Complete Original GH Episodes 1981

The GH 1981 episodes are good quality original episodes unless otherwise noted. These write ups have been done by Norm Fisher, who has been a tremendous help in getting these episodes dated and described and without his help this page would not be possible!

Episode Breakdown


February 13-19, 1981: 2/13, 2/16, 2/17, 2/18, 2/19

February 20-27, 1981: 2/20, 2/23, 2/24, 2/25, 2/27

March 2 - 6, 1981: 3/2, 3/3, 3/4, 3/5, 3/6

March 9-13, 1981: 3/9, 3/10, 3/11, 3/12, 3/13

March 16-20, 1981: 3/16, 3/17, 3/18, 3/19, 3/20,

March 24-April ?, 1981: 3/24, 3/25, 3/26, 3/27, 3/31, (missing 4/1)

April 2 - 28, 1981: 4/2, 4/23, 4/24, 4/27, 4/28

April 29 - May 6, 1981: 4/29, (missing 4/30), 5/1, 5/4, 5/5, 5/6

May 7-20, 1981: 5/7, 5/8, 5/11, 5/12, (missing5/13, 5/14, 5/15, 5/18, 5/19), 5/20

May 16-30, 1981 - Poor quality edit for this time frame, great quality resumes on next dvd

More Episodes from June, July, August, September incoming, email me if you would like to be notified of new episodes/descriptions for these new episodes!

May 25 - June 6, 1981: 5/25, (missing 5/26, 5/27, 5/28), 5/29, 6/1, 6/2, (missed 6/3), 6/4

June 5 - 11, 1981:  6/5, 6/8, 6/9, 6/10, 6/11

June 12 -18, 1981:  6/12, 6/15, 6/16, 6/17, 6/18

June 19 -29, 1981:  6/19, 6/22, 6/25, 6/26, 6/29

June 30 - July 6, 1981:  6/30, 7/1, 7/2, 7/3, 7/6

July 7-14, 1981:  7/7 4th of July picnic, 7/8, (missed 7/9), 7/10, 7/13 O’Reilly’s death, 7/14

July 15-21, 1981: 7/15, 7/16, 7/17, 7/20, 7/21

July 22- 31 1981: 7/22, 7/23, 7/24 on board yacht, 7/27, 7/28, 7/29 or 7/30? edited :6 mins Heather & Joe, 7/31 edited :18 mins

August 3-11, 1981: 8/3, 8/4, 8/6, 8/7 :14 minutes edited Island arrival, 8/10, 8/11, (missed 8/12)

August 13 - 19, 1981:  8/13 Robert meets Tiffany in the jungle, 8/14, 8/17, 8/18, 8/19

August 20-26, 1981: 8/20, 8/21, 8/24, 8/25, 8/26 [Episode Descriptions]

August 26 - September 2, 1981: 8/26, 8/27, 8/28, 8/31, 9/2 [Episode Descriptions]

September 4-10, 1981: 9/4, 9/7, 9/9, 9/10 [Episode Descriptions]

September 11-18, 1981: 9/11, 9/14, 9/15, 9/17, 9/18 soapnet marathon episode [Episode Descriptions]

September 21-25, 1981: 9/21, 9/22,  9/23, 9/24, 9/25 [Episode Descriptions]

September 28 - October 13, 1981: 9/28, 9/30, 10/1, 10/2, 10/13 [Episode Descriptions]

October 14-23, 1981: 10/14, 10/16, 10/20,10/22, 10/23 [Episode Descriptions]

October 26-30, 1981: 10/26, 10/27, 10/28, 10/29 (last 22 mins), 10/30 [Episode Descriptions]

November 2-10, 1981: 11/2, 11/4, 11/5, 11/6, 11/10 [Episode Descriptions]

November 11-17, 1981: 11/11, 11/12, 11/13, 11/16 & 11/17(original soapnet wedding episodes) [Episode Descriptions]

November 18-30, 1981: 11/18 (original soapnet honeymoon episode), 11/19 Helena's reception, 11/20 (original soapnet honeymoon episode), 11/24, 11/30 [Episode Descriptions]

December 3-10, 1981: 12/3, 12/4, 12/7, 12/9, 12/10 [Episode Descriptions]

December 11-16, 1981: 12/11, 12/14, 12/15, 12/16 [Episode Descriptions]

December 17-23, 1981: 12/17, 12/18, 12/21, 12/22, 12/23 [Episode Descriptions]

December 24-31, 1981: 12/24, 12/25, 12/28 (:29 minutes Christmas show, no commercials), 12/29, 12/30 (:10 minutes edited to Robert), 12/31 New Year's Eve [Episode Descriptions]

Expanded Descriptions

May 20 - July 10, 1981:  5/20, 5/25, 7/3, 7/8, 7/10/81 complete episodes

May 20, 1981 - Luke hides out in a homeless shelter. Laura in disguise, she gets Slick to take her to Luke.  Hutch in prison. Alex & Edward. Monica & Gail at GH. Alan & Susan.

(Note: Not included on complete episodes - available separately on edit - Luke is captured and taken to Tony Cassidine aboard the yacht. Robert & O'Reilly are watching the boat and know Luke is being held there. Robert works out a signal with O'Reilly for her to cut the electricity to the yatch - Robert to the rescue! Robert walks in and leads Luke to believe  that he is working with Tony who threathens to frame Laura. Tony threathens Luke that if he doesn't talk, he will make Laura talk. Robert does the signaling with his lighter to O'Reilly. Luke is starting to catch on that Robert is on his side. Unfortunately, Tony also catches on and breaks it up as he is on to Luke & Robert and intends to dispose of them. Robert finally gets the final signal out, O'Reilly cuts the lights and the boys make their escape. Robert takes Luke to his penthouse and hides him in his secret room. )

May 25, 1981 - Anne & Amy at GH, then Anne & Joe. Hutch in prison. O'Reilly & Slick. Luke wakes up in the secret room at Robert's penthouse. Luke is shocked to learn that Robert is a secret agent "CK8" for the WSB. As the Cassidine henchmen arrive and search Robert's penthouse, Luke & Robert hide safely away in the secret room. O'Reilly comes in, huffing and puffing about the mess at Robert's place that she has to clean up and scares the henchmen off. She then sneaks them out in the laundrey tub. The boys return to Luke's place. Charlie & Emma Lutz, Emma has the Ice Princess statue.

July 3, 1981 - :33 mins (glitchy episode during last :10 mins or so) - Laura, in disguise, heads up to see Luke. She runs into Luke's arm, relieved to see him. She tells him how worried she was about him. She fills him in on how nervous the scientist, Duvall, was. Robert and Luke question her about them. Joe & Leslie. Emma calls Lila and tells her that she has the Ice Princess statue. She tells her that she wants to give the statue back to Lila for the charity, she wants to do so over a nice glass of sherry.
     Laura, Clay, and O'Reilly are on the docks. O'Reilly says they have to find away to board the Cassidine yacht. Emma strolls into Kelly's and tells Laura that she gave the statue to Alex for a donation to GH. Slick heads over to Robert's and tells the boys about Alex getting the statue. O'Reilly has headed to the docks realizing that this is where Alex would take the statue (to the Cassidine yacht).

July 8, 1981 - Laura finds Duvall, the scientist, dead in her apartment. She flashes back to the death of David Hamilton, who she was accused of murdering (she pushed him, he fell and hit his head on the fireplace). Luke takes her upstairs to his place and comforts her while Robert investigates the scene. She is being framed for murder by Alex. The boys remove the body.  In the process, they get kicked out of their apartments by the manager, they tell her their friend is drunk.

July 10, 1981 - Hutch in the hsopital. Susan Moore has flashbacks to Alan, Susan calls Alan and asks him to come over. Leslie tries to visit Laura. The next morning, Luke and Laura snuggle as he comforts her. Laura realizes that Alex killed Duvall to silence him and framed Laura. Robert tells Luke that O'Reilly called and that Cassidines are planning on sailing that night. Robert asks Luke and Laura to immediately come over to the penthouse as he wants to tell them both the truth behind the Ice Princess. They learn that it could be used to create a weapon that would disrupt world peace.
     O'Reilly calls Robert and tells him Alex is on board the yatch and they are getting ready to sail. Robert, in his secret room, calls for reinforcements. They can't get there in time. The head spy guys offer Luke a job should he ever want one.  When Luke realizes that help won't arrive in time he offers to be Robert's partner. Robert refuses, it being too dangerous. Finally, Robert agrees to let Luke be his partner. Laura begs Luke not to go. He reassures her that he will be fine, after all he is "Super Luke"!  He tells her that Alex tried to frame her for murder and now it isn't just a job, its personal.
     O'Reilly calls Robert and tells him that Clay has been shot and killed. While she is talking to Robert in the phone booth, O'Reilly is shot as well. Robert listens in horror as he hears the shots ring out, and gets no answer from O'Reilly.

July 13-17, 1981 - 7/13/81 O'Reilly's death, 7/14, 7/15 Luke & Robert shimmy across the rope, 7/17

Monday July 13, 1981 - Bobbie, Noah, Zack, Amy and Stacey head out for an afternoon of fun at the Disco. Lesley shows Rick the eviction notice that Laura's landlady presented her. Rick is furious and blames Luke for all of Laura's problems. O'Reilly lies critically wounded in the phone booth as Luke, Laura and Robert arrive. Laura suggests they take her to Rick's clinic. Upon seeing O Reilly's critical condition Georgia phones for an ambulance. But it's too late. O Reilly strokes Robert's face gently. Promising her he will get the Cassidines, O Reilly dies in his arms. Robert becomes unglued and Luke has to snap his friend out of it. Monica enlists Kathy to spy on Alan's activities. Meanwhile, Alan arrives at the Disco after receiving a message from Susan to meet her there. But all he finds is a note from Susan. She has left him. Kathy confronts Corrigan with the fact that she knows he's a private detective. She tells him she is spying for Monica and hoping the two of them can pool their resources to help her. Scorpio is trying to figure out how to get on the yacht. Luke insists to Laura that he has to go with him and she is to stay put. Robert and Luke head off and Laura flashes back to her past adventures with Luke and the Left Handed boy. She smiles to herself and then runs off.

Tuesday July 14, 1981 - Georgia calls Jesse and asks her to page Rick. The Disco fun continues with Rick and Lesley joining in. Rick misses hearing his beeper. Tony and Victor congradulate Alex on recovering the Ice Princess. He announces they will set sail when the guests have arrived. Meanwhile, Luke and Robert are camped outside by the boat trying to figure out how to get on. One by one, the Cassidines guests arrive, Max and Noel, the scientists, and a General Conrad Calluga(he was tossed out of the army) and his girlfriend, bumbling Nigel Pennysmith, and finally Victor's girl Tiffany Hill the famous actress. Trying to devise a way onto the boat, Luke and Robert bribe a fisherman on the docks to row over to the yacht and pretend to be drowning. But things don't go as planned. The guards fail to move at the gangway. Luke suggests they climb up the sideline, which the two do quite well.

Wednesday July 15, 1981 - Joe and Rose at Kelly's discussing Heather. Bobbie and Noah rush in and she asks if anyone has seen Luke? Meanwhile Luke and Robert complete the shimmy across the rope. Once aboard the two make their way down to the galley. Dodging various maids and stewards, they make it down to the cargo hold and find Laura hiding in a closet!  Laura quite cleverly made her way on board with her Lucy Johnson wig posing as one of the hired help. Luke wants Laura to get off the boar right now but she puts her foot down and insists on staying. Alex is quite disnayed when she finds out about all the guests. She complains to Tony that she thought this would be an intimate cruise. Luke's friend Clyde from the cab company arrives at Kelly's and he tells Bobbie he hasn't seen Luke in a while. He promises to make some calls to see if he can track down Slick. Steve, Audrey, Anne and Jeremy discuss the mysterious death of the woman at Rick's clinic. Alex's old nemesis, Tiffany Hill is introduced to all the guests by Victor (Tiffany is the one who lured Tony away from Alex for a time being). Tony offers a toast, to smooth sailing. Bobbie tells Noah that Luke has probably headed off on another dangerous adventure. At the same time, the Titan leaves the harbor with Luke, Laura and Robert stowaways in the cargo hold. 

