Soapnet Baby Swap Marathon - 6 episodes - 4 hours with no commercials
SOAPnet presents "Who's Your Mama," a marathon of episodes from the ALL MY CHILDREN/ONE LIFE TO LIVE baby switch saga. The episodes are as follows:
1) Paul helps Babe give birth. (Original air date 3/22/04)
2) Paul gives Babe's son to his sister, Kelly. (OAD 3/23/04)
3) Babe realizes that Bess is Bianca's daughter, Miranda. (OAD 5/24/04)
4) Babe and Jamie go on the run, renaming Ace as James. (OAD 11/4/04)
5) Babe tells Bianca the truth. (OAD 12/7/04)
6) Erica returns Miranda to Bianca. (OAD 12/27/04)

Expanded Descriptions of each of the episodes aired during the marathon are listed below (source GH Online):

  • March 22, 2004- Unaware that Ryan and Greenlee had information regarding Babe and Bianca, an angry Kendall told the pair that they'd picked the wrong time to try to cause trouble. Ryan finally spoke up, saying that he had spotted Babe's car along a riverbank. Naturally, JR and Krystal questioned now Ryan knew that the car belonged to Babe. Ryan then explained that he'd had the highway patrol call in the plate number. He then reached into bag and pulled out Babe's pink knapsack. Kendall spoke up, asking if there was any indication that Bianca had been with Babe in the car. Greenlee said nothing, and instead opted to hand over Bianca's purse. Both Erica and Kendall recognized the person as Bianca's. Erica took the purse and wrapped her coat around it, then held the coat close to her chest. As the realization that something horrible may have happened to the two young women hit, Kendall lashed out at Erica for "killing" her sister. Kendall argued that Bianca never would have gone out into the storm if it had not been for Erica's cruel words. Jack and David both told Kendall that it was neither the time nor place to lay blame. JR asked Ryan to take him to the spot where he'd found Babe's car. The others made plans to search the entire stretch of Route 32, the road where the car had been found. Erica asked that she be allowed to help with the search, but Tad told her that it would be best if she stayed at Chandler Mansion and waited for news. Erica and Krystal sat next to each other on the sofa, each devastated over the possibility that their daughter had been killed.
         Adam retreated to his office and tried to call in favors to help track down Babe and Bianca. He was told repeatedly that the local authorities were stretched too thin because of the storm and that he would get no special favors.
         In the cabin, a woozy Bianca began to shiver uncontrollably. She struggled to sit up and noticed that the fire in the fireplace had just about burned out. She tried to get to her feet, but her vision was blurry and she was too weak to stand. She laid back down and prayed that Babe would return with help. Babe pleaded with Paul Cramer to fly his medical helicopter to the cabin and rescue her and Bianca. Paul believed that Babe was trying to pull another fast one and refused. As Babe continued her pleas, she was hit by another contraction. Meanwhile, on the other end of the line, Joe Martin passed by the nurses' desk and instructed Paul to hang up the phone. The phone line, he stated sharply, was for emergencies only - not personal calls. When the line went dead, Babe began to panic. She tried to redial the hospital, but received a recorded message stating that all circuits were busy. Babe tried to remain calm, telling herself that Paul would come through for her. Finally, she decided to try calling her mother at Chandler Mansion.
         Krystal quietly went through Babe's knapsack, laughing slightly when she found a plush cow inside. She told Erica that she never understood Babe's fascination with cows. The phone rang and Krystal picked up the phone hoping to learn something about her daughter. On the other end, Babe readied to beg her mother for help. Before she could say a word, Babe tripped and pulled the phone cord out of the wall. Without a way to communicate with the outside world, Babe decided to trek back to be with Bianca.
    Back at Pine Valley Hospital, Jamie and Maggie arrived to ask for Paul's help in locating Babe and Bianca. Paul refused, saying that he had urgent business back in Llanview. Paul and Jamie - who had had a previous physical encounter over Babe - traded words. Joe happened upon the argument and asked if there had been new information about Bianca and Babe. Jamie shook his head and Paul headed out to return via chopper to Llanview.
