This edit contains all of the complete episodes (no commercials) for the Black & White Ball. I also included some - Edited -  scenes prior to the start of the ball of Nik planning the ball, his irrational behavior, ball invitations go out and the town talks about going to the ball. I included the 11 ball episodes, then the few action packed episodes after Nik has found Emily dead. I continued through the action at GH, Dillon's return to PC, the aftermath of Em's death, the two episodes on the day of Emily's funeral including her memorial. Since there was room remaining on the dvd #4, I decided to include some of the Emily ghost visitation scenes into early January. I also included Georgie's murder and Spinelli and Mac finding her. I included a few more post-Ball scenes into 2008 showing the text message killer then attacking Sam and Alexis, the DNA showing Coop is the killer and then Maxie finding him dead. The 2008 scenes are very highly - Edited -  to just touch on a few highlights of the storyline to finish off the last dvd and is not a complete edit for the post-ball text message killer storyline.

Episode Breakdown

Black & White Ball Dvd #1 
10/12/07 & 10/15/07 - Edited -  Nik plans to throw a ball; 10/16/07 Nik pulls a letter opener on Carly; 10/18/07 - Edited -  10/25/07 - Edited -  Ball invites go out; 10/26/07 - Edited -  - Everyone talks about the upcoming ball; 10/29/07 - Edited -  10/30/07 - Edited - ; 10/31/07 Ball Begins - 11 Hours Earlier, complete episode; 11/1/07 - 10 Hours Earlier, complete episode; 11/2/07 - 9 Hours Earlier [Episode Descriptions]

Black & White Ball Dvd #2 
11/5/07 - 8 Hours Earlier, complete episode; 11/6/07 - 7 Hours Earlier, complete episode; 11/7/07 - 6 Hours Earlier, complete episode; 11/8/07 - 5 Hours Earlier, complete episode; 11/9/07 - 4 Hours Earlier, complete episode; 11/12/07 - 3 Hours Earlier, complete episode  [Episode Descriptions]

Black & White Ball Dvd #3
11/13/07 - 2 Hours Earlier, complete episode; 11/14/07 - 1 Hour Earlier, complete episode; 11/15/07 - complete episode, Nik wakes to find Emily dead, Anthony holds a gun on Kate; 11/16/07 - complete episode, Luke has a heart attack, Sonny is shot, Liz held hostage at gunpoint; 11/19/07 - complete episode, Action continues; 11/20/07 - complete episode, GH ER is swamped, Monica & Edward learn of Em's death, Monica blames Jason for Em's death  [Episode Descriptions]

Black & White Ball Dvd #4
11/21/07 - complete episode Dillon returns to PC; 11/26/07 - complete episode Luke tells Lucky about Em's death, Nik blames Jason for not protecting Em; 11/27/07 - complete episode Day of Em's funeral; 11/28/07 - complete epiosde Emily's funeral; 11/29 - Edited -  - Nik sees Em's ghost 11/30 - Edited -  Emily's ghost assures Nik that he didn't kill her 12/3, 12/4, 12/10 - Edited -  12/17 - Edited -  Georgie is murdered, Spinelli finds her 12/28, 12/31/07, 1/2/08 - Edited -  1/23/08 - Edited -  Alexis & Sam are attacked, DNA results show that Coop is the killer; 1/25 - Edited -  Maxie finds Cooper dead 1/31 - Edited -  Nik asks if Jason he believes that Coop is the killer or if Nik is? Jason says neither 2/1 - Edited -  Text message killer attacks Sam again, as she flees she is hit by a car 2/12 & 2/13 - Edited -  killer is seen looking at a mural of newspaper articles about his crimes and his victims 2/18 - Edited -  During a convulsion, Nik remembers seeing Emily's murder by someone esle 2/22 The text message killer attacks Sam and reveals his identity, it is Diego!  [Episode Descriptions]

Expanded Descriptions

Black & White Ball DVD #1 

October 12, 2007 - Edited - Emily overhears Nikolas making plans to go riding. She tells him she doesn't think it's a good idea and he gets mad. He yells at her to stop treating him like a child. He apologizes and tells her that he hates seeing fear in her eyes. She says there is something wrong with him. This isn't like him. He tells her to look at his family, because he's just starting to take after their traits. Luke walks in and having just heard from Scott about his deal with Lulu, he is furious. He wants to know why Nikolas hasn't done more to protect Lulu and why he wasn't told she was sleeping with Logan. Emily tries to get Luke to leave, but he is persistent. Nikolas sends Emily away, and he manages to keep his cool while Luke rants and raves. When Luke leaves, Nikolas uncurls his hand which is now bloody from squeezing a letter opener. When Emily comes back, Nikolas brushes aside his injury and tells her he wants to have a party. The hospital could use the money, and they could use the distraction. He would like to do this as a gift for her. 

October 15, 2007 - Edited - Emily's worry for Nikolas increases when she learns of his plans to throw a black and white charity gala. Both Emily and Alexis suggest Nikolas postpone his plans but he insists his rage episodes are under control. Meanwhile, Jax explains his theory that Nikolas might have killed Leticia to Carly. Jax confronts Nikolas, saying he knows he stabbed Jerry, but Nikolas adamantly denies doing so. Carly later pushes Nikolas toward a violent episode when she accuses him of murdering Leticia. 

October 16, 2007 - Edited - A raging Nikolas holds a letter opener on Carly, saying it's time she paid for what she did to him. Carly talks Nikolas down, just as Max bursts in to subdue him. Nikolas is horrified over what he's done and has no recollection of threatening Carly. Later, Nikolas confesses what happened to Emily and promises to do whatever is necessary to stop the rage episodes before he hurts someone he loves. 

October18, 2007 - Edited - Nikolas orders Alfred to get rid of all the sharp objects in the house and keep them away from him. Alfred starts badgering him about postponing the ball he has planned at the estate until he gets better. Nikolas tells him that Emily wants this ball and he isn't postponing it. 

October 25, 2007 - Edited - Emily goes to see Jason at the penthouse and invites him to the ball. She tells him she won't make him dance with her. Jason asks her about Nikolas and what is happening with him. She tells him that he had some tests done at the hospital and they are waiting to hear from Patrick about all the results. She changes the subject to Elizabeth and tries to get him to consider how happy he would be if he saw Elizabeth and spent time with her now that she is getting a divorce. Jason tells her that he is happy that Elizabeth has a new home. Emily tells him that Elizabeth would be a whole lot happier if he was part of her life. 

Carly gets an invitation for the Black and White Ball that Nikolas and Emily are having at Wyndemere on Halloween. Just as she is reading the invitation she gets a text message on her cell phone and looks at it. The text message says "I'll see you at the ball." Carly looks around, feeling as if she is being watched. 

Sam goes to see Nikolas at Wyndemere. It is obvious that Nikolas has very slim control over his emotions at the moment. She tells him she came by to clear the air with him and get him to listen to her side of things concerning his brother and Elizabeth. Nikolas warns her to leave him alone right now because it isn't a good time for him. Sam doesn't listen and starts to tell him that she cares about Lucky, not Elizabeth and that she isn't to blame for what happened to Lucky and Elizabeth's marriage. Nikolas loses control again and grabs Sam by the arms and starts shaking her hard. He calls her all kinds of filthy names and tells her she is the worst thing to happen to his brother right now. He starts to push her over the balcony in his attack of her and she starts to scream for him to stop. 

October 26, 2007 - Edited - Lulu returns the necklace to Johnny. She tells him that she doesn't have her mother in her life, but she keeps her engagement ring to remind her of her mother. He should do the same with the necklace. Unknowingly to the teens, Anthony watches and Lulu gives Johnny the necklace back and leaves. Johnny goes to meet with his dad, who asks about the blonde girl. Johnny lies and says it was just some girl whose car broke down. Anthony knows he's lying, so Johnny tries another lie and gives his father a fake name. He says she lives in the city and that he dumped her. When Johnny leaves, a guard stops him and says that he can not leave on Trevor's orders. Johnny doesn't care and starts to leave anyway. He needs to warn someone about something. The guard asks if he is talking about Lulu Spencer. Johnny slams him against a wall and threatens him to never mention her name again when there's a possibility his father can hear them. Meanwhile, Anthony's nurse comes in with dinner, but Anthony is no where to be found. 

Nikolas wakes up from his "anger coma" just as he's pushing Sam over the ledge. He pulls her back up and asks her what was going on. He explains that he has no memory of what happened and that the doctors are trying to diagnose what is wrong with him so he can be treated. She remembers Alexis saying something about Nikolas throwing a glass at her in a rage. She suggests that maybe now is not the best time to be having a ball. Nikolas says that he has been planning this for months for Emily and the endowment. He can't let them down. Emily shows up and when Sam leaves, Nikolas tells her that he almost killed his cousin. She reassures him that everything will be alright and they will find out what is wrong with him. He's afraid that it is too late. He just attacked his own family. Who's next? 

Carly receives a text message from the "presumed killer" that mentions seeing her at the ball. When Jax comes home, she hides the information from him. She tells him about the ball, but he says he can't go. He has meetings all weekend. He's surprised that she even cares about the ball, but she explains that she wants to see all the dresses. Jax thinks it is a bad idea. She tells him that if he doesn't take her, she will go alone. They argue more with no agreement being reached. When Jax leaves, Sonny shows up to tell her he is going to Puerto Rico for a while. He notices she is distracted, but she tells him she is just trying to decide what to wear to the ball. He warns her that if she is working on a plan, she needs to drop it. After he leaves, Diane comes over at Carly's request. She wants to know the difference between murder and self-defense? Diane tells her she's going to charge triple for this answer. During their discussion, Diane tries to get her to understand the risk she will be taking. Carly doesn't think she will die, Diane points out that no one every does! Diane asks her to consider what her death would do to her children, Sonny, Jax, Jason, her family. Diane then points out the reality of a murder trial. Carly believes that Leticia's killer is the one texting her and won't let it go. When Diane mentions that her best friend is a hired killer and perhaps she should let Jason take care of this sitatuion, Carly realizes that if she can get Jason to take her to the ball, she will be safe and she won't need to carry a gun. 

October 29, 2007 - Edited - Spinelli knows Jason's aversion to all social events but begs him to reconsider attending the ball. Spinelli doesn't have a date and he wants to go to the ball. Spinelli says if Jason goes to the ball that Spinelli could then tag along with him. Jason doesn't have time to attend the ball and isn't interested. Kate shows up and asks if Jason has seen Sonny? Spinelli is annoyed at her interruption and tells her that the godfather will get in touch with her if he wants to see her, trying to get rid of her so he can continue his conversation with Jason. Jason tells Spinelli that if he can't find a date that Jason will go. Jason learns about the attempt to take out Sonny, but keeps the news to himself. Carly stonewalls Jax when he wonders why she's determined to attend the Black and White Ball at Wyndemere. Despite Jax's prying, Carly doesn't reveal her plans to draw out the killer during the festivities. However, Jason figures out that Carly is up to something when she insists that he accompany her to the ball. Johnny pulls a gun on Trevor, demanding to be let out of the house in order to protect Lulu from his father. Meanwhile, the deranged Zacchara spies on Lulu at Kelly's. 

Lucky shows up at Sam's, they immediately start making out. Nik enters the open door to find them together. Lucky gives him attitude thinking Nik is spying on him. Nik tells Sam that he is there to apologize for yesterday. He asks her if they are attending the ball as a couple? Lucky takes offense and sternly tells Nik to back off and mind his own business. Lucky asks Sam to be his date for the ball. Georgie is crushed when she hears Nadine agree to be Spinelli's date for the gala. When Elizabeth inadvertently provokes Nikolas into a fit of rage, Emily has to step in. 

October 30, 2007 - Edited - Zacchara proves the depths of his insanity when he kills two of his handlers in cold blood. Johnny correctly fears that his demented father is after Lulu. Failing to convince Trevor to release him, Johnny knocks him out in order to get to Lulu. Nikolas and Emily try to put on a brave face, but both know that something is seriously wrong with Nikolas. As the day of the Black and White Ball approaches, Zacchara spies on the two of them at Wyndemere. Carly continues on her dangerous course. 

October 31, 2007 - Wyndemere 5:00 AM Nikolas says, "People say that I love you more than life. I never knew what that meant until tonight. Would you die for love?" Next, Nikolas is shown lying on the ground with a bloody hand. He opens his eyes and looks around. He sees a mask on the ground and screams, "NO!!!" 

11 hours earlier: Nikolas knocks on the door and Emily welcomes him in. He tells her how beautiful she looks. She tells him he is even more handsome than the night of the last ball. He tells her he didn't show her the proper attention that night and he will make up for it. He just wants to make her happy. They both get emotional, as he tells her that he's afraid that whatever is wrong with him is going to kill him. He doesn't know how many days he has left with her, but he wants to spend them all with her. Will she marry him? Emily says yes. She would be honored to be his wife. She will help him raise Spencer and their own children. They will have a long and happy life together. He puts the ring on her finger and they kiss. 

At the pier, Jason approaches Spinelli and asks him what's wrong. Spinelli is very freaked out and thinks he can't do anything without Jason's assistance and guidance. Jason reassures him that everything will be fine. He can't go to the ball, because he's got other stuff going on right now. Nadine walks down the steps towards the pier and compliments Spinelli by telling him he looks dashing. That's all Spinelli needed to boost his confidence. Spinelli introduces Jason and Nadine before Nadine and Spinelli head towards the launch. 

While Alexis waits for the launch, Jerry walks over and tells her she looks lovely. She warns him not to crash the party, and he says he wishes he could go if he were invited. He just wants to make sure Nikolas doesn't hurt anyone he cares about. He would like to dance with her, also, though. Ric and Skye show up, and Ric tells Alexis to stay away from Jerry. Jerry says that the wind is shifting. This night could get a little messy. 

Patrick and Leyla show up at the launch and see Robin waiting there as well. She is polite and says hi before she leaves. Leyla thinks that Patrick should go and talk to Robin, but Patrick explains that he invited Leyla so the night is for her. 

When the first group arrives at Wyndemere, Alfred welcomes them in. He hesitates to let Jerry in, but Alexis gets him in anyway. Carly and Jax wonder what Alexis is up to. They are interrupted when Kate approaches them to talk about the magazine. Carly mentions how it was all her idea and Jax tries to change the subject. Kate mentions how she is worried about Sonny because she hasn't heard from him in a while. Carly tells her to get used to it. Meanwhile, Skye scans the group for Monica. She finds out that Monica won't be there because of an emergency surgery. Edward is also not going to come to the party. 

Jerry talks to Trevor and asks if he will be in Port Charles for very long. Trevor says that he will due to business and his desire to be close to his granddaughter. Trevor takes a call where he finds out that Johnny and Anthony are missing. He is told that Lulu is probably going to be at the party and Anthony will be coming after her. When Trevor hangs up the phone, he turns around to see Lulu. 

Back on the docks, Scott gets knocked out by Johnny. He takes Scott's invitation and mask. Scott recovers and shows up at the ball just as Luke is arriving. He tells Alfred that Luke knocked him out and took his invitation. Scott and Luke start to fight, and Luke ends up paying a man to make sure Scott doesn't get into the ball. 

