Complete Original GH Episodes 1989

The GH 1989 episodes are good quality original episodes unless otherwise noted. Most of these episodes do not have commercials.

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Episode Breakdown

December 30, 1988 - January 6, 1989:  12/30 cm, (1/2 no show aired), 1/3, 1/4, 1/5, 1/6 Katherine's engagement party [Episode Descriptions]

January 9-13, 1989:  1/9, 1/10, 1/11, 1/12, 1/13 [Episode Descriptions]

January 16-23, 1989:  1/16 cm, 1/17, 1/18, 1/19, (1/20 no show inauguration), 1/23 BJ visits Tony in the hospital, Dawn discovers Monica is her mother [Episode Descriptions]

January 24-30, 1989:  1/24 HIlary kidnaps BJ, 1/25 Sean gets the emerald back, 1/26, 1/27, 1/30 Felicia returns to the show at end of this episode [Episode Descriptions]

January 31 - February 6, 1989:  1/31, 2/1, 2/2, 2/3, 2/6 [Episode Descriptions]

February 7-10, 1989:  2/7, 2/8, 2/9, 2/10 [Episode Descriptions]

February 13-16, 1989:  2/13, 2/14, 2/16, 2/16 [Episode Descriptions]

February 17-23, 1989:  2/17, 2/20, 2/21 cm, 2/22 cm, 2/23 cm partial [Episode Descriptions]

February 23 - March 1, 1989 - 2/23 cm partial, 2/24, 2/27 cm, 2/26 cm, 3/1 cm [Episode Descriptions]

March 2-8, 1989:  3/2, 3/3, 3/6, 3/7, 3/8 [Episode Descriptions]

March 9-16, 1989:  3/9, 3/10, 3/13, 3/14, 3/15,3/16 partial [Episode Descriptions]

March 16-22, 1989:  3/16 partial, 3/17, 3/20 cm, 3/21 cm, 3/22 cm [Episode Descriptions]

March 23-28, 1989:  3/23 cm, 3/24 cm, 3/27 cm, 3/28 cm [Episode Descriptions]

March 29 - April 4, 1989:  3/29 cm, 3/30 cm, 3/31 cm, 4/3 Althea is shot & dies, 4/4 partial [Episode Descriptions]

April 4-11, 1989:  4/4 partial, 4/5, 4/6, 4/7, 4/10, 4/11 [Episode Descriptions]

April 12-19, 1989:  4/12, 4/13, 4/14, 4/17, 4/18, 4/19 partial [Episode Descriptions]

April 19-26, 1989: 4/19 partial, 4/20 Olivia compency hearing & is released, Duke, Anna & Robin prepare for witness protection program, 4/21 warehouse blows up, Duke is presumed dead, 4/24, 4/25, 4/26 [Episode Descriptions]

April 27 - May 2, 1989:  4/27, 4/28 Duke's memorial, Robin dressed as cute little Scottish girl, 5/1 cm Robert & Robin (she still has on the Scottish outfit), 5/2 cm [Episode Descriptions]

May 3-8, 1989:  5/3 Lila talks to Edward's ghost or rather a floating martini glass! Anna and Robin grieve for Duke, 5/4 cm, 5/5 cm, 5/8 cm [Episode Descriptions]

May 9-12, 1989:  5/9, 5/10, 5/11, 5/12 Felicia begs to go to the garden party with Colton and Sean, location scenes as they arrive at the mansion for the quest for the Dragon Bone [Episode Descriptions]

May 15-19, 1989: 5/15, 5/16, 5/17, 5/18 Robert and Katherine first kiss, 5/19 [Episode Descriptions]

May 22-26, 1989: 5/22, 5/23 On location Katherine tours beach house then gets locked in, 5/24, 5/25, 5/26 [Episode Descriptions]

May 29 - June 2, 1989:  5/29, 5/30 Katherine is locked in a sarcafogi by ? (he is wearing Egyptian garb), he promises that Robert will never find her and that he will be with Katherine forever, he falls to his death as a worried Sean watches below not knowing who fell, 5/31 (missed 10 mins news pre-emption) Robert rescues an unconscious Katherine, 6/1 Colton & Felicia in bed, 6/2 Katherine regains consciousness [Episode Descriptions]

June 5-9, 1989:  6/5, 6/6, 6/7, 6/8 A man is shown from behind in a prison cell as Colton tells Felicia that nothing will stop their marriage, 6/9 [Episode Descriptions]

June 12-16, 1989:  6/12, 6/13, 6/14 Colton's bachelor party, Felicia's bridal shower, 6/15 Sharon Case, 6/16 Felicia & Colton's wedding, Frisco arrives in time to see their vows [Episode Descriptions]

June 19-23, 1989:  6/19 Felicia & Colton's reception, 6/20 Frisco reveals himself to Sean, Felicia has flashbacks to Frisco while on her honeymoon with Coltin, 6/21 Sean tells Robert that Frisco is alive, 6/22 Robert sees Frisco alive, Frisco blames Sean and Robert for his imprisonment, 6/23 Felicia runs into Frisco on the docks, she is shocked to see her dead husband alive and faints! [Episode Descriptions]

June 26-30, 1989:  6/26 Felicia & Frisco reunion continued, 6/27, 6/28, 6/29 Scotty & Lucy, Jim Warren guest stars as a bar tender, 6/30 [Episode Descriptions]

July 3-7, 1989:  7/3 cm, 7/4, 7/5, 7/6, 7/7 Olivia pleads guilty in court, a blind Tony is hit by a forklift as he pushes Bobbie & BJ out of the way [Episode Descriptions]

July 10, 1989 - January 4, 1990

Expanded Descriptions

December 30, 1988 - January 6, 1989:  12/30/88, 1/3/89, 1/4, 1/5, 1/6

December 30, 1988 - Commercials - Tony is unconscious after his first brain surgery. Bobbie tells Steve that Tony squeezed her hand. Sean and Colton looking at a scroll for Lord Ashton's “Quest” for an ancient dragon bone. Arielle goes through Larry's things; she finds a dossier on Colton. Monica questions Alan about investing in Larry's quest. Sean wants Colton to investigate Arielle. Monica makes a house call in a blizzard. Alan suggested Ned go with her. Their car breaks down and they get trapped in a motel in the storm. Introduction of Dr. Harrison Davis to consult on Tony. Harrison suggests a second surgery for Tony. He insults Bobbie. Tom stands up for her. Simone and Harrison know each other...they met at a conference in England. Tom is suspicious. Arielle tells Colton about the dossier…Larry knows about their affair in Greece. Harrison nixes Bobbie assisting in Tony's surgery again due to her personal relationship with him. Arielle confronts Larry about why he is investigating Colton. He explains and they make love.

Janary 3, 1989 - No Commercials - Snowstorm hits PC. BJ staying with Anna and Duke. Duke and Robin go sledding. Arielle has a dream about Colton. Colton however is confused by her actions. He meets with Sean at Kellys. Harrison Davis berating the surgical staff in a test run for Tony's surgery. Bobbie is in now to assist. Alan is worried about a missing Monica and Ned. They have been gone 3 days. Ned is hitting on her relentlessly. She rebuffs him. Simone and Tom fight about their possible new house and loan from her parents. Harrison wants answers from Simone about why she left England without a word to him. Arielle lies to Larry and he catches her. Monica and Ned return to PC. Larry is suspicious about what went on between them. Ned tells Larry off. Tom wants the truth from Simone about Harrison. Anna meets Duke's new female assistant (Hilary Bates) for the club . Arielle's Quebec flashback She meets a mystery man (Darius) on the docks. Sean is there spying on her taking pictures.  Harrison Davis is rubbing all the GH staff the wrong way. Alan is relived Monica is home but is suspicious of her and Ned. Sean wants a trace on Arielle's “mystery” man.

January 4, 1989 - No Commercials - Charlene, Terri and Colton wait in cafeteria during Tony's second surgery. Scott comforts a worried Lucy. A helicopter carrying Katherine lands in Robert's cottage front yard. They argue but she is there to practice piano for 6 hours per their deal.  She gets the cottage during the day and he at night. Power goes out and he makes her dinner as she is forced to stay. Simone and Tom argue again. She blames him for everything. Lucy breaks down in worry over Tony.  Scott defends Lucy to Terri. The power outage also interrupts Tony's surgery until back up generator kicks in. Simone kicks Tom out of their home. He is going to bunk with his parents. Lucy prays for Tony (slight tracking problem on tape - 3 seconds or so) Tony pulls through the surgery however he may be blind. GH staff is snowed in together. Audrey, Alan and Larry all are forced back to GH by road conditions. Katherine has to stay on Robert's couch. Both she and Robert can't sleep and they share a few drinks. She tells him about her archeologist boyfriend Paul. They have a long distance relationship.

January 5, 1989 - No Commercials - PC digging out of massive snowstorm. Robin is excited about snow day. Robert thinks Katherine should take a break from practicing the piano. Helicopter arrives at the cottage carrying Katherine's boyfriend Paul. He is jealous of Robert. Sean fills Anna in on Tony's surgery; he is expected to make a full recovery. Anna is getting attached to BJ. Larry also has a dossier on Sean. He is almost caught by Arielle. Larry suggested they get cozy with Sean and Tiffany and suggests dinner with them. Arielle finds the dossier. Katherine and Paul arrive back at her house to a relived Mary. Paul is perplexed about Katherine and Robert's arrangement regarding the cottage. Paul gives Katherine an engagement ring and wants to plan a party. Sean instructs Colton to listen to bug tapes he set up at the Q's. Sean and Tiffany have dinner with Larry and Arielle. A mysterious figure (Darius) breaks into Robert's cottage eyeing Katherine's portrait picture. Robert interrupts him. Darius clocks Robert and gets away.

January 6, 1989 - No Commercials - Robin and Katherine practicing for her piano piece at the engagement party. Robert tells Katherine about the cottage break-in. Charlene and Scott find a sleeping Lucy in GH lounge. She is worried about Tony. Scott invites Lucy to the engagement party. Steve is worried about Tom and Simone. Audrey convinces Tom to go to the party. Robert installs a security system and a forensic team goes over the cottage. Sean arrives. Robert and he find a rare coin in the bushes outside. Katherine and Paul's engagement party.  NOTE: ABC News Brief slightly interrupts this episode (Right when Robin is getting ready to play the piano) Tony wakes up. One of the servers at the party puts poison into one the champagne glasses.

January 9-13, 1989:  1/9, 1/10, 1/11, 1/12, 1/13

January 9, 1989 - No Commercials - Bobbie is thrilled Tony is awake. Robin's piano piece at the party continues (encore). Robin and then Katherine almost pick up the poisoned champagne glass. Bobbie does not think Lucy should see Tony, may upset him. Colton visits Tony. Colton warns Lucy not to upset Tony. Ned flirting with Monica at the engagement party. Tony is very cold to Lucy and his pulse elevates. Scott comforts Lucy. Tom returns home to get checkbook and Simone tries to explain he is wrong about her and Harrison. Harrison tells Lucy she can't visit Tony anymore..she breaks down in tears later. Scott tells her she should leave town on a vacation. Colton is sick of Arielle's lies. What does she want from him? Robert, Tiffany and Sean go back to the cottage after the party for a night-cap.

January 10, 1989 - No Commercials - Paul leaves for yet another 6-month job stint. No fingerprints were found on the coin Robert found. Robin is upset Katherine won't commit to giving her more piano lessons. Robert is called over to Anna's to smooth things over. Audrey agrees to talk to Tom for Simone. Tony finds out Anna is watching BJ and not Bobbie as he instructed. Robert shows up at Katherines with flowers and a gift from Robin. He questions her about the coin. She knows nothing. She invites him to lunch. Scott has proof Lucy was not behind the pictures of Bobbie in the paper. He tells Charlene she should go to bat for Lucy with Tony. Tony's bandages are removed and he is blind. Mary doesn't find that Paul and Katherine are a good match, she prefers Robert. Chet leaves town. He and Terri say goodbye. She takes it hard. Tom agrees to talk with Simone. Katherine agrees to give Robin piano lessons.

January 11, 1989 - No Commercials - Alan confronts Monica about the receipts from her and Ned's snow-in at the motel. She is flattered that he cares but she tells him there is nothing going on. Alan is very suspicious. Terri thinks about Chet. Tony calls BJ. He misses her like mad and he is struggling with his blindness. Tom suggests a night out with Simone. Terri wants to start therapy with Tom. Monica tells Ned that Alan is very suspicious. They have to convince him nothing is going on between them. She suggests Ned go out on date and she will arrange for Alan to see him. In their session, Tom suggests Terri start dating again. She is signing at Dukes that night but agrees to a date with Ned. Monica convinces Alan to go to Dukes. Alan apologies to her about his jealousy. Tony fears his blindness is permanent. Tom and Simone argue at Dukes and she is called away to GH. Alan and Monica in bed. They are interrupted by a call from Ned asking how he did with their plan. Monica lies to Alan and claims a
GH emergency.

January 12, 1989 - No Commercials - Katherine brings a casserole from Mary to the cottage for Robert. Sean meets Colton at Kellys. He shows the photo and file on Arielle's mystery man (Darius). His connection to her is yet unknown. Arielle meets Darius in park. She wants out. He tells her no way. She is in this to prove to the WSB she is not a terrorist. She has to keep working Larry. Sean thinks that maybe Ned is involved in all this. Sean thinks Colton should investigate. Alan confronts Monica about lying last night. She tells him she went for a drive after checking into the hospital. He seems to believe her. Simone wants Tom to move home. He is not ready to yet. The chief suggests Robert take a vacation. Darius shows up again at the cottage eyeing the Katherine portrait painting. Ned on his motorcycle is hit by a car driven by the new in town Dawn Winthrop. They argue about who was at fault. No damage done so they agree not to call the police. Terri has another session with Tom. Harrison assures Tom that his relationship with Simone has always been one-sided. Monica as part of her plan sends Terri flowers from Ned. Tom thinks he and Simone should spend some time apart. They should maybe see other people. Robert informs Katherine he is leaving on his vacation. Monica meets Dawn for the first time. Terri and Ned have lunch at Kellys

January 13, 1989 - No Commercials - Robins wants to throw Robert a surprise birthday party at Dukes. She recruits Katherine to stop Robert from leaving that morning on his vacation so he can make the party. Tiffany interrupts Sean's work. (Cute Scene) Darius planning to swipe painting while Robert is out of town. Robert packing. Katherine trips Robert up by messing with his watch so he misses his flight. Tony's therapy continues. Sam and Anna talk men and love. Anna suggests she have some fun tonight at the party. Katherine now wants to take Robert to dinner at Dukes. Darius finally gets his hands on the painting from the cottage. His boss wants it X-rayed immediately as it contains  the “map of the dragon” behind the canvas. Robert's birthday party at Dukes. Robin gives Robert a dog named Friday. Tony has new x-rays taken. Bobbie is committed to staying by Tony's side no matter the outcome. Darius returns the painting to the cottage and sends the x-rays to his boss.

January 16-23, 1989:  1/16 cm, 1/17, 1/18, 1/19, (1/20 no show inauguration), 1/23

January 16, 1989 - Commercials - Darius wants to meet with Arielle. Monica wants to set up Ned with someone his own age. Steve and Audrey try and help Simone and Tom with their problems. Harrison tells Tony it is still to early to know if he will regain his sight but it does not look good. Tony really wants to see Felicia, as she is the only family he was left besides BJ. Monica thinks Dawn would be a perfect fit for Ned and urges him to ask her out. But Dawn and Ned have met before and she doesn't really care for him and turns him down for a date. Terri sees Ned ask out Dawn and is miffed. Darius meets Arielle in the park and tells her has a new assignment for her. He needs access to Larry's safe. Terri has a session with Tom. They discuss Ned and her ex-husband Kevin O'Conner. Terri has a flashback about his death. Dawn turns down Ned yet again. Colton meets with Bobbie at Kellys to ask him if he knows where Felicia is. All he has are some old postcards. Sean and Larry discuss markings on the dragon bone. Monica finds out Ned and Dawn know each other already. Sean tells Colton he is afraid Larry is on the wrong path when it comes to the quest. Darius shows up at the Quartermaines disguised as a delivery man and makes it up to Larry's safe. Alan wants an update on the quest from Larry giving Darius enough time to switch the real emerald with a fake.

January 17, 1989 - No Commercials - Dr. Yasmine Bernuti a research assistant of Larry's arrives at the Quartermaines to work with him on the quest. Larry wants to get back into fencing and schedules some lessons. Tony continues his therapy. Colton calls Sean after seeing Darius at Kellys and tries to follow him. The Q men fawn all over the beautiful Yasmine. Yasmine and Larry confer in his suite and he shows her the dragon bone. She notices its fin is missing and it could be the key to finding the lost civilization they are after. Darius manages to give Colton the slip on the docks. Bobbie hopes Sean can help locate Felicia for Tony. Sean calls the WSB. Darius tells his boss, Domino, he has the emerald. Having bugged Larry suite at the Q's, Sean and Colton listen in on Larry's conversation with Yasmine. (**Note: Minor interruption for an ABC news brief** )
     Yasmine and Larry met with Sean. Sean explains his theory on the dragon bone. Sean thinks Larry knows Darius but Larry tells him he doesn't. Darius sees Colton with Arielle. He thinks she is trying to set him up. She explains they know each other because Larry employs Colton. Lila calls Alan with the news that Larry has invited the whole Q family to the Royal Reception as his request. Sean and Colton continue to trail Darius and listen on his conversation with his boss Domino. Larry has a fencing lesson with the new in town Charlie Prince. Ned doesn't want to go to the Royal Reception. Larry notices his crest on his sash for the royal reception has been slashed. He can't attend and all the Q's are out of luck as they were guests of his. The Q's decide to go out on the town anyway. Charlie Prince rents a room at Kellys.

January 18, 1989 - No Commercials - Tony doesn't want to BJ to visit him at GH in the state that he is in. Darius wants another meeting with Arielle. Robin has another piano lesson with Katherine. Anna and Katherine talk Paul and her upcoming marriage. Bobbie convinces Tony to let BJ visit. While waiting for Darius on the docks, two men harass Arielle. Colton saves the day and runs them off. Katherine's manager interrupts Robin's lesson. He is not happy she is playing a free benefit for GH. Arielle goes back to Colton's apartment to clean up. They end up kissing but Colton puts on the brakes and asks her to leave. Hillary drops a gift off at Anna's for BJ. Katherine's manager Donny thinks she is falling for Robert. Charlene tells Colton she is leaving on a trip for CocoLila. Ruby suggests Colton hire Charlie Prince to work on the docks with him. Yet more therapy for Tony. Hillary, Anna and Robin return from shopping for BJ. Hillary was taken a real liking to BJ as she lost her own little girl a while back. Charlie and Colton have beers at a dive bar. Colton has got him work on Larry's boat “The Aphrodite”.

January 19, 1989 - No Commercials - Drinks continue for Colton and Charlie. Both are getting pretty hammered. Charlie meets Sean who is worried that an intoxicated Colton may have said too much to Charlie. Edward shows Alan a file on Larry's spending of their money they invested into the quest. Arielle calls Katherine about the benefit concert for GH. Alan and Edward are now very suspicious of Larry's spending. Charlie follows Larry to Yasmine's suit at the PC hotel. Arielle meets with Katherine about the benefit but asks her to lie for her if Larry calls and asks about their meetings. Sean tries to sober up Colton. Edward snoops in Larry's files in his suite. Alan catches him. Yasmine tells Larry she saw Colton and Arielle together. Larry doesn't seem to care as long as it doesn't interfere with the quest. Colton tells Sean about kissing Arielle. Sean tells him he followed Darius and Arielle now she now has new instructions to get close to Yasmine. Larry tells Yasmine he only married Arielle to get his hands on the dragon bone. Larry tries to kiss her but Yasmine gives him the brush off. Edward and Alan confront Larry about his spending on the quest. He covers. He tells him and he and Yasmine are very close to a break through. Charlie meets Yasmine and they know each other. Sean shows up at the Q's to meet with Larry. Colton dreams of Arielle. Sean discovers the emerald has been stolen from Larry's safe.

January 23, 1989 - No Commercials - Lucy is back from her vacation. Scott tries to warn her about Tony's condition but she will not listen. Audrey tries to arrange a birthday party for the all-alone Dawn. But she doesn't want one. Ned tells Monica that Dawn canceled on their date and Monica warns him about Alan's jealousy. Simone assures Tom there is nothing between her and Harrison. Lucy shows up at GH to see Tony but takes off when she hears about his condition. She later shows up Anna's to see BJ. Alan sees Tom about his anger issues and tells him his suspicions of Ned and Monica's affair. Ned wants the Q's to now throw Dawn a birthday party. Ned convinces Dawn to come to the Q's. Scott and Lucy have lunch and she decides to try and go again to see Tony again. Tony is reunited with BJ at GH. Tony wants to be released from GH so he can get on with his life. Harrison grants his release. Dawn learns Monica is her birth mother.

