Complete GH Episodes, 1989

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Episode Breakdown

December 30, 1988 - July 7, 1989

July 10-14, 1989:  7/10, 7/11, 7/12, 7/13 Tony regains his eyesight, 7/14 Frisco reveals himself to Domino during Tiffany's interview of Van Buren [Episode Descriptions]

July 17-21 , 1989:  7/17, 7/18, 7/19, 7/20, 7/21 [Episode Descriptions]

July 24-27, 1989:  7/24 cm, 7/25 cm, 7/26 cm, 7/27 cm Cheryl returns to show [Episode Descriptions]

July 28 - August 2, 1989:  7/28 cm, 7/31 cm Cheryl calls again and gets the answering machine, 8/1 cm, 8/2 cm [Episode Descriptions]

August 3-8, 1989: 8/3 cm, 8/4 cm, 8/7, 8/8 [Episode Descriptions]

August 9-15, 1989: 8/9 Cheryl ponders returning to Port Charles, Ned tells Q's he bought Wyndemere for Dawn, Monica tells Gail that Dawn is her daughter, 8/10, 8/11, 8/14, 8/15 Cheryl agrees to stay a few days at a private hospital [Episode Descriptions]

August 16-22, 1989:  8/16, 8/17, 8/18, 8/21, 8/22 cm [Episode Descriptions]

August 23-29, 1989:   8/23, 8/24, 8/25 Bobbie gets Cheryl's baby, 8/28, 8/29 Domino has Tony taken hostage [Episode Descriptions]

August 30 - September 5, 1989:  8/30 Cheryl arrives back in PC, Sargonne arrives, 8/31, 9/1 Domino is captured, Frisco is shot, 9/4 glitchy episode Robert, 9/5 glitchy episode, includes classic abc soap promo [Episode Descriptions]

September 6-12, 1989:  9/6 Robert & Katherine make love, 9/7 Robert & Katherine in bed, Robert & dog Friday, Robert has a vision of an aborigine from his past, 9/8 Decker is introduced, 9/11, 9/12 Scott & Lucy in bed [Episode Descriptions]

September 13-19, 1989:  9/13, 9/14 Decker & Phoebe arrive in PC, Lucas' christening, Tony proposes to Bobbie, Cheryl leaves, Robert & Katherine, McAllister (Geoffrey Scott) is introduced to Tracy, Robert has another vision of an aborigine beckoning him, 9/15 Robert's birthday, he relates a story of being lost in the outback as a boy and being rescued by an aborigine who told him that he would never see him again unless he was in trouble or in great danger, Coltin finds out that Felicia with Frisco in Ohio, Sam opens a package turned into lost & found, figure of woman with blonde hair and red hands, 9/18, 9/19 cm [Episode Descriptions]

September 20-26, 1989:  9/20 (news pre-emption interruped most of show) Night Stalker found guilty on all counts, 9/21, 9/22, 9/25, 9/26 [Episode Descriptions]

September 27 - October 3, 1989:  9/27 Frisco sings,  9/28 Robert & Katherine, 9/29, 10/2, 10/3 [Episode Descriptions]

October 4-10, 1989:  10/4, 10/5, 10/6 Nicholas Walker as Jimmy, Birthday party for BJ, Tony, Frisco, Charlene, Ruby celebrate at the Jones', Bobbie is in Texas and calls to wish BJ a happy birthday (she is visiting Luke & Laura and baby Lucky but they aren't shown), Tony tells Bobbie that he wants to put the business with Lucy behind them and begs her to come home but Bobbie needs more time, Felicia and Decker in a motel, Robert & Tanganeva, 10/9 Felicia gets her memory back after seeing Tiffany on the news, 10/10 [Episode Descriptions]

October 11-17, 1989:  10/11, 10/12 Bobbie & Tony arrive in Puerto Rico, 10/13 Tony & Bobbie are married in Puerto Rico, 10/16 Felicia fakes amnesia to protect Decker  and give her more time to make her decision, 10/17 [Episode Descriptions]

October 18-24, 1989:  10/18, 10/19, 10/20 Lucky goes to the boat house and finds Victor Jerome there, 10/23 Sam tells Katherine that Victor escaped, Victor's body, 10/24 missing first 2 mins [Episode Descriptions]

October 25-30, 1989:  10/25 cm, 10/26 cm, 10/27 cm Victor Jerome's body found at the water's edge, 10/30 cm [Episode Descriptions]

October 31 - November 3, 1989:  10/31 cm, 11/1 cm, 11/2 cm, 11/3 cm [Episode Descriptions]

November 6-10, 1989:  11/6, 11/7, 11/8 Robert & Katherine, 11/9 Christine Jones as Tracy, Lucy & Alan apartment hunting, Frisco & Felicia, Scotty, Lucy, Olivia in disguise, 11/10 [Episode Descriptions]

November 13-17, 1989:  11/13, 11/14 Iona confesses to charges to help Robert trap the real culprit, 11/15 Duke in bandages in Brazil, 11/16, 11/17 Lucy on the docks, a guy wants the diamonds and she refuses to turn them over, he drugs her and carries her away, she wakes up in a straight jacket and then Olivia arrives [Episode Descriptions]

November 20-23, 1989:  11/20, 11/21 cm, 11/22 cm, 11/23 cm [Episode Descriptions]

November 24-29, 1989:  11/24 cm, 11/27 cm, 11/28 cm, 11/29 cm [Episode Descriptions]

November 30 - December 6, 1989:  11/30 cm, 12/1 cm, 12/4, 12/5, 12/6 [Episode Descriptions]

December 7-13, 1989:  12/7, 12/8 cm, 12/11, 12/12, 12/13 [Episode Descriptions]

December 14-20, 1989:  12/14, 12/15 Robert & Katherine, 12/18 Robert & Katherine, 12/19, 12/20 missed :18 mins news pre-emption [Episode Descriptions]

December 21-27, 1989:  12/21 cm, 12/22 cm, (no show aired 12/25), 12/26 cm, 12/27 cm [Episode Descriptions]

December 28, 1989 - January 4, 1990:  12/28 cm, 12/29 cm New Year's Eve party, 1/2 NY party continues, Robert has a heart attack and is pronounced dead, 1/3 Anna holds a press conference, 1/4 [Episode Descriptions]

Expanded Descriptions

July 10-14, 1989:  7/10, 7/11, 7/12, 7/13 Tony regains his eyesight, 7/14 Frisco reveals himself to Domino

July 10, 1980 - No Commercials - Tiffany interviews Anna about Olivia changing her plea to guilty. The ambulance arrives for Tony after the forklift accident. Mouse gets Frisco out of sight on the docks. Harrison treats Tony. Frisco sends Mouse to check on Tony at the hospital. Katherine has a dinner party at the PC Hotel for everything associated with the Jerome trial. Frisco listens in on Domino's conversation through a bug. Felicia tells Mouse that it is  Frisco's fault Tony was injured. Felicia later tells Frisco it would have better for everyone if he had just stayed dead. Lucy and Scott make love. Tony has a severe concussion and is unconscious.    

July 11, 1980 - No Commercials - Lucy and Scott in bed together. Lucy learns about Tony being hurt and insists on going to GH. Tracy suspects Alan is looking to buy Wilson Pharmaceuticals. Two computer nerds, Arthur and Eugene, show up looking for Ned at GH.Tracy meets with Van Buren and wants him to check out Wilson for her. Lucy is livid when she can't get in to see Tony. Scott wants to land another big case so he can get his crack at the DA job. Dawn gives Ned the brush off after she sees him with Melissa. Tracy wants Ashton to charm Amanda Barrington to get her a seat on the GH board of directors. Lucy tells Bobbie she is the reason Tony got hurt. Alan trusts Monica with his plan to buy Wilson.  

July 12, 1980 - No Commercials - Dawn apologies to Ned. When Frisco learns that Tony is in critical condition, he wants to try and get into GH. Sean and Tiffany have dinner at the PC Hotel restaurant but are interrupted by Sean's business. Frisco sees Tony and gets caught by Felicia coming out his room. Dawn joins Ned, Terri, Arthur, and Eugene at the Bucket of Blood. Ned plays a prank on Dawn. Felicia tells Colton about seeing Frisco. Frisco attacks Callahan for letting him rot in prison. Frisco vows to get Domino his own way. Tiffany makes yet another request of Van Buren for an interview. Felicia admits to Sean that she is very worried about Frisco but can't tell anyone. Frisco thinks that the TV interview is the perfect way to show everyone the kind of man Van Buren really is. 

July 13, 1980 - No Commercials - Katherine has a great idea (Note: low audio for a few seconds) There is a bomb scare at the WLPC TV station. Olivia Jerome gets sent to Pine Circle because of her mental state. The press doesn't think Scott's part in the trial is newsworthy. Tony is beginning to come around. Tom wants Bobbie to give the Pine Circle Staff the complete lowdown on how deceptive Olivia can be. Katherine invites Anna and Claudio to dinner with her and Robert. Olivia tells Anna she should never sleep easy while she is alive. Anna sees Claudio carrying around a gold nugget. Scott learns that Lambardi is marrying the outgoing DA's daughter. Scott quits. Olivia threatens Bobbie. Claudio meets with Domino. They are planning a coupe. Tony wakes up. Tony tells Mouse that he needs to see Frisco.    

July 14, 1980 - No Commercials - Robert is not impressed with Claudio. Tony doesn't let anyone know he can see again except Frisco. Tony thinks he can be Frisco's eyes. Domino leaves for the TV station. Sean and Robert break into his suite at the hotel to do some snooping. Tiffany interviews VanBuren. Frisco is the star of the evening news when he shows up during the interview. Tony thinks Frisco has just signed his own death warrant by publicly confronting VanBuren. Robert, Sean, Anna, and Felicia confront Frisco. Frisco tells them if he is the one that lives after he faces off with Domino than he will leave PC.

July 17- 21, 1989:  7/17, 7/18, 7/19, 7/20, 7/21

July 17, 1980 - No Commercials - Tiffany has a million questions for Anna, Robert, and Sean. Colton is afraid for Felicia's safety. VanBuren and Claudio are worried about what Frisco knows. Tony reveals to Harrison that he can see but asks him to keep it a secret. Frisco leaves the catacombs for a room at Kellys. Sean smoothes things over, when Tiffany feels that he does not trust her. Felicia thinks that Colton is jealous. Anna and Robert return to Katherine's for dinner. After hearing that Domino is getting out of town and plans to neutralize him, Frisco shows up at Felicia's. Felicia thinks she should leave town do to some thinking and wants to go to Anna's cabin.  

July 18, 1980 - No Commercials - Lee and Gail drop by Scott's apartment after they learn he has quit the DA office. Dawn is still ticked off with Ned for the night at the bar. Tony doesn't understand Frisco. Scott is going into private practice. Tony tells Frisco that he hopes he and Bobbie may have a future together. Amanda mentions to Alan that she had lunch the other day with Ashton. Alan suspects something is afoot. Frisco wants Tony to stay out his feud with Domino. Monica asks Ned if he has any idea what Tracy and Ashton are up to. Scott wants to use Lucy's expensive diamond bracelet from Victor Jerome as seed money for his new practice. Dawn turns the tables on Ned. Scott tells Lucy he rented an office in the ELQ building. Tony lets Bobbie know he thinks of Valerie as just a friend.   

July 19, 1980 - No Commercials - Robert wants to get back into VanBuren's hotel room but Guy tells him VanBuren has checked out. His plane is gone and there is no record of it departing. (Note: ABC New Brief Interruption: about 1 minute lost) Katherine is off for a picnic with Robert. Tom invites Harrison to dinner at the PC Hotel. Bobbie asks Anna to be her character reference for her adoption application. (Note: Another ABC News Brief Interruption: 2 minutes lost)  When rain interrupts their picnic plans, Katherine and Robert eat on the floor in his office. Tony slips up and Bobbie finds out he can see again. Harrison joins the Hardy's for dinner. Claudio meets with Anna and gives her a pair of riding boats for Robin. Katherine leaves for Boston and then NYC in Claudio's private jet. Anna and Robert plan to attend Katherine benefit concert in NYC.   

July 20, 1980 - No Commercials - Felicia is staying at Anna's cabin. Believing Felicia has walked out on him, Charlene visits Colton. VanBuren is back in town. Van Buren employs Serge as part of his plan to take care of Frisco. Terri invites Frisco to sing at the club's opening. Felicia has flashbacks of both Colton and Frisco. Frisco attacks Colton for letting Felicia leave town. Colton insists she is safe and he can take care of her. Despite Alan and Monica's objections, Tracy gets on the board at GH. “Ghost” Edward tells Lila that Tracy is up to something. Colton shows up at the cabin. He tells Felicia he wants to validate their marriage and for her to divorce Frisco. Frisco agrees to sing at the club. 

July 21, 1980 - No Commercials - Robert and Anna attend Katherine's concert in NYC. Sean wants to know what Frisco has planned for Domino.VanBuren gets word that the tanker will arrive tonight. Felicia tells Sean about her plan to divorce Frisco. Frisco taunts VanBuren. Ned sets Dawn straight about Melissa and they make peace. VanBuren gives Frisco the slip to see his tanker dock. Katherine gets mobbed by her socialite fans. Robert thinks that maybe Katherine would prefer a man like Claudio over him. VanBuren tells Claudio his plan.

July 24-27, 1989:  7/24 cm, 7/25 cm, 7/26 cm, 7/27 cm Cheryl returns to show

July 24, 1989 - With Commercials - Robert and Katherine after her concert in NYC. Van Buren and Claudio planning to eliminate Frisco. Felicia dreading asking Frisco for a divorce. Robert wants to get back to PC and passes on staying with Katherine for a high society party. After returning to PC after Katherine’s concert, Anna and Claudio have dinner with Sean and Tiffany. Frisco scouting out Van Buren’s tanker. Robert and Katherine have dinner at an Italian restaurant before he leaves. Felicia asks Frisco for a divorce. At dinner, Sean, Tiffany, and Anna discuss Frisco and Felicia. Van Buren’s associate Tyler informs him that Frisco knows about the tanker. Robert and Katherine’s romantic evening ends in a argument.

July 25, 1989 - With Commercials - Alan loses his cool with Avery Wilson of Wilson Pharmaceuticals. Tracy overhears them arguing. Frisco talks with Anna about losing Felicia. Robin learns Frisco is alive. Scott offers his services to Frisco for the divorce. Dawn calls Melissa out about her lies regarding Ned being interested in her. Tracy tries to get information out of Alan regarding Dermestant. Ned makes a date with Dawn in front of Melissa. Frisco insists he does not need a lawyer but Anna thinks maybe he should meet with Scott. Alan tells Monica about the Wilson problem and he decides to leave for NYC to push Wilson’s products to nearby hospitals. Frisco meets with Scott. They argue and Frisco storms out. Scott and Lucy argue. Ned wants to borrow Ashton’s boat “The Aphrodite” for a harbor cruise. Alan leaves for NYC. Monica lies to Tracy and tells her she doesn’t know anything about Alan’s business. Tracy tells Ashton he should try and cozy up to Monica while Alan is away. Bobbie meets with an adoption counselor. She tells Bobbie she has a baby for her. Ned invites Monica on the harbor cruise. Frisco reconsiders and hires Scott as his divorce lawyer. Tracy decides to go on cruise to keep on eye on Ned. Lucy and Scott celebrate his first client (Frisco). Anna and Robin visits the Jones’.

July 26, 1989 - With Commercials - Valerie is jealous of Tony and Bobbie’s closeness. Scott works the press regarding Frisco’s case. Tracy and Monica take off for the harbor cruise. Party on “The Aphrodite” starts. Monica blows off Ashton’s flirting attempts. Bobbie wants to ask for a leave of absence after her baby is born. Simone has a nightmare. Lee and Gail see Scott’s new office. Harrison and Bobbie visit the Hardys regarding hospital business. Tracy sizes up Dawn. Ned and Dawn kiss for the first time. Tony suspects Valerie is sensing that he is putting distance between them Lee and Gail have dinner with Lucy and Scott. Harbor cruise continues. During the cruise, Dawn notices Wyndamere on Spoon Island. Steve suspects Audrey is keeping something from him. Simone feels bad about having Audrey keep her secret. The Q’s return home. Monica thinks Wyndamere resembles the convent where she grew up.