Georgie and Coop arrive at the ball, where she thanks him for being her date. She didn't want to go by herself. She tries to convince him to give Maxie one dance, but Maxie walks past Coop on Johnny's arm. Alfred ushers all the guests that have arrived into the ballroom, where Nikolas and Emily come down to greet their guests. Nikolas announces that he is giving an endowment to General Hospital in the name of Alan Quartermaine. He wishes he could be there tonight so he could hear the announcement of his engagement to Emily. Everyone applauds while they kiss. Luke shakes Nikolas' hand in congratulations and Liz hugs Emily. Lulu comes over and also hugs Emily. Alexis congratulates Nikolas, and he asks why Jerry is there. She tells him he was going to come anyway, so at least he's there with her to watch him. She leaves, and Lucky comes over to congratulate Nikolas. Outside, Liz watches as Nikolas and Emily begin the first dance. Lucky comes outside and the two reminisce from the past parties at Wyndemere. The memory of the two of them dancing in jeans and tennis shoes helped both of them through some tough times. They thought they were going to spend the rest of their lives together, just like Emily and Nikolas think now. She thought their love would get them through anything. Neither one of them regret one moment they had together, though. Lucky asks Liz to dance, for old time's sake. Sam watches them from the shadows. They finish dancing and she says this was how they were supposed to end. They went full circle. They started dancing in the courtyard at Wyndemere, and that's where they are ending. Lucky leaves without seeing Sam. Sam comes out and tells Liz that she just played Lucky like a real pro. The two girls continue yelling at each other over Jake being Jason's child and Sam's inability to deal with it. Liz slaps Sam, and Sam returns with a punch. They start yelling and screaming while they fight until Lucky comes out and breaks them up. He asks what they were fighting about, and Sam tells Liz to come clean. 

More people join in with dancing. Logan and Lulu start to dance, but Luke cuts in. Robin watches and Patrick and Leyla are together. When the dance is over, Scott comes over to Logan, Luke, and Lulu after Nikolas finally allowed him in. Luke says he had nothing to do with it. Scott mentions what a good couple Logan and Lulu make, but Logan isn't interested in talking to his dad about his relationship. Lulu and Luke leave. Scott tells Logan that girls like Lulu and her mother only come around once in a lifetime. Logan thanks him for his help with his second chance with Lulu. 

As Lulu goes up the steps, Spinelli runs into her and tells her that he is there to protect his true love, fair Lulu. She turns around, stunned. He says he won't ruin her evening. They talk about Nadine, and Spinelli admits that she is wonderful. She's not the same as Lulu, though. They dance and swirl back into the party. Logan is told that is date is in the study. When he goes to the study, Luke is in there. He tells Logan that Lulu may have come to the party with him, but she won't be leaving with him. Lulu walks in and asks what is going on. Meanwhile, Johnny asks Trevor if he has seen his father. Johnny knows he is there somewhere. Trevor thinks that if Johnny goes home, his father will follow him. Johnny says that his father is there to kill Lulu. 

Carly texts "Where R U?", but Jax walks over and asks her who she's texting. She lies to him and says she is just checking on the kids. After she dances with Patrick, she gets another text that says, "I need to see u." One of Trevor's goons talks on the phone and says they need to find Mr. Zacchara and bring him home. Jason comes from behind and puts a gun to his head. He wants information on Anthony Zacchara. The man tells Jason that Anthony is in Port Charles and the men that were supposed to go after him are now dead. Anthony killed them. He will kill anyone who stands in his way. Jason wants to know what Anthony wants. 

November 1, 2007 - At the Black and White Ball at Wyndemere, everyone dances with their perspective dates. Lulu finds Logan talking with Luke alone in the living room and asks them what is going on. Robin watches Patrick dancing with Leyla. Sam and Elizabeth start a brawl out on the terrace. Lucky gets between the two women who trade insults at each other. Emily comes out to see what the commotion is. Lucky takes Sam's side in the fight after Elizabeth calls Sam a lying slut. Sam hints to Lucky that Elizabeth is the liar and that they are the victims in all this since Jason and Elizabeth betrayed them both. Emily takes Elizabeth's side and yells at Lucky for not appreciating the fact that Elizabeth stuck up for him in the mediation the other day. Nikolas shows up and surprises everyone when he gets in Emily's face and yells at her for how she was talking about his brother. Emily realizes he is having one of his episodes again and backs down and takes Elizabeth over to one of the bedrooms to help her fix her hair and her torn dress strap. Later, Sam apologizes to Nikolas for what happened earlier with Elizabeth and fills him in on what he did when he yelled at Emily for yelling at Lucky. Nikolas doesn't remember this episode like he doesn't remember any of his other psychotic episodes and thinks he is getting worse. Sam tries to reassure him that Emily seemed to be o.k. and probably knows he didn't mean what he said. Nikolas apologizes to Elizabeth and Emily later on after Emily fixes Elizabeth's dress and hair and tells her about how Nikolas has gotten some tests done at the hospital to find out about what is causing his violent episodes. Nikolas isn't sure he likes the idea of Elizabeth knowing about his problems but they point out to him that he should tell Lucky about them also. Later, Lucky and Sam talk after the fight. Sam asks him why they are even trying to be in a relationship when love dies eventually. 

Meanwhile, Anthony Zacchara roams around Wyndemere and sets out to kill Lulu, who he believes will hurt his son, Johnny. Johnny runs into Trevor at the ball while he is looking for Lulu. Trevor tries to persuade him to go home and wait for his father to come home. Johnny points a gun at Trevor and tells him to let him do what he needs to do which is find his father and stop him from killing Lulu at the ball. Trevor also has a run-in with Ric. Ric confronts his father about what Sonny told him, Trevor is running the business for Anthony because Anthony is too crazy to do anything. Trevor denies it and tells him he is trying to protect Johnny and help him. Ric doesn't believe him and tells him that two of Anthony's men were killed. Meanwhile Carly goes out onto the balcony to text message the killer to meet her at the ball. Jax follows her out there and asks her why she is outside. She tells him some lie about how she went out to enjoy the beautiful view. Kate waits around anxiously, hoping that Sonny shows up so she knows he is alive. Jax offers to dance with her but Carly cuts in on those plans. Kate ends up going out onto one of the balconies and Trevor finds her there. He warns her to go home and claims to still care about her happiness and safety. Kate tells him she is waiting for Sonny to show up. Trevor tells her that it isn't a good place for her to hang around and that is trouble is expected tonight. Kate tells him she isn't going anywhere. Someone watches Kate from afar. It ends up being Sonny after all. He tells her he was admiring the view which means her. They kiss. 

Meanwhile, Diane is in Sonny's office talking on the phone when Jason finds her. He asks her if she heard from Sonny at all. She tells him she hasn't but seems very much on edge. She ends up spilling her guts about her conversation with Carly even though it goes against attorney-client privilege in most cases. She tells him that Carly got some more text-messages which led her to believe that Leticia's killer is going to be at the ball and wants to meet her there. She warns Jason that Carly brought a gun with her. Later, Carly ends up showing up in the living room to meet the killer with her gun and hides when she hears raised voices. It ends up being Ric and Alexis fighting after Ric watched her dance with Jerry at the ball. Ric threatens to get custody of their daughter back if she doesn't stop seeing Jerry or spending time with him. Alexis dares him to do that and warns him she is a lot stronger now and will fight him and win in court this time. Ric storms off. Alexis tries to use her cell-phone but it doesn't work so she tries to call on Nikolas' phone but the line is dead. The power goes out and then Nikolas gets word that there is a storm coming their way and that the harbor patrol will be closing down the harbor. He tells all the guests that they will have to spend the night there at Wyndemere but assures them there are plenty of rooms for them to sleep in. Cooper gets a text message and excuses himself to Georgie, his date that he has to go take care of some business. He heads to the living room to talk privately on his phone and finds Carly there. Carly points her gun at him, thinking he is Leticia's killer. Alexis comes into one of the rooms and starts to scream at what she finds there. 

Anthony Zacchara starts to mutter to his dead wife that he must protect their son from falling in love and getting hurt by Lulu so he will have to kill her. Johnny keeps running into Nadine, the nurse who is wearing the same white gown that Lulu is wearing and grabs her to dance with him. Johnny ends up finding Lulu and drags her outside to warn her that his father is somewhere at the ball and will try to kill her. 

Robin talks to Maxie and Georgie about how much she misses Patrick and how hard it is to watch him dance with Leyla. Maxie and Georgie try to cheer her up and encourage her to enjoy herself and dance with all the cute guys she can find. Later, Maxie can't help herself when she sees Leyla standing near the refreshment table alone. She approaches her and makes some snide remark about how she stole Robin's man from her with her flirtations at the hospital. Leyla asks her why she cares. Maxie tells her she is Robin's cousin. Leyla tries to dismiss her and walk away. Maxie grabs her arm and tells her she isn't done talking to her yet. Leyla tries walk away again but Maxie grabs Leyla's pearl necklace around her neck and pulls it hard and breaks it. Maxie takes off as Patrick comes to Leyla's rescue. Leyla is devastated by what Maxie did and ends up crying over it. Patrick confronts Robin about what Maxie did and blames her for taking their break-up out on Leyla again. Robin doesn't know what he is talking about and lashes out at him for being so selfish. Later, Nikolas asks Robin to dance with him. They share a dance. Robin surprises him by asking him if he would consider fathering her baby for her. Later, Nikolas finds Leyla crying alone on one of the couches and approaches her. He thinks she is crying about being stranded there overnight because of the storm. He reassures her everything will be alright and that tomorrow morning she will be able to go home. Leyla tells him she isn't worried about the storm or about what could happen since she is a nurse. She hands him her broken pearl necklace and tells him that is why she is crying. 

November 2, 2007 - Wyndemere 9 hours earlier: Sonny and Kate notice the power has gone off. They don't mind and Kate says it's overrated anyway. Sonny mentions how he almost didn't get back. Kate is very thankful that he's there and says she's right where she wants to be when he talks about the other people there for the ball. Kate reminds him that while she doesn't need to know about his business, it would have been nice if he would have called her to let her know he was ok. Sonny reveals that someone tried to kill him by blowing up his car. He had to lay low until Jason could come down to help him. He couldn't call because he was busy trying to play dead. She is stunned to learn that he was running for his life in Puerto Rico. She is even more stunned to learn that Trevor was the one that was trying to kill him. 

Meanwhile, Carly holds a gun on Coop. She wants to know why he killed Leticia. She tells him that she got a text message from the killer asking her to meet here and here he shows up. He says he was working a text message he got while he was at the station. She doesn't believe him. Maxie comes in and asks what is going on. She tells Carly that there's no way Coop killed Leticia. Carly wants to know why she has such faith in Coop. Maxie says she has faith in Coop because she knows who he really is. She walks over and stands in front of him and says if he's really guilty then he can use her as a hostage to escape. 

Lulu can't understand why Johnny thinks his father is trying to kill her. He finally gets an opportunity to reveal that his father killed his mother when he was just a little boy. One night years ago, Johnny and his mother had plans. His father wanted to do something with his mother that night and he was mad when she wouldn't change her plans to be with him. He was jealous of Johnny. He pulled a gun out and was going to shoot Johnny, but his mother ran in front of him and was shot instead. When Trevor got there, he told the police that there was a home intruder. Johnny is all Anthony has left of his wife now. He thinks Johnny and Lulu are dating and he thinks that Lulu will take Johnny away from him. 

Alexis screams when she finds Ric, who has been stabbed by a sword. Johnny and Lulu come in and Lulu offers to go get help. 

Sam goes off to try and find the generator. Lucky offers to help, but she tells him it's not necessary. He asks what is bothering her, and she tells him that she doesn't like the way Liz treats him. Liz interrupts them and needs to talk to Lucky. When they are alone, she tells him about Nikolas' rage and his outbursts. Liz goes off to try and find some flashlights. While she's wandering around Wyndemere alone, Anthony follows her. Meanwhile, Sam catches back up with Lucky and tells him that someone took an axe to the generator. Luke finds them and tells them about Ric being stabbed. He tells them there's safety in numbers. 

Nikolas talks to Leyla about her broken necklace. He learns that it is a family heirloom and that is why she's so upset that someone intentionally broke it. Nikolas asks if Patrick defended her, but Leyla says that Patrick doesn't know. Nikolas gets upset and walks away. Emily follows him. Nikolas overhears Robin and Patrick fighting. He goes into a rage until Emily walks in and tells him to stop. When he does, Emily tells Robin and Patrick about the rage Nikolas has been experiencing and the black-outs. Nikolas was going to meet with another neurologist, but he wanted to throw her this ball so he put it off. Patrick mentions that he needs to get this taken care of, before charges start getting pressed against him. Nikolas comes out of his blackout and asks what happened. The last thing he remembered was talking to Leyla about the necklace. They are interrupted when Leyla comes in and tells them that Ric has been stabbed. 

Logan tells Spinelli to back off. Lulu is missing and he needs to find her. Nadine tells them about the guy who thought she was Lulu. They danced together and switched dance partners so he could dance with Lulu. Logan is mad that she would do this, but she tells him it's a masquerade ball and she didn't see the harm in it. 

Jason asks Max if the boat is ready. Max tells him that the coast guard has shut down the harbor, but Jason doesn't care. Carly has a gun and she's either going to hurt someone or she's going to hurt herself. He needs a boat to be able to get to the island right away. Later, Jason is speeding towards the island in the boat not realizing the boat has a bomb on it that is quickly counting down. Meanwhile, Jax finds Carly in the study with a gun on Coop and Maxie. He gets the gun away from her and asks her what she was doing. He tells her that there was a killer there tonight, but it wasn't Coop. He tells her about Ric being stabbed. Robin and Patrick are doing their best to try and get him to a hospital. She tells him about the text messages she's been receiving from the killer. He asks if that's why she wanted Jason there so badly. She says yes. And she still wishes he was there. Meanwhile, Luke tries to keep everyone calm in the ball room. Coop, Lucky, and Nikolas are going to go look for Liz and Luke is going to try and keep everyone safe and away from the killer. He doesn't realize that Anthony is standing right behind Lulu in the shadows. Meanwhile, Trevor tells Skye that he's going to do whatever he can to help his son. Patrick says it's not safe to do too much, though. Robin mentions that it's not looking good for Ric. He's lost a lot of blood. She faints into Patrick's arms, while Leyla watches from behind. Trevor tells Johnny that this is his entire fault. If he had gone home, his father wouldn't be here doing this. Johnny says that it is Trevor's fault. He should have had Anthony locked up years ago, but he knew he would lose his father. Trevor says he thought he could manage Anthony. Johnny says there's no way to manage his father. Johnny tries to walk away, but Logan comes up and approaches him for taking Lulu away. Johnny says he just danced with her, that's all. Logan says he grabbed her and then tried to kill Ric for his father. Back in the ballroom, Spinelli tells Georgie that he should have done something. Jason would have saved the day. He needs to be more like Jason. She asks him to stay with her and keep her safe and he agrees. 

Black & White Ball Dvd #2  November 5-12, 2007

November 5, 2007 - 8 hours earlier: 9 PM: A voice says, "When you're alone in the dark, you never know who will be coming for you or why." Liz opens the closet door and a body falls out with a knife in the back. She hears someone coming and takes the knife out of the dead body and hides behind the door. Coop opens the door, but closes it again and leaves. He walks by some candles and swords on the wall. When Coop is gone, Liz leaves the room and rushes past the wall of candles and swords. One sword is missing. 

Kate thinks she sees a boat trying to make it to the island. Sonny doesn't care about that right now, though. He wants to know how he can protect her when his life has already touched her. She tells him that what has happened had nothing to do with him. He apologizes that he can't protect her. She doesn't want him to shut her out of his life. He warns her that being a part of his life could be rough. She tells him that she's a scrapper and she's strong. He knows that, but he has seen what his life has done to women. There are different rules for his world. He knows what Trevor is capable of, because he's done some of the same stuff. Kate says that he makes her happy, and she can't remember the last person that's made her happy. 

The bomb on the boat is at 35 seconds and quickly counting down. Jason notices something flapping in the wind. When he reaches down to touch it, he realizes it is a bomb. It is at 5 seconds. The bomb explodes just as Sonny and Kate move away from the window. 