Friday July 17, 1981 - On the high seas, everyone is having a grand time except Luke, he's sea sick! Robert takes the time to explore the ship and finds some food for them. Robert is almost spotted by Corrine who comes down to snack on some sweets. Alan is shocked when Edward shows him the Ice Princess in it's true glittering form. It's the largest uncut diamond in existance. But Alan couldn't care less. He's thinking only of Susan and where she's gone.To Monica's shagrin, Corrigan tells her that Susan has left town. Rick treats Mikey at the clinic when he comes in with a scrape on his leg from playing with Corky. He takes him to the Hospital for some therapy. Hutch asks Lesley and Rick what's become of Luke and Laura but they don't have any answers. Meanwhile, Laura is helping Robert with some food when Nigal wanders down to the galley. Robert makes an excuse that he is the hired help. Rick and Lesely finally track Slick down at Kelly's and he is shocked to hear that O'Reilly has been killed. He agrees to take them to the last place he saw them. When they get to the docks, they realize that Laura has most likely sailed on the yacht with Luke. In the cargo hold, the trio hide when they hear Tony and Victor coming.

July 20-31, 1981 - 7/20, 7/22, 7/24 on board the yacht, 7/27, 7/28-7/30 edited :26 mins, 7/31 edited :18 mins   

Monday July 20, 1981 - Luke, Laura and Robert hide behind the luggage when Tony and Victor come down to the hold. Tony and Victor discuss treachery among the guests. He fears Max will attempt to overthrow the Cassidines plans. Later, Robert assures Luke and Laura the Cassidines have every right to worry about Max. Together with his wife Noelle, they represent the five of the Third World countries! They will stop at nothing to get what they want. The stowaway's make their way to the upper deck to find the Cassidine safe hoping to find the formula. Everyone is sunning on deck, so this is the perfect time. The first stop is the General's room, where Robert finds a letter mentioning a trip to "the island". Calluga and Corrine head back to the cabin forcing the trio into hiding. Calluga wants to work, but Corrine talks him into going out for more sun. Corrine heads right into the bathroom where Luke is hiding. After the General leaves, Robert is stunned that the Corinne never noticed him hiding in the shower! Rick and Lesley head to Ramsey hoping to get some answers, but Burt says that the O Reilly case was taken out of his hands. Later they are informed by the commissioner of police that they are to stay out of the case. Alan tells Edward that he misses Susan very much. Edward is delighted she left town. But Edward's in for a shock when Alan informs him that Susan is pregnant with his child! Corrigan questions Mrs Grant hoping to find out where Susan has gone. Corrigan calls Monica and tells her that he plans on getting a job at the Disco hoping to snoop around and get more info for her. Luke, Laura and Robert are forced to hide in the washroom when Tony and the General get too close. The maid tries to enter the washroom and Robert holds the lock tight. Even Nigel can't budge it. The trio finally make their way out of the washroom and back to the cargo hold.    

Wednesday July 22, 1981 - Evening on the yacht. The guests enjoy a fancy dinner and dancing to disco music. Nobody knows for sure where the boat is going. Alex and Tiffany trade insults to each other. It ends up with Tiffany spilling a glass of champagne over Alex's dress! Luke, Laura and Robert check out more staterooms and enjoy star gazing. Joe and Anne having dinner. She warns him not to fall for Heather's schemes. Noah, Bobbie, Ruby and Dan make a night of it. Noah and Dan end up getting involved in a poker game much to the dismay of Ruby and Bobbie. The stowaway's on the deck and Laura wishes on a star. The trio both wish for some decent food. L&L snuggling on the deck and fantasize what it would be like to sail around the world. Joe, Anne tells Steve and Audrey that she thinks Joe is falling for Heather. As he walks into Kelly's, Joe is greeted by a warm embrace from Heather. He ends up kissing her madly and then she runs away from him. Tony and Alex getting romantic on the deck, while Luke, Laura and Scorpio search the main room. Robert starts to head to the radio room but the return of Alex and Tony stop them. Robert spies on them and discovers a hidden safe that Tony checks on behind a picture. Unfortunately Tony and Alex decide to make out on the couch leaving the trio to wait patiently for them to leave.   

Friday July 24, 1981 - Monica tells Kathy that she has to go out of town to a seminar. She instructs Kathy to watch Alan closely. Later Monica has dinner with Larry Corrigan and he thinks it's a good idea for him to apply for a job at the disco. That way he can track Alan's comings and goings. Rick and Lesley pay a visit to the Q's and try to get answers from Edward to where L&L might be. Edward isn't much help and ignores their questions about the Ice Princess. At the disco, Larry calls Monica with some distressing news before she goes off on her trip, Susan Moore is pregnant! Alice prepares a very romantic dinner for Rick and Lesley. On the Titan, the trio sneak more food out of the refridgerator. Later, while exploring the deck, the trio are forced into the laundry room by wandering guests. Taking the time to wash their clothes, they next move to the sauna to dry them out. While they wait for their clothes to dry, Nigel comes in for some steam. Thinking Luke, Laura and Robert are servants, Nigel remarks that it's grand the Cassidines allow the hired help to use the facilities. Later, the trio head to the main salon and break into the safe. Unfortunatly they find nothing of value and especially no IP formula. Heading to the front of the deck, L&L share some romantic time, while Robert keeps watch. The trio next head to the engine room where they become locked inside. EDGE/RYAN PROMO     

Monday July 27, 1981 - Still trapped in the noisy engine room, Robert manages to pry the door open. A group of sailors block their way upstairs. Suddenly the engines stop. Robert finds the radio wires and with his James Bondian gear, is able to tap into the radio room. Alex is dismayed the she and Tony have been summoned by seaplane to the Cassidine island by orders of Mikkos. While Luke and Robert overheer Victor calling the Cassidine Island, Laura sneaks out on deck and grabs more food, while the party guests enjoy themselves on the deck. Gail shows Rose around the hospital. She's decided to do some volunteer work. Hutch is delighted as he enjoys the company of Ms. Kelly. Laura returns just as Luke finds her missing. Robert, Luke and Laura are puzzled as to why the engine's suddenly stopped. RYANS HOPE/EDGE   

Edited July 28-30, 1981 - Rick and Lesley are frustrated when everytime they run into a brick wall when it comes to finding out about the Ice Princess. Enjoying their feast in the engine room, Robert learns that Tony and Alex are leaving for the island. Also, that Victor has one copy of the formula in his pocket. Victor is now their next target. Suddenly, the trio is interupted by a crewman which Robert knocks out. They quickly head back to their cargo hold. Noah, Bobbie and Ruby at the main desk of GH. Dressed in a rather revealing sexy outfit, Heather tries to seduce Joe, but this time he will have no part in her games. Investigating the cargo hold, the trio find bombs and other weapons. They also find some crew uniforms. Victor finds out about the crewman who was hit on from behind, and immediately suspects Max had something to do with it. With Alex and Tony the only ones that could have identified Luke, this is the perfect oppurtunity for him to wander about on deck. ABC DAYTIME promo     

Friday July 31, 1981 - Slick tells Rick and Lesley that he has set up a meeting with them for Emma Lutz. Perhaps she can shed some light on the IP. Luke poses as a steward and talks to Tiffany for the first time. Tiffany asks Luke to have a maid in her cabin in one hour. Laura dresses up as the maid (Lucy) and cleans up Tiffany and Victor's room, all the while searching their drawers. Tiff immediately takes a liking to Laura. When Laura calls Alex a shrew, Tiffany knows she has found a new friend. Slick and Lesley question Emma. Robert comes up with a homemade listening device and Luke uses it to spy on the staterooms. Later, Luke heads up on the main salon, where he runs smack dab into Victor who doesn't remember him being a part of the crew.

August 3-10, 1981 - 8/3, 8/4, 8/6,  8/7 :14 minutes edited Island arrival,  8/7, 8/10 

Monday August 3, 1981 - Victor questions Luke as to who he is. Thinking fast, Luke puts on a swedish accent. Nigel interups Victor and vouches for seeing Luke on board since the beginnning. Victor is growing more and more distrustful of the Van Stadts! Victor then goes to the radio room, Luke disguised as Thor, takes the opportunity to attach a listening device to the wall. Victor contacts the island, and informs Albert that his suspicions about Max intensify. Mikkos wants to know where the formula is and Victor announces it's in his wallet. Reporting to Robert, the trio hatch a plot to get into Victor's room and get that formula. Joe visits Hutch at the Hospital. L&L stand guard outside Victor's room as Robert sneaks in while Tiff and Victor are asleep. As Scorpio starts to open the lockbox, the radio goes off. Hiding behind the bed the agent has to wait for Victor and Tiffany to drift off back to sleep. Alan calls Mr Thomlinson in NY regarding Susan. Thomlinson agrees to come to PC to discuss the case in detail. After Alan leaves the office Corrigan sneaks in and finds the number that Alan just called. Robert tries to get the formula from Victor's wallet from under his pillow but is stopped every time from a restless Victor. Hearing a noise, Robert rushes out just as Tiff and Victor wake up. Victor sees Max wandering the deck and immediately suspects he tried to steal his formula. AMC/NOW IS THE TIME ABC PROMO   

Tuesday August 4, 1981 - Bobbie is flattered by attentions of both Noah and Zach who both try to get her to go to the disco. Luke and Laura are up on deck [Location Filming] Rose begins helping out at the GH Physical Therapy Rehab Center. Mike is talking with Hutch when Rose comes in. Mike likes Hutch but Rose tells him he's just a commen criminal. Luke as Thor, over hears the Victor, Max and Calluga discuss the security on the island. Later Luke spies on Victor in the radio room and Victor reports to Mikkos that he's sure that Max has planted a spy on the boat. Rick & Lesley talk to a Congressman. The Webbers meet Ballantine. Luke, Laura and Robert hide in the cargo hold as a steward and maid go down to retrieve some luggage. The two almost try to get romantic as the trio can hardly keep a straight face. Luke drugs the radio guard and allows Robert a precious few seconds in the radio room to try to contact the WSB. Victor approches and they run out. Victor sees that someone had been in the radio room and summons Mikkos on the radio. 

Thursday August 6, 1981 - The Webbers visit Hutch and they ask about Robert. The Yacht guests prepare to watch a tape of The Royal Wedding with Charles & Diana and they show their actual wedding footage. This is the perfect time for Robert to lift the formula from Victor's wallet. Luke and Laura forget their part of the plan as they are too into watching the wedding. They forget to turn off the air conditioning so Victor can take off his jacket. Scorpio is then forced to pick the wallet while his coat is still on. Luckily he suceeds, and the three make their way back to the cargo hold to feast on wine and hors d' oeuvres. At the disco, Bobbie's thoughts turn to Luke. She's so worried about him. Noah gallantly offers to take her to the Webbers to track them down. Bobbie learns from the Webbers about the WSB she is more worried than ever. Noah plans to enlist his Uncle the Senator Martin Drake to help. Ballantine calls Rick. Rick is furious and demands an answer or he is going to blow the whole story to the press. Ballantine agrees to meet with them at his office in Washington. Tiffany asks Laura about Robert who she thinks is handsome. Victor realizes his wallet is gone. Victor suspects “Thor” of working for Max. Victor plans to search all the Crew Members. NOW IS THE TIME ABC/EDGE PROMO   

Friday August 7, 1981 - :14 minutes edited - The Yacht approaches the Island. Luke and Laura and Robert plan on swimming to the Island. They pack what they need to take to the island in their homemade packpacks. Luke and Robert pack explosives and flares. Laura finds some material to make a hut out of of. The guests get on a boat and are taken to the island. They watch as the boat goes ashore and notice that there is no dock or sign of civliization at all. The guests walk off into the Jungle. Luke and Laura and Robert jump into the water and swim ashore.   

