Complete GH Episodes, 1992

The year begins as Faison kidnapps Anna, Robert is stunned to discover Holly is alive, he soon leaves town to find Anna, and they are both reportedly killed (along with Faison) in an explosion on his boat and a memorial is held. Ryan arrives and begins romancing Felicia, then he takes her up to the mountain cabin and she realizes he is a crazy man, Mac crashes a snow mobile on his way to rescue her, finds she has stabbed Ryan and she then goes on trial for the deed.

Jagger, Karen, and then Brenda arrive on the show. Jagger, Karen, Jason have some great location scenes up at Big Bear Lake as they take the Q boat out and get stranded on an island during a storm. Robin develops a raging crush on the older Jason who only has eyes for Karen. Bill & Holly have a very Ice Princess-ish looking adventure in San Sebastian, complete with jungle oasis and waterfall. Scott & Dom's romance begins and they get married in Vegas while hammered.

Episode Breakdown

December 27, 1991 - July 6, 1992

July 7-13, 1992:  7/7, 7/8 Ned sings "Hungry Heart, 7/9 Big Bear location scenes begin with Jason, Jagger, Karen, 7/10 Big storm, 7/13 [Episode Descriptions]

July 14-20, 1992:  7/14, 7/15, 7/16, 7/17, 7/20 [Episode Descriptions]

July 21-27, 1992: 7/21 Will Shriner, 7/22, 7/23 "Reginald", Scott & Dom & Julia in Hollywood, Scott runs into John Stamos (former Blackie), 7/24 Gary Collins & Sarah Purcell, Will Shriner, 7/27 Jagger & Cal fight on cliff [Episode Descriptions]

July 28 - August 3,1992:  7/28, 7/29, 7/30 Sean & Alan find Karen & Jason & Jagger, 7/31, 8/3 [Episode Descriptions]

August 4-10, 1992:  8/4, 8/5, 8/6, 8/7 Bill & Holly arrive in San Sebastian, 8/10 Leigh Mcclosky as Dr. Baranski [Episode Descriptions]

August 11-17, 1992:  8/11, 8/12, 8/13, 8/14, 8/17 [Episode Descriptions]

August 18-24, 1992:  8/18, 8/19, 8/20, 8/21, 8/24 Mac & Felicia crash land and spend the night in a barn [Episode Descriptions]

August 25-31, 1992:  8/25 Scott kisses Dom in Atlantic City, 8/26, 8/27 Scott & Dom go to Vegas, Broken Top, 8/28, 8/31 Bill & Holly at a masquarade ball [Episode Descriptions]

September 1-7, 1992:  9/1 Scott & Dom wake up married, 9/2 (missed a min in midde of epi), 9/3 (some commercials) Bill & Holly find statue,  Jagger arrested, 9/4 Sean solves case of the stolen coins, 9/7 [Episode Descriptions]

September 8-14, 1992:  9/8, 9/9, 9/10, 9/11 Ryan & Felicia's first kiss, 9/14 [Episode Descriptions]

September 15-21, 1992:  9/15, 9/16 Atkins takes Bobbie hostage,  9/17 Tony sneaks into the brownstone to rescue Bobbie and is knocked unconscious by Atkins, 9/18 Brenda Barrett arrives, Mac pilots Atkins getaway helicopter, Sean is wounded by Atkins, 9/21 Mac overpowers Atkins and saves the day [Episode Descriptions]

September 22-28, 1992:  9/22, 9/23 Big party at the Quartermaine's, Brenda meets Jagger, 9/24, 9/25, 9/28 cm [Episode Descriptions]

September 29 - October 2, 1992:  9/29 cm, 9/30 cm, 10/1 cm, 10/2 cm First mention of "Summer on Provence" painting [Episode Descriptions]

October 5-9, 1992:  10/5 cm, 10/6 cm, BJ's birthday party, 10/7 missed two mins, Cheryl is in an accident, 10/8 Dom leaves for Italy, Christie Clark (Day's Carrie) plays Robin's friend, 10/9 Ned & Julia at art auction in NY, Brenda throws a party while Julia is out of town, the apartment is thrashed by a fight [Episode Descriptions]

October 12-16, 1992:  10/12, 10/13, 10/14, 10/15, 10/16 Cheryl dies, Robin's birthday party, Brenda gives Robin a make over [Episode Descriptions]

October 19-23, 1992:  10/19 Robin's party continues, 10/20, 10/21, 10/22 Ryan & Felicia arrive at the cabin, 10/23 [Episode Descriptions]

October 26-30, 1992:  10/26, 10/27, 10/28 Art exhibit, 10/29 Exhibit cont, 10/30 AJ & Nikki's wedding, Alan offers Nikki a millon dollars to leave, Ryan tells Felicia he loves her and wants to marry her [Episode Descriptions]

November 2-6, 1992:  11/2 AJ is left at the altar as Nikki leaves town, Felicia realizes Ryan is the killer, 11/3 Ryan sabotages the jeep, 11/4 Ryan drugs Felicia, 11/5, 11/6 Lucy returns [Episode Descriptions]

November 9-13, 1992:  11/9 Senator Kensington at Q party, stuns Jenny, Scott & Dom make love for the first time, 11/10, 11/11 Bill tells everyone about the art heist, 11/12 Felicia screams as Ryan breaks down the door, Mac crashes the snow mobile on his way to the cabin, 11/13 Mac arrives at the cabin and finds Felicia stabbing Ryan [Episode Descriptions]

November 16-20, 1992:  11/16 Ryan is rushed to surgery, 11/17, 11/18 Felicia has a nightmare about Ryan, 11/19 Ryan in ICU, Lucy calls Halifax, 11/20 [Episode Descriptions]

November 23-30, 1992:  11/23 cm, 11/24 cm, 11/25 cm, (no show aired 11/26, 11/27), 11/30 [Episode Descriptions]

December 1-7, 1992:  12/1, 12/2, (Note duplicate episodes, one of these is missing 12/3, 12/4 Felicia & Mac break into Ryan's apartment), 12/7 Julia has tape of Jenny & Senator Kensington, Scott questions Ryan [Episode Descriptions]

December 8-14, 1992:  12/8 Scott gives Lucy $5,000 though he is suspicious of her, 12/9, 12/10 Brenda finds the tape of Jenny, Ryan is released, Mac & Felicia go back to TX, Scott runs into Greg Bennett (played by John O'Hurley) while he is in NY, 12/11 Brenda takes the tape out of the safe and leaves it in it in Ned's car, 12/14 Ned watches the tape, Scott confronts Lucy [Episode Descriptions]

December 15-21, 1992:  12/15 Lucas' custody hearing, 12/16 Lucy tries to cut a deal with Scott for a percentage of Deception, 12/17 Bill threathens Lucy with a gun, 12/18 Felicia's trial begins, 12/21 cm AJ attempts suicide, Richard Halifax surface (played by Randolph Mantooth) [Episode Descriptions]

December 22-28, 1992:  12/22 cm Lucy is afraid of Halifax and wants money to leave town, Marco offers to help Lucy, 12/23 cm, 12/24 cm, Christmas party at GH, (no show 12/25), 12/28 [Episode Descriptions]

December 29, 1992 - January 5, 1993:   12/29 Ryan goes to see Felicia, 12/30 Mac & Feicia go to the cabin to search for evidence and find the rings, 12/31 New Year's Eve Party, 1/4 Dom gives Lucy a job, 1/5/93 Felicia's trial for the attempted murder of Ryan begins, Monica testifies [Episode Descriptions]

Expanded Descriptions

July 7-13, 1992:  7/7, 7/8 Ned sings "Hungry Heart, 7/9 Big Bear location scenes begin with Jason, Jagger, Karen, 7/10 Big storm, 7/13

July 7, 1992 - No Commercials - Dominique wants Deception to pick up the bill for her and Scott's adventure in Texas. Alan and Monica find out AJ is staying at Nikki's room at Kellys. Julia wants to spin Dominique and Scott's adventure into free publicity for Deception. Wyndamns wants a meeting with Scott and Julia pronto. Paul has four tickets to Bruce Springsteen and invites Ned and Jenny. Paul overhears Ned tell Julia their deal to buy the hotel will be finalized on Friday. Mr. Wyndamn takes a meeting with Julia, Scott and Dominique and he is thrilled with the extra publicity that is coming Deception's way. Jason wants to take Karen for a ride on the Q boat. Monica asks AJ about his feelings for Nikki. Ned tells Jenny he was rebooked their trip to the Caribbean for next week. Nikki apologizes to Monica. But Monica tells her there is no way she will never win Monica's trust back. Edward wants Alan to put his foot down where AJ is concerned. “The Home Show with Gary Collins” calls to book Julia, Scott and Dominique as guests. Edward reflects on what kind of father he was. Lila assures Edward that you only get angry with the ones you love the most. AJ gives Nikki a bracelet.  

July 8, 1992 - No Commercials - Bobbie refuses a collect phone call from Adkins. Chris tells Bill that they set sail for San Sebastian on Friday. Their contact will be Father Martin. Jenny questions Bill about his upcoming trip. Father Martin tells Romero that he has duped Chris into believing he is part of the freedom party. Holly, Tiffany, Bobbie and Felicia have some tea and girl talk at the brownstone. Holly tells Romero she is still undecided about going to San Sebastian. Paul, Tracy, Ned and Jenny go to the Bruce Springsteen concert. Romero is convinced that Holly will change her mind and go to San Sebastian with him. Ned annoys Jenny with all his business phone calls. Jenny has a Ned fantasy. Tracy vows never to go to another rock concert again. Tracy has a Paul fantasy. Adkins threatens Bobbie when she rejects another one of his phone calls.   

July 9, 1992 - No Commercials - Mac gets a note from Holly telling him she has left for San Sebastian to look for Paloma. Chris and Bill get ready to set sail on their trip to San Sebastian. Jagger gets the Q boat running, goes below deck, hits his head and gets knocked out. (Note: bad tape…first minute of the scene has bad video quality). Karen and Jason leave on their boat trip. A disguised Holly stows away in the cargo of Bill's ship. Mac tells Sean that he doesn't think he can trust Holly. Tony and Bobbie plan a romantic dinner. Sean tells Mac he wants to work toward being friends with Conner. Tony has to cancel dinner. Bobbie and Tony learn Adkins has escaped from prison. Jason and Karen find Jagger onboard.   

July 10, 1992 - No Commercials - Jason accuses Jagger of hiding out below to steal the boat. They get into a physical fight. A storm rolls in, reeking havoc with Bill and Chris's boat trip. Jason decides to head back to land to avoid the upcoming storm but the engine won't start. Bobbie tells Tony that Adkins threatened her in their last phone call. Ned and Julia sign the final papers for the PC Hotel. Julia tells Ned her plans for a Deception spa in the hotel. Jagger works to get the boat running again, but the boat is blown way off course. Mac and Felicia batten down The Outback. The power goes out at the PC Hotel. Ned and Julia are trapped together. Jenny and Paul get trapped in a bed and bath shop in the storm. Felicia is worried when she can't get through to Robin and Jody who are baby-sitting BJ and Maxie. Jason saves Jagger when he almost goes overboard. Lights and the phone lines go down at the brownstone.   

July 13, 1992 - No Commercials - The storm continues. Felicia insists on going back to the brownstone to be with Maxie. GH is inundated with patients. Jessica and Scott enjoy candlelight and drinks at the PC Grill. Since they are trapped, they get a room. Eric and AJ get trapped together in the GH elevator. Mac drags Felicia back to The Outback after she sprains her ankle trying to get back to Maxie. Jessica and Scott in bed together. At Tony's insistence Sean offers to send a cop to check on the brownstone. A tree busts through the window of the brownstone scaring Jody and Robin to death. Mac tends to Felicia's ankle. The storm reminds Felicia of the nightmares she has been having. Holly's cover is almost blown as the crew of Bill's ship try to get through the storm.

July 14-20, 1992:  7/14, 7/15, 7/16, 7/17, 7/20

July 14, 1992 - No Commercials - Ned worries about Jenny being out in the storm. Paul refuses to let Jenny try and make it home. The Q boat is in serious danger of capsizing and Jason, Jagger, and Karen hold on for dear life. Eric tells Nikki that there is no way he could forgive her for what she did. Jenny and Paul talk about how much they have in common and their childhood's. Monica sees AJ kiss Nikki. The Q boat hits some rocks. Ned and Julia play cards to pass the time. Jenny insists that she and Paul share the bed at the bath shop. Tracy worries about where Paul is. (Note: Video jump during the scene) After drinking a little too much champaign, Ned and Julia kiss but stop themselves before things go any further. Jagger, Jason and Karen decide to swim for the shore.  

July 15, 1992 - No Commercials - Mac hears Felicia talking in her sleep during her nightmare. Bill finds Holly onboard his ship. Jessica asks Scott where their relationship is going. Julia regrets the kiss that happened between her and Ned. Mac and Felicia finally get back to the brownstone. Romero's man radios to him that he lost Holly. Holly tells Bill that she is going to San Sebastian to look for her sister. Scott hints that Jessica could sway the bar committee to get him reinstated early. With no choice, Bill is forced to take Holly with him to San Sebastian. Once they arrive she is on her own though. Jenny, Paul, and Ned lie to Tracy about where they slept last night. Tracy notices that Jenny has lost an earring. Chris finds Holly onboard.   

July 16, 1992 - No Commercials - Bill covers for Holly. Alan and Monica learn that Jason never made it home. Jason and Jagger are washed up on the shore of a deserted island. Alan and Monica find AJ in Nikki's hospital bed. Jagger and Jason find Karen's life preserver but no Karen. They begin the search for her. Rhonda comes to GH looking for Karen and she learns that Jason is missing too. Jagger finds Karen. The Qs learn the boat is gone. Alan calls Sean with the news that Jason and Karen are missing. Sean alerts the coast guard. Chris meets with Romero and Father Martin. Romero wants a thorough inspection of the Chris and Bill's ship before any cargo is transferred. The Qs want to help in the search for Jason.   

July 17, 1992 - No Commercials - The Q's rally around Monica who is worried sick about Jason. Ned and Paul return from the search with nothing to report on Jason. Felicia and Mac clean up The Outback. Holly overhears Bill and Chris talking about their cargo. Tracy fishes around Jenny and Paul about their stories of where they were the night of the storm. Felicia has a strange feeling when she handles an ice pick at The Outback. Paul asks Jenny to ride up with him to see Sly and Susan at summer camp. Tracy finds a note in Ned's suit pocket from Julia. Bill returns to his cabin on the ship to find Holly missing. Holly finds the weapons onboard the ship. Ned wants Jenny to think about starting a family soon. Tracy learns Ned lied about where he was the night of the storm. Jenny confesses to a priest of having thoughts of another man. Ned warns Paul to stay away from Jenny. Father Martin pulls a gun on Bill and Bill is shot in the struggle. Romero learns Holly is onboard.    