January 24-30, 1989:  1/24, 1/25, 1/26, 1/27, 1/30 Felicia returns to the show

January 24, 1989 - No Commercials - Hillary agrees to babysit Robin and BJ at her place so Anna and Duke can have a romantic dinner. The Q's plan a birthday party for Dawn but she tries to back out of the dinner. Larry has the emerald checked out. It is for sure a fake. Larry and Arielle skip the party for Dawn and have dinner out. Larry accuses her of stealing the Emerald. He has been having her followed and he knows about her meetings with Darius. She lies to him and runs off. Anna and Duke enjoying their romantic dinner. Dawn birthday party at the Q's. Hillary slips up and calls BJ Emily (Her deceased daughter) by mistake. She is beginning to think of BJ as her own. The Q's question Dawn about why she chose PC for nursing when she has no family or friends here. Anna picks up Robin at Hillary's but leaves a sleeping BJ there. The Q's give Dawn a locket as a gift. She is overwhelmed and ends the evening early. Alan is suspicious as to why Monica is going the extra mile for a stranger like Dawn. Dawn apologizes to Ned. Hillary kidnaps BJ.

January 25, 1989 - No Commercials - Anna has a bad nightmare about losing her baby. Larry shows up at Yasmine's hotel room. Charlie has followed him. Arielle interrupts Sean and Tiffany. She needs Sean's help. Sean tells her Darius is not WSB as he claims. They plan on setting Darius up. Larry tells Yasmine the emerald is gone and that he suspects Arielle. Arielle has to call Darius and plan a meeting at the park so Sean can switch the emeralds. Anna's nightmares continue. Sean breaks into Darius's apartment and makes the switch. Anna insists on getting BJ from Hillary's at the crack of dawn. Sean and Guy return the real emerald to Larry and make up a story about it being stolen in a jewel theft ring. Yasmine and Charlie meet at the PC hotel bar again. She is revealed as working for him. Larry apologizes to Arielle but she accuses him of being with another woman.  Anna and Duke discover that Hillary has BJ.

January 26, 1989 - No Commercials - Tony wants another visit with BJ at GH. The Laverys are frantic about BJ and call the police. They inform Bobbie and she and Harrison agree that telling Tony would be detrimental to his recovery. Harrison and Bobbie lie to Tony. Tony is suspicious. Anna and the police hit dead end on Hillary. Charlie gives Dawn a pep talk. Bobbie tries to stall Tony. The PCPD track down Hillary's sister and she informs them of a remote cabin that she and Hillary used to go to. Anna thinks that is where Hillary has taken BJ. Dawn apologies to Alan and Monica for running out on her party the other night. Bobbie tells Lucy she cannot see Tony right now. Dawn tells Ned she doesn't want to see him anymore. Unaware of what has happened to BJ, Charlene invites Lucy to go with her to the Lavery's to visit BJ. Anna and Sam take off for the cabin. Charlie thinks Yasmine should cozy up to Sean to see if he is still in touch with the WSB. Charlene and Lucy show up at the Lavery's . Tony demands the truth from Bobbie.

January 27, 1989 - With Commercials - Duke has to tell Charlene and Lucy what has happened to BJ. Bobbie lies to Tony. Robert returns home and meets Friday (the dog) Guy informs him of BJ's kidnapping. Tony knows something is wrong. Anna doesn't want backup at the cabin. She is afraid it will spook Hillary. Charlene and Lucy visit Tony. He blows up at them when he can sense there is something they are not telling him. Anna and Sam arrive at the cabin. Anan wants to go in alone and unarmed. Anna is confronted by a squatter and his family. No Hillary or BJ at the cabin. Anna thinks that Hillary got spooked by squatters at the cabin and took off. Duke wants Anna to come home. She refuses. Anna still believes Hillary will eventually come back to the cabin. Katherine tells Robin the truth about BJ. Bobbie rails on Lucy for upsetting Tony. Lucy is tired of Bobbie badmouthing her around the hospital.

January 30, 1989 - No Commercials - Katherine has her piano tuned/fixed after a glass of Champaign spilled on it at her engagement and corroded the strings inside. Arielle moves out of her and Larry's suite at the Q's. Yasmine flirts with Larry. Colton thinks of both Felicia and Arielle. Sean tries to convince Colton that Arielle is on their side. Colton is skeptical. Katherine's manager Donny a reformed alcoholic starts drinking again. Katherine and Robert go out to dinner and they discuss Donny and his past alcoholism. Mary wants to test the old piano strings to see what corroded them. She does not believe it was plan old Champaign. Darius's boss Domino sees that the emerald is a fake. They believe Arielle double-crossed them. Larry is suspicious of how the real emerald was returned to him. Sean wants to meet with Yasmine and Larry. Arielle shows up at Colton's apartment to tell him everything. She claims to still love him and they kiss. But she must return to Larry to keep up appearances. Robert is suspicious of Donny. He also takes a forensic sample from Katherine's piano for analysis. Sean meets up with Yasmine and Larry. Not really trusting him, Larry decides to keep an eye on Sean. Felicia is in Africa and she decides to return to PC as she wants to return to her life with Colton.

January 31 - February 6, 1989:  1/31, 2/1, 2/2, 2/3, 2/6

January 31, 1989 - No Commercials - The staff at GH learn about BJ. They are given strict orders not to tell Tony. Anna and Sam return to the PCPD. Hillary never did show up the cabin. Anna calls on Tiffany to run a missing persons report on BJ on her newscast. Ned pushes Dawn for a reason as to why she doesn't want to see him anymore. Robert finds out about the fake stolen property report filed by Lewis and Sean to cover for Arielle. Anna wants Bobbie to appear with her in the newscast for BJ. A nurse at GH accidentally lets Tony see the newscast. He flips out. Hillary too sees the broadcast. Tony wonders out of his room in the hospital and falls down a flight of stairs. Walt asks Sam out on a date. Robert learns Tony is missing and sends officers over to GH. Hillary calls Anna and the PCPC runs a trace but she is not on the line long enough. Angel calls later saying that someone has gone up to Hillary's penthouse apartment. Anna rushes over. Bobbie finds Tony in the stair well. Dawn comes around where Ned is concerned but Melissa warns her that Ned is a “heartbreaker”. Anna confronts a distraught Hillary and she eventually hands over BJ. Walt and Sam go on a date. Robert confronts Sean about the fake report. Robert fears Sean is involved with the WSB again. Tony is reunited with BJ.

February 1, 1989 - No Commercials - Felicia is having trouble trying to get out of Africa and back to PC. Colton, listening on the bugs Sean set up at the Q's, learns that Larry wants Arielle and himself to keep up appearances for the sake of the quest. Arielle agrees reluctantly. Terri turns the tables on Tom in therapy. Harrison loses a patient in surgery and Simone is there to comfort him. Having had their car break down; Felicia and her guide seek help from the locals. Felicia is upset to learn of the local African ivory trade. Colton sees Tom about having feelings for both Felicia and Arielle. Audrey sees Harrison and Simone make dinner plans. Larry explains to Yasmine why he married Arielle. Tom having learned about Simone seeing Harrison asks Terri out. Harrison makes a move on Simone. Felicia on her way back to the US is able to get her car fixed.

February 2, 1989 - No Commercials - Ned gets a letter from Tracy saying she is coming home. Anna thinks Robert should take Katherine to the upcoming Q party for Yasmine. Monica tells Ned is off the hook when it comes to pursuing Dawn. He doesn't want to be off the hook. He likes her. Charlie offers some advice to Dawn about money matters. Donny continues to worry about Katherine's distractions when it comes to her career. Paul returns just in time for Katherine's benefit concert. Ned tells Dawn about Tracy's return home and asks her to come to the upcoming Q party. Donny voices his concerns for Katherine to Paul. Charlie breaks into Dawn's room at Kellys and leaves her some money. He also sees her birth certificate and knows now that Monica is her mother. Anna tries to convince Robert to come to the Q party. Robert has the piano scrapings he took from Katherine's piano analyzed.

February 3, 1989 - No commercials - Larry wants the name of the thief that stole the emerald from him. Chief Lewis makes one up. Sean decides to record the entire Q party by way of the bugs he set up at the Q's. Yasmine meets with Sean. They discuss again the need to find the map to the Ancient Civilization. The scroll and dragon bone are getting them nowhere. Darius breaks into the Robert's cottage. Parking violations are adding up for Katherine. Robert warns her to pay them. Darius does a little switch-a-roo with Katherine portrait. He now has the map that Larry and Yasmine are so desperate for. Felicia and Mariah are now on a flight back to PC. Colton tells Sean that Felicia is a dream he is giving up on. Robert learns that the piano scrapings have revealed that poison is what corroded the strings not Champaign. Darius sets up a meeting with Arielle in the park. Katherine refuses to believe someone is trying to poison her. Colton, listening at Sean's penthouse to the bugs planted at the Q's, plays back the tape and learns Arielle and Darius have set up a meeting. Two men attack Darius in the park just as Arielle arrives. Colton runs them off.

February 6, 1989 - No Commercials - Robert orders further analysis on the piano scrapings. Larry learns Arielle is missing. Colton and a shaken Arielle show up at Seans. They called an ambulance for Darius and got out of there. Q party for Yasmine is gearing up. Arielle has to return to the Q's or Larry will be suspicious. She sneaks back into the mansion and begs off of the party claiming a migraine. Robert asks Paul about the coin he found in the bushes after the robbery at the cottage. Sean shows up late to the Q party. Robert leaves the party early take care of some police business. Arielle sneaks out the Q mansion again to meet Colton. Robert interrogates Mary about the staff that worked Katherine engagement party where the poisoning almost took place. Robert now knows for sure the poison was meant for Katherine. Q party is in full swing. Arielle and Colton have a romantic dinner at his apartment. For her own safety Robert was Katherine arrested for the parking tickets as a cover. Yasmine makes contact with Domino. She wants to make a deal with him. Katherine is livid with Robert for having her arrested. Felicia shows up at Colton's apartment just as things are heating up between Colton and Arielle.

February 7-10, 1989:  2/7, 2/8, 2/9, 2/10

February 7, 1989 - No Commercials - Katherine is furious Robert has thrown her in jail and then left town for NYC. Felicia flees after hearing Colton and Arielle express their feelings for one another. Arielle must go back to Larry. Colton thinks he sees Felicia from the window of his apartment. She is gone before he can reach her. Paul and Donny find out Katherine is in jail. Felicia after leaving her purse at Kellys ends up on the docks. Charlie finds her and returns her purse. Felicia learns that he knows Colton and questions him about his relationship with Arielle. Sean and Sam leave the Q party to check on Darius. For the sake of appearances Arielle does make it to the Q party. Sam and Sean question Darius. He tells him it was Domino that had him stabbed. Sean is confused. Guy fills Anna in on why Katherine was arrested for her own safety. Alan and Yasmine discuss Larry's spending on the quest. She assures him they are close to a breakthrough. Walt is upset Sam just took off from the Q party without a word. Lewis shows up at GH and questions Sean, Sam and Colton about why they where in Darius's room. Sam is in hot water. Paul can't get Katherine released from jail till the morning. Sean returns to the party to a burage of questions from Tiffany about where he has been. Sean updates Arielle on Darius's condition. Sean urges the WSB to investigate Domino. Felicia tells Charlie she may not want to stay in PC after all. She tries to call Colton but no answer. She breaks down. 

February 8, 1989 - No Commercials - The party at the Q's is beginning to wind down.  Arielle rails on Larry for wanting to take Yasmine home, as she believes he is making a fool of her. Bobbie welcomes Felicia home. Sean and Colton question Darius to try and get more information from him regarding Domino. They are interrupted by a PCPD guard who throws them out. Sean wants to check the park where Darius was stabbed. Tom and Terri return from another date. Terri, Felicia, and Bobbie catch up. They tell Felicia about Tony being blind. Bobbie questions Terri about her relationship with the very married Tom. She explains they are just friends. Simone and Harrison have an early breakfast out together. Darius's attackers learn he is still alive. They go to GH to finish the job but are foiled by Sean and Sam. The men get away though. Tom and Simone fight about her seeing Harrison. Sean and Arielle meet Colton in the park. They find a domino on the ground near where Darius was attacked. Colton and Felicia almost see each other at GH. Sean wants Arielle and Colton in a safe house for their protection.

February 9, 1989 - No Commercials - Bobbie calls Anna to tell her Tony is being released today. Sean settles Arielle into the safe house. Felicia welcomes Tony home. Felicia tells Tony about her suspicions of Colton and Arielle. Thinking of Felicia, Colton gives Arielle the cold shoulder. Anna wants to help Hillary at her arraignment. Felicia calls Colton and leaves message that they must talk. Arielle lies and leaves word for Larry that her father is in the hospital. She must go to Greece. Sean checks the park again where Darius was stabbed. Hillary's preliminary hearing goes well when Anna, Duke and Tony go to bat for her. Colton returns to his ransacked apartment. His message on his answering machine from Felicia has been destroyed. Felicia meets with Tom to discuss Arielle and Colton. He can't tell her anything, as Arielle and Colton have both been patients of his. Larry is very suspicious of Arielle's story about her father in Greece. Arielle confronts Colton about being distant. He tells her he may have seen Felicia. She gets upset.

February 10, 1989 - No Commercials - Tiffany is interviewing Lucy as a promo for Katherine concert that night for the GH day care center. Paul and Donny inform them that the concert has been cancelled as Katherine is in jail. Lucy thinks Scott can maybe help. WSB tells Sean they have come up with nothing on the name Domino. Scott agrees to take Katherine's case. With Charlie tailing him, Larry rents a safety deposit box at the bank for some old family papers. Ned and Dawn see an old classic movie together. Scott gets Katherine a fast arraignment. Sean sneaks in to question Darius at GH with Monica's help. Darius calls Domino and tells him the map is in a safe place and not to worry. Alan offers Monica a truce. Tiffany tells Sean that Felicia is back. Katherine is released after a meeting with the judge and goes over to the concert hall to practice for the concert. A mysterious workman is above her head tinkering with the lights. Guy is worried about Katherine's safety at the concert and wants to get to touch with Robert as soon as possible.

February 13-16, 1989:  2/13, 2/14, 2/16, 2/16

February 13, 1989 -  No Commercials - Felicia shows up at Sean’s penthouse. She wants an explanation about what is going on with Colton and Arielle. Colton and Arielle argue about Felicia at the safe house. She believes he still has feelings for her. All or PC arriving for Katherine’s benefit concert. Robert returns to PC just before the concert. He arrives at the concert hall and wants Katherine to cancel the concert as he believes someone is trying to kill her. She refuses. Robert and Guy search the hall. Suspicious backstage stage-hand lurking around. Felicia presses Sean for information on Colton. He tells her it’s WSB related. With the Q’s at the concert, Charlie breaks in and searches Ashton’s room. Finds dossiers on Colton and Sean. Tony praises Lucy in an interview with Tiffany before the concert. Sean convinces Felicia to attend the concert with him. Robert warns Katherine she is a sitting duck, she still refuses to cancel. Colton sees Felicia on TV. He now knows for sure she has returned. Arielle and Colton argue again and she flees the safe house. Charlie finds the key to Ashton’s safety deposit box in his room and makes a copy. Katherine's concert goes off without a hitch. Tiffany finds Katherine’s manager Claude Donnet acting strangely. Colton tries to track Arielle down and calls Sean. Arielle meets Charlie on the docks and pays him off for his silence about seeing her. Colton and Felicia finally see each other on the docks. As Katherine is getting ready to leave the hall Robert sees the mysterious stage-hand let a rig fall and lights come crashes down. Robert pushes Katherine out of the way.

February 14, 1989 - No Commercials - Felicia confronts Colton about Arielle. Katherine’s post concert party at her townhouse gets underway. Robert questions the stagehand. He claims the lights falling was an accident. Colton explains his connection to Arielle. Felicia asks him if they made love the night she showed up his apt. He admits they did not but he wanted to. A hurt Felicia flees and Colton follows. Robert checks into the stagehands background and releases him. Charlie tells Colton about seeing Arielle on the docks. Katherine’s townhouse party continues. Arielle returns to the Quartermaines. Sean notices Donnet is drinking pretty heavily at the party. A doorman named “Pops” at the concert hall tinkers with Katherine’s car. Colton shows up at the Q’ s,  he wants Arielle to go back to the safe house, she refuses. They argue and Jennings breaks it up. Robert wants to drive Katherine to the party, but she insists on driving herself. Robert relents and Katherine speeds away. Robert is worried however when he arrives first to the party. He recaps the light accident for Anna. Tom visits Felicia at her apartment. She regrets pushing Colton away. Katherine’s car goes off the road and crashes into a lightbox and bursts into flames.

February 15, 1989 - With Commercials - Colton shows up at Felicia’s apt. Mary and Paul begin to worry about no show Katherine. Alan gets a bit tipsy at the party. Colton begs Felicia to give him another shot. He tries to explain that he is obligated to protect Arielle. Arielle shows up at the party. Duke tells Hillary despite her past mistakes, he would like her to stay on as his assistant manager at the club. Robert and Anna go to the PCPD to try and piece together what happened to Katherine. Robert then gets word of the accident. Back at the party, Tony turns down Lucy’s offer to help with BJ. Sean is upset Arielle left the safehoue. Sean leaves a message for Colton to meet him at the penthouse. Colton asks Felicia for time to figure everything out. Fire and rescue arrive at scene of Katherine’s car accident. They find her scarf on a near bye fence post. Robert wants them to search the grounds..maybe she got out in time. They find nothing. Scott and Lucy got to Dukes after the party, where Scott offers her a key to his apartment.Lucy turns him down. Mary gets the bad news that Katherine is dead. Ashton questions Arielle about her story of sick father in Greece. Believing Colton will go back to Felicia, Arielle decides to start over with Larry. Colton shows up at Sean’s penthouse and Sean rails on him for letting Arielle leave the safe house. He implores Colton to make things right with her. Robert blames himself for Katherine’s accident. Felicia tells Bobbie about her and Colton. Robert returns to crash sight in daylight. Robert and Katherine flashbacks.

February 16, 1989 - With Commercials - Scott tells Lucy her divorce from Tony is final. Felicia visits Tony and tells him she has agreed to work at Anna’s PI firm. Sean shows up at the crash site. Tiffany plans an on-air tribute to Katherine. Robert returns to the cottage. Anna is there to comfort him and makes him breakfast. Mary thinks  Katherine was murdered. Felicia visits Robert at the cottage and Robert tries to put on a happy face. Robert vows to get to the bottom of what happened to Katherine. Lucy visits Tony. Mary visits Robert at the PCPD. She mentions Katherine kept a diary and Robert asks Mary to get it for him. Robert later questions Donnet and Paul. After taping an interview for Katherine’s tribute with Tiffany, Lucy gets booted out of hotel room for non-payment Believing Robert could be accused of grandstanding, Sean wants Robert to leave the investigation of Katherine’s death alone. Scott and Lucy become roommates. Robert tells Anna his suspicions and she agrees to work with him in secret. Katherine’s attorney visits Robert and tells him that he and Robin are in Katherine’s will.

February 17-23, 1989:  2/17, 2/20, 2/21 cm,  2/22 cm, 2/23 cm partial episode continued on next dvd

February 17, 1989 - No Commercials - Colton leaves a message for Arielle to call him. Charlie and Felicia talk again at Kellys. Sean comes in and tries again to get Felicia to believe that Colton is only protecting Arielle. Felicia is determined to find out Arielle’s involvement in Frisco’s death. Charlie planning to break into Larry’s safety deposit box. Larry and Charlie face off in fencing class again. Colton catches Arielle at GH meeting. She tells him that she loves him. Felicia overhears them. Charlie impersonates Larry and gets access to the his safety deposit box. Felicia plans a meeting between Arielle and Colton at his apartment. Harrison tells Tom he is in love with Simone. Tom tells him he is not giving up on his marriage. Felicia is there when Arielle arrives at Colton’s apartment. She presses her for answers about Frisco’s death. They argue and Colton breaks it up. Harrison tells Simone about his feelings for her. Ashton  goes to his safety deposit box to put the dragon bone in it but notices someone has broken into the box. He orders a background check on Charlie. With Tiffany out of town, Sean asks Felicia out to Dukes. Ashton asks Colton to take Arielle to Dukes. Simone thinks that she is ready to get back together with Tom. Felicia sees Colton and Arielle at Dukes and storms out.

February 20, 1989 - No Commercials - Yasmine thinks she has deciphered how the dragon bone will lead them to the lost civilization. Guest arrive for Katherine’s memorial. Althea, Katherine’s distant cousin, arrives from Paris. Monica discovers Dawn is an orphan too. Robert grills Althea at the memorial. Yasmine gives Charlie a progress report. They need the map that shows the exact location of the lost civilization. Katherine’s will is read. Robert gets the cottage and Robin gets her piano. Althea and Paul are up to something. They kiss. Monica explains to Dawn why she never looked for her real parents. Amy tells Sean that Darius will be released from GH today. Robert goes over the facts of the Katherine’s case with Anna. He orders a full background check on Althea. Mary drops off Katherine’s diary to Robert. Sean and Colton escort Darius out of GH and back to Sean’s penthouse. Ashton tells the Q’s about the “quest”  breakthrough. Robert shows up at the penthouse just as Sean and Colton are grilling Darius. They hide him.

