Complete GH Episodes, 1984

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Episode Lists & Descriptions

These are good quality original episodes transfered to dvd

December 29, 1983 - July 4, 1984

July 4-11, 1984: 7/4 partial (last :15 mins), 7/5, 7/6, 7/9, 7/10, 7/11 [Episode Descriptions]

July 12-18, 1984: 7/12 (cm), 7/13, 7/16, 7/17, 7/18 [Episode Descriptions]

July 19-25, 1984:  7/19, 7/20, 7/23, 7/24, 7/25 [Episode Descriptions]

July 26 - August 3, 1984:  7/26, 7/27, 7/30, 7/31 Holly finds out about Mrs. Blocky, 8/1 Holly goes to spa to recooperate, Leo drops Beatrice, 8/2, 8/3
[Episode Descriptions]

Weekly Newspaper Write Ups - 9/3 thru 9/30

August 6-14, 1984 8/6 Celia tells Robert that she thinks Grant is innocent, 8/7 Jimmy Lee & Grant Putnam fight, 8/8 Robert discovers Phenobarbital was used, 8/9, 8/10 Holly is outraged over invite to Celia's engagement party, Rick & Ginny married, 8/13 Robert goes to see Grant in prison, 8/14 [Episode Descriptions]

Note: Due to Summer Olympics, GH was only :26 minutes (with no opening/closing credits), nothing was missed, show was shortened from 7/31-8/10 episodes

August 15-21, 1984:  8/15 Celia's engagement party, 8/16 Robert & Celia try to get footprints, 8/17 Holly is upset that Robert & Celia are keeping secrets, 8/20 Putnam kills Dr. Borden, 8/21 Robert goes to NY, Grant tricks Celia into going to the cabin
  [Episode Descriptions]

August 22-27, 1984:  Leo gets incriminating pictures of Holly, Robert leaves to rescue Celia, 8/24 Leo shows Holly the pictures, Robert takes a plane and a boat to get to remote  cabin, 8/27 James DePaive (Max Holden, OLTL) plays a waiter who hits on  Holly,  Robert rescues Celia, DVX tries to hang Grant, 8/28 Robert explains all to Holly, Robert & Jake tell Grant A. that Putnam conessed, Claudia has twins
[Episode Descriptions]

August 29 - September 4, 1984: 8/29 Ruby is going to run Kelly's, 8/30 Grant goes home, Putnam is insane, 8/31 Farewell party for Rose, Frisco sings, "All I Need", 9/3 Parade and parties, Robyn Bernard joins the show as Teri, 9/4 Robert has blisters and Holly feels guilty
[Episode Descriptions]

September 5-11, 1984:  9/5 Amanda tells Robert a friend is being blackmailed, Holly starts to tell Robert the truth, (Midway thru episode, sound quality returns to normal) 9/6 Beatrice moves to blackmail Holly & others, 9/7 Frisco sings, Felicia first appears, Beatrice is murdered at charity ball 9/10 Robert questions the guests finds the pictures, 9/11 Frisco & Felicia
[Episode Descriptions]

September 12-18, 1984:  9/12 Frisco & Felicia, Holly tells Celia about the pics, 9/13 Holly tries to tell Robert about the pictures, 9/14 Holly finally tells Robert about the pics, Beatrice's funeral, Felicia tells Frisco she is a princess, 9/17 Robert confronts 10 suspects, Frisco & Felicia, 9/18 Robert confronts Amanda, Sylvia, and Leo about the pictures, (no F&F)
[Episode Descriptions]

September 19-26, 1984:  9/19 Holly tells Celia about the pills, she urges Holly to tell Robert, Robert wants to resign, Frisco & Felicia, 9/20 Robert recieves TOX screen and goes to see Quartermaines, (no F&F), 9/21 Robert forces Holly to tell the truth, Frisco & Felicia, 9/24 Holly wants to turn herself in but Robert won't hear of it, Robert has a run in with Jimmy Lee, Frisco & Felicia, 9/25
[Episode Descriptions]

September 26 - October 4, 1984:  9/26 Amanda & Sylvia deny Leo was blackmailing them, 9/27 Holly goes to confess, disaster at GH, 9/28 Robert goes to confront the Quartermaines, Holly finds out about Leo's camera, Edward confesses,
10/1 Robert arrests Edward, Holly gets away from Leo, & Holly, Lila takes Edward a gourmet meal in jail, Frisco on set of Teen Time, (no show 10/2, no show 10/3 baseball) 10/4 Lorena & Jimmy Lee at the spa
[Episode Descriptions]

October 5-11, 1984:  10/5 Recreation of murder scene, 10/8, 10/9 Robert questions Lila & Stella, Frisco & Felicia, Tanya, 10/10 Robert solves the case, 10/11
[Episode Descriptions]

October 12-18, 1984:  10/12 Pictures are burned, R&H behind the couch, 10/15 Mrs. Porchenko is hidden, 10/16 Dr. Porchenko is rescued, Robert & Holly 10/17 The State Department gives Robert a hard time (sound is bad), Robert & Holly, 10/18 [Episode Descriptions]

October 19-25, 1984:  10/19 DA questions Porchenko, 10/22, 10/23 Porchenkos are helped to escape, Robert & Holly, Frisco & Felicia kiss, 10/24 Robert is in trouble with the State Department, Robert & Holly, 10/25 [Episode Descriptions]

October 26 - November 1, 1984:  10/26 Robert & Holly, Celia & Grant help the Porchenkos, Luke on the run calls from Mexico but doesn't reach Robert, 10/29, 10/30 (copy), 10/31 Robert meets Luke at Sean's Mexican hacienda, 11/1 [Episode Descriptions]

November  2-8, 1984:  11/2 Robert and Luke leave, 11/5 Edward pays off Jimmy Lee, 11/6 Robert & Luke arrive back at Sean's, 11/7, 11/8 [Episode Descriptions]

November 9 - 15, 1984:  11/9 Laura's first appearence, 11/12, 11/13, 11/14, 11/15 [Episode Descriptions]

November 16-22, 1984:  11/16, 11/19, 11/20, 11/21, 11/22 [Episode Descriptions]

November 23 - 29, 1984:  11/23, 11/26 , 11/27, 11/28, 11/29 [Episode Descriptions]

November 30 - December 5, 1984:  11/30, 12/3, 12/4, 12/5 [Episode Descriptions]

December 6-11, 1984:  12/6, 12/7, 12/10, 12/11 [Episode Descriptions]

December 12-18, 1984:  12/12, 12/13, 12/14, 12/17, 12/18 [Episode Descriptions]

December 19-25, 1984:  12/19, 12/20, 12/21 Van murdered, party for Donnely, 12/24, 12/25 (New Frisco - Kevin Bernhardt on either 12/19 or 12/20) [Episode Descriptions]

December 26, 1984 - January 2, 1985:  12/26 Robert & Holly, 12/27, 12/28 Robert & Holly, 12/31 New Year's Party at Quartermaine's, 1/1, 1/2 partial episode [Episode Descriptions]

Expanded Descriptions

July 4-11, 1984:  7/4 partial (last :15), 7/5, 7/6, 7/9, 7/10, 7/11

July 4, 1984 - Last :15 minutes continued from previous dvd - Beatrice finds herself flat on her back after Edward pushes her into the bushes to keep her away from Lila!  Holly points out to Robert that Leo is getting very chummy with Mrs Barrington. Ginny rejects Tony's concern and tells him nothing of her problems. Holly joins Brian, Claudia and the Brock's back at Kelly's. Robert wanders in having taken first prize in a game of horseshoes. Ginny calls Mike but he hangs up on her.

July 5, 1984 - As a result of her rough treatment, Beatrice decides that she's soft peddled the Q's long enough, she tells Jimmy Lee it's time to bring out the Tolliver papers! But Jimmy Lee reminds his mother that the papers burned at the University a while back. No Matter, Beatrice intends to get her revenge one way or another. ALan brings over a sad Alan Jr to Monica's Hotel room hoping to convince his wife to come home. Grant Putnam angered at receiving another court order to testify unsuccessfully tries to find out why from Robert. Holt doesn't want to play his last card, butwhen told that Edwards now in a position to fire Beatrice, he agrees to confront his father with the "papers". Jimmy Lee barges into Edwards office. However Edward calls Holt's bluff and when no papers are produces, tosses the young man out the door! As the trial winds down, a nervous Grant Andrews takes the stand in his own defense. Andrews insists that he was framed. When Jake calls the real Grant to the stand, Andrews slips out with the guard and then returns a few minutes later with his hair greased back like Putnam's! The defense rests as the court goes into pandemondum. Holly calls Robert to say that Celia is missing. But Celia turns up at the Courthouse. After the DA and Meyer impassioned closing statements, the jury begins it's deliberating. While Edward delights in his latest coup, Jimmy Lee chastises his mother for being so hasty.
July 6, 1984 - Holly and Celia waiting out the jury verdict. Tiffany has decided to take the Teen Time out on a location and Ginny loves the idea. Rick senses another change in Mike when the Boy is strangely cooperative. Leo tells Lorena that Mrs. B has 10,000 shares of the Q's Boulan Pharmacuticals. Ginny pleads with Mike to let her explain bu the boy doesn't want to hear Ginny's excuses. Steve calls out an emergency meeting of the Hospital board to determine the fate of Tania's job. Celia and Tania run into each other out in the hallway. Tania flies into a rage of fury and takes out her anger on Celia. Tania tells Grant that she loves him very much. Leo steps up his plan for Mrs Barrington. Jake's masterful defense is all for nothing, because the jury returns with a guilty verdict. Celia stares hopelessly at her husband. Meanwhile, Putnam alone in his hotel room, toasts to a great victory!
July 9, 1984 - Grant is pacing in his cell and yells for the guard that he has to get a message to Robert. Celia is not prepared to discover Quentin in the Q lobby scheming with Edward to railroad her into a divorce. Celia will cut her ties with Grant when she is good and ready and nobody will run her life for her! Holt rescues Celia from the two narrowminded men. Grant asks Robert to do him one last favor. Would he convince Celia to visit him in jail? Brock asks Bobbie's help in rounding up the entertainment for the waterfront party. Lorena overhears Edward's plan to fire Beatrice. She warns Holt but the Jimmy Lee's surprise, Beatrice is barely ruffled. Celia returns home to find that Quentin and Putnam are discussing her fate. She's furious over their meddling in her life. Putnam is pressuring Celia when Jimmy Lee again turns up to rescue her. Celia visits Grant in jail. The surprise which awaits Celia is her husband's determination that she file for divorce immediately. Beatrice hanging upside down on the gravity machine at the spa. Edward pays her a call and as he tries to force the machine to move Beatrice up to him, Beatrice drops to the floor on her neck!
July 10, 1984 - Alan turns up at Monica's hotel room with news that Beatrice is in the Hospital. Monica decides to return to the mansion. Tiffany assigns Ginny to cover the Brock waterfront party but a horrified Ms Blake refuses point blank. But when Frisco mentions that the Webbers will be there, she changes her mind. Tony is treating Beatrice for her injuries. Frisco talks to Tania and she decides to join him at the waterfront party. Bobbie's sour at mingling with Ginny, but decides to bit the bullet in order to please Brock. As the party begins, Ginny asks Bobbie where Brock is. But Bobbie just stares at disgust with the woman. Tiffany tells Rose that she's decided to move to Europe and Edward will continue the managing of the station for as long as she's away. Edward tries to sneak into GH and see Beatrice. At the waterfront party, Frisco sings his song "ALL I NEED" for the first time. The song is directed at a flustered Tania. Ginny spots Mike and starts closing in, but the boy cuts her cold and goes home. Tony gives Ginny a playful kiss. Edward tries to talk to Beatrice but Holt happens by and throws him out. Tania and Frisco are snuggling on the docks.
July 11, 1984 - Edward, Alan and Monica plotting against Beatrice. Alan then rents a gravity machine to see if Beatrice really could have fallen out of one. The conclusion is they believe Beatrice tampered with the device and caused it to drop her at the right time that Edward touched it. Ginny decided to film a report on Mike's day camp. Upset Mike quickly heads for the door, but Ginny catches the boy and pleads her case. Suddenly Mike begins to cry and falls into his mother's arms. Ruby makes peace with Bobbie and DL.  Dr. Jones informs Beatrice that he has one more test to perform. But when Jimmy Lee is alone with his mother Beatrice jumps out of bed showing her son that she is faking it! Ginny explains to Mike why she had to abandon him as a child. Mike brings Ginny home and announces to Rick that Ginny is his real mother! Webber is ready to throw Ginny out the door for telling Mike the truth, but Amy interrupts and tells Rick that she is the one to blame. Ginny now has heard enough, she wants her son back and she is going to get him!

July 12-18, 1984:  7/12 (cm), 7/13, 7/16, 7/17, 7/18

July 12, 1984 - Boris is appalled to learn that Tania plans to visit Grant in jail. But the heartsick Ms. Raskov is determined that someone who believes in Grant's innocence should be there for him. Celia takes refuge from the barrage of reporters at the Scorpio home. Andrews is stunned when Jake leads Tania to his cell and wishes that she had not come. Though deeply affected by Tania's insistance that they can build a life together once he's free, Grant decided their relationship is over and forces Tania to leave him alone. Both Holt and Putnam are looking for Celia and Stella blabs that she's at Robert's. Grant sits numbly as the judge passes sentance. Grant gets 15 years in prison! Holt shows up at Holly's door but Celia has already departed. Hearing the verdict, Celia is devastated. Frisco tries to console Tania. He later protects her from a pesky reporter who barges into her place to get a story. Holt finds Celia getting drunk at the Bucket Of Blood. When Celia refuses to go home, Jimmy Lee checks them both into a motel where Celia collapses in his arms.
July 13, 1984 - Next Morning the Q's wonder where Celia spent the night. Monica calls Robert with concern. Celia has spent the night in Jimmy Lee's arms. (nothing happened) Robert tries to assure Holly who's frantic with worry over Celia. Celia awakes and begins crying and unable to deny their feelings for each other begin to kiss. A man named Alistair (played by CHARLES SHAUNNESSY) arrives in town to visit his friend Beatrice. It turns out that Allister is a cousin of Holly's! Holly offers her relative a room in her home for his stay. But Robert is dubious of Alistair's redemption and runs a check on him on his computer. Celia regrets making love to Jimmy Lee and Holt takes her back to the Q's. Meanwhile at the mansion, Putnam awaits Celia and spies on Jimmy Lee leading her up to the door. Acting as if he only stopped by to be of help, Grant approaches Celia but she insists she is fine. Putnam says he will go but first he descretly leaves his sunglasses behind. Frisco tries to console Tania and assure her that her pining away for Grant is hopeless. Putnam returns to the mansion for his glasses just as Alan and Celia are arguing. An angry Celia accepts Grant's invitation to his cabin. But when Holt stops by just as Celia is putting the bags in his car, the two men face off. With Jimmy Lee warning Grant to stay clear of Celia or else!
July 16, 1984 - Rick is not pleased when Mike receives a fancy bicycle from Ginny. As the boy rushes to thank his mother in person Webber feeling trapped, confides to Ruby that he's going to fight fire with fire. Rick buys Mike a computer!  Holly insists that her cousin Alistair is harmless but Robert is not so sure. Determined to unearth Crawford's past, Robert makes several attempts to Secure Alistair's fingerprints. And he eventually gets them from his shaving kit. Jimmy Lee sees Celia packing to return to the gatehouse and brings her a present, some new art supplies. Grant Putnam has to cloak his anger when he arrives at the gatehouse and observes Celia and Holt testing out the new paints. Grant Andrew's arrives at the prison and meets the Warden. Mrs. Barrington stops by and is very much charmed by Alistair!  Putnam invites Celia to a picnic followed by a concert. But when he suddenly  lunges at Celia in the park, she demands that he take her home.

July 17, 1984 - Alan and Monica conclude that the only way for Edward to avoid a lawsuit is to win back Beatrice. Frankly Edward doubts that his former lover would fall for such a routine but agrees to try. Overhearing his brother order flowers for Tania, Tony advises Frisco to act like he couldn't care less  around Tania. That way she will come to him. Frisco takes his advice. Alan and Monica plot to prove that Beatrice is faking her neck injury. The fingerprint report comes in but only tells Robet that the odd Alistair has a ton of fake names and has been frequently arrested for botched scams! Holly takes Alistair to the spa where the young Englishman becomes a hit with the ladies. Frisco starts acting very aloof in front of Tania as Tony had suggested. She's crushed by his rejection. Edward begins to flatter Beatrice with he life long devotion. In that case, she replies that he can start by giving Ginny half of Alan's inheritance to Jimmy Lee! Robert finds more incriminating evidence against Alistair on his WSB computer.
July 18, 1984 - When Brock reads that a mural for his housing project will be commissioned without his input, he flies into a rage and takes it out on Bobbie who's already exhausted from working the late shift. Bobbie trudges over to GH and ask Dan to include her husband in the deliberation. However Dan says that DL will have to live with his trade out. Jimmy Lee comes across Celia on the docks. Celia is trying to ignore him, but Jimmy Lee manages to cheer her up with his sense of humor. Jimmy Lee asks to pose for Celia and she agrees. Brooding in his cabin, Putnam is desperate to lure Celia to the woods, where he can have her al to himself. Noting their friends downhearted mood. The nosy Neilson's offer to invite Celia to the annual Canoe races. Edward waiting on Beatrice hand and foot. Mike riding his new bike runs into Ginny on the docks. Celia is having lunch at the gatehouse with Jimmy Lee and their mutual desires are running away from each other. When the Neilson's knock on the gatehouse door, Holt hastily leaves. To Jimmy Lee's disappointment, Celia decides to join the Neilson's and Grant at the cabin for the canoe races. Edward informs Alan and Monica of Beatrice's demands for Holt. But they vow never to increase Holt's inheritance. Bobbie gets into a shouting match with Ginny at Kelly's. Rose barely manages to keep the two from coming to blows and keeping Mike out of the line of fire. The Mayor and his party witness the whole episode and DL is furious at Bobbie!  Putnam is delighted that Chuck and Peggy talked Celia into coming to the cabim just as he had planned!

July 19-25, 1984:  7/19, 7/20, 7/23, 7/24, 7/25

July 19, 1984 - Next morning, Brock apologizes to Bobbie for yelling at her. Ginny shows up at the Webber's unannounced. Learning that Alistair's expecting a very important package, Robert instructs the postmaster to send it over. Ruby refuses to tell Ginny where Rick has taken Mike, but after much prodding from Ms. Blake she gives in. Frisco asks Josh to invite Tania to the party, (another party!?) that he and Tony are giving, but Tania refuses because she's put off by Frisco's rejection. Hearing about Mike's stream of gifts, Rose cautions Rick about over spending, but Webber insists that he has no choice. Ginny shows up at Kelly's and Rose takes Mike into the kitchen. Webber accuses Ginny of spoiling Mike and turning him into a spoiled brat. Finally agreeing not to fight in front of the child, Ginny grudgingly promises that she won't by Mike any more expensive presents. The mysterious package arrives for Alistair. Robert opens it and is stunned to discover a jeweled necklace inside! A result of Alistair's con job that finally went right! Running a trace Robert finds out the gems were indeed stolen. When Alistair returns home, he eyes the package and greedily opens it only to find it contains jelly beans!  The crook immediately knows that Robert is on to him and makes a hasty getaway. His first ever "perfect crime" bungled. Both Robert and Holly chuckle to themselves. Alone with Mike in the park, Ginny takes him to buy a stereo system and his favorite record albums. (no cd's!) However this will be their little secret. They will leave the stereo at Ginny's apartment and Mike can come over anytime he wants to play it. Brock lovingly returns home to Bobbie and delighted when she tells him that she had a fight with Ruby. Holly is trying to rush Alistair out of the house because Robert is having the insurance agent retrieve the jewels. But Holly is shocked when Robert doesn't turn her cousin in. Instead, Robert turns over the necklace to the agent and let's Alistair go free. Holly and Robert snuggle on the couch and playfully have fun with the jelly beans. 
July 22, 1984 - Tania spies Frisco inviting several pretty nurses to the party he's throwing with his brother Tony. Tania's hurt that Frisco is ignoring her. (On Tony's advise) Agreeing to maintain a platonic relationship for now, Putnam sets Celia's mind at ease and the friends enjoy their memories. Certain that Edward is up to no good, Lila finds out from Stella that he's spending all his free time at GH with Beatrice. Jimmy Lee is visiting his mother and later, Lorena stops by for a visit. Lorena is furious when Beatrice tells her of her son's running around with Celia, and he thinks of her night and day!  Fearing Grant's fate at the hands of other prisoner's the warden first keeps him in solitary. But Grant admits to Jake that he'd rather take his chances with the other inmates, than be locked up alone. When Grant first sets out in the excersie room, he must fend off an inmate with a knife. Alan and Monica somberly inform Beatrice that she must have a painful "electrode test". Suspecting a scam, Beatrice calls Tony and learns of no such thing exists at GH. When the Q's arrive for Beatrice she blithely tells them to go right ahead. Tony later manages to convince Tania to attend the bash at his apartment. At the party, Frisco sings a special song dedicated to Tania, (ALL I NEED). But Jones abrupt change of heart towards Tania only gets her to run away when the song is over. Some former neighbors stop by at the cabin and later spot the old bench carved with Putnam and Celia's initials. They tell Celia that the carvings are new because they don't ever recall seeing them before! Celia remembers that her husband Grant tried to tell her the same thing but she didn't believe him. Celia is seized by a terrible sense of doubt.
July 23, 1984 - Edward calls a meeting with himself, Alan and Monica along with the former Mayor.  Beatrice is now demanding that Edward and Boulen chemicals pay for her injury! Putnam catches Celia at the old bench giving it a look through. At the spa, Holly notices Leo fidgeting with Mrs. Barrington's purse, but the wily masseur retrieves a tiny stuffed lion, it's only a gift he innocently tells her. Not buying any of this, Holly orders Josh to spy on the two. Josh overhears Amanda and Leo arrange a tryst in the massage room. Holly steals a bug which Robert was going to use for Alistair and plants it under the table of the massage room. Hoping to boost his image as a gentleman, Brock decides to host a fancy dinner party at the cottage. Bobbie eager to please insists on making the dinner herself. But DL breaks her heart when he has Rose do it instead. Bobbie insists to Brock that she can do a fine dinner. He later gives in and lets her have a go at it. Monica turns to Lorena for help. Would Lorena offer Beatrice use full use of the spa while she recovers? Striking a deal for a return share of her spa, Lorena agrees. When Celia spots a flyer from Wyndham's lingerie dept store addressed to her estranged husband. SHe immediately remembers nightgown found in Putnam's cabin. (Putnam had lied to Celia that this was a gift to a girlfriend) Fletcher the DVX agent that was put in prison by Andrews is admitted to the prison hospital. Where Grant has gotten a job. While Mrs Barrington and Leo are locked in a private embrace in his massage room, Leo by chance finds the bugging device under the table.
July 24, 1984 - With Boris away, Tania is plagued by a creepy caller who's determined to "save" the young girl. Holly panics when Robert starts looking for the bugging device unknown to him that she is using it on Leo. Meanwhile and angry Leo accuses Lorena of double crossing him. But she has no idea what he's talking about. When Leo demands proof of his partner's loyalty, the Tarot Cards. Lorena insists that she burned them. Frustrated Leo wonders if Holly if behind it? Holly is in the massage room retrieving the bug but when she hears Leo coming she tries to hurry out and takes a fall. Lorena invites Beatrice to stay at the spa while she recovers. Jimmy Lee hires Jake to represent Beatrice in her suit with Edward. Frisco notices a strange man watching Tania. Robert takes Holly home, she will be staying at home while she recovers. Turning the tables for a change Holly has Robert wait on her hand and foot! 
July 25 1984 - Rick feels pressured by Ginny that he's considering moving west and joining Jeff in Nevada. A stranger is following Tania. Celia takes the nightgown that she lifted from Putnam's cabin and to Wyndham's. She is told by the clerk that her "husband" (Putnam in disguise) bought the dress. As Mike's 12th Birthday rolls around, and the boy asks to include Ginny in the family's celebration. Despite his unhappiness about the idea, Rick knows that he really can't say no. As he and Ginny stare coldly at each other across the table, Mike suddenly blurts out that Doc Rick is taking him to Nevada! An irate Ginny lashes out at Webber for even considering such a thing.  Grant tends to Fletcher, and the ex DVX agent swears undying vengeance upon Andrews, warning him that if he doesn't get him there are many more that will. Celia breaks into Putnam's hotel room and finds a pair of wire cutters, a necessary tool in building a bomb. Later on when Putnam comes back, he finds that his stuff has been moved and the cutters are gone! The creepy guy that is following Tania breaks into her apartment. Frisco arrives and chases him away. When the man calls back, Frisco gallantly offers to stay over at Tania's, however he will sleep on the couch. Frisco tenderly kisses Tania as "All I Need" plays in the background. Back at Celia's cottage, the woman is frightened to find that Grant is right behind her!

