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Painstakingly written on mitti ke vases, with personalised name tags on each of em, i still remember the exact moment that they announced mine...I guess this is what we'll all think when we fondly look back over those memories all those years ago...(thinking from the point of view of the future, of course)...i have to say, i LOVED the titles, including mine...some of them were just pure genius.

PS: ALL the titles aren't up yet, so we're SO sorry if your title isn't here...thing is, we're human beings with BAAAAD memos :(( please email either Sana K or Nausheen, telling them your title, and we'll add it ASAP :)) Once again, sorry :)

Aisha Afzal: Mighty Mouse

'Cuz she may be small in size, but never small when it comes to getting things done on the team...the fearless games captain of the red house.

Ayesha Irfan: Never Say Stop

She never gets tired, does she? Be it sports, singing Indian songs on buses or scaring unsuspecting innocent victims in practical jokes (lol!), she's always the first to join the fun and keep it going.

Ayesha Sulaiman:Top Cat

Her death-defying MEOOOW on the bus in lahore says it all...

Ayesha Moinuddin: Enigma

Guess she was a real mystery - to class ten (class of 2001)

Avan Aga: Twinkle Toes

One of the most talented dancers in the class, she's proved her worth in countless dances and plays...she's a talented babe!

Basmah Jalil: Green Chilli

Green House prefect with little mirchi thoda pepper.

Beena Kohati:Teddy Bear On The Loose

Cuddly wuddly teddy bear of the class, neone who knows her will know why her title fits her so well! we wuv you beeny weeny! :)

Cynthia D'Souza:The Next Best Thing

NO, she's NOT obsessed with Madonna, the movie OR the song...but she IS the deputy head girl of the class of 2k!

Farah Syed: Casper

Everyone's favourite person to have fun with, she's one of the friendliest kids in class...and her compliments make ppl blush :)

Farida Ali: Bubbles

The  bubbliest, sweetest, cutest girl in class - she'd brighten up anyone's day on her own.

Farwah Yousuf: Ghetto Superstar

...That is what you are...her fave song and her beloved title...oh, she LOVED it! :)

Haleema Jabbar:The Untamed Shrew

OK, so maybe Rabia and Haleema will be better equipped with knowledge to enlighten u with the thesis on this one, but as far as a simple comment goes, shes WILD and RECKLESS!

Hurriya Tariq:

Jumana Nooruddin:Khiladiyoan ka Khiladi

That would be in honour of her excellence and dedication to team sport at St Josephs - she was the best pitcher in school and great at everything we played!

Kiran Lakhani: Peaches and Cream

That would be.. her complexion.. it's perfect, yeah.. a very pretty face but of course she's deeper than that... very very deep actually...

Kashfa Farhat: That's All, Folks!

She doesn't know herself what that's supposed to mean .. anyone from the class of 2001 reading this... please enlighten us!!

Kamila Bilwani:

Lisa Rodrigues:

Madiha Kaleem: Pretty Woman

Oooohh! Nice title or what! Though she's more than just a pretty face, she's got a pretty mind too!

Maira Azhar:Tech Chick

She was the star of the computer exhibition that was held just before the farewell (tells you how late they did the titles.. haha) and the chief guest, the famous Dr. Altamash Kamal of Spider magazine, said that her project was the best piece on display and offered her a month-long internship! so she's all technical n stuff?but believe me there's more that makes her special than her excellence in computers!

Moizza Sarwar: Xena the Warrior Princess

Believe me, you don't want to know... but if you do give me a ring and I'll tell you. It's not... suitable for public publishing... ;)

Mehreen Abid: Rapunzel

Maybe predictable but never boring...inspired by her looooong hair (as if you couldn't guess ;))

Nausheen Ishtiaq: Never Been Kissed

ooooh *blushes*....WHAT? you want me to comment on that?!
Yes we do, Nausheen! Umm, she's totally boy-starved n boyband-crazy! J/k!

Nazish Mubasshir: Firecracker

 I interpreted this one as describing not only her unusual and beautiful hair, but also her fiery spirit! Never have we known more harmful smashes in throwball...*lol*

Rabia Shakoor: Nobody's Perfect, I'm Nobody!

OMG, this was the best and most fitting (not to mention the FUNNIEST) of the lot, and poor Rabia could do nothing but just stand there blushing! *lol*

Saira Shamsi: She's All That

I guess that's self-explanatory but I'd still like to say that... well she did it all .. she was sweet, funny, great to be with, great at organizing EVERYTHING - from choirs to dances to class ideas and God-knows-what-else...

Sadia Malik: Cheetara

For those of you who don't know, Cheetara was that female character from the cartoon 'Thunder Cats'.. and she ran the fastest - hence the comparison to the girl who's arguably our class's best sportsperson.. (just my interpretation though... it could always mean that she's strikingly attractive like the same character?)

Sana Kazmi: Sleep Cricket, Eat Chinese, Drink only Coca-Cola

OK, another story behind this...She's realllllllly patriotic, reallllllly into cricket, reallly into chineese food... (she had it on her birthday in 1999 with Avan) and kinda into coca-cola. Oh, and she's also really cool as well :)

Sana Parekh: Anarkali

Oh God, how that frustrated Mr. Gonsalves called her that! She's pretty, graceful and delicate (?) :)

Sara Tariq: Pink Panther

She's quiet but she cracks everyone up with her witty comments!

Sukaina Ali:Tu Cheez Bari Hai Mast Mast

haha, doesn't the title say it all? She's fun to be with...and she's a great friend :)

Shazaf Haider: Antony With a Mic

The official explanation was that she's always got an opinion and she likes to make it public... :-)

Tania Ahmad: Karachi ki Kali

She's so pretty and sweetly delicate-looking ? (I say delicate-looking 'cuz she was in my team.. Yellow House and so she can't really be bud-delicate now can she? )

Zahra Shaikh Ali: A Woman of Much Importance

No idea on this one.. I don't think even Nausheen(who's done all the rest of the titles) can shed light on this one... it's got me bamboozled.

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