July 27, 1989 - With Commercials - Frisco sees the sleazy headline in the newspaper orchestrated by Scott. Robert discusses with Anna his fight with Katherine. Katherine gets a speeding ticket. A worried Sean visits Felicia. Van Buren plotting against Frisco. Frisco asks Sean to have the WSB declare him officially alive. Frisco and Mouse listening to the bug that is planted in Van Buren’s glasses. Robert tries to make things right with Katherine but neither are willing to apologize. They argue again. Frisco breaks into Van Buren’s suite. Sean has the same plan. Van Buren shows his associates a map of his training camps. Felicia and Colton open a wedding present...a set of wind chimes. They hang them outside their apartment window. Chimes having a strange effect on Colton. He has a strange dream. Frisco finds a gold nugget in the hotel suite. Cheryl tries to call Robert.

July 28 - August 2, 1989:  7/28 cm, 7/31 cm , 8/1 cm, 8/2 cm

July 28, 1989 - With Commercials - Ned wants to rent “The Aphrodite” again. Tracy is livid that he is throwing around his money. Terri is worried about the reopening of Dukes. Colton, Frisco and Felicia meet with Scott about the divorce. Anna invites Robert to the Duke’s Club opening. Claudio and Katherine meet at her townhouse before their dinner date. Ned takes Dawn to Wyndamere. Duke’s club reopening. Robert is surprised to see Katherine with Claudio at the club together. Ned and Dawn get stranded on Spoon Island. Terri sings at Dukes. Frisco, Colton and Felicia all show up at Dukes. Frisco sings a song he wrote for Felicia. Colton is not too happy.

July 31, 1989 - With Commercials - Mary tries to convince Katherine to apologies to Robert. (*Note: Slight picture failure for 2 seconds during the scene) Katherine makes plans to go to Newport. Anna comes to the cottage to fix Robert breakfast. She tries to convince him to make things right with Katherine. Sean arrives to tell Robert about Frisco. Frisco shows Mouse the gold nugget he found. Colton upset about Frisco’s song to Felicia the previous night. Tracy and Ashton frantic as Ned did not come home last night. Ned and Dawn exploring Wyndamere. An upset Felicia meets with Anna.(*Note: Video failure for about 5 seconds of scene) Frisco and Mouse listening to bug. Sean and Robert arrive to talk with Frisco (*Note: Glitchy picture for 2 seconds during scene) They are mad Frisco is trying to nab Domino on his own. The Q’s talk with Robert about the missing Ned. Robert gets word that Ned went to Spoon Island. The Q’s and Robert arrive on Wyndamere and find the stranded Ned and Dawn. Anna meets with Katherine and tries to give her insight into Robert (*Note: Glitchy picture 1-2 seconds during scene) The Q’s arrive home and Ashton and Tracy bicker. (*Note: One again glitchy picture 1-2 seconds) Cheryl tries to call Robert again. Colton tells Felicia that Frisco is leaving town for a few days. Frisco leaves for Green Bay to check out Domino’s tanker that is going to port there.

August 1, 1989 - With Commercials - Tracy and Ashton talk Dawn and Ned. Monica and Gail go back to Wyndamere. Alan arrives home from NY. Tracy tries to con information out of Alan regarding his trip. Ned tries to find out any information on who owns Spoon Island. Tony pretending to be blind. Valerie tells Tony she fears they are growing apart. Monica and Gail arrive back at the Q mansion. Monica tells Alan and Tracy that she really likes Wyndamere because it reminds her of the orphanage she grew up in St Louis. Tracy is determined to find out what is going on with Alan and Jordan Pharmaceuticals. Tracy wants Ashton to do some research. Terri and Ruby planning a baby shower for both Bobbie and Simone. Scott has lunch with Lee at Kellys’ Dawn tells Ned about being adopted in St. Louis. Tracy overhears them. She informs Ashton they are going to St Louis to dig up some dirt.

August 2, 1989 - With Commercials - Tracy and Ashton arrive in St Louis dressed as a priest and a nun. Frisco gets onboard the tanker. Colton is upset over Felicia’s concern for Frisco. Tracy and Ashton snooping around the convent. They meet with Sister Agatha. Felicia meets with Sean and tells him she is very worried about Frisco. Colton meets with Tom Hardy. Sean and Felicia search Frisco’s apartment. They find the bugging listening device. They hear that Frisco has been set up on the tanker. Frisco and Mouse get locked in a hatch onboard the tanker and water is coming in. Bobbie and Simone’s baby shower. Ashton and Tracy trying to get their hands on Sister Agatha’s keys. Colton is slowing being brainwashed by the chimes. Frisco trying to jimmy the hatch door.

August 3-8, 1989:  8/3 cm, 8/4 cm, 8/7, 8/8

August 3, 1989 - With Commercials - Note: GH joined in progess..maybe 1 minute missed. Tiffany cooking. Sean and Tiffany have a small argument over Cheryl and Robert. Katherine and Mary in Newport. Anna tells Robert she is worried about Robin. Sean and Tiffany make up and she calls Cheryl. Tiffany makes plans to visit her in NY. Robert has lunch with Anna and Robin at Kellys. Claudio breaks into Frisco’s apartment and is almost caught by Anna. Robin and Rowdy get caught by in a robbery at a gun shop on the docks. Robin gets away and is able to call Robert. Robert and Sean arrive on the docks as Rowdy is still a hostage inside the gun shop. Katherine hears the news of a standoff at the gun shop and heads back to PC. Robert goes unarmed into the hostage situation. He gets Rowdy released in exchange for himself.

August 4, 1989 - With Commercials - Frisco arrives home. Tiffany arrives in NY to visit Cheryl. She learns that Cheryl is eight months pregnant. Cheryl lets her believe that the father is Julian. Hostage situation continues. Felicia confronts Frisco about where he was and he recounts how he and Mouse escaped from the tanker. Colton sees Frisco and Felicia embrace and he and Colton come to blows. Lewis trying to negotiate for Robert’s release. Robert turns the tables on the armed gunman and the PCPD arrest him. Tiffany heads back to PC. Tiffany tells Sean about Cheryl’s baby. Cheryl is on the run from Julian. She plans to leave town. Sean tells Frisco he has been officially declared alive by the WSB. Robert and Katherine make up.

August 7, 1989 - With Commercials - Frisco and Mouse listening in on Domino’s plan for him on the planted bug. Tony and Valerie run into a distressed Colton on the docks. He is acting very strange. Robert and Katherine celebrate with champaign and candles but get interrupted by a call from Anna. She wants to bring an upset Robin over. Sean tries to get Frisco to work with him and Robert to get Domino. Sean sees the golden nugget that Frisco stole. Robin and Anna visits Robert at the cottage. Tony and Valerie have dinner at Dukes. Sean, Robin, and Anna stay for dinner at the cottage. A drunk Frisco shows up at Dukes. Terri and he sing. Colton and Frisco end up causing a scene as Colton physically goes after him. Tony and Valerie take Frisco home. Robin falls asleep at Robert’s cottage.

August 8, 1989 - With Commercials - Tracy and Ashton in St Louis still trying to get information on Monica and Dawn’s past. Monica visits Wyndamere again and runs into Dawn who is trying to find a ring she lost at the house. Ned visits Scott and asks him to do a legal search on who owns Spoon Island. Tracy finally gets Sister Agatha’s keys to her filling cabinet. Lucy and Scott find out who owns Spoon Island.... Iona Huntington. Alan wants Monica to be the consulting physician on his Dermestant project. Bobbie snoops around and finds out about the baby she is going to adopt. The mother’s name is Molly. Tracy finds Monica’s file at the convent and that Dawn was the baby she gave up for adoption. Monica back in PC finds out too that Dawn is her daughter. Ned wants Dawn to meet him at the Qs. Tracy and Ashton head back to PC but not before Tracy tells Ashton what she found out.

August 9-15, 1989:  8/9, 8/10, 8/11, 8/14, 8/15

August 9, 1989 - No Commercials - Sean and Tiffany open a bottle of champagne. Tracy and Ashton arrive back in PC. Ned tells a surprised Dawn and the the Qs that he wants to buy Spoon Island for Dawn. Tracy is livid. Sean researching the sale of the ELQ tankers. Cheryl leaves on a bus. Anna and Robin join Katherine at her townhouse. Claudio shows up and Katherine invites him to join them for dinner. Sean and Tiffany’s evening gets interrupted by his work. Sean finds out that it was Tracy who sold the tankers to Van Buren and heads over to the Qs. Monica tells Gail that Dawn is her daughter but she is going to wait until Dawn comes to her. Cheryl calls Tiffany and lies to her. She tells Tiffany that she is going on a vacation with Julian to Miami. Ashton gives Tracy information on Jordan Pharmaceuticals. Sean and Tiffany get back to their evening. The mother (Molly) of the baby that Bobbie is going to adopt goes into labor at her motel room.

August 190, 1989 - No Commercials - Sean wants to involve the WSB to keep Frisco out of trouble. Frisco trailing Domino. The WSB does not believe that Van Buren is Domino. Molly in labor. Tony and Bobbie show up at her motel room just in time to help her give birth to her baby. Ned meets with Iona and Scott to discuss Spoon Island. Katherine snoops around Claudio’s hotel room. She almost gets caught. Frisco challenges Domino to his own game. Robert, Sean and Anna want Felicia to press charges against Frisco for harassment but she refuses.  They feel that if he is locked up he would not go after Domino solo and get himself killed. Colton and Felicia argue and he storms out. Frisco manages to snag Domino’s key to his private plane. Molly gives birth. Iona sells Wyndamere to Ned. Frisco makes his way on board the plane.

August 11, 1989 - No Commercials - Bobbie is excited about the baby. Frisco snooping around the plane finds the map. Robert and Katherine arrive at the townhouse but are interrupted by Iona. Seems Iona is Katherine’s great aunt. Ned and Dawn celebrate Wyndamere at Dukes. Tracy and Ashton show up at Dukes as well. Bobbie learns Molly has decided to keep her baby. Frisco returns Domino’s key. Colton gives Felicia the brush off. Bobbie is devastated (Note: Glitch picture for about 3 seconds) Tony comforts  Bobbie. Frisco and Felicia talk in the park. She admits she still thinks about them. He tells her he will leave PC when the Domino case is finished. Katherine invites Iona to stay at the townhouse thus spoiling her and Robert’s evening.

August 14, 1989 - No Commercials - Iona tells Katherine she is staying in PC. Claudio breaks into Frisco’s apartment and finds the bug listening device and leaves a package for Frisco. Mouse warns Frisco that someone is in his apartment. Iona getting in the way of Robert and Katherine. Frisco thinks that someone left a bomb in his apartment but Claudio left drugs and the PCPD arrest Frisco. He knows he has been set up by Domino. Robert question Frisco. Tony learns Frisco has been arrested. Frisco tells all to Anna and Robert. Robert wants Frisco to leave things to the PCPD. Robert has no choice but to lock Frisco up but then Felicia suggests Frisco can stay with her. Frisco can not do jail again. Anna ties the gold nugget to Claudio. Claudio destroys the Domino bug. Katherine warns Robert that Claudio is for sure involved with Domino. Robert ties Claudio to Frisco’s apartment break-in

August 15, 1989 - No Commercials - Cheryl wakes up in a hospital. Robert investigates Claudio. Anna insists on being the one to bust Claudio. Anna shows up at Claudio’s suite to snoop and get his voice on tape for Frisco to ID from the bug. Sean wants to get onboard Domino’s plane to search for the map. Molly says goodbye to Bobbie and Tony. Robert and Sean dressed as workman board Domino’s plane but the map is long gone. Bobbie gets the card of a shady adoption lawyer. Robin and Rowdy find pieces of Domino’s map in the trash on the docks.

August 16-22, 1989:  8/16, 8/17, 8/18, 8/21, 8/22 cm

August 16, 1989 - No Commercials - Frisco tries to make breakfast for Felicia. Anna has Frisco listen to the tape of Claudio’s voice. He confirms that Claudio is Domino’s partner. Iona is delayed as she plans to leave PC. Ned and Dawn plan to meet with Scott about Spoon Island. Monica replaces Dawn’s friendship ring. Alan and Tracy discuss her finders fee from the sale of the tankers. Tracy later meets with Scott and he urges her to split the 5 million fee into multiple bank accounts. She decides it is best to do it in Ashton’s name. Robin is missing. Anna suspects she is with Rowdy in the catacombs. Robin and Rowdy put the pieces of the map together. Dawn and Ned meet with Iona about Spoon Island again. Iona wants to go through Wyndamere one more time before she sells it. Anna and Robert finds Robin and Rowdy in the catacombs. They discover the map and Robert takes it to the PCPD. Alan is a bit put off my Monica’s motherliness toward Dawn. Sean checking into Tracy’s bank accounts. Her plan to spread the money around is blown out of the water. Robert has to leave for Washington.

August 17, 1989 - No Commercials - Sean and Anna working the  Domino case. Colton arrives home to find Frisco staying with Felicia. They almost come to blows. Felicia breaks it up. Colton tosses Frisco out. Tiffany is worried about Cheryl. Bobbie contacts her shady adoption lawyer again. Cheryl phones Tiffany. Anna and Sean, dressed as the crew, on the docks searching Domino’s tanker. Colton acting strange under the hypnotizing power of the chimes. Frisco trailing Domino. Anna and Sean find him. They know now that Domino is using the tanker as a cover for transporting munitions. Cheryl goes into labor. Tom is worries about Colton. One of Domino’s men spots Frisco. He is not in jail as they had suspected. Frisco builds a bomb.

August 18, 1989 - No Commercials - Anna and Sean setting plans in motion to get back on board the tanker. Anna tells Katherine the tanker plan. Cheryl in labor. Domino plans to board the tanker. Domino is informed Frisco is not in jail. Plan is off. Domino will not board the tanker as it is now too dangerous. Frisco plants the bomb unaware that Anna and Sean are going to be onboard. Claudio visits Katherine. Anna and Sean board the tanker. Domino sees Frisco on the docks. Tony is worried about Bobbie and the shady lawyer. Cheryl tries to call Tiffany again. Clayton and Cheryl’s doctor plotting to take her baby and sell it. An unknowing Bobbie agrees to pay Clayton big bucks for a baby. Tiffany misses Cheryl’s message on her machine. Katherine warns Frisco that Anna and Sean are onboard the tanker. It is too late, Frisco’s bomb goes off

August 21, 1989 - No Commercials - Felicia makes Colton breakfast in bed. Katherine and Frisco fear Anna and Sean are dead. Sean and Anna are injured but alive. However Claudio, who is also on board, is in bad shape. Domino hears of the explosion. The captain of the tanker finds Sean and Anna. Lewis arrests Frisco. Nothing is found on the tanker as Domino was onto Sean and Anna’s plan. Lewis questions Frisco at the PCPD. Anna and Sean are checked out at GH. Alan and Harrison treat Claudio. His heart stops but they are able to revive him. Frisco is booked and informed that if Claudio dies he is in real trouble. Domino sets up Claudio. Claudio goes into surgery. Frisco is locked up in his cell.

August 22, 1989 - With Commercials - Claudio makes it through the surgery. Sean questions Van Buren. Tracy reads in the newspaper about Van Buren and the munitions on the tanker. Lewis wants to question her. Scott is mad at Lucy’s spending habits. Van Buren is released from the PCPD. Sean believes Van Buren set up Claudio. Tracy contacts Scott and they plan to meet at Wyndamere. Tracy, Ashton, Scott meet Iona on the island as she is going through the house before the sale to Ned. Claudio is awake. Anna wants to question him. He tells her of a letter he left for her at the horse stables. Lucy tells Alan about Tracy’s involvement in the sale of the tankers. PCPD arrive at Wyndamere  and Tracy is taken downtown to be questioned. Sean questions her but she is not arrested. Anna finds Claudio’s letter but it is damaged due to water and parts are unreadable. Sean hears Cheryl’s message on their answering machine. Bobbie gets word that Clayton has a baby for her.

August 23-29, 1989:  8/23, 8/24, 8/25 Bobbie gets Cheryl's baby, 8/28, 8/29 Domino has Tony taken hostage

August 23, 1989 - No Commercials - Tracy worried about going to prison. Claudio's letter to Anna is sent to the PCPD lab to be analyzed. The shady family law lawyer tells Bobbie it will be $25,000 for the baby. She agrees to pay. Sean contacts Tiffany about Cheryl. Bobbie works on getting the money. Sean trying to find Cheryl’s doctor.
Bobbie tells Tony about the baby. Tony contacts Anna to investigate the adoption lawyer (Clayton). Cheryl’s doctor tells her the baby died. Sean arrives at Cheryl's bedside. Tracy confront Van Buren. Lucy tells Alan about Tracy’s finders fee from the sale of the tankers. Tiffany arrives to comfort Cheryl. Tony gets the news that Clayton checks out.

