Complete GH Episodes 1979

There is very little surviving from prior to 1980 as vcrs weren't very common and vhs tapes were rather costly at that time. The only complete episodes I have are the 12 complete shows listed below from 1979.

GH 1979 Dvd #1
3/30/79 Luke & Laura First Meet
8/24/79 aired during L&L Soapnet Marathon, complete
9/5/79 Luke goes to Q mansion first time

GH 1979 Dvd #2
10/4 Day before the rape, Frank Smith & Luke, Roy
10/5/79 aired during L&L Soapnet Marathon, complete
11/9/79 Election Night, Laura grabs the car keys and throws them so Luke can’t do the job
11/12/79 Election night cont Roy shoots Mitch at event, Roy shot by sniper, dies Bobbie’s arms
11/29/79 Classic Laura & Bobbie

GH 1979 Dvd #3
12/13/79 Whose Your Daddy? Soapnet Marathon Episode no commercials
12/25/79 aired during Soapnet Classic Christmas Marathon, complete no commercials

Note: I do have some Heather LSD storyline edited separately. I also have some Richard Dean Anderson edited, only about an hour. You can email me for expanded information at Check bottom of this page for additional information.

Expanded Descriptions GH 1979 Dvd #1
Dec 1st, 1978
- good quality 56 minutes Overall good quality, there are a few glitches in scenes, time counter is running. I highly recommend this episode for Bobbie/Luke/Scotty/Laura/Alan/Monica/Rick/Leslie/Tracy, ect. Bobbie and Luke (before perm).

Tracy Q is Alan's secretary. Alan is upset that she hasn't done the filing. They talk about Monica's dinner party that night and Alan warns her not to do anything to ruin it. Leslie and Gayle discuss Laura and Scotty dating. Leslie is not happy as Monica enters the cafeteria with Rick, they are laughing together. Susan Moore is ticked off with Mitch that he is canceling his date with her (instead he is taking Tracy to the Monica's party).

At the penthouse (this was Robert's in 1981), Monica is nervous about her party preparations as she wants everything to be perfect. Alana comments that she is nervous because Leslie is coming. Monica comments that there is something about Leslie that she finds unnerving. Mitch arrives to pick up Tracy, she fawns over his future political career. Rick is puzzled by Leslie's ongoing reservations about Monica. She points out that Monica used to be more than just his friend. He assures Leslie that he loves her, not Monica, and that he wants to spend the rest of his life with Leslie. Susan and Lee Baldwin are the first to arrive at A&M's party. Next Rick & Leslie arrive, as Rick comments on how radiant Monica looks, Leslie shots him a look. Next, Tracy & Mitch arrive and Tracy drools over him some more.

Bobbie overhears that Scotty is using his father, Lee's, car for his date with Laura. She meets up with Luke and gives him the car license plate number and instructs Luke to make a room reservation at the Lakeview Lodge under Scotty's name (this is the place Scotty is taking Laura to for dinner). Laura and Scotty are at their dinner at the lodge.

Meanwhile, outside Luke tampers with Scotty's car. Laura worries as it starts to snow, she is concerned they won't get home in time for her curfew. She wonders if they should head back earlier than they planned. Scotty wants to enjoy themselves and assures her as long as they leave by 8:00 they will have plenty of time. Laura also worries about going back to school and facing all the kids in the aftermath of David Hamilton's death. Scott reassures her that people will forget and that this night is her new start. Luke calls an anxious Bobbie and tells her that he sabotaged Scotty's car, she is thrilled. Scotty and Laura on on their way home down the mountain when the car dies. Laura is petrified. She will miss her curfew!

GH 3/30/79 complete: Takes place shortly after the lifting of the Lassa Fever quarantine. Lesley knows that Rick spent the night with Monica. Jeff has just returned from his trip to Hawaii where his sister Terry confirmed Audrey’s confession that Steve Hardy is his father. Laura is being set up, once again - by Bobbie & Luke.

Rick and Lesley are sleeping in separate bedrooms. Lesley reflects on her decision. Rick feels strange asking permission to enter his own bedroom. Lee calls to say that Laura’s 6 month probation hearing is scheduled for that afternoon. Laura is afraid that the incident at the Nightlife Café will sway Judge Stallman’s decision. Bobbie is almost giddy when she tells Luke that today is the day when all of their scheming against Laura finally pays off. She’s convinced that the judge will send Laura off to reform school, clearing the way for her to latch on to Scotty. Jeff is keeping something from Heather. Heather is keeping something from Jeff. Anne Logan calls Jeff to tell him that Audrey has left the house. Diana continues to be tormented by her heavy breather. 

