Complete GH Episodes, 1979

There is very little surviving from prior to 1980 as vcrs weren't very common and vhs tapes were rather costly at that time. The only complete episodes I have from 1979 were the few below that re-aired on Soapnet!

GH 1979 - (Original aired on the "Whose Your Daddy?" Soapnet marathon, no airdate)
Edward and Tracy are stranded in the penthouse during a snowstorm. Edward calls the PCPD and demands that an ambulance be sent out to the Quartermaine mansion as his daughter-in-law is in pre-mature labor. He is told that the city is snowed in and they can't get the snowplows through yet. Tracy worries about why she hasn't heard from Mitch. Meanwhile, Mitch is romancing Susan Moore. Over at the Quartermaine's, Monica is in labor but in good hands with Leslie and Gail by her side. She passes out and they try to bring her back to consciousness. Leslie tells her she is going to have to hit her to wake her up! The taps her lightly on the face. They put Stella to work heating water, getting blankets and water bottles filled with hot water ready. At GH, as Alan and Rick come out of surgery, Alan worries to Rick whether Monica will be okay as she has already lost so much blood. He is very worried about the health of his son, but even more so about Monica. Rick reassures him that she will be okay. Alan apologizes for ever thinking that Rick would have slept with Monica. He wants Rick to come with him and they can both be there to support her. Edward calls Alan to see if he has heard anything. Even Tracy is worried and offers comfort to her brother.

Luke comes into GH and wants to talk to Bobbie about Dan Rooney investigating the disco and Frank Smith is concerned about it (the story is since the young nurses hang out there they want to make sure it is reputable with nothing shady or drug related going on!). Bobbie doesn't have time to worry about Frank Smith's concerns as Monica is stranded and they have an emergency on their hands! Rick finally gets word that the snow plows have gotten through to the Quartermaine house, Rick and Alan rush out and Bobbie arranges for the ambulance. Bobbie calls Tracy with the good news and then she calls the Q's and tells them the ambulance is on the way. Leslie observes that "the father" might not make the birth of his baby. The lights go out as Monica is in hard labor. While everyone else is out of the room Leslie is shocked when Monica reveals that Leslie‚Äôs husband Rick Webber  is the father of her baby. Stella and Gail come back in just in time to help Leslie with AJ's birth. Alan and Rick arrive immediately afterwards, Leslie stands there in shock with the news that her husband slept with Monica!

Mitch finally leaves his romantic firelit setting with Susan and goes back to Tracy. He tells her some story about being stranded and the phones being out. Helpful Bobbie calls again with the news that Edward is a grandfather! They all arrive at GH and Monica and baby are whisked away as Leslie sits by herself in the lounge in shock. Gail sits beside her but has no idea of the devastating news that Leslie received that night. Edward, Tracy, and Mitch arrive and thank Leslie for saving Monica and AJ's life, as Gail raves about her efforts. Rick comes out and suggests to Leslie that Lee and Gail drive her home. He says that under the cirumstances he thinks he should stay. She says she understands, she understands more than he thinks she does! (Episode also on Stuart & Leslie Tribute Edit)

GH 8/24/79 - (aired during L&L soapnet marathon)

Richard Simmons conducts an exercise class including Laura, Amy, Claudia, and Bobbie at the disco. Scotty and Brian joke about the class, and Richard takes offense. In Luke's office, Roy informs Luke that the official word is that his cousin committed suicide. Roy vows that someone is going to pay for it, but Luke insists that they get proof before they take any action. Laura overhears one of the girls in her class mention that she just got a job with the disco and decides to talk to Luke about a job for herself. She goes directly to Luke's office and convinces him that she could be a good waitress, even though she is underage and cannot serve drinks. Meanwhile, Roy tells Bobbie that he might not see her for a day or two, and she kisses him and asks him to be careful. Tracy visits Edward at the hospital and Edward advises her to bring Ned back home and act like a real mother for him. When Edward inquires about Monica, Tracy is honest with him and tells him that Monica had a bad fall. Edward expresses his concern for Monica's baby, who he was hoping would carry on the Quartermaine name, just as Rick enters his hospital room. Mitch tells Susan that he has deep feelings for her and that he is very sorry for what he did to her. He takes her hand and insists that he is not married yet just as Tracy enters the restaurant and sees them. Laura and Amy have lunch at the hospital cafeteria, and Laura tells Amy how excited she is to tell Scotty her big news about her new job. Amy tells Laura how jealous she is that Laura will get to see Luke Spencer every day, and Laura gets very serious. Laura warns Amy that she should stay away from Luke, noting the strange characters that Luke hangs around. Laura is distracted with the news of Monica's fall. After she checks with Rick to find out Monica's status, she returns to the cafeteria and finds Amy with Scotty. She tells Scotty about her new job, and Scotty is less than enthused. Later, Amy tells Rick about Laura's new job, and Rick looks concerned. Back at their apartment, Scotty tells Laura that the disco is not the type of place where he wants his wife working. (L&L scenes on L&L #1)

GH 10/5/79 - (aired during L&L soapnet marathon)