July 26 - August 3, 1984:  7/26, 7/27, 7/30, 7/31, 8/1, 8/2,8/3 : shortened episodes due to the '84 summer Olympics

July 26, 1984 - Ginny visits Rick to "have it out." She is furious that he is thinking about moving out west with Mike. She follows him to the hospital and accuses him of being a "self-righteous pig." He accuses her of abandonment. Jimmie lee brings Beatrice's bag to the spa to recooperate. Lorena accuses Jimmie Lee of putting Celia on a pedestal. She wants more of a relationship with Jimmie Lee. Beatrice arrives at the spa feigning tiredness and pain. Celia calls the Rockmoor hospital in London about Grant Putnam. She wants to come to London to talk with the doctors. Grant P. accuses her of being afraid of him; then he asks her to dinner. She says no. Grant then talks to Monica about Celia. He is "worried about her." When Celia comes by to talk to Monica about going to London, Grant overhears their conversation.  Edward and Alan discuss Beatrice moving to the spa, then Edward visits Beatrice. He accuses her of faking her injury. Bobbie's stove is broken and the mayor and others are coming to dinner. DL is furious. He blames the situation on Bobbie, then calls Rose over to bring Irish Stew. DL declares that Rose is the hostess of the party and he ignores bobbie all evening. Bobbie is very hurt.

July 27, 1984 - Holly is in bed with a sprained ankle; she is making Robert crazy, as he is having to take care of her. Payback for when he was sick: Robert hires a British cook to cook "kedgeree" for Holly. Robert takes credit for cooking the dishes.  Frisco picks up Tania from the hospital because she is being stalked. They then discuss how to stop the stalker. Frisco and Tony then drop by to see Robert. They want protection for Tania. They then ask Tania to move into their apartment. She agrees. Celia goes to Rockmoor in London and discusses grant Putnam with the doctors there. Grant follows her there, and another patient recognizes him as "402." Dr. Bordon listens to Celia and decides to reopen the file on "402." However Grant P. destroys the file before the doctors can get to it. Fletcher (DVX agent) is released from the prison hospital where he has been tormenting Grant A. He breaks his hand again so that he can stay in the hospital.

July 30, 1984 - Grant P. is following Celia in London. He sneaks into her hospital room and is going to inject her with poison. He tries again and fails at the airport. Celia comes home, followed by Grant P. Dr. Bordon is going to Dr. Campbell's (the doctor that Grant P. has already murdered) fishing shack to see if he has copies of his notes on Grant P. there.  Tania wants to visit Grant A in jail. Frisco tries to convince her that she is obsessed with Grant A. They fight, but she decides to visit Grant. Mike visits Ginny at the studio, He apologizes for bringing up the potential move to Nevada. Ginny tries to convince Mike to move in with her. Rick overhears the conversation. They fight which upsets Mike: He wants both of his parents. In prison, Fletcher threatens Grant A. When Fletcher is well enough to be released from the prison hospital, a new DVX agent replaces him.

July 31, 1984 - Robert continues to care for Holly. He has hired a cook but is hiding her from Holly. When Holly insists on coming downstairs, she discovers the cook and then dismisses her: Robert becomes very domestic and Holly runs him ragged. Alan comes to visit Holly and tells her that she should start using her ankle. Robert is relieved. Jake visits the Q's about Beatrice's lawsuit. Former mayor John Everett is Edward's lawyer. Q's do not listen to Everett (Edward never listens to anyone!) and offer Jake a not so very good settlement. Bobbie is depressed. Brock is so mean! She threatens to end their marriage so Brock tries to convince her that he is a loving husband who has given her a new life and respectability.

August 1, 1984 -  Robert takes Holly to the spa. He warns Holly against being involved in the spa spy business. Bobbie and Brock have lunch. He gives her a gift as a peace offering, but they end up fighting again. Brock is ashamed of her because of her past; he belittles her. Celia calls Jake. She wants to see Grant, but won't tell Jake why.  Jimmie Lee is looking for Celia. He shows up at the gatehouse and argues with Celia. He is drunk and she tries to kick him out but he will not leave. He burst into her bedroom and starts kissing her. She resists him and it appears that he is going to rape her, but when she bites him he apologizes and she kicks him out. Grant P. shows up. Lorena and Leo discuss plans to expose Beatrice. Leo is "helping" Beatrice into her wheelchair and drops her. She falls and threatens to call her lawyer if he tries a stunt like that again. The Leo tries to convince Holly that his dropping Beatrice was an accident. Rose and Jake talk about the diner.

August 2/3, 1984 -  Jake visits grant in jail and tells him that Celia wants to see him. Grant agrees. DVX agent throws knife at grant in the prison hospital.  Grant P. shows up on Celia's doorstep. He questions her about her disagreement with Jimmie Lee and about her being away. Grant leaves when Alan and Monica show up, but he continues to hang around the gatehouse. Celia gets a phone call from Dr. Borden. He tells her that Grant P. followed her to England. Grant comes in.  He overhears her side of the phone conversation with Borden, so she convinces Grant that she went to England to confirm Grant A. guilt. She then kisses him and tells him that she has decided to divorce her husband. He proposes marriage and Celia agrees. They then announce their plans to Alan and Monica. Frisco picks Tania up. Her stalker has called again. Frisco is taking classes at the university. Ginny and Mike have lunch at Kelly's. Rose calls and informs Rick. Rick and Ginny fight. Ginny then informs Rick that she has contacted a lawyer and wants custody of Mike. After a judge spends time with Mike, the judge chastises Rick and Ginny. They need to find a solution to the problem. Rick thinks he has one: he and Ginny should get married.  Rose and Jake talk over a cup of coffee. He kisses her on the cheek. Beatrice call Jimmie Lee over to the spa. They discuss the Lila/Tolliver marriage papers. Leo takes pictures of he and Mrs. Barrington in the massage room.

August 6-14, 1984:  8/6, 8/7, 8/8, 8/9, 8/10, 8/13, 8/14  Shortened episodes due to '84 Summer Olympics

August 6, 1984 - Jimmie Lee and Beatrice are at the spa. He plays the doting son for appearance sake (she is still faking her injuries). Robert brings Holly to the spa. Holly asks for a massage from Leo, then confronts him about dropping Beatrice on purpose. During her massage, Leo tries to take pictures of them, however, Josh pulls the fire alarm before Leo can take the pictures. Lorena and Jimmie Lee talk. He asks Lorena to keep an eye on Beatrice. Celia kisses Grant P when he accuses her of lying to him. She manages to escape his advances. She then goes to visits Grant A. in prison. She tells him she has discovered the truth, she loves him and that she is going to get him out of prison. She then goes to Robert and tries to convince him of Grant A.'s innocence and Putnam's guilt. When she returns home, Grant P. is waiting on her and wants to know where she has been all day. In the prison, Grant A. and a DVX agent argue with the warden over the knife-throwing incident. Grant then finds a dead rat in his cell. At the hospital, there is an 8-year-old battered and bruised little girl named Debbie. Gail wants Bobbie to talk to the girl.

August 7/8, 1984 - Rick tells Rose about his marriage proposal to Ginny. Rose thinks this is a bad decision. Rick also tells Ruby and Amy. Meanwhile, Ginny cryptically tells Tony about the marriage proposal. Later Rick and Ginny meet at his house where Ginny agrees to the marriage because she loves Mike. When Rick and Ginny tell Mike about the marriage he is thrilled. Grant P. is suspicious of Celia. She tells him that she has been shopping for a negligee. He wants the two of them to be together.  Thankfully Alan and Monica interrupt and invite Celia and Grant to dinner. At dinner Jimmie Lee shows up and discovers that Celia and Grant P are engaged. He and Grant P. end up fighting and Grant P. winds up in the hospital. Robert is at the hospital checking on Grant A. alibi. He figures out that Putnam used phenobarbitol to knock Andrews out on the day of the boat explosion. He is then convinced of Andrew's innocence. Police have caught Tania's stalker. Tania and Frisco identify him. She agrees to stay with the guys a little longer and cook for them. Jake arranges for her to see Grant A.  Bobbie listens to nurses talk about Debbie, the little girl in pediatrics. She then talks to Debbie and gets her to open up.

August 8/9, 1984 - Beatrice is trying to get evidence of Lila/Tolliver marriage. Monica finds this out, and the Q's discuss Beatrice's latest antics.  Monica also discusses with Rick his impending marriage to Ginny. He is doing this for Mike because Ginny's Mike's mother. Tanya visit's Grant at the prison. Grant tells Tania that he is back together with Celia, but Tania tells grant about Celia's engagement. At first grant is confused, but then he remembers Celia telling him not to believe anything unless he hears it from her directly. Grant tells Tania to forget about him. At the hospital, Bobbie visits with Debbie and brings Debbie a bear. Debbie opens up to Bobbie. Amy tries to talk Rick out of marrying Ginny. Gail tells Brock about the wonderful job Bobbie did with Debbie, but Brock just gets angry and defensive with Bobbie. Tania returns to the apartment upset because of her conversation with Grant. She talks with Frisco, who lays into her.  When Tony comes home, he finds Tania packing. He lets her cry on his arm. Rick is having 2nd thoughts about marrying Ginny, but he will not break his promise to Mike. Rick and Mike meet Ginny at city hall where he and Ginny get married.  Holly receives an invitation to Grant P. and Celia's engagement party.  Grant P. is still in the hospital and Celia must keep him pacified. She does manage to go over to Robert's who tells her that he now convinced of Andrew's innocence. Holly comes home and upset with Celia. After Celia leaves, Grant P. calls the Scorpios looking for her. Holly tells him she has gone to the University. He gets out of the hospital and goes looking for her. Meanwhile, Robert has gone to the travel agency and gotten the real story about the sky trip that Putnam bought for Celia and Andrews. He then visits Grant A. in prison and tells him that he believes that he is innocent. Dr. Borden goes to Dr. Campbell's fishing shack. Borden gets an audio cassette of Campbell's where he talks about potentially being murdered by Putnam. Rose tells Jake that Celia and Grant P are getting married. They also talk about their relationship. He wants to get back together. He kisses her.

August 13, 1984 - Rick, Ginny and Mike come home. Mike is the only excited person in the house. Rose brings over a casserole; everyone has dinner. Ginny can't sleep and comes down for a drink. Rick offers her some camomile tea instead. Ginny tells Rick about Mike's real father, a man from a prominent Port Charles family.  Dr. Borden calls Celia; he tells Celia that he suspects Putnam is a murderer€¦he may have even have murdered his own brother Ian. Grant P is there while she is on the phone. Celia tells him that the phone conversation was with the caterer. He has a pain and takes a pain pill which puts him to sleep. Celia talks about Ian. Grant laughs about Ian's death. He falls asleep. Celia calls Robert; she wants to talk to him. She tells him about the conversation with Dr. Borden and about her conversation with Putnam about Ian. Leo shows Mrs. Barrington the pictures that he took of her. He blackmails her for $125,000. When Beatrice observes their conversation, she wonders what they are up to. Beatrice calls for Jimmie Lee; she wants him to get info on Leo and Mrs. Barrington from Lorena. Beatrice also wants Jimmie Lee to find evidence on the Lila/Tolliver marriage. DVX are trying to kill Andrews in prison.

August 14
, 1984 - Q's discuss Celia's engagement party and then Rick's marriage to Ginny. People at the hospital also discuss these two events. Frisco and Ginny discuss her marriage. At the Spa, Lorena and Beatrice discuss Celia and Grant's engagement party. Mrs. B pays off the blackmail to Leo. Lorena and Leo toast their blackmail windfall while Beatrice spies on them. Tania moves back in with her father. Frisco helps her to pack even though he doesn't want her to move. Ginny announces her marriage on Teen Time. Rick isn't pleased; he doesn't want everything so public. Ginny responds by bringing Mike on the show and announcing that he is her son. She and Mike go to the hospital. Ginny tells Tony about Mike, which explains why she married Rick. Rick lays into Ginny, but Ginny does not like being dictated to.

August 15-21, 1984:  8/15, 8/16, 8/17, 8/20, 8/21

August 15, 1984 - Grant and Celia's engagement party: Lorena asks Jimmie Lee to go with her and Beatrice convinces him to go. Holly does not want to go because she is angry with Celia. The party starts and the guests are all interacting with one another. Jimmie Lee gets drunk and introduces Lorena as "his girl." Grant tells Celia that tonight will be their "night of love." Holly wants to know about Robert's conversation with Celia. Robert suggests a nightcap at the Port Charles Hotel which saves Celia from her night of love. Ruby visits Bobbie. She knows that Bobbie's marriage is in trouble. She talks to Bobbie about domestic abuse. Brock's housing project must come to a halt until Rose's property claim is settled. He comes home angry. Bobbie wants to talk about their problems.  Frisco arrives drunk at the spa. He hits on Lorena. Meanwhile Tania drops by the apartment. Frisco shows up drunk with lipstick on his collar. She massages his collar and he falls asleep.

August 16
, 1984 - It's the day after the engagement party. Lorena comes home to the Q's with a hangover after spending the night with Jimmie Lee. She tells Monica that Jimmie Lee has taken off to Brownsville. Q's discuss Jimmie Lee's trip to Brownsville. A hungover Frisco finds Tania at the hospital. Tania apologizes for her father's accusations against Frisco, then accepts his invitation to lunch. They have lunch together at his apartment, then dance to "All I need." As he is carrying her to his bedroom, Tony arrives and spoils the moment. Celia visits Robert at headquarters. They discuss how to refute evidence from Grant A's trial.  They decide to work on getting a set of Putnam's footprints by tricking Putnam into leaving a fresh set at the park. The plan does not work. Bobbie is emotionally hurting. Brock keeps saying things which hurt her, then he will pamper her and make up for them. Gail comes by. She wants Bobbie's help with her report on the little girl Debbie. Brock accuses Gail of snooping. Then he receives a phone call from his daughter Terry.

August 17
, 1984 - Jimmie Lee is in Brownsville. Edward follows him there and then to city hall. They are both trying to find witnesses to the Lila/Tolliver marriage. Jimmie Lee visits Mrs. Hobbes, an older woman who turns out to be Crane Tolliver's sister. She remembers the marriage. Meanwhile, Edward is having a tough time getting information at city hall. By the time he reaches Mrs. Hobbes, Jimmie Lee is already gone and has stolen the page from her Bible which contains the marriage information for Lila and Tolliver as well as the signatures of witnesses. Jimmie Lee now has proof that Lila and Tolliver were married! At the prison, grant is worried about the death threats he has been receiving. He talks to the trustee (really a DVX spy) who says that he will deliver grant's concerns to the warden. However, the trustee just throws his written complaint away.  As she talks with Robert, Celia laments her role in Andrew's imprisonment. Holly interrupts Celia's conversation with Robert and wants to know what the two of them are talking about. Holly accuses them of having an affair! She is tired of being treated like a china doll and vows to prove that she is a good detective to Robert. She goes to the spa where josh tells her that Mrs. Barrington had a fight with Leo. Holly engages Mrs. Barrington in a conversation and asks her what is bothering her. Leo interrupts. Meanwhile, Burt suggests to Robert that he distract Holly with a little romance. Robert brings Holly some flowers but Holly gets upset again when they are interrupted by a phone call from Celia. Celia had received a telegram from Borden. When Grant came over, Celia rushed over to the Q's. But Grant discovered that she has received a telegram and followed her. They were at the boathouse together and she dropped the telegram into the water. He tried to retrieve it and left a set of footprints in the sand. Celia wants Robert to retrieve the footprints. Putnam manages to discover that the telegram was from England and follows Celia to New York where she intends to meet with Dr. Borden.

August 20
, 1984 - Mike wants an advance on his allowance. Ruby says no, but Ginny agrees to give him the advance. She and Ruby get into a fight over the situation. Ginny makes it clear that she is Mike's mother and that Ruby is only the maid. Ruby gives her notice. Ginny shows up at the hospital and tells him that Ruby quit. Rick is not happy about it. Bobbie and Rick both try to talk Ruby into staying. Rick and Ginny fight about it and Rick forces Ginny to apologize to Ruby so that Ruby will stay.  Jake visits Grant A. He wants to know what is going on. Grant reluctantly tells him. Grant also tells Jake about the death threats. The "trustee" later tells grant the warden will see him Friday night after hours. Then the trustee sees Fletcher and talks to him about moving in for the kill. Jake goes to see Rose. He is upset about being kept in the dark. Then they walk down to the pier together to recover some of the magic. Celia is in her attorney's office in New York and breaks the heel of her shoe. Therefore she is late to meet Dr. Borden. Putnam learns that Borden is at the Park View Hotel and goes there. He kills Borden, stuffs his body under the bed then takes his bags. Celia is disappointed when she arrives and Dr. Borden cannot be found. Putnam pretends that he is Borden and leaves a message for Celia so that Celia will not be suspicious. He then throws everything but Borden's papers away.

August 21
, 1984 - Jimmie lee gets back from Brownsville very excited about the Bible page. He tells Beatrice who takes the Bible page from him. Beatrice then spies on Leo and Lorena. She gets caught. Jimmie lee grills Lorena about her relationship with Leo. Beatrice asks Jimmie Lee to drill her a peephole into Lorena's office wall.  Frisco brings Tania some stuff that she left at his apartment. Tania asks Frisco out on a date. She wants a replay of what almost happened before Tony interrupted them. They have a lunch date at Tania's. They dance, start to kiss€¦..then are interrupted by Tania's father. He is furious; calls her a slut and disowns her and throws her out. Putnam calls Quentin Quatermaine, Celia's father. He convinces her to trick Celia into going up to the cabin to meet him. When Celia  arrives at the cabin, Grant P is there. He wants them to be completely honest with one another and then grills her about her trip to New York. Celia tries to convince Putnam to leave the cabin, but he refuses€¦he wants her to know everything about him. NYPD calls Scorpio about Dr. Borden's death. When Holly questions him about it, Robert evades her questions causing Holly to be very frustrated with him. Robert goes to New York to talk with the police. He becomes very worried about Celia. Meanwhile, Leo accuses Holly of sending him mixed messages. He wants to know if there is a chance for them and he wants to take her to dinner; she says no. He tries to convince her that she is special and that she should have a massage.

August 22-28, 1984: 8/22, 8/23, 8/24 8/27, 8/28

August 22, 1984: Tania has been kicked out of the house by her father. Tony, Tania and Frisco discuss her fight with Boris as well as her moving back into their apartment. Tony encourages Tania to make peace with her father. He then calls Boris and meets with him to try to convince Boris to meet with Tania. He tells Boris where he can find Tania. Boris goes to the Jones brother's apartment and finds Tania with Frisco. He confronts his daughter about her "immorality" and then tells her that he is leaving for good to go to Ohio. When Frisco and Tania meet back up with Tony, they tell him that they are moving in together.  Q's discuss Jimmie Lee's proof of Lila's marriage to Tolliver (they are always discuss this!) They have to figure out how to stop Jimmie Lee. Monica suggests convincing Lorena to intercede on their behalf. She heads to the spa and talks with Lorena. Lorena assures Monica that her loyalty is to the Q's. Leo gives pictures of Mrs. Barrington and himself to Mrs. B. Blackmail: He wants her Boolean stock. She is shocked. Grant P. has tricked Celia into coming up to his cabin. She professes her love for him and tells him that it is important that they not have any secrets between them. She tries to convince him how much she is looking forward to marrying him. They talk about Ian, Grant P's dead brother and then a storm begins. Grant starts a fire and Celia tries to convince him they should leave and get more food. He disagrees. She is obviously scared, especially when he holds up a knife. When they sit in front of the fire, Putnam challenges her that she really loved Ian when they were young and not him.  Celia tries to call her father but grant cuts the phone lines. Later a phone repairman shows up and fixes the phone, but grant manages to cut the lines again after he leaves. Rick comes home to check on Ruby and Ginny. He goes up to take a shower. While he is gone, Ruby and Ginny fight. When Rick walks in, Ruby is leaving. She is leaving so that Rick, Ginny and Mike can work this out as a family. Ginny is thrilled.

August 23
, 1984 - Holly is at the spa, swimming. Josh comments to her that he loves watching her (it is so obvious that he has a crush on her :) She has made a massage appointment with Leo. Holly talks to Leo about the power that he seems to have over women-his sex appeal!  Holly then reminds Josh to interrupt her massage session every 10 minutes. Unfortunately, Lorena sends josh on an errand for Beatrice. Therefore, when Leo gives Holly her massage, he is able to put her in a compromising position and take pictures. Since his camera is behind the mirror, Holly has no idea that the pictures are being taken. Holly runs out, mortified that leo made a pass at her. Leo then gloats to Lorena about getting the pictures of Holly. Robert returns from N.Y. Holly calls him, but he blows her off. He tells Burt about the evidence connecting grant to the murder of Dr. Borden. They are both worried about Celia. They don't know where she (or Putnam) are. They call Quinton (Celia's dad) who tells them that Celia is at the cabin with Grant. Robert then tries to convince the local sheriff to go up and check on Celia. When the sheriff tells Robert he can't do this, Robert rushes out. Meanwhile, at the cabin, Celia is obviously scared. Grant tells Celia that they will be spending the night there. Celia tries everything to get out of it. She tells him she needs clothes, overnight items, etc€¦ but he will not relent. Peggy and Chuck knock on the door. At that point Grant pulls a knife on Celia, telling her that he will kill her if she doesn't do exactly as he says. Peggy keeps asking Celia wedding plans (she is so annoying!). Chuck and Peggy leave thinking that Grant and Celia want to be alone, which of course is the last thing that Celia wants. Jimmie Lee shows up at the Q's, who confront him about the Bible page. They demand to know what he wants. He wants 1/3 of the Quartermaine trust. They fight, and he gives them 1 hour to decide. Eventually they tell Jimmie Lee that they need more time to discuss his demand. He agrees; besides, he has to talk to "mommie" (Beatrice).

