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    Bo & Hope #1, Bo & Hope #2, Bo & Hope #3, Bo & Hope #4, Bo & Hope #5, Bo & Hope #6, Bo & Hope #7, Bo & Hope #8, Bo & Hope #9, Bo & Hope #10, Bo & Hope #11, Bo & Hope #12, Bo & Hope #13, Bo & Hope #14, Bo & Hope #15, Bo & Hope #16, Bo & Hope #17, Bo & Hope #18, Bo & Hope #19, Bo & Hope Thru the Years, and Days 40th Anniversary

    For the Bo & Hope #1 and #2, and the first part of the #3, I've remastered some existing tapes I had. I had received tapes over the years from several different sources. Most of the tapes were surprisingly good quality, some more complete during some time frame than others. So using a hard drive recorder, I was able to transfer all of the footage I had of Bo & Hope from 1983 and into early 1984 from several different sources from multiple tapes. I was able to do all the editing on the hard drive computer, then burn it to dvd with little if any quality loss. This resulted in being able to offer slightly more complete edits, and in the best possible quality from that time frame from all of the various sources. So I was able to use the vhs tapes with the best quality and most complete, and this varied from different time frames. 

    Bo & Hope #1 June - into early Fall, 1983: 8 hrs
    The Bo & Hope #1 is primarily edited to Bo & Hope's scenes together. Its really a wonderful edit of their early romance and I so very much enjoyed watching this. I had forgotten how much I loved this couple way back when! This edit contains Bo's arrival in Salem, meeting Marlena and Hope. Hope follows Bo around, then she runs away from home and Bo tracks her down and arrives just in time to rescue her during an attack, contains Hope's crush on Roman and following up to the cabin during his fishing trip and coming onto him, fourth of July picnic when Hope kisses Bo for the first time while manning the kissing booth, their second kiss during a fantasy sequence. Hope takes care of Bo after the Vipers stab him, Bo becomes a private detective and is hired to investigate corruption at the prison Liz is being held in, Hope follows him and pretends to be his wife.  Click here to read the full edit description.

    Bo & Hope #2 1983 Early Fall - December 1983: 8 hrs
    This is a new description for the Bo & Hope #2 edit. I've added about 6 hours of additional scenes to this edit. I took the existing edit and combined footage from several different sources from other tapes I've received over the years to create a more complete edit. This edit contains the end of the prison story, plans begin for Hope's 18th birthday, and Roman being arrested for murder. Mrs. H and Bo break Roman out of jail (she feeds Roman tainted donuts that make him ill). Bo believes in his brother's innocence and investigates the murders on his own, and meets with Roman in secret. Hope's 18th birthday party, afterwards Bo tells her that he loves her. I also added edited Bo & Hope scenes from the soapnet marathon that recently aired the episode of Doug bursting in as they are about to make love, he gets very upset and has a heart attack (also included Kirsten and Peter's commentary during this section). Hope breaks up with Bo to keep the peace with her father, Bo continues to help Roman hide out and finally puts him in Eugene's basement. At the end of the edit, a look alike Roman enters Hope's bedroom and tries to kill her! Click here to read the full edit description.

    Bo & Hope #3 Feb ? - April 2, 1984: 8 hrs
    I have completed the Bo & Hope #3, this is also an 8 hr edit. The first two hours or so came from a couple of other edits from different sources. The quality on that portion is only okay, only so-so in some sections, its very watchable but not as good as most of the scenes on the first two edits. I have complete very good quality episodes from late Feb into June, 1984 that I will continue to edit from. So I used those episodes for the last 6 hours of this edit and the quality is quite good on that portion. Unfortunately there is a bit of a gap between the two sources.  Click here to read the full edit description.

    Bo & Hope #4 April 2 - May 28, 1984: 8 hours
    This edit concludes the rest of the Stefano storyline, the bomb set at the concert hall set to go off during the big benefit concert, Fake Tony DiMera (Andre) disguised as Roman tries to kill Marlena, Bo shot while trying to stop Stefano from escaping and winds up in the hospital temporarily paralyzed. Stefano’s car goes off the bridge and he is once again presumed dead. Larry romances Hope and gets her to agree to marry him. Even though Bo and Hope aren’t together on this edit there are tons of fantasy sequences as they each dream of being together, and a couple of great montages of past classic moments. Click here to read the full edit description.

