Complete GH Episodes, 1993

Episode Breakdown

December 29, 1992 - July 6, 1993

July 7-13, 1993:  7/7, 7/8, 7/9, 7/12, 7/13 Tiffany loses her baby [Episode Descriptions]

July 14-20, 1993: 
7/14, 7/15, 7/16 Karen & Jagger break up, Tiffany attempts suicide, 7/19, 7/20 Jagger & Brenda make out [Episode Descriptions]

July 21-27, 1993: 
7/21, 7/22 cm, 7/23 Holly leaves town, Stone's first episode, 7/26 Stone takes care of Karen, 7/27 [Episode Descriptions]

July 28 - August 3, 1993: 
7/28, 7/29 Brenda photo shoot at the gym,  7/30, 8/2, 8/3 [Episode Descriptions]

August 4-10, 1993: 
8/4 Bill leaves town, 8/5, 8/6 Felicia goes undercover to search for Stone, 8/9, 8/10 [Episode Descriptions]

August 11-17, 1993: 
8/11, 8/12 Ryan's trial,  8/13 Sonny's first episode, Sonny & Karen meet as they watch strippers at Paradise Lounge, 8/16 Karen strips, 8/17 cm [Episode Descriptions]

August 18-24, 1993: 
8/18, 8/19, 8/20 Jessica tells Sean she is pregnant, 8/23, 8/24 Julia & AJ make love [Episode Descriptions]

August 25-31, 1993:  8/25 Lucy returns, 8/26, 8/27Jury verdict in Ryan's trial, 8/30 Jagger meets with Stone, Ryan found guilty, 8/31 [Episode Descriptions]

September 1-7, 1993:  9/1 Scotty visits Dom's grave, 9/2, 9/3 Damian arrives, Jessica is murdered,  9/6, 9/7 Lucy meets Damian, Robin Christopher begins? [Episode Descriptions]

September 8-13, 1993: 9/8 Bill Eckert returns to PC, 9/9, 9/10 cm, 9/13 cm [Episode Descriptions]

September 14-17, 1993:  9/14 cm, 9/15 cm, 9/16 cm, 9/17 Jagger follows Stone to the Paradise Lounge and sees Karen stripping [Episode Descriptions]

September 20-24, 1993:  9/20, 9/21, 9/22, 9/23, 9/24, Lucy finds real Katherine Crawford & confronts Katherine, Jagger finds Karen in bed with Sonny [Episode Descriptions]

September 27 - October 1, 1993:  9/27 Ryan flashbacks, Jagger beats up Sonny, Brenda has flashbacks of her & Jagger, 9/28, 9/29 Ryan's sentencing, 9/30, 10/1 Sonny has Jagger beaten up [Episode Descriptions]

October 4-8, 1993:  10/4, 10/5 Felicia vists Ryan, 10/6, 10/7 (missed :12 mins news pre-emption), 10/8 Karen steals drugs [Episode Descriptions]

October 11-15, 1993: 10/11 Brenda & Robin follow Karen to Paradise Lounge, 10/12, 10/13 Felicia feeds Ryan a drugged muffin, 10/14, 10/15 cm [Episode Descriptions]

October 18-22, 1993:  10/18, 10/19 Ryan begins his escape, Ned sings "Heartbreak Hotel", Mac & Felicia fantasies, 10/20 Ryan goes after Felicia, 10/21 Ryan captured, 10/22 [Episode Descriptions]

October 25 - November 1, 1993:  10/25, 10/26, (10/27 missing pre-emption) 10/28, 10/29, 11/1, (11/2 missing pre-emption) [Episode Descriptions]

November 3-9, 1993:  11/3, 11/4 (first 7 mins no picture), 11/5 Luke & Laura jump out of the plane, go over rapids, 11/8 Luke & Laura are rescued by helicopter just before they are to go over the falls, Alan accidentally kills Ray, 11/9 Mac & Felicia make love [Episode Descriptions]

November 10-16, 1993:  11/10, 11/11 L&L arrive in pink cadallac, 11/12 Luke & Bill Eckert come face to face, 11/15 Bill is shot in the catacombs, 11/16 Damian is revealed to be Frank Smith's son [Episode Descriptions]

November 17-23, 1993:  11/17 Bill's funeral, 11/18, 11/19, 11/22 Sonny & Luke first meet, 11/23 [Episode Descriptions]

November 24 - December 2, 1993:  11/24, (no show 11/25, 11/26), 11/29 Lucy stops Katherine & Scott's wedding, Brenda meets Sonny on the docks, 11/30, 12/1, 12/2 [Episode Descriptions]

December 3-9, 1993:  12/3 Lucy is carjacked, she goes into labor at a mountain cabin, Kevin arrives in PC, 12/6 Scott goes looking or Lucy, 12/7 Scott delivers Lucy's baby, 12/8 Lucy is rushed to GH, Laura buys an old house, 12/9 Ray's body is found on ELQ property [Episode Descriptions]

December 10-16, 1993:  12/10 AJ confronts Alan, 12/13 Alan tells Monica he killed Ray, 12/14, 12/15 Ned meets Lois, 12/16 Ned sings [Episode Descriptions]

December 17-22, 1993:  12/17 Ned & Lois in bed, 12/20 Scotty & Serena are kidnapped, AJ tells Alan he set up Jagger, 12/21 Laura's birthday, L&L flashback Wyndham's dance, 12/22 Scotty says goodbye to Lucy at Dom's grave [Episode Descriptions]

December 23-28, 1993:  12/23, 12/24 GH Christmas party, Luke home for Christmas, Scott calls Lucy, Christmas at the Q's, 12/27 AJ & Karen & Jason & Brenda hot tub, 12/28 [Episode Descriptions]

December 29, 1993 - January 4, 1994:  12/29 Lucky is shot, 12/30 Lucky rushed to ER, 12/31 New Year's Eve party Outback, Lucky's operation, Ned performs as "Eddie Maine", Lucy & Damian make a bet for him to seduce Bobbie, Felicia Bell begins as Simone, 1/3, 1/4 Brenda's bubble bath fantasy [Episode Descriptions]

Expanded Descriptions

July 7-13, 1993:  7/7, 7/8, 7/9, 7/12, 7/13 Tiffany loses her baby

July 7, 1993 - No Commercials - Sean tells Felicia and Mac that Dr. Meadows thinks that Tiffany may lose the baby. He fears that if Tiffany does lose the baby, they will never get back together. Tiffany thinks that Bobbie knew that Sean was sleeping with Jessica and didn't tell her. Jagger wants to know what happened to Karen last night. Bill refuses to say goodbye to Holly. Holly doesn't want to hear his apologies about sleeping with Victoria. Alan insists he is not sleeping with Rhonda to Monica. Monica is worried about their problems affecting AJ. Bobbie comforts an emotional Bobbie. Holly asks Victoria for a seize fire. Holly thinks she did Victoria a favor by showing her that Bill was two-timing both of them. Felicia and Mac bring Tiffany flowers but she is cold to them for lying to her. Alan explains to Karen that he and her mother are only friends. AJ insults Karen and Jagger tosses him out of Kellys. They get into a physical fight until Karen breaks it up. Sean tells Monica about sleeping with Jessica. Holly visits Tiffany. Holly tells Mac and Felicia that she will be leaving PC after Tiffany gets well. Tiffany tells Sean that she needs him to leave her alone.

July 8, 1993 - No Commercials - Telling him she is quitting, Holly gives Bill the keys back to The Outback. Marco tells AJ and Jagger that they are not okayed to fight each other in the boxing ring as they are both hurt now. Felicia tells Mac she is taking up boxing. Monica hears AJ harassing Karen and learns about his fight with Jagger. Marco tells Felicia that she can't work out at Lenny's Gym but she is persistent. Jason hits a nerve with Karen when he calls her a whore like her mother. Jagger settles her down but she later tells him that she does not want his help. Victoria tells Bill she will not be his second choice just because he can't have Holly. Holly tells Halifax that she is leaving town. (Note: News brief interruption: 1-2 Minutes lost) Monica tells Gail about Alan kissing Rhonda. Gail asks Steve if he would consider joining Audrey at the victims group meetings. Felicia pickets in front of Lenny's Gym. Marco lets her can join the gym. Karen has another flashback of how Ray abused her as a child. When he shows up at the apartment she confronts him and he of course pleads innocent. Victoria gives Bill another chance.

July 9, 1993 - No Commercials - Lucy is jealous of how friendly Katherine and Scott are becoming. Karen tells Ray she remembers everything that he did to her. He tells her the reason Karen never told her mother what he did to her was because she liked it. Lucy asks Katherine some questions about her childhood with Dominique. An insurance adjuster gives Scott and Lucy the lowdown on Dominique's collection of antiques at her NYC apartment. Sean tells Tony that even though Tiffany wants him to stay away, there is no way he is leaving the hospital. Karen refuses to let Jagger in when he arrives at her apartment. Scott decides he does not want to sell any of Dominique's things.  Holly pleads Sean's case to Tiffany. Tiffany agrees to talk with Sean. The fact that Dominique's maid and butler, Elsie and Chester, do not know Katherine surprises Lucy and Scott. While talking with Sean, Tiffany gets a cramp in her stomach.

July 12, 1993 - No Commercials - Lucy wants to know why Elise and Chester do not know Katherine. AJ and Alan argue over  AJ's treatment of Karen. Tiffany's water has broken. Katherine explains that she grew up at Serenity with Dominique and not in New York. Scott, Katherine, and Katherine go through Dominique's things. Scott wants Lucy to lay off Katherine. Bobbie hopes that Tiffany will not go through what she went through with her miscarriage. Jason thinks AJ should not let Alan push his buttons. Lucy asks Elise for information on the other servants that worked at Serenity. Scott lets Katherine spend one more night at Dominique's apartment. Lucy and Scott head back to PC.  Dr. Meadows tells Tiffany and Sean that there is only a slim chance that the baby will survival. Monica hears AJ say that he wants to move out. Tony tells Sean that the amniotic fluid is lower in the sack surrounding the baby and that Tiffany's labor has to be induced. That baby can't survive. (Note: low audio issue in the middle of the scene) Monica and Alan get into a fight about their problems which escalates into a fight about all their past lovers. They end up in bed together. Lucy and Scott arrive back in PC. Scott tells Lucy she had better get used to Katherine, as he wants her involved in the baby's life. Sean tells Tiffany that she has to let the baby go.

July 13, 1993 - No Commercials - Karen has a nightmare about Ray. Jagger is worried when Karen is late for work. Tiffany is having a hard time accepting that her baby will not survive outside the womb. Felicia shows up for her workout at the boxing gym. Marco succeeds in getting her to leave but she vows that it will not be the last he has heard from her. Sean is worried that without the baby, he and Tiffany won't make it. Felicia wants Paul's opinion on her suing Lenny's gym.  Holly tells Mac that she doesn't know her future plans. Felicia tells Marco she will be hearing from her attorney Paul Hornsby very soon. Felicia learns about Tiffany. Paul tells Jenny he is going to enjoy nailing Marco. Jenny volunteers to find out about the owner of the gym. Brenda tries to help Jagger but he just wants his space. Ray shows up in Karen's bedroom. Tiffany is numb after losing the baby. She learns it was a boy.

July 14-20, 1993:  7/14, 7/15, 7/16 Karen & Jagger break up, Tiffany attempts suicide, 7/19, 7/20 Jagger & Brenda make out

July 14, 1993 - No Commercials - Lucy has a case of morning sickness. Tiffany tells Sean she does not know how to go on without the baby. Felicia is reading her signs again to picket at the gym. Brenda joins Felicia's picket line. Julia and Ned in bed together. Ned thinks Julia should give Brenda a shot at the Deception modeling gig. Jenny is still investigating who owns Lenny's gym. Tiffany gives Sean the cold shoulder. She blames her losing the baby on finding out about his affair with Jessica. Holly visits Tiffany. Bobbie attacks Jessica when she tries to bring Tiffany flowers. Jessica learns that Tiffany knows the truth. Sean tells Jessica to stay out of his life. Lila and Jenny join the picket line. Lucy convinces Julia to use Brenda to model for Deception. Lila thinks Ned is hiding his true feelings for Jenny. Julia gives Brenda the modeling gig but with deal that she has to go to PCU in the fall. Paul tells Marco that he knows that he is owner of Lenny's gym. Tony tries to convince Tiffany that no one is to blame for the baby's death. Jenny and Julia want to start over on their friendship. After she is released from the hospital, Holly takes Tiffany home.

July 15, 1993 - No Commercials - Sly horns in on Bill and Victoria's breakfast for two. Karen is late to Kellys again. Rhonda returns back from her out of town trip. She and Karen argue. Monica suggests that she and Alan take the boys on vacation before school starts. Alan and AJ get into it again over his relationship with Rhonda. Ruby, Meg and Amy join the picket line in front of Lenny's. Felicia is peeved when Mac crosses the picket line to check out the gym. Victoria is upset when Bill gives Sly the shaft. Alan finds an upset Rhonda on the pier. Mac tells Marco that Felicia is not giving up and it is just a matter of time before the press gets a hold of the story. Marco allows women to start working out at his gym. Jason tells AJ to back off Jagger as he has no reason for his anger toward him. Monica tells the boys to butt out of the relationship with Alan. Alan admits to Rhonda that he would not choose her over his marriage. Rhonda thinks that she and Alan should steer clear of each other. Felicia wants to be a real partner in Mac PI business. Karen breaks up with Jagger.

July 16, 1993 - No Commercials - Jagger can't believe his ears after Karen tells him it's over between them. Scott tells Katherine he will be in NYC and would like to have dinner with her. Lucy hates the idea. Holly tells Sean that Tiffany is in a deep depression. Bill wants to travel with Victoria for a year but Victoria wants to know what he would do about Sly. Lucy wants to know if Scott cares about her as a person and not just as the person carrying his baby. He assures her they will always be friends. Karen tells Jagger that she is not the person he thinks she is. She tells him that he doesn't fit in her life anymore. Bobbie comes to visit Tiffany. She and Holly end up talking about their miscarriages and how much the can relate to Tiffany. Lucy fills Brenda in on the photo shoot at the gym. Brenda learns Karen and Jagger have broke up. To make some money, Jagger wants Marco to line him up on as many fights as he can. Tiffany does not want Sean's help. Bobbie gives Tiffany a book of poems. Bill and Sly have a scene outside of Kellys. Jagger gives Brenda the brush off when she tries to be a friend to him. Scott arrives at Katherine and they hear a commotion inside the apartment. Tiffany takes a handful of pills.

July 19, 1993 - No Commercials - Scott busts into Katherine's apartment as the burglar escapes through the window. Karen hits the streets in a sexy dress.  Holly finds Tiffany unconscious with a empty bottle of pills next to her. Bobbie and Tony help her. Katherine does not want Scott to call the police about the breakin. She tells him that the two men who fled her apartment had come to collect on the money owed to them by Katherine's deceased husband. Jagger tells Ruby that he and Karen are finished. Tiffany is revived but she refuses to go to the hospital. Holly reminds her that she has not lost everything. Bobbie tells Tony that if they force Tiffany into the hospital that she will never trust them again. Sean learns that Tiffany tried to commit suicide. Bobbie and Tony tell Sean that Tiffany needs counseling. Scott wants Katherine to come back to PC with him. Katherine tells him they will find her wherever she goes but Scott insists he will not let anything happen to her. Ruby and Jagger try and convince Sly to go home but he does not want to face his dad. Jagger agrees to let Sly stay with him just until he works things out with his dad. Ruby tells Bill that Sly is fine. Ruby gives Bill a piece of her mind about how much Sly is hurting, but Bill tells her to butt out. Sean convinces Tiffany that she needs help.

July 20, 1993 - No Commercials - Marco lines up a fight for Jagger. Felicia has her first workout at the Lenny's gym much to the delight of the male patrons. Katherine has spent the night at Scott's apartment, but now she wants to leave. She doesn't want to put Scott in danger. Tiffany changes her mind and tells Sean that she doesn't need therapy. Brenda has her photo shoot for Deception at the gym. Tiffany tells Sean she wants to go home to Tennessee to see her parents. Bobbie convinces Tiffany to talk with Gail before she does anything. Scott gets a threatening call from one of the men looking for Katherine. Gail talks with Tiffany. Tiffany has a lot of guilt over her drinking before she knew she was pregnant. Gail convinces her that she should receive counseling in Tennessee if she insists on going. Brenda shows up at Jagger's fight despite Marco telling her not to as she would be a distraction. After another phone call, Scott takes a meeting with the man who is after Katherine. Brenda offers Jagger a ride back to PC after the fight. Tiffany and Felicia make peace. Tiffany says goodbye and leaves for Tennessee.  Brenda's car breaks down stranding her and Jagger in the middle of nowhere. Scott arrives at his office for the meet and finds it trashed.

July 21-27, 1993:  7/21, 7/22 cm, 7/23 Holly leaves town, Stone's first episode, 7/26 Stone takes care of Karen, 7/27

July 21, 1993 - No Commercials - Victoria is miffed that Bill doesn't seem to be worried where Sly spend then night. Jagger and Brenda wake up after having been forced to sleep in Brenda's car after it broke down. Scott wants to take care of Katherine's problem for her. Karen has a pang of jealousy when she sees Brenda and Jagger return to Kellys together. Sly visits Scott at his office and asks Scott if he can come live with him. Jagger tells Sly that although he and his dad fight, he is still very lucky to have him. Lucy finds Katherine at Scott's apartment. Katherine lies to her saying she has business in PC. Rhonda tries to talk with Monica about her friendship with Alan. Monica tells her to avoid that subject with her. Ruby can sense the tension between Jagger and Karen. Jagger asks Ruby to schedule them at different time at Kellys. Bill does not appreciate Scott telling him how to raise his son. Alan tells Monica that he will not let anything come between them and that he wants their marriage to work. Scott tells Lucy about Katherine's problems. Bill and Sly finally talk and work threw their problems. Jason tells Karen that the reason that things probably did not work out with Jagger was because she is a control freak. Jagger gets word that Mike's foster mother wants to meet with him.

