These vary in length from 5 1/2 - 6 hrs. They may end around 5 hrs then have an interview or two. They are also not my original edits but copies and I've lost touch with the person who originally loaned them to me. This set contain L&L scenes, Luke with others, Laura with others, some other characters like Scotty, Heather, Joe, Noah Drake & Bobbie & Tiffany, also Tiffany & Robert meeting for the first time, a little Alan & Monica.... you get a feel for what else is going on in PC during this time but it mainly follows the L&L storyline.

The Ice Princess storyline begins around edit #3, O'Reilly dies on edit #5, and they leave on the Cassadine yacht around edit #6.

Edit Overview

1980-1981 GH Episodes & Semi-Edits (Have Cari's originals)

  • #3 1980-81- Dec 12, 15, 17, 19, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 31; Jan 2, 5, 6, 12, 23, 30, Feb 2, and April  [Episode Descripton]

  • #4 1981- Feb 5, 12, 13, 16, 19, 20, 25, 27 and March 3, 9, 11, 13, 17, 20, 23, 25, 27 and April 1, 2, 6, 9, 13, 15, 17, 21, 23, 24, 27, 28  [Episode Descripton]

  • #5 1981- Apr 30 and May 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 12, 14, 20, 25  [Episode Descripton]

Expanded Descriptions

#3 1980-1981 - Dec 12, 15, 17, 19, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 31; Jan 2, 5, 6, 12, 23, 30, Feb 2, and April

Joe & Bobbie dancing, Laura & Susan all at Disco, Luke is there with Alexandria. Laura is jealous of Alexandria. A&M, he's being very sweet. Disco stuff cont. Laura, Bryan at her new apt. Luke moves upstairs from Laura. Bobbie nurses Hutch. A&M at hospital. Alex, Edward, Luke, Laura at ELQ. More Hutch, then A&M in cafeteria. Edward wants Laura to talk Luke into staying with ELQ. Laura visits Hutch, brings him a Christmas tree, and sees Luke - several scenes. Diana tells Lesley she's worried about Heather coming home for the holidays that she will be a danger to PJ, at restaurant, joined by Laura and Gail. Lesley meets Alexandria. A&M talk about Christmas party at the Q's, the Cassadine henchmen are plotting to be the caterers. Edward is upset that so much ELQ $ is tied up in the missing Ice Princess (A&M don't know). Luke & Alex. Lesley, Diana, Gail. A&M, Edward for the first time worrying about the $ they are spending on the party. Laura runs into Luke with Alex. A&M. Lesley visits Laura. Luke & Alex. L&L at ELQ, Edward & Alex. Heather at the Webber’s, home from asylum for the holidays. Jeff planning on seeing Heather, Joe and Anne. Kathy Summers to be Heather's companion, they're introduced. Laura receptionist at ELQ, Luke gets his own office. Anne & Diana talk about Jeff & Heather. Heather sees PJ in the park and plays ball (exactly what Diana is afraid of). Jeff asks Rick to stop by and check on Heather so he can leave her to go to Q party with Anne. Heather goes by the hospital, pretends she doesn't know Joe or Diana. Gang at ELQ. Christmas party at Q's, Cassadine men are caterers and searching for the Ice Princess in the basement. Heather on the phone. Party cont., almost everyone there. Susan goes to see Heather. Joe kisses Bobbie under mistletoe. Alex surprises C in the basement, they push past her, big uproar as Q house is searched. A&M frantic to check on AJ as prime kidnapping target. Anne & Joe. Heather, Susan, & Jeff. Luke sees Laura home, they share a bottle of champagne that he lifted from the Q's. Luke helps Laura with her tree. A&M still upset over Alex and her art attracting criminals to the house and endangering their son. Rick and Lesley at hospital, Bobbie & Hutch. L&L at her place with the sticky door.
     Henchmen plotting. Rick & Lesley at restaurant share a hot chocolate - Christmas carolers. L&L at GH, more carolers. Joe & Anne. Monica visits Hutch, then wants to talk to Rick about Hutch. L&L & Edward, Alex at ELQ. Joe, Bobbie, Anne at GH. Rick & Monica at restaurant, Alan comes in and sees them together. Gang at ELQ. L&L run into each other outside her apt and talk about Christmas plans. Luke working at Kelly's, Laura, then Alex comes in. R&L setting up for New Year's party at clinic, Lesley's date is Burt Ramsey. L&L decorate Kelly's and midnight New Year's party there. L&L have a wonderful New Year's kiss. Jeff visits Heather back at the asylum.
     4:10-:23 goes back to Christmas at GH: children's procession for Christmas party, Steve tells Christmas story, Hutch plays "Away in a Manger". Anne, Joe, then Jeff. Luke & Hutch. Luke helps Laura with that sticky door again. Luke working at Kelly's. Heather back at Webber’s with Lesley, Laura, Amy. Rick sends Lesley flowers day after New Year's party. Alex still pressuring Luke to get info on Ice Princess. Laura & Alex at ELQ. AT GH, Lesley thanks Rick for flowers and he asks about her date with Burt. Laura helps Luke gather info, they huddle in a phone booth, she's worried about him. Heather, Howard, and Lesley. L&L hide in bushes, then he pretends to be a census taker to try and get info on residents of house where Cassadine henchmen at. L&L at restaurant, she warns him he's in danger. Laura mentions her dating Robert, she's on a date with Robert (her seeing Robert is making Luke nuts), Luke is there with Alexandria. Rick treating Robert at Laura's, someone whacked him over the head. Rick calls Laura a bit concerned over Robert's presence in his daughter's apt. Luke sees Rick leave with medical bag and later goes to check on her, he almost kisses her (they still aren't back together but getting closer). Luke confronts Edward & Alex, he knows they aren't being straight with him. He wants to know where Robert fits into the quest. Robert & Luke at ELQ, Robert wanted Luke to join him but Luke says no will stay with Q's. Lesley and Joe. Lesley & Burt on date at Kelly's (wierdness). L&L back at her apt (both Robert & Luke want her now). L&L go out to dinner for the first time and shock the town, Rick & Lesley at restaurant. Great scenes between L&L as they talk about their relationship. Small clip of Richard Simmons aerobics class at disco.

