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Days Summer,1982: June/July?

Episode Descriptions


September 1-29, 1983: 9/1 Black tie Gala at Dimera mansion, Renee announces her & Alex are married, 9/2 Eugene proposes to Trista, Renee murdered, 9/5 murder continued, 9/29 cm Hope finds Bo after Vipers attack (Note: I was surprised to see how good the September, 1983 episodes looked)

September 30 - November 30, 1983:  September 30 - November 30, 1983:  9/30 cm Hope caring for Bo after the viper beating, 10/4 Speed pulls a gun on Bo, 11/4 (12 minutes partial episode only), 11/29 Marlena visits Roman in jail, 11/30 Bo & Alice plot and she makes drugged donuts


Poor quality

November 4 - 8, 1983: 11/4, 11/7, 11/8 - poor video quality, good sound

November 9 - 10, 1983: 11/9, 11/10 - Poor quality

November 11-15, 1983: 11/11, 11/14, 11/15 - Poor Quality

November 16-18, 1983: 11/16 (black & white poor quality), 11/17 Roman & Marlena, Bo & Marlena, Tony, Anna reduced quality but watchable (not as bad as the other Nov shows), 11/18 Bo & Hope, Roman & Marlena, Abe, Eugene, Alex, Anna reduced quality but watchable

November 21 - 28, 1983: 11/21, 11/22, 11/23, (no show aired 11/24 Thanksgiving), 11/25, 11/28, reduced quality - Fair? Not as reduced as the earlier Nov episodes


Okay (so-so) but watchable quality for December episodes

December 1 - 7, 1983:  12/1 Alice takes the drugged donut to the PD for Roman, 12/2 Bo waiting in the ambulance when Roman taken for medical treatment, 12/5 Mrs. H has been arrested, 12/6 B&H go for motorcycle ride by the lake, 12/7 Roman & Anna on the run, Marlena holds press conference. Okay quality, very watchable, bit of tracking at bottom. 
2 consecutive epis of Alice & Bo making donuts and breaking Roman out of jail Dec 1, 2 (also see Nov 30th and Dec 3)

Dec 8 - 14, 1983: 12/8 Bo asks Hope to help him babysit Carrie, Shoot to kill order out on Roman, 12/9 Hope gets a job as a waitress at Shenanagins, In the prison chapel, day of Neil and Liz wedding, 12/12 Bo tells Hope that he is too busy for a relationship, then asks her out. Liz’s 2nd appeal went through and that she is a free woman. In the prison chapel, Neil & Liz wedding, building explodes, Liz shot, 12/13 Hope tells Melissa the she plans to make love to Bo. Bo and Hope to dance while baby sitting, Liz is in a coma, 12/14 Bo is pooped out from playing Santa Claus for Carrie. Liz has hysterical amnesia. Decent quality, very watchable

Dec 15 - 20, 1983: 12/15 Bo finally tells Hope that they are going sailing tonight, 12/16 Bo gets involved helping Roman, hide out explodes, Bo misses his date with Hope, Hope tells Doug she is in love with Bo, 12/19 Bo calls Hope to apologize and she hangs up, 12/20 decent quality

Good quality for most of the episodes from Dec 21, 1983 - Feb 24, 1984 (after that very strong original episodes):

Dec 21 - 23, 1983: 12/21 Bo and Hope have it out at Doug's Place. Bo meets an in-disguise Roman. Carrie is hurt and unconscious, 12/22 Bo & Hope kiss under mistletoe. Liz sings to children at Christmas party. Roman shows up wearing Santa costume, 12/23 Bo stands guard while Santa/Roman sneaks in to Carrie's room and tells her "The Christmas Story.” Carrie's Christmas Miracle as she wakes up and sees her daddy. BH kiss under mistletoe again. Traditional Horton Christmas. good quality

December 26 - 30, 1983:  12/26 shirtless Bo, 12/27, 12/28 Bo promises Hope he will be at her 18th Birthday party, 12/29 Hope’s 18th Birthday, Hope’s birthday party begins, 12/30 After the party, Bo finds Hope waiting for him at her place. He blurts out that he loves her. Good qual shows, some of these are really good quality

Expanded Descriptions Days 1983

September 1-29, 1983: 9/1, 9/2, 9/5, 9/29 cm, 9/29 (Note: I was surprised to see how good the September, 1983 episodes looked)

September 1, 1983 No commercials, quality editing, Good audio, a couple of scenes are a bit dark. David is hungover and devastated that Renee and Alex Marshall are engaged. Renee found a second will in Alex's desk drawer and mentions it to Daphne, who admits that she knew about the will. An angry Renee vows revenge. Meanwhile, Julie visits an angry David who then runs out of the house with a knife in his hand stating that he wants to "kill her!”.

Hope goes up to Bo’s room. She seems to be a bit distracted to see a shirtless Bo answer the door. She questions him about where all the guys went last night? She asks if he told them all to stay away from her. He says that its not a bad idea. She smiles to herself as he leaves the room.

Downstairs, a very well dressed valet shows up bearing fancy invitations on a silver platter for a black tie party at the Dimera mansion that very night. Liveried waiters hand-deliver invitations to the citizens of salem for a Black-Tie ball being held at the DiMera mansion, that promises the "Announcement Of The Year”! A dressed-up Bo is filling in for David at Doug's Place.   

Everyone is worried about David Banning. Julie worries that David is so angry at Renee that he will go after her with a knife. Hope comes down dressed in a black evening gown for the party. Both Doug & Julie suggest that she wear something else more appropriate. She makes excuses and says she will go change and then later shows up in the dress at the party.

David calls and talks to Bo and tells him that they shouldn't go to the Dimera's party, then David admits to wanting to kill Renee. Bo shows up at the party to tell Doug and Julie about David's call. He tells them that David made threats against Renee. The guests begin to arrive at the DiMera mansion for the Black-Tie gala, and are buzzing with curiosity and anticipation. Tony rushes in, furious that Renee is having a party in his house. He storms upstairs and confronts her in her dressing room. Tony is shocked when Alex tells him to keep his hand off of his wife! Tony goes downstairs to the party and has a stiff drink.

A glowing Maggie and Mickey announce to a thrilled Melissa that they are a family again and want to repeat their wedding vows.Renee finally makes her entrance looking very glamorous. She tells the assembled crowd that if they knew the party was for her and Alex, nobody would have shown up! She then makes the "Announcement Of The Year" She and Alex Marshall are not only engaged, but married! She then turns to Alex and snarls that he is "scum" does not want him near her!  


September 2, 1983 No commercials, quality editing, good audio. At the party, Gene gets strange vibes, so he and Trista go out to the DiMera stables, where he proposes to her. Inside the mansion, Renee produces Stefano's last hand-written will, which states that the DiMera empire is all hers. She then warns Alex that she will get their short marriage annulled so Alex cannot get his hands on her father's money.


After some kind words to Marlena and Chris, Renee calls out the citizens of Salem one by one whom she felt had looked down on her and made her life miserable. She announces that Tony is her one true love. Upstairs in her dressing room, Tony arrives bearing white roses. He compliments her performance downstairs and then apologizes to her for all of the despicable things that he has done to her in the past. They have a loving reunion and decide to go back to the party downstairs to announce their impending wedding.


Julie is still worried about David, who is still MIA. The chef advises Delia that he is missing one of his kitchen knives. Out at the stables, Gene and Trista hear a scream. Cut to a shaken and hysterical Delia standing at the bottom of the stairs with blood on her hands, screaming "Murder! Murder!"


September 5, 1983 No commercials, quality editing, good audio. A shocked Melissa overhears Mickey paying Gwen Davies  off for breaking up Maggie and Don. Dr. Tom Horton and Marlena try to calm down a hysterical Delia. Roman rushes right upstairs to investigate and sees Renee lying on the floor dead, stabbed in the back with a Raven feather in her hand. Roman takes charge, and Bo follows his orders. Roman tells Bo she was stabbed to death. Roman then orders everyone to stay in the living room. He then comes down the stairs to announce to the other guests that Renee was murdered.


Four cops and Abe arrive and seal off the house and search the grounds for the killer. Melissa is cold to Mickey out on the patio, and he wonders why. Abe and Roman quickly figure out that there was no sign of a struggle and that Renee knew her attacker. A devastated Tony cries over the corpse, and tells Roman that he suspects Alex Marshall is the killer. Sleazy,headline-grabbing D.A. Larry Welch tells Roman that his office must be kept in the loop on the murder investigation.


A shoving match ensues downstairs when Tony accuses Alex of killing Renee. Roman and Abe question Alex about his marriage to Renee and the sudden appearance of the second will. Gene feels responsible for the murders and blames it on the Bradford Curse.


The cops find the murder weapon, a kitchen butcher knife. Roman asks Tony about his replationship with Renee and Tony again tells him he suspects Alex of killing Renee. Joan from Salem PD overhears Hope telling Melissa that David ran outof the house earlier that day with a knife in his hand. Roman questions Hope over this. 

Later, Joan from Salem PD overhears Hope telling Melissa that David ran out of the house earlier that day with a knife in his hand. Roman questions Hope over this. Julie overhears that they are putting out an APB on David. In order to protect David, Julie confesses to the murder and is arrested. Larry is all too eager to press charges.  


September 29, 1983 This Episode has commercials, and the video is darker than the last three episodes. A grieving Marlena goes through her cousin Trista's things. At Shenanagins, Pete crows to Roman that he has been cleared as a suspect in Trista's murder. Marlena remarks that her old patient Pete has not changed for the better. Roman is concerned as Larry Welch and others at the DA's office believe that Gene killed Trista. Eugene demands that Alex be arrested for Tristas's murder.

Hope finds a Bo being beaten by the Vipers outside the warehouse. They are both held at knife point. Hope is screaming as they beat Bo up, he is stabbed in the arm and the leg. A knife-wielding Viper threatens them and tells Bo to leave town. They tell him they won't kill him, this time but hope he learns a little respect. They warn him to leave town.

Bo refuses to let Hope call the police. She is desperate to get him to the hospital, he refuses. He begs her to not go anywhere and just stay with him. He wants to know how she knew where he was, she admits she followed him and he is glad now she did. She uses the first aid skills she has learned while working at the hospital to bind his wounds. He refuses to go to the hospital and he says no and if she can't do this that she should just go. She cries that she won't leave him. He tells her they have to get out of there and for her to help him up. He passes out and she screams in terror. He comes too and one of the Vipers returns and warns Bo to get out of town and informs her they trashed Hope's car so she gets him on his bike and drives him to Shenanigan's, he can't believe it.

Hope takes a wounded and bleeding Bo to his hideout above Shenanigins. Bo decides to go underground to heal and hide from the Vipers. Bo wants her to go home so she won't get in trouble with her folks, she cries that she won't leave him. She tells him that he needs her and she won't leave him to bleed to death. She thinks to move the bike so the vipers won't know that he is there and tells him that no one saw her and no one knows they are there.

Bo tells her to get Danny as he needs to know not to send anyone asking for him up to his room, that no one else knows he rented this room. While he sleeps, he mutters the name Megan. Hope questions him about it the next am while she feeds him. Bo and Hope overhear the Vipers planning a break-in at Roman and Marlena’s. Danny brings food from downstairs up to Bo. He begs him to call Roman and warn him that Marlena is in danger.


David is considering moving to New York, but Danny is able to talk him out of it. Danny brings food from downstairs up to Bo. Tony and Sandy walk on the pier and he askes her to go riding with him. (another 30 second station-identification logo appears in this scene.) At the police station, Roman is wondering why all of the murder victims had Raven feathers in their hands. Bo and Hope overhear the Vipers planning a break-in at Roman and Marlena's. Abe and Roman catch Pete in the act, after being alerted by Danny.

September 30 - November 30, 1983:  9/30 cm Hope caring for Bo after the viper beating, 10/4, 11/4 (12 minutes partial episode only), 11/29, 11/30

September 30, 1983 quality is fair, Commercials are included. Before flying to Colorado to attend Trista's funeral later that day, Gene shows up at Anderson's for work. Marlena has already left for Denver to bury her cousin.


Hope brings Bo a Doctor's bag of medical supplies (stolen from Dr. Tom Horton, no less!) to Bo in his hideout above Shenanagins. (horizontal line moves down the screen briefly in the opening hourglass sequence.)

An old friend of Gene's from Haiti, Mr. Tilson shows up at Salem PD and wants to help Gene through his ordeal, as Gene is still a suspect in Trista's murder. Mr. Tilson soon has a run-in with D.A. Larry Welch who is determined to get Eugene behind bars for Tristas's murder. Speed tells Melissa he wants to find Hope and that Snake and Speed are looking for Bo, and that Bo is dead meat when they find him. 


Roman stops by Letitia's to speak to her and Mr. Tilson is there, ready to escort Gene to Denver. While Roman and another detective wait for Leticia, they spot a Raven among the live animals in the living room. They question why Letitia would keep a live Raven there. Uh oh. Gene overhears this and leaves Letitia's house in a panic.

Hope brings Bo a doctor's bag of medical supplies (stolen from Dr. Tom Horton, no less!) to Bo in his hideout. Hope leaves the room and secretly calls Kayla to help her go through the stolen medical bag and figure out which drugs can help Bo. Bo is furious when Kayla arrives but  soon calms down. Hope updates a very worried Kayla on the situation. Nurse Kayla changes his dressings and wounds and wraps up Bo's bruised ribs. Kayla is worried as he has a 104 temperature. She tells them that Bo needs a doctor. Kayla tells him if he isn't better in one day that she is going to call Roman and have Bo put in the hospital.

Hope begins telling Bo how special he is, but he doesn't hear her as he has fallen asleep. When he wakes up, Hope shows him the map she has made of the Viper territory. He tells her she has done a good job and calls her "Little One". He doesn't seem to like that nickname for her any longer, shakes his head and tells her he will have to find her a new nickname. She says especially since he called Melissa, "Sweat Pea" the other day (funny as much as she said she didn't like that nickname, she hated hearing him use it towards Melissa).  


The Vipers are watching Hope and see her enter Shenanigan's and go upstairs and figure that is where Bo is hiding out. Hope is relieved when later his fever has broken. She shows Bo a new gray sweatshirt and then takes a pair of scissors to it and cuts it up (very much 80's flashdance style !). He realizes how tired Hope is and gets her to lay down next to him.  He says in his current condition he is no danger to anyone. He tells her how much he appreciates her taking such good care of him, he seems surprised. He tells her he owes her an awful lot and thanks her as he strokes her hair. Unfortunately, now she is asleep and doesn't hear his compliments.


October 4, 1983 Better quality, with no commercials. NOTE: These two episodes run together, there are no ending credits to the 10/4/83 episode. In Colorado, Gene tells Marlena that since he has the Bakka, he, the Bakka and the Bradford Curse have caused all of the murders. Gene thinks that Marlena is in danger being close to him.


Gwen agrees to rent Neil's townhouse by the lake, and she and Chris are now neighbors. Alex stops by and tells Gwen to start snooping around at Anderson's as he wants to eventually get his hands on Tony and Melissa's shares in the company. Alex promises Gwen that they will initiate her new bedroom and she gives him a set of keys to the her new townhouse.


It is lunchtime over at O'Malleys and Tony mocks Anna for eating in such a low-class establishment. He also accuses Anna of lying about her poverty-stricken past. Daphne fools the Salem PD when they question her at home about the murders-she is not crippled after all. Bo admits to Hope that he himself was in a gang years ago, and that is is part of the reason that he and Roman do not get along.