         At the side of the river where Babe's car had washed up, Ryan watched as JR slipped inside the car to look for clues to Babe's whereabouts. JR found a pair of fuzzy dice and fought to hold back his tears. A short while later, Tad arrived on the scene. JR told the two men how excited Babe had been when he'd bought her the car. He then denied that Babe's disappearance was anything like his mother's. Dixie had been pregnant when her car crashed in Switzerland, presumably killing both her and the unborn child.
         David and Kendall returned to David's cabin, hoping to set up a central command spot for the search effort. Kendall was not at all optimistic about finding her sister alive, something that struck David as odd. David looked around his cabin and assessed the damage that he believed had been caused by the storm. When he spotted the frayed phone cord on the floor, he realized that someone had been in his cabin. David pressed the redial button and was connected with Krystal at Chandler Mansion. David didn't want to get Krystal's hopes raised too high, so he said only that he felt they were hot on the trail of the missing women. Overhead, the sounds of a helicopter's blades were heard.
         Babe returned to the cabin and found a lifeless Bianca still clutching her baby. Bianca was still alive, but barely breathing. Her cold body had turned a ghostly shade of white. Babe went to add another log to the fire, but was hit by yet another contraction. Babe sat on the floor by the fire and prepared to deliver her own baby. The door to the cabin swung open and Paul Cramer raced to Babe's side. Over the next few minutes, he helped deliver Babe's baby. After making sure that both mother and child were okay, he turned his attention to Bianca. Bianca, he assessed, had lost a lot of blood and her condition was quite serious. He made his way to his helicopter to phone ahead to the hospital. Before he made the call to the medics, he called his sister, Kelly, and told her that he had found a solution to her problem. "Good news, Kelly," Paul said with a little reservation. "I've got a baby for you."
  • March 23, 2004- JR, Ryan, David, and Tad continued the search for Babe and Bianca near the rushing flood waters, trying hard to remain optimistic.
    Krystal and Erica were delighted to hear from David, with his news that the girls must have broken into his house and used his phone to call the Chandler's. David told them to get Adam's security team up to his house right away. Kendall told David she'd just heard a helicopter and maybe help was already there. Kendall called JR and the others with the news of the phone call from David's to Adam's. They rushed to David's. Kendall rushed out to search for Bianca alone. Jack called and joined the search. They all thought Babe and Bianca were together and that Babe had left the cabin to get back to help Bianca. David organized a search party while waiting for the rest of Adam's team. David and Ryan started arguing about Kendall and Greenlee and how David didn't trust Ryan or his hero act. David said Ryan has something to gain from Bianca's disappearance and Ryan was not amused.
         At Chandler mansion, Adam insisted on looking for more searchers and that Erica and Krystal stay put. They agreed that David would not be lying about this. Krystal asked Erica what her mother's intuition said...Erica said they all have to be alright. Erica begged Adam to tell Bianca that she loves her and will be with her as soon as she can. Krystal wanted a shot of tequila, but decided to stay sober. She asked if Erica wanted a nip. Erica refused and stayed very quiet as Krystal continued to prattle on. Erica told her she is in a different situation, but Krystal reminded her they are the same, as mothers who love their girls. Erica confided her guilt about what she'd said to Bianca. Krystal told her that the children you love can make you madder than anything else. Erica complained about how everyone judges her, but Krystal told her she would never judge another mother. Krystal assured her that Bianca knows that Erica would never hurt her. Erica wept about what she'd said and the hurt in Bianca's eyes. Krystal told stories about how saying no is sometimes necessary. Erica continued to fret that she'd gone too far.
         Kendall was in the woods, calling for Bianca and Greenlee stopped her to warn her about the mine shaft she was about to step in. Kendall didn't believe Greenlee's story about spending time in the hole and argued with her about Ryan. She refused to believe that Greenlee and Ryan weren't together. Ryan walked up and Greenlee walked away. Ryan refused to answer directly when Kendall wondered if he and Greenlee were together. He talked instead about blind faith and believing that Bianca and Babe were alright. Greenlee rushed up to them to ask if they saw it. She said she'd seen a helicopter about two miles up the river and they raced off to find it.
         Jamie, Maggie, JR and Tad all bumped into each other, frantic about just running around in circles. Jamie apologized to JR for what he'd said and promised to do whatever it takes to make things right. Tad was pleased. JR prayed in the woods and asked to be taken instead of his wife and child.