July 22, 1993 - With Commercials - Holly goes to say goodbye to Mac, Robin, and Felicia as she is leaving PC. Karen learns that Rhonda gave a spare key to their apartment to Ray. Brenda invites Robin and Jagger to a rave. Holly tells Bill she is leaving town for good and she would like to spend some time with Sly before she leaves. Bill invites her back to the lighthouse. Mac, Felicia and Maxie hit the beach for a picnic. Mac plants a kiss on Felicia. Jagger meets with Mike's foster mom but she has no new leads on him. She does however give him some names of places that Mike hung out at. Bill and Holly share a champagne toast. Holly takes the opportunity to have a look at Bill's security system. Holly says goodbye to Sly. Holly invites Bill to a farewell dinner at Kellys. Mac catches a break when Maxie is going to spend the night at BJ's, so he gets Felicia all to himself for the night. Desperate for any news on Mike, Jagger wants to see Gina again even though she does not want to see him. Karen tries to stop him as Gina's parents have a court order against him.

July 23, 1993 - With Commercials - Jagger tells Karen to mind her own business where he is concerned. She has made her feelings clear. Holly meets with Halifax about her plane out of town. After admitting that they are both scared about a new relationship, Mac and Felicia decide to take a shot. Jessica fishes around Sean for the status of things between him and Tiffany. Karen gets the address of the rave. Jagger shows up at Gina's house. Karen and Mike end up at the same rave. Bill realizes Holly has stood him up. Sean interrupts Mac and Felicia and the three of them end up watching Beauty and The Beast together. Gina's parents call the police on Jagger and he is arrested. Two shady guys at the rave spike Karen's drink with ecstasy. Bill returns to the lighthouse to find his painting gone as well as all the art in his wine cellar. Halifax now has “Summers in Provenience” thanks to Holly . Bill reads a note from Holly.

July 26, 1993 - No Commercials - Victoria learns that Bill's painting is gone thanks to Holly. Sean, while questioning Jagger, learns that Gina is his sister. Mike steps in and tries to help Karen at the rave. Brenda wants to know if Ruby knows why Karen and Jagger broke up. Sean speaks with Gina's parents and convinces them to talk with Jagger. Gina tells Jagger again that she wants no contact with him. But she agrees that if she gets any information on Mike, she will let him know. Gina's parents drop the charges against Jagger. Karen is feeling the effects of the ecstasy but Mike is able to step in and save her from leaving the rave with the two shady guys. Sean offers Jagger some help with finding Mike. Brenda is waiting for Jagger when he returns to Kellys. (Note: New brief interruption: a few minutes lost) Victoria is surprised at Bill's flip attitude about being robbed. Victoria learns that all the art in the cellar was stolen. Brenda and Jagger go for a night swim at the beach. Brenda tells Jagger that she has never cared about anyone like she cares for him. Mike takes Karen back to his place and she still wants to party.

July 27, 1993 - No Commercials - Tony and Mac workout at Lenny's gym. Garcia wants Jagger to come to PCPD to start the search for Mike. Felicia shows Mac a sign she had made up for their PI business. Mac does not want her as his partner though. He doesn't want to mix business with pleasure. Lucy tells Scott she is not going to leave him alone even though her Aunt Charlene wants her to visit. Karen wakes up on Mike couch with no memory of the previous night. Mike introduces himself as “Stone”. Karen learns she was drugged. Garcia tells Jagger he wants to check all the halfway houses for runways for Mike. Scott wants Lucy to go and visit Charlene as it will also ensure her safety. Jessica tells Sean and Mac that she had to ask for a postponement of Ryan's trial, as he is pleading insanity to avoid jail time. Felicia offers her services to look for Mike to Jagger. Ryan makes a threat toward Jessica for setting him up. Robin tells Mac that it is a mistake to turn down Felicia as a partner. Scott tells Katherine he is going to settle her problem. After Ryan's threat, Jessica wants protection from Sean. He can only post a guard at her door for 48 hour. Lucy visits Dominique's grave. She feels the baby move for the first time.

July 28 - August 3, 1993:  7/28, 7/29 Brenda photo shoot at the gym,  7/30, 8/2, 8/3

July 28, 1993 - No Commercials - Monica tells Alan that she is happy that they are both on the same side where AJ is concerned. Lucy catches Katherine reading a letter from Dominique while Scott is out. Julia asks AJ for his input on some reports for the hotel. AJ tells Jason that he feels he will not get anywhere working for Ned. Bill and Victoria plan where they will go on their European vacation. Lucy tells Scott all about Katherine's snooping. Scott doesn't care that Katherine read his letter. Katherine shows Scott and Lucy a picture of her and Dominique when they were kids. Alan invites AJ to dinner. Scott feels the baby move. Monica tells Bobbie that things are great between her and Alan and that Alan is really making an effort with AJ. Alan and AJ make some progress but things go south when Alan and he talk about his job. Katherine meets Julia. Brenda tells Lila that she will have to cut back her hours as her assistant due to her new modeling gig. Julia finds AJ drunk on the job and takes him up to her hotel room to sleep it off. Lucy and Scott say goodbye and she leaves to go and visit Charlene. AJ flirts with Julia.

July 29, 1993 - No Commercials - Rhonda and Karen make dinner plans. AJ wakes up on Julia's couch where Brenda finds him. 
Julia gives AJ a lecture on his drinking. Brenda stalls Ned from going up to Julia's hotel suite, but then blurts out that Julia is with AJ. Garcia tells Jagger he has nothing new to report on Mike. Julia lies to Ned about what AJ was doing in her hotel suite, but Ned sees right through her. Ned tells Alan and Monica that AJ was drunk on duty at the hotel. AJ claims he was sick and that it why he was in Julia's suite. Rhonda tells Ray about Karen's mood swings. Karen cancels dinner with Rhonda when she finds out Ray is going to accompany them. Gina shows up at Kellys and gives Jagger a postcard from Mike that she received. She fills Jagger in on what Mike looks like today. Julia confronts Brenda for telling Ned about AJ. Brenda has her photo shoot for Deception. Rhonda calls Karen out for her rudeness towards Ray. Julia does not want Ned to fire AJ. Karen gets dressed up for another night on the streets. Jagger tells Brenda that he believes Mike is still in PC. Karen runs into Stone again at the rave. 

July 30, 1993 - No Commercials - Jagger fills Garcia in on what in learned about Mike. While they wait for the call from the men who are after her, Katherine wants to make Scott dinner. Karen and Stone hit the rave together. Katherine feels bad about the trouble she started between Lucy and Scott. Scott gets another threatening call with the demand that he turn over Katherine. Bill accuses Victoria of not wanting to go away with him. She admits that going with him would just be chasing a fantasy. Scott wants to find a safe place for Katherine. Jagger wants Felicia's help in finding his brother. Karen and Stone flee when the cops bust up the rave. Victoria packs a bag and walks out on Bill. Scott returns to his apartment to find Katherine gone and signs of a struggle. Jagger tells Felicia about a scar on Mike's hand. Stone tails Karen.

August 2, 1993 - No Commercials - Bill tells Sly that Victoria is gone for good. Mac learns that Felicia is looking for Jagger's brother and he is not too happy. Stone follows Karen home but she takes off again when she hears Rhonda and Ray inside. Scott gets a ransom call for Katherine. Sean thinks Mac should give Felicia a chance as his PI partner. Jagger finds Karen at Kellys. When Karen runs into Stone outside her apartment she tells him never to come there again. Scott meets the men who have Katherine. They demand $250,000 but Scott demands they let Katherine go or they will never see the money. Bill tells Mac that he is leaving town for a while. Sean lets Jessica know that he will be fighting for Tiffany when she returns. Bill tells Sly that he is leaving town. Jagger thinks of Karen (Note: glitchy picture during the scene)

August 3, 1993 - No Commercials; Note: Episode is glitchy in spots in the first 7 minutes - Scott wants to meet Paul at Kellys. Katherine notices that the men who kidnapped her are watching Scott's apartment. Ned catches AJ looking at an ELQ file in his office. Stone shows up at Kellys and Karen shuffles him out telling him it was un-cool to follow her. Jenny asks Julia if Ned has heard from Tracy. Jenny tells Julia that it was Tracy who was the hit and run driver. Jenny fells responsible for trying to make a deal with Tracy and now Paul has lost Dillon. AJ wants to know why Julia is sticking her neck out for him. Stone and Karen make plans to meet later on the pier. Brenda wants to know who Stone is from Karen. Jagger gets a fairly recent photo of Mike from his foster mother in the mail. Scott meets with Paul to free up some of his assets. Dominique's estate is still in probate so Scott is out of luck. Scott gets a loan from Julia and he tells her about Katherine's predicament. Jenny asks Ned about Tracy. Ned agrees to ask Lila if she has heard from her. Brenda tells Jason that she is still hung up on Jagger. Jenny tells Paul that they will be watching Sly again as Bill is leaving town. Stone invites Karen to another rave on Friday night. Stone tells her about splitting on his foster parents and living with Sonny. Stone gives Karen a number at The Paradise Lounge where she can reach him anytime. Brenda and Jagger just miss seeing Stone on the pier.

August 4-10, 1993: 8/4 Bill leaves town, 8/5, 8/6 Felicia goes undercover to search for Stone, 8/9, 8/10

August 4, 1993 - No Commercials - Jagger gives Felicia the recent photo of Mike. Felicia wants the negative of the picture if possible. Brenda offers to help with blowing the photo up for more details. Sean is worried that Tiffany will return in the same shape she left in. Bill tells Sly that his leaving has nothing to do with him. Bill tells Sly that he was to go and search for all of the art that was stolen from him. Jenny hates what Bill's leaving does to Sly every time. Sly tries to convince Bill to not go. Mac confronts Felicia about taking Jagger's case before asking him. Jagger shops Mike's photo around at the arcade. Jagger notices the name “Stone” under the high scores on a bunch of the machines.  Felicia tells Mac she plans to pose as a teenager to look for Mike. Tiffany returns from Tennessee. Julia shows Brenda the photos from the shoot. Jenny wants Bill to keep in touch with Sly while he is away. Bill leaves PC. Sean tells Tiffany that he will stay in a hotel room if that is what she wants. She tells him she needs time. 

August 5, 1993 - No Commercials - Scott gets the money together to pay off the men who are after Katherine. Jagger gives the negative to Brenda to work her magic. Karen is ticked when she learns Rhonda was out drinking all night with Ray. Karen tries to convince Rhonda that she can do better than Ray.  Steve tells Audrey about how he almost killed Ryan during his stay at GH after the accident. Alan and Monica have a “nooner”, but later they get into a fight. Alan is unhappy that Monica and he don't work as a unit anymore and that their whole lives are about the boys.  While they wait for Scott to make the payoff, Julia and Katherine get to know each other. Scott makes the payoff. Scott has to cover when Lee and Gail show up at his office. As the Chamberlain trial draws closer, the GH staff worries about Audrey and Steve. Brenda and Jagger develop the negative. Katherine promises to repay Scott. Steve tells Lee, Gail, and Audrey that he coming back to GH. Monica tells Alan that she doesn't have the answer to all of their problems, but she loves him. Scott and Katherine bond over having both lost a spouse. Jagger and Brenda see Karen dressed up in her skimpy dress on the docks.

August 6, 1993 - No Commercials - Scott wants Katherine to stay in PC and go out on the town with him. Felicia gets dressed up as a runaway to look for Mike. Mac does not want her to go out alone into a bad part of town. Jagger and Brenda want to know what Karen is doing out in that dress after telling Ruby she was going to work at GH. Brenda and Jagger get the new photo to Felicia. Brenda convinces Jagger that they should take the Q boat out for a midnight ride. Felicia befriends a runaway named Crystal. Felicia pretends she is looking for her brother, Mike. Karen meets Stone outside The Paradise Lounge. Mac gets stuck babysitting Maxie. Jagger and Brenda enjoy the moonlight on the Q boat. Scott takes Katherine to Kellys for dinner and he convinces her to stick around PC. She agrees as long as she gets her own hotel suite. Felicia's cover is almost blown by Mac. Stone thinks Karen should come inside and see a show at The Paradise Lounge.

August 9, 1993 - No Commercials - AJ and Jason find Brenda and Jagger at the Q boathouse. Karen sees one of the girls perform at the strip club. Felicia wants Mac to back off and let her work her case. Felicia suspects that Crystal knows Mike. AJ warns Jagger to stay off the Q property. Bobbie tells Sean that she will be having a birthday party for Lucas and would it be okay if she asked Tiffany to help plan it. Monica tells AJ and Jason that she and Alan have a lot worth fighting for and she is not giving up. Crystal tells Felicia that she knows that she is not Mike's sister as Mike did not have an older sister. Alan and Rhonda run into each other at Kellys. Stone takes Karen up to Sonny's apartment above the club. Karen is intrigued by the dancers at the club. Brenda tells Rhonda she saw Karen all made up in a sexy dress. Felicia convinces Crystal that she must have misunderstood Mike. She tells Felicia how she meet Mike. Felicia is mistakenly arrested for shoplifting. Alan finds Monica sitting alone at the fire-pit near the Q boathouse. Mac is dressed up as a homeless man keeping an eye on her sees Felicia being hauled away.

August 10, 1993 - No Commercials - Lucy calls to checks in on Scott. He tells her that the problem with Katherine has been resolved. Lucy is mad that Katherine has not left PC left. Julia thinks Katherine should stay in PC too. Mac tells Sean that Felicia has been arrested. Mac thinks they should let Felicia cool her heels in jail for a bit. Felicia is ticked that Mac let her sit in jail overnight. Jenny takes Sly to Kellys for breakfast and runs into Ned. Ned tells Jenny that Lila has not heard from Tracy.  Scott wants Julia not to tell Lucy about him paying Katherine's debt. Scott takes Katherine to the place in the park where Dominique died. Felicia tells Mac and Sean that she has a major lead on Jagger's brother. Julia is impressed by AJ's new focus on his work. Ned finds AJ and Julia in her hotel suite. Ned thinks that Julia is too busy for AJ to come running to her with every little problem. Julia defends AJ. Lucy calls Julia wanting to know why Katherine is still in town. Katherine meets with the two men who kidnapped her. She has been in cahoots with them the whole time.

August 11-17, 1993:  8/11, 8/12 Ryan's trial,  8/13 Sonny's first episode, Sonny & Karen meet as they watch strippers at Paradise Lounge, 8/16 Karen strips, 8/17 cm

August 11, 1993 - No Commercials - Katherine counts all the money she conned out of Scott. Jagger has a fight out of town.  Brenda and Felicia decide to go to the fight to fill Jagger in on what Felicia has learned about Mike. (Note: Abrupt cut to the next scene- about 1 minute lost) Katherine wants her associates to get out of town fast. Felicia fills Jagger in on Crystal's association with Mike. Karen comes to The Paradise Lounge again. Stone tells Karen that all the dancers are regular people with regular jobs. Crystal warns Mike that someone is looking for him. Felicia and Brenda have some girl talk about Mac and Jagger. Jagger mentions to Felicia that with Marco out of town, he is on his own in terms of promotion where his boxing is concerned. Katherine tells Scott and Julia that she is for sure going back to NYC. Karen meets Susan, one of dancers, Susan thinks Karen would be a natural at dancing at the club.

August 12, 1993 - No Commercials - Robin wants to how why Karen has been awol when it comes to hanging with her friends. Audrey is nervous about testifying against Ryan. Tiffany is back at work covering Ryan's trial. Monica thinks Alan is doing extra work at GH to avoid her. Lila and Monica have a chat about Alan being honest with her. Tiffany and Jessica come to blows when Jessica tries to tell her how sorry she is about the baby. Monica arranges for a surprise trip away for her and Alan's anniversary. A very stressed Audrey testifies at Ryan's trial. Alan and Rhonda run into each other again at Kellys. Steve testifies at the trial. Karen blows her mom off when she wants to spend some time with her. Karen learns that Brenda blabbed to Rhonda about seeing her on the docks. Audrey assures Steve that the only reason that she has gotten through all of this was because of him.

August 13, 1993 - No Commercials - Jagger plans to hit the streets with Felicia to look for Crystal. Karen rails on her mother, for never being there for her in the past. Katherine sees one of her associates in the con still in PC.  Julia sees them together arguing and Katherine covers. Scott tells Lee and Gail about paying off Katherine's debt. Lee and Gail want to meet Katherine. Karen gets all dresses up. She overhears Felicia and Jagger talking about his future plans. Karen meets Sonny Corinthos for this first time. (Note: First appearance by Maurice Benard) Scott finds an upset Rhonda sitting alone on the docks. Stone tells Sonny that Crystal told him that a woman is looking for him. Sonny assures him that if anything comes up, he will handle it. Karen is starting to understand the power she would hold if she danced at the club. Lee and Gail meet Katherine and Scott for dinner at The Grill. Scott tries one last ditch effort to get Katherine to stay. First class tickets to Paris are delivered to Katherine right in front of Scott. She covers. Scott gives Katherine one of Dominique's dolls as a going away present. Felicia and Jagger track down Crystal but she has overdosed in a motel. Karen agrees to dance at the club.