July 20, 1992 - No Commercials - Rhonda shows up at The Qs for an update on the search for Karen and Jason. Jagger and Jason build an SOS sign for planes to see from the air. Romero stops Father Martin from killing Bill. Felicia is still perplexed about why the ice pick triggered something in her. Mac thinks Felicia should see Tom again. Jagger, Karen, and Jason build a shelter and start looking for food. Ryan asks Mac where things stand between him and Felicia. Tom hypothesis Felicia. Felicia comes up with word “Broken Top” during the session. Holly treats Bill's gun shot wound. Bill tells Holly about his past with Father Martin. Robin and Bobbie come to the Q mansion to check in on Monica and Alan. Bobbie learns in the paper that Cal (one of the kids who robbed Kellys) and Joseph Adkins are brothers. Adkins broke Cal out of prison too and the two are on the lam. Adkins and Cal were on their way to Canada and got caught up in the storm. They turn up on the same island as Jason, Karen, and Jagger. Mac wants to look into “Broken Top”. Ryan fishes around Tom on information on Felicia's progress.

July 21-27, 1992: 7/21 Will Shriner, 7/22, 7/23 "Reginald", Scott & Dom & Julia in Hollywood, Scott runs into John Stamos (former Blackie), 7/24 Gary Collins & Sarah Purcell, Will Shriner, 7/27 Jagger & Cal fight on cliff

July 21, 1992 - No Commercials - Paul asks Jenny about her feelings for him. She insists they are just friends and she wants to protect her marriage. On the island, Jagger tries to rustle up some food. Jason gets a fire going. Will Shriner takes Dominique to dinner at The Grill. Scott crashes in on them, Ned takes Jenny to dinner and tells her about now owning the PC Hotel. Ned plans a night in a suite at the hotel for them. Ned and Julia deal with a small electrical fire at the hotel. Jenny can't stop thinking of Paul. Adkins and Cal decide to search the island at daybreak for shelter and a boat.

July 22, 1992 - No Commercials - Nikki wants to see Monica. Mac tells Felicia that “Broken Top” is a bluff in Texas. Mac wants to go to Texas and poke around. Bill's gunshot wound is infected. Nikki tells Eric she is being released today. She apologies to him again for the lawsuit. Monica sees through Nikki apologizing to her again. Monica wants to know what Nikki's game is. Ryan invites Felicia and Maxie to the zoo. When Holly meets with Romero, he insists that the weapons are going to the freedom fighters not the San Sebastian Government. Sean and Tiffany are going to watch Robin while Mac is in Texas. Holly bargains for Romero to help Bill. Nikki is discharged from GH. Holly returns to Bill and sees that he has tried to remove the bullet himself. Romero tells Father Martin he can have Bill as soon as he gets the location of the emerald mines. Holly removes the bullet from Bill's leg.

July 23, 1992 - No Commercials - Ned announces to the Qs that ELQ has purchased the PC Hotel with Julia. Tracy is very curious about how long Ned has been working with Julia. Jennings sends his nephew, Reginald, to the Qs as their new butler. Julia, Scott, and Dominique arrive in LA. They try and get into a trendy restaurant. Scott stalks John Stamos. Jason, Karen, and Jagger make the best of things on the island. Jenny accuses Paul of stirring up trouble where there is none.Tracy confronts Ned about lying to Jenny about where he was the night of the storm. Jagger has a flashback of social services taking away his brother and sister. Tracy finds Jenny's missing earring in Paul's pants pocket. 

July 24, 1992 - No Commercials - Ryan picks Felicia up for their day at the zoo. Jason, Karen, and Jagger have now been gone for 3 days. Ruby asks Sean about Jagger. Sean thinks that Jagger just split town. Holly admits to Bill that at one time she did care about Romero. Scott, Julia, and Dominique are interviewed on “The Home Show” Ryan and Felicia have lunch and she tells him about her memory of “Broken Top” and how Mac has gone to Texas. Alan accompanies Sean on a plane to search the coastline for the kids. Cal and Joseph split up and search the rest of the island. The unsuspecting Cal ruins the kid's SOS sign. Bill tells Holly about his days in prison and how he was tortured. Cal finds Karen.

July 27, 1992 - No Commercials - Bill's fever is getting worse. Holly wants to go and see Romero. Ned bails on going with Jenny for Sly's parents day at camp. Paul learns that Tracy may have found the earring. Chris tells Bill he is on his own. Holly overhears Romero talking about using her to lead him to her sister. Cal lies to Karen and tells he is part of a rescue party. Sean calls Alan and Monica with news that he was found debris from the boat. Cal tries to attack Karen. Chris gives Holly antibiotics for Bill.  Paul and Jenny get their story straight about the earring. Ned tells Tracy that he was trapped with Julia and the hotel. Ned tells her that he and Julia are just friends. Jagger comes to Karen's rescue. But Cal has a gun and he and Jagger struggle.

July 28 - August 3,1992:  7/28, 7/29, 7/30 Sean & Alan find Karen & Jason & Jagger, 7/31, 8/3

July 28, 1992 - No Commercials - Bill's fever has broken. Tiffany gives Bobbie and Felicia the skinny on Holly being in San Sebastian. AJ tells Nikki that he is discouraged after going out the search parties day after day. In the struggle, Jagger and Jason throw Cal of the side of the cliff. After being sober since the car accident, AJ takes a drink to calm his nerves. Holly and Bill plot how to make their escape from the ship. Romero offers Bill a deal, his life for him to forget about Holly. Tiffany tells Bobbie that Sean is not ready for a baby but she is. Believing that they have drowned, the coast guard calls off the search for the kids. Jagger tells Karen and Jason he found the boat. Holly and Bill plan to disable the radio on the ship and escape in a life raft.

July 29, 1992 - No Commercials - Jagger finds that Cal's body is gone from the side of the cliff.  Scott gets a letter that his license will be reinstated next week, but he is worried the board may find out about his run in with the law in Texas. Jenny's car breaks down on the way to Sly's camp. Paul comes to her rescue. The kids start making paddles to use on the boat if it happens to be seaworthy. Ryan gives Felicia flowers for the brownstone garden. Julia leaves to go up to Sly's camp. Jagger is worried that when they get back the police won't believe their story. Jenny is forced to ride up to camp with Paul. Julia arrives at Sly's camp. Jason thinks that Cal's body has to have floated away with the tide. They agree to not mention to the police anything about Cal if questioned. Jessica agrees to testify on Scott's behave if needed. The kids find a row boat and agree to take their chances on the water.

July 30, 1992 - No Commercials - Tracy overhears Paul and Jenny talking about spending the day together. Holly creates a distraction for Bill. Tracy confronts Paul about spending the day with Jenny. AJ refuses to give up and believe Jason is dead. Alan and AJ will continue on even though the coast guard has suspended their search. Chris finds Bill with a bag full of guns and accuses him of planning to blow up the ship. Holly knocks Chris out. Jason, Karen, and Jagger are rescued. Paul tells Jenny he can't hide his feelings anymore and they kiss. Sean questions the kids about how they survived on the island. Tracy hires a PI to investigate Jenny.

July 31, 1992 - No Commercials - Monica and Rhonda meet the rescue boat at the dock and are reunited with Jason and Karen. Mac is back in PC after his trip to Texas. Holly distracts Romero. Sean questions Jagger about Cal. Jason returns home to the Qs. Mac shows Felicia photos of “Broken Top” hoping that it will jog her memory. Felicia does think that it does look familiar. Bill dismantles the radio and sets fire to the engine room of the ship. Bill pulls a gun on Father Martin but Holly stops him from killing him. Rhonda sees the bruises on Karen from the attack and thinks that someone roughed her up. Rhonda suspects Jagger. Bill and Holly escape in a life raft. Ryan thinks Mac is grasping at straws with the photos. Mac thinks it is important that Felicia know about her past.

August 3, 1992 - No Commercials - Alan tells Jason goodbye from Monica who had to go to China for a hospital seminar. Jagger returns to work at Kellys. The kids can't stop thinking about what happened to Cal. Sean and Tiffany in bed together. Tiffany presses him again on the baby issue. Sean agrees to think about it. Alan gives Jason a watch that Edward gave him. Jason thinks the watch should go to AJ. Robin visits Jason but he really does not give her the time of day. Jagger and Karen are very distracted at Kellys. Jason wishes that AJ would consider moving home. Karen thanks Jagger again for saving her life. Alan makes an effort with AJ and ask him to dinner but just can't get past the Nikki issue. Karen, Jagger, and Jason worry about Sean learning the truth. Believing he was the one that attacked Karen, Rhonda sicks her boyfriend on Jagger. Bill and Holly's liferaft is attacked by sharks.

August 4-10, 1992:  8/4, 8/5, 8/6, 8/7 Bill & Holly arrive in San Sebastian, 8/10 Leigh McClosky

August 4, 1992 - No Commercials - Felicia has a PI case for Mac. A woman searching for her missing husband. Dominique wants to take Julia and Scott to The Outback. Jenny admits to her priest that she is a married woman in love with another man. Lila gives Tracy some advice on a long lasting marriage. Sean and Tiffany hit The Outback for dinner. After the priest tells Jenny she should focus on her marriage, she presses Ned to take that Caribbean vacation. Tracy smoothes things over with Paul. Mac meets with Sara Foster, the woman whose husband is missing. Jenny and Ned join the Deception crew for a drink at The Outback. Ryan hates seeing Mac and Felicia together.    

August 5, 1992 - No Commercials - Mac flirts with a bank teller and gets George Foster's bank records. Bill tells Holly they are further away from San Sebastian that he originally planned. Scott tells Julia he was been reinstated by the bar committee. Julia shows Scott Deception's impressive bottom line. Felicia sees Tom about her latest round of nightmares. This time she sees a woman's dead body in her hypothesis session. Mac checks to see if any John Doe's where admitted into GH for his PI case. Tiffany tells Simone that she is dying to have a baby. Felicia tells Mac about the hypothesis session. Holly falls into shark-infested waters. 

August 6, 1992 - No Commercials - Karen insists to her mother that nothing happened on the island. Bill rescues Holly. Jason, Karen, and Jagger read in the paper that Cal's body has not been found yet. Bill realizes that the food bag went overboard when Holly did. Rhonda's boyfriend roughs up Jagger. Nikki thinks AJ should move back in with his parents till they find an apartment together. Karen finds Jagger beaten up lying in the alley. She wants to take him to GH but he insists she just take him back to his room at Kellys. Karen spends the night to take care of him.

August 7, 1992 - No Commercials - Felicia asks Mac if he has a problem with her dating Ryan. Jagger still insists Karen not call the cops about his beating. Holly and Bill finally see land and arrive in San Sebastian. Jason finds Karen in Jagger's room. Jason learns he has been beaten. Paul presses Jenny not to go to the Caribbean with Ned, as it will not solve anything. Bill and Holly share a kiss. Karen lies to Ruby and tells her that Jagger fell off a motorcycle. Tracy finds out where Paul stayed the night of the storm. Ryan learns what Felicia has been remembering about her past. Ryan spikes Felicia's drink at the pier but she never drinks it. Holly and Bill are found in the jungle by three armed gunmen. They believe Holly is Paloma.     

August 10, 1992 - No Commercials - Felicia tells Mac that she has been secretly helping him on the Foster case. Jagger sees Rhonda's boyfriend around Kellys. Paul tries one last ditch effort to get Jenny to not go on her vactaion. With their spouses both working, Tony and Tiffany hit The Outback together. Ryan and Dr. Baranski have drinks. Mac is angry with Felicia for interfering in his PI case. Ned and Jenny leave for the Caribbean. Jagger tells Jason again that it was just a few muggers that beat him up. Julia and Dominique are finding that the singles scene was gotten old for them. On the plane, Jenny comes clean with Paul helping her on the way to Sly's camp. Felicia has another nightmare.

August 11-17, 1992:  8/11, 8/12, 8/13, 8/14, 8/17

August 11, 1992 - No Commercials - Jagger realizes it was Rhonda who sent the men to beat him up. Nikki thinks AJ should work thinks out with his family. Bill and Holly fake a fight so Bill can distract the gunmen. Alan and AJ are concerned about Jason. Alan asks AJ to talk to him. Much to Karen's embarrassment, Rhonda tries to invite the Qs to dinner. All of them decline but Jason. Karen begs her mother to call off the dinner party with Jason. Bill is able to outsmart the gunman and he and Holly make a run for it. After seeing Eric and Nikki together in the GH cafeteria, Amy wants to know what Eric is doing with her. Alan talks with Tony about his concerns over Jason. AJ asks Jason about what really happened on the island. Eric admits to Tony that he might be attracted to Nikki. Tony tells him it is not worth it. Karen invites Jagger to dinner. Holly and Bill walk into a trap.

August 12, 1992 - No Commercials - Ned and Jenny in the Caribbean. Their romantic dinner on their hotel balcony is ruined by rain. Felicia tells Mac about her latest nightmare. Bill and Holly get trapped in a net. Tracy wants to take a vacation with Paul. Bill and Holly get themselves freed from the net. George Foster comes looking for Mac at The Outback. Ned brings up the baby issue again with Jenny. Paul agrees to a weekend away with Tracy but insists Dillon come with them. Baranski and Julia have dinner. Felicia tells Ryan about her new nightmare and how she thinks it may be the key to unlock her past.

August 13, 1992 - No Commercials - Jason blows off Alan's questions about what is wrong. When it gets a little rowdy in Kellys, Jagger offers Karen his room to study in. Robin thinks Felicia would be a good match for Mac. Tiffany gives Robin some pointers on how to get Jason's attention. Robin suggests Tiffany interview Jason, Karen, and Jagger about their time on the island. Jason declines. Felicia just won't stay out of Mac's PI case. She shows up at Jake's Bar to help him. Jagger tells Karen that it was Rhonda's boyfriend who beat him up. Jagger is worried about Jason cracking. Jagger overhears Alan talking with Tom about his problems with Jason and AJ. Karen tells Jason about who beat up Jagger. Mac agrees to let Felicia work on his PI cases as long as he picks the cases.

August 14, 1992 - No Commercials - It has rained for two straight days in the Caribbean and Jenny and Ned have had it. They are ready to leave. Tracy and Paul get ready to leave for their weekend away. Karen confronts her mother about having her boyfriend beat up Jagger. Holly and Bill trek through the San Sebastian jungle. Ned has an idea to salvage his and Jenny's vacation. Jagger shows Karen his new motorcycle and he wants to take her for a ride. A monkey steals Bill and Holly's clothes when they go skinny-dipping. Jason joins the Wexler's for dinner. Rhonda starts their dinner on fire. Jason takes Karen and Rhonda out to dinner. With the Qs away, AJ and Nikki party in the Jacuzzi. Ned and Jenny decide to spend the rest of their vacation at the Q cabin. One problem, Tracy and Paul have the same idea and show up. Bill and Holly are caught by armed guards. Karen, Jason, and Jagger all get threatening notes.

