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Wednesday, April 17, 2002 - GH's 10,000th Episode - 1 hour

Take a walk down memory lane... The hospital staff and friends celebrate Audrey's 10,000th day of work (also the 10,000th episode of GH). They give her a lovely heart pendant. She is touched by the warm reception she receives and spends time reminiscing about her first years on the job with Steve.

Zander has a head wound and Monica is sort of nice to him and patches Him up. Maxie tries to sneak out of the celebration to go to a concert, but Felicia catches her. She reminds her daughter that GH, and her cousin, saved her life. Maxie tells her mother to leave her alone and goes to sulk privately. Later, Zander enters the room she's in and the two get to know each other. She shares with Zander the story of her heart transplant. After the two finish talking, Felicia finds her. Maxie tearfully apologizes to mother for taking for granted the sacrifice that saved her life. The two embrace.

Laura shared words with Nikolas and Gia and told her son that everything that was going on was hard on Lucky and basically, that he should be patient.

Luke and Scott are late for the celebration and jump into an elevator with a pregnant woman in hopes of making the celebration a little late. Unfortunately, as the elevator ascends, the woman goes into labor. Even worse, at this same moment, Alan is showing all the party guests his new security system and ends up locking all the doors and stopping all the elevators in the building. As he frantically tries to fix the problem, Luke, Scott, and the pregnant woman all scream for help. Lucky for them, Laura and Bobbie happen to be walking by the elevator shaft and hear the cries. They coach the two men through the delivery of a baby girl. Shortly after delivery, Alan is finally able to fix the system and get the elevator moving. Mom and baby are whisked away to labor and delivery while Luke, Laura, Bobbie, and Scott laugh about the situation.

Lots of flashbacks and highlights to a series of music montages, including memorable weddings, births, action/adventure sequences, kisses, Luke & Laura, Audrey & Steve, Maxie receiving BJ's heart, etc (See list below)

Music Montages

1) Danger Zone (from Top Gun) - clips of L&L in the early 80's, Luke hitting Scotty on the deck of the ship during his wedding to Jennifer Smith, Roy Deluca shooting, Left Handed Boy & Ice Princess scenes, Alan brings down the roof on Monica when he tries to kill her and Rick, Frank Smith shooting in Puerto Rico, Big Bear location scene with Jason/Karen/Jagger on the run from thugs while stranded on an island, Sean & Anna on the tram, Sonny & Carly, Jason shot, L&L in the pink caddy, Frisco & Anna with Asian Quarter scenes, Puerto Rico location shots, Robert & Tiffany on the Cassadine island, various explosions, L&L's wedding, Ned & Lois at Coney Island, Ryan in the fire, L&L at the Canadian diner/parachuting/river scenes from their 1993 return.

2)Wedding montage - Laura & Scotty, Lesley & Rick, Karen & Jagger, Tony & Bobbie, Robert & Anna, Robin & Stone (the didn't actually marry but the scene where she wore the lace mantilla and they dreamed of their future wedding), Brenda waiting for Sonny at the altar, Frisco & Felicia, Liz and Lucky (when they pledged their unofficial vows at the church), Luke & Laura, Ned & Lois, Duke & Anna.

3) Montage of births - Lulu's (L&L), Lucy/Scott/Dom during sonogram, BJ's (Tony & Tanya), Maxie's (Felicia & Frisco), Michael's (Carly & Jason)

4) BJ's Death/Maxie's transplant - with many clips from that storyline

5) Black & white shots of Audrey & Steve from the 60's, L&L at Wyndham's, Robin as a little girl with Anna, Luke and Lucky as the "pips" during a Nurse's Ball, Holly & Luke at the lake during her 1982 arrival, Sean Kaanan as AJ, Stone's death, Scotty & Laura in front of their Christmas tree, Lois jumping out of the cake, the Baccahnalian Ball, Miguel & Lily at the Puerto Rico ruins, Demi Moore, Richard Dean Anderson, Jax & Brenda in Malibu, Emily, Alan & Monica

6) Montage of kissing scenes.

**End of Tape**

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