Speed and Snake suspect that Bo is hiding out in one of apartments over Shenanagins, and then set Shenanagins on fire! Bo and Hope come running downstairs as Danny evacuates everyone. Speed pulls a gun on Bo, who wrestles it away from him and and the two Vipers are arrested. Shenanagins is saved, but the kitchen is wiped out by the fire. Gwen runs into Anna at O'Malley's and Anna and Gwen have words. At lunch, Gwen gleefully tells Alex that he will be able to collect on Renee's inheritance in a couple of days.


Neil dreams that Liz is getting roughed up in prison. An exhausted Gene and Mr. Tilson fly back to Salem from Denver. Gene decides to stay on at Anderson's. Bo thanks Hope for being his nurse.

November 4, 1983 During their lunch at the Salem Inn, Roman advises Marlena he is concerned for her safety and has ordered extra protection for her. Across the restaurant, he spots a one Tyler Malone. Malone was the security guard who brought into Salem PD the evidence against Eugene. Gwen asks Tyler to track down Eugene and offers him half of the Tony Dimera reward money. Tyler turns her down. He does admit that he is interested in Anna Brady DiMera, and Gwen has a mini coughing fit digesting this piece of news!


Anna finds a letter dated that day that Kelly Chase was murdered. The letter to her sister Molly states that Kelly believes that Alex Marshall is trying to kill her. Also the letter states that Kelly has evidence that links Alex to Stefano's dirty dealings, including the attempt on Roman Brady's life. Anna is elated that she finally has the goods on Alex Marshall!


After reading the letter, Anna has Alex paged at the Salem Inn and advises him she is sick for the day and not coming in to meet him for lunch. Julie asks Hope is she has seen Bo Brady. Hope does fess up that they are friends. Julie advises Hope that she does not want Hope to get hurt. This is a nice little scene. 


A film crew visits the prison where Liz is being held. Liz is terrified of Billie and dreams that Bo and Danny save her in prison. Immediate cut to next episode.


November 29, 1983 video quality is a bit blurry. Also, had to strain a bit to hear the audio, and  when I increased the volume, the sound came off a bit distorted.


Alex and Gwen are snacking in bed at her new townhouse discussing Roman Brady's fall from grace. The "Killer Cop" Roman Brady is now in jail and has pleaded innocent. Don visits Roman in jail with a long list of evidence against Roman as things do not look good.


Maggie is very worried about Melissa, who has been out all night, and sends  Mickey out to look for her. It turns out that Pete has abducted her and is holding her out at Maggie’s lake house. There is a snowstorm approaching Salem which makes Maggie even more tense. Pete and Melissa argue about the difference between right and wrong. A cop visits the house (Melissa is hiding) to make sure that Pete is okay and that he has had provision for the upcoming snowstorm. Pete assures him that all is well,and the cop leaves.


Alex and Gwen visit Marlena to say how sorry they are that Roman is in jail. Alex offers Marlena any help that she may need, and Marlena proclaims Roman's innocence. Back in the jail cell, Roman admits to Don that he does not have an alibi for any of the murders. More eyewitnesses are coming forward and Roman knows he has somehow been set up. Poor Abe is distraught and cannot fathom that his longtime friend and colleague Roman has murdered all of these people.


While visiting Maggie, Don tells her he believes that Melissa ran away because he and Maggie are engaged. Marlena visits Roman in jail and Roman admits that cannot believe the mountain of evidence against him.


November 30, 1983 same quality as previous episode. Bo picks up a mysterious package at Doug's Place and tells Neil that he is doing a bit of "research." Neil and Liz are getting married on December 9, and Liz's hearing has been moved up a week. Clever Bo has an inkling that Pete might have abducted Melissa and they are hiding out by Maggie's lake house.


Chris and Maggie report Melissa as a missing person to the Salem PD. At Doug's Place, Hope apologises to Julie for worrying her and Doug by staying out all night on previous occasions. Bo receives a call from Alice Horton's mechanic stating that Alice's car is ready. Julie overhears this and is intrigued.


Alice is in her kitchen making her famous donuts, with Bo mixing the chocolate icing in a bowl. Bo asks her if she really is ready to go through with the plan. She stubbonly informs him that he is 100 percent committed. Bo tells Alice that the medical supply man came through with the uniform that Bo would be wearing. Bo then shows Alice a map of Salem and points put the spot where they will meet the next day.


Anna admits to Bo and Abe in front of Carrie that she believes that Roman may be guilty. Bo and Alice tell little Carrie that her Daddy is a good man and did not hurt anyone. At Maggie's, a concerned Julie and Chris call Neil to comeover and check on Maggie. He offers her a natural sedative, but she shows no intent in taking it.


Bo and Alice dump a small bag of enough "stuff" into the bowl of chocolate icing. Dr. Tom Horton sticks his finger in the icing bowl and but a frantic Alice and Bo catch him before he consumes the icing! Abe stops by and Bo breaks the news to him that prisoners cannot have any food brought in to them. Bo and Alice have to re-think their plan. Alice has Bo throw away the bowl being used to make the chocolate icing. Meanwhile, Chris is wondering where Sandy is. She is having a romantic dinner at Tony DiMera's penthouse. 

December 1 - 7, 1983:  12/1, 12/2, 12/5, 12/6, 12/7

December 1, 1983 no commercials, video is a but blurry. I had to strain a little to hear the audio, and when I turned it up the sound was a bit distorted. Anna is jealous when Tony comes to see Sandy at the Horton's. Sandy finds the hidden stash of donuts and offers one to Tony, who is stopped from taking a bite of it by Alice and Bo. 


Due to Roman's life being threatened by the other cops in jail, D.A. Larry Welch recommends that Roman be moved to another jail. Bo is not happy with this, and confronts Abe about it. Abe comes up with a solution, an undercover man posing as Roman is moved to the other jail. Then Salem PD will empty out all of the prisoners out of the jail cells at Salem PD, which will leave Roman in a cell downstairs under 24 hour survelience.


Larry flirts with Gwen at the Park Cafe. Alex tells Ty that Anna has been blackmailing him for a $1,000,000. Alex expects Ty to find copies of the incriminating cassette tapes that Anna has stashed all over town. Then, Alex will pay Ty to "waste" Anna DiMera.


Marlena finally gets to visit her Roman in jail, and believes that he is innocent. At the Park Cafe, a serious Bo and Alice go over their plan for the last time. Ty overhears Alice telling Anna that she found the tape that Anna was looking for, and left it on the kitchen table at the Horton's for Anna.


Alice is pleading to Captain Donahue to let her bring Roman her homemade donuts. Seeking positive headlines, Larry tells Capt. Donahue he will vouch for Alice and then sets up a press conference as he thinks it would be a great human interest story.


Alex believes that Anna did not have time to make copies of any of the tapes and that he is home free. Ty admits to Alex that he tailed Anna on the way home, but lost her. Ty now has a man shadowing Anna 24/7. Anna then barges into room and demans her million dollars from Alex.


Roman is visited in jail by Abe, Marlena, Larry and Capt. Donahue. Alice distributes the donuts but only Roman gets the one with the chocolate icing. They start to leave. While still munching his donut, Roman screams and falls to the ground, clutching his chest.


December 2, 1983 no commercials. Pete and Melissa are arguing at the lake front house. Pete admits that he has a gun. At one point, Melissa gets so angry at Pete that she slaps him! The Highway Patrolman returns, as there is an APB out for Melissa and asks Pete if he has seen her. The cop seems very suspicious.


Poor Mrs. H looks on in fear and guilt. Roman appears to be having a heart attack in his jail cell, and Abe calls an ambulance. Roman is taken away by ambulance, which is stopped when Mrs. H's car is stalled, blocking the road. Bo who is hiding in the back of the ambulance, escapes with Roman. In the ambulance on the way to the jail, Bo is hiding out in an EMT uniform.


Maggie blames herself for Melissa running away as she was so concerned with her own happiness, and not Melissa's needs. Maggie fears the worst, and Don is there to comfort her.


Back at the jail the EMT's whisk Roman away in the ambulance. Alice and Abe try to discourage Marlena from going in the ambulance to the hospital, so she follows the police escort there. In the ambulance after knocking out the other EMT, Bo takes off Roman's oxygen mask and tries to get him to come to.


Larry Welch is already talking to the press about Roman Brady's "heart attack." He then spins a wonderful tale about how the prisoners are not allowed any food to be brought to them and how he made a special exception for Alice Horton to bring Roman her homemade donuts. Abe explodes and rails at Larry that Roman could be dying, and all that Welch cares about is headlines. Just then, Abe receives a call from the Highway Patrolmen who thinks he might have spotted Melissa. Abe then calls Mickey with the news.


In the ambulance, Bo is trying to get a groggy Roman to sit up. He tells Roman that he was drugged, but that he will be okay. The ambulance is then stopped due to Alice's Hortons stalled car blocking the road. Two Salem PD officers go to assist her. Bo then helps Roman out of the ambulance. Cut to Alice in her car saying to herself, "Bo told me that this button releases the fuel line" and the car takes off like a rocket.


Bo is seen at Don and Maggie's table at the Park Cafe, now in his street clothes asking after Melissa. Marlena and the Salem PD react with astonishment when they find one groggy EMT and no Roman Brady in back of the ambulance. An APB is then put out on Roman. Abe suspects that Alice and Bo have assisted Roman in his escape. An incredulous Larry cannot believe it, "Alice Horton, Alice Horton? No, it can't be true!" 


Later, Bo is plucked from the Park Cafe by a uniformed cop. At the PD, Marlena is terrified that Roman is sick and out there all alone. She promises Bo that he didn’t do this. She heard that he told Carrie that Roman is innocent so she knows he believes it too. A protesting Alice Horton is led in by officers, demanding to speak to Captain Donahue. Abe grills Bo about Roman's escape.


Mickey rushes in to Maggie and Don's table and tells them the good news that they might have found Melissa. The Highway Patrol and the cops have the lake front house surrounded, as they believe that Pete is armed and dangerous. They cops order Pete and Melissa out of the lake front house. Pete grabs his gun. At the police station, a loudly protesting Alice Horton is led in by officers, demanding to speak to Captain Donahue.


December 5,1983 no commercials, same quality as previous episode. Pete pulls a gun on Melissa, and she calls him a chicken and says that he won't kill her. While Pete is crouched looking out the window at the cops, a quick-thinking Melissa grabs a large chunk of firewood and knocks Pete down. He drops the gun and she runs outside, while the cops converge on Pete. At the police station, Abe  bursts on with the news that Melissa has been found and  Maggie and Mickey hug, relieved that Melissa is safe.


Hope arrives at the police station and is shocked to see Alice there. Alice is demanding her one phone call and not cooperating with Abe at all. She tells Abe that he has no proof of her doing anything wrong and that Abe cannot arrest her. Big mistake. He then arrests her for aiding and abetting Roman's escape. Alice calls Mickey who calls Tom.  


Tom is demanding answers and the truth out of Alice while she is in her jail cell. A furious Anna shows up at Alex's. She knows that Alex has put a tail on her. Alex shows her the million dollars in the briefcase and requests the tape. Anna replies that the deal is off. She wants things on her terms and agrees to meet Alex outside of Anderson's at 10pm tonight and he better bring the million dollars.


Gene takes Marlena for a spin in his new cab. They discuss Roman's escape and Marlena is visibly shaken when she finds out that her ex-patient Pete Jannings had kidnapped Melissa and is now in custody.


Outside Anderson's, Alex tells Ty that he wants Anna to have an accident and that it must be fatal. Anna bribes Bo to meet her at the back door of Andersons at 10pm. Hope asks Bo out on a date, but he hesitates to get involved. Abe pulls Bo out of the Park Cafe about when he was to leave to meet Anna. Abe threatens to lock Bo up if he doesn't get some answers now. Abe also knows that Alice's car was tampered with.


Melissa, Maggie, Mickey, Don and Hope have a tearful reunion at the police station. Here comes Pete, and Mickey springs forward like a jaguar to attack him, but is held off by Don and Abe. Abe has figured it all out-how Alice had poisined only Roman's donut and that she stalled her car on purpose to help Roman escape. Abe takes Alice downstairs to be booked.


A furious Tom visits Alice in her jail cell, and cannot believe that Abe has arrested a pillar of the community such as his wife. When Abe steps out, Tom demands answers from his jailbird wife.


At the police station, Marlena chastises Pete for what he has done. Poor Bo is trapped at the police station and cannot get away to meet Anna. Outside Anderson's, Anna hears a car in the dark and calls out for Bo. Nothing. Anna happens to look up and a heavily loaded shippng crate is being quickly lowered toward her head. She screams in terror.


December 6, 1983 same quality as above episodes. Hope brings Melissa dinner on a tray, and tells Melissa how worried she was about her. Melissa expresses concern for Pete in jail. Hope grills Melissa about what really happened between her and Pete. Melissa mentions that she was tied up, but that Pete did not hurt her. Melissa defends Pete and Hope realizes that Melissa's experience has really changed her. She tells Hope that she wants to be alone, so Hope leaves.


In jail, a jubilant Liz clutches her wedding dress to her chest, and cannot believe that she and Neil are finally getting married. She gives her cellmate, Charlene a beautiful bridesmaid's dress.


At the police station, Joan happens to glance at the computer screen, which has four chilling words on it, "FREE TO KILL AGAIN." She quickly runs out of the station to find Abe.


Outside Anderson's, the shipping crate just misses hitting Anna. Ty emerges from the shadows and picks up Anna's purse, which she had dropped. He finds a cassette tape inside. Anna sneaks into the back seat of a parked car and is suddenly driven off. Bo comes by Anderson's looking for Anna and spots her car in the parking lot. Cut to the killer's hand seen wiping a knife blade on the leaf of a plant. A snapshot of Sgt. Joan Hopkins is nearby.


At Doug's Place, an excited Neil is telling Doug and Julie about his visit with Liz in jail. A blue screen appears during this scene for a couple of minutes, then the scene resumes. Doug and Julie are invited to the wedding, as well.


In his car, Ty pops in the cassette tape player and chuckles as he hears its contents. Beside him is the briefcase the Alex's million dollars in it. He remarks to himself, "Not bad for a night's work, not bad at all."


At Doug's Place, Tom and Julie discuss the audacity of Alice being held overnight in jail. Tom has an inkling that Alice was influenced by that ruffian Bo Brady. Here comes Bo,looking for Anna and now Tom demands answers from him. Of course, Bo claims not to know anything. Hope walks in and Doug lays the law down, that Bo and Hope are to steer clear of each other. Hope resents this, and storms upstairs to her room.


Hope sneaks outside to see Bo and he assures her that everything will be ok, and that Alice will be out of jail in the morning. Marie see Bo and Hope together, and later finks to Doug and Julie. Bo and Hope don helmets and go for a motorcyle ride by the lake.


Roman sneaks up on Joan with a large knife, and cuts her hand badly before fleeing. A wounded Joan staggers into Doug's Place. Doug calls the EMT's and Neil examines Joan's wound. Enter Alex, bellowing "There's a killer, Roman Brady running around in the parking lot!" and to call the police.


Anna realizes that she is riding in the back seat of Roman's car and is scared. She tries to sneak out when Roman is looking for stuff in the trunk, but he catches her. Seeing Roman, she begs him not to kill her. Neil tells the EMT's that the killer uses a poisin knife, and if the poisin gets into Joan's bloodstream, she is a goner.