         In the cabin, Babe held her baby and talked to Bianca and Miranda. Outside, Paul talked to his sister Kelly in Llanview about finding a baby, a son, for her and that it was now or never for her, in order to keep her husband Kevin. Paul brought in portable incubators to carry the babies to the hospital. Babe reluctantly let him take her son.
         Babe thanked Paul for helping her deliver the baby and begged him to help Bianca. As she told Paul about how Bianca had been raped and her own mother won't accept her baby, he gave her a shot, allegedly to keep her healthy. She asked him about the paternity test and he insisted she wanted the father to be JR and it is. Babe started feeling funny and he carried her outside. He came back in for Miranda and told baby Chandler that Uncle Paul had to leave, but his mother would be there soon. Outside, he staged an accident scene, with Bianca and Babe on the ground and parts of the helicopter scattered about. He ignored radio calls and Babe came to as he was smashing the radio. He told her there had been an accident and her baby's incubator had fallen into the river during the crash. Babe crawled on the ground to look for her baby and Paul assured her he'd go search. Paul went into the cabin and talked to Babe's baby about his new mother, Kelly.
         Jamie and Maggie thought they saw a light and rushed into the cabin as Paul hid with the incubator and baby Chandler. They saw evidence of recent activity and Maggie found Bianca's sweater. They knew they were close and they ran outside to search some more nearby. Paul wondered where his sister was and Kelly finally came to the door and swore no one had seen her. Kelly was amazed to hold her the baby and hear Paul say he was all hers. She asked him how he did it.
  • May 24, 2004- Kendall pronounces herself the welcoming committee as she snaps pictures of Ryan carrying Greenlee across the threshold. Well, the committee is actually her and some friends and family waiting on the other side of the door. Not wanting to "steal their thunder," Kendall lets the new couple make the announcement. Greenlee tells the guests to give a "warm Pine Valley welcome to Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Lavery." The announcement is greeted by stunned stares and total silence. As they recover everyone thinks it's a joke until Simone vouches she was there. Jackson wants details. Ryan and Greenlee oblige. Ryan thanks Kendall for helping them spread the joy. Ryan tells the crowd he and Greenlee got married to make themselves happy and if anyone's not supportive of that, then "there's the door." Jack hugs Greenlee and tells her if this makes his daughter happy then he's happy. Kendall asks to be the first to kiss the groom. She plants a kiss on Ryan's cheek and wishes him and Greenlee all the best. Bianca pulls Ryan to the side and asks how he could marry Greenlee when he's in love with her sister. "This is not about me loving or me not loving Kendall," Ryan tells Bianca. It's about the stable life he wants and can not have with Kendall. David pulls Greenlee aside and offers to help her get out of the marriage. No sale. Greenlee tells David she's happy and for him not to make her choose, "'Cause you'll lose." Someone proposes a toast to the bride and groom. David stops it throwing his champagne flute to the floor and saying he'd rather drink crushed glass than toast this marriage. Furthermore, David starts a betting pool saying they'll be in divorce court within a year. Kendall has taken all she can and asks JR to get her out of there. Tad and Liza meet on the balcony and leave together to get coffee.
         JR takes Kendall to the boathouse. Kendall thinks she's lost it but JR says she showed her true colors and took back the power. She showed she can take anything and keep smiling, JR says. They commiserate they've both had their hearts broken by someone they "thought they loved." Kendall asks JR what Babe did to him. JR eventually tells Kendall everything Babe did and his whole plan for revenge. He asks Kendall if she thinks he's heartless for marrying a woman he doesn't love. Kendall tells him no, not when he's fighting for his daughter. Kendall even offers to help JR if there's anything she can do.
         At the restaurant, Liza asks Tad if they can start over. Tad doesn't buy that Liza had nothing to do with JR finding out about Babe's bigamy. Liza explains she was at the house to pick up Colby when JR came into the study because he'd found the annulment papers all by himself. Liza calls it karma. Tad calls it B.S.