    Bo & Hope #5 May 28 - July 12, 1984: 8 hours
    This edit covers a lot of storyline! Bo is in New York trying to find Hope to tell her the truth about why he broke up with her and to stop her from marrying Larry. Diane has warned Larry so he rushes Hope out of NY and keeps her away from Salem until the last possible moment. Bo is sent on a wild goose chase trying to find Hope. Finally he catches a flight back to Salem and Diane finally confesses the whole horrible truth about Larry trying to keep Bo away from Hope. Bo steals a car and when it breaks down he punches out a cop and steals his motorcycle. He arrives at the church and finally finds Hope. He professes his love for her but she is so hurt and angry she doesn't want to hear him. Mrs. H comes in and helps Bo stall for time to be able to get Hope away and talk to her. He takes her away on his motorcycle, great action scenes of them riding down street, her wedding gown flying, to "It takes a hero" great moment. They stop at a park and he finally gets through to her. They take off together and take refuge in a barn. They have precious short time together, and Bo goes out to check things out when he hears sirens.
    Two goons come in and force Hope to write Bo a goodbye letter telling him how much she loves Larry and she is going to marry Larry. Bo is arrested for kidnapping and Hope is taken back to Larry and told she will marry him or they will kill Bo. When she balks, they have Bo badly beaten up while he is still in jail and they take her to watch as he is rushed to the hospital by ambulance. In order to protect Bo, she agrees to marry Larry. Megan Hathaway comes to town and Bo learns he has a son with her that was given up for adoption. Hope is furious at Larry and grows to hate him as she blames him for her predicament. Hope overhears Larry being told to get Hope pregnant, so she later tells him that she is pregnant with Bo's baby to keep Larry away from her (even though she is still a virgin). When Mrs. H goes on and on about her pregnancy and the baby, Hope breaks down and admits the whole terrible truth about her marriage, her false pregnancy and even her love for Bo. Mrs. H vows to help her and immediately calls Bo.  Click here to read the full edit description.

    Bo & Hope #6  July 12 - August 20, 1984: 8 hour original edit
    This is a very good time frame for Bo & Hope. From the reunion in the tunnels, New Orleans location scenes, Bo steals the prism, Howie loses it and an alligator eats it.  Bo has a Civil War Ball fantasy sequence as he waits for Hope at Oak Alley Plantation.  Click here to read the full edit description.

    Bo & Hope #7 August 20 - September 28, 1984: 8 hour original edit
    This edit contains the Oak Alley Plantation sequence, Bo and Hope make love for the first time and say their informal (and not legal) wedding vows. Bo & Eugene use the tracking device and find that an alligator has swallowed the first prism. The gang return home to Salem. Megan's plot to pass Diane's son as Megan's son swings into high gear as the child arrives at the Salem hospital. Megan hopes to use the boy to lure Bo further into her life. Bo's instincts pay off though as something about the situation doesn't feel right to him and he figures out that the child is actually the son Diane had gone to New Orlean's to find and had been killed over. Bo makes a mysterious phone call to Paris and we learn that Diane hasn't died but has been in hidiing. Bo tells her he has found her son. Bo & Hope are forced to meet secretly in Tony's stable, and Hope repeatedly sneaks into Bo's room almost getting caught. The edit ends as the gang give Bo & Hope a surprise romantic Parisian dinner in the tunnels, complete with Howie dressed up as a French wine steward and Eugene as a chef.  Click here to read the full edit description.