Johnny tells Logan that he's not the type to pin a man to the wall. Logan says he knows that what happened to Ric was the job of a whack-o like him. Johnny says he's not the whack job. His father is, and if he doesn't stop him, more people will die. Logan tells him he's not going anywhere except back to the ballroom. Johnny punches Logan and manages to get away. He finds Liz walking around and grabs her. She gasps, but he tells her he's not going to hurt her. She tells him to get away from her, but Johnny tells her she shouldn't be wandering around here alone. She thinks he could be the one that killed the man in the closet. She tells him about what happened. He tells her she's right. She doesn't know him, but she needs to get to the ballroom right away. 

Lulu does not notice Anthony behind her. Luke gets everyone's attention and warns them that the murderer could be anywhere on the island. They need to stay together. Sam notices Anthony, but leaves without saying anything. In the hallway, Lulu drops her mask. Anthony starts to approach her with the string in his hands, but she walks away before he can strangle her. Anthony is not happy. Lulu goes over to her father and asks him what he knows about Anthony Zacchara. He says he never met the man, but he knows he is bad news. He wants her to stay away from him and his son. She asks if he would recognize him if he saw him. Luke is curious and asks why she is asking. Meanwhile, Sam pulls Emily aside after seeing Anthony again and him waving at her. She tells Emily that they need to talk. Emily says that if it's about Lucky or Liz, she's not interested. Sam tells her she just wants to know about a person running around Wyndemere. Does she recognize the person in the corner? Emily doesn't see anyone. Anthony is gone. 

Maxie sees Jax and Carly, and she asks Carly if she has shot anyone lately. Maxie fills Georgie in on what happened between Carly and Coop. Georgie tells her maybe Carly is right. Maxie says she knows Coop, and he doesn't have it in him to kill someone. 

Robin tells Patrick and Leyla to stop hovering over her. She isn't sick and she isn't pregnant. Patrick sends Leyla to check on Ric, and he asks Robin what happened. She's not sure, but when she saw his blood on her mask, she thought it was hers. 

Skye asks Leyla how Ric is doing. Leyla isn't sure how they are going to be able to stop the bleeding. Ric wakes up and asks about Molly. Alexis assures him that Molly is ok. She gives him a drink of water and tells him everything is going to be ok. Ric tells her she is a terrible liar. He knows she is worried. Jax tells them that he has the keys to the launch, but Sam says they'll never make it. Perhaps they can get someone on the radio. Carly tells Lulu that she needs to stay put. Lulu asks her if that's what she would do. Johnny's dad is crazy and he's here. Jax comes over and tells her she needs to stay put. He tells Carly that she needs to go with Sam, but Carly doesn't want to. Jerry comes in and tells them there's a problem. He went to the docks and all the launches are ripped up. He's going to go search and see if he can find anything that will help them. Meanwhile, Logan is relieved to find Lulu. He tells her about his suspicions of Johnny. Lulu tells him that it's not Johnny, but his father that is murdering people. Nadine sits down next to Lulu and questions her about Johnny. Lulu tells her that Johnny isn't who Logan thinks he is. She asks Nadine to do her a favor. Later, Nadine and Lulu walk around with the same masks on. 

Luke thinks the mystery has something to do with the mob since Sonny is missing. He wants to talk to Logan, but Scott overhears and says he's going to be the only one asking questions. They go over to Spinelli and ask him about Jason and Sonny's plans for tonight. Spinelli doesn't want to answer and says he can not share their mob dealings with them, but Luke asks if Lulu can change that answer. Spinelli does not relent and says that he knows nothing of the warped one. Scott gets mad, but Georgie defends him and says that's just the way he speaks. Emily comes over and tells Scott to grow up. Luke tells Spinelli that if he thinks of anything to come find him and tell him. Scott tells Logan to go talk to Lulu. She's been hanging out with Johnny. Maybe she can reveal something. As Logan watches, Spinelli goes to talk to Lulu. He realizes it's Nadine, but she shushes him and tells him that she's doing Lulu a favor by pretending to be her. Spinelli leaves to talk to Luke, and suddenly someone grabs Nadine. It's Anthony. He is surprised when the mask unveils Nadine and not Lulu. She asks him what he wants, and he asks her if she gardens. She says no, and he says that's too bad. He approaches her with the string in hand. 

Johnny finds Lulu running around the halls again and asks her what she's doing. She tells him that she's using herself as bait. He's mad that after he told her what his father is capable of, she's still running around in danger. Logan finds them and asks Lulu why she keeps running back to Johnny. He tells Johnny that Lulu is coming back with him, right? Lulu just stares at him. 

Trevor comes by to check on Ric. Patrick tells him that he needs to be evacuated now or he won't be strong enough for the trip. Trevor starts to leave, but Alexis stops him. She slaps him and calls him selfish when he tells her there's nothing more he can do for Ric. He wants to go check on Kate. She tells him she's had her own experience with a lousy father. She tells him he is a failure to watch his son bleeding to death and not even give him five minutes that will cost him nothing. When Trevor leaves, Ric questions Alexis and tells her he thought she didn't care about him. Alexis tries to find out if Ric saw his attacker, but he said it was too dark. He apologizes to Skye for being a lousy date and then apologizes to Alexis for being a lousy husband. Alexis reminds him that he's a wonderful father. He asks if his father was there, and the women tell him that his father left to try and get the launch ready. Ric starts to question that, but he moves and the pain comes back. Leyla comes to check on Ric, so Alexis and Skye have time alone to talk. Alexis asks Skye if she and Ric are dating, and Skye admits that she is interested in him. Alexis says it's good for Ric to have something nice in his life. 

Nikolas and Lucky talk about how they shouldn't have let Coop go off on his own. Lucky tells Nikolas he knows that he was just trying to do something nice for Emily and now it backfired and a lunatic is on the loose. Lucky reveals that Liz told him about the blackouts. Nikolas starts to get panicky again, and Lucky tells him they should just drop the subject. He turns around and Nikolas knocks him out. 

Emily talks to Alfred about the past parties at Wyndemere and how worried she is about Nikolas. Alfred tells her that the love a woman can give can sometimes be the incentive a man needs to overcome anything. He asks her if she's alright and if he should go find Nikolas. She says no. She's been under a lot of stress lately, but Nikolas needs to know that they trust him. Meanwhile, Nikolas comes out of a secret passageway and finds Lucky's handcuffs. He picks them up. He finds Emily and reveals to her that he had another blackout. They lost track of Coop, and he's not sure what happened to Lucky. 

As Sam works on the radio, Jerry searches for the fuelline and finds out that it is missing. The two start to bicker, but Jax tells them that this is going nowhere. Carly decides she has to go back to the house. She knows who is doing all of this. Jax tells her that she needs to stay safe to get back to her boys, but she sneaks out when no one is looking. She starts running towards the house and trips over a body. It's Coop. Meanwhile, Jerry, Jax, and Sam realize Carly is gone. Suddenly, gun shots ring out. 

Someone grabs Liz as she walks back into the room of the murdered man. She struggles until she turns around and sees that it's Jason. Robin apologizes to Leyla for her necklace. Patrick checks on Ric, while Leyla checks to make sure Alexis is okay. Trevor walks into a room and finds Kate naked in Sonny's arms. Sonny asks him if he's surprised to see him. 

November 6, 2007 - Wyndemere 7 hours earlier: 10 PM "There are two choices when you are scared. One, you hide. Two, you stay and fight." Trevor asks Kate what she's doing there with Sonny. Sonny tells him the conversation is over. Trevor reveals that Ric has been stabbed. Someone tried to kill Sonny's little brother. Sonny says it wasn't just anyone, but it was Anthony. Sonny says Anthony doesn't know he's here. Sonny knows that Trevor set him up. He knows Anthony is crazy and Trevor is running the business. Trevor says he doesn't have time for this. Kate asks him if he's seen Anthony. He says no, but he's seen the signs. Kate asks why Ric is involved. Trevor says he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sonny thinks that Anthony knows more than they think. Maybe he's tired of being locked up. Maybe he's going after Trevor. Sonny thinks they should let Anthony find him. Trevor says if he's after anyone, it's Sonny. Trevor wants Kate to come with him, but Kate tells him to burn in hell. Trevor warns her that if Anthony killed his own wife, he will have no problem killing her. When he leaves, Kate asks Sonny what is next. He tells her he's going to arrange his second and final meeting with Anthony Zacchara. 

Logan tells Lulu that Johnny is a psycho. He wants to take her back to the ballroom, but Johnny says they may not make it back. Logan tells him to stop scaring Lulu. Johnny says he's just trying to save her life. Logan asks Lulu if she's ever seen Anthony Zacchara. Johnny is the one who stabbed Ric, not his father. Johnny tells Lulu that they need to get off the island. They know how his father works. The two men continue to argue until Johnny says let's go. Logan tells her to choose. She either trusts him or she doesn't. Lulu asks Johnny to go back into the ballroom with them, but he won't. He tells them that if they run into his father, act happy. Talk about flowers and remind him that Maria wouldn't want him to kill. When he leaves, Logan asks who Maria is. Lulu explains that Maria was Johnny's mother. He thinks Johnny is playing her. Lulu tells him that she's been to his house and has heard his father. He really is crazy. That's why they keep him locked up. 

Anthony talks to Nadine about how flowers are different, but all women are all alike. They steal men's hearts and then betray them. Nadine grabs a fire poker and tells Anthony to get away from her. He says he just wants to have some fun. Spinelli comes in and tells Anthony to stay away from Nadine. Anthony says the more the merrier. He asks them who wants to go first. Nadine asks why he wants to kill them. Anthony says he is trying to keep his son safe. He tells them that dying young is very romantic. Spinelli creates a diversion and the two escape from Anthony. Meanwhile, Georgie tells Maxie that they need to go after Spinelli. She's worried that he may be in danger. Maxie tells her they should only be worrying about themselves. 

Two men walk in with guns and Jax jumps up and shoots them both dead. He wants to know who they were and what they were doing coming after them. Jerry gets them tied up and out on the docks. Jerry and Sam argue over who is going to drive the boat. Jax ends up winning the coin toss to take the boat, while Jerry is supposed to take Sam back to the house. Jerry tells Jax not to die on him, and Jax tells him to give his love to Carly. 

Meanwhile, Carly lays back down when she hear something. She gets back up and runs into a cave where she trips and knocks herself out. She wakes up and Anthony is there with her. He asks her what happened, and she tells him that she thinks she saw a bat and fell. He tells her she must have hit her head. She thanks him for helping her. He asks what she is doing all alone out in a storm. 

Jason asks Liz what she's doing running around the dark house. She tells him about looking for flashlights and how she got disoriented in the dark house. She tells him about the body she found. Jason knows that Anthony Zacchara is up to no good. He tells her he needs to keep her safe and have the element of surprise on his side when he sneaks up on Anthony. They hold hands and run to the barn. She holds his gun while he looks around to make sure they are safe. When he looks at her in the light he asks her what happened to her face. Who hit her? She tells him about her fight with Sam. Jason says that when this is all over, he will deal with Sam. Liz warns him that Sam is going to tell Lucky about Jake. It's the only thing she has left to hurt them with. Jason decides he needs to teach Liz how to shoot so she can protect herself. He warns her that if anyone comes at her, shoot them three times in the chest and run the other way. Don't try to talk to Zacchara. He kisses her and leaves. She locks the door. When she hears knocking on the door later, she takes aim. 

Ric mentions that the pain is going away. Patrick tells him to be still. Ric knows he is in bad shape. Alexis tells him he better live for his daughter's sake. He says he plans on living to see his daughter grow up and graduate from Harvard. He apologizes for all the bad things he did. If he could do it over again, he would have. He would have been kinder to her. She agrees that she would have done things differently, too. Patrick tells them that they need to do surgery now. Robin wonders what they can find to operate with. She comes back with some fishing line, but Patrick worries that Ric will bleed to death when they un-bandage him. Trevor comes in and Patrick explains what they are going to try and do. He doesn't want them to operate on his son with fishing line, but Robin tells him that's all they have. Patrick is the best. Ric will need a blood transfusion, though. Over in a corner, Skye notices Alexis in pain. She asks her when the pain started. Alexis says she survived cancer. She can survive this. It's nothing. 

Nikolas talks to Luke about candles. He thinks he and Lucky must have been separated, because he couldn't find him. Luke isn't worried. Lucky knows Wyndemere, and he will find his way back. When Luke leaves, Emily asks Nikolas if he knows where he and Lucky got separated at. Nikolas reveals that he had another blackout. Nikolas wants to go look for Lucky. He was there in the study with him, and then all of a sudden he was there alone. For all he knows, he could have attacked his own brother. Meanwhile, Scott talks to Luke about getting a search party together. Luke thinks it's too dangerous, but Scott thinks they have a chance of taking the killer if they have a group. Coop comes back and everyone is concerned because of the gash on his head. Luke asks him who did this to him, but Coop doesn't know. He was looking for whoever stabbed Ric when he heard gunshots and was knocked out. Luke asks why they should believe him. He's been gone a long time. Suddenly, there's a knock at the door. It's Lulu and Logan. Luke asks her why she keeps putting her life on the line. She tells him that she was trying to find Johnny, but he wouldn't come back with them. Logan interjects that Johnny didn't want to come back because he was the one who stabbed Ric. Lulu tells them all that Anthony, not Johnny stabbed Ric. Luke wants to know why. He thinks that Anthony's real target is Trevor. Scott thinks he's going to kill everyone in his way. Luke thinks they should just let Anthony kill whoever he came for and let the cops sort the mess out in the morning. Logan tells them he doesn't think Anthony is even there. Luke says if he's so sure Johnny is the killer, then go track him down and take Scott. Logan tries to convince Scott to go with him, but Scott tells him it's a bad idea. Logan thinks his dad isn't siding with him, but Scott says he just doesn't want to see his son get into a fight he can't win. Logan goes back to Georgie and Maxie and asks where Lulu is. They realize she is gone and figure out she went to find Johnny. 

Nikolas tells Emily that Lucky wouldn't have just left him. Something must have happened to him. He needs to find him. Emily warns him about Anthony, but Nikolas says he's going to get a gun. Emily doesn't like that idea since Nikolas has never even seen Anthony Zacchara. Nikolas tells Luke he's going to go look for Lucky, but Luke doesn't want him to go. He tells him that they need the host there with them. The fewer targets out there, the better. Maybe Lucky found Liz and they are just hanging low. Jerry and Sam walk in and tell everyone what happened. Luke tells them to stay here and stay away from the grudge match. Jerry thinks everyone needs to get off the island. Luke tells him no one will leave the island tonight. 

Spinelli and Nadine roam the halls with swords. A man sneaks up on Nadine and she almost hits him with her sword. It's Jason. Spinelli is relieved. He tells Jason about what happened and that Anthony is chasing them. Jason says he probably got bored chasing the two of them and found another target. Johnny looks around the castle and finds another dead body. He drags the body until Sonny comes in with his gun drawn. Kate tells both men to put their guns down. They're supposed to be on the same side. Johnny tells him that he found the body and thinks his dad stole the dead guest's clothes in order to blend in. Sonny talks him down and he lowers his gun. As soon as he does, Sonny puts the gun to Johnny's head and tells him now they will do it his way. Lulu sneaks out of the room again in an effort to try and find Spinelli when she stumbles upon Sonny, Kate, and Johnny. She is stunned when she sees Sonny kick Johnny down and yells out to Anthony to show his face in 10 seconds or he's going to blow his son's brains all over the floor. 

November 7, 2007 - 6 hours earlier: 12 AM "We all have limits, lines we know we won't cross until we do." Sonny yells for Zacchara to come or Johnny will die. Kate and Lulu talk Sonny out of it and he realizes Johnny is the only one who can stop Anthony. The two women talk about how he wouldn't have shot him anyway, but Johnny says yes he would. That's what his father would have done. 

Jason, Spinelli and Nadine all make it back to the barn where Liz is waiting. Spinelli wants to help Jason, but as usual, Jason wants to work alone. When Jason leaves the barn, Spinelli is depressed and calls himself a wimp. Nadine points out that he saved her from Anthony. Just because he doesn't carry a gun doesn't mean he's a wimp. Liz agrees with her. They are stopped from continuing their conversation when they hear a noise outside. Spinelli decides to check outside and when they finally open the door, they discover a man who barely has a pulse. They take him inside the barn to try and help him. 