August 17, 1992 - No Commercials - Ryan and Felicia go on a date in NYC. Tracy wants Ned and Jenny to leave the cabin pronto. (Note: News brief interruption: a few minutes lost) A frantic Karen calls Jason. Ned and Tracy argue, as neither will leave the cabin. Jagger, Karen, and Jason meet at the pier. They think that Joseph Adkins may be the one that send the threatening notes. Alan finds Nikki in the Jacuzzi. Nikki tells him that she is trying to convince AJ to return home. Nikki puts off AJ when he wants to take her to bed. She lies when AJ asks her what she was doing talking with Eric at the GH cafeteria. Jason, Karen, and Jagger meet at the Qs to discuss a plan. Paul wants to pack up and leave the cabin but Tracy will not hear of it. Karen is worried about Adkins coming after them. Jason thinks that if Adkins wanted them dead he wouldn't have warned them. Ryan spikes Felicia drink at the restaurant.

August 18-24, 1992:  8/18, 8/19, 8/20, 8/21, 8/24 Mac & Felicia crash land and spend the night in a barn

August 18, 1992 - No Commercials - Bobbie and Tiffany remember Lucas on his third birthday. Jenny gives Paul a gift for Dillon. Tiffany apologies to Bobbie for all the horrible things she said after Cheryl took Lucas. The guards take Holly to her sister Paloma and leave Bill tied to a tree. After Tracy sees a moment between Paul and Jenny, she accuses Jenny of trying to steal her husband. Bill sweet-talks a local kid to untie him. Bill is caught and brought to Paloma and Holly. Tiffany may have a potential date for Julia. Bobbie wants to go to a spa for some rest and lose some of the weight she has put on. Rick is reunited with Holly. Bill offers to help the resistance get the arms from the ship. Paul's car breaks down trapping Ned and Jenny with Paul and Tracy for one more night together. Holly tells Bill that Paloma has arranged for him to go home. 

August 19, 1992 - No Commercials - Rhonda apologies to Jagger for her boyfriend's actions. Karen thinks someone is following her. Mac has talked with Mariah and she may have information about the man Felicia dated back in Texas. Mac wants Felicia to go with him to Texas to investigate. Felicia is not having any nightmares now and she does not want to stir up anything by going back to Texas. Nikki gets word that she needs to pay her hospital bill or she will be sent to collections. Robin tells Felicia that she thinks that Mac is jealous of Ryan. AJ asks Alan to help Nikki get more time to pay her GH medical bill. Felicia tells Ryan about Mac's plan to go to Texas. He tells her that he doesn't care if she ever gets her memory back. AJ tells Nikki that he never wants to go back home. AJ and Nikki get jobs. Jason sees Jagger comfort Karen. Felicia tells Mac that she does not want to go to Texas. Ryan gets the location of Mac's plane that he rented to fly to Texas.

August 20, 1992 - No Commercials. Note: Bad sound in the first 2 minutes of this episode - Ned, Jenny, Paul and Tracy return to PC. Tracy checks in with the PI on what he has found on Jenny. He has found nothing juicy in her past yet. She fires him. Scott returns from Vegas with gifts for everyone. Tracy finds Jenny and Paul at the Jacuzzi together. Julia questions why Ned came back from his vacation early. Scott new sports car breaks down when he takes Dominique for a ride. Jenny asks Julia to consider her to design the in the works Deception Spa. Edward wants the skinny on who Tracy fired. Scott and Dominique have to hitch back to town. An Elvis impersonator picks them up and Scott has the idea to ride with him to Atlantic City instead. AJ plans a special night for Nikki and they make love. 

August 21, 1992 - No Commercials - Holly tells Bill that a fishing boat with provide him with passage back home. Jason gives Karen the cold shoulder. Ryan tampers with Mac's plane. Bill tries to persuade Holly to leave with him. Gunfire breaks out in the San Sebastian jungle derailing Bill's plan to leave. Jagger gets another threatening note now demanding money. Karen tells Jason that she does not have feelings for Jagger. Jason apologies for being a jerk. Bill now plans to help Rick and Paloma get their hands on the weapons from the ship. Jagger shows Karen and Jason the note with the demand of $25,000. Felicia changes her mind and decides to go to Texas with Mac. Bill and Holly board the ship. Ryan learns Felicia changed her mind.

August 24, 1992 - No Commercials - Jagger thinks that $25,000 should be no trouble for Jason. Karen wants to go to the police as that is the only way out of this mess. Ryan arrives at the airport but Mac's plane has already taken off. Bill, Holly, and Paloma take Romero and Father Martin by surprise on the ship.  Romero insists that the arms have always been for Paloma. Bill wants Chris to get the ship on course for San Sebastian. Ryan finds out where Mac will make his first fuel stop. Mac's plane begins to lose altitude and he is forced to make an emergency landing in a field. Jason, Karen, and Jagger decide to empty their personal savings to pay the blackmailer off. Jason has to come up with the remainder somehow though. Mac investigates and thinks the plane has been tampered with. He and Felicia are stranded and take shelter in a horse barn. Father Martin and Romero get the upper hand. Martin takes Holly hostage. Ryan learns the plane went down.

August 25-31, 1992:  8/25 Scott & Dom Atlantic City, 8/26, 8/27 Scott & Dom Vegas, Broken Top, 8/28, 8/31 Bill & Holly masquarade ball

August 25, 1992 - No Commercials - Holly is taken to Santiago's palace. Santiago sends word to Paloma that Holly will only be released in exchange for the jaguar statue. Julia tells Ned about considering Jenny to be the designer for the Deception Spa. Paul finds an envelope from PI agency addressed to Tracy. Tracy covers and tells Paul that she is investigating Reginald. Scott and Dominique call Julia from Atlantic City. Ned and Jenny argue about her wanting to work on her career and not start a family right away. Dominique and Scott talk about their past relationships with Lucy and Mac. Scott ends up kissing her. The jaguar statue is under Santiago's palace only he doesn't know it. Bill tells Paloma that no statue is worth Holly's life. Despite her inexperience, Julia looks at Jenny's designs for the Deception Spa. Tracy wants Ned to keep Jenny away from Paul. Paloma has a plan to get into the palace during a masquerade ball that is being held there. Tracy lets Julia know that she knows that she and Ned spend the night of the storm together.

August 26, 1992 - No Commercials - Mac finds a way to get him and Felicia to Texas. The Qs have breakfast on the terrace. Ned confronts Tracy about her conversation with Julia. Jagger, Jason, and Karen empty their personal savings and pull their money. Jagger gets a note from Adkins to deliver the money on Friday at 6pm. Rhonda tells Alan about Karen acting jumpy. Jason asks AJ about how they could get access to their trust funds early. Nikki helps Eric picks out a present for Shelia from the store she is working out. AJ sees them together. Mac and Felicia arrive at the hacienda in Texas. Felicia remembers Mariah. Jason steals some of Edward's coin collection to come up with the money to pay off Adkins.

August 27, 1992 - No Commercials - Jason covers, when he gets caught by Lila with the coins. Jagger comes up with a way to get some quick bucks. Tiffany and Robin baby-sit BJ and Maxie. Sean is still not sure about a baby. Nothing but Mariah is familiar to Felicia at the hacienda. Mac wants to take Felicia to “Broken Top” Scott and Dominique check into a hotel in Vegas. Ryan arrives in Texas. When they arrive, Felicia has a memory of the back of a blonde haired man. Jason has second thoughts about selling the coins. After bonding with Maxie, Sean tells Tiffany that he is ready to have a child with her. Felicia has a nightmare. Ryan covers his tracks at “Broken Top”

August 28, 1992 - No Commercials - Mac wants Felicia to go back to “Broken Top”.  Holly gets word from Paloma that she must attend the masked ball with Romero. Jason takes the coins to the pawn shop. The broker calls the police as he suspects the coins are stolen. Jason has to ditch the coins and takes off. Ryan is back in PC. Back at Broken Top, Mac suspects that someone has been there. Holly agrees to go to the masked ball with Romero. With the coins gone, Jagger plans to steal a car. Mac gets some information about an address where a woman was stabbed the night before Felicia arrived in Texas. Mac and Felicia talk with the tenants. Holly arrives at the masked ball. She and Paloma have the same costume on. Mac and Felicia return after dark to the address. Felicia has a memory of a woman being stabbed with an ice pick.

August 31, 1992 - No Commercials - Holly makes nice with Romero at the masked ball. Paloma switches places with Holly. Holly is reunited with Bill. Felicia recounts her memory to Mac. She remembers that the man from her memory has a ring on his hand. Karen follows Jason and Jagger to go steal a car. Karen covers for them when the police show up. Paloma pulls a gun on Romero. With Jenny working, Ned and Julia have drinks at The Outback. Jason and Jagger steal a van but Jagger only gets $500 for it. Karen gets a call from Adkins wishing them congrats on stealing the van and selling it. He is watching everything they do. Paloma, Holly, and Bill tie up Romero and go in search of the jaguar statue.

September 1-7, 1992:  9/1 Scott & Dom wake up married, 9/2 (missed a min in midde of epi), 9/3 (some commercials) Bill & Holly find statue,  Jagger arrested, 9/4 Sean solves case of the stolen coins, 9/7

September 1, 1992 - No Commercials - Scott and Dominique wake up in bed together, and discover they are married. Mac wants to go back to the office where the murder in Felicia’s dreams took place. Ned doesn’t have much confidence in Jenny being able to come up with a design for the Deception Spa. Scott and Dominique get the videotape from their wedding. Ryan questions Tom about Felicia’s memory loss. Mac and Felicia get the name of a man, Mark Rivers, that used to work at the office where the murder took place. Scott and Dominique watch their wedding video. Tracy teaches Dillon his ABC’s. Alan and Tracy have a heart to heart about parenting. Mark does not recognize Felicia but he does remember a blonde researcher. Paul picks up Sly and Susan from camp. Paul tells Tracy that Susan will not be staying at the mansion as planned.

September 2, 1992 - No Commercials - Bill and Holly search for the jaguar statue. Scott and Dominique on a chartered plane back to PC. Lila tries to stop Tracy from leaving the mansion with Dillon. Julia calls Ned a chauvinist for wanting Jenny at home and not work. Dominique and Scott argue on the plane and agree a divorce is the only answer when they get back to PC. Sean and Tiffany invite Tony to dinner at The Outback. Tracy leaves for her trip. Paul tells Jenny about changing his mind about Susan living with him. Dominique and Scott show up at The Outback (Note: Video jump during the scene) Scott blows off Jessica. Bill and Holly find a burial tomb that may contain the statue. Scott and Dominique are beginning to rethink getting the divorce. Lila tells Paul that Tracy and Dillon are gone. Marco Dane boards the ELQ jet impersonating “Ned Ashton”. Tracy plays along so she can bust him. They are headed to Hawaii. (Note: First appearance by Gerald Anthony) Bill
and Holly bust into the tomb and find a real jaguar. 

September 3, 1992 - No Commercials - Marco continues his impersonation of Ned. Tracy questions Marco about the other Q’s.  Jason tells Karen and Jagger that Edward has hired an appraiser to look at his coins.  He is about to get nailed for taking the coins. Tracy busts Marco. Jagger plans for he and Karen to steal the coins back from the pawnshop. Marco tries to snow Tracy. She thinks he might be useful to her. Karen distracts the pawnshop clerk while Jagger steals the coins back. But Jagger is busted by the cops going out the back. Holly and Bill get their hands on the jaguar statue.  Coming out of the tomb, Father Martin pulls a gun on them. Tracy wants Marco to look at Jenny’s past in Portland. Bill gets the upper hand with Martin and shoots him. 

September 4, 1992 - No Commercials - The government in San Sebastian is overthrown and Paloma will take over the leadership of the country. Santiago and Romero are in custody. Holly returns the jaguar statue to Paloma. Sean questions Jagger and he suspects he is working with someone. Edward finds some of the coins are gone. Lila recalls that Jason was looking at the coins earlier. Rick tells Holly that Romero has escaped. Jason and Karen go to the PCPD to bail Jagger out. Edward calls Sean. Mac and Felicia search for anyone that might recognize the blonde haired man from Felicia’s nightmares. They find a bartender that recognizes Felicia. He names the man as Todd Wilson and he rented an apartment above a bar. Sean questions Karen, Jason, and Jagger. They try to cover for each other but Sean sees right through them. Mac and Felicia search the apartment and get a clue. Bill and Holly say goodbye to Rick and Paloma. Sean returns the coins to Edward. The pawn shop clerk
identifies Jason as the one that tried to sell the coins. Mac and Felicia find the brownstone address in Todd’s apartment

September 7, 1992 - No Commercials - Scott tells Dominique that he thinks that they should stay married. Edward wants an explanation from Jason. Jason refuses to tell Sean why he took the coins. Monica returns from China. Scott lays out all the options to Dominique for them to get divorce. They agree to use the time it will take to get a divorce to get to know each other. When Edward does not press charges, Karen and Jagger are let go. Alan and Monica plead with Jason to tell them what kind of trouble is he in. After complaining that she is tried and achy, Nikki snows Eric and gets him to examine her at GH. Eric gets busted by Steve as he is not her regular doctor.  Nikki returns to her apartment to find AJ drunk and he informs her that he got fired. They argue about his drinking. Sean tells Alan and Monica that he is putting all three of the kids under surveillance and it will just be a matter of time before they tip their hand.

September 8-14, 1992:  9/8, 9/9, 9/10, 9/11 Ryan & Felicia's first kiss, 9/14

September 8, 1992 - No Commercials - Alan shows Monica the redecorated bedroom. Garcia is tailing Jason. Adkins calls Kellys and demands Jason forge one of his parent’s check. Nikki tells AJ about how she rescued him from the burning car after the accident. Nikki pushes him again to return home. AJ thinks Monica will help them. Sean is worried that what Jason is involved in is serious. Sean wants to question Rhonda. Rhonda finds the threatening note that Adkins send Karen. Sean questions Rhonda and she shows him the note. AJ wants to go to the Q mansion but Jason stops him, as he is drunk. Jason tells him about selling the coins and getting caught. Alan and Monica are puzzled by Jason’s behavior. Sean confronts Karen with the note. Karen claims the note was a joke. A drunk AJ goes after Jagger for Jason’s problems. Jason steals a check from his parents. 

September 9, 1992 - No Commercials - Paul questions Reginald if he knows where Tracy went. Ned tells Paul that Tracy is in Hawaii. Jason forges his parent’s check. Alan and Monica confront Jason again about the stealing. Alan grounds Jason. Ned expects Jenny to be at one of his business dinners. Scott and Dominique cover the fact that they are married from Julia. Julia and Ned take a quick trip to Boston to look at a hotel there. Jason lies to Monica about why he stole. Dominique shows Scott Deception’s new upcoming line of lingerie. Jessica interrupts them wanting to take Scott to lunch. AJ tells Monica and Alan about how Nikki saved his life. Monica gives AJ money to tide him over till he can find another job. Monica notices she is missing a check. Dominique tells an upset Conner that she and Scott are married. Jason cashes his parent’s check. Ned and Julia celebrate buying the hotel in Boston. Jenny and Paul take Susan and Sly school shopping. Paul and Jenny question each other about if they are happy in their marriages. Marco calls Tracy from Portland.