         The party continues breaking up. Bianca and Maggie take off together. Reggie tries to tail along but the girls leave him behind. Stuck there, Reggie resorts to harassing the bride and groom. He asks Greenlee when she is going to start spitting out little Ryans. Jack tells him he's out of place asking such a question, but Ryan tells him it's okay, they've discussed it. With that, Greenlee provides the answer saying they both want a big family but babies are on hold until they settle into married life. The balance of the guests leave so Ryan and Greenlee can get on with "honeymoon stuff." After everyone is gone, Greenlee wonders aloud to Ryan whether anyone bought them being a bonafied married couple. Ryan tells her some of them did and decides he needs a drink. Ryan pours a single malt for he and Greenlee and makes one more toast. "To team Lavery," Ryan says, and he and Greenlee click crystal.
         Edmund has a good day in physical therapy. Aidan "races" him back to the room. Opal awards Edmund a bedpan as a trophy for winning the "chariot race." Anita joins the fun. She tells Aidan a nurse named Tory calls Aidan "the hot Brit" and that Tory would like to buy him dinner anytime. Some present aren't sure she's Aidan's type so they go down the list of what he looks for in a woman. Rich or poor, blonde or brunette . . . the list is so non-specific as to include all females. Well, evidently all except Tory. Aidan refuses Anita's fix-up offer. Opal, Anita, and Aidan leave the room. Alone, Maria and Edmund promise each other they'll never let anything get in the way of the amazing love they share.
         Back at his house, David is extremely angry. He throws some stuff around then sits down taking a vial with a red cap in one hand and tapping it's cap with the other hand as his mind spins an undoubtedly evil scheme.
         Babe finds Krystal holding a toy at the crash site and suspects something is wrong. Krystal makes the excuse that she's there mourning for Bianca's baby and to ask the baby's forgiveness for hardening her heart against Bianca and not wanting her to be Bess' godmother. Now, Krystal says, she accepts that Bianca being Bess' godmother is a blessing. At first Babe believes her mom but wonders why she tried to sneak off, why she didn't want her along. Krystal tells her she just didn't want to stir up memories because she's so near the crash site. As Babe accepts this and turns to leave memories overcome her. She remembers the crash and running through the woods the night before. Krystal tries to stop Babe from remembering more. Before Krystal can drag Babe away, Babe remembers Paul telling her after the crash it was her baby that went in the river. Then she remembers giving birth and Paul congratulating her on her new baby boy. Flashes of moments and things that did not make sense ever since the birth roll through Babe's mind confirming her worst fears. Babe turns to her mom with tears rolling down her cheeks and says, "It was mine." Krystal asks what she thinks was hers. Babe tells Krystal it was her baby boy that was lost. Babe realizes Paul's kidnapping comment at the hospital was aimed at her, not Bianca. Babe also realizes her mom already knew. Krystal swears she didn't but Babe thinks of all the toys that have gone missing from the toy box and realizes her mom was bringing them to the crash site for her lost baby. Babe nails her mom dead on about everything then begs Mom to tell her she's wrong. Krystal is speechless. On her knees, Babe rubs the ground and says, "I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy," before breaking down in her mom's arms. A little later and all cried out, Babe raises her head from her mom's chest and asks her what she's going to do.
  • November 4, 2004- Jamie and Babe are in the car and she notes that the letters are starting to be delivered. Back in Pine Valley, we see that JR is the first to get one - followed closely by Tad. Tad receives his at the door to his house, while Krystal observes. He holds it up and announces that he believes he will find the truth within.  Reading his (and Brooke's) letter aloud, Tad finds part of the truth: that Babe and Jamie have left town for good. Jamie asks Tad to stash his P.I. license and not try to find them, because they will be okay. After finishing the letter, Tad is furious. He knows that while their leaving may be a result of what the whole truth is, there is much more to what is going on. Now that his son is gone, he demands that Krystal finally be honest with him.