Ric asks his dad if he came there to watch him die. Trevor tells him he isn't going to die. Patrick is ready to start the surgery, but they need to find a blood donor quickly. Unfortunately, Trevor is not a match. Before he leaves, he whispers to Ric to fight. Skye notices that Alexis is not doing well, but she tells Skye that Ric is the main concern right now. 

Carly asks Anthony what he's doing out there. He tells her that there's a psycho in the house killing people. He thought it would be safer to leave. He helps her out of the dirt and she sits on the rock. He asks her if she likes to garden. He wants to see the gardens on Spoon Island. They talk about the storm, and he says, "We work; we plant, then one night it can be all destroyed." This storm is terrible for the roses. He asks her if she keeps roses. She says no, but she thinks they are beautiful. She says her son's grandma has roses. He asks what her son's name is, and she tells him Benjamin. She asks him if he has kids, and he says one boy. That's why he's there. He talks about Johnny when he was a kid. His mother was too lenient. He could do no wrong. Anthony asks who Carly loves more, her son or her husband. Who would she pick if she had to pick between them. She says she loves them differently. She is devoted to her son, but her husband is the love of her life. Kids take your love and grow up and move away. Carly says she loves her husband forever, and she knows he feels the same about her. He tells her that her husband is very fortunate. Don't ever betray him. He leaves, and Carly is relieved. 

Nikolas tells Emily that he needs a way to defend himself. He wants to take the gun and find Liz and Lucky. She tells him he just had a blackout. She can't risk him having another one with a gun in his hand. He asks if she thinks he would actually harm them. He asks her if she trusts him. She doesn't answer. Nikolas asks her if she believes in him. They leave and go to check on Ric. They're trying to find a donor. Robin tells Emily that she won't risk operating on Ric. Emily tells her that she will. Nikolas gets ready to leave and asks if anyone wants to come back to the ballroom. Alexis says she will stay there with Ric. Nikolas notices something is wrong with her, but she tells him it is just stress. 

Luke tells Jerry that trying to get off the island by boat is suicide. Jerry tells him they won't make room for him. There is no launch, but Jerry tells them about the boat Jax is driving. Sam interrupts and says she needs to know where Lucky is. Luke tells her that he went to find Liz. They will be back. Scott comes over and the men start to argue over what is best and what they should do. Sonny comes to the door and Luke goes to talk to him. Sonny sends Johnny, Lulu, and Kate inside the ballroom. Sonny tells Luke he's going to finish off Anthony Zacchara tonight. Anthony is insane. The business is being run by Trevor. Sonny goes off to wander the halls in search for Anthony. Meanwhile, Logan continues antagonizing Johnny until Trevor comes in and asks if anyone has A negative or O negative type blood. Luke tells him no luck. As he leaves, Luke hears Tracy screaming. He runs toward his Spanky. He finds her lying at the bottom of the stairs. She threatens to sue Alfred for doing this to her. She was late, so she waited in the shed. She's worried she'll never be able to walk again. Luke silences her by kissing her. She asks what he did that for, and he tells her he's thankful she's alive. Although Tracy is in pain, Luke tells her what is going on. He tells her he will take care of her. Scott comes back with a brandy and tells them the weather is getting worse. 

Carly comes back into the ballroom after having escaped Anthony. She tells everyone that she just spent 30 minutes with Anthony Zacchara. She wants to know where Jax is and is mad when she realizes no one has even checked on him. He comes in shortly afterwards, though, and she runs towards him. She tells him all about her run in with Anthony. Kate tells her that when he killed his wife it made him insane. Maxie makes a point of rubbing in Logan's face the fact that Carly did in fact see Anthony Zacchara. He tells her to lay off. When Jax finds out that Ric is badly injured, he tells Carly that he needs to try and get Ric over to the mainland. She doesn't want him to go and tells him that she's worried she'll never see him again. He tells her he's going to spend the rest of his life with her and the boys. Carly goes over to Kate and asks her how long Sonny has been gone. She decides she's going to go find him. Someone has to. Meanwhile, Trevor finds Sonny and tells him that his brother needs him. He begs him to give Ric his blood for a transfusion. Carly finds the two just as they are talking about Ric, and she tells Sonny to let Ric bleed to death. 

Sam and Jerry go talk to Patrick about the boat. Sam asks if anyone has seen Lucky, but she doesn't get an answer. Jerry asks Alexis if she is ok, but she tells him she is fine. Jerry tells them all that they are going to try and get people off the island with the boat. As the storm gets worse, Jerry and Sam continue checking rooms. They know Anthony is out there somewhere. Meanwhile, Patrick starts the surgery. It will all be for nothing if they can't find a donor, though. 

Johnny walks into the study, and Lulu comes in behind him. He asks her if she's trying to get herself killed. She wants to stop the killings. She wants to use herself as bait. Johnny tells her that his father will know it's a trap. Jason comes up to them and surprises them. He tells them this is the wrong time to be fighting. They could be killed. They didn't even notice him approaching them. Lulu is surprised to see Jason. Johnny wants Jason to take Lulu out of there. He wants to take care of his father. Jason says it's too late to save Anthony. Johnny says he's not going to save him; he's going to kill him. Coop tells everyone in the ballroom what happened to Tracy. He and Logan decide to talk about security. Meanwhile, Georgie asks Nikolas how many rooms are in the house. He tells her at least 50. Suddenly, Georgie notices that Maxie is gone. 

November 8, 2007 - Five Hours Earlier Georgie gets really worried when Maxie is nowhere to be found suddenly in the main ballroom. Logan upsets Georgie when he dismisses her concern for Maxie and thinks that Maxie just took off hoping that Cooper would go looking for her and play hero. Cooper tells Georgie that he will go help her find Maxie. They look in several rooms but can't find her. Logan catches up to them and can't believe they are that worried about her. He tells Georgie that Maxie is a drama queen and is probably hoping for them to go look for her. Georgie gets very upset and attacks Logan with her fists and pummels him for saying nasty things about her sister when she could be in danger from Anthony Zacchara. Georgie tells Logan to go find Maxie and prove what kind of macho hero he is instead of insulting Maxie. Cooper accuses Logan of being the same coward he was when he was a soldier in Iraq. Meanwhile, Anthony does find Maxie and grabs her around the throat and drags her to another room. Maxie tries to hide how afraid she is with bravado. Anthony tells he knows women like her, they use men and betray them with their lies. Maxie tells him that he doesn't know her at all. Anthony tells her he wants her to play a little game with him and takes out his gun. Maxie asks him what kind of game he wants to play with her. He tells her he wants to play Russian Roulette with her. Maxie plays along with him but tells him he is insane. He agrees with her that he is insane and that there is something very liberating about not caring what people think of him and what he does to people. He tells her they can't play their game until he finds the gaming room. Maxie lies and tells him she thinks the gaming room is down the hall and couple of rooms to the left. He turns around slightly so Maxie hits him in the back of the head with a crystal vase and runs away. Anthony tells her he will be going after her and will find her. Maxie ends up running into Lucky who grabs her and hugs her when he sees how frightened she is. 

Lulu argues with Johnny about helping him lure his father out into the open by being bate for him. Johnny disagrees with her idea and tells her that he will be going after his father and she will be staying with the others so she is safe. Jason shows up in the room they are in and wonders why they are arguing when they should be staying with the others in a safe room. Lulu wants to help Johnny find his father and thinks she can be bait for him since Anthony wanted to kill her because he thought she was Johnny's new girlfriend. Jason agrees with Johnny that Lulu should not make herself a target for Anthony but thinks that Johnny is going after his father to protect him and so they aren't exactly on the same side. Johnny tells Jason that he isn't going after his father to protect him but to kill him himself. Jason grabs Lulu's arm as she starts to argue with him about making her own choices and Johnny reluctantly follows them. Meanwhile, Elizabeth, Paige, and Spinelli find one of Zacchara's men laying wounded on the ground outside the barn and drag his body inside. Elizabeth and Paige try to tend to his gunshot wounds and ask him who he is and why he is there. The man manages to say one word, "Zacchara" before he dies. Paige ends up talking about her sister Jolene, and how she ended up being someone she wouldn't recognize now since she was such a good and kind sister to her. Elizabeth explains about her own life experiences lately and how you can find yourself doing things you never thought you would do and end up being more surprised about yourself than anyone else. 

Soon after that Jason shows up at the barn with Lulu and Johnny. He puts Spinelli in charge of protecting Lulu and everyone and to make sure Lulu stays there and doesn't try to leave. They tell Jason about the dead gunmen and what he said. Elizabeth hugs Jason when she sees him with Lulu. Jason hugs her back but then pulls away to take care of business. Lulu starts to protest what Jason is doing by making her stay there but Jason ignores her and leaves with Johnny. Lulu tries to use her charm to persuade Spinelli to go with her to find Anthony. Elizabeth and Paige try to reason with Lulu about staying there with them and letting Jason handle things. Lulu ignores them and tries to get Spinelli to let her go. Spinelli tells her he has follow Jason's orders and can't let her go. Lulu walks past him and tries to walk out of the barn. Spinelli hits her over the head with the butt of the gun and knocks her unconscious. He feels really bad about it but tells her while she is laying unconscious that he had no choice but to keep her from getting hurt. He brings her to another room and sits her down in a chair. Lulu wakes up but doesn't remember much about what happened. She thinks she got hit in the head with a tree branch and Spinelli goes along with it so he doesn't have to tell her what he really did to knock her out. Lulu tells him she is sleepy and looks like she is going to go back to sleep but Spinelli tells her it isn't a good idea for her to go to sleep if she has a concussion and promises to stay there and take good care of her. She smiles at him and tells him he is a great friend to her and she wouldn't know what she would do without him. Later, Paige makes a comment to Elizabeth when they are alone about Jason being her "guy" who is a professional who she is sure can keep them safe. Elizabeth corrects her about Jason being her guy and that what she saw isn't what she thinks and asks her to act like she never saw her hug Jason earlier. 

Trevor runs into Sonny and Kate in the main atrium and asks him if he has the same blood type as Ric, A-. Sonny doesn't answer him but Trevor can tell by Sonny's expression that he is the same blood type. Trevor pleads with Sonny to go upstairs and agree to donate his blood so Ric can get a blood transfusion before he dies. Sonny keeps his gun pointed at Trevor and doesn't respond. Trevor comes closer to Sonny who keeps his gun aimed at him. Kate steps in and tells Trevor to back off and assumes that Sonny will donate his blood so Ric can have a transfusion and live. Sonny doesn't agree to do anything for Ric but listens to Trevor plead for Ric's life. Carly comes downstairs and tells Trevor that there is no way in hell that Sonny will help save Ric's life after what Ric did to him and his family. Trevor tells Carly to stay out of this since it doesn't concern her. Carly refuses to go anywhere and reminds Sonny of all the reasons why he shouldn't help Ric live. Trevor brings up Sonny's mother as a reason why Sonny should save his brother. Carly can't believe the nerve of Trevor to use Sonny's mother when he was the one who made Adella choose between her two sons all those years ago. She tells Trevor that he is a monster just like his son and tells Kate about how Ric kidnapped her when she was pregnant and chained her to a wall and that he doesn't deserve to live. Kate disagrees with her about Ric deserving to die and tells her that this is Sonny's decision not hers. Sonny finally speaks up and tells them that he needs to see Ric for himself before he will make a decision. Carly can't believe that Sonny is even thinking about helping save Ric and tells him he is a fool if he does. She storms off angry and Sonny almost goes after her. Kate tells Sonny not to go after Carly because that is what she is hoping he will do so that Ric will die before he can help him. 

Meanwhile, Patrick performs surgery on Ric with Emily, Leyla, and Robin helping him. Patrick complains about how poor the lighting is in the room and how he can't see where the bleeders are in his arteries to stop the bleeding. Robin finds the artery that is bleeding and shows Patrick where it is. He is able to stop the bleeding but feels that if they don't find a blood donor for Ric soon he will die. Sonny shows up with Kate upstairs and sees Ric laying there weak from loss of blood. Patrick tells Sonny and Kate that Ric needs a blood transfusion right away and needs Sonny to consent to it. Sonny agrees to donate his blood. They hook Sonny up to a tube they made up and attach it to Ric's arm. Kate tells Sonny that she knows he wouldn't be able to let his brother die and would do what he needed to do. Sonny tells her that he doesn't give a damn about his brother and did this for her. Meanwhile, Alexis watches Ric's surgery in agony as her stomach pains get worse. She ends up having to lay down on the couch and hold her stomach. She makes a sound of pain that alerts Robin. Robin goes to check on her. Skye tells her that Alexis has something wrong with her and it seems like it could be her appendix. Robin examines her to see where it is hurting but Alexis can't handle her probing and tells her she hurts too much to move. Jax comes into the room to let them know that he can transport Ric by boat back to the city even in the storm. He sees that Alexis is in pain and checks on her. He tries to get Alexis to move but she can't move without being in a lot of pain. Robin asks Emily if she can search the mansion and find something for Alexis to have for the pain. Emily tells her that she thinks Nikolas has some leftover painkillers somewhere and will go look for some. Jax insists on escorting Emily to protect her. They come back later with a pill for Alexis to take to alleviate the pain some. The painkiller doesn't work as effectively as they would like. Jax tells Alexis that he can take her on the boat and bring her to the hospital even if the storm is dangerous. Alexis asks Robin what she would do. Robin tells her she can't answer that. Alexis asks her what she would do if she was Patrick. Robin tells her that she would drag him and even carry him onto the boat if she had to. Alexis appreciates her honest answer and lets Jax carry her. 

Meanwhile, Carly finds Sam and Jerry arguing about who is going to take the boat back to the mainland, Jerry or Jax. Sam doesn't trust Jerry to take the boat since he may decide to leave and never come back for anyone. Jerry tells them that he has no intention of leaving without Jax or Carly. Carly starts arguing with Sam about her involvement with Lucky and having sex with him to get revenge on Jason. Sam tells Jerry and Carly that she is not going anywhere until she finds out where Lucky went. Carly starts arguing with Jerry also and brings up the fact that Trevor wants Sonny to donate his blood to save Ric and how she is against it. Sam asks Carly if she is even thinking about Jax right now or is she more worried about Sonny. Sam takes off on them to go find Lucky. Jerry gets even more frustrated and tries to keep Carly by his side until Jax is ready to leave on the boat. Carly fights with him to try to break free but he grabs her and tells her she isn't going anywhere without him. Cooper finds them and thinks that Jerry is purposely trying to hurt Carly and grabs him and pushes him off of Carly. Carly takes off and angers Jerry. Jerry refers to Cooper as "Number 3" which confuses Georgie who watches the whole exchange. Jerry warns Cooper that if anything happens to Carly he will make him pay. Georgie asks Cooper why Jerry called him "Number 3." Cooper doesn't answer her and changes the subject. Georgie wants them to keep looking for Maxie. Cooper tells her that they can't just roam around the rooms looking for Maxie and that Maxie would want them to stay with the others and help keep people safe. Carly wonders around and comes face to face with one of the gunmen looking for Zacchara. The gunman aims his gun at Carly. One of the other gunmen joins him which distracts the gunman enough to allow Carly to duck away behind one of the pillars. Jason shows up to protect her and Sam also shows up as well with a gun of her own. Jason and Sam look at each other and Sam nods her head to let him know she is ready to cover for him while he shoots at the men. They both end up shooting the gunmen as Carly watches them. After they take care of the gunmen, Jason asks Carly if she is o.k. She tells him she is fine and asks him if he is okay. Sam feels unappreciated by them for helping them and lets them know it. Carly accuses Sam of wanting a pat on the back from Jason, hoping he will forgive her because she helped them. Jason tells Carly that Sam already knows why he will never be able to forgive her. 