    Bo & Hope #8 October 1 - November 28, 1984: 8 hour original edit
    Bo heads to New Orleans and then Europe as Peter takes time off from the show, he isn't seen much for the first 1 1/2 hours or so and it is pretty much edited to Hope. There isn't a lot of B&H together on the #8A, their storyline together picks up on the #8B. Hope's bodyguard, Will, discovers she isn't really pregnant and tries to rape her. She leaves Larry and runs to Bo at the airport, just as he is taking off in Anna's chartered jet to Haiti. The plane crashes on a deserted island and the Salemites are stranded.  Bo & Hope enjoy having time together alone on the island. While romping in the ocean, Hope is stung by a stingray and almost dies. Bo is desperately worried as she lays feverish and unconscious. He promises they will be together when they return to Salem and will be married for real. Stefano follows them to the island. Hope is kidnapped by Stefano's goonettes and taken to his yacht. Bo rescues her just as Roman is landing on the island. During a fight with Stefano, Roman is shot and falls off a cliff. Bo finds his brother lying in the surf, and holds him in his arms as he dies. The Coast Guard arrives and the islanders are rescued. Bo makes a call home with the sad news of Roman's death.  Click here to read the full edit description.

    Bo & Hope #9 November 29, 1984 - January 24 , 1985: 8 hour original edit
    Bo finds out that Shane is in the ISA, Shane tries to recruit him to help get Stefano but Bo is resistant. The island survivors arrive home. Hope tells the press the truth about her relationship with Larry, sinks his career and moves out. The Brady's deal with Roman's death, and hold a wake. Bo is overwhelmed by all of the demands on him and pulls away from Hope. She gets fed up and breaks it off. Hope is mistakenly for an applicant for the police academy and when Bo ridicules the idea, insulted she signs up. She passes the test and begins life as a police rookie. Hope struggles and it doesn't look like she will pass the academy, until she foils an attempted robbery and subdues the bad guy. Christmas at the Brady's, Marlena gives Bo his brother's fishing pole. Christmas at the Horton's, Bo gives Hope a music box that he bought for her in New Orleans. Bo discovers that Megan is Stefano's daugther and finally agrees to work with Shane to bring Stefano down. Click here to read the full edit description.

    Bo & Hope #10 January 24 - March 15, 1985: 8 hr original edit
    This edit covers Megan plotting to kill Hope but Megan is electrocuted in the hot tub at the health club. Bo & Hope get back together, continues through the finale of the prism storyline with the Ice Show, and includes several scenes of Hope ice skating. A great montage of Bo & Hope scenes as Hope Ice Skates and has flashbacks of her relationship with Bo. Stephano and Bo struggle during the big confrontation up on the catwalk as fire rages all around them and seems they face certain death. Bo saves Marlena's life, and Stephano falls to his apparent death below. Honeycut & Jimmy lie in wait at Bo's and during the confrontation Hope is shot and is critically injured. When she comes to, Bo proposes to her. Honeycut tries to kill Hope in the hospital but Bo saves the day. After Hope is released from the hospital, the couple are overwhelmed by all of the suggestions for wedding plans and decide to elope!  Click here to read the full edit description.

    Bo & Hope #11 March 18 - May 27, 1985: 8 hour original edit
    On this edit, Bo & Hope decide to elope, a lot of scenes of the two of them together. Cute scenes as they try to plan their wedding in secret but Hope’s family finds out and decides to join them. They finally make their getaway alone together, but Bo’s car breaks down and it begins to rain. They take shelter at a farm, and hitch a ride to New Orleans but they decide to elope. They return to Salem and begin planning their wedding. Hope witnesses the Dragon murdering Prince Nikolas, he later tries to attack her. Bo and Shane team up and head to England. Bo’s cover is that he is now a rock star, several scenes of Bo singing. Great location scenes in London, as Dragon and Bo engage in a sword fight on the London Bridge. When Dragon is arrested, Bo and Hope are rewarded with a wedding. Bo steals a milk truck to get an exhausted Hope home. Bo rides in on a white horse to get to the wedding. Bo & Hope are finally married in a lavish ceremony attended by their friends and family. Emma shows up and tries to shoot Bo & Hope are arrested just as they begin their honeymoon. Theo Carver (Abe’s younger brother) arrives to help them escape custody. On the plane ride home, Theo wants Bo to continue his status as a rock star so he can help him infiltrate a music company.  Click here to read the full edit description.