August 24
, 1984 - Tania and Frisco are alone in Tania's apartment; Tania is trying to deal with her father's leaving. Josh interrupts. Frisco had asked him to go out on the town, but now Frisco wants to be alone with Tania. Josh leaves because "threes a crowd." Frisco then makes dinner for Tania. He tries to console her. He wants to make love but Tania can't forget images of Grant and backs away. When Frisco figures this out, he leaves.  At the spa, Leo confronts Holly with the pictures. He demands that she quit spying on him. She agrees. Beatrice talks to Holly, trying to get her to talk about Leo. Holly says that there is a personality conflict. Holly later has to tell leo in no uncertain terms that she will not have dinner with him.  Grant has a knife on Celia at the cabin. She tries to convince him that he doesn't really want to hurt her. Grant accuses her of lying; he should have let her die on the boat! He tells her that it is over; it is obvious that he intends to kill her. Celia tries to convince Grant that she still loves him. He reminds her of the first time they made love, how she had hurt him by ignoring him the day after. She tells him how sorry she is that she hurt him. It doesn't matter to her that he has killed; they can still leave and be together. She kisses him, but then she breaks down and accuses him of being crazy. He confesses to killing Ian, Dr. Campbell, framing Grant A and killing Dr. Borden. He demands that she prove her love to him or die. She tries to escape. While this is going on, Robert is desperately trying to reach Celia by boat. Jimmie lee talks to Beatrice. She doesn't think that JL asked for enough from the Q's. She wants it all! Beatrice reminds him that she needs a peephole into Lorena's office. He drills the hole for her. In the prison, grant Andrews shows up in the warden's office for his after hours meeting with the warden. The warden is not there, but a DVX agent is. Eventually Fletcher shows up and informs Grant that he is "a dead man." They will kill him and make it look like a suicide.

August 27
, 1984 - Fletcher has Grant A all tied up in the warden's office. He intends to hang him for what grant did to expose all of the DVX agents. The three DVX agents accuse grant of high treason and convene a court to convict him. They condemn him to death by hanging, and try to hang him from the light fixture. But the light fixture breaks and Grant falls to the floor. The noise attracts the guards who put an end to the "necktie party."  When the warden comes in, he discovers that the DVX tried to hang Grant, but they agree that a transfer would likely not change grant's situation.  Scorpio can't get the boat motor started. He finally convinces the boat's owner to help him get across the lake to the cabin. Meanwhile at the cabin, Grant order Celia (at knifepoint) to put on a nightgown. He chases her around the cabin. She tries to explain to him that he is sick. She also tries to convince him that she still wants to marry him. He tells her to prove it - sleep with him.  She manages to escape to the bedroom and tries to break out of the cabin. He breaks in, but she sprays perfume in his eyes. As she is trying yet another escape, Robert rushes in! Grant p holds celia at knifepoint and demand that Robert give up his gun. Robert throws it into the fire. When the gone goes off in the fireplace, Robert engages grant in a fist fight as Celia grabs the knife. Robert knocks grant out and ties him up. Celia is shaken up, but okay.  Holly is having dinner by herself. Leo and Mrs. Barrington show up. Leo demands the Boolean stock from Mrs. B. Holly tries to sneak out of the restaurant and a waiter keeps hitting on her (James DePaive (Max Holden, OLTL) plays a waiter who hits on Holly.)  She decides to hide out until they leave, but can't make it away before Mrs. B sees her and accuses Holly of hiding from Leo. Mrs. B knows that Holly has trouble with Leo. Holly protests and then leaves. Q's discuss (again) Jimmie Lee's demand of 1/3 of the Q trust fund. They agree to give in to his demand. Eddy talks to JL, but Beatrice wants more that 1/3 of the inheritance in order for her to drop her lawsuit.

August 28
, 1984: At Kelly's, Jake and Rose discuss "last night" and their relationship. They hear the news of Grant P's capture on the radio; Burt gets hold of Jake to discuss the release of Grant A. Brian drops by Kelly's, handing out cigars. He is on his way to Philadelphia because Claudia is about to give birth. Later he is talking with Claudia's aunt at the hospital nursery, amazed that he is a father. Celia is at the Scorpio's. She laments her stupidity for going to the cabin. She wants Grant A home. Robert arrives (very tired) and tells the ladies that Putnam confessed to everything. Celia and Robert then apologize to Holly for keeping her in the dark. Holly is very cool to Robert, but Celia encourages her to forgive him. Robert goes to his office, where he receives a call from Tania. (Tania is thrilled that Grant A is coming home and she wants to go to the prison with Robert.) Robert tells her that Celia will be going to the prison. Jake shows up at Robert's office and they discuss how manic-depressive Putnam is. They agree to go to the prison to tell Grant that he has been released. Meanwhile, Lorena and Jimmie lee discuss the previous night; when JL hears the news about Grant A, he rushes out to find Celia. He finds her at the Scorpios. He still thinks that there is a chance for them, but Celia tells him that she wants a future with Grant A. JL then goes back to Lorena claiming that he dumped Celia while Celia goes to the prison with Jake and Robert. Jake and Robert give Grant A the good news: Grant P has confessed and he will be release, but not for another 24 hours. When Celia comes in, the two share a tender moment together.  Rick and Bobbie talk. Rick apologizes to Bobbie about Ruby leaving. When Bobbie runs into Ginny at the spa, the two women fight about Ruby. Ginny later wants to do something nice for Rick. She and Mike buy hamburgers and fries. He is upset over their housekeeper situation and rushes off.

August 29 - September 4, 1984: 8/29, 8/30, 8/31, 9/3, 9/4

August 29, 1984: Rick and Ginny fight; Ginny is trying to get a new housekeeper, but when the new housekeeper comes over, she is very difficult: can't climb stairs and refuse to babysit. Therefore the new housekeeper leaves and Rick is upset. He wants a housekeeper immediately, then he makes Ginny feel terrible by comparing her to Leslie. At the hospital, Ruby is worried. What is she qualified to do? Ruby runs some errands and ends up at Kelly's where Rose is desperately needing some help. Joe Kelly called and he wants Rose to move to Albany to help him. This is bad timing as Rose is just on the verge of getting back with Jake; however, Jake has been pushing Rose to take back his ring, therefore Rose is a little scared. We can tell that she is thinking about going to Albany. Rose asks Ruby to take over running the diner. Ruby accepts.  When Ruby goes to the Webber's to gather her belongings, Ginny is still looking for a housekeeper; Ruby takes great pleasure rubbing it in to Ginny! Frisco and Josh talk about Tania at Kelly's. He and Tania are still friends, but Frisco declares that he is about to reenter the world of women.  At the studio, everyone is on Ginny's back about her job responsibilities; Frisco shows up and defends her however as she tries to find a housekeeper. While waiting on Ginny, Frisco sings. Meanwhile back at the hospital, Rick and Bobbie get out of surgery and discuss their marriages.

August 30
, 1984: When Mike comes home, Ginny is busy vacuuming. She convinces mike to help her clean the house and cook a nice dinner for Rick. She wants everything perfect when Doc Rick comes home! At the hospital, Rick and Bobbie agree to have dinner after a long day of surgery. Ginny gets dressed and waits for Rick to come home, but he is very late. Ginny is furious! He comments on the clean house and she tells him about the ruined dinner, vowing to never cook for him again!  Tania talks to Frisco about her desire to see Grant Andrews. He tries to convince her not to because he fears that she will be rejected. Meanwhile, Robert and Celia bring Grant home to the gatehouse. Robert tells them that Grant Putnam will never stand trial for his crimes because he "went completely off his rocker." Grant Putnam is now in the psycho ward of Mercy Hospital. After Robert leaves, grant and Celia go to seethe Q's. They have it out, but in the end agree to let "bygones be bygones" and shake hands.  When they return to the gatehouse, Tania and Frisco are there. Celia encourages grant to talk to Tania. They do and Grant tells Tania (again) that he and Celia are back together and that she needs to get him out of her system. Grant and Celia then share a glass of wine and enjoy being back together.

August 31
, 1984 - Ruby is learning the ropes about running the diner. Frisco comes by to say goodbye to Rose. They discuss throwing a get-together for Rose since she is leaving to go to Albany. They spread the word all over. Everyone gathers at Kelly's to say goodbye. Brian shows pictures of the twins. Frisco sings "All I need" as Tania walks in with Tony. Later she reaches out to Frisco and even kisses him, but he pulls away. Tony finds an upset Tania outside the diner and tries to console her. He then walks her home.  Jimmie Lee gives Lorena the key to his heart (and to his apartment). He wants her to live with him. Lorena however is worried about Beatrice. Meanwhile, the Q's stew about the "late, lamented, Quartermaine fortune." Jimmie Lee comes over and waits for Lorena in her suite. When she gets there, they begin to make love and are interrupted by Eddy and Alan, who throw both Jimmie Lee and Lorena out of the house! Monica is furious! When Jimmie Lee later tells Beatrice that Lorena is moving in with him, she acts thrilled (but we never know what she is actually thinking..)  Mrs. Barrington gives into the blackmail and hands over the stock to Leo. Beatrice is spying as Leo gives the stock to Lorena and she puts it in the safe. Leo wants to leave town, but Lorena convinces him otherwise. Beatrice spies to get the combination to the safe. She is able to get most of it before Leo blocks her view. Later, Leo finds Beatrice in Lorena's office spoiling her plan to break into the safe.

September 3
, 1984 - Ginny and Rick argue over their Labor Day plans. She wants to go to the Q's party and he wants to relax at home and go to Ruby's open house at Kelly's. She declares that she is going to the Q's party.  Brock comes home; he brings his daughter Teri with him (Robyn Bernard joins the show as Teri). She is arrogant and spoiled. At Kelly's, people are showing up for the party; Robert, dressed up in 1890's police uniform, shows up sweaty and exhausted. (Holly tried to warn him against wearing the outfit and marching in the Labor Day parade.) Frisco is there singing; Brock, Bobbie and Teri show up and, immediately, Teri has her eye on Frisco. Q's are throwing there party: Lila reminds Eddy about her deadline for getting rid of Beatrice.  Tony gives Eddy the name of a doctor who can prove Beatrice is faking her injuries. Grant and Celia discuss their present and future. Leo is there along with all of the women he blackmailed (including Holly). Robert shows up, exhausted! Ginny comes by but is ignored by the people there. She is hurt and eventually goes to Kelly's. Rick is actually nice to her and they dance. At the spa, Beatrice manages to crack open Lorena's safe.

September 4
, 1984 - Robert wakes up in pain; Holly has little sympathy€¦she told him not to march in the parade. His feet are covered with blisters. She is distant, giving him the cold shoulder. He wants to know why.  Robert soaks his feet. Alan drops by, treats his blisters and gives him painkillers. Holly is unable to convince Robert that nothing is wrong.  Eddy wakes up Alan and Monica. He has the doctor ready to see Beatrice. Beatrice cracks the safe and is able to get her hands on the pictures, stocks, and money. She almost gets caught by Lorena. Q's discuss how to get rid of Beatrice before the Friday deadline. Lorena discovers her safe has been robbed. She first blames Leo; then they blame each other. Eventually they realize: BEATRICE! Although Leo thinks it might be Holly so he heads over to her house to confront her. Robert is at home and Holly is afraid that he will come downstairs and find Leo as Leo presses her about her spying and she swears that she hasn't been snooping.  Meanwhile Jimmie Lee tries to talk Lorena into a vacation; then Jimmie Lee and Beatrice have lunch and talk about the lawsuit (she doesn't mention anything about the items she retrieved from Lorena's safe). Bobbie is adjusting to Teri being in the house. Bobbie promises Brock that she will get along with Teri. Bobbie and Teri meet for lunch at the Versailles Room. Teri pressures Bobbie, questioning her about her past before she became a nurse. Bobbie leaves, angry. Later Bobbie and Brock fight; he accuses her of being jealous of Teri. Bobbie accuses Teri of being a troublemaker. Jake talks to Alan about speaking up for grant with the medical review board. Jake later has a conversation with Tania at "The Bean Sprout."

September 5-11, 1984: 9/5, 9/6, 9/7 (the first episode in which Felicia appears but we do not yet know her name or who she is), 9/10, 9/11

September 5
, 1984 - Grant and Celia are kissing on the couch. They are interrupted by Jake who has been trying to get in touch with. The medical review board is meeting in Albany and has agreed to hear Grant's case! They need to get to Albany. Robert and hopefully Alan will go with them to plead Grant's case. At the Scorpio's, Robert is out of bed but walking very slowly. Mrs. Barrington comes by and talks to Robert and Holly about a "friend" (the friend is really Holly) who is being blackmailed. Robert advises Mrs. B to tell her "friend" to go to the police. After Mrs. B. leaves, Holly almost tells him her predicament, but they are interrupted. Then Robert has to leave to go to Albany. Jake, Grant and Celia arrive at the hospital and convince Alan to go with them to Albany, where grant is awarded his medical license back. Robert, Holly, Grant and Celia then have a celebration dinner at the Versailles room where Leo shows up distracting Holly and Jimmie Lee and Lorena show up distracting Celia. Eddy comes by the spa to see Beatrice. He promises to expose her and she fights back. While Eddy talks to Alan and Monica about his conversation with Beatrice, Jimmie Lee talks to Beatrice. Leo and Lorena try to figure out how to get the safe contents that Beatrice stole back. They discover the peephole that Beatrice used and figure out that Jimmie Lee put it there. Lorena is furious, but eventually makes up with Jimmie Lee at the Versailles Room.  Later Beatrice arranges for telegrams to be sent to all of the people that she intends to blackmail. Ginny wants to take Mike to school. He doesn't want her to go but doesn't tell her. When Rick finds out, he comes home to talk to Ginny, and Mike is finally honest and tells her the truth. Ginny is hurt and upset, but Rick gives her a "pep talk."

September 6
, 1984 - The telegrams from Beatrice arrive to the Q's, Holly, Mrs. Barrington, and Silvia Whitby. At the Scorpios, Holly tries to explain the telegram to Robert. When Robert later tries to kiss her, Holly pulls away. He wants them to spend the day together, but Holly can't and runs off.  She goes to Beatrice, who tries to blackmail her for $25,000. Holly refuses. When she returns home, she steals two pills from Robert vile of pain medication. The Q's discuss Beatrice's telegram. Eddy goes to the spa and confronts Beatrice about it, demanding to know what she wants. She wants 1/3 of the entire Q estate. He's dumbstruck and leaves. Later the Q's discuss Beatrice's demand. Eddy appears ready to cave, but later tells Alan that he has a plan!  So, one by one, individuals are coming to the spa to talk to Beatrice about blackmail. Lorena and Leo try to figure out what Beatrice is up to and are worried about what she will do. Lorena fights with Beatrice about her stock certificates (the one Leo blackmailed Mrs. B to get!) and accuses Beatrice of stealing from her safe. Leo wants to kill Beatrice, but Lorena doesn't want any violence. Beatrice meanwhile tells everyone who visits her to come to the charity benefit at the spa on Friday night to settle up. Grant and Celia have breakfast together. He wants to visit GH and would like Celia to come with him. They go to the hospital where everyone very warmly welcomes Grant back. Gail even apologizes for her role in convincing Putnam to testify. Alan and Monica arrange for grant to talk to Steve Hardy, who offers Grant his old job back. Grant is overwhelmed by everyone's kindness.

September 7
, 1984 - The day and night of the Charity benefit:  Eddy take s Alan's medical bag from him and steals some pills. Lila makes sure that Stella has her heart medication. Lorena takes pills from Monica's medical bag. Holly makes sure that she has Robert's pain pills. At the Spa, Beatrice is gloating that she and Jimmie Lee will soon have everything that they have ever dreamed of! Leo tells Lorena that he checked Beatrice's suite and found nothing.  Lorena has a plan, but she doesn't tell Leo what the plan is. People begin to arrive at the spa. Q's arrive, as well as Mrs. Barrington and Frisco (with his band). At the hospital, Tania is not going to the party because she doesn't have a date. Tony offers that she can go with him. Ginny comes by (dressed very nicely) to pick up Rick who informs her that he wants to go alone. She is very hurt and calls her television station offering to go to the charity benefit and run a telethon. At Kelly's Dan is sulking because Ruby will not go with him. At the Party, people mingle about. There is a valet who looks suspicious! We see all of the regulars: Claudia and Brian out for the first time after the babies have been born, Gail and Lee Baldwin, the Brocks, the Scorpios, the Q's, Tony and Tania, who is having a tough time watching Grant and Celia.  By the pool, Edward gives Beatrice a drink. Ginny shows up with cameras, which infuriates Rick! Frisco sings "All I need." Mrs. B and Sylvia successful gives Beatrice a drink. Beatrice is getting very tired! Robert and Holly talk by the pool. He's worried about her. She tells him that there is something she has done that she is ashamed of. When she won't tell him what that is, he leaves upset. Frisco buys a ring while the mysterious valet looks on. Holly gives Beatrice a canopy. Then Beatrice meets up with Lila at the pool and the two argue. Stella hands Lila a glass of water containing her heart medication. Q's come in as well as Sylvia and Mrs. Barrington, Lorena and Leo. Beatrice drinks Lila's water and begins to lecture them all about their "sordid business." Then she collapses and the Scorpios rush in. In the end, Eddy, Holly, Mrs. B and Sylvia throughout the evening have all stolen envelopes from Beatrice's bag which then all believe hold the documents or pictures that she has bee blackmailing them with.

September 10
, 1984 - Teri, Brock and Bobbie arrive home. Teri and Bobbie fight over the wine that was spilt on Bobbie's dress. Teri then declares that Frisco is the first interesting person that she has meet in PC. Brock warns Teri about getting involved with musicians. When Teri leaves, Bobbie complains about the way that Brock treats her; they fight.  At the spa, the mysterious valet can be seen in several scenes. Monica pronounces Beatrice dead. Lorena tells the guests that there has been a terrible accident and the police want everyone to stay put. Lorena tells Jimmie Lee that his mother has died. Rick tells Robert that nothing obvious caused Beatrice's death.
     Robert won't let anyone leave. Jimmie Lee rushes in and holds Beatrice in his arms. He is devastated. Ginny reports on Beatrice's death which causes her and Rick to argue. Robert takes statements from all. Jimmie Lee lays into the Q's about his mother's death, saying that they will go home and toast her death. Eddy tries to comfort Jimmie lee, but JL will have nothing to do with Eddy.  Eddy claims to have once loved Beatrice; he never wanted her dead. Mrs. Barrington and Sylvia open their envelopes; the envelopes are empty. Coroner calls Robert, telling him there was a package taped to Beatrice's body. Lorena and Leo try to figure out where Beatrice hid the pictures and stock. Q's open their envelope; it is empty. Frisco goes home, listens to some music and looks at the ring that he bought at the charity white elephant sale. He lays the ring beside his bed and goes to sleep. The mysterious valet is under his bed; valet tries to steal the ring, but is caught by Frisco.  Jimmie lee is seen sitting by the pool in Beatrice's wheelchair, trying to understand what happened. Holly arrives home and is devastated to find out that the envelope she has does not contain the pictures. Meanwhile, at the coroner's, Robert opens up the two packages found on Beatrice: one contains money, the other contains Bible page, stocks and pictures, including the ones of Holly; he is devastated as well.

September 11
, 1984 - Frisco serves coffee to the mysterious valet/thief. He wants to know about the ring. Why is it important? He starts to call the cops and the valet tries to escape, but Frisco catches him/her. Valet finally speaks and Frisco rips off the valet cap to discover valet is a girl with long blonde hair. Her name is Felicia and she declares that she is not a criminal. The ring belongs to her grandmother and was stolen and sold by a cousin. She just wanted to get the ring back but did not have enough money to pay for it. Frisco doesn't believe her story. Frisco wants honesty. Felicia tries to run, but Frisco trips her and she breaks her leg. Frisco takes her to the hospital where men are following her. Tony checks out her ankle and sets it while Frisco figures out how to get her out of the hospital. They sneak out through a basement exit that few people know about. Q's discuss Beatrice's death; Who has the Bible page? How do they get involved in these messes?! Lila feels guilty about the pressure that she put on Edward to get rid of Beatrice. Alan, Monica and Eddy swear that they did not harm Beatrice. Q's speculate that Jimmie lee has the Bible page. Alan agrees to talk to Jimmie Lee, while Eddy talks to Jake and Monica talks to Lorena. Meanwhile, Leo is searching the spa. Lorena asks him if he killed Beatrice; Leo responds "no." She did not kill Beatrice. So they worry about who has the pictures. Holly comes by the spa and discovers Leo tearing the place apart looking for the pictures. She agrees to help and he lets her. Mrs. Barrington and Monica also come by and search. Robert comes home very tired and talks to Holly. She questions him and he questions her. He is obviously suspicious and trying to get information out of her. He is sure that Beatrice did not die of natural causes. Does she have any ideas? She loves to play detective. Did she figure out what was going on at the spa? She tries to avoid all of his questions. But he knows that she has inside information. Jimmie lee drops by to talk with Robert. He wants to know what killed his mother. He tells Robert about the Bible page and Beatrice's blackmail of the Q's. Holly shows up at police headquarters and questions Burt about the autopsy report. She wants to know if Beatrice died of natural causes. The autopsy report that Beatrice died of a drug overdose. At the Brock cottage, Teri comes downstairs looking for a mad. She needs some clothes hand washed. Bobbie refuses to do it for her. She also wants breakfast. That day, Teri makes a mess in the cottage. Brock comes home and orders Bobbie to clean it up. Bobbie refuses!

September 12-18, 1984:  9/12, 9/13, 9/14, 9/17, 9/18

September 12, 1984 - At the television studio, Ginny is offered a job as anchorwoman of the 6 AM and 10 PM news. The hours are horrible and her schedule will be crazy but she accepts the job. When she goes to the hospital and tells Rick, he is obviously worried and gives her a hard time about it: "when will she have time to spend with Mike?" he wants her to take some time and think about it, but Ginny has already made up her mind. Later, when they are at home, Ginny introduces him to Helga the new housekeeper. After Helga leaves, they fight again. At the police station, Holly asks Robert to go to lunch. He doesn't have time but he does offer to tell her what is in the autopsy report. Beatrice died of a drug overdose. Holly is stunned, especially when Robert suggests that he believes that it was murder. Robert questions Holly; she feigns ignorance then asks Robert if she is being interrogated. She then leaves to go get a manicure. Burt comes in and Robert tells him that he believes that Holly is hiding something. Robert goes to the morgue. He wants to know more about the drugs that were in Beatrice's system. At the Scorpio's, Holly confides in Celia that her marriage is in trouble. She then reveals her stupidity (Leo and the pictures) to Celia who insists that Holly tell Robert immediately. Robert comes home and discusses his theory about Beatrice's murder with Holly. He believes that more than one person gave Beatrice's the pills. Holly goes into the kitchen and reads the label on Robert's painkillers. Robert finds her and he is definitely suspicious.  At GH, Frisco is trying to get Felicia out of the hospital without being seen by the two men that are following her. They put her on a gurney and she pretends to be dead so that an orderly will take her to the morgue which is located in the basement. They fight! He takes her to a vacant apartment in his building, but she has never "camped out" by herself and is afraid of being alone. She begs him not to leave her alone in the dark. He stays.