Monday August 10, 1981 - Noah and Bobbie go to visit his Uncle Drake's high rise penthouse suite. Monica arrives home from the Hospital seminar. Alan treats Monica coldly, and invites Gail to stay for dinner. Alan announces he's going out of town for a while. Realizing he's going to meet his lover, Monica tells Gail that she is going to crucify Alan if it's the last thing she does. Later, Corrigan calls Monica to tell him that Alan has hired a P.I. named Thomlinson to find Susan. Luke and Laura and Robert make their way into the dense jungle of the island. They stop to rest. Robert goes off to try & find the group from the boat. Meanwhile, Victor shows the guests to the main entrance to the Cassidine compound. It's made of solid rock! The rock opens to reveal an elevator. Once the guests have rested, they are greeted to the fabulous Crystal Room where the reclusive Mikkos Cassidine (John Colicos) makes his entrance. Luke and Laura get scared by various animals screams. Luke sings to calm themselves. Robert comes back and tells them that there is no sign of civilization. As Robert goes off to investigate a transmission he is picking up. Mikkos informs the group that nobody is allowed to leave the island under any circumstances. Luke and Laura lie alone together. Robert comes back and tells them that the signal is not coming from the boat, but from somewhere on the island. AMC/EDGE promo

August 11-17, 1981 - 8/11, 8/13 Robert meets Tiffany in the jungle, 8/14, 8/17

Tuesday August 11, 1981 - Jesse and Dan at the GH main desk. Rick and Lesley arrive and tell them of their plans to see Ballentine in WA. Alan gives Lesley permission to take a leave of absense. Rose visits Hutch and she is touched by the way his friendship with Mike. On the Island, Tiffany is going crazy being cooped up underground. Tiffany vents her frustration to the group during breakfast. Laura wakes up and gets worried when Luke is no where in sight. Luke arrives and brings them food. Laura and Robert are furious with him for disappearing. Luke cuts his pants and makes them into shorts. Robert does the same. Luke says Laura should make a Sarong out of the material she brought. Robert wants to swim to the yacht, but Luke tells them that the yacht is gone. Laura shows Luke how to cook fish in the sun, she explains that she saw it in a movie once! Mikkos has it out with Tiffany. The island is surrounded by guards and nobody is permitted outdoors till he's certain they weren't followed to the island. Robert tells them that the Ice Princess has to do with a weapon. Luke says he knows that, but what are they doing there on the island risking their lives. To start with there's a by product of the Ice Princess that contains energy. Energy far more powerful than the atom. Laura cuts Roberts pants into shorts. Luke starts to make Laura some bracelets made of nuts and then they put some of the explosive putty in them. Patrol men start to approach in the distance and L&L&R hear the patrol coming, so they grab their stuff and run off. Robert's watch Gieger counter starts to go off. Robert realizes there is some sort of alarm system on the island. Robert says they have to remember this area, "It's the most dangerious part of the island" for them. They find the waterfall and Luke jumps in. Victor and Alex play chess. She wonders what is behind the locked door? A diamond manufacturing plant? She doesn't like being kept in the dark. She took the Cassidine's down once she will do it again. Mikkos hears the last statement and puts Alex in her place. Luke and Laura and Robert plan on building a hut out of bamboo. Robert says the area is a safe on. The guards wouldnt bother searching that area. Robert says this is "now our home people" Robert climbs a tree to get coconuts. Robert tells about a caper he once had with Alex, which also included diamonds. Luke and Laura tell Robert that he snores. Robert notices that the ground is "rumbling". Robert says it makes sense now, that the Cassidines are underground and they are protecting something. AMC/EDGE promo    

Thursday August 13, 1981 - Bert and Joe. Bert gets a lead on the Diana Taylor murder. Robert goes to scout the Island. Mikkos and his guests eat breakfast. At the hospital, Monica gives a lecture on Carbonic Snow and the many medical Uses for it. Heather talks to Alice about Anne & Jeff. Witness places Heather at the accident scene. Mikkos and his cohorts discuss their plans while Tiffany and the girls go out to sunbathe at the beach. Laura shaves Luke with a sea shell. Nigel informs them they now can make Carbonic Snow. Mikkos toasts to “our new world”.  Laura washes her hair under the waterfall. Luke joins in with some playful fun. Laura makes her sarong, and Luke puts the flower in Laura’s hair. They kiss under the falls. Alex and Tiffany argue and fight about their men. Tiffany slaps Alex and runs off with Kemo in pursuit. During the chase through the jungle, Tiffany runs smack dab into Robert!     

Friday August 14, 1981 - Steve, Dan and Jesse discuss the use of Carbonic Snow. Rick and Lesley return from Washington. Tiffany tells Robert she’ll see him later. Rick and Lesley tell Bobbie about what they learned Luke and Laura are in great danger. Luke, Laura, and Robert build a shelter. A fake orderly walks around GH looking for Hutch. Tiffany almost tells Victor about Robert. Mikkos presents his Carbonic Snow Presentation, in which the champagne fountain totally freezes into blocks of ice. Luke and the gang start to feel cold up above. They realize the ground is freezing and something terrible is happening underground. Mikkos tells his plan to control the world while the guests stunned watch in amazement. The fake orderly puts a bomb under Hutch’s Bed. AMC/EDGE promo.  

Monday August 17, 1981 - Hutch lays in his bed unknown to the bomb planted below. Island temperature keeps dropping. Luke and Laura and Rorbert try to make the best of it by keeping the fire going. Mikkos shows his guests the “The Dust Chamber”, and the control panel and how to stop the process. Mikkos has Alex pull the lever back which starts the warming process. Luke and Laura snuggle under the palm made "bed". Gail brings Hutch to the lounge not a moment too soon. The bomb explodes and Bobbie is hit by the blast at the Nurses Station. Bobbie can't see and is attended to by Noah. Noah flashes back to when he and Bobbie were staying at the Penthouse. Nobody else was injured in the blast. L&L and Robert realize the island is starting to warm up. Tiffany and Victor argue about Mikkos. RYAN/EDGE PROMO

August 19-25, 1981 - 8/19, 8/20, 8/21, 8/24, 8/25 

Wednesday August 19, 1981 - L&L work on fixing up their hut. The women go up to sunbathe. Joe talks to Sarah about Heather. Tiffany is able to get above ground and meets Robert again. She's called away by one of the guests. Bobbie is in the hospital, her eyes are bandaged. When the bandages are removed, Bobbie can see and Noah is delighted. Noah stays with Bobbie in her room. L&L&R discuss Tiffany and can she be trusted?  The Island alarm goes off and guards approach their camp.  L&L&R hide as guards search with a tank. However the guards find Nigel wandering around on a midnight stroll.    

Thursday August 20, 1981 - Steve shows Dan the morning headlines about the hospital bombing. Heather is paranoid about Joe and Sarah. Mikey’s Grandma won’t let him visit Hutch. Rick and Lesley talk to the Harbor Master. There is talk of that the Disco may close. Rose visits Hutch. It’s very hot in Port Charles. Heather goes to see Sarah. Heather yells at Sarah about what she is telling Joe about her. Heather searches for the gun. The Parole Board has turned down Hutch’s Appeal.   

Friday August 21, 1981 Joe comes by the hospital to visit Bobbie. Joe tells Bert that he hopes his visit with Sarah today will get her to open up about Heather. Joe tries to convince Sarah that Heather lied and used her. Luke and Laura frolic around while building their hut. SHe tells him he can hang the curtains. Alex points out Mikkos’ experiment killed a plant. Calluga likes the idea that carbonic snow can be deadly as well as benificial. Noah and Joe see Bobbie as she is being released from the Hospital. Tiffany sneaks past the guard and goes up top alone. Laura starts to feel strange. Tiffany sees Robert again takes him to the underground door and then he takes her back to the campsite. Laura takes a skinny dip bath under the waterfall. Robert brings Tiffany to see L&L where she fills them in on the goings on beneath the ground. Max shares his concerns with Mikkos, they don't want to be party to murder. If the WSB doesn't give in Mikkos must not continue the freezing process. Tiffany tells them about the freezing demonstration and Mikkos wants to rule the world.  Keemo comes calling and Tiffany has to go back to the compound. Sarah gives Joe the gun.  Luke asks Robert to give them some privacy that night so he can be alone with Laura. After Robert leaves, Laura feels weird, tired and running a fever and she lays down and goes to sleep.   

Monday August 24, 1981 - Joe wanders in to Kelly's, he is still in shock after Sarah gave him the gun. Heather tries to tell Joe that Sarah is demented. Joe is furious and pushes Heather away. Lesley is upset about her missing Laura. She treats a patient that resembles Laura and breaks down in Rick's arms. Laura is burning up with a fever and Robert and Luke are worried. Tiffany is mad that Mikkos won’t let her go back up top. Mikkos announces he’s chosen Port Charles to be an example of the freezing process. In front of the guests, Mikkos starts the Freezing Process on PC. Port Charles starts to cool off rapidly. Luke tries to cool off Laura and reduce her fever. Robert tries to find Tiffany. Joe can’t decide what to do with the gun and shows Heather the gun. Rick and Lesley talk to a fisherman and start to notice the cooling trend.   

Tuesday August 25, 1981 - Bobbie returns to GH welcomed by Brian and Jesse. They wonder why the temperature has dropped to 55 degrees, down from 98 degrees. Heather agrees to tell Joe “everything”. Heather tells Joe what she did. Heather says she doesn’t know if she shot Diana Taylor as san’t remember. Joe tells Captain Ramsey that he’s solved the case.   

August 26-31, 1981 - 8/26, 8/27, 8/28, 8/31 

Wednesday August 26, 1981 - Heather is worried what Joe will do. Mikkos and his guests watch a news report about the Port Charles weather and the dropping temperatures. Laura is unconscious. Luke says she needs to sweat the fever out. Mikkos calls Ballantine for the first time and tells him to watch the weather in PC because he is controling it! A monkey steals Laura’s wig. Tiffany argues with Mikkos to let her go up top. Joe gives Captain Ramsey the gun. Robert shoots a patrol guard with a dart gun. The monkey returns and  steals Robert’s real gun. Rick talks to Ballantine. Heather packs her bags. Rick and Lesley go to Beecher’s Corners to see if Laura is there. Laura still has a high fever. Luke is determined to enter the Cassidine compound below to retrieve some medicine but Robert knocks him out to stop him.   