         Tad insists that while people have been known to do stupid things for love, their kids aren't stupid. He knows that there has to be a reason that Babe would desert her kid in the Chandler house. He thought maybe she would do that if she had done something stupid - again. Krystal tells him that if he is going to blame anyone - he should blame her, not Babe. Tad says he's game and he asks her directly what she did. Tad continues to badger Krystal and slowly she begins to crack. She weakly fends him off by telling him that the letter he received contains all he needs to know and she has nothing else to say. Obviously not content with that answer, Tad stays on the warpath. He continues to drill questions at her and she starts to cry - and then suddenly, the truth dawns on him. He realizes that Babe could walk away because the baby was actually Miranda. Moreover, he realizes that Krystal knew the truth the whole time. Tad asks Krystal exactly what happened, and she finally admits that she switched the labels on the vials containing the blood samples. She admits that there is no excuse for her actions, and Tad follows quickly by saying there is no way that she could excuse what she did. She decided that Bianca deserved to grieve for her baby just so that Babe could play Mommy.
         Krystal tells him that it wasn't what she or Babe wanted to do. She tells him that Babe had to make a choice, and she chose JR because she couldn't bear to destroy his world by telling him that it was his baby that died. Tad is flabbergasted because Krystal and Babe knew the truth and yet they did nothing. Krystal tries to blame everything on Paul Cramer but Tad wants none of it. He is outraged that she put Babe's happiness above Bianca's, and tells her that was wrong. He said that while everyone in town thought Bianca was crazy when she kidnapped "Bess", Krystal was the only one that knew the truth and she didn't lift a finger to help. Krystal admits that if she had known JR's true intentions, things could have been different. She also admits that she put her daughter in a horrible situation and put Bianca in an even worse situation. Still stuck in disbelief at what he's hearing, Tad notes aloud that this must be the reason why she wouldn't marry him.
         Krystal confirms his suspicions and says that this truth is the reason why she kept putting him off, and eventually rejected his marriage proposal. In her mind's eye, she saw him looking at her just as he is looking at her now. She knew that he would be done with her. Not bothering to object, Tad tells her that there is one thing that he wants to know before she leaves. He tells her that over the past months, she repeatedly told him that she loved him - but it was through a curtain of lies. What he wants to know is if that was actually true, or if it was her way of trying to dupe him. She assures him that how she felt was one thing that she was always truthful about. She not only loved him, but she still does.
         The next letter to arrive is for Bianca. Kendall is preparing to leave Bianca's apartment when she sees the letter on the floor. All of the letters have the recipient's name followed by a notation that it's from Babe. Bianca and Erica, who are still inside, see Kendall picking the note up. Bianca asks what it is, and displaying her distaste for Babe, Kendall says it's nothing and merely lays the note on the front table. Kendall hugs her mother and thanks her for making her stay and talk things out (instead of feeding into her constant need to run), hugs her sister and goes to leave. Jack shows up at the door, and notes that Erica called him. Once Kendall is gone, hugs are passed around and Erica says that she called to find out what happened with his meeting. The meeting was between Jack and the mothers of the "Cool Girls", regarding their horrible treatment of Lily.
         Jack didn't get what he wanted because the mothers seemed to take a page from the principal's book of indifference. They all blamed Lily because, being different, she doesn't know how to handle herself in a "normal" situation. Jack admits that he is no longer confused about how the girls got the way they are - because they are carbon copies of their mothers. Erica takes this opportunity to say that parents like that often lose their children, and Bianca interjects with "hypothetical" situation. What happens when a perfectly good parent loses their child to a monster of a parent? What choices do they have left except to go on the run with their child? Erica and Jack look at her quizzically and then Jack wonders aloud if they were still speaking hypothetically.
         Bianca wants to keep the situation hypothetical but Jack uses Babe as an example anyway. He explains that because she signed over her parental rights, absconding with the baby would be a violation of that agreement and she would have to pay the price for that. If, however, it could be proven that the agreement was signed under duress, Jack says it could probably be nullified. Erica notes that pressuring people to do things they wouldn't normally do has Chandler written all over it, and Bianca agrees. Jack goes on to say that if Babe hasn't already done something stupid, she should hire Livia to represent her and legally get her rights reinstated.  Shortly thereafter, Jack prepares to leave. Bianca thanks him for the advice and gives him a hug before he goes. Now alone with her mother, Bianca wants to know what is on Erica's mind. Erica tells her that she thinks it's great how much she cares about Bess. She knows how much love Bianca has to give and she suggests that Bianca think about having another baby. Before Bianca can protest, Erica tells her upfront that she is not thinking that she needs a replacement baby. She just knows that Bianca is destined to be a fantastic mother someday. Bianca, while appreciative of her mother's supportive comments, is not ready to go down that road again just yet.
