Qs and Jones are forced to return together in the ELQ jet. Lily and Sonny make love.

October 4, 1995 - No Commercials - Lucy shows Kevin a letter from Maya telling her that she will not accept any money from her for the center. However, Kevin is not too thrilled about the troubled times Maya also mentions in her letter. Lucy mentions that she may be considering Damian’s proposal. Alan and Monica air all of the problems in front of the rest of the Q’s. Emily is freaked out about their arguing and takes off. Tony tells Bobbie her almost affair dramatically points out how wrong things have gotten between them. Bobbie suggests an emergency session with Kevin. Laura and Lucky make a deal about respecting each other’s feelings. But he is still upset about Laura busting up the family. Kevin and Mac plot to be ready if and when Kevin as another paranormal experience. Bobbie has a session with Kevin. She wants to keep on seeing him to work on herself. Emily goes to Lucky’s. They talk about their family problems. Tony finds Alan at GH.

October 5 - 11, 1995:  10/5 Tony & Alan get drunk, 10/6 Robin tells Gina off, 10/9 Kevin & Mac find electronic devices, 10/10, 10/11

October 5, 1995 - No Commercials - Monica wants a meeting with Bobbie. Alan suggests that instead of letting Tony beat him to a pulp, they go and have a few stiff drinks together. Monica goes a few rounds with Bobbie over her almost affair with Alan. Mac wants an assurance from Katherine that she is still prepared to end things with Damian when he returns in a few days. Brenda sees Karen. Brenda does not want to get into why Sonny and she broke up. Jagger questions why Stone waited so long to tell him that he had AIDS. Stone stops Jagger from blaming himself. Brenda sees Jagger. They talk about Stone and Sonny’s relationship. Jagger and Karen head back to Chicago. Jagger is torn about leaving. A slightly drunk Tony sees Kevin. Tony is worried that his calmness means that he is a ticking bomb waiting to explode. Kevin suggests just talking with Bobbie rationally. Katherine returns to her apt to Damian waiting for her. He was found one of Mac’s shirts in her bed.

October 6, 1995 - No Commercials - Sonny tells Stone about his relationship with Lily. Stone call his sister Gina and invites her over for a visit. Felicia hopes that Mac has come to his senses with Katherine. Felicia does not thinks Katherine has any intention of breaking up with Damian. Katherine lies to Damian about Mac and the two make nice. Katherine cancels her evening with Mac. Lucky takes Emily to see Luke’s club. Emily takes off when Bobbie stops in. Justus gives Simone her engagement ring. Mary Mae and Keisha join them to celebrate at Luke’s. Bobbie tells Luke about her and Alan. Stone tells Gina he has AIDS. She is less than sympathetic. Robin calls Gina out on her lack of compassion. Emily spills her guts to Lucky. Things are not working out at the Qs, and she does not want to go back. Lucky thinks that she should talk to Alan. Bobbie finds Tony sitting alone in the dark. Bobbie realizes it is BJ’s birthday. Lily turns down Sonny’s offer to move in with him.

October 9, 1995 - No Commercials - Lucky and Emily hang out at the Qs with their dogs. Emily has second thought about taking with Alan. Lucy asks Mac if he is seeing the “Queen of Mean” Katherine. Mac gives Lucy a list of Katherine’s good qualities. Lucy learns they are sleeping together. Monica tries to talk with Emily. She apologies for the scene she and Alan made in front of the Qs. She hopes that what has happened will not make Emily not to stay with them. Damian learns that his building permit for Dayco has been denied. Damian pays a visit to the city building commissioner and offers him a bigger bride than what the Qs offered. Katherine tells Mac that she is having doubts about ending things with Damian. Kevin has another Ryan aberration and calls Mac. Alan talks with Emily. Later, he tells Monica that Emily is not sure she wants to go thru with the adoption. He assures her that he is not going anywhere. Mac does a sweep of Kevin’s place and finds a mico-projector in the wall.

October 10, 1995 - With Commercials - Justus tells Edward and AJ that Damian’s permit has been reinstated. Justus also tells him the go news about him and Simone. Tom is livid when Simone tells him that she and Justus are getting married. Jason asks Ned to back off of AJ where the Foundation is concerned. Ned is not sympathetic where AJ is concerned but agrees to consider it. Kevin and Mac still have to link the equipment they found to Maya before telling Lucy. Mac plans a surprise birthday party for Robin. Carla asks AJ to dinner at her new place. Steve and Tom get into a fight after they talk about his choices. Katherine and Mac make plans as he thinks that tonight is the night she is ending things with Damian. She finds Damian waiting for when she returns to her apt.

October 11, 1995 - No Commercials - Laura’s feelings are hurt when Luke leaves her out of birthday dinner for Ruby at the club. Laura calls Luke and gets herself invited. Katherine tries to get rid of Damian. Felicia harasses Mac about waiting on Katherine. Tom tells Felicia about Simone and Justus’s engagement. Jason asks Lila if he can offer the Q boathouse for Robin’s 18th birthday party. Tony tells Laura about walking in on Bobbie and Alan. Tony is trying to remain civilized with Bobbie and they are still trying to work things out. Ruby’s party at the club gets underway. Mac arrives at Katherine’s apt with goodies for their night together. Katherine is worried when Mac tells them that Lucy knows about them. AJ has drinks at Carla’s new place. Carla cleverly gets AJ out of pants. Tom helps Felicia out behind The Outback bar. Damian surprised Katherine by returning to her apt right when she and Mac are getting cozy. The PCPD bust into Carla’s place.

October 12 - 18, 1995:  10/12, 10/13 Stone & Robin's party, 10/16, 10/17, 10/18 Stone suffers a seizure

October 12, 1995 - With Commercials - AJ learns Carla is running a house of prostitution with the foundation loan she recieved and he is arrested. Damian is anxious to see the evening news with AJ getting busted. With Mac waiting in the other room, Katherine gets rid of him. Lois and Ned bring cold pasta up to Q mansion. Alan and Monica apologies to Lois for the scene they made. Katherine joins Mac in a bubble bath. Luke and Laura go another round on the violence that surrounds him. Luke tells her he is through trying to convince her that they are safe. The Qs and Wards see AJ being arrested on the news. Edward sends Ned and Alan to bail AJ out of jail. Emily is upset again. Mac tells Katherine about his past and how he came to PC. Justus arrives at the PCPD and questions what AJ was doing at Carla’s place. Ned starts harping on AJ and tells him he is out.

October 13, 1995 - With Commercials - Damian congratulates Katherine on a job well done. Edward bellows about AJ’s scandal. Monica warns the Qs not to rip AJ to shreds. Ned wants AJ’s resignation. Despite the setup, AJ is out. Lily bails on going with Sonny to Robin’s party. Miguel does the same to Brenda. Ned and Brenda decide to go to the party together. Monica confronts an upset AJ. Tom twists the knife with Justus about the scandal. Robin and Stone are surprised by their friends at duel party at the Q boathouse. Robin gives Stone his memory book. Mac asks Lucy not to discuss him and Katherine with Damian. Bobbie tries to talk to Monica, who wants nothing to do with her. Emily hears them arguing. Ned and Sonny get into a physical fight at the party. Kevin and Lucy see another Ryan aberration. Kevin asks Lucy if Maya performs exorcisms. Jason apologies to AJ for voting with the others for his removeal from the foundation. AJ starts drinking again.