    Bo & Hope #12May 27 - July 24, 1985: 8 hour original edit
    B&H have returned from their wedding fun in England. Emma comes after Bo & Hope one more time and pulls a gun on them. The Dragon soon meets his demise. Theo tells Bo about Danny Grant’s death and talks Bo into going undercover as a rock star (unfortunately we do not hear him sing!). When Liz is attacked by Vipers, Bo goes after them. Patch arrives in town and Hope becomes very curious about his past with Bo. Victor Kirikis also arrives in town. Hope is now a cop and arrests Patch to find out who he really is. Bo & Hope make love in the stables at Liz & Neil’s during a benefit there for Juvenile Diabetes. Click here to read the full edit description.

    Bo & Hope #13July 29 - October 23, 1985: 8 hour original edit
    Location scenes trip to NYC, “Broken Wings”, Hope’s partner (Norma) is shot, Bo imprisoned, Hope is rescued by a monk and hides out in a monastery with Brother Francis, up through their reunion and arrest of Chief Cates. Click here to read the full edit description.

    Bo & Hope #14October 23 - December 27, 1985: 8 hour original edit
    Bo & Hope go to Miami to join Shane on a treasure hunt. They go to the Orange Bowl, and Victor’s Miami estate, great location scenes. Bo & Hope find the map to the treasure and head off to find it. Bo & Hope bring the treasure up from the sea, only to find Savannah & Patch on the yacht, with guns trained on them. Savannah & Patch take Bo & Hope hostage on the yacht. Lots of action sequences involving boats, helicopter, guns, fights, and finishing off in an explosion! Shane shoots Patch from the ladder on the helicopter and Patch also falls overboard. Bo saves Patch from drowning. Covers the beginning of the pawn storyline and Christmas at the Brady’s too! Hope asks for Howie’s help to investigate Bo’s past. She must find out what happened to prove to Bo it has nothing to do with their current happiness. Meanwhile, Patch is warning Bo that Hope is not going to stop digging! Click here to read the full edit description.

    Bo & Hope #15 December 27, 1985 - February 24, 1986: 8 hour original edit
    On New Year’s Eve, Bo surprises Hope with a new loft apartment. Victor is pushing out the small businesses along the docks. Bo gets a job on the docks working for Victor, he is fighting the takeover. Hope & Howie work on tracking down info on the mysterious Britta. Bo is doing his own investigation and Hope follows him to New York and surprises him there. Patch is hiding The Pawn. Bo thinks the pawn could be Stefano. Victor is desperate to get the pawn back, but he takes off and we see him assume the name “John Black”. He takes the bandages off and merges into society with no one knowing he is the pawn. Hope throws a bridal shower at Blondie’s for Melissa & Maggie. Kimberly overhears Caroline’s confession in the church that Victor is the father of one of her children. Bo bursts into the courtroom during Shane’s hearing to admit that he committed the treason, not Shane. Bo is arrested, and Hope goes to Patch for help. They both head to Sweden. An explosion at the prison gives Bo a chance to escape. He heads to Sweden as well. Bo & Hope both learn that Britta is alive and did not die in the fire. Bo discovers Britta is masquerading as a man and pulls off her wig and mask. Patch, Bo and Britta are reunited. Hope and Britta swap places, and Hope disappears. Hope uses Britta’s fake passport to board a plane back to Stockholm. Unfortunately, she is being tailed by a KGB spy and the plane makes a sudden landing in Russia! Hope becomes a guest of the Soviet Union. Click here to read the full edit description.