August 16, 1993 - No Commercials - Alan gives Monica a sterling silver rose for their anniversary. Alan learns they are going to Martha's Vineyard but Monica is called away for an emergency and it ruins their plans to go away. Felicia and Jagger get help for Crystal but it is too late. Karen hits the stage at the Paradise Lounge. Sonny is very impressed with her performance. Julia tells Brenda that they are going to be revealing new Deceptions Ad campaign in Montréal. A shaken up Felicia calls Mac for help. Mac agrees to help with her with the search for Mike. Karen makes $300 for her performance. Alan puts plan B in operation and arranges for a suite at the PC Hotel for him and Monica. AJ gets the wrong idea about Alan's plan. Mac and Felicia find a matchbook from The Paradise Lounge in Crystal's motel room. Felicia and Mac question Sonny at The Paradise Lounge about Crystal and Mike. Alan and Monica celebrate their anniversary with champagne and strawberries. Rhonda apologies to Karen. Jagger tells Brenda he fears Mike could end up just like Crystal. She agrees to go and search for Mike with him right away.

August 17, 1993 - With Commercials - Karen gets flowers from Sonny delivered to Kellys. Brenda reads the card. Jessica tells Felicia, Mac, and Sean that she can't admit Ryan's confession in court. She can only get him on attempted murder and assault but not murder. Ned tells Julia that their deal to buy a hotel in the Bahamas is in jeopardy. Ned wants Julia to fly down there with him. Scott takes Katherine to lunch before her flight back to NYC. Jason apologies to Karen for the way he has been treating her. AJ tells Jason that he is tired of Ned pulling his strings. Jason thinks AJ should talk with Edward about Ned holding him back (Note: First appearance by John Ingle as the recasted Edward) Julia asks Scott to take her place in Montreal. Scott thinks Katherine would be perfect for the job since she has a PR background. Brenda and Karen come to blows when Brenda reveals she read the card that came with Karen's flowers. Felicia is instructed by the judge not to mention any of Ryan's alleged past murders when she testifies. Felicia testifies at his trial about the night Ryan tried to kill her at GH. Edward wants Ned to take AJ with him to the Bahamas. Bobbie reminds Sean and Tiffany of Lucas's birthday party tomorrow.

August 18-24, 1993:  8/18, 8/19, 8/20 Jessica tells Sean she is pregnant, 8/23, 8/24 Julia & AJ make love

August 18, 1993 - No Commercials - Lucas's birthday party at the brownstone backyard gets underway. Bobbie and Tony are worried that the party will stir up some emotions for Tiffany. Sonny tells Stone that Crystal is dead. Karen covers when Rhonda finds a bunch of money in her purse. Scott brings Katherine to Lucas's party. Tiffany is thrown for a loop when Lucas calls Bobbie “mommy.” Alan and Monica make plans to meet at Kellys before going to Lucas's party. Sonny wants to have dinner with Karen. Mac and Felicia put on a puppet show for the kids. Tiffany is livid when Jessica shows up at Lucas's party. Brenda goes to see Gina and asks her not to shut Jagger out of her life completely. Stone blames himself for Crystal's death. Bobbie kicks Jessica out the party. Sonny sends a limo to pick up Karen for their date. Rhonda learns Karen went on a date. Monica sees Alan and Rhonda together at Kellys. Thanks to Brenda, Gina goes to talk with Jagger. Karen has dinner with Sonny. An upset Monica tells Bobbie about seeing Alan with Rhonda.

August 19, 1993 - No Commercials - Scott gives Jenny her divorce papers to sign. Felicia is worried that some technicality will set Ryan free. Ned meets Katherine. Julia gives Katherine everything she needs for her trip to Montreal for Deception. Katherine makes a plan to meet a mystery man in Montréal. Ryan takes the stand in his defense. He puts on quit a show telling the court that the games that where played on him by Felicia were the reason he snapped and attacked the Hardys. Ned, Julia, and AJ leave for the Bahamas. Sean tears Jessica a new one for the way things are going in court. Paul is sad at all of Dillon's firsts that he is missing thanks to Tracy. Ryan has “an attack of memory loss” when cross-examined by Jessica. Julia and Ned arrive to a nasty thunderstorm in the Bahamas. Felicia fears the jury bought Ryan's act.

August 20, 1993 - No Commercials - Brenda and Jagger plan to continue searching the arcades for the machine from the photo of Mike. Felicia accuses Jessica of blowing the case. Tiffany has a session with Gail. Jagger asks Karen to cover for him while he goes to look for Mike but she refuses as she has another date with Sonny. Bobbie suggests Mac take Felicia on a vacation when the trial is over. Karen meets Sonny for dinner at his apartment. To get her mind off the trial, Mac treats Felicia to a “weekend in Hawaii” right on the PC docks.  Brenda and Jagger find the arcade machine from the picture and they wait around just to see if Mike shows up. Jagger has an idea of how to see when Mike was there last. Jessica tells Sean that she was wrong before and is for sure pregnant. Sonny shows Karen a tape of her performance at the club. When he turns off the tape, Karen freaks out when she sees Ray on the surveillance in the club.

August 23, 1993 - No Commercials - Sean thinks Jessica is lying about being pregnant. Jagger gets all the high scores from the arcade machine in the photo. Sonny wants to know why Karen is so upset. Stone and Jagger just miss each other at the arcade. Sean and Jessica arrange to meet at his hotel later. Sean has to ditch Tiffany at Kellys to deal with Jessica. Sonny convinces Karen to come clean with him about what Ray did to her so he can help her. Sonny has Ray tossed out his club. Tiffany almost catches Sean and Jessica. Sonny tells Stone he is going to take things slow with Karen. Jessica tells Sean that he should stop letting Tiffany yank his chain. Sean tells her that there is no way he would ever commit to her even if he weren't in love with Tiffany

August 24, 1993 - No Commercials - The rain in the Bahamas reminds Ned of his time in the Caribbean with Jenny. Sean tells Bobbie that Jessica is pregnant and he needs to make sure she is not lying. Felicia wants to question the dancers/workers at The Paradise Lounge without Mac. AJ overhears Julia telling Ned that she feels that he is just using her again. Bobbie confirms Jessica's pregnancy to Sean. Ned decides to leave the Bahamas but Julia opts to stay behind. Stone sees Felicia on the surveillance camera questioning the workers. Jessica tells Sean that she loves him but Sean tells her that love had nothing to do with their affair. After seeing Jessica with Sean, Tiffany tells him that every time she sees them together it starts the hurt all over again. Sean tells Tiffany that the most important thing to him is their marriage. Tiffany tells Bobbie that she can sense that something is wrong with Sean. Stone learns that Felicia was indeed looking for him and the staff at the club covered for him. Felicia can't stop thinking about Crystal and how she will be buried all alone without any family. Mac decides they should try and see what they can do. They learn Crystal's body has been claimed by an anonymous party and sent to a funeral home. AJ and Julia end up making love in the Bahamas. 

August 25-31, 1993:  8/25 Lucy returns, 8/26, 8/27Jury verdict in Ryan's trial, 8/30 Jagger meets with Stone, Ryan found guilty, 8/31

August 25, 1993 - No Commercials - Julia and AJ wake up in bed together. Lucy is back in town. Felicia is calling all of the local funeral homes to find out, which one Crystal was brought too. Mac surprises her with the name already as he got it from the morgue. Brenda and Jagger go working out together. Stone is having a hard time with Crystal's death. Karen threatens Ray when he tries to touch her at Kellys. Karen runs out and Ruby is worried about her. Karen shows up at Sonny's apartment telling him that Ray showed up at Kellys. Sonny gives Karen a tranquilizer to settle her down. Felicia and Mac try to weasel the name of the person who paid for the burial from the Anders Funeral Home. They throw down some cash and they learn it was a young boy who arranged the funeral with cash. AJ and Julia go scuba diving. After learning that Scott is heading to Montréal, Lucy wants to go with him. Scott convinces her that a lot traveling is not good for the baby. Mac and Felicia tells Jagger that they think Mike paid for Crystal's burial, which is Friday. Scott surprises Katherine at her Montréal hotel room.

August 26, 1993 - No Commercials - Katherine covers with Scott as she has her mystery man is in her hotel room. Edward wants to know why Ned is back from the Bahamas before the deal was closed. AJ and Julia continue their escapade in the Bahamas. Alan tells Monica he is happy right where he is, but she can't stop thinking about seeing him and Rhonda holding hands. Jessica wants to know why Sean has not told Tiffany she is pregnant. He and Jessica make plans to talk later at The Outback. Monica and Bobbie make plans to go to dinner together. They invite Tiffany but she turns them down, as she wants to spend time with Sean later. Jenny has tea with Lila at the mansion and runs into Ned. Ned tells Jenny that she should take the wedding presents that are in storage in the attic. Julia tells AJ that their time in the Bahamas was a fling and it will not continue when they return to PC. Lucy finds out Katherine is in Montreal representing Deception. Lila hears from Tracy and feels bad about lying to Jenny telling her that she hadn't. Jenny decides that she and Ned should donate all their wedding gifts. Julia tells AJ that Ned can never find out about them or he is for sure done at ELQ. After Sean turns her down for dinner, Tiffany joins Monica and Bobbie at The Outback. Lucy confronts Scott about sending Katherine to Montreal. Sean has to cover when Tiffany and Jessica are both at The Outback.

August 27, 1993 - No Commercials - Jessica lets Sean have it for ditching her at The Outback. She demands he do the right thing and tells Tiffany the truth about the baby. Brenda tells Rhonda that Karen is dating a new rich guy. Jagger joins Mac and Felicia at Crystal's burial to stake it out to look for Mike. Karen refuses to give Rhonda any details on her new man. Sonny wants to make sure Stone was careful when he made Crystal's burial arraignments. Sonny tells Stone to lay low. Tiffany asks Sean what is bothering him. Ruby scolds Brenda for setting out to start a problem for Karen. Karen tells Sonny that she is beginning to trust him. Mac tells Felicia that the Chamberlain verdict is in and they need to get to the courthouse. Jagger wants to stay and wait for Mike. Jessica tells Sean that if he doesn't tell Tiffany the truth she will. Everyone awaits the verdict. Stone brings flowers to Crystal's grave and is reunited with the waiting Jagger.

August 30, 1993 - No Commercials - Scott gives Lucy a peace offering. Lucy asks Scott what kind of negotiating he had to do to handle Katherine's debit. Ryan is found guilty on all counts and makes a scene in court. Jagger explains how be found Mike/Stone. Lucy learns Scott paid Katherine's debt. Jagger learns that Mike calls himself “Stone” now. Stone tells Jagger he does not do drugs but Jagger wants to know if he is any kind of trouble. Jagger invites him to lunch. Katherine is back in town with the news that Deception was the hit of the perfume expo. Lucy wants Katherine to leave town now but she wants to stick around and talk with Julia in person when she returns. Jagger takes Stone to Kelly where he meets Brenda, Felicia, and Mac. Mac thinks that Stone is hiding something. Sean wants to take Tiffany away for the weekend. Sean learns that Ryan was been taken to GH after trying to slit his wrists in prison. Karen comes face to face with Stone at Kellys.

August 31, 1993 - No Commercials - Julia and AJ return from the Bahamas. Ned sends Julia flowers. Tony tells Felicia, Mac and Sean that Ryan wanted to die and knew exactly how to do it. Karen learns that Stone is Jagger's brother. Jagger offers Stone a place to stay and a job. Julia turns down Ned for dinner. Ryan's accident causes Sean and Tiffany to cancel their trip. Ned, Julia and AJ fill Edward in on the Bahamas trip. Stone tells Karen that he does not want to move in with Jagger. He does not fit in Jagger's world and suspects Jagger would not be too happy about what he has doing with Sonny. Felicia, Mac, and Bobbie hear Sean threaten Jessica. AJ wows Edward with his ideas. Julia tells AJ again that nothing else will happen between them now that they are back in PC. Brenda and Jagger tell Gina about Mike. Jagger wants the three of them to have lunch together but Gina wants nothing to do with Mike, as he is bad news. Julia breaks it off with Ned. Tony tells Sean that Ryan has regained consciousness and he must remain at the hospital for 72 hours. Stone tells Sonny about Jagger finding him and he is going to stay with him for a while.

September 1-7, 1993:  9/1 Scotty visits Dom's grave, 9/2, 9/3 Damian arrives, Jessica is murdered,  9/6, 9/7 Lucy meets Damian, Robin Christopher begins?

September 1, 1993 - No Commercials - Jagger takes Stone to work out at Lenny's gym. Marco wants Jagger to turn pro with his boxing. Lucy gives Scott one of Dominique's letters. Today is their one-year anniversary. He and Lucy watch his Vegas wedding video together. While waiting for Karen, Rhonda runs into Alan. Monica sees them together yet again. AJ eggs on Jagger and Stone at the gym. Jagger wants to fight AJ in one last amateur fight before he turns pro. Katherine tells Scott and Lucy goodbye as she is going back to NY. Karen lies to Rhonda about her new boyfriend. Rhonda tells Karen that she is going to let Ray stay with them for a while as he is having a rough time financially. Scott gives Lucy the anniversary present he was going to give Dominique. Monica tells Bobbie that she is going to make it look like she is having an affair to make Alan jealous. Sonny wants to convince Karen to be a regular dancer at the club. Sonny offers Karen a place to stay when she tells him about Ray. Monica has flowers from “Rod” delivered to herself right in front of Alan. Stone learns that Jagger and Karen used to be an item. Scott visits Dominique's grave.

September 2, 1993 - No Commercials - AJ is thrilled to learn Ned and Julia are officially over. Sonny asks Karen about Jagger and she tells him that hey used to date. AJ comes on strong to Julia but again she reminds him that Ned would make his life miserable at work if he found out. Sean tells Jessica he is telling Tiffany about the baby today. Sean tells her that he will not be a part of the baby's life except in a financial way. Paul tells Jenny that he still has nothing on Dillon from the PI he hired. Jason and Karen start classes PCU. Jenny tells Ned that she thinks it's strange that Edward and Lila have not heard from Tracy. Sean chickens out on telling Tiffany about the baby. Ned asks Lila about Tracy. Lila admits that she has heard from Tracy but she can't say where she is. Ned lies to Jenny and tells her that Tracy is in Italy to set up Paul on a wild goose chase. Rhonda tells a relived Karen that Ray found a new job and a place to stay. Jenny and Paul plan to go to Italy. Jason suspects AJ has hooked up with Julia. A frazzled Karen goes to The Paradise Lounge to talk with Sonny. Sonny thinks she needs her own place. He knows exactly how can she make money. Sean gets a crazed message from Jessica on his answering machine telling him she is telling Tiffany the truth.

September 3, 1993 - No Commercials - Sonny convinces Karen to dance at the club. Tiffany tells Bobbie that after her last session with Gail that she is ready for Sean to move back into the penthouse. Sean calls Jessica and leaves a threatening message to her about going to Tiffany. Mac tries to settle Sean down but he is loaded for bear and storms out of his office. Katherine checks out of the PC Hotel. Just as she is about to leave, Julia offers Katherine the director of public relations job at Deception. Ned runs into Damian Smith, an old school friend, in the PC Hotel lobby (First appearance by Leigh McCloskey) Felicia helps Jagger prepare for the fight with AJ. At the fight, Stone and Robin meet for the first time. He is a bit rude to her and she thinks he is a jerk. Julia shows up at the fight to support AJ. Mac tells Felicia that Sean is very upset and they should try and find him after the fight to make sure he is okay. Bobbie tells Sean that Tiffany wants him to move home. Lucy flips out when she learns that Julia offered Katherine a job. Jagger wins the fight with AJ. Stone is impressed with Jagger's skills in the ring. Robin tells Stone that he is nothing like Jagger. Robin has to bail on celebrating with Jagger as she has dinner plans with Sean. Katherine agrees to stay and think about taking the Deception job. Damian is revealed to be Katherine's mystery man. Felicia and Mac hear the crazed message from Jessica. Robin arrives at Sean's hotel room to meet him and finds Sean standing over Jessica's dead body with a candlestick.

September 6, 1993 - No Commercials - Damian is Katherine partner in crime. They end up in bed together. Felicia and Mac need to find Sean pronto. Robin sees blood on Sean's hands. Sean tells Mac that Jessica is dead. Jason tells Alan and Monica that AJ lost the fight but he is okay. Julia takes AJ back to her hotel suite. Katherine tells Damian that she is not ready to leave PC just yet. She wants to get her hands on a lot more of Dominique's money and marrying Scott is the only want to get it. The PCPD, Mac, and Felicia arrive at Sean's hotel suite. Robin tells Mac and Felicia what she saw. Sean tells Felicia and Mac that he killed Jessica after an argument. Sean wants Mac to find Tiffany. Garcia reads Sean his rights. Ned learns about the murder and interrupts AJ and Julia in her hotel suite. Bobbie and Monica learn Jessica was murdered in Sean's room. Scott arrives for Sean's legal council. Sean gives his statement to Garcia. Mac and Felicia find a catatonic Tiffany sitting alone at WLPC in the dark.

September 7, 1993 - No Commercials - Jagger wants to find Stone a job and wants him to go back to school. Stone calls Jagger a hypocrite for telling him to go to school when he got kicked out and never went back. Bobbie and Tony want to check the unresponsive Tiffany into GH. Katherine accepts the Deception job. Brenda thinks Julia is hot for AJ. Julia tells Brenda she is way off base about her and AJ. Julia meets Damian. Damian tells Ned he is thinking of setting up an office in PC. Pretending to bury the hatchet, Lucy takes Katherine to lunch at Kellys. Sean makes bail at his arraignment and learns Tiffany had a set back and is at GH. DA Abby Mitchell comes to the penthouse to question Tiffany. Mac and Felicia learn Jessica was indeed pregnant. Lucy asks more questions about Katherine's late husband. Sean recounts what happened in his hotel room to Felicia, Mac, and Scott. Gail tries to reach Tiffany in her catatonic state. Tony and Bobbie are very worried. Lucy plots against Katherine. Gail does not allow Sean to see Tiffany as it may only make things worse. Abby plays the message that Sean left for Jessica.