October 16, 1995 - No Commercials - Ned and Sonny both nurse shiners. AJ cleans out his desk at the foundation. Justus thanks AJ for his contributions. Justus is hoping that Laura will be his replacement. Sonny invites Lily to NYC for Miguel’s concert, buts he turns him down. Miguel learns Ned and Sonny got into a fight. Lucy wants to take Kevin to the concert. AJ finds Emily at the Q boathouse after she skipped school. Emily feels bad for him as the Qs hung him out to dry. He assures her that he will be alright. Lucy asks Maya to perform an exorcism at Kevin’s place. Maya suggests a cleansing but she has to weight the risks. Lily and Brenda get into it. Keisha finds AJ drinking. AJ tells her that he will not let it get out of control and wants her to not tell anyone. Lily reconsiders Sonny’s offer to take her to NYC.

October 17, 1995 - No Commercials - Brenda and Lois go over the details for Miguel’s concert. Felicia harps on Mac again about his relationship with Katherine. Stone reads Mac’s letter from his memory book. Katherine juggles both Mac and Damian. Damian becomes suspicious and decides to follow Katherine. Stone has a one on one with Mac. The two imagine (in fantasies) what it would have been like if they had always gotten along. Damian sees Katherine go to see Mac and confronts her. She covers. Sonny stops by L/B to tell Lois that he is bringing Lily with him to Miguel’s show. Miguel has a problem with Sonny attending the show. Luke has to break up a fight between Mike and Sonny. Sonny wants Luke to fire Mike, but he refuses. At the Outback, Stone has a seizure. Garcia tells Ned he has found a link between Sonny and a organized crime boss in the things seized from Sonny’s apt. A judge has ordered a wiretap on Sonny’s phone. Ned gives Lois a present.

October 18, 1995 - No Commercials - Damian wants the truth from Katherine. She admits to flirting with Mac but nothing more. Alan examines Stone at GH. Steve treats Mac at GH as he touched Stone’s bleeding head after his seizure. Maya agrees to “cleanse” Kevin’s place. Lois has  Birdland and Rogers/Astaire fantasies about her and Ned. Maya takes a look around Kevin’s house and advises Kevin and Lucy that she must break the connection between Kevin and Ryan. She will need time to prepare and they agree on Friday. Lucy is very impressed with Kevin keeping an open mind. Stone is scared, as his right side is numb. Alan tells him that is normal after a seizure. Alan is waiting for the test results. Robin arrives at the hospital. Sonny is ready to cancel his trip to NYC to stay with Stone, but Stone insists he go. Ned tells Miguel about the wiretap but he is not ready to tell Lois and Brenda. Lois visits Stone before she leaves for NY. Mac sees Kevin. The two plot against Maya. Tony has Stone’s test result and tells Sonny that he suspects Stone has a brain infection (Toxoplasmosis). They agree to wait until tomorrow to tells Stone.

October 19 - 25, 1995:  10/19 Miguel's concert, 10/20, 10/23 Miguel leaves on his South American tour, 10/24 Kevin exposes Maia, 10/25

October 19, 1995 - No Commercials - Ned and Lois watch Miguel’s completed video. Lois still has a million things to do before the concert. Katherine tries to keep Damian out of The Outback to avoid Mac. Lois tells the L/B gang that Stone seizure was the result of a brain infection. Alan gives Stone his diagnosis. Lois and the gang meet music producer Frank Cepeda, who wants to buy L/B.  Lois explains the situation with their third partner, Sonny. He wants to have Miguel under contract soon and send him to South America on a tour. Ned thinks the sale of L/B is win-win for them in terms of getting rid of Sonny. Lois does not want to sell. Katherine is lucky when Lucy does not spill the beans about her and Mac in front of Damian. Later, Katherine tries to breaks up with Damian. He convinces her not to give up on them. Miguel’s takes the stage in NYC. Mac unexpectedly shows up at Katherine’s apt.

October 20, 1995 - No Commercials - Lois is still adamant that she does not want to sell L&B. They hope Sonny will refuse to sell, thus traipsing all over Lois’s creative control and they can force him out. Alan apologies to Monica again about Bobbie. He made a bad situation worse. Katherine scrambles to cover with both Mac and Damian. She shuffles between the two men. Lois lays out Cepeda’s offer to Sonny. When he hears that Brenda would be going with Miguel on tour for 3 months, he turns down the buyout offer. Miguel and Sonny come to blows with Sonny threatening him with a broken bottle. Lois and Ned break it up. AJ tells Monica and Edward that Carla is gone, having jumped bail. It is only more proof that he was setup. Jason reminds AJ that the foundation is suffering right along with him. Jason can see AJ sliding into the role of victim again. He warns Keisha not to join AJ’s pity party. Lois still wants to let Cepeda book Miguel for a South American Tour, but Brenda cannot go with him. Katherine gets Mac to take her to his house, leaving Damian waiting with champaign in her bath tub.

October 23, 1995 - No Commercials - The next morning, Katherine and Mac in bed together. Bobbie and Tony have a session with Kevin. They talk about why she fell for Alan in the first place. Miguel gives notice to Mac at The Outback. An angry Damian confronts Katherine for leaving him waiting for her last night. He threatens her. Miguel says goodbye to Robin and Stone. Mac sets up his equipment at Kevin’s house. Maya arrives for the cleansing. She tries to conjure Ryan’s ghost. Mac’s light and sound show begins. Stone bites Robin’s head off, when she tries to be positive. Later, Tony tells Robin that it is the steroids that Stone is on that are affecting his moods. Stone apologies. Ned suggests a change in image for Eddie Maine, to which Lois is totally against. Lily and Miguel say goodbye. As do Brenda and Miguel.

October 24, 1995 - No Commercials - Maya’s cleansing continues. Lucy freaks out. Sonny and Brenda both show up at GH to see Stone. Brenda tells Sonny about Miguel leaving. Monica gets a gift from a secret admirer. When Alan is ruled out, Monica thinks it might be from Ned. Mac’s light and sound show continues at Kevin’s. Thinks go all haywire. Lucy realizes it was all a setup. Kevin blows the whistle on Madame Maya. Maya tells Lucy that she was after her money the entire time. Lucy vows never to forgive Kevin for not telling her the truth.  They argue and she storms out. After seeing Sonny, an edgy Brenda goes back to the gatehouse. Ned is less than sympathetic, telling her to forget about Sonny. Fearing that Luke has given up on him and Laura, Lucky shows up late at the club to see Luke. Mary Mae gives Stone some advice about not giving up.

October 25, 1995 - No Commercials - Laura wants to know from Luke why Lucky left in the middle of night to see him at the club. Maya tells Damian that the cleansing was a bust but so are Kevin and Lucy. Kevin tries to apologies to Lucy. He tried everything to get through to her but nothing worked. Katherine wants Mac to let her handle Damian. Alan tells Stone that he does not have a Toxoplasmosis as he suspected. Stone is angry having gone through a steroid treatment he did not need. Alan is baffled as to what is wrong with him. Stone has another seizure. Monica tells Emily that she has a meeting with a social worker next week as the final step in the adoption process. Emily asks about Paige’s sister Corey. Monica tells her that they could not find Corey. Emily finds Monica’s secret admirer card. Maya apologies to Lucy, advising her to give Kevin another chance and to keep her guard up. Later, Lucy breaks down with Damian about being hurt. Monica learns that Ned did not send her the secret admirer gift. Emily overhears Ned and Monica discuss their affair. Tony examines Stone. He wants Stone to undergo a brain biopsy. Lucy agrees to Damian’s proposed Deception fragrance for DayCo.