         After her mother leaves, Bianca calls David to see if Babe is there. He tells her that she is supposed to be but isn't. Bianca asks him to have Babe call her when she gets in. David agrees and they both hang up. Back at the Chandler mansion, Kendall arrives and JR says that she is just in time to see him shred the letter from Babe. Kendall tells him that Bianca got one as well, and he then asks what it said. She tells him that she doesn't know and doesn't care - and this spurs JR's interest. He wants to know what Babe is up to. He opens the letter, and a shocked look comes over his face as he reads the contents. He reads the letter in its entirety, but he doesn't tell Kendall about the contents. He is completely unsettled, not only because of what he is reading, but because of the knowledge that Bianca got a letter just like it. Kendall, completely oblivious to the change in JR's demeanor, innocently plays with the niece she thought she lost. She asks what Babe had to say and he tells her that is was just Babe's final goodbye - as he knew that Babe was leaving town with Jamie.
         Kendall hugs JR and congratulates him for winning sole custody from a woman who she believes was built for back seats and dancing on bars - not motherhood. Unsure of what to say without letting on that something was seriously wrong, JR tells her that although they love her company, he needs to get the baby to bed. Understanding, Kendall tells him that she has a favor to ask of him, for Bianca, before she goes. Kendall's favor is that JR let Bianca visit MiraBess every now and again. JR, trying to stave off any incidence where Bianca would have contact with the baby, notes that Kendall told him before that Bianca being around MiraBess would be a bad idea. Kendall tells him that she had reconsidered, and things should be okay now that Babe is out of their lives. While playing with her niece, she notes that Bianca has lost so much already, and she wants her to have this one connection to her daughter. JR says that he will think about it and let her know. He thanks her for checking up on them because all of his friends seemed to have deserted him. She tells him that perhaps they weren't real friends - and then she takes her leave.
         Alone again, JR reads the letter to himself with Babe as the voiceover, spelling out that their baby died in the crash, and her reasons for doing what she did. She tells him that she knew how much he loved that little girl and couldn't stand to break his heart. She acknowledges that this letter is causing his heart to break now, and she apologizes for that. Despite the pain, she knows that what she is doing is right because it is time for that little girl he loves to be back with her real mother.
    In a continued voice over, Babe informs JR via the letter that Bianca knows everything as well, and would be on her way to get her little girl. At that moment, the door bell rings. JR picks up the baby and waits for the inevitable. A security guard comes in and tells him a young woman is here to see him, and JR gives his consent for her to be let in. Bianca appears at the door to the living room.
         At the cabin, Greenlee approaches David at the door, almost hysterical. She begs him to help her because she thinks that based on all that has been happening, she is losing her mind. He tells her to come inside so that they can talk more about it. Once inside, Greenlee starts to be more specific about her concerns (she thinks that her behavior may be a product of a nervous breakdown or a tumor in her brain) but David acts pretty flip about the situation. He does ask her if there is a history of either in her family. She tells him that while her mother may be many things, she's not certifiable. She also says that Jack is the picture of perfect mental health - which David can't help but take a jab at by saying that Jack's savior complex negates that.
    He thinks that her problems could be solved if she stopped stressing about the stress she is under, or maybe if she tried meditation or divorcing Ryan. Frustrated, Greenlee tells him that she has no idea why she thought he could help. Finally realizing how serious she is, he tells her to come see him at the clinic tomorrow. She thanks him, and then starts to see double. All of a sudden, she seems overly chipper, tells him she loves him and bounds out of the house.
         After ending his phone call with Bianca, David steps out of the front door for a breath of fresh air. It's then that he sees a letter laying on the ground. It's addressed to "Mama and Daddy" and this brings a smile to his face. The smile doesn't last long, however, as he goes back into the house and starts to read the note. In it, Babe tells them both that she loves them very much but that she and Jamie are leaving town for good. She admits that she couldn't risk one more day of JR getting closer to the truth about their son. She couldn't risk losing her baby to him all over again. She tells them both that they plan to stay out of town as long as necessary to ensure that her baby boy is safe. Understandably upset, David grabs his coat and runs out the door.