At Doug's Place, Gwen sees Alex keep nervously looking at his watch. Alex spots Ty enter the restaurant, and goes to talk with him in private. Ty informs Alex that the crate missed killing Anna, and that she has gotten away, and he does not know where Anna went. He let Alex believe that Anna still has the tape. Alex tells Ty to find Anna and the tape, now!

In her jail cell, Liz tells Charlene she wants a simple and peaceful life with Neil and Noelle. Hope asks Bo if they can still see each other. He gives her a sweet kiss and then says, "that's your answer." Blowhard Alex interrupts the fun and tells Bo that Roman attacked Sgt. Joan Hopkins no less than 30 minutes ago. Bo then speeds away on his bike.


Anna and Roman hear a report on the car radio that at 10pm tonight that Sgt. Joan Hopkins was attacked escaped killer cop Roman Brady. A shaken Anna begs Romana again not to kill her. Roman points out that at 10pm he was in the car with Anna and therefore could not have attacked Joan, or anyone else for that matter. He feels that he has been set up and vows to find out who is behind this.


The killer is by the "FREE TO KILL" computer screen. It appears to be Roman, but then he pulls off a curly wig to reveal a bald head. Close up to the killer's jawline where he is seen peeling away face make up.


December 7, 1983 no commercials, same quality as above episodes.


In jail, Liz and Charlene are filled with girlish excitement due to the upcoming wedding. Liz gives Charlene a bottle of perfume and asks her to be her maid of honor. Scene cuts back to the DVD menu. I had to tab and fool with it to make the episode continue.


Alex is sick of Ty's excuses and tells him again that he better find Anna and that tape. Alex later presents Gwen with a full-length mink coat. Gene and Marlena go to visit Joan in the hospital, however Abe will not let Marlena in to visit Joan.  Joan had mentioned to Abe that she is positive that Roman was the one who had attacked her.


Anna and an in-disguise Roman are at a motel out of state. Roman asks Anna what she was doing outside Anderson's last night anyway and why did she sneak into his car? She confides to Roman that Alex tried to kill her last night outside Anderson's. She tells Roman about the tape she had which proves that Alex was in with Stefano on the attempt on Roman's life, and that she lost the tape. Roman quickly figures out that Anna was blackmailing Alex. He is livid that Anna had a piece of evidence that could have gotten Alex of the streets months agao, instead all Anna thinks about is money.


In jail, Billie warns Charlene that they are in big trouble. While discussing Anna's failed murder attempt, Ty tells Alex that Bo was looking for Anna outside Anderson's last night. Ty saw Anna get into the back seat of a car with a curly-haired driver. Alex sees this as good news, he can kill two birds with one stone.


Joan's condition is improving, however she is terrified that Roman will come back to finish the job. Marlena recognises the knife used in the attack as one of her's and Roman's from their cutlery collection, and the knife also has Roman's fingerprints on it. A heartbroken Abe and Marlena tearfully hug each other and wonder how this has happened.


Anna tells Roman that she did not have time to copy the tape, and besides Alex had Ty tailing her. Alex still thinks that she has multiple copies of the tape. Anna's roommate Kayla has not seen nor heard from her. Alex teases Marie about her Mother being in the slammer. Marie just rolls her eyes and informs him that Alice is now out of the slammer. 


Charlene visits Billie in her cell and tells her that she has the gun. She promises she will get the gun to Billie in plenty of time. Liz notices them talking. In Liz's cell, a hand-painted sign reading "Home Of The Blushing Bride" is hanging up. The arrange a cake and have a bridal shower in the prison rec room.


Marlena holds a press conference at the Salem PD. She states how much she loves Roman and believes in his innocence, and tearfully begs him to come back home. Everyone in Salem is watching on their respective TVs.  The press conference will be re-run that night on the news. Disguising her voice, Anna calls Salem PD and asks for Marlena. Roman gets on the phone and tells Marlena that he did not commit any of the murders. He then hangs up quietly so that Abe cannot trace the call. 

Dec 8 - 14, 1983: 12/8, 12/9, 12/12, 12/13, 12/14

December 8, 1983 no commercials, video a bit blurry. I had to turn audio up a bit but then the volume can be a bit distorted. At the Park Cafe, Melissa tells Hope that she wants to visit Pete at the Juvenile Detention Center to thank him for not hurting her. Hope cannot believe hear ears and Melissa does admit that this must sound like is she nuts. At Tony's penthouse, Tony and Sandy turn on the telly and see the press conference on the news. They rush to the police station. Meanwhile, Roman is trying to regain control of himself after breaking a vase in anger at the motel. Larry Welch tells Marlena that she did the right thing by having the press conference, after Bo screams at her for giving up on Roman by having the press conference. Abe tells Marlena to hang in there.


Roman soon realizes that he needs a contact in Salem, who can keep a secret and help him find the killer. Who else, but Bo? Roman and Anna argue about the tape again and the overwhelming amount of evidence and eyewitnesses against Roman. Roman also wants to catch Alex so he can't kill Anna. Later Anna thanks Roman for saving her life. The next scene, the camera pans across the murderer's computer, the poisinous plant, two wig stands and prosthetic makeup.


Liz is having cold feet about the wedding. Charlene lends moral support and helps Liz turn her fears into dreams for her happy day. Tony has Gene, Sandy and Marlena over to the penthouse. Bo stops by and asks Gene if he could borrow his cab for a bit. Gene agrees, but Bo leaves before Gene can tell him that the gas gauge does not work. Of course, then Bo runs out of gas almost immediately while driving the cab. Note, Gene has a hilarious gas gauge that says out loud in Gene's voice, "You're Out Of Gas! You're Out Of Gas!" when it does work!


Abe tells Melissa that she needs her parent's permission to visit Pete in Juvie as she is a minor. Melissa leaves and Abe and Hope wonders what has happened to her. They agree that Melissa has a soft spot for everyone. Abe then asks Hope if Bo was involved in Roman's escape, and Hope replies that she does not know. After a false, start, Bo and Roman finally connect. Roman asks about Joan, Carrie and Marlena. They agree to get in contact again the next night. A hospitable Tony lends moral support to Marlena at his penthouse. Bo then returns the cab to Gene.


At the Park Cafe, Hope and a long-faced Melissa are squabbling about Pete again. Bo stops by their table and asks Hope to help him babysit Carrie on Friday night. A twinkling Hope says yes.


Billie shows up after the bridal shower has ended and gives Liz a blouse of hers back that Billie had stolen previously. Liz leaves, and Charlene tells the matron that she is scared for Liz as Billie threatened to beat Liz up before the wedding.


Gene accompanies Marlena back to the police station. Marlena is soon devastated to find out that there is a shoot-to-kill order out on her husband.


December 9, 1983 no commercials, same quality as above episode. Gwen is doing leg lifts at the foot of Alex's bed. Chris gives Hope a job as a waitress at the re-opened Shenanagins and she rushes off to tell Bo. She will be right next door to him now!


Julie stops by Neil's house with a darling purple outfit for Noelle to wear to the wedding. Liz is not scared about getting married anymore. As she hems Charlene's bridesmaid's dress, ubeknownst to her the gun is hidden in the sewing basket she is using. Billie questions Charlene's alliances and asks where the gun is.


Melissa asks Don to be Pete's attorney, and also offers her blessing and for Don and Maggie's engagement. Don tells her that he has to think about representing Pete.


Alex calls the police and reports Anna as a missing person. He and Gwen find it interesting that Anna and Roman are missing at the same time. Could Anna be dead? That would be "terrible, terrible" says Alex as he puffs on his ever-present cigar. Meanwhile, Don is waiting on pins and needles for news on Liz's second appeal. He also gives Larry a piece of his mind for putting out that shoot-to-kill order on Roman.  


Over at Neil's, Doug, Julie, Chris and Kayla and Neil drink a toast to the bride to be. Neil sincerely thanks them for standing by Liz. At the prison chapel, Charlene hides the gun in a flower arrangement and is startled when Liz enters the chapel with the priest. Liz goes to rearrange the flowers and Charlene protests, stating that she spent all morning arranging them. Charlene then nervously leaves. She is threatened by Billie and then knocks Billie out when her back is turned. Charlene calls for help, stating that Billie has passed out. At Neil's, the groom and guests and baby Noelle leave for the wedding.


At the Park Cafe, Larry asks Gwen what she sees in Alex. Why, power and money, of course! Larry tells her she is a very attractive woman and that she would not have to give up her relatiohship with Alex if she would start seeing him. He leaves the table, and Gwen sits there pondering his offer.


Bo, Hope and Carrie all enjoy hot chocolate at the Park Cafe. Carrie mentions that everyone tells her that her Daddy killed all of those people. Bo and Hope tell her that she must believe in her Daddy's innocence. Carrie asks if she can live with Bo and Hope until her Mommy and Daddy come home. Bo gently tells her that her Grandma and Grandpa might get lonely without her.


Liz is radiant in her beaded, designer wedding gown. While getting ready, Liz vows to protect Charlene from Billie. They hug for good luck. There is a knock at the door, and a beaming Julie brings in little Noelle, and hands her over to Liz. Liz introduces Noelle to "Aunt Charlene" and thanks Julie for bringing Noelle to her. In the prison chapel, Neil and Liz have a few moments alone together, thanks to Julie. They are elated that they will be able to share their lives together, and hope that Liz will be free soon. Don gets a phone call with good news. 


December 12, 1983 no commercials, same quality as above episodes. Bo tells Hope that he is too busy for a relationship, then asks her out for Friday night, go figure. Sandy visits Chris who is getting Shenanagins ready for the Grand Re-Opening. An elated Don calls Chris with the great news that Liz's 2nd appeal went through and that she is a free woman.


In the prison chapel, the wedding begins. Bride and Groom exchange their hand-written vows, while Charlene is nervously eyeing the flower bouquet. They exchange rings and Neil says his "I Do's." Liz is about to say hers, when the building rocks with an explosion. Charlene grabs the gun and Liz, and orders, "Nobody moves or Liz is a dead woman!" Sirens are heard and Charlene screams that she will get out of there with a little help from her friends, and also demands $750,000 for Liz. There is a slo-mo scuffle and Liz is shot!


Don is on the phone trying to get a hold of the prison to tell Liz the good news, and has no luck. The operator calls Don back as she cannot get through either. There is a brief blue screen and tracking lines during this scene. The next scene is Chris, Sandy, and Marlena are decorating Neil's apartment for a surprise welcome home party for Liz. Gene, Bo and Hope join them and Gene and Sandy rush out to get a cake.


Neil checks Liz's vitals and has Liz transfered to Salem Hospital. Don tells Neil that the appeal went through and Liz is now free.The volume is lowered a bit in this scene. Liz is in a coma and Neil tells her that loves her and begs her to hang on. Doug and Julie visit Liz in her hospital room and Doug tells Liz that they are all pulling for her. Neil informs them that Liz is in much worse shape than he originally thought and calls in a Neurologist. Julie takes Noelle overnight as Neil does not want to leave the hospital.


At the prison, Charlene and Gail are apprehended. The warden tells them how dumb they were and that 3 people died in the explosion. She then threatens them with life in prison because of this. A blue screen briefly appears during this scene. The warden brings Billie in and Billie announces that she has turned state's evidence against Charlene. Charlene protests that Billie planned everything and is lying to save herself.  


Gene returns to Neil's with a cake that says, "Happy 50th Anniversary." Well, it was short notice, he tells everyone. There is a knock at the door, and everyone scatters and shut the lights out in anticipation. Chris answers and an ashen Doug and Julie enter with Noelle to shouts of "Surprise!." They break the news that Liz has been shot and in a coma. Later at Shenanagins, Chris hopes that they can re-open before Christmas, which is two weeks away. Poor Neil can't get his head around the fact that Liz's best friend in jail who looked out for her, did this to Liz.


December 13, 1983 no commercials, same quality as above episodes. Hope is excited about her Friday night date with Bo. She brags to Melissa that it will be a "night to remember" and tells Melissa the she plans to make love to him.


Liz is in a coma and can hear Don telling her in a faraway voice to come back. A worried Neil tells Don and Marlena that something is terribly wrong with Liz. He has consulted yet another specialist and has given Liz more tests. It turns out the specialists are as baffled as Neil is with Liz's medical condition. A distraught Neil wants to know when the misery will end.


Roman has disguises for he and Anna at the hotel. They miss Carrie and doubt that they will be back in Salem for Christmas. Back in Salem, Carrie asks Uncle Bo where her Mommy and Daddy are. Carrie isn't eating and a concerned Marlena invites Hope and Melissa by to her house tonight to cheer Carrie up and also put up Christmas decorations. Marlena tells Melissa that she hopes that Pete gets the help that he needs. She and Melissa agree that Pete has a tremendous amount of potential. A light bulb goes on in Melissa's head. She excuses herself and runs out of the Park Cafe.


Tom is still wanting answers from Alice at the hospital coffee shop. Alice keeps changing the subject. He also wonders why Bo has been calling her every day. Alice hits back and asks Tom why Mary Ellen Donahue has been calling Tom every day as well, and that Mary Ellen has been crazy about Tom for years! Naturally, Marie was not too happy to hear that Liz is a free woman now. 


Chris reluctantly agrees to talk to Maggie and Mickey about Melissa visiting Pete. Bo covertly calls Roman at the motel and informs him of the shoot-to-kill order out on him courtesy of Larry Welch. Bo also informs Roman that Carrie is upset that her Mommy is now missing. Roman fesses up that Anna is now with him, which perplexes Bo.


Anna sneaks out when Roman is in the shower, and calls Marlena's. Carrie answers and Anna tells her that she loves her and misses her and she is with Carrie's Daddy in California and will be home soon, not to worry and to stay happy. Marlena's jaw drops as she is listening on the upstairs extension. When Anna returns to the motel room, Roman loses it for her making the phone call, and hands her a disguise and states that they have to leave NOW!


Marlena asks Carrie to promise not to tell anyone about her Mommy calling just now. Marlena later takes Bo aside and hisses that she wants to know exactly why Anna is with her husband, did Bo know about this, and where are they? Bo professes not to know anything. Uncle Bo plays an impromptu Santa Claus to Carrie at Marlena's. Carrie gives him her Christmas list and says that what she wants most is her Mommy and Daddy home for Christmas. She toddles over to the stereo, and blasts a fun song, and her and Bo dance. Then a slow song come on and matchmaker Carrie asks Bo and Hope to dance to it, and they do. Marlena and Don wonder why on earth Anna is on the run with Roman, and what's this about all of the "big money" Anna was supposed to be coming in to?


Roman and Anna are in the car on the run again. Roman is in disguise with a beard and glasses, and Anna is disguised as a boy. They miss their little girl terribly and speak of her fondly. They turn on the car radio and hear the terrible news that Liz has been shot and is in a coma.


At Liz's bedside, Chris tries to get through to her and does! She groggily wakes up. Chris runs to get Neil and Don. They enter the room, and Liz says, "I want my husband" to Neil. She sees Don there and says, "Oh Don, my darling, I'm so sorry, its okay, I'm back and I want to go home, will you take me home?" Poor Neil is stunned!


December 14, 1983 no commercials, same quality as above episodes. Bo is pooped out from playing Santa Claus for Carrie. Hope wants Bo to get a Christmas tree for his place. Shawn comes by to pick up Carrie, and he and Bo have words about Roman's escape. A curious Marlena asks Tony if he thinks that Anna helped Roman escape. At the hospital, Liz is asking her "husband" Don to take her home. The Liz asks poor Neil to leave as she wants to be alone with her husband, Don. She asks what happened to her as she has no memory of it. Don gently breaks it to her that he is not her husband, and that Neil is. Liz is confused and does not believe him. Neil tells Liz that she is suffering memory loss because of what happened in prison. "What prison?" Liz asks.