October 26 - November 1, 1995:  10/26 Tony to do brain biopsy on Stone, 10/27 Lois has fantasies about Eddis's new image, 10/30, 10/31 Maxie's birthday & Halloween, 11/1 Lucky & Emily take off for Boston

October 26, 1995 - No Commercials - Emily voices her concerns to Lucky that she does not belong with the Qs. Mary Mae sounds Laura out about taking AJ’s director of development job at the Foundatio. Alan and Monica try to get Emily to open up about the adoption. They quickly start fighting and Emily explodes and storms out. AJ suggests he talk to Emily. In preparation for brain surgery, Stone cuts his hear. Tom and Simone are granted a divorce in court. Tony fires Dr. Dorman after he refuses to perform surgery on Stone. After the hearing, Tom, Justus, and Simone end up at The Outback. Felicia gets Tom to leave with her. AJ tries to get through to Emily. Emily tells Lucky that she wants to try and find her mother’s sister, Corey. Lucky wants to go with her.

October 27, 1995 - No Commercials - Lucky asks Mac about finding a missing person. He wants an hour of Mac’s time. Mac gives him some tips about where to look for Corey. Brenda visits Stone. Stone wants Sonny and Brenda to try and be nice to each other when they are with him. They agree to try. Lucy tells Luke about Kevin’s light show and being dubbed by Maya. Damian tells Lucy he is changing the name of his new chain to “CS Emporium” Lucy, thinking that he already knows, babbles on about Mac and Katherine as an item. She realizes Katherine never did really end things with him. Ned and his band take Lois out to discuss the future of the Idle Rich. Mac and Ned want to find Sonny’s weak link in Sonny’s operation. Lucky tells Emily he has his own reasons for wanting to go with Emily to Boston to find Corey. Lucky dubs Luke and gets his hands on Luke’s emergency credit card and cash. Lucy rushes to Mac at The Outback. Damian shows up at Katherine’s.

October 30, 1995 - No Commercials - Lucy tells Mac that Katherine did not break up with Damian. Damian confronts Katherine. She admits that she has been seeing Mac. He threatens her, saying that she knows too many of his secrets. He warns if she ever double-crosses him, she can expect to go to prison right along with him. Mac arrives and Katherine tries to explain. Mac tells her it is over. Lucky tells Emily that he is all set for their trip. They decide to leave tomorrow. After seeing how Tom behaves with Justus and Simone, Felicia questions how he is really coping with the divorce. Monica suspects AJ is drinking again. Lucky tells Sly he is leaving town with Emily but he can’t tell him where.

October 31, 1995 - No Commercials - Halloween in PC. Mac tells Robin that things are over with Katherine. Katherine shows up at Mac’s house again to plead her case. He agrees to give her another chance. They make love. Simone asks Felicia if Tom is invited to Maxie’s Halloween birthday party. Simone decides to ask Justus to stay home. Tony and Dr. Dorman go before Steve about Dorman refusing to treat Stone. Steve decides to have the GH board decide Dorman’s fate. Tom backs up Tony. Alan and Tony give Robin and Stone the biopsy results. Alan tells him that he has lymphoma. Stone refuses treatment, as it will only extend being sicker. Alan tells him he has 3-6 weeks to live. Sonny vows to take care of Stone at home so he will not have to go to a hospice. Maxie’s birthday party. Stone wants to go to Maxie’s party. Lucky and Emily get ready to hit the road.

November 1, 1995 - No Commercials - Lucky makes it a point to check in with Luke at the club so that he thinks that Lucky is going home to bed. He lies and tell Luke he will be staying late at school tomorrow. This only makes Luke suspicious. Sonny tells Brenda about Stone being diagnosed with lymphoma. Lily walks in on them getting along for a change. Edward presents a plan for Ned and Lois to live in Tokyo to close a deal for ELQ. Despite Ned’s protests, Edward thinks that he is bored and needs a change and time away is the answer. Lois is not so sure that Ned is not bored. Damian apologies to Lucy for his reaction to her bombshell. Emily makes a point of saying goodnight to the Qs, giving her and Lucky a head start. Brenda tells Ned and Lois about Stone having 6 more weeks to live. Brenda feels like she is losing everyone she cares about. Emily and Lucky board the bus for Boston.

November 2 - 8, 1995:  11/2 Em & Lucky check into a hotel, 11/3, 11/6 Luke & Laura on Lucky's trail, 11/7, 11/8

November 2, 1995 - No Commercials - Laura gets Lucky’s reminder note about staying late after school. Laura suspects something is up. Kevin apologies to Lucy again for his stupid behavior. Lucy is still very hurt. Damian invites Lucy to lunch and she accepts right in front of Kevin. Luke calls Laura about Lucky’s suspicious behavior. Laura invites him to dinner, thinking that Luke may be able to find out what is wrong. Monica gets another secret admirer gift. She thinks it may be from Edward. Monica gets Emily’s note saying she went to school early. Laura finds Lucky emergency backpack gone and calls Luke. Lucky and Emily arrive in Boston and talk their way into a room at nice hotel. Luke calls Sly. The Spencer’s learn Lucky is on the run with Emily. Luke and Laura tell Monica that Lucky and Emily have run off together. After another threat from Damian, Katherine tells Mac that she is not safe.

November 3, 1995 - No Commercials - Ned has a clue for Luke and Laura about where the kids are headed. Ned tells them about Lucky talking with Mac. Katherine tells Mac that Damian will never let her go. Mac thinks she is overestimating Damian. Lois and Brenda go over final plans for the Philadelphia concert with Mary Mae. Lois thinks that Brenda needs to get her head together where Sonny is concerned. She thinks Brenda is backsliding. Lucky and Emily strike out at the RMV but find info later on Corey at the registers office. Mac tells the Spencer’s and Monica that Lucky went to Boston. Sonny tells Harry he needs more cash on hand for Stone’s medical care. Luke and Laura decide to go to Boston themselves and not call the police yet. Edward gives them use of the ELQ jet. Luke suspects Lucky agreed to help Emily, as it would get he and Laura together. Luke and Laura leave for Boston.

November 6, 1995 - No Commercials - Lucky and Emily learn that Corey never graduated and transferred to University of Albuquerque. They get her new address. Luke and Laura suspect Lucky did the unexpected and checked into an expensive hotel in Boston. Mac convinces Katherine that her leaving town to feel safe from Damian is absurd. Monica blames herself for Emily taking off. Lucky books two tickets to New Mexico. Lucky leaves a clue for his parents. Mac thinks that Kevin should act like he believe Lucy has a psychic gift to reopen the lines of communication between them. Luke and Laura arrive at the hotel and learn the kids have checked out. They get Lucky’s clue. Kevin takes Mac’s advice and speaks with Lucy about her spiritual gifts. Lucy suddenly sees Kevin’s “lying” aura and throws him out. Katherine tries to resign telling Damian she cannot work with him anymore. Damian threatens her, implying that she could be eliminated. Luke and Laura head to Albuquerque.