Scotty has a calming effect on Laura. Rick & Lesley talk about trust, and the difference between self-control and attraction. Laura asks Lesley if Rick slept with another woman. Heather prods Diana about her disturbing phone calls. Diana tells Heather that Maggie is going to be taking care of PJ full time. Rick rides off on his white horse to try and strong-arm Lou Proctor into telling the truth about the incident at the Nightlife Café.  Anne tries to knock the chip off Jeff’s shoulder. Luke meets Laura face to face for the first time. He has a fleeting moment of guilt. Bobbie has none. Rick & Lesley continue to disagree about the significance of their marital problems. Howard preps Laura before her hearing with Judge Stallman. She discovers that the engagement ring that Scotty had given her is gone and sees it as a bad omen.

In this episode: Rick Webber, Lesley Webber, Laura Webber, Scott Baldwin, Brian Phillips, Luke Spencer, Bobbie Spencer, Howard Lansing, Jeff Webber, Heather Webber, Anne Logan, Diana Taylor, Lou Proctor

GH 4/5/79 :44 mins complete. Takes place just before Jeff tells Rick that Steve Hardy is his father; followed by Scotty & Laura’s meeting with Rick & Lesley when they ask for permission to get married. Scotty & Gail discuss the outcome of Laura’s hearing. He tells her that he will do whatever he has to to make good on his promise to marry Laura while she’s still under the surveillance of the courts. Scotty tells Gail that the reason for the “rush” to marry Laura is because she needs to get out of her house. Her parents’ marital problems are taking a toll on her. Scotty asks Gail point blank, what time Rick & Monica left the hospital on the night the quarantine was lifted. She gracefully abstains from answering. Scotty gives Monica the cold shoulder. Bobbie tries to rally Luke (pre-perm) to help resume the submarine attacks on Laura.

Jeff confronts Heather when he finds out that she’s been taking birth control pills behind his back. Peter and Diana breathe easier after changing their home phone to an unlisted number. Steve gets a clean bill of health from Dr. Lombard. (Steve Hardy with his shirt off?? How many times did that happen in 35 years?) Lombard compliments Jeff’s heroic efforts to save Steve’s life during the epidemic. Audrey is still away and Steve is trying to sugarcoat the reason for her absence.  Anne drops hints to Jeremy about his future. Jeff is dodging Steve & Rick – for different reasons. Gail tells Monica about Scotty’s questioning.  Dan & Jessie return from their vacation in Canada. Dan is persistent in his quest to marry Jessie. Jessie isn’t sure yet. Luke almost ‘spills the beans’ in front of Scotty. The “evil” Bobbie is in full swing. Anne tries to talk with Jeff about Jeremy, but he is summoned to ‘big brother’s’ office. Heather continues her crusade to erode Diana’s sanity.

In this episode: Scott Baldwin, Gail Adamson, Luke Spencer, Bobbie Spencer, Monica Quartermaine, Jeff Webber, Heather Webber, Peter Taylor, Diana Taylor, Steve Hardy, Dr Eric Lombard  (played by Ivor Francis, Genie Francis’ dad), Anne Logan, Jeremy Hewitt, Alice Grant, Jessie Brewer, Dan Rooney

Jeff Webber is annoyed at Heather for her suggestion they have another baby to take PJ’s place. Diana calls Heather and asks her to watch PJ. Anne Logan & Jeremy. Leslie & Scotty. Bobbie & Steve Hardy. Monica & Gail at GH cafeteria. Heather calls her mother and tells her that Cal Jameson called her again. Jesse Brewer & Dan Rooney. Jeff & Monica, Jeff & Anne, Heather & Diana. Video quality very good, sound very clear but sync a bit off.

GH 8/24/79: (aired during L&L Soapnet marathon)
Richard Simmons conducts an exercise class including Laura, Amy, Claudia, and Bobbie at the disco. Scotty and Brian joke about the class, and Richard takes offense. In Luke's office, Roy informs Luke that the official word is that his cousin committed suicide. Roy vows that someone is going to pay for it, but Luke insists that they get proof before they take any action. Laura overhears one of the girls in her class mention that she just got a job with the disco and decides to talk to Luke about a job for herself. She goes directly to Luke's office and convinces him that she could be a good waitress, even though she is underage and cannot serve drinks.

Meanwhile, Roy tells Bobbie that he might not see her for a day or two, and she kisses him and asks him to be careful. Tracy visits Edward at the hospital and Edward advises her to bring Ned back home and act like a real mother for him. When Edward inquires about Monica, Tracy is honest with him and tells him that Monica had a bad fall. Edward expresses his concern for Monica's baby, who he was hoping would carry on the Quartermaine name, just as Rick enters his hospital room. Mitch tells Susan that he has deep feelings for her and that he is very sorry for what he did to her. He takes her hand and insists that he is not married yet just as Tracy enters the restaurant and sees them.

Laura and Amy have lunch at the hospital cafeteria, and Laura tells Amy how excited she is to tell Scotty her big news about her new job. Amy tells Laura how jealous she is that Laura will get to see Luke Spencer every day, and Laura gets very serious. Laura warns Amy that she should stay away from Luke, noting the strange characters that Luke hangs around. Laura is distracted with the news of Monica's fall. After she checks with Rick to find out Monica's status, she returns to the cafeteria and finds Amy with Scotty. She tells Scotty about her new job, and Scotty is less than enthused. Later, Amy tells Rick about Laura's new job, and Rick looks concerned. Back at their apartment, Scotty tells Laura that the disco is not the type of place where he wants his wife working.

