GH Episodes 1960's

There is very little surviving from prior to 1960's as vcrs weren't around. The only complete episodes I have are the few below.

GH 1960's Dvd #1: 2 hrs 35 mins
1963 Premiere -aired as black & white flashback during 30th Anniversary
1964 GH Vintage Steve and Audrey (reaired on Daytime to Remember)
1967 GH two episodes with commericals
Mystery Science Theatre :23 minutes shorts of GH with comic commentary

GH 1960's Dvd #2

GH 1970s Dvd - in progress
GH 1975
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Expanded Descriptions
April 1, 1993 No Commercials Note: John Bernadino announces the beginning of the celebration flashback episodes for GH's 30th anniversary. The opening of the April 1, 1963 episode transitions into the debut of the new “faces” opening of GH.  Bobbie and Tony want to make sure that Amy keeps the secret of the party for Steve's 30th anniversary of being at GH. The first patient Angie Costello that Steve saved 30 years ago visits with him (Flashbacks of that day). Her daughter is in labor at GH. Amy tells Sean that she saw Michelle Bails at GH looking for Ryan. Scott interviews surrogates to carry the baby with disastrous results. Bobbie thinks the party for Steve at GH will be the perfect over for her to sneak into Ryan's office. Tony distracts Ryan and Bobbie gets a copy of the address book from Ryan's office. Robin offers to take a look at Karen's disk that her paper was on it to see if it was tampered with. The GH staff surprises Steve with a party. Felicia misses home when she sees the party on TV.  (note entire 1963 premiere is shown as Steve’s flashback during this episode.

1964 Vintage Steve and Audrey (reaired on Daytime to Remember)

GH 1967: Two Episodes: 1 hr, B&W (These aired quite awhile later, chronologically, than the 3 MST segments below.)
1967 Episode #1 Audrey is suddenly reluctant to continue assisting Dr. Phil Brewer with his book; Steve and Jessie discuss the fact that Audrey has been nervous and inconsistent concerning her role in helping Phil with his writing. Dr. John Prentiss tells Jessie about his concern over his daughter, Polly, who is dating a married man. Jessie agrees to act as Polly's counselor. In a flashback, Audrey recalls a passionately intimate moment that occured between she and Phil. She later assures Steve Hardy that she will no longer be assisting Phil with his writing.

1967 Episode #2 Dr. John Prentiss confides his worries about aging to Jesse. Jesse asks Phil for the truth about John's condition. John and Jesse have been slowly developing a romantic interest in one another. Steve and Phil discuss John's EKG test. Sharon McGillis flirts with a young doctor, much to Lucille's disapproval. Jesse decides to tell John's daughter, Polly about his ailing health.

Mystery Science Theatre GH from 60's: 22 mins B&W
MST Episode #1 titled "MANHUNT IN SPACE") Things seem tense between Jessie and Phil who are romantically connected. Jessie and Lucille (Audrey's older sister) trade comments as they bounce around the nurse's station. Ken Martin is dicussed regarding his engagement to Cindy. Should Jessie follow through with her plans to give them an engagement dinner? Later, Steve Hardy visits Martha in her hospital room. She is the wife of Dr. George Lyons who believes her symptoms may be psychosymatic. Steve diagnoses her as having a hiatal hernia.
MST Episode #2 titled "THE BEATNIKS" Jessie and Phil host the engagement dinner for Ken and Cindy. Ken, however, is called away, and only three are left to carry out the rest of the evening.
MST Episode #3 titled "CRASH OF THE MOONS") Ken calls Cindy at Jessie's and informs her that he will be tied up at work for quite a while. Phil offers to give Cindy a ride home. Later in the car, Phil kisses Cindy goodnight and professes his love to her.

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