November 7, 1995 - No Commercials - Sonny wants to cancel his trip to see Mary Mae’s Philadelphia concert. Robin convinces Sonny that Stone would want him to go. Edward presses Ned on the Tokyo trip. Edward tries to get Lois on his side, but she tells Edward that he is not calling the shots anymore, Ned is. Tom is livid when the GH board decides to discipline Dr. Dorman and not fire him. Tom vows to organize a protest. Luke thinks Lucky may have gone to Chicago and not Albuquerque, but Lucky outsmarts them. Lily gives Sonny some advice about Stone. Tony is really down after the GH board vote, he tells Bobbie he feels like he is in a hole and he will ever dig out. Emily and Lucky land in Albuquerque. Luke and Laura are hot on their trail.

November 8, 1995 - No Commercials - Simone asks Tom to watch Tommy for a few days so she can go to Mary Mae’s show, but Tom declines as he is going to the concert as well with Felicia. Tom learns that Simone voted with Steve on the Dorman issue. Katherine tells Mac that she can’t quite working for Damian. Lucy and Felicia discuss Kevin. Luke phones Monica telling her that Emily and Lucky went to Albuquerque. After seeing how Sonny is taking care of Stone, Robin tells Brenda that she now understands why Brenda fell in love with him. Brenda visits Stone. Stone asks her if she is still in love with Sonny. Tom invites Felicia to Mary Mae’s show. Felicia wants to chat with Simone before she agrees. After seeing Lucy with Damian, Mac tries to rescue her. Lucy does not want his help. Damian tells Katherine that she has crossed over the line. Brenda tries to talk with Sonny, but he tells her all he can deal with right now is Stone.

November 9 - 15, 1995:  11/9, 11/10 Mary Mae’s show in Philly, Lucky & Emily camp in the desert as L&L hunt for them, Alan tells Robin she is HIV+, 11/13 Anna's ghost appears to Robin, 11/14, 11/15 Robert's ghost appears to Robin, Lucky & Emily home

November 9, 1995 - No Commercials - Felicia talks with Simone about how she feels about her and Tom going to Philadelphia. Simone admits that she has a gut reaction whenever she sees the together, but she is not going to let it mess with her head. Felicia thinks Tom may be using her. Stone and Robin talk about their future they would like if they could have one. Stone wants Robin to get tested for HIV again. Ned asks Lois what she thinks about kids. She tells him she is ready to start thinking about kids. Felicia turns downs Tom’s invite to the concert. Later, Tom asks Simone what she said to Felicia. Luke finds out that Lucky and Emily got a forwarding address for Corey. Emily and Lucky check on the address they have for Corey in Albuquerque. The woman at the address tells her that Corey got into some trouble and is long gone. Lucky leaves another clue for Luke to send him in the wrong direction. Lucky learns that Corey went to medical school but never finished and the school as no forwarding address.

November 10, 1995 - No Commercials - Luke and Laura plot their next move. They decide to spend the afternoon in Albuquerque and then head to Pasadena. Lucky and Emily camp out. Lois, Ned, and Brenda have breakfast in Philadelphia before the gig. Sonny and Lily arrive. Robin calls Alan to get her results for her latest HIV test. Damian follows Lucy to Philadelphia. Rain puts a damper on Emily and Lucky’s campout and they are forced to find shelter in a cave. The cave entrance collapses; trapping Emily. Jason meets the rest of the Ward clan. Alan tells Robin she is HIV positive. Edward meets the Wards. A seemingly drunk Tom provokes Justus by kissing Simone in front of everyone. Justus punches him.

November 13, 1995 - No Commercials - Emily has an encounter with a snake. Lucky tries desperately to get Emily out of the cave. Her HIV positive diagnosis begins to sink in for Robin. Ned gives Tom a piece of his mind about the scene he caused with Justus. Ned advises him just to go home. Robin can’t bring herself to tell Stone that she is HIV positive. Justus apologies to Simone for the scene he caused. Emily kills the snake before it kills her. Robin gets “a visit” from her mother. (Note: Special appearance by Finola Hughes as Anna) Lois tells the Wards that the critics loved Mary Mae. Sonny shows Tom the door. Lucky rescues Emily.

November 14, 1995 - No Commercials - Mary Mae is the talk of the town. Damian is anxious to show Lucy an example of what his CS Emporium will look like. Lucy tells Damian the name of the new perfume will be “Little White Lies”. Kevin tells Mac that he is lost without Lucy. Mac tells Kevin that Lucy is spending a lot of time with Damian. Kevin calls her hotel room in Philadelphia and Damian answers. Tom apologies to the Wards. Damian tells Lucy that Tom’s drunkenness was just a performance. Luke and Laura come up with fat zero in Pasadena. They think Lucky’s cash must be running out but learn that he has still not used his credit card yet. Luke remembers that Lucky paid him a visit and must have stolen his emergency fund. Luke checks his own alias credit card and learns that Lucky has indeed used it. Robin gets another visit from “Anna”. Robin is afraid to tell Mac that she is HIV positive. Anna reminds her that Mac has always come thru for her in the end. Robin tells Kevin that she is HIV positive. She is confused about whether to tell Stone.

November 15, 1995 - Commercials - As Lucky is sure his parents are out looking for him, he and Emily double back and return to PC to the Spencer house. With the trail cold of her aunt, Emily is not looking forward to returning to the Qs. Kevin tries to help Robin work thru her feelings. He thinks Robin should tell Mac as she is going to need him. Alan tells Monica that Robin is HIV positive. Wanting Damian off her back and out of everyone’s lives, Katherine gives Mac information on Damian’s bank accounts. Mac thinks they need a third party who would not mind passing the information onto the police. Harry tells Sonny he got the necessary funds for Stone’s medical care. AJ continues drinking in secret. AJ wants to know from Edward about how he can fit into the family business operation. Edward is not open to give him another shot. Robin gets “a visit” from her dad (Note: Special appearance by Tristan Rogers as Robert) AJ gives Alan a ride to GH. Robin tells an understanding Mac about her HIV. Monica learns that AJ and Alan have been in an accident. AJ has been arrested for drunk driving.

November 16 - 22, 1995:  11/16 Robert's ghost appears to Mac, L&L's anniversary, 11/17 Robin tells Stone she is HIV+, L&L reconcile, 11/20 Sonny tells Brenda, N&L, L&L & Lucky about Robin's diagnosis, 11/21, 11/22 cm Stone’s early Christmas, Robert’s ghost visits Luke

November 16, 1995 - No Commercials - Robin is worried as Stone is in and out of reality. Robin calls Tony and learns that it is normal for lymphoma patients. Emily learns Alan is at GH. Alan is treated at GH. Ned arrives with AJ after bailing him out of jail. Edward is ready to call in a favor and get AJ off the hook. The Qs learn AJ has been drinking since the foundation scandal. As the Qs start bickering, Emily arrives to see Alan. Lucky learns Emily went to GH. Luke and Laura return home. Foster blows Lucky’s hiding place. Robin tells Mac that she does not have the courage to tell Stone about her HIV. Luke and Laura confront Lucky about the wild goose chase he sent them on. Justus has to shelf his plans for a dinner with Simone and Tommy for Tommy’s birthday as the Hardy’s have already planned a party. Emily apologies to the Qs and asks if she can come back home. Mac has his own “visit” from Robert. Steve wants Tom to reassess his opinion of Dorman. Tommy celebrates his birthday with the Hardy’s. Mac offers to stay with Stone while Robin and Stone get some sleep. The Spencers have dinner together for Luke and Laura’s anniversary.