Thursday August 27, 1981 - Brian and Claudia at Kelly's the temperature continues to drop they tell Rose. Captain Ramsey comes to get Heather, but she’s gone. Luke fights with Robert for knocking him out. Robert goes to see if he can find Tiffany. Rick and Lesley see a photo of Laura with her black wig on (during her "Lucy" days). Heather goes to see her mother as Captain Ramsey knocks on the door. Tiffany comes up top and sees that Laura is sick.Quickly she goes to get medicine. At dinner, Tiffany pretends to be sick. Port Charles is down to 47 degrees. Alice sends Captain Ramsey away. Heather leaves. Lee tries to talk some sense into Joe about Heather. Lee asks Joe to find Scotty. Rick and Lesley look around the farm. Rick and Lesley in the Whittiker's barn, they talk about a future together and wind up kissing in the hay. Joe leaves town to look for Scotty. Tiffany pretends to be sick with Corrine's help. Mikkos allows Tiffany an aspirin. Laura is hungry which they guys take as a good sign and Robert and Luke are relieved.   

Friday August 28, 1981 - Captain Ramsey arrests Heather at the airport. Tiffany pretends to be burning up after coming out of a steaming bathroom. Fortunately, Laura feels better. Luke and Laura and Robert discuss what to do next, and talk about building a raft to get off the island. Mikkos gives Tiffany medicine for “Jungle Fever”. Heather calls Lee to be her lawyer. Lee calls another lawyer to take the case. Port Charles is down to 43 degrees. Mikkos calls Ballantine again and  gives his demand to be recognised as the “Supreme Commander Of All Nations”. Mikkos tells Ballantine who the other members of the group are. Mikkos lowers the temperature in Port Charles even further. Corrine lures the elevator guard away from his post and Tiffany sneaks up top. Heather tells her attorney her story. Tiffany gives Laura the medicine. Max is worried about hurting human lives affected by Mikkos' plans. Mikkos eavesdrops (by using a planted bug) on Max and Noel talking who are talking about him. They don't want to go on with his plan for world domination. They plan to pull their support of him with one more “No” from Ballantine. Tiffany fills L&L&R in on what’s happening. Tiffany tells them that it’s Port Charles that’s being Frozen! Heather is about to be booked for First Degree Murder when an Officer runs in to say the gun is not the one used to kill Diana Taylor!   

Monday August 31, 1981 - Bert tells the DA that he plans to prove that Heather killed Diana. DA is upset with Captain Ramsey over the handling of Heather. Tiffany sneaks food out to give to L&L&R. Mikkos calls Ballantine again. Ballantine says “No Compromise” Mikkos pulls off negotiations and Max says he won’t let Mikkos destroy Port Charles and storms out. Tiff and Alex wonder what is going on. Mikkos lets Tiffany go up top. L&L&R work on their raft. Dan Rooney tells Rick and Lesley more about the Cassadines. Mikkos eavesdrops on Max and Noel planning to turn against him. Tiffany brings Robert and his friends food and shows them a map of the Cassidine complex. Tiffany tells them about the Mikkos and Max rift. Lesley wants to fly to Greece to find Tony Cassadine. Mikkos tells Victor and Tony about Max. Mikkos pulls the lever, to lower the temperature in Port Charles even more! Hutch is set to be sent back to prison “this week”. Rose visits Hutch. Tony is less enthused than Victor about what’s happening. Max talks to Tony about Mikkos. Captain Ramsey tells Hutch the transfer plan. Victor comes up top and gets Tiffany.   

September 2-10, 1981 - 9/2, 9/4, 9/7, 9/9, 9/10

Wednesday September 2, 1981 - Noah and Bobbie at the nurses station. Noah and Bobbie are wearing raincoats. Hospital admissions are up 20%. Luke, Laura and Robert building their raft. Calluga and Mikkos discussing military plans. Max and Noel tell Mikkos they want out of the mission. Mikkos tells Max and Noel that no one will be harmed and then plans to give them a tour of the operations plant. Tiffany and Victor search for her bag. Victor shoots at a monkey. Luke and Robert head off to find where the shots came from. Lesley is about to leave for Greece. Rick gives Edward a check up. Mikkos and Co at dinner. Alex is worried about her family in PC. Tiffany is able to get up top and see Luke and Robert. Mikkos promises not to lower the termperature in PC anymore. He then Mikkos proceeds to take Max and Noel into the operation plant. Before he does he pulls the lever down more. (to start the freezing) Tiffany, Luke and Laura and Robert discuss plans. Victor tells Tiffany that Mikkos has set the temperature in PC to below zero! Luke and Robert overhear the grave news.   

Friday September 4, 1981 - Luke and Laura and Robert continue to work on the raft. Luke and Robert argue. Mikkos, Victor and Tony watching news reports of icy PC. He pulls the lever down some more! Hutch is made ready by Noah for his secret transfer back to prison. Gail calls Rose who rushes to GH to meet Hutch. Toby in prison paces with worry about his assignment to kill Hutch when he returns. Ramsey visits Toby. Robert tries to get them to back out of his plans, but they won't. Luke and Laura carry the raft to the beach and stop and snuggle. Corrine distracts the guard outside and lets Tiffany sneak up top. She presents Robert with a guard's uniform. Luke and Laura discuss not making it out alive. Tiffany and Robert kiss. Robert decides to go down tonight without L and L. Tiffany thinks he is crazy. Mikkos announces a tragic accident happened to Max and Noel. Men come to get the burn victim (Hutch) from ER. Rose tries to say goodby to Hutch but just misses him. Tiffany distracts the guard with a phoney snake and then sneaks Robert into the elevator.  Luke and Laura are snuggling, fail to find Robert's farewell note telling them he went down to the Cassidine complex.    

Monday September 7, 1981 - Captain Ramsey concerned that Hutch's transfer is way overdue. He has Toby wait with him Luke and Laura discuss tomorrow and begin kissing. Luke finds Robert's note that he's gone down below. Luke and Laura decide they're gonna help Robert. They tear down all traces of their campsite. Robert and Tiffany get by the guard. Robert gets down below and is met by the guard who demands his ID. Ramsey learns the ambulance with Hutch went off the road and there is no sign of Hutch. Ambulance men are brought to GH. Luke and Laura stash their stuff and discuss plans for tomorrow. Robert finds an ID and fools the guard. Tiffany sneaks Robert into her room. Robert finds bugs planted throughout the room. Victor comes into the room and Robert hides in the closet. Rose hears about Hutch missing. Bobbie tells Jesse that she fears Rose is falling for Hutch. Luke and Laura hide as the patrol starts coming. They hear about zero hour approaching, so they work on the explosives in Laura's bracelet. Robert and Tiffany head off to the control room. Ballanting calls Steve tells him he is coming to PC. Luke and Laura hide the explosives in a tree. Later they are forced to climb a tree when the guards get too close. Tiffany sneaks Robert into the control room, just as Victor enters. Robert hides behind a couch.   

Wednesday September 9, 1981 - Ballantine tells Rick, Dan, and Steve that Mikkos is freezing PC and they need to prepare for a citywide freezing epidemic. Tiffany confronts Mikkos  her room. (Robert's behind the couch) The patrol fails to find L and L. Alex wants to see PC on the monitor. Robert sneaks out of the room. Alex watches in horror as she sees the freezing results in PC. Mikkos calls Ballantine and says you have three days. The doctors make plans for the worst. Alex tries to talk sense into Tony, he must stop Mikkos now. Alex wants to get into the plant. Tony says he will go with her down into the plant to find the truth. They enter the locked room, Alan Jr is in the hospital. Monica and Alan worry. Victor and Mikkos go up top and pledge allegiance to each other. Luke and Laura find the entrance to the complex and see Mikkos for the first time. Rose is nursing Hutch in the basement at Kelly's. The patrol reports to Mikkos, Luke and Laura watch as Mikkos and Tony go down the elevator. Ramsey stops by Kelly's to eat and misses seeing Hutch. The Island alarm goes off. Mikkos learns that Tony and Alex went to the plant and into the "room". Mikkos cries hysterically and vows that Tony won't have died in vain. Mikkos pulls the lever back down more.

Thursday September 10, 1981 - Robert is off to the control room. Alan and Monica watch over Alan Jr at GH. Alan and Monica discuss their marraige. Rose takes food to Hutch. Heather spies on Rose and Hutch. Ramsey comes to Kelly's to see Rose. Robert sneaks into the crystal room and tries to break into the communication room. Noah and Bobbie bring Ruby snow shoes. Mikey comes to Kelly's for a hot breakfast. Ramsey asks Mikey about Hutch. Anne and Jeremy come to check on Ruby. Rose wants Hutch to give her his gun. Robert gets into the control room and sets up the explosives just as Mikkos comes up behind him with a gun to his head. Robert is tied up and the alarm goes off. Tiffany and the other guests are locked in their rooms. Mikkos asks Robert questions and tells Robert he knows he works for the WSB. Mikkos realizes that Robert stowed away on the Cassidine yacht. Ramsey wants to go down to the basement, Rose and Hutch hide. Mikkos wants to know who else is with Robert. Victor demands Mikkos tell him what happened to Alex and Tony.

September 11-18, 1981 - 9/11, 9/14, 9/15, 9/17, 9/18 soapnet marathon episode

Friday September 11, 1981 - Heather tries to stall Ramsey from going down to the basement. Rose and Hutch hide. Victor is curious about Tony and Alex. Mikkos allows Robert to eat breakfast with them. Luke and Laura wake up, it's morning. They set out to save the world. Rick and Dan argue with Ballantine about what is being done about Mikkos.  Rose comes up and talks to Ramsey. Cathy tells Brian, Claudia and Ruby she has decided to leave PC and go down south where it's warm. Noah and bo and sg There is danger of the pipes freezing at GH. Dan tells Jesse about Mikkos controling the weather. Luke and Laura prowl the jungle and head to the entrance. THey stop to rest. Mikkos and Co at Breakfast. Mikkos says that Tony and Alex have flown back to NYC. Nigel says he remembers Robert was on the boat on the way to the island with his 'two friends'. Robert says he was partners with Max. Alan Jr takes a turn for the worse. But then starts to breath again. Alan and Monica are relieved. Mikkos calls Ballantine and has Robert speak to him. Mikkos moves the deadline up to 12 hours. Luke and Laura reach the entrance. They toss bombs at the door and the alarm goes off. Calluga comes out with his men as L and L toss more bombs. Calluga heads off to search, and L and L run to the elevator door.   

Monday September 14, 1981 - Rick, Steve and Dan discuss Mikkos with Ballantine. Mikkos and Victor wonder about the explosions. Luke and Laura run toward the door but it shuts before they get to it. L and L hide as the guards and Calluga come back. Victor demands to know what really happened to Tony and Alex. Mikkos tells Victor that Tony and Alex are dead. They wandered into an off limits room and were killed instantly. Alice visits Susan in the Hospital in NYC. Jason has just been born. Alan Jr is better. Later, Alan learns that Susan just gave birth to a baby boy. Mikkos sends Victor to his room under guard. Luke and Laura run from the guards and hide behind the waterfall. The guards find the deserted campsite. L and L hear rumbling on top the waterfall and find an air vent. They climb down and find a massive underground plant. Victor tells Tiffany he's got to stop Mikkos from destroying PC. Luke and Laura sneak around the plant and battle with two plant workers. Laura shoots them with the stun gun. Mikkos calls Ballantine for the last time to tell him that he knows Robert had accomplices. Mikkos tells them he's lowering the temperature in PC to 40 below zero. Luke and Laura in disguise wander around the plant and make their way to the control room. They see Robert and Mikkos and the alarm goes off. Robert yells at them to get out of here! The guards chase Luke and Laura around the plant.  