Tony strolls in to Liz's hospital room while Liz is demanding Don's presence. Liz is shocked that Tony is still in Salem. She stars screaming for Don again. She then asks Tony why did he come back and what does he want from her? Tony tells her that be has been back in Salem for two years now and explains to her that Liz and Neil have been married for two years. A blue screen appears for a brief second during this scene. Marlena has come to the conclusion that Liz is suffering from hysterical amnesia.


At Shenanagins, Chris is working away and the Grand Re-Opening is on Friday. Hope scams out of working Fiday night and will start her new waitress job there next week. Tony has filled Liz in a bit on what went on in prison. They realize that Liz still thinks that it is 1981! Don tells her it is now 1983 and a lot has happened to her in two years. Liz asks Don if he is still in love with her. Don tells an unbelieving Liz that she is now in love with Neil. Don admits that he and Maggie Horton are now engaged.


Hope enthusiastically tells Doug and Julie about her new waitress job at Shenanagins. They both wonder how she will finish high school now that she is working, and also ask about her plans for college. Hope tells them that college is redundant and why should she go away to college when everything she wants is right here in Salem. "Like Bo Brady?" pipes up Julie.


Tony wants to keep Marlena and Carrie busy for the holiday season and draws up a list of activities for the three of them to enjoy. Chris asks Bo if he is aware that Hope is love with him. Bo knows, but tells Chris that he does not want Hope to end up on the receiving end of one of his mistakes.


Hoping to jog Liz's memory, Neil brings Noelle to see her Mommy in the hospital. Liz wants to know who the beautiful baby is that Neil is holding. He gently puts Noelle in bed with Liz and patiently explains that Noelle is her and Neil's child.  Liz is very lost and wonders what has happened to her. Neil assures her that the memory loss is just temporary and that in time she will remember he and Noelle. Neil gives Liz their wedding rings and asks her to please keep them. He loves Liz with all his heart. She then asks him to take back the rings and tells Neil that she does not love him.

Dec 15 - 20, 1983: 12/15, 12/16, 12/19, 12/20

December 15, 1983 no commercials, a little blurry. Audio needs to be turned up but not too loud as the volume can be distorted. Liz looks at a snapshot of Noelle and thinks that it is impossible that she and Neil had a baby together. Don comes to see her at the hospital at her request. She tells him that she is is panicky and as she has to go home, where IS her home? She asks Don if she could come and stay with him as she only had fond memories of their time together. He tells her that would be better if she went to Neil's, as it might help her. Liz then admits that little Noelle is a stranger to her. Liz is also very bitter toward Neil as last she remembered, he had walked out on her.


Gene visits Marlena and tells her that he had a vision of Roman driving down a highway, across bridges,and through tunnels. An in-disguise Roman and Anna rent a room, in a house of ill repute! Bo has paid off the Madam, Clara to keep her trap shut. After warning Roman and Anna(remember, Anna is disguised as a boy) to keep away from her "girls," she rents them the Red Room. Clara immediately hits Roman up for more cash to buy her silence. In their room, Anna's constant whining is getting to Roman as he checks the phone for electronic bugs. Bo is still being evasive to Hope about what time their date is tonight.


Bo stops by Marlena's asking if there is anything that he can do for her. Gene accuses Bo of knowing where Roman and Anna are. He coldly informs Bo that if he finds out that Bo is withholding any information, he will make life miserable for Bo. Sweet Alice brings Marlena a pot roast. Gene makes a snotty crack about donuts, the apologizes before he leaves. Bo whispers to Alice that he spoke with Roman, and that Roman is okay. 


Melissa pops by Shenanagins to bug Chris again about Pete. Mickey wants to know why Melissa should feel sorry for that punk, Pete Jannings. Chris explains that Melissa feels responsible for Pete getting arrested. They go back and forth, but Chris finally persuades Mickey to allow Melissa to visit Pete.


Bo finally tells Hope that they are going sailing tonight. Julie makes a bee line for their table at the Park Cafe, urgently wanting to speak to Hope alone. While putting clean underwear away in Hope's drawer, Julie found Hope's birth control pills. Busted.


Julie is very worried about Hope and what she is about to do with Bo. She begs Hope to stop and think about it and tells Hope that she is too young to have this kind of relationship. Julie speaks from the heart and experience, and she does not want Hope to make the same mistakes that she did. She sees her younger self in Hope. Julie tells Hope that she loves her so much and does not want to see her hurt. Stubborn Hope insists that she knows that she is doing,and goes back to class. Julie then spots Marlena and asks her for an appointment to talk to her about Hope.


Meanwhile, at the house of ill repute aka “Hooker Heaven”, a cop asks Clara whose car is that parked in the alley. Clara demands more money from Roman to keep quiet. Poor Roman is running out of cash. Roman wants he and Anna to hitchhike back to Salem. He figures that there are a few folks in the ISA who owe him favors, so they might be able to manage it.

A guarded and suspicious Marlena persuades a reluctant Alice to stay and chat. Marlena asks pointed questions about Roman's escape. Alice stonewalls her, then leaves. Don tells Marlena that he has agreed to represent Pete. Marlena's face lights up, she is thrilled as she believes in Pete.


Melissa, Mickey and Chris visit a hostile Pete at the Juvenile Detention Center. Pete asks Melissa what she is doing there and she tells him that she is worried about him. He askes her why she cared, anyway. Melissa angrily tells Pete that he is pitiful and wants to leave. Just then Don Craig walks in and announces to Pete that he is Pete's new attorney. Pete's attitude toward Melissa changes from hostile to respectful as he knew that she had to have something to do with this.


Julie comes by the hospital to take Liz "home." Liz cries that she is in limbo and does not want to go home. Julie tells her that Neil worships Noelle and that Noelle needs her Mother. She encourages Liz to start over with Neil.


Roman calls Bo and tells him that he needs to dump the car and that he needs an alternate form of transportation. Bo mentions to Roman that he needs some advice and needs to talk to him in person. At the Park Cafe, Hope tells Melissa that Julie found her birth control pills. Bo borrows Gene's cab again. Due to two of his waitresses calling in sick for the Grand Re-Opening tonight, Chris asks Hope to work tonight. Hope agrees to work, even though her big date with Bo is at 8pm.


December 16, 1983 no commercials, same quality as previous episode. Neil brings a wooden Liz home. She looks around the apartment blankly. Hope is packing her long johns for her sailing date with Bo tonight. She tells Melissa she plans on working until 7:55pm tonight. The she will meet Bo and "become a woman."


Bo picks up the cab from Gene, who plans to follow him with a beeper to see what Bo is up to. Of course, Bo loses him quickly on the highway. Tony brings a stuffed Felix The Cat for Carrie. He talks Marlena into having dinner at the re-opening of Shenanagins.


Hope and her father have a heart-to-heart talk about her and Bo. She tells Doug that she had a date with Bo tonight, and knows that Doug does not approve of this. Bo is the only one that she wants, and she hopes that Doug will understand if she opts to stay the night at Bo's. She is madly in love with Bo. A resigned Doug realizes that she will just do what she wants anyway, and that he cannot protect her for ever. They share a hug.


Neil tells Liz that he won't stay in the apartment, as it might make her uncomfortable. He leaves, but Liz calls after him as she does not want to be left alone there. he invites himself to dinner, and Liz accepts.


Danny (wearing a pink blazer),Chris and the staff are hard at work getting ready for the Grand Re-Opening of Shenanagins. Sandy brings Chris a plant for good luck. Gwen swans in wearing her new fur coat and also wishes Chris good luck.  


Liz has a lie-down before dinner and hears Neil tapping out a medley on the piano. She leaves the bedroom as she recognises the song as one from her repetoire. Several bouqets of flowers are seen around the apartment. Neil asks Liz to read the cards. When she gets to the bouquet from Maggie Horton, Liz is sad that Maggie is engaged to Don. Liz and Neil start to argue and she states that it is impossible to imagine her and Neil ever being together.


Hope tells Chris that she has to leave work at 7:55pm. Chris is not havin' it. Bo calls Hope at Shenanagins and tells her to meet him at 10:30pm as something has come up. Bo picks up Roman, who is dressed as a hobo. Then, a man jumps into the cab and holds Bo up at gunpoint. There goes the money he was to give Roman!


Liz has calmed down. Neil hopes that she can relax, but she can't as she feels like an "adult orphan." The blue screen and the picture distorts for a few seconds during this scene. Liz confesses that a part of her wants to leave and a part of her wants to stay to see what happens. She then asks Neil to stay at the apartment for the baby's sake. Tracking lines appear on and off for a few minutes. Liz explains that she is feeling pressured to remember things, and then asks Neil for a few hours alone. The Neil Curtis that she remembered was never like this kind and compassionate Neil Curtis.


Gene joins Tony, Marlena and Sandy at a packed Shenanagins. He tells Marlena that he lost Bo. Hope is trying to convince Chris that she is feeling sick and needs to go home. Chris relents and lets her leave so she can go on her date with Bo. Bo wants to tell Marlena that he has been seeing Roman, but they decide not to, to give her piece of mind. 


Doug's face falls when Chris tells him that Hope has left for the evening. Melissa asks Chris why Pete is refusing any help. Doug and Neil get a table, and Doug tells Neil to he needs a lot of extra patience when dealing with Liz right now. A blue screen briefly appears, Larry Welch wonders aloud to Gwen why a rich kid like Hope Williams is working as a waitress as a riverfront restaurant.


The doorbell rings at Neil's, and Liz comes out of the bedroom to answer it, it is Neil. She asks why he did not use his key. Neil tells her that everyone was asking about her tonight, even her supposed "enemies" like Tony and Marlena. They say goodnight and Liz thanks Neil for everything. Tracking lines appear in this scene and the next scene which is Neil/Liz flashbacks.


Tony and Marlena run into a bundled-up Hope by the riverfront. Hope tells them that she is meeting someone. A dejected Hope returns to Shenanagins and tells Melissa that Bo did not show up. Meanwhile, Bo is driving Roman back to the house of ill repute. They hear sirens, and see that the house is ablaze and realize that Anna is in the house!


December 19, 1983 no commercials, same quality as above episode. Gwen tells Larry Welch that Hope is jailbait. At the house of ill repute, Clara is trying to evacuate everyone due to the fire. Chaos ensues. Bo somehow finds Anna and whisks her out of there. Ty of all people shows up looking for Anna, and just misses her. At Shenanagins, Alex is waiting on a important phone call, and Larry is giving Alex the hairy eyeball from the bar. Hope tells Melissa that she made a very big mistake listening to Bo Brady. On her way out, Larry accidentally on purpose spills a drink on Hope.


Anna and Bo escape into the waiting cab. Roman notices an unmarked police car with a CB radio on the roof is tailing them, but loses them after an hour. Anna confesses to starting the fire at the bordello, because she needed a distraction.


At Hope's she and Melissa argue about Pete. Melissa tells Hope that she should give Bo another chance. Hope is just angry. She whines that her feet hurt she is tired and being a waitress/hostess was a lot harder than she thought. Hope was really surprised with how understanding Doug was when she informed him of her big plans with Bo that night. Julie comes in and asks how the date was. Hope starts crying, which causes Julie to ask what Bo did to her. 


Bo is curious why Alex wants to kill Anna. Anna and Roman explain about the tape. They also know that Alex has figured out that Roman and Anna are on the run together. They keep driving and Bo mutters that he did have plans earlier that evening. Anna stops complaining enough to ask about Bo about Carrie. Bo tells Roman that Marlena knows that Anna is with him, as she listened in on the phone call Anna made to Carrie.


A worried Gene wonders where Bo and his cab are. A blue screen briefly appears. Larry tries his slimeball charm out on Sandy, who is not interested. Gene and Sandy take a walk by the river, and discuss being single and lonely. Gene gets a brilliant idea..he will start a Lonely Hearts Club in Salem!


Bo drops an in-disguise-again Roman and Anna off at apartment occupied by one Nicholai a former KGB double agent whose life Roman saved. He sees that Roman is in big trouble and lets them hide out at his place. 


Hope tells a relieved Julie what happened, that the date with did work out. "But it hurts so much!" she moans to Julie. Julie thinks that Bo is a dangerous person, that Hope is infatuated and was moving too fast, They share a heartfelt hug, and Julie tells Hope that she loves her. Bo finally calls Hope and says he was sorry about no-showing their date. Hope tells him that she was sleeping, and then hangs up.


Nicholai has read all about Roman in the papers, and does not believe that Roman is a cold-blooded killer. Gwen is tired of waiting around Shenanagins for Alex's phone call, and leaves. Larry is outside waiting for her. He tells Gwen she is wasting her time with Alex. He also mentions that he and Gwen are two of a kind, two alley cats always on the prowl. 


Ty informs Alex that Roman and Anna were hiding out in a bordello, and how he lost them after the fire. Alex again orders Ty to kill Anna as she knows way too much. No more excuses, Ty must get the job done. Clara the Madam appears and tels Ty she lost Anna and Roman on the road, but her CB radio friends were able to track then down. Bo finally returns the cab to Gene. He is next seen standing below Hope's bedroom window, throwing pebbles up at it. he yess at her to open up, and she coldly stares down at him and goes back to bed.


Nicholai wants Roman to keep a low profile. Anna is parading around in a lovely green avocado face mask,and Roman is teasing her about it. Anna pulls the mask off, and BAM! It all comes to Roman. He excitedly tells Anna the mask is an exact replica oh her face. That's it! Someone is wearing a crafted latex mask made to look like Roman's face exactly. Cut to the killer's wig stands and a latex max of Eugene.


December 20, 1983 no commercials, same quality as previous episodes. Maggie turns down Gene to be a charter member of his Lonely Hearts Club, as she is engaged to Don. Melissa is dreading having to give a statement against Pete later that day.


Anna and Roman marvel at the genuis behind the plan to frame Roman for the murders. Roman leaves to find a pay phone to call Bo. Genius Anna places an anonymous phone call to Salem PD and quickly tells Joan that Roman is not the murderer, and that is some guy in a latex mask made up to look like Roman. Joan does not tell anyone on the force about this phone call. Hmm.


Don and Abe discuss Pete's hostile attitude. "The Vulcher" Larry Welch strides in, much to Abe's chagrin. A blue screen and some trackeing lines appear briefly. When Roman returns, Anna tells him about the anonymous phone call that she placed to Salem PD. Roman goes ballistic, the feverishly goes through Nicholai's closet to find some more disguises.


Ty is in his car, very pleased with his progress so far. The camera pans on a police officer's uniform and a gun in the front seat. Gwen scams $6,000 out of Alex for Christmas shopping. Scrooge Alex doesn't want to go shopping with her. Gene asks Marie to join the Lonely Hearts Club and she tells him to forget it. Melissa asks Don if there is any way she can getoutof giving her statement against Pete. Gwen gets into Gene's cab and apologises for thinking that he was the killer, due to the planted cufflinks. Gene tells her that Alex was the one who planted the cufflinks as phony evidence,which creeps Gwen out. Cut to a latex mask of eugene on wig stand, and a snapshot of Gwen nearby.