9/5/79 :43 mins Complete, good quality. Joe & Anne try to get Jeff to join them going to the movies, but he is not in the mood. He calls GH to check and see how his wife is doing. He is told no change. A group of people arrive at the Quartermaines - Luke sees it for the first time as he arrives with Bobbie & Roy, Claudia & Brian. Amy thanks everyone for their support in the wake of her father’s death. Alan invites everyone to join in refreshments. Amy thanks Alan, and tells him she wishes everything could be okay for him too. Monica is in the hospital, Rick stops in to see her. He asks when she is going to start taking care of herself. Rick reminds her that the only thing important is the health of her baby. He wants to know what upset her so badly that day? She confides she had a scene with Alan.

He is frustrated that they don’t realize the complications that can arise. She says it was her fault, that Alan wants to take her home. She told him she can’t go back there, she can’t even look at the staircase where she fell. Rick accuses her of being afraid of going back there. He believes the bruises were more than from the fall, they were from Alan trying to hold onto her when she was leaving. She defends that he was trying to hold onto her to keep her from falling. Later Tracy visits Monica with a gift as a peace offering. Monica’s day finishes off with a visit from Alan. He tells her that he prayed for the two of them, for him to forgive her, for their baby. She tells him she will fight the malpractice case. He tells her no matter what else, he loves her and the only thing that matters to him is that she gets well. He asks her to give him some hope for them. He knows he has made a terribly mess of things, but swears that he loves her.

Luke & Laura spend a quiet moment alone in front of the fire. He tells her how incredible he thinks she is, he knows how hard it must have been on her to lose the man she thought of as her father all of those years. He asks if she would like to live in a place like this and she says sure! He says that he hopes she does as she deserves it.

Jeff tells Bobbie that he talked to Cal Jameson before he was killed. Bobbie seemed relieved to hear he had passed on. Bobbie reminds him that she is his friend. Back at GH, Bobbie calls Luke and he is happy to also tell her that Cal Jameson has died and Roy will never find out about her past. Luke also tells her he has visions of having a home like the Q mansion. Luke tells her he is tired of feeling uncomfortable around special people, like Laura. He knows he could never have anyone like that as she has class. No matter what she does, she will always have class even if she is working at a crummy disco.

Back at Scotty & Laura’s, he is upset that she is going to work when he took the night off. Laura points out that Scotty didn’t even acknowledge that the man who died today was her father for 12 years as she was a child growing up. He admits he just thinks of Rick as her father and hadn’t thought about that. She warns him to never order her around or embarrass her in front of Brian & Claudia. She tells him he can see what it is like to be home alone like she is every night waiting for him while he works and storms off. Jeff fills Rick in on his deathbed conversation with Cal. Jeff worries that he will never see his son again. Joe, Jeff Webber, Anne, Brian, Claudia, Bobbie, Luke, Roy, Scotty, Laura, Amy, Alan, Monica, Rick

10/4/79 Bobbie reams Roy for saying Laura looks like a hooker in her waitress uniform. He insists on his dance with her. Bobbie goes over to Jeff and asks for help and tells him that Roy is pretty drunk and coming on pretty heavily to Laura. When Joe & Anne walk in, Jeff recruits him to help out getting Roy away from Laura. Roy and Bobbie argue. He tells her that he can’t get the visions of her sleeping with other men out of his head and demands that she go home alone that night. Jeff goes over to Bobbie and tries to cheer her up.

Lila is questioning Alan if he is treating his wife with the attention she deserves. Alan is a bit distracted but says yes, he is. Monica congratulates Tracy on her upcoming wedding. They have a nice conversation as she is genuinely happy for Tracy. Tracy asks her to be a bridesmaid. Edward talks to Mitch about the upcoming election. Later, Alan admits to Edward that he is a little uncertain about Tracy marrying Mitch. Edward is starting to feel there is a basic integrity about him and that he is serious about his marriage to Tracy.

Edward & Lila say their goodnights and go up to bed. Sweet moment as Alan gives Tracy a kiss on the check. She soften observes that he hasn’t done that in years. He just hopes she will be very happy.

Frank Smith tells Luke that Mitch has to be eliminated. Luke says he has never done anything like that before. They think he was working with Mitch and are offering him a chance to get off the hook. They have to make an example of Mitch. Frank tells him this must happen on November 6th on election night, after the results are in. He goes onto describe the rifle with scope that Luke will use. Luke asks what happens if he misses? Frank says ominously that he would be very disappointed. After Luke leaves, they arrange for him to be “taken care of” after the assassination is completed.