August 24, 1989 - No Commercials - Tony visits Frisco in jail. Scott arrives with Frisco’s divorce papers. He doesn’t sign them. Felicia gets her set too. She wants to talk with Frisco before she signs. Colton is angry at her decision. Lila finds out about Tracy’s tanker scheme. Alan and Monica confront Tracy. Scott tells Tracy the police have frozen her bank accounts. Felicia visits Frisco in jail. Alan tells Monica he is moving the Dermestant lab from Vermont to PC. Lila talks with “ghost” Edward. Iona and Katherine talk Robert. Frisco wants Scott to get him out of jail. Tony tells Felicia that Colton knows she visited Frisco and he went berserk.

August 25, 1989 - No Commercials - Robert Returns to PC. Colton being brainwashed to kill Frisco. Frisco wants Robert to release him. Robert refuses. Cheryl tells Tiffany the truth. PC celebrating Bobbie getting her baby in a few hours. Tiffany wants Cheryl to come back to PC. Katherine trying to help Robert with the Domino case. Bobbie gets her baby. Felicia visits Frisco again. Tony voices his concerns to Tom about Colton’s possibly being brainwashed again. Colton is missing. He is secretly undergoing training exercises to kill Frisco under Domino’s watchful eye. Domino secretly arranges for Frisco’s release from prison. Robert and Katherine visit Bobbie’s new baby.

August 28, 1989 - No Commercials - Sensing Domino’s plan for him, Frisco informs Anna and Robert instead of escaping from jail. Colton acting strangely. Frisco is indicted. Tom and Tony find out Colton has been lying. Anna and Robert setting the trap for Domino. One of Domino’s men breaks into Colton’s apartment to mess with the chimes. He is almost caught by Tony. Tom meets with Colton. Robert wants Frisco in solitary confinement. Felicia visits Frisco in jail. Katherine is worried about trying to help Robert in the Domino case.

August 29, 1989 - No Commercials - Van Buren puts a tail on Tony. Alan taunting Tracy. Lila has had enough of their bickering. She wants a family dinner and they will all be civil to each other or else. Lila invites Dawn to join them. Bobbie and her new baby visit the Hardys. Tony gets information on the chimes in Felicia/Colton’s apartment. Q family dinner. Alan and Tracy are at each other’s throats and Lila winds up leaving the table. Lucy goes through Scott’s desk to look for information on Tracy for Alan. Scott catches her and she covers. Van Buren’s tail is onto Tony’s “blindness”. Lucy and Scott have dinner. Ashton hits Dukes and flirts with Terri. Harrison confronts Simone about telling Audrey the truth about the baby. Van Buren’s man kidnaps Tony. Lucy works Scott over.

August 30 - September 5, 1989:  8/30, 8/31, 9/1 Domino is captured, Frisco is shot, 9/4 glitchy episode, 9/5 glitchy

August 30, 1989 - No Commercials - Note: Throughout this episode there is a very minor audio crackling. Cheryl returns to PC with Sean and Tiffany. Van Buren wants to use Tony as bait to trap Frisco. Monica accompanies Dawn and Ned to sign the final paper on the deed to Wyndamere. Ashton and Tracy meet with the head of Jordan Pharmaceuticals to fast-track their release of Dermestant before Alan’s company Wilson pharmaceuticals does. Sean and Tiffany bring Cheryl to GH for a physical. Sean and Katherine try and question Claudio but get nothing out of him. Tony is aloud to call Bobbie. She assumes he is just with Valerie on vacation. Tony tries to drop clues about what has happened but Bobbie does not seem to pick up on them. Iona already gambling some of her new found money from the sale of Wyndamere. Alan gives Lucy a bracelet for her help in giving him the scoop on Tracy. Valerie returns to GH

August 31, 1989 - With Commercials - Van Buren meets with WSB Callahan. Colton tells Bobbie that Tony is not on vacation with Valerie as Bobbie had suspected. She is now worried. Robert puts the plan to nab Domino in motion. Bobbie meets with Valerie and she confirms that she has not seen Tony. Robert is suspicious of Callahan. Colton visits Frisco in jail and tells him Tony is awol. Fearing Domino has Tony, Sam puts her job on the line and helps Frisco escape to go and look for him. Frisco runs into Colton on the docks and Colton sends him to a warehouse thus setting him up.

September 1, 1989 - With Commercials - Tony trying to escape. Katherine worrying about her part to help Robert in the Domino case. Robert’s plan to trap Domino is in motion. Tony knocks his guard out and makes his escape. Frisco arrives at the warehouse that Colton send him to. Tony returns to the brownstone. Colton and Frisco face off at the warehouse while Domino watches. Robert's plan goes south. He realizes Callahan has been working with Domino. Robert is informed Frisco has escaped from jail. Tony, Felicia and Sam arrive on the docks searching for Colton and Frisco. Colton turns the tables on Domino. His programming fails but Frisco gets shot in the commotion. Callahan is arrested. Robert arrives at the warehouse and Colton and Van Buren aka “Domino” are arrested as well.

September 4, 1989 - No Commercials - Frisco arrives at GH. Colton insists he didn’t shot Frisco. Frisco needs surgery. Tony is the only one available that can operate on him. Sean interrogates Callahan. Frisco’s surgery. Robert questions Van Buren and suspends Sam for one week for her role in the Frisco debacle. Colton and Felicia argue. Frisco pulls through the surgery. Felicia tells Colton she needs time to think. She will be staying at Tony’s house. Anna, Robert and Sean tell Frisco they got Van Buren/Domino. Iona pushes Katherine to set up a special night for her and Robert at the cottage.

September 5, 1989 - No Commercials - *Note: Slight video crackle throughout this episode..very minor. Tracy finds out that Van Buren is Domino and he was been arrested. Katherine arrives at the cottage to plan a night for her and Robert. Iona arrives and gives her a drink to calm her down as she is very nervous. Katherine boozes it up. Lewis tells Anna that Claudio is awake and insists on seeing her.Tony and Bobbie kiss but her interrupted by Lucy. Lucy and Bobbie get into it. Tracy spills all to Ned about the sale of the ELQ tankers to Van Buren. Ned and Tracy argue. Anna meets with Claudio at GH. She needs to get his statement for the PCPD. Tracy meets with Scott. Katherine setting up a romantic night with Robert. Ashton stops over the see Terri at the brownstone. An upset Lucy tells Scott about going to see Tony and finding him with Bobbie. Robert arrives back at the cottage. He and Katherine continue drinking. Ashton confronts Tracy. Tony drops Bobbie off at the brownstone. Robert tries to get Katherine to sober up but she winds up passing out.

September 6-12, 1989:  9/6, 9/7, 9/8 Decker is introduced, 9/11, 9/12

September 6, 1989 - No Commercials - Anna visits Colton. He is worried that Felicia will never be able to choice between him and Frisco. Felicia tells Sean she needs time to think about her feelings. Frisco in the hospital after being shot. Robert and Katherine in bed. She does not remember anything from last night as she got a bit tipsy. Sean presses Felicia to talk to Colton. Tony gives Frisco a check for $75,000 for his back pay from the WSB when he was in prison. Robert makes Katherine breakfast in bed. Alan tells Monica he is leaving for Vermont to supervise the move for the Dermestant lab to Port Charles. Dawn is worried about the bills pilling up at Wyndamere. Scott tells Tracy that the FBI has seized the finders fee she was suppose to get from Van Buren. Her 5 million is gone. Colton visits Frisco at GH. Frisco tells him he is not leaving town and Colton’s marriage to Felicia is not valid since he is alive. Katherine plays a bit of a song she is working on for Robert. They make love. Felicia after meeting with Scott does sign the divorce papers but is not ready to make a decision about her future. Tracy decides to go to DC about her 5 million. Robert tells Katherine he loves her.

September 7, 1989 - No Commercials - Robert and Katherine the morning after making love. Felicia is planning on attending a WSB reception to honor the people in the Domino case. Frisco is released just for the reception but first he pays a visit to PCPD where Domino is being ready for transfer to DC. Bobbie convinces Mouse to go the reception. She helps her clean up. Tiffany and Cheryl talk Robert and how he is in love now with Katherine. Tiffany convinces her to go to the reception. Frisco tells Domino that there is someone else who wants him dead. Frisco thanks Sam. Sam lets it slip that Felicia is planning to leave town to go to Texas. Bobbie asks Tony to be Lucas’s godfather. He turns her down. The WSB Reception at Dukes. Felicia tells Colton she is going away. Robert and Cheryl see each other at the reception. Bobbie asks Robert to be Lucas’s godfather. Colton and Felicia say goodbye. Iona making counterfeit money. Tony finds out Frisco never returned to GH after the reception. Frisco rents a car.

September 8, 1989 - No Commercials - Felicia packing for her Texas trip. Frisco meets Decker a bar called the “Hat Trick”. Sam gives Tony and Mouse letters from Frisco. Sean tells Anna about a new case. The parents of a runway named Phoebe have contacted them. Phoebe is working at the “Hat Trick” with Decker. Decker almost gets fired from the bar for gambling with the patrons. Sean offers Colton the chance to work with him on the Dawson case. Frisco turns up on the train Felicia is taking to Texas. Anna brings a copy of the WSB report to Claudio at GH. The charges against him have been dropped. Felicia wants off the train but Frisco tells her he is going wherever she is going. Decker sees an article on Colton (his stepbrother) in the newspaper. Frisco and Felicia get off the train and are stranded in Ohio. Frisco suggests a motel room next to the “Hat Trick”.

September 11, 1989 - No Commercials - Frisco and Felicia get a motel room. They have to share a single bed though. Felicia is not too happy. Robert and Katherine come back to the cottage after skinny dipping. Iona almost gets caught by Mary with her money scheme. Robert, Katherine, Mary, and Iona all visit Robin the day before she starts junior high. Robert is not to wild about Rowdy, Robin new friend. Colton talks with Tom. They decide to grab a beer together. Frisco and Felicia show up at the “Hat Trick”. Iona gives Robin and Rowdy money for school supplies. Phoebe thinks Decker has a crush on Felicia. After bickering, Felicia and Frisco have to share the bed at the motel. Robert thinks he sees a vision of a aborigine man outside his cottage.

September 12, 1989 - No Commercials - Bobbie planning Lucas’s christening. Dawn is mad about the article in the newspaper about Wyndamere as it is filled with lies. Ned thinks it will be good for business. Scott is peeved over Lucy’s fascination with Ned and Dawn. Tony tells Valerie the truth about pretending to be blind and they break up. He tells her of his feelings for Bobbie. Ned finds Ashton listening to country music so he can impress Terri. Tony buys a ring for Bobbie. Lucy cozies up to Dawn and Ned at a party that Iona has organized at Dukes. Amanda Barrington and Ashton have dinner to discuss the fundraising for GH. He suggests Tracy to Amanda as a means of fundraising. Bobbie asks Terri to be Lucas’s godmother. Lucy sniffs around Dawn for information about Ned and Monica. Dawn reveals that Monica had agreed to give them money for Wyndamere. Lucy is keeping a diary. She is starting to put the pieces of Monica and Ned’s affair together.

September 13-19, 1989:  9/13, 9/14 Tony proposes to Bobbie, Cheryl leaves, 9/15 Robert's birthday,  9/18, 9/19 cm

September 13, 1989 - No Commercials - Cheryl wishes she could tell Robert the truth about their baby. Tiffany thinks the father of the baby was Julian and that the baby died. Sean is running ads with Phoebe’s picture. Frisco tries to make breakfast at the motel. Does not go well and they decide to get breakfast out. Tiffany wants Cheryl to ask Robert for help in finding Julian. Tony lies about Frisco to Colton and later to Charlene. Frisco and Felicia show up the “Hat Trick” yet again for food. Felicia persuades Frisco to call Tony and tell him that he is all right. Felicia also calls Colton. She lies to him and tells him she is still on the train. Decker hustles some bar customers and a fight breaks out. Frisco is roughed up a bit and re-injuries his shoulder. Sean suddenly has to leave for a week in DC to tie up the Domino case. Tiffany is not happy as it ruins their romantic evening. Decker and Phoebe get fired from the “Hat Trick” They decide to try their chances at getting jobs in Port Charles. Phoebe knows Ned Ashton from bumming around in Europe. Colton decides that he is going to fly to Texas and meet Felicia at the train station. Felicia taking care of Frisco after the fight.

September 14, 1989 - No Commercials - The day of Bobbie’s son Lucas’ christening. Tracy returns from DC without her 5 million. Charlene tells Anna about Colton going to Texas. Fearing what might happen if Colton finds Felicia with Frisco, Anna tells Tony that they must delay Colton. Decker and Phoebe arrive in Port Charles. Ashton tells Tracy about his idea for the fundraising project at GH. Tracy gets a call from David McAllister, he will be heading up the project. He wants to meet her for a drink. Lucas is christened. Colton gets called away from the party. Cheryl arrives late to the christening and see Robert with Lucas. Robert tells Katherine about his visions. Tracy meets David for drinks. Guests from the christening take the party over to a dive bar. Decker spies Colton on the docks. Phoebe searches for Ned. Tony proposes to Bobbie. Ashton wants to hear all about Tracy’s meeting with David. Cheryl leaves town. Robert sees another vision.

September 15, 1989 - No Commercials - Felicia taking care of Frisco who has developed a fever. She gets him antibiotics. Robert tells Katherine about Tanganiva. Bobbie and Tony announce their engagement. Decker runs some cons for money on the docks. He almost get caught by Sam. Tracy introduces David to Monica. Ruby and Bobbie chat about her engagement. Bobbie and Tony leave for Robert’s birthday party at the cottage. Frisco is having dreams of his past with Felicia. Robert’s birthday party. He tells his guest about meeting Tanganiva as a boy. A package with the name “Mandubani” on it is delivered to the PCPD. Decker and Phoebe rack up a big bill at Kelly’s Dillon finds out Felicia has been lying. She is in Ohio with Frisco and not on a train. Frisco is somewhat milking his fever so Felicia will stay with him. Colton wants to go to Ohio. Robert reveals to Katherine more of the Tanganvia story. Sam opens the “Mandubani” package. It is a carved figure/doll with blonde hair.

September 18, 1989 - No Commercials - Amy tells Lucy about Tony’s engagement. Charlene tells Tony and Bobbie that Colton is going after Felicia. Decker and Phoebe try and dine and dash at Kelly but Colton goes after them. Frisco is trying to stall Felicia as she packs. She is leaving on a bus now for Texas. Lucy is upset over Tony’s engagement. Colton catches Decker on the docks and hauls him back to Kellys. Charlene and Decker are reunited and she pays his bill. Lucy overhears Tony trying to get a message to Frisco about Colton leaving to find them. Bobbie and Tony want to plan a small wedding. Charlene, Decker and Colton get caught up. Colton is not happy to see his long lost brother. Frisco and Felicia kiss goodbye. Frisco gets Tony's message. Felicia now wants to go back to Port Charles and explain everything to Colton. She ditches Frisco and takes his rental car. He will have to hitch back. Lucy tells Colton about what she overheard from Tony. Colton is now determined to find them and is angry with Tony for interfering. Decker and Lucy catch up. Colton goes to confront Tony at the brownstone and is surprised to see Frisco already there but no Felicia. They get into a physical fight. Felicia’s rental car gets a flat and she has no spare. She is stranded in the middle of no where. Lucy and Scott make love.

September 19, 1989 - With Commercials - With still no Felicia, Colton and Frisco call the PCPD. Robert gets yet another vision of Tanganiva. Tony tries to apologies to Colton for lying to him. Felicia tries to call Bobbie but the call has a bad connection. Phoebe runs into Ned and Dawn on the docks. She tries to wrangle a job out of him for her and Decker. Charlene thinks  Decker is going to stay in Port Charles but he tells her he is leaving for Indianapolis. Tony tries to make peace with Charlene but she is pretty angry with him over the whole Colton/Frisco business. Robert puts an APB out on Felicia. Phoebe tells Decker about Ned but he is dead set about leaving town now. They steal Ned’s motorcycle. Frisco and Colton go with Sam to search for Felicia. Robert tells Anna about his visions. Ned reports his bike stolen. Decker and Phoebe accidentally hit Felicia with the motorcycle. They panic and hide the bike and take Felicia, who is unconscious, to a cabin in the woods. Tanganiva leaves Sydney. Frisco and Colton find Felicia’s belongings on the side of the road but no Felicia.