Tuesday September 15, 1981 - Steve and Rick discuss the situation at hand with Mikkos. Guards search for Luke and Laura. Rose brings Hutch some food and changes his bandage. Mikkos blames Calluga for the intruders. Mikkos asks Robert who the intruders are? Mikkos wants all Plant workers identifications checked. Heather questions Rose about the blankets and the basement. GH staff meeting to discuss going out in teams to help people. Mikkos orders guards to shoot to kill if necessary! Hutch watns Rose to admit her true feelings for him. Rick and Monica want to use Kelly's as a sort of Emergency ward. Rick learns that Mikey's Grandmother is sick from the cold. Luke and Laura run up and open a door and are horrified to find the frozen bodies of Max, Noel, Alex and Tony! The guards capture Luke and Laura and bring them to the control room. Mikkos meets with Luke and Laura. Luke calls him a maniac and he is knocked out. Rick and Monica tend to Mikey's Grandmother. GH is in a hectic state. Mikkos says he'll wait to kill Luke until he has a chance to respond to Luke's words. Luke wakes up and he chats with Mikkos who wants to convince him of his good intentions for a new world. They will talk over a formal dinner.    

Thursday September 17, 1981 - Ramsey searches Kelly's basement for Jeremy and Mike. Victor suspects Tiffany of helping Robert. Luke, Laura and Robert are all dressed up for dinner. Luke and Robert notice the radio and believe they are near Venezuala. Luke and Laura dance as Mikkos enters. Dancing on the night they are to die he tells them. Ramsey finds the boys, Hutch is in pain as his wound has reopened. The dinner party begins. Luke says he's not convinced of Mikkos' new world. Mikkos tells what his plans are. He says that PC is a lesson for the rest of the world. An hourglass is brought in to show the 4 hours until the end of PC. Power in PC starts to fluctuate. Ballantine, Audrey and Dan discuss the Hospital power options. Mikkos talks of the end of Poverty and disease and says the haves should share with the have nots. Luke dares Mikkos to convince him that he can create a perfect world. Luke dares Mikkos to convince him if he can. He will tell PC that Mikkos means good not harm and his philosophy is sane and will ask them to join Mikkos. Dinner is served. Luke notices Laura is still wearing her bomb bracelets. Alan and Monica are worried about Alan Jr as he is in surgery. Alan calls Susan in NY. Luke says he believes him. Robert argues with Luke calling him mad. Luke sneaks explosives off Laura's arm. Ballantine and Co wait for word. Mikkos takes Luke to the control room and Luke raises the bombs. He orders everyone to put down their guns, as Mikkos runs into the control room Luke runs after him. 

Friday September 18 1981 - from soapnet marathon - Ballantine and Company wait for word from Mikkos. 90 Minutes to deadline. Robert and Laura want the guards to tell them the combination of the control room. Mikkos pulls a gun on Luke. Luke offers his life for PC. Mikkos locks the controls and pulls the lever to total deep freeze!!! PC has 90 minutes. Mikkos shows LUke the news reports of PC. Luke wants MIkkos to let him talk to Ballantine to plead Mikkos' case. Robert tries to get into the control room and puts exposives at the door but they don't make a dent. Mikkos calls the relay station to contact Ballantine. Alan fills Edward in about Alan Jr, he may die. Mikkos calls Ballantine and tells him Luke is with him. Luke talks to Ballantine and tries to give him a clue as to where they are but Mikkos cuts him off. Luke knocks the gun from Mikkos hand the two start a vicious hand to hand struggle. Ballanting and Co look at the maps trying to find the island. Victor comes running in as Laura and Robert try to get him to open the locked room. Mikkos is about to toss Luke into the Freezing chamber when Mikkos falls in himself. Luke struggles to open the door as Mikkos freezes. Luke tries to push the lever forward. 

September 21-25, 1981 - 9/21, 9/22,  9/23, 9/24, 9/25  

Monday September 21, 1981 - Ballantine, Rick and Steve discuss trying to find Mikkos' island. 40 degrees and below in PC. 30 minutes to zero hour. Luke manages to turn off the alarm and starts to try to figure out the code to unlock the freezing system. Luke talks to Robert and Laura on the outside. He tells them Mikkos is dead. A sullen Victor reluctantly shows them where the intercom is. Robert calls Luke through the intercom. The cold and the sick are brought to Kelly's and GH. Bobbie and Ruby celebrate Luke being alive. The temperature in PC is dropping ten degrees an hour. GH prepares for the worst. Joe calls Kelly's from Mexico. Heather tries to talk with him but the phone cuts out. Joe says he is coming home. Victor tells Luke how to contact the relay station. Hutch is still hidden at Kelly's. Luke tries more codes to stop the weather machine. Robert tells Luke the location of the island he reports to Ballantine. Heather tells Anne that Jeff wrote her wanting a divorce. Luke tries more codes. and figures out that ice is part of the code. Then he tries ICE PRINCESS and it is the correct code! Luke pushes the lever forward and saved the world!

Tuesday September 22, 1981 - Rose brings Hutch Food. Lesley calls Rick she's in NY. Robert opens the control room door. WSB soldiers storm the compound. Tiffany shows Victor she is on the good guys side. Victor boasts the House of Cassidine has not lost. Hutch tries to get Rose to stay the night with him. Rick and Lesley call PC. Luke tells them the weather machine has been reversed. Rick talks to Laura. Ballantine invites Rick and Lesley to fly to the Island with him. L and L discuss how they saved the world. Tiff wants Laura to tell her about Robert. Steve announces that the weather is improving. Alan says he is going to close the disco for good. Alan is on to Monica's PI Corrigan. Rick tells Amy that Luke and Laura are okay. Robert and Luke finish their debriefing with the soldiers and later destroy the weather machine. Corrigan tells Monica that Susan gave birth to a baby boy. Luke and Robert and Tiffany celebrate. Laura shows them a copy of the formula she found in Mikkos' room. Luke, Laura, and Robert discuss who really saved the world.   

Wednesday September 23, 1981 - Monica, Alan, Rick, Joe, Rose, Hutch and Heather: Heather tries to warn Rose to get Hutch away before Ramsey finds him. Susan and Alice discuss Jason. Joe returns from Mexico. Heather tells him she didn't kill Diana Taylor and tells him the gun he turned into Ramsey was not the one that killed Diana. Heather and Joe argue. Later the anger turns to passion as he kisses her. Corrigan tells Kathy his cover at the Disco was blown by Alan. Corrigan tells Monica he wants to blackmail Alan but Monica has other ideas. SHe pays off Corrigan and tells him to get out of town. Later Kathy bids farewell to Monica as she tells her she is moving to CA. (Kathy was originally going to be Monica's long lost daughter but the storyline was dropped during the writer's strike in 81) Monica tells Alan she will stop at nothing to get full custody of her son. Edward tells Alan that he has a half brother who's mother is "dead". Edward wants Alan to pay off not only Susan but Monica! Joe spots his old backpack in the cellar and later confronts Rose with the fact she is hiding Hutch. Heather helps Hutch escape.     

Thursday September 24, 1981 - Rose tries to tell Joe that Hutch has changed. Rick meets Lesley at the airport. They leave to fly to Venezuela with Ballantine. Luke and Laura Robert and Tiffany dance in the crystal room. Luke and Laura reminisce about Wyndam's. Luke and Robert burn the two copies of the formula. Ballantine talks of using the machine against enemies. Luke sneaks some guns from the guard post. Rose is ready to leave with Hutch. L and L and Robert destroy the weather machine with guns. Laura and Tiff discuss Victor and being a movie star. Luke and Laura enjoy a private celebration by the waterfall. They watch as a helicoptor arrives on the island. Rick and Lesley are reunited with Laura. Rick thanks Luke. Luke and Laura meet with Ballantine he calls them heroes. Lesley tells Laura that Joe went to Mexico to look for Scotty. Rick and Lesley meet Tiffany. Ballantine wants the formula, but Luke tells him they burned the copies. Hutch tells Rose he has to leave alone. Rose says she wants to go with him and Hutch agrees. Luke and the gang enjoy a feast in the crystal room.   

Friday September 25, 1981 - Rose finds a farewell note in the cellar from Hutch. Heather comforts Rose. At the hospital, "Welcome Home" banners are put up to for the returning heroes. Luke, Laura, Robert, Tiff and the Webbers return to PC airport. THey are met by a barrage of reporters. Joe tells Lee that he saw Scotty in Mexico and he agreed to divorce Laura but there are conditions. The heroes are greeted at the hospital. Monica hugs Laura. Alan and Susan return to the cottage with Jason in tow. Steve announces that the city wants to proclaim a Luke Spencer day! Luke is reunited with Bobbie and Ruby. Tiffany visits Robert's apartment and is impressed. Tiffany wants to turn Robert into a movie producer! Breaking the news to Luke and Laura, Joe tells them Scotty will only give her a divorce if she goes to Mexico and meets him face to face. Luke is upset. Anne is crying when Audrey comforts her she finds a letter from Jeff telling her it's over and he has moved on with his life.

September 28 - October 13, 1981 - 9/28, 9/30, 10/1, 10/2, 10/13

Monday September 28, 1981 - Alan and Monica sit down to breakfast to discuss the divorce. Lila over hears. Slick and Rose at Kelly'a.  Luke sneaks up behind and surprises them. Laura talks to Lee but he is icy cold to her. Upon hearing of Luke and Laura's plans, Rose breaks down. She tells Luke about Hutch and her feelings. Although Luke agrees that Laura must see Scotty by her self, he says he will go to Mexico with her. Edward talks about Alex's will and is anxcious to have a reading of it. Joe and Lee discuss Scotty. Monica tries to tell Lila that what's happened between them is for the best. Alan and Edward talk with Lee about the reading of Alex's will. SLick brings in a friend that wants Luke to fence some stolen goods, but Luke refuses, he's going to stay on the right side of the law for a change.    

Wednesday September 30, 1981 - Mikey's grandmother is deathly ill. Noah and Rick tend to her. The Mayor tells Steve that he wants to present the Cassidine yacht  to Luke. Luke mentions to Tiffany that he's heard about Diamond Jim producing her next movie. Tiffany, Luke and Robert banter back and forth abuot all the millions they have. Amy overhears the Mayor say about presenting Luke with a gift of nearly five million dollars. She quickly blabs to Bobbie who in turn phones Luke. Ramsey goes to see Alice about Heather. Could she have commited murder? Alice becomes hysterical and tells Ramsey to leave. Rick and Lesley put Mikey up at Kelly's.   

Thursday October 1, 1981 - Ramsey and Joe argue about who killed Diana Taylor. Ramsey thinks Heather is guilty but Joe doesn't. Joe remembers the prowler that was seen outside her apartment a few days before the murder. Lesley serves Laura breakfast in bed. Mikey's grandmother has taken a turn for the worse. Alice calls Heather. She wants to talk about the gun that really killed Diana Taylor. Amy "overhears" that Luke is going to get 5 million from the Mayor of PC for his saving the city. She blabs to Laura and Lesley. Lee wants Joe to tell him where Scotty is and wants to see him. Joe refuses to tell him as he may split before giving Laura the divorce. Lee takes out his anger on Laura. Tiffany, Robert, Luke and Laura have lunch. At the Webber's party, Luke's homecoming party starts off with a bang. The Mayor presents him with an envelope containing not the 5 million that Amy thought but the ownership papers to the Cassidine Yacht, THE TITAN.    

October 2, 1981 - Edward goes to Susan with the hopes of buying her off. Edward tells Susan her son is a Quartermaine so money is so important to a woman raising a child. Later, Lila is upset as she doesn't want a scandal. Rick and Noah watching over Mikey's grandmother. She's getting worse. Luke and Laura on the docks talking about the boat. Laura bids Luke farewell, she's off to Mexico to see Scott. Luke and Slick at Kelly's and a cameo appearance by KANSAS CITY ROYALS BASEBALL STAR Amos Otis and Clint Hurdle playing an obnoxious customer. (They were fans and asked to be on the show) Robert is summoned to the WSB to account for his actions. Noah asks Bobbie to go away for him on a weekend. Later, Anne tells Noah that it's over between her and Jeff. Rick and Lesley take Mikey out for soda. Bobbie tells Luke about going away with Noah over the weekend. Mikey's Grandmother dies. Rick, Lesley, Noah and Bobbie are especially sad. What will happen with Mikey now?  Robert appears before the WSB in Washington. He is fired for destroying the two copies of the formula. Robert makes one thing perfectly clear, they didn't fire him, HE QUITS!    