September 10, 1992 - No Commercials - Jenny tells Ned she can’t go to his business dinner. Holly and Bill at back in PC. Felicia and Mac are back from Texas. Mac tells Tom and Tony what he and Felicia found out in Texas. Bill picks up Sly from the gatehouse. Bill tells him about his adventure on the sea. Felicia tells Ryan about finding the brownstone address in Todd’s apartment. Jenny agrees to go with Ned to dinner with his business clients. Holly fills Mac in on what happened down in San Sebastian. Tiffany tells Holly about her and Sean trying for a baby. Ryan saves Robin from choking on the pier. Robin is checked out at GH. 

September 11, 1992 - No Commercials - Adkins calls the kids with a location for the drop off of the money. Bill tells Holly that he feels alone without her. They share a dance at The Outback. Dominique tries to apologies to Conner. Alan thanks Nikki for saving AJ’s life and he will help her with the GH hospital bill. Scott breaks it off with Jessica telling her that he is married to Dominique. Nikki gets AJ to talk with Alan. They both agree to work on their relationship. Sean and Garcia have followed the kids to their meet with Adkins. Scott thinks Dominique was jealous when she saw him with Jessica. Dominique wants to see what happens with Scott over the next 6 months while the wait for a divorce. Felicia and Ryan share a kiss. Bill promises Sly to be around when he needs him. A very much alive Cal surprises the kids at their money drop at the warehouse.

September 14, 1992 - No Commercials - Cal pulls a gun on the kids and demands the money. Joseph just wants to get the money and split but Cal has unsettled business with Karen. Jenny and Ned hit the Outback after Ned’s business dinner. Conner lets it slip to Mac that Scott and Dominique are married. Scott and Dominique tell Julia that they are married. Cal takes Karen hostage. Paul horns in on Jenny and Ned. He and Jenny talk spa design, which irks Ned. Sean and the PCPD surround the warehouse. Jagger is shot in the commotion. PCPD arrest Cal but Joseph gets away. Sly worries about something happening to Bill. Scott and Dominique admit they are attracted to each other. Jagger is fine as it was just a superficial wound. The kids tell Sean everything.

September 15-21, 1992:  9/15, 9/16 Atkins takes Bobbie hostage,  9/17 Tony sneaks into the brownstone to rescue Bobbie and is knocked unconscious by Atkins, 9/18 Brenda Barrett arrives, Mac pilots Atkins getaway helicopter, Sean is wounded by Atkins, 9/21 Mac overpowers Atkins and saves the day

September 15, 1992 - No Commercials - Alan wants to know why Jason did not come to him when he was in trouble. Tony wants to put off telling Bobbie that Adkins was in PC and is still on the loose. Joseph Adkins breaks into the brownstone. Mac tells Felicia that he may have found the blonde man from Felicia’s nightmares. Mac shows her a photo but she does not recognize him. Karen visits Jagger at GH. Sean questions Jagger about Cal. Bobbie returns early from the spa. Adkins hides in the hall closet. Tony wants to make sure Sean is doing all he can to find Adkins. Jason comes clean with Alan and Monica that he forged one of their checks. Scott tells Bobbie he got married. Jason invites Karen to his birthday party but Karen is not too wild about being around his family. Karen reminds him that they stole that van and they should tell the police to get everything out in the open. Jason invites Jagger to his party. Scott files the divorce papers. Adkins takes Bobbie hostage. She is going to be his ticket out of PC.

September 16, 1992 - No Commercials - Scott gives Dominique a porcelain flower as a present. A disappointed Tiffany tells Sean that she is not pregnant yet. Adkins calls Sean demanding a helicopter, a plane to fly out of the country, his brother Cal waiting at the airport, and $100,000 or Bobbie dies. Tony learns Bobbie has been taken hostage. Sean and the swat team arrive at the brownstone. AJ tells Monica that he loves Nikki. Monica invites AJ and Nikki to Jason’s birthday party. Scott shows up at Dominique’s. News of Bobbie’s kidnapping hits the hospital. AJ proposes to Nikki. Tony speaks to Bobbie on the phone. Tony asks Adkins to take him hostage instead and let Bobbie go.

September 17, 1992 - No Commercials - Felicia and Robin keep BJ busy at the Scorpios. Ryan hears about the standoff and shows up at the Scorpios. Sean is waiting for approval to meet Adkins’s demands. Tony sneaks into the Brownstone. Ryan keeps the kids entertained. Bobbie stalls Adkins with talk. Ruby is worried sick about Bobbie. Sean realizes Tony is gone. Adkins attacks Tony and knocks him unconscious. Holly and Felicia talk her new relationship with Ryan. Bobbie begs Adkins to get help for Tony. Adkins gives Sean till dawn to meet his demands. Holly and Felicia learn Tony has been injured. Adkins refuses Sean’s request to get Tony medical attention. Mac wants to be the pilot that takes Adkins in the helicopter. 

September 18, 1992 - No Commercials - After Julia cuts her off from her trust fund, little sister Brenda shows up at her hotel suite (Note: First appearance by Vanessa Marcil) Holly awaits for news on Bobbie with Bill and Scott at Kellys. Tony regains consciousness. Bobbie explains why she wrote to Adkins in the first place. Jenny puts Ned off to work on her sketches. Ned thinks that Jenny asking Paul foe help is just an excuse for her to spend time with him. Julia calls Ned with a problem at the PC Hotel. Sean agrees to let Mac pilot the chopper. Ned meets Brenda. Tracy calls Marco and they agree to meet to discuss what he dug up on Jenny. Brenda thinks Julia has the hots for Ned. Adkins and Bobbie make their way to the chopper. Tony rescues Bobbie. Sean is shot by Adkins.

September 21, 1992 - No Commercials - BJ wants to go home. Adkins and Mac struggle with the gun inside the chopper. Ryan brings breakfast to Felicia and the kids. Mac gets the upper hand with Adkins and lands the chopper. Adkins is arrested. Tony and Sean are taken to GH. Scott and Dominique agree to watch Kellys for Ruby so she can go to GH. Scott is not happy when a customer hits on Dominique. Dominique wants to cook dinner for Scott tonight. Sly gives Holly the cold shoulder. Bobbie thanks Mac. Eric wants to keep Tony for observation for 24hours. Tiffany fusses over Sean. Conner visits Sean to make sure he is okay. Sean tells Conner about he and Tiffany wanting to have a baby. Mac returns home to a relived Robin and Felicia.

September 22-28, 1992:  9/22, 9/23 Big party at the Quartermaine's, Brenda meets Jagger, 9/24, 9/25, 9/28 cm

September 22, 1992 - No Commercials - Bill checks in with Paul on their business. Tracy heads back to PC.  Karen gives Jason his birthday gift early, as she is not going to his party. He convinces her to come saying that he wants her to be his girlfriend. Rhonda thanks Jagger for saving Karen’s life. Julia tells Brenda that she is going to finish her senior year at PC High. Jenny shows Julia her sketches for the spa. Paul is livid with Tracy for taking off with Dillon and not telling him. Karen asks Jagger if he had ever thought about going back to school. Marco calls Tracy saying that he needs the money she promised as his gambling debts have come to collect. Bill meets Brenda. Tracy pays off Marco’s debt but will not untie him until he spills what he knows about Jenny. Marco tells Tracy that Jenny began acting strange at age 16 during her summer in Portland.

September 23, 1992 - No Commercials - Sly is rude to Holly when she joins Bill for dinner. Jason’s birthday party at the Q mansion. Conner apologies to Dominique for being a jerk. Scott tells Jessica that he and Dominique are getting a divorce. The Qs give Nikki the cold shoulder at the party. Julia brings Brenda to the party. Dominique cooks dinner for Scott at her apartment. Tracy tells Jenny that she is turning over a new leaf. Tracy fishes around if Jenny has ever been to Portland. AJ announces at the party that he and Nikki are engaged. Alan and Monica think AJ is rushing into marriage. Edward gives Jason one of his coins as a present. Brenda meets Jagger and they share a dance. Dominique and Scott get to know each other. AJ asks Ned for a job at the PC Hotel.

September 24, 1992 - No Commercials - Jessica asks Scott to lunch right in front of Dominique. Bill gets word that Sly has got into a fight at school. Mac gets the wrong idea about a man in his club (Note: News brief interruption a few minutes lost) Sky shows up ay Julia’s office after his fight. Sly wants his dad back with Julia. Scott offers to talk to Sly. Sean is released from GH. AJ is still drinking. Ned offers AJ the night desk clerk at the hotel. Julia tells Bill what Sly said about not liking Holly. Bill asks Julia to back off for a while. Scott and Sly have a talk. Julia is upset about having to give up her friendship with Sly. Ned gives Julia a pep talk saying that not every relationship will be like the one she had with Bill. Dominique busts in on Scott and Jessica’s lunch. Mac tells Felicia he is having Todd’s apartment in Texas dusted for fingerprints. Bill tells Sly he can’t force two people back together. 

September 25, 1992 - No Commercials - Bobbie and Tony want to invite Bill and Holly to dinner. Jason gives Karen his varsity sweater to wear. Jagger tells Karen and Jason he wants to go back to PC High. Ned thinks Tracy has a hidden agenda. Bill discusses his problems with Sly with Bobbie and Tony. Holly tells Bill she is thinking of leaving PC. Brenda registers for school and runs into Jagger in the office. Tracy asks Bill about his relatives in Portland. Brenda calls Switzerland from Julia’s office phone. Robin tells Holly that she has totally given up on Jason. Tracy is livid when Marco shows up the Q mansion. Holly decides to move out of the Scorpios. Brenda learns that Jagger works at Kellys. 

September 28, 1992 - With Commercials - Bill asks Holly out for their “first date”. Jenny is worrying about Julia not picking her spa design. Jenny wants to cancel on Ned for another business dinner. When Marco has nothing substantial about Jenny, Tracy wants Marco’s head on a stick. Marco wants to go back to Portland.  Tracy has to cover when Paul walks in on them. She tells him Marco is part of the GH fundraising committee. AJ asks Alan and Monica if he can move home. AJ tells them he is getting he life in order before the wedding. Julia tells Sly he has to accept that she and Bill are not together anymore. He needs to give Holly a break. Mac hands over the fingerprints from Todd’s apartment that his contact got over to Sean. Julia wants to know from Ned that if she hires Jenny how is it going to affect their professional relationship. When Nikki tells him she can’t bear to be away from him, AJ thinks she should move in with him at the Q mansion. Holly tells Mac she is moving out. Julia tells Jenny she has the spa job. Tracy sends Marco to Portland again. Bill wants Sly to get to know Holly.

September 29 - October 2, 1992:  9/29 cm, 9/30 cm, 10/1 cm, 10/2 cm First mention of "Summer on Provence" painting

September 29, 1992 - With Commercials - Bill picks up Holly for their date. Felicia tells Ryan about the fingerprints analysis. Ryan tries to persuade her that all the investigation into her past is not necessary. Dominique gives Scott a key. Brenda steals some cash and Julia’s car. Jenny tells Ned about landing the spa job.  Bill rents a movie theater out for he and Holly to watch the Pink Panther. (Note: Bad sound in the first minute of this scene) Dominique takes Scott to a warehouse on the waterfront that the key opens. It is space for Scott to open his law office. After Ned shoots down Jenny’s idea of canceling Ned’s business dinner so they can celebrate her getting the spa job. Julia comes to Ned’s rescue. Mac tells Felicia that no fingerprints found in the apartment are of anyone that committed a crime but the search for who Todd is will continue. Brenda takes Jagger for a joy ride in Julia’s car. Paul finds a tipsy Jenny celebrating by herself. Jenny thanks Paul for believing in her. Jagger and Brenda wind up at “make-out mountain. Ryan spikes Felicia’s drink again.

September 30, 1992 - With Commercials - Karen is a bit jealous when Jagger tells her about his date with Brenda. Julia tears into Brenda of taking her car. Scott shows Jessica the warehouse and he does not want a law practice partnership with her. But Jessica surprises him when she says she loves the idea and wants to work with him. Monica tells Bobbie and Audrey that when Nikki shows her true colors it is AJ that will be hurt. Jason tells Brenda about being stranded on the island during the summer.
Brenda quizzes Karen about the island adventure. Julia tells Ned that Brenda’s resentment of her always seems to get in the way of their relationship. Jason warns Monica that if she and Alan try to prevent AJ plans to marry Nikki , they will lose them forever. Rhonda introduces Karen to her new boyfriend, Frank. Scott tells Julia that he is resigning from the day to day activities of Deception to concentrate on law. Lee and Gail call to congratulate Scott on his marriage. Lee and Gail decide to make a surprise trip to PC. 

October 1, 1992 - With Commercials - Scott and Jessica make plans for the law office renovation. Dominique finds out that they are going to be partners. AJ tells Alan and Monica that he and Nikki want to be married at the end of the month. AJ wants a big wedding for Nikki. Bill invites Holly to dinner at the lighthouse. Eric bumps into Nikki at the hospital. AJ wants Nikki to have a Q family ring and he wants Nikki to move in to the mansion. After Dominique comes in complaining about Scott, Conner takes her for a walk on the pier. After accusing her of coming on to him, Eric kisses Nikki on the waterfront. Nikki tells Eric she is marrying AJ and he is too late. Bill takes Sly to the Buffalo Bills game. Scott tries to talk to Dominique but she wants nothing to do with him.

October 2, 1992 - With Commercials - Deception Spa construction starts. Ned offers Jenny a peace offering. He is sorry that they could not celebrate her getting the job. Tracy tells Marco that she needs something on Jenny that will annihilate her. Ned wants Jenny to leave work early to attend an ELQ stockholders cocktail party. Robin tells Felicia that she doesn’t think that Ryan is the guy for her. Bill takes an interest in an art auction happening in NYC. The painting “Summer in Province” will be auctioned. Marco talks with one of Jenny’s friends about the summer of 85 that she and Jenny spend playing tennis. Felicia surprises Ryan with a picnic dinner at his apartment. Bill and Holly have a romantic dinner. He shows her some of the art he collected from a ship that sunk. Bobbie and Tony have dinner with Sean and Tiffany at The Outback. Bill asks Holly to join him in NYC at the art auction. Ryan takes down his stalker wall of all his pictures of Felicia but drops one picture behind his desk. Tony thinks he and Bobbie should consider adopting another baby. Tiffany gets a call that her sister, Cheryl, has been in a car accident. Marco calls Tracy with his lead on Jenny. Jenny may have gotten pregnant during the summer of 1985.