September 13
, 1984 - Felicia wakes up and Frisco is gone. He comes in with the newspaper and toothpaste, soap, etc€¦he wants to help her but he also wants to know what is going on. She refuses to tell him, saying that she cannot break a confidence. He goes home and talks to Josh. When the men who were following Felicia knock on the door, Josh is able to cover for Frisco. Frisco then takes bacon and eggs and attempts to cook them for Felicia, but she is a little demanding about how she likes her food and he leaves in a huff. Later she cries and falls asleep. Frisco returns bringing better food and a "declaration of truce." Ginny comes home after doing the morning news. She wants to spend time with Mike, but he has to hurry off to school. Rick tries to give her advice€¦ After school, Ginny does not have time to listen as Mike describes the speech that he gave at school. She has to leave for the school, but she does listen in a little as Mike begins to talk to Rick. She is obviously torn, especially when Mike tells Rick that he wants to be a doctor.  When Ginny comes home late, she and Rick talk. She promises to organize her time better, then falls asleep as he begins to lecture her. Robert is sitting on the couch looking at the pictures of Holly and Leo. She comes down, ready to talk, but just cannot seem to get it out and talks around the issue. They are interrupted by Burt and then Holly leaves. Robert and Burt discuss the pictures (not the ones of holly but the ones of Mrs. B and Sylvia). They assume that Leo took the pictures and that Beatrice stole them. Burt reveals that Lila had given the ultimatum to Eddy that she would leave town if something was not done about Beatrice. Robert goes to the spa. He talks to Jake about Jimmie lee wanted to search Beatrice's suite. Robert tells Jake that he has the Bible page that Jimmie Lee is looking for. Robert then talks to Holly, who tells him that she has forgotten what she wanted to talk to him about. At police headquarters, Lorena tells Robert that she had been robbed and the she has suspected Beatrice; Robert tells Lorena that he has her stock certificates.

September 14
, 1984 - Frisco wakes Frisco up to go get breakfast. The sleeping arrangements in the vacant apartment are not very comfortable. They fight! She tells him to leave but then complains about her ankle. He is bending over backwards to help her and all she does in complain. He accuses her of being a "princess" and leaves. At the studio, Frisco is promoted to Teen Time host. Teri shows up and watches the taping then invites Frisco to lunch. He tells her yes, but only to use her as a diversion! The two men have shown up looking for him and he escapes out the bathroom, however this means standing Teri up for lunch. He goes to the vacant apartment, where he accuses Felicia of using people. He wants her to be honest. She tells him that she is a princess, but he doesn't believe her. Beatrice's funeral is being held today and Eddy Q intends to go. Alan tries to talk him out of it; there would be too much bad press. Eddy wants to go so that he can mend fences with Jimmie Lee. Today is grant's first day back on the job. Celia tells him that she intends to go to Beatrice's funeral so that she can be there for Jimmie Lee. He is not jealous. Robert figures out that two of his pain pills are missing. Holly tries to sneak out of the house without seeing him but he catches her and tries to resume their conversation. He wants answers; she avoids his questions. He leaves angry, but immediately after he leaves, she comes to her senses and calls for him to come back. When he does, she tells him _ the story, the part about Leo and the pictures. He presses her: Is that all she has to tell him? She says yes. At the funeral, Robert informs Eddy that he has the Bible page and asks why Eddy gave Jimmie Lee 1/3 of the Q trust fund and about Lila's ultimatum. Jimmie Lee blames Edward for his mother's death and orders him to leave!

September 17
, 1984 - Teri and Brock have breakfast. Bobbie leaves directions for Teri for using the washing machine. Teri rags on Bobbie, complaining that Bobbie doesn't like her. She "wants to be Bobbie's friend;" Teri also wants to know if DL loves Bobbie as much as he loved Teri's mother. At Kelly's Brian and Claudia are talking about the twins when Teri and Brock show up for lunch. Teri is rude and informs Brock that she has a hard time conversing with "middle class people." At the hospital, Bobbie complains about Teri while Amy complains about Ginny. Eddy complains to Alan about Scorpio. He wants Alan and Monica to find out how Beatrice died. Monica already knows; it was a drug overdose. At the cottage, Teri refuses to clean up the mess she made using the washing machine. Brock consoles her after Bobbie orders her to clean up the mess. Felicia and Frisco are still in the vacant apartment. Frisco offers to stay with Felicia and help her bathe. She takes off everything but her undergarments and Frisco can't help but stare at her. He helps her into the bathroom where they both fall into a tub full of water. When he arrives home wet, Tony interrogates him. Frisco wants Tony to get Felicia a walking cast. The two men show up at the apartment building looking for Felicia. Frisco goes to Kelly's and order cheeseburgers and ends up having lunch with Teri and DL, but then sneaks out the back. When he returns to Felicia, he wants the truth; she wants the ring.  Holly hides the rest of Robert's pills in a plant. When Robert comes downstairs, he asks for his pills and begins to look for them while Holly nervously tries to hide that she knows anything about them. She tries to deflect his questions; He doesn't like the idea of prescription drugs "falling into the wrong hands." At the police station, Burt tells Robert that they will be able to get a breakdown of the drugs in Beatrice's system. The DA informs Robert that each person who gave Beatrice drugs could be charged with involuntary manslaughter. Robert arranges for all of the suspects to meet at his house. He presents the facts, but cannot convince any of them to confess. Holly just looks on with all the life drained out of her.

September 18
, 1984 - Jimmie Lee can't sleep; he wants the person who killed his mother to pay. When Lorena suggests that Beatrice was involved in more than Jimmie Lee knew, he gets angry. At the spa, Lorena and Leo discuss her involvement in Beatrice's death. At first she denies any part in it, but later admits that she swiped a pill from Monica's medical bag and gave it to Beatrice. Leo assures Lorena that she is fine: no one would suspect her, they would suspect Monica. Jimmie Lee comes by and apologizes to Lorena.  He promises to dig around until he finds out what was going on! At the Q's, Alan and Monica question Eddy. He is being devious and they think that he put a pill in Beatrice's drink. Eddy confesses: he too the pill out of Alan's bag. Alan is furious. Eddy calls his lawyer to determine how bad the situation could be and then goes to GH and talks to Grant about "prison life." Eddy is shaken up, goes home and sulks.  At the Scorpios, Holly wants to talk but she can't get the words out. She asks about the pictures: "What will happen to them?" Robert speaks harshly with her and she clams up. He leaves frustrated. Holly calls grant. She needs information about the medication Robert was taking: Could it kill someone? Yes, if combines with other medications. She realizes what she did! At the police station Robert and Burt question Mrs. Barrington and Sylvia separately about the pictures. They both tell the same story: Leo took the pictures and was blackmailing them, but they6 did not know how Beatrice got the pictures. They then call Leo and warn him that Scorpio is on to him. When Scorpio calls Leo in, Leo "warns" Robert not to pursue the blackmail and Robert knows that Leo is referring to the pictures of Holly.  When Robert returns home, he asks Holly again if she has something to tell him. She replies no and the two of them go their separate ways. She goes into the kitchen and cries.

September 19-26, 1984:  9/19, 9/20, 9/21, 9/24, 9/25

September 19, 1984 - Ginny is worn out; she and Rick discuss their schedules. Mike comes in and announces that tonight is parent night at school and he is excited to show off his parents. They both promise to go, but Rick ends up having to schedule a late surgery and Ginny gets a last minute interview with Scorpio. Later, at home, Ginny is very upset and vows that this will be the last parent night that she misses. Tony puts a walking cast on Felicia's leg then questions Felicia. Felicia and Frisco come up with an incredulous story. When they return to the vacant apartment, the new tenant is there; Frisco then hides Felicia in the Boiler room. She can't believe that he expects her to stay there! He then goes on his date with Teri. He is very distracted and when josh comes by, he passes Teri off to Josh, takes the rest of his pizza and leaves. Frisco returns to the boiler room and finds a very scared Felicia locked in a closet. Holly and Robert discuss Beatrice's murder as well as the photos. He tells her that they are a motive for murder. She continues to lie to him. After he leaves, Holly begins to get her affairs in order. When Celia comes by wanting to go shopping, Holly refuses to go. She breaks down and tells Celia about the pills; Celia insists that she tell Robert. Meanwhile, Scorpio is having lunch with Lee; he tells lee that he may resign. Lee refuses to accept the resignation. At the spa, Jimmie lee talks with Lorena, accusing Monica of murder. They go to lunch. Josh brings Teri by and gives her a tour of the spa. Scorpio comes by and talks to Lorena about her safe. Lorena tells him that she believes Beatrice robbed her safe. When Robert returns home, Holly is vacuuming; he accuses her of trying to go on a holiday and tries again to get her to talk; he notices the dirt on her hands; she is obviously hiding something. He leaves.

September 20, 1984 - In the Webber kitchen, Amy is cooking breakfast because the housekeeper has called in sick. She wants Ginny to finish fixing the French toast. While Ginny is cooking, Mike comes in; he is angry about parents' night. Rick and Ginny try to talk but he angrily rushes off to school. Rick and Ginny argue about the time that she spends at work. Ginny goes to the hospital for a check-up; Tony advises her to slow down. They talk about her marriage and Mike. Later, at the studio, Mike shows up and apologizes. She tells him that she has a lot to learn about being a mother. Meanwhile, Rick is searching for Mike. He talks to Ruby, wondering why he ever married Ginny. He goes to the studio where he finds Mike and Ginny tells him that he will no longer be doing the late night news.  At the spa, Jimmy Lee covers up the peephole he put in for Beatrice. He agrees with Lorena that Beatrice was a snoop and could have robbed the safe. At Police headquarters, Robert and Burt look at the drugs found in Beatrice's system as well as a list of people who had access to the drugs. Alan and Monica (and later Sylvia and Amanda) so Robert goes to the Q's to question them about the pills. Alan is missing two pills and Monica is missing one pill from their respective medical bags. After Robert leaves, the Q's argue. Eddy doesn't want to take responsibility for taking the pills and Alan believes that Lorena may have taken the pill out of Monica's bag. Edward and Lila have a sweet conversation about all the time that he should have spent with her. They talk about their memories. Monica goes to the spa and talks to Lorena about the missing pill. She remembers giving her bag to Lorena on the night of Beatrice's murder. Lorena denies taking the pill. Jake takes Tania to dinner and they talk about having painful memories.

September 21, 1984 - Bobbie and Brock have breakfast. Teri comes down wearing Bobbie's sweater. Bobbie is livid and accuses her of stealing. Brock intervenes and takes Teri's side. When he comes near Bobbie, Bobbie screams, "Don't you touch me!" Teri ignores Bobbie and leaves wearing the sweater. Bobbie declares that she needs to move out and gives Brock an ultimatum: either he gets Teri out of the house or she leaves. Brock leaves; when Teri returns home, Bobbie has he bag packed. She takes her sweater and leaves. Bobbie moves into a room above Kelly's. At the cottage, Brock comes home wanting to patch things up with Bobbie. Teri lies about Bobbie and convinces Brock to let Bobbie go, that the she and her father make a great team. She then abruptly leaves to go find Frisco. She goes to Kelly's. Ruby and Bobbie tell her she is not welcome and throw her out. Frisco wakes up in the boiler room with a sleeping Felicia in his arms. It looks like he is about to kiss her when she wakes up and demands to know what he is doing. She is angry and they fight. He accuses her of thinking too highly of herself and she accuses him of being attracted to her. Then the men show up in the boiler room and place a bug on Frisco's phone while Frisco and Felicia hide. Frisco then leaves to go to work, but he promises to be back. At the studio, he is offered a full-time job as host of "Teen Time"; this will mean three times the money! He says he will think it over. He goes back to the vacant apartment and arranges it so that Felicia can go back there and hide. When he returns to the boiler room, the two men show back up. Frisco knocks them out and he and Felicia run. At the Scorpios, Holly is cleaning the closet. Robert demands to know what is going on NOW!? She says she is just organizing, but he doesn't believe her; he is ready to have it out. Is she about to move out? They fight about who is keeping secrets and he leaves. At police headquarters, Robert talks to Sylvia and Amanda, confronting them about their prescription drugs. The women won't cooperate with him. Robert lets them leave and Burt wants to know why: He is waiting for the final coroner's report. At their home, Holly is writing her will. Robert comes in and discovers what she is doing; he demands an explanation. Holly tries to evade his questions, but he accuses her of lying. She finally comes out with the truth. At first he is distant and harsh, but later he tenderly tells her that he loves her.

September 24, 1984 - Jimmy Lee is going to work for the first time since Beatrice's death. After he leaves, Leo comes over to talk to Lorena. He needs to get Scorpio off his back and wants Lorena to pressure Jimmy Lee and Scorpio to arrest the Q's. She refuses and he threatens to "rock her boat." He could implicate her if he is arrested. She agrees to work on Jimmie Lee. Lorena goes to the construction site and tries to convince Jimmy Lee that he should be angry that Scorpio has not arrested the Q's. At the Scorpio's, Holly wakes up after a restless night. Robert is gentle and kind to her. She believes that she needs to turn herself in, but he disagrees. He's working on a plan! He tries to use humor to comfort her; he'll "find a way out of this mess." At Headquarters, Robert gets upset with the coroner for not having the final report ready; he's mean and also gets upset with Burt. Holly comes by. He won't let her make an official statement. She wants him to renounce her and let her confess. Jimmy lee burst in and accuses Robert of "being bought" by the Q's. Robert questions JL about the stocks and money found on Beatrice's body and explains that the Q's are not his only suspects. JL leaves and Holly wants to know if she is the reason why he is not arresting the other suspects. JL heads to the spa and confronts Lorena; she leis to him and he realizes that Beatrice was up to something. Meanwhile, Robert and Holly head home and talk; all he ever wanted was to keep her happy and safe. In the vacant apartment, Felicia tries to steal the ring from a sleeping Frisco. She ends up being caught under his arm and after she manages to slip away, she stares at him with a smile. She then cooks him breakfast, but burns the eggs and lets them get cold. He is not too happy about it and they fight: she demands her ring and even offers to pay. She has money in an airport locker. They continue to fight and he tells her to find another "doormat" then leaves.

September 25, 1984 - At the Q's. Jimmy Lee confronts Edward; he wants straight talk. He accuses eddy of giving Beatrice money; Eddy doesn't know anything about how Beatrice got $250,000; Jimmy Lee leaves. When Eddy brings Lila to the hospital for a check-up, he talks to Alan and Monica and tells them about the money. He wants to know if they gave Bea the money. They decide to look into this matter and see if perhaps there are other suspects. Felicia fixes coffee. She hears people outside the apartment and hides. At the studio, everyone wants a piece of Frisco and he is overwhelmed. Teri shows up and invites him to lunch; he says no. Felicia sneaks down to Frisco phone and attempts to call the Ten Secrets Inn in Shadow Mtn. Texas. She hides when Frisco comes home and takes a shower, but is unable to complete her call before he comes out. After she leaves, the operator calls back with the completed call. Frisco is shocked to her an older woman's (played by June Lockhart of "Lost in Space") voice speaking to whom she believes is Felicia. When Frisco speaks up that he is a friend of Felicia's, the woman hangs up. At the cottage, Brock and Teri have breakfast (a pretty bad one fixed by Teri); they talk about being a team. He asks Teri to take his suit to the cleaners for him; she agrees and he leaves. She calls the station looking for Frisco. At Kelly's, Bobbie talks to Ruby about DL.  Jimmy lee comes over and also talks to Ruby. Brock comes by: he needs to eat because Teri is such a bad cook. Brock is counting on Bobbie coming back. At the hospital, Ginny is scouting; she wants to do a documentary, "A day in the life of a doctor." Tony gives her some good advice and she manages to convince Steve hardy that the documentary would be good publicity for the hospital.

September 26 - October 4, 1984:  9/26, 9/27, 9/28, 10/1, (no show 10/2, no show 10/3 baseball) 10/4

September 26, 1984 -
At GH, Ginny asks Tony to be the doctor in her documentary. He agrees; she and her cameras follow him around the hospital. In the OR, the cameras make the surgical staff uneasy and Tony orders them to leave; however he later confesses that he is enjoying this. Ginny has some good film. Rick sees Ginny talking to Tony and she sees Rick talking to Bobbie and it appears that both Rick and Ginny are a little jealous. Later they swap barbs in the elevator. DL shows up at the hospital and talks to Dan about the housing project. He leaves without saying a word to Bobbie. When he arrives home at the cottage, he gets angry at Teri for not getting his suit to the cleaners; her thoughts were on Frisco. Bobbie talks to Rick about her problems with Brock and Teri; she is considering walking out on her marriage. Edward picks Lila up at the hospital; Alan offers to go see Scorpio about the prescription drugs but eddy says no. Alan and Monica decide to investigate whether Eddy has gotten any money lately from his bank account or broker. Frisco goes back to the vacant apartment and discovers that Felicia is gone. Since he still has the ring, he knows that she will not go far. Felicia finds a payphone and tries to call her grandmother in Texas. Meanwhile, Teri comes over to visit Frisco, give him a gift and apologize for throwing herself at him. When Frisco finally finds Felicia back at apartment, he confronts her about her phone call to Texas. Felicia refuses to tell him anything; she wants to protect him. Also, she refuses to break a "sacred trust." He tells her he will only give her the ring if she is honest with him. She feeds him a false story about "oil rights" which of course he does not believe.  Holly comes to police headquarters. While she waits in Robert's office she listens in (over his speaker phone) to a conversation between him and the DA. Robert is stalling the DA who wants to proceed against Leo. The DA sends for Leo and questions him about the blackmail, which, of course, Leo denies. The DA then calls in Sylvia and Amanda; he wants formal statements against Leo for blackmail. Sylvia and Amanda deny that Leo ever blackmailed them. Meanwhile, Leo is at the spa planning to take a permanent vacation. Josh tells Holly about it and she confronts him; he fires back, "hope your husband is smart enough to get you off the hook for murder." Sylvia and Amanda show up: They will not incriminate Leo if he stays in town and works to pay back the money he took from them. Holly goes back to police station and tells Robert that there will be no more stalling; tomorrow she gives her full confession.

September 27
, 1984 - Eddy is checking up on the finances of Alan and Monica to see if perhaps they paid off Bea. The Q's are discussing this when Alan and Monica get word from the hospital: There has been a big explosion at city hall! All doctors are being called into GH for the crises. At GH, Steve questions Jake about the cause of the explosion; he is worried about Audrey, who comes in with a  wounded Brian but is okay. Gail is worried about Lee. He comes in seriously wounded. Ginny is running around the hospital, interviewing people outside the emergency room and being highly critical of GH. Meanwhile, Robert is trying to convince Holly to delay her confession (he wants to wait until the final autopsy report comes in), but she is determined to go through with it. He tells her that he loves her. She needs his strength and he promises to be there for her. He will find a way out of this. They go to the DA's office where Robert finds out the final coroner's report is almost done. They have found a fifth drup in Bea's system: a heart medication. More tests are being done. Holly begins to confess when Robert gets a phone call about the explosion at city hall. They go the hospital, where Robert tries to figure out why more of the wounded are not being sent to mercy Hospital. Rick is trying desperately to arrange surgery for Lee and Ginny is still running around with cameras, criticizing GH for not being better prepared for the crises. When Rick finally manages to get Lee into surgery, it appears that he will be OK. Holly and Robert head back to the DA's office where again Holly starts to confess. They are interrupted by the arrival of the final autopsy report: The fifth drug, the heart medication, was the drug responsible for Bea's death. A very relieved Holly and Robert quickly excuse themselves from the DA's office and go home where they celebrate her freedom and profess their love for one another. At the spa, Leo tells Lorena about the ultimatum of Sylvia and Amanda. She agrees to keep working on Jimmie lee while he lays low. When JL arrives, Lorena and he decide to partner against Edward; they toast. Edward and Lila share a tender moment at home. Edward reflects on his life. He is ashamed of himself and who he has become. In his heart he never intended to hurt anyone.

September 28
, 1984 - There are still patients in the hallways of GH because there are not enough beds for all the wounded. Ginny is tearing GH apart with her criticism. When she shows up at GH, Rick accuses her of biased reporting. They fight. Tony defends her. Rick talks to Steve and tries to convince him to order Ginny away from the hospital, but Steve's does the opposite: he invites Ginny to do an in depth study on the entire situation.  Frisco brings Felicia some of his own clothes; after he leaves, she finds a pay phone at Kelly's a calls her grandmother in Texas. Her grandmother tells her that she must remain in PC and it is vital that she keeps the secret; she also tells her that something of theirs is missing but their friends and Felicia's boyfriend are attempting to recover it. Her grandmother reminds her that she is a princess. Some men have bugged grandmother's phone and hear the conversation; they remark that "Ernesto will be pleased."  Frisco comes into Kelly's and catches Felicia as she tries to leave. He pulls her into the kitchen where they fight and he sneaks her out the back. He then serves the 2 men following them very hot bowls of chili and manages to get away himself (from the men as well as his date Teri!) Felicia goes back to the vacant apartment where some people show up. She is scared! Holly drives Robert to work. She is very amorous. Robert wants Holly to stay out of trouble and out of his investigation, but she believes that she can be a great help to him, especially since she works at the spa. Robert complains that he has nothing "on that sleazebag Leo." She leaves and goes to the spa, where Josh shows her the cameral that Leo gave him. Holly goes to the massage room and discovers where Leo had hid the camera to take the pictures. Leo discovers her, grabs the camera and roughs her up a bit. He threatens to get rid of her. Meanwhile, Robert talks to the DA; the charge against the murderer can now be Murder 1. The Q's are the main suspects, especially when Robert traces the heart medication to Lila. Robert begins to suspect Lila.  The Q's (including Lila and Stella) discuss Bea's murder. When Robert arrives, he tells them about the heart medication and confronts them about Lila's ultimatum; the heart medication killed Beatrice: Edward interrupts Robert and confesses that he killed Beatrice!

October 1
, 1984 - Felicia hides on the window ledge, then jumps to get away. The station makes Frisco stay to work on a backlog of episodes for Teen Time. He manages to get away and is going to take flowers and candy to Felicia. When he arrives at the apartment, he discovers the new tenant there and Felicia missing. The two men think they have located Felicia; they also show up at apartment but she is gone. Frisco returns to the studio, but he is obviously worried: Where is Felicia? At the spa, Leo has Holly cornered in the massage room. He threatens her and throws her around. He needs to get rid of her; she begs for him to let her go. Josh comes in just in the knick of time. Leo punches him and runs out. Meanwhile, Robert arrest Eddy for the murder of Beatrice. He takes him to police headquarters and books him. Alan speculates to Monica that Eddy is covering for Lila. They argue until Lila comes downstairs. She is convinced that Eddy's confession is part of a master plan. Eddy is put in a cell and Lila and Stella come to visit him, complete with martinis and a picnic dinner! Robert lets Lila spend some time with Edward. Lila professes her love for Edward. Robert then goes home and shares his day with Holly. He lets her in on a secret: he doesn't believe that Edward killed Beatrice! He spots the bruise on her arm and she comes clean about her run-in with Leo. (They are finally talking again!) He is concerned but obviously not too mad. She talks about what a good team they make and he declares that "all good teamwork starts in the bedroom" and they go upstairs.