September 20-26, 1989:  9/20 (news pre-emption interruped most of show) Night Stalker found guilty on all counts, 9/21, 9/22, 9/25, 9/26

September 20, 1989 - No Commercials - Note: a new report cuts into GH. Joined in progress. Missing about 1 minute.
Tracy wants to help Ned with ELQ contest. He is more concerned about who stole his motorcycle. Decker and Phoebe worry about going to jail after the accident. Phoebe wants to split but Decker refuses to just leave Felicia. Dawn joins the Q’s at the mansion. Ashton tells Tracy that Amanda Barrington wants to charter his yacht for a cruise with her old cronies. Tracy tells him to do it. They need the money. Tiffany finds a note from Cheryl addressed to Sean. She goes to Anna. Tiffany sets it slip about Cheryl and Julian’s baby. *Note: Slight picture issue during the scene. Anna tries to call Sean. *Note: Special News bulletin breaks into the next scene with Lucy and Scott (About 15-20 minutes lost) Felicia wakes up in the cabin. Decker is no where in sight. Felicia finds Phoebe’s wallet. She believes that is her. Ned tells Dawn of his plan to use Mouse and her catacomb pals as cheap labor for Wyndamere. Decker returns to the cabin to find Felicia dressed in Phoebe’s outrageous clothes.

September 21, 1989 - No Commercials - Tracy introduces David to Amanda Barrington. Lucy tells Amanda that she would be a fine candidate for fundraising chair. Amanda doesn’t think so with Lucy’s sorted past. PCPD thinks the worst when the lab matches Felicia’s blood to the blood on her belongings they found on the side of the road. Decker lets Felicia believe she is Phoebe. Charlene tells Tony she is moving out. Lila has invited her to stay with the Q’s. Robert gets the word that Ned’s bike has been found. Ned hires Mouse and company. Steve is concerned about Alan missing the board meeting. Tracy claims she has not been able to reach him. Lucy overhears this. Robert wants to dust Ned’s motorcycle for prints. Frisco agrees to come back to the force so he can search for Felicia in a official capacity. Felicia leaves a note for Decker that she is going to a local bicker bar for food. Lucy calls Alan and makes a play for his proxy for the board meeting. She lies to him and tells him she can’t find Monica anywhere. Alan agrees  to give her his proxy but she must vote against Tracy. Decker returns to find Felicia’s note. Felicia at the bar having a great time. Colton and Frisco show up but they don’t see her in her disguise. Decker finds her. Bobbie tells Lucy to stay our of Tony’s life. Lucy tells Bobbie she can re-file for a settlement from Tony and take him for a bundle. Bobbie tells Lucy, in anger, she would rather see Tony’s house burn down than for Lucy to get it. Tanganiva arrives in Port Charles.

September 22, 1989 - No Commercials - Robin accidentally tapes over Katherine’s recorded song for Robert. Katherine is planning a romantic evening to play the full recorded song for him. Lucy sets up Bobbie. Iona gets spooked by Angel saying he can spot counterfeit money a mile away. Monica is livid when she finds out that Lucy has Alan’s proxy for the board meeting vote. Tracy uses the fact that Lucy’s duped Alan to her advantage and blackmails Lucy. Lucy has to vote with her now. Tony gets called away for an emergency at Mercy during the board meeting. The board votes almost unanimously to pass the fundraising project for GH. Tom wants to take the entire board out to Dukes to celebrate. Katherine tries to play her song for Robert but learns what Robin did. Robert thinks that Katherine is trying to railroad him to marriage. She is not. They argue. Tanganvia gets caught snooping around the property room at the PCPD. Robert is called. Charlene and Lila have a heart to heart. Lila convinces her to talk to Tony. She agrees and heads over to his house to wait for Tony to return home. Someone sets a fire in the Jones house’s basement. Iona meets with Katherine at Dukes to discuss the fight she had with Robert. Robert sees Tanganvia and they discuss the wooden figure /doll he carved and sent to him. Robert does not seem too worried about Tanganvia’s prediction that he will “die by the hands of a blonde creature”. Charlene falls asleep at the Jones house waiting for Tony.

September 25, 1989 - No Commercials - Robert still not really taking Tanganvia’s prediction seriously. Colton saves Charlene from the fire at Tony's’. Iona pushes for Katherine to straighten things out with Robert. Felicia and Decker hop on a train heading for Louisville. Anna, Frisco, Lucy and Bobbie get word on the fire at Tony's. Robert brings Tanganvia back to the cottage to stay with him. He meets Katherine for the first time. Tanganvia is going to bunk outside though. The PCPD arrive at Tony's. They suspect arson and Bobbie seems like a likely suspect thanks to Lucy. Harrison tells Simone he still loves her and she knows the baby she is carrying could be his. Decker and Felicia arrive in Louisville. They check into a fancy hotel they cannot afford. Scott suspects Lucy is lying and did indeed set Bobbie up for the fire. All clues are pointing to Bobbie. Colton joins Frisco for a drink at Dukes.

September 26, 1989 - No Commercials - Scott thinks Lucy paid someone to burn down Tony’s house.  The PCPD have some more questions for Bobbie. Felicia running up hers and Deckers hotel bill. Decker begins to teach her some of his cons. Alan returns home. Monica is miffed that he gave his proxy to Lucy. Tracy and Alan trade insults. Colton visits Charlene at the Q’s. He tells her that it was indeed arson that started the fire. Tony and Bobbie argue about her suspicions about Lucy setting her up. Colton checks in with Anna about Felicia. Still no word on her. Felicia sees the ad in the paper about the missing Phoebe. She calls the number. Anna misses the call. Alan confronts Lucy about not finding Monica to give her his proxy and then voting with Tracy. She lies to him. Monica and Scott see them together. Tracy thinks Scott is jealous of Lucy’s new friendship with Alan. She thinks they should team up to bring Alan down and make alot of money in the process. Bobbie’s story about the night of the fire is not checking out with the police. Tony and Bobbie argue again. Bobbie decides she needs time to think. She tells Tony she is heading to Texas to visit her brother. Anna gets the report on the fire. It was a professional job. Anna gets Felicia’s message left on answering machine. Felicia practicing cards for Deckers cons. *Note: Slight video glitch in the above scene with Felicia and Decker.

September 27 - October 3, 1989:  9/27 Frisco sings,  9/28, 9/29, 10/2, 10/3

September 27, 1989 - No Commercials - Steve requests a meeting with Alan. Anna, Colton, and Frisco are baffled by Felicia’s message. Felicia wants in on Decker’s poker game. Katherine tells Robin she knows about her taping over the song for Robert. Robin apologies. Robin meets Tanganvia. Alan suggests to Steve that he resign as ACOS. Steve is sorry to see him go. Tracy and Scott decide the only way to beat Alan is to steal his research on Dermestant. Alan invites Lucy to dinner. Frisco sings at Dukes to get his mind of Felicia. Felicia and Decker score some money from their poker game. They stiff the fancy hotel they are staying at. Lucy sees Scott and Tracy at Dukes together and decides dinner with Alan is not such a good idea. Tracy and Scott think Walt may be just the one to infiltrate Alan’s lab. Katherine snoops around in the PCPD property room. She find the doll Tanganvia made Robert. The manager of the Louisville hotel Decker and Felicia are staying calls Anna to report that he has seen Phoebe. Frisco recognizes Phoebe from Anna’s missing person’s flyers. Felicia and Decker gets tickets to Atlantic City.

September 28, 1989 - No Commercials - Anna and Frisco gets information that Phoebe is on her way to Atlantic City and that Decker is with her. Charlene overhears them. Felicia and Decker on a a bus. Katherine confronts Robert with the doll she took from the property room. She wants to know what it means. Charlene believes Decker is innocent in all of this and that Phoebe is the cause of his problems. Frisco and Anna take off for Atlantic City. Felicia and Decker arrive in Atlantic City. Scott gets the skinny on Walt from Amy. Tracy want to rifle thorough Walt’s file and find some dirt on him. Tracy gets caught by David but in the end he helps her. Jimmy O’Hurley (David McAllister’s new assistant) gambling in Atlantic City. He runs into Decker and Felicia. Anna and Frisco arrives in Atlantic City. Anna and Frisco almost run into Felicia on the boardwalk. Felicia it seems is beginning to get some of her memory back. Scott butters up Walt. Scott meets with Tracy. They decide to put Walt to a little test. Jimmy checks in with David. David wants him in Port Charles ASAP. * Note: Slight line through rest of the episode...very minor. Felicia and Decker gambling pretty heavily. Tanganvia makes another prediction. He tells Robert he will receive a “message from the dead”. The real Phoebe Dawson wants to rent a boat to Spoon Island. Anna and Frisco get a lead on Phoebe and Decker.

September 29, 1989 - No Commercials - * Note: Line issue continues through next few scenes..very minor. Phoebe asks Ned for a job. He tells her he knows her parents are looking for her. Decker and Felicia are doing very well at the crap table. Frisco and Anna arrive at the casino. Decker spots them and he ushers Felicia into hide. Colton with the help of Ned and Dawn catch Phoebe in front of Kellys. Anna gets a message from Colton about Phoebe and she and Frisco decide to head home as the case is solved. Katherine and Robert have a romantic dinner. She finally plays him the song she recorded for him and they make love. Tucker a WSB agent who was very anxious to talk with Robert collapses at Kellys. A mysterious man steals his briefcase. Frisco and Ann return to PC to question Phoebe. Her parents arrive to take her home but not before Frisco is able to get her fingerprints on a glass to compare to the one found on the stolen motorcycle. Felicia pickpockets Jimmy. She steals a cameo from him with Andrew Jackson face on it. Walt calls Robert about Tucker. Tucker dies before Robert arrives. But Walt shows him Tucker’s final message to him...a note with the word ”Jackson” on it.

October 2, 1989 - With Commercials - Phoebe’s prints match the prints found on the stolen motorcycle. The PCPD want to question her again. Decker tries to call Phoebe and is told she is with the police. Decker is freaked out. Felicia is wearing the cameo as a necklace. Robert consults Tanganvia about Tucker’s final note to him. He has no further information for Robert. Jimmy runs into Decker and Felicia again in a diner. Frisco grills Phoebe again at the PCPD. She is confronted with the fingerprint evidence. They don’t get anything out of her though. Tony is upset Bobbie hasn’t called him from Texas at all. Decker and Felicia run some more cons. A mystery man goes through Tuckers briefcase he lifted. Charlene and Tony make peace. Iona tells Mary and Katherine she will be leaving for Boston. Robert and Anna leave for Albany to search Tucker’s office. Frisco wants to get together a flyer to help in the search for Felicia. Colton needs a resent photo of Decker from Charlene for the flyer. The PCPD get the flyer printed and out. Decker talks with the real Phoebe and she tells him she did not rat him out to the police. Robert and Anna find Tucker’s office ransacked. They do find a single strand of blonde hair though.

October 3, 1989 - With Commercials - Ned cracking the whip pretty hard on Mouse and her friends at Wyndamere. Lucy still has not paid the man she paid to set the fire and he wants his money pronto. Alan and Tracy square off. Monica is anger Alan is going to resign as ACOS at GH. Steve is throwing around some candidates for Alan’s replacement. Mouse almost quits when Ned again rails on her crew. Dawn smoothes things over. Alan wants to meet with David for a meeting about his plans for GH fundraising. Tracy tags along. Scott overhears Walt treat a tricky patient to see if Walt will bend hospital policy. Scott had set it up to see if Walt will be his and Tracy’s ace in the hole. Walt passes the test. He is there man it appears. Audrey suggests Harrison leave GH. He refuses. Ned and Dawn argue about Wyndamere again. Lucy stalls her contact who started the fire again. Sam wants Lucy to come to the PCPD to be questioned about the fire at Tonys’ She reluctantly agrees.

October 4-10, 1989:  10/4, 10/5, 10/6, 10/9, 10/10

October 4, 1989 - No Commercials - Anna calls Lucy down to the PCPD to question her about the fire at Tony’s house. Lucy gets defensive and wants to call a lawyer. Scott tells Tracy he is worried about Walt squealing about their plan for the formula. Robert investigating Randall Tucker, a WSB agent that was poisoned possibly at Kellys. Robert shuts down Kellys as the results of the autopsy that reveals food poisoning. Lucy believes Anna is trying to railroad her and storms out of the PCPD. Ruby is very upset Kelly is shit down. Robert does not believe food poisoning killed Tucker but he has to follow protocols. Robert finds an envelope at Kellys with Tuckers name on it. Inside is a rental car agreement. He and Guy find Tuckers’ car in the alley. A window is smashed in but they do find a notebook inside. Dawn is concerned about the money Ned is spending on Wyndamere. The workcrew Ned has hired quits on him after he is rude to them. Tracy wants Ned to bail on the Wyndamere project., Ned refuses. Robert is baffled by the notebook. Robert and Katherine deduce that the numbers in the notebook are money laundering figures. Lucy returns to the PCPD ready to talk with Anna to clear her name. Katherine tells Iona about the money laundering case. Dawn thinks Ned resents her for buying Wyndamere for her in the first place. Iona hides a mysterious case behind a hidden door at Wyndamere but then gets trapped there. Tracy and Walt meet at the Floating Rib. She has a proposal for him. She wants him to steal the Dermestant formula from Alan’s lab. He agrees to think about it. Robert tells Katherine he found a blonde hair in Tucker’s office. Lucy blows off Scott.

October 5, 1989 - No Commercials - Lucy reads in the paper that she is still a suspect in the Jones arson case. Mouse wants to help Frisco at the PI office with his hunt for the missing Felicia/Phoebe. Colton wants Charlene to get a recent picture of Decker as he believes Decker is with Felicia. Decker calls Charlene and Colton is certain he hears Felicia in the background. Felicia on the run with Decker. Frisco wants Mouse to get her job back as part of the crew working at Wyndamere She agrees to try. Ashton returns back at the mansion from a boat trip on the Aphrodite. Seems he is taking “bue-hairs” on the his boat  to make some extra cash. Tracy tells him about her plan with Scott and Walt. Monica visits Dawn at Wyndamere. Lucy gets a flower from a secret admirer at GH . She thinks it is from Alan. She goes to the florist, but all she finds out is the person is wealthy and influential. She leaves a thank you at the florist for the admirer. Colton tells Frisco about the phone call from Decker. Decker and Phoebe run some cons at some local stores for cash. They almost get caught. Frisco tries to trace Decker’s call but no luck. Ned gives Mouse and her crew their jobs back at Wyndamere. Iona finally gets out of the secret passage at Wyndamere courtesy of Mouse. She pays her off to keep quiet. Lucy flirts with Alan. He is a bit put off by her. Tracy convinces Dawn to leave town for Neds’ sake. Victor Jerome (in jail) gets the message that Lucy left with the florist that she thought she was leaving for Alan. Frisco and Colton get a lead. Decker and Felicia are in Atlantic City. Frisco and Colton rush out the door together.

October 6, 1989 - No Commercials - Iona shows up at Katherine's townhouse. Robert meets with the real Phoebe Dawson. Colton and Frisco believe she has been lying to them. Decker and Felicia check into a cheap motel. Decker goes out to wrestle up a poker game for money. Colton and Frisco come up with a plan to make Felicia come home. Jimmy O’Hurley (Mary’s nephew) comes to PC. Katherine invites him to stay at the townhouse. Robert gets the preliminary autopsy results on Tucker. At Deckers‘ poker game. One of the players thinks he recognizes Felicia from a missing person’s flyer. Decker covers. Frisco and Colton set up a hotline for information on Felicia They question whether Felicia left on purpose to get away from both of them. Iona is interested in Robert’s money laundering case. BJ’s birthday party. Bobbie calls Tony from Texas where she is visiting her brother. Tony wants her to come home but she tells him she still needs time. Jimmy meets with David at his motel home to discuss their money counterfeit scheme. Felicia and Decker have dinner at a fancy restaurant with the poker winnings. Robert meets with Tanganiva . Jimmy has to find the girl who stole his counterfeit Jackson cameo in Atlantic City. Her name is Phoebe Dawson. Felicia sees her photo on Tiffany’s newscast with Colton and Frisco.

October 9, 1989 - No Commercials - Mary invites Anna and Robin to dinner at Katherine’s. Felicia tries to flee the motel room, but Decker stops her. He is ready to tell her the truth. Anna gets a a sketch artist to make a photo of Decker. David, Ashton and Tracy discuss the fundraising effort for GH. Jimmy tries to pick Katherine’s brain regarding Robert’s case. Anna and Robin have dinner at Katherine’s Jimmy gets some information on Phoebe from Anna. Tiffany gets a photo of Decker out on the wire. Felicia sees Decker’s photo on TV. Decker learns Felicia and Colton were married and he explains why he couldn’t go to police after her accident. Katherine suggests a vacation for Anna. Ashton is surprised Tracy is falling for David’s charms. Felicia is confused by her feelings and decided to stay on the run with Decker a little longer. Felicia leaves a message for Anna on her machine saying she is all right but is not ready to face the music yet in PC. Jimmy tells David he knows where Phoebe Connecticut. Anna misses Felicia’ s message.