November 17, 1995 - No Commercials - A tipsy Kevin comes to The Outback needing to talk to Mac. Felicia tells him that Mac is with Stone and Robin. The desperately unhappy Kevin tells Felicia about calling Lucy and getting Damian. After dinner, Lucky pleads his case that his parents belonging together. Laura tells Luke that she had her defining moment while they were together looking for Lucky. Laura agrees to let Luke come home. Robin tells Stone that she is HIV positive. When she overhears Tom telling Felicia about how he screwed up, got drunk and caused a scene with Justus, Lucy calls Tom out for lying. But when she says it was Damian who saw him, no one believes her. Mac tells Sonny about Robin. Mac tells Stone he does not blame him for Robin being HIV positive.

November 20, 1995 - No Commercials - Sonny tells Brenda about Robin being HIV positive. Brenda breaks down. Lois and Ned walk in on Sonny and Brenda in a hug. They learn about Robin as well. Ned warns Brenda not to misinterpret the compassion that Sonny is showing toward Stone and Robin. Brenda explodes. Laura makes one of her famous breakfasts for Luke and Lucky. Luke learns that Laura is up for the director of the foundation position. The guys think she should take it, but Laura is not so sure. Luke convinces her. Robin decides to have Xmas eve early for Stone. They make a guest list. Katherine and Mac talk about Stone. Mac has someone in mind you could come up with the goods on Damian themselves, and then blow the whistle on for them. Luke learns about Robin from Sonny.

November 21, 1995 - No Commercials - Damian wants a meeting with Sonny. Mac thinks Luke may be just the person to take Damian down. Luke agrees to be the front man. Brenda sees Robin. Brenda wants to help Robin plan Christmas for Stone. Sonny agrees to cook for the party and get a tree. Damian questions Sonny about some questionable transactions from his accounts. Sonny explains he needed money for Stone’s medical bills. Mac tells Kevin about his “get Damian” plan. Lucy shows Damian the new perfume specs. Robin and Stone throw a Christmas eve tree trimming party. Felicia and Maxie give Stone ornaments for the tree. Mike and Luke bring in an Christmas tree. Stone and Robin invite Mike to Christmas dinner tomorrow. Laura gives Stone the Spencer family tree Angel for the top of the tree.

November 22, 1995 - With Commercials - “Christmas” day for Stone. Robin gets another “visit” from Anna and Robert. Sonny prepares a Christmas dinner pig for dinner. Much to Sonny’s irritation, Mike arrives to help with the pig roasting. Sonny agrees to let him help. They argue over the food prep. Lois bakes cookies for Stone’s party. Edward arrives at the guesthouse bellowing about Ned letting the ELQ Tokyo deal go south. Lois resent him blaming Ned’s devotion to L&B for the deal blowing up. Luke meets with Garcia to give him the goods on Damian. He gives him two bank accounts of Damian to investigate. Mac thinks the party for Stone could be a place for Katherine to mend some fences. Lois and Ned give each other presents. Luke gets “a visit” from Robert. Guests arrive for Stone’s Christmas. Lois is weirded out by Katherine’s niceness, and thinks she is up to something. Sonny and Mike manage to get Christmas dinner on the table.

November 23 - 28, 1995:  Three episode dvd: 11/23 cm Lucy interrupts everyone's Thanksgiving looking for Sigmund, (no show 11/24), 11/27 cm Emily agrees to the adoption, 11/28 cm

November 23, 1995 - With Commercials - Thanksgiving in PC. Monica warns Edward to behave for Emily first Thanksgiving without her mother. Lila decides the Qs will have duck instead of turkey. Bobbie learns Tony invited Lucy to the brownstone for dinner. Lucy finds Sigmund is missing. Katherine and Mac decide to forgo cooking and order Chinese. Lucy goes around town looking for her duck. She interrupts Mac to find Sigmund. Simone is swayed by Tom to bring Tommy to the Hardy’s. Felicia catches Tom manipulating the situation. Lucy arrives at the Jones and learns they are having duck for dinner. A sad Kevin stops by Katherine’s apt to see Mac and learns Sigmund is missing. Lucy goes to the Qs. Luke and Lucky bring pecan pies to the Jones. Lucy wants Justus to flex his muscle with the police to help find her duck. The Qs decide to forgo the duck and it is pizza again. Lucy finds Sigmund at Kevin’s. She sees he has a new girlfriend.

November 27, 1995 - With Commercials - Kevin brings Sigmund and his new lady duck to Lucy’s apt. Kevin wants to talk but they argue. Damian confronts Katherine after he suspects she turned over his bank records to the police. Katherine denies it. With the social worker’s interview soon, Alan and Monica ask Emily again how she really feels about the adoption. Emily is confused by their rules, but agrees to meet with the social worker. Later, Monica tells Alan that they made a promise and they cannot deliver. Alan tells her it will never work if they do not have a working marriage and he is really willing to try. Brenda visits Stone. Stone wants Brenda to read Sonny’s letter from his memory book. Katherine goes to Mac telling him that Damian knows she ratted him out. Mac tells her that Luke is fronting for her. Damian demands a meeting with Sonny. Lily gives Sonny her rosary. Robin tells Mac that Sonny has been paying Stone’s medical bills in cash. Lucy agrees to go with Damian to Buffalo on a business trip. After looking at Damian’s bank statements. Mac links Sonny to Damian. Mac can’t take the information to Garcia, not yet anyways.

November 28, 1995 - With Commercials - Damian tells Sonny about his bank records being looked at by the police. Damian wants Sonny to find out who went to police. Sonny puts Harry on the case. Robin reads to Stone from her diary. Luke visits Stone, telling him how much he loves and admires him. Lucky brings a sick Emily her homework from school. Mac and Katherine worry about the Damian/Sonny connection. Kevin learns from Mac that Lucy is planning to go to Buffalo with Damian. Brenda is back for another visit with Stone. Mac arrives to be with Robin. Bobbie comes to Q mansion to visit Monica. Emily asks Bobbie if she and Alan are going to be lovers. She tells her that she and Alan are over and that Alan wants to make things right with his marriage and with Emily. Damian admits that he asking her to go to Buffalo was an honest attempt to get her to face the attraction she has for him. Kevin arrives at the hotel that Lucy and Damian are staying. He literally drags her out. Stone and Sonny say goodbye. Bobbie and Monica have a talk. She hopes that even if Monica never forgives her, she hopes that she will work things out with Alan.