February 21, 1989 - With Commercials - The Q’s celebrate Larry’s quest break through. Yasmine and Charlie meet and she shows him the dossier Larry has complied on him. Some very damaging information is in there so Yasmine decides to re-write it before giving to to Larry.  Sean tells Robert he doesn’t know where Darius is. Robert doesn’t believe him and puts Sam on security for the penthouse. Arielle wants to accompany Ned and Dawn to Dukes. Ned calls Tracy and gives her an update on Larry’s quest. Sean gets Darius to tell him the truth. Darius claims he had an affair with Arielle Robert meets with WSB agent Sanderson but he doesn’t tell him anything about Darius of any interest. Alan attends a fencing lesson with Larry. Robert returns to Sean’s Penthouse. Sean decides to tell him that he does have Darius. Robert questions him. Monica gets a call from a Sister Agatha at the St. Louis convent where she grew up. She wants Monica to come to St. Louis right away. Sam’s brothers intrude on her date with Walt at Dukes. Robert releases Darius with a police tail on him though. Robert wants the whole truth from Sean. Colton joins Arielle at Dukes. She denies there was an affair with Darius. Jennings fills in Alan about Monica sudden departure. She lies and says she was to go to a medical convention in St. Louis. Alan, Yasmine and Larry have dinner. Darius retrieves the map (the one he stole from Katherine’s cottage) from it’s secret hiding place in the park. Sean tells Robert he is being squeezed by the WSB. Robert’s tail loses Darius. Yasmine gives the false report on Charlie to Ashton. Monica arrives in St Louis. To her surprise Gail is there. The FBI is looking into Monica’s past. Of interest is the father of the baby she gave up for adoption years ago.

February 22, 1989 - With Commercials - Anna investigating Katherine’s death and the death of her parents years ago. Paul finds out that Mary gave Katherine’s diary to Robert. Robert starts reading the diary. Paul and Althea plot to get the diary back. Paul decides to break into the cottage. At the PI agency, Felicia listens to a cassette recording of Arielle and Darius that Sean taped and wanted her to send out. Althea gets Robert out of the cottage and Paul breaks in and rips out some pages of the diary. Sean and Anna discover Katherine had a sister named Janice that died under curious circumstances. Felicia gets Darius’s address from GH and heads over to his apartment. Ashton shows up at Dukes..Arielle is drunk. Terri sings at Dukes. Anna tells Robert the details of the plane crash that killed Katherine’s parents. Robert and Anna notice the diary has been tampered with. Monica and Gail have dinner. Felicia shows up at Darius apartment and finds the landlord throwing all his stuff out as he hasn’t paid the rent. Felicia lies and pays the rent and goes through all his things. She finds a dated photo of Arielle. Charlie and Yasmine join Larry and Arielle at Dukes. Sean, Robert, and Anna investigate Janice’s death. And they also learn the pilot (Bjorn Anderson) of the plane that killed Katherine’s parents has disappeared. Althea and Paul pay off Bjorn for his silence about the crash. A drunk Donnet shows up at the townhouse. Paul and Althea plan to frame him for Katherine’s death. Robert and Anna arrive to find the nurse that took care of Janice when she was ill but the find the nurse has died. Dead end.

February 23, 1989 - Partial Episode continued on next dvd; with Commercials - Scott and Lucy have breakfast at their apartment. She reminds him they are just roommates nothing more. Felicia tells Colton about breaking into Darius apartment. Sam moves into the Brownstone. Scott relentlessly hitting on Lucy. (pretty funny) Lucy tells him he has no chance and she is looking for a rich husband. Alan and Ned discuss Monica and her past in St. Louis. Felicia intercepts a message for Sam from the PCPD regarding a stakeout at the PC airport for Darius. She decides to impersonate Sam. Steve catches Ned and Dawn in the supply closet. Felicia dressed in Sam’s cop uniform arrives at the airport.

February 23, 1989 - March 1, 1989:  2/23 cm partial, 2/24, 2/27 cm, 2/26 cm, 3/1 cm

February 23, 1989 - Partial episode continued from previous dvd; with Commercials - Lucy  meets with Alan and tells him her money woos. Darius shows up at the PC airport and notices the cops are there for him. He gets spooked and makes a break for it. In the confusion the map he is carrying to give to his boss Domino gets into Felicia’s bag. Darius gets away and meets with Domino on his private plane. After meeting with Steve, Alan agrees to fund Lucy’s position at GH with the daycare center but he doesn’t want Monica to know about it. Felicia returns back to the brownstone and has to admit to Sam what she did. Sam is not too happy.

February 24, 1989 - No Commercials - Sean finds out what Felicia did. Robert calls Mary to arrange the move of Robin's piano. But what he really wants to do is snoop around. Paul overhears their conversation. Felicia insists on fixing the broken strap on Sam's bag that was damaged in her fight with Darius at the airport. Sean confronts Felicia. Robert and Anna question Mary and Robert snoops around for clues at the townhouse. Robert finds the missing journal pages that Paul and Althea planned in a a box with Donnet's name on it. Darius tells his boss Domino that he had to plant the map on Felicia in the bag she was carrying as he was surrounded by cops at the airport. He must get the map back and fast. Domino order pictures of all PCPD blonde female officers for Darius to look at. Robert reads the missing journal pages with Anna. Seems Katherine thought her parents and sister where murdered. Robert returns to the scene of the accident again. Harrison tells Simone he is not giving up on her. Darius cannot ID any of the PCPD officers. Olivia St John (Jerome) is out of her coma and brought into GH.

February 27, 1989 - With Commercials - Anna learns about Olivia. Harrison rushes Olivia into surgery. Anna arrives at GH. Robert goes to interview the doorman named "Pops" at the concert hall but he is no where to be found. Duke arrives at GH to comfort Anna. Bobbie assists on Olivia's surgery. Tony and Valerie plan a night out at Dukes and Bobbie is jealous. Robert and Sean arrive to question Pops but they are too late... he is dead. Guy is already on the scene. They find evidence that Donnet may have killed Pops. Olivia pulls through the surgery. Terri sings at Dukes. Tom storms out of Dukes when he learns Simone is still seeing the pushy Harrison Davis on the side. Robert gets the report on Pops..he was poisoned. He orders Donnet's arrest. Valerie and Tony hit Dukes club for dinner. Anna sneaks in to see Olivia and she wakes up for a few minutes but does not seem to know who Anna is. A very much alive Katherine shows up at Robert's cottage. Robert thinks she is a ghost but it is really her.

February 28, 1989 - With Commercials - Valerie and Tony's night out continues. Anna question Olivia. Katherine explains what happened the night of the concert. She has been in Paris. She got spooked. Tom throws Anna out of Olivia's room and Olivia seems to have gone back to sleep. Anna tells them she did not imagine it. Olivia spoke to her. Harrison gets called away from drinks at Dukes with Simone but he insists on meeting her later at her apartment. Harrison is not too happy with Bobbie for paging him when it seems Olivia's condition has not changed. Robert tells Katherine she is going to remain "died" for a while longer while he investigates who wanted her dead. Bobbie and Tom discuss Harrison. Duke promises Anna that Olivia will not hurt them again. Harrison shows up at Simone's apartment but she does not let him in. A Federal Marshal arrives at the Lavery's with a summons for Duke. He has to go to NYC for a deposition in the case against the Jeromes.

1, 1989 - With Commercials - Harrison confronts Simone on why she bailed on him last night. He kisses her.  Olivia wakes up and is suffering from partial amnesia. Tom explains what happened to her. Tom realizes Harrison is at Simone's apartment and jumps to the conclusion that they slept together.  Robert questions Donnet. Tom tells Anna about Olivia being awake but remembering nothing. Anna does not believe she has amnesia. Anna shows up at Olivia' s room and blows her top in front of everyone. An FBI agent arrives and wants to talk to Steve about Monica. Duke leaves for NYC. Anna wants to see Robert at GH. Scott comes snooping around Anna telling her he wants to help put Olivia in jail if she is indeed faking. Amy lets Alan know that the FBI is looking into Monica. Robert releases Donnet. He believes Donnet is being set-up. Alan questions Steve about why the FBI is so interested in Monica. Steve is clueless as the agent told him nothing. Simone tries to explain things to Tom. Olivia thinks it is 1985. Her memory has reverted back to a time before all of her crimes. Lucy wants to treat Scott to dinner. Tom tries to explain Olivia’s amnesia to Anna.

March 2-8, 1989:  3/2, 3/3, 3/6, 3/7, 3/8

March 2, 1989 - with Commercials - Katherine almost sneaks out of the cottage dressed in Robert's clothes but he catches her. She is going stir-crazy. Yasmine meets with Charlie and tells him about her upcoming meeting with Domino. Charlie is worries for her safety. They arrange to meet at a bar later. Colton shows Sean the note and picture Felicia found in Darius's apartment. Robert and Katherine plan dinner. Alan is worried about what the FBI wants with Monica. He assumes it is bad news. Gail and Monica arrives in DC. The FBI want informantion into about the father of the baby she gave up for adoption. Gail and Monica reach a dead end in DC though. Sean confronts Felicia about her snooping into Arielle/Darius. Ned arranges dinner with Dawn and Lila. Charlie and Larry yet another fencing lesson. Yasmine meets Domino on his private plane. He keeps his identity hidden. Yasmine believes Domino already has the map, she makes a deal to produce the dragon bone for a split of the profits when the find the civilization. Gail agrees to come back to PC with Monica after they sort out the FBI mess. Yasmine goes to the Q mansion to say goodbye to Ashton. He convinces her to stay. Felicia arrives at the Q's to visit Lila but she winds up asking questions about Arielle marriage from Ned and taking off. Yasmine and Charlie meet at the dive bar. Felicia shows up at Robert's cottage. She is determined to get her life back on track here in PC.

March 2, 1989 - No Commercials - Colton shows up at Felicia's apartment with a peace offering. Robert and Katherine go over all the suspects who would want to harm her. Darius in disguise looking for the female cop from the airport. Scott tries to make a pass at Lucy in her bedroom. She tossed him out. Tiffany is mad at Sean for neglecting her. Some of the PC ladies' take a tap dance class. Robert learns from Katherine that Althea will get her seat on the Delafield Foundation. Tiffany and Felicia discuss her blow up with Colton. Robert shows up at the first board meeting of the foundation with Althea. Felicia goes to pick up Sam's police bag she had fixed and realizes that inside is a portrait of Katherine inside. (the map is actually behind the portrait) Darius is hot on her trail and manages to steal the bag back but Felicia still has the map and turns it into the PCPD.

March 6, 1989 - No Commercials - Katherine is bored to death at the cottage. Sean comes clean about the WSB to Robert but he is unsure how the portraits of Katherine fit in. Charlie in disguise as an art expert called in from NY shows up at PCPD to inspect the map. Tony sends Bobbie flowers and they make dinner plans. Robert is upset that Katherine dressed in his clothes and went for a walk outside. Anna wants to know from Harrison when Olivia will regain her memory. Robert joins Anna at GH. She insists Olivia is faking. Charlie manages to get the portrait/map out of the PCPD. Colton drops Tony off at the Brownstone for his dinner with Bobbie. Tony insists he stay for dinner and he agrees. Robert thinks Anna should go to NYC to be with Duke. Duke in NYC. His lawyer is prepping him. Harrison gives Robert permission to question Olivia. Charlie reveals the map underneath the portrait. Darius breaks into the brownstone. Anna surprises Duke with a romantic dinner in NYC. Robert and Katherine discuss the duplicate portrait. He gets a call telling him the portrait has been lifted from the the PCPD lab. Darius slips past Tony at the brownstone. Tony insists someone has been in the brownstone and suspects Felicia is in some kind of trouble.

March 7, 1989 - No Commercials - Duke and Anna’s romantic dinner continues. They make love. Felicia and Colton search the brownstone and discover her apartment have been ransacked. They call Robert. Yasmine inspects the map but Charlie refuses to let me take it from his apartment. Darius has to tell Domino that he did not find the map in Felicia’s apartment. Robert arrives at the brownstone and Felicia tells him and Tony what she has been up to. Robert is not too happy with Felicia. Mary arrives at the cottage and Katherine has to hide. Felicia is still in danger as Darius still believes she has the map so Robert wants Colton to stay with her for the night. Tony and Bobbie discuss the changes the brownstone has been through. Charlie straps the map to his body for safe keeping. Duke and Anna’s romantic evening continues. He assures her he will let nothing bad ever happen to her again. Felicia and Colton clean up her apartment together and for her own safety Colton steals her keys and locks her in for the night. She is ticked. Robert returns to the cottage. Katherine wants to tell everyone she is alive but he insists she keep up the charade for a bit longer.

March 8, 1989 - No Commercials - Olivia is out of ICU. Robert investigates portrait heist. Anna is back in PC. Olivia is regressing even further into her childhood. Ned and Dawn attend a tap class together. Scott tells Robert he has been assigned the Olivia Jerome case. Anna brings Olivia a doll trying to trip her up only Olivia has her act down pat. Robert ushers Anna got of her room. Victor Jerome is back in PC on bail to check on his daughter. Olivia at first does not recognize him. Victor at first believes she is faking to get out of jail but she does not break. Harrison tells Robert if she is indeed faking she is brilliant. Victor vows to protect Olivia for as long as he can. He wants to move Olivia to NYC. Robert stops him by arresting Olivia. Robert hits a dead end with the portrait heist. Victor gives Lucy the eye. Robert and Scott grill Olivia but once again she does not break. Victor calls Scott a hack and listens in on a conversation with Lucy and Scott. Scott hopes the Jerome trial will put him in the limelight. Victor makes a note that “Lucy Coe loves diamonds” Robert and Anna have lunch at the PC hotel.

March 9-16, 1989:  3/9, 3/10, 3/13, 3/14, 3/15,3/16 partial episode continued on next dvd

March 9, 1989 - No Commercials - Tony undergoes an eye examine. He sees a flash of light for a second. Tiffany is miffed with Sean’s constant working. Felicia is doing some research on Arielle. Colton tries to bring her flowers and apologies to her. She tells him as long as Arielle and the WSB stand between them they don’t have a chance. Arielle fakes a migraine so that she can see Colton without Ashton suspecting. She calls him to come over. Tony and Bobbie plan a date. Tiffany is a bit jealous of Yasmine. Bobbie tells Tom she is excited about a real date with Tony and that maybe he is thinking of her as more than a friend now. Simone asks Steve for the weekend off for her and Tom. Sean apologies to Felicia. Colton quits the WSB. Melissa is a bit jealous of Ned and Dawn. The GH staff plans to a NJ Devils game. Yasmine and Ashton meet with Sean. Ashton is suspicious of Yasmine’s attention as she has been keeping him at arms length. Colton tells Arielle he quit and that he loves Felicia. She does not take it well and calls to meet with Domino. Tom accidentally opens a envelope for Simone and sees tickets for her and Harrison to go away for the weekend. Colton returns to Felicia's with more flowers and convinces her to go on a date with him. Sean hearing everything on his bugs he planted follows Arielle to the airport but loses her when he gets caught up at security. Arielle meets Domino on his private plane. He is revealed as her Uncle Nicholas.

March 10, 1989 - No Commercials - Katherine makes Robert favorite meal at the cottage. Colton and Felicia got to Dukes. Arielle wants Domino’s help. Sean loses the plane Arielle boarded too. Domino tells Arielle he was been behind everything..her marriage to Ashton, the Chinese emerald and her contact with Darius. In return for her continued help, Arielle wants his help in revenge against Felicia and Colton. Tony and Bobbie have their date at Dukes. Harrison is interviewed by Tiffany about Olivia. Simone confronts Harrison about the tickets. Sean calls Colton and interrupts his date with Felicia. He has to help him find Arielle. Harrison blows his top at GH when a patient dies and storms off. Simone follows him and they end up making love. Robert and Katherine have dinner. She is beginning to have real feelings for him. Domino makes plans to cover Arielle’s absence in Port Charles. Sean tells Colton that he believes that Arielle is now in contact with the major player the WSB is after.

March 13, 1989 - No Commercials - Duke in NY learns Olivia has been arrested. Scott handling the press regarding Olivia. Robert questions Katherine’s feeling about Paul and him. She dodges him. Duke calls Anna..he is coming home today. Scott blows off Lucy to work at the case. Simone and Harrison in bed together. She regrets what happened. Paul tells Althea he is leaving town. Anna suspects Robert is up to something and he tells her that Katherine is alive. Katherine is wrestling with her feelings for Robert. Duke is told after his deposition that he will be needed for the trial. Duke shrugs off his security detail to return home as soon as possible to Anna. Scott meets with Harrison and Tom about Olivia’s mental health for the trial. Victor vows that Olivia must never come to trial. Duke gets a message from Victor in the form of dead canary planted in his coat pocket. Lucy gets a gift of a diamond bracelet delivered to her at the hospital. She at first things Scott gave it to her. Tom shows up at Simones. He kisses her. Robert returns back to the  cottage to find that Katherine is gone. Katherine returns home to a surprised Mary, Paul and Althea.

March 14, 1989 - No Commercials - Anna meets Duke at the airport. She is mad he ditched his security detail. Katherine explains her reappearance. Robert finds a note from Katherine. Lucy thanks Scott for the bracelet and he informs her he did not sent it. Tom and Simone make love. Duke returns home. Anna finds the canary in his pocket. She insists he call Robert for help. Robert shows up at the townhouse. Alan joins Lucy for lunch. As PC finds out Katherine is alive, Tiffany wants an exclusive with Katherine . Robert tells Katherine he will always be concerned about her from a professional standpoint. Robert shows up at the Laverys to discuss security for Duke. Paul wants to marry Katherine right way. Lucy learns that Alan has been paying her salary and suspects that it may have been him that gave her the bracelet. Tom and Simone tells Steve and Audrey they are back together and that Tom is moving back into their apartment. Harrison overhears them. Mary questions Katherine about her feelings for Robert. Robert returns to the cottage alone.

March 15, 1989 - No Commercials - Monica returns home. Ned is on the phone with Tracy who is returning home on Friday. Katherine returns to the cottage to apologize and practice. Robert hangs around which irks her. Anna is worried about the safety of her family after the Jerome trial. She thinks they should go into the witness protection program. Duke doesn’t want to. Monica refuses to let Tracy stay at the mansion. Monica has to explain to Alan where she was been. Lucy barges in on them with lunch for her and Alan. Alan invites Lucy to dinner. Althea tells Paul she wants Katherine dead for real this time. Paul vows that they are still in this together. Scott shows up at the Laverys to talk to Anna about testifying at Olivia’ s trial. She is not so sure she can go through all that again. Duke meets Robert about his security at Dukes Club. A package is delivered to Duke. A ticking package!! Robert throws it out the back door into the alley. It turns out to be a false alarm. Althea and Paul want to throw Katherine a welcome home party. Alan and Lucy have dinner and she learns he did not send the bracelet. Katherine invites Robert to the party. Monica agrees that Tracy can stay at the mansion for Lila’s sake. Anna tells Duke she can’t testify. Katherine tells Robert that she should look into the records of the Delafield Foundation for clues about who might want her dead

March 16, 1989 - No Commercials. Partial episode continued on next dvd - Arielle meets with Dominos’s men and gives them information on Felicia. Sean is mad at Colton for quitting. He tells him it is not that easy. Yasmine asks Charlie to be her date for the party. They have still not located the island from the map. A very happy Tom and Simone at GH. Ashton learns Tracy is coming back and will be staying at the mansion. Domino’s men take Colton into custody at Kellys. Robert goes over the security at Dukes club for the party. The same men that took Colton get Felicia on the docks. Sean and Charlie go after them. Domino makes plans to surface in Port Charles and wants to attend Katherine’s Party.

March 16-22, 1989:  3/16 partial, 3/17, 3/20 cm, 3/21 cm, 3/22 cm

March 16, 1989 - Partial Episode/ less than half, continued from previous dvd - The Quartermaine's prepare for Tracy's arrival. Edward has taken to his bed in protest. Simone and Harrison discuss their affair at Kelly's. Simone tells him she wants to work things out with her marriage to Tom. He say's he will try to respect her feelings.  Robert tells Tiffany the infamous Nicholas Van Burean was coming to Port Charles and would be attending Katherine's party. Colton is kidnapped by the WSB. They want him to continue working with them getting proof that Ariel is involved in The Quest for The Lost Civilization. Meanwhile, Felicia has also been abducted. Her captors are repeatedly asking her about a map. Sean and Charlie Prince break in and scare her captors away. Sean realizes that the map of The Lost Civilization was on the back of Katherine's portrait and is in Port Charles.

March 17, 1989 - commercials - Colton continues to be held by the WSB. They convince him for Felicia's safety, he should comply. Sean tells Felicia Colton is being held and urges her to stay out of it and let Colton go undercover to get information on Ariel. Charlie Prince & Yasmine find the authentic map to The Lost Civilization. They decide to make forgery  and give it to Domino in it's place. Sean interrupts them in the proccess. Yasmine hides with the maps. Sean thanks Charlie for helping him with Felicia. Sean is suspicious when Charlie seems eager to get rid of him. Tracy Quartermaine returns home. But Edward not ready to forgive the past, still refuses to see her. Colton & Felicia meet and decide they need to pretend to break up so he can get back in Ariel's good graces.

March 20, 1989 - commercials - Felicia tells Terry and Ruby she and Colton have broken up. Later Sean and Tiffany convince Felicia to attend the reception at The Quartermaine Mansion and the party for Katherine Delafield. Tracy tells Lord Ashton she knows he is a fraud and not the rightful Ashton heir, but she will remain quiet if he cuts her in on his fortune he'll receive from the quest for The Lost Civilization. Robert, Anna, and Duke discuss Robert's concern for Katherine's safety, more specifically his concern about Paul, her fiance. Nicholas Van Burean attends the reception at The Quartermaine's. Colton believes he recognizes him from somewhere. Nicholas and Ariel secretly discuss the location of the map.