October 10, 1989 - No Commercials - Tracy and David meet with Steve at GH. Walt tells Tracy he is in on her scheme but he wants to be paid upfront. Anna and Robin plan a trip to Montreal. Robert reexamines Tucker’s clothes. Katherine suggests Robert give Robin cash for her upcoming birthday. Tracy tells Scott that Walt is in but he is responsible for paying him. Ned confronts Tracy about convincing Dawn to leave town. Monica finds out Dawn left town. Robert gives Robin money for her birthday. When Robin shows him the money belt she will keep it in on her trip, it sparks an idea for Robert about the Tucker case. Jimmy shows up at the real Phoebe Dawson’s house in Connecticut. He realizes he has the wrong Phoebe. Robert finds money hidden in Tucker’s belt. Alan wants Lucy to check up on Scott and wants to know what he is up to with Tracy. Robert has the money found in the belt blown up. The bill shows Andrew Jackson with crossed-eyes. They are a bit baffled. Tucker may have been onto something before he was killed. Robin visits Tanganvia before leaving on her trip. Lucy cozies up to Scott. They wind up making love in his office. Monica tells Alan she is going after Dawn. Tracy pays Walt. Anna misses Duke. She breaks down in front of Olin. Lucy tells Alan she struck out in getting any information from Scott. Anna leaves town still having not heard the message from Felicia on her machine.

October 11-17, 1989:  10/11, 10/12, 10/13, 10/16, 10/17

October 11, 1989 - No Commercials - Decker and Felicia arrive in Puerto Rico. Monica arrives in St. Louis where Dawn is staying in the orphanage. She finds out Monica knows that she is her daughter. Frisco fills Tony in on Felicia. Tracy tells Ashton that David is coming to the mansion for drinks and then dinner at Dukes. David doesn’t show...he is playing hard to get. Harrison applies for the ACOS position at GH. David joins the Hardys at Dukes instead of meeting Tracy. Monica explains why she gave Dawn up for adoption..but she only tells her part of the truth. Tracy is steamed David stood her up. Tony and Frisco have drinks at Dukes and Tony suggests they take a vacation together.  Even though he knows Bobbie is on her way back to PC. Lucy gets a flower delivered to her at GH again. She writes a note back to the sender again. Tracy arrives at Dukes and David gives her the brush off. Simone pushes Tom to apply for ACOS. Monica suggests she help Dawn fix up Wyndamere. Tracy surprises David by being in his bed when he arrives back to his hotel room. Lucy tries to invite Alan to dinner. She thinks he is her admirer. He declines. Monica wants to keep the fact that Dawn is her daughter quiet for now. Frisco and Tony leave for Puerto Rico.

October 12, 1989 - No Commercials - Bobbie thinks Tony is trying to pay her back for leaving town abruptly. Terri suggest she go after him. Katherine is worried about Tanganvia’s latest prediction. Monica tells Gail that she only told Dawn half the truth. Dawn returns to Wyndamere and Ned. David wants to keep his and Tracy new relationship under wraps. Bobbie agrees to go after Tony. Walt gives Robert the news that Tucker did not died of food poisoning. Ashton is a little jealous of Tracy’s relationship with David. Katherine agrees to pay for the repair of an old piano at Wyndamere. The work-crew at Wyndamere tell Ned they have heard strange noises. Robert investigates. Dawn suggests she be solely in charge at Wyndamere so Ned can concentrate on ELQ contest. Ned tells Dawn he is love with her. Robert has an accident at Wyndamere. Part of the ceiling falls on him..but he is fine. Alan hints that Walt might be useful to him at the Dermestant lab. Tracy is ticked Ned and Dawn have solved their problems. Bobbie arrives in Puerto Rico. Tony has set up a plan for them to get married. Robert gives the okay for Kellys to reopen

October 13, 1989 - No Commercials - Lucy gets a flower yet again. Frisco helping to plan Tony and Bobbie’s wedding. Frisco and Felicia almost run into each other at the hotel. Ruby, Terri, BJ and Lucas arrives in Puerto Rico for the ceremony. They were all in on it. Prep for the wedding. Decker and Felicia have dinner at the hotel restaurant. Colton gets a call on the hotline that Felicia has been spotted in Puerto Rico. Lucy finds out Tony and Bobbie are getting married. Tony and Bobbie’s Wedding. Scott tells Lucy that if she thinks Alan is her ticket to the Q mansion she has a screw loose. The reception for Tony and Bobbie. Victor (in prison) thinks that Lucy has the hots for him with all her return messages for the flowers. Lucy gives Scott the brush off. Tony and Bobbie’s wedding night. Colton shows up in Puerto Rico. Felicia who is in the lobby hears Frisco and Colton arguing over her. They see her.

October 16, 1989 - No Commercials - Lucy drowning her sorrows in junk food. Scott catches her. Bobbie and Tony in bed together. Felicia pretends she is Phoebe even though she has regained her memory. She is not ready to deal with Colton and Frisco yet. Sean arrives back in PC and goes to see Anna not knowing she is out of town. Sean shows Olin a letter from Cheryl. She wants to find Julian. Sean thinks Cheryl is hiding something. Decker reminds Felicia she called Anna as Felicia. Colton and Frisco arrive at Felicia’s room.While Frisco believes she is faking Colton believes she just may have amnesia. Decker splits after Felicia tells him she does not want see him get into any trouble. Frisco interrupts Tony’s honeymoon to have him check out Felicia. Sean calls one of his contacts to look into Cheryl. Tony examines Felicia. She is keeping up the charade. Colton suggests they bring the real Phoebe to PC and Felicia will then be confronted with the truth and drop the act. Sean notices that Anna answering machine has been unplugged. He gets Felicia’s message. The Jones convince Felicia to return to PC. Decker calls Charlene. He wants to return to PC and clear his name. Both Frisco and Colton insist on staying in Felicia’s room for the night.

October 17, 1989 - No Commercials - Lucy learns Decker is back in PC. Colton, Felicia, and Frisco arrive in PC. Sean is waiting for them. He knows Felicia is lying. He confronts her privately and he agrees to go along with the charade for now. Colton and Frisco try to trip Felicia up. They want her to see Tom Hardy. Victor wants out of jail to be with Lucy. Katherine wants to have a birthday party for Jimmy at Dukes. Felicia tells Robert that Decker was not involved in anything that happened to her. Charlene tells Colton that Decker is back. David learn “Phoebe Dawson” is at GH. He informs Jimmy. Felicia meets with Tom but realizes she is not fooling him with her act. She is confused about her feelings. Robert arrives at Charlene's. Colton and Decker almost come to blows. Colton and Frisco grill Decker. He denies hitting Felicia with the motorcycle. Robert informs Colton and Frisco that their plan to get the real Phoebe Dawson to PC won’t work as she is away with her parents. Frisco takes Decker to be fingerprinted. Lucy gets another flower. Colton has been tapped for a medavac pilot assignment. Jimmy snoops in Tom’s office. David demands Jimmy destroy all the counterfeit 20’s he has...he does not. Decker is off the hook for now. Frisco tries to get through to Felicia. She is not giving up.

October 18-24, 1989:  10/18, 10/19, 10/20, 10/23, 10/24 missing first 2 mins

October 18, 1989 - No Commercials - Tanganvia visits Robert and Sean at the PCPD. He tells him his newest prophecy that Robert will die at the hands of a blonde. David gives Jimmy a moneyclip for his birthday. Lynx Henshaw, an associate of Davids shows up in PC. She shows them the crossed-eyed Jackson. David tells her the plate is a mistake and they are working on a fix. She wants the money they owe her. Monica and Dawn tell the Q’s about the progress that is being made at Wyndamere. Monica blows off looking at Alan’s research for Dermestant. Alan and Monica argue about her obsession with Dawn. Tracy meets David in his hotel room. He invites her to Jimmy’s party at Dukes. Scott tricks Lucy into a date at Dukes. Jimmy birthday party at Dukes. Robert calls and says he will be late. Jimmy drops one of his fake 20’s. David wants to talk business with Tracy. She has other things on her mind. Lucy is focused on Alan. Scott tells her he loves her. Robert arrives. David drops Tracy off at the mansion. Tracy tells the Q’s David wants to plan a dinner dance gala for the opening of the fundraising party for GH. Ned suggests they hold it at Wyndamere. Tracy hates the idea. Robert accuses Scott of using fake money at Dukes. Lucy is mortified. Jimmy thanks Katherine for his party.

October 19, 1989 - No Commercials - Anna and Robin return from their vacation. Sean fills Anna in on Felicia’s “amnesia” Colton and Frisco talk Felicia to Kellys. She slips up a little. Alan and Monica fight about Lucy Coe. Lucy gets a flower with a note to meet at the Q boathouse. Tracy and Scott argue about Lucy. A drifter shows up at the Q mansion looking for work at the boathouse. Lila sends him away as it is October. Monica sees flowers in Lucy office and assumes they are from Alan. She finds a notepad of Lucy’s doodles of Mrs. Quartermaine. Felicia visits Anna. She tells Anna the truth. Charlene wants Decker to get a job at GH. Dawn comes up with the idea of a haunted house theme for the fundraising party. Decker agrees to help her. Dawn is thrilled. Ned not so much. Lucy gets dolled up for her meeting at the boathouse tonight. Decker sees Felicia at GH. She wants to know why he came back to PC. Colton gets jumped, tied up, and thrown into a GH linen closet. Someone wants his helicopter to make a run to the prison to pick up Victor Jerome. Monica confronts Alan about the flowers. He denies an affair with Lucy. Tracy hates the haunted house idea. Victor makes his escape from prison.

October 20, 1989 - No Commercials - Katherine invites Tanganvia, Anna and Robin to the cottage for dinner. (Note: Slight lines going through the scenes for a few seconds) Frisco tries to put the moves on Felicia. He orders pizza. David likes Dawn’s haunted house idea. Decker and Amy find Colton in the supply closet. Steve informs Robert of the medavac heist. The Q’s planning the haunted house at Wyndamere. They hear a helicopter land but assume it’s the neighbors. Decker shows up at Felicia’s apt. Frisco and Robert arrive at GH to investigate. Lucy arrives at the Q boathouse. No Alan but Victor is waiting for her. He gives her a pendant with the words Victor and Lucy on it and shows her a bag of raw diamonds. She rejects him and he swallows the pendant...choking to death. Alan and Monica argue again and he storms out of the mansion. Anna worries about who was on the helicopter. Lucy finds Alan on the grounds and takes him back to the boathouse to help Victor. They find Victor dead.

October 23, 1989 - With Commercials - Jimmy shows up at Felicias but never makes it inside her apartment as Bobbie and Tony visit. He hides. Anna, Robert and Frisco find out where the chopper landed and who was on it. Alan wants to call the police but Lucy stops him and tells him about the pendant. Lucy snags the diamonds and hides them in the boathouse. She insists Alan try and get the pendant. Colton arrives at Felicia and Jimmy is forced to flee. The police arrive at the Q’s. Lucy cons Alan into helping her after he can’t get the pendant. They decide to hide the body. Lila tells Robert about the drifter that was looking for work at the mansion. The drifter sees Lucy move Victor’s body. The police search the boathouse. Ashton and Tracy are off for a snack. Alan hides Victor’s body in the Q freezer. He is almost caught by Tracy and Ashton. Lucy returns to the boathouse for the diamonds.

October 24, 1989 - With Commercials - Decker planning the Halloween party with Dawn and Ned at Wyndamere. After moving Victor’s body to his car, Alan calls Lucy. He wants to go to the police but she convinces him not to again. Monica is suspicious of where Alan was last night. Lucy hides the diamonds in her apartment. Gail thinks Monica should make peace with Alan. Alan meets Lucy in a motel. Sam calls Anna as they have arrested the drifter Lila talked to on the docks.  Alan and Lucy make love. Tracy is afraid Scott is going to renege on their deal. Walt goes snooping at the lab and runs into Monica. The cops question the drifter. He is Victor’s ex-valet. Lucy and Alan dump Victor in the river. Someone is watching them....the ex-valet.

October 25-30, 1989:  10/25 cm, 10/26 cm, 10/27 cm, 10/30 cm

October 25, 1989 - With Commercials - Decker showing Dawn what he has been working on for the party. Robin is staying with Katherine. Mary would like Katherine and Robert to make things official. Robert gets a letter from Tucker’s widow in England. Audrey is worried about Tom and Harrison going head to head for ACOS. Lucy gives Alan a note she wrote to him before they got together. Tracy and David show up at Wyndamere to see the special effects for the party. Robert gets a break in the Tucker case. Monica apologies to Alan. She understands about Lucy. No way could he have an affair with Lucy. Tracy thinks Decker would be perfect for Dawn. The GH board decides to wait until after the fundraising party to decide on the ACOS. Scott and Lucy run into David and Tracy at dinner. Jimmy, Iona and Mary have dinner with Robert and Katherine at the cottage. Victor’s valet (Emil) pulls Victors body out of the river and searches for the diamonds..not on he throws the body back in the river.

October 26, 1989 - With Commercials - Day of the Halloween Party at Wyndamere. Anna doesn’t want to go to the party but Robin convinces her. Both Frisco and Colton want to take Felicia to the party. Alan and Lucy make out in the linen closet at GH. David wants Jimmy to break into Felicia’s apartment while everyone is at the party. Party begins at Wyndamere. Alan and Monica run into Lucy and Scott on the ferry over to the island. Colton and Frisco fight over who is going with Felicia. She ditches them both. Jimmy breaks into Felicias but she is wearing the cameo as a bracelet to the party. Alan and Lucy meet on The Aphrodite for a rendezvous. Victor washes ashore at the party.

October 27, 1989 - With Commercials - Alan and Lucy are almost caught my Monica. He covers and diverts her attention by suggesting he got to the lab. She wants to go with him. The scavenger hunt at the party begins. Robert almost discovers Iona’s case she stashed at Wyndamere. Alan and Monica go to the lab where Alan is sure someone has been there going through his files. He is right Walt was there snooping for Tracy. Colton loses Felicia on the scavenger hunt. Decker tells Colton he should face the fact that Frisco and Felicia will get back together. Jimmy (dresses as a headless horseman) notices the cameo on Felicia. He tries to grab it and she flees into the woods. He chases after her. Trying to divert him from talk of business and missing files, Monica puts the moves on Alan at the lab. Robin finds a dead body on the scavenger hunt which turns out to be Victor. Frisco finds Felicia before Jimmy can. She admits she has been faking and that she loves him. They kiss as Colton looks on. An alive Duke is trying to write Anna a letter but puts it away before finishing.

October 30, 1989 - With Commercials - Robert deals with Victor. Alan and Monica arrive home to the mansion. She wants to take things upstairs. He stalls. Felicia is worried about hurting Colton. Decker tells her that Colton saw her and Frisco kissing. The PCPD arrive at the Q mansion to tell Alan and Monica that Victor is dead. A freaked out Alan uses this as his escape and tell Monica he has to go to GH to supervise the autopsy. He needs to get that pendant. Alan examines Victor but is interrupted by Robert. The autopsy can wait till Walt arrives. Some guests from Wyndamere take the party over to Dukes. Felicia finds Colton. She is sorry for hurting him. He is angry and takes off. Robert almost lets Alan start the autopsy but Walt arrives just in time. Jimmy tells David he struck out with getting the cameo. David wants Jimmy to go back and search the Spoon Island for it. Frisco comes across Felicia crying on the docks. Sean and Anna are waiting on the autopsy results. Lucy tells Alan he has to get the pendant. Felicia and Frisco decide to go to a hotel. he wants to wait to make love though. She is still upset about hurting Colton.

October 31 - November 3, 1989:  10/31 cm, 11/1 cm, 11/2 cm, 11/3 cm

October 31, 1989 - With Commercials - Alan is waiting with the cops for the autopsy results. Tom gets Colton to fly him to tell Olivia at the mental hospital that her father is dead. Jimmy gets caught by Dawn searching Wyndamere. He insists he was not at the party but is searching for his bosses cufflink. He runs into Decker and they remember each other from Atlantic City. Frisco wants Felicia to tell him the truth about what happened after the accident with Decker. She denies being with him. Decker beats Jimmy to finding the cameo. Tom and Colton arrive at the mental hospital to see Olivia. Walt gives Anna and Sean the autopsy report on Victor. Tom tells Olivia Victor is dead. She is happy after what he did to her. Anna can’t tell Alan and Lucy any of the autopsy results. Lucy freaks out but Alan tells her he will get a copy of the report.  Jimmy tells David he ran into Decker at Wyndamere. Alan tells Lucy the pendant was not found on Victor. It must have fallen out when they dumped the body. Audrey wants Harrison to turn down the ACOS job if he gets it. Harrison gets it. Olivia wants to be released to attend her father’s funeral in NYC. Frisco and Felicia make love.