November 29 - December 4, 1995:  11/29 Stone dies, 11/30 Edward gets AJ off on DUI charge, 12/1 Stone's funeral, 12/4

November 29, 1995 - With Commercials - Sigmund wakes up Lucy and Kevin. His lady duck, Billy, is gone. Lucy compares Sigmund broken heart to what happened between her and Kevin. Lucy finally realizes that Damian had been planting subliminal seeds of doubt in her head about her and Kevin. After they make love, Kevin admits that he was jealous. Tom and Felicia share donuts and coffee. With the end near, Robin does some visualization with Stone. They revisit all their favorite hangouts in his mind. With his eyesight failing, Stone gets one last view of Robin in the sunlight. Stone passes away in Robin’s arms. Sonny learns he is gone. Robin tells Mac how simple and quiet Stone’s death was. Robin tells Felicia and Brenda that Stone is gone. Sonny breaks down at Stone’s bedside. After learning, Luke and Lucky ponder what happens to you after death. Lucy and Kevin learn Stone is gone. Robin decides she wants a memorial service to celebrate Stone’s life.

November 30, 1995 - With Commercials - Mac tells Katherine he wants to tell Luke and Damian and Sonny are partners. AJ has his DWI court date. Alan wants AJ to take responsibility for his actions; Edward just doesn’t want a scandal. Jason reins the bickering Qs in and is tired of AJ’s woe is me act. Harry tells Sonny the police’s information on Damian’s bank records came from Luke. Lois breaks down with Ned after she looks over the inventory sheets that Stone did for L/B. Mac tells Luke about Sonny and Damian money trail. Luke accuses Mac of setting him up to turn him against Sonny. Mac insists it is Damian that he wants but Sonny just became a causality of war. Edward gets AJ off the hook with the judge. Edward warns AJ not to screw up again, but AJ bellies up to the Q bar and pours himself to a vodka as soon as Edward leaves the room. Emily goes to the gatehouse. Jason and Ned try to explain AJ to her. Sonny has no choice but to come clean with Luke about his deal with Damian.

December 1, 1995 - With Commercials - Luke wants to know why Sonny never mentioned his partnership with Damian before. Luke refuses to tell Sonny where he got the information from. Luke wants to know if Sonny can be traced to Damian’s dirty money. Sonny tells him that a loan for Stone’s medical bills passed thru Damian’s account to his. Mac tells Katherine that he wants to come clean with Garcia. Brenda tells Lois that now that Stone is gone, all she wants to do is be with Sonny and help him. Lois warns her not to do anything rash. Sonny brings Stone’s ashes for the memorial service. Friends gather for Stone’s memorial. Brenda gets shutdown by Sonny. John Handley learns that Robin is HIV positive. Sonny, Mac, Kevin, and Robin speak at the memorial.

December 4, 1995 - No Commercials - Guests leave Stone’s memorial. Simone asks Tom is Tommy can sleep over at his place tonight. Damian shows up at Lucy’s apt. Damian and Kevin exchange words. Lucy now wants to reevaluate her professional relationship with Damian. He tells her that would be stupid move. Lucy fears she is stuck contractually to produce the perfume. Mac meets with Garcia and comes clean about Katherine being the original source of the information on Damian. Garcia wants Katherine to testify against Damian to guarantee her safety. Tom has a nightmare about his time in Africa and ends up locking himself in the bathroom. Tommy gets Bobbie and Felicia to help him. Felicia wants to have Tom meet with Kevin or Gail about his panic attacks, but Tom insists he is getting better. The PCPD pay Lucy a visit as Sigmund’s quacking is disturbing the peace. Katherine is terrified to testify against Damian, as she does not want to have to go underground. Mac wants all the goods she has on Damian. 

December 5-8, 1995:  12/5, 12/6, 12/7, 12/8

December 5, 1995 - With Commercials - Lois and Brenda plan the next Idle Rich CD. Brenda had booked a famous photographer for the album artwork. Brenda tells Lois that she has told Sonny how she feels. He told her that he did not trust her, but Brenda is sure he is still hurting over them too. Lois pushes her to move on. Tom thanks Tommy for helping him. Felicia checks in on him. She asks Tom again to go and get help. Katherine tells Mac about a safety deposit box that Damian has. Mac passes the info on to Garcia. Edward harps on Lois about Ned splitting his time between ELQ and L/B. Tom tells Simone about his panic attack. Sonny asks Luke if he can tell Damian that it was Luke who was the informant on his bank records, as it will work in their favor. Brenda takes Sonny some L/B info as an excuse to see him. Justus offers AJ a seat on the PC economical development council. Damian learns his safety deposit box as been seized. Sonny learns about the box.

December 6, 1995 - No Commercials - Ned and Edward go another round on Ned’s priorities. Monica warns Ned and Edward to stop fighting as Emily has her meeting with the social worker about the adoption. Damian and Sonny meet about the box. Damian tells him that the box contains financial records of all of their transactions and holding companies. Damian knows that it was not Luke that is the informant this time; there is no way he could have known about the box. Robin decides not to throw herself into Yale just yet. Mrs. Bertolli from Social Services meets with Emily. Sonny asks Luke about the safety deposit box. Jason pays Robin a visit. Alan and Monica meet with Mrs. Bertolli. Tony gets worked up when he sees Dorman’s article on the terminally ill in the hospital newsletter. Luke confronts Mac about the box. He warns Mac to get a new front-man. The Qs celebrate Emily’s interview going well. The Drs Q agree that in order to give Emily stability they must have a working marriage. Mac calls Ned telling him it looks like the PCPD will get Sonny.

December 7, 1995 - With Commercials - Kevin finds a sad Lucy remembering that Serena is 2 years old today. Lucy gets a package from Scott containing photos of Serena and a letter. Kevin asks Lucy if she wants children, but she is not ready for that conversation. Garcia tells Mac and Katherine that he has found a connection Damian to Sonny, He want to get Sonny and then Damian. Simone brings Tommy to see Tom when he is worried about his dad. Lois overhears Ned and Mac talk about bringing Sonny down. Lois confronts Ned about holding out on her. He argues he has the right to protect his future as Eddie Maine. Lois thinks that Sonny will be more apt to listen now that an official investigation has been started. She presses him again about selling his majority interest in L/B. He is not interested. Sonny tells Luke that he may be about to be busted under Rico and now wants Luke to buy him out of the club. Luke does not have the funds and will have to find himself another partner.

December 8, 1995 - With Commercials - Tom sees Kevin professionally about his panic attacks. He assures Kevin what he has gone thru will not affect his job at GH. Lucy agrees to be Luke’s new partner in his blue’s club. Justus does the paperwork on the deal. Lucy has a feeling that Kevin will not be happy about a partnership with Luke. Lois hyperventilates when she thinks what the trouble L/B will be in if Sonny is arrested. Ned lays out what would happen to L/B if it is seized. Lois tells Brenda about the feds hitting pay dirt on Sonny. Brenda has the idea that Sonny’s possible indictment would interfere with Lois’s creative control. Lois goes to Edward for help. Edward begins plotting. Lucy tells Kevin about her new partnership.