Laura asks a somber Luke if he is alright? She tells him that he has a very lost look in his eyes. He tells her that he is just taking a last look at something special, something he can’t lose as it has never belonged to him. Laura doesn’t understand. He tells her it is just the end of a dream and now it is wake up time.

Rick shows up at the hotel to see the witness against the malpractice suit against Monica. Scotty tries to stop Rick. Leslie comes down having just spoken with him and tells them he is ready to talk. They gratefully thank her for working her magic. Rick & Scotty confront George who lost his wife and child. George accuses Rick of killing them. Rick confronts him about lying, that his wife had a heart condition. Rick points out that his wife risked her life in order to get pregnant and try to have a baby. Scotty threatens there are penalties for purgery. They talk him into dropping the suit. Rick goes home and tells Lesley the great news! He then calls Monica and tells her the malpractice suit has been withdrawn. She begins to cry and Alan grabs the phone and hears the news too.

Mitch & Tracy enjoy the rest of their evening together, happily talking about their wedding. Back at the mansion, Alan & Monica talk about how happy Tracy is. Alan is worried as he doesn’t really know Mitch and if anything happens, he is worried that it will destroy Tracy as she loves him so much. Monica hesitates before heading up the staircase. Alan is sad that she still remembers that fight. Monica starts talking about a little girl. He is surprised as she has always talked about a boy. She tells him that her and Lila decided on a girl as there is too much testosterone in that house.

GH 10/5/79 (aired during L&L soapnet marathon)
A very concerned Laura calls Brian from the disco looking for Scotty. It's after two in the morning, and Scotty never picked her up. Brian offers to pick Laura up, but Laura insists that she wants to wait for Scotty. Meanwhile, Scotty sits with Zelda at a diner and discusses business. Rick and Lesley are kissing in bed when they are interrupted by a call from Howard. Rick states his relief at the dismissal, but Howard notes that Rick and Monica's depositions are now public record, which includes their testimony about sleeping together.

As Laura waits alone in the disco, Luke stumbles in drunk. Laura watches him sit down at the bar where he begins crying. When he sees Laura, he tells her to go home. She tries instead to console Luke, telling him that she has seen better days herself. Laura tells Luke that she thinks her marriage is over, because she lied to Scotty about using her credit card to pay for his law books.

At the diner, Scotty talks to Zelda about his fight with Laura. He notes that he should apologize to Laura. As they talk, Scotty realizes how late it is and decides he'd better get home. Luke informs Laura that he found out tonight that within a month he'll be dead. Joe Kelly and Anne Logan sit in his car after their date, and Anne gives Joe a hard time about being so mysterious. When their discussion later turns into an argument, Joe calms her by telling her that he loves her. Mitch Williams arrives at Susan Moore's upset, advising her that there is a contract on his life. He tells Susan that she is the only person he can trust in the whole town. Later, after they make love, Mitch apologizes to Susan for having ever hurting her. At the disco, Laura insists that she wants to help Luke, and he continues to try to get her to leave.

Luke balks at Laura's innocence, and she assures him that she knows that he cares about her. Luke responds that he is in love with her, and that he can't concentrate on anything else. Luke gets more and more agitated as he tells her that knowing she sleeps with Scotty every night is driving him crazy. Laura insists that her life with Scotty is all that she wants right now. She tells Luke that she and Scotty are his friends and that they can help him. He begs Laura to dance with him, and she hesitatingly agrees. As they dance, Laura tells Luke that he's frightening her and insists that she needs to go. Things spin out of control as Luke holds her tight and begins kissing her.

Meanwhile, Scotty arrives home and is interrupted by a call from Lesley. After he gets off the phone, he realizes that Laura is not home. He calls Brian, who informs him that Laura called him from the disco earlier, where she was waiting for Scotty. Scotty calls the disco, but no one answers. He calls Rick and Lesley, and then various hospital emergency rooms. Luke stands over Laura where she is laying on the floor. Her shirt is torn and as Luke moves toward the ringing phone, she stands and leaves. Luke answers the phone and tells Scotty that Laura isn't there. Luke stares at Laura's jacket on the floor as he comes to the startling realization of what he's done. Laura runs through the woods frantically and ends up by the fountain, falling to the ground crying. She turns and screams as she sees someone standing over her.

11/9/79 good quality studio epi, counter on. Election Night in Port Charles. Town watches news coverage of the Quartermaines & Mitch Williams arriving. The press interview Mitch, Tracy, Alan, Monica, Edward as they arrive.

Bobbie & Roy arrive at the disco and ask to sit in Laura’s section. Bobbie happily announces that they are getting married in two weeks! Bobbie wishes they had gone somewhere a little more romantic to celebrate. Roy tells her that he had to hang around the disco for business reasons. Bobbie wants to know if this has to do with the guy hanging around earlier? Roy tells her to just have fun tonight and no questions. Luke approaches, and he and Roy have a cryptic conversation that leaves Bobbie very worried. Luke tells Roy that he will take Laura home and is allowing plenty of time. He then asks Roy to take care of “things” while he is gone. She realizes that whatever they are involved in is going down that night.