Nikolas searches all over the place for Lucky, gets into a fight with Logan, who thinks he is more insane than Zacchara, and then almost shoots Emily, who comes into the room he is in. He yells at her for going around the mansion on her own and not being safe. Emily stops him when she feels he is going off the deep end again. Nikolas stops himself from totally exploding and apologizes to Emily. Emily hugs him from behind and tells him that everything is going to be okay. Suddenly there is a gunshot and Emily screams as a bullet whizzes by them. Nikolas attacks Anthony Zacchara before he can shoot him. The two men get on the floor and fight. Anthony grabs Nikolas by the throat as he tries to get his gun. Emily watches them helplessly and can't do anything but freeze. The two continue to fight. Zacchara pulls the phone cord out of the phone to use to strangle Nikolas. Emily finds a gun and points it at Zacchara and yells at him to stop or she will shoot him.  

November 9, 2007 - Four Hours Earlier 3:00 AM  Opening his heart to Tracy, Luke says he's through living in the past. While setting out to face off with Zacchara, Luke runs into trouble. Meanwhile, Tracy has some choice words for Scott. Arriving as Zacchara is on the verge of choking Nikolas to death, Johnny tries to talk his father down. After a vicious attack on Emily, Zacchara flees into the darkened hallways. Knowing that his rage is spinning out of control, Nikolas forces Emily to take drastic action for her own safety. Lucky struggles to keep Maxie from plunging to her death. Following Jason's rejection, and feeling that he put Elizabeth's safety first, a spiteful Sam wants vengeance. Eventually, Lucky and Sam make their way to the stables to join the others, including Elizabeth. Sonny loses consciousness while donating blood to Ric, causing Kate to panic. However, Carly's arrival revives Sonny, and he stuns her with a surprising revelation. Meanwhile, Ric is floored by Trevor's actions. Later, Spinelli is racked with guilt by Lulu's praise, but Nadine inadvertently reveals the truth. 

Another description TV Guide Online - A trembling Maxie tells Lucky about her close encounter with Zacchara. Meanwhile, Johnny pulls his father off of Nikolas and urges him to come home but Anthony rushes away again. Luke tends to Tracy after she's laid low with back pain. Kate panics when Sonny passes out while donating blood to his injured brother. Sam snarls at Jason for making sure Elizabeth was safe before he helped anyone else. Declaring that he's through living in denial about Laura's condition, Luke tells a beaming Tracy how much she means to him. Lulu inadvertently fuels Spinelli's guilt feelings when she commends him for being such a loyal friend. Elizabeth awkwardly asks Nadine not to mention to anyone how she rushed into Jason's arms when he first returned to the stable. Carly cautions Jason that Sam is out for payback. Skye questions Trevor's sudden concern for his estranged son. Kate attempts to waken Sonny by talking about their shared past but is disappointed when it's Carly's voice which immediately brings him back to consciousness. Nadine accidentally blurts out an inconvenient truth to Lulu. Emily begs her fiance not to go after Anthony again, then cowers in fear as Nikolas suffers another sudden outburst of rage. Luke comes face to face with Zacchara and bristles when he threatens to kill Lulu. During yet another shouting match with Elizabeth, Sam threatens to spill the beans to Lucky. Spinelli pleads with Lulu to understand why he went to such great lengths to stop her from risking her life. Sonny tells Carly he loves Kate. Johnny warns a startled Leyla that she looks exactly like his late mother. Luke manages to get the best of Anthony in a fistfight but suddenly clutches his chest and collapses. 

November 12, 2007 - 3 hours earlier: 2 AM "Some things are too important to lie about." Sam yells at Liz about lying to Lucky. Jason comes in and tells her she needs to stop. Lucky tells Jason to stop ordering Sam around. Sam tells Lucky not to bother defending Liz. She'll never admit that what she did was wrong. Lucky wants to know what's going on. Jason tells him it's not Sam's place to say. He is Jake's father, not Lucky. Lucky is in denial at first and wants a paternity test done. He calls Liz a lying whore. When Jason grabs Lucky's shoulder, Lucky punches Jason and threatens to kill him. Jason tells him he's not going to kill anyone. The four continue to bicker and place blame on each other. Liz tries to explain herself, but Lucky and Sam keep berating her. Lucky and Sam storm off, and Liz asks Jason why he had to reveal the truth tonight while a killer was on the loose. Jason says he couldn't keep his son a secret any longer. Meanwhile, Sam tries to calm Lucky down. Lucky doesn't know what to do. He's bonded with Jake, and he doesn't know how he should handle the situation now. He realizes now that Sam was trying to tell him the truth. She apologizes that she didn't tell him sooner. She's known since the day after Jake was born. 

Carly thinks Sonny is lightheaded. There's no way he's in love with Kate. He likes her, but he's not in love with her. Sonny looks at Kate and tells her that now is not the time he would have chosen to tell her, but it's true. Carly tells Kate that Sonny does this with all the women in his bed. After all, they just met! Sonny tells her to stop, and Kate offers to wait outside while they talk. Sonny explains to Carly that he just wants the same respect that he showed her when she married Jax. She wanted him to move on, and now it's her turn to wish him well. She tries to tell him that this is different but ends up wishing him the best, anyway. Carly tells him that when he finds out that Kate is not the one for him, she won't tell him "I told you so". Kate comes back in and tries to get Sonny to drink some water. Carly decides she's going to leave. Sonny doesn't want her to go out where a killer is lurking, but she leaves anyway. He wants to go after her, but Kate tells him he's still too weak. Sonny tries to explain that he and Carly loved each other for a long time. He doesn't think Carly ever felt he would love another woman. Meanwhile, Carly runs into Jerry and asks about Jax. They made it back to the harbor and put Alexis in an ambulance. They were coming back and the boat started taking on water. He doesn't know how Jax could have survived. He searched for his brother, but he's gone. Carly slaps him and tells him that her husband will come back to her. 

Anthony stands over an unconscious Luke. He tells him, "God works in mysterious ways." He contemplates finishing Luke off, but leaves instead. Logan finds Luke and determines that Luke had a heart attack. He tries to move him, and Scott comes over to help. Scott tells Luke if he's going to save him, he's going to remind him about this for the rest of his life. They pick him up and take him to Tracy's room. 

Emily locks Nikolas in the wine cellar. She stands on the other side of the door, and he tells her she did the right thing. Nikolas hears something and asks if she's ok. Emily tells him it was just the wind and she's fine. Nikolas changes his mind and tells her he needs to be out there to protect her. He pleads with her, but she leaves and goes to the parlor. Nikolas continues to pound on the door and pulls a pipe off the wall. He uses it to pry the door open, while Anthony watches from outside the door. 

Emily finds out what happened to Luke and springs into action. She asks Logan to go find some aspirin and a defibrillator. Emily asks if Tracy still has some of Edward's medicine with her, and she says yes. Emily sends Scott off to find Tracy's purse. Tracy tells Luke that if he makes her a widow, she'll never forgive him. Luke says he can't believe this is happening. Emily tells him she's not surprised coming from someone who spent all his life abusing his body. She tells him not to move. He just had a heart attack, and he may have another one if he continues to move. Scott comes back and starts to make a snide remark, but Emily stops him. She tells him to zip it or she'll throw him out herself. Scott brings her the purse, and Tracy gives Luke a pill. When Scott and Logan come back with the defibrillator, Emily decides that Luke's heart is back to normal and a shock won't be necessary. Emily tells them that they need to remain calm and she'll be right back. She has something she needs to do. She runs down to the cellar and panics when she doesn't find Nikolas. Meanwhile, Tracy sends Scott outside with Logan. Scott confides that he didn't want Luke to have a heart attack. If he didn't have Luke to hate or insult, he wouldn't know what to do. Logan agrees that it's not easy to watch someone die. 

Johnny explains to Leyla that she looks just like his deceased mother. If his father sees her, there will certainly be a bloodbath. She asks him why he didn't stop his father when he had the chance. He agrees that he should have killed him in his sleep. She tells him he should have gotten his father help when he still could, not kill him. Johnny says it's past that point now. She tells him she's going back to Patrick. He tells her that's fine, but if others get hurt it's on her. Patrick and Robin come over to take Leyla back to the rest of the group, but they end up running into Anthony. Leyla hides her face while Anthony is busy talking to Robin. He asks Leyla to show herself and when she does, he calls her Maria. He holds his hand out to her and she takes it. She tries to tell him that her name is Leyla, not Maria. Robin says they should go somewhere to talk, but Anthony thinks they're trying to keep Maria away from him. Anthony wants to take her to the garden, and Leyla agrees. He tells her that need to take care of Robin and Patrick first, though. Leyla tells him to let them go, but he says one must die. She is to decide who lives.

Black & White Ball Dvd #3  November 13-20, 2007

November 13, 2007 - 2 hours earlier: 3 A.M.  Robin, "Love is messy and complicated. When you're sure it's over, love saves your life." Nikolas finds Lucky and Sam and asks if Lucky has found Liz. Lucky tells him that Liz is right where she wants to be. They start to talk about Liz and Jason, but Nikolas erupts in anger at Lucky when he questions where Emily is. 

Liz tells Jason that he had every right to tell Lucky the truth, but she was just afraid of what he would do. That's why she didn't tell him about Sam and the kidnapping. She tells him that sometimes she thinks she loved him from the very start. He tells her that he still remembers her that night in the bar. She was so sad and angry. He had no idea that he would fall in love with her someday and she would be the mother of his child. They hug. She asks where they go from here, and he says it will be her decision. She tells him she will let him know when she figures it out. Spinelli and the girls come out and tell Jason about Spinelli knocking Lulu out. There's a knock at the door. It's Johnny. He comes in and tells Lulu to sit tight. By now his father has probably forgotten all about her. Jason and Johnny leave together, while Spinelli stays behind with the girls. Lulu is upset and wants to go help, but Nadine tells her to stop making this all about her. 

Carly asks Jerry what he did with Jax. She knows he isn't dead. She would feel different if he were dead. He's out there somewhere, and he's coming back for her. He tries to calm her, but all of a sudden he collapses on his knees. A man comes from behind and tells them not to move. Carly asks if she can help Jerry up, and the man agrees. Jerry and Carly plan together and Jerry ends up shooting the gunman. He gives her an extra gun and tells her to go with the others. She says Jax would never forgive her if she left him. He says he wishes he could think that way. She says no, don't say it. He tells her it's true, and she wants to know every detail. He tells her about the waves and how they begged the authorities for help but they refused. They realized they were on their own. The boat was going under. He managed to surface, but Jax did not. He says he looked and yelled for Jax, but there was no sign of him. He was his best friend. The only person he could love and trust. Why couldn't it have been him? Carly can't understand why they risked coming back. Jerry explains that Jax was determined to get back to her, and Jerry agreed. 

Sonny admits to Kate that he's not the most romantic guy when it comes to talking about feelings. He feels it, but he just doesn't know how to say it. She just tells him not to take it back, and he says that he won't. She says she has great memories of when they were younger, but she thought he hated her for all those years after she left. He says he never hated her, but he just had regrets. She's happy to hear that he loves her, because she feels the same way. They hug and kiss. 

Logan mentions that Luke doesn't look good. Lulu should be with him. Luke asks where Lulu is, and Logan tells her that she is safe with Coop. Emily comes in and checks on Luke. She tells him to be still and she will be back to get him off the island as soon as possible. Tracy is disappointed in Emily's lack of attention to Luke and mentions how proud her father must be. Luke tells her to lighten up. Emily's face showed desperation. Scott says that Emily should be concerned over her mental case boyfriend. Nikolas, Sam, and Lucky come in and find out what happened to Luke. Tracy is very protective over him and tells them she will explain it all after this is all over. Logan asks about Lulu and finds out she is in the stable with the others. He goes to find her, while Lucky wants to go find Patrick or Robin. Luke tells him it's ok. Everything will go back to normal after this is all over with. Lucky tells him that it will never go back to normal. Nikolas asks Scott if Emily said where she was going. He wants to go look for her. Luke says he shouldn't go out there, and Lucky thinks he knows where he is going. 

Logan goes out to the stables and finds Lulu. He tells her that her father had a heart attack and she needs to come with him. Spinelli doesn't think it's a good idea, but Lulu leaves anyway. She walks in as Lucky and Luke are talking about fatherhood. Lulu is relieved to be with her dad. Luke has some more pain, and Tracy offers him another pill. He tells her he just needs more booze, and Tracy sends Scott out for more alcohol. Logan leaves with his dad after checking to make sure Lulu is alright. Lulu leaves her father's side and walks outside to try and draw Anthony out. She is successful and he tells her no one can save her now. He's disappointed to learn that her father didn't die. Johnny comes from behind Anthony and tells him to leave Lulu alone. Johnny tells his father that he doesn't love Lulu, and he barely knows her. Anthony can't understand why he cares what happens to her. Anthony decides to let Johnny kill Lulu and he gives him the gun. 

Anthony asks Leyla to choose who must die and she tells him to shoot Patrick. Robin yells, "NO!", but Leyla runs in front of Patrick and is shot. Anthony can't understand why Maria would betray him again. He asks how many times he has to kill her. Patrick starts trying to beat him up, but Anthony quickly gets the upper hand and leaves. Robin tries to control the bleeding, and Patrick asks Leyla why she jumped in front of the gun. She admits that she made a bad decision, but Patrick tells her it will be alright. They bring her into another room. The bullet passed through right above the hip. They can only bandage it. Leyla tells Patrick she has no intentions of dying, while Robin has a daydream. When Patrick goes to get something, Robin thanks Leyla for being so brave and handling Anthony. Leyla says she knows that Robin wants Patrick back. She wants him, too, but not if he wants to be with Robin. Robin apologizes for taking her anger out on Leyla. She knows she didn't steal him away. Leyla appreciates the honesty and tells her she accepts her apology. 

Nikolas asks Alfred if he has seen Emily, but he has not. Nikolas hopes he didn't hurt her. Alfred tells him that the radio said the storm won't be over until day break. Nikolas gets upset and throws something. Alfred asks if he's ok. He says he is. He has to be for Emily, and he leaves. 

Emily enters the ballroom and sees someone. She thinks its Nikolas. Thunder booms and lightening flashes. She sees a mask and hears a noise. It turns out to be Jason. She asks him how he got there. He tells her about the speed boat and asks why she is alone. She tells him she is looking for Nikolas. He is getting worse. She locked him in the cellar, but he's not there anymore. Jason wants her to go to the stables, but she won't leave Nikolas. He wants her to be reasonable. He will take her to the stables and then come back to look for Nikolas. He tries to grab her to take her with him, but Nikolas comes up from behind and slams Jason down on the table. He tells Jason to get his hands off of her. Emily yells at Nikolas to stop. 

Back in the stables, Nadine talks to Spinelli about Lulu. She apologizes for calling him out with Lulu. He understands how difficult Lulu can be. He doesn't want it to hurt his friendship with her, though. Liz asks to speak with Spinelli alone and tells him about Jason revealing the truth to Lucky about Jake. She wants him to know, because he is one of Jason's closest friends and he may need someone. Spinelli tells her that she needs to tell Jason if she wants to be with him. He's too reluctant to ask for anything. She doesn't want to cause any more pain to Lucky by jumping into a relationship with Jason. Spinelli asks her if she thinks it will be possible to raise Jake without Jason in the picture. 

Tracy tells Luke that she's going to make Monica do tests on him when they get back, and he's going to have to go on a diet. He tells her he's going to trade her in for a newer model if she doesn't stop acting like a wife. She tells him that his heart couldn't take it. He agrees not to die on her if she agrees not to turn into a pain in his butt or diet monitor. She agrees. 