November 1, 1989 - With Commercials - Note: Tracy is being played by Christine Jones as Jane Elliot is on maternity leave. Scott is confused by Lucy being hot and then cold with him. Anna tells Robert she is going to the funeral in NYC. Duke is in safe house. The men guarding him decide he can’t learn about Victor’s death or he will want to go back to PC. Alan and Monica gloat in front of Tracy and Ashton about almost being ready to bring Dermestant to the market. Sean and Tiffany want to tag along with Anna to the funeral. Anna gets a report on a diamond heist that happened the day before Victor escaped. Lucy is trying to figure out how to pawn the diamonds. She hides them in her fridge. Anna, Tiffany, Sean arrives at a dive hotel in NYC. Anna explains that this is where she stayed last time in NYC with Duke. Katherine gives Robert an idea regarding the Tucker case. Anna remembers her and Dukes night in NYC. Duke is restless at the safe house.

November 2, 1989 - With Commercials - Robert tells Robin about Victor being dead. Victor’s funeral in NYC. Jimmy notices Decker is wearing the cameo. Olivia arrives at the funeral. Julian wants her to leave. Emil tells Olivia that Lucy meet Victor the night he died and she has the diamonds. Olivia wants them back. Anna tells Olivia she is glad Victor is dead. Victor’s associates want Julian to pay back Duke for Victor’s death. They believe he is alive. Jimmy wants Decker taken care off. Decker hides the cameo in Charlene’s jewelry box. Katherine and Jimmy getting ready to leave for Katherine’s concert in New Orleans. Robert snags a sample of Jimmy’s hair to compare to the one found in Tucker’s office. Anna wants to stay in NYC, Sean agrees to stay with her but Tiffany has to head back. Duke’s guards want to move him to another location. They are off to JFK.

November 3, 1989 - With Commercials - Note: Technical Difficulties on station. GH joined in progress. Jimmy tells David he has sent two thugs to get the cameo from Decker. Two men find Decker on the docks and tell him he has till 7pm to bring them the cameo or else. Tracy donates Alan and Monica’s clothing to a rummage sale at GH. Scott almost finds Lucy’s diamonds in the fridge. Scott wants Lucy out of their apartment. Anna wants to find who killed Victor. Duke gets another new identify and is upset he can’t go home. Frisco and Felicia in bed. He wants to get married but she wants to wait. Decker goes to retrieve the cameo from the jewelry box but it is gone. Seems Charlene has donated it to the rummage sale. Katherine in New Orleans with Iona and Jimmy. Frisco turns in his badge to Robert as he has promised Felicia he would get a career with no risks. Colton finds out Decker lied about being on the run with Felicia. He confronts him and punches him out and leaves him in an alley unconscious. Dawn finds Decker and helps him. The two thugs follow him to GH. Robert has Jimmy’s hair sample tested. Alan meets Lucy at their motel. She seduces him. Scott tells Tracy he is through with Lucy. While on the grounds of the mansion, Scott finds the Lucy/Victor pendant. Duke finds out Victor is dead. Frisco and Felicia about the counterfeiting case and she remembers about the cameo. Duke gives his protection officer the slip at JFK. Anna sees him.

November 6-10, 1989:  11/6, 11/7, 11/8, 11/9, 11/10

November 6, 1989 - No Commercials - Colton shows Frisco proof Felicia was on the run with Decker. Duke slips away before Anna can catch him. Anna and Sean board their flight. Julian is headed back to PC it take care of his father’s business matters and is on the same flight. Victor’s associates give Julian the name of a man who insists Duke is alive and has been following him. Decker tells Felicia the cameo is gone and he learns Charlene has put it in the rummage sale. Tiffany has bought it. Sam sees it and wants Robert to see it pronto. Frisco confronts Felicia about lying about Decker. One of the  thugs following Decker shots a gun off just as Sam is showing Robert the cameo. In the confusion the cameo is dropped and one the thugs gets it. Robert takes Felicia and Decker down to the PCPD. Olivia calls Emil. She dupes the doctors at the mental hospital. Emil is going to help her escape. Felicia tells Robert about lifting the cameo in Atlantic City. Robert cuts them a break and lets them off the hook. Frisco is upset at Felicia. Anna tells Robert she can’t put the Jerome's behind her. She tells him about maybe seeing Duke. Julian calls the contact who is supposedly tailing Duke. Duke boards a plane as “Daniel Lund” to Rio de Janeiro

November 7, 1989 - No Commercials - Olivia throws a fit as a rouse to make her escape from the mental hospital. Alan oversleeps with Lucy at the motel. He was out all night. How will be explain this to Monica. Lucy leaves a message for Scott apologizing. Frisco decides to move to Kelly’s. Charlene thinks everything is Felicia’s fault. Colton wants to move out of Charlenes. Olivia makes her escape with Emil’s help. Tony wants to move into the brownstone but Bobbie loves his house. Ned is upset with Dawn for hanging out with Decker. Simone puts Audrey in her place. Olivia sneaks into GH to snoop in Lucy’s office. Decker tells Felicia if she wants Frisco she better fight for him.  Alan tells Monica he was at the lab all night. Olivia finds the keys to Scott’s apartment in Lucy’s office. Scott confronts Lucy with the pendant. She faints. Lucy begs him not to go to police. She lies about Victor’s notes and tells him she was just trying to protect him. Frisco interrogates the  shooting witness at GH. Alan gets a call about the lab being broken into. Walt only got half the formula though. Scott seems to buy Lucy’s story. Olivia breaks into their apartment by gets spooked when Lucy is still there. Decker suggests a mystery murder party at Wyndamere. Felicia tries to explain to Colton about Decker. Olivia sneaks back into the mental hospital.

November 8, 1989 - No Commercials - Katherine is ticked Robert didn’t tell her about the shooting. She had to read about it in the paper. Anna meets Sean at Kelly’s (Note: Couple of lines through the scene) Duke pays a cabbie to take him to remote part of the island. Robert wants to question Jimmy. Ruby tells Sean and Anna that Julian is staying at Kellys. Julian meets with Victor’s banker. Only $1500 is left in Victor’s account. Julian is baffled. The Q’s have a family dinner minus Alan. Alan meets with Lucy for dinner. Jimmy tells Robert about Phoebe, the cameo, and meeting Tucker. Sean tells Anna that Julian only inherited $1500. Scott invites Lucy to the Q’s. Jimmy’s hair is not a match to the one found in Tuckers office. Jimmy is released but Robert is still very suspicious of him. Katherine is upset with Robert for treating Jimmy like a criminal. Benny (Anna’s Diamond contact) blows off a meeting with her. Alan arrives late to the Q family dinner. He unveils the prototype for Dermastant called “Instalift” All the ladies get one. Lucy arrives at the Q’s as Scott’s date. Katherine forgives Robert.

November 9, 1989 - No Commercials - Monica, Tracy, Lila and Gail all wake up with green faces after using the Instalift. Alan is a dead man. Olivia is out snooping again in Lucy’s office. She is almost caught. Alan wants Lucy to meet him at their new apartment. Olivia overhears the address. Frisco takes Decker down to the PCPD for questioning again. Bad thunderstorms are rolling into PC. With Alan awol, Monica and company head to GH to see a dermatologist about their green faces. Alan gives Lucy an apartment for their future rendezvous's. David tells Jimmy to sit tight, they are not making an new bogus money until he is completely cleared. Olivia is foiled by a realtor at Lucy’s new apartment. Lucy turns off Alan’s beeper so he never get Monica's messages. Frisco grills Decker and gets rough with him. Sam breaks it up. Lucy stashes the diamonds in the lining of her coat. Alan learns about everyone's’ green reaction to Instalift. Walt comes to the rescue saying he can fix it. Olivia breaks into Scott/Lucy’s apartment again. She hides in the closet then they arrive home. She goes through Lucy’s coat and steals her car keys. Frisco and Felicia make up.

November 10, 1989 - No Commercials - Note: ABC New Delay-GH already in progress. Bad storms in PC continues. Robert tells Anna he got Frisco to reconsider. He is back on the force and working the counterfeiting case. Frisco and Felicia get interrupted by Guy calling to tell him the PCPD got a report of more bogus $20 now in New Orleans (Jimmy’s handy work) Felicia wants to help Frisco with the case. He tells her no way. Julian asks Sean for a job. Duke visits a private clinic. He wants a new face and voice. Jimmy rents a boat and is off to Spoon Island. Felicia sees him and reports back to Frisco. Not believing her, Frisco tells her to go home. Felicia decides to follow Jimmy instead. Katherine insists on making it to the cottage despite the storm. Robert is contemplating asking her to move in. Frisco knows Felicia would not giving up that easy and follows her to Spoon Island. They both hear noises and he gives her his gun for protection and takes off to investigate armed only with a flashlight. Katherine arrives at the cottage. Frisco finds the secret passage way at Wyndamere and gets trapped. Jimmy is ripping up floorboards looking for something and hears Frisco. He covers his tracks and hides. Julian gets a lead on Duke. Dukes operation begins. Katherine and Robert get interrupted by a call from a frantic Felicia. Bad reception and the call gets disconnection. Robert calls to get his men over there. Frisco is inches from calling into the hole in the floorboards.

November 13-17, 1989:  11/13, 11/14, 11/15, 11/16, 11/17

November 13, 1989 - No Commercials - Scott wants to talk to Lucy about their future. Olivia gets locked out when she tries to return to the mental hospital (Pine Circle). Frisco falls into the a hole in the floor at Wyndamere. Jimmy is able to get the plates and set up Iona. Katherine is mad that Robert thinks Jimmy could be involved with counterfeiting. She insists on going with Robert to Wyndamere. Frisco is okay. Frisco and Felicia search for Jimmy. Scott tells Lucy that things are going to turn around for him. Lucy learns her car has been stolen. Robert arrives at Wyndamere. He and Frisco search the house. They find a small US mint machine. They think they have Jimmy but they really have Iona. As she tries to flee and they tackle her to the ground. She is arrested and held for questioning. Katherine is livid. The staff at Pine Circle find Olivia missing. Olivia is in the basement tries to find a way back into the hospital. She covers when the staff find her there. Lucy and Scott report her car missing. Robert questions Iona. She admits to the printing press but not murder. Katherine and Robert fight. Olivia is put back in her room. Jimmy plots his alibi. Iona is locked up. 

November 14, 1989 - Commercials - Bobbie and Tony packing but Tony thinks they should just stay at the brownstone. instead. Charlene is going to rent his house. An associate of David's named Eileen Matheson rents an apartment on the docks. Robert questions Iona. Dawn is worried about Wyndamere being closed due to the police investigation. Colton is called to chopper a patient to Pine Circle. Iona admits to making counterfeit $5 but the Jackson plate is not hers. Robert believes her and he comes up with a plan with Iona to catch the one that is. He throws Iona in jail in the hopes that the big time counterfeiter will come out of wood work. Robert tells Katherine and Scott that Iona confessed to everything. Emil helps Olivia sneak out again. Iona is booked. Robert wants Frisco to tail Jimmy. Jimmy meets Eileen. 

November 15, 1989 - No Commercials - Tony and Bobbie unpacking Tony's things. Olivia sneaks into Lucy's office. Lucy almost catches her. Walt helping Alan and Monica at the Dermestant lab. Sean invites Colton to dinner at Dukes. Anna thinks she sees Duke at GH. It turns out to be Julian. Olivia finds a sample of Lucy's handwriting. Jimmy gives Eileen a package for Lynx. Simone has a pain in her stomach. Colton is uneasy when he see Frisco and Felicia together at Dukes. Duke is in recovery in Brazil after plastic surgery. Scott tells Lucy about his partnership with Tracy and the plan to ruin Alan. Anna tells Tom she is worried about Robin. Olivia in disguise arrives at Dukes. Alan and Monica have dinner with Dawn at Dukes. Lucy denies To Scott an affair with Alan. Lucy gets a call saying that her office may have been broken into. Simone goes into labor. Olivia returns to Pine Circle.  

November 16, 1989 - No Commercials - Anna sets a trap with Tiffany's help to help catch the diamond heist perpetrator. Simone in labor. Alan accuses Ned of conspiring with Tracy. Lucy tries to persuade Scott to back out of his deal with Tracy. Ned confronts Tracy about conspiring to cheat at the ELQ contest. Alan tries to explain to Monica why the contest means so much to him. Alan blows off Lucy. Decker visits Lucy. Robert sends Katherine flowers. She is not forgiving him though. Anna working the diamond heist case. Lucy sees Tiffany's fake report on the diamonds and thinks it is safe to try and sell them. Katherine goes to Tanganvia for help with Robert. Lucy calls the pawn shop somewhat falling into Anna's trap. Simone's labor is progressing. Walt meets with Tracy and Ashton. He only has half the formula. He gives the files to Tracy. They hide them in Ashton's sitting room at the mansion but drop a piece of it in the Q hallway. Jimmy snooping around Tanganvia. Tom tells the staff Simone had a baby boy. Lucy gets a phone call from Emil saying that he knows about Victor Jerome and he wants money for his silence.    

November 17, 1989 - No Commercials - Sean and Anna waiting for mystery thief at the pawn shop. Lucy begs Emil for more time. He knows she has the diamonds. Katherine wants to get away from PC. Plans a tour. But rethinks it to be with Iona. Alan and Tracy taunt each other over the ELQ contest. Julian shows up at the pawn shop to sell his father's watch. Duke recovering in Brazil. Iona calls Robert to call off the plan. Robert refuses. Tanganvia covers for Robert. Robert goes to Steve with his suspicions about Jimmy and the GH fundraising. Lucy decides to rehide the diamonds in her new apartment. Alan interrupts her. Anna and Sean hit a dead end at the paw shop. Lucy was a no show. Robin and Robert have dinner at Kellys. She is worried about Anna. Iona and Katherine run into them and Robin tries to suckers them into joining them. Katherine refuses. Lucy meets Emil on the docks and he kidnaps her. Julian still searching for Duke. Robert thinks he may have found a hole in Jimmy's alibi. Lucy wakes up in a Pine Circle basement cell in a straightjacket.

November 20-23, 1989:  11/20, 11/21 cm, 11/22 cm, 11/23 cm

November 20, 1989 - Commercials - Emily tells Lucy she will be released only after she tells him where the diamonds are. Iona is questioned again by Robert. He is beginning to build a case against Jimmy. Katherine busts into Robert's office. Felicia is miffed Frisco is still working for the PCPD, but he has to finish the case and then he is done. Jimmy getting another briefcase of fake money to Eileen and then he is to destroy the plates and the press. Frisco is tailing him and sees him come out of Eileen's apartment. Frisco invites Eileen to coffee at Kellys. Lucy refuses to tell Emil anything. Olivia sends Emil to search for the diamonds. She needs them now. Scott is starting to get worried about Lucy. He finds the note Olivia forged. Frisco works over Eileen. Felicia sees them flirting at Kellys. Iona tries to convince Katherine to take a vacation to get her out of Robert's hair. Jimmy offers to go with her, not part of the plan. Robert and Frisco tie Eileen to the Tucker case. Jimmy while packing up a second briefcase of money for Lynx takes some of the money for himself. Frisco breaks into Eileen's apartment. Colton shows up. It used to be his apartment. Felicia sees Frisco coming out of Eileen's apartment. Scott returns homes to find his apartment ransacked. Robert finds out Jimmy and Katherine are going to Palm Beach for vacation. Olivia pays Lucy a visit in her cell. 

November 21, 1989 - Commercials - The Hardys fawning all over the baby. Olivia puts a rat in Lucy's cell. She freaks out. David confronts Jimmy about stealing some of the money from the briefcase. He returns it. Jennings finds Monica at the hospital and gives her a piece of paper with part of the Dermestant formula on it. Seems a maid found it after Tracy dropped part of her file in the hallway of the mansion. Alan sees Monica with the paper and gets the wrong idea. They argue. Jimmy sneaks back into Eileen's apartment past the cop Robert has tailing him. Lucy tries to bargains with Olivia. Walt wants out of his deal with Tracy. She tells him no way. Katherine sees Robert's notes on the counterfeiting case. She sees Eileen's address on his desk. Jimmy destroys the plate and press at the apartment. Lucy still will not break. A curious Katherine goes to Eileen's apartment to look around. She finds part of the plate that Jimmy's dropped when he destroyed it. Jimmy walks in on her  

November 22, 1989 - Commercials - Tracy comes up with a plan. Katherine hides the part of the plate she found. She covers with Jimmy. Robert walks in on them and drags her out. Julian shows up in Rio looking for Duke. Duke is worried someone is looking for him at the clinic. Ned walks in on Dawn and Decker having dinner together at Wyndamere. Dawn agrees to let Ned take a second mortgage out on Wyndamere for his new plan for the ELQ contest. Ned purchases Jordan Chemical stock in Dawn's name. Tracy sells her stock in Jordan. Anna and Robin are not looking forward to Thanksgiving without Duke. Robert tells Katherine about the scheme with Iona. She is mad he didn't trust her. Tracy deposits $10,000 in Dawn's back account. Jimmy rents a safety deposit box. Robert gets the part of the plate Katherine found. Robert has a new idea about how to nab Jimmy. Tracy plants Dawn's birth certificate and part of the Dermestant formula in Monica's dresser. Julian shows up at the clinic. Katherine confronts Iona about her and Robert's scheme. Sean tells Robert he has tracked Julian to Rio. He and Tiffany are leaving for Rio in hopes of finding information on Cheryl. Julian finds Duke's file at the clinic. 