Luke tells Laura it is slow tonight and she can go home early. She is going to call a cab an he says no that Scotty asked him to take her home. She argues but he insists, there will be no more walks in the park. Laura heads to the powder room to freshen up and change out of her work clothes. Laura is upset that Scotty & Luke are making arrangements for her behind her back like she is a child. Bobbie defends that they are just trying to keep her safe. She recommends that Laura seek services at the rape center.

Laura goes to Luke’s office and insists that she is taking the cab home. He asks if she is afraid of him driving her home? She says maybe. He promises her that he will never touch her again unless she wants him to. He tells her about growing up on Elm Street in the slums, seeing his mother die, and his father was an alcoholic. He tells her he has never raped a woman before and will never do so again. She says that she understands him a bit better now. He asks her to never look at him like she cares what happens to him, that it destroys him and he can’t afford to be destroyed tonight.

As he is driving her home, he pulls over on a dark mountain road (they are up on the side of a mountain with the city lights laid out below them). She is nervous, he asks her to get out of the car as he wants to take to her, to tell her goodbye. He informs her that after tonight, she won’t be seeing him again and he needs to talk to her before he leaves. He tells her that he has a job tonight after he takes her home, a job that will end everything for him. He just wants her to know that she is the one good thing he has ever had in his life. He is so sorry for hurting her, it is killing him, that he could do that to anyone, especially her. He tells her to get in the car. She asks to turn the radio on and reaches over and grabs the car keys and throws them out into the night. He can’t believe what she has done. She yells at him that no job is worth his life and she isn’t going to let him do it. He yells at her that she has just put a bullet in his head!

Back at the disco, Roy keeps looking at his watch. Bobbie questions him and he just says he is just wondering where Luke is? She reminds him that he is just taking Laura home. She wants to know if the thing is happening tonight? The thing that Luke thinks might kill him. Roy goes to call Laura to see if she got home okay, no answer. Meanwhile, Bobbie tells Joe & Anne about her upcoming wedding and honeymoon! It feels too good to be true.

Luke walks down to a pay phone and calls Roy at the disco and asks him to come get him as is car is out of order. he tells him where the gun and the red blazer is. Bobbie comes in and begs Roy not to leave, he tells her that he has to. Luke then calls a cab for Laura. He puts her in the cab and tells her to go home to Scotty and live the life she was always meant to have.

Back at the hotel, Tracy greets their supporters. She announces that Mitch is coming down in the elevator. Tracy looks so happy, she is glowing. The Quartermaine’s celebrate Mitch winning the state senate by a landslide.

11/12/79 Laura arrives home and Scotty soon after. Laura is jumpy, Scotty pulls her over to the sofa to sit down and talk. He asks about the disco and she is evasive. He says there is something wrong here, they don’t talk to each other, they talk at each other. Laura blows up at him, does he have to know absolutely everything, what she thinks, where she has been. He apologizes, and she does as well for snapping at him. She claims she is not feeling well and is coming down with something. He tells her that he feels a lot safer knowing that Luke is taking care of her, and brought her home. He tells her how much he worries about her, he worries about her a lot.

Laura has a flashback to Luke telling her he was going away, she drops a glass. She sits down and hears “Rise” in her head and screams. Scotty suggests that she needs help and wants her to go back to the rape center. He tells her he won’t force her to go but he will go as he feels they need help. She seems surprised says he really cares about her? He is shocked that she doesn’t know that. She admits to feeling guilty about the rape. He asks her to go back to just one more counseling session and she agrees to try. He complains that she flinches every time he touches her. He begs her to let him help her. She admits to being afraid of him wanting to sleep with her and the day when he will run out of patience waiting for her.

A desperate Luke calls Bobbie and tells her that if she doesn't come pick him up that Roy will die as he will be taking Luke's place in a suicide mission (the assassination on Mitch). Mitch has arrived at the hotel and gets through wearing a waiter’s jacket. Once Bobbie picks Luke up, he tells her to fasten her seatbelt and pray! He tells her that Roy thinks he is helping Luke, but he isn’t as Luke is already a dead man. He tells her if they don’t get there in time that Roy will be a dead man.

Mitch comes down in the elevator, Roy shoots him wounding him in the shoulder. As Roy exits, he is shot by a sniper. Luke & Bobbie arrive and find him shot, Bobbie cries as she cradles him in her arms. As they hear sirens in the distance, Luke pulls her away from him and gets her out of there before the police arrive. He takes her back to the disco, as she begs to return to Roy’s side. He holds her and tells her that Roy is dead.

He wants to get her away from there, to the train station or the airport as she is in danger. She tells him there is nowhere to hide and begs to stay with him, he promised they would always be together. He tells her that she can’t stay with him as he is as good as dead, he didn’t fulfill the contract. When the phone rings, Luke says it is too late, that they have probably have had a tail on him all night. He tells her they will have to come up with a story, a real good story and asks her if she can lie for him.