November 14, 2007 - 1 hour earlier - 4 AM Nikolas: "You can love someone forever, yet lose them in a heartbeat." Sonny looks out the window as Kate dreams of dancing with Sonny. She wakes up and asks him to promise her they'll go dancing when this is all over. They talk about a night of dancing, but Kate wants to try and keep Sonny calm in order to get some rest. He tells her she has made him so happy just by lying there asleep, looking so beautiful. He can tell she is nervous and scared, so he tells her they are going to get out of there. She doesn't think they should go without the others. He does want to check on Ric, but she's very concerned about the "others". He asks her if she's worried about Trevor. She hasn't forgotten that he ordered a hit on him, but Sonny says that was before he saved his son's life. She thinks that means he doesn't need Sonny anymore and he'll be at even more risk. 

Kate and Sonny try to leave, but end up getting lost. They run into Jason, and Sonny tells him they're looking for Carly. He's worried about her. Jason says he'll go find her and leaves. Kate tells Sonny that she understands Carly is the mother of his children, but she can handle the woman on her own. He tells her that he liked the way she stood up to Carly. 

Meanwhile, Trevor is talking to Skye about how he regrets the decisions he made with Adelle, Sonny, and Ric. She tells him that near death experiences can do that to a person. She tells him he needs to apologize and admit to Ric that he was wrong. He doesn't think Ric would care, but Skye wants him to try. Sonny comes in and asks about Ric. Ric says this is a first. His big brother saved him. He thanks his brother and asks why he did it. 

Jerry tells Carly that both he and Jax wanted to save her. She tells him she doesn't need to be taken care of. She just needs her husband. Jax runs in and he and Carly kiss. She is relieved to see him, and he hugs both her and Jerry. She's mad at both of them for turning back, but Jax says he couldn't leave her there with a killer on the island. Jax notices that Jerry is having trouble breathing. Jerry says he'll be fine, but Carly wonders aloud if this has anything to do with overexerting himself in the gunfight. Jax is stunned. He questions the gunfight, and Carly explains. He tells her he doesn't know what he would do without her and they hug. 

Johnny points the gun at his father and pulls the trigger as he tells him, "This is for my mother." The gun is empty. Anthony tells Johnny that he is disappointed in him. He tells him that he will allow him to have the girl until sunrise. Afterwards, he and Johnny are going home where he will punish him. After Anthony leaves, Logan comes out and asks Lulu why she isn't with her father. She explains that she was trying to put an end to Anthony, since he was the one who caused her father the heart attack. Logan and Lulu run into a cave on the island and she explains what happened between Anthony and Johnny. She's still mad at him for blaming Johnny. Just because someone's father is crazy doesn't mean he is crazy, too. Logan can't understand why he's defending Johnny like she cares about him. Lulu says she barely knows Johnny. He was messed up and needed someone to talk to, and she was there. He tells her that he was a soldier. He's trained for this kind of thing. He's going to stop Anthony himself. Suddenly, Lulu notices a shadow in the cave entrance. 

Jason knocks Emily off of him and starts to beat Nikolas. Emily tells him to stop. Nikolas is having another black out and it will pass soon. Jason decides to tie him to the chair. He wants to get Emily out of there, but she won't leave without Nikolas. Emily wakes up and is horrified when he learns what he did to Emily and Jason. He pleads with Jason to take Emily away so he can't hurt her again. He promises Emily that as soon as this is over, he will get help and then they will get married. They kiss and Emily leaves with Jason. As Nikolas sits tied to the chair, he hears someone enter and asks Jason if he's made sure Emily is safe. Anthony starts to strangle him, but suddenly stops. He tells Nikolas he's not much of a host. He shouldn't have invited him, but Nikolas asks who would have provided the entertainment. He asks who tied him up and implies that he has Emily. Lucky comes in and pulls a gun on Anthony. Nikolas tells him not to shoot, because he has Emily. Sam tells Nikolas that Anthony is just trying to mess with his head. Anthony escapes and Lucky tries to chase after him. Lucky comes back and asks Nikolas if he's ok, but he says not until he knows that Emily is safe. They untie him and he runs off. They quickly follow him, but Sam and Lucky get distracted and before they know it, Nikolas is gone. 

Lucky and Sam go back to the barn. Lucky thinks that Sam should stay there to guard the others. Liz doesn't think this is a good idea. She mentions how Sam needs to tell the truth to Lucky about that day in the park when she saved Liz and the boys. Lucky finally agrees that Sam should not stay there either, but he tells Liz that by sending Sam away it doesn't make any of this less of her fault. Jason and Emily go to the stables shortly after Sam and Lucky leave. Jason assures Emily everything will be ok. She takes solace in him saying that, and he leaves. Emily explains to Liz what happened with Nikolas and how she is worried about him being alone. Liz tries to distract her by explaining that Lucky found out that Jake is Jason's child. Emily is not surprised. She knew all along, but realized that Liz didn't want anyone to know. Emily is surprised when she hears what Sam orchestrated in the park. She asks how she could do that, and Liz says that Sam lost the man she loved and he had a child with her. Heartbreak does things to people. She says she can't tell Lucky right now because he's in enough pain already. She asks Emily if she's mad at her, but Emily says no. Emily says she has to go be with the man she loves. Liz offers to go with her, but Emily says no. This is her risk to take. Before she leaves, Emily asks Liz if she will be her maid of honor and she agrees. 

As Leyla sleeps, Patrick and Robin talk about their past tumultuous relationship. They are both grateful for their relationship, but they realize they will be back to their separate lives tomorrow. Robin tells him that she still wants kids. She realizes that even more now after what has happened. She asks him if he's changed his mind now. He wishes he could say yes, but he has not changed his mind. He's not dad material. She's disappointed, but she doesn't regret what they had and will always love him. Patrick goes over and asks Leyla how she is doing. She says she is better, but Patrick mentions that she needs more pain medication. Robin offers to get some, but he doesn't want her to go alone. They all go to another room, with Patrick carrying Leyla as she passes out. 

Jason goes back to the room where he left Nikolas and finds Johnny. He explains that his father is not the only one who is a danger. Nikolas is out of control. They agree to each check separate areas of the house and leave. When they leave, Nikolas comes out of hiding. He picks up a mask, but has to hide again when Robin, Leyla, and Patrick come in searching for pain medication. They find some and quickly leave again. Emily runs into the ballroom and finds Nikolas. They are happy to see each other, but Nikolas tells her she needs to stay away from him. He starts yelling at her, and suddenly you can hear her choking. 

Jax notices that Jerry is coughing up blood. He goes over to help him as Jason comes over. Carly is happy to see him, but he's mad that she took off by herself. He tells her this isn't a game. Out in the hallway, Sam asks Lucky if he considered that Nikolas was tied up for his own good. Lucky can't believe she would ask something like that, but she says she has a bad feeling about this. She doesn't think he got lost. She thinks he ditched them on purpose. 

November 15, 2007 - Nikolas comes to after passing out. He wakes up to find Emily lying on the floor with a noose around her neck. He starts to scream when he sees her. He goes over to her and tries to see if he can resuscitate her but it appears he is too late and Emily is dead. Meanwhile, Jason finds Carly, Jax, and Jerry in the main atrium and yells at Carly for running off the way she did. She explains to him about what happened to Jax and Jerry on the boat. Jax tells Jason that they managed to get Alexis to the hospital but ran into problems on the way back during the storm. Suddenly, they hear a scream coming from the other room. They find Nikolas sitting on the floor, cradling Emily in his arms and appearing to be in shock. Jason tries to get Nikolas to move away so he can check on Emily but Nikolas refuses to let go of her and rambles on incoherently about how she is just resting and will be o.k. Carly tries to talk to him but he can't tell her anything about what happened to Emily. Meanwhile, Anthony tries to get Johnny to shoot and kill Lulu for him. Johnny turns the gun on his father instead and pulls the trigger but the gun is empty. Anthony takes off after some noise distracts them. Logan finds them and yells at Lulu for putting herself at risk. They decide to go back to the barn with the others. Jason goes to find Elizabeth and tells her about Emily's death. Elizabeth refuses to believe that Emily is dead but agrees to help anyway she can and gets some horse tranquilizer. Lulu gets very upset and tells Spinelli, Logan, and Johnny about how nice Emily always was to her when she was a little girl. Johnny tells her about his father's insanity and what is was like growing up with him killing everyone he ever cared about. He vows to make sure Lulu lives. Elizabeth finds Nikolas holding Emily and not letting her go. She injects him with the tranquilizer and gets him to let go of Emily so Jason to lift her and carry her somewhere to lay her down. 

Sonny and Kate leave Ric's room. Sonny has a hard time dealing with Trevor and Ric. Kate reminds him that she was involved with Trevor a long time ago. Jerry ends up getting into a shootout with Anthony then finds where Sonny and Kate are hiding out. He tells them about Emily so Sonny leaves Kate with Jerry for protection while he goes to see what is going on with Emily. He finds her laying there with Jason looking on with a lot of sorrow and devastation. Sonny also reacts with sorrow. He tells Jason how sorry he is for his loss and talks to Emily about how he always wanted her to be safe and happy. Carly goes to find Jax and they kiss and embrace. Carly tells him how much she loves him and how afraid she was that she lost him. Carly gets another text message and thinks that the person who killed Leticia is there tonight at the party. Sonny goes to check on Kate and Jerry and finds Jerry practically unconscious with no sign of Kate around. He asks Jerry where Kate is. Jerry tells him Anthony has her. Anthony grabs Kate and pulls a gun on her. He tells her that he is going to finish the game he started with Sonny when he came to visit him that day and is going to use her to do it. Elizabeth lays down next to Emily 's body and starts to cry. Jason comes up to her and puts a comforting hand on her shoulder. Nikolas has a dream about dancing with Emily at the ball and then sees himself being tied to a chair and watching himself strangle Emily. 

November 16, 2007 - Carly: "They say when you are dying, you see a white light. I think you see a face of someone you love." Carly thinks that Anthony killed Leticia and Emily. They were both killed the same way. Who's been texting her, though? 

Nadine fixes up Johnny's hand, while Logan asks him what he did to it. Johnny can't remember. Logan thinks it looks like he was gripping something too tight and it slipped. Logan says it looks just like the cuts he saw in people's hands in combat from hanging on a cord too much. It looks just like he strangled someone. Logan asks where he was when Emily died, but Lulu comes to Johnny's defense and says that Anthony killed Emily, not Johnny. Lulu wants to leave, but Logan doesn't want her to leave. Johnny offers to escort her, and when the two of them leave, Logan is upset. Nadine tries to calm him down. 

Liz tells Jason she still can't believe Emily is gone. Nikolas wakes up after dreaming of killing Emily. He yells out for her, and Liz rushes over to him. Nikolas tries to go over to her, but Liz wants him to rest. Jason comes over and tells Nikolas that Emily is dead, but Nikolas refuses to believe it. He thinks it was just a nightmare. He holds Emily's hand and notices how cold it is. He asks her to please speak to him. He pulls the sheet off her face and sees the marks on her neck. He cries and asks how this happened to her. Why did she come back? He loved her, and now he killed her. Jason is stunned to hear this, but Liz tells him that Nikolas doesn't know what he's saying. Even Emily believed that Nikolas wouldn't hurt her. Jason reminds Liz that Emily's judgment was clouded by love. Lulu and Johnny come in and give their sympathy to Nikolas. He says this is all his fault, but Lulu tries to reassure him and tell him that this isn't his fault. Nikolas screams out and asks why everyone is trying to protect him. Lulu tells Johnny that Nikolas is in shock. He doesn't realize that Anthony did this. After Johnny and Lulu leave, Jason and Liz hear gunshots outside. Jason decides to go check it out and he rushes out. Liz tries to comfort Nikolas, but he's inconsolable. Anthony comes from behind and grabs her without Nikolas noticing. Nikolas talks to Emily about how he can not live without her. Then he notices a gun. He picks it up and holds it to his chest while he continues to tell Emily that he can not live without her in his life. 

Sonny shakes Jerry awake and asks him where Kate went. Jerry tells him that Anthony took her. They're playing his game, now. Trevor shows up and tells Jerry that he looks terrible. Jerry tells him that Anthony has Kate, and Sonny is going after them. Jerry thinks this is all his fault for bringing in the mercenaries, but Trevor says Anthony was the only one who intended to kill anyone. Jax comes in and notices the tension between Jerry and Trevor. When Trevor leaves, he asks what the upset was all about. Jerry says that Trevor is just trying to do damage control. Trevor eavesdrops and hears Jerry telling Jax that Trevor may be trying to eliminate witnesses. Jerry starts coughing and Jax asks Carly to get his brother some water. 

Anthony tells Kate that Sonny will be forced to play his game, now. Kate asks him what he will do if Sonny goes after Johnny. Anthony isn't worried. He tells her she should have run when she had the chance. She says she didn't want to miss seeing the roses. She asks him if he's seen them. They start to talk about roses and when Kate came over to his house years ago. Suddenly, Anthony is aware that Sonny is outside. He threatens to kill Kate if he doesn't come in, so Sonny walks in alone. Anthony tells him he's disappointed. Sonny doesn't live up to his reputation. Sonny says the same about Anthony. Anthony points out that he has a hostage, but Sonny says he could kill his son. Anthony doesn't care. He says he's hated his son since he was a child. Sonny dares him to kill him and see what will happen. Anthony tells Kate to sit. Sonny and he are going to play Russian roulette. Sonny says that doesn't work for him, and Anthony realizes that he loves Kate. Sonny says he's lost his loved ones before, just like Anthony. The difference is, Anthony fell. Sonny won't fall. Anthony pushes Kate towards Sonny and tells him to kiss her goodbye. Sonny offers to stay there in good faith with him if he lets Kate go free. Anthony agrees and Kate runs out quickly. Anthony also allows Sonny to leave, but he shoots him in the shoulder as Sonny is walking out. Sonny and Kate rush into another bedroom and Kate notices that Sonny has been shot. She tries to care for him and he rambles on about his feelings for her. They kiss, but suddenly Sonny falls on the floor unconscious. A gunman walks in, but Kate tells him he's too late. Sonny is already gone. 

Tracy asks Luke how he's feeling. He tells her it feels like someone parked an RV on his chest. She wants him to concentrate on living. She will miss being annoyed by him if he dies. He tells her that he was chained to his past before her. She has changed that, though. He has no intention of giving that up. Luke thinks that the Cassadine's are laughing their flaming butts off right now by watching his heart almost give out in their house. Tracy reminds him not to let the Cassadine's beat him now. Logan comes in to check on them, and he reassures Luke that Lulu is fine. He tells them about Emily being murdered. Tracy is in shock. Luke decides that he needs to go help Nikolas. He tries to stand, but he falls back, clutching his chest. 

In the barn, Coop and Spinelli decide they're going to try and take the mercenaries on. Spinelli grabs a sythe and a hammer as his weapons and they leave. Coop, Logan, and Spinelli rush up to the gardens and find Trevor talking to Anthony. Trevor is trying to get him to go home. Anthony doesn't want to go home until Sonny is dead, so Trevor calls a mercenary over and tells him to kill Sonny and make it look like Mr. Zacchara did it. Anthony is surprised at the orders Trevor is giving and threatens to shoot him if he gives another order like he's in charge. Trevor wants to get Anthony back home and he promises to get Johnny home, too. Suddenly, Coop, Spinelli, and Logan shout out like they are police and say that they have them surrounded. Everyone scatters. Spinelli is thrilled when an armed mercenary comes his way and he knocks him out with his hammer. 

Jason comes out on the balcony and sees Anthony holding Liz at gunpoint on the edge. He tells Jason that one of them is going to fly tonight. He notices that Jason loves Liz. He asks Jason which one of them is going to fly and die tonight. 