October 5-9, 1992:  10/5 cm, 10/6 cm, BJ's birthday party, 10/7 missed two mins, Cheryl is in an accident, 10/8 Dom leaves for Italy, Christie Clark (Day's Carrie) plays Robin's friend, 10/9 Ned & Julia at art auction in NY, Brenda throws a party while Julia is out of town, the apartment is thrashed by a fight

October 5, 1992 - With Commercials - A frantic Tiffany and Sean try to get an earlier flight to Phoenix to see Cheryl. Marco sweet-talks the records clerk to get Jenny’s medical records. AJ and Nikki move into the Q mansion. Tiffany tells her parents that Cheryl as been injured. Tony warns Sean that he was been in touch with the hospital in Phoenix and it does not look good. Cheryl has massive head injuries. Tracy thinks the Qs should kick Nikki to the curb. Edward wants Tracy to go and bid on “Summers In Province” in NYC for him. Brenda flirts with Jagger. Lila gives AJ a family ring to give to Nikki. Sean and Tiffany leave for Phoenix. AJ gives Nikki her ring. Tracy wants Marco to keep digging at the hospital.

October 6, 1992 - With Commercials - BJ’s sixth birthday party at the brownstone. Sly wants to know from Bill if Holly will be the party. Scott explains to Dominique why he brought Jessica in as his partner. They agree to bury the hatchet, as they do have to work together. Jessica gives Brenda an allowance for the month and when it is gone it is gone. Rhonda tells Karen she lost her job at the salon she was working at. Rhonda is worried about making ends meet, but Karen tells her they will get by.  Julia wants to take Brenda with her to NYC, as she wants to bid on a painting at the auction. But Brenda declines. Bill scolds Sly when he is openly rude to Holly at BJ’s party. Brenda decides to throw a party at Julia’s suite while she is away. Julia thinks Dominique has feelings for Scott. Brenda invites Jagger to her party. Ryan does some magic tricks for the kids at the party. Karen and Jason agree to wait to make love.

October 7, 1992 - No Commercials - Nikki flaunts her ring in front of Alan and Monica. Sean and Tiffany find out that Cheryl has massive swelling of the brain. The doctor tells them to be prepared for the worst and all they can do is wait. Tracy tries to get Ned to go to NYC art auction in her place. Ned will go for her if he can persuade Jenny to go with him. Scott invites Dominique to dinner before she leaves for a Deception promotional trip to Italy. At Cheryl’s bedside, Tiffany shares her memories with Sean. Tiffany regrets not being closer to Cheryl over the past year. Nikki plans her wedding while Tracy makes some snide remarks. Marco gets more information on Jenny. Ned shows AJ around the hotel on his first day of work. Jenny tells Ned that there is no way with work that she can go to NYC with him. Sean and Tiffany see Lucas. Marco calls Tracy with the news that Jenny did indeed have a miscarriage.

October 8, 1992 - No Commercials - Scott gives Dominique a hat for her trip. Bill finds out that the Qs and Julia are going to be bidding on the same painting he is. Tiffany breaks down at Cheryl’s bedside recounting all the mistakes she made. Bobbie gets word from Tiffany that there was been no change in Cheryl’s condition. Bill and Holly leave for NYC. Bobbie worries about Lucas losing his mom. Tiffany’s parents arrive at the hospital. Scott and Dominique say goodbye. Sean doesn’t want to leave to go to Albany for work, but Tiffany insists he go. Robin gets ready for Brenda’s party. Bill, Julia and Ned prepare to duke it out for the painting at the auction.

October 9, 1992 - No Commercials - Jagger arrives at Brenda’s party. “Summer in Province” goes on the auction block. Scott tells Jessica that as long as he is married he will be behaving himself. With Julia and Ned drop out, Bill snags the painting. Karen tries to look out for Robin at Brenda’s party. However, things get out of control at the party when a giant fight breaks out between Jagger and some of the school jocks. Tracy decides to go to Portland. Julia and Ned have dinner in NYC. Julia’s suite is trashed and Brenda is in big trouble. Jessica tries to put the moves on Scott.

October 12-16, 1992:  10/12, 10/13, 10/14, 10/15, 10/16 Cheryl dies, Robin's birthday party, Brenda gives Robin a make over

October 12, 1992 - No Commercials - Holly and Bill are mugged in central park in NYC. Jenny learns from Paul that Tracy went to Portland. Jagger helps Brenda fix up Julia’s suite after the party with the idea to switch the broken furniture with other suites in the hotel. AJ wants Nikki to meet him at the PC Hotel. Paul asks Jenny if she is jealous of Ned’s relationship with Julia. Jenny is upset that Ned does not look at her like he does Julia. After some serious flirting, Ned invites Julia to a NY jazz club. Nikki flaunts her ring in Alan and Monica’s faces. Nikki and AJ sneak into one of the hotel suites. Ned and Julia come to Bill and Holly rescue. Ned offers them a ride back on the ELQ jet. Brenda busts in on AJ and Nikki in one of the hotel suites. Nikki thinks that she recognizes Brenda. After helping Brenda clean-up, Jagger falls asleep on the couch.

October 13, 1992 - No Commercials - Ned and Julia are back in PC. Mac throws Robin a birthday party. Robin is sad though as this is her first birthday without her mom and dad. Tracy arrives in Portland at Marco’s hotel room. Felicia and Maxie bring Robin a present. Mac tells Robin she can have a big party at the end of the week at The Outback. Bill tries to explain to Sly that Holly makes him happy. Brenda wants Jagger to call in sick to work so they can spend the day together. Julia walks in on Brenda and Jagger kissing. Brenda lies to Julia about why Jagger is there. Julia finds evidence that Brenda had a party. Dominique calls Scott from Italy. Mac takes Maxie and Felicia to the zoo. Robin invites Brenda and Jagger to her birthday party on Friday. Holly rents a cheap studio apartment at the PC Hotel.

October 14, 1992 - No Commercials - Gail and Lee surprise Alan and Monica at GH. Scott shows Felicia his new office space. Felicia thinks that Scott really misses Dominique. Sly is upset that Bill does not remember that his mom died a year ago today. Sly wants to go to the cemetery. AJ suggests Nikki wear Monica’s wedding dress. Sly visits Nancy’s grave. Gail and Lee walk in on Scott and Jessica. An angry Lee thinks Scott is already fooling around on his new wife. Bobbie calls Tiffany to check on Cheryl. Felicia has a session with Tom. This time Felicia sees the face of the woman who was stabbed. AJ asks Alan to fit the bill for his honeymoon. Alan tells AJ he is pressing his luck. Lee apologies to Scott off flying off the handle.

October 15, 1992 - No Commercials - Mac books the band “The Boys” to perform at The Outback for Robin’s party. Bill tells Holly that visiting Nancy’s grave dredged up some things he thought were forgotten. Lee and Gail overhear Conner talking about the fact that Scott and Dominique are planning a divorce. Scott explains things to Gail and Lee. Holly cons her way into a booked French restaurant for dinner with Bill. Sean calls Mac with the news that the WSB has a hit on the fingerprints from the apartment in Texas. Sean will have the information when he gets back. Scott calls Dominique in Italy. Felicia is very preoccupied, as she does not know where her and Mac thinking Todd will lead. Mac thinks they are on the path to catch a murder.

October 16, 1992 - No Commercials - Tiffany dreams that Cheryl wakes up. Jenny promises Ned it will get better after she gets her design career rolling. They plan a special night. Marco and Tracy wants to know what Marco’s next move will be. Bobbie calls Tiffany at the hospital. Cheryl’s condition remains unchanged. Felicia and Mac decorate The Outback for the party. Brenda helps Robin get ready for the party. Ryan asks Felicia to go to a mountain cabin in Benetteville for a few days. Cheryl passes away. Robin’s birthday party at The Outback gets underway. Mac is less than happy with Robin’s little black dress. Sean calls Mac with word that they have put a name to put with the fingerprints and they are working on tracking the guy down. Mac finds out about Robin lying to him and going to Brenda’s party. Tiffany says goodbye to Cheryl and vows to take care of Lucas. Tracy tells Ned that Jenny was pregnant when she was sixteen.

October 19-23, 1992:  10/19 Robin's party continues, 10/20, 10/21, 10/22 Ryan & Felicia arrive at the cabin, 10/23

October 19, 1992 - No Commercials - Robin’s birthday party continues. Marco searches for a poker game in town. Ned thinks Tracy is lying about Jenny being pregnant. Scott calls Dominique and gets jealous when he hears her flirting with the room service waiter. Mac wants Felicia to sit down with a sketch artist to get a drawing of the woman she saw murdered. “The Boys” perform at The Outback. Tiffany and her parents arrive back at Cheryl’s apartment. Ned and Jenny make love. Tiffany tells Bobbie that Cheryl has died. Mac learns more details about Brenda’s party. Scott and Marco clean up after their poker game. Mac confronts Robin about lying to him about Brenda’s party. He thinks Brenda is a bad influence on her. Marco fishes around Scott for information on Tracy. Tracy lets Marco in on the fact that she told Ned the truth about Jenny being pregnant. Tiffany explains to Lucas that Cheryl is gone. Felicia works with a sketch artist and gets a drawing of the woman murdered in her dreams.

October 20, 1992 - No Commercials - Bill helps Holly moves into her new tiny studio apartment in the PC Hotel complete with Murphy bed. Dominique is back from Italy and wants to see Scott. Tracy reminds Ned that Jenny lied and he needs to accept it. Ned rips into AJ for letting Brenda and her friend’s party in the hotel. Jason asks Karen to attend the engagement dinner for AJ and Nikki. Nikki rubs the wedding in Alan and Monica’s faces. Dominique gives Scott at gift from Italy. He tells Dominique that he told Jessica he would not be going into practice with her. GH plans a fundraiser for the pediatric AIDS wing. Scott asks Steve about the GH council job. Brenda accuses Jagger of having a thing for Karen but then vows to change his mind. Lila throws an engagement dinner for Nikki and AJ. Nikki asks Edward to give her away. Karen offers Rhonda’s services to handwrite the invitations for the wedding. Karen will be Nikki’s bridesmaid. Ned wants the truth from Jenny and she has to come clean. She claims a teenage boy got her pregnant and she had a miscarriage. Bill hangs his painting in Holly apartment. Ned walks out on Jenny.

October 21, 1992 - No Commercials - Tiffany makes funeral plans to keep herself busy. Sean wants her to face the facts that Cheryl is gone. Mac doesn’t think it is good idea for Felicia to leave PC right now. He wants her to stay in PC until Sean gets back. Julia knows Ned spent the night at the hotel. Rhonda helps out with the invitations for AJ and Nikki’s wedding. Monica invites Rhonda to the wedding. Sly visits Julia but gives Holly the cold shoulder. Monica asks Nikki if AJ is still drinking. Tiffany tells Sean that she has no intention of ever leaving Lucas. Bobbie tells Holly the whole Lucas story. Monica wants Tracy to stop it with her Nikki put downs. Jenny tries to talk with Ned. She wants him to come home. Felicia leaves for the cabin with Ryan.

October 22, 1992 - No Commercials - Ryan and Felicia arrive at the cabin. Jenny calls her mother with the news that Ned knows the truth. Angela does not want Jenny to tell Ned who the father of her baby was. Dominique tells Conner that she is not so sure about her divorce from Scott. Scott wants Tracy’s help to get his job back as the GH council. Robin and Mac have a talk about her being responsible. Jenny confronts Tracy about digging into her past. Jenny warns Tracy to stay out her life.  Paul walks in on them. Felicia tells Ryan that she wants to find out about her past even if it is bad. Karen wants to know what Jagger sees in a girl like Brenda. Ryan disables the cell phone that he brought to the cabin. Paul wants to know what Tracy’s argument with Jenny was about. Tracy wants Marco to bug Jenny’s phone. Ned comes back to the gatehouse to pack his bags.

October 23, 1992 - No Commercials - Bobbie and Tony learn that Lucas has come back to PC with Sean and Tiffany to stay. Paul finds Jenny crying in the Q garden. Reginald finds Marco on the gatehouse grounds and hauls him into the mansion. Tracy has to cover with Ned saying that Marco is a fundraising associate of hers. Jagger brags to Karen about spending time with Brenda. Jason takes Karen to “make-out mountain”. Jagger and Brenda crash in on them. Bobbie and Tony get reacquainted with Lucas. Tracy is upset over Paul’s concern for Jenny. Ned comes back to the gatehouse to talk with Jenny. Ned wants to know why she told him she was a virgin on their wedding night.  They agree to work things out. Ned warns Tracy to stay out of his marriage. The police break things up just when things are about to get interesting between Brenda and Jagger. Marco plants a bug on Jenny’s phone and he is almost caught. Jenny makes a mysterious phone call. Marco learns it was to a Senator Kensington.

October 26-30, 1992:  10/26, 10/27, 10/28 Art exhibit, 10/29 Exhibit cont, 10/30 AJ & Nikki's wedding, Alan offers Nikki a millon dollars to leave, Ryan tells Felicia he loves her and wants to marry her

October 26, 1992 - No Commercials - Jenny is worried as she and Ned are not back to normal. At the cabin, Felicia gets nothing but static when she tries to call Maxie in PC. Marco tells Tracy about Jenny’s phone call. Jenny asks Julia to put in less time in at the Deception Spa. Jenny wants to spend more time with Ned. Julia does not think that is a good idea as this is her first job and she has a lot to prove. The fundraising committee meets to discuss the upcoming art show. Marco gets shut down when he tries to call Senator Kensington’s office. Sean tells Mac that the fingerprints from the apartment match a Cliff Downey, which is an alias for Todd Wilson. Julia tells Dominique that she may be falling for Ned. Angela arrives at the gatehouse to be with Jenny. Felicia fixes the phone much to Ryan’s disgust. Ryan later hides it from her. Ned tells Jenny that if her having a career will make her happy than that is what he wants for her too. Marco investigates Jack Jr., Senator Kensington’s son.

October 27, 1992 - No Commercials - AJ wants a rehearsal dinner despite Alan and Monica’s objections. Nikki convinces him there is no time for one. Sly has to do a school report on Bill. Scott hires Rhonda as his new receptionist at his law office. Brenda and Jagger hit Jakes. They bet on a friendly game of pool. Brenda turns out to be a pool shark. And per their bet, he has to attend the GH fundraising art show with her.  Nikki gloats to Meg and Shelia about her upcoming big wedding. Jason takes AJ out to Jakes. AJ tells him that his drinking days are over thanks to Nikki. Dominique meets Gail for the first time. Holly assures Bill that she and Sly will work out their differences. Felicia has another nightmare. Ryan drugs Felicia’s tea. Holly talks football with Sly. The art expert for the GH fundraiser is up to no good.

October 28, 1992 - No Commercials - Paul wants to help an upset Jenny but she can’t confide in him. Marco wants more money from Tracy. Bill wants to make sure the security at the art show is up to snuff. Tiffany invites Bobbie and Tony to a late dinner after the art show. Jenny sweats about Ned finding out the truth. The GH fundraising art show begins. Jessica and Dominique trade some barbs. Angela warns Tracy to not interfere in Ned and Jenny’s marriage. Tracy is livid when Marco shows up at the art show toying with giving his information to Jenny. Jessica throws a drink in Scott’s face when he tells her to take a hike. After agreeing to give him more money, Marco gives Tracy the information on Jack Kensington Jr. 