#4 1981- Feb 5, 12, 13, 16, 19, 20, 25, 27 and March 3, 9, 11, 13, 17, 20, 23, 25, 27 and April 1, 2, 6, 9, 13, 15, 17, 21, 23, 24, 27, 28 - 5:29

(no A&M) Bobbie tells Laura off and throws Roy's death in her face. Luke is being followed, he asks Laura for help in distracting Robert so he can get out of the apartment building. He helps some neighbors move a couch and walks right by Robert undetected. Robert dating Laura drives Luke nuts but he wants Laura to go out with Robert that night so Luke can get search the warehouse without Robert following him. Disco dance contest, Robert & Bobbie win. L&L hear about Diana Taylor's murder. As Jeff is saying goodbye to the Webber's, Heather shows up at the door. Heather & Jeff at the Webber’s. Jeff leaves town, tearful goodbye with Anne. Rick & Lesley at the clinic. Rick & Rose together, Monica calls Rick and Rose answers the phone - Monica hangs up. Rick tells Rose about his past relationship with Monica. Luke has a mysterious box and won't show Laura what is in it. PC Parade - L&L, Robert, Alexandra, Lot of L&L at her apartment, Bobbie meets Noah Drake, Hutch gets 25 years in prison. Lesley is dating Tony Castle (really Cassadine). Luke's apartment robbed, L&L together, Laura puts ad in a Mexican papers to find Scotty so she can get a divorce. Rick & Lesley at Laura's. Luke searches the police property room where the items donated for the art auction are being held. Robert shows up and joins in. Bobbie demands that Laura tell her what Luke is involved in, Laura can't as she doesn't know. 3:58 L&L promo. Laura helps Mrs. Q with the auction donor list. Luke shows up to help as well. Ed Bagley as a guest spot as a painter, Luke pays him to be able to take his job painting the room for the auction so he can check out the layout. Lesley & Laura have lunch. Laura paints Luke's apartment while he is gone. Luke is shocked when he returns and finds his apartment is magenta! Hutch in prison. Luke with his face covered in shaving cream kisses Laura. Rick & Lesley show up at Laura's apartment. Luke checks out the auction site.