November 19, 2007 - Nikolas: "How do you live for love when the one you love is gone?" Nikolas stands over Emily's body with the gun. He knows she would want him to be strong for Spencer's sake, but he can't do this without her. He sinks to the ground, still holding the gun. He tells her the person she expected him to be doesn't exist without her. Sam comes in and asks what happened. He tells her that he had another blackout. When he woke up he tried to revive Emily, but it was to no avail. She asks if anyone else knows, and he tells her that Jason and some other people know. He doesn't care, though. Elizabeth gave him a shot to help ease the pain, but nothing will help the pain. 

Mac talks on the phone saying that he wants everyone off the island as soon as possible. They found out a lot of information from Alexis, and now they're going to get to the island as soon as the winds die down. At the hospital, Dr. Ford recruits volunteers to help evacuate and treat the Spoon Island victims. Dr. Julian volunteers despite the risks. 

As Luke has another heart attack, Tracy searches desperately for the pills. He tells her the purse is on the couch. She gets another pill and yells for help. Luke doesn't want her to leave him. Robin comes in to check on Luke. She notices the pill isn't helping him and shocks him with the defibrillator. After multiple shocks, Luke is back to normal. He actually tells Tracy to lighten up. Robin tells him he needs to take this seriously. If he has another heart attack, he will die. Tracy hears a helicopter approaching. When Robin leaves, Tracy thanks Luke. She's been so worried about him, she totally forgot about her back. He tells her to call her boy toy "Ramone" to help her with her back, but Tracy says the only hands she wants on her are his. 

Kate tells the gunman that Sonny is dead. She won't let him desecrate his body. Suddenly, the man is shot by Sonny! Kate covers the body, and Sonny tries to get her to relax. He apologizes for the way his life has affected her. She tells him that as long as they are together she doesn't care about how his life has affected her. She notices that Sonny is shaking and tries to get him to relax. Kate wants to find a doctor, but Sonny tells her he just needs her. Kate gets very agitated when she realizes a helicopter has showed up, but she can't find it. Sonny tells her to stop worrying. He asks her what is worse: him getting shot or him telling her he loves her. She says both. She tells him that she has always loved him. Sonny thinks she doesn't mean it. He thinks the only reason she said it was because she's worried about him. She tells him no. She loves him. He thinks she would rather him work in a different profession, but she says she doesn't care. As long as she can be with him, she doesn't care what he does. 

Jason tries to stall Anthony and tells him that he should leave. Liz jumps backwards and kicks Anthony in the leg. He falls and he and Jason struggle for the gun. Anthony jumps off the balcony. Liz and Jason go back inside. She tells him that all she could do was think of who would take care of her kids if something happened to her. He tells her that she is stronger than she thinks. She lays her head down on his shoulder. 

Johnny finds Carly unconscious and starts giving her CPR. Lulu walks in and rushes over. She begs Carly to be ok. Carly starts to cough and Johnny gets her some water. Carly says someone came up from behind her. Johnny says it couldn't have been his father. When he walked in the room, the man ran off. He didn't see much of him, but he knows it wasn't his father. Carly can't believe she didn't see this coming. She tells them about the text messages. Logan comes over and still thinks that Johnny is making excuses for himself or his father. Jason comes in also and backs up Johnny's story. He tells the group that Anthony jumped over the ledge and is probably dead. If the fall didn't kill him, the shots surely did. It only happened 20 minutes ago, so there's no way he could have strangled Carly, too. 

Liz walks in the room with Nikolas and sees him talking to Sam. Liz tries to stay out of the way, but Sam comes over and yells at her for leaving her best friend and Nikolas. They bicker about Jason and Lucky until Sam decides to leave to find Lucky. 

Meanwhile, Anthony yells at Trevor to get him out of here. Trevor tells him no. Not this time. It's time for him to die. They have no use for each other anymore. Trevor tells his men to get off the island now. One man goes to get Anthony, but Trevor tell him no. He's on his own now. Johnny comes over and congratulates him. He couldn't have worked this out any better if he had killed Anthony himself. Anthony calls out for Johnny and he goes to his father. Anthony asks his son to take care of his roses and comments on how his eyes are just like his mother's eyes. Johnny goes back over to Trevor who tells him to say nothing when the cops arrive. Johnny says he's done with all of it. Jason comes over with his gun drawn. Johnny tries to stop him from shooting his dad, but Trevor tells him to let Morgan go down for murder. Mac comes over and tells Jason to put his gun down. The cops go over to Anthony's body and asked what happened. Jason tells them that he jumped off the ledge. They ask if that was before or after he was shot. Georgie, Maxie, Spinelli and Nadine come running over. Nadine offers to help with Anthony. Maxie tells Mac that Robin is inside helping Ric. Georgie reveals that Emily was killed. Mac goes over to Jason and offers his sympathy but asks how soon after Zacchara killed Emily did he try to kill Anthony? Johnny sneaks away while everyone is preoccupied. A police officer catches up with him later and tells him the commissioner was not done questioning him yet. Johnny says he's not saying anything until his lawyer is there. Suddenly, Trevor arrives and says he is the lawyer and will cooperate. The cop starts to ask questions, but Trevor keeps questioning him back. The police officer realizes that Trevor isn't going to let Johnny say anything. Once the cop leaves, Trevor praises Johnny and tells him to keep his guard up. They might be able to get through this and rule the world together! After Trevor leaves, Lulu comes out and asks Johnny what that was all about. Johnny says Trevor just wants to test the ring in his nose. 

Dr. Julian comes in to help Luke get to the helicopter. Tracy starts to threaten Epiphany and Leo that she will sue if anything happens to her husband, but Epiphany starts yelling back at her. Before they start to leave, Luke asks about Lucky. He doesn't want to go anywhere without him. 

Detective Harper, who is handling Emily's case asks Jason if he noticed anything that might be a pattern, since he arrived first on the scene of both Emily's and Leticia's murder. Diane interrupts them and tells Detective Harper that unless he is arresting Jason for murder, they are leaving. The detective tells Jason that he owes it to his sister to help. Then he allows Diane and Jason a private conversation. Diane is fearful that the police will try to pin the murders on Jason. The detective comes back and tells them that Maxie was strangled with a phone cord and that the killer is almost certainly the same one that killed Emily. He asks Jason again what Maxie, Leticia, Emily and Carly have in common. 

Meanwhile, at the Port Charles Hotel, Skye tells Trevor that she cannot sell Alcazar's waterfront property because it is tied up in the courts. Trevor responds that there are people in Albany and Washington that can help. Johnny interrupts them and castigates Trevor for not including him. Trevor responds that Johnny was late. Johnny, dressed all in black, shoots back that something came up that he "had to take care of personally." He goes on to tell Sky that he's taken over the family business and he wants the waterfront property. Sky says that she does not want to sell. Johnny urges her to take some time and reconsider. Rick arrives and sees the threesome. Johnny tells Sky that if Sonny gets the property there will be trouble and he does not want to see her in the middle. Sky asks if he is threatening her. He merely says, "Consider the offer on the table." He gets up and walks away. Trevor assures Sky that nothing will happen to her. She huffs, "Does this mean you can control Johnny as well as you did his father?" and walks away. She brushes off Rick when he tries to stop her. Rick follows his father to the bar and tells him that he will not let either Johnny or Trevor hurt Sky. 

In Luke's hospital room, Tracy and Luke keep arguing. Luke does not want to change his habits because of his heart attacks. Tracy accuses Luke of quitting and being cowardly instead of having the operation, and making the changes that will save his life. It gets so intense between them that Tracy leaves in a huff. Sonny arrives a short time later and has a serious talk with Luke, who shares his fears about changing. Sonny says to him, "You fight to live or you choose to die" Luke responds, "Sometimes life can be death." He finally admits that he feels that Tracy will have no life if she has to hover around him. He tells Sonny that he would rather be a memory than a burden. Tracy has been eavesdropping and interrupts and asks for a moment with Luke. He leaves, Tracy and Luke talk but Luke still resists the surgery. Later Lucky comes by and they talk. He suggests that Luke is angry with his body for giving out. He shares this with Tracy when she returns. She asks him if he's come to a decision, but before he can respond, Monica comes in and tells him that they have to do the bypass immediately. 

Jason goes to Johnny's house and tries to get information. He tells Johnny about the attempted strangulation of Maxie. Jason asks Johnny for a description of the killer, since Johnny interrupted the attempted strangulation of Carly. Johnny says that the strangler was medium height, dressed in black and had brown hair. Before they can talk further, Lucky bursts in and tells Johnny that he is taking him in for questioning in the assault on Maxie Jones.

After work, Kate goes home to her palatial digs. Sonny knocks on the door and she lets him in. He wants to get back together. He accuses her of playing the grown-up version of leaving him on the street corner, like she did when they were kids. He accuses Kate of running away whenever it seems they might have a future. Kate admits that it is true. She tells Sonny "You scare me to death." 

Coop, dressed in all black, looks in at Kelly's where Georgie is working. When he goes inside, she wants to know where he's been because he was not at the station. He tells her that he was running errands. She then tells him about Maxie's ordeal. 

November 20, 2007 - At the hospital, Kate doesn't want to leave Sonny's side. Robin comes in and tells Sonny that a different doctor will be treating him, which he is ok with. Kate is just relieved that they are both alive. Sonny wants to see Jason or Carly before he goes in for surgery. She offers to give them a message since she thinks they are still on the island. He tells her not to worry about it. She feeds him ice chips as he talks about Emily. She was the sweetest, kindest person he knew. How could this have happened to her? It's his entire fault. He brought Anthony Zacchara's wrath down on her. Kate thinks this is her fault. If she hadn't come to Port Charles, Trevor wouldn't have followed her there. Sonny tells her he is going to let Anthony Zacchara take the full blame. 

Robin watches as Leyla is brought in and Epiphany starts to help her. Robin goes to talk to Patrick and apologizes for deserting him. They compliment each other and comment how it's a miracle more people didn't die. One positive is that they were honest with each other. Robin says she is more at peace with their choices. Patrick tells her that if she wants a baby, she should go for it. He goes to talk to Leyla as Robin watches. He kisses her head when she tells him she doesn't know what she was thinking when she stepped in front of the bullet. 

Tracy watches as Dr. Julian comes over and asks Luke how he's doing. He says he's a mess. Dr. Julian talks about the procedure he's going to do on Luke, and Tracy gets nervous and starts to ask for credentials. Luke calms her down, but when Dr. Julian leaves Luke asks her to watch out for Lulu if something happens to him. Tracy warns him not to make her a widow. Dr. Julian comes back and tells Tracy that Luke's heart is badly damaged. No money in the world will help if he doesn't stop drinking and smoking. 

Nikolas talks to Nadine about how it was such a perfect moment when he proposed to Emily and she accepted. What has he done to her? Nadine tries to get him inside. She tells him he is in shock. Nikolas tells her there is no point in anything without Emily. 

Lulu asks Johnny what he will do now that he is free from his father. He tries to apologize to her for everything that happened, but she tells him not to apologize for saving her life. Sam comes up to Lulu and asks her if she's seen Lucky. Lulu thought he was on the helicopter with her dad. Sam says no and tells her that he got into a fight with Liz and Jason. He went off after Anthony and hasn't been seen since then. She's worried. 

Ric is not on the helicopter yet since he is stabilized. Trevor tells his son that he will be ok. Ric thinks it is interesting how his father has changed since the near death experience. Ric is taken to the hospital where he asks about Alexis. Dr. Ford comes in and tells him that Alexis is in much better shape than him right now. He still needs surgery. Ric notices that Skye is still with him and asks her why she stuck around. She tells him that they are both screw-ups. She wanted to stick around and help another lost soul. She leaves to go check on Alexis and tells her that Ric is asking about her. Alexis says that Skye can relay the message that she is alright. Skye thinks she is well enough to tell him herself. When Skye leaves, she overhears Dr. Julian talking about Mr. Spencer. She asks if it is Lucky or Luke. She is stunned to learn that Luke had a heart attack. She goes in to visit Luke who is just waking up from surgery. He starts to flirt with her, but Tracy makes Skye leave. She is furious that he is trying to flirt while he's just recovering from surgery. He tells her that he's saving all of it just for her. Lulu comes by to see her father and Tracy warns her not to say anything to upset him. Luke asks Lulu where Lucky is. 

Skye leaves Luke's room and runs into Edward. He's there for a board meeting. She realizes he doesn't know that Emily has been murdered. When she tells him what happened, Edward breaks down. He tells her how he always tried to be like one particular man that he met in college. This man told him to do whatever it takes to become successful. One by one, disaster struck this man. Edward has become this man, and now he is paying the price. He tells Skye to get away from him and his poison. 

Alexis goes to visit Ric and tells him that Molly wants to bring him dinner. He tells her that after watching his father, he's decided he wants to break the cycle. He wants to make peace with her. She's an amazing woman and it's time he treated her as such. She promises she will try not to hate him anymore for her daughter's sake. 

Liz tells the police officer that Nikolas would never hurt Emily. It had to be Anthony that killed her. She tells them everything that happened. The officer asks Carly and Jason who arrived on the scene first. Jason says he did. All he saw was Nikolas holding his dead sister. The officer wants to know where Nikolas is now. Jason and Liz go over to Emily's body. She tells him she's going to stay with her. Jason is going to go tell Monica what happened before she hears it from someone else. When Liz is alone with Emily, she tells her how beautiful she was last night. All her dreams finally came true. She's not going to waste another minute of her life. Sam overhears as Liz tells Emily that she's going to follow her heart. Sam tells her she is still looking for Lucky. Liz suggests she tell Mac, but Sam erupts into a fit of anger again, blaming Liz for hurting Lucky. Nikolas walks in as they are putting Emily in a body bag. He starts yelling at them to get out of his house and hugs Emily's lifeless body. Sam tries to comfort him, but he pushes her away. Liz ends up comforting Nikolas as they take Emily's body away. 

Mac questions Carly and finds out there are actually two killers on the loose. Jax and Jerry come in and find out what happened to Carly. Jax is upset and tells her he doesn't know what he would do without her. They hug but are interrupted when Jerry collapses. He is rushed in for Patrick to examine. They decide he needs to go to surgery right away. Jerry wants them to look at Carly first, though. Carly tells him to go ahead with his surgery. She goes to visit Sonny who wants to know what happened to her. She tells him she will explain everything later. She just wanted to make sure he was ok. She goes to check on Jax. After he leaves, Sonny tells Kate that she can go, also. She tells him she just wants to sleep with him and she lies down with him. Meanwhile, Carly catches up with Jax and hugs him. She tells him that they never know how much longer they're going to have. She doesn't want him to ever let her go. 

Jason walks in as Monica hangs up from leaving a message for Emily. She realizes right away that something terrible has happened. He tells her that Emily was murdered last night, and it was probably Anthony Zacchara that killed her. Monica is devastated. She blames Jason for Emily's death and kicks him out. He stands outside the door and listens to her cry and collapse on the ground. 

Black & White Ball Dvd #4

November 21, 2007 - As Luke and Tracy spend the holiday in his hospital room, he proves to be quite the handful. After Luke resists the idea of having more surgery, Tracy becomes overwhelmed with worry for him. When Lulu arrives at Logan's door, Scott makes a hasty exit. Scott asks Logan for the chance to get to know him better. After Scott's departure, Lulu and Logan share an unconventional Thanksgiving together. At the Quartermaine mansion, Edward sadly admits to Ned he's not sure he can bear the loss of their beloved Emily. Still tormented by the events at Wyndemere, an emotional Carly covers in front of her boys as Michael and Morgan excitedly look forward to their Thanksgiving dinner. Carly decides that she, Jax, Mike and Bobbie should give the boys a perfect Thanksgiving Day. 

Nikolas sinks further into a morass of rage and self-pity in an empty, wrecked ballroom. When Lesley brings Spencer over, Nikolas asks her to keep his son for a while longer. A distraught Nikolas ultimately convinces Lesley to take care of Spencer, explaining that he's in no shape to give the boy what he needs. Lesley urges Nikolas to spend some healing time with his young son but he refuses to go near Spencer. 