March 21, 1989 commercials; Double Party Episode -Tracy Quartermaine Reception and Katherine Delafield's Party-lot's of quick conversations. At GH, a seemingly insane Olivia Jerome reads she has been charged with killing Anna Lavery's unborn child. She is distraught. Amy Vining calls Anna to come see Olivia. Anna comes to General Hospital and is convinced Olivia is faking her insanity. At Katherine's party, Robert and Paul butt heads over Katherine. Colton is again puzzled by where he knows Nicholas from. Lucy & Scotty fight over an anonymous gift Lucy has received. Sean arranges for Colton to take Ariel home. Colton & Felicia however meet up secretly after the parties but are interrupted by Ariel. Colton is able to get rid of her without Ariel finding Felcia in his room.

March 22, 1989 Commercials - Tracy tells Ashton she has proof he is a fraud, the birth certificate of his half brother, the true heir. Sean & Colton have Ashton and Ariel under surveillance and listen to them fight about Tracy. At the hospital Alan accuses Monica of having an affair then proceeds to ask Lucy out to lunch right in front of Monica. A blind Tony is upset when Valerie, his therapist decides to stop working with him. Bobbie is concerned for him. Tracy tells Ned the truth about his father, but demands he keeps the secret. Later Monica tends to a drunk Ned in the gatehouse, they kiss, Alan sees. Charlie and Yasmine are worried that their forged map won't pass Domino's inspection. Nicholas/Domino inspects the map and knows it is a forgery.

March 23-28, 1989:  3/23 cm, 3/24 cm, 3/27 cm, 3/28 cm

March 23, 1989 - Tracy finds a hungover Ned at the gatehouse. She gives him the third degree. At GH Alan angrily confronts Monica about kissing Ned as Dawn overhears. Terry & Bobbie talk about Tony and Valerie perhaps getting more involved. Bobbie admits she is jealous. Robin asks Katherine & Robert to meet her at Kelly's. She wants to get a perm. Katherine calls Anna for permission. Anna agrees but is sad that her little girl is growing up. Duke tries to cheer her up with an indoor picnic.Althea & Paul discuss Katherine. Secretly Althea orders a hit on Katherine for later that night. Valerie and Tony are at GH. They run into Bobbie. Valerie tells Bobbie she knows it is Tony's birthday. They plan a surprise party for him later that night at the brownstone. Alan confronts Tracy about Ned and Monica having an affair. They fight. Later Tracy presses Ned on the issue but he evades the questions. A shot is fired at Katherine right as Robert arrives.

March 24, 1989 - Robert consoles a hysterical Katherine after the shooting. Paul is dragged in as a suspect when he found on Katherine's property. He claims he is innocent. The Hardys, Terry, Bobbie, Tiffany, Charlene, Felicia, Colton, Harrison, Ruby & Dan gather for Tony's surprise party. At the party Simone assures Harrison she is happy with Tom but he brings up their affair yet again. Katherine & Paul argue about her wanting to postpone her concert tour and their marriage until she knows who is trying to kill her. Her insistence on Robert's protection further stresses the situation. Later, Paul confronts Althea on the shooting. She says it was just a warning, but she could easily kill Katherine and frame Paul for the murder. Sean and Robert tell Katherine that Paul may be involved in Sean's investigation.They tell her about the map of The Lost Civilization that was found on the back of her portrait. The same portrait given to her by Paul. Colton and Felicia meet up for a secret rendezvous after Tony's party. Robert sets up a special security system at Katherine's. He moves in.

March 27, 1989 - Katherine & Paul fight about Robert moving in. Ariel runs into Colton as he is leaving Felicia. They make plans to meet later. Ariel is summoned by Domino. Charlie and Yasmine worry that Domino knows the map they gave him is a fake. Nicholas/Domino is angry at Ariel for not yet delivering the Dragon Bone and The Empress of China Emeralds from Ashton. He fears her feelings for Colton are distracting her. Paul & Althea meet at a bar as Robert and Felicia watch from a distance. Later they suspect that Robert is indeed following them.. Domino tries to decide what to do about Yasmine and Charlie's deceit. He arranges to have Charlie Prince investigated.. When Colton and Ariel meet, he tells her he remembers seeing Nicholas in Greece the night they met. Ariel runs to Nicholas to inform him. He tells her to undermine Colton's memories. He also warns her that Colton could be playing her. Ariel says, "if that is true you won't need to take care of him Uncle. "I will".

March 28, 1989 - Sean & Tiffany arrive in Paris for their belated honeymoon but Sean gets an urgent message from Robert. Sean distracts Tiffany and calls Robert who gives him the address of the artist who painted Katherine's portrait. Duke tells Anna he has to leave for New York to testify in Victor Jerome's trial. Robert has arranged for Duke's security but Anna is still worried. Alan catches Tracy snooping in Ashton's room. They fight. Tracy warns Alan he had better get his temper under control. Bobbie's final divorce papers from Jake arrive. She and Tony make plans to have dinner later that night at his house. Domino discovers that Charlie Prince is the real Ashton heir. Tracy asks Ned to investigate Charlie Prince. She believes he could be the rightful Ashton heir. Alan meets with Tom Hardy. He confides that he wants to kill Monica & Ned and he needs help. Sean arrives at the artists home to find him murdered in bed. He hides as the authorities arrive. Afterwards  he finds a domino and note next to the bed. Nicholas arrives to pick up Tracy at the Quartermaine mansion. Later Tom arrives and counsels a furious Alan. Tom recommends Alan confront both Monica and Ned together.  At dinner, Nicholas & Tracy play cat and mouse about who knows what regarding Charlie Prince. After Tracy leaves Nicholas makes arrangements to have Tracy followed. Duke's security escorts arrive to take Duke to New York. He says goodbye to Anna.

March 29 - April 4, 1989:  3/29 cm, 3/30 cm , 3/31 cm , 4/3 cm , 4/4 partial (continued on next dvd)

March 29, 1989 - Tracy calls a jeweler to try and sell some of her jewels as one of Nicholas' men watch. Scotty implores Lucy to take her gift back to the jeweler to find out who sent it and what it's worth. Robert shows Colton the note that was found by the murdered artist's bed which read "Beware of Greeks bearing gifts". He asks if it has any meaning to him or if he knows what the significance of the domino is. Katherine calls Paul to apologize for being distant. He talks to her as a scantily dressed Althea kisses him. Althea tells him to accept Katherine's invitation for dinner. Ariel tries to seduce Ashton into telling her where The Dragon Bone and Empress Emeralds are. Felicia surprises Colton on The Aphrodite, but fearing they will be seen they leave. Robert visit's Katherine and questions her regarding the artist who painted her portrait. She tells him Paul commissioned the artist. Robert further presses about Paul's relationship with Althea. Tracy & Lucy run into each other at the jewelers. They reintroduce themselves. Nicholas' man is still following Tracy. The jeweler will not tell Lucy who sent her the gift but assures her the jewelry is very expensive. And the man who sent it is a very good customer. Later Lucy lies to Scot and tells him she doesn't think it is worth very much. But she also tells him she saw Tracy Quartermaine hocking her jewels. Colton shows Felicia the note that Robert had given him. Felicia recognizes the handwriting. It's Frisco's.

March 30, 1989 - Ashton asks Charlie to join them on The Aphrodite when they set sail. He accepts. Colton and Felicia go to Sean's office to review some old files. Felicia notices a domino pattern on one of the old computer print outs Frisco had sent. The Quartermaines have coffee at the mansion. After Lila & Tracy leave. An angry Alan confronts Ned and Monica about the kiss. He threatens them. Monica begs Ned to leave it alone. Later Monica informs Ned that Alan has tried to kill her in the past. Ashton tells Tracy he has asked Charlie to join The Quest. Tracy tells him it is a bad idea. While Nicholas waits for Tracy, his date to arrive, he implores Yasmine to take him back. When she refuses he threatens her and she leaves. Later, Tracy dines with Nicholas. She asks him to investigate Charlie Prince for her as a favor. He agrees. At General Hospital, Monica demands a divorce from Alan. And say's she will call the police if he tries anything.

March 31, 1989 - Sean, Colton, and Robert have a conference call. Colton informs them that Felicia recognized the handwriting on the note as Frisco's. And she also spotted the pattern of a domino on one of the documents that Frisco had sent. Nicholas scolds Ariel for failing to seduce Ashton into telling her where The Dragon Bone and Emeralds are. He threatens to kill Colton if she continues to be distracted by him. Later, Ariel confronts Colton on his feelings for Felicia. He assures her he is over Felicia. At the request of Robert, Katherine makes an appearance at her company's board meeting and demands a full accounting of the company's finances. A furious Althea runs to Paul to discuss what to do. Nicholas has a man following Ariel. He reports back that she is on board The Aphrodite with Colton. Angry, Nicholas say's Ariel must be taught a lesson. Althea shows up at Katherine's with a gun.

April 3, 1989 - Paul shows up at Katherine's to find Althea holding a gun on her. They struggle and Althea is shot just as Robert walks in. Yasmine has been brought to Domino. He tells her he knows she and Charlie have the authentic map. He threatens Charlie's life if he doesn't receive it. After having seen Colton and Ariel together on The Aphrodite, Felicia sets off the sprinkler system to cause a commotion. Domino once again summons Ariel. Robert interrogates Paul. Paul says he has been suspicious of Althea for awhile. Ashton goes on board The Aphrodite to retrieve The Dragon Bone and Emeralds after the sprinklers and false alarm. Yasmine tells Charlie of her encounter with Domino. They decide they must give Domino the authentic map. Ariel presses Ashton further on the whereabouts of The Dragon Bone and Emeralds. Felicia puts on a sexy show for Colton. They make love.

April 4, 1989 (partial episode continued on next dvd) - Robert tries to cheer Katherine up at the cottage as Paul spies on them. At General Hospital Bobbie, Dan, Steve, & Audrey discuss Katherine's ordeal. Audrey runs into Simone who says she is feeling sick and may go home. Yasmine and Charlie set up a meeting to give Domino the map. Dan Rooney talks to Harrison about the Olivia Jerome case. Robert makes it known that he still suspects Paul.

April 4-11 1989: 4/4 (partial episode), 4/5, 4/6, 4/7, 4/10, 4/11

April 4, 1989 - partial episode continued from previous dvd - Harrison berates Amy for critiquing his surgery. Bobbie consoles her. Charlie & Yasmine meet with Domino to discuss the map. Charlie challenges Domino. Domino ends up getting the authentic map but agrees to Charlie's plan to give the fake map to Larry Ashton. Robert talks to Anna about his suspicions that Althea had an accomplice, namely Paul. Paul meets with the accountant of Katherine's foundation to find out what she knows about Althea's mishandling of funds. She admits that she knows, but Paul convinces her not to come forward with the information. Back at GH Harrison sees that Simone isn't feeling well. Simone fears she may be pregnant but she doesn't know who the father is, Harrison or Tom. Robert and Katherine talk at the cottage. They get closer.

April 5, 1989 - Tracy confronts Ashton on his progress with quest. She warns him he better be on the up & up or she will expose him. Charlie & Yasmine meet at Kelly's to discuss giving Ashton the fake map. Anna & Robert watch coverage Victor Jerome's trial on television. Scott & Lucy argue about the $50,000.00 gift she received from her secret admirer. Lucy tries to change the subject by asking Scott what he knows about Tracy Quartermaine. At GH, Harrison informs Bobbie that he has taken her off her surgical duties and put her on Olivia's case. Bobbie is not happy. Harrison examines Olivia with Bobbie present. She voices her concerns that Olivia could very well be faking. Alan is rude to Monica & Ned at breakfast, Tracy then comes in and tells Monica she plans on staying in Port Charles indefinitely. Ned asks Charlie for help, locating Dawn after she disappeared. Ashton shows up and Charlie and Ashton discuss Yasmine. Later, Yasmine shows up at the Quartermaine mansion and informs Tracy & Ashton she has the map.

April 6, 1989 Bobbie & Harrison run into Tony & Valerie at GH. Lucy watches  Bobbie's reaction when Tony hugs Valerie. Ashton, Tracy, Alan, Monica, & Ned have a champagne toast celebrating the found map to the Lost Civilization.  Tony receives good news that his eyesight is returning. Robert, Robin and Katherine are at the cottage when Paul walks in and interrupts Robin's piano lesson. Paul scolds Katherine for wasting her time with Robin and says she should be concentrating on her tour. Robert goes to Edith, the accountant for Katherine's foundation. He inquires about the financial records and Paul and Althea's involvement with them. Olivia asks Bobbie where her father is. She says she doesn't understand why can't remember. Later, she gets upset when Scott comes in to interview her for the D.A.'s office. Alan tells Monica he thinks Ashton & Tracy are up to no good. Lather Alan overhears Monica take a call from an Agent Kent, F.B.I.. Robert walks in on Katherine playing the piano and singing. They are drawn to each other but Katherine leaves.

April 7, 1989 Robin, Felicia, & Robert arrive at Anna's. They have a plan. Mary tries to convince Katherine to admit her feelings for Robert but Katherine denies them. Ariel shows up at Colton's and she wants to spend the night. Colton tells her he has to work. She leaves, but calls someone and arranges to have Colton followed. Robert asks Robin if he had to send Anna and Duke away for their safety would she stop loving him. She asks if staying with Robert is a choice. He
says yes. But Robin is confused and doesn't know what to do. Just then a piano from Katherine arrives as a gift for Robin. Colton arrives at Anna's to take Anna and Felicia to New York. Katherine arrives with a blond wig so Anna can slip pass the guards disguised as Katherine. Colton and Felicia arrive at theire hotel in NY. They go out dancing. Ariel who has followed them, see this. Paul shows up at Anna's and is disapproving of her involvement in the plan to reunite Anna & Duke. After Paul leaves Robin says she thinks Katherine & Robert make a better couple then she and Paul. Just then Robert shows up.

April 10, 1989 Tracy overhears Alan speaking to Monica on the phone. He is asking why the FBI  needs to speak to her. Monica hangs up. Tracy accuses Monica of having an affair and a big fight insues. Later Alan listens at Edward's door as Tracy is telling him about her suspicions about Monica.  Alan goes to Lila and reports that Tracy is trying to turn Edward against him. Tracy walks in. Duke and Anna enjoy being alone together in Duke's hotel room in NY. They discuss their future after the trial and Robin's safety. Later Anna awakens from a nightmare. Duke presses Anna to tell him what it was about. She tells him she dreamed that he had died. Felicia and Colton go out dancing in NY. They return to their hotel room. Ariel follows them and Colton spots her. Colton tells Felicia. He also tells her he thinks Ariel must know Van Burean. Nicholas has Ariel summoned. He is angry that her obsession with Colton has stood in her way of getting the dragon bone He says he is sending her back to Greece. Ariel tells Ashton she has to go back to Greece because her father is ill. Ashton gets angry and accuses her of leaving to be with Colton. He later apologizes.

April, 11, 1989 - Ashton calls a meeting with Colton. He wants to know if he saw Ariel before she left for Greece. Colton is surprised to hear she left. Ashton's suspicions are appeased by his reaction. Robert  finds himself thinking about Katherine as he arrives in Paris. Duke says goodbye to a worried Anna as he leaves to testify at Victor's trial. Sean & Tiffany talk in their hotel room as Sean prepares to meet with Robert. Katherine takes care of Robin while Anna is away in New York. Paul comes over and is angry. Robin tells Katherine after the trial she is either going to have to leave with Duke and Anna or stay with Robert. Either way her life was going to change.
     Duke identifies Victor Jerome as the head of the Jerome family on the witness stand. Both Duke and Victor recognize Anna in the courtroom in disguise. Later Duke meets with Anna in his hotel room. Worried about her, Duke makes her return to Port Charles. Scott & Lucy talk about Olivia's case. Scott's mail arrives and he learns someone has deposited $25,000.00 into his account. Later Scott & Lucy fight again about the gifts. Scott tells Lucy he thinks Victor Jerome is trying to set him up by sending the money. Robert and Sean meet with the injured artist who painted Katherine's portrait. He says that Frisco gave him the map to smuggle. They are both suspicious that there is a little too much coincidence. Felicia calls Sean and tells hime that Ariel followed she and Colton to New York. He is upset and tells them they need to be more careful.

April 12-19, 1989:   4/12, 4/13, 4/14, 4/17, 4/18, 4/19 (partial episode, continued on next dvd)

April 12, 1989 - Alan and Tracy fight over Edward's will. Edward overhears them. Nicholas shows up at the Quartermaine mansion. Nicholas flies the Quartermaines,  Ashton, Katherine and Paul to New York where Paul is receiving an award. On the plane Katherine and Paul talk about getting over what happened with Althea. Paul eludes to the fact Robert is too close to Anna. He says they need to remember the past and fix the future. At GH, Simone is stressed when she gets confirmation that she is pregnant. Tom thinks he overhears and confronts her. She is paged and leaves without telling him. Ned and Edward go fishing. They discuss Ned's upbringing and Edward's will. Later, Lila joins them in the boathouse. Edward leaves. Lila tells Ned she wishes Edward and Tracy would reconcile. In NY, Nicholas invites Tracy, Paul, and Katherine to the Bahamas. On the ride home, Alan warns Tracy about Ned getting too close to Edward. When they arrive back at the mansion they run into Edward's lawyer and discover that Edward is once again changing his will.

April 13, 1989 - At Kelly's Ned asks Terry out on a date but she gets angry and leaves. Ashton, Charlie & Colton show up at GH to get their innoculations before they set sail. Felicia visits Anna who is still being protected by guards. Anna tells Felicia that she and Duke are going into the Witness Protection Program after the trial. At GH, Scott and Bobbie talk about Olivia's case. Tom Hardy goes into Olivia's room. She says she doesn't remember hiring anyone to kill Duke and Anna. She insists on her innocence. Lucy is stunned when Audrey tells her Scott donated $25,000.00 to General Hospital's child care center. Scott & Lucy argue about the money. Scott insists he can't take the money. He cannot afford to be linked to Victor Jerome and the mob. Later, Terry talks to Bobbie about Ned. Bobbie talks Terry into going out with him. Scott goes to Victor Jerome's room and tells him he will convict Olivia. Yasmine flirts with Ashton and tries to convince him she has no interest in Charlie. Charlie visits Domino. He warns him to be beware of Yasmine. Duke is visited by the Director of the Witness Protection Program and they discuss his future. It is later revealed that Duke had in fact been talking to one of Victor Jerome's men.

April 14, 1989 - Alan and Tracy argue about Edward's will. Alan accuses Tracy of using Ned to get back into Edward's good graces.  Paul DeVore and Ned meet at the airport. They are both making arrangements to go to the Bahamas. Katherine is upset recalling Althea's attack and wondering about Paul. In Paris, Sean, Tiffany, & Robert learn that the artist Phillipe  had recently deposited $80,000.00 into his account. In his hotel room, Paul reads a love letter from Althea. He sets it on fire and throws it in the trash can. Then heads to the shower. Katherine talks the housekeeper into letting her into Paul's room. She sees the fire and puts it out. Paul comes out from the shower to find Katherine. He talks her into going to the Bahamas with him. Edward prepares to leave on his fishing trip. He tells Lila he worries about leaving her alone with Alan & Tracy. She tells him she can handle them. They proceed to go downstairs where Edward's lawyer is on the phone. He is making sure the amended will had been finalized. Alan & Tracy overhear. They fight to shower Edward with affection before he leaves. Katherine talks to Mary before leaving for the Bahamas with Paul. Mary presses Katherine on her feelings for Robert again. Katherine leaves. Mary is worried about her and tells her not to do anything foolish.
     Alan, Tracy, Ned, & Lila talk about Edward at the mansion. Alan & Tracy try to find out where Edward went on his vacation. But Ned & Lila won't  tell. On the plane, Edward flirts with the flight attendant. He laughs about playing the trick on Tracy & Alan. He changed the will so Tracy & Alan would not recieve anything. He intends on making them squirm for two weeks until he returns and changes the will back. Tiffany urges Robert to be careful and to make sure he is pursuing Katherine's case for the right reasons. She worries he cares so much for Katherine he may do something stupid. But Robert is still convinced there is a Paul/Althea connection. As Paul checks out of his hotel room, a picture of Althea and Paul falls to the floor. Katherine does not see it.

April 17, 1989 - Felicia sneaks onto the Aphrodite to tell Colton Robert has asked her to go meet Chief Lewis at the police station. Paul and Katherine arrive at the airport to catch their plane and they find the airport in chaos. At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy & Edward are planning to leave when Ned hears on the radio that a plane on route to the Bahamas has gone missing. Ned tells them Edward was on the flight. Lila walks in and they tell her the news. She is quite brave and positive. Ned and Alan leave together to go to the airport. Tracy is upset and Lila advises her to call Ashton. On the Aphrodite, Ashton receives the message to go home to the Quartermaine mansion.  Colton tells Felicia he is beginning to think Charlie Prince has a vested interest in the quest and he wants to find out more.  At GH, Tom is talking to Simone about her getting pregnant and them having a baby together. She still has not told him the truth about being pregnant. Ashton comes home and tries to console Tracy. They start to fight but end up hugging.
     At the police station, Chief Lewis shows Felicia a picture of a man who had impersonated an art expert and stole Katherine's portrait from the police station. Felicia doesn't recognize him but takes the photo to show Colton. Colton lets himself into Charlie's room and begins to snoop. Charlie catches him in the act. Colton makes up a lame excuse and leaves. Yasmine calls Charlie and tells him the news that Edward's plane has gone missing. Audrey, Steve, Bobbie, Charlene, Yasmine, Ashton, & Tracy are all at the Quartermaine's giving support to Lila. Lila continues to believe everything is going to be fine. At GH,  Harrison pesters Simone again about their affair. Simone says she loves Tom and to leave her alone. Colton and Felicia meet up. Felicia shows him the picture of impersonator. Colton doesn't recognize him. But just then a homeless woman walks by with the very disguise from the picture. She tells Colton she got it from the trash from outside of Kelly's. Colton recognizes the box. It's  from Charlie's room.