    Bo & Hope #16 February 25 - May 6, 1986 8 hr original edit
    This edit begins as Hope is being held captive by the KGB in Sweden. Bo asks for Shane to come to Sweden to help him get Hope back. Hope is shot during an exchange of her for Britta. They keep Britta and bring her to Salem. Bo is hiding out in the tunnels as there is an APB out on him. Britta has agreed to testify to help Bo in exchange for the their help in getting her brother, Lars, away from the KGB. Britta is kidnapped by KGB which prevents her from testifying and Bo is arrested. Caroline begs Victor Kirikas for help and he gets the escape charges dropped (someone else comes forward accepting responsibility). Victor then provides his $3 million bail. Lars is coming to Salem with the Russian Ballet and they plan to rescue him then. The KGB arrive in Salem and almost catch Britta at the theatre. Bo & Hope help her escape. Includes all of Bo scenes and all of Hope's scenes during this time frame.
    The Russian Ballet begins. The gang help Lars and Britta escape the KGB. Afterwards at a Press Conference, Britta reveals to all that Bo Brady was not responsible for the Stockholm scandal. Britta and Lars are granted political asylum. Bo, Hope, and Shane celebrate their success. Victor learns that he and Caroline conceived a child together. Victor vows that the entire Brady family will pay for what Caroline did to him. All of the charges against Bo are being dropped. Howie surprises Bo and Hope by saying that he has sold the company and is moving to Florida. Bo and Hope say goodbye to Howie. Bo and Hope notice the new sign on Howie’s office: “Brady and Brady Detective Agency.” Doug has bought the agency as a belated-wedding gift for his daughter and son-in-law.
    Britta is shot during a confrontation with Kiriakis and his men. Marlena calls Bo and tells him that John Black is the pawn and he is really Stefano Dimera. Shane & Bo rush to the mountain cabin to help her. John and Marlena are on the run from the KGB. They go on their famous raft ride down the falls to avoid Bo and Shane. Bo, Shane and Hope take the next raft and go directly after John and Marlena, they all flip over. Hope is nowhere to be found. They scramble to find her. Edit ends as Bo tends to a freezing Hope after Bo pulls her from the river. Click here to read the full edit description.

    Bo & Hope #17 May 7 - July 9, 1986: 8 hr original edit
    John Black has taken Marlena hostage and they are on the run in the woods. The KGB are after them, as well as Victor’s goons. Bo & Hope, and Shane are stranded in the woods while tracking John & Marlena. They have also just learned he is the pawn. Bo drives away a mountain lion from Hope, Victor saves Bo from the KGB, Bo & John fight on a mountain top and John falls, they learn that John is Roman, Bo & Hope 1st Anniversary party, Kayla returns to town, revealed that Victor is Bo’s father, Bo & Hope move into the Kiriakas mansion, Bo goes to work for Victor at the warehouse, Bo & Patch are working together, Bo warns Patch to stay away from his sister Kaya, Patch saves Bo during a forklift accident though Bo is injured. Hope learns she is pregnant, tells her gram and then tells Bo after the 4th of July picnic.
    Note, this one is discounted as there are some glitchy sections.. had some tapes from May to mid June, 1986 that had a slight jump in the video on quite a few episodes... still crystal clear quality and good audio.. there are a few episodes with some video glitches.. not bad but not pristine... and then when the video lined up there would be a slight audio hum... so some challenges on the first 6 hrs... would appreciate your feedback as a viewer in comparison to the other edits in the series... and just how annoying it is. I have enjoyed revisiting this time frame... very fortunate so much of this has survived as well as it has.. one reason I had procrastinated editing that time frame.. I knew there were some glitchy shows involved. Click here to read the full edit description.