October 13, 1981 - Edward summons the family for the reading of Alex's will. Luke and Robert going over letters of offers for comic books on their adventures and action figure toys! Laura phones Luke. She's back. She saw Scotty and he agreed to a divorce. Luke is overjoyed, now they can go ahead and get married! When Laura arrives Luke can't wait. They should leave and get married right now. Laura tells him that Scott did agree to the divorce, but she's feeling guilty too. Laura says she didn't want to hang around and stay with him any longer so she doesn't have the decree. But it's being mailed in a few days...Lee arrives at the Q's and reads Alex's will. Tiffany tells Luke Laura and Robert that Robert's diamond mines can keep them all over for awhile since they don't know what to do with the yacht. Anne gets drunk and tells Joe it's time for a change in her life.

October 14-23, 1981 - 10/14, 10/16, 10/20,10/22, 10/23 

October 14, 1981 - Slick is happy. He tells Jesse and Steve that a woman just gave birth in his cab. Lee continues with the reading of the will. He explains that Alex made a codicil to her will. It turns out that she left Alan whatever junk was in the basement cellar. Edward got a diamond, but Lila gets all the stocks! Lila doesn't know the first thing about stocks! Edward things the Q empire is ruined. Luke and Laura at a big party at Kelly's. Laura has convinced Luke that the divorce decree will arrive in the mail. But Heather is depressed. SHe is thinking about Steven Lars and tells Rick. Rick could help her get partial custody of her sone if he would talk to Dr Katz about her emotional stability. Rick is understanding and makes Heather a promise that he will do it. Luke is cooking burgers at Kelly's. He teaches Lesley to flip burgers. Slick barges in with reporters in tow interviewing him about the baby born in his cab. The police bring a suspect in to custody for the Parkside Prowler case. Luke and Laura sneak out of the party for more snuggling on the docks.    

October 16, 1981 - Susan brings the baby over to GH to show Lesley and Bobbie. Monica tells Susan the baby will never be a Quartermaine heir. Tiffany and Laura discussing the wedding. Robert and Luke discussing finances in keeping the yacht. Luke gets a telegram, the Titan is on it's way and will arrive in one month. Susan tells Alan his family won't leave her alone until she's out of the picture. Luke goes to a yacht broker to see about selling the boat. Edward showers Lila with flowers for being a devoted wife. Robert breaks the news to Tiffany that he's flat broke. His diamond mine ruse was just a cover. Tiffany goes ballistic and starts throwing everything but the kitchen sink at Robert. Luke and Laura go to the yacht broker and realize that nobody would want the boat. Luke, Laura, Tiffany and Robert go to a dinner party at Noah's place to meet rich Uncle Martin. Martin offers Luke a job in politics. When Martin meets Luke's Aunt Ruby, he remembers she was mopping the floor at GH.  During dinner, things go badly as Luke gets upset with Martin after he makes some snide remarks about Ruby's lifestyle. Monica sees Alan carrying a suitcase. He's leaving the mansion and moves in with Susan.    

October 20, 1981 - Robert tells Laura that Luke went job hunting. Luke arrives at a major PR firm and the boss is eager to hire him. Things go badly however when the man wants Luke to change his image; get a haircut. a better suit etc. Laura tries her hand at helping out at the waterfront clinic with Claudia. Tiffany sets up an interview with the local PC Tattler paper. The reporter wants to know all about who was "sleeping" with who on the island and Robert throws him out! Joe and Heather at Kelly's. Robert, Tiff, Laura and Luke come by Kelly's for a get together. A sailor drops by and gives Rose a letter from Hutch. It's a farewell. He doesn't want her to carry a torch for him because he can't come back. And he doesn't want to involve her on his dangerous life on the run. Heather and Joe kissing on the docks.    

October 22, 1981 - Mrs Whitiker calls GH looking for Lesley. Alan and Susan having breakfast at Kelly's. Amy is shocked to hear they have moved in together. Laura, and Luke are job hunting. Lila calls Luke and asks to see him at ELQ today. Lila offers Luke a high paying position with ELQ. Luke is touched by Lila's offer but regretfully has to turn her down. Mrs Whitiker finally reaches Lesley and offers to help plan the wedding. Robert and Tiffany meet with a publisher who is offering to print a expose of their details over the summer. When the publisher starts bringing up O'Reilly's name, Robert becomes incensed and throws the publisher out much to Tiffany's dismay. Slick tells Rose they should try to get City Hall rented to marry Luke and Laura. Luke job hunting is called in by a wealthy owner who builds sports cars. But Luke turns him down. Monica runs into Alan and Susan at the Floating Rib. Lesley dining alone joins Monica. Meanwhile Luke, Laura, Robert and Tiffany dine at the Versaille Room. The manager offers all expenses paid dinner and offers Luke a job offer.     

October 23, 1981 - Slick and Rose plan to get City Hall rented out for Luke and Laura's wedding. Ramsey tells Joe that Crimpton confesses. Not the the murder but the fact that he was in Diana's apartment days before she was murdered. The manager of the Versaille Room offers to use Luke's face in advertisements for the restaurant. Luke is stunned and turns him down. Robert takes Tiffany to Benny's where she pawns some of her jewelry. Laura goes to see Joe wondering when the divorce papers are going to arrive, it's been over a week. Lee overhears Laura getting upset saying she wants to marry the man she loves. Lee storms out. Mrs Whittiker arrives at the waterfront clinic. Ramsey tells Joe that Crimpton heard a voice outside Diana's apartment when she was being murdered and can swear by it if he hears it again. Lila and Emma Lutz at hair stylists. Laura arrives at Kelly's with Mrs Whittiker in tow. Joe asks Heather to submit to a police line up for Crimpton. Later, he gets Annie Logan to go in as well. Crimpton heard a woman yell the word 'STOP' before Diana was murdered. At the line up, Crimpton listens as Heather, Anne and several others in turn yell the word "Stop". Luke and Laura argue about the divorce decree and his turning down all the job offers. Mrs Whittiker mediates a peace offering. All of Luke and Laura's friends vote to have a big wedding. Reluctantly Luke and Laura agree to go along with them.    

October 26-29, 1981 - 10/26, 10/27, 10/28, 10/29 (last 22 mins), 10/30  

October 26, 1981 - Noah and Bobbie treat a patient. Bobbie is acting cold toward Noah. He won't commit to a relationship. Luke and Laura at party at Kelly's. All their friends try to plan their wedding for them. Crimpton picks out a police woman in the line up. Joe and Ramsey are shocked that he bypassed Heather in the line up. Later, Ramsey asks Heather to identify Crimpton, but she says she'snever seen him before. Everyone's delighted Heather is fine except for Anne. Joe, Heather and Anne go out to dinner and it ends up in a shouting match with Anne and Heather. Anne calls Heather a tramp and walks out. Luke and Laura on the docks discuss the wedding. Luke wants to give Laura his mother's wedding ring. L and L tell Lesley they don't want a big wedding. Bobbie admits to Noha that she wants to spend the night with him. They kiss passionately. Lesley brings Luke and Laura back to the party at Kelly's. The party continues.   

October 27, 1981 - Rose takes a special delivery letter for Heather from Jeff. Monica calls Robert with a proposition. She and Lila want Robert to manage the diamond mine the Q's own in South Africa. Dr Bradshaw arrives at GH greeted by Noah and Bobbie, Steve, Audrey and Lesley at GH. The Mayor takes Robert to the Police station and shows him around. He makes and offer for the job of police commissioner. The letter Heather gets from Jeff states he wants full custody of Steven Lars. Heather pleads with Steve to have his son drop the charges. Alan and Monica are stuck together in the GH elevator. Alan watches in delight as Monica squirms in the enclosed space with her ex. Heather goes to Joe for Help. Monica tells Alan she's changed her mind about the divorce. If he wants a divorce then he needs to sue her! Robert talks to Tiffany about his job offers.    

October 28, 1981 - Alan and Susan at Breakfast. He gets a call from GH and has to leave leaving Susan depressed. Alan puts off talking about the divorce. Luke and Laura besieged by telegrams and reporters wanting to know about their island adventure. Luke and Laura arrive at Kelly's to find their friends arguing about how to plan their wedding. Joe tells Gail the divorce papers have disappeared. While Joe is out and Lee returns the divorce papers arrive via registered mail. Lee pockets the papers when Gail comes in. Luke talks to Rick and the two finally bury the hatchet. Rick fully approves of Luke's marraige to Laura. Joe reluctantly tells Luke and Laura the papers have disappeared.   

October 29, 1981 LAST 20 MINUTES - Bobbie and Ruby at her apartment. Ruby buys Luke and Laura a lava lamp for a wedding present! Bobie discusses her feelings for Noah. Lee is in a bad mood returns to his office and even barks at Gail. Bobbie and Noah. Noah tells her he can't commit himself to a relationship. Heather and Alice arguing.Lee continues to stare at the divorce papers.    October 30, 1981 Lila, Slick, Emma and Rose discussing the wedding of Luke and Laura. Lee pouring over memories of Scotty. Luke and Laura, Tiff and Robert appear on television interview show to talk about their island adventure. Lila meets with the mayor to discuss having L&L's wedding at his mansion. During the TV interview, Luke and Robert's joking around gets out of hand on live TV. Later the group watch themselves on TV eating popcorn. Robert tells the group he's been offered a job in NY heading up a crime commision Task Force. He's tempted to take the job. Lee starts drinking and later sets fire to Laura's divorce decree.

November 2-10, 1981 - 11/2, 11/4, 11/5, 11/6, 11/10 

November 2, 1981 - Noah and Bobbie on a date. It's their big night finally. They make love. Luke and Laura tell Robert they support his decision and will miss him if he moves away. Lee burns the divorce decree! Lesly, Rick, Luke, Laura, Robert and Tiff at Kelly's. Robert annouces to all he turned down the job offer. PC is now his home for good! Brian and Monica ask Gail if Lee is drinking again. Susan asks Alan what's bothering him. Alan finally admits to Susan that he can't divorce Monica and create a scandal. Brian goes to see Lee, who is dead drunk. Another party commences for L&L at Kelly's. Robert and Luke have a chat on the docks. Luke considers him his best friend and Robert feels the same.

November 4th, 1981 - Amy and Jesse at the Nurses station. Gail tells them she's worried about Lee. Heather tries to break into Alice's house to find the questionaire that Jeff sen ther. But her efforts are thwarted by constant interuptions. Luke, Robert and Tiff discuss the divorce decree. Edward casually mentions to Monica that he's glad she decided not to sue Alan and that means all the Q's will be living in the same house together! Luke goes to see Lee who's not happy to see him. A shouting match ensues and later Luke breaks the news to Gail that Lee is drinking. Gail, Rick and Brian decide to go back to Lee's office when he doesn't answer the phone. Luke, Laura, Tiff and Robert having lunch at the hospital. Luke breaks the news to Laura that Lee was drinking.   