October 29, 1992 - No Commercials - Felicia can’t stop thinking about her nightmare. Tracy covers with Paul when he asks in what capacity Marco is working with her. Brenda and Jagger arrive at the art show. Holly asks Tiffany how Sean is adjusting to fatherhood. Felicia wants to take things slow with Ryan. But he has a surprise for her…a wedding dress and ring. Felicia starts to remember things about her childhood. Tom, Simone, Bobbie and Tony join Sean and Tiffany for dinner. Bill tells Holly about the first time he saw “Summers in Province”. Jagger questions how much Karen is attracted to Jason and kisses her. Monica and Alan lament over AJ’s wedding tomorrow. The paintings from the art show are stolen and switched with copies.

October 30, 1992 - No Commercials - The day of Nikki and AJ’s wedding. Sean tells Mac that no one has recognized the sketch of the woman who was murdered in Texas. Monica tells Nikki that all she has to do to make things work between them is to make AJ happy. Jason helps AJ get ready. Karen warns Rhonda to stop talking about her and Jason getting married. Tracy makes a donation to Senator Kensington and invites him and his family to the Q mansion for dinner. Mac tries to call Felicia at the cabin but gets no answer. The Qs are dreading Nikki’s walk down the aisle.  Ryan tells Felicia he loves her and he wants to marry her. The guests arrive for the wedding. Karen helps Nikki get ready. Things get hot and heavy between Ryan and Felicia. Right before the wedding, Alan gives Nikki a choice. She can marry AJ and then he will be cut out of Alan’s will. Nikki and AJ will live on an allowance or she can take a check for one million dollars and leave. Felicia has a vision of Ryan from her nightmares.

November 2-6, 1992:  11/2 AJ is left at the altar as Nikki leaves town, Felicia realizes Ryan is the killer, 11/3 Ryan sabotages the jeep, 11/4 Ryan drugs Felicia, 11/5, 11/6 Lucy returns

November 2, 1992 - With Commercials - All the guests at the wedding are waiting for the bride’s arrival. Mac still can’t get a hold of Felicia at the cabin. Felicia tries to cover with Ryan and pretend like everything is all right. Monica learns that Nikki is gone. Nikki left the ring and a note for AJ. Alan and Monica break the news to a devastated AJ. Alan asks Tom for advice on how to help AJ. Jason finds a drunk AJ at the boathouse. Sean tells Mac that the fingerprints are a dead end. Felicia searches for the phone. She is trapped. Jason goes to Karen’s to talk. Monica asks Alan if he had anything to do with Nikki leaving. He tells her he didn’t and if Nikki really loved AJ she would have stayed. Once Ryan is asleep, Felicia tries to sneak out. He catches her and she makes an excuse.

November 3, 1992 - No Commercials - Bill invites Holly to Sly’s football game. Tiffany asks Scott to be the attorney for Cheryl’s will reading. Scott invites Dominique to dinner to celebrate his first client. Mac finally gets through on the phone to the cabin but Ryan answers. Ryan fishes around for what Mac has come up with on the case. Ryan tells Mac that her and Felicia are thinking of staying a few more days. Bobbie spends some time with Lucas. Felicia is ready to hit the road and get back for Maxie’s birthday but the jeep will not start as Ryan planned. Dominique tells Lee that she is lucky to have found Scott. Holly thinks that it is time for Sly to give her a chance. Holly wants she and Bill to get an AIDS test before they make love. They “spend” the night together. Ryan tells Felicia that he can’t get the jeep running

November 4, 1992 - No Commercials - A hung-over AJ helps himself to a drink for breakfast. Felicia wants to get a mechanic to fix the jeep pronto. Ryan puts her off. AJ gives Nikki’s ring back to Lila. Alan and Monica try to get AJ to stop beating himself up for Nikki leaving. AJ wants to find Nikki. Tracy wants all the dirt on Senator Kensington. AJ gets time off from Ned at the hotel to go look for Nikki. Karen can’t stop thinking about her kiss with Jagger. Tracy invites Ned and Jenny to her dinner party with the senator. Julia and Ned get trapped in the PC Hotel elevator and claustrophobic Julia flips out. Ryan drugs Felicia. He finally leaves to go and get a mechanic. Felicia tears the place up looking for the phone. AJ starts his search for Nikki. Jagger takes Brenda for a ride on his new bike. Felicia passes out trying to flee the cabin.

November 5, 1992 - No Commercials - AJ wants Alan and Monica to pay for a detective to look for Nikki. Felicia wakes up back at the cabin. Holly gets a message from Bill to meet him on the roof of the hotel. He has set up a romantic dinner for them and later they make love. Sean returns home to Tiffany crying. A song on the radio has triggered a memory of Cheryl. When Lucas’s gets a high fever, Tiffany calls Bobbie to help. Bobbie and Tony come over to Tiffany’s penthouse to help. Ryan lies to Felicia telling her he saw a mechanic about the jeep and a part must be ordered. Holly and Bill get caught in her Murphy bed. AJ asks Alan and Monica if one of them made Nikki leave.  Alan assures him he did nothing to make her leave and agrees to pay for a detective to find Nikki. Felicia bides her time. It starts snowing and Holly and Bill go back up to the hotel roof.

November 6, 1992 - No Commercials - Bill senses something is different about his painting. Mac tells Sean he is worried, as he has not heard from Felicia. When Ryan goes to get wood, Felicia finds the keys to the jeep. Felicia finds the phone Ryan hide in the jeep. Felicia calls Mac. There is bad reception but Mac can tell she is in trouble. Mac checks with Bobbie to see if Felicia has called her. Bill wants an expert opinion to see if his painting is now a forgery. Felicia finds the box with the wedding dress that Ryan stashed. Tiffany is shocked when Scott tells her that Bobbie and Tony are in Cheryl’s will. Marco tells Tracy what he has found on Jack Jr. Felicia sees Ryan drug her glass of wine. Jenny is surprised when Senator Kensington and his family arrive at the Qs for Tracy’s dinner party. In Cheryl’s will, she leaves Lucas to Bobbie and Tony. The art expert that oversaw the GH art auction is revealed as the disguised Lucy Coe.

November 9-13, 1992:  11/9 Senator Kensington at Q party, stuns Jenny, Scott & Dom make love for the first time, 11/10, 11/11 Bill tells everyone about the art heist, 11/12 Felicia screams as Ryan breaks down the door, Mac crashes the snow mobile on his way to the cabin, 11/13 Mac arrives at the cabin and finds Felicia stabbing Ryan

November 9, 1992 - No Commercials - Tiffany flips out with the news that Bobbie and Tony will get Lucas. The Q’s learns about the Jenny/Kensington connection. Jenny spent summers with Kensington’s son and daughter in Portland. Tiffany does not understand why Cheryl would leave Lucas to Bobbie. Tiffany doesn’t think that Bobbie will take Lucas away from her. Tony wants to make sure Bobbie is up for a fight, as Tiffany is not going to give up Lucas willingly. Mac tries calling the cabin again. Edward wants to know what Tracy is up to. Angela arrives at Tracy’s dinner party. Felicia almost slips up and mentions something that she remembered in Texas. Mac heads up to the cabin. Ned asks Jenny if Jack Jr. was the one that got her pregnant. Jenny tells Ned the boy’s last name was “Young”. After dinner, Dominique and Scott make love for the first time. Tiffany tells Sean it hurt when Cheryl said in her will that she was not mother material.  Felicia finds her bedroom door as been locked, she is now a prisoner.

November 10, 1992 - No Commercials - Felicia wakes up to a winter storm that has rolled in. She and Ryan are snowed in. Mac learns all the roads up north have been closed due to the storm. Tiffany tells Sean she wants to talk to a lawyer about keeping Lucas. Felicia confronts Ryan about locking her in bedroom. Scott brings Dominique breakfast in bed. An art dealer confirms that Bill’s painting is indeed a forgery. Bill wants his art dealer to examine all the other paintings that were in the show. Tony checks with Scott about Cheryl’s will being valid. Mac is still stranded at the country store. Bill’s art dealer pegs Scott and Dominique’s paintings as forgeries as well.  Dominique and Scott find out their divorce court date has been moved up. Bobbie and Tiffany don’t see eye to eye on whom should raise Lucas. Neither of them is going to give an inch.

November 11, 1992 - No Commercials - Jenny is worried that her secret could come out at any moment. Tracy has a new plan. She wants Marco to tail Jenny day and night. The Qs paintings are forgeries as well. Bill holds Ned personally responsible for the security at the art show in his hotel. Scott confronts Jessica about moving up his divorce court date. Ned tells Julia about the art heist. After Ned makes a crack about Holly, Bill decks him. Tracy finds out that Constance Chapman, the art show expert’s, phone is now disconnected. Marco spies on Paul and Jenny. Ned and Julia are worried about bad publicity for the hotel. Holly makes some calls about Chapman and discovers she was a fraud. Dominique tells Scott that she wants to stay married. Marco gets detained by PC hotel security.

November 12, 1992 - No Commercials - Marco wants money for some new equipment from Tracy. Ryan wants to marry Felicia. He shows her the wedding dress. Angela assures Jenny that there is no way any one can link her to the baby’s father. She asks Jenny if anything is going on with her and Paul. Jenny is being followed. Tiffany has a flashback of a conversation she had with Cheryl about having kids. A scared Felicia puts on the wedding dress. Bobbie meets with Scott about Tiffany contesting the will. Mac gets his hands on a snowmobile. Felicia makes a break for it. Marco overhears a conversation between Angela and Paul. A deranged Ryan looks for Felicia in the woods.  Bobbie tells Sean that she is scared that Tiffany will not give up Lucas. Tiffany sees them together and accuses Sean and Bobbie of ganging up on her. Paul gets drunk at the Grill waiting for Tracy. Felicia beats Ryan back to the cabin and locks the door. She takes off the wedding dress and throws it in the fire. Marco overhears Jenny getting a message to be at PC Memorial Park at 6:30pm. Ryan busts through the door at the cabin.

November 13, 1992 - No Commercials - Tracy takes Paul to a suite at the hotel to have her way with him. With Marco hot on her trail, Jenny is meet by Senator Kensington in the park. Felicia tells Ryan that she remembers everything and they will never be together. Tiffany is already making plans as she doesn’t believe a judge in the world would take Lucas away from her. Marco calls Tracy and interrupts her evening with Paul. Bobbie realizes Tiffany has no intention of handing over Lucas. Mac takes a tumble on the snowmobile. Ryan and Felicia struggle with a fire poker and she knocks him out. Marco and Tracy see Jenny with Senator Kensington. Ryan surprises Felicia and they struggle. She stabs him with a knife. Mac arrives at the cabin.

November 16-20, 1992:  11/16 Ryan is rushed to surgery, 11/17, 11/18 Felicia has a nightmare about Ryan, 11/19 Ryan in ICU, Lucy calls Halifax, 11/20

November 16, 1992 - No Commercials - Holly and Bill suspect that the person who heisted the paintings knew PC very well. Sean has no leads on the phony Constance Chapman. Mac settles down a frantic Felicia. Ryan is still alive but in bad shape. Mac has to get Ryan to a hospital. Mac and Felicia go for help. Bill comes up with a list of people who wanted his painting. Tracy and Marco have technical difficulties with their bugging equipment. Brenda overhears Bill talking about the painting theft and is happy as she will be rich from the insurance money. Ryan is brought to GH. Tom examines Felicia who is in a severe state of shock. Ryan is taken into surgery. Tracy and Marco record Jenny talking with Kensington on tape. Sean arrives at GH to question Felicia. 

November 17, 1992 - No Commercials - Felicia tells Sean that she remembers everything and that Ryan tried to attack her. Tom stops the questioning, as Felicia needs her rest. Julia finds Tracy and Marco arguing with hotel security. Jenny tells Angela she meet with Jack. Mac tells Sean that Felicia knows Todd is Ryan. Tony and Bobbie learn about Felicia and Ryan. Julia tells Ned about finding Tracy and Marco in the hotel together. Sean gets Mac’s statement. Tracy and Marco listen to the tape. Felicia recalls everything that happened at the cabin to Sean. Bobbie wants Tiffany to drop off Lucas as soon as possible. Tiffany stalls until Sean steps in. Ned wants Jenny to help him get into Senator Kensington’s graces. Ned wants to invite Jack and his wife to dinner. Sean is worried about Ryan’s dying and only being left with Felicia’s statement and no witnesses.

November 18, 1992 - No Commercials - Ryan makes it through surgery but is in critical condition. Felicia has a nightmare about Ryan. Felicia thanks Mac. Alan and Monica want to take AJ to dinner for his birthday. Scott and Dominique give each other presents for their 79th day anniversary but later they end up in a fight. AJ and Eric get into a physical fight at GH when Eric makes a crack about Nikki taking him for a ride. Alan wants AJ to talk to Tom. Brenda and Jagger pull a fast one in chemistry class to avoid failing their homework assignment. Sean has to take Felicia to PCPD headquarters. Ryan has complications from surgery. AJ sees Tom for a session.

November 19, 1992 - No Commercials - At the PCPD, Felicia gives her official statement to Sean. Sean brings in Scott as her attorney. Holly and Bill start their investigation. They find it suspicious that Nikki Langton left town that day after the heist. They want to look at her bank records. Jessica is the new DA and wants to sit in on Felicia’s questioning. Alan hires a PI to search for Nikki but then promptly pays him not to find her. Bill and Holly in disguise go looking at the PC Trust Bank for Nikki’s bank records. Felicia gives her statement to Garcia. Scott wants Jessica thrown out of the interrogation room when she goes after Felicia. Felicia is arrested. Bill and Holly are busted at the bank and are hauled into the PCPD Bobbie brings Maxie to the PCPD to see Felicia. Bill tells Sean his suspicions about Nikki and Sean gives them a warning. Sean learns that Nikki deposited a check for 1 million dollars the day she left. Lucy tries to call Richard Halifax. Felicia is booked. Garcia and Jessica question Mac.

November 20, 1992 - No Commercials - Sean tells Tiffany that Felicia has been arrested. Tracy compliments Jenny’s design of the spa, which surprises her. Tracy asks Jenny about some redecorating at the mansion. They agree to meet at the PC Grill to talk about it. Julia reminds Marco that his bill at the hotel is getting very high. He tells her to send the bill to Tracy. Sean and Mac now have to work to prove that Ryan is Todd. Garcia and Jessica question Felicia further. Tracy drops the bomb on Jenny about knowing about her affair with Kensington. Felicia is locked up. Julia tells Ned about Tracy picking up all of Marco’s bills. Ned tells Julia that their airline deal is a done deal thanks to Jenny knowing Senator Kensington. Tracy blackmails Jenny into staying away from Paul. Felicia is arraigned and bail is set at $60,000

November 23-30, 1992:  11/23 cm, 11/24 cm, 11/25 cm, (no show aired 11/26, 11/27), 11/30

November 23, 1992 - With Commercials - Garcia tells Sean that after looking into Nikki Langton’s bank records it was Alan that gave her the check for 1 million. AJ thanks Alan for standing behind him. Bobbie worries that Tiffany handing over Lucas to her may mean the end of their friendship. Felicia is out on bail. Mac wants to go back to Texas and he needs a recent photo of Ryan. Tiffany apologies for not handing over Lucas to Bobbie yet, but she needs more time. AJ tells Jason that he misses Nikki every minute of every day. AJ is happy about finally a real relationship with his father.  Sean questions Alan about his payoff of Nikki. Since Nikki is no longer a suspect in the art heist, Sean agrees to keep his secret. Mac is worried that Scott’s personal history with Jessica could affect Felicia’s case. Bobbie agrees to give Tiffany more time with Lucas. Bobbie throws Jessica out of Ryan’s room. Ryan develops a bleeder and has to go back into surgery.  Scott and Dominique are having a hard time deciding about their divorce.