    Bo & Hope #18 July 9 - September 30, 1986: 8 hour original edit
    Hope tells Kim, then Roman that she is pregnant. Victor warns them that if he can’t trust them that their deal is off. Victor arranges for a romantic dinner for Bo & Hope. Hope learns that Victor is forcing Pete to launder money and confronts Victor. Hope gets a tip about Victor’s illegal shipment and arranges for Salem PD to intercept it. Bo finds out and gets the shipment moved just in time to avoid the PD, and earns Victor’s trust. Mrs. H hosts a dinner for Victor and Bo & Hope. Victor sends Bo to Europe for a few weeks. Hope begs him not to go and tells him she is moving out of Victor’s and leaving him if he goes. Hope has a miscarriage while Bo is gone. Steve finds her on the docks and is very sweet to her throughout this. Steve is waiting for Bo when he finally returns and blasts him for not being there for Hope and tells him she lost the baby. Hope gives Bo the cold shoulder and wants nothing to do with him and insists their marriage is over. He kidnaps her and whisks her away for surprise honeymoon. She fights and argues with him as they travel by car, then motorcycle, to a waiting hot air balloon to a remote island where he has rented a beach mansion. Great location scenes as he finally gets through to her and they have a romantic trip. Victor shows up and Bo sends him packing, Hope is thrilled. Back home, when he goes back to Victor’s she tells him she is getting a legal separation. Britta is murdered and Steve is suspected though Hope sticks up for him. Marlena is kidnapped and Hope works with Roman to try to find her. Really enjoyed this edit, a lot of great Bo & Hope scenes together. Click here to read the full edit description.

    Bo & Hope #19 September 30 - ?, 1986: 8 hour original edit
    Click here to read the full edit description.

    "Bo & Hope: Through the Years" Soapnet Marathon: 7 hrs 20 mins
    Soapnet aired six classic B&H episodes in their six hour marathon. I added 1 1/2 more episodes (no commercials, so about an hour) of additional scenes and I added Peter Reckell on "One Day With Wally". The six episodes that trace the supercouple's history throughout the show, plus I added scenes from two additional episodes.


    • 1/3/84- Bo and Hope's attempt to make love falls short when her father, Doug Williams, walks in and has a heart attack.

    • 5/30 (Partial) & 5/31/84 (no commercials)- These two episodes I added that were not part of the soapnet marathon but this was one of my favorite moments when Bo finds out that Hope is scheduled to marry Larry and races to the church to stop her.

    • 6/01/84- Bo arrives at the church to rescue Hope from her wedding to Larry.  Everyone is surprised when Larry lifts Hope's veil at the altar, and reveals the bride to be is Bo's pal Howie. Extra: Montage of the wedding scenes.

    • New Orleans - 30 minutes of an edit (no commercials), not part of the marathon - Bo cons his way into a mansion, where they dress up in southern clothes, and make love for the first time.

    • 5/23/85- Bo and Hope marry in grand style in England.

    • 4/06/87- Hope gives birth to Shawn Douglas.  While on the way to the hospital, Bo steals a car and is nearly arrested.

    • 7/13/90- Ernesto Toscano has Bo & Hope (among others) trapped on an island.  He captures and suspends Hope above a vat of acid. She says a heartfelt and heartbreaking goodbye to Bo before the cage blows up.

    • 5/31/02- It's the day of Zack's christening and Bo and Hope are waiting to learn if Bo is actually his real father!  They learn he is and happily announce this news to family and friends.

    • One Day With Wally- Peter Reckell about 20 mins

    Days 40th Anniversary Edit - 3 hrs 10 mins (or so)
    -11/05 Soaptalk Days 40th Anniversary Special:  SOAPnet honors a staple of daytime television on the 40th Anniversary of "Days of our Lives" this November.  The month long celebration kicks off on Monday, November 7 at 11:00 p.m. ET/PT when SOAPnet brings together former and current cast members of "Days of our Lives" on a special episode of "Soap Talk" hosted by Lisa Rinna and Ty Treadway.  elebrities and special guests include Frances Reid, Deidre Hall, Drake Hogestyn, Suzanne Rogers, Kristian Alfonso, Peter Reckell, Melissa Reeves, Charles Shaughnessy, Stephen Nichols and Executive Producer Ken Corday.
    Days of Our Lives 1965 - First Two episodes - 1 hr- Features original cast members Macdonald Carey (Tom Horton), Frances Reid (Alice Horton), John Clarke (Mickey), Charla Doherty (Julie) and Maree Cheetham (Marie). Fans of the landmark series will be transported to Salem to see how the Hortons lived when the show first began. 
    -10/10/05 Soaptalk - Drake Hogestyn on location in Hawaii
    -11/25/05 Days 40th Anniversary Episode - 1 hr

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