December 11-14, 1995:  12/11, 12/12, 12/13, 12/14

December 11, 1995 - With Commercials - Luke tells Laura that Lucy is his new partner. Lois makes Ned fly couch to NYC for his photo-shoot. Edward wants a meeting with Sonny. Lily and Brenda come to blows when Brenda stops by the penthouse to check on Sonny. Lily warns her that using Sonny’s grief over Stone to try and bridge the gap will not work. Edward makes Sonny a deal that he can’t refuse. Edward gets his hands on Sonny’s shares of L/B. Sonny gives Edward the tip that Miguel is sought after by a big time music producer. Luke offers Mike the apartment above the club. Brenda learns that Edward now owns Sonny’s shares of L/B. Edward and a phone call with Sonny, persuades Brenda to transfer her shares into a holding company. In NYC, the photographer Lois hired wants Ned to be photographed in the buff. Lois persuades her otherwise.

December 12, 1995 - No Commercials - Brenda tells Lois and Ned about Edward’s swindle. Lucy wants to have a party with her friends to celebrate her new endeavor with Luke Alan and Monica ask AJ about his professional plans. Sonny tells Damian that he is selling all his tangible assets. Lois, Ned, and Brenda confront Edward, who now owns controlling interest in L&B. Edward makes an offer to Lois for her stock as well. He tells them that he sold Miguel’s contact to Cepeda. Lucy tells Luke about the party she wants to throw. With all the heat on Damian, Katherine tells Mac that she thinks she should go away for awhile. Keisha finds AJ drinking again. Lucy has some ideas for the club, which Luke promptly shots down. The L&B gang strategize on how to undo the mess that Edward has made.

December 13, 1995 - With Commercials - The Qs give Edward the cold shoulder over his L/B scheme. Edward explains to Emily that it was just business. Lois and Ned arrive ready to give Edward a second chance to undo what he did. When that does not work, Lois is ready to rip him limb from limb vowing to fight dirty. Keisha asks Justus for some advice about how to help AJ with his drinking. Brenda confronts Sonny about wanting to hurt her back by duping her out of her L/B shares to Edward. She thinks they are even now and now he has to let her help him. Sonny does not want her help. AJ apologies to Keisha. Sonny and Robin go through Stone’s possessions. Robin gives Brenda, Lois, and Ned some of Stone’s things. Ned offers Lois money so that she can go to Argentina and buy back Miguel’s contract.

December 14, 1995 - With Commercials - Robin gives Kevin Stone’s reading glasses. Later, he tells Lucy about how much the gift meant to him. Sonny gives Mac one of Stone’s rings. Simone gets word that Tommy is missing from school. Sonny tells Luke he feels like the other shoe is about to drop. Tommy, wanting to be with Tom, is found by a hospital security guard. Robin tells Mac that Sonny giving him Stone’s ring was a thank you for accepting Stone. Lily thinks that Sonny is putting on a happy face when everything is crumpling around him. She reminds him that Brenda is responsible for all of his troubles. Simone tells Justus about Tommy’s stunt. Justus thinks that Tom is milking the whole situation.

December 15-21, 1995:  12/15, 12/18, 12/19, 12/20, 12/21

December 15, 1995 - No Commercials - Lucy gets another visit from the PCPD about her duck’s quacking. Lois confronts Sonny about selling his L/B shares to Edward. Lois reminds him that with Stone gone, she is his only real connection from the past and now he blew it. As Simone and Justus prepare to leave for the club, Tommy pitches a fit wanting his parents to go together. Tom sets him straight. Robin gives both Mike and Luke a belonging of Stone’s. Outside the club, Brenda tells Sonny that she is afraid that he will go to prison. They kiss passionately, but Sonny stops it. Brenda wants to be with him again. They plan to meet later. Lucy tells Kevin that she send a letter to Damian telling him their perfume deal is off. Lois leaves for Argentina to try and get Miguel’s contract back. Simone tells Justus about Tom’s panic attacks. Damian confronts Lucy about breaking their deal. Lucy celebrates her new partnership with Luke at the club with a party. Bobbie and Damian exchange words. Garcia arrests Sonny right in front of everyone at the party.

December 18, 1995 - No Commercials - Sonny is taken to the PCPD. At Luke’s request, Justus oversees Sonny’s interrogation until his council arrives. Robin learns that Mac put the investigation into Sonny in motion. Mac pleads his case that he did not expect things to come down like this. Damian and Luke come to blows when Luke tosses Damian out of his club. Sonny is questioned by Garcia. Luke suggests Katherine and Mac leave town as after tonight Damian will for sure know it was them who turned him in to the police. Tom and Felicia make a wager. Bobbie and Tony make love. Justus calls Luke telling him that the PCPD is about to throw the book at Sonny. Brenda goes to Sonny at the police station. Lily calls her father to come and help. They plan to meet in Rochester.

December 19, 1995 - With Commercials - A happy Ned meets with Mac about Sonny being arrested. Ned learns that Katherine and Mac are an item. Mac trusts Ned and Katherine tells him about leaking the information on Damian and Sonny’s business. Sonny is arraigned. He pleads not guilty and his bail is set at 5 million dollars. Audrey finds it strange when Damian puts some of rare blood on hold at GH. The Co-opt board locks Sonny out of his penthouse. Lily has to vacate. Tony warns Damian to not try and intimidate Bobbie. Robin thinks that Mac should go with Katherine when she leaves town. Lily meets with her father telling him the past will be forgotten if he helps Sonny. He agrees to post bail for Sonny. Brenda visits Sonny in jail.

December 20, 1995 - With Commercials - Monica gets another secret admirer gift right in front of Emily. Emily asks Monica if she is having an affair. Justus makes dinner for Simone and Tommy. Justus gets the cold shoulder from Tommy. Sonny’s bail is posted and he is released. Justus and Felicia talk Tom. Tommy throws eggs at Justus’s car. Tom makes Tommy clean the car. Brenda learns Sonny is out of jail. Sonny meets with Rivera. Sonny learns Lily went to bat for him. Rivera offers to make Sonny’s troubles go away but Sonny can expect to pay a price. Sonny would have to step down from his operation temporarily and he has to marry Lily. Alan and Monica are thrilled that Emily is excited about Xmas. Monica lies and tells Alan her latest secret admirer gift was a gift to herself. Justus tells Simone that Tom handled Tommy very well after Tommy misbehaved. Sonny wants time to think about Rivera’s offer.

December 21, 1995 - No Commercials - Sonny tells Luke about Rivera’s offer. Luke thinks it is a mistake for Sonny to think he can live the rest of his life without love. Ned gets the ELQ’s Tokyo deal back on track. Ned wants to make a deal with Edward for L/B. Ned accuses Edward of being jealous of Lois. He has his life partner and it is not Edward. Lois succeeds with some stipulations in buying back Miguel’s contract from Frank Cepeda. Lois sees Miguel and his concert. Brenda arrives home to her apt to find Sonny waiting for her. Sonny tells her that he will always love her but they have no future together. An upset Brenda goes to the gatehouse wanting the number to call Lois in South America. Ned offers her a shoulder to cry on. Mike offers Sonny a place to crash for the night.