November 24, 1992 - With Commercials - After putting an ad in the newspaper for a reward on information about his painting, Bill and Holly meet with a security guard that worked at the hotel the night of the heist but he is not helpful. Lucy books a flight to Connecticut. Felicia digs up all the flowers that Ryan planted in the brownstone garden. Ryan makes it through another surgery but it is still critical. Mac questions Simone if Ryan ever mentioned anything about his personal life. Scott tells Felicia there are no photos from Ryan’s camera of him with her in the wedding dress. Sean is upset with Bill about his ad in the newspaper. Felicia tells Mac that the only personal thing Ryan mentioned was that he had a fiancée named Linda that was killed by a drunk driver.  Lucy arrives at Richard Halifax’s house wanting to be paid, but she is told no one lives there by that name. After the hearing, the judge denies Scott and Dominique’s petition for divorce. Felicia tells Sean about the time she spent with Todd in Texas and the night she saw him kill his wife. Dominique and Scott agree to make a go of their marriage. They agree to live at Scott’s apartment. Lucy’s bag gets stolen at the airport. She books at flight to PC.

November 25, 1992 - With Commercials - Scott and Dominique help Ruby feed the homeless on Thanksgiving. Tiffany has second thoughts about joining the Jones’s for Thanksgiving dinner. Julia books a table at the grill for dinner with her and Brenda. Brenda ditches her though. Karen and Rhonda join the Qs for Thanksgiving. AJ is in a foul mood as he received a letter from the PI saying that he has no leads on Nikki. AJ flies off the handle when Jason says that Nikki is not worth all his pain and take off. Sean and Tiffany have dinner with the Jones. Jenny tells Paul to stay away from her. Lucy is back in PC and sees Scott and Dominique together. Brenda comes back to the hotel to have dinner with Julia. Jason and Karen find AJ on the docks and convince him to come back to the house. AJ and Jason make it in time for dinner with the Qs. Scott calls Lee and Gail to tell them that he and Dominique have decided to stay married. Jagger misses his brother and sister and vows to find them.

November 30, 1992 - With Commercials - Jenny cannot quit thinking about Tracy’s threat. Dominique and Scott end up in bed together on their lunch hour. Lucy overhears Bill and Holly talking about going to NYC to go look for his painting. Julia wants Marco to settle his account at the PC Hotel tomorrow by 9am. Tracy is not paying for his room service and telephone charges. Reginald wants in on Marco’s poker game. With Ned threatening to dig into Marco’s past, Tracy has no choice but to take care of his bill. Bill asks Jenny to watch Sly. Ned reminds Jenny about dinner tonight with Senator Kensington and his wife. Dominique leaves for a meeting in NYC. Lucy makes herself right at home in Scott’s apartment. Marco fishes around Reginald about information on the Quartermaines. Tracy busts in on the two of them getting massages. Tracy confronts him about his huge hotel bill. Tracy wants Marco to spy on Ned and Jenny’s dinner tonight with the Kensington. Scott finds Lucy in his shower.

December 1-7, 1992:  12/1, 12/2, (Note duplicate episodes, one of these is missing 12/3, 12/4 Felicia & Mac break into Ryan's apartment), 12/7 Julia has tape of Jenny & Senator Kensington, Scott questions Ryan

December 1, 1992 - No Commercials - AJ drinks on duty at the hotel. Ned and Jenny have dinner with the Kensingtons at The Grill. The PC Gazette has some questions for Felicia. After finding her in his shower, Scott wants to know what Lucy is going back in town. Lucy claims she told Greg Bennett that she was in love with him. Dominique’s flight to NYC gets cancelled due to fog. Tom tells Felicia and Mac that Ryan may be a psychopath. Ryan wakes up. Marco and Reginald have dinner at the grill within earshot of the Kensington/Jenny dinner. Jenny tells Jack that Tracy reordered their conversation. Ned fires AJ for being drunk on duty. Lucy learns Scott is married. Scott tells Lucy he wants nothing to do with her. Ryan wants to talk with Felicia. Dominique returns home and finds Scott with Lucy in her underwear. Dominique storms out of the apartment and Scott follows her. Lucy sees Scott’s wedding video. Mac wants Felicia to talk with Ryan wearing a wire.

December 2, 1992 - No Commercials - Dominique finds Scott asleep on her doorstep. They argue over Lucy. Bobbie wants Tiffany to bring Lucas over today. Bobbie and Tony see Lucy at Kelly. Bobbie and Lucy snipe at each other. With AJ fired from the hotel, Alan and Monica think that this is good time for him to go back to school full time. Felicia talks with Ryan wearing the wire. He claims he loves her and that he forgives her for stabbing him. He denies everything. Scott pleads his case with Dominique. Ruby turns Lucy down for a room at Kellys. Monica throws Felicia out of Ryan’s room. Jessica takes Ryan’s statement. Ruby reconsiders and rents Lucy the room at Kellys. Jagger knows Lucy is broke. Tiffany avoids Bobbie. Sean needs Mac and Felicia to get hard evidence to help Felicia. Mac wants a search warrant for Ryan’s apartment.

December 3, 1992 - No Commercials - Sean questions why Tiffany has not turned over Lucas yet. Bill and Holly get dressed up as Agatha and Edna. Tiffany assures Sean she is calling Bobbie today. Jason wants to take Karen skiing over Christmamas break. Brenda and Jagger ditch out of chemistry class and get cozy in the nurse’s office. Bill and Holly in disguise meet with a contact in NYC who specializes in stolen art. The art dealer informs them that none of the paintings that were stolen have surfaced yet. Tiffany returns home to find Bobbie waiting for her with Lucas. Tiffany makes excuses as to why she has not dropped Lucas off. They agree to Lucas being dropped off at the brownstone tomorrow morning. Jagger and Brenda get caught in the nurse’s office and are sent to the principal’s office. Jagger wants Karen to stop denying her feelings for him. Angela notices Bill in disguise. Jagger gets suspended for three days but Brenda gets off scott free. Tiffany makes a call to a Jessica and gets a lawyer, John Harmon.   

December 4, 1992 - No Commercials - Bobbie and Tony are still waiting on Lucas. Tiffany avoids Bobbie’s calls. Sean tells Mac he was turned down of a search warrant on Ryan’s apartment. The judge feels that Ryan is the victim. Bobbie contacts Sean about Tiffany being a no show. Tracy wants the tape from the Jenny/Kensington dinner from Marco. Marco wants more money. Ryan tells Jessica he will not be testifying against Felicia at any trial. Sean gets his chance to question Ryan. Julia snoops and finds the surveillance equipment in Marco’s room and hears the tape of Jenny/Kensington tape. Julia steals the tape. After working so closely with him, Simone has a hard time believing that Ryan is a killer. Marco tears apart his hotel suite looking for the tape. Tracy wants to listen to the tape now. Mac and Felicia search Ryan’s apartment on their own. Sean returns home to find Bobbie and Tony there but no Tiffany or Lucas. Garcia calls to tell Sean that a neighbor called and heard a noises coming from Ryan’s apartment. Sean sends a squad car. Tiffany refuses to hand over Lucas to Bobbie and Tony.

December 7, 1992 - No Commercials - Mac and Felicia try to break into Ryan’s locked room in his apartment. Felicia finds the key. Julia has to decide what to do with the tape. Tiffany insists she is not giving up Lucas ever.  Mac and Felicia find nothing in the locked room except some empty vials of what Felicia thinks Ryan was poisoning her with. Marco lies to Tracy and tells her that the tape is in a safe place. Tracy tells Marco he has till tomorrow morning to produce it. Julia gives Jenny a chance to come clean about knowing Kensington very well but she continues to lie. Paul tells Jenny that he will always love her and will not stand by and watch her get hurt. Scott questions Ryan until Jessica breaks it up. Bobbie wants Sean to enforce the law where Lucas is concerned. Felicia recognizes the cowboy boots in Ryan’s apartment. The PCPD find Mac and Felicia in the closet of Ryan’s apartment and take them into custody. Tiffany tells Sean she has already contacted a lawyer to fight for custody of Lucas. Paul offers to pay Marco triple what Tracy is paying him for the truth. Jessica learns Mac and Felicia were found snooping in Ryan’s apartment. Sean is angry with Tiffany for lying. Sean learns Mac and Felicia are in custody. Marco tells Julia that something valuable has been stolen from his suite and he expects her to find it. Jessica gives Mac and Felicia a warning. Bobbie and Tony consult with Scott about the custody issue.

December 8-14 , 1992:  12/8 Scott gives Lucy $5,000 though he is suspicious of her, 12/9, 12/10 Brenda finds the tape of Jenny, Ryan is released, Mac & Felicia go back to TX, Scott runs into Greg Bennett (played by John O'Hurley) while he is in NY, 12/11 Brenda takes the tape out of the safe and leaves it in it in Ned's car, 12/14 Ned watches the tape, Scott confronts Lucy

December 8, 1992 - No Commercials - After listening to the tape, Julia gets distracted and leaves the tape in her stereo. Bill accesses the PC hotel registry without Julia’s permission. Bill wants a full list of all the guests that were at the hotel during the art heist. After not hearing from Kensington about his airline deal, Ned wants Jenny to call Kensington’s wife and invite her to lunch. Jack calls Jenny for a meeting. Brenda tells Jagger she doesn’t care about school with her painting insurance money coming in. Lucy wants a little piece of Deception back from Scott. She wants a quarter of her original stock. When he refuses, Lucy tells him she has a bigger better idea for a new line of cosmetics and needs seed money. She tells him that Greg Bennett took advantage of her, stole her ideas, and owes her back pay. Scott agrees to give Lucy $5,000. Bill meets Jack. Bill suspects Jenny is hiding something and is ready and willing to listen with no judgments. Ned almost hears the tape in Julia’s stereo. Karen thinks Brenda is taking advantage of Robin. Karen tells Jagger he has no chance with her. Lucy tells Dominique that she and Scott have history and she can’t compete with that. Bill tells Lucy he will get his painting back no matter who is in the way. Scott suspects Lucy had a hand in the art theft.

December 9, 1992 - No Commercials - Tiffany tells Sean she is not backing down. Scott tells Mac and Felicia that they have nine days to prove Ryan is a psychopath. Mac still needs a photo of Ryan. Ryan tells Bobbie and Tony he doesn’t want Felicia to be prosecuted but the DA has taken the choice out of his hands. Lucy babbles on about her new ideas for a new cosmetic product line to Holly.  Marco gets his room back at Kelly. Marco meets Lucy. Sean agrees to put a tail on Ryan when he is released from the hospital. Tiffany new lawyer, John Harmon, tells her that they will go before the court next week. Mac gets his photo of Ryan. Marco invites Lucy to dinner to discuss “investing”. Mac and Felicia bring the vials to Tony to analysis. Lucy wants Tony and Bobbie to think about investing in her new product line. Ryan demands to be released from GH.

December 10, 1992 No Commercials. Brenda finds the Jenny/Kensington tape in Julia’s purse. Scott questions some fellow students at NYU where Ryan went to med school. Scott learns more about the hit and run accident. Mac and Felicia on their way to Texas to get an ID on Ryan as Todd. Ryan urges Monica to release him from the hospital. Brenda accuses Julia of spying on Jenny, as she wants Ned. Julia tells her she has no intention of playing the tape for Ned. Paul learns that Marco has no affiliation with GH fundraising. Jack Kensington meets Tracy. She tells him that he is pawn in a very important chess game and the next move is up to Jenny. Julia tells Brenda that she is going to give the tape to Jenny. Brenda sees Julia put the tape in her safe. Ryan is discharged from GH. Ryan finds the film is gone from his pants that he was wearing when he was admitted to GH but later he gets his hands on the film. Mac calls Bobbie and Tony about the film but it is too late. Scott runs into Greg Bennett in NYC. He tells Scott that he fired Lucy after she lost all of his accounts. Bennett gives him Lucy’s old address. Mac and Felicia’s flight is delayed. Ryan develops his film and promptly destroys it. Ryan finds the picture he dropped in his apartment and destroys it as well. Scott makes a Lucy/ Constance Chapman connection. Brenda gets the tape from Julia’s safe.

December 11, 1992 12/11/92 No Commercials. Brenda finds the Jenny/Kensington tape in Julia’s purse. Brenda accuses Julia of spying on Jenny, as she wants Ned. Brenda questions why Julia does not blow Jenny out of the water with the Kensington tape. Brenda learns that Julia still plans to give the tape to Jenny. Brenda sees Julia put the tape in her safe. Brenda steals the tape from Julia’s safe and sets up Ned to find it by putting it in his car stereo.
Jenny tells Ned she does not like cozying up to the Senator’s wife for the sake of the airline deal. Jenny has lunch with Senator’s Kensington’s wife Pamela. She tells Jenny that she knows all about her affair with Jack. Paul tells Jenny that he now knows the truth.
Scott questions some fellow students at NYU where Ryan went to med school. Scott learns more about the hit and run accident. Scott runs into Greg Bennett in NYC. He tells Scott that he fired Lucy after she lost all of his accounts. Bennett gives him Lucy’s old address. Scott makes a Lucy/ Constance Chapman connection. Scott, back from NYC, tells Dominique that he believes Lucy is responsible for the art heist. Lucy admits to Scott that her job in NYC blew up in her face. Scott confronts her about the art heist; Lucy feigns innocence.
Mac and Felicia on their way to Texas to get an ID on Ryan as Todd. Ryan urges Monica to release him from the hospital. Ryan is discharged from GH. Ryan finds the film is gone from his pants that he was wearing when he was admitted to GH but later he gets his hands on the film. Mac calls Bobbie and Tony about the film but it is too late. Mac and Felicia’s flight is delayed. Ryan develops his film and promptly destroys it. Ryan finds the picture he dropped in his apartment and destroys it as well.
Paul learns that Marco has no affiliation with GH fundraising. Paul pays Marco a visit informing him that he knows all about his past and his real name. Marco comes clean about what he has dug up on Jenny for Tracy. Jack Kensington meets Tracy. She tells him that he is pawn in a very important chess game and the next move is up to Jenny.
Bill and Holly ponder how to trace the forgeries. Bill has an expert look at the forgeries.