Abe tells Melissa not to be scared and that they are all on her side. She tries to stall him to no avail. Ty, dressed as a cop, has a search warrant for Nicholai's apartment. Anna and Roman are hiding in the closet. When Ty looks in there, they are gone. A disgusted Ty leaves. Anna and Roman emerge as the closet had a fake panel. Blue screen and a tracking line appear. Anna tells the guys that she recognises Ty's voice.


Melissa is very hesitant to start her statement. (The screen is a little shaky for a few seconds). Melissa exclaims that she just can't do it, and is there another way to go about this? "I'm not going to make a statement!" she exclaims as she runs out of the room. Pete cannot believe his good luck. Abe is furious, becuase without Melissa's statement, the kidnapping charges are going down the drain. Abe can still get Pete for breaking and entering, and breaking his probation. Abe pushes Don for a hearing on these charges within 24 hours Abe and Don tell Pete how lucky he is. A blue screen briefly appears. A concerned Abe tells Joan he is worried about her as she has been through a lot lately.


Gwen is overloaded with packages at the Park Cafe. Larry is coming on strong to her again. He asks out for Christmas Day, as they both are anti-Christmas. Anna again calls Salem PD behind Roman's back to come get her. She tells them she is in Junction City and to meet her at the storage depot at 6pm.


In Gene's cab, Maggie asks Melissa to reconsider making a statement against Pete. Melissa doesn't want to hear it and changes the subject. She asks Gene about the Lonely Hearts Club, and says that she might be interested in joining. Anna and Roman are in disguise as security guards. A blue screen appears for a second or two. Nicholai has arranged a driver to spirit Anna and Roman away to a cabin in the woods.


Anna swipes Nicholai's car keys. Roman and Nicholai realize it and follow her to the storage depot. Abe tells Joan that she needs a rest and should take some time off. He asks for a date and she turns him down.


Alex calls Ty for a progress report. Ty tells him that he will meet Anna and Roman at the storage depot. Joan took Anna's call and Abe calls the Junction City Sheriff. Roman shows up while Ty is shooting at them, snatches Anna, then drives away. Roman figured out that there is a fink on the Salem PD. How else would Ty know where Anna was going?


December 21 - 23, 1983: 12/21, 12/22, 12/23

December 21, 1983 video quality is good. Smooth commercial editing. Audio is good. Neil is bringing a Christmas tree to the apartment. Liz snaps at him not to call her Blondie. Ty rushes over to Alex's and informs him of the screw up, and that Anna got away. Tony took Marlena and Carrie to the Ice Show. Roman calls Bo and requests a clean car, clothes, and some cash.


Bo and Hope have it out at Doug's Place. Doug then lectures Bo telling him that he had no consideration for Hope, why does he keep hurting her over and over again? He then asks Bo to leave. Liz apologises for snapping at Neil earlier. She is stressed out with trying to remember everything.  

Ty explains to Alex what happened step-by-step. A station ID appears in the lower right hand corner of the screen for less than a minute. Ty tells Alex how she started shooting, and that Roman showed up and whisked Anna away. Alex tells Ty that Roman is "an enemy of deadly proportions."


Hope apologizes to Bo for Doug's outburst. She thinks that Bo was helping Roman that night. At Doug's Place, Don and Maggie bring by presents for the Williams'.  Neil is speechless when he sees Liz all glammed up for their night on the town. Liz keeps talking about Don,and Neil gently reminds her that Don has started a new life for himself.


Abe is perplexed about what went wrong in Junction City. He grills a shifty Joan about the phone call from Anna. Later at the Park Cafe, Joan makes a mysterious call from the pay phone, stating that she will come by later. Abe asks her to come by for his family's Christmas day open house.


Meanwhile, Alex is giving Christmas cheer to Salem's poor. He has a slew of gift baskets with caviar, pate and other luxury goodies and will deliver them himself. At Doug's Place, Don and Maggie enjoy a slow dance, and Don tells Maggie that Liz still thinks she is married to him and that emotionally she is still in love with him. Liz and Neil arrive and Liz can't keep her eyes off of Don. Roman calls Bo and sets up another meeting.


Hope slyly mentions her upcoming birthday party to Bo. While imitiating the ice skaters that she just saw at the Ice SHow, little Carrie slips on the ice near Doug's Place. Marlena and Tony call the paramedics. Neil happens by and tends to her. Bo tells a livid Marlena that he cannot go to the hospital with her to be with Carrie. "Man, that's typical" mutters Doug.


Maggie stops by Liz's table to say hello, and they discuss how Liz feels about Don. Maggie tells Liz that she would like to help her and Neil and that Neil will never give up on her. Liz does not want to hurt Neil as she is in love with Don. Neil goes to the hospital with Carrie and Marlena. A crawl appears near the bottom  of the screen with a weather bulletin.


Carrie is still unconscious and Marlena is stressing out at the hospital. Tony and Marlena visit a comatose Carrie in her room. Marlena tells her she has to get better because her Daddy is coming home soon. Bo meets an in-disguise Roman. Roman tells Bo there must be a leak in the Salem PD, as Tyler Malone was right there shooting at Roman and Anna. Bo hesitantly tells Roman about Carrie being injured. Amid Bo's protests for his safety, Roman decides to to go University Hospital to visit his daughter.


Alex pays Hope to help deliver his Christmas baskets. he goes over to Liz's table at Doug's Place and tells her that the whole town has missed her, and is she singing tonight? A station ID appears at the lower right-hand corner for less than a minute. Doug asks Liz to try a song, as the whole restaurant wants her to sing, and she finally agrees. She then lights up the stage with her beautiful voice. Of course, Neil walks in as Liz is singing the words of the love song in Don's direction. Neil's face turns to thunder.


Bo calls an exhausted Marlena at the hospital, and says how sorry he is that he cannot be there. Marlena continues to guilt trip him about it. Roman is bound and determined to get to the hospital to see Carrie. Bo thinks he is nuts and they almost come to blows. Tracking lines are seen on the screen.


December 22, 1983 no commercials, same quality as previous episode. Chris talkes Liz out to breakfast at the Park Cafe. A weather bulletin crawls across the bottom of the screen. Chris tells Liz how close they once were.  Melissa is nervous as Pete's hearing is going on as they speak.


Marlena and Tony have been up all night with Carrie at the hospital. Bo walks in and Marlena has a go at him for not being there last night when Carrie needed him. Hope and Alex want to give Howie Hoffstedder a gift basket. They knock on his office dorr, no answer. On the other side of the door, Roman is hiding in Howie's office! Hope and Alex leave the basket, which Roman swipes, once they leave.


Roman opens the card to the gift basket, that reads "Merry Christmas to the Less Fortunate of Salem." Bwahaha! While Marlena is hassling Bo on his whereabouts last night, Tony can tell that Bo is sincere is really did have something urget to do. Bo visits Carrie and tells her he wanted to be there last night, but he couldn't. Marlena comes in and tells Bo that Carrie might need surgery,and Bo is visibly upset. He does manage to steal some scrubs from a nearby laundry cart. At the Park Cafe, Chris is glaring at Larry Welch and explains to Liz how Welch railroaded her.


Alice is trimming the hospital Christmas tree. She and a crabby Tom are bickering again. A station ID appears at the lower right corner of the screen. Neil cannot play Santa as he is tied up in emergency surgery. In Howie's office, Roman is gorging himself on goose liver pate from the gift basket and Bo shows up and joins him. Roman asks about Carrie's condition, and Bo informs him she is still comatose. Bo gives Roman the surgical scrubs that he stole for a possible disguise.  


Hope and Alex stop by the Park Cafe in the midst of delivering the gift baskets to the Less Fortunate of Salem. Larry asks Hope to stay and chat. He tells her that he cannot believe that such a beautiful woman like Hope only has one boyfriend. He lays it on thick and says that he has always respected the Hortons, as they are so big on traditions. He also tells her that is misunderstood by the Horton's.


At the hospital, Chris tells Marlena she should go get some fresh air,and they go to the Park Cafe for a coffee, while Tony stays with Carrie. Alice is nagging Tom to play Santa, as Neil cannot.  


Bo seeks out Alice at the hospital, and they are whispering. She clutches her heart and asks him, "What are we up to now?" Chris tells Marlena that Melissa believes in Pete, and Marlena says that she does as well. Bo brings Roman a disguise. Alice is coordinating the Children's Christmas Party at the hospital. Abe asks Liz if she would mind singing again this year, and asks her to bring Noelle. Tom is complaining that he has nobody to play Santa, as he has to read The Christmas Story to the children.


A shaken Melissa tells Chris and Marlena that Pete's parents have about given up on him and he will be taken to the Youth Authority. Chris doesn't want Pete going there, and vows to talk to Pete's parents.


At the Park Cafe, the waitress hands Joan a Christmas Card. It is a thick envelope that looks like a lot of money is in it. 


Candy Stripers Hope and Melissa are aguing about Pete again at the hospital. Another weather bulletin crawls across the bottom of the screen. Bo and Alice are conspiring and whispering at the hospital. Hope tells Bo that she has a surprise for him after her birthday party. Another station ID appears at the bottom right-hand of the screen. All she wants is for her and Bo to be together. Bo then holds a piece of mistletoe over their heads and they kiss.


At the Children's Christmas Party Liz is singing to the children and the staff. Everyone joins in for the last verse of The Christmas Song. This scene was a real pleasure to watch.


Santa (Roman) finally shows up and Abe thanks him for filling in. Roman as Santa is avoiding having Abe or any other of the cops look to close to his face-due to the shoot-to-kill order. They also run into Joan and Roman also avoids  direct eye contact with her. Santa then goes to join the party.


December 23rd No commercials, good smooth editing. Video is dark, but audio is good. Marlena is in Carrie's room while Santa/Roman distributes gifts to the children to the strains of "White Christmas." Alex teases Neil for not paying Santa this year. Neil is mesmerized by Liz's singing, and Marlena wishes Roman was here to see all of this. Even Santa/Roman's eyes are a little misty. Alex wonders aloud what Bo Brady is doing at "A shindig like this." Alice and Tom serve punch and cookies. A station ID appears at the lower right-hand of the screen.


Liz tries to make conversation to a standoff-ish Marie. Tony expresses concern for Marlena's health as she had a few dizzy spells,and Tony takes her to see a Doctor. Everyone sings "Deck The Halls." Bo's stands guard while Santa/Roman sneaks in to Carrie's room laden with gifts. he begs her to wake up as he strokes her hair. He tells her "The Christmas Story." He breaks down crying and the music builds to a crescendo. Carrie opens her eyes and whispers, "Daddy." (Roman had pulled off his beard by then.)


Roman tells her that she has been asleep for two days and she is in the hospital. She then asks him if he killed all of those people. Of course he says no, and Carrie believes him as he has never lied to her. He puts his beard back on and makes Carrie promise not to tell anyone he was here today, not even Marlena. It will be their special Christmas secret.


A suspicious Alex asks Marie exactly who played Santa at the party. Everyone thought that it was Dr. Rogers. Alex calls Ty and tells him that Roman Brady was just in the hospital parking lot, and for Ty to get him. Alex then calls someone and tells then that Roman was right under their nose at the party and to meet him at 6pm.


At home, Neil and Liz are chatting by the fire. Liz admits that it was very painful to see Don and Maggie together at the party. They discuss Neil possibly moving out, but put it off until after the holidays. Marlena is thrilled that Carrie is finally awake. Carrie mentions that Santa promised to bring her Daddy home.


Roman and Bo go to Bo's room to regroup, and discuss Carrie's Christmas Miracle. Roman said it was frustrating to be so close to Marlena and not be able to touch her. Another station ID appears at the lower bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Hope pounds on Bo's door and Roman hides in the bathroom. She proudly hands him a Christmas gift and mentions that she found Santa's clothes in the hispital laundry room. Her gift to him is a tuxedo shirt to wear to her birthday party, as the party is black tie. he apologizes to her that he did not get her a gift. She produces a twig of mistletoe and they share a long kiss. Bo then makes a lame excuse that he has to to Christmas shopping and gets rid of her, and he and Roman leave.


It's a traditional Horton Christmas. Alice presents Melissa with her personalized ornament and Melissa is honored. An elated Hope bursts in and announces that Bo will be attending her 18th birthday party. Alice is happy for her, but Tom is grumbling about it. Time for the traditional fruitcake!


Bo and Roman are on the road again,and discuss the leak in the Salem PD. Roman thanks Bo for helping him at the party earlier. Roman asks Bo about Hope and Bo admitted that she was not the other girls he dated. Bo wants to make the commitment but is scared that Hope will grow up and leave himas it has happened before. Bo leaves the car at the cabin. They shake hands and wish each other Merry Christmas, and Bo hitch hikes back to Salem.  


Alex is waiting in a car for someone. Someone enters the car. Alex wants answers and he wants them now. Roman Brady was right under their nose at the hospital and now he is gone without a trace. The camera turns toward...Joan! She admists that Roman fooled them all and promises that he will not get away again. "Thanks right, or your cash flow will dwindl to a halt." growls Alex.


December 26 - 30, 1983:   12/26, 12/27, 12/28, 12/29, 12/30

December 26, 1983 No commercials, good audio, The first scene is a bit blurry, but it gets better. A shirtless Bo is awakened in his Room by Alice at the door. Hope then bursts in and they are surprised to see each other there. Hope gave Bo the address to the tux shop. Carrie comes home from the hospital. Marlena thinks that somehow Carrie knows that Roman is okay. Back at  the cabin, Roman teaches Anna how to handle his gun after she causes the gun to go off.


Hope leaves, and Bo and Alice talk. Alice admits to Bo that Tom has been snooping around and he knows that something is wrong. Tom is even more suspicious as he found out that Dr. Rogers did not play Santa as he was out of town. Bo tells a tearful Alice that he will take care of it, he will think of something. Bo tells Alice that she is brave. "Except when I'm confronted with Tom" she laments. He puts his arm around her and she says she can understand what all of the ladies see in Bo.


After questioning Audrey the waitress at the Park Cafe, Abe runs into Joan. She had a great time at Abe's family gathering on Christmas Day.  Something is bothering Abe about the meeting that Anna set up at the storage depot. Abe mentions to Joan that there was a leak in the department.


Flamboyant Tony has a arranged a horse and carriage for Carrie's exit from the hospital. Meanwhile, Abe questions Gene about Daisy. Abe also thinks that Gene is withholding information about Roman. Tom stops by Alice and Bo's table at the Park Cafe. They are plotting again! All of a sudden, a bellowing voice screams, "HEY, WHAT'S HAPPENING??!" It is Howie Hoffstetter. He plops himself down in a seat at their table.  Bo improvises and tells Tom that Howie saved the day when he played Santa at the hospital party and what a great Santa he was. Tom isn't buying it! Tony and Gene discuss the Bakka.


Roman is going stir crazy in the cold, primitive cabin. A Ranger knocks on the door of the cabin. Roman answers and the ranger asks him if he heard a gunshot. He stares intently at Roman and thinks he has seen him somewhere before, and leaves. Back at the station, the Ranger sees Roman's Brady's Wanted Poster. 


Carrie is thrilled to be back in her own bed. Bo and Hope bring Carrie presents at Marlena's. Bo finds out about Roman and Anna being spotted in the woods, and takes off on his motorcycle. Hope follows him.

Howie tells Bo never to put him on the spot again, and to let him in on the scam beforehand. Howie later invites himself to Hope's 18th birthday party.  Poor Hope looks mortified and wonders if Howie will have the nerve to show up at the party. Joan calls Alex to tell him that Roman and Anna have been spotted in a cabin 4 miles from the Ranger Headquarters. She then calls Abe over at Marlena's and tells him the same thing. Marlena knows that the phone call is about Roman and begs Abe not to shoot at Roman. 