November 5, 1981 - Heather while searching Alice's place for the letter comes across a gun stuffed in a drawer. Laura's girl friends toss her a surprise bridal shower. Gail, Rick and Brian finally get through to Lee. Lesley is depressed when Rick calls her with news that Lee is drinking again. Halfway home, Heather is stopped by a policeman who sees the fun on her lap! Heather is booked for possession of fire arms. Joe finds Lee asleep in his office. Joe decides to go to court for him. As soon as Joe is gone, Lee takes out the bottle. Luke tells Laura that he strongly feels that Lee did something to the divorce decree. Laura's party continues at the Webbers with Robert and Tiff joining in the fun. Alice tells Lesley that she is going to Carson City NV to help Jeff get custody of his son. The ballistic report shows the gun that Heather found was the gun that killed Diana Taylor!   

November 6, 1981 Luke goes to Gail to see Lee but he is not home. Joe finds out from Ramsy that they are holding Heather as accessory to murder. Joe is now convinced that Heather has lied to him all along. He later tells Lesley and Rick that he's taking him self off the case. Laura tells Gail that she fears Lee destroyed the papers. Delfina (Tiff's friend) arroves with designs for Laura's dress. Luke confronts Lee about the divorce decree. Lee sadly admits that he burned them. Lee ashamed at what he did tried everything he can to get the papers back. Joe visits Heather behind bards. Laura is furious when Luke tells her that Lee destroyed the papers. Luke, Lee and Joe plan to fly to Mexico to get a copy of the papers. Lee visits' Luke and Laura to sincerely apolgize for his behavior.    

November 10, 1981 - Mrs. Mikkos Cassidine (Elizabeth Taylor) arrives in PC and sends her Emmissary to all the prominent citizens of PC with invitations to attend a reception she is giving. Laura's dress fitting party with Defina, Tiffany, Lesley and Bobbie, Joe, Lee and Luke arrive in Mexico to get a copy of the divorce. The lawyer tells them they have to wait for the registrar to return to open the file room. Dan is the first to get Helena's invitation. Alan tells Susan he can't sue Monica for divorce while he's living with her. Lesley, Rick are the second ones to get Helena's invitation. Helena meets with her staff. Lee, Joe and Luke get into the file room and find it in shambles with the decree missing! Robert is the third to get the invitation from Helena. He rushes over to meet her. Robert tells Helena to get out of town before the property values go down.   

November 11-17, 1981 - 11/11, 11/12, 11/13, 11/16 & 11/17 (original soapnet wedding episodes) 

November 11, 1981 - Helena's emmissary goes to the Mayor with invitations. Luke, Joe and Lee return to PC with the grave news they couldn't get the decree. Luke and Luke can either get married, and risk the bigamy charge, or they can get a quicky Mexican divorce without Scott's approval. Noah and Bobbie. She is distant toward him. Laura announces to Lee, Joe and Lesley that she will fly to Mexico and get the quicky divorce.    

November 12, 1981 - Steve, Audrey Jesse and Noah at GH discussing the up coming wedding. Heather pacing in jail. Mrs Cassidine wants to meet with Steve at GH later that day. Alice returns from Nevada and calls Ramsey upon her return. Alice tells Lesley that she wants to speak the truth. ABC NEWS INTERUPTION SPACE SHUTTLE COLUMBIA PROBLEMS. Delfina comes by the Webbers for a dress fitting for Lesley. Noah escorts Helena upon her arrival at GH. Helena tells the board that she wants to present GH with a gift and she kindly asks they come to her reception. Bert and ALice visit the DA who reads Heathers statement that she found the gun in her mother's home. Alice admits she had the gun the whole time. Lesley and Rick share a tender kiss. Alice visits Heather in jail. Heather begs her mother to tell tell Joe she didn't kill Diana.  

November 13, 1981 - Luke and Laura return from Mexico and tell Lesely the divorce is signed, sealed and delivered. Robert and Slick plan a wild night of a bachelor party for Luke. At the party, there is a surprise for Luke when Ruby pops out of the huge cake dressed as a chorus girl! Luke is having a great time but sneaks out to have some quiet time with Laura on the docks. The last night before they are man and wife! Alice discusses Heather with Joe.     

November 16, 1981 - Luke and Laura's wedding day!Laura and Luke both wake up happy on their wedding day. Laura and Lesley had a heart to heart, and then Laura joined the girls as they prepared for the wedding. Luke headed over to Ruby's, and told her that he would always need her and that he loved her.  Helena's emissarry pays off the delivery boy who delivered models of the Titan to Luke and Laura. Later, as Laura prepared for the wedding, Lesley entered and gave Laura a gift that the delivery boy said must be opened immediately. Laura opened it to find a model of the Titan. Laura continued to get ready, looking for her missing earring. Slick and Robert were getting nervous about Luke's whereabouts when Luke finally appears. Soon after, Jean-Paul arrived and inquired as to whether or not Luke and Laura would attend Helena Cassadine's reception the next day. Luke told Jean-Paul that he would be on his honeymoon the next day, and the last thing he wanted to think about is the Cassadine family. After Jean-Paul left, a delivery arrived for Luke. Luke opened the package to find a model of the Titan. The guests began arriving at the mayor's mansion for the wedding. The wedding was potluck-style, and the guests helped to set up as they arrived. Rose Kelly helped to coordinate. As the wedding began, the sidewalk was lined with spectators. Jean-Paul announced on his one-way radio that Luke refused Madame's invitation, but that the gifts were delivered and Madame should arrive at the wedding immediately. Luke and Robert and Slick drive up to the rotunda in antique cars. Rick escorts Laura down the aisle. After Joe and Bryan escorted Lesley and Ruby down the aisle, the bridesmaids made their way down the aisle. Laura and Rick arrived, and Rick escorted Laura down the aisle. As it proceeded, Helena Cassadine (played by Elizabeth Taylor) slipped out a door and watched, holding Luke's stickpin and Laura's earring. As Rick and Laura reached the gazebo, Luke offered Laura his arm, and they faced the mayor as he began the ceremony. Susan can't go to the wedding because Lila and Edward will be there.   

November 17, 1981 - Luke & Laura's Wedding  & Reception Continued -  Dr Bradshaw and Noah just coming off a delicate surgery. Very solemnly Luke and Laura recite the wedding vows to the enourmous crowd of well wishers. The ceremony is over and eveyone kisses the bride. Luke and Laura start dancing the slow waltz and then it's off to an old fashioned square dance. When Laura cuts the cake, Helena appears in the background and puts a curse on L&L! Later when Laura tosses the boquet, it's Scotty who appears to catch it. Luke and Scotty punch each other out. Lee breaks up the fight and L&L dash off to their honeymoon.

November 18-30, 1981 - 11/18 (original soapnet honeymoon epiosde), 11/19 Helena's reception, 11/20 (original soapnet honeymoon episode), 11/24, 11/30

November 18, 1981 - Luke & Laura begin their honeymoon - Robert, Tiff, Joe and Bobbie at Kelly's. Scotty admits to Lee and Gail that he broke into the lawyer office and stole the decree. Luke and Laura arrive on the Whittiker farm for their honeymoon. Lee admits to Scottythat he burned the papers in a drunken rage. Scotty gets into a fight at a local bar by local toughs when he is recognized as the one who disrupted the wedding. Robert tells Scotty to pack up and get out of town. Luke and Laura enjoying several romantic interludes on the Whittiker Farm.    

November 19, 1981 - Helena Cassidine's Reception - At Heather's hearing, the bail is set for 100,000. The judge declares that it's her second attempt at murder. Heather is still prime suspect in Diana's murder. Bobbie calls Scotty and asks him to go to lunch. Robert and Tiffany wondering about Helena's reception. At Heather's hearing, Joe requests that the bail be reduced to 10,000. The judge denies the request. Robert learns that the Titan has docked in the harbor. At Helena's reception, she speaks to the people of PC and about Mikkos' good intentions. She presents Steve Hardy with a check for $10 million dollars in the name of Mikkos Cassidine! Luke later interups his honeymoon to pay a visit to Helena. She wanted to see what kind of a man could fool her husband. As Luke leaves, Helena puts her arms on his shoulders and gazes in his eyes as if under her spell, Luke breaks free and walks out. Bobbie tries to convince Scotty to leave Luke and Laura alone. Robert, Tiffany and Rick and Lesley have champagne on the yacht. They get the idea to turn the place into a floating night club. Helena leaves town after tearing up a picture of Luke and Laura.   

November 20 1981 - Soapnet episode, L&L's Honeymoon continues - Crimpton tells Joe that after he heard a woman scream the word STOP! he then heard a shot. Scotty gets his hair cut and soon looks and acts like the old Scott. Lee tells Scotty that Joe wants to move back to the waterfront practice and asks him to be his junior partner. At the honeymoon retreat on the farm, Luke and Laura work with Buford in overseeing the sorting of eggs. Later, Laura burns breakfast and splatters "punkin" all over the place. Scotty tells Lee the copy of the divorce papers are in his duffle bag that is being transported to PC.    

November 24, 1981 - At the clinic, Rick and Lesley treat a young teenager who is hit by a car. Robert and Tiffany visit Luke and Laura on the farm. Susan tells Alice she's getting frustrated waiting for Alan to divorce Monica. Robert and Tiff tell Luke and Laura about their idea to turn the boat into a nightclub. Rick is shocked to learn there is no place for teens to go on the waterfront. Susan and Monica have lunch. It goes badly when Monica threatens Susan with the fact that if Alan sued her for divorce, he would lose Alan Jr and his lot of the Q fortune. Edward fires his secretary at ELQ when the woman informs him she has been spying on him for Lila! Susan and Alan argue. Robert and Luke agree to turn the boat into a nightclub but Laura hates the idea.    

November 30, 1981 - Lesley and Rick worry over Mikey for living at Kellys on his own. Robert and Tiff and Luke and Laura discuss the nightclub. Lee asks Scotty if he played a cruel joke on Luke and Ruby. Scotty tells Lee and Gailthat he wants to be a model citizen. Laura is upset living on the Cassidine boat. She tells Luke it's creepy and damp. Scotty is making some adjustments on the deck. Luke finds him and orders him to leave the yacht. Scotty apologizes to LUke and Laura for what he has done and vows to turn over the copy of the decree when it arrives. Rick proposes to Lesley and she accepts gladly.   

December 3-10, 1981 - 12/3, 12/4, 12/7, 12/9, 12/10 

December 3, 1981 - Luke and Laura in bed. Robert and Tiff interupt the lovebirds and ask Luke to help fix the boiler. An icy cold moves throughout the boat. Joe questions passangers on the bus the night of Diana's murder. They both identify the "hysterical" woman that got on the bus that night. Heather is pacing in her cell and tries to recall the night of the murder for Dr Katz. Luke and Robert come across a drunken Tiffany and Laura in a cute scene. Everyone starts arriving for RIck and Lesley's engagement party. Laura nearly falls over the side of the boat (Scotty sabotaged the railing) when the deck railing gives way. Checking Heather's cell, the matron finds her missing.    

December 4, 1981 - Amy and Mike preparing a special present for Rick and Lesley. At the party, Bert informs Alice that Heather has escaped. Anne is out partying with Zach. Robert and Tiff, Luke and Laura, Slick, Joe and Rose at Rick and Lesley's engagement party. Ruby tells Luke the Senator Drake is investigating their past. Alice finally arrives at her house to find Joe is waiting for her.   