11/29/79 Richard Simmons leads a jazzercise class at the disco. Afterwards, Susan and Laura both encourage Bobbie. Laura gets a message to stop in at Luke’s office before she leaves. Laura feels caught up in all of the lies. Its one thing that she has to lie to Scotty about the rape, she has no choice. But she can't handle now lying to Bobbie. Laura tells Luke that she wants to help Bobbie and she deserves to know the truth about Roy. She wants Bobbie to know that Luke tried to save Roy’s life and it was Laura’s fault that she lost Roy.

She has noticed a coolness between Luke & Bobbie and doesn’t want to be responsible for it, and she wants to help heal that. Luke is adamant that she not tell Bobbie as he already lied to Bobbie and doesn't want Laura telling her the truth. He tells her to forget it, to forget she threw the keys and and yells at her that he isn’t going to talk to her about it any longer and opens the door for her to leave. He opens the door to find Bobbie standing there.

Laura tells Bobbie that she feels responsible for Roy's death as she asked Luke to take her home that night. Bobbie is very sweet to Laura and tells her not to blame herself, that it wasn't her fault and pretends she didn't hear Luke and Laura's conversation.  


After Laura leaves, Bobbie lays into Luke and tells him she wants the truth about that night that she did hear what he said to Laura. She can't believe that he lied to her, and comments that Laura is also a liar and is just as low and common as Luke and Bobbie! Luke defends Laura and just says he doesn't want to see her hurt any longer. Bobbie realizes that Luke is in love with Laura and accuses him of abandoning Roy so he could continue his affair with Laura. As she becomes hysterical, he slaps her.

She calms down and he apologizes, not wanting to hurt her. He then confides in her how special Laura is, how she is like a dream to him, that she is way above him. He also warns her that as much as he loves Bobbie he will hate her if she hurts Laura. He comments that he is poisoning his world. Bobbie says he has it wrong that it is Laura who is poisoning his world. Suddenly, Bobbie asks if he Luke is the man who raped Laura? She begins to remember Laura's description of the rapist, "Tall, blond, slim." Luke hurriedly leaves the room.  


GH 12/13/79 (Original aired on the "Whose Your Daddy?" Soapnet marathon, no airdate)

Edward and Tracy are stranded in the penthouse during a snowstorm. Edward calls the PCPD and demands that an ambulance be sent out to the Quartermaine mansion as his daughter-in-law is in pre-mature labor. He is told that the city is snowed in and they can't get the snowplows through yet. Tracy worries about why she hasn't heard from Mitch. Meanwhile, Mitch is romancing Susan Moore.

Over at the Quartermaine's, Monica is in labor but in good hands with Leslie and Gail by her side. She passes out and they try to bring her back to consciousness. Leslie tells her she is going to have to hit her to wake her up! The taps her lightly on the face. They put Stella to work heating water, getting blankets and water bottles filled with hot water ready. At GH, as Alan and Rick come out of surgery, Alan worries to Rick whether Monica will be okay as she has already lost so much blood. He is very worried about the health of his son, but even more so about Monica. Rick reassures him that she will be okay. Alan apologizes for ever thinking that Rick would have slept with Monica. He wants Rick to come with him and they can both be there to support her. Edward calls Alan to see if he has heard anything. Even Tracy is worried and offers comfort to her brother.

Luke comes into GH and wants to talk to Bobbie about Dan Rooney investigating the disco and Frank Smith is concerned about it (the story is since the young nurses hang out there they want to make sure it is reputable with nothing shady or drug related going on!). Bobbie doesn't have time to worry about Frank Smith's concerns as Monica is stranded and they have an emergency on their hands! Rick finally gets word that the snow plows have gotten through to the Quartermaine house, Rick and Alan rush out and Bobbie arranges for the ambulance. Bobbie calls Tracy with the good news and then she calls the Q's and tells them the ambulance is on the way.

Leslie observes that "the father" might not make the birth of his baby. The lights go out as Monica is in hard labor. While everyone else is out of the room Leslie is shocked when Monica reveals that Leslie's husband Rick Webber is the father of her baby. Stella and Gail come back in just in time to help Leslie with AJ's birth. Alan and Rick arrive immediately afterwards, Leslie stands there in shock with the news that her husband slept with Monica!

Mitch finally leaves his romantic firelit setting with Susan and goes back to Tracy. He tells her some story about being stranded and the phones being out. Helpful Bobbie calls again with the news that Edward is a grandfather! They all arrive at GH and Monica and baby are whisked away as Leslie sits by herself in the lounge in shock. Gail sits beside her but has no idea of the devastating news that Leslie received that night. Edward, Tracy, and Mitch arrive and thank Leslie for saving Monica and AJ's life, as Gail raves about her efforts. Rick comes out and suggests to Leslie that Lee and Gail drive her home. He says that under the cirumstances he thinks he should stay. She says she understands, she understands more than he thinks she does! (Episode also on Stuart & Leslie Tribute Edit)

Christmas 12/25/79 Good Quality Soapnet Episode - no commercials

It's Christmas morning. Laura & Scotty smooch. Bobbie gives Ruby a dress for Christmas. The Webber's give Heather's mom a coat. At the Hardy's, Audrey congratulates Anne on the ring from Joe. Later Richard Dean apologizes to Anne hoping she wasn't offended when he kissed her under the mistletoe. Rick & Leslie agree to put aside their problems to make this a happy Christmas for their family. Laura and Scotty show up at the Webber's and announce that they made love last night and are back together!