Abe and the Salem PD rush into an empty and ransacked  cabin looking for Roman and Anna. Roman calls Bo and needs the next destination set up right away. Hope begs Bo to be careful, The screen freezes then the next episode is playing.

December 27, 1983 no commercials, video not as sharp as previous episode but still ok. Audio is good.


A defeated Chris tells Melissa that Pete's folks don't want to see him again, and it looks like he will be stuck going into the Youth Authority after all. Suddenly, Chris gets a good idea and bolts out of the Park Cafe.


Larry Welch tries to browbeat Abe about the leak in the Salem PD and he wants the leak plugged. Neil comes home and startles Liz who is coming out of the shower and clad in only a towel. She slips on a robe and Neil stares longingly at their marital bed. He moves closer and touches her face.  They stare into each others eyes intently and Neil backs off. Larry asks Gwen out for a drink that night at Doug's Place.


Chris visits Don and tells him about the lousy scene with the Jannings family. He thinks that Pete is better off at the Youth Facility than with his family. Chris thinks that Pete deserves a chance at a decent life and Pete has nobody who believes in him. The situation with Pete reminds Chris of his late brother Jake. There are a lot of parallels between Jake and Pete. It is too late for Jake but not for Pete. Chris thanks Don for listening and leaves.


Liz tells Neil that she is seriously considering going back to work singing at Doug's Place. She can tell that Neil is hurting and sees the pain in his eyes. She loves Don today and she can't make herself feel the way that Neil wants her to feel.


At Doug's Place, Larry is wondering why it is taking him so long to get a table. Julie informs him that they have a preferred customer list, "And you're not on it!." Priceless. She then gives him a laundry list of all the lousy things that he has done. Larry protests that he was just doing his job. "You do your job like a rattlesnake!" Julie hisses at him. Gwen shows up and Larry's table is finally ready.


Chris has decided to try and become Pete's legal guardian, and goes to discuss this with Pete. he informs Pete that his parents did not want him back. Pete pretends not to care. Chris offers a hostile and skeptical Pete a job and a place to live-with him. Pete wants to know what's in it for Chris.


Liz is being overly solicitous toward Neil (who is wearing a loud orange sweater). He tells her to stop it and then kisses her passionately. He tells her that he loves her and asks her what she felt when he kissed her. She felt confused and hurt because Neil is in so much pain. Neil does not want her pity and every time he sees her it tears him apart. He leaves and apologises for forcing himself on her.  


Pete sneers to Chris that Chris had a fancy education and a lakefront house. Chris defends himself and says that he was not always like that. Chris explains to Pete that he is trying to make up for the mess that he made with Jake. Chris has a gut feeling about Pete, but that he will not be a punching bag for him. Pete has "Five minutes to decide, hot shot!"


Five minutes later Pete reluctantly agrees to give it a shot with Chris. It is up to the Judge to release Pete into Chris's custody, and Pete must stay away from the Vipers. Julie tells Maggie she sees a lot of herself in Hope and wants to spare her some of the pain that she went through. Liz walks in she and Maggie have an awkward conversation, then Maggie excuses herself. Liz asks Julie for her old singing job back. A radiant Julie tells her that she can start..tonight!  


Chris stops by Doug's Place to inform Melissa that he is now Pete's guardian. Melissa gives him a big hug and runs to tell Hope the good news. Chris tells an appalled Maggie and Julie that he will take care of Pete and the Vipers.


Don apologises to Neil that Liz is in love with him.  Don invites Neil to say with him, but it does not work out as Don needs privacy with Maggie. Liz shows up at Don's door and tells him that it feels so right to be in his house with him. Don tells Liz that she just thinks he loves her and that he does not love her any more. He loves Maggie and will marry her. Poor Liz is lost and what shall she do? Neil walks in and overhears Liz saying that she just has to try a little harder with Neil. An  New York Telephone commercial starts and it is the beginning of an episode from November 1983.


December 28, 1983 no commercials, quality is of a bad VHS copy. Hope and Melissa are admiring each other's party dresses. Tracking lines appear. Bo escorts an in-disguise Roman (the video is much clearer now) and Anna to their new hideout. Anna is complaining as usual. There is a hidden panel in their hideout that is linked to the Salem Library! Roman is set on doing research on artists who makes latex masks and where to get the ingredients for the, he also wants to bone up on the occult, Haiti, and poisin. A tracking line appears during this screen.


Doug is fuming because Hope charged over $2000 of birthday dresses to Julie's credit card. Hope promises that she will pay Julie back when she gets her inheritance on Monday. More tracking lines appear.


At Shenanagins, Chris seats Marie near Howie's table. His cigar smoke is bothering her. More tracking lines appear. Howie is filling out an application for Eugene's Lonely Hearts Club. At Marie's request, Chris seats her further away from Howie. Howie is in love and cannot take his eyes off of the embarrassed Marie. Tracking lines appear during this scene.


Melissa thanks Don for helping with Pete. Maggie is worried about Melissa now that Pete is out of jail. Tracking lines appear during this scene. Bo tells Roman that he is going to Hope's 18th birthday party and that Howie invited himself to the party as well. Bo mentions he will be wearing a tux and Roman snickers. He and Anna then thank Bo sincerely for helping them.


Liz is back on stage at Doug's Place. She thanks the crowd says that it is good to be back. Neil stares intensely at her while she belts out "Evergreen." Roman goes through the hidden panel to the Salem Library and begins his research. Anna flashes back to when they first met at the same library when she was a student assistant. 


Howie is still mooning over Marie at Shenanagins. Bo is chatting with a girl at the bar and Hope shoots him the stink-eye, then brazenly interrupts their conversation. The girl takes the hint and leaves. Hope and Bo then get into an argument. Bo says that Hope does not own him. He says he might not be able to make her party, after all.


Don and Maggie feel bad that they are so happy and Neil is not. At Doug's Place, Neil compliments Liz on her singing. Liz cannot get over the change in Neil, on how kind and compassionate he is. Roman busies himself with research while Anna reminisces. Anna finds a book of poetry that Roman used to read to her, but he flatly tells her that he is trying to work. Neil calls Liz to say good night to her, but she is gazing at pictures of her and Don.


Bo comes to the hideout with the interesting news that Ty Malone has disappeared. Later, Anna insists on giving Roman the bed to sleep on while she takes the floor and later regrets it. At Shenanagins, Bo and Hope finally are done arguing about the party and Bo promises that he will be there. They kiss and he walks her to her car. A black screen appears and the episode is over.


December 29,1983 no commercials, smooth editing, good audio and video quality. Hope wakes up "This is the day I've waited for, I'm finally eighteen!" she shouts. She shakes a slumbering Melissa awake. Hope thinks that all of her dreams are going to come true, she is finally 18. Tonight, Bo will know that for sure!


Marlena corralls Bo at his room, demanding to know if he is lying to her about not knowing where Roman is. She begs Bo for help and wants to know where he is and why Anna is there with him, and what does Bo think about that? Bo reassures Marlena that Roman will always be hers and only hers.


Hope gives Melissa a beautiful solid-gold bracelet. She is spending her inheritance before she even gets it! She also ordered a DJ for the party, but did not consult with Doug about it, so Julie sent the DJ away. After Marlena leaves, Bo calls Roman to tell him that he has a tail on him, but he will be there as soon as he can. 


Chris is going to court today to get custody of Pete. He tells Sandy that he can help Pete and he needs to convince the judge of this. Sandy has her doubts, as it was Pete or one of those Vipers to tried to rape her. 


Julie tells Hope that she can have but one glass of champagne at the party. Doug suggests that Hope get an appointment with a financial planner, so she can be wise with her inheritance money. Hope protests, she wants her money, and now. Hope figures there has got to be a way around this.


Bo comes by the hideout, and they have a close call when Bo parked his motorcycle in the loading zone of the library, but is works out. Hope tells a frazzled Julie that she and Melissa can't stay to help set up for the party as she needs to go shopping for a new evening bag. Marie brings Hope a homemade birthday cake from Alice. While Hope whisks off to Salem's most expensive boutique, Marie and Julie commiserate. 


Bo tells Roman that Marlena is being torn apart knowing that Roman is with Anna 24/7. Bo also shows Roman how you can make a latex from a photographic image. This leads to poor Roman getting frustrated about getting set up.


Chris gets custody of Pete. Marlena tells Pete that she has high hopes for him and hopes that Pete appreciates the chance that he has been given. Chris makes it clear to Pete that he must start at the bottom, as a busboy at Shenanagins.


Julie and Doug apologize to Hope for being crabby earlier in the day. They present her with a lovely gold watch with engraving on the back. Doug hugs Hope and tells her that she will always be his baby. This is the most exciting moment of Hope's life. A proud Doug tells Hope she was blessed with health, smarts, beauty and now wealth. Hope hugs them both. She then takes a call from Bo, who is complaining about having to wear a monkey suit! Chris is laughing at Bo struggling to put on his tux and tells Bo that it is worth the sacrifice. 


At the library, Roman and Anna do research on Voodoo, poisin and Raven feathers. At Shenanagins, Pete is hassling Sandy. Chris intervenes and threatens to knock the hell out of Pete.


The party begins! Everyone is decked out in formal wear. Tom thinks that Alice is infatuated with that Bo Brady. Alice tells Tom that she loves him and that is all that matters. Marie spots Howie in his blue plaid tuxedo, who shouts "SO WE MEET AGAIN, HA HA!" Marie slinks away. Doug gets a dig in about Bo not showing up at the party yet. Hope is distracted and keeps glancing toward the front door for Bo. She raises her champagne glass, and has a solitary toast to Bo.  


Howie gives a crumpled business card to Alice in front of Tom and loudly mentions if she wants to pull another caper like that Santa Claus thing, call him direct.


Chris tells a thrilled Melissa that he got custody of Pete. Bo finally shows up looking great in his "monkey suit." Doug makes a birthday toast to Hope. Doug cuts in on Bo and Hope as they dance the first dance. Bo then dances with Alice, and he and Hope make goo-goo eyes at each other on the dance floor. BLOOPER ALERT!!!  During this scene, MacDonald Carey clearly can be heard saying , "I can't wait to get out of here!"


December 30, 1983 no commercials, good audio and video. Tony is escorting a reluctant Marlena to the party. Delia sneers to him that Marlena Evans is not his type. hope grabs Bo for a slow dance,and they cannot take their eyes off each other as they dance. Julie notices this and Doug hopes that it is just an infatuation. Larry Welch cuts in when the next song, "Every Breath You Take" and Melissa asks Bo to dance.


Larry is flattering Hope with his sleazy charm,and admits that he crashed the party. At his penthouse, Tony tries to cheer Marlena up with a glass of champagne. Alex is crashing the party as well.


At Shenanagins, Snake is making fun of Pete in his busboy apron. He wants to pull a caper, but Pete is not interested. Liz tells Julie how strange it is to see people you are supposed to know, but you don't. She warns Liz about Larry Welch and tells her not to trust him. Here comes Alex and Julie tells him and Gwen that this is a private party and he is not invited.


A giddy Hope is on her third glass of bubbly. Larry overhears her say that she is getting her first quarter of a million dollars on Monday. Howie asks Hope where Marie went and is bummed that she went home with a migraine.


Hope and Bo arrange to meet in the lounge to exchange gifts. He gives her a book of poetry. Hope tosses it aside and makes Bo open his gift, a cashmere jacket. They argue as Bo doesn't like to get dressed up, and he storms off to get a beer.


Gwen is upset about being humiliated at Doug's Place. She has has it with Alex as he has no respect for her. Hope sees Bo chatting up another girl and she then flirts with another guy. Bo tries to separate Hope and the guy and Bo and Hope get into a very loud argument, and Bo leaves the party. Doug tells Hope that Bo is bad news, and good riddance. Hope rushes out after Bo and Doug and Julie yell at her to come back.


Gwen and Alex continue their fight and she leaves Alex's. Gwen goes back to Doug's Place for a drink and Doug snaps at her. Larry Welch pounces after seeing her there all alone.  Tony and Marlena are enjoying a nightcap at the penthouse. Marlena thinks that Tony has come a long way since Renee. Tony remarks that you can't live in the past. Everyone is leaving the party as Hope and Bo are nowhere to be seen.


Hope goes to Shenanagins to look for Bo, and swipes the keys to Bo's room downstairs. Doug is upset that Hope has left her own party. He gives her 20 minutes to return or else he is going after her. As soon as Marlena leaves, Tony collaspes on the couch and tells Delia that he is exchasted, having to be charming all of the time.


Bo and Janet, the girl from the party, are having a drink at Shenanagins. Bo has had quite a few by now, and tells Pete that he doesn't want Snake or any of the Vipers hanging around there. He and Pete have words. Bo then asks Janet to leave with him, then changes his mind. The screen freezes and then goes back to the DVD menu. Then the scene resumes. He tells Janet that she is terrific and says good night to her. 


Hope is alone downstairs alone in Bo's room, reading the book of poetry that Bo got her. Drunken Bo stumbles in and asks what she is doing there. Hope couldn't let the night end without a talk. Bo splashes cold water on his face. They argue about her callous treatment of his gift the poetry book and Hope apologises.  Bo is frustrated with Hope acting like a kid. He then blurts out that he loves per. They kiss passionatly and move to his bed, kissing the whole time. The screen freezes and the DVD menu appears.