November 23, 1989 - Commercials - Thanksgiving in Port Charles. Frisco and Tony try and cook. Sean and Tiffany arrive in Rio. The cops tell Scott they found Lucy's car at Pine Circle. Lucy is still not giving in. Dawn joins the Q's for thanksgiving. Alan finds Dawn's birth certificate and the formula in Monica's dresser. He is livid and accuses Monica and Dawn of trying to steal from him. He and Monica argue and he storms out. Monica vows to find the person who set her up. Olivia puts on a show and freaks out when she sees Scott at Pine Circle. Tiffany and Sean show up at the clinic where Duke had his surgery. Sean rifles through the files. They get caught and thrown out of the clinic. The Jones have Thanksgiving dinner. Duke tells his doctor he must leave the clinic as it is not safe any more. Sean and Tiffany call Anna to come to Rio to help them.

November 24-29, 1989:  11/24 cm, 11/27 cm, 11/28 cm, 11/29 cm

November 24, 1989 - Commercials - Dawn is worried about what Ned will think when he learns Monica and her are mother and daughter. Robert tries to make things right with Katherine. Anna arrives in Rio. She infiltrates the clinic as a new patient. Ned finds out that Monica and Dawn are related. Lucy tries to reason with Olivia. Scott goes to Robert with his suspicions that Lucy was kidnapped by Olivia. Robert agrees to take a look around Pine Circle. Katherine and Jimmy cancel their Palm Beach plans. They both now are helping in the planning a GH charity auction for the fundraising drive. Robert visits Olivia. Julian finds out Anna is in Rio. A bandaged  Duke sees Anna. She does not recognize him. Ned tells Tracy about his Jordan Chemical stock debacle. Robert learns from the Pine Circle staff about Olivia previously getting out of her room and ending up in basement of the facility. He wants to investigate the basement. Tracy and Monica argue. Scott learns Tracy sold her Jordan Chemical stock. Tracy thinks Lucy squealed to Alan about their scheme. Duke leaves a note for Anna that says “Danger -Leave” Olivia lets Lucy go knowing she will lead them straight to the diamonds. Two armed gunmen go into Duke's room guns blazing.   

November 27, 1989 - Commercials - A doctor finds Olivia down in the basement of Pine Circle again. She has no choice but to inform Robert. The armed gunmen come face to face with Anna. Luckily she escapes unharmed. Duke set up the gunmen. He is long gone from the clinic. Anna's cover is blown though. Dawn tells Decker that Monica is her mother. Emil tells Olivia he lost Lucy while trailing her. She suggests he get back to PC on Colton's chopper that makes trips from Pine Circle. Robert connects Emil to Victor. Lucy returns home and goes to her apartment to get the diamonds. She gets sidetracked by Alan. Emil, having got a ride from Colton, arrives at GH. Dawn and Decker are growing closer. Colton realizes he airlifted Emil out of Pine Circle by mistake. Emil is hot on Lucy's trail. Scott sees Alan and Lucy together and Lucy snag the diamonds from their hiding place at the apartment. Katherine has dinner with Robin and Tanganvia. Lucy rehides the diamonds. Scott goes and takes some of them for himself. Anna and Sean find out the name of Duke's alias “Daniel Lund”. Duke leaves the clinic.   

November 28, 1989 - Commercials - Frisco keeping Felicia in the dark about what extra cases he is working for Robert. Felicia is going to help with the upcoming GH auction with David and Jimmy as part of the PCPD sting. Anna does not want to leave Rip until she finds Daniel Lund. Julian gets a message from Daniel Lund to meet. Scott's behavior perplexes Lucy. Frisco tells Felicia about the PCPD's suspicions on Jimmy and the Iona scheme. Harrison takes Colton off Medavac duty for a few days due to his Emil mistake. Dawn notices the $10,000 in her back account. Alan tells Monica and Ned that he is taking legal action against them for industrial espionage. For protection, Scott has a gun. At GH, Lucy notices a flyer with Emil's face on it. Felicia meets with David and Jimmy about the auction. Frisco questions Colton about Emil. Julian realizes he was set up by Anna. She wrote the note from Daniel Lund. He covers and lies to her. Tracy meets with Scott. She is worried about Lucy. Dawn thinks the mysterious $10,000 in her account is from Ned. He sets her straight. Frisco and Felicia have a romantic evening. Scott calls a pawn shop about his diamonds. He finds out Lucy has been making inquiries about selling her diamonds as well. Scott sidetracks her. Sean,Tiffany, and Anna leave Rio. Julian decides to head back to PC on the same flight.  

November 29, 1989 - Commercials - Planning of the GH auction. Lucy tries again to unload the diamonds. Plans to meet the pawn shop owner Benny. Scott is on to her. Ned still can't sell the Jordan Chemical stock in Dawn's name. Alan halts the ELQ contest until an investigation into the formula stealing can be completed. Monica sees Alan leave Lucy's office. She and Lucy argue and she tells Lucy to stay away from Alan. Frisco wants to help with the diamond heist case. Ned apologies to Dawn for getting too wrapped up in business. Colton finds Emil on the docks. They get into a physical fight. Frisco breaks it up and arrests Emil. Colton is tapped to fly the governor in for the GH auction. Felicia learns Frisco is lying and is working several cases for Robert not just the counterfeiting one as promised. Robert and Frisco question Emil. Robert books Emil on assault. Felicia confronts Frisco about all the PCPD work. Frisco gets a call from Eileen. Lucy is suspicious of Scott. With Scott hot on her tail, Lucy leaves to meet with Benny. Unaware that Robert and Frisco have staked out the docks to catch the diamond thief.

November 30 - December 6, 1989:  11/30 cm, 12/1 cm, 12/4, 12/5, 12/6

November 30, 1989 - Commercials - Katherine is worries about Robert. Anna and Sean return home. Robert and Frisco  ambush Scott and Lucy on the docks. They snatch the diamonds and  Scott makes up a wacky story to explain whey Lucy has a bag of diamonds. Robert brings them down to the PCPD for questioning. Duke is living on the streets on Brazil. Robert, Anna and Frisco question Scott and Lucy. Robert wants to see if Lucy can ID Emil. Duke's doctor finds him on the streets and helps him. He needs medical attention. Lucy is too scared to finger Emil as her capture. She and Scott are released. Robert is worries about Anna getting obsessed with the Jerome family again. Frisco and Felicia make love. Anna and Robin have a heart to heart. Duke puts a plan in motion. Olivia learns Emil has been arrested and the diamonds are in police custody but 10 are missing. Lucy explains to Scott where she got the diamonds. 

December 1, 1989 - Commercials - Note: Jane Elliot is back as Tracy  Scott wants to drag Lucy to the GH auction. Frisco gets another call from Eileen. They plan to meet at the Elm Tree Motel. He was to explain things to Felicia. Robert gets a delivery from a jewelry store. Anna suspects he is going to ask Katherine to marry him. Colton's last day of work. He wants to leave PC..too many memories of Felicia. Olivia tries to wrangle some information out of Colton about Emil. Olivia attacks a nurse and busts out of Pine Circle. The GH auction begins. The PCPD are hoping Jimmy will get greedy and buy something at the auction and pay for it with counterfeit cash so they can nab him. Felicia wants to talk with Colton before he leaves town. Frisco meets with Eileen. She tries to put the moves on him. He stalls and realizes he will not be able to get an information out her. He manages to get out of there. Sam sees Frisco coming out of the motel and Frisco tells her to keep on eye on Eileen for him. Olivia breaks into Lucy's apartment again. She steals Scott's gun. Felicia tries to talk to Colton but he is determined to leave PC. Jimmy does buy something expensive for Katherine at the auction but pays by check. PCPD's plan blown out of the water. Robert learns Olivia has escaped. He notices Olivia in disguise at the auction and goes after her. Katherine follows him. Olivia hitches a ride on Colton's chopper by sticking him up at gunpoint. Robert tries to stop the chopper on the roof but gets pushed off the side of the building onto the hotel sign. Katherine too gets pushed off the building's  roof onto the sign.  

December 4, 1989 - No Commercials - Auction continues. Robert and Katherine trapped on the hotel sign. He lets it slip he was going to ask her to marry him tonight. Anna tells Sean about Robert's upcoming proposal. Much to Lucy's surprise, Scott buys an expensive bottle of champaign at the auction. Olivia orders Colton to fly them as far away from PC as possible. Steve calls Colton on the chopper's radio. Colton tries to alert him to Robert and Katherine before Olivia stops him. Sam , who has buddied by to Eileen, takes her to Dukes for drinks. David and Tracy invite Scott and Lucy to Dukes after the auction. Robin tells Anna she is running for class president. Anna and Sean get called to the hotel. Frisco finds Robert and Katherine on the hotel sign and rescues them. PCPD looking for the chopper. Colton tries to overtake Olivia and the chopper crashes. Scott and Lucy return to find their apartment tossed again. Robert takes Katherine back up to the hotel roof and proposes to her. 

December 5, 1989 - No Commercials - Jimmy is screwed as he does not have the money to cover Katherine's present he bought for her at the auction. The money from the auction went to bank before he could get his hands on it. Colton tries to call for help. Mouse tells Frisco her aunt wants her to come and live with her. They say goodbye. Alan and Monica argue again about Dawn and the stealing of the formula. Monica grills Walt. Charlene worrying about Colton. Robert searching for the chopper. Frisco stalls Eileen who is trying to leave town. David and Jimmy readying the fake bonds. Felicia sets up Jimmy. Eileen puts the moves on Frisco again. The cops come with a warrant for Eileen's arrest and she learns Frisco set her up. Tracy tries to get David to go away with her but he has plans with Lynx. Frisco finds Felicia at the bank where Jimmy is arrested. Alan confronts Lucy about Victor's diamonds. Jimmy learns Katherine was in on his bust by the PCPD.   

December 6, 1989 - No Commercials - Scott quizzes Lucy on Emil. She denies knowing him. Jimmy learns of Robert and Katherine engagement. Katherine begs Jimmy to tell the truth to help himself.  Emil makes bail and Robert puts a tail on him. Lila tries to reason with Alan about the upcoming board meeting where he plans on telling the board about Monica and Ned's industrial espionage. Tracy thinks the board will appoint her ELQ CEO after Alan and Ned annihilate each other. Lynx is back in PC. David is worried as he can't find Jimmy. Jimmy admits to counterfeiting but tells Robert that it was David that killed Tucker. Julian learns Emil is out on bail. Scott confronts Emil on the docks and gives him one of his diamonds to leave Lucy alone and leave town. Jimmy wants to help Robert to get David on murder charges. Anna gets news on the diamonds. Scott tells Lucy he pulled some strings and Emil is gone. David blows off Tracy. Tracy invites Ashton out instead. Lucy reads Walt's note to Tracy and instead puts Monica's name on the envelope and puts it in Alan's mail at GH. Robert and Katherine in bed together.

December 7-13, 1989:  12/7, 12/8 cm, 12/11, 12/12, 12/13

December 7, 1989 - No Commercials - Note: GH joined in progress: A few minutes lost  Katherine shows Mary her engagement ring. Charlene and Decker waiting with the Jones on news of Colton. Colton is able to free himself of the chopper wreckage. However, Olivia pulls a gun on him before he is able to get to the radio to call for help. He is able to turn the table on her and get a faint signal on the radio. Anna gets a lead on the chopper. Alan get Lucy's faked note from Walt to Monica. He now has even more ammunition against Monica and Ned. Tom wants to ask Harrison to be the baby's godfather. Anna and Felicia are on their way to search for the chopper. ELQ board meeting starts. Lila gets a visit from ghost Edward. He wants Jennings to fetch his tackle box from the boathouse. Tony calls to get Lucas's medical records. In the middle of snowstorm, Colton and Olivia decide to move from the wreckage and try and find shelter. Alan brings Ned and Monica before the ELQ board. Lila interrupts the meeting. Iona collapses at Katherine's' townhouse. Monica gets called to GH for an emergency. The tackle box contains Edward's final codicil to his will. Weather prevents Anna from searching anymore for the chopper.  

December 8, 1989 - Commercials - Iona arrives at GH. Tracy arrives at the ELQ meeting. Lila reads the new will. Tracy and Alan will share ELQ presidency and Ned is the treasure. Alan is not to happy about that. Jimmy is ready to try and tape David's confession to Tucker's murder for Robert. David does tell all and Jimmy has it all on tape. Anna reveals to Julian that the diamonds could end up in Lucy's hands if no one claims them after a year. Iona's heart is failing. Lucas' birth records are altered. Alan tries to apologies to Monica. She is not willing to forgive and forget. Julian speaks with Lucy about the diamonds. Jimmy learns David is getting ready to double cross him. Bobbie gets Lucas's altered medical records. Scott wants Lucy to lean on Alan to get him the legal council spot at ELQ. Monica tells Katherine that Iona is very sick. Jimmy lies to Robert telling him he has yet to get anything out of David.   

December 11, 1989 - No Commercials - Charlene keeping up the blame on Felicia for Colton's accident. Anna has no news on the chopper. *Note: slight video delay on below scene. Katherine visits Iona. Monica tells Katherine that Iona's only chance is a heart transplant. Monica overhears Sam saying Walt has skipped town. Anna shows up at Scott and Lucy's apartment to question Scott. Scott tells Lucy she has till January 1 to convince Alan about the council spot. Jimmy finds a vial of poison in David's hotel room. Tracy tries to make peace with Ned. Lucy tells Scott about being kidnapped by Olivia. Scott tells her he knows about her and Alan. Tanganiva tells Robert he is going back to Australia. Monica wants to throw Dawn a birthday party. Dawn sees Monica and Ned hugging. She is curious about their past. Katherine tells Iona she needs a new heart. Weather has cleared and the rangers are going to begin searching for the chopper again.   

December 12, 1989 - No Commercials - Note: David McAlester recasted with Patrick Strong. Frisco and Anna find the chopper but no Colton or Olivia. Olivia and Colton struggle with Olivia gun, Anna and Frisco hear the shots. Olivia is injured. Tracy and David plan to meet later at his hotel. Anna and Frisco find blood in the snow but again no Colton or Olivia. Snow storm is getting worse and the have to head back. Colton and Olivia find shelter at an old cabin. Gail wants Scott to spend Xmas with she and Lee in Zurich. He agrees. Lucy presses Alan to get a divorce. Dawn asks Monica if she and Ned were ever involved. She lies to her. Monica contacts Sister Agatha and asks her to come to PC to blow Tracy out of the water.  Tracy mentions to David that she can possibly donate the last 1 million he needs meet his GH fundraising goal and they can go away together on vacation. Colton taking care of Olivia at the cabin. 

December 13, 1989 - No Commercials - Anna sends the blood found in the snow out for analysis. Tray wants Ned to make a taxable donation from ELQ to GH for David's fundraising. He gives her the brush off. Blood in the snow revealed to be Colton's. While Colton is unconscious, Olivia finds food in the cabin. She finds a map and sees they are near the Canadian border. Olivia plans to ditch Colton. Tracy and Ashton find out Sister Agatha will be at the Q mansion by the end of the week. They need to get out of town for the holidays and fast before she can beg them as Sister Therese and Father Lawrence. Colton wakes up to find Olivia gone. Searching again, Frisco and Anna find the gun in the snow but again the storm forces them back. Tracy gets the 1 million dollars from Lila. Colton is now hallucinating. Olivia is forced back to the cabin by the storm. Tracy gives the 1 million dollar check to David and they plan a holiday together. Anna and Frisco get the report on gun. It is Scott's. Felicia insists on going out again with Frisco to search again for Colton.