April 18, 1989 - Anna and Robin listen to news about the missing plane. At the Quartermaine's everyone continues to rally around Lila. Colton and Felicia meet Robert, Sean, & Tiffany at the airport. Tiffany goes to work immediately when she hears about the missing plane. Colton and Felicia tell Robert and Sean they know Charlie Prince was the one who posed as the art expert and stole Katherine's painting. They decide to start having Charlie followed. Robert and Sean go to the Quartermaine's and offer support to Lila. Ashton offers to show Sean the map. They go upstairs along with Colton and Yasmine. Sean examines the map. Everyone leaves the room for a moment. Yasmine calls Charlie to tell her Sean had looked at the map but she believed he thought it was authentic. Charlie then calls Domino. Sean tells Robert he will manage to get the map tested for authenticity. But they are both concerned with the growing number of players in the case.
     Robert goes to visit Anna and Robin. Robin tells Robert she has chosen to to leave with Anna and Duke after the trial. Robert tells her he is proud of her. Later, Robin gets upset thinking about the future. Felicia shows up to say goodbye. Alan and Tracy say goodnight to Lila. They talk about her faith and how they wish they had it. They both break down and hug. Robert meets with Katherine. He tells her he still doesn't have proof but he is very concerned about Paul and his involvement with Althea. He makes Katherine promise not to take any trips with Paul until he can find out the truth about him once and for all. Sean & Colton try to figure out how Charlie Prince figures into the quest.  Charlie loses his police tail at the airport and meets with Domino. Domino tells him to get the dragon bone and the emerald and bring them to him. Then the quest cannot be stopped. Robert and Katherine talk about Robin's future and how he won't be able to see her grow up.

April 19, 1989 - partial episode continued on next dvd; pre-empt a few minutes in the middle - Duke calls Anna from his hotel room in NY. He tells her she needs to be ready to go into the witness protection program very soon. Sean comes to Robert's office to talk about their case but Robert is distracted with thoughts of Duke, Anna, and Robin. Monica returns from her trip. She consoles Tracy, Alan, and Lila. Lila still believes Edward is fine and she scolds Tracy and Alan for fearing the worst. Sean & Robert talk about the plan to get Duke, Anna, and Robin into custody. Sean says he will take Anna, Robert will take Robin, and the government officials will take Duke. Felicia calls Sean at Robert's office with the news that WSB has tested the map and it is indeed a fake. Bobbie and Terry go visit Anna & Robin. Robin is sad knowing this is probably the last time she will see them. She gives Bobbie a doll to give to B.J. and she gives Terry a piece of piano music. At GH, Tom & Scott fight over Olivia Jerome's case. Scott insists he will get a conviction. Victor Jerome receives a call that the psychiatrist will be testifying that Olivia is incompetent to stand trial. Victor is pleased and says he can now focus his attention on Duke Lavery. Duke is visited by the witness protection agents to discuss the plan. Still not knowing they are actually Victor Jerome's men, he agrees to their plan.  Felicia invites Charlie to lunch and tries to get some information from her. Charlie is suspicious of her sudden interest. Meanwhile Sean breaks into Charlie's room. *News Break Interruption* Late at night Monica and Tracy talk about Lila and Edward. They agree to put their differences aside and just be a family. Tracy breaks down and Monica puts her arms around her.

April 19-26, 1989:  4/19, 4/20, 4/21, 4/24, 4/25, 4/26

April 19, 1989 - partial episode continued from previous dvd - Ned and Terry go to the boathouse. Ned talks about missing Edward already and how he wishes he could be as strong as Lila. Robert is visiting Anna and Robin. Robin tells Robert she thinks he and Katherine make a good couple. Then she begins to worry about her future and if she will ever see Robert again. He assures her that somehow he will see her again. Ned thanks Terry and say goodbye to her at the mansion. He goes into the living room. Lila tells Ned how much he meant to Edward. Later, all the Quartermaines are home when Nicholas arrives with news that the wreckage of a plane has been found. He offers his private plane to Alan and Ned so they can fly down to the scene. Sean arrives at Anna's. Robin gives him a picture she had drawn. He hugs her and tell her he loves her and somehow he and Robert will see her again. Duke calls Anna to make sure she will be ready after his testimony. Victor Jerome gives the order to kill Duke Lavery.

April 20, 1989 - At GH Tom and Scott argue about Olivia Jerome's case. Scott says he is going to drop Tom as a expert witness because of a conflict of interest. But Tom knows it is because he is going to testify that Olivia is unable to aid in her own trial. Scott has found another psychiatrist to testify that she is . Duke prepares to leave with the agents he believes are with the witness protection program. Sean & Robert arrive at Anna's. Duke calls Anna to tell her he has finished his testimony. Robert tells Anna the plan. Anna gets very emotional about leaving. Robert vows that he will find them someday. At GH, Bobbie and Harrison are appalled at the idea of Scott's psychiatrist examining Olivia so quickly.  Lucy receives a call from Victor Jerome. He threatens both she and Scott if Scott ends up succeeding in court. In NY, Duke leaves with the agents- In Port Charles Anna, Robin, Robert, Sean continue to wait. Lucy shows up at the courthouse to try to warn Scott but she ends up not saying anything. Bobbie, Harrison, Tom, and, Scott's psychiatrist all end up testifying. Olivia is found unable to aid in her on defense. And she will be released from GH under the care of a psychiatric nurse. Lucy tries to comfort a drunk and distraught Scott after he lost Olivia's case, Duke is preparing for the rendezvous. He is startled to hear there is a change in plan. Worried about Anna and Robin's safety he runs out to warn them. Sean, Robert, Anna and Robin arrive at the rendezvous point. At the same time they see Duke running into the building yelling for Anna. Seconds later it explodes.

April 21, 1989 - Felicia and Tiffany catch up at the penthouse. Colton shows up. Tiffany begins to worry about Sean because she hasn't heard from him in awhile. Tiffany gets a call about the explosion and leaves to cover the story. Colton goes with her. Anna struggles with Robert as she tries to run in after Duke as building burns. Sean takes robin from the scene. Inside a bunker in the building, Duke argues with the agents who are trying to keep him from running back into the fire to find Anna. At GH, Steve Hardy informs the staff of the explosion. And tells them to be prepared. Amy, Bobbie, and Harrison stay to help. Olivia gets a call from Victor. He says he is arranging for her release. She tells him she wishes she could remember.  Sean brings a hysterical Robin to the penthouse. Felicia takes care of her. In the burning building, the agents convince Duke that he must leave. It is best for everyone if Anna believes he is dead. He reluctantly agrees. He leaves his wedding ring to place in the blaze so Anna will believe he has perished. At GH, Olivia is watching coverage of the explosion. She sees a picture of Duke. She begins having flashes of him.  She remembers being in love with Duke.

April 24, 1989 - Sean, Tiffany, Colton, & Felicia worry about Robin who has finally fallen asleep at the penthouse. Katherine shows up and asks if she can help. Robert takes Anna home. She is upset to find flowers had been delivered for Duke with a card that read R.I.P..  Chief Lewis comes and tells them that the flowers are a sign from the mob that the vendetta is over. Duke is dead. Late at night, Monica and Tracy are up and worrying about Edward. They talk about Edward and Lila's great love for each other. Tracy wishes she had Lila's faith that Edward would be found alive. Alan and Ned have traveled to the scene where wreckage and bodies are being taken. A tackle box is brought in. Ned confirms that Edward had brought that tackle box with him. Alan breaks down.
     Robin comes home to Anna. Katherine offers to help. Anna insists on going back to the warehouse to search for Duke. Robert asks Katherine to stay with Robin. The Agent Malone from the witness protection program shows up at Victor Jerome's hotel room. He tells him the job is done. Duke is dead. Victor pays him off. The man says he will return to the program and no one will ever know he was the leak. Duke is shown being flown away safely. He is told that Anna & Robin are safe and he will never have to worry about them again. Anna returns to the warehouse with Robert. She finds Duke's wedding ring. She collapses, knowing Duke is gone. Alan and Ned call Monica and Tracy with the news that they found Edward's tackle box and they fear the worst. Lila walks in. They tell her the news. Edward isn't coming back. Lila tells Tracy and Monica not to cry. Edward wouldn't want any tears.

April 25, 1989 Olin tries to comfort Anna who is tearfully watching Tiffany cover Duke's death on the news. Scott & Lucy are also watching the news. Knowing that Victor Jerome must be responsible, Scott gets very excited at the chance to try and convict Jerome. Sean, Robert, & Guy try to figure out how the witness protection program was infiltrated by Jerome. They decide to bring the W.P.P agents in for questioning. At the same time, the W.P.P Agents figure out that Malone was the leak. Later when being questioned by Robert they let Robert figure out is was Malone. Scott walks in and offers his services to get Jerome. Robert accepts. Victor Jerome shows up at the hospital to pick up Olivia. He thanks Bobbie for her testimony in Olivia's trial.
Bobbie goes to visit Anna. She tells her Olivia is being released and will be staying in Port Charles. Anna rushes to GH and screams at Victor for killing Duke. She vows to get him for what he has done if it is the last thing she ever does. Scott tells Lucy his plans for going after Victor Jerome. She is worried and tries to talk him out of it. She later asks Tom for help in talking Scotty out of it, but he says there is nothing he can do. Later Tom Hardy ties to comfort Ann who is still at GH. Victor takes Olivia to her new home at the Port Charles Hotel. It is clear she now has her memory back but she has not told Victor. Both Victor Jerome's men and Robert and Sean have followed Agent Malone to the docks. A struggle breaks out. Robert shoot Malone. He dies.

April 26, 1989 Nicholas has summoned Ariel home and back to work for him. She returns to Ashton. Anna & Robert both vow to convict Victor Jerome for what he has done. Sean & Tiffany offer support to Anna & Robin and to each other. Paul is upset with the time she has been spending with Robert and Robin. Colton and Felicia comfort each other during the aftermath of Duke's death. Later Colton is surprised to see Ariel in town.  Robert visits Katherine at the cottage. Ned & Alan return home. The Quartermaines rally around each other, especially Lila after Edward's death.

April 27 - May 2, 1989: 4/27, 4/28, 5/1, 5/2

April 27 Tom Hardy calls Olivia and asks her to come in for an appointment at GH. Sean and Colton examine the map. They realize it leads to an island. They begin to suspect that Nicholas Van Buren is involved somehow. Charlie and Yasmine believe they are being followed by the police. Domino calls and demands that Charlie produce the dragon bone and emerald. Charlie tells Yasmine that she must get them from Ashton. At GH, Valerie confides in Tom Hardy that she thinks Tony is getting too close. Tom suspects that she too has feelings for Tony. Valerie denies it. Later Valerie turns Tony down when he asks her to take him to Duke's memorial service. Bobbie volunteers to take him instead. Colton goes to the Quartermaine mansion and runs into Ariel. He remembers the night they met in Greece. Again he has a memory of Nicholas being there. Olivia meets with Tom Hardy at GH and is still acting like she can't remember anything. Later in her hotel room she drugs her nurse and books a flight to NY. Ned consoles Terry who is very upset about Duke. They talk about wether she will close the club or not. Sean goes to the airport to investigate Nicholas. Nicholas runs into him. Sean tries to make up an excuse but he isn't sure Nicholas believed him. At the same time Colton believes he sees Ariel leaving the airport.  Olivia shows up at Victor's hotel room in NY. She finds the proof that Victor had discarded linking him to Agent Malone. She puts it in an envelope and sends it to Scott Baldwin.

April 28, 1989 (Duke's Memorial) - Robert, Robin, Olin, Sean, Tiffany, Ruby, Bobbie, Terry, The Hardy's, Katherine,Paul, Lucy, Scott, and the Quartermaines all make appearances at Anna's house and/ or Duke's memorial service in this episode. There are several out of control reporters shouting rude questions at the entrance of the memorial service. Olivia calls Scott's office to see if her letter had arrived yet. It had not. Olivia begins to dress in a black disguise to attend Duke's memorial. Tom Hardy surprises her by checking in. She continues to act as if it is very difficult for her and she cannot remember. Tom finally leaves and so does Olivia. Later, Tom looks for Simone at Anna's house. Bobbie tells him she is in the bedroom with Harrison. Tom goes in to discover Simone had fallen ill . He tells Harrison to leave and that he can take care of his wife. The Quartermaines return from the service to find Edward's lawyer. He tells them that Edward had requested his will be read within 72 hours of his death. Alan & Tracy are very worried to learn that the changes Edward had made to his will before his death had been finalized. Olivia shows up at Duke's service after everyone is gone. She begins to cry in front of his picture. She confesses to his portrait.  Anna walks into the room and is surprised to see a woman in black in front of Duke's portrait.

May 1, 1989 - commercials - Anna sees the woman in black. She believes it is Olivia and goes to call for help. Angel walks in. Anna walks over and rips the veil off the woman. It is not Olivia. But Anna is convinced she saw her. Robert and Robin talk about Duke's memorial. Robin then tells Robert that he needs to go see Katherine. At GH, Tom and Lucy talk about Simone. A nurse hands Lucy a package. It is another box of jewelry with a note that thanked her for her help. Scott opens the envelope Olivia sent him linking Agent Malone and Victor Jerome. He decides not to tell Robert and to investigate himself. At the brownstone, Ned and Terry talk about the Quartermaine's reaction to Edward's death. Later they walk to Duke's club. Robert confronts Paul about Althea and her connection to Phillipe. Paul denies knowing anything. Robert calls him a fraud and says he will prove it. At GH, Anna tells Tom she saw Olivia at Duke's. Tom is skeptical but decides to check on Olivia. When he gets to Olivia's hotel he questions Nora, Olivia's nurse. She confesses she fell asleep and doesn't know if Olivia had left or not. Tom warns her to be careful. Olivia is listening at the door. Paul and Katherine talk about Robert. Paul is trying to set up a trip for he and Katherine. Scott goes to GH to tell Lucy he has found a clue implicating Victor in Duke's death. Lucy implores Scott to stop. Simone prepares a romantic evening for Tom. She finally tells him she is pregnant.

May 2, 1989 - commericals - Alan and Tracy trades barbs about who gets what in Edward's will. Tracy and Lila prepare to go out to dinner with Nicholas. Sean and Colton decide they need to search Nicholas Van Buren's plane. Felicia will watch Nicholas at the restaurant and warn them when he leaves. Olivia has dinner with Victor. She is behaving like her memory is getting worse. When Victor runs into Tom Hardy at the restaurant he voices his concern. Lucy tries to return the jewelry but the jeweler refuses. When Lucy leaves,  the jeweler calls Victor Jerome. In the meantime, Scott is following a lead on agent Malone. It leads him to Malone's girlfriend and a massage parlor.
     Sean and Colton discover a listening device on Nicholas' plane. They overhear Charlie and Yasmine fighting about the quest on the Aphrodite. Sean deduces that Nicholas must be Domino. At the restaurant, Tom and Simone tell Steve and Audrey they are going to be grandparents. Also at the restaurant Alan interrupts Tracy, Lila, and Nicholas' dinner. Nicholas has to leave. Alan and Tracy ask Lila about Edward's will. Scott is excited about his progress he has made on the Victor Jerome case. Lucy is not. Scott ends up having a lot to drink to celebrate. Nicholas returns to the plane and is upset to find it is not exactly how he left it. Sean, Colton, and Felicia decide they have to come up with their own plan to catch Domino.

May 3-8, 1989:  5/3 cm, 5/4 cm,  5/5 cm,  5/8 cm

May 3, 1989 - Commercials - Anna is grieving the loss of Duke. She has to explain to a confused Robin that Duke is never coming back. Katherine show up to take Robin to the cottage for a piano lesson. Sean, Colton, and Felicia discuss plans for their investigation. Sean meets with Ashton and asks to see the dragon bone. Larry declines and says it is hidden and he is the only one who knows where it is. Larry later arrives on the Aphrodite. Ariel has surprised him with the gift of his family crest. Charlie Prince is agitated and leaves. At the cottage, Katherine tries to explain to Robin what a soul is through music. The Quartermaines gather for the reading of Edward's will. Both Alan and Tracy are shocked to learn that Edward has left them each only one dollar. Tracy is later appeased when she learns that in fact Edward has left the majority of his estate to Ned. Alan is appalled. He tells Monica it is his money and he will get what he deserves. Lila retires to her room. She begins to converse with the ghost of Edward. They talk about how once Alan & Tracy learn their lesson Lila will change the will back so they will receive their inheritance.  Yasmine seduces Ashton in the hopes he will tell her where the dragon bone and emerald are. He does not. But while he is asleep she goes through his pockets and finds a piece of paper with some numbers written on it. She takes it to Charlie. Charlie Prince reads a letter in his room that proves he is the rightful heir to the Ashton name. He later places the letter on the Aphrodite where Larry reads it.

May 4, 1989 - Commericals - Sean asks Tiffany to go to the Quartermaines and wait for Larry Ashton to come home with the dragon bone and emerald and then call him. Scott returns to the massage parlor where he met Agent Malone's girlfriend. He runs into Robert Scorpio who is following a lead. Scott tells him about the anonymous lead he received in the mail. At GH, Lucy is agitated because she can't locate Scott. She runs into Alan. Alan gives her some advice and they flirt. Katherine is preparing to leave for L.A. with Paul. Mary is concerned and calls Robert. Robert comes over and once again tries to warn her about Paul. But Katherine wants proof. Ashton is on edge after reading the letter about his brother. He goes to the Aphrodite and finds Charlie Prince snooping. Ashton kicks him out and moves the location of the emerald and dragon bone. Ariel goes to Nicholas and begs to be let out of the quest so she can be with Colton. He says no. She has work to do. Later, Colton and Sean go onto the Aphrodite. Knowing that Nicholas is listening, they lead him to believe they have the emerald & dragon bone. Nicholas tells his men to go search Felicia Jones' apartment. Tiffany is at the Quartermaines waiting for Ashton. Monica comes home and the gardner gives her flowers for her birthday. Alan comes home with Lucy. Monica is upset because Alan forgot her birthday. Tiffany sees Ashton come home and she goes to call Sean, but just then the phone rings. It is the hospital for Monica. Tiffany can't make the call.

May 5, 1989 - Commercials - Tiffany is kidnapped when she walks in on Nicholas's men outside of Felicia's. Mary fakes a fall down the stairs in order to stop Katherine from leaving with Paul. Robert, Robin, and Anna all end up accompanying Mary, Katherine and Paul to the hospital. They talk Paul into leaving on the flight without Katherine. Sean, Colton, and Felicia get a call from Domino. He tells them he has Tiffany and Sean needs to deliver the dragon bone and emerald in 3 hours. Desperately he runs to Ashton and begs for the dragon bone and emerald. Ashton declines. Ned comes in and asks for a few minutes with his father. Ned talks about how Ashton is not the rightful heir anyway. Sean is listening at the door. Friday the dog, is shown digging up the dragon bone and running off. Monica is still upset that Alan has forgotten her birthday. Later he comes up to their bedroom with cake and champagne. But they end up fighting about Edward and the money again. Ariel finds a gun onboard the Aphrodite and takes it. Ashton, Ned, and Sean go to the garden where Ashton has buried the dragon bone. It is gone. On the plane, Paul has visions of Althea. She is telling him he needs to get rid of Robert Scorpio.

May 8, 1989 - Commercials - Robert and Katherine are flirting and talking about Paul. Ashton is outraged that the dragon bone and emerald have been stolen. He calls the police. Sean decides to try and trick the kidnappers, using a decoy dragon bone. Ariel has visions of killing Colton and Felicia and then walks in on them. She hears something and runs to hide. She continues to lurk about in the hallway for awhile.
     Robert gets the call about the theft at the Quartermaine's. Katherine tags along. Nicholas realizes Ariel has taken his gun. Sean goes to the drop off point and pulls a gun on one of the kidnappers. He makes the guy call Domino and tell him he got the package. Domino is pleased. Then Sean and Colton find out where Tiffany is and they rescue her. Friday the dog is shown running around with the dragon bone and emerald. Ariel comes home and Ashton tells her the story of everything that happened that night. She calls Nicholas and tells him. He realizes he had been duped and that Sean never had the dragon bone or emerald.

May 9-12, 1989:  5/9 cm, 5/10 cm, 5/11 cm, 5/12 cm

May 9, 1989 - Commericials - Robin is upset Victor Jerome still isn't in jail. Anna tries to reassure her.  Anna visits Tom Hardy at GH and seeks his advice. He tells her she needs to let go of her anger towards Olivia. Later as Anna leaves Tom's office, she runs into Olivia. Anna angrily warns her to stay away from her and her family. Scott visits with Agent Malone's girlfriend again. He ends up finding a letter that directly linked Malone to Jerome. He runs back to tell Lucy. Lucy pleads with him to drop it. But he says he won't. Alan is angry at everyone. He is determined to get his inheritance from Edward's will. He yells at Monica that she doesn't understand. He fights with Tracy, Ned, and Ashton.  Tracy warns Ned to be careful of Alan. She also wants him to find out what has gone wrong with Ashton's quest. Ned refuses. He goes to GH and talks to Terry. He encourages Terry to buy Duke's club. Yasmine and Charlie are brought to Domino. Domino tells them that the dragon bone and emerald are missing. They suspect each other. Domino has Charlie taken away. He then reveals himself to Yasmine. Yasmine said if she had known Nicholas was Domino she never would have left him in the past. They kiss.