October 4
, 1984 - At the spa, Lorena and Jimmie Lee talk; they hear on the radio that Edward has confessed to murder. Sylvia and Amanda are ordering Leo around. They are driving him crazy. They collect money from Leo and he tries to get money out of Lorena. Jimmie lee goes to the police station to see Edward; he finds out that Edward has already been bailed out. He is angry and heads straight over to the Q's to have it out with Edward. Eddy caves under the pressure of JL's accusations about "King Edward."  Monica tells him to leave and punches him with her elbow in the stomach. JL sits on the stairs; when Celia comes in and tries to get him to calm down, he tells her that she is just like the rest of her family and he leaves. JL goes back to the spa, blaming himself for bringing Beatrice to PC; Lorena encourages him to go after his birthright and not let Beatrice's death be in vain. Felicia is sleeping in the airport locker room. She wakes up in a lot of pain and retrieves her belongings from a locker. The two men show up. At the studio, Frisco can't focus on taping. Felicia manages to find a staff room and call him, while the two men are looking all over the airport for her. She tells Frisco where she is and apologizes to him€¦.she needs him. He goes to the airport, finds her and sneaks her out. Ginny comes home from doing the early morning news and Mike is angry with her for her story about GH. He believes she is doing this because she hates Rick. A Sister from Mercy Hospital comes by to talk to Ginny. She explains to Ginny that Mercy never received its fair share of the wounded the day of the big explosion. Ginny promises to investigate; she wants to report the truth.

October 5-11, 1984: 10/5, 10/8, 10/9, 10/10 Robert solves the case, 10/11

October 5, 1984 - At the Webbers, Rick picks on Ginny; she wants to talk with him about what happened at GH but he refuses. She tries to tell him about her conversation with the nun from mercy hospital, but he berates her and refuse to hear her out and walks out; Ginny then goes to see a city official who tells her that GH is always assigned the bulk of emergency victims during a catastrophic event. She challenges the official about city who promises to look into the matter. Ginny comes by the hospital and talks to Mayor Baldwin. Lee takes full responsibility for the faulty emergency plan. Frisco takes Felicia to an old Pullman car. He takes care of her as she has a fever. Tony comes by to see her…she has a blood clot. He gives her an injection and leaves Frisco to take care of her. Holly and Robert slowly wake up until duty calls (that bloody phone!) The coroner says it took Beatrice 3 minutes to die. They decide to recreate the murder scene. At the spa everyone gathers. Robert plays the part of Beatrice and has everyone stand in their places while Burt takes a photo. Edward is too far away to be the murderer.

October 8, 1984 - Jimmie Lee is upset when Lorena informs him about the recreation of the murder scene. He thinks Scorpio is trying to get Eddy off the hook. When JL comes home from lunch he is too angry to eat; he went to Ian at the newspaper and tried to get him to print a story but I an refused. JL gets drunk and lays into Lorena. At the studio, Ginny apologizes to GH on the 6 am news. Her manager is furious and at first cuts her off the air but calls from viewers make him put her back on. Rick is impressed by her integrity and honesty. He even defends her to Bobbie. Later, Ginny comes to GH where Steve Hardy agrees to let her continue with her documentary. She gives a brief on camera accolade about Rick, that he is her husband and someone whom she is proud of. Obviously, they are both deeply moved. Alan and Monica figure out the Eddy could not have murdered Beatrice: Could Lila have done it? Eddy talks to Grant about being in prison. When Alan and Monica and Edward get back together, they accuse him of faking the confession to protect Lila. Later the wonder if Stella could have done it and bring Stella in and accuse her of murder. Teri drops by the studio looking for Frisco. He has been missing for 2 days. DL shows up at the studio looking for Teri. They need to have a serious talk about her doing her share of the household chores. He calls her a brat! He then goes to GH to try to convince Bobbie to move back home.

October 9, 1984 At the Q's, Stella has packed her bags. How dare they accuse her of murder! She resigns and the Q's apologize to get her to stay. Holly comes to police headquarters to talk about the murder. They have narrowed it down to one killer: Lila. Robert can't believe it and Holly is very sympathetic. Scorpio drops by the Q's to talk to Lila. He finds out that on the night of the murder Ginny's crew might have filmed something important. At GH, the staff is throwing a party! Ginny drops by to talk to Tony and is shocked when Rick invites her to the party at the Rib. Jake and DL are also meeting at the rib to discuss business. After DL leaves, Bobbie shows up for the party and dances with Jake. DL walks in and he is furious with Jake for dancing with his wife. Ginny and Rick are having a good time at the party when they are interrupted by Robert who wants to see the footage from the night of the murder. Ginny agrees. Felicia wakes up in the Pullman car. Frisco has to reassure her that she is not a burden. Tony comes by to check on her and Frisco leaves to get food. He kisses her on the cheek and she is distant but it is obvious that she is falling for him. Frisco leaves her, goes home, and convinces Josh to host Teen Time for him. Tania comes by and wants to discuss their relationship. Frisco leaves and Tania ends up talking to Tony then going to the hospital party with him. Frisco heads back to the Pullman and to a feverish Felicia.

October 10, 1984 Felicia has a nightmare; when she wakes up she is still feverish. Frisco wants to get Tony, but she is worried and doesn't want him to leave her. He promises not to desert her and then goes to find Tony. He returns with more meds but also has a lipstick stain. He had run into Tania at GH and she had kissed him. Felicia is angry, clams up, they argue and then Frisco leaves. At GH, Mike comes by to see Rick and is angry with him because Ginny did not come home. Rick explains that Ginny spent the night helping Robert Scorpio. They found evidence on the tapes which lead to the discovery of the truth behind Bea's death. Rick drops by the studio to return Ginny's purse and they discuss the fact that they were having a good time the night before. Later at the hospital, Ginny and Rick have lunch in his office. They are beginning to get along together. Robert Scorpio calls and gives Ginny the go ahead for her exclusive story: Beatrice's death was an accident. The heart medication that caused her death was Lila's but Beatrice's drank it accidentally. The Q's are relieved to hear the news but realize that Jimmie Lee will now have the Bible page found on Bea's body. Tony and Tania discuss the good time they had together. They end up kissing in the supply room. Frisco walks in on them!

October 11, 1984 Bobbie and Ruby discuss Brock. Ruby believes that Bobbie did the right thing by leaving. Brock shows up and wants to talk to Bobbie; he wants her to come home. She refuses as long as Teri lives there! Later at GH, Bobbie overhears a snooty Teri talking to Celia before going to the spa. Celia meets with Lee who asks her to paint a mural for the city. Tania tries to avoid Tony. Meanwhile Frisco and Felicia fight over food and the lipstick stain. He leaves and runs into Tania at the Grocery Store. They end up at Kelly's together and she asks him to dinner. When he refuses, she calls Tony who says yes. He romances her, kisses her but she pulls back, she needs to go slow.  She likes him but she has a bad track record and is scared. Frisco goes back to the Pullman, but ends up leaving after they argue again. Claudia and Brian talk about Aunt Bettina. Claudia feels that her auntie has taken over. They argue. He later talks to Bobbie about his home situation. Her advice is to get rid of auntie.

October 12-18, 1984:10/12, 10/15, 10/16, 10/17, 10/18

October 12, 1984 At the Webber's, Ginny, Mike and Rick are having a good time talking as a family; Ginny and Rick decide to have dinner. Ginny turns down a meeting with her new boss and Rick turns down a meeting with Dan. Each tell white lies so that they can have dinner together. At Q's, Monica wants to celebrate, but Eddy is still concerned that Jimmie lee has the Bible page. Grant and Celia come by to toast Celia's new job then they head out to the Versailles Room. At Scorpios, JL wants Bea's belongings. He doesn't care about the pictures, only the Bible page. He gives Robert permission to destroy the pictures. Robert and Holly, with great relief, burn the pictures. Too bad they can't catch Leo. JL shows up at the Q's demanding 1/3 of the entire Q fortune. He gives them 2 weeks to pay up! Holly goes to the spa and happily hears Amanda and Sylvia giving Leo a hard time! Later, at home, she an Robert laugh about Leo. At the gatehouse later that night, a Mrs. Porchenko shows up on grant and Celia doorstep. She needs help!

October 15, 1984 At the studio, an obviously anxious Ginny announces that the studio has been purchased by Derik Barrington (nephew of Amanda Barrington). Ginny tries to find out why he purchased the studio. She is upset. Later at home, Ginny is sitting in the dark when Rick comes home. She is extremely pre-occupied and doesn't respond when he asks her questions. Grant and Celia show up at the Scorpios with Mrs. Porchenko, the wife of Grant's former professor from the "motherland." The Porchenkos want to defect. The Scorpios agree to help (even though Celia really doesn't want to). They take Mrs. Porchenko to the hospital to hide-out and then the foursome head to NYC to get Mr. Porchenko. At the Q's, discussion is about Jimmie lee. Monica talks to Lorena to see if she can help while Eddy talks to JL. Lorena refuses to help and Monica is upset that Lorena would choose JL over family. JL also refuses to budge. Lorena later proposes marriage to JL, who refuses.

October 16, 1984 At GH, Brock and Bobbie fight. She tries to convince Brock of Teri's snobbery. Later at Kelly's, Brock tries to talk to Ruby about Bobbie. They argue. Ruby informs Brock that Teri hates Bobbie and is trying to break up their marriage. He disagrees. Maybe he doesn't want Bobbie back. Later Ruby comforts Bobbie. At the Pullman car, Felicia is upset with Frisco, but she does manage to thank him for his help. Why is he helping her? "There is something about her that is different." Tony comes by to check on Felicia. She is doing fine. When Frisco refuses to give her the ring back, her mood turns sour and she starts to pack. He leaves and then returns. They fight then end up kissing. She tells him her story: She is a descendant of Maximillian and his Aztec mistress (from the 1860's). At Felicia's birthday party, her great grandmother was telling her her heritage and giving her the family ring when a family heirloom was stolen from them. A nice couple and her fiancé Peter were there. Felicia had to run to protect the family secret and the ring from the men who were chasing her. In NY, Celia is nervous as she, Grant, Robert and Holly set out to rescue Dr. Porchenko. The foursome go to a restaurant. Dr. Porchenko shows up followed by two DVX agents. Holly comes up with an idea. She is able to distract the DVX while grant whisks Dr. P away. They all head back to PC.

October 17, 1984: At the Pullman, Felicia wants her cast off; she is very anxious to get out. Tony comes by and takes off the cast. She can now walk. At the hacienda in Texas, Mariah and her friend Dot talk about Felicia's absence. A van is parked outside. Frisco looks for excuses for Felicia to stay. They realize that the hacienda phone is tapped. Frisco convinces Tony to help Felicia. At the hospital, the Porchenkos are worried. Tony helps them out by posting a sign that says "quarantine" so that people will stay away from them. At the Scorpios, Grant and Robert discuss their next move. State department (Jackson) shows up and gives Robert a hard time. The SD is upset with him. Robert agrees to let the DVX interview the Porchenkos. Grant and Robert then talk to the Porchenkos and try to reassure them as well as Holly and Celia.

October 18, 1984 At the Webbers, Ginny, Rick and mike settle down for a family breakfast. Mike wants to have a Halloween party. They decide to have two parties: one for the adults and one for the kids. At lunch Ginny is obviously having a rough day. She doesn't want to meet her new boss. Rick offers to take her to the station, then to her check-up at the hospital. At the station, Ginny is cool toward her new boss. Later she talks to Tony and laments that an "old friend" doesn't remember her. At Q's, Jimmie Lee comes by for his money. He has hired an appraiser who comes by an goes through the Q mansion. JL wants 1/3 of EVERYTHING! At the Pullman, Frisco has a plan. He has Felicia call Mariah and tell her that Felicia is going to Geneva. He wants Felicia to trust him. She says she does, but when he leaves, she searches his belongings for her ring. At GH, Tony convinces Tania to come shopping with him. They pick up clothes for Felicia and make plans to have dinner and a nightcap.

October 19-25, 1984: 10/19, 10/22, 10/23, 10/24, 10/25

October 19, 1984 - At the Pullman, Felicia demands to know Frisco's plan. He wants her to trust him. They go to the airport, kiss passionately and then Felicia pretends to board the plane. The men follow, but Frisco manages to sneak knives into their carry-ons. When Security finds the knives, they delay the men and Frisco and Felicia slip out of the airport. The men "follow Felicia by taking the next flight. At the Pullman, Frisco and Felicia discuss their next move.  At police headquarters, Jackson convinces Robert and grant to cooperate with the state department. The Porchenkos are worried about meeting with the DVX. The DVX tries to convince the P's to return to the "motherland." The P's refuse, but the State department nonetheless orders Robert to turn over the P's. At the studio, Derick invites Ginny to a business dinner. She refuses. At the spa, Jimmie Lee and Lorena talk about his share of the Q estate. It's 20 million! They talk about celebrating. Lorena tries to convince Amanda to purchase the spa with her. Amanda suggests that she approach Derick. Derick and Amanda discuss Ginny, who they run into at the spa.

October 22, 1984 - At the cottage, Brock gets onto Teri about the house being so dirty. He wants her to clean it up! And get a job. There is a lot that she could learn from Bobbie. At GH, Jake and Bobbie talk. She wants legal advice about a separation. Jake advises her to talk to Brock about it first. At the Webbers, Ginny is tired and mumbles about quitting her job. "Words in a moment of weakness." Mike needs to write an article about an important person. She goes to meet Derick. He asks if they have ever met before…she is quite unforgettable! Later, Mike, Ginny and Rick have dinner at the Rib, where Ginny is uncomfortable as Mike runs into Derrick.  Claudia and Brian are having trouble. Brian misses aunt Bettina. They argue and he leaves. Later, everything at the Phillips home goes bad and Claudia calls Brian begging for help.

October 23, 1984 - At GH, Tania talks to Tony about Frisco. Tony wants to know if she is jealous. Later they talk. "Is she still carrying a torch for Frisco?" NO! He asks her to dinner and she says YES!. At the Pullman, Felicia wants to know what she is going to do now. Frisco is trying to protect her, but he doesn't have a plan. Felicia is still complaining. He thinks she needs a spanking. He kisses her; she slaps him! He leaves her. (same old story!) He goes back to the studio to get back on Teen Time. When he returns to the Pullman, Felicia has lighted some candles and asks him for a truce. They kiss and dance.  At the Scorpios, Grant and Robert formulate a plan to keep the state department from returning the Porchenkos to the DVX. When Jackson and the DVX arrive, Mrs P feigns hysteria. Holly takes her upstairs where she ties Holly up and "escapes" out the secret exit. Mr. P "knocks" Robert out and "escapes" out the secret exit in the communication room. When questioned by the DVX and Jackson, the Scorpios are innocent victims of the Porchenkos! At the cottage, Brock orders Teri to get a job. He's furious with her. He goes to talk with Bobbie. They meet for dinner and dance.

October 24, 1984 - At the Q's, Grant and Celia bring two large crates to store in the Q basement. The crates contain the Porchenkos! Q's catch Celia sneaking water into the basement and ponder her peculiar behavior. At the studio, Derick wants to know if Ginny has a problem with him. She assures him that there is not a problem. At the Pullman, Felicia discusses her options. She wants a place to live. Frisco goes to GH and gets Tony's help. They disguise Felicia as "Aunt Helen" and move her into their apartment. Later josh takes "aunt Helen" to the studio to watch her nephew work. Tania is his special guest; Felicia watches as a "frumpy" Tania and Frisco talk. She is, of course, very critical of Tania and doesn't hesitate to share her opinion. Later Tania tells Frisco that she wants to see more of him. A dejected Tony looks on while Frisco and Tania talk. At the Scorpios, Jackson wants the Scorpios to confess. Jackson goes to Mayor Baldwin and demands Robert's suspension. He threatens to bring the state department down on any one who supports Robert. The Scorpios go to see Lee. Lee gives Robert a severe reprimand and Robert sincerely offers his resignation. Lee refuses. Later at home, Robert and Holly discuss the possible consequences of their action. Celia and grant come by to tell the Scorpios that the P's are safe in the Q basement.

October 25, 1984 - At Kelly's, Jake talks to Bobbie; it's time to file her separation papers. She is hesitant but Ruby encourages her. At the cottage, Brock gets on to Teri. She needs to clean. Teri does not give the message to Brock when Bobbie calls. Brock confronts her lying. Later, Bobbie and Jake come by the cottage. Bobbie and Brock are very nice to each other and Jake convinces them to work out their differences. Bobbie agrees to come back if Brock will lay down the law with Teri. Later, Brock tells teri that he an Bobbie are going to get back together. At the Webbers, Mike decides to interview Derrick Barrington for his school newspaper.  Mike goes to the studio. Ginny does not want him to interview derrick. During the interview, Mike tells Derrick that Rick is not his real father. Ginny is not happy seeing them together and is definitely not happy when Derrick offers to take them to lunch. Derrick overhears as an old classmate talks to Ginny. He remembers how he knows Ginny: their night together at a high school dance. Rick and Brian meet a GH. Brian is angry. Claudia was suppose to pick up the twins and she is late. He calls Aunt Bettina for help. At home, Rick and Ginny fight, then she kisses him, but Amy interrupts.

October 26 - November 1, 1984: 10/26, 10/29, 10/30, 10/31, 11/1 [Episode Descriptions] A few commercials, which are fun to watch!

October 26, 1984 - At the Webber house, Ginny and Rick are caught in an awkward moment as both are heading to the shower. Ginny is in a towel. There is obvious attraction between the two of them. Later, at GH, Rick is in a bad mood; he yells at Georgia and makes her cry. Steve overhears and tells Rick to apologize. At the studio, Ginny is distracted during her interview with Mayor Baldwin. She yells at the producer who yells back at her. The interview is a disaster. Derrick stops Ginny as she is trying to leave and tries to talk her into going to happy hour with him. "Is she having problems at home?" Ginny goes to the hospital, where she and Rick talk about their days then decide to have a cup of tea together. At the Q's, Grant and Celia are sneaking food to the Porchenkos, who are hiding in the basement. Monica jokes about them "smuggling" things into the basement, then insists that grant and Celia have breakfast. They joke about the "ghosts" in the basement. Jimmie Lee and Lorena show up at the Q's, chiding the Q's. later Alan and Monica fight. She wants JL out of their lives. Alan later visits with JL, telling him that he could lose something very valuable…family. JL won't listen. Alan gets angry and threatens him. Later JL and Lorena celebrate their reign over the Q's and plan to take inventory of the house.  At the Scorpios, Robert and Holly discuss the Porchenkos over breakfast. The Mayor calls Robert for a meeting and Robert is worried that maybe Lee has reconsidered accepting Robert's resignation. But when Lee and Robert finally meet, Lee reassures Robert that he has every confidence in Robert as his police commish. Robert suggests that maybe it is time for him to take a vacation, to which Lee heartily agrees. Robert wants to be out of town when the Porchenkos are sneaked out of PC. After Lee leaves, a jubilant Holly drags Robert out to a travel agent to plan a trip to Paris; meanwhile Luke Spencer is trying to call Robert! He is in obvious trouble, as he is being chased by the Mexican federales (and winds up with a bunch of cactus thorns in his backside!).

October 29, 1984 - Felicia is at Frisco's, writing a letter to her grandmother Mariah in Texas. She is in disguise (Aunt Helen). Frisco continues to chide her about being a princess. She decides to mail her letter to Dot and friend of Mariah's. Frisco starts asking Felicia questions about her heritage which she can't answer, therefore, he accuses her of being a fake. She defends herself and her heritage. He leaves and returns with a book on Maximillian. At the studio, Derrick is throwing a party. He gets Josh to play some nostalgic music. At the Webbers, Rick discusses the party invitation with Ginny and convinces her to go. They go together and end up dancing and having a good time. Derrick watches them and then asks Ginny to dance, calling her "Ginger." She wants to know why he called her that. He flirts and she tries to walk away, but when the song "Close to You" comes on, she is obviously uncomfortable. He talks about how the song brings back memories of prom night, a night that he will never forget. She walks away, leaving him on the dance floor. Ginny then tells Rick that she wants to leave, go home and "go to bed." In Texas, Dot talks to Mariah. They discuss the men in the van watching the hacienda. Dot wants to call the police and get rid of them. But Mariah is afraid that that would put Felicia in danger. At the Q's, Eddy goes into the basement looking for wine. He "sees" people in the basement, gets scared and runs upstairs. He talks to Monica, but he is drunk, therefore Monica believes that he is just seeing things. Grant shows up and Eddy wants to search the basement, but Monica tells grant that Eddy is having financial difficulties and they convince Eddy that he is just imagining things. Grant then sneaks food to the Porchenkos. Brian and Claudia are having trouble caring for their twins. Aunt Bettina shows up and takes over which completely frustrates Claudia, but exuberates Brian. Brian called her. Claudia is irritated; she doesn't like being bossed around in her own home.

October 30, 1984 - At the Jones brothers' apartment, Frisco complains as Felicia polishes her nails. Tania drops by….Felicia hides. But Tania sees the nail polish. Frisco covers; it belongs to Aunt Helen. Tania wants advice about her car. It's a lemon. Felicia comes in dressed as Aunt Helen. She calls Frisco Andrew (that's his real name!) and makes a pest of herself questioning Tania. Felicia laughs as Tania rushes out. Frisco informs Felicia that she is a pain in the neck! He then tries to convince her to talk to commissioner Scorpio. She says no. At the Scorpios, Holly is excited about their trip. Robert has made the arrangement for the Porchenkos escape. Grant drops by and Robert gives him the instructions. Robert and Holly then decide to start their vacation early and go to bed. Meanwhile, Luke is still trying to get in touch with Robert. He finally gets through (interrupting Robert and Holly) and tells Robert that he is in trouble running from a murder charge in Mexico! Robert tells him to head to a friend's villa (Sean Donely) in Mexico City. He will meet him there tomorrow. Robert starts packing. Holly of course wants to go, but he manages to convince her to go to Paris and wait for him there. This should only take a day or two! After he leaves, Frisco comes to the Scorpios and tells Holly about Felicia. They put two and two together (that Luke and Felicia's stories are related) and Holly packs up and heads to Mexico! At the cottage, Brock comes home to a mess and Teri lying on the couch. Bobbie is coming home and Brock wants Teri to clean-up. Teri wants Brock to hire a maid! Before she even gets a good start, Bobbie shows up. Bobbie offers to help clean and the two ladies decide to try and get along. When Brock arrives home, he is happy that Bobbie and Teri are getting along, but Teri looks on jealously as Brock fawns over Bobbie. Brock and Bobbie decide to go to the Versailles room, while Teri asks Josh to help her get a job at the studio. They kiss.  Grant and Celia go to the Q basement and explain the plans to the Porchenkos. They sneak the Porchenkos out of the basement. Celia is glad that it is all over. Grant then talks to Celia about buying into a surgeon's group; it is very expensive. The WSB arrive and search their home, but leave empty handed.