December 14-20, 1989:   12/14, 12/15, 12/18, 12/19, 12/20 missed :18 mins news pre-emption

December 14, 1989 - No Commercials - Tracy tells Ashton of her upcoming vacation plans. They learn Sister Agatha is due to arrive at the Q mansion tonight. David and Lynx planning to skip town. Jimmy and David making forged bonds in his hotel room. Anna wants to know how Olivia got Scott's gun. Scott and Lucy stick together on their story. Olivia tries to take another stab at crossing the Canadian border. Iona's heart is weakening. Robert gets word that Lynx and David are leaving town. Tracy , however, thinks that it is she that David is leaving with tonight. Olivia planning her escape. Scott holds up Tracy as she is about leave to meet David. Iona is now critical. Jimmy puts poison in David's after shave. Colton tries to tell Olivia how to hot-wire an abandoned jeep she found. Tracy is livid when she intercepts a note from Lynx to David.    

December 15, 1989 - No Commercials - Olivia takes down a letter that Colton wants to leave for Felicia in case he doesn't make it. Tracy prods Jimmy for information on Lynx. David puts the tainted  after shave on. Tracy confronts David about Lynx. Tracy threatens his life and storms out of the hotel bar. Sister Agatha arrives at the Q mansion. Monica tries to locate Tracy to bust her with Sister Agatha. Robert intercepts Lynx at the airport for questioning. Sister Agatha visits with the Qs. Monica gets word that there might be a heart for Iona. Robert questions Lynx. Jimmy tells Robert that Tracy and David had a fight at the hotel. Olivia taking care of Colton. Jimmy, Robert and Frisco find David unconscious in his hotel suite. He has been shot in the head.   

December 18, 1989 - Commercials - Ashton and Terri decorating the Xmas tree on his yacht. Tracy shows up and ruins their evening. David brought into the ER. Ned meets Sister Agatha. Tony and Harrison working to save David but he is brain-dead. Alan and Lucy make love. He tells her he will not be asking for a divorce from Monica with Xmas coming. Monica tells Katherine that unfortunately the heart she thought she had for Iona is not a match. Scorpio investigates David's hotel room. He does not believe David committed suicide. Robert learns of Tracy's threat to David and her million dollar donation. Lynx learns David is dying. She is charged with counterfeiting. Lucy suggests Scott to Alan for ELQ council. Ned and Dawn decorate the Xmas tree at the Qs. Robert goes to the Q mansion to speak with Tracy but she is awol. Robert learns David was right handed yet the gun was in his left hand when he was found. Suicide theory blown out of the water. Jimmy hides the bonds.  

December 19, 1989 - Commercials - Tracy learns David has been taken to GH. Olivia taking care of Colton. His fever is coming down. Julian is still tracking Duke. Sean and Robert interview Steve. Olivia and Colton talk about Felicia and Duke. Anna plans an Xmas eve party at her house. The cops bring Tracy in for questioning. Tracy admits to an affair with David and to giving him one million dollars to reach the goal for the GH fundraising. Which by the way is now missing. The organization pressures Julian to take over for his father. Robert and Sean talk to Jimmy about the one million in missing bonds. Anna gets an Xmas tree. Julian helps Anna and Robin decorate it. Robert arrests Tracy for the attempted murder of David. Thanks to Olivia, Colton is up and around at the cabin. Duke tries to call Anna but gets no answer.   

December 20, 1989 - Commercials - Note: GH joined in progress missed first :18 mins, news interruption.  Ashton returns to the Q mansion after hiding out on his yacht. Lila arranges Tracy's bail. Gail comforts Lila. Tracy arrives home and almost walks straight into Sister Agatha, who is getting ready to leave PC. Ashton hides Tracy. Monica finds another heart for Iona..David's. Jimmy is worried about David's heart being tainted by the drugs that he used to kill him. Simone makes arrangements to go and see her mother in NYC. She leaves a note for Tom. Ned fights with Decker about Dawn. Lila assures Tracy the Edward is square in her corner. Iona goes into surgery.

December 21-27, 1989:  12/21 cm, 12/22 cm, (no show aired 12/25), 12/26 cm, 12/27 cm

December 21, 1989 - Commercials - Frisco and Felicia get a Xmas tree for the brownstone. Iona's surgery begins. Colton is worried about Olivia leaving the cabin again to make her escape due to the storm. Felicia, Frisco and Terri decorate the Xmas tree. Katherine and Robert waiting for Iona's surgery to be over. Simone with the baby visits her mother in NYC. Tom returns home to find Simone gone. He doesn't find her note and starts to worry. Olivia is coming down with a fever. Colton can't let her leave. Weather is clearing so Frisco and Felicia are heading out to search. Iona's heart surgery is not going well. Harrison tells Katherine the surgery has taken a turn for the worse. Finding Jimmy's behavior strange, Robert orders an autopsy on David's body. Tom searches for Simone and finally learns she is at her moms. Simone tells her mom Harrison could be the baby's father. Colton hot-wires the jeep Olivia found to get to to a doctor. Felicia and Frisco find the cabin but Olivia and Colton are long gone. Felicia finds the note to her from Colton. Iona makes it through the surgery.  

December 22, 1989 - Commercials - Julian brings presents to Anna and Robin. Robin invites him to the Xmas eve party Anna is throwing. Frisco and Felicia tells Robert about their lead on Colton.  Colton gets Olivia to a doctor but she needs a hospital. Tony dresses up at Santa. Lucy gets a present from Alan at GH but he blows her off for Xmas. Katherine and Robert visits Iona after her surgery. The children's Xmas party at GH. Tom shows up at Simone's moms. Simone drops the bomb on him that Harrison could be the baby's father. They argue and he storms out. Steve reads the Xmas story. Colton brings Olivia to GH. Anna's Xmas eve party. Frisco gives Felicia a ring for Christmas. Duke calls Anna but Julian answers.  

December 26, 1989 - Commercials - Scott returns from Zurich. Lucy is worried that Olivia is back in PC. Colton visits Olivia at GH. She is angry he saved her by bringing her to GH. Tom decks Harrison at GH. Scott pressuring Lucy to put the screws to Alan to get him the ELQ council job. Steve and Tom are mad Audrey knew the truth about the baby and said nothing. Scott meets Tracy. She is upset her arrest has made the wall street papers. Scott tries to work over Tracy for the council job. Lucy gets a furniture delivery at her new apartment. Colton tells Anna that Olivia saved her life. Julian overhears them. Audrey confronts Harrison. Steve and Audrey argue. Frisco and Colton make peace. Julian visits Olivia about the diamonds. Lucy pumps Colton about information on Olivia. Julian tells Anna he got no information out of Olivia. 

December 27, 1989 - Commercials - Amanda Barrington tells Tracy she is off the GH board until the murder investigation is over. Alan gloats. Mary almost finds Jimmy's hiding place for the bonds. Jimmy moves them. Robert orders a search on all Tracy's accounts and offices. Invites for Dawn's “Murder Mystery” NYE party at Wyndamere go out to PC residents. Ned is mad he knew nothing about the party. Dawn and Decker planning the party. Tom arrives back in NYC. Robert and Katherine reenacting David's death in his motel room. Simone's mother tells Tom she is taking Simone and the baby on vacation. She needs time away. Tom is not happy. Decker and Dawn growing closer, they kiss. She runs off. Robert interviews a hotel employee about David's behavior before he returned to his hotel suite. He claims David was acting strange..almost drunk. Tracy interrupts Robert and Katherine's dinner. Simone writes Tom a letter. Robert gets David's autopsy results. Jimmy rehides the bonds in an old record sleeve.

December 28, 1989 - January 4, 1990:  12/28, 12/29, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4

December 28, 1989 - Frisco and Felicia are in bed together and he says he wants to make an honest woman out of her. Katherine is worrying about Robert. Anna shows up at Robert's office and throws one of her long black gloves at him to get his attention. Anna tries to pressure him into questioning Olivia. He gives in and allows her to go question Olivia as long as she doesn't screw up his case against her. She tells him that she want because its too important to her that Olivia stay in prison the rest of her life. Colton has come to visit Olivia and tells her to never loose faith and promises to stand by her no matter what happens. Anna has shown up at the hospital to visit Oliva when Sean shows up to try and talk her out of it but he gets no where. Frisco and Robert are talking about Tracy's case at Robert's office, and Robert admits that he doesn't think she's the one who did it. Felicia then barges in all giddy to remind Frisco about their date with the Donely's. Frisco tells her he can't come and Felicia is upset but Frisco is able to shuffle her out of the office. Anna then charges into Olivia's room. Olivia agrees to cooperate, but she beats around the bush with Anna's questions. Anna tries to force Olivia to say that she turned her back on Victor because of what he did to Duke. Anna then tries to connect Olivia to the stealing of Lucy's car and the break in at Scott's apartment. Anna goes off the rails and starts to attack her but Colton breaks it up. Frisco and Felicia meet with Sean and Tiffany for lunch, but Frisco is really there to search the hotel for evidence on Tracy. Colton bumps into Terri on the way out of the hospital and she tells him she has an idea for him. Sean and Tiffany tell Felicia that they want to give her and Frisco a wedding but Felicia turns them down. Katherine tells Anna her and Robert plan on announcing their wedding date one minute after midnight. Robert and Frisco continue to work on the case and Robert thinks he finally starting to be able to tie it all together. Anna decides to make it her mission to keep Olivia off the streets. Robert and Katherine talk on the phone, unaware that the line has been tapped.

December 29, 1989 - Felicia, Frisco, and Terri try to convince Tony and Bobbie to go to the New Year's Eve party, but they turn them down because they want to spend it with BJ and Lucas. Katherine doesn't want to go the party and tries to make Robert feel the same way, but he insists that he has to go. Robert's aftershave is being laced. Dawn and Decker are setting up for a party at Wyndemere and Ned barges in and is not happy to see them together. Ned and Decker then fight and Dawn has to break them up. Sean and Tiffany are getting ready for the party with Robin. Robin fills them in on her plans with Rowdy. Anna then comes in ready to go and Julian stops by as well. Scott stops by with a gift for Lucy: lingerie. They then work on their scheme to get Alan to give him a job at ELQ by having her seduce him. Alan and Monica are arguing about why she want go to the party. Alan denys to Monica that he's sleeping with Lucy. She gets angry with him slaps him to wish him a happy new year. Bobbie, Tony, Frisco, Felicia, and Terri all toast each other and the new year. Colton then shows up and breaks his date with Terri so he can spend time with Olivia. Katherine is still getting no where in her attempts to stop from having to go to the party. Robert then does a Humphrey Bogart impression for Katherine. Lucy has succeded in seducing Alan and are drinking in bed together. Lucy continues with her and Scott's scheme to get Alan to make Scott chief counsel for ELQ. Robert uses the tainted aftershave. Bobbie and Tony discuss how happy they are together. Colton bumps into Amy and insults her. Monica is walking Iona around the hospital and Iona attempts to cheer her up. Everyone is at Decker and Dawn's "murder" party. Scott gets into Anna's business about her showing up with Julian Jerome. Frisco and Felicia try to figure out the mystery. Lucy parades around in some lingerie Alan has bought for her and continues pressing him about Scott. Lucy bails on Alan when Scott calls. Robert finally appears at the party and Anna drags him away. Rowdy and Robin are spending New Year's Eve together. Rowdy answers a phone call from a bandaged up Duke, and when he tells him Anna is out with Julian, he hangs up before tellins Robin and Rowdy is idenity. Sean and Tiff worry about Julian and Anna's involvement. Frisco can't find Felicia. A badged up Duke leaves wherever he is. Robert falls down the stairs at the stroke of midnight while a horrified Katherine screams.

January 2, 1990 - Tracy and Ashton are arguing at Duke's and Terri is running around giving everyone party favours. Alan shows up after Lucy dumps him. Scott shows up at the stroke of midnight and gives Lucy a kiss. Robert falls down the stairs at the Wyndemere party. Tiffany thinks he's faking, but Sean, Anna, and Katherine prove that he's not. Katherine starts crying that she knew something bad would happen. Frisco is able to get a pulse. At Duke's, Tracy is not happy to see Ashton go over and wish Terri a happy new year. Alan tells Tracy he plans to void her like the plague during 1990. Scott walks out on Lucy after an argument. Sean, Anna, Tiff, Frisco, and Felicia watch as the wheel Robert out of Wyndemere. Sean comforts a hysterical Katherine. Decker, Dawn, and Ned all argue while trying to clean up. Ned tells them that he thinks Wyndemere is cursed. Frisco and Anna arrive at the hospital with Robert and Monica meet them there. Sean, Felicia, Tiff, and Katherine show up soon after. Monica then comes out and tells them that Robert had a heart attack. Amanda Barrington talks Alan at Duke's and tells him be wary of Tracy. A drunk Tracy wanders over and starts to make a fool of herself but Ashton drags her away. Scott shows up and Alan offers him the job at ELQ. Robert goes into a code blue and Monica races to save him. Dawn and Decker are at Duke's club and he tells her not to worry about Ned. Tracy and Ashton dance. Anna sneaks into see Robert. Felicia and Tiff volunteer to go get everyone food. Frisco gets close to figuring out the case, while Sean and Anna comfort a devastated Katherine. Monica tells them that Robert died and Katherine collapses. Tiff calls the news station and breaks the news that Robert's died and then collapses into Sean's arms. Tracy tries to find out what Alan was doing with Scott. Ned comes into Duke's and announces the news of Robert's death. Scott runs to Lucy and tells her that their scheme worked. Monica takes Katherine to the morgue to view Robert's dead body. Anna and Felicia come back to a sleeping Robin.

January 3, 1990 - Tiffany and her news crew are at the station, which irritates Guy. Robert, Sean, Terri, Anna, and Felicia are all comforting Robin. Tony and Bobbie show up, and Bobbie tries to get through to Robin. Katherine meanwhile tries to comfort Jimmy and Mary. Bobbie tells Felicia she tried to contact Luke and Laura to let them know. Anna, Sean, and Frisco all show up at the police station. Frisco then tells them that he thinks Jimmy is behind it all. Scott charges into Kelly's and tells Tracy about Robert's "death". Amy, Monica, and Tom talk about it at the hospital. Katherine shows up and Monica apologises to her. Audrey tries to talk to Tom but he's not interested in hearing what she has to say. Rowdy comes by to visit Robin and Felicia. He tries to comfort her but she storms out. Katherine shows up to comfort Anna. Frisco is furious to learn Anna and Sean are going to let Jimmy go. Tracy panics when she hears Anna say that she thinks Tracy killed David. Terri, Bobbie, and Tony talk about Robert's "death". Audrey vents to Monica about the Tom and Simone situation. Tracy and Scott then show up at the hospital and Tracy wants to fake being sick to get out of her current situation. Sean brings Katherine home and they talk about the funeral arrangements. Jimmy panics when he realises one of his papers is missing. Frisco comforts a sobbing Felicia. Katherine and Sean come to the secret room and are met by a very much alive Robert.

January 4, 1990 - Alan shows Tracy the front page of the paper that has her face splashed acrossed it. Katherine rushes into the Donely's penthouse to reunite with Robert. The two of them, along with Anna, Sean, Frisco, and Tiffany, discuss how they are going to sue his "death" to their advantage. Monica is planning Dawn's birthday party and Tracy and Ashton are not happy. Lila has to force Alan, Ashton, and Tracy to remember that the day is about Dawn and not them. Tiffany is worried that she's going to lose her license over pretending that Robert is dead and its decided that Robin is going to go on a vacation with Felicia. Katherine then gets upset at the idea that Jimmy could be behind this. Amy and Lucy are fighting at the hospital about Lucy's interest in Alan, while Decker has come to visit Dawn while she's at work. Ned shows up and chases Decker off. Lucy sneaks into Olivia room and pledges to make her life a living hell if she doesn't keep her mouth shut. Lucy then hides from Alan. Ashton tries to impress Monica with his family loyalty but she's not interested. Ashton then admits to Monica that he and Tracy are the ones who messed with Dawn's birth certificate. Monica is then amused to see Tracy's face on the front page of the paper. Robert and Sean talk about then scheme some more and Robert hates having to put Katherine through this. Katherine arrives back at her house and tells Mary and Jimmy about the "funeral" plans. Anna barges into Olivia's room and tells her that she is now the police commisioner and tells her she is planning on arresting her the minute she can. Katherine visits with Jimmy and then calls Robert afterwards to report what he told her. Later, Frisco sneaks into the house and snoops around for information. Mary catches him, but he is able to cover and get out. Colton has run Anna out of Olivia's room and berates her for harassing Olivia. Dawn's birthday party starts getting underway with Dawn, Decker, Lila, Ned, Scott, Monica, Ashton, Tracy and Alan all in attendence. Frisco comes back to the penthouse to report what he found at Katherine's. Katherine then calls Robert to tell him goodnight.

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