December 22-28, 1995:  12/22 (copy so-so), (no show aired on 12/25), 12/26, 12/27, 12/28

December 22, 1995 - No Commercials - Sonny is not impressed with Mike’s “clothes tree” in his pig’s sty apt. The Qs head out for the GH Christmas party. Monica tells Alan that she is committed to them. She wants them back the way they used to be. Kevin gives Lucy her Christmas present early, a trip to a seclude island. With Steve ill,  Alan and Tom argue over who should tell the Christmas story. Robin is sad thinking that Stone was healthy just one year ago. Tom tells the Christmas story at the party. Damian gives Alan his annual contribution to GH. Alan asks Damian to leave before thinks get ugly between him and Kevin. Mac picks up Lucy’s brochure for that seclude island that she and Kevin plan to go to. Sonny accepts Rivera’s offer. Emily sweet-talks Alan into letting her make a figure eight with the Q Christmas train. Brenda asks Mike about what is going on with Sonny. Sonny proposes to Lily. Mac thinks the island would be the perfect spot for he and Katherine to disappear to. Lois tells Ned that her flight home was cancelled due to weather. She suggests he meet her for Miguel’s New Years concert. Episode ends with Christmas montage.

December 26, 1995 - With Commercials - Mac tells Robin about the private island he plans to take Katherine to. Damian wants assurances from Sonny that his influential friends will not make him a scapegoat. Sonny tells Damian he is on his own. Felicia agrees to cover for Mac at The Outback while he is on vacation. Damian rents Dr. Dorman’s secluded lakefront property for a special project he is working on. Sonny tells Brenda that he made a mistake going to her and telling her that he loved her. He tells her to drop it but she won’t. Sonny tells Brenda to stay away from him. Kevin and Lucy arrive at their island hotel room. It is less than charming. Mac and Katherine arrive at the same resort. The two couple quickly realizes they are on the same island. Tom and Felicia dream of their own island getaway. Damian checks out the lakefront cabin vowing that Katherine is in for a treat.

December 27, 1995 - With Commercials - A major thunderstorm hits the secluded island. Kevin, Lucy, Mac, and Katherine are forced to take cover in the same room. Lucy and Katherine are at each other’s throats. The storm knocks the cover out and shuts down the airport. Sonny and Mike are still bunking together. Sonny is awoken by Mike setting a ham steak on fire at the apt. Luke and Luke have a chat after he learns Lucky is hustling his friends in cards. Luke and Lucky help Sonny get Stone’s ashes out of the penthouse he is locked out of. AJ checks on Robin, who is putting on a brave stoic face. Sonny and Luke bring Stone’s ashes to Robin. Episode ends with Stone and Robin flashbacks.

December 28, 1995 - With Commercials - To combat Edward’s over-taking L/B, Ned meets with his lawyers about nullifying Brenda’s sale of her stock and Eddie Maine’s contract. They tell Ned that there is nothing they can do, he has been bested. Edward shows Ned the peace offering he wants to give Lois…a red sports car. Ned tells Edward that Lois will not accept bribery. Brenda visits Robin. Robin wants her to come with her and Sonny to scatter Stone’s ashes. A drunk AJ shows up at the Charles Street Foundation office. Keisha tells Justus that AJ is drinking again. They push him to get help. Justus insists on driving AJ home. Keisha tells Jason that AJ is drinking again. He is mad that she has known for weeks and did not say anything. Justus tries to get through to AJ. Jason and AJ come to blows. The other Qs learn that AJ is drinking again. Another Q argument ensues and AJ storms out. Jason follows. Brenda, Robin, and Sonny scatter Stone’s ashes off the bridge where he bungee jumped. Sonny learns that the grand jury has come back with a verdict. Ned hears a crash outside the gatehouse and goes to investigate.

December 29,1995 - January 4, 1996:  12/29/95, (1/1/96 no show), 1/2, 1/3, 1/4

December 29, 1995 - With Commercials - Ned arrives and finds Jason lying unconscious after being thrown from a car driven by a drunk AJ. Sonny tells Luke that he is a free man. Alan and Monica argue about what to do about AJ’s drinking. Ned covers for AJ by saying he was driving. Damian gets a call from a friend of Cassius wanting a meeting. Sonny and Lily plan their wedding. Lily knows that Sonny is not in love with her but in time she hopes things with change. Alan explains to Emily that his relationship with AJ is complicated. He is not trying to punish AJ but trying to help him. Brenda learns that Sonny is a free man and sees a happy Sonny and Lily. The Qs learn about Jason’s accident. Damian meets with Cassius. Ned calls Lois and tells her about the accident. Tony tells the Qs that Jason’s injury is serious. On the docks, gunfire erupts at Damian’s meeting.

January 2, 1996 - With Commercials - Tony tells the Qs that Jason has swelling of the brain. A hung-over AJ learns from Reginald that there was a car accident. Ned arrives and tells AJ that he may have killed Jason. Ned tells AJ about the cover-up and he will say nothing to the contrary. AJ now answers to Ned. A ruffled and hurt Damian arrives at Sonny’s penthouse wanting answers. He tells Sonny about his meeting on the docks. Lily takes care of Damian’s wound. Damian wants Sonny to find out who tried to kill him while he goes underground. AJ arrives at GH and lies to Alan and Monica. Ruby tries to rally a depressed Brenda. Keisha and Justus arrive at GH. Brenda arrives at the penthouse wanting to see Sonny. Brenda learns that Lily and Sonny are getting married. She and Lily argue and Sonny breaks up their fight. Keisha questions AJ about what happened. AJ vows to never drink again. Sonny calls Rivera about the attempt on Damian.

January 3, 1996 - With Commercials - Lucy and Kevin continue their adventure on the island, as do Mac and Katherine. And now the roof is leaking, Katherine and Lucy want to go home. The gang has to get creative for breakfast. Sonny finds a letter that Stone left for Robin. Justus tells Simone about Jason’s accident. Justus admits to her that he is starting to feel an attachment to the Qs. Damian suspects that Sonny has thrown in with Lily’s father. Tom offers to watch Tommy while Simone and Justus are on their honeymoon. Robin reads Stone’s letter. Robin warns Sonny that him getting married to Lily would be a mistake. Lucy assures Katherine that she will not blow her hideout location. Mac learns that Sonny was not indicted therefore will not be giving Damian up. Mac now wants to get back to PC and find get her some protection. Luke learns Lucky is hustling in a weekly poker game at the bike shop. Luke gives him some fatherly advice. Justus tells Robin about Jason. (Note: Slightly glitchy picture for the last 10 minutes of this episode) Mike learns that Sonny made a deal with Rivera. The phones are up and working and Kevin and Lucy are thrilled to leave the island. Kevin wants to make up his disastrous vacation to Lucy with a week in Paris.

January 4, 1996 - With Commercials. Note: Episode starts abruptly…a few seconds lost - Lucy and Kevin are thrilled to be back home in civilization. Robin visits Jason. Ned worries that will happen to his family if Jason dies. AJ sticks with Ned’s story with Robin. Mac and Garcia meet to discuss Katherine’s security. Garcia wants Katherine out of town pronto. The papers are reporting that Damian is Sonny’s financial backer. Damian shows up at Lucy’s door. He passes the investigation off as nonsense. AJ goes to talk with Kevin. He comes clean about his drinking over the last 3 months and his part in the accident. Kevin thinks he needs rehab, but AJ does not want to leave his family now. Kevin agrees to see him one on one for now. Tom and Felicia plan an outing with their kids. Robin suggests she go to Katherine’s apartment and get some clothes for her trip. Ned wills Jason to recover. Damian sees Robin leave Katherine’s building and follows her. Jason goes into shock.

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