October 31, 1984 - At the Webbers, neither Ginny nor Rick have slept very well. They "talk" about the other night when Rick could not go through with "it" because of leslie. Ginny goes to the studio. Derick convinces her to have lunch with him and Amanda. When Rick comes home, flowers are delivered to Ginny from "an admirer" (Derick). After Ginny and Rick have dinner, everything is awkward because Ginny wants what Rick is not ready to give her.  At the studio, Felicia shows up while Frisco is taping teen time. He tells her he went to the Scorpios. She is furious and runs out, leaving her wallet. Josh tries to get teri a job. Frisco tries to get Josh to return Felicia's wallet. Josh calls him from home and tells him that Felicia is not there. Felicia goes to the grocery store and doesn't have her wallet. She ends up in jail for shoplifting. Frisco calls Tony worried about Felicia while Felicia sits in jail and is horribly frightened by the other inmate.  In mexico, a bedraggled Luke shows up on Sean Donely's doorstep (John C. Reilly first episode). He is limping (he picked up thorns in his backside from a cactus!) Donely is happy to help any friend of his good buddy Robert. Donely tells his assistant Cruz to help out Luke and Cruz proceeds to pull the thorns out of his backside. Robert shows up at the villa and the two old friends reunite, sipping margaritas by the pool. Luke shares his saga: He and Laura were staying at the Inn of the Secrets (Felicia's grandmother's Inn). The Inn was run by 3 generations of woman who had a family heirloom, a scepter. He was suppose to return the scepter to the safe, but as he and Felicia's fiancč were sitting outside, some men rode up on horseback and stole the scepter. Luke and Peter followed the men to try a retrieve the scepter and ended up separating. Luke followed one of the men to Tres Rojos (3 eyes) where Luke got into a fight with the man. When Luke woke up, the man was dead and the federales were charging Luke with the murder. While Luke is sharing the story, Holly shows up! She tells them about Frisco's visit and they begin to piece the two stories together. Robert is not happy with Holly being there. After dinner, Holly feels left out as Cruz flirts with Robert and then Sean and Robert laugh over old times.

November 1, 1984 - At the spa, Celia talks to Jimmie Lee. She wants to forget the past. He informs her that he is getting money from the Q's and she wants to know what he has on them. At GH, Celia is hunting for Grant; she runs into Alan and Monica and presses them for info about JL. Then she tells grant that she knows something is going on between the Q's and JL: a cash settlement! Celia hopes to get in on it. Alan and Monica discuss that they can't allow Celia to find out about JL and the bible page. Celia returns to the spa and again tries to get info from JL: she wants her fair share! In Mexico, Robert is excited and ready to leave. Holly talks to Cruz about having a complete makeover. Donely offers to take Holly shopping. Cruz comes in with bad news. Her mother is sick and has needs to leave. She and Donely fight. Later Robert gets ready to leave. Holly is mad, but he is insistant. He needs the freedom; he can't be worried about her. Ruby comes by the cottage to check on Bobbie. Bobbie promises that she is not going to get run over. Brock actually backs Bobbie up with Teri, when Bobbie tells Teri that she can't take food to her bedroom. Later, when Bobbie comes home, Brock takes her to lunch. At the jail, Felicia's cellmate, Trixie, steals her blanket. They fight and Trixie is hauled away. Tony encourages Frisco to call around looking for Felicia. They eventually locate her at the police station. Meanwhile, Felicia is alone and scared, crying as she remembers her great grandmother telling her that she is an heiress of a treasure that was hidden over 100 years ago by Maximillian before he went to war . Her ring is the key to the treasure and the scepter is the map to the treasure. Frisco arrives at the jail and bails Felicia out. When they return to the apartment, Felicia is her usual rude self. He makes her lunch and they talk. He missed her and she was happy to see him. They kiss.

November  2-8, 1984:  11/2, 11/5, 11/6, 11/7, 11/8

November 2, 1984 - At the studio, Derick wants to start working on his aunt's project. Ginny wants to go home. Derick convinces her to work late, but when Frisco comes in Ginny leaves. Derick orders a magnum of champagne delivered to her from "an admirer."  At GH, Rick tries to call Ginny. He then talks to Monica about Ginny. They are getting along and he is confused. He doesn't want to be unfaithful to Leslie. Monica's advice: "don't dwell on the past too long." Monica feels like her world is falling apart. The family is suffering some financial setbacks and she is worried that this might affect her relationship with Alan. Later, when Rick goes home, he and Ginny drink the champagne. Ginny gets drunk and falls into Rick's arms. They are about to kiss when Mike comes in. At the apartment, Felicia gets rid of Tony and Frisco has to leave, but Josh drops by. He wants to talk to "Aunt Helen" about Teri. The landlord comes by because the boys have not paid rent and is angry to discover "Aunt Helen" is living there. Felicia charms the landlord and he asks her out. When Frisco comes home he finds out about Felicia's "date." He thinks its funny, but later gets her out of it by pretending to be sick.  In Mexico, Robert and Luke leave the Donely villa and head to the town where the murder was committed, Tres Rojos. They get in a fight with the locals. Luke tries to call Laura who is staying with Mariah at the hacienda in Texas. He finds out from Mariah that Peter called and lied to her. Luke begins to suspect Peter. Mariah's phone is bugged and the man in the van calls his boss and tells him that Luke suspects Peter. Robert talks to locals and finds out that Peter was in Tres Rojos at the time of the murder. They then find the legendary boulders for which the town is named (3 eyes). Robert looks at the picture Luke has of the scepter - the markings on the scepter are the same as the ones on the boulders. Meanwhile, Holly comes home with a new wardrobe and Donely is very attentive to her. He shows her his Aztec collection.  

November 5, 1984 - At the Webber's, Ginny has a horrible hangover. Rick fixes Ginny something for the hangover. Derick calls. He wants a business lunch. At lunch, he orders champagne for two at the rib. He compliments her newscasting ability. He wants her to do a weekly show on the prominent citizens of PC. She loves the idea. She gets tipsy and goes home. When Rick gets there, he lays into her for drinking so much. She passes out. At Kelly's, Bobbie drops in after a walk on the waterfront. She wants other things to take priority in her life. She is a career woman first! Ruby does not approve, but she wants Bobbie to be happy. Brock questions Bobbie about his loss of control over Bobbie; she is too independent. He wants her to be a full time homemaker. Bobbi talks to Rick about how she has finally learned to manage her marriage. He tells her that Ginny is attractive and he is tempted, but he thinks of Leslie. When Bobbie gets home, Brock has a nice dinner waiting for her…but he is not a very good cook! The Q's discuss their impending transaction with Jimmie Lee. They are giving JL $20 million. They also discuss Celia. If the Bible page goes public, Celia inherits the whole $60 million. Meanwhile, Lorena discusses her relationship with JL. When he leaves to to go to the Q's, she searches his house. At the Q's, JL gets his money and a promise from the Q's that he will never be a part of the family. The Q's are miserable. They burn the Bible page and then Eddy promises to get back every penny!

November 6, 1984 - In Mexico, Luke is itchy. He and Robert has a miserable night in a cheap motel and he has fleas. They head off to the photo shop to enlarge the photo of the scepter. They go to a cantina and try to figure the whole thing out. Robert speculates about buried treasure and they joke about "Spencer and Scorpio south of the border." Then they talk over old times. They realize they need help and head back to Donely's. Sean shows off his entire Aztec collection to Holly as well as his knowledge of Aztec hieroglyphics. When the guys arrive, Holly and Sean are enjoying margaritas. Robert and Luke inform him of their suspicion of Peter as well as their belief in the Aztec treasure. Sean reads the glyphs. It is like a scavenger hunt, the glyphs are the map to the treasure. Meanwhile, Cruz is with Peter. She warns him that Spencer and Scorpio are on his tail. She has left Donely for good. Peter thought he had gotten rid of Spencer for good with the murder wrap and he has spent to much time following the wrong glyphs. In Texas, The guy who is bugging Mariah's phone loses his phone tap. He calls his boss and then heads to PC as Mariah gets Felicia's letter from Dot. In PC, Lester the landlord calls on Felicia. He wants to take "Aunt Helen" out. He even brings her flowers. Felicia tells Lester that she is married and that her husband is committed to an insane asylum. Later Frisco make Felicia tea and chides her about her ability to make up tales. At GH, Tony asks Tania on a date. They agree to meet at Tony's apartment. Tony comes down with fever and chills, so when Tania comes over, she takes care of him. She makes dinner for everyone and comments to Frisco that his "aunt" is odd. Felicia overhears and gets mad. Frisco accuses her of being jealous. Brian comes home to have a rendevous with Claudia, but Bettina is there. Claudia makes Brian suffer. Later they try to have some time together, but Bettina interrupts.

November 7, 1984 - At the gatehouse, Grant and Celia have breakfast; Quentin calls. He has gotten married to a widower with 3 children and has adopted the children. Celia is very upset; she fears that she will lose her inheritance. Grant talks to Alan, who presses him about Jimmie Lee's comments to Celia. Alan then immediately calls Edward. Grant also talks to Tania about love and life. Meanwhile JL is buying, buying, buying: suits, cars, minks, etc…. Celia comes in. JL tells her that she should have more inheritance. He gives her a mink coat! Celia goes to GH and sees Alan and Eddy, who try to convince her that JL has lost his senses. She wants to know who gave JL all of the money. Eddy then goes to JL and yells as him for talking to Celia. He then throws JL out of the ELQ offices. At the Jones brothers' apartment, Frisco suggests that Felicia learn to cook. She's hungry and he refuses to give her anything. Tania comes by and drops theatre tickets off for Frisco. Felicia instead gives the tickets to Tony. When Tony runs into Tania he tells her he has the ticket; she is surprised but acts like she was always going to go with Tony and not Frisco. Felicia takes off the "Aunt Helen" outfit and yells that she is tired of being "Aunt Helen." Josh comes in; he agrees not to tell anyone. Frisco will not let Felicia leave. He rips her dress in anger, then tries to apologize. In Mexico at Donely's villa, Luke wants to call Laura. He and Robert are about to leave; of course Holly wants to go and Robert refuses to let her. Robert and Luke leave and Holly convinces Sean to get her a ride to Tres Rojos; she trades her life story for the ride! She meets up at the boulders with Luke and Robert and helps them pick the right glyph to follow. They stop off at a cantina where Luke again tries to call laura and Robert tries to get info from the waitress. A jealous Holly throws water on the waitress, then the federales show up and the threesome have to make a hasty exit. They follow the glyph to a Mexican town and are roaming the market there. Peter and Cruz are also in the market.

November 8, 1984 - Lorena signs a bill for a mink coat thinking that JL is giving it to her. JL comes home with a fox not a mink (he gave the mink to Celia!) She is disappointed. They go to the Rib for dinner where the see Celia and her new mink. At GH, everyone fawns of Celia's new mink coat, everyone that is except grant. She tells grant that the mink was a gift from the Q's. They end up kissing. Grant leaves and Celia gets Monica to cover for her, which she does. Celia agrees to drop her questions about JL and the Q's. However, when Jake drops by, Celia asks for advice about finding a secret, then tells Jake the whole story.  At the Webber's, Rick gets onto Ginny about her drinking. They are back to square one with their fighting. According to Rick, if the drinking happens again, she is out! At the studio, Ginny talks to Derick about a feature story. He wants to talk about it over dinner. They go to the Rib and have caviar and champagne. He kisses her. Later, Rick shows up at the Rib and sees the 2 bottles of champagne. He chides Ginny about her drinking and they again fight.  At GH, Monica tells Bobbie about the head OR nurses position and encourages her to apply. Alan tells Monica about the disaster with Celia….she knows something! At the cottage, DL, Jake and Brian meet. Brian wants to give the contract to a little contractor. Bobbie comes home. DL tries to get her to make coffee and snacks. She refuses. She tells him about applying for the head OR nurse position. Brock doesn't think she should do it, but Bobbie goes to GH and asks Rick to recommend her.

November 9-15, 1984:  11/9 Laura's first appearence, 11/12, 11/13, 11/14, 11/15

November 9, 1984 - Frisco wants Felicia to forgive him; she refuses. He tells her to leave if she wants, but he has the ring. When he leaves, Felicia searches his apartment for the ring. She is desperate. Josh helps her come up with a new disguise. At the studio, Josh shows up with Felicia, dressed as a hooker! Frisco toys with her and pretends he doesn't recognize her. He takes her home, kisses her and then pulls her wig off. He sarcastically applauds her efforts, then cleans her up and kisses her for real. In Mexico, Robert, Holly and Luke have gotten a good nights' sleep (Holly checked them into a nice hotel!)  Luke finally gets in touch with Laura, who is in Texas. Laura is worried that Luke has gotten into trouble. Luke asks her about the appointment that she had right before he left. She evades his questions, is she keeping something from him? Later, Mariah asks Laura if she told Luke the wonderful news. Luke, Holly and Robert then search the marketplace for a spring. A local tells them that he believes a spring used to be under the silver shop. The trio pretend to be film producers and rent the silver shop for the next day. Holly goes shopping and finds a wanted poster of Luke. Luke buys a unique pair of red boots with the initials LS for Laura. At the Webber's, Rick berates Ginny (again) about her drinking. She stands up to him and they call a truce. Derick comes by. He kisses Ginny and Mike nearly catches them. Derick invites the Webbers to the Thanksgiving Day football game. Ginny declines the invitation; they can't make a decision without Rick. Mike and Ginny go to GH to ask Rick about going to the football game. Rick says yes, but Ginny clearly does not want to go. Later, at home, Rick questions her. He offers to help her if she will just tell him what is going on.

November 12, 1984 - At GH, Bobbie interviews for the head OR nurses job. She is dismayed to discover that everyone else interviewing has an advanced degree (which she does not have.) During the interview, she becomes upset when Steve keeps asking her questions about nursing courses she has taken. Later, Steve and Jessie discuss Bobbie's qualifications for the job. Tania gets onto Frisco for missing their date. She informs him that she went with Tony because "Aunt Helen" gave Tony the theatre tickets instead of giving them to Frisco. Aunt Helen seems to have a hold on Frisco. Frisco goes home and tells Felicia to stop meddling in his life. They argue; she admits to lying about the theatre tickets. Frisco accuses her of lying about everything. She is upset that he still does not trust her. Felicia packs, intending to go to NYC to a museum exhibit. Frisco convinces her to allow him to accompany her. He doesn't want her to go alone. In Mexico, Robert and Luke discuss Holly and there upcoming day working in the silver shop. They buy tools for digging. Meanwhile Peter and Cruz argue. He is obviously stressed. He spots Luke at the silver shop. While shopping, Holly runs into Peter and Cruz. She rushes to the shop to tell Luke and Robert. They don't listen to her; they are too busy digging. Meanwhile Peter locks the trio in the shop and pumps in gas.

November 13, 1984 - At the Webbers, Rick comes home to pack for a conference in NYC. Ginny grills him about why he is going and who else is going: Monica or Bobbie? Later they discuss their "not so ordinary" relationship. Was he jealous when he saw her with Derick at the Floating Rib? He kisses her before leaving for the conference. At the Q's, Eddy worries and Monica announces that she has managed to pacify Celia. She covered for Celia about the mink coat JL had given her. They invite Grant and Celia to dinner. Meanwhile, at the gatehouse, Jake comes by to visit Celia. They discuss her case against the Q's. When Grant comes in, he wants to know what is going on. Celia tries to avoid his questions, but the conversation eventually becomes about who gave her the mink coat. They end up arguing. Later, at the Q's, Eddy blurts out that the Q's did not give the coat to Celia! In Mexico, Luke, Holly and Robert try to escape from the gas that Peter has pumped into the silver shop. They manage to get out via a window. As Luke stumbles around the marketplace, he discovers a glyph representing a spring. They copy it and plan to take it back to Donely. Later, Peter and Cruz figure out that the glyph represents a church. At the cottage, Bobbie is depressed; she can't get promoted because she lacks a college degree. She is convinced that she will not get the Head OR nurse position. She discusses this with Brock, who tries to convince her that she should just stay home and be a wife. They argue, but later make-up.

November 14, 1984 - At the gatehouse, grant and Celia fight over her lies about the mink. She maintains that she is just using JL. Grant is concerned over her greed, but he allows her to keep the coat. After he leaves, Jake comes by. Celia agrees to sign an agreement with JL in exchange for information. At JL's apartment, he and Lorena fight over Celia's mink. He finally tells her to buy anything that she wants. Lorena calls Wyndams and arranges for a sales associate to bring over designer dresses and furs. JL goes to the gatehouse and after celia signs an agreement saying that she won't try to take any of his money, he tells her everything he knows about Lila's marriage to Tolliver. At the studio, Derick confronts Ginny about their relationship. He has an admission to make: he knows who she is "from way back, Ginger." Does she ever wish to recall those carefree days? She agrees to have brunch and talk over old times. They met during the summer and then he tried to contact her over the holidays: Where was she? Frisco and Felicia go to NYC. He checks them into a room with a double bed. She is furious; she has "self-respect." She calms down when he offers to buy her a new dress. She looks smashing! They go to the exhibit. At first she is depressed as they do not find anything; eventually they see a portrait of Maximillian, his mistress (who looks just like Felicia and has her ring on!) and their young son.

November 15, 1984 - After brunch, Derrick wants to take Ginny home so they can talk. She refuses. She doesn't want to dredge up the past. Derrick leaves. He promises to drop by the Webber's later (against her wishes). Amanda shows up. She tells Ginny about Derrick losing his wife in a car accident. Ginny is clearly moved. Ginny goes home. She convinces Mike to spend the night at a friend's house. Derrick comes by. He wants to know what happened to her after their summer together. He tries to kiss her. At first she refuses: she is a married woman and committed to Rick. Later she kisses him until Mike interrupts. She manages to cover so that Mike does not suspect anything. In NYC, Felicia can only stare at the portrait at the exhibit. She can't believe that she is really a princess. Frisco finally believes her. They go back to the hotel. They talk about her "regal-ness"and his being her "grand protector". She wants to go back to the exhibit but he doesn't want her to go…it isn't safe.  In Mexico, Luke, Robert and Holly have lunch at Donely's villa. They relate their story to Donely. Donely attempts to decipher the glyph. He believes it is a church with a famous statue. Luke calls Laura. He tells her about the boots he bought her. He wants to know what her surprise is? Mariah walks in with jack Slater; he has on boots that look just like the ones Luke described to Laura. Later Slater tells Laura that he has never been to Mexico.  Meanwhile, Donely repairs the digital. Robert wants to leave Holly behind and of course she argues with him. She is not fragile! The federale named Paco arrives. Luke and Robert take off leaving Sean and Holly to throw Paco off their trail.

November 16-22, 1984:  11/16, 11/19, 11/20, 11/21, 11/22

November 16, 1984: At GH, the accreditation team is looking at the hospital. They argue with Bobbie over phone procedures and pester Rick the moment he arrives back from his trip. Ginny comes by and has a cup of coffee with Rick. She came across the city to welcome her husband home. She has planned a fabulous welcome home dinner. Why? She wants to be a good wife to him. Later that evening, after dinner, Rick wants to go to bed with Ginny; she isn't ready….it's too soon. Rick doesn't understand. She apologizes for sending him mixed signals and then rushes upstairs unwilling to talk about it. In NYC, Felicia sneaks out of the hotel and goes back to the museum. When Frisco discovers that she is gone, he panics. He goes to the exhibit, just in time to rescue her from one of the men who have been chasing her. They go back to the hotel where they talk about trusting each other. He pulls her close to him. In Mexico, Luke and Robert are stuck. Their jeep has broken down and they are waiting for a local mechanic to fix it. Luke keeps looking over his shoulder for the federales. They play cards and eat. The waitress tries to impress them, thinking that they are film producers. Later they make it to the church, unaware that Peter and Cruz have already arrived. At the villa, Donely and Holly discuss Paco's pursuit of Luke, his pursuit of money and her beauty. 

November 19, 1984: At Kelly's, Bobbie is excited about work and the prospects of the head OR nurses job. At the gatehouse, Grant and Celia are interrupted by Monica bearing a gift-carrot cake. Celia is cold toward Monica; she believes that Jimmie lee was right about the Q's: they are backstabbers. Celia intends to get what is rightfully hers. She has hired Jake. He tells her that he can't come up with any information on the Lila/Tolliver marriage, because Tolliver's sister has died. Meanwhile, JL admires his bank book. Lorena is thrilled with all of her gifts. She wants him to buy a house. He has a better idea. They should go after the Q mansion.  At the Q's, Eddy is convinced that Celia knows; therefore they are right back where they started. JL comes over and they accuse him of breaking his agreement. He disagrees. All he promised was that he would not come after the Q's; he did not say anything about Celia. Eddy hires a shady lawyer to look into JL and Lorena's past. The lawyer says JL is clean, but he has plenty of dirt on Lorena. Eddy decides to try to get to JL through Lorena. Meanwhile Leo tells Lorena that a lawyer has been snooping into their pasts. Lorena wants JL to stop Eddy, but he wants to call Eddy Q's bluff. At GH, an lady from their accreditation agency questions Rick. She discovers that Bobbie is trying to get the head OR nurse job. Mrs. Cooper.

November 20, 1984: At their apartment, Frisco and Felicia have returned from NYC. He promises to protect her. She thinks that he will eventually get sick of her and leave, but he promises he won't. After seeing the picture, he now believes her story. She is afraid and he comforts her, encourages her and tells her he believes in her.  Frisco goes to work. He leaves the ring at the apartment with Felicia hidden in a book. He tries to remember the name of Scorpio's friend in Mexico. In Mexico, Peter and Cruz, followed by Robert and Luke are all after a statue that is being moved from a museum. They want to see the glyphs. In Texas, Laura waits by the phone, wanting to talk to Luke. She talks to Mariah, who asks her about her pregnancy. Luke finally calls, but all they talk about is the ranch. Later he finds out that the statue will be moved that afternoon. Back in Texas, Slater is "working on a movie." Laura is on to him. She catches him going through Mariah's mail. At the gatehouse, Eddy Q drops by to see Celia. He offers her a token of affection: $1 million! She says she will think about it. Celia tells Grant. He doesn't care; she needs to make the decision. She decides not to take the bribe. Back in Mexico, Peter and Cruz get copies of the glyphs from the statue and then destroy the statue.

November 21, 1984: At GH, Alan and Monica discuss how to pry info out of Celia. A & M invite grant to cocktails and press him for information. They need his help with Celia; they appeal to his sense of fairness. Grant wants the whole story. At the GH board meeting, the accreditation committee criticizes GH for not providing continuous education for the nursing staff. Rick questions what about "on the job training?" After the meeting Dan and Rick talk to Steve about Bobbie; Steve feels that it is now impossible to offer Bobbie the head nurses position. Ginny is at the hospital looking for a story. Rick gives her the brushoff. At home, Rick is a bear. He is even mean to Mike. Ginny and Mike have a chat and Ginny encourages Mike to be compassionate toward Rick. Later, Rick is shocked when Mike apologizes. When Mike leaves, Rick explains the situation with Bobbie. They argue.  In Mexico, Luke and Robert chase Peter all over the town. The police end up chasing them, but they manage to elude the federales. The police questions Peter about the destruction of the statue, Cruz slinks away and Luke and Robert toast their successful escape. At GH, Tania invites Tony to Thanksgiving dinner. Unfortunately Tony will have to work.

November 22, 1984: At the apartment, Felicia is drying over her turkey. She doesn't have a lot to be thankful for. Frisco tries to encourage her. All the guys go to work while Felicia cooks. Lorena and Leo discuss their predicament. After he leaves, Lorena talks to Jimmy Lee. She wants him to help her, but he refuses. Monica shows up with good news; Edward Q is off her back. On Thanksgiving, Tania comes to GH to keep Tony company. They dance together and he sweeps her into his arms for a big kiss, they make out in a hospital bed. At the gatehouse, Grant and Celia have coffee. He now thinks Celia should accept Edward's offer. This will keep peace in the family. Celia goes to the Q's. She will accept their offer, because families should stick together. At the studio, Derick summons Ginny to his office. He is obviously pursuing her, but she rejects his advances. He kisses her and she pulls away, but she is obviously attracted to him. A crowd gathers at the Hardy's for Thanksgiving dinner. When Bobbie happily discusses her "new job," Steve has to be honest and tell her the truth. She leaves, very upset, with Brock and Ruby; however, they return. Steve says a prayer and they enjoy the holiday meal together.