December 7, 1981 - Noah and Bobbie at GH. Aftermath of the party for Rick and Lesley. Robert and Tiff, Luke and Laura on the yacht. Joe confronts Alice while Heather hides in the bedroom. Joe tells her there is eyewitness testimony linking her at Diana's the night of the crime. ALice breaks down and admits she shot Diana! Alice hid in the closet the night that Jeff came over and argued with Diana. Jeff left and Heather appeared with a gun. Diana took out her own gun and when she was going to shoot Heather, Alice lunged for the gun. It went off and Diana fell. Heather bursts in from the back room where the police were waiting and shouts that she remembers everything!! Heather remembers Alice shooting DIana. Tiffany and Laura plan a trip to NY to see her agent. Luke and Ruby tell Bobbie about the senator, Martin Drake, that is investigating their background.    

December 9, 1981 - Randall a computer and brain genius is the new secretary at ELQ. He greets Alan. Edward tells Alan that Lila is going to bankrupt ELQ because she is setting the place up with computers and the latest state of the art technology. Joe is feeling miserable after solving the murder. A severely beaten hooker is brought to GH and tended to by Bobbie and Noah. Bobbie later admits to Noah that she was once a hooker but Noah claims he already knows! The Senator informed him before Thanksgiving. Noah puts his arm around Bobbie and tells her it doesn't matter. Lila and Monica at Lunch. Heather tells Dr Katz that she wants to take a job at GH. Joe and Heather at the jail visiting ALice. He wants her to make peace with her mother.   

December 10, 1981 - Alan and Susan at breakfast. Robert and Luke doing their own construction on the yacht. Laura and Tiff in NY. Lesley, Rose and Rick discuss the building of the waterfront Sportscenter. Laura and Tiffany run into Alan on his way to NY and they all fly together. Alan's lawyer tells him he doesn't have a chance in the custody of his son as long as he lives with Susan. The lawyer advises him to return to the blissful life with Monica!  Laura and Tiff meet with her agent Mickey (played by Milton Berle). Mickey tells Tiff that her involvement with the Cassidines has ended her career as an actress. When Tiff introduces Laura to Mickey, he takes a liking to Laura and offers her a screen test for the new Miss Star Eyes commercial. Laura likes the idea but Tiffany if green with envy. Alan, Monica and Alan Jr at home. Rick, Lesley and Steve going over plans for the new Sportscenter. Alan tells Susan he can't divorce Monica because of the scandal. Rick and Lesley meet George Durnley the current owner of the waterfront property that Rick wants to turn into a Sportscenter.

December 11-16, 1981 - 12/11, 12/14, 12/15, 12/16 

December 11, 1981 - Joe tries to convince the judge to delay the sentencing of Heather for 6 months. Katz and Joe go to bat for Heather and assure the judge that Heather is no threat to society but she does need supervision. Luke and Robert doing more construction. Scotty calls Luke and tells him that the divorce papers have arrived. Minutes later Scotty takes the papers and soaks them in water! Luke and Laura arrive to pick up the copy of the papers and Scotty reveals his duffle bag soaked in water. Luke and Laura have no recourse but they suspect Scott had something to do with the damage. Rick, AUdrey and Dr Bradshaw discussing the Sportscenter. Luke is not happy about Laura taking on the role of Miss Star Eyes. OLTL/EDGE promo  

December 14, 1981 - Lila and Edward spend the evening with Alan and Monica. But then set it up so the two of them are left alone. Alan and Monica end up having dinner together and while picking at their food, start quarreling. Their fury turns to rage and then to passion as Alan grabs Monica and they drop to the floor and start kissing passionately. Luke and Laura are arguing as well about Scotty and her Miss Star Eyes commercial. Lesley and Rick are comforting Joe who is still reeling with having to trick Alice into a confession. Luke and Laura make up and start snuggling. Rick and Lesley doing the same.    

December 15, 1981 - no opening or closing credits, no commercials, spliced two different copies together to make a complete show - The DA at Scotty's request decided to set Alice free. Scotty planted a story in the papers about Laura and Miss Star Eyes. A bunch of fans drop by the boat and interupt Luke and Laura's romantic morning. Heather wants to get a job working at GH. Luke visits B Barrett, (Played by Star Trek's Majel Barrett) and inquires about the story of Laura in the paper. 

December 16, 1981 - Bobbie cooks a candlelit dinner for Noah. Rose tells Heather that Alice is free. Alice tells Lesley that she is leaving town. Heather meets Scott at Kelly's. Heather learns of her mother leaving and heads to the airport. Heather begs her mother to stay and for another chance. Bobbie and Noah make love. Lee argues with Scotty forcing him to draw a document stating he will never contest Luke and Laura's marraige. Bobbie has an accident in Noah's kitchen. WHen she comes too, she tells Noah she can't see!  Ryan/EDGE promo.   

December 17-23, 1981 - 12/17, 12/18, 12/21, 12/22, 12/23 

December 17, 1981 - At GH, tests show no physical condition which could have caused Bobbie's blindness. Noah blirts out that he loves Bobbie to her while comforting her. Rick and Lesley get a letter addressed to Mikey's Grandmother. Mikey's natural mother is trying to find him. Heather asks Katz to help her get a job at GH. Rick and Lesley consulting with Joe on the adoption of Mikey and what would happen if his natural mother claimed him. Lila meets with Robert. She wants him to help track down a woman from Edward's past. Hooray for Love promo   

December 18, 1981 - Anne tells Amy that Bradshaw gave some bad advice to a patient. Noah doesn't remember telling Bobbie that he loved her! Laura meets with Mel Wilson the photographer on her photo shoot. A tall man with penetrating eyes watches over Laura. He makes a phone call to someone telling them that she is here. An attractive nurse starts coming on to Noah while in Bobbie's room. Suddenly Bobbie sits up in bed and tosses a vase of flowers at the woman! Bobbie can see! When Bobbie faces Noah with the truth, she explains she faked her blindness to see how much he really cared for her. Noah tells her it's over betweent them. Slick brings over a mysterious magician named Bajor over to see Luke, Robert and Tiffany. Bajor performs several feats of psychic ability. But when Luke challenges him, Bajor tells him that he (Luke) has the power in himself. During lunch with Mickey and his associates, a man with piercing eyes watches over Laura. Later on the flight back to PC, the same man sits behind her. He approches her while she sleeps and hypnotizes her with his sapphire ring.   

December 21, 1981 - Rick tells Rose that he is nervous about his upcoming marraige. Luke brings over a tree to the boat. Laura tells him about the man with piercing eyes. Luke shrugs it off as her imagination. Rick and Lesely come over to help decorate the tree at the yacht. The mystery man wanders into Kelly's and overhears Slick tell Rose about the strange goings on at the boat. Bobbie tells Luke she's leaving town. Dr Bradshaw got her a position at a NY hospital. Laura receives a gift from Scotty. It's her Christmamas tree star. Laura's 20th Birthday celebration is held.    

December 22, 1981 - Heather brings Joe Breakfast in bed. It's Heather's first day at GH. Lila tries to convince Moinca that if she plays her cards right, she can have Alan back. Monica insists she wants nothing to do with her husband. Heather blabs to Amy that Joe asked her to marry her! Robert has done the job for Lila and he pays him off handsomely. Amy blabs to Anne that Heather and Joe are to be married. Anne is in shock and goes to see Joe and ask him point blank if he is marrying Heather. Joe doesn't know what she is talking about. Heather is even talking about her marraige to Robert. Alan sets up the trains under the Christmas tree at the Q's. An annual tradition. Joe is furious at Heather for telling everyone that he intends to marry her. Monica and Alan get into an argument.   

December 23, 1981 - Rick and Lesley's wedding day! Luke and Laura argue over her contract for Miss Star Eyes. Robert helps mediate peace talks between them. Monica offers Rick her best wishes. A representative from the ACME Liquor company pays a call on Luke and Robert. He wants to make them a deal to sell them his goods for a cheap price and then charge the customers double for the drinks. Robert and Luke think about it for two seconds and then toss the man overboard. At last Rick and Lesley are married as all their friends look on and wish them well. ABC promo Hurray For Love.

December 24-31, 1981 - 12/24, 12/25, 12/28 (:29 minutes Christmas show, no commercials), 12/29, 12/30 (:10 minutes edited to Robert), 12/31 New Year's Eve 

December 24, 1981 - Rick and Lesley waking up the morning after their wedding. Robert and Luke plan a sting operation on the Liqour company that threatened them. Laura has Joe go over her commercial contract. Tiffany is not speaking to Laura. Luke and Laura discuss their problems. Luke and Laura exchange gifts under the Xmas tree. Luke gives her the red dress she wore the night they were at Wyndam's. Noah and Bobbie bury the hatchet before she leaves for NY. Robert and Tiff, Luke and Laura celebrate their friendship and wish each other a happy new Year. Later, everyone gathers at Kelly's for a party and Rick and Lesley are out Xmas caroling. Joe tells Rick and Lesley that if the court finds out that Mikey's natural mother is deceased, they are free to adopt him.  Later at the waterfront clinic everyone sings Silent Night. Laura is still creeped out by the mysterious man with x ray eyes.  

December 25, 1981 - Bobbie's last day in PC. Katz asks Heather why she lied about Joe proposing marraige. Laura tells Luke she's going ahead with the Miss Star Eyes. She has to fly to NY tomorrow for a photo session. As Bobbie is saying goodbye to Ruby, Ruby collapses in pain. Bradshaw rushes her to emergency. Later, Ruby is fine but Bradshaw wants to run a series of tests. Bobbie says her goodbye's to Luke and Laura.  

December 28, 1981 The annual Christmas party at GH. Laura and Tiff are dressed as fairy's. Luke and Robert are Santa's elves. Ramsey is Rudolph and Dan is Santa. LUke introduces Bajor to the kids at GH and he performs some magic tricks. Laura is feeling strange and steps out of the room for some fresh air. She finds David Grey staring at her with piercing eyes. Santa appears at GH and Steve reads the annual Christmas story. Alice, Heather and Joe, and Rose arrive at Susan's to cheer her up. Alan is spending Christmas at the Q's.   

December 29, 1981 - Durnley offers Scotty a job with him as legal consultant. His first order of business is to present Rick with a new contract for the Sportscenter property!  Laura is in NY for her first day photo shoot. On the boat, a propane tank starts leaking gas and Robert and Luke pass out. (ABC NEWS INTERUPTION CUTS OUT THE FOLLOWING:  Emma, Mike and Jeremy happen by the boat and find Luke and Robert unconscious. They burst in and rescue the pair that were overcome by the fumes.) Back to the show: Luke and Robert catching their breath at Kelly's. They figure out the "Mouse" had something to do with the gas attack. David Grey continues watching Laura. Laura calls Luke. She tells him she is being followed and he wants her to leave right away. AMC/EDGE promo    

December 30, 1981 - EDITED TO ROBERT - Benny tells Robert where he gets his illegal booze. Robert finds a picture of Luke and Laura smashed and a mousetrap tacked to the picture.   

December 31, 1981 - New Year's Eve in Port Charles: Noah and Zach invite Anne and Amy to a big NY Eve party. Nobody can find Luke. Robert tells Laura he might have been kidnapped. Later Luke shows up all out of breath. He was up all night trailing the "Mouse" and found out where he keeps his secret stash of stolen booze. Luke and Laura discuss the myster man following her. New Year's Eve bash at Robert's penthouse. Robert's dressed as a pirate, Defina is the Virgin Queen, and Lesley is dressed as Delfina! Luke is dressed as a swami and Laura a gypsy girl. During the party, Robert and Luke tear off Amy and Anne's costumes when they come dressed as mice. Robert and Luke know that The "Mouse" sent the costumes to the girls as a warning to them. Later, Laura screams in fear as she sees one of the guests wearing a sapphire ring. Turns out it's only part of the costume of one of the Dr's of GH. Luke tries to re assure Laura that she is halucinating. The clock strikes 12am and everyone rings in the New Year 1982!

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