         A short time later, back at the Martin residence, Tad tells Krystal that her feelings don't matter now, because this truth is too big for even them to overcome. Just then, David walks in and announces that there is no more "Tad and Krystal". They're almost to Virginia and Babe tells Jamie how happy she is that the baby still remembers her, even though they spent such a short time together. In his usually supportive manner, Jamie replies that he knew it wouldn't take much for them to reconnect.
    Babe tells Jamie that the only thing wrong with Ace is his name. She tells him that she wants to rechristen him with the name James. Jamie initially protests, but after Babe says that she wants to do so in honor of him and all he has done for them, he acquiesces. He says that allowing her to use his name comes with a catch: he wants to be a big part of baby James' life. After thinking that he fathered her baby for so long - the next best thing would be acting as a better father figure than James' birth dad. Babe says that the future looks bright for them in Florida, and that her hope is that Bianca was already holding her daughter.
         Greenlee shows up at the river, and she is ranting about someone having stolen her hole. She pushes on a huge boulder, thinking it is the one that was put in place to prevent anyone else from falling down the mineshaft. Kendall shows up and asks what she is doing - and Greenlee is delighted to see her. She asks Kendall to help her move the boulder, and when Kendall asks why, Greenlee tells her that she wants Kendall to help stuff her back down the mineshaft. Bewildered, Kendall tries to convince Greenlee that if she really wants to go back down the mineshaft, she should come back during the day with proper equipment so that she could get back out. Greenlee announces that the Green Butterfly doesn't need equipment and is exasperated that Kendall won't help "shaft" her. Greenlee announces that this was a bad idea and storms off. Once Greenlee is gone, Kendall goes over to the memorial for Miranda. She admits that she can't hold on to her forever. As hard as this is for her, she needs to let Miranda go. As the tears flow freely, she says her final goodbyes.
  • December 7, 2004- In the Florida hotel room, Babe tells Bianca that Bess is really her daughter Miranda but to Babe's dismay, Bianca doesn't believe her. Bianca is convinced that Babe is only making the claim in order to hurt JR for taking cutting her out of Bess's life. Babe denies it and begins telling Bianca about the night Paul crashed the helicopter and decided to save his hide by claiming it was Bianca's baby who had died in the crash instead of Babe's when JR and Adam threatened him that nothing better have happened to the Chandler heir. It's all to no avail. Bianca simply can't believe that someone she trusted, loved and considered her best friend would keep such a thing from her. Each revelation Babe makes is met with stubborn disbelief on Bianca's part.
         Babe chronicles all of the events over the past months hoping to convince Bianca of the truth. She tells her of waking up in the hospital looking for her son only to be told she had a daughter. She tells her about following Krystal one night to the crash site and discovering the truth about how Krystal made sure the DNA tests Tad insisted on conducting revealed that the baby who had survived the crash was Babe and JR's, not Bianca's. She discusses the christening when she referred to Bianca as Bess's mama, explaining that it was a twisted attempt to tell her the truth. She goes on to talk about her wedding to JR when she made the conscious choice to choose the man she loved over her best friend by not telling them all the truth about Bess. Then Babe tells her how one night, completely disillusioned after having found out that JR was not the man she thought he was and now faced with the knowledge that everything she did was for naught, she went to the chapel where she had commissioned a stained glass window for her son and prayed to God for guidance. That night she ended up in Llanview where she came face to face with her son for the first time. Bianca is shocked when she realizes the baby boy Babe is referring to is the kidnapped Buchanan baby and fears that Babe, in her grief over losing custody of Bess to JR, has gone over the deep end. Babe assures her that such is not the case. That she has DNA proof that he is indeed her son. Desperate now to get through to Bianca, Babe shows her the picture of the two of them with James and Miranda in the park. Bianca studies the picture, seeing the truth with her eyes that her mind has been unwilling to accept.
    Standing over Miranda's playpen with Babe telling her that she's her baby, Bianca finally realizes that she's looking at her own daughter. The daughter she believed had perished in the helicopter crash.