November 23-29, 1984:  11/23, 11/26 , 11/27, 11/28, 11/29

November 23 1984 - Bobbie decides to leave GH if they do not offer her the head OR nurse position. Brock suggests that she lie to get it! Bobbie goes to see Dan, and then talks to Ruby. Celia and Grant discuss Lila's marriage to Crane Toliver, Celia has a plan to help Lila. In Mexico (filmed on location at the Alamo), Luke and Robert wake up grumpily after sleeping outside while waiting for Peter to show up at the museum. Luke finally finds Peter. He chases him and they fight. Robert shows up in the nick of time and Peter escapes. While Luke nurses his wounds, Robert shows him his "souvenir": a miniature of the statue, complete with glyphs! They decide to take the mini back to Donely. Laura and Mariah in Texas with Slater.

November 26, 1984 - At Kelly's, Jimmy Lee congratulates himself on his stock savvy. Ruby talks about her latest letter from Laura. Jake comes by. Celia calls; she wants to show Jake her loot from Tolliver's sister's house. Jake tells Celia she still doesn't have enough evidence. In Texas, Slater leaves without his attaché case. Laura searches through it. Slater catches her, but she talks her way out of it. Meanwhile in Texas, Luke and Robert return to Donelly's villa. Robert finds Holly lounging by the pool. At first she ignores him but not for long. Luke calls Laura and they talk about the ranch and laugh a little. While Robert and Holly are "reconnecting," Luke tells Donely their latest findings; they want Donely to try to read the glyphs. When Donely comes up with the readings, Luke interrupts Robert and Holly. Holly is mad, of course, that Robert won't let her join them, so she takes matters into her own hand and tampers with their jeep. The guys take off and very soon their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. In the meantime, Holly happily laughs by the pool! Lorena has walked on Jimmy Lee. Leo drops by and they discuss how to use JL to get out of their predicament. Lorena tells Monica about her "past." She tries to get Monica to call off Eddy. Monica promises to help because they are family. Monica destroys the info that Edward Q has on Lorena. Lorena moves back in with JL. In Mexico, Peter discovers Cruz calling someone.

November 27 - At the apartment, Felicia doesn't want to be left alone. She begs Frisco to stay. Frisco tries to cheer her up and kisses her. At GH, Bobbie hands in her resignation. She lays into Rick; he encourages her to get an advanced degree so that she will be qualified for the Head OR nurse job. The other nurses end up demonstrating on her behalf. Steve and Audrey try to get her to change her mind. In Mexico, Luke and Robert wake up after a night of sleeping in a broken down jeep. They start walking. Back at the villa, Holly dresses for the day; she intends to go for a leisurely drive and orders a picnic lunch. Luke and Robert are stumbling down the road, dog-tired, when here comes Holly in a Rolls! She brought lunch! They agree to let her join them; they don't want to walk all the way to the waterfall. But Donely gave them the wrong directions; so after getting to a place where there is no waterfall, they head back to the villa. Meanwhile, Donely catches up to Peter; he is very angry about Peter's murdering Cruz! Donely orders Peter to call and get Felicia to bring her ring to Mexico. Felicia receives the call, believes Peter, leaves a note for Frisco and heads for Mexico. Donely and Peter then head off towards the waterfall. At the studio, Amanda wants Ginny to interview the director of the Cradle Shelter for unwed mothers. Ginny, obviously distressed, doesn't want to do it! Ginny and Rick meet for lunch at GH. Both are distracted by the respective jobs. They end up squabbling, but later apologize.

November 28 - Ginny goes to the studio and tries to hide behind a pair of sunglasses so that Mrs. Jessup from the Cradle Shelter won't recognize her. Mrs. Jessup swears that she knows Ginny. Ginny manages to convince her otherwise. After Mrs. Jessup leaves, Ginny tries to get out of doing the interview. She and Derrick argue. Later, at home, Ginny tells Rick about her meeting. Rick thinks that she should not be worried, but she doesn't want the whole world to know about her past. Jake and Celia are going to Brownsville to investigate a photo from Lila and Tolliver marriage. Grant believes that they are wasting their time; he is concerned for Celia. Alan and Monica are worried. They question Grant about Celia's actions. He taunts them that Jake and Celia are following up a lead. In Texas, Laura tries to warn Mariah about Jack Slater. She suspects that Slater is part of the gang that is chasing Felicia. Laura catches him talking to someone about Felicia's whereabouts. She rips out the phone and then they struggle. He eventually wins and then ties up Mariah and Laura. Mariah calls Frisco to warn him that Felicia is in danger. Tony tries to convince Frisco not to go to Mexico; he wants Frisco to call the police. At GH, the nurses believe that Bobbie is being treated unfairly. She and Rick talk; he tries to convince her to change her mind about resigning.

November 29, 1984 - Bobbie does not want to go through with her plan to leave GH. She doesn't like Brock's plan to "bluff" in order to get the head OR nurse job. Brock tries to convince her to continue the ploy. At GH, Rick gives her a lovely parting gift; he convinces her to go to the cafeteria for lunch where the staff has gathered to give her a going away party. She is touched, confesses that she really doesn't have another job lined up and asked if she can stay on at GH. Steve agrees. Later Brock is upset at Bobbie's decision. At the studio, Ginny meets with Mrs. Jessup. She has brought all of her records. Ginny steals the record of her stay at the Cradle Shelter when she gave birth to Mike. She and Derrick later fight about why any woman would abandon her child. During her interview, Ginny tries to steer Mrs. Jessup away from any conversation about girls who abandon their babies, especially when Mrs. Jessup begins to relate a story about an angry young woman from many years ago…..later Derrick again berates girls who abandon babies. Monica gives Lorena all of the info that Eddy has ob her past. Monica and Alan discuss Celia's trip to Brownsville. Alan tries to pry info out of Grant about Celia. Grant implies that Celia is onto something big, which only makes Alan and Monica worry. In Brownsville, Jake and Celia talk to the senile librarian.

November 30 - December 5, 1984:  11/30, 12/3, 12/4, 12/5

November 30, 1984 - At the Construction site, Celia tells JL about her trip to Brownsville. She needs to find the flower girl in the photo of Lila and Tolliver leaving their wedding. She and JL argue. She is beginning to question his motives. Later she talks to grant. He has an idea to find out who the little girl is: school photos. At the Donely villa in Mexico, Robert, Holly and Luke are looking for Donely. When he does not show, they decide to go in a direction diametrically opposed to the one Donely gave to them. Frisco shows up worries about Felicia. Meanwhile, Felicia questions Peter; he tries to distract her by kissing her. He suggests a romantic interlude, but she is more interested in the scepter. He complains about her coolness to him; after all, she is his fiancé. She continues to questions him, obviously suspicious; he tries to convince her that he loves her. He unsuccessfully tries to take her ring, especially when she lies down to rest. At the spa, Lorena offers to help Alan and Monica figure out what a snooping Celia is up to. Lorena is happy to have Monica back on her side. Talking to Leo, she laments her relationship with JL. She and Leo end up kissing.

December 3, 1984 - At GH, At GH, Rick offers Bobbie a promotion: OR nurse exclusively for cardiac surgery. Ginny walks in. She looks on, jealously. Rick explains about Bobbie's new position. Rick explains about Bobbie's new position. Ginny questions him; She is not happy about his favoritism towards Bobbie. Later, at home, Ginny is making waffles as again Rick tries to explain his relationship with Bobbie. She walks out on him.  In Mexico, Luke is feeling better (he had a case of Montezuma's revenge); he is ready to leave. Frisco, Holly, Robert and Luke head in a direction opposite of the one Donely gave them. They are spotted by the Federales, who call Paco, a very good federale. He is at Donely's questioning the maid. He catches up to the foursome who use a wedding to cover their escape. Later they have to stop for gas; Frisco paces while Holly casually puts on lipstick. Luke misses laura and Robert loves the adventure while worrying about Holly. Peter takes Felicia to the waterfall. When they get there, she tries to run. He grabs her, takes her into the jungle and gets her ring. She manages to get away, but one of Donely's men catches her. Meanwhile, the foursome arrive at the jungle. Frisco runs into the jungle after hearing Felicia scream. He rescues her from Donely's man. Donely and Peter use the scepter to enter the crypt. At the cottage, Brock complains about the eggs that Teri cooks. Bobbie comes in and tells them both her good news. Brock is concerned about her work load; he doesn't even congratulate her. Later he argues with her about her relationship with Rick.

December 4, 1984 - At the cottage, Brock apologizes, wanting forgiveness. They are about to make-up when Rick calls Bobbie in for a surgery. Brock is furious; After Bobbie leaves, Brock doubles over in pain. Meanwhile at the Webbers, Ginny complains that Rick works too much, especially with Bobbie. Ginny goes to Kelly's where she has a fight with Brock. He tells her that her marriage is a sham. Ruby kicks both of them out. In mexico, Federales catch up with the "gang." They find Frisco, Felicia and Holly on a bridge. Holly tricks the guard so that Frisco and Felicia can escape. Donely and peter enter the crypt; they use the ring to open the secret door behind which lies the treasure. Donely draws a gun on Peter, intending to kill him. Robert and Luke discover the open crypt and walk in as Peter and Donely are fighting. Peter ends up with the gun, fires at Robert, but Sean takes the bullet for him. Luke chases Peter outside and they fight at the top of the waterfall. Paco discovers them and  shoots Peter who falls over the waterfall, presumably to his death. They find the ring and Sean gives a falso story about there not being any treasure. Paco hauls all of them to his police station, where he drops all of the charges against Luke. Felicia gets her scepter back. At GH, Grant is escorting a beautiful woman around GH. They discuss a new surgery center. Celia calls; they are going to Brownsville on an early flight. Tony fills in Tania about Frisco.

December 5, 1984 - Ruby calls to talk to Bobbie about the fight she broke up between Ginny and Brock. Bobbie goes home and lays into Brock, who claims to be sick with a fever. At GH, Frisco calls Tony and tells him that everything is fine. Celia tells grant about their flight to Brownsville. Amy overhears and passes the information to Alan. Alan corners JL about Celia's activities, and then talks to Monica about Grant and Celia. Monica decides to go to Brownsville, while Alan schemes how to delay Grant and Celia. Tony asks Tania on a date; they eat at the cafeteria. She wants all of the dirt on Frisco. He wants to talk about their relationship and dinner together. Tania then gets all decked out for a date with Tony. At the Webbers, Ruby drops by to talk to Rick. She tells him about Ginny and Brock's fight. Ginny defends herself by telling Rick about Brock's comments concerning their marriage and his relationship with Bobbie. Rick is livid. He wants to confront Brock. He orders him to lunch at the hospital. At GH, Brock attacks Rick and security has to haul him out of the hospital.

December 6-11, 1984:  12/6, 12/7, 12/10, 12/11

December 6, 1984 - In Brownsville, Monica visits Mrs. Hobbes; She needs her help. Monica convinces her that Celia is a fortune hunter who is after Lila. Monica bribes her to tell a "little white lie." When grant and Celia arrive, Mrs. Hobbes can't help them. They head back to PC. Monica is on the same flight, disquised as a plastic surgery patient. Monica reports to the rest of the Q's: Success! They drink to "brains and money." Celia comes by and offers to settle with the Q's; they refuse.  At GH, Tania dresses for her date with Tony. Amy pesters her with questions about Frisco. Tania assures Amy that she is over Frisco. Tania decides to get a makeover. She looks great. She and Tony go to the PC Hotel for dinner, but are interrupted by the beautiful women from the surgery center who obviously has her eyes on Tony. In Mexico, everyone returns to the Donely villa. They are a haggard group. Felicia is upset, especially about Peter. Frisco tries to comfort her. Luke tries to call Laura in Texas. Holly gives him some advice: Bribery never hurts! Laura will surely be mad. Laura does end up hanging up on Luke! Luke fears that his wife is filing divorce papers! He also wonders about the surprise that laura has for him. Robert and Holly fight over his relationship with Donely who has plans to set up the "next phase" of his operation.

December 7, 1984 - At the cottage, Bobbie makes lunch for Brock. He warns her not to talk about Rick, Ruby or Luke! He accuses her of having something going on with Rick. Bobbie tries to talk to him about his moodiness. He leaves. Teri later tries to tell Bobbie that Brock has not always been this way. In Texas, The gang form Mexico arrives. Luke returns the scepter; Felicia reunites with her grandmother. Laura is waiting upstairs for Luke. He brings her the red boots. She throws her hairbrush at him! She is furious! and even madder when she finds out that holly was in Mexico. Later as they are making up, Luke finds a red fire engine that laura hid in the bed. It takes hima minute to figure out that she is Pregnant! They celebrate! call Ruby and then announce the good news to the whole hacienda.  Meanwhile, Frisco talks to Mariah about the treasure. She wanted the money so that she could restore the hacienda. All celebrate L&L's baby. Frisco sings, with definite eyes for Felicia. Robert tries to talk Sean into moving to PC. Sean offers everyone a vacation at his villa in Mexico. At the gatehouse, Grant and Celia discuss getting a loan for the surgery center. Grant goes to a bank officer and secures the loan. Celia goes to the waterfront to work on her mural. JL brings a picnic to the waterfront and convinces Celia to let him model for the mural. She then explains that she will not get any money from the Q's.

December 10, 1984 - Quartermaine Mansion (Monica, Alan, Lila, Edward). Monica sneaks into a room in the East Wing which has been closed off.  Alan follows her into the room and startles her.  They start to bicker and Alan goes to leave only the doorknob is broken.  They are stuck inside with no heat and no electricity.  They continue to bicker over money, the lack of heat and electricity and Monica tells Alan she was trying to save money by shutting it down.  They only have $40 million left after Jimmy Lee.  Alan starts to warm Monica's hands and they get closer for body heat.  Monica has idea how they can warm up and they fall into bed.  Meanwhile, Lila and Edward are in the drawing room discussing the holidays.  Edward is being a scrooge and claims to have heard noises in the East Wing and wants to investigate.  Lila dissuades him and convinces him to help her send out Christmas cards. Monica and Alan are having pillow talk and agree this was new a different. They have been in a bit of a rut.  They are concerned, not only do they not have heat, but no food or water.  Who will come looking for them? They get dressed and begin to argue in earnest when they still can't get out.  They find a candle and a single match. Alan wants to light the bed on fire - the smoke will bring the fire department. Monica says it will also kill them.  Down in the drawing room Edward and Lila are having a lovely afternoon, drinking tea and flirting on the couch. Up in the East Wing, Alan finds food in the nightstand, they jump on it.  Alan is suspicious, the food is fresh and Lorena has been gone for months.  He suspects a spy has been camping out and reporting back to Jimmy Lee.  Monica tells him he's paranoid. The door opens and the boys (Alan Jr/Jason) come in and both are surprised to see each other.  The boys tell their parents this is their secret hideaway to play, did they come up to play here too?  In the drawing room Edward is making martinis and suggesting he take advantage of Lila, Alan, Monica and the boys all walk in.  Lila tell them they look stressed and they should find a quiet place and spend the day alone - just like she and Edward did.

Mexico (Robert, Holly, Sean, Frisco, Felicia, Mariah) - All are sitting around the breakfast table discussing the joys of the Mexican lifestyle.  Sean mentions his upcoming visit to Port Charles.  Felicia is enamored of the history in Mexico, she feels her roots very strongly.  Mariah pulls Frisco aside and asks for his help with Felicia's obsession with Mexico and her culture.  Mariah wants her to return to Texas.  Frisco surprised Mariah by telling her he wants Felicia to come to live in Port Charles.

Robert and Holly return to their bedroom after a swim.  They discuss Sean's visit and eventually fall into bed and discuss the challenge of keeping marriage exciting.  Robert tells Holly all men need a challenge, including in their work.  Holly wants to know if he would go on another adventure with Sean, and if so can she go as well.  Robert refuses and Holly laughs that he will never change.

Meanwhile Sean, Felicia and Frisco discuss her getting her graduate degree in Aztec Culture Studies.  Port Charles has a program and Sean offers to underwrite the cost.  Felicia is skeptical, but Frisco thinks it's a great idea.  All have gathered in the living room, Robert and Holly are nuzzling up together when Sean mentions his idea to Mariah about Felicia's schooling.  Felicia is being pressured by both Mariah to return to Texas and Sean/Frisco to go to Port Charles.  Felicia tells Frisco if she goes to Port Charles it will be for her  not "for us!  Frisco is frustrated.

Sean approaches Robert/Holly and asks to speak to Robert privately. Robert unceremoniously dumps Holly off his lap and follows Sean into the study.  Holly is not happy.  In the study, Sean needles Robert about getting soft with his cushy commissioner job and married life. Asks him if he would want to return to the adventure 24/7?  As they are discussing it, Holly walks in - she wants in on whatever they are up to.  A visitor arrives for Sean and he excuses himself. Sean meets with ??? outside and tells him he needs to be more careful.  People inside would recognize him. He has another assignment for him.  He needs to go to Port Charles and investigate. Sean warns him he must keep their connection a secret.

Texas (Luke, Laura) - Laura shows Luke into their bedroom with the new bed.  They start to get romantic, but Laura interrupts.  She's starving!  After all she's eating for two.  Luke leaves and returns with a picnic basket.  They talk about their world travels.  Laura is concerned putting down roots is not really for Luke.  They discuss their feelings and both declare this is what they truly want.  They make love.  Afterward they discuss their hopes, dreams and fears about parenthood.  Laura attempts to describe her love for Luke - how she has never felt alone since she's had his love.  They discuss the future in a very tender and sweet moment.

Port Charles (Brian, Claudia) - Brian returns to a messy house and a babysitter. Clearly agitated he questions the sitter as Claudia walks in.  They argue over the housework, the kids and responsibilities.  Brian wants Claudia at home with the children, not working at the spa.  Claudia counters they are his children too.  Battle lines are clearly drawn when Brian gets a call from work and leaves Claudia alone to manage the children.

December 11, 1984 - Tony/Tania -At the hospital, Tania is unhappy with Tony over his lack of attention during their previous date.  They discuss Erna Morris, the head of the SurgiCenter.  Tania believes Tony cares more about Erna than Tania.  Erna interrupts the discussion causing Tania to leave abruptly.  Erna and Tony discuss the SurgiCenter and Erna makes it clear she'd like their relationship to be more than business.  Tony lets Erna know he isn't interested in her in that way.  After clearing the air Erna leaves.  Tony finds Tania in the supply room and tells her she is the one he cares about and he's made that clear to Erna.  They kiss and make up.  Tania offers to make him dinner at his apartment the following night.

Celia/Grant/Jimmy Lee - At home, Celia finds out that the majority of Grant's salary is going to paying off his loan.  They discuss how they are going to make it financially until Grant's investment in the SurgiCenter starts to payoff.  Jimmy Lee has a business meeting at Kelly's with Willinger.  Willinger owes money to JL, but can't pay it off. He offers stock and an option to buy out his shipping company in lieu of a cash payment.  Jimmy Lee agrees to think it over. Celia goes to Kelly's Diner to work on her sketches.  Jimmy Lee approaches her and he offers her a personal loan - just between the two of them.  Grant doesn't need to know.  Celia turns him down.  She and Grant don't keep secrets from each other.  At the hospital Grant finds out from Erna Morris that it will be months before he sees any money from the SurgiCenter.  Grant is disheartened and comments it will be a long cold winter for he and Celia.

Bobbie/DL/Terri/Ginny/Derek/Rick - Derek and Ginny trade sexual innuendos during at meeting at the station.  Ginny tells Derek to back off, she's a happily married woman.  Derek grudgingly complies.  At the cottage, Terri gets a call from Josh.  He set up an audition for her at the station for the weather girl position.  Terri believes she's a shoe in.  Bobbi cautions her not to count her chickens before they hatch.  At the studio, Terri seizes the opportunity to rid herself of any competition by pretending to be the station mgr's assistant and cancels her audition.  At the hospital, Rick and Bobbie review charts and Bobbie thanks Rick for not pressing charges against DL.  They discuss Terri's audition.  Bobbie hopes Terri gets the job and gets some independence.  Derek asks Ginny to view the weather girl auditions with him, he'd like her opinion.  Ginny slams Terri's audition and tells him absolutely not.  Terri overhears and confronts Ginny over it.  Terri attacks Ginny and Derek takes Ginny's side.  He tells Terri she's not getting the job.  Terri interrupts DL's business meeting at Kelly's diner to tell him Ginny sabotaged her and she lost the job.  DL promises to take care of Ginny Blake and storms away.  Back at the station, Derek learns about Terri's ruse as his assistant.  DL arrives and confronts Ginny about Terri.  Derek tells DL what Terri did, DL doesn't believe it and leaves angrily, just as Rick arrives at the studio to take Ginny to lunch.

December 12-18, 1984:  12/12, 12/13, 12/14, 12/17, 12/18

December 12, 1984 - At the cottage, Brock gets on to Teri for her lies at the TV Station. She made him look like a fool. He manhandles her.  Bobbie walks in; she defends Teri, wanting Brock to stop shouting. She leaves them both and goes to GH to get some peace and quiet. Later, Brock asks Teri to apologize to Derrick. She refuses. When he orders her, they begin fighting. Bobbie comes home and threatens to call the police. When Brock leaves, Bobbie lays into Teri, who then leaves stealing Bobbie's keys.  In Mexico, the Scorpios wake up to their last day at the Donely villa. Robert orders a special breakfast: huevos rancheros and Mexican lemonade. They procedd to get very tipsy together, drinking a bottle of very good tequila. They both lament having to go back to PC and the "daily grind." Meanwhile, Donely offers to pay Felicia's tuition to PC University. He also admires her ring. Mariah is hesitant about the tuition. What is Felicia's motive? Also Donely wants to photograph Felicia's ring and get a wax impression (so that he can make a copy). He uses the search for the treasure to convince Felicia. Later the group has dinner together and toast Felicia's decision to go to PC. When the girls leave, the men talk about their dull lives. Back in PC, Brian asks Rick for help with a poor woman with a heart problem. Rick, of course, will help. They talk about their marriages. Bobbie shows up and tells Rick that she is afraid DL is about to go over the edge. Later Brian and Claudia fight.

December 13, 1984 - At the Webbers, Ginny is decked out for the station Christmas party. She reminds Rick that she expects him to be there. She and Rick end up passionately kissing under the mistletoe. At GH, Grant and Celia discuss their monthly bills; how do they pay off their debts. They are depressed about Christmas but agree that love is what really matters. Teri tries to call Bobbie from the police station. Brock fights with Bobbie over Teri. After he leaves, Teri reaches Bobbie: She needs help! Rick arrives and agrees to go to the police station with Bobbie to bail Teri out. When they get there, Teri is distraught and Rick stays with her to give her medical attention causing him to miss the Christmas party at the studio. Meanwhile, Derrick gives Ginny a very expensive Christmas present. He expresses his disappointment at Rick coming to the party. When Rick calls and leaves a message for Ginny that he can't make it, Derrick does not give her the message. Later at home, Ginny is quite upset that Rick did not show up and turns away his advances toward her. At the apartment, Tony wants Josh to leave so that he can have the place to himself. He has a "social engagement." Tania comes over. She has had a rough day and he tries to calm her nerves. They kiss and then end up in the bedroom.