May 10, 1989 - Commercials - Katherine and Mary talk about Paul and Robert at the cottage. Robin shows up for her piano lesson. Robin calls Anna and Robert and asks if the can all go out to dinner together later. Sean and Colton go to jail to talk to Tiffany's kidnapper, but they find him dead. Anna and Robert are fighting about Victor's acquittal. Scott shows up and says he has proof that ties him to agent Malone and is willing to work with both Robert and Anna. Nicholas demands that Ariel find his gun that she discarded at the brownstone. When she goes back to the brownstone, Felicia, who has found the gun, aims it at her. Colton comes in and gives Ariel back the gun and lets her go. Felicia is furious. Colton says that to prove Nicholas is Domino, they need Ariel free.
At GH Victor & Olivia run into Lucy. Lucy is very nervous about the meeting. She goes and tries to convince Scott to drop the case again. Robert, Katherine, Anna and Robin go out to dinner. Dining at the same restaurant, are Victor and Olivia Jerome.

May 11, 1989 - Commericals - Ashton shows Yasmine the letter from his half brother. He tells her the dragon bone and emerald have been stolen. Monica and Alan walk in. Alan fumes again. Tracy also walks in. Concerned about the quest she calls Nicholas for help and asks him to come to the mansion. Sean visits Charlie. He tells him he knows Charlie is the real Lord Ashton. Sean also tells him he knows about all the illegal activities Charlie has partaken of. Sean says either Charlie works with him or he will have him arrested. Bobbie visits with Tony. Tony tells her his vision is improving. He also tells her he is really missing Valerie and doesn't understand why she is avoiding him. Even though Bobbie is clearly conflicted about Tony's feeling for Valerie, she later tells Valerie that Tony is feeling rejected. Valerie goes to visit Tony and they kiss. Nicholas comes to the mansion to talk to Tracy. At the same time Sean comes and tells Ashton he has found the dragon bone. Ashton is thrilled. The Quartermaines arrange for a party to celebrate the quest for the lost civilization.  Sean, Colton, and Felicia believe this is where Domino will make his move and steal the dragon bone.

May 12, 1989 - Commericals - outdoor location - Ariel and Nicholas fight. Ariel is upset that he won't help her get Colton back. She decides to take matters into her own hands. Victor finds out that Scott has been investigating him. He goes to GH to warn Lucy once again. Scott goes to Robert and Anna with his proof that links Victor with Agent Malone. Robert and Anna then go and arrest Victor for complicity in Duke's murder. Lucy watches nervously as they arrest him. The party for the quest begins at The Quartermaines. Sean finds Domino's men. They tie them up and steal their disguises. Sean's men are then supposed to carry out the plan to steal the dragon bone. Ariel find her uncle's men tied up. She unties them and orders them to get Sean's men, the dragon bone, and to bring Colton back to her. The men find and attack Sean's men. At the party, Charlie Prince publicly announces he is the real Lord Ashton. He challenges Larry to a duel. At the same time Tracy and Monica begin to fight. Charlie and Larry fence as Monica and Tracy fall into the fountain wrestling. Domino's voices sweeps over the party. His men come in and steal the dragon bone. Sean, thinking that they are his men, do nothing as the take Colton and the dragon bone.  In the commotion, Friday the dog once again steals the dragon bone. Felicia discovers that Domino's men have been freed. Just then a hysterical Ariel pulls a gun on her and says that Colton will be hers.

May 15-19, 1989:  5/15,  5/16,  5/17,  5/18,  5/19

May 15, 1989 - Anna, Robert & Scott arrest Victor at the restaurant as Olivia watches. Victor glares at Lucy as he walks by. Lucy confesses to Scott that she kept the jewelry that Victor Jerome had sent. He is livid. Lucy packs her bags and moves out of Scott's apartment. Olivia talks to Tom Hardy at the restaurant. He begins to doubt her. He later confides to Simone that he fears Olivia could be faking after all. Colton shows up as Ariel has the gun on Felicia. He takes Ariel away to the gatehouse. Ariel is unraveling. She tells Colton she will tell him who Domino is. She says he is up at the mansion and she will point him out. Sean and Larry get the dragon bone back from Friday. At the Quartermaine mansion, Sean and Charlie are able to prove that Charlie is the real Lord Ashton. Larry is crushed. Charlie says he will give the fortune of the lost civilization to the Chinese Government. Ariel and Colton show up at the mansion. Colton says Ariel is going to point out who Domino is. Just then Ariel is shot in the neck with a poison dart.

May 16, 1989 - Katherine prepares for a date with Robert. Mary is pleased when Katherine backs out of her plans to go to L.A. with Paul. Sean holds all the Quartermaines, Yasmine, and Nicholas for questioning after Ariel is shot. Tensions are running high. The Quartermaines are all fighting with each other. Alan gets a call that some of Edward's luggage has been retrieved from the crash. He goes to the airport to collect it. When there he runs into Lucy who was planning to leave town. Lucy makes up a story and works Alan. Alan convinces her to stay in Port Charles and sets her up with a room.  Ariel is still struggling for her life in the hospital. Sean, Robert, Colton, and Felicia have all been working on the case. Robert shows up for late for his dinner with Katherine. Nicholas and Yasmiine prepare to leave Port Charles.

May 17, 1989 - Sean and Anna discuss Victor's arraignment. They both question Scotty's motives for wanting to prosecute Victor. But Anna believes in Scott and wants to help him. At GH, Harrison asks Bobbie if Simone has been ill. Simone and Tom walk up and tell him that  she is pregnant. Later Harrison tries to question Simone about her pregnancy but is interrupted. Valerie thanks Bobbie for her advice about Tony. Tony walks up and says he is taking Valarie out. Bobbie is jealous. Later Tony tells Valerie he is leery of getting involved until he has regained his vision. Tom visits Olivia and his suspicions grew that she is faking her amnesia. Later Olivia runs into Lucy. A nervous Lucy assures her that Scott does not have much of a case against Victor. Lucy later tells Alan how nervous she is that Olivia Jerome is staying directly across the hall from her. Alan tells her she has no reason to be nervous. She has no connection to the Jeromes. Scott receives a threatening phone call at the court house before the arraignment. Anna and Scott try to figure out who sent Scott the evidence against Victor to begin with. Olivia wishes Victor well on the phone. She hangs up and throws Victor's picture. She vows to get him back for killing Duke.

May 18, 1989 - Katherine has changed her mind about going to L.A. and continuing her concert tour. She catches Mary walking without her cane. She knows she has faked her injury. Katherine is angry with both Mary and Robert for the deceit. Anna and Robert are both pleased with Scott's work when they learn that Victor Jerome has been denied bail. At GH Ashton, Sean, and Nicholas are all talking to Bobbie about Ariel's condition. Ariel wakes up but only wants to speak with Colton. She does not confirm who Domino is. She only talks about how much she loves Colton. Nicholas and Yasmine discuss where they will go when they leave Port Charles. Robert and Katherine walk into his candle lit cottage. Katherine is angry. She tells Robert she knows Mary was faking her broken leg. Robert calms her down. They have dinner and dance during their evening. Katherine goes to leave. She and Robert kiss at the door.

May 19, 1989 - At GH Monica tells Sean, Colton, and Felicia to go home and get some rest. They can't help Ariel at the hospital. Robert shows up at Katherine's with gifts. He finds her packed and ready to leave for the airport. They fight about Paul. Robert is worried for her but Katherine questions Robert's motives. Paul is in L.A. and is once again haunted by visions of Althea. Althea tells Paul he has to get rid of Katherine. Robert accepts that KAtherine is going. They kiss goodbye. Mary pleads with Katherine not to go. She really fears for her safety. Katherine goes to the airport. She calls Paul to tell him she is on her way. Tracy has called Nicholas to the mansion. She wants his help in continuing the quest. Ashton is there drowning his sorrows. Monica runs into Ned and tells him he needs to be careful of Alan. He doesn't understand the kind of anger Alan is capable of. Ned says he is not afraid of Alan and storms out. Sean, Colton, and Felicia are at the brownstone trying to figure out what the connection is between Ariel and Nicholas when they get a phone call from General Hospital. Ariel has disappeared. Sean, Robert, and Felicia go to GH to investigate Ariel's disappearance. Colton goes to the Quartermaine's and confronts Nicholas. He wants to know what he has done with Ariel. Nicholas denies any involvement. Ariel is shown being flown away on Nicholas' plane with Yasmine.

May 22-26, 1989:  5/22, 5/23 On location Katherine tours beach house then gets locked in, 5/24, 5/25, 5/26

May 22, 1989 - No Commercials - Anna is frantic as Robin is two hours late arriving home. Robert and Sean at the airport searching for Domino’s plan. Robert thinks Katherine is on her way to Chicago for a concert but she is really going to Los Angeles to see Paul. Felicia wants to be alone tonight and tells Colton she needs time to think. Anna and Robin talk things out. Robin feels Anna works too much and has no time for her. Ashton believes Colton knows where Arielle is. Tracy has dinner with VanBuren to ask him for help with the quest. Colton if indeed married to Arielle wants an annulment. Tony and Felicia have a heart to heart about Colton. Robert visits Anna and Robin. Katherine arrives in Los Angeles. Ashton disrupts Tracy and Van Buren’s dinner with his accusation that Van Buren is indeed Domino. He tells Tracy she best stay away from him. Robert reminds Robin and he and Anna are doing the best they can for Robin. Katherine meets with Paul to tell him the wedding is off. Paul is starting to crack up. He is seeing visions of Althea.

May 23, 1989 - No Commercials - Scott looking for Lucy at GH. Olivia at GH to schedule her physiatrics appointments. Olivia tells Charlene she has seen Lucy at the PC hotel. Paul showing Katherine all the Egyptian artifact from the collection in the museum show. Robert and Anna working the Victor Jerome case. Charlene shows up at Lucy’s hotel room. Lucy tells her she is in hiding from Victor. Charlene thinks that Lucy should got to the police. Scott tells Robert that the DAs office is pushing for an early trial for Victor. Lucy calls Scott to meet at Oscar’s Dinner. Olivia sees Victor in prison. Paul takes Katherine it a remote abandoned restaurant. Terri visits Anna. Anna agrees to let her buy Dukes. Katherine tells Paul about her spending time at the cottage with Robert when she was presumed dead. Scott meets with Lucy at the dinner. She wants to go to the police but Scott fears he will be thrown off the Jerome case if they do. Lucy tells him that Alan is paying for her hotel room. Olivia meets with one of Victor’s associates to milk him for information. Robert visits Anna and Robin. He and Robin have a heart to heart. Paul kidnaps Katherine. He throws her into a locked room in the basement of the abandoned restaurant. Lucy visits Olivia. Robert sends Katherine roses in Chicago. Paul admits to Katherine about killing Althea.

May 24, 1989 - No Commercials - Valerie, Tony and BJ have breakfast with Bobbie at Kellys. Tracy finds out that Alan has set up a court hearing to protest Edward’s final will which leaves everything to Ned. Tracy and Alan argue. Ned does not want Tracy's help. Lila talking with “ghost” Edward. Ned meets with Terri at Kellys. Monica wants Alan to leave her out of the hearing. Harrison confronts Simone about keeping secrets. Tracy meets with with Charlie Prince about the dragon bone. Tom wants Harrison to steer clear of Simone. Tony questions Bobbie about her feelings. (Note: Jumpy picture for a few seconds) Alan and Neds court hearing gets underway. Tracy shows up to lend Ned support. Lila shows up to set the record straight. The will will stand as it it. Ned wants to invest in Dukes with Terri. Tracy has dinner with VanBuren. She persuades him to speak with Charlie. Van Buren and Charlie meet. Alan making calls to ELQ Shareholders. Tracy and Lila talk Edward. Tracy is shocked when Lila orders a martini before bedtime.

May 25, 1989 - No Commercials - Felicia realizes she doesn’t want to be apart from Colton. Robert trying to tie Althea to Paul. Katherine trying to find a way out of the locked room. Colton tells Felicia he wants to start hypothesis again with Tom. Robert and Sean working the Althea case. Donny covering for Katherine where Robert is concerned. Robert still believes she is in Chicago. Alan visits Lucy for drinks and sympathy. Colton is hypothesized by Tom. Robert has nothing but dead ends in the Althea case. Paul brings Katherine food and she tries to make a break for it but is caught. Colton remembers being married to Arielle in his session with Tom. He also remembers that VanBuren is Arielle’s uncle. Paul bringing artifacts from the museum to Katherine’s cell. He is setting up a tomb. Lucy works over Alan. Robert goes through Althea’s things from Cairo. Colton tells Robert and Sean that VanBuren an Arielle are related. The WSB tells Sean to back off VanBuren.

May 26, 1989 - No Commercials - Tracy invites VanBuren to watch the dragon bone telecast at the Q mansion. Charlie Prince is about to turn over the dragon bone in a live telecast to the Chinese Government. Ned tells Dawn about possibly investing in Dukes. Katherine tries to reason with Paul. A worried Mary goes to Robert as she has not heard from Katherine in days. Sean accompanies Charlie to pick up the dragon bone from the WSB. Tracy thinks that Ned getting involved with Terri is a bad idea. Tracy insults Terri and Terri leaves the mansion. Robert learns that Donny canceled Katherine’s concert in Chicago. Lewis is ordered to find Donny. Mary suspects Katherine may have gone to Los Angeles to talk to Paul. Paul decorating Katherine’s cell. Colton and Felicia show up at the Qs to question VanBuren about Arielle. He admits they are related but he has no idea where she is. Anna and Robert begin searching for Katherine. Robert gets a note that Paul had sent to Althea. It reveals that Paul and Althea were indeed trying to kill Katherine. Van Buren and the Q’s watch the dragon bone telecast. Ashton vows to pay Charlie back. Robert confronts Donny at a local bar. Tracy and Monica square off. Robert books a flight to Los Angeles.

May 29 - June 2, 1989:  5/29, 5/30, 5/31 (missed 10 mins news pre-emption), 6/, 6/2

May 29, 1989 - Anna gets a visit from the couple who is looking for Katherine. They thought Robert picked up Paul as an excuse to be near Katherine. Robert and Sean are on the plane to be back up for Robert. Katherine is in some bizarre compound looking dressed up as an Egyptian princess with Paul. Ned sees Monica and asks her if she saw the broadcast about his father giving back the dragon bone. Ned says it is no fun seeing him lose everything. Tracy walks in and says she is destitute. Charlie comes in and wants a word with Ned and Alan. Monica says Alan is off having a fit somewhere. Alan is in Lucy’s hotel room. He says how Tracy’s son now has all the money. Lucy swears she will not let Scott Baldwin take her down with her. Scott comes to see Anna. He tells her jury selection starts tomorrow in the Jerome case.  Alan comes back to the Qs and so does Ashton. Charles tells them he didn’t give back all of the fortune.  Katherine is still being held captive.  Some kids on the beach hear a strange noise in the house. They investigate.  Anna says she wants Victor Jerome and his daughter to pay for everything they did to her. The Qs have another fighting scene. Charles tells them he is returning Alan and Edward’s portion of the investment. Since Ned is Edward’s heir, he gets 2 million.  Larry is furious as is Tracy. Ned says he will share the money if they need it.  Robert and Sean go to an art gallery opening and ask about Paul and Katherine. Lucy wants Scott to give up the trial of Victor Jerome. Scott orders up some steaks and champagne since Alan is footing the bill at her suite. The Qs fight some more.  Alan walks out on Monica telling her she has Ned to take care of her. He is drunk and she wants to know where he is going.  Sean and Robert continue their search for Katherine. Tracy tells Ned losing him is worse than money. He tells her yeah right.  Ned and Monica talk about money making them sick at times. He tells Monica she is very special to him, no matter what she wants. Scott tries to seduce Lucy. She says only if he drops the Jerome case. Alan shows up and throws Scotty out. Lucy gives Alan a massage. Alan shows back up at the Qs. He makes some remarks about Ned and Monica. Tracy asks where Arielle is. Ashton says she left. He tells Ned he is pursuit of another rich wife. Scott comes back to see Lucy.  He asks her what her game is with Alan.  They fall into bed.  Anna says Sean and Robert have a lead on Katherine.
May 30, 1989 - Scott calls Anna and she tells him Cindy called with a lead. Sean and Robert are still on the trail looking for Katherine and Paul.  Felicia and Colton are at Ruby’s.  Katherine is still tied up like an Eygptian mummy. Felicia tells Colton she loves him and she wants to be his wife. Cindy tells Scott she has proof in the Victor Jerome case. Tony and Bobbie are at the hospital. Tony is blind.  Tony tells Bobbie thank you for turning him on to Bobbie.  Felicia shows up to talk to Bobbie. Scott goes to visit Victor in jail. He tells him he has some info that could send him up the river for the rest of his life. Victor insists he didn’t take care of Duke Lavery.  Anna reminisces about Duke with Cindy. Robert and Sean are still searching for Katherine. This whle crazy Katherine fantasy is continuing.  Katherine escapes, but Paul catches her. He is about to mummify her or something. Scott comes to see Anna.  He recorded Victor’s voice for Cindy to see if she can ID it. She can ID the voice.  She says she will testify in court.  A newspaper reporter overhears Scott’s conversation and tells the paper to hold the press.  He might have a new headline.  Colton and Felicia arrive at Anna’s. They talk about Arielle.  Colton says he can divorce Arielle without her being present.  Katherine is about to be preserved as a mummy when Robert and Sean arrive.
May 31, 1989 - Sean and Robert see the surfer guys. They tell them a man is in the compound/beach house.  They ask about the woman.  They say there is no woman. Tiffany interviews the mayor about the Victor Jerome case. Victor’s lawyer says he has nothing. Scott disagrees.  Lucy talks to her Aunt Charlene.  She says Scott is a big ham, usually, but now she thinks she really has evidence against Scott.  Charlene finds out that Lucy is getting “Taken Care of” by Alan.  She is livid.  Alan has a board meeting at ELQ.  He tells the stockholders that Ned is no way prepared to run ELQ.  Monica and Ned come in.  Ned takes over.  Alan accuses Monica of being in bed with Ned in more ways than one. Katherine is closed in the crypt and is screaming for help. Robert and Sean are to the rescue.  Ned assures all the stockholders that business will continue as usual. Alan is livid.  Ned offers Alan a challenge. He says they each take the 2 million they got from the quest and they both have to invest it and see how does better after six months. If Alan wins, he takes over the company and gets everything.  If Ned wins, he takes over. They shake on it.  Robert rescues Katherine. Alan and Monica return home. Alan says at least Monica have lover boy Ned to console her. Alan yells at her that he is the only one who can run ELQ. Lila overhears and talks to Edward’s picture.  Scott comes to see Lucy.  He brings her chocolates and tries to seduce her yet again. She tells him her toe nail polish needs to dry. He orders more champagne on loser Alan.  Robert and Sean bring Katherine to the hospital. Lucy asks who this Cindy person is in the headlines. The doctors tell Robert that Katherine might not make it.
June 1, 1989 - Felicia wakes up with Colton. He tells her he is pushing for an annulment as soon as possible! Sean tells Tiffany that Robert is still in LA with Katherine. Tiffany says she is so sick of bad news.  Scotty is with Anna.  He is asking the judge for delay on the trial. He gets a delay til after lunch. Cindy is gone. Without her Scott doesn’t have squat against Victor Jerome. Olivia is having coffee reading the paper and sees that some woman says that Victor Jerome said he would have Duke Lavery taken care of. Felicia asks Colton what happened to all the help Nicholas Van Buren was supposed to give him in tracking down Arielle. Sean shows up at Kelly’s to call the operator in LA. Mary calls Sean. She tells him that Katherine is still in a coma and she won’t come around. Amy tells Olivia her father wants to see her before the trial starts. Olivia says she could remember this person Duke.  Lewis gets a call that they found Cindy in a cab somewhere getting dropped off at a bus station. Felicia shows up to see Sean at Kelly’s. Sean tells Felicia that he knows she and Colton are in love.  Felicia tells him about the civil divorce with Arielle. Colton talks to the priest about ending his marriage to Arielle. Olivia goes to visit Victor in prison. Anna and Scotty find Cindy beat up in an alley. Victor reminisces with Olivia. Scott tells Victor he found Cindy beaten to a pulp in the alley. Victor says how would he know what happened. Scott says he will see Victor in jail. Victor tells Olivia that Baldwin doesn’t have a case against him at all. Sean and Anna eat lunch. They talk about Victor’s trial.  Olivia is sending a menacing note. Colton tells Felicia to go the courthouse with Anna while he goes to the airport.
June 2, 1989 - Robert is at Katherine’s bedside.  Colton is on his way to Greece. Scott says he has enough to put Jerome away for the rest of his life. Anna and Sean talk about having good faith and being determined to bring Victor down. They go into the courtroom.  Tracy tells Aunt Charlene she tried to get Scott to drop the case. Victor arrives in court. Felicia and Colton reunite and kiss on the plane.  The doctors say no progress yet for Katherine. Victor’s trial commences.  Scott paints a picture of Victor selling drugs and beating up women who would speak out against him. Victor’s lawyer says without absolute proof, he is innocent til proven guilty. Scott calls officer Rolilngs as an expert witness. Victor’s lawyer cross examines the witness. Robert sits by Katherine’s bedside.  Robert professes how much he cares about Katherine.  Colton’s lawyer says his divorce is legal. Felicia and Colton are thrilled. The trial continues. A witness says that Robert Scorpio shot Mr. Lavery. Scotty gets information on a new witness.  He says he needs time to find Phil Leon who was Victor’s bodyguard.  Scott requests that Victor and his attorney get sequestered til Baldwin can bring in his witness. Olivia doesn’t want to leave the courthouse. She tells her father that she is always so much better when her father is near her.  Robert calls Anna.  He says he is not happy with the results of Katherine’s results.  He says there is a chance that she was deprived of oxygen for too long and she might not be the same if she pulls through it. Katherine wakes up while Robert is out.  Anna and Sean talk about how often they have hung out at a courthouse over the years. Scott comes in and says he is looking for his witness.  Robert sees Katherine awake and tells her she is in Calif, in a hospital bed.  Colton proposes to Felicia in the park. They flash to a jail cell with a prisoner who is Frisco.