January 3-9, 1984:  1/3, 1/4, 1/5, 1/6, 1/9

January 10-17, 1984:  1/10, 1/11, (missing? 1/12), 1/13, 1/16, 1/17 - Note: Episode Missing between 1/10-1/12 not sure which date isn't on the dvd

January 18-24, 1984:  1/18, 1/19, 1/20, 1/23, 1/24

January 25-31, 1984:  1/25, 1/26, 1/27, 1/30, 1/31

February 1-8, 1984:  2/1, 2/2, 2/3, 2/6, (no 2/7), 2/8, (no 2/9)

February 10-16, 1984:  2/10, 2/13, 2/14, 2/15, 2/16

February 17-23, 1984:  2/17, 2/20, 2/21, 2/22, 2/23

1984 (Good quality original episodes begin from Feb 24, 1984 - 2011

February 24 - March 1, 1984:  2/24 Gene sees Roman alive!, 2/27, 2/28, 2/29, 3/1

March 2-9, 1984:  3/2 Stephano DiMera is revealed, 3/5 Tony sees the Phoenxi (Stephano), 3/6, 3/7 Fashion Show, 3/8, 3/9 first :27 mins continued on next dvd Bo & Hope stranded at Eugene's during a blizzard

March 9-16, 1984:  3/9 last 17 mins continued from previous dvd, 3/12 Blizzard continues, 3/13, 3/14, 3/15 & 3/16 Robbery at Doug's place, Liz regains her memory

March 19-26, 1984:  3/19 Anna & Tony in Paris, 3/20, 3/21 The real Tony is revealed to be Stephano's captive, 3/22, 3/23, 3/26 episode continued on next dvd

March 26 - April 2, 1984:  3/26 episode continued from previous dvd, 3/27, 3/28, 3/29 Anna & Fake Tony (Andre) engagement party, 3/30, 4/2

April 3-10, 1984:  4/3, 4/4, 4/5 Roman finds Stephano's fingerprint, 4/6 Stephano is furious when Roman & Eugene steal his Baka, 4/9 Stephano kidnaps Roman

April 10-19, 1984:  4/10, 4/11, 4/12, 4/13, 4/16  Anna finds the prisoner who explains HE is the REAL Tony DiMera

April 17-23, 1984:  4/17, 4/18, 4/19, 4/20 Liz & Neil's wedding day, 4/23

April 24- 30, 1984:  4/24, 4/25, 4/26 Roman finds Stephano rehearsing as the "maestro" at the concert hall, 4/27, 4/30 Al Jarreau arrives

May 1-7, 1984:  5/1, 5/2, 5/3 A bomb is planted in the concert hall, 5/4 The concert begins, Liz, Al Jarreau and Billy & the Beaters perform,  5/7 concert continues

May 8-14, 1984:  5/8  concert continues as Marlena's life is threathened, 5/9 the concert hall is cleared as the bomb countdown begins, Marlena & Neil are held hostage by Stephano, 5/10 Bo is shot, Stephano escapes, 5/11 Bo goes into surgery, 5/14  Bo is paralized

May 15-21, 1984:  5/15, 5/16 Hope accepts Larry's marriage proposal, 5/17, 5/18 Bo sees the press conference announcing Hope's engagement, 5/21

May 22-28, 1984:  5/22, 5/23, 5/24 Bo goes after Hope, 5/25 Bo arrives in NYC, 5/28

May 29 - June 4, 1984:  5/29, 5/30 Hope's wedding day, 5/31 Bo steals a motorcycle and takes Hope away from her wedding to Larry while Howie Hockstedder impersonates the bride to buy B&H time to get away, B&H in the barn, 6/1 Hope forced to leave Bo again, 6/4

June 5-11, 1984: 6/5, 6/6 Bo is beaten to pressure Hope to marry Larry, 6/7, 6/8, 6/11

June 12-18, 1984:  6/12 Hope marries Larry, 6/13, 6/14, 6/15 Pete's 18th birthday party, 6/18

June 19-25, 1984:  6/19, 6/20 Megan arrives, 6/21, 6/22 Bo shows up at party Larry & Hope throw, 6/25

June 26 - July 2, 1984:  6/26, 6/27 a Viper attacks Melissa, 6/28 Pete rescues Melissa, 6/29 Calliope's first episode, Megan tells Bo he got her pregnant in high school and they had a baby boy, 7/2

July 3-9, 1984:  7/3, 7/4 a Renaissance faire with costumes for the Fourth of July picnic, Mickey is shot by Pete during the rumble, Liz & Carlo in Vegas, 7/5 Pete is arrested, 7/6, 7/9

July 10-16, 1984:  7/10, 7/11 Hope fakes a pregnancy and tells Mrs. Horton the truth about her marriage to Larry, 7/12, 7/13 Alice sets up for Bo & Hope to reunite in the tunnels, 7/16 Hope tells Bo that she was forced to marry Larry in order to protect Bo

July 17-23, 1984: 7/17, 7/18 Bo starts working for Maxwell Hathaway, 7/19, 7/20 Bo & Hope's rowboat fills with water, 7/23

July 24-30, 1984:  7/24 Kimberly Brady returns, 7/25, 7/26, 7/27, 7/30

July 31 - August 6, 1984:  7/31 Hope meets Shane, her new butler, Art Gallery opening begins, 8/1 Art Gallery opening continues, 8/2 Carlo & Melissa throw a party, 8/3 New Orleans Location Begins, 8/6 Hope surprises Bo in Jackson Square

August 7-13, 1984: 8/7 Liz performs in New Orleans, 8/8 Bo is ordered to kill Diane, 8/9, 8/10 Bo & Diane stage her death, 8/13

August 14-20, 1984:  8/14, 8/15, 8/16, 8/17 Bo switches prisms and later he arrives at Oak Alley Plantation, 8/20 Hope joins Bo at the plantation, (no show aired 8/21 nationally)

August 22-28, 1984:  8/22 B&H make love for the first time, 8/23, 8/24 Bo & Hope in Rhett & Scarlett costumes, 8/27 Bo is found and injured by Max's goon, 8/28

August 29 - September 4, 1984:  8/29 Larry & Hope return to Salem, news interrupt during epi, 8/30, 8/31, 9/3, 9/4

September 5-11, 1984:  9/5 Marlena tells Roman they are having twins, 9/6, 9/7, 9/10, 9/11

September 12-18, 1984: 9/12, 9/13, 9/14, 9/17, 9/18

September 19-25, 1984:  9/19, 9/20, 9/21, 9/24, 9/25

September 26 - October 2, 1984:  9/26 Shane begins the survellance of Kim, 9/27, 9/28, 10/1 Marlena & Roman rush to the hospital for false labor, 10/2

October 3-9, 1984: 10/3 Marlena goes into labor, 10/4, 10/5, 10/8, 10/9

October 10-16, 1984:  10/10, 10/11, 10/12 Andre kills Max, 10/15, 10/16

October 17-23, 1984:  10/17 Shawn's birthday party,  (sound problem during last 7 mins as Marlena goes into labor), 10/18, 10/19 Will holds Hope at gunpoint, Marlena gives birth to Sami & Eric, 10/22, 10/23

October 24-30, 1984: 10/24, 10/25, 10/25, 10/26, 10/29, 10/30

October 31 - November 6, 1984:  10/31 Shane & Kim meet, 11/1 Larry learns Hope is not pregnant, 11/2 Bo & Hope, Andre in plane crash, 11/5, 11/6 Roman & Marlena's last scenes together, Larry elected

November 7-13, 1984:  11/7 Shane meets Abe, Shane tells Kim about the survellance, 11/8 Anna is aware Tony is Andre, 11/9, 11/12 Daphne DiMera dies on the island, 11/13

November 14-21,1984:  11/14 Bo & Hope island location scenes, 11/15 B&H island scenes continued, Hope is stung by a stingray, 11/16 Shane arrives at Stephano's compound, 11/19 Hope regains consciousness, 11/20, 11/21 Partial episode continued on next dvd

November 21-28, 1984:  11/21 volcano erupts!, 11/22, 11/23 Roman & Stephano fight on cliff, Roman is shot and falls off the cliff, 11/26 Roman dies in Bo's arms, 11/27 Bo tells Marlena that Roman has died, islanders rescued, 11/28

November 29 - December 5, 1984:  11/29 Shane asks Bo to help him get Stephano, 11/30 Survivors return home, 12/3, 12/4, 12/5 Alice Horton slaps Larry Welch!

December 6-12, 1984:  12/6 Roman's wake, 12/7, 12/10 Marlena takes the kids to the mountains, 12/11, 12/12 Stephano gets the second prism

December 13-19, 1984:  12/13, 12/14, 12/17 Calliope moves in with Anna, Bo gets out of jail, 12/18, 12/19 Marlena returns home

December 20-26, 1984:  12/20 Hope begins police school, 12/21 Survivor's party, Kim invites Shane for Christmas Eve with her family, 12/24 Kim & Shane share their first kiss under the mistletoe, Marlena gives Roman's fishing pole to Bo.  12/25 Christmas at the Horton's with the ornaments, 12/26

December 27, 1984 - January 3, 1985:  12/27, 12/28 Kim tells Shane about her uncle molesting her after he is arrested, 12/31 New Year's Eve party at Shenanigan's, (1/1 no show), 1/2, 1/3 Eugene's Birthday Party

1985 - 52 episode dvds

January 4 - 10, 1985:  1/4 Eugene's party, 1/7 Bo finally opens Hope's christmas present, 1/8, 1/9, 1/10 Bo learns Megan is Stefano's daughter

January 11 - 17, 1985:   1/11 Kim erases master copy of tape, Shane ordered to get Kim to be call girl for Russian VIP, Melissa discovers Barry is a drug dealer, 1/14 cm, Bo agrees to work with Shane, Shane tries to recruit Kim, 1/15 cm, Kim agrees for Roman 1/16, 1/17 Grand Opening of Anna DiMera Designs

January 18 - 25, 1985:  1/18 Marlena in Caracas, Melissa runs away, (1/21 no show Regan inauguration), 1/22, 1/23, 1/24 Megan vows to kill Hope, 1/25 Kim cooks dinner for Shane

January 28 - February 1, 1985:  1/28 Hope ice skates, 1/29, 1/30, 1/31, 2/1 Hope Ice Skates

February 4 - 11, 1985:  2/4 Megan dies in hot tub, 2/5, 2/6  Bo finds Melissa, Kim tells Bo she was a prostitute, 2/8 Stefano kidnaps Marlena's twins, Hope joins Bo & Shane in the hunt, 2/11 Hope gets job as a security guard at the Ice Show,  Hope skates

February 12 - 18, 1985: 2/12, 2/13 Third prism arrives, Jimmy tries to convince Marlena to go with Stefano, Hope & Kim get pictures of ice sculpture, 2/14 (bad spots) Bo gets prism out of sculpture, chases by Jimmy, Bo drops the prism, Stefano captures Bo, Alice & Howie find out Paul torched Anderson's, 2/15 Marlena gives Don a sealed letter explaining everything, Stefano takes Bo to the farm, Bo escapes and returns to ice theatre, Hope gets locked in, Hope skates in a dream sequence, Bo & Hope find the prism in the ice, 2/18

February 19 - 25, 1985:  2/19 Marlena leaves to go with Stefano, Bo follows, 2/20 Ice show to begin, Marlena pulls a gun on Stefano, Bo goes after Honeycut & twins, 2/21 Bo rescues Marlena & twins, Tony puts Stefano in the dungeon, Jasmine lets him free, Ice Show Begins, Hope skates, 2/22 Stefano gets third prism, Police stop Bronskey at airport, Gwen finds Megan's bag of tools & diagram, Marlena shoots Stefano, prism starts a fire, 2/25 Marlena is arrested, Shane puts prism on ice, Anna meets Prince Arani

February 26 - March 4, 1985:  2/26 Jimmy & Honecut plan to take Bo & Hope hostage, Hope shot in the scufle, Melissa makes up with Pete, 2/27 Hope is operated on and will be okay, Shane drops prism in the ocean and resigns from the ISA, Marlena kept in jail, 2/28 Melissa gets 1 year probation, Kim & Shane spend the day together, 3/1 Bo gives Hope a ring and proposes while she is in the hospital, 3/4

March 5 - 8, 1985:  3/5 (last 8 mins poor video, good audio - bad section of epi tape), 3/6, 3/7 reduced quality copy, 3/8 cm

March 11 - 15, 1985:  3/11, 3/12, 3/13 Kim faints, 3/14 Shane gets a job offer in Stockholm, 3/15 Shane decides to leave

March 18 - 22, 1985:  3/18 Shane leaves for Sweden, Bo & Hope decide to elope, 3/19, 3/20 Bo & Hope are thrown a surprise engagement party which stops them from eloping, 3/21, 3/22 Shane returns

March 25 - 29, 1985:  3/25, 3/26 Bo & Hope try again to elope, car breaks down and they take refuge at a farm, 3/27 Bo & Hope are on their way to New Orleans, 3/28, 3/29 Larry poisions Gwen

April 1 - 4, 1985:   4/1 Marlena's trial starts, Gwen is in critical condition, 4/2 cm Gwen is going to be okay, Bo & Hope arrive in New Orleans, 4/3 cm Trial continues, Shane is staying in Salem, Anna is on her way home, 4/4 cm (missed 17 minutes pre-empted for Regan's speech, during Bo & Hope's making up scenes), Gwen leaves town, Noel in a diabetic coma, Bo & Hope in Oak Alley

April 5 - 10, 1985:  4/5 Marlena tells her story in court, Hart drops at bombshell during her trial, Noel recooperating, 4/8 Bennett gets Marlena's case dismissed, Nikky's father died, he asks Anna to marry him and be his Queen, 4/9 Shane takes Kim riding for their first date, afterwards he covers his eyes as he sprinkles bath salts in her bathtub, Anna agrees to marry Nikky, Tony doesn't want her to leave, 4/10 Bo & Hope return from New Orleans, Bo & Abe go to see Larry, they believe he killed Megan

April 11 - 17, 1985:  4/11 Niky attacked by unknown assailant, Anna DiMera Designs Fashion show, Nikki is killed by the Dragon 4/12 Nikky is killed by the Dragon continued, Hope saw killer, Shane knows he's international terrorist who killed his wife, 4/15 Shane goes to ISA and discovers murders result of being related to royal family, Speed returns to Salem, 4/16 Gene & Madeline's wedding, 4/17 Sonia is murdered, Tony asks Bo to find who killed the prince, Shane tells Kim about the Dragon & Emma

April 18 - 24, 1985:  4/18, 4/19 Bo & Shane have to go to Europe, Shane asks Kim to go to England with him, Todd Chandler (David Wallace) back in town, 4/22 Kim decides to go with Shane, misses plane when she has blured vision, Hart attempts suicide, 4/23 Hope doesn't want Bo going after the Dragon, 4/24

April 25 - 30, 1985:  4/25 Club opens at Body Connection, Dragon stalks Hope, Shane & Kim arrive at Donovan Manor, 4/26 Kim & Shane make love for the first time, Savannah arrives in town, Hope is attacked by the Dragon, 4/29 Shananigan's gets trashed, Kim & Shane spend day together, breakfast in bed, 4/30 cm Gene becomes a lovelorn columnist, Tony rebuffs Jasmine's feelings for him, Hart shoots himself in front of Marlena's house

May 1 - 7, 1985:  5/1 cm Marlena feels responsible for Hart's death, Hope's bridal shower, Shane & Kim caught in the rain, 5/2 Bo sings, Kim & Shane fly home, 5/3 Kim has eye problem that may cause blindness, Bo is to become a rock singer as his cover to go to England, Bo sings, Pete & Melissa make love, Ivy goes to the hospital, 5/6 Bo, Hope & Shane leave for England, Kim decides to go too, Emma appears, 5/7 Marlena resigns from the hospital

May 8 - 14, 1985:   5/8 Larry double crosses Linda on property deal, Gene tries to cheer Marlena up, Ivy has Toxemia and must stay in bed, 5/9 Marlena meets new police chief, Richard Cates (Rod Arrants), Tony & Anna go to Chicago for fashion convention, 5/10 Abe's brother, Theo turns up in Salem, Tony wines and dines Anna, they make love, Melissa is falling for Ian, Neil calls Kim in England, confirms his diagnosis and urges her to come home, 5/13 Marlena is taken hostage in Ian's office, Shane warns prospective victims, Anna is miffed Tony thinks business comes first, 5/14 Marlena talks Jake into surrendering

May 15 - 21, 1985:  5/15 Dragon takes Hope hostage, Hope escapes by jumping into the moat, Marlena is honored by the PD, Bo sings "Surrender To Me" at the charity event., Kim & Shane on location in England, 5/16 Hope hitch hikes back to Donovan Manor, she takes Bo & Shane to the castle where she was held, Melissa & Ian go to the park for hot dogs and kiss, 5/17 Kim & Shane watch changing of the guard, Bo & Hope on location in London, Bo sings, "Turn It On" at Masquerade party, Dragon orders Emmy to kiill Lady Joan, Shane & Kim see Emma, 5/20 Shane confronts Emma, she seems to be drugged, Hope identifies Duke of Earl as the Dragon, Bo chases him through the streets of London, sword fight, 5/21 Bo & Dragon duel, Bo & Hope to have their wedding in England and fly everyone there, Melissa tries to seduce Ian