Luke gives Bobbie and Ruby a mink coat each. Bobbie is upset with the idea that Luke is profiting from Roy's death. Luke blows up at her, she apologizes. She tells him sometimes she doesn't feel like leaving. He tells her to knock it off and start living for the future. She doesn't want to forget Roy. He tells her she is wasting time holding onto the past, that she will make herself miserable. Bobbie agrees if Luke will forget about Laura, Bobbie assures him Laura is not as good and pure as Luke thinks.  Luke encourages Bobbie and Ruby to get out, go to the ball, do some of the things the other ladies in PC do as they are just as good as anyone and they deserve it. Ruby asks Luke if he is involved with the Baldwin girl. She tells him that she will destory any man she gets involved with and urges Luke to stay away from her.

Over at the Webbers, Laura happily announces she made love to Scotty for the first time since the rape. Laura is asking Leslie what is wrong. Laura senses something is different since Leslie delivered Monica's baby. Leslie promises to tell her after the holidays. Leslie reassures Laura that she is her daughter that she loves her very much and Amy will never take her place - as Amy listens in. Scotty tells Rick that he and Laura made love. Rick lets him know that he and Leslie are separating after the holidays. Luke tells Ruby that he can't get Laura out of his mind, that he can't go out with any other woman without constantly thinking about Laura. He says Laura is special, that when she falls in love it is for good. That is isn't just she is classy but she is so good and has a purity that he has never met anyone like her. Ruby tells him she is worried about him, after all Laura is a married woman. He tells her not to worry that he is the original survivor. Bobbie waltzes in saying she has a Christmas present for Luke - having just returned from GH.  Luke gets his hopes up and Bobbie cruelly says that Laura and Scotty have reunited as man and wife.

LSD Story July 1979 (61 mins) Heather tries to poison Diana~ - A compilation of three episodes (no dates) summarizing the LSD storyline that ended Mary O’Brien’s (Heather #2) stint on GH. A Mary O’Brien fan collected the footage and paid someone to professionally edit the pieces together. Most of the footage comes from old VHS tapes but the quality is still excellent. When Jeff arrives at the Taylor’s, the great VHS quality jumps to broadcast quality. Re: The last 15 minutes of footage comes from Mary O’Brien’s personal tape given to her by Gloria Monty when she left GH. There’s also a disc menu. This storyline takes place while Scotty & Laura are honeymooning in California.

On this edit: Heather Webber, Larry-Joe Baker, Scotty Baldwin, Laura Webber-Baldwin, Jeff Webber, Susan Moore, Peter Taylor, Joe Kelly, Anne Logan, Diana Taylor, Monica Quartermiane, Mr. Kakorian, Bobbie Spencer, Jessie Brewer, Dan Rooney, Lesley Webber, Alice Grant

Heather and Larry-Joe discuss their plans to drug Diana. Laura and Scotty frolic on the beach in California. (Not sure why this scene was left in considering the remainder of the tape is only the LSD storyline, but including it time-stamps the footage for us.) Susan tries to convince Jeff to see Heather’s true colors. Larry-Joe gets his hands on a healthy dose of LSD. An irate Peter lays into Joe for frightening Heather at the park. (He pretended to kidnap PJ to try and get Heather to admit that she was the one tormenting Diana.)  Joe & Anne share their evidence against Heather with Peter. He struggles to accept the truth until Joe plays an audio tape of Heather’s confession. Susan does a little of her own tormenting with Heather. 

Diana reassures Heather that Peter will fire Joe immediately for the ugly trick he played on her at the park. Larry-Joe delivers Heather’s “headache medication” from Pop Schneider’s pharmacy to the Taylor’s. Diana is unsuspecting. Heather talks to her mother about Jeff’s surprise birthday party scheduled for that evening. Jeff rummages through Heather’s things to try and substantiate or disprove Susan’s accusations. He is shocked by what he finds. Peter calls Diana to ask her to come to his office before her appointment with her psychiatrist. Heather prepares lunch while Diana gets dressed. She tries to reach Larry-Joe to find out how much LSD should be given to Diana. When she can’t reach him, she decides to add the entire contents of the vile to Diana’s iced tea.