A very concerned Laura calls Brian from the disco looking for Scotty. It's after two in the morning, and Scotty never picked her up. Brian offers to pick Laura up, but Laura insists that she wants to wait for Scotty. Meanwhile, Scotty sits with Zelda at a diner and discusses business. Rick and Lesley are kissing in bed when they are interrupted by a call from Howard. Rick states his relief at the dismissal, but Howard notes that Rick and Monica's depositions are now public record, which includes their testimony about sleeping together. As Laura waits alone in the disco, Luke stumbles in drunk. Laura watches him sit down at the bar where he begins crying. When he sees Laura, he tells her to go home. She tries instead to console Luke, telling him that she has seen better days herself. Laura tells Luke that she thinks her marriage is over, because she lied to Scotty about using her credit card to pay for his law books. At the diner, Scotty talks to Zelda about his fight with Laura. He notes that he should apologize to Laura. As they talk, Scotty realizes how late it is and decides he'd better get home. Luke informs Laura that he found out tonight that within a month he'll be dead. Joe Kelly and Anne Logan sit in his car after their date, and Anne gives Joe a hard time about being so mysterious. When their discussion later turns into an argument, Joe calms her by telling her that he loves her. Mitch Williams arrives at Susan Moore's upset, advising her that there is a contract on his life. He tells Susan that she is the only person he can trust in the whole town. Later, after they make love, Mitch apologizes to Susan for having ever hurting her. At the disco, Laura insists that she wants to help Luke, and he continues to try to get her to leave.

Luke balks at Laura's innocence, and she assures him that she knows that he cares about her. Luke responds that he is in love with her, and that he can't concentrate on anything else. Luke gets more and more agitated as he tells her that knowing she sleeps with Scotty every night is driving him crazy. Laura insists that her life with Scotty is all that she wants right now. She tells Luke that she and Scotty are his friends and that they can help him. He begs Laura to dance with him, and she hesitatingly agrees. As they dance, Laura tells Luke that he's frightening her and insists that she needs to go. Things spin out of control as Luke holds her tight and begins kissing her. Meanwhile, Scotty arrives home and is interrupted by a call from Lesley. After he gets off the phone, he realizes that Laura is not home. He calls Brian, who informs him that Laura called him from the disco earlier, where she was waiting for Scotty. Scotty calls the disco, but no one answers. He calls Rick and Lesley, and then various hospital emergency rooms. Luke stands over Laura where she is laying on the floor. Her shirt is torn and as Luke moves toward the ringing phone, she stands and leaves. Luke answers the phone and tells Scotty that Laura isn't there. Luke stares at Laura's jacket on the floor as he comes to the startling realization of what he's done. Laura runs through the woods frantically and ends up by the fountain, falling to the ground crying. She turns and screams as she sees someone standing over her. (Also on the L&L #1)

Christmas 1979 - Good Quality Soapnet Episode - no commercials
It's Christmas morning. Laura & Scotty smooch. Bobbie gives Ruby a dress for Christmas. The Webber's give Heather's mom a coat. At the Hardy's, Audrey congratulates Anne on the ring from Joe. Later Richard Dean apologizes to Anne hoping she wasn't offended when he kissed her under the mistletoe. Rick & Leslie agree to put aside their problems to make this a happy Christmas for their family. Laura and Scotty show up at the Webber's and announce that they made love last night and are back together! Luke gives Bobbie and Ruby a mink coat each. Bobbie is upset with the idea that Luke is profiting from Roy's death. Luke blows up at her, she apologizes. She tells him sometimes she doesn't feel like leaving. He tells her to knock it off and start living for the future. She doesn't want to forget Roy. He tells her she is wasting time holding onto the past, that she will make herself miserable. Bobbie agrees if Luke will forget about Laura, Bobbie assures him Laura is not as good and pure as Luke thinks.  Luke encourages Bobbie and Ruby to get out, go to the ball, do some of the things the other ladies in PC do as they are just as good as anyone and they deserve it. Ruby asks Luke if he is involved with the Baldwin girl. She tells him that she will destory any man she gets involved with and urges Luke to stay away from her.

Over at the Webbers, Laura happily announces she made love to Scotty - for the first time since the rape. Laura is asking Leslie what is wrong. Laura senses something is different since Leslie delivered Monica's baby. Leslie promises to tell her after the holidays. Leslie reassures Laura that she is her daughter that she loves her very much and Amy will never take her place - as Amy listens in. Scotty tells Rick that he and Laura made love. Rick lets him know that he and Leslie are separating after the holidays. Luke tells Ruby that he can't get Laura out of his mind, that he can't go out with any other woman without constantly thinking about Laura. He says Laura is special, that when she falls in love it is for good. That is isn't just she is classy but she is so good and has a purity that he has never met anyone like her. Ruby tells him she is worried about him, after all Laura is a married woman. He tells her not to worry that he is the original survivor. Bobbie waltzes in saying she has a Christmas present for Luke - having just returned from GH.  Luke gets his hopes up and Bobbie cruelly says that Laura and Scotty have reunited as man and wife.

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