Dillon returns to Port Charles to extend his condolences to Monica, who continues to bitterly blame Jason for her daughter's untimely demise. Monica weeps on Bobbie's shoulder as the full weight of her loss begins to sink in. Lulu checks in with her dad and again carefully deflects his questions about the absent Lucky. 

Robin is taken aback to learn that Patrick accepted Mac's invitation to join the Scorpios for the holiday. Robin asks Patrick to bow out of her family gathering. Although yearning for one another, Patrick and Robin go their separate ways on the holiday. 

Maxie reminds an unhappy Georgie how they've been totally abandoned by their mother. Spinelli remains clueless about the real reason Georgie asked him to share Thanksgiving dinner. Unaware that the young couple has already broken up, Mac gives Maxie and Coop his blessing. Later, Coop tells a grateful Maxie he wants to give their relationship another chance. Though Luke balks at undergoing bypass surgery, Tracy presses him to do the right thing. To honor Emily's memory, Edward has a catered dinner delivered to the hospital for the benefit of the staff. Skye brings Lila Rae to the mansion in hopes that the baby's cheerful presence will lift Monica's spirits. 

November 22 & 23 - no show due to Thanksgiving weekend 

November 26, 2007 - Lucky resurfaces and visits a hospitalized Luke, who tells him the tragic news about Emily. When Lucky confides to Sam that he feels like he's lost everything that matters, she encourages him to visit Jake. A vengeful Sam doesn't believe Jason and Elizabeth deserve to live happily ever after. Sonny and Jason strategize about how to deal with Trevor. At the same time, Lucky arrives at Elizabeth's and finds Jason holding Jake in his arms. Later, as he watches Lucky with Jake and Cameron, Jason feels like an outsider. Though Zacchara survives the fall, he's rendered paralyzed from the neck down. Before being moved to a facility for the criminally insane, Zacchara warns Johnny about Trevor. Michael reacts badly when Sonny and Carly tell him that Emily is dead. Consumed with grief over losing Emily, Nikolas blows up when Jason questions him. Meanwhile, Detective Harper grows suspicious of Nikolas' lack of memory. Then, Nikolas has a nightmare in which he strangles Emily. Monica coldly informs Luke that he'll surely die if he doesn't have bypass surgery. Tracy later catches a cagey Luke trying to leave the hospital. 

November 27, 2007 - On the day of Emily's funeral, everyone tries to cope with their sadness. Though torn over whether or not to attend, Jason decides to honor Monica's wishes and stay away. Carly, however, convinces Jason that Emily would have wanted him to be there. A vengeful Monica blames Sonny for destroying her family and taking her children away from her. After Monica's tirade, Sonny admits to Kate that Monica's hatred of him is justified. Later, Monica is moved when Carly brings Michael and Morgan to see her. Lucky and Elizabeth put aside their differences and come together to support Nikolas. Meanwhile, Lulu begs Luke to take care of himself. Ignoring his daughter's wishes, a defiant Luke risks another heart attack when he tries to sneak out of the hospital. 

November 28, 2007 - Jason attends Emily's funeral, but doesn't make his presence known. As Elizabeth delivers her heartfelt and emotional eulogy, she notices Jason listening from the vestibule. Afterwards, Lucky makes it clear to Elizabeth that he'll never forgive what she did to him. Following Lucky's confrontation with Elizabeth, an opportunistic Sam reaches out to him. Luke finally relents and tells Tracy he'll have the bypass surgery. However, when Tracy later returns to his room, Luke is nowhere to be found. Johnny comes by to ask Carly about the attempt on her life, causing Michael to react badly. Then, Johnny unsettles Carly as he points out the similarities between him and Michael. Though Johnny insists he wants to protect Lulu by uncovering the text message killer, Carly adamantly warns him to stay away from her cousin. When Lulu shows up to visit Carly, Johnny slips out unseen. As the two women talk, Lulu encourages Carly to try and have a baby with Jax. As a grief stricken Nikolas returns to Wyndemere, the Quartermaines struggle to face life without Emily. Later, Dillon reunites with Georgie, who admits she's fallen in love with someone new. 

November 29, 2007 - Edited - Nikolas thinks he is hallucinating when he comes into his bedroom and sees Emily, still wearing her white gown from the Black & White Ball, standing there waiting for him. Nikolas approaches her and thinks he is dreaming her up. He finds out that he can touch her and she seems very much alive. He tells her she can't be real because he just came back from her funeral and he was the one responsible for her death. Emily tells him he would never hurt her and that she is alive and right there. Nikolas tells her that she isn't real and that he must be dreaming about her. Emily tells him that she is right there. Nikolas hugs her and kisses her. He thinks he is insane and doesn't care right now because she is in his arms and feels very much alive. Nikolas asks her to tell him what the last thing she remembers doing at the ball. Emily remembers going to find him but doesn't remember anything else after that. Nikolas tells her that he yelled at her and then he doesn't remember what happened afterwards either. Later, while they are talking, Alfred knocks on his door and tells him he brought him something to eat. Nikolas hesitates before going to his door and opening it. Alfred comes into the room with a tray of food and apologizes for intruding but he felt Nikolas should eat something. Nikolas thanks him for the food. Alfred tells him that he thought the funeral was very touching and that everyone will miss Emily. Emily realizes that Alfred can't see her and that she is dead. After Alfred leaves, Nikolas sees that Emily is crying and trying to accept that she is dead. Nikolas tells her that he can see her, talk to her and touch her and that she will always be with him even if she is dead. He goes over to her and holds her while she cries. 

November 30, 2007 - Edited - On Spoon Island, Emily reads the details of her murder in the morning paper and assures Nikolas she knows he couldn't have killed her. Alexis comes to Wyndemere to check on her nephew and encourages him not to postpone seeking help for his medical problem. 

December 3, 2007 - Edited - Nik & Em - Nikolas calls Harper's bluff and manages to avoid arrest. Later, Emily urges Nikolas not to confess to a crime he could not have committed. Jason explains to Robin why Nikolas is a suspect in Emily's death. Nikolas is haunted by the fact that he may have killed Emily. 

December 4, 2007 - Edited - Nikolas sees Emily at General Hospital. He is surprised to see her there, but she says this is where she wanted to be. She always loved being at the hospital. Epiphany asks Nikolas if she can help him. He tells her that he has an appointment with Patrick. Epiphany mentions how hard this must be for him. She tells him that Emily will be missed. Emily smiles and tells Nikolas that it was sweet for Epiphany to say those things. Nikolas tells her that he knows why she is there. She is there because he has an appointment with a specialist in Zurich. Nikolas stands on the bridge alone, until Emily appears. He is happy to see her. He wants to keep her a secret, though, because everyone will think he is crazy. She tells him there is a lot about this world they don't know. Maybe she is still real. She asks when he had his last blackout. He hasn't had one since she died. She wants him to tell the specialist everything. He may be able to help and make some sense of this. He tells her not to ever let him go, and they kiss.Alexis stops by Sam's house. They talk about how they are worried about Nikolas. Sam noticed he was really calm when she went to see him. They think he is in shock. Alexis is worried that his fits will come back worse, and with the holidays coming things could get bad quickly. She is inviting him to her house for Christmas. 

December 10, 2007 - Edited - Detective Harper, who is handling Emily's case asks Jason if he noticed anything that might be a pattern, since he arrived first on the scene of both Emily's and Leticia's murder. Diane interrupts them and tells Detective Harper that unless he is arresting Jason for murder, they are leaving. The detective tells Jason that he owes it to his sister to help. Then he allows Diane and Jason a private conversation. Diane is fearful that the police will try to pin the murders on Jason. The detective comes back and tells them that Maxie was strangled with a phone cord and that the killer is almost certainly the same one that killed Emily. He asks Jason again what Maxie, Leticia, Emily and Carly have in common. Jason goes to Johnny's house and tries to get information. He tells Johnny about the attempted strangulation of Maxie. Jason asks Johnny for a description of the killer, since Johnny interrupted the attempted strangulation of Carly. Johnny says that the strangler was medium height, dressed in black and had brown hair. Before they can talk further, Lucky bursts in and tells Johnny that he is taking him in for questioning in the assault on Maxie Jones. 

December 17, 2007 - Edited - Georgie is about to call the police when she recognizes the person following her and smiles a greeting instead. Spinelli interrupts Jason as he is searching Coop's room above Kelly's, looking for evidence that Coop is the text message killer. Spinelli is worried that Jason will kill Coop. Jason says he will not act without evidence. He sends Spinelli away and tells him to stay away from Kelly's and Coop. Spinelli passes through the park and finds Georgie dead on the steps with a phone cord wrapped around her neck. He calls the police. Detective Harper arrives on the scene and questions Spinelli, who saw nothing and provides no information. Mac is distraught and outraged when he finds Georgie dead. He is grief-stricken and blames Spinelli. Detective Harper tries to convince him that Spinelli, who is too dazed to mention Georgie's suspicions of Coop, is innocent but Mac wants him finger-printed and DNA evidence taken. 

December 28, 2007 - Edited - Nikolas sits at home on the couch and Emily appears. He is relieved to see her. She wasn't in Switzerland with him, but he doesn't think he would have been able to hide that from the doctors. Lulu and Lucky show up and ask if the doctors found what was wrong with him. Nikolas explains that they ran tests but nothing has been discovered yet. The rages haven't been as bad since Emily's funeral. He feels her presence and it calms him. Nikolas tells Lucky about Harper trying to arrest him. He wants Lucky to find Emily's killer at any cost, even if he was the true killer. He tells them they all know that people can hurt the people they love even in ways they thought they couldn't. As if on cue, Liz shows up. She was curious what the doctor's found. She knows she should have called since she's not family anymore. Emily (only Nikolas can hear her) says yes, she is still family. Lulu tells her that she is still family. Stuff happens, things change, but not what the four of them meant to each other. They had an amazing bond. Emily would have wanted them to keep that. Nikolas tells her she doesn't know how right she is, and he hugs Liz. Lucky tells Liz that Lulu is right. A lot has gone on between them, but maybe they can get together for coffee and talk. Alexis and Sam show up at Wyndemere, anxious to find out about the doctors in Switzerland. Emily asks Nikolas why he's not telling everyone that the doctor's found a tumor. Nikolas finally reveals to everyone the truth. It's an inoperable because it's too risky to attempt surgery. The doctor's think it's genetic, so Nikolas advises Alexis to get herself and the girls tested. 

December 31, 2007 - Edited - Nikolas does not leave Wyndemere on New Year's Eve, but not because he is still grief stricken as everyone thinks, but because he is kept company by the physical embodiment of hi beloved Emily, who is dead, but still physically present with him. He does not question why or how Emily can be with him. He is just glad that he can still hold her and touch her. He dances with her and kisses her passionately as the New Year begins. 

January 2, 2008 - Edited - At Wyndemere, Nicholas and Emily discuss his tumor and what will happen. He is no longer having violent rages and he wonders if he has exchanged "mad for madness." He tells Emily that he no longer cares about who or what she is. He is just glad that she is there. Lulu drops by to check on him. They talk. He glances at Emily, who Lulu cannot see. Emily makes some comments, but Nichols does not acknowledge her in front of Lulu, who convinces him to go out for a walk. As Lulu walks ahead, he reaches back and surreptitiously takes Emily's hand. 

January 23, 2008 - Edited - At the PCPD, Maxie wants a moment with Mac, but he is distracted. Scott is there and Mac has just acknowledged to him that the lab results on the killer's DNA test (which apparently were not backed up or copied) have disappeared from his desk. Both suspect that the killer is a PCPD officer. On the docks, the text message killer tries to strangle a struggling Alexis. Before he can finish, Sam appears and interferes. She screams and attacks him. Together they fight him off. Mike hears her and comes to their aid, but the killer escapes. Alexis gets a message on her phone from the killer who threatens to kill her first, then her "bitch daughter." Back at the station, Coop is adjusting his tie when he walks in and finds Maxie still waiting to talk to Mac. Before she can talk to him, Mac and Scott want to talk to Coop. They ask about the test results. He tells them that he did not give them directly to Mac because Mac had asked not to be disturbed while he talked to Felicia. Instead, he left them in Mac's "In" basket before going out on a call. When asked if he saw the results, he tells a suspicious Mac and Scott that he did not. In a hidden corner outside Kelly's, we see the missing lab results. The DNA is a match for Coop, who is holding the paperwork. He puts it away and takes out his cell phone. 

January 25, 2007 - Edited - Maxie finds Coop dead in his room 

January 31, 2008 - Edited - Jason shows up at his office to find Nikolas there waiting for him. Nikolas shows him the newspaper and asks Jason if he thinks Cooper Barrett was the killer. Jason doesn't give him an answer but explains that Alexis made a statement to the press, and the police had enough evidence pointing to Cooper. Nikolas tries to get more information from Jason but Max enters the office and tells Jason he needs to talk to him right away. Nikolas thinks he is in the way and plans to leave his office, but Jason asks him to stay and wait for him. Emily appears to Nikolas and suggests that they go over what happened that night and thinks they should act out what he said to her right before he blacked out and can't remember. Nikolas doesn't want to do it at first but she persuades him that it might trigger a memory for him that could be helpful. Nikolas and Emily reenact what happened and Nikolas seems to have remembered something. He yells at her like he did that night. Jason comes running over to him and asks him what is going on. Nikolas tells him that he was trying to go over in his head what happened that night but couldn't remember anything about who may have killed Emily. He doesn't think he could have hurt her or that she could have hurt him by hitting him but somehow his blood ended up on her dress and mask. He asks Jason if he is 100% sure that Cooper was the killer. Jason tells him that he isn't that sure. Nikolas asks Jason if he thinks Nikolas could have killed her. Jason tells Nikolas that he doesn't think Nikolas killed her either. Nikolas tells Jason that he can't actually place Cooper in the room that night, either, and thinks they have a problem if Cooper isn't the killer. 

February 1, 2008 - Edited -  Sam stands on the docks and gets a text message. She realizes it is from the text message killer and immediately calls Lucky. She tries to explain that she got a text message, but he doesn't want to hear it. He says he's not interested in seeing some text message that she had a friend send to her. He's done with her. He hangs up when Lulu comes in. Sam gets another text message. It says, "I see you. Do you see me?" She starts to run off the docks, but she runs into the killer. They fight and Sam manages to get away. She runs to the nearest house, but no one is home. The text message killer comes after her again, but Sam manages to fight him off again. He rolls down the steps and lies motionless. Sam runs over to him and starts to take his mask off, but he wakes up, and she tries to escape again. Sam fights off the "Text Message Killer," but runs into the path of an oncoming car, which does not stop after hitting her. 

February 12 & 13, 2008 - Edited - The Text Message Killer is shown getting a bottle of beer out of a small fridge. He walks over to newspaper clippings and photos of his victims. There are red X's next to Leticia, Georgie, and Emily, the three women he has killed. There are also pictures of Maxie and Carly. A red phone cord and cell phone are shown on the desk. The Killer gets a telephone cord from the stash in his lair. He is wearing black. Even though his face is not visible, we see newspaper headlines detailing his exploits and pictures of Sam and Alexis. Feb 18, 2008 - Edited -  In the midst of a convulsion, Nikolas remembers seeing someone else attacking Emily the night she died. 

February 22, 2008 - Edited - The killer walks into Sam's apartment and smashes a picture of Sam and her family. Soon, Sam arrives home from the hospital alone. Her door remains open as she brings her things inside. Lucky visits and tells her he wants her to stay with him for a while. She turns him down. She won't call him until she knows he is answering the phone for the right reasons. Sam goes back inside and closes her door. She walks over to find her picture smashed. Suddenly, she is being strangled. She fights off her attacker and falls onto the couch. She asks him to reveal himself. The Text Message Killer takes off his mask revealing his identity: Diego Alcazar. The End

**The End**

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