September 8-13, 1993:  9/8 Bill Eckert returns to PC, 9/9, 9/10 cm, 9/13 cm

September 8, 1993 - No Commercials - Jagger is angry with Stone for staying out all night after their fight. Jenny has to cancel on their trip to Italy so Paul has to make the trip alone. Bill is back in PC. Lucy asks more questions about Katherine's husband. Jagger and Stone get into another fight when Stone accuses him of trying to change him. Sly is less than enthused to see Bill. Damian meets Edward and Ned thinks ELQ needs someone like Damien on their side. Karen warns Stone that Jagger is suspicious about his dealings. Sonny thinks Stone should go along with what Jagger wants and then do whatever he wants behind his back. Sly refuses to leave Jenny's with Bill. Paul leaves for Italy. Lucy does some snooping on Katherine's husband. She books a flight to NYC. Knowing that Paul is gone, Ned shows up at Jenny's. Stone apologies to Jagger.

September 9, 1993 - No Commercials - Karen learns Ray is living right downstairs in her apartment complex. Sean blames himself for not telling Tiffany the truth before Jessica did. Bobbie tells Sean not to give up as Tiffany is going to need him. Jagger and Stone make plans. Robin doesn't believe Sean killed Jessica.  Jagger runs into Gina on the pier. Stone and Gina are less than thrilled to see each other. Tony bars Sean from Tiffany's room. Abby is waiting around GH just hoping for Tiffany's condition to change so she can get a statement from her. Karen tells Rhonda she wants to get her own place. Gina and Stone get into it and he storms off. Bobbie thinks Monica should rethink her plan to make Alan believe she is having an affair. Rhonda tells Alan about Karen wanting to move out and feeling like she is losing her. Tony is angry with Bobbie for knowing about Jessica' pregnancy and not saying anything. Karen tells Sonny about Ray moving into her building. Sonny wants Karen to move in with him now. Monica makes sure Alan sees more flowers from “Rod”. Mac and Felicia doubt Sean's story about killing Jessica.

September 10, 1993 - With Commercials - Jagger has some questions about how Stone makes his money. Karen turns down Sonny's offer, as there would be too many questions from her mother. Mac and Felicia theorize about Sean and Mac vows to find out the truth. Sean wants a court order to bar DA Mitchell from Tiffany's room. Scott wants Sean to plead temporary insanity but he refuses. Sonny insists Karen take a key to his place just in case. Scott almost catches Damian and Katherine in bed together. Lucy arrives at the NYC bureau of records to dig into Charles Crawford. Sean is finally able to go and visit Tiffany. Stone lies to Jagger so he can be at the club and see Karen's first performance as a regular. Jagger tells Brenda about Gina warning him not to trust Stone. Jagger decides to tail Stone. Lucy learns there was no Charles Crawford dying last Oct in any NYC records. Mac and Felicia want to know why Sean won't plead insanity. Sean wants them to leave it alone. Lucy tells Scott she went to NYC and she was right about Katherine. Mac thinks Sean might be protecting Tiffany. Jagger arrives at The Paradise Lounge just as Karen takes the stage. Karen sees Jagger before he sees her and runs off the stage.  

September 13, 1993 - With Commercials - Jagger sees Stone at the club. Mac is not going to stand around and let Sean take the fall for something he didn't do. Scott refuses to believe that Katherine has been lying to him. Lucy wants to go and confront Katherine right now. Jagger realizes that Stone works at the club and is not just a patron. Mac and Felicia are growing more and more sure that they are right about Sean. (Note: bad tape glitchy picture during the scene) Stone introduces Jagger to Sonny and later convinces Jagger to step outside. Katherine tells Damian about her plan to woe and marry Scott without sleeping with him. Scott and Lucy show up at Katherine's hotel suite. Sean tells Bobbie that he does not want to put Tiffany through a trial. Stone tells Jagger exactly what he does at the club. Jagger is dismayed when Stone sings Sonny's praises. Katherine blows Lucy out of the water. Stone tells Jagger that Sonny is more of a brother to him than he will ever be.

September 14-17, 1993:  9/14 cm, 9/15 cm, 9/16 cm, 9/17 Jagger follows Stone to the Paradise Lounge and sees Karen stripping

September 14, 1993 - With Commercials - Scott apologies to Katherine for not trusting her. Bill overhears Sly say he wish Jenny was his parent. Brenda is worried as Jagger never came home last night. Jagger tells Brenda that Stone is working in a strip club. Stone is back in with Sonny but he feels guilty about how he treated Jagger. Lucy apologies to Katherine. Bill tells Sly that he has two more days with Jenny and then he will be coming home whether he likes it or not. Damien helps out at ELQ. Damian meets Lila and Jason. Lila invites Damian to Jason's birthday party. Jenny asks Ned to see if he can get any more information from Lila about Tracy. Ned tells Jenny that he and Julia split up. Brenda gives Jason his birthday present. Jagger tells Marco he is finished with boxing. Damian sabotages ELQ. Sonny asks Karen if she is still hung up on Jagger.

September 15, 1993 - With Commercials - Jagger can't stop thinking about Stone. Ray shows up in Karen's room to wake her up for class. Jagger thinks about Brenda's advice to not give up his boxing. Mac tells Felicia he is trying to get a copy of the police report to see what kind of evidence they have against Sean.  Monica cancels a night at the opera with Alan so that he will thinks she has plans with “Rod”. Mac and Felicia question Robin about what she saw the night Jessica has killed. Rhonda wants to try and fix things so that Karen will not want to move out. Gina gives Jagger a “I told you so” when he tells her that Stone split. Alan asks Bobbie about “Rod”.  Mac and Felicia tell Bobbie that they think Tiffany may have killed Jessica. Alan tells Rhonda that he thinks Monica is having an affair. Alan invites Rhonda to the opera instead. Karen insinuates that it was Jagger's attitude that drove Stone away. Jagger takes her head off. Sonny gives Karen a bottle of tranquilizers. Brenda tells Jagger to follow his heart where Stone is concerned.

September 16, 1993 - With Commercials - Rhonda joins Alan at the Opera. (Note: low audio at the end of the scene) Lucy can't stop asking Katherine questions about her past. Lucy goes snooping through Katherine's bag. Mac and Felicia tell Scott their theory on the murder. Julia catches Lucy going through Katherine's bag and getting all her credit card numbers. Scott gives Mac and Felicia the forensics report from Sean's hotel room. Partial prints were found in the room. (Note: slight audio hiss through this scene) Julia thinks Lucy is in love with Scott. Scott asks Sean point blank if he is covering for Tiffany. Mac and Felicia question Julia and want to question anyone staying in the suites near Sean's suite. To keep up with her plan, Monica camps out at Bobbies. Scott offers to help Katherine go apartment hunting. Sean tears into Mac and Felicia for investigating the murder behind his back. After the opera, Alan and Rhonda hit Jakes for a drink. Alan can't stop thinking about Monica and her date. Julia warns Lucy that if she keeps going after Katherine she will only ruin her relationship with Scott.

September 17, 1993 - No Commercials -  Lucy does some digging into Katherine's accounts. Mac and Felicia question the desk clerk that was on duty the night of the murder and he confirms that Tiffany was at the hotel that night. Lee is going to help Scott out at his law practice while Paul is out of town. Scott goes with Lucy to her doctor's appointment. Scott bails on dinner with Lucy, Lee, and Gail to go apartment hunting with Katherine. Karen ditches her classes to hang out at The Paradise Lounge. Sonny gives her some pills to pep her up. Lucy asks Mac about how she can go about digging up information on somebody. Jagger is stopped by the bouncer at The Paradise Lounge's door. Gail lets Felicia and Mac talk with Tiffany but they get nowhere with her. Jagger manages to force his way in and sees Karen dancing at the club.

September 20-24, 1993:  9/20, 9/21, 9/22, 9/23, 9/24, Lucy finds real Katherine Crawford & confronts Katherine, Jagger finds Karen in bed with Sonny

September 20, 1993 - No Commercials -  Monica tells Bobbie that her plan is now backfiring as she suspects Alan took Rhonda to the opera. Tiffany starts to come out of her catatonic state. Jagger blames Stone for getting Karen involved in the club. Stone tells him that Karen is exactly where she wants to be. Alan and Rhonda see each other on the docks. Jagger confronts Karen about her stripping. Sonny breaks it up. Tiffany recounts to Mac and Felicia about what happened the day of the murder. Jessica did come to the TV station and told her about the baby but Tiffany did not kill her. Sonny thinks Karen should not care about what Jagger thinks of her. He is trying to change her.  

September 21, 1993 - No Commercials - Lucy tells Julia she is leaving town for the day. Julia deduces it is to investigate Katherine. Lucy admits that she is going to Serenity and it is her last chance to prove Katherine is a fake. Mac and Felicia can't find Sean. Brenda wants to know what happened between Stone and Jagger. He doesn't reveal that he saw Karen. Karen tells Jagger that she needs the money and that is why she is stripping. He doesn't understand and he never will. Abby questions Tiffany.  Mac and Felicia tell Sean that Tiffany did not kill Jessica so he can stop covering for her. Sean insists that he killed her. AJ and Julia cover when Brenda walks in on them. Jagger kisses Brenda. Scott suggests Katherine and he take a ride up to Serenity. Abby tells Felicia that Ryan has been asking for her and they can use that to their advantage. Michelle Bail's body may still be in PC and Abby needs clues to get a murder conviction against him.

September 22, 1993 - No Commercials -  Marco wants Jagger's full concentration on his next fight. Jagger wants Brenda at the fight. The caretaker at Serenity finds Lucy in the schoolhouse on the property. She asks him about The Crawford's and learns that they have moved. Katherine convinces Scott not to go to Serenity. Sly apologies to Bill for the way he has been treating him. Lucy sniffs around a real estate office to find information on where the Crawford family has gone. Katherine takes an apartment in the same building as Jenny. Sonny gives Karen even more pills. Sly moves back home with Bill. Brenda gives Jagger her lucky charm for the fight. After her show, Sonny has a candlelit dinner waiting for Karen. Karen tells him she wants to quit Kellys. Lucy finds out that the Crawfords have moved to Rochester, New York. Katherine thanks Scott for helping her move on with her life. Scott kisses her.  

September 23, 1993 - No Commercials -  Lucy tracks down Tony who is also in Rochester for a consultation. Julia thinks Scott is starting to fall for Katherine. Paul calls Jenny with the news that he has turned up nothing in Italy. Ned strings Jenny along with the promise of trying to find out more information on Tracy. Lucy fills Tony in on everything she has learned about Katherine. Sean tells Tiffany that he is not changing his guilty plea. Sean knows that Tiffany was in his hotel room with Jessica. When he arrived, Sean found Tiffany's scarf in Jessica's hand. Ned and Edward hire Damian as an environmental consult for ELQ. Sean recounts how he destroyed any evidence that Tiffany killed Jessica. Ned tells Jenny that Tracy is now in Tuscany. Lucy shows up at the Crawford's house and meets the real Katherine Crawford. Tiffany sets Sean straight, saying that she was in his hotel room but she never saw Jessica there.  

September 24, 1993 - No Commercials -  Tiffany is released from the hospital and returns home. Katherine moves into her new apartment. Scott brings her a housewarming gift. Karen thinks Jagger told Brenda about her stripping. Lucy tells Julia about meeting the real Katherine. Karen quits her job at Kellys. Sean tells Tiffany, Mac, and Felicia that it is not as simple as just telling Abby he didn't kill Jessica. He wants to lay low and conduct his own investigation into who really killed Jessica.  Ruby thinks Jagger should help Karen whether she wants it or not. Brenda finds out Karen quit her job at Kellys. Mac and Felicia new plan is to find out who killed Jessica. Mac remembers that Ryan made threats toward Jessica. Scott offers Katherine some of Dominique's furniture that is in storage. Sonny and Karen make love. Mac and Felicia tell Sean their Ryan theory. Lucy brings the real Katherine Crawford to PC to confront Katherine right in front of Scott. Jagger shows up at Sonny's apartment and finds Karen there.

September 27 - October 1, 1993:  9/27 Ryan flashbacks, Jagger beats up Sonny, Brenda has flashbacks of her & Jagger, 9/28, 9/29 Ryan's sentencing, 9/30, 10/1 Sonny has Jagger beaten up

September 27, 1993 - No Commercials -  The real Katherine Crawford sends Katherine running out of the PC Grill. Jagger tells Karen he made a mistake, he thought she needed help. He asks her to come with him but she refuses. Jagger and Sonny get into a physical fight, rendering Sonny unconscious. Sean tells Mac and Felicia that what they are considering would be physically impossible for Ryan in the condition he was in the night of the murder. Mac and Felicia think Ryan's suicide attempt was a rouse to get out of prison. Robin and Jason find Brenda working at Kellys to help out since Karen quit. Katherine tells Scott that she is Katherine Bell, her mother was the cook at Serenity. Ruby tells Brenda that she should not get her hopes up, Jagger still very much cares for Karen. Lucy tells Julia that Scott now knows the truth about Katherine. Katherine tells her sob story to Scott but insists her late husbands gambling debits were real. Sean, Mac, and Felicia try to theorize how Ryan could have escaped from GH to kill Jessica. Karen and Stone take Sonny to GH.

September 28, 1993 - No Commercials -  Katherine tells Scott she hopes he can someday forgive her and that she is leaving town. Jason wants to know what Karen is doing with Stone and Sonny. Jagger takes Brenda up to his room and they make love. Alan treats Sonny. Damian overhears that Katherine's plan have been blown sky high. Katherine explains to Scott that she just got caught up in her own lie. Tony is back from Rochester. At GH, Alan asks Rhonda if Karen is okay. He offers her a ride home. Scott asks Katherine to stay in town, as he needs time to process everything that has happened. Karen wakes up at Sonny's. Rhonda learns that Karen quit Kellys. Lucy tells Tony she has driven Katherine out of town. Scott tells Lucy that Katherine explained why she took the name Crawford and she had her reasons. Katherine tells Damian she is sure that their plan is blown and that she is unsure if Scott bought her latest lie. Sonny makes a phone call to his goons to dispense a session to Jagger.

September 29, 1993 - No Commercials -  Katherine has to win Scott's trust back. Mac is determined to find something that proves Ryan escaped from GH. Lucy can't believe Scott is still letting Katherine scam him. Rhonda confronts Karen about not coming home last night. Rhonda convinces her to just cut back her hours at Kelly and not quit. Audrey speaks at Ryan's sentencing. Ryan is sentenced to a mental hospital until he is fit to serve his 25 years in jail.  Scott tells Katherine he wants her to stay in PC. Katherine wants to make peace with Lucy. Mac, Felicia, and Sean tap Garcia for help to prove Ryan killed Jessica. Jagger and Brenda go on a picnic. Lucy tells Katherine to save the con job for Scott. It does not work on her. Mac interviews the guard that was posted at Ryan's door at GH the night of the murder. Garcia informs Mac and Felicia that a blood stained fiber was found on Jessica's body, which may have been from a bandage of some kind. Karen overhears Sonny sending two thugs after Jagger.

September 30, 1993 - No Commercials -  Karen tries to stop Sonny from going after Jagger. Damian suggests Katherine track down Julia and do damage control. Lucy and Scott argue again about Katherine. AJ meets Damian. Bill learns about ELQ's trouble with the EPA. Karen doesn't understand how Stone can stand by when he knows his brother is about to get beaten to a pulp. Jenny tells Ned that Paul has had no luck in Tuscany. Ned offers more help. Lucy is livid when Julia does not fire Katherine. Karen tries to warn Jagger about Sonny's men. AJ and Julia are almost caught by Scott. Ned delivers his good news in person to Jenny along with dinner. Damian and Katherine drink to their good fortune. Lucy fakes fainting to get Scott's attention. Jagger is taken by Sonny's two men at gunpoint.

October 1, 1993 - No Commercials - Scott and Julia find Lucy passed out on the floor of the spa. Karen tells Marco that Jagger is in trouble. Jagger is brought to Sonny. Mac, Felicia, Sean and Tiffany look at the blue prints of the hospital for Ryan's escape route. Lucy is brought to GH. Ned and Jenny have dinner. Jagger is taken to The Paradise Lounge basement. Later, Stone finds him tied up and beaten. Sean gets the lab report about the blood found on Jessica and it matches Ryan's. Scott feels guilty for fighting with Lucy. Brenda is worried sick about Jagger. Sonny makes Stone choose between him and Jagger. Ned tells Jenny he regrets a lot of the things that he did in the past. Ned kisses Jenny. Felicia decides it is time to talk face to face with Ryan as he requested. Marco and Karen want Sonny to release Jagger.

October 4-8, 1993:  10/4, 10/5 Felicia vists Ryan, 10/6, 10/7 (missed :12 mins news pre-emption), 10/8 Karen steals drugs

October 4, 1993 - No Commercials - Lucy is milking her “pains” for all there worth. Jenny pulls away from Ned's kiss telling him it is over between them. Marco bargains with Sonny. Stone tells Karen he should never have brought Marco to the club. Marco makes a 50/50 deal with Sonny on Jagger's future boxing endeavors in exchange for Jagger's release. But Jagger can't know anything about their deal. Damian plants the idea in Katherine's head that Lucy could be faking. Sonny releases Jagger. Scott apologies to Lucy for not spending enough time with her. Jagger returns to a relived Brenda back at Kellys. Brenda suspects that his injuries have something to do with Karen but he does not want to talk about it. Sonny is disappointed in Karen for not trusting him and bringing Marco to the club.