4/11/81 Inside America- Genie Francis gives a tour of GH
12/27/80 Soap Opera Digest Awards- Jane Elliott, Tony Geary
At 5:29 downhill skiing

#5 1981- Apr 30 and May 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 12, 14, 20, 25 - 5:38

:23 L&L Promo (duplicate)  Next morning, poor Luke wakes up to magenta walls - not a pleasant site first thing in the am. After breakfast, Luke makes a slip and says something about when they get married. Laura is thrilled as this is the first time he has actually admitted he thinks about marrying her. Next, Laura is disappointed. She has placed ads in the personal columns looking for Scotty so she can get a divorce from him. The responses she has received are rather lewd and not from Scotty. Luke finally takes Laura out to dinner. He tells her it is "the night of nights!" He is in a celebratory mood. He takes her to the Versailles Room, where he has champagne on ice waiting. He has a violinist serenade her with Wyndham's music. He is planning their future. He is once again counting on the $50K that he plans on receiving from the Q's for finding the Ice Princess. Then he says they will find Scotty and get her divorce.
     Next, he takes her to the docks where a candlelit table is waiting. He has a tape recording of the Wyndham's music which they dance to and toast with champagne. Luke tells her he loves her and doesn't want to lose her as her eyes fill with tears. She has waited so long for him to say that. They talk about their future. They continue to dance up to her door. Lots of kissing once they enter her apartment, things get heated. He formally asks her to marry him, she ecstatically answers yes! (Great romantic evening, nice long series of scenes for the two of them together). Luke & Laura tell Rick that they are going to marry. He is not overjoyed with the news.
     At the auction, whole town is there. Luke is concerned to see Lesley there with Tony Castle (Alex tells him he is really a Cassadine and she suspects Robert may be his partner). Robert warns Luke about the dangerous people involved in the Ice Princess caper. The auction gets under way, the Ice Princess goes up for bid. Luke hits the lights, snatches the Ice Princess and hides in the mummy case. He gets away with it. He later calls Laura to let her know he is safe. Next am, Robert has left Laura a note under the door. It says that Luke is sending telegrams to Alex. Laura is furious with Luke, and jealous. She goes up to his apartment and spray paints, "I hate you Luke, where ever you are". Slick comes in. He assures her that Luke is okay and he will turn up when the timing is right. He takes her to breakfast to cheer her up. She tells him how much she hates being left out of this latest adventure, not being Luke's partner. When Slick gets back to his cab, Luke is waiting in the back seat for him. Luke tells him he is in big trouble. He says the Cassadines have threatened his life if he doesn't turn over the statue immediately. Slick doesn't understand why Luke doesn't just turn over the statue and take the money from the Cassadines.
     Tony Castle asks Lesley for a date, Art auction and Ice Princess finally shown - lights go out. Alexandra recognizes Tony is a Cassadine, Robert searches for Luke, so does Laura, Alan scene with Susan Moore, Robert whisks Luke away to secret room to save him from Cassadine’s, Luke astounded to learn Robert is a secret agent, O'Reilly helps Luke & Robert evade the C, Alexandra tries to frame Laura for theft.
     Luke hides out in a homeless shelter. Laura in disguise, she gets Slick to take her to Luke. Luke is captured and taken to Tony Cassadine aboard the yacht. Robert & O'Reilly are watching the boat and know Luke is being held there. Robert works out a signal with O'Reilly for her to cut the electricity to the yacht - Robert to the rescue!
     Robert walks in and leads Luke to believe that he is working with Tony who threatens to frame Laura. Tony threatens Luke that if he doesn't talk, he will make Laura talk. Robert does the signaling with his lighter to O'Reilly. Luke is starting to catch on that Robert is on his side. Unfortunately, Tony also catches on and breaks it up as he is on to Luke & Robert and intends to dispose of them. Robert finally gets the final signal out, O'Reilly cuts the lights and the boys make their escape. Robert takes Luke to his penthouse, they go into the secret room. Luke is shocked to learn that Robert is a secret agent "CK8" for the WSB. As the Cassadine henchmen arrive and search Robert's penthouse, Luke & Robert hide safely away in the secret room. O'Reilly comes in, huffing and puffing about the mess at Robert's place that she has to clean up and scares the henchmen off. She then sneaks them out in the laundry tub. The boys return to Luke's place. First, Laura is relieved that they are okay then furious with them that they won't tell her what is going on. But Laura has the address for the scientist involved in the secret formula that the Ice Princess is involved with. She told Duvall that she wasn't working for the Q's anymore.

5:38 cut to 3/1/88 Hour Magazine with Finola Hughes
3/4/88 Morning Show- Jack Wagner

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