June 5-9, 1989:  6/5, 6/6, 6/7, 6/8, 6/9

June 5, 1989 - Robert comes in to see Katherine. He is all clean-shaven. He wants to know why she cancelled her concert tour. She says she had to tell Paul she couldn’t marry him. Scott meets with Anna and Sean about finding this witness in the Jerome case. Felicia and Colton are in the park kissing. He tells a little kid that Felicia is going to marry him. Felicia and Colton discuss how they can support themselves and who they are going to invite to their wedding.  They flash to a prisoner (which is Frisco). Scott gets info on Phil Leon and the police can’t find him. Robert asks Katherine’s doctor if she was abused by Paul. He tells Robert she will be fine. Victor Jerome says no way will Scott win this case. He knows what he would do to scott/lucy if he does. Terry tells Bobbie she has a feeling Lucy is not routing for Scott. Colton tells Aunt Charlene he is marrying Felicia. Felicia tells Tony she is marrying Colton. He gives her his blessing. Phil Leon takes the witness stand. Scott is on thin ice with the judge. He tells him that he is convinced that Jerome is in a conspiracy to kill Duke Lavery. Anna tells Scott that she saw Phil visiting Olivia in the hospital. She tells Scott to ask him about that. He questions Phil about visiting Olivia. Olivia starts screaming and freaks out and runs out of court. Tom comforts her. Anna tries to question Olivia. Tom says to leave Olivia alone. Scott says he will wait and put Olivia on the stand tomorrow. Robert calls Anna to get an update on the case. They show the prisoner again.
June 6, 1989 - Sean and Tiffany wake up together. He is trying to call Scott. Anna gets Robin ready for school. Robin thinks she should stay home from school to watch the trial. Tracy is in the Q living room. Ned comes in and she accuses him of avoiding her. She tells him she is the reason he has anything in this world, and that she lost a fortune by believing in Ashton’s pipe dreams. She also kept quiet about him not being a lord to protect Ned. She accuses Ned of being poisoned against her by Monica. Tom and Olivia prepare her for her testimony. Lucy shows up at the trial. Sean tells Scotty he seems overconfident. Olivia takes the stand. Scotty questions her. Olivia remembers hearing Phil’s voice when he was in the hospital with her father. She says they were planning Duke Lavery’s death. Olivia says Phil’s words were “Malone is all set to kill Duke Lavery.” The court goes crazy. Alan is on the phone buying stock. Monica comes in. She wants to talk to Alan about their marriage. Alan tells her he is way too busy with this contest. Tracy leaves a message for Nicholas Van Buren.  Ashton comes in and overhears her .Tracy tries to convince Ashton to go for Monica to get some cash for them. He asks if she is pimping him out as a gigalo. She tells him nobody does is better than him. Monica asks if the contest is more important than their marriage. Alan accuses Monica of wanting Ned to win so she can gloat for her little boy toy. Monica says she just wants to save their marriage and get it back on track. Amanda comes in and Alan ignores Monica. They cross examine Olivia and ask her if she and Duke were lovers.  Alan comes to visit Lucy. Lucy is all jumpy. Alan is upset too by Monica. They comfort each other. Aunt Charlene shows up. Lucy is in a panic that Victor will want her head to roll when the trial is over. Charlene tells Lucy to go to a spa and get out of town. Monica comes home upset. Ned comforts her.  He tells her it is okay to cry. They kiss, while Ashton spies them from the window of the boathouse. Anna and Sean arrive home. Anna and Sean fill Robin in on the trial. Scott called saying Cindi changed her mind and will testify against Victor. Ashton tells Tracy he thinks the Monica challenge will be fun. She is so pleased he will go along with her plan. Ashton tells her it is for his own reasons. Ned tells Monica he will always cherish the night they made love at the spa. Monica says she does too, but it is wrong for them to continue, even though it feels good. Monica stops the kiss and says she can’t do this. Scotty comes to see Lucy. She tells him she is leaving to go to a spa.
June 7, 1989 - The press shows up at Anna’s house. Sean tells Felicia he thinks it might be better for Felicia to live a normal life with Colton for a while instead of rushing into marriage. Ashton comes in dressed to kill or seduce. Tracy is please with how he looks. They laugh about their past and his charms. He is going for Monica. Tracy gets a call from Nicholas Van Buren for a dinner. Ned asks her if she is going on the prowl. Ned says he is going out for a different kind of evening. Tracy tells Monica that Ashton is waiting for her. Felicia and Colton tell Bobbie, Walt and Terry about their wedding. Colton asks Sean to be his best man. Robert comes home and sees Anna. She fills him in on the trial. Katherine comes back with him too. Ashton tells Monica about Arielle’s break up letter.  Monica is sympathetic. They go for a walk. Tracy goes out with Van Buren. She has a proposition for him. She wants him to help her divest ELQ of Monica, and to help her make sure ELQ isn’t run into the ground. She tells him ELQ has lots of interests and subsidiaries he might be interested in. He agrees to do business with her. She says Monica isn’t above infidelity, and that she has a plan in motion. Lucy arrives at the spa. Ashton and Monica return from their walk. He tells her how sad he is about the trouble in England with his heritage, etc. She tells him he should go back there and straighten things out. He admits to her he has no money to do that. She offers to pay for it. He refuses but she insists. Monica says she just wants to help and to consider it a loan if he would rather. Ashton says he will be thinking of Monica while he is gone and he kisses her on the cheek. Felicia and the gang show up at Anna’s and tell Robin she is going to be a bridesmaid if she would like to. She asks Anna to be the matron of honor. They flash to Frisco again in jail, but you still don’t see his face, but something he wrote on the prison wall. Ned shows up to help Walt move at the Brownstone and to eat dinner. Robert and Sean talk about Katherine. Robert says he has never really been with Katherine in a romantic way. He thinks she just wants friendship. Katherine tells Anna talk. Katherine tells Anna she worried Paul was going to rape her and she keeps reliving it over and over. Van Buren tells Tracy he will consider her proposition and wants to see the Q holdings to see what he would like. Ashton shows up at the airport but instead of going to London, he is going to Monte Carlo instead. Monica is at home and the phone rings. She gets call from Detective Crane from the NYPD. He was trying to reach Audrey Hardy, but they gave him her number. He has a troubled kid in custody named Dawn Winthrop. Monica looks upset and says she will be there. Anna and Cindy talk. Colton has another nightmare from his prisoner days.
June 8, 1989 - Cindi talks to the press and says Victor is responsible for the death of Duke. Katherine and Sean discuss Robin growing up so fast. Felicia and Colton discuss his nightmare and he says he won’t put her through that, he won’t marry her. Felicia argues with him. They make up. They show up at the Brownstone and tell Felicia and Colton they need to go to the club for a party that night. Alan needs Monica to sign something.  Amy doesn’t know where she is. She got a message that she was called out of town.  Alan freaks.  He runs into Ned and asks where Monica is.  He says he has no idea. Monica bails Dawn out. She was arrested in a drug bust. Monica says she was a nice student nurse. Dawn comes in and says no way is she ever going back to PC. Monica convinces Dawn to come with her.  Ned comes in and asks Tracy where Monica went last night. Tracy makes a snide remark about never knowing where Monica sleeps. But then she suggests t it is strange that Ashton left to go out of town too.  Ned says that is ridiculous. Terry calls Ned to come over and help. Colton goes to Tom about his dreams. The party at the club starts. Cindi testifies.  Scott tells her he will save her from the press. Tracy catches Alan having a drink.  She makes a comment about Monica being missing and wonders if Alan is happy he has freedom to do the same.  She infers he is having an affair and tells him she doesn’t care, just make sure it isn’t another gold digger. Felicia and Colton are surprised with their party.  Ned and Tony make a toast. Monica returns home. Alan yells at her for not telling anyone where she went. He says Lila was worried and so was Tracy. She tells him Dawn was picked up on a drug bust.  He accuses her of making that up as an alibi.  Dawn is crying in her room.  Ned tells Terry he is wondering about where his dad has run off to.  They flash to the prisoner in jail again.  Scott calls Anna about the trial.  Robert comforts her.

June 9, 1989 - Katherine wakes up screaming on the couch from a dream. Robin designs a dress for Anna for Felicia’s wedding. Felicia and Colton show up. Anna prays Victor will be found guilty. Robert and Scott wait for the jury in the courthouse. Sean joins Scott and Robert in the wait. Felicia , Bobbie, Terry and Robin and Anna go shopping for wedding dress. They flash to the prisoner again. Robert calls Anna at the store and tells her the verdict is in. The verdict comes in. Anna makes it to the court house. The verdict is guilty. Anna is so relieved. Anna tells Robert she still thinks Olivia is faking her amnesia.  Robert says when he gets evidence, she will go down for all the crimes she has committed.  Felicia meets Colton in the park. They flash to the prisoner again who is about to get hung.  The priest comes to administer his last rights. The prisoner attacks the priest and attempts an escape. Robert and Katherine have a drink together.  Anna shows up at Duke’s empty club. She has a montage of memories about her and Duke. The prisoner escapes and trades outfits with the priest.

June 12-16, 1989:  6/12, 6/13, 6/14 Colton's bachelor party, Felicia's bridal shower, 6/15, 6/16 Felicia & Colton's wedding, Frisco arrives in time to see their vows

June 12, 1989 - Katherine talks about her relationship with Robert. Anna has proof for Robert that Olivia remembers everything. Sean and Felicia are working.   Sean tells her he thinks she shouldn’t rush into marriage. The prisoner (aka Frisco) has escaped. Colton got a job on the medical van. Bobbie gives him his ID card.  Ned sees Monica at the hospital. She tells Ned about Dawn being arrested. She tells Ned that Dawn had a crush on him and it would hurt her to know about her affair with Ned. They agree to just be friends.  Sean agrees with Anna that Olivia is faking amnesia. Robert says they need proof.  Robert wants Anna to let go of this obsession with Olivia and move on with his life. She tells Robert he should move on and get on with Katherine. The escaped prisoner steals a bike and goes across the Greek border. Anna is shopping for dresses with Felicia. She runs into Olivia in the store and accuses her of committing several crimes.  Ned talks to Dawn about being her friend. Ned asks her to dinner. She says no and she acts mad at him.  Monica asks him if he had any luck with Dawn. Anna comes back to the office. They coach Robert on wooing Katherine. Olivia is on her bed with Duke’s jacket. She is talking to “Duke”  Robert comes to pick Katherine up on a date.  He is all nervous. They say it is impossible to pretend they are just starting over.  Frisco (prisoner) sneaks across the Greek border on the bike.
June 13, 1989 - Robert and Katherine are at the movies.  Lila talks to Alan about Ned.  Lila tells Alan about Dawn and how Monica has taken her under wing.  Monica walks in. She wants to talk to Alan.  Alan accuses her of having an affair with Ned.  She denies it. She says she gave up her job as assistant chief of staff for Alan to make him feel better about himself. Dawn is back to her apartment. She talks to Charlie. He tells her he thinks she came back to be in PC to be near her real mother—Monica Quartermaine.  Robert continues his date. Lucy calls Scott from the spa. He tells her he convicted Victor. He tells Lucy he misses her and it is safe for her to come home.  Dawn tells Charlie that when she met Monica she was hoping things would work out.  She found out that Ned was just pretending to care about her and that Alan accused Monica of sleeping with Ned. He tells Dawn to find out the truth and don’t believe Alan and his accusations.  Ned arrives just then.  Dawn confronts him.  Ned tells Dawn he never had an affair with Monica. Tracy gets a call from Nicholas Van Buren saying he has had the Q portfolio analyzed and wants to meet her for dinner.  Alan sees Scott at the bar.  He wants to know if his wife and kids know about his generosity towards Lucy.  He tells Scott if he ever hurts Lucy he will have to answer to him.  Katherine and Robert go to dinner.  Ned tells Monica that Dawn overheard about their affair.  Monica says it is amazing that one mistake can cause so many complications. She doesn’t want Dawn to get hurt by their mistake.  Ned says nobody will ever know what went on between them. Lucy is ready to go back to PC. She asked the spa manager about the tennis pro Ward.  She said he was fired because he was too familiar with a guest. She tells Lucy she stole his picture out of his file because she had a crush on him. Lucy finds it in her purse and discovers it was Ned. Lucy puts the pieces together and realizes Monica had an affair with Ned.  She is excited for this blackmail material.  Charlie comes back to the Q mansion. He has bad news that the Chinese sent a ship to find the dragon bone stuff. He says he is staying at Kelly’s to get to know his new nephew. Tracy meets with Nicholas who tells her he wants some ELQ tankers and will set up a company to buy them privately.  She says for 10% she will make it happen. They have a deal.  Robert comes over to tell them about the Chinese ship sinking with the dragon bone on it.  Charlie goes to see Dawn and tells her Ned/Monica are decent and to give them a chance.  Monica tells Ned that Dawn could do a lot worse than him.  She hugs him and Tracy walks in and is disgusted by it. Nicholas calls some woman and lets on he had something to do with the ship sinking.  Lucy comes back and kisses Scott at the bar. Alan comes home and confronts Monica about her affair. She tells him if he spent more time at home they could work on their marriage. They fight some more. Robert brings Katherine home and they kiss.
June 14, 1989 - Lucy goes back to her room to find Monica there. She asks why her husband has been footing her hotel bill for the last few weeks.  Sean and Tiffany talk about the bachelor party he is giving for Colton. Robert shows up. The mystery prisoner is trying to find an American passport.  Lucy explains to Monica how Alan was just helping her out.  Monica says her husband would never help someone out without getting something in return. She told her she was her only friend in PC.  Monica says Lucy better stay away from Alan or she will tell the hospital daycare center to fire her. Lucy tells her people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, but she doesn’t reveal she knows about Ned yet.  Anna sees Tom and tells him she thinks Olivia is faking. Lila talks to Edward’s ghost in their bedroom.  You see the cigar in the air floating around.  He asks Lila who is winning the battle between Alan and Tracy.  Ashton shows back up at the Qs.  Tracy tells him about the ship sinking with his life’s work.  He is furious.  She tells him at least he wasn’t on it.  Alan comes to see Lucy.  She tells him Monica came to her and threatened her.  Alan is livid. The bachelor party and the bachelorette party take place. Tracy sees Alan come in and tells him she is worried about Lila and she smelled cigar smoke in her room and saw Jennings bringing up martinis to her.  Alan is waiting for Monica, and Tracy mentions how popular she is that day and how Ashton was looking for her. Ashton crashes the bachelor party. Lucy shows up at the shower for Felicia.  Alan and Monica have a fight over Lucy. Lila has a drink with the judge up in her room. Edward is commenting in the background. Sean talks to Robert about Katherine again. Robert asks Katherine to go to the wedding with him.  Felicia and Colton wake up together and talk about their wedding. The mystery person buys his ticket to NY and then to PC.
June 15, 1989 - *Mariah shows up in PC for the wedding. Ned comes to visit Dawn at the hospital.  Lucy shows up and asks for messages.  She runs into Tony.  Felicia wakes up to a rainy day. Colton tells her it is good luck.  The plane lands in NY. The mystery man is looking at a photo of Felicia. Anna gets a phone call from Tom.  She is holding some lace she wore at her wedding to Duke.  Robin sees her and is worried about the rainy wedding day.  Tiffany is videotaping getting ready for the wedding. She is driving Sean crazy. Sean is all edgy. Felicia’s grandmother Mariah shows up at the apartment and meets Colton.  The caterer shows up at the park and is freaking out that it is raining. Dawn gets reprimanded for not showing up on time. Charlie is insisting on being her friend. Olivia talks to Tom. She is livid people are following her around.  She tells him she was at the club because she is trying to remember Duke. Tiffany is taping Anna getting ready for the wedding day. Mariah gives Colton her blessing for the marriage.  They mystery man (Frisco) is boarding a plane for PC.  Dawn and Charlie talk.  She tells Charlie Monica will never know that she is her mother unless he tells her.  Tiffany tapes Felicia getting ready.  Colton gets ready at Sean’s. Felicia and Colton talk to each other through the door.
June 16, 1989 - *Frisco is back. More preparations are made for getting ready for the wedding.  Katherine and Robert sit in the park waiting for the wedding to start.  Alan asks Monica if she is going to the wedding.  Ned and Terry show up for the wedding.  Sean is explaining ushering duties. Tony comes to talk to Felicia about giving her his blessing.  She says it is hard to not think about Frisco today.  BJ is the flower girl for the wedding. Simone collapses. The wedding is about to begin. They mystery man shows up in PC. Tiffany is videotaping the wedding. Alan arrives and he and Lucy make eyes at each other.  Monica sees Dawn and asks if she is there with Ned.  Ned is whispering to Monica while Lucy observes.  Harrison finds Simone passed out and carries her out of the Brownstone. Meanwhile the mystery man climbs in the window and looks at Felicia’s bed.  He reads a note by the bed about wedding preparations.  It is revealed that it is FRISCO! Simone loses the baby. Terry sings at the wedding. Frisco sneaks around the docks. The ceremony begins and Tony gives Felicia away. Coltin and Felicia exchange vows as Frisco is there to witness the wedding. He is devastated.