         At the warehouse, JR is furious to be locked in with Jamie. He is desperate to stop Babe from talking to Bianca and frustrated that they can't prevent her from telling Bianca that Bess is her daughter. He steadfastly insists to Jamie though that Bess is his daughter and that nothing, including Babe's claims to the contrary, will convince him otherwise. Jamie isn't impressed. He tries to get through to JR in the hopes of getting him to admit that given another chance, he would share custody of his child with Babe. It's to no avail. JR's animosity towards Babe remains as strong as ever. Realizing the futility in getting JR to do the decent thing with Babe and the custody of their child, he makes an attempt to point out how clinging to Bess knowing that she isn't his hurts Bianca but JR insists...Bess is his daughter. Jamie doesn't believe for a minute that JR truly thinks that Bess is his daughter. They argue back and forth until it escalates and becomes physical. In the end, nothing is accomplished. JR still insists that Bess is his daughter while Jamie realizes that nothing will ever convince JR to let Babe be a part of her child's life if JR has anything to do with it.
  • December 27, 2004- Jack and Erica anxiously waited for JR to come downstairs with the baby. Tad returned and rushed upstairs, to find Adam alone in the nursery, saying JR must have found another way out and feeling guilty for losing his son. Tad, Jack, and Erica rushed out of the house to find Miranda. Clarence asked JR for a ride to the hospital. JR tried to bribe him off, but Clarence didn't budge out of the car. He talked to JR about Dixie and what she must think of what he's doing. Clarence finally reluctantly got out of the car and Aidan and Tad approached. Tearfully, JR asked Tad to help him save the baby, his child. Tad swore on Dixie's soul that JR was not the child's father. Jack took Miranda and rushed to Erica. Tad tried to comfort JR but he only said Tad and Dixie are both dead to him. JR was drinking when Stuart came in to express his sympathy. JR stomped out and slowly climbed the stairs to find Adam in the nursery. He offered to share the decanter and congratulated Adam for being willing to cut his own son's heart out. Adam said he didn't fully understand how much JR loved Bess until he saw the tunnel he'd built and that he'd hoped JR would get away with Bess. JR was furious about Adam helping with the DNA test and asked if it was worth it to betray him. Adam reminded him he is not the enemy; he's never loved anyone more than JR, but too many people knew the truth. JR said Bess was able to give him the love and trust that Adam couldn't. Adam tried to be rational with JR about Babe's lies and making a legacy for his lost son. JR only said he doesn't have a father anymore, he doesn't have anyone and asked Adam to leave. Alone, JR cried on the floor of the nursery. Adam went downstairs and complained to Stuart about his son losing his child and him losing his son. Stuart hugged Adam.
         Ethan visited Bianca's hospital bed, thanking her for friendship and asking her not to leave. David came in and told her about Miranda being on her way. Family and friends gathered, even more worried when Maria warned of the need for a respirator to keep Bianca alive. Reggie got upset and Derek tried to calm him down by reminding him of all the people who love Bianca. Krystal showed up and Brooke took her aside to ask about Babe and Jamie and why she should forgive or understand Krystal. Krystal said she was there to play decoy in order to protect Babe and Jamie. Krystal was proud of the man that Jamie is, but Brooke only wanted her child home.
    Ethan tried to calm Kendall down in the hallway, but she was upset about the meeting with Clarence and the disappointment in finding Bianca still in a coma. Ethan warned her to only bring her faith, not her fear, into the room with Bianca. Kendall jabbered about New Year's plans. Maria asked them to leave so she could examine Bianca. In the waiting area, Kendall had a flashback to Ryan carrying in the broken incubator, reminding her of Miranda's death. Just then the elevator doors opened, and Erica proudly showed Miranda off to the stunned gathering. Erica, Kendall and Jack took Miranda to Bianca as Tad told everyone it was true, Miranda was alive, and gave a brief explanation. Krystal was relieved, but David warned her it wasn't over for them yet. Zach confronted David and wondered why Krystal wasn't more upset when the news broke. Myrtle said a prayer of thanks to Mona for bringing all the girls together at last. Kendall was stunned that Miranda was alive and when they got to Bianca's room, Maria warned them she was not doing well. Erica brought the baby to Bianca and asked Bianca not to leave to find her. Erica got insistent and begged Bianca to open her eyes. As everyone watched, Bianca finally opened her eyes, saw Miranda and held her.

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