December 14, 1984 - At the apartment, Frisco and Felicia return. She is looking forward to starting her graduate work. She also intends to get a place of her own. They kiss and are interrupted by a scantily clad and playful Tony and Tania! The foursome talk. Tony informs Frisco that Tania is the "girl of his life" and not to go after her. After Tony and Tania leave, Felicia expresses her dislike for Tania. Felicia is ready to leave, but Frisco, being very protective of her, cooks for her. They kiss passionately on the couch, but Felicia feels everything is moving to fast. At GH, Tony and Tania have a passionate moment of their own in the supply room. He is falling in love and so is she! Grant and Celia are learning to economize. They will not have as much time together either. He is working hard. They schedule a brown bag lunch together. Holly calls Celia to tell her that she is home. Celia comes by and Holly tells her all about Mexico; Holly wants lunch at the Versailles room, but Celia begs off; she is having lunch with Grant. JL calls Celia; he is sick and wants to see Celia. She declines, and he ends up with Lorena who takes care of him.  At the Scorpios, Robert and Holly return home. He says that he is content and has everything that he could want, but he hopes Donely comes soon. He laments the paperwork that is laying on his desk. Holly is concerned that their life will be boring, but he assures her that "life with her is never boring." Grant and Celia come by for cocktails, but do not want to go out. Robert and Holly are puzzled by this. In Mexico, Donely heads out to the treasure; he has the duplicate ring so that he can open the door to the treasure.

December 17, 1984 - At the apartment, Felicia sleeps on the couch. Frisco wakes her up. She is disappointed not to find her own apartment. Frisco is trying everything to get her to stay. She ends up cooking for the guys. Tania comes by and Josh has a brilliant idea: Felicia should move in with Tania! Felicia is not sure about this….then she goes job hunting and is depressed at not being able to find a job. In Mexico, Donely calls Scorpio. He is coming to PC. Robert insists that he stay through Christmas. Mort, Donely's associate, worries about Donely spending so much time with a "good cop." Robert Scorpio is Donely's cover. Later Donely's team comes over. He tells them he is moving. He warns them to be careful and then tells them his master plan. At the Scorpios,  Robert and Holly discuss how to convince Donely to move to PC. They will throw him a welcome party. At Police HQ, Robert is drowning in paperwork. Holly drags him off to the spa, which is opening its doors to the men of PC. At the spa, JL brings his men in. Monica brings in Alan. Celia brings in a much too busy Grant. At GH, Eddy Q talks mysteriously to Gail. She is concerned about him. Is he going senile? Alan and Monica discuss this, but what they don't know is that Eddy is really just concerned about Stella.

December 18, 1984 - Felicia comes by to look at Tania's apartment; she complains that it is too big and too far from the University. Tania is very gracious, but she is really thankful that Felicia does not want to move in. Once Felicia is gone, Tania and Frisco talk. Tony comes by; he is relieved to hear that Felicia is not moving in because he wants to move in. Boris calls; he might come to town for the holidays. Tony gives Tania a beautiful pair of earrings. At GH, Brock drops by to see teri, but she doesn't want to see him. Teri has hypoglycemia and she is having complications. Brock is upset that Teri will not see him. He begs Bobbie to help. Bobbie and Gail talk. Teri is upset over her health/depression. She is glad that Bobbie is there, but refuse to see Brock; she doesn't want him to know about her going to jail. Later Brock does see Teri and she gets hysterical. At the Webbers, Rick and Mike talk about this being their first Christmas without Leslie. Ginny comes down and is "icy" toward Rick. The iciness bothers Mike, who yells at them for fighting. Ginny thinks Rick needs to get his priorities straight and Rick thinks Ginny needs to be more compassionate. Ginny goes to the studio where she is very distracted by everything she needs to do before Christmas. Derrick wants to have lunch the next day; she agrees. Later she goes home and is decorating the tree when Rick arrives. The three of them have a cozy evening together. In NYC, Donely meets with a buyer for the treasure, but he has a couple of the treasure pieces that he wants to keep. Donely then calls Felicia, asking her to come to NYC to see the Maximillian exhibit one last time. She agrees.  Meanwhile, the federale Paco goes into the crypt in Mexico. He intends to send a report to the University of Mexico. JL meets with a shipping company owner. While he is thinking about buying the shipping company, the owner has to leave. Matt Hines (aka Jack Slater) comes in and thinking that JL is the owner offers to buy the company for much more than it is worth. JL agrees. He then agrees to purchase the company for much less that it is worth. He will make a sizeable profit.

December 19-25, 1984:  12/19, 12/20, 12/21, 12/24, 12/25

December 19, 1984 - At the Webbers, Ginny and Rick discuss the previous night of decorating the tree and the upcoming Christmas. They both agree that Christmas will be fabulous and their relationship is getting better. He kisses her sweetly as he leaves for work. Ginny and Derrick have lunch together at the PC Hotel. He wants her to accompany him to NYC to accept a news award for the studio. She is thrilled but declines to go. Meanwhile Rick finds out that both Amy and Mike are not going to be home for the night. He arranges a catered candlelight dinner for him and Ginny. Ginny is stunned. They have a nice dinner and then agree to celebrate Christmas early by making love for the first time. At the apartment, Frisco (played by Kevin Bernhardt until Jan 2) and Felicia fight about her plan to go to NYC with Sean Donely. He thinks she needs to settle down and find a job and apartment. She is obsessed. She goes to NYC anyway, where Sean takes her to the Aztec exhibit. The curator and Sean talk. Sean arranges to buy the portrait and surprises Felicia later by giving it to her.

At the Scorpios, Robert is sore from his morning workout. Holly is planning a Christmas party; she plans to cook but Robert suggest catering (poor Holly)! He wants to impress Donely. He hopes to convince him to move to PC. Meanwhile, Donely's man (Vann) is trying to reach Sean. He ends up at the PC Hotel talking to Slater/Hines. Robert and Holly also end up at the Hotel, eating lunch with Frisco and Josh. Frisco wants to interview Robert. Later Robert and Holly watch his interview, but Robert turns it off…he has better ideas.  At the Q's, Eddy is acting strangely. Manica fears that he is not in control of his faculties. Gail drops by to see Monica and ends up talking to Eddy. Why didn't he keep their appointment? He is still worried about his "friend" who is constantly forgetting things. Later we find out that Eddy is worried about Stella. Stella likewise is worried about Eddy. Eddy is making a list in his little black book as he observes things Stella is doing "wrong."

December 20, 1984 - Vann calls Slater, then goes to his hotel. Paco has been nosing around the treasure in Mexico. Slater orders Vann to lay low. In Mexico, Paco is visited by one of Donely's men who claims to me a professor at the University. he manages to convince Paco to turn over to him the letter to the University which tells them about the crypt. Felicia returns from NYC. Frisco is mad. Why didn't she call? She informs him that she is moving out. Frisco doesn't want her to move; he wants to be more than friends. Is he jealous of Sean? He goes with her to look at hotel rooms. They spot Vann coming out of Slater's room. He knocks Frisco down as he races out of the hotel. Frisco plans to call Scorpio; Slater overhears and tries to contact Donely. Felicia agrees to stay with Frisco so that he can protect her.

At the Q's, Eddy finds out that JL bought PC shipping; he is exuberant, thinking that JL just made a huge mistake. Q's discuss. Monica swipes Eddy's black book and then leaves it for Alan to read. At the spa, Jake is pumping iron. He teaches Monica. Alan comes by and reads Eddy's comments about Stella, but Monica thinks Eddy is talking about himself. She wants to talk to Jake about protecting their finances from "over the hill" Eddy. At the Webber's, Ginny comes home from her morning taping. They talk "about last night." She is the "happiest woman in PC today." They talk about their relationship. She wishes that they could go away together as a family. Rick goes to work, but calls a travel agent and talks to Monica. He arranges a trip to Canada for the family. Ginny is thrilled! Derrick does not want her to go but she threatens to quit if he doesn't let her. He agrees. Later Rick comes home with ice skates for her and Mike. At GH, Bobbie visits Teri. She is being released from the hospital. Teri is worried. Bobbie reassures her that she will help. Brock comes by. Teri doesn't want to be alone with him. She worries that he will find out that she was arrested.

December 21, 1984 - At the apartment, Felicia talks about seeing Vann again. Frisco goes to work while Tony and Josh watch over Felicia. At the Croyton Hotel (a sleazy hotel) someone kills Vann. His body is found and the police are called. At the Scorpios, Holly is preparing for the party. Celia comes by to help. Burt calls: A dead body has been found at the Croyton. Robert meets Frisco and Felicia at the hotel and they identify the man as the one who has been stalking Felicia. Meanwhile, Sean has come by the Scorpios. He meets Celia who believes him to be charming. He then goes to the Croyton to find Robert. Robert asks him for his help and shows him the dead body. Sean is clearly shaken as he sees his associate Vann. It is like seeing a ghost. Sean finds Slater and lays into him for killing Vann. Slater then goes and buys the shipping company from JL. At the apartment Tony gives Tania her Christmas present: an engagement ring. Felicia comes in and congratulates them.  At GH, grant and Monica come by to see Jake in the hospital. At the Scorpio party, Sean is introduced to Monica. Slater/ Hines brings JL to the party. Felicia arrives as do Gail and Lee, Brian and Claudia. Donely toasts Robert and Holly, his very dear friends. Then he announces that he has bought the shipping company: he intends to stay in PC.

December 24, 1984 - CHRISTMAS EVE At the Q's, Eddy speculates that Stella is getting senile. Lila speculates that Eddy is getting senile. Alan and Monica argue about Eddy's state of mind. Lila spills the beans about Eddy's "Stella list." Monica confronts Eddy. She is appalled and lays into him. They end up quarreling: typical Q Christmas.  At the cottage, Brock is still questioning teri about the night that she ended up in the hospital. Brock gets a phone call which puts him in a good mood. Teri comments that when she was a kid, Brock was always in a good mood. When Brock returns, Bobbie is leaving for an emergency at the hospital. Brock is angry. The emergency is Mr. Oakes, a firefighter and one of Rick's patients. Rick is flying in to do the surgery.  When Rick arrives, he reassures Mrs. Oakes. Rick, Monica and Bobbie then operate. Monica leaves, but Rick and Bobbie stay for the night to Monitor Mr. Oakes. At the Scorpios, Robert and Sean discuss the Croyton murder. Holly gets onto both of them fro talking detective work on Christmas Eve. Sean leaves. He goes to see Slater, he has a plan to throw Robert off the murder trail. Frisco calls the Scorpios; he has a plan to surprise Felicia and needs their help. Felicia laments not being home for the holidays. Tony and Josh take her caroling to the Scorpios. SURPRISE! Mariah is there.

December 25, 1984 - CHRISTMAS DAY  At GH, Mr. Oakes is alive after 2 surgeries. Rick and Bobbie reassure Mrs. Oakes. At the Cottage, Brock is upset that Bobbie did not come home for Christmas. Teri tries to defend her, but he takes off. He goes to the hospital, where he ends up talking to Mrs. Oakes. She tells him about the dedicated doctor and nurse who stayed with her husband. She learns that Bobbie is Brocks wife:
"He must be terribly proud of her." Brock offers to take Mrs. Oakes children to the Christmas party. He then buys gifts for them. He is also very nice to Bobbie. The kids then parade through the hospital to the boardroom where Steve tells the Christmas story. Rick calls Ginny and Mike. They are in Canada and miss him, but he will be able to come up in 2 days. Ginny has a lump in her throat as she talks to Rick. They are both close to tears as they miss each other for the holidays. At the Scorpios, Felicia tells Mariah that Sean has given her the painting. Mariah disapproves. Holly is making sage stuffing for the goose (who said she couldn't cook) and Sean shows up bearing gifts, including a piñata, which Felicia later smashes. Holly's Christmas present arrives from Mexico: a silver tea set. Tania and Tony, Grant and Celia come by, while Frisco and Felicia sneak off to have some time alone.

December 26, 1984 - January 2, 1985:  12/26, 12/27, 12/28, 12/31 New Year's Party at Quartermaine's, 1/1, 1/2 partial episode

December 26, 1984 - At the Scorpios,  Sean Robert and Holly discuss Christmas. Burt comes by with info on the Croyton murder. Vann was a communications expert who had fallen off the face of the earth for the last year. Sean offers to help solve the case. He and Scorpio head over to the Croyton. They search the lobby and "find" Vann's wallet (Slater had hidden it where it could be found.). Robert goes back to his office, where he discovers the phone number Donely put in the wallet. He takes the bait and calls the number: it's Peter's.  At the Q's, Eddy's lawyer Cain comes by with dirt on Sean. Donely is a fascinating assignment. He has an impeccable reputation. Everything he touches seems to turn to gold. He is ex-WSB. Eddy is curious: "Why is Donely buying a defunct shipping company in PC?" At the PC Hotel, Donely buys the shipping Company from JL. Eddy calls and comes by to talk to Donely. Sean invites JL. Eddy peppers Sean with questions. After Sean leaves, Eddy lays into JL. But he wants JL to move into his ELQ offices. Meanwhile, Robert goes home and calls Donely. He has solved the case! Frisco takes Felicia and Mariah to the studio and then to Sean's to see the painting. Mariah is in awe as she looks at the painting. Felicia tells Donely that she cannot except his gift.

December 27, 1984 - Brock carries Bobbie into their new home: the penthouse. Bobbie is worried about how they are going to pay for it. They celebrate with champagne. Teri promises to get a job. Two police officers show up. They need a statement from Teri. Brock is furious when he finds out that Teri was arrested. He refuses to listen to her explanations. He is even more upset when he finds out Rick was there. He calls Teri a lying tramp and she runs out.  At the spa, JL reads the paper to Lorena. The article is about Celia finishing her mural. They fight. Amanda and Sylvia eye the new men at the spa. Leo talks to Lorena. He wants to "play." When she discusses what is going on with JL, Leo suggests that JL wants the "debutante" and that Lorena should change her image. He then makes his monthly payment to Amanda and Sylvia. At the gatehouse, Celia is excited about her mural. Grant is concerned about a rape that has happened on the waterfront. They both go to work. At GH, Brian and grant talk about crime on the waterfront. At Kelly's, a man stares at Celia while she has coffee with JL, who wants to be in the mural. The man follows Celia when she leaves. He then corners her and attacks her. JL comes to her rescue. She is shaken up and JL takes her to his office and cleans her up, even buying her some new clothes. She doesn't want him to call the police because she doesn't want grant to find out. Later they go to Kelly's and Grant shows up. Grant and Celia fight, especially about JL and her going to the waterfront to paint. JL then goes back to the spa, where Lorena is dressed "matronly" and intends to go to the ballet. He wants her to stop competing with Celia. At GH, Rick is trying unsuccessfully to go to Canada to be with Ginny and Mike.

December 28, 1984 - At their apartment, Tony and Frisco are both singing; Tony thinks that they are both in love. Frisco disagrees; he and Felicia spend most of their time fighting, but he does admit that Felicia makes him happy. He couldn't bear to be without her. At the Scorpios, Burt shows up with info on Vann, the man who was murdered. Felicia mad Mariah talk about missing each other when Mariah leaves. Holly, Mariah, Felicia, Burt and Robert discuss Vann's being the one who was spying on Mariah in Texas. They now believe that Felicia is safe. Frisco comes by to take Mariah to the airport. Robert is preoccupied and Holly wants to know what is bothering him. He can't figure it out, but something is wrong. Frisco and Felicia come back to the apartment. Frisco wants to spend the day with Felicia. They almost make love but a package arrives for her. Felicia opens it and it is a small reproduction of the painting: a gift from Donely. Frisco destroys the package. Felicia is angry and the fight. Felicia goes to Kelly's and secures a job and a place to live from Ruby.  At the PC Hotel, Slater still wants to go downstairs but Sean won't allow it until Mariah has left town. JL comes over. Sean tells him that he needs to "deal straight" from now on. JL gives Sean a briefing on PC. And, yes, he inherited his shredness from his father. At the Q's, Alan swears that he will never be an entrepeneur like Eddy. Eddy is worried what will become of their estate when he is gone. Eddy is still trying to get info on Donely. They decide to see if Monica can get info from Sean. Monica has lunch at PC Hotel with Sean, where she pumps Sean for info on the deal he made with JL. Holly and Robert are there, having a romantic rendevous. After Monica leaves, Sean comes over to Robert and Holly; Robert updates him on the Vann murder.

December 31, 1984 - The Q's are throwing a New Years' Eve party. They invite Sean Donely. At the Scorpio's, Robert and Holly discuss the attack on Celia. Sean comes over to catch a ride with the Scorpios. People show up and mingle at party: Tony and Tania, Dan and Ruby, Brian and Claudia, Lee and Gail. Eddy tries to discuss business with Donely, but Sean would rather dance with Monica. Robert and Lee discuss the increase of crime in PC while Gail and Holly discuss women being attacked. Robert flashes back to the last mission that Sean sent him and O'Reilly on, the Cassadine Caper which brought him to PC. He and Sean then ring in the New Year together. At GH Bobbie wants Teri to come home. Brock comes by. He is upset at Teri leaving and Bobbie working late. Bobbie just doesn't want to fight. She wants Brock and Teri to make up. Brock: "Over my dead body." Teri comes to the hospital and Brock causes a scene. Security has to drag him out. Rick is at the hospital; Ginny is still in Canada. Rick invites Bobbie to come back to his house to celebrate the New Year. At the Webber's, Bobbie gets tipsy! At Kelly's, Frisco asks Felicia to come to the Q party. She refuses. They again fight. She wants him to leave. He is boring and has no direction, no ambition. He leaves. Later Slater/Hines shows up and hits on Felicia. Frisco drops back in with two girls on his arms. Felicia tries to use Slater to make Frisco jealous. Again they fight and when Frisco leaves, Felicia cries as she brings in the New Year alone.

January 1, 1985 - At the Q's Monica wakes Alan up. He has a hangover. They fight over each other New Years Eve behavior, but later end up in bed. Alan dresses strangely (nerdy) for a day of watching football and eating hotdogs. Eddy asks Donely to come over, much to the chagrin of Alan. Monica gets all dressed up for Sean and Alan looks on as Sean eats one of his special game day hotdogs. He then loses his bet on the game with Stella (nothing is going Alan's way!) Later Sean takes Monica to dinner at the Floating Rib, where the dance together. At the PC Hotel, Josh comes by to see Teri. She needs him, but he is exhausted and keeps falling asleep. Teri tries to force him to stay awake, but end the end just sends him home. At the Webbers, morning comes and Bobbie is asleep on the couch. Brock rushes in and demands to know what is going on, especially since she is wearing Ginny's bathrobe. Rick slugs him when he calls Bobbie a hooker. Bobbie treats Rick's hand. Ginny and Mike come home. Surprise! They are home a day early. Ginny wisely leaves the situation alone, but obviously she is upset. The Brocks leave and Ginny goes upstairs. Later, she and Rick talk and Ginny tells Rick that she knows nothing is going on between him and Bobbie. However, she thinks that Rick provokes Brock and gives him a reason to be irrational. They part, but later, have a late night glass of wine together. He apologizes and they toast the New year together. She tells him that he is "compassionate" and that this is what makes him such an "excellent husband." Meanwhile, Bobbie ends up at Teri's where the two ladies share the Hotel since Bobbie does not want to go home.  

January 2, 1985 - partial episode continued on next dvd - At the studio, Frisco's (Jack Wagner returns:) guest is a robot. Tony drops by. They wait for Tania. Frisco tells Tony his new idea: a live music/interview show. He is trying to show Felicia that his life has direction. Tony asks Frisco to be the best man at his wedding. At first Frisco says yes, but when he hears that Tony has invited their father, he refuses to even come to the wedding. Tony and Tania go to Dino's and talk. He explains: Frisco and Tony had a great deal of friction. Their mother was terminally ill and Rita had come to take care of their mother. Frisco walked in on Rita and Tony in bed. Then the same night, their mother died. Frisco blamed them for their mother's death. Later Rita married their father. At the PC Hotel, Donely talks to his man (Saura) in Mexico. Donely agrees to meet him. He sends Slater to the University to pay Felicia's tuition and take her to lunch. At the University, Felicia registers for classes. Slater arrives with the check and insists on taking her to lunch. At the Scorpios, Holly wants to buy a British car. He insults her family. Just then, Cousin Algernon shows up. A suspicious Robert pesters him with questions. Robert goes to work. Algernon and Holly talk over old "con" times. Algernon tells Holly that he received a ticket from her and that is why he came to PC. Holly did not send the ticket. He becomes quite nervous. He's desperate, a "dead man."

Weekly Newspaper Write Ups

These are weekly newspaper recaps that were kept with a few of the tapes, since there aren't yet complete episode descriptions for this time frame thought I would include these to provide an idea of what was going on during this time frame.

Newspaper weekly write up dated 9/3 (daily or weekly recap?): Robert arrested Grant Putnam, who went bonkers after confessing to all of his past sins. Frisco refuffed Tania, who wante to give their romance another try after she was rejected by Grant Andrews.

Newspaper weekly recap dated 9/10 - Beatrice cracked Lorena's safe, then blackmailed Holly, Mrs. Barrington, the Quartermaines and Sylvia with the safe's contents. At a charity ball, Beatrice was found dead after she had snatched a glass of water from Stella. Beatrice's blackmail victimes each stole an envelope with their name on it off of her dead body. Celia and Grant Andrews celebrated his medical license being reinstated. Edward asked specialist Dr. Egli to prove that Beatrice faked her paralysis.

Weekly Newspaper recap dated 9/16: Jimmy Lee, stunned by his mother Beatrice's dead, refuses to be comforted by Edward. A packaged taped to Beatricke's body contains cash and a Bible page showing Lila's marriage to Toliver, stocks, bonds and photos of spa clients in incriminating situations. Robert spots a photo of Holly and takes it. Later Holly admits Leo was blackmailing her for something she never did. The Coroner's results show that Beatrice's body contained four different poisons causing Robert to believe there was more than one murderer. He thinks things are bad for Holly when he discovers some of his potent pain pills are missing. Frisco wakes up and discovers a valet trying to steal his ring. He learns the valet is really Felicia, who claims she is a princess and the ring is important to her.  Frisco takes over Teen Time when Ginny moves to anchorwoman. Terry and Bobbie continue to fight.

Weekly newspaper recap dated 9/24: Frisco moved Felicia and didn't believe her when she said she's a real princess. Lorena admitted to Leo that she had given Beatrice a pill she'd taken from Monica's medical bag. Edward told Alan & Monica he'd given Beatrice a pill he took from Alan's medical bag.

Weekly newspaper recap dated 9/30: Jimmy Lee accuses Edward of paying Beatrice money for bible page which shows Lila was once married to Tolliver Crane. Lorena tells Jimmy Lee they have the power to bring Edward to his knees. Holly is thrilled when the Coroner report shows Beatrice didn't die from an overdoes of pain medication but from an allergic reaction to heart medication. When the police believe lila is the culprit, Edward jumps to his fee and says he poisoned Beatrice. Holly discovers the hidden camera at the spa that Leo used to take the incriminating pictures. Terri continues to play up to Brock. Rick is miffed when Ginny decides to do a hosptial documentary on Tony, not Rick. Frisco is getting irritated with Felicia when she refuses to talk about her past. Felicia calls her grandmother but hangs up when Frisco enters the room.

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