June 19-23, 1989:  6/19, 6/20, 6/21, 6/22, 6/23

June 19, 1989 - Simone is losing her baby.  Harrison tells her it is time to call Tom. Nicholas Van Buren asks a man on the phone if he was able to get secrets out of the prisoner about the WSB. Frisco is watching the wedding reception from the bushes. Robert makes a toast as does Sean. Some men grab Frisco. The wedding continues. Lucy and Scott are at the reception. Alan and Monica talk about them.  Monica says that Lucy has gone back to Scott’s bed and that too bad Alan wasted all his money on her. Charlie and Dawn are there. A nurse arrives to tell Tom Simone is having a miscarriage.  Felicia and Colton dance. Frisco is brought into a dark place for questioning. Frisco attacks them. Tom arrives and they are able to stop Simon’s labor. Alan sees Lucy at the Outback at the reception. Scott tells him to get lost. Robert and Katherine dance. Sean makes a toast. Tony makes a toast. Frisco shows up at the park and looks at the empty scene. They play his song in the background. Felicia throws her bouquet. Frisco is sneaking into Sean’s penthouse. He leaves a note for Sean saying to meet him in the catacombs. The guy he knocked out wakes up. He makes a call to say Frisco escaped. 
June 20, 1989 - Sean and Tiffany watch the video of the wedding. Anna comes over. Felicia and Colton are in a cabin. A family is stuck with them who got stuck in the storm. Frisco is remembering all his past with Felicia. Some kid jumps him and they start fighting. Turns out it is a kid. Anna, Tiffany and Sean talk about Olivia agreeing to sodium penathol (Truth serum). They hope it will give them the evidence they need. Felicia remembers her honeymoon with Frisco. Colton feels bad they have other people with them on their honeymoon. Frisco tries to call Sean but he gets his machine. Tom comes to visit Simone. Tracy comes in to see Larry to ask him if he is still going to pursue Monica. She gets a call from Nicholas who is rushing her to get the prices down on the ship fleet he wants from ELQ. Tony is working out. Frisco is hiding in the bushes listening as he finds out Tony is blind.  Monica comes in and sees Larry.  She asks how his trip was. Tracy walks in and makes a snarky remark.  Monica says she has no time for coffee with Larry. Olivia shows up for her appointment with Dr. Hardy. Frisco listens to Tony’s conversations trying to catch up.  Felicia is still thinking about Frisco and having some flashbacks. The man who is stuck with them suggests them take a night at the nicest honeymoon suite on them. Olivia drinks something when nobody is looking. Tom goes into asking her questions. She starts to get sick.  Tom has to stop the session. Anna is livid.  Frisco shows up where Colton and Felicia are. Tracy is making Lila a drink. She asks her to vote to sell the fleet of tankers.  Lila consults with Edward’s photo.  He tells her Tracy is up to something.  H e finally tells her to go ahead and do it.  Sean is fixing a drink when Frisco shows up. He is shocked. Anna comes to talk to Tony about Olivia’s reaction to the medication. Tony tells her he felt Frisco’s presence in his garden today.Tony tells Anna it was Frisco’s birthday today. Frisco wants to know from Sean what is going on. He asks him about ignoring his note. Frisco is super angry. He asks how can he left Felicia marry Colton, his name was sanctuary and he came to kill him.  He says the WSB guaranteed him they would tell Felicia he was still alive. He says Robert and Sean are his enemies now. He tells them he escaped from a Bulgarian prison. Sean tells him he saw his grave. They thought he was dead. The WSB lied to Frisco. Sean tells him never to trust the WSB. Frisco accuses Sean of playing cupid with Colton and Felicia.
June 21, 1989 - Katherine tells Anna Victor Jerome got the maximum sentence. Sean comes to Robert’s office to tell him Frisco is alive.  He tells Robert that Frisco is livid that Felicia didn’t wait for him.  He said the WSB swore they would tell Felicia he was alive. Sean tells him they saw his grave. Frisco accused both Robert and Sean for not looking for him and he accused him of pushing Colton into Felicia’s arms. Frisco beats some guy up in an alley. Simone is still in the hospital. Tom and Audrey come to visit. Frisco is hurt. He has the kid in the catacombs help him. He was knifed.  She tells him he has to clean his wound. Frisco has a flashback of him and Felicia. Tom comes to see Anna. What he tells her makes Anna figure out that Olivia was setting up her father the whole time. Audrey visits Simone. She is crying. Audrey tells her her mother is coming to see her. Robert has a suspect in. Robert tells Guy that Frisco is still alive. Sean says Frisco would never endanger any of his family or friends lives. Robert and Sean figure out that Frisco might be hiding in the catacombs. Audrey tells Simone if she won’t talk to her, she needs to talk to someone. Simone says she wants to tell her but she doesn’t want to hurt her. She finally tells her she slept with Harrison and betrayed Tom. She tells Audrey she doesn’t know whose baby it is she is pregnant with. Tom tries to make peace with Harrison. Robert says Frisco needs backup. Anna calls to have Robert come over. Sean and Robert decide to keep Anna in the dark about Frisco. Frisco tells the kid thanks for helping him. He needs one more favor. He needs something delivered to Robert Scorpio tomorrow.
June 22, 1989 - Lucy wakes up Scott with a bell. His office calls. Sean tells Robert Frisco blames them for everything that has happened to him. Frisco is staring a photo of Felicia. Felicia and Colton wake up together. Sean finds a note on Robert’s office floor from Frisco that says he is leaving town and not to tell Felicia he is alive. Robert and Anna go question a suspect. Anna wants Robert to keep on Phil Leone but Robert says he is done. Felicia and Colton get some food. He says the mechanic is still working on his car. Colton wants to know what is bothering Felicia.  She tells him that she can’t stop thinking about Frisco. She is worried he is angry. He says no. She says it was Frisco’s birthday yesterday. Sean and Robert think they need to find the kid who dropped off the note to find Frisco. Anna and Scott comes to Kelly’s for lunch. He tells her they will find a way to put Olivia away for good. Lucy comes in. Anna leaves. Ruby says she feels a storm coming on. The kid follows Frisco to the docks. She says he might want the picture of Felicia he left in the catacombs. Robert and Sean show up as they tailed the kid. Frisco tells them to get out of his way. Sean and Robert tell Frisco he is putting Felicia in more danger by hiding for her. That his enemies know about Felicia and she will be the target instead of him. Anna comes to talk to Olivia. She has some things of hers that she found. The hotel manager tells Felicia and Colton they have to check out because the room is rented for the night. Robert and Sean tell Frisco they need his help to get rid of this guy. Frisco tells him he will help them both go straight to hell.
June 23, 1989 - Tracy tells Alan Ned is going to hang him out to dry in their contest and that he should be glad he has a career to fall back on. Alan says he is going to be in control of ELQ when it is all said and done. Anna confronts Olivia. Felicia and Colton leave the hotel to go back to Port Charles.  Robert and Sean are with Frisco. They tell him they need him. Frisco says his wife is in on a honeymoon with a guy who tried to kill him. Sean and Robert leave him. Nicholas Van Buren comes to see Tracy to tell her he is ready to buy the ELQ tanker fleet. He asks her what she is going to do with her finder’s fee. She says it will ensure her future. Olivia tells Anna she let them give her sodium penathol. Anna wants to know why Olivia sent notes to Phil and Scott Baldwin. Olivia says she sent the notes because she didn’t want Anna to suffer anymore. Olivia asks Anna if she thinks she did it because of Duke she is wrong. She says she had pity for Anna and Robin. Anna tells her her father could die in prison. Anna says if she didn’t now Olivia any better she could be fooled.  She tells her she is the best con artist around. Anna said she sent her father to prison because of what he did to Duke. Anna says she will be on her trail every step of the way and won’t rest til Olivia is behind bars. Monica asks Dawn out for dinner. Ned shows up. He tells Monica he needs her vote. She says she doesn’t want to vote against Alan right now. Alan is on the phone investing again. Tracy is eavesdropping. Robert and Sean talk to Lewis about Frisco. Sean says Frisco is going to freak out Felicia. They are going to try to find her first. They get word on where she is. Felicia and Colton are finding directions home. Tracy and Alan interrupt Ned in a meeting with some computer geeks. They leave, but Alan is spying on them to see what they are up to. Anna asks Lewis where Robert is. She stays in his office to wait and puts the letters she found in Olivia’s police files. Dawn is at dinner with Monica. She tells her she feels responsible for making her come back to Port Charles. Ned comes in with Jason. He got out of boarding school early. The kid tells Frisco she remembers he used to sing that song about the lady. Felicia and Colton are still trying to get back to town. Little Jason has dinner with Monica, Dawn and Ned. Dawn observes how Monica is with her son. Olivia’s helper calls Anna and says Olivia booked a flight to Rio. Anna says she will tell Tom.

June 26-30, 1989:  6/26, 6/27, 6/28, 6/29, 6/30

June 26, 1989 - Anna is still in Robert’s office waiting for him. She calls Olivia’s assistant. She tells her not to call the police and Anna will take care of it. Sean and Robert show up at the Brownstone. Colton is on the road and sees Felicia’s suitcase sitting there. Frisco comes into the catacombs carrying Felicia. He tells the kid to go find Robert. Felicia wakes up freaked out looking at Frisco. He tells her it is him and he is alive. Frisco fills Felicia in about his time in prison. Frisco said every time he felt alone or weak he thought of her.  Felicia is crying. Ned is at Kellys with Monica and Dawn. He gets a call from Tracy. She tells Ned he has to come home for a family meeting that Lila has called. He tells her he will find Monica.  Lucy and Scotty come into Kelly’s. Colton sees Bobbie at Kelly’s who tells him that Sean and Robert are looking for him and Felicia. Anna is looking for Terry. Robert, Sean and Colton are on the docks. The kid comes running up to tell them Frisco has Felicia. Colton is freaking out. Sean and Robert try to explain. Frisco tells Felicia how he was next in line to be hung and how he escaped. Frisco says he got back to PC just in time to watch her vows and her marriage to Colton who was the man who “killed” him. Felicia defends Colton and herself and told Frisco how she wanted to die when she found out he was dead, and how she looked for him, etc.  Frisco asks her about the music box he sent and the microchip and she says how would she know that meant he was alive. She says the WSB ruined their lives. She told Frisco he did what he had to do and so did she. Colton is going crazy wanting to find Frisco and get Felicia away from him. Alan and Amanda are talking.  He is trying to convince her not to vote with Ned and sell the oil tankers. Tracy interrupts. Then Steve comes in and announces the hospital board is going to donate a plaque in Edward’s honor. The Qs are pleased, but Alan seems put off by it. Charles tries to convince Dawn to give Monica a chance. Lucy and Scott talk about going home to have sex.  Lucy says if he doesn’t drop the thing with Olivia he won’t get any more sex from her. Anna tells Terry she wants to look through Duke’s office. Terry gives her the key. Colton sees Felicia who tells him what happened with Frisco. Felicia tells him she still loves him and they are still married. Sean and Robert come to see Frisco. They want him to be more cautious. They need to find out if Domino knows he is still alive. Sean is going to Bulgaria to find out more. Olivia gets a note from Terry that Anna really wrote telling her to come by Duke’s to pick up a personal letter tomorrow night. Felicia and Colton decide they will get through this together.
June 27, 1989 - Tony is singing a rap song cooking. Charlene comes in. He talks about missing his brother. Colton has a nightmare about killing Frisco. Colton says he needs to get back to work and get his life in order. He goes to see Tom. Sean goes to Bulgaria to ask about Frisco. They tell him he is dead and was cremated. Finally he admits that he escaped. He tells him to tell Domino that Frisco is dead. Anna makes a recording to play for Olivia. Felicia shows up back at work. She tells Anna about Frisco being alive. Anna is shocked. Colton tells Tom Frisco is alive. Frisco slips back into Tony’s house. Tony finds out Frisco is alive! Tony says he knew it somehow that he was alive. He had a premonition. He tells Tony Colton is an assassin. Frisco hears someone coming, so he has to leave, it turns out to be “mouse” the kid. Mouse says that Sean sent a message that Domino thinks he is dead so stay that way. Tony calls Felicia and needs to see her. Bobbie comes over with BJ to help plan the party for Colton and Felicia. Frisco sneaks in to see Felicia, he tells her Domino thinks he is dead so he is safe. He wants to work out their problems. Colton comes in and says he is the problem. Colton says Felicia is his wife now. Frisco has to leave. He sneaks out of the window. Olivia comes to the club to meet Terry. But she isn’t there. Anna is hiding listening in. Felicia wants to get drunk to forget about life for a while. Colton tries to make her feel better.  Olivia asks if she can go to the office upstairs. Anna traps her in the elevator.
June 28, 1989 - Scott comes in late for a date with Lucy. He got some information on Phil Leon. Anna meanwhile tells Olivia that she is doing what Tim did to her, cutting the elevator cable. Katherine is playing piano. She throws away the portrait of herself. Robert shows up. Olivia is freaking out she wants Anna to stop. Anna says she will on one condition. She wants her to confess to everything she did to her family or she will kill her. Olivia still pretends she can’t remember. Olivia calls her bluff..Anna starts cutting the cable. Scotty flirts with Lucy. Alan walks into the bar talking to a man about buying Wilson Pharmecuetical company. Anna continues to threaten Olivia. She tells her you talk or you die. Finally Olivia admits to the doll with the broken neck on her doorstep was her doing. She wanted her to be scared because she was a burden to Duke and she was hoping she would go away. Olivia admits she hired Tim and made the recordings for her where she changed the nursery rhymes to scare her. Olivia admits she sent a note to robin telling her that if a love bird dies the other will die too. Anna gets it all on tape. Tom goes to see Simone, he wants to know if she will move in to Steve and Audrey’s house while she is having this risky pregnancy. Olivia tells Anna she took Robin to an amusement park. Anna keeps at Olivia getting her to admit everything. She admits she made the elevator fall so that Duke would die one way or another. Robert gets a call that Anna got a confession out of Olivia. He tells Scott who says he is going with him. Alan sees Lucy sitting alone and asks to join her. Robert goes to find Anna. Olivia tells Robert that Anna set her in a trap. Robert arrests Olivia. Scott shows back up and finds Alan with Lucy and tells them what happened with Olivia getting booked for attempted murder. Scott accuses Lucy of Alan hitting on her. Robert comforts Anna.
June 29, 1989 - Amy reads the paper and finds they are going to prosecute Olivia. Sean and Anna come to see Tony. He tells them he knows that Frisco is alive. Felicia and Colton talk about Frisco being back and how nothing has changed they are still husband and wife. Colton leaves for work and Frisco comes in to talk to Felicia. He tells Felicia about Nicholas Van Buren and he is Domino and she needs to help him. The Qs are all saying how Edward would be so happy to know about the plaque in his honor at GH. Tracy gets a call from Nicholas telling her he has the check in hand for her finder’s fee and a bottle of champagne waiting. Lucy and Scott wake up together. The doorbell rings and it is Lee Baldwin. Lee wants to talk to Scotty, but feels it is an awkward time. Lee tells Scott he is very proud of him and they hug. Gail shows up at GH and sees Tracy, Monica and Lila. Alan is at the bar trying to get a drink. Steve dedicates the Plaque to Edward at the hospital with all the Qs around. Felicia and Tony talk about Frisco.  Frisco is tailing Nicholas/Domino. They run into Sean and he and Sean talk. Sean and Anna get Frisco into the catacombs and yell at him for risking himself with Domino. Frisco tells them that Domino has terrorist training camps on these islands. Colton tells Felicia he is afraid of losing her to Frisco. Alan is at the bar drinking. Monica comes in. Alan is feeling sorry for himself. He thinks since Edward cut him out of his will, it made him realize he is just Edward’s son. He will never be his own man. Monica is very encouraging to him. Alan doesn’t want her pity. She swears it is not pity. She wants him to come home with her. The Qs are having a reception at the house. Monica brings in a drunk Alan. Tracy says she has a dinner date. Lucy tells Scott she is proud of him too, just like his father. Frisco tells Anna Colton is an assassin and he is going to get his wife back and nothing will stand in his way. Monica puts Alan to bed. They bond for a few minutes. He tells her he needs to know if she slept with Ned and he needs the truth. She lies and says no. He tells her he loves her. Felicia and Colton talk about wanting to stay together. Frisco gets a message from the kid and hears Felicia is coming to dinner with him.
June 30, 1989 - Katherine is complaining about Robert. Anna and Sean and Robert come to see Felicia. They ask why Katherine is not there. Robert says don’t ask. Frisco is cleaning up for Felicia’s visit. Colton and Felicia are at Tony’s house for a party. Scott comes in to talk to Robert about Olivia’s case. Olivia meets with her attorney who says he is trying to help her win her case despite the evidence. Lee and Gail are waiting for Scotty/lucy to show up. They finally do, and again Lee tells him how proud he is of him. Robert and Anna are fighting at the party. Tom intervenes. Frisco is sad that Felicia is still not there. Terri and Felicia chat. Sean and Tiffany and Anna and Robert talk. Tiffany feels that she is left out of what is going on since she doesn’t know about Frisco yet. Robert dances with Anna. She tells him he should call Katherine and tell her he respects her job. Katherine finishes her concert and gets flowers from her most devoted fan. This Frenchman named Claudio. Lucy orders champagne for Lee and Gail. She insists that Lee have a glass, but he says he doesn’t drink because he is an alcoholic. Scott and Lee continue to prop each other saying nice things. Felicia shows up to see Frisco. He is very sure she will fall back into his arms. Felicia tells him that she is so glad that he is alive, but it doesn’t change anything because Colton is in her heart and he is her husband she wants to be with him, not Frisco. Scott gets a call from Olivia’s lawyer. When he gets there is it just Olivia. She says she has evidence Scott made money off of faking a photo. She says she needs him to break into Robert’s office and steal the confession tape.

July 3-7, 1989:  7/3 cm, 7/4, 7/5, 7/6, 7/7 blind Tony is hit by a forklift

July 3, 1989 Katherine is going to see Anna at police headquarters. Robert, Sean and Anna are working together. She asks if Felicia saw Frisco last night. Colton shows up back home to Felicia after working all night. Felicia tells him she saw Frisco last night. Domino is meeting with someone. Frisco is in disguise eavesdropping. Felicia tells Colton she is for sure over Frisco. Frisco calls a few minute later and wants to meet her in the catacombs. Anna and Robert listen to Olivia’s confession tape. Olivia sees Scott and asks him if he got the tape she wanted. Olivia is talking to someone else about Scott and Mr. Butcher. She gives him the tape for safekeeping. Scott is listening in. Felicia tells Colton Frisco wants to see her. Colton insists on going instead of her. Katherine shows up at the police station and wants to talk to Robert. Scott is searching Robert’s office for the tape when Anna walks in. Sean tells Felicia to let Colton and Frisco work it out. Colton tells him Felicia is his and to back off. Frisco tells Mouse that he has to get Domino in order to get Felicia back. Scotty meets with Lee about the Olivia case.  Frisco is getting some stuff together to get Domino. Mouse wants to help him. He tells her to stand guard. Colton tells Felicia it is up to them to create their own life.
July 4, 1980 - The Qs are eating breakfast. Ned comes in sneakers. Tracy comments on him dressing for success. He says it is July 4th. The Qs decide to have a little family get together. Alan and Monica are all lovey dovey. Ashton comments to Ned on his diversion being gone. Olivia calls her lawyer to contact Scotty.  Lucy and Scotty wake up together. Lucy tries to get him to stay in bed with her, but he has to get up and go. Scott tells Lucy that Olivia is blackmailing him.  Tracy gets a call from Domino who wants to charter Ashton’s yacht. Ned has a talk with Monica about Alan and her being close again. He is happy and understands why he lied about their affair. Everyone gets ready for the fireworks. Bobbie is on the docks. Colton talks to Tony about Frisco. He says Frisco won’t let go of her, and he worries it is putting felicia’s life on the line too. Monica and Gail have a meeting and she tells her the last thing Alan needs to know about is that she had a child she put up for adoption from an ex-lover. Tracy makes a few cracks to Monica about her affection towards Alan. Alan apologizes to Dawn about her hearing an argument between him and Monica. Ashton goes to see Charlie. He tells him he is going back to England. Ned is inviting people to the party. Olivia’s assistant finds Tom to show him the drugs she found in Olivia’s things. She finds the medicine to induce nausea that Olivia used to get out of the lie detector test. Tom vows to help nail Olivia. Lucy is pulling an act to try to get info for Scott. She pulls some sob story with a doctor so Scott can get in his office. Monica tells Gail how Alan cant’ handle his obsessive jealousy. She needs to keep the child a secret. Monica reveals to Gail about her affair with Ned. Tracy gives Domino the okay for the yacht. She runs into Amy on the docks who gives her the business card of who alan met with that he left on the nurses station. Lucy tries to seduce the guy in his hotel room. Alan and Monica have a romantic moment outside. Tom goes to visit Olivia in jail. Lucy finds what she is looking for and runs out to Scotty in her slip.
July 5, 1980 - Robert and Anna get ready for the picnic. She wants to know if he brought the transcript of Olivia’s testimony. Bobbie sets up the picnic on the docks. Felicia and Colton are on the docks. Mouse tells Frisco she saw Nicholas Van Buren on the docks. Alan and Monica toast each other. Tracy notices Dawn is jealous of another girl paying attention to Ned. Sean and Tiffany show up at Anna’s and Roberts for the picnic. Katherine shows up with Claudio who recognizes Tiffany from her B movies. Domino talks about his plans for his shipping. He is still worried about Donnelly and Scorpio. He talks about his training camp in the Carribean. Tracy tries to get Ashton to distract Monica so she can talk to Alan. It doesn’t work. She questions Ned’s taste in women. The 4th of July party goes on the docks. The Scorpios have their get together. Frisco and Mouse stow away on Domino’s ship. Sean and Robert leave when they get a call from Tony. Tracy tells Alan Ned will take over ELQ in November. Alan says over his dead body. The party on the docks continues. All of Port Charles are watching fireworks. Tracy tells Ashton that maybe Monica will distract Alan so Ned can win the contest. Alan and Monica kiss. Dawn is jealous of Ned’s date. Robert and Katherine watch the fireworks. Frisco tells Mouse he has Domino where he wants him.
July 6, 1980 - Tony talks to Charlene. She wants to know why he wasn’t sleeping well. Anna and Olin talk about Olivia. Scotty and Lucy are at the hospital. They get accused or burglarly for Lucy trying to seducing the guy and stealing the envelope from his apartment. Lucy tells Scott goodbye as she is mad she is involved in his scheme. Scott has a plan. Felicia and Tony talk about Frisco being missing. Tom and Simone say they are staying with Audrey and Steve for a while til the baby comes. Olivia meets with her lawyer. He tells her he can’t find the tape Baldwin has yet. Anna meets with Scott. He says she shouldn’t have a problem with Olivia’s confession. Lucy runs into Aunt Charlene in the hospital. She asks her why she has been so scarce lately. Bobbie finds out that there is a chance for her to adopt a baby. The board of the agency decided she is fit to be a mother, regardless of her past. Bobbie is so happy. Felicia wonders why Frisco has to come back and disrupt all of their lives. Anna talks to her about Frisco coming back to claim part of his life. She tells her Frisco will always be a part of her. Robin has a visit from Rowdy. Lucy talks to Olivia and tells her that there was a fire and everything burned in the office. Olivia is freaking out. Tony calls and cab and is freaking out that he can’t get on that minute. Anna and Scott go to see Olivia to try to make a deal with her.
July 7, 1980 - Olivia signed the confession and Anna and Scotty are so happy . Felicia tells Colton that Frisco is missing and Sean thinks Domino is back in Port Charles.  Colton doesn’t want her anywhere near the situation. Anna tells Sean and Tiffany that Anna signed a full confession. Scott is meeting with the judge that afternoon. Robert asks Anna if she ever thought about coming back on the force. Bobbie tells Tony she is about to adopt a child. Tony rushes her out. She is wondering what is up. Colton continues to tell Felicia he doesn’t care about Frisco being with Domino. He says he doesn’t want her anywhere near Frisco or Domino. Frisco and Mouse find the catacomb hideout trashed. Felicia sees Domino at Kelly’s. She tries to call Tony. But Tony isn’t home. Scott tells Olivia to go to trial. Her lawyer says she has a signed confession it is a mute point. He tells her to plead guilty. Olivia tells them both to leave. Tony and Bobbie go to Kelly’s. Mouse meets them there. Ruby says Tony is acting strangely. Robert, Anna, Sean and Felicia talk about Frisco. Tony is meanwhile going to help him on the docks. He yells at Frisco for putting Felicia in danger. Olivia goes before the judge and pleads guilty. Tony starts to get his sight back just in time to see a truck almost hit BJ and Bobbie on the docks. He pushes them out of the way but gets hit. The press interviews Anna after Olivia pleads guilty. Tony is hurt. Bobbie screams to get the baby out of there (BJ is crying and Tony is laying on the ground after the accident).

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