May 22 - 28, 1985:   5/22 Dragon escapes from jail, everyone getting ready to fly to London, Shawn & Caroline arrive in London, Kim & Shane walk around London to, "Friends & Lovers, Bo steals a milk truck, 5/23 Bo arrested for stealing the truck, Bo steals a white horse and races to get to the wedding on time to, "Holding Out For A Hero", Bo sings, "Love Between Us" to Hope during their wedding, Dragon sends Emma to try to kill Bo & Hope, 5/24 Shane stops Emma from shooting them, wedding reception at Donovan Manor, Bo & Hope arrested, 5/27 Bo & Hope escape with Theo's help, Theo wants Bo to continue as a rock musician to infiltrate the video company, 5/28 Kim & Shane flashbacks, Kim returns to Salem alone, Bo & Hope arrive back in Salem

May 29 - June 6, 1985:  5/29 Explosion at PD, Jake runs away and goes to Marlena's, Kim's eyes are worse, 5/30 Shane is going to Salem, Kim won't accept his calls, Dragon orders Emma to Salem to kill Bo & Hope, Abe promoted, Theo bugs Bo about helping him, 5/31 Neil takes Kim to a specialist in Cleveland, she is completely blind, Dragon to Shanes apartment, sends Emma after Bo & Hope, Dragon sneaks up behind Shane with the ring, 6/3 Dragon is killed, Bo disarms Emma, finds out music box is triggering her actions, Theo tells Bo that Danny was killed and his death was covered up, Bo agrees to help, 6/4

June 5 - 11, 1985:   6/5, 6/6 Liz attacked by Vipers, Theo & Bo fight the vipers, 6/7 Juvenile Diabetis Benefit, Liz sings, Gene in drag as "Bettina", then reveals his sham of a marriage to Madeline, Bo & Theo break into recording studio to look around, 6/10 Bo & Theo are caught, reception for benefit continues, 6/11

June 12- 18, 1985:   6/12 Shane goes to see Kim, she still refuses his help, Bo & Hope in bed, Theo interrupts, Bo forced to tell Hope that he is working with Theo on a case and posing as a rock singer, 6/13 Kim calls a family meeting and tells them she is blind, Patch (Steven Nichols) arrives in Salem and watches Bo & Hope, Hope tells Bo that Kim is blind, 6/14 Bo tells Shane about Kim, after he punches him, Ian takes Melissa to the prom, Patch watches Bo & Theo drinking at the Cheating Heart, 6/17 Shane tells Kim he loves her, Kim sends Shane away, Melissa tells Ian she loves him, Ian rebuffs Melissa's plan to make love to him, 6/18

June 19 - 25, 1985:  6/19 Hope beats Norma is a shooting match, Savannah tells Patch to take care of Bo & Theo, 6/20 (missed 7 mins pre-emption) Pete & Melissa music montage, 6/21 Tony proposes to Anna, Melissa graduates from High School, her party, Emma finds out Kim is blind, 6/24 Ian & Melissa start to make love and are interrupted, Tony & Anna sign pre-nuptial agreement, 6/25 Bo & Shawn argue, Melissa is shocked to meet Ian's wife,

June 26 - July 2, 1985:  6/26 Liz returns from NY, Emma fails to seduce Shane, 6/27 Anna & Tony to get married at city hall, Alice is sad over Mike and Bo & Hope have a plan to cheer her up, 6/28 Bo sees Patch and goes after him, Bo & Hope have family and friends over to Horton's for old movies & popcorn, 7/1 Patch searches Kim's apartment, 7/2 Hope & Patch meet, Bo finds them together, he and Patch argue

July 3 - 9, 1985:  7/3 Shane gets a job offer from Scotland Yard, Kim won't ask him to stay, Cate's son supposed to visit, Alice is flying to see Mike and convince him to come home, 7/4 Hope has passed her police exams, Patch searches Kim's again, 7/5 Bo & Theo (?) search recording studio, Hope & Norma to be partners, 7/8 Marlena & Carrie go to cabin with Cates, Emma goes to Kim's apartment again, takes her cameo & upsets her, 7/9 Hope & Norma follow Patch, Patch trashes Kim's apartment while looking for the film

July 10 - 16, 1985:  7/10 Bo & Theo find heroin in cassette tape, Kim thinks Emma trashed her apartment, 7/11 Gene loses in court to his mother and is now broke, 7/12 Patch overpowers Hope, Bo & Patch fight, Shane looking for letter, Neil operates on Ivy, 7/15 Bo & Hope clash over him being gone all night, he won't tell her about Patch, 7/16 Pete & Speed fight and are arrested

July 17 - 23, 1985:  7/17 Peggie McKay begins as Caroline Brady, Bo and Patch fight in an alley, as Patch reminds Bo of Stockholm, Fish Market is robbed, 7/18 Liz's JDF auction starts, Bo and Hope go to the stables and talk, 7/19 John Aniston as Victor Kiriakas, Shane bids against Victor at auction, Shane tells Emma he's leaving her, Bo and Hope dance and make love in the stables, 7/22 Tony & Anna married by phony preacher that Alex hired, Shane is asked by the ISA to go after Victor, Bo & Patch confrontation, Bo won't tell Hope what is bothering him, 7/23 Tony & Anna learn of Alex's hoax on their honeymoon, Hope & Bo make up

July 24 - 30, 1985:  7/24 Liz sings "Friends & Lovers" for the first time, Bo remembers he & Patch picking out their tattoos, Bo & Hope make love in the woods, 7/25 Savannah catches up with Patch, about to shoot him, 7/26 Anna's wedding day in Bangkok, 7/29, 7/30 Calliope traded to Baba for Anna

July 31 - August  6, 1985:   7/31 Shane accepts the job with the ISA to go after Victor Kiriakis, 8/1, 8/2 Pete & Melissa at music studio, 8/5 Tony & Anna get married, 8/6

August 7 - 13, 1985:  8/7, 8/8 Mike arrives in Salem, 8/9 Mike delivers Ivy's baby,  8/12, 8/13 Hope goes to NY to see Bo

August 14 -20, 1985:  8/14, 8/15, 8/16, 8/19 Liz sings, 8/20 Bo, Abe & Theo tell Cates what they're working on, Ivy home from the hospital, Pete tells Melissa about the baby

August 21 - 27, 1985:  8/21 Caroline's birthday party at Blondie's, 8/22, 8/23 Debut of Liz's video, 8/26 Tod is shot, Abe takes off for Dallas, Victor finds the bugs, Shane finds out Kim's blindness is emotional and feels he might be the cause and decides to back off, 8/27 Anna's office equipment is repossessed.

August 28 - September 3, 1985:  8/28 Maggie returns to Salem, Victor arranges phony attack on Kim to scare her into staying at his house, 8/29 Bo and Shawn try to talk Kim into coming home, Anna tries to seel a statue from Thailand, told it is worthless (John Martin), 8/30 Anna sells the priceless statue for $100, Tony tells her he knows she is broke, Richard returns, Maggie decides to stay in Salem,  9/2 Art dealer agrees to pay Anna $500,000 for statue, Pete & Melissa & Tod join carnival in MO on way to Chicago, Mike helps Ivy get a job at the hospital, 9/3 Victor summons Larry to set up meeting with his business partners, Shane sends Peachy to find out what is going on, Anna suckered into taking Picasso painting instead of $500,000.

September 4 - 10, 1985:  9/4 Anna throws a party to celebrate Picasso purchase and finds out the painting is a fake, Todd hears Liz's plea on TV for information about their whereabouts, 9/5 Marlena & Ricard get closer, Abe has a run in with Denise's father, Pete & Melissa solve riddle to second clue on way to Chicago, 9/6 Peachy infiltrates Victor's meeting dressed as an Italian cook, Shane finds out Kim's true feelings with the bug on Peachy, Todd & Melissa find location in Chicago pictures, 9/9 Tony & Anna confront Kalus and demand the money back, he agrees but is later murdered, Pete & Melissa & Todd evade McBride, 9/10 Abe arrests Anna, Shane tries to convince Kim to leave Kiriakis' house, Liz rehearses with Carl Anderson

September 11 - 17, 1985:  9/11 Kim stumbles onto Victor's secret room, 9/12 Tony & Anna meet with Mrs. Pierpoint & Mrs. Varzant, Pete has a run in with McBride and gets away, 9/13 Marlena & Richard make love, drug bust at studio and Liz is shot, 9/16 Liz survives but her vocal cords are damaged, Tony & Anna search Van Zandts office, 9/17 Bo goes to Shane for help, Melissa calls Hope, she warns her about McBride, Emma plots to hold onto Shane

September 18 - 24, 1985:  9/18 Norma shot after she and Hope tell Cates about McBride, Pete insists on going to Salem to help his sick son, 9/19 Cates chases Bo & Hope in car and catches Bo, McBride removes IV, Norma dies, Emma plants incendiary device in barn to trap Kim, man in pickup finds Hope, 9/20 Shane rescues Kim, Pete gives blood to the baby, Kim regains her sight but doesn't let on to Victor, Hope care for by Francis, 9/23 Pete's baby is christened, Victor is the godfather, Pete caught by McBride, Theo & Shane looking for Bo, Hope doesn't show up for work, Shane & Kim, 9/24 Hope calls Alice, Cates listens in but she hangs up, Francis is a monk, Todd & Melissa stay at a farm.

September 25 - October 1, 1985:  9/25 (glitchy), 9/26 Bo tries to convince jailer that Cates is a killer, 9/27 Warden finds Bo beaten up, 9/30, 10/1 Abe is suspended, Peachy tells him McBride is a dirty cop

October 2 - 8, 1985:  10/2 Bo tries to get the nurse to help him, 10/3 welcome home for Liz, 10/4 Marlena & her children at a cabin with Richard, Father Martin catches Hope in Francis' room, 10/7 Shane sneaks into Kim's room at Kiriakis' house and spends the night, Bo asks the nurse to go to the accident site, proof he is telling the truth, she finds his wallet, 10/8

October 9 - 15, 1985:  10/9 (copy), 10/10 Melissa Brennan arrives as Jennifer, Abe & Theo & Shane & Cates trick McBride in drug deal, Cate has him shot, nurse at prison delivers Bo's note to Alice, 10/11, 10/14 (copy), 10/15

October 16 - 22, 1985:  10/16 (copy), 10/17 Theo is dead, Peachy plants bug in Cates' car, Patch sees Pete & Melissa in Boston and calls Savannah, 10/18 Kevin tells Marlena about Hope's car, Abe & Peachy overhear about heroin at the cabin and follow Cates, Alice finds Hope's note in the bread, Mike gets Jennifer out of jail, 10/21 cm, 10/22 cm Cates is shot

October 23 - 29, 1985:  10/23, 10/24 Victor wants Carolline to leave Shawn for him, when she refuses he decides he'll take Kimberly, Todd & Amy on the way to Salem to get Bo & Hope, Tony figures out who the killer is, he disappears, 10/25 Tod & Amy tell Bo & Hope & Shane whats been happening, 10/28 Victor is suspicious of Kim, Bo & Hope arrive in Boston, 10/29

October 30 - November 5, 1985:  10/30 Petrov back in the picture, Amy working for him, 10/31 (missed 10 mins REagan's speech - use other dvd), Victor, Kim & Shane, Bo & Hope, Chris & Savannah go to Miami, 11/1 Victor, Petrov & mystery man meet to discuss "The Game winner gets Prize, Pawn, Power", game ends two weeks from today (on 11/15), Bo & Hope go to Orange Bowl, Shane & Kim cavort in garden, Kevin returns to Salem and Marlena, Shane falls into an alligator pit, 11/4 Kim rescues Shane, Melissa is sick, Pete gets Mike to treat her, Pete calls Peach for place to stay, she brings Abe, Pete goes for Maggie, surprise for Melissa's 18th birthday, Shane & Kim together while Victor is out, 11/5

November 6 - 12, 1985:  11/6, 11/7, 11/8 Nickerson is third player, 11/11, 11/12 Kim & Shane find tarantula on pillow

November 13 - 19, 1985:  11/13, 11/14 Petrov has bug planted, Bo finds it, Bo & Hope infiltrate Victor's party by scuba diving to arrive at dock, Chris follows Savannah to meeting with Patch, she tells Patch someone is onto drug buy, Chris then follows Patch to bar and intercepts the note he leaves for a contact, Chris goes to Victor's party and tells Shane what he's found out, Victor furious with Savannah, Victor points out Petrov to Kim, she is upset when she hears about an accident at the yacht race, Shane's mast broke and just missed him, Kim presses Maria for info about Victor, finds out she knew her mother, Victor tells Kim her mother made the wrong choice, she be wise not to do the same thing, Petrov heads to the party with the Pawn!, 11/15 Bo & Hope find treasure, Patch & Savannah catch them, Shane is shot, 11/18 Shane is ok as he had on a bulletproof vest, Kim makes love to Victor to give Shane time to escape, Sahne finds out treasure will explode when opened, Shane & Chris take a helicopter to rescue Bo & Hope, 11/19

November 20- 26, 1985:  11/20 cm (very glitchy), 11/21, 11/22 Victor released from jail, Maggie raped in Marlena's office, Patch in hospital, 11/25 Shane finds out Nickerson is a player in the game, 11/26 Patch destroys photos, Anna & Gene & Calliope confront Alex & Robert & Tracey with the tapes, then they confront Emma

November 27 - December 4, 1985:  11/27 Shane confronts Nickerson and he admits he is a player, he takes a poison pill, Bo tells Hope how Patch lost his eye, Savannah tries to get out of Victor's organization, Petros arrives in Salem with the Pawn, (11/28 no show aired nationally Thanksgiving), 11/29 Kim finds out she is pregnant, Gene & Anna & Calliope go after Klaus, 12/2 Shane finds out Petrov at the Lafferty farm, Francis teaching classes but hasn't taken final vows, 12/3 Victor asks Alex to join his organization, Mickey tells Anna that Tony is divorcing her, he is in Europe, Gene gets a letter from Tony, he loves Ann but must keep her from looking for him, 12/4 Pete tells Ivy that he wants a divorce, he wants her & Charlie out of Victor's house, after rebuff by Chris, Savannah agrees to work for Victor, Anna signs the divorce papers

December 5 - 11, 1985:  12/5 Kim & Shane flashbacks to "Friends & Lovers", 12/6 Victor gets the Pawn, Kim tells her mom she is pregnant, 12/9 Hope visits Larry in prison, 12/10 (first 2 mins glitchy) Shane is offered a job as head of the ISA, Hope wants to be Howie's partner, Ivy leaves the country, 12/11 (epi very glitchy) Gene asks Marlena to be his best man, Mike tells Neil to check records of Dr. Curry's last 10 operations

December 12 - 18, 1985:  12/12 (glitchy) Victor offers Steve a job, 12/13 (glitchy) Shane proposes to Kim, 12/16 Kim & Shane at a Vermont cabin, she agrees to marry him and they make love, 12/17, 12/18

December 19 - 25, 1985:  12/19, 12/20 Kim tells Shane she is pregnant, Hope catches the jewel thief, Patch finds the Pawn, 12/23, 12/24 Christmas Eve, 12/25 Christmas Day show

December 26, 1985 - January 2, 1986:  12/26 (glitchy 2 mins missing) Victor goes to see Patch, 12/27, 12/30 (slight jump) Shawn has a heart attack, 12/31 (slight jump) Gene & Calliope's wedding, Bo & Hope flashbacks, Pawn leaves Patch, (no show aired 1/1), 1/2

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