Anne shows up at Jeff’s apartment to break the news about Heather. She tells him what he already knows. That Heather has been the one tormenting Diana. Unbeknownst to Heather - PJ gives the lazy-Susan holding the two glasses of iced tea a spin. Round and round it goes. Where the tainted glass lands? Nobody knows!!! Peter phones home once again to make sure Diana comes to see him as soon as she arrives at the hospital. She prepares to leave the apartment and Heather reminds her to finish her iced tea. Monica tries to diffuse Mr. Kakorian’s concerns over Rick’s behavior on the night of his wife’s surgery. Dr Dana Hodgekiss (OBGYN) asks Monica to come to her office at her earliest convenience. And we know what that’s about! (Not sure why this is included either, but again – time-stamps multiple storylines & episodes for us).

Diana runs into Joe Kelly as soon as she arrives at the hospital. She gives him a piece of her mind and tells him that she never wants to see him again. She has an unexpected dizzy spell before getting on the elevator. Bobbie steadies her and asks if she’s ok. Diana says she’s fine and blames the episode on the hot weather. Heather calls Larry-Joe to report the mission accomplished. Jeff shows up at the door just as Heather heads for the basement to erase her phone conversation with Larry-Joe. *ABC – “Still The One” hot-air balloon promo.* Peter shows Diana the irrefutable evidence against Heather. She is in shock and refuses to believe that her best friend would maliciously undermine her. Peter plays the audio tape of Heather’s confession. Diana has no choice but to accept the truth.

Jessie is talking with the Taylor’s in the hospital lounge when Diana has another dizzy spell. Lesley is passing by and comes to her aid. Jeff tries to calmly talk to Heather about what she has been doing to Diana. He promises to get her the best professional help. Heather’s psychedelic behavior is unleashed and we finally know who drank the iced tea laden with LSD.  Back at GH - Peter, Jeff & Alice try to get through to Heather. In her delirium, she reveals the details of her plans to take PJ from Peter & Diana so she can give Jeff a son for his birthday.


GH 1979-1980 Richard Dean Anderson: 53 minutes, good quality. Roy & Laura at the disco, Roy wants to dance with Laura, Bobbie interrupts when he is coming onto Laura and warns him she will tell Luke, Roy tells Bobbie that he and Luke are like brothers and share everything. Bobbie goes to Laura’s uncle, Jeff Weber (Richard Dean Anderson!) and asks for help getting Roy away from Laura. Jeff asks Joe and they double team the dancing couple. Jeff rescues Laura from Roy’s clutches and then takes Roy over to Bobbie.

Later, Laura tells Jeff that she wishes Luke would get back as he is good at handling Roy. Meanwhile, Luke is meeting with Frank Smith who is filling him in on the hit on Mitch Williams. Frank advises Luke to aim at Mitch’s chest not his head, if he hits him in the chest that will take him out. Luke asks what if he misses? Frank warns that he would be very disappointed in him.

Jeff at the hospital is going to look at the little Quartermaine baby, Alan Quartermaine Jr. Annie seems a bit jealous over Jeff having dinner with Diana. Jeff has coffee with Steve, who recommends that he should consult with a lawyer about ending his marriage to Heather who he doesn’t think may ever get released from the sanitarium.

Scotty and Rick talk about Laura, Scotty says Laura is doing really well despite her notorious headlines. Scotty worries that even Laura seeing a picture of the guy who raped her splashed all over the front paper didn’t bother her. Later, Luke thanks her for identifying the dead man who she says raped her. Laura tells Luke that she has now lied and can never tell her husband the truth about the rape. She tells him that she and Scotty can never live together as man and wife as there will always be this lie between them. Frank Smith enters the disco and tells Luke and Laura that things are all set to open the new club in Las Vegas.

Monica, Alan, Rick, Tracy, Edward are in a court hearing arguing over unsealing Monica’s court deposition in a previous case that may release information about whether Alan Jr. is legitimate issue. Tracy is challenging AJ’s paternity and is petitioning to have this deposition unsealed as proof supporting AJ is not Alan’s son. Afterwards, Alan assures Monica that when she gave him his son that she put to rest all of his doubts and fears over her sleeping with Rick. She thinks to herself that he knows, somehow he has read that deposition and has found out she slept with Rick.

At a charity event, Alan says that without this type of research that they wouldn’t have known about the Bombay Phenotype Syndrome and if they didn’t know about that then Monica wouldn’t have been able to prove that Alan Jr. is in fact Alan’s son. The look on everyone’s face is one of shock, including Rick’s. Monica runs out. Leslie asks Alan if this announcement had to be done in this way? He insists that it did. Lila is thrilled with the potential for a reconciliation for Monica and Alan. Leslie asks Alan how long Monica has known the baby wasn’t Rick’s? He tells her she has known for several weeks.

A pregnant Heather is in the hospital, she is worried about losing her baby. Jeff and everyone has gathered and are waiting for news. Gina tells Jeff that Heather has begun hemoraging and they are taking her into surgery (oh the hair, check out RDA’s hair!). Gina tells him that Heather lost the baby. He cries into Leslie’s arms at the news.

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