October 5, 1993 - No Commercials - Marco lies to Jagger telling him that he tried to bargain with Sonny but it must have been Karen that ultimately got him released. Karen tells Jason she is not doing that great at PCU and she could lose her scholarship. Mac, Felicia, Sean and Tiffany look into how Ryan could have got into the hotel unnoticed.  Sean doesn't think it is good idea for Felicia to visit Ryan…alone that is. Jagger is hurt but he insists he is not canceling his next fight. Karen pops some pills to get through her shift at Kellys. Brenda accuses Karen of getting Jagger in trouble. Tiffany tells Sean that she wants their life back together. Brenda wants to know from Marco what happened last night with Jagger. Karen blows up at Ruby after she voices concern for her. Sean and Mac plan on watching every second of Felicia meeting with Ryan. Monica buys a very expensive engraved bracelet for herself from “Rod”. Alan notices a very run down Karen and wants her to cut back her hours at the hospital. Marco wants a written contract with Jagger. Jagger tells him they don't need one, he trusts him.  Ryan is brought in for his meeting with Felicia.

October 6, 1993 - No Commercials - Lucy is driving Bobbie crazy at GH. Ryan and Felicia have their meeting at the mental hospital. Ryan is very interested about Sean's marriage issues. The doctors at GH can't diagnosis Lucy's “pain”. Katherine and Damian think that it is just a matter of time before Lucy overplays her hand. BJ's birthday party at the brownstone gets underway. Monica drops her bracelet right in front of Alan making sure he gets a good look at it. Scott asks Sly how things are going between him and his dad. Alan tells Rhonda about Monica's expensive gift from “Rod”. Alan invites her out for a drink. Damian meets with Ned and Edward about the latest EPA reports for ELQ. Damian suggests Ned take a trip to DC. Lila tells Jenny that Tracy has never been in Italy. Jenny confronts Ned about lying to her. Jenny calls Paul and tells him to come home as he is on a wild goose chase. Felicia wants to visit Ryan again. 

October 7, 1993 - No Commercials. Note: ABC New Report interrupts the first 10 minutes of this episode - Alan and Monica go another round about her “affair”. Sean and Tiffany need to keep their distance from each other, as they know that Ryan is keeping tabs on them. They fake a fight at Kellys. Jagger agrees to look at a boxing contract that Marco wants to draw up. Brenda tells Jagger that Karen did horrible on her midterms and Rhonda flipped out of her. Karen wants to cut her hours at the club but Stone tells her that Sonny is not going to like that. Marco brings a contract for Sonny to sign. Sonny wants to see the contract Marco has with Jagger first. Sean tells Mac and Felicia that Michelle Bales's body was been found floating in the lake. Rhonda tells Alan about how horrible Karen is doing in school. Brenda wants to move back in with Jagger. Karen asks Sonny for more pills. Garcia tells Mac, Felicia, and Sean that the forensics on Michelle are inconclusive.

October 8, 1993 - No Commercials - Dr. Meadows wants to discharge Lucy. Stone apologies to Jagger for “the other night” right in front of Brenda. Felicia does not want Sean and Mac watching her next meeting with Ryan. Jagger wants nothing to do with Stone as long as he is connected to Sonny. After seeing what shape Karen is in, Alan wants a meeting with her later at GH. Damian meets Alan and Jason. Lucy worms her way into staying at Scott's apartment. Paul is back from Italy. Jenny comes clean with him about Ned's lies. Damian takes a meeting with Bill. Felicia meets with Ryan again. Felicia drops the bomb on him that Michelle's body has been found. Karen is desperate for pills and Stone is worried about her. Alan tries to help Karen. He asks her is she is taking pills to stay wake. Scott gets Lucy all tucked in at his apartment. Damian breaks into Ned's office at ELQ. Damian sees AJ and Julia making out. Karen steals pills from GH. Brenda tells Robin about Karen doing horrible in school. Brenda vows to find out what secret Jagger is keeping for Karen.

October 11-15, 1993:  10/11 Brenda & Robin follow Karen to Paradise Lounge, 10/12, 10/13 Felicia feeds Ryan a drugged muffin, 10/14, 10/15 cm

October 11, 1993 - No Commercials - Brenda wishes Robin a happy 16th birthday. A dazed Karen bails on her shift at Kellys. Felicia tells Sean and Mac that she thinks she has a sure fire way to prove Ryan killed Jessica. They should just put Ryan back in same hospital room with the same guard and wait. He will escape again. Amy suspects Karen stole pills from the hospital. Alan asks Monica if she will be using their opera tickets but she is not about to let Madame Butterfly go to waste on Rhonda. Alan tells Steve about a procedure he invented to help one of his patients being written up in a medical journal. Amy tells Alan and Steve that Karen stole pills from GH. Steve agrees to let Alan look into the matter before he takes any action. Brenda and Robin follow Karen to The Paradise Lounge. Brenda gets in to the club but Robin is out of luck. Alan and Monica end up at the opera together. Mac and Felicia ask Steve about inducing a condition that would require the hospitalization of a serial killer. Stone finds out Karen is now stealing pills. Stone wants to take Karen home, but Sonny convinces her stay and perform at the club. Steve makes a suggestion to Mac and Felicia. Brenda sees Karen strip. Felicia bakes some tainted muffins for Ryan. Thanks to all the pills, Karen freaks out on stage thinking that she “sees” Ray in the audience.

October 12, 1993 - No Commercials - Karen tells Sonny she is finished stripping. Sonny tries to smooth things over but she insists she is finished. Karen storms out of Sonny's apartment. Jagger hears Brenda tell Rhonda that Karen is at a club working at a stripper. Stone convinces Sonny to let him go after Karen. Jagger is angry at Brenda for telling Rhonda about Karen. Stone follows Karen back to her apartment and tells her that Sonny is not going to just let her go. Lucy asks Scott if when she is feeling better if they could go shopping for the baby. Katherine interrupts their moment.  Monica comes clean with Alan that she made up “Rod” to get his attention. Rhonda goes to The Paradise Lounge looking for Karen. Brenda tells Jagger that she knows he is still hung up on Karen no matter what she does. After Rhonda and Karen argue, she leaves with Stone.  Alan and Monica agree to stop arguing and end up making love. Lucy and Katherine let each other know they are both on to each other. Brenda tells Jagger that she loves him and they end up in bed together. Stone takes Karen to a cheap motel room for the night to sleep off the effects of all the pills. 

October 13, 1993 - No Commercials - Monica learns about Alan's article being published in the medical journal. Bobbie and Tony plan a night out for their fourth wedding anniversary. Mac and Felicia tell Bobbie and Tony about their plan for Ryan. Scott asks Bobbie to check in on Lucy while he is at work. Bobbie thinks that Lucy will want to get out of dodge when she hears Ryan may come to the brownstone looking for Felicia. Alan confronts Karen about stealing drugs from the hospital. Paul and Jenny tell Lila about Ned lying to them. They beg her to tell them where Tracy is hiding out. Karen comes clean with Alan. He gives her another chance. Felicia gets Ryan to eat one of her poisoned muffins. Lucy calls Scott freaked out that Ryan will be coming to the brownstone. Jenny learns that Lila knew about the hit and run. Paul threatens to press charges against Tracy and Lila is given no choice but to reveal where Tracy is. Jason comforts Karen. When Rhonda shows up at GH, Alan and Monica ask her to tread lightly with Karen. Paul is off to Buenos Aires to look for Tracy. Lucy does some reading on a medical condition she can use to hold onto Scott's attention. Ryan starts to get sick.

October 14, 1993 - With Commercials - Mac and Felicia learn Ryan has been admitted GH with serious stomach pains. A furious Sonny wants to know from Stone where Karen is. Ryan is to be placed in the same room he supposedly escaped from last time he was at GH. Lucy listens in on Katherine and Scott's dinner date and interrupts every chance she gets. Sonny shows up at Karen's apartment. Mac is bunking with Felicia waiting for Ryan to show up after he escapes from GH. Mac asks Felicia to marry him. Felicia tells him she has to think about it. Sonny wants to know where he stands with Karen. Stone suggests to Karen that she lay low for awhile where Sonny can't find her. Lucy fakes falling down the stairs and Scott has to take her to GH. Mac knows that Felicia is afraid of making a commitment but he is tired of her excuses. 

October 15, 1993 - With Commercials - Bobbie is appalled to find Lucy at the hospital again. Ned is back in PC from DC. Ned wants to offer Damian a consultant job at ELQ. Damian wants to negotiate himself a piece of ELQ. AJ has a new promotional idea for the hotel to run past Julia. Steve meets with Jack Boland. Jack wants to give a 1 million dollar endowment in Alan's name to GH. Alan's procedure that was written up in the medical journal helped Jack's son in law. Katherine has an idea about what to do with Lucy, who injured her leg in the fake fall, a suite next to her's at the PC Hotel. Ned and Damian strike a deal. Lucy moves into the PC Hotel. Julia doesn't think AJ would be as interested in her if Ned was not first. Monica assures Steve that Alan got through to Karen and she is working on turning things around. Jagger and Brenda talk about what they want to do with their lives beyond boxing and modeling. Lucy wants Scott to assure her that she will have a place in the baby's life after it is born. Damian and Katherine make a deal. Ned finds Julia and AJ together about to make love in her office.

October 18-22, 1993:  10/18, 10/19 Ryan begins his escape, Ned sings "Heartbreak Hotel", Mac & Felicia fantasies, 10/20 Ryan goes after Felicia, 10/21 Ryan captured, 10/22

October 18, 1993 - No Commercials - Sonny brings Karen a present at GH. She rejects it, telling him she wants nothing to do with him. Mac is back at Felicia's apartment to keep guard as Ryan may try his escape tonight. Mac is giving her the cold shoulder after she turn down of his proposal. Ned fires AJ after finding him with Julia. Ned tears apart AJ's promotional idea for the hotel.  Mac tells Felicia it is over between them and he has accepted it. Karen works in the drug de-tox unit of the hospital. Edward saves AJ's job. (Note: News report interruption 9 minutes lost) Audrey, Steve, and Jack Bolden join the Qs for dinner. Jack announces that he is giving 1 million dollars to GH in Alan's name and there will be a banquet in his honor. Marco learns that Sonny owns a piece of Jagger's next opponent too and he wants Jagger to take a dive. Ryan starts his escape from the hospital.

October 19, 1993 - No Commercials - The PC Hotel has a power problem. Ned makes Julia deal with the crisis all on her own. Ned blames AJ's new room service automated system that Julia approved for overloading the electrical in the hotel. Katherine gloats to Lucy that she will be part of the baby's life whether she likes it or not. Ryan makes his escape. Mac and Felicia agree they have come to an impasse in their relationship. Ned and Damian go out for a night on the town. Ned shows off his pipes at karaoke at a local bar. AJ tells Julia that Edward did not let Ned fire him and things are finally going his way. Julia tells him that this is no time to get cocky, as the disaster at the hotel was his fault. Lucy overhears AJ and Julia talk about sleeping together. Lucy is caught walking around on her “injured” leg by Scott and Katherine. Mac falls asleep on Felicia's couch. Mac and Felicia have fantasies about each other. Felicia wakes up to Ryan in her bed with her.

October 20, 1993 - No Commercials - Steve leans Ryan has escaped. Ryan tells Felicia he has discovered a way they can be joined permanently. Lucy tries to cover but Scott knows she has been faking her injury the entire time. Marco tells Jagger he is taking a dive in his next fight. Steve alerts Mac that Ryan could be headed over to the brownstone. Mac turns around to Ryan who has Felicia. Scott is so mad with Lucy that he wants to bar her from the baby's life after it is born. Jagger learns that Sonny now has a piece of him in boxing. Mac and Ryan struggle and Mac is knocked out. Ned goads Julia with a crack about her robbing the cradle by dating AJ. Jagger tells Sonny he is not throwing the fight on Friday night. Damian wants to know why Katherine is not happy about Lucy shooting herself in the foot. Damian thinks Katherine is going soft on her mark. Sonny threatens Jagger that if he doesn't throw the fight, something will happen to Karen. Sean and PCPD arrive at the brownstone. Felicia gets a confession out of Ryan for Jessica's murder. Ryan is taken into custody.

October 21, 1993 - No Commercials - Ryan confesses to all four murders of the women from his past. Sonny requests that Stone get Karen to come to Jagger's fight. Sean wants the hows and whys of Jessica's murder from Ryan. Ryan recounts how he broke out of the hospital and killed Jessica. Bill wants to know how Damian knows that he owns 36% of ELQ when it is not a matter of public record. Brenda gives Karen a half-hearted apology for sending her mother over to The Paradise Lounge. Felicia tells Bobbie, Tiffany, and Robin that Mac asked her to marry him but she said no. Jagger thinks that Sonny is bluffing when it comes to his threat to hurt Karen. Ned gives Damian his 2% of ELQ stock. Now Damian owes him two new great business proposals for ELQ.  Jagger overhears Karen say that she ended things with Sonny. Bill tells Ned he should not trust Damian. Bill learns Damian now has 2% of ELQ. Sean is cleared of murder and reinstated at the commissioner. Stone invites Karen to Jagger's fight.

October 22, 1993 - No Commercials - Alan learns that the strain of two jobs is really taking its toll on Karen. Alan offers her a loan but she turns him down. Scott tells Katherine that he is not so sure he wants Lucy involved in the baby's life. Brenda tells Jagger that she has already booked a hotel for them in NYC for his victory celebration after the fight. Jason learns that Karen is on probation for stealing drugs. Alan tells Rhonda about Karen overextending herself. He writes Rhonda a check for Karen and wants her to convince Karen to take it. Katherine tries to convince Scott to forgive Lucy.  Alan tells Rhonda that he can't see her anymore, not even as friends. Ray shows up at Rhonda's apartment wanting to go partying with her. Brenda and Robin attend Jagger's fight. Sonny is very happy to see Karen at the fight. Jagger fight with O'Reilly gets underway.

October 25 - November 1, 1993:  10/25, 10/26, (10/27 missing pre-emption) 10/28, 10/29, 11/1, (11/2 missing pre-emption)

October 25, 1993 - No Commercials - Jagger does not take the dive. He comes to blows with Sonny and knocks him out. Jagger and Karen take off together. Bobbie thinks that her and Tony's lives have become mundane. She wants to put some spice into their marriage. Lucy is pigging out at The Outback yapping to Mac about Scott. Julia tells Edward about Ned bailing on the hotel during its power troubles. Jagger borrows money from Ruby and packs. Jagger tells Karen about Sonny threatening her. Sonny comes looking for Jagger at Kellys. Brenda warns Jagger and Karen and they make a break for it. Brenda stalls Sonny. Julia tells Edward she is beginning to doubt her partnership with Ned. Edward turns on Ned for bailing on the hotel. Felicia tells Mac that she knows it was a mistake to turn down his proposal. This time it is Mac that turns her down. Sonny threatens Marco. Jagger and Karen go to the abandoned cabin. Karen tells Jagger that Sonny is not going to quit until he finds them.

October 26, 1993 - No Commercials - Ned wants the definition of  “sexual harassment in the work place” from Scott. Damian sets forth his two proposals for ELQ to Ned. One being a toxic waste incinerator. Ned asks Julia for a meeting at ELQ. Katherine and Scott go on a day trip to an apple orchard. Lucy meets with a lawyer to overturn the contract she signed with Scott about the baby. Katherine and Scott grow closer while they search for the perfect Halloween pumpkin. AJ's promotional idea for the hotel is a success. Edward is ticked at Ned for selling 2% of ELQ stock to Damian. Ned lies to his secretary and has her tape all of his telephone calls at ELQ due to the sexual harassment he is receiving from a colleague. Ned sets up his secretary to find Julia “all over him”.

October 28, 1993 - No Commercials - Julia makes plans with AJ via email. Ned sees their emails on the hotel computer. Ned makes a few changes and sends an email back to Julia to meet in the steam room at the spa. Brenda cries on Julia's shoulder over Jagger taking off with Karen. Jagger admits to Karen that he still loves her. But Karen tells him she is confused about her feelings and she doesn't know if she can love anyone again. Damian tries to sway Edward about his proposals. Brenda finds out about Julia sleeping with AJ. Katherine tries on some costumes for the Halloween party she is going to with Scott. Brenda tells Jason about Karen and Jagger running off together. Edward tells AJ that he knows all about him and Julia. Ned sets up Julia in the steam room and makes sure he has witnesses. Jason tells Brenda that Jagger will not love her the way that she wants him too. Karen and Jagger make love.

October 29, 1993 - No Commercials - Karen tells Jagger they can't keep running. They need to decide what they are going to do. Mac learns he is the only guest at Felicia's birthday party for Maxie at the brownstone. At the Halloween party at The Grill, Ned tells Julia he is suing her for sexual harassment. Felicia tells Mac she is going to wait for him to prove to him how consistent she can be. Karen tells Jagger that she needs to work on her until she feels whole again, only then can she love him the way that he should be loved. Katherine stalls Scott about them making love. Julia tells Brenda about Ned setting her up. Brenda thinks Julia should fight fire with fire and dig up something on Ned. Damian is jealous of Katherine's actions toward Scott. Karen and Jagger
head back to PC. Luke and Lucky give Laura a Halloween scare at the Triple L Diner in British Columbia.

November 1, 1993 - No Commercials - Leaving his parents at the diner, Lucky decides to ride his bike home. Dan, the maintenance man, takes the Spencer's truck for an errand and it is blown sky high in front of the diner. Karen and Jagger go to Sean for help with Sonny. Sean has known Sonny is a small time racketeer but has been unable to build a case against him as of yet. Sean wants to lean on Marco and he wants Karen to testify against Sonny as she was underage when she stripped at the club. Lucy tells Scott if she is cut out of the baby's life she will see him in court. Luke and Laura need to take a freight train to LA. Laura makes a call to Lucky at home to signal him that thinks are not okay and the plan is now in motion. Lucky gets the message and catches a bus and later catches a flight to buffalo. Garcia and Sean question Sonny and he is arrested. Karen wants Ray arrested for sexual abuse. Luke and Laura catch a train running from Frank Smith. Sean offers Karen a place to stay for the night. Luke plans to get to PC and end things with Frank Smith once and for all.