December 14, 1992 - No Commercials - Mac and Felicia finally get to Texas. Scott confronts Lucy about her being involved in the art heist. Julia finds that the tape gone. Thanks to Brenda, Ned hears the tape in his car. Paul asks Jenny if Tracy is blackmailing her. Paul tells her that Marco is a fraud and he knows everything. He tells her that the second tape is missing as it was stolen from Marco’s hotel room. Lucy admits to posing as Constance Chapman and Scott is ready to turn her into the police. Jenny tells Paul she is going to tell Ned the truth. Mac and Felicia strike out finding anyone that can ID Ryan as Todd. An angry Ned confronts Jenny with the tape. Scott gives Lucy 48 hours to come up with a plan to get the paintings back.

December 15-21, 1992:  12/15 Lucas' custody hearing, 12/16 Lucy tries to cut a deal with Scott for a percentage of Deception, 12/17 Bill threathens Lucy with a gun, 12/18 Felicia's trial begins, 12/21 cm AJ attempts suicide, Richard Halifax surface (played by Randolph Mantooth)

December 15, 1992 - No Commercials - Tiffany tells Sean that no matter what the outcome of today’s custody hearing, she is not giving up Lucas. Tracy asks a hung-over Paul where he was all night. Julia finds Ned in a PC Hotel suite. Ned spills all of Jenny’s lies to Julia. Ned suspects that Tracy planted the tape for him to hear in his car. Alan and Monica do not know how to help AJ, who insists his life is going down the toilet. Tracy confronts Jenny about breaking their agreement. Tracy learns Ned has already heard the tape and that Marco has told Paul everything. Brenda thinks Ned’s hearing the tape is the best news ever for Julia. Brenda admits to Julia that putting the tape in Ned’s car. Julia slaps Brenda, calling her a tornado that destroys people’s lives. Brenda storms out. Karen admits to Ruby that she has feelings for Jagger. Monica learns Alan made a one million dollar transfer the day Nikki left town, bit he insists he did nothing to make her leave. Jagger finds an upset Brenda in his room and they end up making love. Paul tells Tracy that their marriage is over. Karen hears Brenda and Jagger together in his room. At the Lucas’s custody hearing, the judge decides that both sides should prepare for a trial after the holidays. Lucas will stay with Sean and Tiffany until a permanent decision is made.

December 16, 1992 - With Commercials - Lucy tries to contact Halifax again. Tiffany wants to celebrate her victory in court. Bill and Holly come to Sean with a lead on a painting forger. Ryan is back working at GH. Lucy wants a finder’s fee if she helps Scott find the paintings. Mac has Tony confirm that Ryan’s vacations days match the days Mac thinks Ryan was following them in Texas. Lucy refuses to give Scott the man who paid her to heist the painting. She wants Scott to broker a deal with Bill. Scott tells Bill he has a lead on his painting but Bill wants to meet the informant. Tiffany takes Lucas to see Santa and runs into Bobbie and Tony. Mac and Felicia take a sauna together, which leaves Mac looking a cold shower. Sean breaks into Ryan’s apartment to get a sample of the soil on Ryan’s boots. Scott tells Lucy that Bill wants to meet her. Bobbie finds Sean coming out of Ryan’s apartment.

December 17, 1992 - No Commercials - Paul tells Jenny that he left Tracy. There is nothing stopping them from being together. Mac and Felicia are back in PC with very little evidence on Ryan. Mac wants to talk with the mechanic that serviced the plane that almost killed them. Scott tells Bill that the informant does not want a face to face with him. Bill thinks Scott is protecting Lucy. Jenny tells Paul that she is not ready to give up on her marriage. Ned tells Julia that his marriage is history. Mac and Felicia do some investigating at the airplane rental office where Ryan sabotaged their plane. Tracy accuses Marco of double crossing her. She vows to make Marco pay. Ned tells Jenny he is going on a business trip and by the time he returns he wants her out of the gatehouse. Bill kidnaps Lucy. Mac tosses Ryan out when he shows up at The Outback to talk with Felicia. Tracy tells Paul that all she wanted was for him to forget about Jenny and try to make their marriage work. Ned kisses Julia. Tony finds nothing on the vials that Mac gave him. Sean finds the soil on Ryan’s boot is inconclusive. Holly finds Bill questioning Lucy at gunpoint. Bill and Holly struggle with the gun and Holly is “shot”. Lucy admits it was Halifax who stole the paintings. Mac tells Felicia he is not giving up.

December 18, 1992 - No Commercials - Karen finds a half naked Brenda in Jagger’s room. Lucy wants to press charges against Bill for trying to kill her. AJ and Alan argue after AJ stays out all night drinking. Jagger tells Brenda that he likes to live alone and she will have to find her own place. Scott asks Felicia if she wants to strike a temporary insanity deal with Jessica. Jagger accuses Karen of being jealous but all she has to do is say the word. Julia tells Dominique all the details about the tape and how it ended up in Ned’s car. Brenda picks up all her things from Julia’s suite. Bill meets with Edward to get the skinny on Richard Halifax. Edward declines to set up a meeting for him with Halifax. Felicia’s jury is picked. Alan admits to Monica about paying Nikki to leave. Lucy wants a cut of Bill’s reward money for his painting in exchange for more information on Halifax. Julia finds out Brenda is living with Jagger. Jessica gives her opening statement in Felicia’s trial. Posed as decorators, Bill and Holly arrive at Halifax’s house. A drunken AJ leaves his car running and closes the garage door.

December 21, 1992 - With Commercials - Holly and Bill continue their snow job of Halifax’s butler. Scott gives his opening statement in the trial. Ryan arrives in court. Alan and Monica find AJ passed out in his car in the garage. Monica misses testifying in the trial due to AJ’s accident. Court is adjourned for the day.  Halifax’s butler alerts his boss to get home pronto. AJ is brought to GH. The press is all over Felicia. Mac and Ryan get into it outside the courtroom. Bobbie accuses Tiffany of badgering Felicia for her newscast. Tom is not so sure that AJ did not try to kill himself. Bill and Holly look for a secret room in Halifax’s house. Mac and Robin help Felicia decorate her Xmas tree. Halifax finds Bill and Holly in his house.

December 22-28, 1992:  12/22 cm Lucy is afraid of Halifax and wants money to leave town, Marco offers to help Lucy, 12/23 cm, 12/24 cm, Christmas party at GH, (no show 12/25), 12/28

December 22, 1992 - With Commercials - Jason blames Alan for AJ’s accident. Bill demands his painting back from Halifax. Lucy wants Scott to give her some money so she can get out of town. Dominique offers to pay Lucy if she stays out of town. AJ is awake but not out of the woods. Scott and Dominique decorate their tree. Marco offers to be Lucy’s bodyguard if she stays in town. Jason asks AJ if it was an accident or did he try and kill himself. He says he doesn’t remember anything that happened. Bill insists he is not leaving until he gets his painting. Bill wants to know what is in the secret room. Scott and Dominique talk about their childhoods and Christmas memories. Scott gives her a ring. Tom recommends AJ go to rehab right after he is released from GH. Alan wishes he could trade places with AJ. Karen overhears Alan and Monica talking about the payoff. Dominique gets a bad headache. Bill and Holly see Halifax’s hidden room full of artwork but Bill’s painting is not one of them. Bill wants his informant, Lucy, to meet Halifax to ID him.

December 23, 1992 - With Commercials - To clear his name, Halifax accompanies Bill and Holly back to PC to meet his informant. Ned arrives back in PC from his business trip to find Jenny still at the gatehouse. She refuses to leave so he does. Paul does not want to spend Christmas with Tracy at the Qs. Bill wants to meet with Lucy and tells her he has a proposition for her. Julia apologies to Brenda for slapping her. Julia offers Brenda her own suite at the hotel if she wants to come back. Ned tells Kensington he knows all about his affair with Jenny and he has proof. Ned blackmails the senator to push his airline deal through. Lucy claims to have never seen Halifax before. Tracy tells Lila that she fears her marriage is over. Holly and Bill do not understand Halifax’s motives but are sure they have not seen the last of him. Halifax meets with Lucy. Ned shares some champaign with Julia. Paul thinks Jenny is clinging to a dead marriage. He will wait as he knows she loves him. 

December 24, 1992 - With Commercials - The Quartermaines are all in a foul moods on Christmas. Jenny brings presents to the mansion. Tiffany decides that she and Lucas will not be going to the GH Christmas party. Sean knows that Tiffany is trying to keep Lucas away from Bobbie and Tony. Mac wants Felicia to go to the cabin and re-search it. Ned accuses Jenny of trying to buy sympathy from his family.  The GH Christmas Party gets another way. Jenny tells Julia she is trying with Ned but he will have none of it. Tiffany and Sean bring Lucas to GH. Paul sees Dillon but tells Tracy he is not staying for Xmas morning. An apologetic Alan and AJ have a frank talk. Steve reads the Xmas story and Tony makes his appearance as Santa. Ryan shows up with presents for all the kids and tries to give Maxie a gift. Monica and Karen agree that the reason Nikki left will be kept between them. Reginald gives Tracy a bell as a Xmas gift. Edward tells Tracy he knows she is hurting and she cries on his shoulder. Bobbie invites Tiffany and Lucas back to the brownstone but Tiffany declines. But Sean insists they stop by. Paul makes Jenny Xmas eve dinner. Jenny gets served with divorce papers. Bobbie gives Lucas his Xmas present and Bobbie and Tiffany manage to get along. Ned joins Julia back at her hotel suite. Episode ends with an Xmas montage.

December 28, 1992 - No Commercials - Jenny asks Scott for legal advise. Holly wants to take Bill to Paris for a little detective work. Marco informs Lucy that he followed her and he knows she meet with Halifax after claiming she didn’t know him. He wants to help her. Julia tells Ned that an anonymous party has rented out The Grill to throw a NYE bash and they both are invited. Jenny still will not let Ned go but he wants their marriage over as soon as possible. Bill gets an invitation to the anonymous NYE party at The Grill, which he promptly declines. Scott and Dominique get an invitation as well. Scott thinks Dominique should see a doctor about her tiredness and headaches. Bill talks with Lucy again and threatens her again with telling the truth about the heist. Ruby gets an invitation to the party. Jenny asks Julia if Ned has confided in her about how he feels about their marriage. Halifax learns that Bill has declined his invitation.

December 29, 1992 - January 5, 1993:   12/29 Ryan goes to see Felicia, 12/30 Mac & Feicia go to the cabin to search for evidence and find the rings, 12/31 New Year's Eve Party, 1/4 Dom gives Lucy a job, 1/5/93 Felicia's trial for the attempted murder of Ryan begins, Monica testifies

December 29, 1992 - No Commercials - The press bothers Felicia at her apartment at the Brownstone. Jenny tells Julia that she believes under all Ned’s anger, he still loves her. Jenny sees Ned bring Julia a rose. Jenny asks Ned if he and Julia were involved. Scott tells Mac and Felicia that they must go back to the cabin. Tiffany wants to renege on going to Bobbie’s for their court ordered supervised visit with Lucas. Sean makes her go. Ryan plays the dedicated doctor role at GH. Sean and Tiffany bring Lucas over to see Bobbie and Tony’s for a supervised visit. Ned and Julia have dinner, but she is still upset about the scene with Jenny. Ned doesn’t care if Jenny thinks they are having an affair. Ryan makes an appearance at Felicia’s apartment. Mac offers Jenny a job. When Sean confronts Ryan about going to Felicia’s apartment, he denies it saying he has been at GH all evening.

December 30, 1992 - No Commercials - Felicia and Maxie spend the night with Mac and Robin. Jenny tells Ned she will be out of the gatehouse today. Tracy insists to Paul that it was never her intention for Ned to hear the tape.  Tracy tells Paul his happily ever after with Jenny will never a happen. Mac thinks there may be ashes of the wedding dress in the fireplace where Felicia burned it. Ryan fishes around Tom for information on Felicia. Jenny accuses Julia of pretending to be her friend and sleeping with Ned. Paul tells Tracy he is seeing a lawyer after the first of the year. Tracy tells him she will have full custody of Dillon if he does. At the cabin, Mac finds remnants of the wedding dress. Alan and Monica push AJ to go to rehab. AJ tells them he doesn’t care if he lives or dies. At GH, Robin tells Ryan off when he asks about Felicia. Alan convinces AJ to go to rehab. Mac and Felicia find the wedding rings that Ryan brought to the cabin. Paul moves out of the Q mansion. Paul offers Jenny help to move out of the gatehouse.

December 31, 1992 - No Commercials - Paul helps Jenny moves into her new apartment. Ned and Julia attend the NYE party at The Grill. Bill finds out that everyone that lost a painting has been invited to the party. Mac and Felicia tell Scott about what they found at the cabin. Scott tells Sean that the police missed evidence at the cabin. With their curiosity peaked, Bill and Holly make an appearance at the party. Dominique thinks Julia should be careful as Ned is on the rebound. All of the paintings that were stolen are returned but Bill’s. Halifax is revealed as the host of the NYC bash. Halifax tells Bill that he is sorry but he could not locate his painting. Jenny gets a little tipsy and things get hot and heavy with Paul. He puts the brakes on as she has had a lot to drink. Brenda and Jagger end up back at her hotel suite and in bed. Ned and Julia make love.  Mac assures Felicia that things well get better.

January 4, 1993 - No Commercials - Julia and Ned wake up in bed together. She wants to know if he has any regrets about last night. A social worker surprises Sean and Tiffany for a home visit. Mac tells Felicia that he may have found the jeweler that sold Ryan the rings. Lucy learns all the paintings but Bill’s have been returned. Halifax lets Lucy know he has no intention of paying her for the heist. Mac and Felicia strike out at the first jewelry store. Lucy wants Julia to let back into Deception. Julia offers her the Deception Spa manager position. Dominique gets a dizzy spell.  Sean tells Mac and Felicia that the ashes proved that a satin material was in the fire. Bill thinks he and Holly can find out more here than if they went to Paris. Halifax does indeed have Bill’s “Summer in Province”. Mac gets served with a subpoena to testify for the prosecution.   

January 5, 1993 - No Commercials - Alan tries to talk with an obviously hurting Tracy, but she tears his head off. Brenda and Jagger flirt in front of Karen. Lucy tells Scott she is staying in PC to manage the spa. Tom is going to talk with Steve about Ryan working at GH. A social worker visits Tony and Bobbie at the brownstone and interviews them. Marco wants to take Lucy to dinner to celebrate her new job. Felicia’s trial resumes. Edward tells Tracy that she must get Paul’s ELQ stock back in the divorce. Karen learns that Jason will not be back in time to drive her to her college interview. Jagger offers to take her. Jessica questions the first police officer at the scene of the crime at the cabin. Monica also testifies about how serious Ryan’s injuries were when he was brought into GH. Marco offers to keep tabs on Paul for Tracy. Tom thinks Steve should ask Ryan to take a leave of absence from the hospital. Ryan takes the stand and recounts his version of what happened at the cabin. Robin lets Brenda know that Jagger has taken Karen to her college interview.

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