November 3-9, 1993:  11/3, 11/4 (first 7 mins no picture), 11/5 Luke & Laura jump out of the plane, go over rapids, 11/8 Luke & Laura are rescued by helicopter just before they are to go over the falls, Alan accidentally kills Ray, 11/9 Mac & Felicia make love

November 1, 1993 - With Commercials - Jagger blows off Brenda when he returns, to meet Karen at the PCPD. Sonny wants to move into the big time. He wants to be Frank Smith's man in PC if Smith can get him off the hook with the police. Ray is brought into the PCPD, where Karen confronts him. Lucky arrives in PC and find Kelly's. Luke and Laura catch a flight to Chicago. Ned invites Brenda to see him sing at a karaoke bar. Sean tells Karen that he can't lock up Ray without any evidence but he is going to continue to investigate. Brenda, Damian and Lucy watch Ned sing at a local bar. Luke and Laura get word that Lucky is ok. Lucky meets Ruby. With flights out of Chicago cancelled, Luke and Laura rent a car, which later breaks down. Just as Jagger is being introduced to Lucky, two armed gunman burst into Kellys. Jagger runs them off and Lucky makes a break for it. Brenda sets up Ned to drop his threat of a sexual harassment suit against Julia.

November 4, 1993 - No Commercials - Scott and Katherine wake up in bed together. Scott proposes to Katherine. Ruby tells Bobbie about Lucky being in PC. Brenda and Julia let Ned know they have him on tape admitting that he was trying to set up Julia. Laura and Luke steal a small plane. Scott meets with Lucy's attorney about annulling the agreement that Lucy has to renounce all claims to the baby after it is born. Laura's worries about Lucky. (Note: Video jump during the scene but nothing is lost) AJ invites Julia to Alan's testimonial dinner tonight. Julia tells AJ about how Ned tried to set her up. Julia wants to sell her shares of the PC Hotel to AJ to drive Ned wild. AJ need to come up with the cash to buy her stock. Jagger tells Brenda about what happened at the cabin between him and Karen. Lucy learns Scott and Katherine are engaged. Alan and Monica turn down AJ's request to borrow 10 million dollars against his trust fund to buy Julia's shares. Luke and Laura's plane is running out of fuel. Lucy tells Damian about Scott and Katherine's engagement and that they are sleeping together.  Lucky meets Sly at a movie theater.

November 5, 1993 - No Commercials - Monica finds the check that Alan wrote Rhonda for Karen and gets the wrong idea. Karen tells Rhonda about the sexual abuse she endured from Ray. Luke and Laura have to parachute out of the plane. Sly takes Lucky to the catacombs to hide out. Damian confronts Katherine about sleeping with Scott. Katherine tells him that their deal is off, she wants to be with Scott. Karen tells Rhonda she is entering therapy and Sean is looking to build a case against Ray. Luke and Laura get separated while parachuting into the river below. Alan is able to convince Monica that the money was for Karen's education and they end up in bed together. Rhonda goes looking for Ray at his job. Rhonda calls Alan, interrupting him and Monica. Luke rescues Laura from going over a raging waterfall.

November 8, 1993 - No Commercials - Jason and Brenda learn about what Ray did to Karen. Sly brings Lucky food in the catacombs. Luke and Laura are rescued from the falls by a helicopter and crash in on a wedding. Felicia offers to teach Robin how to drive. Mac thinks it is a terrible idea and they argue. AJ asks Edward for the money to buy Julia's stock in the hotel. Robin tells Mac and Felicia that she will just learn to drive through driver's ed. Jason tells Alan about Karen's sexual abuse. Ray shows up at Rhonda's apartment. He attacks her when she confronts him about what he did to Karen. Alan calls Rhonda and in the struggle the phone is knocked off the receiver and Alan can hear she is in trouble. Felicia tries again with Mac. Laura and Luke come across an old house to take shelter in for the night. Alan finds Ray beating up Rhonda and throws him off her. Ray crashes into the windowsill, breaking his neck. Rhonda is unconscious.

November 9, 1993 - No Commercials - Mac accepts Felicia's proposal. Alan calls for help for Rhonda and covers all evidence that he was there. Laura is falling in love with the old house as she discovers things about the family that once lived there. Alan disposes of Ray's body throwing his back out in the process. Everyone is awaiting Alan's arrival at the banquet. AJ tells Julia that he is sure Edward will come through with the money for her share of the hotel. Amy tells Lucy that Scott and Katherine plan to get married next week. Luke and Laura make the best of things at the old abandoned house. Mac and Felicia make love. Edward works over Julia to buy her shares of the hotel himself. She refuses saying that she only wants to sell to AJ.  A disheveled Alan shows up at the banquet late, claiming that he had a flat tire that he had to change. Edward lends AJ the money for Julia's stock with a condition. Damian reminds Lucy that she is holding the trump card. AJ notices Alan is missing a cufflink. After he is alerted by Steve, Alan takes Karen with him to GH as Rhonda has gone into emergency surgery.

November 10-16, 1993:  11/10, 11/11 L&L arrive in pink cadallac, 11/12 Luke & Bill Eckert come face to face, 11/15 Bill is shot in the catacombs, 11/16 Damian is revealed to be Frank Smith's son

November 10, 1993 - No Commercials - Laura can't sleep wanting to know more about the family that lived in the house. Laura asks Luke if he could be happy living in one place for the foreseeable future. Karen, Alan, and Jason arrive at GH. Rhonda is in surgery. Sean arrives at GH on his way to Rhonda's apartment to look for evidence. Brenda apologies to Jagger. She wants to know where things stand with them. Laura wants to put down roots for Lucky's sake. Karen thinks that Rhonda's beating is her fault for telling the truth about Ray. Brenda and Jagger end up in bed together. Rhonda's beating brings up memories of Audrey's beating for Steve. Lila thinks Edward should take another look at the proposals submitted by Damian for ELQ. Sly doubts Bill's love for him. Bill knows it is not easy being his kid. Steve and Audrey get romantic. Felicia thinks that she, Mac, Maxie and Robin are going to make a great family but she wants to know if Mac wants more kids. After they both are so wired they can't sleep, Laura gives Luke some TLC.

November 11, 1993 - No Commercials - Laura and Luke arrive at Kelly's to pick up Lucky but see Ruby's warning that there is trouble and they should stay away. They need to get to Bobbie. Julia introduces Ned to his new partner at the hotel; AJ. Ned tells AJ it is not a done deal. Monica tells Karen and Jason that Rhonda has pulled through surgery. Sean tells Alan that they found Ray's truck at the airport and his forensics team is going over the apartment. Luke and Laura get pulled over on the way to GH in their pink Cadillac. They get a police escort to GH for the “in labor” Laura.  Katherine and a very bitter Damian square away their money as their partnership is over. Steve learns that Luke and Laura are trying to find Lucky and they need to talk with Bobbie. Lucky wants Sly to get a note to Ruby. Two of Frank Smith's find Sly and Lucky and they make a break for it. Ned confronts Edward for helping finance AJ in the hotel. Paul and Jenny accuse Edward of covering for Tracy in Argentina. Bobbie sees Luke and Laura and they learn that Lucky is on the run and not with Ruby. Sly and Lucky flee back down to the catacombs. Lucky explains to Sly why Frank Smith is after his family. 

November 12, 1993 - No Commercials - Scott tells Lee and Gail he is marrying Katherine. Lucy tells Damian that she and the baby are leaving town. She will do anything to stop Scott from marrying Katherine. Bobbie tells Ruby that Luke and Laura are back in PC. Sly takes Lucky back to the lighthouse where Lucky meets Bill. Karen sees Rhonda after surgery. Sean questions Rhonda and she tells him it was Ray who beat her. Alan has a nightmare about killing Ray. Sly and Lucky learn they are related. Bill wants to call the police and Lucky flees. Lee is concerned that Scott is rushing into marriage. Scott misses Lucy's message about leaving. Sly goes after Lucky. Bill goes to Ruby, demanding a meeting with Luke. Monica learns about Karen's abuse that led to Rhonda confronting Ray. Tiffany and Robin learn that Mac has excepted Felicia's proposal. Ruby sees Luke and Laura and tells them about Bill wanting to meet with them about Lucky.  Scott learns Lucy has left town. Luke and Laura learn that Bill has seen Lucky but Sly and Lucky took off. Scott wants Mac to find Lucy.

November 15, 1993 - No Commercials - Frank Smith's men follow Sly and Lucky around the catacombs. Lucy arrives in NYC at Dominique's apartment. Lucy taunts Scott with the fact that she may never return to PC. Sean and Tiffany take care of Karen at the penthouse. Jason tells AJ that he is going to be partners with Ned in the hotel thanks to Edward. Lucy finds Scott's credit card number and buys some items off the TV for herself. Jason referees a fight between Alan and AJ. Bill searches the catacombs for Lucky and Sly. Sean and Tiffany agree to try and put the pieces of their life back together. Bill gets shot trying to protect Sly and Lucky. The gunmen think they have shot Luke. Katherine and Scott agree to postpone the wedding till after the Lucy crisis is resolved. Luke and Laura arrive at the catacombs but not in time to help Bill. 

November 16, 1993 - No Commercials - Luke tells Steve he does not trust Sean. Jenny learns Bill is dead. Sly and Laura talk about losing a parent. Luke and Sean come to blows at GH when Steve informs Sean of Bill's death. Sean offers Luke protection from Frank Smith, which Luke promptly declines. Lucy makes some more purchases on Scott's credit card. Scott visits Rhonda at the hospital. Sean overhears Jagger make a threat towards Ray. Damian and Ned learn about Bill. Sly tells Luke how sad he is that he didn't get to know his father better. Edward wants to know who will get Bill's ELQ stock. Damian visits his father, Frank Smith, in prison and informs him that his shooters in PC took out the wrong guy. Luke and Laura realize it is their anniversary and give each other imaginary presents. Damian wants Frank to drop his vendetta against Luke. He agrees to give Luke some breathing room but he wants Damian to talk to Sonny for him.

November 17-23, 1993:  11/17 Bill's funeral, 11/18, 11/19, 11/22 Sonny & Luke first meet, 11/23

November 17, 1993 - No Commercials - Scott learns about his large credit card bill that Lucy is racking up. Scott learns Lucy is at Dominique's apartment. Lucy leaves NYC for the Bahamas. Karen learns that Rhonda accepted a check from Alan. Rhonda wants her to use it for her therapy. Alan and Monica check in on Rhonda. Karen thanks Alan for the money. Bill's memorial service. Ned and Edward's presence at the service sets Jenny off. Lila invites Damian to the Q mansion to discuss his proposals. Sean questions Rhonda about Ray. Sean has found black fibers and a palm print in the apartment. Jenny and Tony speak at the memorial. Karen is livid when Sonny brings flowers to the hospital for Rhonda. Rhonda thanks Monica for saving her life. Luke brings Sly to the service and speaks. Karen tells Gail about her abuse. Damian gives Bobbie a message for Luke.

November 18, 1993 - No Commercials - Scott arrives at Dominique's apartment to find Lucy gone. Bobbie gives Luke Damian's message. Lucy calls Damian. Laura does not want Luke meeting with Damian. The Jones' have a family dinner. Lucy calls Scott telling him she is in Switzerland but he hears Caribbean music in the background. Luke meets Damian at Pier 52. Damian and Luke make a deal. Julia tells Brenda she is moving to London to keep a better eye on Barrett Industries. Scott questions Elise about where Lucy went. Brenda and Julia admit they are going to miss each other. Luke tells Laura that Damian's deal is the perfect plan to get him inside the organization. Lucy pigs out in her hotel room. Katherine tells Damian her wedding plans are on hold thanks to Lucy. Katherine is suspicious of Damian and Lucy becoming friends.

November 19, 1993 - No Commercials - Jenny wants to get away from PC and the Qs. Luke and Laura tell Bobbie that they are safe for the moment. Luke and Laura meet Robin and Mac. Mac and Felicia take offense when Luke calls Sean a weasel. Julia tells AJ and Ned she is leaving town. AJ and Julia say goodbye. Brenda makes Jagger dinner. Brenda wants to take Jagger to NYC for a few days. Brenda tries to play the peacemaker between Stone and Jagger. Jagger still does not like Stone working for Sonny. Damian makes Jenny an offer for Bill's ELQ stock. Edward insists Monica try and get Jenny to sell Bill's shares of ELQ to the Q's. Laura tells Tony that she is happy to be in PC again. Damian joins the Q's to discuss his proposals. Sonny tells Stone they have a new job. Jagger tells Brenda he wants out of boxing and he wants to get his GED. Scott sees Laura and Luke at the brownstone. Scott punches Luke. Jenny tells Paul that she is going to sell her stock to Damian just to stick it to the Q's.

November 22, 1993 - With Commercials - Katherine thinks she and Scott should get married now and that will make Lucy come home fast. Sonny wants a meeting with Damian but Damian tells him his contact is now Luke. Luke does not want to spend another night at the old house. Bobbie invites Luke and Laura to stay at the brownstone. Laura is emotional as she prepares to leave the house. Jagger refuses to serve Sonny at Kellys. Jenny and Damian make a deal for Bill's stock. Monica makes a play for the ELQ stock, but Jenny shuts her down. Lucky brings his pet spider, Al, to the brownstone but Bobbie makes him get rid of it. Frank's men tell Sonny that Luke has now moved his family to the brownstone. Jagger tells Stone he suspects Sonny is now getting involved in some heavy stuff. Bobbie and Luke learn they have very different parenting styles. Damian has finance problems coming up with the money for the stock as the bank thinks he is a risk for a loan and his families' reputation works against him. Jagger tells Sean he wants to be a police officer after he gets his GED. Luke is angry when Sonny shows up at the brownstone to speak with him.

November 23, 1993 - No Commercials - Karen learns that Jagger is going for his GED and that he plans to be a cop. Damian tells Lucy that Scott and Katherine are getting married at the end of the week. Laura makes breakfast for the whole brownstone. Laura learns that Lucky did not get rid of his spider like Bobbie asked. Katherine asks Gail to be her matron of honor and Scott asks Lee to be his best man. Lucy tells Damian all about her suspicions about Katherine. Damian gives Lucy an idea about how she can prove Katherine is a fraud. Luke meets with Sonny on the docks about a woman Frank wants brought into the country. Brenda is hurt when she sees a moment between Jagger and Karen. She is no longer available to be his backup for Karen. Rhonda tells Alan that she will not feel safe until Ray is caught. Lucy calls Scott telling him she has proof that Katherine is a liar but Scott hangs up on her. Rhonda is released from GH. Lucky's spider gets loose at the brownstone. Lucy books a flight back to the states.

November 24 - December 2, 1993:  11/24, (no show 11/25, 11/26), 11/29 Lucy stops Katherine & Scott's wedding, Brenda meets Sonny on the docks, 11/30, 12/1, 12/2

November 24, 1993 - With Commercials - Laura secretly looks for Lucky's spider. Scott gives Katherine a broach. Damian is turned down for another loan. Edward tries to sweet talk Jenny out of her stock but she refuses. Damian stalls Jenny on their deal. Bobbie hosts a tea party for Laura with Amy, Ruby, and Tiffany. Laura meets Katherine. Sean asks Alan some questions about Ray. Lucy gets a flight out of Bermuda. Lucky's spider makes an appearance at Laura's tea party. Katherine invites Laura to her wedding. With no other option, Damian goes to his father for the money to buy Jenny's ELQ stock. The money of course will come with strings attached. Katherine asks Scott why he and Laura split up. Lucy gets booted off the plane and can't get a flight till tomorrow morning. Luke and Laura cover when Bobbie and Tony find them searching for the spider. On his wedding day, Laura wishes Scott all the best. Lucy finally catches a flight.

November 29, 1993 - No Commercials - Laura and Bobbie clash over parenting techniques. Scott has something that will stop Lucy in her tracks if she tries to spoil his wedding day. After Luke and Laura get into a fight with Bobbie, they are ready to leave the brownstone. Lucy's plane is delayed in landing due to airplane traffic. Lila and Brenda have a heart to heart about Jagger. Lila invites Brenda to stay at the mansion. Lucy fakes her water breaking and the plane get an emergency clearance to land. Luke wants cash and a limo from Sonny. Felicia asks Robin to be in her wedding. The uninvited Damian arrives at Katherine and Scott's wedding. Lucy arrives at the church by ambulance. Brenda packs her things at Kellys. Jagger tries to explain to Brenda that Karen does not want him. Luke and Sonny go over their plan to get Frank's contact into the country. Lucy tells Scott that Katherine knew all long that Dominique was dead and that is why she came to PC to swindle him. Sonny tries to help Brenda with her suitcases on the docks. Scott confronts Katherine. Katherine tells him she is Dominique's half sister.

November 30, 1993 - No Commercials - Katherine pleads her case but Scott is tired of her lies and calls off the wedding. Brenda tells AJ that she and Jagger are through. After Scott storms out of the church, Katherine has to tell the guests the wedding is off. Laura meets Jenny and Paul. A destroyed Scott returns to the brownstone. Lucy and Damian get to know each other over lunch. Damian lies to her about his family. Laura tries to comfort Scott. Luke tells Laura about his plan. Luke and Laura find Lucky's spider. Scott shows up at Lucy's apartment. He wanted her to keep her big mouth shut and let him be happy. Katherine suspects Damian tipped Lucy off.  

December 1, 1993 - No Commercials - Frank is furious when he learns that Damien hired Luke to work with Sonny. Rhonda has a nightmare about the night Ray beat her and she remembers Alan's voice. She later calls Alan with the news that she remembers his voice. Katherine tries to explain everything to Scott. Damian gives Jenny the check for her ELQ stock. Karen has a session with Gail. Jenny calls Edward with the news that ELQ has a new stockholder and she is sending him over to the mansion. Scott thinks Katherine should leave town. Katherine wants to pay Mac and Felicia to prove that she is not Dominique's sister if they are so sure she is not. The Quartermaines learn that Damian is their new stockholder. Lucy wants to know when Katherine is leaving town. Karen still has trust issues with Rhonda for not protecting her from Ray. Damian convinces Ned that he is his allie on the board and together they will get his proposals through. An angry Scott tells Lucy all he wants from her is his baby.

December 2, 1993 - No Commercials - Lucy leaves to go check out a spa in Pennsylvania. Lucky and Laura return to the old house to drop off Lucky's pet spider. Luke sees Ruby and meets Jagger. Ruby wants to know what Luke is doing with Sonny. Laura wants to take Lucky to all her old hangouts in PC. Laura tells him about her parents and her childhood. Sonny tries to get Luke to trust him. Laura visits Lesley's grave. Karen tells Jagger that she is still trying to find out who she is. She needs to get herself together before she can work on them. Mac wants to take Katherine's case but Felicia is not so sure. Mac decides to take the case himself. Luke tells Ruby he will have to face Smith so his family can stop running. Sonny meets with Frank in prison about Luke's future after their mission. Laura asks Mac if she can see the old Webber house. Lucy is car jacked on her way to the spa.

December 3-9, 1993:  12/3 Lucy is carjacked, she goes into labor at a mountain cabin, Kevin arrives in PC, 12/6 Scott goes looking or Lucy, 12/7 Scott delivers Lucy's baby, 12/8 Lucy is rushed to GH, Laura buys an old house, 12/9 Ray's body is found on ELQ property

December 3, 1993 - No Commercials - Luke and Sonny arrive at the airport to pick up Frank's contact. Lucy is stranded in a snowstorm after her car jacking. Felicia pleads Lucy's case with Scott. Laura, Robin, and Lucky visit the Webber attic. Scott learns Lucy has not yet arrived at the spa. Sonny and Luke meet Frank's contact, Claudine, and take her through customs. Laura goes through all the old Christmas ornaments in the attic from when she was a child. Scott calls Sean about the missing Lucy. Sonny and Luke bunk with Claudine in a motel for the night. Sean coordinates a search for Lucy. Sean and Scott decide to go and search for Lucy themselves. Lucy searches for shelter in the freezing snow. She finds a cabin. Ryan's twin brother, Kevin, shows up at The Outback, scaring Felicia half to death. Lucy goes into labor. 

December 6, 1993 - No Commercials - Lucy's labor continues. Scott and Sean search for Lucy. Felicia freaks out after seeing who she thinks is Ryan. Mac decks him. Claudine flirts with Luke. Luke calls Sonny for back up. A guest, Mr. Thompson, at the hotel asks AJ to put his gems in the hotel safe but instead when AJ gets busy he puts them in a locked desk drawer at the hotel desk. Ned uses the opportunity to set AJ up. Garcia busts the guy who stole Lucy's car. Sean and Scott question him. Mac and Felicia take Kevin, who the mistake for Ryan, to the PCPD. Scott is off to look for Lucy. Luke questions Claudine about her relationship with Frank Smith. AJ finds the gems are gone. Mac and Felicia aren't buying the fact that Ryan is “Kevin Collins”. Sean finds his Swiss drivers license. Kevin claims he is a psychiatrist come to study his brother. A phone call from Laura takes care of Claudine's trying to seduce Luke. Mr. Thompson learns his gems have been misplaced. Sean learns Kevin is telling the truth.

December 7, 1993 - No Commercials - Mac and Felicia take Kevin to the PC Hotel but the hotel is booked. Scott finds Lucy in labor at the cabin. Scott wants to get her to the hospital but there is no time. Kevin rubs Mac the wrong way. AJ reworks a report for Edward to make Ned look bad. Felicia offers Kevin a place to stay at the brownstone. Laura and Tony discuss their marriages. Lucy is having a difficult labor, but finally Scott and Dominique's baby girl is born. Edward thinks Ned was trying to pull a fast one with the hotel reports. Felicia and Mac bring Kevin to the brownstone giving Bobbie and Tony quit a shock. Lucy has lost a lot of blood and Scott has got to get her and the baby to the hospital.

December 8, 1993 - No Commercials - Scott rushes the baby and Lucy to the hospital. Lucy is unconscious. Luke and Sonny get ready to leave to drive Claudine to Buffalo. With PC classes cancelled due to snow, Brenda wants to do something fun with AJ and Jason. Kevin tells Felicia he is going to see Ryan today at the mental hospital. Laura buys the old house that she and Luke are hiding out in. Steve tells Scott that both Lucy and the baby are suffering from hypothermia. AJ thinks with Jagger out of the way, Jason should make a play for Brenda. While the baby is improving, Lucy crashes. Brenda flirts with Jason, but he tells her he knows she is on the rebound. Kevin and Felicia discuss her relationship with Ryan. Kevin is afraid that he may have a side that is as dark as Ryan's as they share the same genetic makeup. Luke is back from his trip to Buffalo. Laura tells Luke she bought the house. Edward and AJ learn that a dead body has been found at the ELQ petrochemical plant in a storm drain.

December 9, 1993 - No Commercials - Sean IDs the body found at the ELQ plant as that of Ray Conway. AJ finds Alan's cufflink that he lost the night of the banquet near the body. Luke is less than thrilled with Laura's purchase of the house. Jason suggests to Brenda that she take an interest in the business side of Deception. Brenda wants to find Jason a girlfriend. Laura and Luke start to make plans for their new house and realize it will take a lot of work for the house to be livable. Sean tells Karen and Rhonda that Ray was murdered. Alan learns from Edward and AJ that Ray's body has been found. Sean questions where Karen was the night Rhonda was beaten. AJ theories with Monica as to whether Alan is capable of killing someone. Sean questions Jagger about where he was the night Ray was killed. Alan learns AJ knows the truth about Ray.

December 10-16, 1993:  12/10 AJ confronts Alan, 12/13 Alan tells Monica he killed Ray, 12/14, 12/15 Ned meets Lois, 12/16 Ned sings

December 10, 1993 - No Commercials - Alan tries to cover with AJ. Scott pleads with Lucy not to die saying the baby needs two parents. Alan explains to AJ how Ray died and how he covered it up. Sean questions Jagger at the PCPD about him threatening Ray. Mac tells Katherine that he has decided to take her case to prove she was indeed Dominique's half sister. Lucy pulls through telling Scott she could not leave him or the baby. Monica begins to doubt Alan and asks him point blank if he killed Ray. He denies it. Mac tells Felicia that there is a DNA test that can prove if Katherine and Dominique were related. Kevin gets a slap in the face from Ruby thinking he was Ryan. Sean and Garcia compare the voice on the 911 tape with Ray's. Scott wants Katherine to leave when she comes to GH to see the baby. Ryan attacks Kevin when he arrives at the mental hospital to see him.

December 13, 1993 - No Commercials - Monica tries to get Alan to admit the truth about Ray. AJ learns from Ruby that Sean questioned Jagger about the Ray Conway murder. Marco tries to convince Jagger not to give up boxing. Luke asks Sonny when their next gig is. Tony asks Laura about her attachment to the old house the Spencers just bought. Bobbie tells Luke she can't picture him as the settling down type. Kevin tells Mac and Felicia about Ryan flipping out on him. While at Kelly, AJ lifts Jagger's key to his locker at the gym. Alan admits to Monica that he killed Ray Conway. Marco tells Sonny that Jagger is quitting boxing. Sonny tells Marco that there is no way that he can renege on their deal. Mac warns Kevin that Ryan can't be rehabilitated. Lee and Gail see the baby. Gail gives Scott the sweater that she finished of Dominique's for the baby to wear home. Laura is worried when Lucky says he wants to be just like Luke when he grows up. Sonny and Marco make a new deal. Sean tells Jagger that his locker key was found near where Ray's body was found.

December 14, 1993 - No Commercials - Sean can't believe Jagger had anything to do with Ray's murder. Jagger can't afford a lawyer to bring to Sean's questioning. Scott and Lucy have different ideas for what to name the baby. Brenda wants AJ's help to find Jason a great girl to go out with. She convinces him to go on a double date with her, Jason and Moira Daley. Ned tells AJ he is going to Buffalo to check out a new hotel. Brenda and AJ convince Jason to let them set him up on a blind date. Karen goes to Alan for help in getting Jagger a lawyer. Brenda tells Monica that she and Jason are just friends and she has set up him up on a blind date. Sean and Garcia go through the Conway case piece by piece. Sean wants to speak with the EMS driver again that said he saw a truck parked in the alley leaving the scene. Damian visits Lucy at GH. The EMS driver can only tell Sean it was a dark haired man driving the truck away from the scene. Alan asks Paul to represent Jagger. Brenda will not shut up on Jason and Moira's date at the PC Grill. Alan tells Monica that he had to retain Paul to represent Jagger, Sean questions Jagger. With the evidence being circumstantial Jagger is released.

December 15, 1993 - Mac and Felicia having dinner at the Grille. Cute talk  about their difference in eating styles and how happy their upcoming marriage will be. They also discuss Mac no longer wanting Julia for a business partner now that Bill is dead. They go on to discuss their ideas of a partnership in marriage. Felicia worries her contribution is less than Mac's. He assures it's not. Tiffany joins them after her press conference with the Governor. She tells them about Sean bringing Jagger in for questioning the two are shocked. Felicia asks Tiffany to be her "bride's woman" at their wedding and she happily accepts. They've decided to have a church wedding in February. While talk turns to dresses  Mac heads out. Shortly after Kevin arrives who scares Tiffany thinking he'shis evil twin Ryan. With the misunderstanding cleared Tiffany leaves and Felicia and Kevin chat about her seeing Ryan when she looks at him and her independent spirit being tampered with by her upcoming nuptials. Felicia then makes a call to Jenny about her future. Brenda and AJ come back from playing matchmaker for Jason. The duo tells Monica about the evening. Brenda admits to liking both Quartermaine brothers. This leads Monica and Brenda to discuss their mutual love for being the center of male attention. A mutual admiration society between the ladies ensues and AJ feels left out. Monica talks about her evening and tells of Jagger's being considered a suspect in Ray Conway's death.
     An upset Brenda heads out after arguing his innocence with AJ. Monica tells her son they both know that Jagger is innocent. She appreciates that AJ framed him but lets him know that Alan is seeking a lawyer to represent him. AJ says he did it strictly for his mother. Brenda finds Jagger at Ruby's. They talk about his being a suspect. Brenda offers to lie about the time she was with him the night of the murder to give him an alibi. Jagger turns her down. Brenda back with Monica and AJ. More talk about Jagger. Monica suggests Brenda call it a night and gets her out of the room. She lays into AJ for saying Jagger may well have done it. AJ's main concern is getting the attention away from his father for his mother's sake. Ned in a bar in Buffalo. We see a woman on stage readying a set for the band she's managing. Ned chats with the bartender and lies that he's a pharmaceutical salesman. The woman joins him at the bar. They banter over what constitutes good music and introductions are made. He's "Eddie Maine" from Rochester. She's Lois Cerullo from Bensonhurst. (This is Rena Sofer's first appearance as Lois.) They talk more. Lois talks about her background and her thing for long nails and her aptitude for numbers and knowing good music to manage. (Note: An ABC News brief interruption, about a minute is missing). After hearing her band The Idle Rich (Wally Kurth's real life band) play Eddie says they stink. Lois challenges him to do better and he performs the Seventh Son. (Wally's first performance as Eddie Maine.) He wows Lois. She wants to manage him. He says no thanks. Later, Ned is back in his room and there's someone at the door. Lois has come to change his mind in any way she can.

December 1, 1993 - No Commercials - 6Sonny tells Luke that mobster Joe Garfield, who has been moving in on Frank's territory, has just hit town. Garfield pays Marco a visit. Lois wants Ned to see the incredible opportunity that has landed at his feet. She is not leaving his hotel room until he agrees to join the Idle Rich. He can continue his day job and sing with the band at night. Brenda is worried about Jagger. When Jason returns from his date, Brenda apologies for being a motor mouth at dinner. Jason learns about Jagger. AJ tries to cheer up Brenda. Laura interrupts Luke and Sonny's meeting. Ruby tells Laura that Sonny is bad news and that he threatened her in the past. Frank needs to ice Garfield and that is where Sonny and Luke come into play. Frank needs Luke and Sonny to bring the hit man into the country. Marco goes to Sonny for help and Sonny tells Luke he wants to use Marco, as he is expendable. Lois convinces Ned/Eddie to sing a set with the Idle Rich and Ned/Eddie hit the stage again. AJ puts the moves on Brenda but she shuts him down. Lila tells Edward not to automatically bank on her vote to shoot down Damian's proposals for ELQ. Ned and Lois end up in bed together.

December 17-22, 1993:  12/17 Ned & Lois in bed, 12/20 Scotty & Serena are kidnapped, AJ tells Alan he set up Jagger, 12/21 Laura's birthday, L&L flashback Wyndham's dance, 12/22 Scotty says goodbye to Lucy at Dom's grave

December 17, 1993 - No Commercials - Kevin and Ryan have a session at the mental hospital. Laura tells Luke that everything she cares about is on the line. She is worried about all the risks he is taking. Ned and Lois wake up in bed together. She presses him to join the band again. Ned agrees to give Lois three weeks to book some gigs and see what happens. Sean tries to convince Luke again that he did not try and kill him. Sean tells Luke he knows all about Garfield and tells Luke not to do anything stupid that would put them on opposite sides of the fence. Jenny agrees to let Felicia buy her 30% of The Outback to give to Mac as a wedding present. Damian asks Katherine to let him vote her .1 percent of ELQ stock at the upcoming board meeting. Kevin and Ryan discuss their childhoods with their perspective parents. Ryan learns Kevin is a psychiatrist. Laura learns the Ward family were the previous owners of her house. Katherine asks Ned about the ins and outs of ELQ. Lois tells Ned she already has a gig lined up for the Idle Rich. Kevin tells Felicia he will be staying in PC for a while.

December 20, 1993 - With Commercials - Laura brings Scott a gift for the baby. Laura meets Lucy. AJ tells Alan he set Jagger up and Alan is livid with him for tampering with evidence. Jagger tells Paul that he did threaten Ray in front of witnesses. Paul tells him the locker key will be the center of the case against him. Scott wants to give Lucy his shares in ELQ. Laura learns that Simone knows Mary Mae Ward. (Note: first appearance by Felicia Bell as the recasted Simone) Karen is surprised when AJ apologies to her for being a jerk. He invites her to lunch at the PC Grill. Edward presses Ned to vote with him at the board meeting. Edward tells Ned he will be voting Tracy's proxy. Lois calls Ned with the news that she has booked two gigs for him at the end of the next week. Overprotective dad Scott wants to take the baby to the hospital when Lucy mentions she may have a cold. AJ takes Karen to lunch. Two men kidnap Scott and the baby outside the brownstone.

December 21, 1993 - With Commercials- Bobbie finds the baby carrier and bag on the ground in front of the brownstone. Joe Garfield has Scott and the baby. Garfield takes the baby's sweater to be sent to Lucy with the demand of 100 million dollars. Felicia is denied a loan to buy Jenny's share of The Outback. Lucy is worried when Bobbie returns the car seat to Scott's apartment and she and Bobbie learn Scott never made it to GH. Alan tells Monica that AJ set up Jagger. Luke, Laura, and Lucky move some of Tony's old bachelor furniture he gave them into their house. Luke and Lucky surprise Laura with a cake and presents for her birthday. Felicia is denied for a loan by several other banks. With no other options, Felicia makes a deal with her credit to buy The Outback shares. Edward tries to persuade Alan and Monica to vote with him against Damian's proposals. Lucy gets the package with the baby's sweater and a note to not contact the police, instructions will follow. Lucy freaks out and calls Sean. Part of the roof at the Spencer house falls in. The ELQ boardmeeting is about to get underway but the Q's are waiting on the absent Scott. Scott gives Garfield the slip and manages to escape with the baby.

December 22, 1993 - With Commercials- The Spencers learn that the roof has collapsed in the master bedroom. Sean arrives and Lucy tells him that Scott and the baby have been kidnapped. The ELQ board meeting moves forward despite Scott's absence. The vote is invalid without Scott but Edward wants a sense of the room and wants to proceed. Luke makes it clear again to Laura that he is in Frank's organization and Garfield knows it. There is no turning back. Laura wants Luke to trust Sean. Lucky walks in on them fighting. The Q's are deadlocked on Damian's proposals and need Scott's vote to break the tie. Bobbie waits with a scared Lucy. Laura realizes she has no recourse but to trust Luke to make smart choices. Scott calls Lucy and he wants her to bring cash and bag for the baby to Dominique's grave. Scott is taking the baby and leaving the country. He insists Lucy has to stay and act as decoy for him. Ned and Damian plan to go after Scott to vote with them on the proposals. Lucy and Scott name the baby “Serena”. Lucy says goodbye to Scott and the baby.

December 23-28, 1993:  12/23, 12/24 GH Christmas party, Luke home for Christmas, Scott calls Lucy, Christmas at the Q's, 12/27 AJ & Karen & Jason & Brenda hot tub, 12/28

December 23, 1993 - With Commercials- Jagger gets a Christmas card from Gina saying that she wants to get together with him and Stone for his birthday. Ruby thinks both Brenda and Karen should but their differences to help Jagger. Luke pulls a gun on Sonny when he shows up at the Spencer house. Sonny tells Luke that they have a green light for today with getting the shooter into the country from Toronto. Brenda asks Karen if she thinks Sonny would set Jagger up. Jagger checks with Sean to see if he has any new leads on the Conway case. Alan and AJ come to blows again over AJ's setting up Jagger. Sonny is suspicious when Brenda goes fishes around him about what he knows about Ray. She asks him point blank if he set Jagger up. Laura does not want Luke to go to Toronto but he has no choice. Jagger tells Stone about Gina wanted to get together. Brenda tells Karen that she does not think Sonny set up Jagger. Brenda thinks AJ might have hated Jagger enough to set him up though. When AJ shows up at Kellys, Brenda has some questions for him. Luke has a new plan for meeting the boat with Frank's shooter onboard. Laura and Lucky start to decorate their Christmas tree.

December 24, 1993 - With Commercials- Mac has proof for Katherine that she was indeed Dominique's sister. Katherine learns Scott was kidnapped. Laura, Lucky, and Sly help decorate GH for the children's Christmas mas party. Luke and Sonny appoint Marco the one that will navigate the lifeboat by himself to meet Frank's shooter Ivan. Steve reads the Xmas story. Katherine wants details from Lucy about Scott's kidnapping and why he left the country. Ryan tells Kevin about his dreams. Kevin accuses him of manufacturing memories. Ryan and Kevin learn they have matching scars. Mac and Felicia exchange X-mas gifts. Mac and Felicia set a wedding date. Marco returns to shore with Ivan. Ryan learns that Felicia is engaged to Mac. After talking to Lucy, Damian learns that she has Scott's ELQ stock. When the guard returns to get Ryan after his session with Kevin, he lies to him claiming he is Kevin and Ryan just walked out of here. The Q's celebrate Xmas. Scott calls Lucy for Xmas. Luke is back in time to put the angel on top the tree of the Spencer tree.

December 27, 1993 - With Commercials- Ivan has a proposition for Luke. Damian lets Ned know that Lucy now has Scott's ELQ stock. Brenda wants Karen to get herself invited to the Q's tonight. Brenda has a plan where AJ is concerned as she thinks he knows about the Conway murder than he is saying. Jagger and Karen exchange Xmas presents. AJ does some research on evidence tampering. Ivan now wants to take out Frank Smith for himself and Luke. Luke will need to set up a meeting with Frank in prison and then Ivan will take his place and take care of Frank. Ned wants to pick Katherine's brain about spinning a PR campaign for the toxic waste incinerator. Tiffany visits Laura with a house-warming gift. Laura tells Tiffany she wants to continue her education and become a social worker. Brenda finds AJ reading a book about penal law. Karen gets herself invited to the Q mansion thanks to Jason. Katherine accepts Ned's offer to work PR for ELQ. Karen and Jason join AJ and Brenda in the Q hot tub.  Karen and Brenda make it clear that they don't believe for a second Jagger killed Ray. AJ is offended when they suggest he may have set up Jagger and leaves. Damian tells Ned that Katherine is trouble and he doesn't want her working PR on his proposals but Ned likes her. 

December 28, 1993 - With Commercials- Lucy gets a massage after her workup to lose her baby weight. Damian takes over for the masseur Hans. Lois gives Ned a pair of leather pants. AJ goes to Sean with a story about how he accidentally picked up Jagger's key. A story that Sean does not really buy but AJ signs a sworn statement. Damian sweet-talks Lucy. AJ tells Jagger “his story” and lets him know he is off the hook. Jagger thanks him with a punch in the face. Karen and Jagger celebrate his not being a suspect anymore in Ray's death. Lois wants to know everything about Eddie/Ned and he makes up a story about a very loving childhood. Monica thanks AJ for doing the right thing and getting Jagger off the hook. Damian kisses Lucy. Lois impresses Ned with her math skills.

December 29, 1993 - January 4, 1994:  12/29 Lucky is shot, 12/30 Lucky rushed to ER, 12/31 New Year's Eve party Outback, Lucky's operation, Ned performs as "Eddie Maine", Lucy & Damian make a bet for him to seduce Bobbie, Felicia Bell begins as Simone, 1/3, 1/4 Brenda's bubble bath fantasy

December 29, 1993 - No Commercials- Ned and Lois wake up in bed together. Ned tells her that he will be taking a day off from peddling cough drops. Kevin invites Felicia to go skydiving with him. Sonny gets Luke a bulletproof vest and suggests he get one too. Luke tells Sonny that Ivan is working both sides of the fence. AJ tells Alan that he squared things with Jagger. Luke refuses to tell Laura where he is going and she freaks out when she notices he is wearing a bulletproof vest. She begs him not to leave. Lucky hears them arguing and follows after Luke. Mac is not happy to hear Kevin discussing Ryan with Felicia. Mac wants to put the past behind them and look to the future. Kevin meets with Ryan again. Kevin confronts Ryan about claiming to be him with the guard after their last visit. Ryan denies it. Again Lois dazzles Ned with her math skills. Luke gives Ivan his ID but suspecting that Ivan plans to kill him, Luke pulls a gun on him first. Gunfire irrupts and Lucky is shot in the crossfire.
December 30, 1993 - Steve determines that Lucky is going into shock due to blood loss as he is bleeding internally. Tony asks Luke what happened? Luke tells him that Lucky followed him to the docks where Luke was attacked by a mugger and Lucky was shot in the scuffle. Lucy and Damian discuss the incinerator project and the Quatermaine opposition. Damian thinks Lucy is going to oppose him. She coyly tells him that she hasn't decided yet. He flirts that he loves convincing a beautiful woman. He then offers to buy out her shares. Tony asks if Luke has contacted Laura, but he says he hasn't yet been able to reach her. Tony and Steve return with the xrays and tell him that Lucky's spleen was damaged and it may have to be removed. They also warn him that his spinal cord may have been damaged as the bullet is lodged near his spinal cord and it will be a very delicate operation that could result in permanent damage. Tiffany takes Laura to The Paradise Lounge as she is looking for Luke. Sonny is surprised to see her there. Laura tells him that she needs some informatiion from him. Sonny tells her that he isn't even allowed to look at her according to Luke. Laura urgently tells him that she needs his help and she knows that he and Luke were setting up some meeting. He tells her he wishes he could help her. Laura tells him that she thinks that Lucky is with Luke. He assures her that Luke would not have taken Lucky with him to this meeting. He tells her that he can seduce any woman that Lucy chooses and says he will put his money where his mouth is. The bet is born as he tells her he will seduce any woman that she chooses and if he can then he can then buy her shares of stock.
     Meanwhile, Tiffany is standing outside in her fur coat waiting for Laura and a young officer arrests her thinking she is a prostitute, not realizing he is arresting the police commissioner's wife! Laura figures Luke is on the docks and heads down there to look for them. Sonny tells her that is a dangerous area and insists on going with her. She refuses his help but is surprised to find that Tiffany is gone. Lucy tells Damian he is crazy if he thinks that she will sell him her stock just because he wants her to. He is used to getting what he wants but she assures him that he won't from her, that he isn't used to a woman as strong as her. He tells her he can get whatever he wants from any woman. She tells him he is smug and arrogant and has over rated his charm. She tells him it is time to take him down a peg or two. Bobbie arrives at GH and tells him that Tony called her and told her what happened. He is glad to see her as he still hasn't reach Laura. Bobbie warns him that it will be difficult when Laura learns what happened. He shakily tells her about Lucky's condition and that he could be paralyzed. Laura and Sonny arrive to a crime scene on the docks and Laura asks Garcia what happened there? He tells her there has been a shooting, one many is dead and another wounded and at GH. Laura begins to cry thinking it was Luke who was killed. She says she has to go to GH and he offers to take her. Tiffany is taken into the police department and the booking officer asks the young officer if he realizes who she is? He suddenly realizes that Tiffany wasn't lying about being Mrs. Sean Donnelly and begins to grovel. Garcia arrives and tells Sean and Tiffany that Lucky was shot. Laura arrives at GH and runs into Luke's arms, and she sobs with relief that he is okay. She asks about Lucky and tells him that she hasn't been able to find him. He tells her that Lucky was shot and is in surgery. She cries no and begins to pound on Lucky, "Not my baby!"

December 31, 1993 - Luke and Laura's confrontation over Lucky's injuries continued. Felicia & Kevin talk about what they both expect from the New Year as she sets up for the New Year's party. Lois introduces Eddie Maine and the Idle Rich who play that night at the hotel in Buffalo. The band begins with "The Girl Won't Be Lonely Tonight", next they sing "Seventh Son". Sean and Tiffany arrive at GH to comfort and stay with Luke and Laura why they are waiting for news on Lucky's condition. Luke told Sean what he remembered up until the time that Lucky was shot. Sean and Tiffany eventually leave the hospital and go to the Outback for the party. Bobbie was in the surgery helping to save her nephew. Laura donates blood to replenish the supply form the transfusion that they gave Lucky. Lucy and Damian discuss their bet at the party. Lucy goes over the list of women that she could get to have him try to seduce. Sean and Tiffany let Felicia know about Lucky who immediately becomes concerned. Sean knew that Tiffany had been lying with the story she had told him at the hospital and wanted to know what she had REALLY been doing outside Sonny's lounge. Tony fills Luke and Laura in on the procedure and they had to remove Lucky's spleen but he'll be just fine, he has stabilized, and he'll be on a ventilator to help him recover faster. Bobbie and Mac leave Luke and Laura with Lucky in his room and go celebrate with their friends but ask them to  call if they need them. Ned kisses Lois and continues flirting with her until he has to leave to join the band and being the countdown to midnight as 1993 goes out and they ring in 1994. The scene switches to the Outback and Mac continues the countdown with Mac, Felicia, and Kevin celebrating. Damian suggest to Lucy that she pack in the bet as she wouldn't win, Tiffany kisses Sean, then Bobbie and Tony arrive and tell Mac and Felicia that Lucky survived the surgery. Laura sits by Lucky's bedside as a devastated Luke stands outside the room looking in through the window. Laura goes to him and takes him in her arms as Luke holds her and cries with fear and guilt.

January 3, 1994 - Kevin meets his brother they talk about their mother and what it would be like if they had kids.  His brother told him to go for it with Felicia because Mac could hardly stand in his way.  Mac and Felicia talk as they clean up from the Party.  Felicia tells him that there was no reason for him to be jealous of anyone. Ruby questioned Luke on what really happened at the Docks with the mugging. He filled her in. Luke tells her that Laura blames him for what has happened to Lucky.  Laura doesn't want Tony to hold back on anything concerning Lucky's condition. Jagger had a couple friends over for his birthday.  Gina and Mike argue in front of Jaggar because they can't stand each other and who was better than who, Karen showed up and Gina asked how she knew her brothers. Karen tells her that Mike really helped him.  Karen and Jagger talked about his family once Gina and Mike left.  Rhonda saw Alan at GH, she made sure that he didn't think that she purposely tried to see him but she was really there to see a friend that just had surgery. He told her she looked good and she said the same to you. She admits that she sometimes makes up a voive in her head, his and tells him that shes had a dream that he was really there when Ray beat him up. She asked him if he was there and he said he wished he was but he was the dinner. Monica came up on their conversation. Alan tells Monica that he thinks she is starting to remember.
    Laura is with Lucky when Luke comes up. Luke says the worst is over but Laura tells him he doesn't know that since there are no guarantees. They argue about if and when Lucky will ever walk again. Luke needs to hold on to any chance that he has that his son will be ok.  They argue about him working for Frank Smith also. Monica tells Alan not to worry because they will just head off when a disaster dooms. She thinks he needs to use his friendship to make sure she knows where her loyalties are. Monica will not lose him again and she wants to keep him in her bed even if that means she has to trust him with Rhonda Wexler to keep his freedom. Karen thinks Jaggar will make a good cop. They talk about his brother & sister and how it was between them especially since they were all together on his birthday. Kevin comes in and orders a drink from Mac they chat a bit. Mac asks about his brother. Mac tells him to stop going after Felicia otherwise he was going to rip off his head. And that he needs to stay away from her. Ruby asks Jaggar for a favor interrupting him and Karen. Karen leaves telling him that hes a sweet man. Rhonda sees Amy they talk. Amy was like I announced Scottys engagement at that party and yea Alan was there since he was the guest of honor. After Rhonda leaves amy says come to think of it Alan was late. Lucky wakes up with Luke and Laura by his side wants to know where he was. Laura tells him he'll be ok and Luke tells him to listen to her because she knos what sshes talking about.  Both Luke and Laura are relieved that's hes on his way to recovery.

January 4, 1994 - Brenda tells Lila comes into the den they talk about the family party. They talk about how she wouldn't want any issues by getting involved with either of hier grandsons.  Brenda says her social life is a mess and that she needs to find a man that will sweep her off her feet which Lila thinks is a sweet idea of an old fashioned romance. They talk about what kind of a man she needs that isn't a Quartermaine. Ned comes in and talks to Damian about business when Edward comes in and tells him that there are some serious business matters that need his attention so he tries dragging him off and tells him that if hes not at his desk in 5 minutes he will be taking him there. A.J thought that grandpa would be glad to see him and that he was off today so he was in charge of the hotel today. Ned has some crisis management to do at ELQ so he leaves.
     Brenda's in the bathtub has a fantasy sequence with various men in PC. First,  Ned comes in (looking quite corporate) and she asks about her portfolio. She pulls him in with her suit and all. Next, she imagines Sonny entering (looking very mobster like with a trenchcoat, hat, and a gun) demanding the diamonds she was wearing, she takes them off but drps them as shes about to hand them so he is now in the tub with her clothes and all making out. Next, Jagger enters (wearing only his boxing shorts) and when he tells her he has a date with Karen, she points out this is HER fantasy and imagines shooting him, then Jason enters. Finally, AJ then walks in and this time she realizes he isn't a dream!
     Katherine and Damian he thinks her proposal was ridiculous.  She thinks it's a simple legit business plan he wants her out of it and shes just trying to sell his idea to everyone in Port Charles since she can sell anything better than anyone he knows. She just wants an honest life.  He can give her ideas and points and she can sell it. Shes looking to establish herself in Port Charles.  He thinks she wants to cause him grief.  Edward and Ned at ELQ Edward doesn't think the suites with private workouts have made any difference in the success. He goes on about the plans on the toxic waste incinerator and who leaked it since it was discussed behind closed doors. Ned assured him that he would handle it. Edward said when he gets through this he has some more issues to deal with. Ned said he would do what he can but A.J left him stranded to take care of the hotel. Ned is going to Buffalo that evening to be with Lois which Edward knows nothing about. Ned introduces Edward to Katherine since he hired her to build up the Toxic waste incinerator. Katherine thinks this needs to be handled very carefully since there are people on both sides.  Edward thinks she can talk the talk. Katherine wants Edward to act like he knows nothing of this. Damian and Ned talk about Katherine with Edward. Edward comes into the den where Lila was in a good mood that has Lila wondering what put him in this mood. Edward fills her in on how Ned brought her in to do the work for the incinerator.  Lila wants to know about the presentation of Katherine's.  Ned and Katherine talk at the restaurant after Edward leaves. Ned thinks Edwards is attracted to her and sent him home laughing.  He then asks her out on a date.

January 5, 1994 - Damian and Lucy talk about their deal and him seducing the woman that she chose for him.  Damian thinks she can't come up with a woman and she's stalling which Lucy denies.  Sonny speaks to Frank Smith at the jail. Sonny fills him on the details of what has been happening and tells him that if it wasn't for Luke he would have been dead. Mr. Smith continues to question Sonny on what happened and he fills him in on what he does know, including informing him that Lucky got caught in the crossfire.  He orders Sonny to put the word out that its his territory and if it comes to worse then get the guys in hiding.  Tony examines Lucky as the whole family rallies around him to watch. Sean comes by to speak with Luke and Laura. He questions her about being on the docks. Ned comes in late and Lois yells at him. Lois tells him that the band is her life and she won't get left. Ned tells her that hes having fun with the band and with her so hes not leaving her. Tony and Bobbie go to Mac and Felicia's bar and let them know about Lucky.  Lucy decides on Bobbie as the woman that Damian should seduce. Sean and Tiffany go to Mac and  Felicia's also and they talk about Laura not changing his story. Mac and Sean also discuss the case of Luke and the docks. Sean thinks Luke and Sonny have some connection with Frank Smith. Sean wants Mac to help him with Luke to see if he can find anything out. Tiffany wants him to leave it alone but Sean wants to make sure nobody else gets hurt since it is HIS Job. Sonny talks with Luke and Laura tell them he saw Frank. Luke tells him Sean was there and wanted to know why he was on the docks with Laura and then Luke and Sonny speak privately in another room.  Sonny tells Luke about Franks Plans. Luke said they'll just have to watch their backs which sonny thinks is an understatement. Damian starts his work on Bobbie to seduce her. Tony comes back to the table and Damian tells him he was just asking about Lucky because he heard about it New Year's Eve. Tony warns him that anything connected to Lucy can be dangerous.

January 6, 1994 - Lucy and Damian meet for breakfast.  Lucy thinks that keeping busy is keeping her mind off Scott and the baby.  He wants to know what her plans were for the day. Lucy wants to bounce ideas off him at Deception but she doesn't want to take awesy from his time with the bet. He thinks it'll be easy to seduce Bobbie which she thinks is going to be impossible. Laura and Sonny go to see Frank Smith.  Laura tells him that he has left her no other option but to tell him that the last 10 years he has driven them out of their homes and even the country but hes always managed to find them and left them with nowhere to hide. He wants to know if he was supposed to feel sorry for her. She  continues to tell him what she thinks. Bobbie wants to know if Luke would want to tell him what really happened on the docks. She tells him about her encounter with Damian. They sit in the GH lounge and talk about Frank Smith finding them once again. Damian would like to know if there was anyone that Lucy hadn't been married too.  He wants to know if Tony was the jealous type.  He thinks it would be better if she would just sell him her shares which Lucy disagrees.  Ned comes in and waits at a table for Katherine but as he waits he calls Lois wishing he was there with her and they discuss things for the band. Ned and Katherine talk about their deal and how their going to target the elementary grade levels for the kids to get through to their parents. Ned loves her idea since it's a family value kind of thing. One of Lucky's friends comes by to see him while Luke is there. Laura tells Frank Smith that he owes them since Luke saved his life since they've earned their right to walk safely and freely. 

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